2009.09.19. Comments to the text “Shiva Samhita”. Chapter 2, aphorisms 2.23-2.36. (Vadim Zaporozhtsev)

2009.09.19. Comments to the text “Shiva Samhita”. Chapter 2, aphorisms 2.23-2.36. (Vadim Zaporozhtsev)

Short description:

Siva Samhita – respected traditional text devoted entirely to yoga practice and highly respected in the Tantric tradition as a direct and immediate revelation of Shiva, the Supreme Teacher of Tantra and Yoga.

In the text you can find answers to many philosophical questions about the nature of man and the meaning of his life. Shiva Samhita written in simple and clear language, so that any further comment is superfluous.

“Knowledge is eternal, it has neither beginning nor end, and really nothing else there. The differences that we see in the world – a consequence of conditionality feelings. When this conditioning is stopped, then it is knowledge (jnana) – the one and only, and nothing else is. “

In this fragment of text provides an overview of the following topics: a microcosm.

2.23. The Yoni – the supreme goddess Kundalini, coiled like a serpent three and a half turns. It is – in the Sushumna (ie, at the entrance to Sushumna -. Note first..).

Vadim Zaporozhtseva Comment: I repeat that the concept of Kundalini – one of the most difficult. It is pure energy, the mother of all energies. Yoga teaches us that everything is manifested in the universe: all objects and phenomena in the universe – the essence of energy and consciousness. In another way, the essence of the principle of perpetual modification plus the essence of the principle of eternal immutability. First – this is the principle of Shakti, the female principle. This is what translates the energy and the term in Sanskrit – Shakti. The second – the male principle, the translation of the most appropriate – is consciousness. As for the Sanskrit, spread here, where one of the transfers – cheat. All that we see in the universe is generated by matter. As we have already taught modern scientists? They say that matter – is the essence of energy. What is energy? This modification, vibration.



Inside the human body – is our primal energy that has created our inner universe. We all live in their own personal universe. These are our universes can interact with each other. His whole universe and we ourselves have built. That is what we have now, we have created ourselves. Some prerequisites were generated by you in previous lives, and they moved into this life. We did all this with the help of Kundalini energy. It is located at the base of your body.



Some sources mention the kundalini energy, the inner woman. It is not always clear how the man-yogi discover their inner woman. Sometimes under this inner woman euphemistically referred to kundalini energy. As well as the inner man. It sounds strange yogi Council to open its internal man. It is understood that the open source awareness. If we consider a single person, that it has, and the center of consciousness and energy center. As soon as we meet a person of the opposite sex, women tend to gravitate to the center of consciousness, and the man to the center of power. This is discussed in more detail in Tantra Yoga. “Shiva Samhita” is often considered less yogic text, as a tantric. We remember that there is no difference between yoga and tantra.



So, at the base of our body is our feminine principle – kundalini energy. It closes an entrance to the sushumna, as if it (the principle of) was a pipe. Kundalini is coiled three and a half turns. Why three and a half turn? This is such a way. The text of the “Shiva Samhita” it has its own meaning. This universe characterized by structures formed energy. Kundalini energy is minimized in three and a half times that describe the triple points of the universe. There are many explanations why kundalini is minimized in three and a half turns. In other schools of yoga these turns can be greater.



The word “Yoni” a lot of different meanings, one of them – the female sexual organ. Anyway, it is believed that the goddess kundalini (underneath understand our kundalini). It turns a double image – the sun and the sun itinerant, on the other hand – it is the energy of Kundalini, coiled three and a half turns, and zasunuvshaya his mouth the tail. Some treatises – a dragon, absorbing himself. Many treatises, including alchemy, and also as “Shiva Samhita”, mention this manner.



2.24. The power to create a world is always associated with the creation, She is also the goddess of speech, but the speech undeveloped. All the gods praise her.

Vadim Zaporozhtseva Comment: Once again, I will turn the attention of people who are seriously interested in yoga on a triple bond between maya (illusion), speech and impulse of creation. The logic is as follows. The whole world is born from eternal modification – energy. The energy can be reduced to vibration. Vibration can be reduced to the word. The word can be reduced to the mantra. Therefore, in this section, as Mantra Yoga, the universe has been generated it is a mantra, not energy. This original Mantra, which creates and gives us energy – kundalini. Often there is a saying that the body of the goddess Kundalini – is the mantra. In another way, the very principle of energy indistinguishable from vibration and vibration – this is the principle of the mantra.



Bunch with ordinary words is this: every word that we say first goes from energy, which with the help of any effort of will born unmanifested word in the most finest vibration. Then grubeya, it rises on a thin body to the physical body, and breaks down at us with the language in the form of a word. Once again, this is a very serious bunch between the creation of the world, and yoga. Here, of course, take place in the heritage of ancient times with the head of all the spells, charms and so on. It is one component of the creation – energy.



In addition, we remember that each of us lives in his personal universe. We create this universe we are using kundalini or vibration energy science – Mantra-Yoga. It is believed that if you do not know the mantra-yoga, the yoga of some sections and you better not touch. Therefore, Mantra Yoga occupies a very important place among the other types of yoga. If you do not know the mantra-yoga, then you need to be very careful in Tantra Yoga. Without Mantra Yoga you will be in danger. If you know about Mantra-yoga, then you, as a climber, currently provide insurance in the form of mantra yoga. You can “break”, but you will always have to be hooked. Therefore, the practical application of the kundalini – a mantra yoga.



2.25. From left to Ida. Obvivaya around sushumna, it goes to the right nostril.


2.26. Right Pingala. Obvivaya Sushumna, it goes to the left nostril.


2.27. Sushumna is between Ida and Pingala. She has six parts, six lotuses, six forces, known yogis.

Comments Vadim Zaporozhtseva: Ida and Pingala have a strong focus in the human body. Ida is considered to be the left channel, Pingala – right. This polarity, like the male and female principles, can be traced through Ida and Pingala. Ida is considered women’s channel, Pingala – male. In some texts, where there is no clear definition of Ida and Pingala, there is inconsistency. The polarity is observed that in addition to the central channel there is left and right. They are also known as male and female TV. The essence remains the same. Our manifestations in life are diametrically opposed. Just as diametrically opposed to the principle of perpetual changes and the principle of eternal constancy. We are with you, too, is in a state of passive – perceive, and we are in active – acting. In what condition we are in, and the channel is active.

But in some schools of yoga there are differences in the properties. There are texts on yoga, which offset these concepts. In one school, one or more symptoms is classified as passive, another school of yoga as active. But still, the dual essence is everywhere. We can take anything and can do something actively to change. Changing something, we change our perception. The left and right channels are linked to our dual manifestation. Remember, in the previous chapter, we said that when the sun shines in the sky, our peculiar activity we operate. When night falls, the sky and the moon comes out, then we go to bed, we cease to operate. If we employ one of the channels, we perceive the world of sensitivity, if another channel, we are inclined to actively intervene in the world.

There is yoga, which are poorly preserved, unfortunately, and they tell us that, depending on which channel works such action and it is necessary to make. If you are in an active phase, it’s good to keep active, you need to do something, do something to change. That is, if you have the right channel is active, and you start at the same time to be active, then your actions will be more effective. Conversely, if you need something to something to think, to analyze, to perceive, at the same time if the work left channel, then you more intelligently use this pause for analysis. It is believed that a person has left and right channel operate in turn. On average, they cancel each other.

If one starts to work more than another, it affects our health. In fact, you probably often met people who are too active, their activity as paranoia, they would have to stop and reflect on where they are, and they are busybodies. So they can operate for several hours, it is strongly exhausts. This leads to disease. In contrast, we often find people are too passive, they would have to buck up, to do something that would make a difference, and they are in the eternal cold sleep, sleep with your eyes open. From this excessive slackness begins to suffer physical body.

When everything is balanced, then we can achieve maximum results. Nature, like a clock inside of us, including the right, the left channel, or that we have acted, or quietly perceived and analyzed. In different texts referred to different figures, but somewhere about two to three hours running one channel, then the other. They change. Conversely, if you are too long in the active phase, you start to brake yourself. If too long in a passive state, you begin to stimulate yourself. In modern medicine, there are processes of excitation and inhibition processes. If a person excitation processes, uncontrolled braking process then goes one nature of the disease, if another process prevails, the other diseases.



Here we see the duality that runs one or the other channel. That is, we manifest itself in one quality or the other. Partly ambush on the way – quality changes polarity. The feminine principle in this or that text can be called the principle of energy, which is more than the active principle. The principle of consciousness – is the principle of the observer, it is more passive and is considered masculine. In some schools, it is believed that the female manifestation of the universe passive, and male – active. This occurs even in yoga, not to mention other areas. In China, there are a couple, which is called Yin and Yang.



Unfortunately, the situation with the Chinese Qi Gong – no one understands anything. China has been a harsh historical premise. Initially, it was a division of consciousness and energy. But then, they began to consider Yin something dark and bad. At the time, as all balanced in the world, and the Chinese sages taught this. But this is not the topic of this lecture. I want to say that knowledge disappears. Part of the text – difficult to understand, often ambiguous texts can be interpreted. But there are fundamental moments in yoga called Yoga axiomatic. If you own axioms, you will not get confused. If you’ll blindly grab something in one treatise, something for the other, without knowing the translation key, you can very quickly get lost. What is the channel of Ida or Pingala channel, how they work, and how they interact.

Returning to the “Shiva Samhita”. We have the right and the left channel. If it becomes a trend is too long, then it must compensate the other trend. How not to recall the main secret of yoga, where necessary, make yourself, and where necessary, afford! And only in a harmonious unity or union of these two extremes, born yoga, progress in yoga. Moreover, detailed explanations are given. How best to use the variability of our body? When running an active channel, we need to take action to ensure that our efforts have been successful. If we are in a quiet phase, it is better to immerse yourself in the sensations, thoughts. If we want to follow the path of yoga, the path of self-knowledge, it is best to these extremes bump heads. And while they’re fighting, you open the narrow road to self-knowledge.

This happens naturally when a yogi or yogini learned to use the center channel and the left and right channels – off. Under normal circumstances, if we have not learned how to do it, there are many support points that will help to balance these extremes. At night, when we tend to sleep and stay awake during the day. I mean normal, healthy person who does not live in the city where the light day and night. I’m talking about a man who went out of town, on nature, and lives in a tent. Then straighten your routine quickly, as soon as the sun goes down, you will immediately want to sleep. As soon as the sun will rise, you will no longer want to sleep. In nature you return to a natural rhythm without any intervention on our part.

It turns out that night, we tend to be passive, and in the afternoon. And when one turns to the other – it is morning and evening. For this reason, it is recommended to practice yoga is in the evening or in the morning, because at this time, these two extremes cancel each other out. It is for this reason that in India many practices of yoga does exactly at sunrise or at sunset. But India is located near the equator, and a slight shift in time. In Norilsk, for example, when a half – day and half – night, it is clear that your mind is upset. People who live there, it is very difficult to transfer the polar winter and the polar summer, when the sun does not set, the solid darkness. When subtract any text, remember that it was written for the people who lived in the area of India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Tibet, Sri Lanka. Yoga was not only in India. If we live in Moscow, it is necessary to make corrections. In the alternation of night and day there is a balance, and the easiest way to reach the center channel.

There is also a change of seasons. In summer, be more active, and in winter – more passive. From which it follows that the spring and autumn – a good time to start yoga, especially the breathing practices. How do these amendments with respect to the place of residence is unknown. Therefore, I urge you, especially if you live in a place where the latitude and longitude are very different, you have to listen to your own body, and then follow the treatise.

Ida entwined around the Sushumna and goes to the right nostril, Pingala – entwined around the Sushumna and goes to the left nostril. The different schools of yoga descriptions are different. This part of yoga before we reached very bad. The initial description of the practice has not been preserved. Some texts say that Ida goes to the left, and Pingala strictly right, in others – Ida wraps Sushumna and goes to the left nostril Pingala – the right nostril. The variations are many, but the meaning is purely working that which nostril is working on the side and working channel.

Often it happens that in a yoga school said one to another – another. And there, and there – a good result. Although the descriptions are different. To practice in the early stages of this enough.

2.28. The first five parts of Sushumna are known under different names, and they will be described further as necessary.

2.29. Other Nadi, rising from the Muladhara, go to different parts of the body: the language, the genitals, the anus, the eyes, feet, toes and hands, abdominal organs.

Vadim Zaporozhtseva Note: In the different schools of yoga we find differences. In some schools, it is believed that the source of all channels running through our body is at the base of the body, in the same place and kundalini energy. In other – channels fan out from each of our chakras. Anyway, the important practical meaning. We have Sushumna, Ida, Pingala, and a half dozen of smaller channels, then the smallest channels. Analogy – a tree with roots. There is a main root, it diverges into smaller roots, and comes to melenkih-small rootlets. Everything is crushed and branches.

Similarly, our channels permeate all of our three groups of bodies – physical, subtle, causal. This fragmentation on the physical level corresponding to our nervous system. This is a copy of the fragmentation that we see at the level of subtle and causal bodies. These channels connect all our channels together. If you open a textbook on anatomy, you will see that our whole body is penetrated by nerve endings. The same analogy of the body device on a more subtle level. I have already said that the science and yoga will never come into conflict with each other. Moreover, if you see a contradiction, it means that there is something you do not understand science or something else does not know. This happens too.

2.30. Of these 14 Nadia out smaller branches, so that gradually they become 350,000, and they are arranged in their places.


2.31. These Nadis spread throughout the body, they have feelings and they Guides

regulate the movement of Prana.

Vadim Zaporozhtseva Comment: Here the key term “prana”. nadi channels – it is only the conductors of prana. Therefore, it is often said that our three bodies floating like dolls in honey. This way. Do you have a bucket of honey, and you have to put three dolls inserted one into the other. Honey is within you and outside. This is a figurative explanation. Alternatively it can be said that the three channels are permeated body. Prana flows through these channels. Prana – a very interesting thing. Prana – is the original substance, which was later divided into consciousness and energy. It can manifest itself as consciousness or as energy. It sustains life in us.

You can compare it with the work of a modern company, which has hired employees, which are divided into three categories. The first group of people – those who need very strict instructions. You say, what to do, and they, according to the instructions, do so-and-so. Such a person everything is painted, everything is regulated. But the company needed more and other specialists – analysts. There analytical department, which deals with market analysis, to rest, the company worked. And there is a third group of people – managers, universal people. They need people who perform manual reduced with analysts. This is the highest paid profession in the West. This is a very enterprising people who instantly respond to any breakage or simple. If something does not gets involved, they rush to the breast recess to fix it.

If we draw an analogy, then we have the prana. This is a versatile manager who runs our body, and check where and what does not so that our body does not fall apart, and we did not die, respectively. If suddenly in some area do not have enough energy, prana is converted into energy, and fills the gap. We often draw energy from food. If you cut your finger, then how poor your body know how to splice the two ends. At the micro level rises ability prana as our consciousness, its rays highlight anything. And in the light of consciousness begins to occur the process of matching cells to the injured site. You would like to put a certain task of the analyst. The manager can do everything: how to perform the most simple or routine tasks and solve complex analytical problems. The analyst can also reflect on the questions raised in your closet, and as it is applied to storage facilities or loans registration process, knows the manager. Therefore, in the West, the manager – very highly paid profession, not a scientist, as we have, and the manager. But back to our subject.

We have a body, in which constantly circulates prana, and that is always looking for where there is a problem. Or where it is possible to finish or repair. As soon as we have a failure, we feel the pain. Accordingly, we firmly direct the prana to the place where it hurts. Everyday processes. The fact remains that without prana, our body is subjected to premature aging and death. I draw a parallel between the Chinese technicians and yogic practices yoga immortality. Many yogis belonging to prolong life, it all comes down to getting prana.

Over the years, our body gets less and less of prana, and the manager-prana almost can not cope with all of the damage, and sooner or later the company goes bankrupt. You have a huge company in all three managers, and they repaired the one, then another patch up. They just do not have time to run, and everything eventually gets old, decrepit. Not to mention the more serious injuries. To recover from a serious illness, you need a very large amount of prana. As well as development of tiny nadi channels, their ability to bring the prana to the right place.

Why is it important? Another well-known analogy – traffic jams. If you have precious cargo on the outskirts of Moscow, you will not be able to bring to the center. Or, for example, an ambulance can not because of the traffic jams to get to the patient or to the hospital. The result can be very sad. Thus, the presence of prana and purified channel says that you have good health, and that the aging process can be suspended.

2.32. In the stomach burns the digestive fire, located in the area and has 12 Kala. Know this – fire Vaisvanara. It is born out of my own energy and the energy source of which – the body of various creatures, edible.

Vadim Zaporozhtseva Comment: Here, my friends, is one more example of the same. It uses the term “Sun”. This center, chakra, called manipura, and it is responsible for digestion. The energy we often get from food, it must be digested, assimilated. I do focus on this, because now all sorts of statements that allegedly yoga against food, that they might not eat. Generally do not eat, no one can. At higher levels, they say treatises on yoga, the yogi can use energy from other sources, but this requires enormous changes the body. Such yogis still have to search. At the same time, while we are on the way to yoga, we need food. When we consume food with you, our digestive system breaks down it down into simpler components, and those – on an even more simple.

Let me remind you that in every one of us is up to five kilograms of E. coli, and it takes a great deal of work on the splitting of the food itself. These components reach our cells, there begins the process of metabolism. Produce energy, we can walk, jump, run, have fun. Once the energy is over, we stop to jump, run, have fun. But this component on a gross level. But just as we are made of three bodies and the food consists of thin and finest fibers. Only the fats, proteins and carbohydrates – this is not enough, we need even more thin components. Navel center is needed to break down food into finer components. Speaking in detail is not necessary for the center, as modern science has not opened it.

From yoga texts we know that the centers – it is something more subtle and elusive. A large number of Prana goes to the fact that food has become safer, metabolized in our body. If you look at the planet Earth, the life on it is at a very subtle level. The diameter of our Earth a few thousand kilometers, and is located on the surface of life. Why do over so many years of life has not penetrated deeply to the center of the Earth? Why did not she turned it all in living matter? This mystery, which fought over many scientists – Vernadsky Fersman. As if we could divide all substances on living and nonliving. The living and non-living chemical composition is the same. Living matter is processed and integrated into the body and inanimate, as cobblestone and left.

Explanation from the point of view of yoga following. Living matter is also physical, subtle components, and about the reasons nothing is said. Lifeless has only the physical shell, and it is inedible for us. It’s quite an interesting topic. For a more detailed consideration of the required experiments. Moon or Mars bacteria settle and see where they will reproduce or not, whether in the universe of these substances or not enough. If you start digging, you can dig a few meters, and then life ends.

Returning to the “Shiva Samhita”. The process of embedding a piece of food next. Here you ate a piece of bread, it contains a certain number of amino acids, vitamins and so on. This is the foundation for building our cells. To the process of assimilation went insufficient digestive mechanisms that we know of. It should be fine component – prana. It breaks down the food into thinner components, some of which go to form cells, others are not. Now the new biotechnologies can produce tons of protein, which is the chemical composition does not differ from the natural. But the big question is: “Do not be lost if something very important because of the speed of production?” Is likely to lose. States we currently show the obesity epidemic. This obesity is due to a large number of artificial food. In America, it should be an even distribution of the deviations. This is a topic of Manipur Chakra.

2.33. This fire sustains life, gives strength and power, makes the body full of energy, destroys the disease and gives health.

Comments Vadim Zaporozhtseva: Manipur Chakra is a very important center in the initial stages of yoga. Redevelopment of the organism is usually very painful. Beginning yoga, one way or another, rebuilds his body, as have a lot of nedolelok, inconsistencies, and so on. The following analogy. We once started restructuring. Previously, we had a strong power, to us all come honorably, no one allowed himself a bad word to say to us. Then perestroika began, and power, has become a banana republic, in every corner of the bananas sold, not potatoes.

The same process begins when a yogi or yogini decided to engage themselves. They see a lot of imperfections in yourself, start to correct them. This process is extremely painful. If yoga is no margin of safety in the form of physical and mental health, this process is very difficult to survive. If you are a healthy person, the mind is strong, then the alteration of an organism is less painful. Our country has not collapsed, thank God, I stood. It was hard, but now anything was to be adjusted. There was a time when all the suggested Russia divided on the principalities, so it was convenient. The people are not scattered, despite the fact that life was hard. This suggests that the center of Manipur we strong. The analogy between the state and the individual – one to one.

Navel center is very important in the initial stages of the body’s adjustment. This means that all your karma does not pull hard on you, not your will offset the classes. The child at birth is connected to the mother by the umbilical cord. It is the center of our forces, our resistance to microbes, the center of our tone. Sometimes he is portrayed as a sun that burns all the things that you can do much harm. Do doctors is called immunity.

2.34. Wise Yogi kindles the fire Vaisvanara in accordance with their own rites, everyday sacrifices food, following the instructions of his guru.

Vadim Zaporozhtseva Comment: Again Twilight yogic language goes. Do you remember the analogy between microcosm and macrocosm. Countries East and India are obsessed with rituals. What is a rite? This is the action that everyone does, but nobody knows how it works. If a wild man to a Kalashnikov, he will never understand how it works, but it will be cleaned and lubricated. Also, many practitioners have come to us, but very few people know the logical chain of their construction. Perform – turns. This ritual sacrificial fire of the Vedas. This must be carried out in places where lighting a fire, there had to pour oil and throw grass.

In yoga, the complete identity between macrocosm and microcosm. You can achieve the same result if you carry the ceremonies outside the inner side. You like to throw yourself in the fire of the sun that food you absorb, and setting yourself up for a wave of meditation. I want to say that any action that is accomplished yogis in the initial stages of practice, is transformed into a ritual. Even if it is a simple food intake.

2.35. This body, called Brahmanda, has many parts. I have listed only the most important ones you need to know.


2.36. Everything here is impossible to list.

Vadim Zaporozhtseva Comment: History of occurrence of “Shiva Samhita” we have already discussed, this practical text. In general, there is a certain hierarchy of texts. There are more detailed where many descriptions, there are those in which only hints, there are texts – direct guide to action, they said at a minimum. The author of “Shiva Samhita” says that the tests have more details on this topic, but for the purpose for which he wrote the text, written enough. Once again I want to draw your attention to the fact that yoga is valuable only if the practice. The theory is interesting only if you can apply it to life. An academic exposition of yoga is necessary, but because yoga disappears, always have to make a choice between being a person though chto-to understood and used it, and the presence of two or three philosophers who would thoroughly know the theory, but at the same time everyone else will and without practices and without theory.

Each of you body. It’s your Universe, and it is your laboratory, where it is possible to experiment. All this universe can be studied to learn. If you will have the knowledge, you can avoid a lot of problems. But to start with a clean slate, too unreasonable, you can take advantage of the developments that have been preserved in yoga. Let me remind you that yoga – the science of self-knowledge. And the ancient yoga and yogini, who rediscovered the secrets of the device, left us these treatises, and first of all we must learn these grains. Unfortunately, most of the yoga is not reached, so many aspects have to rediscover. In yoga there is a provision that can not be taught yoga, yoga can be learned. Everything in yoga is necessary to reopen. The role of the teacher or the teacher is to help the person to rediscover himself in yoga.

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