2009.09.12. Comments to the text “Shiva Samhita”. Chapter 2, aphorisms 2.1-2.22. (Vadim Zaporozhtsev)

2009.09.12. Comments to the text “Shiva Samhita”. Chapter 2, aphorisms 2.1-2.22. (Vadim Zaporozhtsev)

Short description:

Siva Samhita – respected traditional text devoted entirely to yoga practice and highly respected in the Tantric tradition as a direct and immediate revelation of Shiva, the Supreme Teacher of Tantra and Yoga.

In the text you can find answers to many philosophical questions about the nature of man and the meaning of his life. Shiva Samhita written in simple and clear language, so that any further comment is superfluous.

“Knowledge is eternal, it has neither beginning nor end, and really nothing else there. The differences that we see in the world – a consequence of conditionality feelings. When this conditioning is stopped, then it is knowledge (jnana) – the one and only, and nothing else is. “

In this fragment of text provides an overview of the following topics: a microcosm.

CHAPTER 2. Microcosm


2.1. In this body of Meru – vertebral column – is surrounded by seven islands. They are located rivers, seas, mountains, fields and the lord of these fields.


2.2. There – the prophets and sages, as well as all of the stars and planets. There – the sacred places of pilgrimage; churches and temples managers.


2.3. The sun and the moon, the sources of creation and destruction, also move in the body. Ether, air, fire, water and earth, too, here.


2.4. All creatures that live in the three worlds can also be found in the body. Surrounding the measure, they are busy with their chores.


2.5. Ordinary people do not know this. Knowing this – yogi.

Vadim Zaporozhtseva Comment: So, in his treatise, “” Shiva Samhita “” we come to what is called the human body. Each of us has our body. In the first place we perceive our physical body, which we can feel, feel, feel. Western civilization is still fixated on the fact that man has a physical body. This is the paradigm of modern science, medicine, all the research on the biology and so on, in general, in an implicit form of modern science considers the object of human material. The whole conglomerate of our emotions, thoughts, perceptions science considers the product of our physical body. We have a physical body, there is a nervous system, they somehow interact with each other, and, according to modern science, this interaction produces the effect of personality. As if we’ll have a great chemical reaction, which is a side effect of what we call ourselves.

Enough is crudely materialistic conception of man. This is a modern attitude of modern scientists to the man. All drugs, all the research, all-all-all directly or indirectly based on the fact that behind all mental processes are crudely material processes in our body. That is, if you change the mood, come and leave some thoughts, all these modern scientists associated with the transformations of hormones and so on. Another modern scientists do not yet know. All the talk about the fact that man has an immortal soul, the immortal I, the structure and the aura, modern science does not recognize, as there is no subject of conversation. It recognizes four types of interactions – strong, weak, electromagnetic, gravitational.



On the other hand, science says, “What are we fifth interaction, bio-energy, so to speak.” Unfortunately, to produce bioenergy, no one can. All the talk about some sort of auras, aura, they do not find confirmation in science. Science finds that bioenergy, so calls them one way interactions – strong, weak, electromagnetic and gravitational. Once again, the approach quite materialistic.

In our country in the last fifteen or twenty years, when science is somewhat shaken, we came to the fore all kinds of charlatans, healing, clairvoyant, yasnoznayuschie. Science has sometimes simply do not have the money to protect themselves, their point of view, therefore, came to the surface right now, “muddy water” of any pseudo-scientific, pseudo-scientific, or frankly unscientific opinions about the structure of the human body.



This causes frenzied anger on the part of scientists. Understandably, all these theories often do not withstand the test of elementary logic. This is the situation in our country. And in countries where science is richer, such rampant pseudo-scientific activity is not observed, since listening to the views of scientists. This is the cost of our historical development, but they are pretty deep impression left in the minds of a whole generation. We at the Open University of Yoga with this encounter. Come the students, which in the minds of most real jungle, pure obscurantism, and this has to work.



But back to the device to the human body. Modern science, again, believes that we are grossly material, and all the talk about the soul, the higher self, energy and consciousness, all this idle tales, because she can not prove their existence through the means available to it at the moment .



What this all says yoga? Yoga says that the views of the scientists are not without meaning. Yes, a great number of processes can be explained by the coarse-material way, some chemical reactions, the actions of hormones and so on. The opinion of modern science, is not wrong, but is not comprehensive. Much of what we may call the human body, from the methods, techniques, tools eludes scientists. Yoga at the same time, neither my God is not opposed to science. Moreover, if some yoga position contrary to the laws of science, then, most likely, you are faced with the wrong interpretation of yoga. Yoga includes what is called science, but goes a little further. In this lecture, we will talk about how yoga is a human body, or, as it says here, a microcosm.

I recently read an article that once deciphered the human genes, and you all know that we are made of cells, and in any of our cells have DNA, a kind of repository of information required for the construction of the human body, reactions, feelings, it turns out that our entire personality deciphered by human genes. I do not know whether it’s true or not, because I do not have the ability to track this information, all the data of the person placed on one CD. You listen to music, go to the store and buy a CD, its size is calculated the amount of information, six to seven hundred MSS. The most interesting thing is that the whole sequence of our genome is placed on one CD. It turns out that if you and I are derived from our body, and a derivative of our body is encoded in the DNA sequence, we present to you a program that fits onto a single disc.



I do not know for you, but to me it sounds dissonant. I can imagine how difficult people how complicated his experiences, feelings, aspirations, hopes, fears. And it turns out that only one formula is written to disk, it is able to recreate. So we have not done, scientists will open up new perspectives, but it will still be a continuation of the program. Make ends meet do not converge.



Another example. A small child playing with him Mom, it coo, smiling. Then he begins to rise. Then he begins to comprehend the world in ten years makes a serious leap forward in its development, comes of age, coming of age, and for ridiculous intervals grows sophisticated self-learning world. So fast! Every child begins to show its traits, it is individual. And it all started perfectly with a small baby. All are born small and uniform, and so quickly transformed into an entire universe. And then, upon reaching the sacred tantric age 108 years, this universe dies. And where it all go? Left the body, it was buried or burned, or dissected to see what’s inside.



But where do this person, the whole universe, the Tolstoy or Dostoevsky. And it seems like it never was. Some period of time before the birth of Tolstoy, for example, then suddenly took and the whole universe was born, then left, and where it came from, where to go? If we analyze these processes, to make ends meet do not converge. Just explain that purely due to the structure of our physical body. It is difficult, and no one argues. But suppose that we are just a side effect of this, they served their purpose and disbanded.



This is a very serious question of materialism and idealism, “What is man, the human mind?” Do you remember what materialists in our country, Lenin, for example, said that consciousness is secondary, the primary material processes, and consciousness – an echo of the the chemical reaction that takes place in us. Clearly materialistic conception – before human birth, it as not, and after the death, the more there is. There is some gap. This is a very crass materialism, but he remained a long time in our country, eighty years, until he was replaced by a modern merry-making did not come obscurantism. Our country is constantly throws in the extreme, that materialism is everywhere ghosts, evil eye, damage, sorcerers.



There is a concept of idealism which says that consciousness is primary and matter is secondary. In different ways you can play this system in different schools of yoga. The essence is the same, that is, my mind, and the rest – a hallucination. It was quite a common point of view to the victorious march of Marxism-Leninism, and it was very popular. German philosophers loved this area. There is no peace, there is only a hallucination of my mind. Just the opposite. Why materialism has existed for so long? Because science is beginning to gain momentum, such a practical science, which all could be explained without resorting to the otherworldly things.



Why invent new entities, and when the old factors can explain everything? Development of applied science, factories, ships, products, fabrics, all confirmed that materialism will live. Abstractly talk about that all the material is illusory, when a businessman goes to the firm and earns millions, he least thinks about the illusory nature of that consciousness is primary and matter is secondary. This is the second such face idealism. But it faded with the industrial revolution, as a thing, which is not used for a long time, perhaps eccentric people enjoy it, and even then, it is likely they hurt than helped. From the point of view of the idealists, to talk about how our body has not washed away. What’s the difference how nerve cells work when consciousness is primary. The bodies, arms, legs – all this again, materially, they refer to the ordinary world.



Now yoga point of view. Yoga, as always, says that is equally wrong and the materialists and idealists, and at the same time and both are wrong. Human nature is more subtle and elusive than materialism structure. And at the same time very real and concrete, as compared to the idealistic approach. We are with you and have a combination of these two principles. Some part of our materialistic, and, indeed, affects our perception. Take, for example, go hungry for two or three weeks. When there is no nutrients in the body, analyze their condition. Everything that you used to care, will be in the background, if you previously thought were running, they will then flow sluggish because there is no energy, we usually take out food. You can not be discounted to the end, it is in conflict with life experience.



On the other hand there are things in our lives that can not explain the material. There’s something inexplicably food. They are born, for example, two children, and are in exactly the same conditions, the same food they have. It would seem, should grow two completely identical child, well, if the conditions are the same, however, one becomes a great scientist, and the other – a great composer. Explain this to the fact that my mother ate during pregnancy and listened hardly possible. There is an anecdote that if a woman is interested in science, then her baby in the future become a scientist. This anecdote many different interpretations, but it does not hold water.



So, we’ll combine and wonderful guesses Marxists-Leninists, or scientists who put such a knowledge of the world, and at the same time – all the moments of the philosophy of idealism. Moreover, yoga – this is a very elegant science that are so well intertwined these two trends that simply you wonder. So it turns out that like modern scientists are right, and like or not. Scientists have a different, and, of course, there are those who understand it. If you publish in a serious scientific journal is not reinforced by the arguments of the article, you will lose the name. Your next article will not read, work in the field of science you do not find, will have to leave and go into science storytellers, writing fiction, horoscope be, but in science you will no longer be allowed.



Once again, the state of science in our country at the moment, absolutely no indication of what is happening in the world. Unfortunately, most of what is now given to science is not done in our country, I am a great patriot of our country, but here too the words of a song you can not throw, scientists have become less and less. Scientists and right and wrong, and idealists – right and wrong.



Now, we go directly to the text, “” Shiva Samhita “.” Let’s see what yoga tells us on this subject. Yoga how all interpret? It is very prohibitive. For more details, I refer to the axioms of yoga, lectures on this topic posted on our website. Viewpoint Text “Shiva Samhita” is no different from the approach of both our school and any other schools of yoga.



We come to the idea of the microcosm. In addition to our physical body, there are two. The so-called, subtle and causal bodies. These bodies also are material, they are subtle and elusive matter, energy is more subtle vibrations. That is, these two bodies are also material. But modern scientists and physicians probably do not know anything yet, but if they do, they do not say. If something was open, then most likely it is classified. Why? Because any discovery can give impetus to the creation of new weapons. A modern humanity has not yet forgotten how the barbaric way of thinking. Then every scientist thinks like more benefits derive from its opening, and arms – it is a very profitable industry. Even, say, the drug trade less profitable. I do not know where the scientists, from the public is heard about the fine or very fine matter or energy.



In this sense, yoga ahead of science, perhaps enjoying his terminology. This is something that in the future we will have to rediscover. Yoga refers to the subtle and causal bodies, the analogy is one to one. Just as we have the nerve endings, and on them are the signals we can to block. For example, you feel the pain, but you can do an anesthetic injection, and thereby block the passage of impulses through the nerve endings. You no longer feel the pain. That’s pretty rough proof that we are dependent on the physical body. The same analogy I myself with the causal and subtle body, but the substance from which they are made, apparently, even more thin. And its modern equipment can not detect whether because of the limitations of these devices on the perception, or for other reasons. Perhaps future Einsteins from yoga, invented devices thinner.



Yoga tells us that just as we train our physical body, that is, to go to the gym or engage in yoga, just as we can affect the subtle body and the causal body. We have in addition to the physical body, we have two more, but they are different in the degree of materiality. This was the approach of the materialists.



From the idealists. Yoga adds that in addition to the three bodies, we have a higher ‘I’. It is in a good sense, immaterial, idealistic. Our “I” is not a product of our three bodies, it is in itself. Therefore, it is impossible to measure, measure out, hang out. Sometimes, I read that scientists can already weigh our higher ‘I’. It always distinguishes all sorts of pseudo-scientific statements. Scientists elsewhere are not we, without specifying who and what, something opened up. When? Who! Unclear. More Landau said that the sciences are divided on natural, unnatural, and unnatural. This is roughly the same. So, our “I” is not materialistic, it is above all the properties of matter. Therefore, to measure, to weigh our “I” can not. This protects against any yoga nationalist-fascist ideas. Meaning to say that we are different by race, if our higher ‘I’ in all of equal? Another thing is how it manifests itself higher ‘I’, all in different ways. This is the second call.



Thus, on the one hand, it is our three shell material, on the other hand – our “I”. Here it must be said, there is yoga she adds that in addition to the three groups of bodies, the higher “I” energy, is the concept of consciousness. Usually at this, those who have just started yoga stumble. Firstly, our consciousness is not a product of energy and not a product, and our three bodies, it is the Self-Subsisting. Second, our “I” above the concept of consciousness. Consciousness is tantamount to an instrument. And our Higher “I” extremely perfect and higher energy and consciousness, it is prohibitive. Often in various schools of yoga, I meet different points of view, that suggests that consciousness is equivalent to our “I”. Our “I” and our consciousness – different things.



It turns out such a scheme, that is our ultimate “I”, and it is very quite. It has two displays, one of them – three groups of bodies, that is, the energy, the other – you can call the idealistic expression of – consciousness. In the consciousness also has a number of properties, which is very unusual. That knowledge can not be measured, weighed, and it is impossible to determine that it displays something or not. Consciousness – a ray of light on that our “I” will direct the ray of light, and displays. For example, you go hiking in the dark forest. You have a flashlight, you shine forth to them and see what is in front of you: the trees, the bushes. And around the darkness and it seemed nothing. Same thing happens when consciousness highlights for our higher ‘I’.

More specifically, it highlights the consciousness that is reflected on the surface of our mind. Our mind is like a big TV, and highlights our mind all that this TV show. Mind translates what the eyes see, the ears hear, feel the nose. So consciousness is working with our minds, so scientists can not catch him, grab, measure, because it goes a consequence of material action. I see. Why? Because photons of light are reflected and fall on the retina, and the retina of the eye in my mind. Later lights that drew photons at the surface of my mind. Consciousness illuminates the image and brings it up to my higher ‘I’. This topic is discussed in more detail in the axiomatics of yoga. Now for some reason people think that yoga – a fiction that sat, read about Mahatma, and the like as quiet. No, my friends, we have to seriously strain your brain.



Come on, we have two manifestations: consciousness and energy. Energy fully animates our three bodies and minds highlights what is happening there. Here is a conglomerate called our three bodies. We are with you more conscious of what is happening in the gross body. The text of the “Shiva Samhita” says the same thing, only allegorical, fantastic fairy-tale language understandable only to the initiated, those who know what meaning bears a particular image. I ask once again set off the same passage.



2.1. In this body of Meru – vertebral column – is surrounded by seven islands. They are located rivers, seas, mountains, fields and the lord of these fields.


Vadim Zaporozhtseva Comment: We come directly to our body device to the subject of the macrocosm and the microcosm. In yoga, it is believed that the three groups of bodies, the energy that animates them, and the consciousness that their displays, everything is identical to the device of the universe. Any point of the body corresponds to an object or phenomenon in the universe. In mathematics, there is a section – the theory of functions of complex variables, where roughly the same idea played out with very good results. There is an analogy between a small object and the infinitely large. And instead of working with a large, You come on a small and specific, which is at hand, and the result you get here and there. Once again you stand on your head, doing hatha yoga posture, stance or take a bow, and you will go to some processes, the same changes will occur in the universe.



That is, you will not only change your body, but the whole universe becomes healthier and cleaner. The concept of identity. Therefore, in order to describe the processes that occur within us, yoga used things from the outside world. For example, there is in the world ocean, and within the human body, he follows the structure that affect the operation of one or another of our body. As if we were a small universe, within which there is the sea, fields and rivers. The sages, kings and fairy-tale forest, mythology. All of this revolves around Mount Meru. In Indian mythology Mount Meru is considered the axis of the universe, the whole universe revolves around her. In our body – it is sushumna channel, it passes from the body base to the top of the head. All our lives, all the internal processes revolve around the channel. Since the sushumna channel coincides with the spine, then comes the assertion that yoga is the most important thing – it’s spine. Indeed, to have a healthy spine is very important. But this outer part is really the most important thing that there is yoga, and this is the central channel. So inside of our body there is a whole universe, the whole world.



2.2. There – the prophets and sages, as well as all of the stars and planets. There – the sacred places of pilgrimage; churches and temples managers.

Vadim Zaporozhtseva Comment: Again, this or that center is personified with chakra, is described as the habitat of a ruler. With very specific attributes, character animation of each center. Through this aid comes in the best way, which center is responsible for what. We are working on the gross body, and in aggregate, and other bodies are working too.



2.3. The sun and the moon, the sources of creation and destruction, also move in the body. Ether, air, fire, water and earth, too, here.

Vadim Zaporozhtseva Comment: We are concerned threads principles. Inside our hotel has a central channel Sushumna, which runs through the centers, plexus, chakra, responsible for certain principles: the space, the mind, and so on. Intersection with concepts such as “Sun” or “Moon”. If this treatise was written on another planet, and would be more than one moon, and three, it would be given other analogy. Do you remember that any yogic text is given for very specific people living on planet Earth. We have the sun which rises and sets, there is a moon, they occupy about the same angle of vision. So maybe the phenomenon of solar eclipse, lunar eclipse. Where did the moon, it is not known. Someone says it’s the Lost Planet. Flew-flying, and became suddenly rotate around its axis, but this is a question for scientists. The fact remains that in everyday life we are faced with the Moon or the Sun, and they have to have a certain influence. The sun rose, we run, jump, if the moon is sleep. So we’re done. Therefore, the effect of these planets is quite obvious.



There is a parallel with astrology, but not that frivolous astrology, which is now used all and sundry, and even drag them to Uranus and Pluto. And before that, how? Many of obscurantism, a lot of questions, but the influence of some of the planets on the person – it is obvious. Moreover, there are still some components of this impact on the level of the subtle and causal bodies, but, again, this issue even in India has acquired such obscurantism. There’s no one person does not make a step without consulting an astrologer, and as a result, no one does nothing, and the country is a disaster. Remember, the basic position in yoga: whatever makes you unfree, everything should be discarded. Whether it is at least science, but if you zombiruet reduces the will to win, makes you a toy, then discard such a science. Liberty is sacred! Anyone who encroaches on freedom will be punished in the form of negative karma, yoga says.



A good predictor get good karma and bad – appropriate. In general, any predictor – a person who can talk about anything. He knows how to sow positive, and this is a good predictor, all sorts of Pythia, the Oracle. All others are making money on your fear that the next time we ran to them, and they enslave your will. This is not a funny topic. If someone of you a fortune-teller, soothsayer, healer, it is better to adjust what you are doing, according to the law of karma. Ignorance of the law is no excuse.



A parallel can be drawn with the action of light, but again, not as in modern India, and in the ancient. There’s a girl and a boy fell in love, went to an astrologer, and if he predicted the incompatibility of characters, all people are not suited to each other. Where did this come from? Although initially something in this case, but now the true meaning of these predictions is lost, it is necessary to rediscover, using common sense, and when one does not enslave, otherwise, he will be enslaved.



At night, you went to the beach. The Milky Way, the stars, everything is carried in ancient Indian mythology a certain meaning. This star brings happiness, this – love, that is, some connection with astrology is. And just as there are lights in the sky, and also in our body have the same scope. And there are two main factors – the Sun and the Moon, that in the future we will be called the center of consciousness and energy center, respectively. The center of consciousness is centralized in the crown of our head, the energy center – at the base of the body. Here in the secret language they are called the Sun and the Moon.



2.4. All creatures that live in the three worlds can also be found in the body. Surrounding the measure, they are busy with their chores.


2.5. Ordinary people do not know this. Knowing this – yogi.


2.6. In this body, which is called Brahmanda (microcosm), there is the moon, radiant nectar. It is at the top of the spinal column (in Soma chakra) and has 8 Cala.

Comments Vadim Zaporozhtseva: allusive and vague hints at the device body. I deliberately will not explain what the “stool”, “catfish Chakra”, since it is not included in our course. And then, in different schools have different interpretations in understanding things from the description of action of consciousness and energy. The word “stool” is translated as a part.



2.7. Her face is turned down and he is day and night Stirs nectar. This nectar is divided into two thin shape.


2.8. One of them goes to Ida through the body to nourish it like a celestial waters of the Ganges.


2.9. This milk (lunar) ray of the left (Ida). The other beam, shining, as a source of great joy, passes through the middle channel (the Sushumna), and it is controlled by the moon.

Comments Vadim Zaporozhtseva: Beautiful allegorical description of the center channel is the source of our consciousness – the light. The light of consciousness illuminates our whole body, all the processes. In parallel, there is the Ida channel, which connects the consciousness and energy. Beautiful compared with nectar. Very nice explanation of the Tantric work of our body – we need impulses of consciousness, do not give the power to destroy everything. They are different schools of yoga are presented in the form of droplets bindu that flow, and do not give our body to break down. This is a very complex multi-dimensional analogy. In the future, these droplets form many parts of the body.



2.10. At the foot of Meru the sun is located, has 12 Cal, and on the right is Pingala – the lord of creation. His flow is directed upwards.

Comments Vadim Zaporozhtseva: our body’s center – sushumna. And the sun, full of energy – it is a workaround to the right – channel Pingala, that energy could somehow be held, to interact with our consciousness.



2.11. Sun absorbs nectar emitted by the moon and the sun moves through the whole body.


2.12. The right channel, Pingala, symbolizes the sun, the giver of nirvana. Lord of creation and destruction is moving it, passing the favorable signs in the ecliptic.

Comments Vadim Zaporozhtseva: And then all miracles begin. In the Moscow Planetarium was all very nice, it was seen as the sun and moon move. Now it was destroyed, and still can not be restored. So, our bodies center – sushumna, the left – a lunar channel, right – sunny. It turns out two orbits. As well as in space, the sun and the moon walk in their orbits, and where they intersect, there is an eclipse. Very interestingly arranged planet, the angular size of the sun are equal to the angular size of the Moon. The trajectories intersect rare, so a total solar eclipse is rare. Buy a computer program that helps to simulate the position of the planets, it is, unfortunately, not our program.



The text of this allegorically said. Moments eclipse, by the way – is the best time for a variety of practices, chanting mantras and so on. Therefore, yoga monitored solar and lunar eclipses for enhanced practice. Especially in the tantras, if male and female combined, where the Moon – a female hypostasis, sun – for men, it is possible to reach very high altitudes. But this is not our topic.



2.13. In the body 350000 Nadi. Of particular importance are only 14.


2.14-15. Sushumna, Ida, Pingala, Gandhari, Hastidzhihvika, Kuhu, Saraswati, Pusha, Shankhini, Payyasvini, Varuna, Alambusha, Vishvodari and Yashasvini. Of these, Ida, Pingala and Sushumna – the most important.


2.16. And most of them are the highest – Sushumna, and it is particularly fond of yogis. Other Nadis are subordinate to it.

Vadim Zaporozhtseva Note: This structure in the future. These channels all our permeated the three bodies hold together our body and not let it fall apart. Through these channels flows prana, consciousness and energy. At different times and in different periods of the year, even the Chinese have built a similar pattern of acupuncture system, that is, affecting dot on the physical body, we can affect other body. Nyasa yoga works with the same. Channel a lot, but in terms of spiritual development, are important only three: Sushumna, Ida and Pingala. And of the three most important sushumna. For this reason, yoga works with the main channel.



2.17. These Nadi like fine fibers of lotus and the tops of their lowered down. They are supported by the vertebral column and symbolically represent the sun, moon and fire.


Vadim Zaporozhtseva Note: This refers to pingala, ida, sushumna. On the one hand drawn sun, the other the moon, and in the middle – the fire. Everything has meaning any image, Tibetan pictures and so on. That’s why hard to translate texts on yoga, if you’re not varishsya.



2.18. Inside there Chitrini Sushumna nadi, it-the finest of all the passages, called Brahmarandhra.


2.19. Shining five colors, moving in the center of the Sushumna, this Chitrini – the vital core of the whole body, and Sushumna.


2.20. This is her giving joy and immortality, called the Shastra. Yogi meditates on it, destroys all barriers.


Vadim Zaporozhtseva Comment: We have already touched on the subject of the central channel. What is the center channel that was the understanding. The sun and moon are connected to the central channel, or consciousness and energy are connected sushumna. This channel is empty inside. Very cleverly done, it has the shape of the outside and inside – there is no space, the upper and lower output connected to a single point. Very interesting way. In order to show the layers sushumna spoken of as if shushumna was made of several tubes stacked in one another. Properties inside, which are, they are fantastic. Exterior features sushumna is also quite powerful. Sometimes it is called mystical or spiritual path, all wins.



For example, as for a samurai sword, it is the central channel, it must be empty inside, pulled, chopped enemies in the cabbage, and unflappable you go further. This kind of weapon that eliminates all obstacles. Echoes in the east of the same. All cultures were talking about the way the central median. If he can do whatever he wants through this central channel.



2.21. Two fingers above the anus and two fingers below the genitals is Adhar lotus (Muladhara), having a size of four fingers.

Comments Vadim Zaporozhtseva: Then there is an explanation of the place where the Muladhara Chakra, here adhara, and we describe where to find him. This foundation of the body. When you start to meditate on this center, each of you will be in their own way represent him. Once the energy starts to wake up, you’ll understand immediately where to look.



2.22. At the base of Adhar lotus – a perfect Yoni in the form of a triangle, and storing the secret mysteries of tantra.

Comments Vadim Zaporozhtseva: Then there is a series of images, which are the starting points for the meditation practice. When a person meditates on various places at the same time performs a practice, these centers are beginning to wake up. Images quite specific, geometric – triangles, circles. In particular, the place of awakening the kundalini.



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