2009.08.01. Comments to the text “Shiva Samhita”. Chapter 1, aphorisms 1.69-1.96 (Vadim Zaporozhtsev).

2009.08.01. Comments to the text “Shiva Samhita”. Chapter 1, aphorisms 1.69-1.96 (Vadim Zaporozhtsev).

Short description:

Siva Samhita – respected traditional text devoted entirely to yoga practice and highly respected in the Tantric tradition as a direct and immediate revelation of Shiva, the Supreme Teacher of Tantra and Yoga.

In the text you can find answers to many philosophical questions about the nature of man and the meaning of his life. Shiva Samhita written in simple and clear language, so that any further comment is superfluous.

“Knowledge is eternal, it has neither beginning nor end, and really nothing else there. The differences that we see in the world – a consequence of conditionality feelings. When this conditioning is stopped, then it is knowledge (jnana) – the one and only, and nothing else is. “

In this fragment of text provides an overview of the following topics: the emergence or evolution.

The emergence or evolution

1.69. Lord wished to create all of their creations. From his will appeared and Avidya (ignorance) – the mother of this illusory world.


Vadim Zaporozhtseva Note: This part of the “Shiva Samhita” fully equivalent and identical to what we have in the school of yoga called Yoga axiomatic, is a section of jnana-yoga. In “Shiva Samhita” is mentioned, as it was created, because of what happened, in fact, the creation of a model of the whole universe, the place of all living beings in this universe. For a more detailed analysis of the axioms of yoga, more precisely the issues related to the origin of the universe, refer you to a course of yoga axiomatic.

Thus, the total for all yoga exercises a provision stating that there is a root cause of all things, the world, and that the root cause of yoga is called the Absolute. In the future, the Absolute begins to create all of our universe with the help of maya, ie Absolute creates some initial impetus creation voleizyavlyaet create the universe. And this initial push in the different schools of yoga, in different sections of yoga is called differently. For example, in the mantra-yoga – is the original mantra raja yoga – is the original impulse of will, in jnana-yoga – is Maya, a very strange thing, whereby there was the diversity of our world. If we consider this yoga as pranayama yoga, the initial push it turns into prana, or the very first manifestation of the Absolute.

Therefore topics such as mantra, Prana, Maya, and standing above them all, the will – is an attempt to express the inexpressible, as, in fact, the Absolute created our entire universe. This is a major theme for reflection on the relationship between mantra and maya maya and prana, and prana mantra. Since all these things are said in yoga, sverhlogichny, ie in the plane of our normal experience of life in the plane of our logic, there is no possibility to make yourself a clear idea about these things, then talk about these issues extremely seriously. But, on the other hand, is very promising because it opens all sorts of secrets practice as a yoga interfaces with other yoga or yoga as one can enhance the other yoga.

So in the initial jolt, which is called differently in different yogas, but in general, we are talking about the Maya, there is a side effect. Maya has a great feature, and it is associated with the occurrence of most of maya. There is a concept of illusion, when the one thing we are starting to consider something else, and thus there is a primordial ignorance, or, as it says here, Avidya. Therefore, all of our phenomenal, loose, motley, strange world – it is a product of ignorance, Avidya, in the sense that, once overcome Avidya, we see the root cause or fundamental principle of the whole world. And the root cause and the fundamental principle of the world is the Absolute. Or mirror the identity assertion – a higher self of each of us.

That is the reason why we can say that in this world is real only to the Absolute, or if you apply a broader interpretation, only the real Absolute, real I only each of us, and everything else – is secondary, a product of illusion or ignorance. That is, there is a great-great grandparent of all living things – the Absolute, as a mom and dad. And many-a large number of children who frolic and run – it’s you and me. And everything else, really – it’s just a way for us to contact you to interact with each other or somehow trying to know who we are, what we do, and that there is the Absolute. So here it is said that Avidya – the mother of this illusory world.

1.70. There is a connection of pure Brahman and Avidya, from which there is Akasha (space, ether).

Vadim Zaporozhtseva Note: In “Shiva Samhita” axiomatic yoga and stages of creation are set out quite short, quite succinctly, figuratively, and as if frames. Referring to the axiomatic, I recall how creation took place. The very first expression of the will, or the so-called manifestation of the Absolute, the most well-established and used term for this manifestation of the Absolute – is the prana. That is prana – is a manifestation of the Absolute. And prana later manifests itself as consciousness, as energy, as the game of consciousness and energy – ananda or bliss. Or in other words, a manifestation of the Absolute known as Satchidananda – consciousness, energy and initial manifestations of pleasure. Later on, after there was prana, it is divided into consciousness and energy. And then these severed parts interact with each other again, but on the other hand.

As a result, formed principles of our universe, and these principles are many. In “Shiva Samhita” begin to enumerate the principles of creation, since the Akash, that is space. In more developed axiomatic yoga usually starts with the mind, but the essence remains the same, for any principle – it is only the interaction of consciousness and energy to varying degrees fineness, coarseness, or manifestation. In this case it begins with a space. What is space, Akasha? It is, in fact, a manifestation of the Absolute, which arises from the original Maya, ignorance, original prana, so from the perspective of a more universal approach, the space – is the Absolute hidden maya. That is the essence of the original goes to the Absolute. It is called Brahman, the Absolute, and therefore it is written, there is a connection of pure Brahman, the Absolute, and that is Avidya, that is maya, of which there is a space or ether.

1.71. From there Akashic air from the air there is a fire, from fire – water, water – land. This is the order of subtle emanation.


Vadim Zaporozhtseva Note: In the future, consciousness and energy interact in a more coarse and less energy vibrations manifest vibrations of consciousness, they begin to do the following principles, which in medieval yogic literature referred to as air principles, fire, water and earth. To understand this it is necessary to sufficiently abstract. This refers to some fundamental qualities of the universe. Why are they called the things with which we are faced with you? And for the simple reason that these fundamental qualities of the universe, arising at creation of the world, most typically occur in certain things in our everyday life.

But again. This refers to more abstract things, and they are given this analogy, the reference. Generally speaking, the text “Shiva Samhita” – it is more practical text than theoretical. Therefore, the theory is presented here as a young soldier course, in a very concise manner, to give a boost to the student for the emergence of some reflections on the subject of creation of the world. But still more emphasis on the real practice of the student.

1.72. From Akasa-air from the air and combinations Akashic fire arises from the triple combination of Akasha, air and fire there is water, and a combination of these four land there.


Vadim Zaporozhtseva Comment: Again given slice of the principles of creation, saying that each subsequent arose not just suspended in the air, but on the basis of the principle that has been created before. That is, any principle, which was created by the very first, is a kind of canvas to draw on it the following principle. That is, each principle is a previous support for the emergence of future principle. This yoga has so many interesting conclusions. How, for example, enhance or neutralize the effect of a principle not on the forehead, and with the help of a workaround.

But, in particular, there are listed, that is toward the recess. Each successive principle rougher, remote from the original components, which give rise to each principle. And all the principles arise from the interaction between energy and consciousness, only the degree of subtlety of consciousness and energy vibration is different.

1.73. Quality Akash sound, air-movement and touch, fire – a form of water – the taste, the earth – the smell. And this is no contradiction.


Vadim Zaporozhtseva Comment: Here it should be understood as the subtle level. This refers not so much to our smell, taste, sight, and some of the fundamental principles of the universe. Imagine a universe where it would be impossible in principle to see anyone. We see you through that light strikes in those or other objects, and then reflected from them falls on the retina of our eyes, and we are seeing the world and its bright colors. But, strictly speaking, there is no color objects. And any color that you see, it’s only the light reflected from the source. That is not applicable to the subjects the concept of color, this secondary function. But, nevertheless, we can say that we see color.

Now imagine some exotic animal, which sees it’s not in our range and in the UV or red. For us – this utter darkness, and some small animals well oriented. For example, now there are night vision equipment, and modern cameras, they spectrum of light perception is much wider than that of our human eyes. Finally, there is a range in which light can be used instead of electrons, but only the electrons come from the source, hit, and then we get into the eye. That is, somewhere in the universe there is some kind of a fantastic little animals, which sees in the light of what some neutrons or neurine, we do not know, but there is the fact that, in principle, this is possible.

The implementation of this principle in our eyes in the form, the bees – in the form of mesh eye, but in fact, this principle is fulfilled in different spectra of light on different designs, but it is in principle. By the way, the principle of view, according to yogic metaphysics, was generated by the principle of fire. Fire principle has generated the possibility that we can at least something to see in this universe. Likewise touch. Imagine a universe where there is no touch. Or sound: we vibrations in the air, at dolphins – water fluctuations, while still some small animals – ground vibrations that we hear, but it’s all they have perceived as sound.

All the texts of yoga is actually deeper than may appear. At first glance, everything is reduced to a trivial medieval attempt to describe the world, that these narrow-minded people have compared all so called, but it is much more difficult.

1.74. Akasa has one property, the air – two fire – three water – four earth – five properties: sound, touch, taste, shape and smell. This was announced by the wise.


Vadim Zaporozhtseva Comment: Again, the continuation of this theme, a reference to some other sources. When we read ancient treatises, we found such phrases as: “Wise people say” or “in Tantra is written.” These phrases tend to say that it is common among yogis position. But for lack of space, the possibility or the purpose it does not set out, it simply referred to as if we were referred to the physics textbook. For example, a nuclear reactor works on the fission process – we would not have to explain how a nuclear reactor, would have confirmed the fact, which is specified in physics textbooks, or be given a link to the source.

In “Shiva Samhita” in this regard, also fairly quickly sorted out these items. And in particular, it is an interesting combination of properties, that each following principle engendered feelings. Then one or another principle of our human life was implemented as one or another principle: we can do something touch, see, smell, and so on, and the combination of these principles – it is quite interesting. There are texts devoted to a more detailed interaction: how many degrees of freedom in a particular principle, and how many of these factors that can be changed. And of course, the principle that the subsequent creation, following its manifestation, such as a sense organ, has a wide range, because it is based on the previous year.

1.75. Form is perceived through the eyes, nose, smell, taste, tongue, touch, skin, sound-ear.


1.76. This – the organs of perception.


Comments Vadim Zaporozhtseva: our nose, our eyes, as stated in the “Shiva Samhita” this statement is the only instrument that fulfills this principle. For example, there is a combustion principle. When the gasoline can burn in air – this principle, and it is possible to construct an internal combustion engine on this principle. In a certain place will be something to burn the gears are spinning and we are happy, we will go by car. The car itself – is the realization of the principle and the principle that something can burn – is the basis of the vehicle, and if it was not, no we would not be talking about a car.

Likewise, a certain analogy here, we have a rough sense organs, which only work out the subtle principles of creation of this universe. That is our rough nose – it’s just, according to the teachings of yoga, the implementation of “thin” the nose, the nose, made of finer matter at some more subtle level. And he, in turn, interacts with the principle of the creation of the universe. So here fast enough given serious explanations. Actually, this is characteristic of all the ancient yogic texts. Even the “Yoga Sutras” Patanjali very concise, just two or three words, and if you do not know if you do not know in general the atmosphere in which this doctrine was kept, developed and practiced, it may be billions of options as to translate as understand it, and in this there is a certain difficulty.

1.77. Because the mind arises the whole world, visible and invisible, and regardless of whether there is peace or not, there is only one universal reason.

Vadim Zaporozhtseva Note: In “Shiva Samhita” an interesting approach to the explanation of the emergence of principles. A start from the principle of the Akash. In a more detailed texts in more axioms always starts with the mind principle. First, the principle reason was created, then – the principle of space, and then – the principle of air and so on to the ground of the principle. Here, anyway. From a very rough and conventional to the more subtle and elusive, but the picture is such that it is very tightly linked to the unit of the body. Our body – a replica of the whole universe, as the appearance of a small map.

And it is believed that the principle of reason – this is an area in the vicinity of the center of our heads, somewhere in the area between the eyebrows. Then, following the principle of just below – the principle or the principle of the Akashic space located at the base of our neck. Then, even lower the following principle – the principle of the air located in the center of our chest. Further down the following principle – the principle of Fire is located in the navel area. Below is the principle of water in the genitals area. Finally, the principle of land located at the base of the body, in the region of the sacrum, the anus.

All these principles, we are talking about, on the one hand they are abstract principles, but on the other hand, have a specific localization on the human body. And, accordingly, in this regard, it is sufficiently clear localization of our organs of perception: hearing, touch, smell, sight, and so on. For example, the principle of our body is localized in the navel. This built many yogic practices. If you want to work with visual images, directly or indirectly, to work with the principle of fire. The principle of fire is in the area of our navel.

So in “Shiva Samhita” began with the transfer of the principle of the space or the base of our neck. Then add even more universal principle, it is above – is the principle of reason, and he himself takes up all the other principles. The principle of reason – this is the original canvas on which the artist painted all the other principles. In this principle, the principle of mind control is universal. If you ever get to the point that you will be able to control your mind, then automatically all the other principles will be under your control. But usually it is difficult to achieve in the yogic practice, so go on the reverse, that is, in turn, put under the control of one or another principle, and sooner or later rise to the principle of reason.

But, strictly speaking, if you ever reach the level of the mind, the reason to make the global level steps in the field of self-discovery is faster. That is, with the help of hatha yoga, which can be use our crudest manifestations, the toughest principles requires much greater time than the pointed meditation in samadhi with an object. The trouble only in the fact that we sometimes easier forty years effectively spent on hatha yoga, than immediately go to this meditation. But if you at least once reached that level, then in the future any shortcomings can be already fast enough to eliminate.

The analogy can lead next. We are living with you on planet Earth, we walk, wander, some problems are solved. For example, cartography. In order to draw a map of the ancient sages or sailors went very long, painted. And the maps were of very poor quality, inaccurate. Then they come up with planes and maps are better. And with the release of humanity in the cards have become a perfect space. Similarly, in yoga. We start with the crudest – to work on the body, and only then go up to the point when overcoming the various problems we go in seconds. Nothing happens just like that, everything should be approached gradually.

1.78. Earth (in Mula) dissolved in water (in svadhisthana) Water dissolve in Fire (in Manipur), light is absorbed by the air (Anahata), Air abducted ethers (Vishuddha), Ether absorbed in Avidya, which disappears in Brahman (in the Sahasrara ).

Vadim Zaporozhtseva Comment: Very interesting aphorism. It is, in fact, the mystical path of liberation. Or a mystical path of the highest state of yoga, the reverse process of the process of creation of the world – the process of dissolution. Or in other words, it is the main method of the true Kundalini Yoga. First Absolute has created all of our diverse world, but we are in this world are confused, lost. In order to unravel all this, we should go in the opposite direction, or in series to overcome, to dissolve what has been created. Since the creation process was as follows: first, the principle of reason, then the principle of space, then the principle of the air, then the principle of fire, and then the water principle and the principle of land, and the process is out of this world the opposite.

First, we learn and overcome the principle of land. It dissolves in a higher principle, which was created earlier. A principle earlier – water principle, that in turn dissolves in principle a fire and so on. Until then, until everything dissolves in mind. And the reason, as stated in the yogic texts, dissolves in Brahman. But as soon as it happens, as soon as we dissolve your mind in the Absolute, we learn who we really are. Until then, we foolishly believe themselves with their manifestations, their principles, their senses or their bodies.

1.79. There are two forces – vikshep (descended energy) and Avaran (the transforming energy) which – Great potentiality; and the strength and shape them – bliss. Maha Maya (The Great Illusion), when it is the mind, and beyond the material form has three attributes: sattva (harmony), Rajas (activity, energy) and Tamas (inertia).


Vadim Zaporozhtseva Comment: So, the power of the descent, the output power or the power of involvement in the creation, output power of creation, of all creation, the game is riddled with Ananda or bliss. When we are involved in this world, and when we get out of it, there should be Sverhananda, that it is the compass guiding star. Here we have some interesting additions, attributes, characteristics: sattva, rajas, tamas. It is interesting qualitative properties of all manifestation. Think of yourself. Sometimes you arrive at a state of drowsy stupidity. You do not get enough sleep, or you ate something not very good, and you start to feel sick, and you begin to be in this state.

Or vice versa. Sometimes the condition when you are very active, and there you have done something and then did something, such rajas. It encourages you to be adventurous and active. You do something and get some result. Finally, sometimes we have with you are the rare seconds of pure vision, tranquility. We suddenly like a high mountain we see the world and understand that everything is going perfectly, there is no need for anything to interfere, and if there is this need, it is minimal. This state of sattva. That is, all the things that come to us and, in turn, do affect us, come in three states, three Huns, in the three modes of what it’s called in the texts. These are the things that cause us stupidity, these are things that cause us to be active, and that the things that come to us as something pure, uncomplicated, regardless of activity.

The most common is the theme in almost every kind of yogic diets: what to eat, you should not eat. And here, unfortunately, a large number of dropouts followers secret sciences are beginning to confuse a few poor public attributing a particular food or another quality, or in some components of food or that quality. You may well read in any treatise, that this or that food is tamasic, she it represents Tamas. That is, if you have it, then you will be Tamas, you will be poor, you are stupid, not to think anything, you will be sleepy, lazy – animal state as a whole.

On the contrary, for some other products is attributed to the state of rajas. That is, if you eat them, you will become active. And third, that there is some kind of food, just pure sattva, and if you eat this food, it will become so blissful, peaceful, you will all see and understand. How this should be treated? It is half-full. The fact that the food itself does not have any gunnoy tamas or rajas or sattva, and is known for her influence on us. That is when we meet Hun words, we must understand that the Hun – this is what I perceive our exclusive personality. Therefore, if someone or that food is tamasic, then the other person on the other complexion, with a different way of life, it can become rajasic. Moreover, for a person with a third complexion with different internal structure, it can be sattvic.

What is meant? Indeed, if you have some spoiled, fermented foods, then if your body is not able to digest it, you will be bad. But it does not because there is some substance Tamas embedded in the food, but just because she acts on you. On the other person, it may act quite differently. Likewise, the state of rajas, just as state and sattva. That is a most important conclusion? If we apply this system in relation to our food, our diet should be strictly individual. As in the saying: “All that is good for the Russian to German – death!”, Just as in yoga. Some food will come to you as Tamasic, and it should be rejected by you. Some may come as sattvic, even if it is a piece of roasted meat.

The question is not what kind of food, and in what condition after its adoption, you are. This is the same division of all these qualities and relates to people. You keep in touch with one person – he brings you yearning. There are people, that’s just talk to them, immediately becomes bad as drowning in a swamp, and once you have some aspirations and plans are falling apart before our eyes. Communicate with man, and he in his own words, his communication with you is pushing you into a state of existence poluskotskogo. On the other hand, dealing with some enterprising businessman, he still delivered, he still thought he himself successful, rowing money with a shovel. And you began to communicate with him, legs start to move themselves, to earn a living for themselves. Who lead – on and rack up!

Finally, the third situation. You incredibly lucky – you were somewhere in the foothills of the Himalayas, and after a series of very different marginal and obscure characters you encounter is the life of a teacher, and every word of it – sattva for you, every gesture – sattva. You begin to communicate with him, and you have a veil falls, you see all his life, at a glance, you know, where you made a mistake. People tend to say that he spoke with a great saint, “darshan” is called in Sanskrit, that is, contemplation, and plucked sattva. So, I have listed the most vital moments of the universal.

Everything in the universe comes to us in one of these three components, either in the state of tamas, rajas, or in a state or in the state of sattva. Accordingly, we have come to provoke in this state. And in this sense, yoga gives a very strong recommendation that we should be avoided Tamas. Moreover, in our school of yoga there is a saying: “For Tamas comes the pain.” If you meet people who are not in a hurry, you begin to try to persuade them to do something, to change lives for the better, or to do business, to earn himself a piece of bread. And they are able to amorphous indifference, that is the indifferent attitude to life, but behind it lurks behind all that something stultifying. And so cunningly made our universe is that for such a state immediately is the pain that causes the move, otherwise the animals, even the cow would not have gone to the meadow eating grass. She would have died of hunger without experiencing any discomfort. But we have to somehow put out of this bestial state. And so in the universe to think of something to derive the pain comes from this state. It is an important evolutionary factor for many of us, even in the bodies of people. A very serious factor, a good whip.

So, this is the lowest state, and strongly recommend yoga to get rid of him. How? Firstly, if a certain food is causing your condition is – drop it. Please note, I’m not talking about what kind of food. Now all published lists that can be eaten and what can not. Each for himself, on the skin produces its diet. Although there are general guidelines. For example, if you eat rotten meat, then you obviously are not big trouble. Because we all have more or less the same arranged digestive tract. But at the same time, there are peoples, tribes, who love to eat meat with flavor. If you have something bad acts, if it is good – for God’s sake. And just as in respect of communication. We are not able to convert people, but we are able to correctly select the circle. So, you should avoid people who you are tamasticheski, turn your life into a bestial existence. This situation applies to all the rest.

All that comes to us, can come in three Huns. If it comes to you in the form of Tamas – reject it, or behind it pain comes. The second component – is rajas. It is the most acceptable, because it removes from Tamas, he gets moving, it makes work. This is a higher level. Accordingly, rajas, food radzhasticheskaya Communication radzhasticheskoe more acceptable. And finally, if you have the luck to face the sattva, with clarity, transparency, it is higher than rajas. It is necessary to strive for sattva. But everything goes smoothly. Driven to the limit of rajas, driven to the limit of activity at some certain point it turns into clarity, tranquility and good luck.

1.80. When Avidya prevails Tamas, it manifests itself as Durga. Mind, managing through it is called Iswara (Shiva).


1.81. When Avidya prevails sattva, it manifests itself as a great Lakshmi. Mind, while managing through it – it is Vishnu.


1.82. When Avidya prevails rajas, it manifests itself as the wise Saraswati; intelligence, managing through it is called Brahma.

Comments Vadim Zaporozhtseva: And here, too, this is an interesting feature to describe our world. It is believed that the universe was born Absolute. Absolut has created all that is, and everything that we encounter. But all that does not come to us when we are in a state of Rajas, Tamas and Sattva – all this, on the other hand, the manifestation of the Absolute. The whole world – is the Absolute, hidden under maya. But the Absolute also has different qualities of its manifestations. In Indian philosophy and yogic philosophy to characterize a single manifestation of the Absolute, are many of the names of various deities. It is always confusing to researchers, especially religious scholars. Where in India is the huge number of different gods? India is literally obsessed with religion, and when you learn yoga, is very difficult sometimes to determine the religion of this or yoga, because everything is explained in terms of religion. This, unfortunately, is an inconvenience faced by the Western man in the study of yoga.

But, at the same time, I remind you, yoga and religion – two different things. When are these many names of the gods, it is understood that the Absolute manifested in one way or another. Absolute, in our concept, it is something amorphous, incomprehensible, beyond, so the yoga philosophy to explain this or that state, it is even more closer to us. “Husband and wife – the two halves of the same whole,” there is a saying. On this basis, it is believed that the Absolute appears as a loving couple, or as husband and wife, or as consciousness and energy, and as the two extremes of manifestation. Extreme modifications Eternal himself and extreme eternal vidoneizmennosti. When there is an extreme form of eternal vidoneizmenosti – it is characterized by the deities with male names, if the opposite of eternal modification – deities with female names. And according to the quality of these deities – they reflect the range of manifestations in which the Absolute wanted to manifest.

In particular, we used the name of Durga. Durga – the Goddess is such a warrior, very strong, very harsh. In mythology it appears as a goddess, destroying all the bestial nature, that is, all tamasticheskuyu nature. She captivates her, she runs, and when something is in a state of tamas, then this game is manifestation of the Absolute, so that through this control Tamas lead to a higher level. Well and, accordingly, consciousness, Iswara, a man’s name. Ishvara can be characterized as those who run this world. Why happens this or that? Because according to the consciousness of the Absolute, which is called Ishwara, acts energy of the Absolute, which is called Durga. Also in respect of the following manifestations, such as Lakshmi and Vishnu.

Lakshmi – a goddess of fortune, the Goddess of wealth, with the penetration of these Hindu cults to the west has now become a very favorite goddess. Everyone wants to be rich, happy, nobody wants to be poor and sick. And when, in fact, in our lives someone or something comes to us – it is a manifestation of the Absolute. Absolute appeared before us in this form. But note that there is no difference. Today Absolut came through wealth and prosperity, tomorrow he will come through poverty and disease. And what is the wisdom of yoga? In order for everyone to recognize the Absolute. To help us overcome our bestial nature, sometimes the Absolute comes to us as a mirror is by such bestial manifestations of the world. And if we use it for your spiritual development, we even in those aspects of life very much succeed in spiritual development, and go to the next step much easier to reach a state of rajas and sattva.

If on the contrary, we have not overcome their bestial nature, and to us was the Goddess Lakshmi goddess of fortune, then it always turns out very, very sad story. As a rule, this wealth makes a man slide into even greater brutality. Therefore, very often, if a person is committed to the bright side, wealth, prosperity, and does not want to suffer from this side, it should be understood that the dark side is no different. A lot of people got rich in fabulous few days at the beginning of the nineties. The country has created over the years the wealth, and then all taken and divided among a few. On the one hand, these people are very good karma, earned, probably something delicious. But on the other hand, very bad karma, because they had fallen more than they were able to digest. A huge number of addicted to drugs and their bodies have long been eaten by worms. The other half hit in all sorts of adventures, and they have long shot, I guess.

That is, until today the winners with a minimum of spiritual and physical losses reached a few of those who then fabulously rich. Why? Because you can not even recognize the bright side. And in fact there are no sides. The whole world was created for us to know the Absolute. That we were able to know the Absolute and in their poverty, and poverty and their shortcomings. For example, here you have a problem, and you feel miserable. And if you reverse this trend, according to the teachings of yoga, begin to rejoice in the fact that there is, to learn and to understand why, in fact, you have what you have, why you are faced with this negativity, Tamas, and you will understand this lesson, the later, you will not get lost when the wealth. And if you do not understand this lesson, the wealth can throw you very much down.

This I want to once again address the fans of all kinds of practices for attracting wealth and luck. Who bred huge number of mantras, yantras. And for some reason, concentrate on the positive side. Moreover, psychologists argue that the less you think about the negative side, the more you will attract positive way. In this well-known element of truth there, but there is also a danger. We must accept the world as a whole, and not as ostriches bury our heads where scary and interesting. Otherwise, having acquired wealth, comes a new kind of fear – fear of losing it, and it happens more subtle punishment than poverty.

The next incarnation – rajas in Saraswati Brahman – is rajas creation. So the logic here is. If you are faced with Tamas, then try to understand the lesson that teaches you the Absolute. Then, with the help of rajas, try to understand what means to change themselves and the world for the better. And finally, bringing to perfection his activity, will reach a state of Sattva – prosperity, harmony, wealth and abundance. But not to drive a Mercedes, but in order to have a solid foundation for spiritual practice. To the absence of any components do not become a hindrance to your spiritual path. After all, you’re all he aim at restructuring itself. This is a very long and painful process. And when you have a roof leaks, or when you have nothing to eat, or you live surrounded by people who do not contribute to your spiritual development, it is very hard to do.

1.83. Gods like Shiva, Brahma and Vishnu, there is always in great spirit. The bodies of the same and all material objects – various manifestations of Avidya.

Vadim Zaporozhtseva Comment: So the Absolute is one. They are not two and not three of five. When referred to Shiva, Brahma, Vishnu, the Gods, destroyers and Gods-Creators, we mean a principle that in Indian culture like to call the gods, because they are very religious. So, the Absolute is one, but it can be manifested in different ways, and our task – to see the Absolute in different things. If we see him in different things – we understand the meaning of this world, if we focus only on the positive things, or only on the negative things that we believe half-hearted.

1.84. The wise way to explain the creation of the world – tattvas (elements) and atattva (not components) produced and not otherwise.


1.85. When things are endowed with qualities, then there are distinguishing by means of words and names, but there is no real difference between them.


Vadim Zaporozhtseva Note: All objects and phenomena in the universe – it is, in fact, the manifestation of the Absolute. And they are unreal from the height of the Absolute, but they are real with our altitude. Let’s say your new Mercedes is real or not real? As long as you do not have the highest knowledge of it for you all the real more real, because you took away him a big pile of money. And to make this a lot of money by honest work, you’ve worked hard. But as soon as a veil of ignorance falls from the eyes, teaches yoga, we can see that the game is passing forms. Here a single clay, and from there taken, blinded Mercedes, then crumpled and thrown back into this big lump.

In the universe, from the position of superior knowledge, from the perspective of the vision in the long run out of time and global cognition, which is achieved as taught yoga in achieving samadhi, things such as Mercedes, cease to be real in the sense that it’s just a game, a dream . Moreover, you can create objects at will, as in the dreams teach yoga. Here you have no Mercedes, and you go to bed, and an effort of will to create it. He sat in a dream ride. Knurled, Mercedes lose one’s attraction to you, and you decide that now you need a helicopter, and the solution is Mercedes. Then I awake, and it has been wrong and not, experience obtained.

That’s just as well, and our real Mercedes. He is what we need? To experience it was. The man was twenty years ago Mercedes-old old, he once bought it, once it went, then it passed to scrap, then he drove to Russia. Here it someone else train, then dismantled for parts. And then the scrap that is melted. In general, everything disappeared. From a global perspective for the person who had this Mercedes twenty years, he emerged as a, and vanished like a dream, but it was experience. The man survived the experience: sitting at the wheel and was happy as long as he was new, swore, when he was old, but solids only stayed experience. This experience can be just as well live in a dream. But when we talk about the dream, we believe that this is unrealistic.

But believe me, a yoga point of view, what we consider reality, at a certain stage, teaches yoga, it becomes a dream. And not even the important things, and the experience that they gave us these things through which we passed.

1.86. So all of these things do not exist, and there is only the Great One, which manifests itself in them. Although things are not real, but as a reflection of the real, they are at the time of their existence appear to actually exist.


1.87. There is only a perfect blissful and all-pervading One, and there is nothing else. Who constantly realizes this knowledge, he is free from sorrow and death cycle of reincarnation.


Vadim Zaporozhtseva Comment: And now begins a very interesting thing. Just as in the dream are real only ourselves, just as in life, the only real thing – it’s just we do, and everything else – a phantasmagoria game. Of the total clay is taken something and molded. It comes to us in the form of either sattva or tamas or rajas. And, accordingly, we cause a particular reaction. Then again, it’s all wrinkled, and all new molded. But only we remain the only real thing. Once a person completely came to this realization, then the next step – a step that overcomes the limitations of our lives. We are born, do not savvy in its infancy, we die old men, and probably too little to think we will. Some splash in the middle of intelligence.

But in fact, I recall the axioms of that life and experience that a person receives in infancy, in the same way as old age. This is the same equivalent experience, as the one we have at the peak of their intellectual abilities, because our I’m still there. Experience how I come, and come, but the child and the old man more through the senses, we have much more through the mind. But, from the point of view of all this phantasmagorical games, mind and senses – what’s the difference? Coming objects or phenomena that we understand them or do not understand, but all the same, they have a game. And here there is a detachment from himself. And a person begins to feel himself a few lifetimes ago or a few lives forward in the sense that he sees this series of birth and death, birth and death. Just as we go to sleep and wake up, fall asleep and wake up every time we dream a new dream, every time we get into the new conditions of life at birth.

But, in fact, the real is only our self, and everything else – it is a phantasmagoric game. And there comes the ability to manage their next birth. And then again, as in the dream yoga, at a certain stage, you can “order his dream”, and thus work out exactly the experience that is necessary for understanding the universe. In this yoga all come to birth and death, a very secret and private yoga, yoga is very good, when the yogi there is the ability to be born in those conditions, which it is most needed for spiritual practice.

1.88. When through the knowledge that all is delusional, and by reason of failure of another world view, the world dissolves into a single, then the mind clearly perceives that there is only One and nothing else. Karma gives Jiva (soul) body.


Vadim Zaporozhtseva Note: All around us clay. And, in fact, actually I only individual beings. And if we follow on, you will see that I individual beings – this is the brink of the Absolute, then sooner or later every practitioner knows himself as such, which in our axioms yoga referred to as the “law of 1: 1.” So you and the universe, and no one else. So everyone else – is, in fact, the manifestation of a single Absolute. And even if you think you communicate with different people, you communicate only with one with the Absolute. It’s quite interesting, mysterious pastime of this kind of meditation, but they gradually discover the meaning of life.

Firstly, we are no longer enough for an illusory. When we share something, we can see that the source of all the same, and we begin to deal with this source, without buying in the distractions, heterogeneous factors that gives us life. We have produced a very flat attitude. Usually a person in a state extremely emotionally stable, then there is little that it can bring out of balance, because it is everything one sees, or rather, harmony. Equilibrium, in what sense? Not because it will no longer show emotions, no, he can, like ordinary people, show emotions, stomping her foot. But he understood the background, it’s a game, and he has more such status as an actor on the stage. Or again, in yoga there is lucid dreaming exercise. You create yourself terrible monsters and start to win them, you have to work out all the things that were supposed to work in reality. It helps sometimes.

So, it is usually very smooth relationship with family and friends, because our relatives and friends – it is also a manifestation of the one Absolute. Finally, on the love front in such a yogi or a yogini all right, and they are completely devoid of jealousy. I spent the statistics on such qualities as jealousy, and I was very surprised by one fact. It is now penetrating the West what they call Tantra Yoga. Some sexual exercise. And I was very surprised that people at the same time proudly state that they are not jealous. But it’s a little bit does not fit, because if we have in mind the real meaning of Tantra Yoga, and not some kind of sexual orgies, then whom can you be jealous, if you and the Absolute – are two of you and no one else? People who to be jealous? This is a very strange state, so feelings such as jealousy, greed, anger, envy, with which people are fighting very hard to suddenly disappear.

And someone to whom to be jealous, if only two of you, you and the Absolute? Even your girlfriend that you can and would like to be jealous – she Absolute. Absolute manifests through it. Very strange attitude to life may not be characteristic of Western civilization, but to be honest, and the East is not very typical. Because it is in our representation in India – all yoga, and they are, at times, may even be more mercantile in its manifestations, more material because poorer.

1.89. From Annamaya Kosh, from his father, and in accordance with its past karma, the human soul is reincarnated. Therefore, the wise consider this beautiful body punishment that exists for the suffering of the last case of Karma.


1.90. This temple of suffering and enjoyment (human body), made of flesh, bones, nerves, blood and permeated with blood vessels, exists only for the sake of suffering and sorrow.

1.91. This body, the abode of Brahma, made up of five elements – Brahmanda (egg of Brahma or microcosm) – was created for enjoyment and suffering.

Vadim Zaporozhtseva Comment: Next to the “Shiva Samhita” passing reference to the incarnation, that, in fact, as we are born into the world. It is clear that from their parents, we inherit only the physical component, that is mom and dad give us a small house, which, roughly speaking, includes the manifestation of our I with thin structures. These fine structures are beginning to rebuild the house, build it bigger and bigger, until the light is not the baby is born. But the question of where to be born, in any parents, any place, any time, it is entirely karmically predestined.

Recently, there is a point of view that the successful people just lucky. We analyzed the lives of successful people, and decided that if he was born ten years earlier or ten years later, I never would he not become a great man. But he was lucky that he was born at that time, in that place, and became a great, rich, famous. And this philosophy is trying to say that all these people have unjustly what are they just lucky. Yoga categorically disagree with the term “lucky”. Because the concept of your karma is just part of the place, the time, and those parents, who you were born.

I sometimes hear that some lucky child because his mother and father educated people, the time devoted to the child and raised him, and he therefore succeeds. But take the other child who is mom and dad did not pay attention, and the child was in the colony of juvenile offenders. Oh, what an injustice! On the one hand, it is terrible that people fall into the colonies. But on the other hand, each of us is due to its birth. That is exactly what one was born in the same family, and the other was born in another family – this is not an accident, teaches yoga, but the consequence of our past karmic actions. Well, in the future, when we are born, we are, roughly speaking, keep your knowledge of the universe to the point where we have completed in a previous life. Therefore, if we are in a previous life have produced some negative actions, then we are faced with them in this life. And face begin in early childhood.

Sometimes people ask about what this or that young children suffer? Strictly speaking, according to the teachings of yoga, one gets only his karma. This is a very good explanation. But I very firmly call on you not to fall into some extreme, which nearly ruined yoga. Namely, in the extreme, that’s such an attitude to the suffering of others. If someone, then it serves him right, his karma is bad. Such an attitude is incompatible with yoga. You must make a maximum of compassion and support to people who, because of their karma, which they themselves have created and found themselves in this situation. But this karma they have generated due to ignorance. Therefore, if you have the opportunity to anyone to help, for example, if the child in a dysfunctional family was born, and if we ever can do something to change the situation, change it for the better, it is our sacred duty to do so, rather than rub hands and gloat: “Serves him right! This former Hitler! “That’s stupid view is not having nothing to do with a very humanistic philosophy of yoga.

On the other hand, too naive not be necessary. If there is suffering, the seeds of this suffering was once generated by the person who is experiencing pain, so whining, blaming their loved ones, why not a billionaire dad and mom is not an oligarch, was useless.

1.92. From the union of spirit (Shiva) and matter (Shakti) and through their mutual penetration into each other are born all creatures.


1.93. From the fivefold combination of all subtle elements in the world are made

countless rough objects. Um – what limited them by karma – this Jiva. Jiva enjoys the fruits of their deeds in this world is made up of five elements.


Vadim Zaporozhtseva Comment: Again objects – principles, objects, generated principles, and are woven in some form, from which is born the whole phantasmagoria of our world. Our I feels its manifestations. The first and closest to the original manifestation – it is our mind, the principle of reason. We consider ourselves to be in your mind, and the mind, in turn, is limited or conditioned by the senses or other objects or phenomena, the device of our body. It turns out that we consider ourselves your mind, and the mind depends on what we hear, what we see on many different factors, elusive, that all this is woven into the web. It turns out that we feel the mind, and the mind is in this grid of limiting our feelings, of our preferences and our aversions. Our preferences and aversions through the senses spun this grid, of which the mind, like a bird in a cage fights and can not fly.

Similarly, we feel mind, but the mind is limited. Yoga method can overcome the limitation of our senses and make a hole in the cell, so that the bird could fly. Then we can show all sorts of miraculous powers, as taught by the smart book – it is transferred to different distances, it sverhvidenie, sverhslyshanie and so on. But I want to draw attention, it is still here, the term “Jiva” is meant not our self. About our self, we all can not say anything, but understood when our self identifies with our mind.

What is a cell built for himself with the help of preferences or aversions, to the cage and live. In fact, all our lives we build out our preferences and aversions, something we like – we are committed to this, something we do not like – we reject in disgust and walks away. There is nothing wrong in itself aspirations and aversions – it’s natural. The issue is that we are not a result of ignorance of turn away, and not to seek. From this arises a complicated, confusing situation.

1.94. According to the effect of past Karma Jivas I govern their destiny. Jiva is immaterial, and it contains all things, but he enters the material body to experience the fruits of Karma.


Vadim Zaporozhtseva Comment: Under the intangible mind has no gross material. According to the teachings of yoga, there is a grave matter, and there are fine structures of consciousness and energy. That is, when you die, you leave your gross body. But a conglomeration of your subtle bodies for some time after death still exists, as it decomposes more slowly. Once it is completely dissolved, then our self in a second moment, although there is the concept of time does not apply, because it is higher level than space and time, in general, our self becomes unconditioned. That is, it can not even identify themselves with something, because all the things with which it can identify itself, from it came off. And then a split second that passes when viewed from ground level, and if you climb to the level of a person who dies, there are these concepts apply. If at this point to concentrate, as taught by yoga of dying at its I can achieve liberation.

It involves many practices that used his own death for their own purposes in order to achieve the highest liberation. That is yoga – pragmatists, they all work, even his own death, they are forced to work for the benefit of themselves. But another thing is that usually people are not able to grasp this is a moment when all of what he himself believed, all these structures have fallen off from him, and I turned out to be pure, people are simply unable to concentrate the mind. This is a very legkoteryaemoe state. Therefore, we usually whenever his death have a chance to immediately go beyond the world and to achieve the highest level or status in yoga. But our bad karma, or rather what we did not do in life before his death, again expands our view of the other side.

And we begin to look according to their karma, a new body, or mom and dad, where you have to be born. And well, if our mom and dad – a yogi and yogini, as it is said that there is no greater happiness than to be born in a family of yoga and yogini. But if our karma – rubbish, you have to be born already there, where he received. And it turns out, once again, according to our karma, is not always a lot of fun.

1.95. From the bonds of matter, and, through its Karma jivas receive various names. In this world they come again and again to experience the consequences of their Karma.


1.96. When the fruits of Karma have already been tested, Jiva is absorbed Parabrahman.


Comments Vadim Zaporozhtseva: Our I consider myself not what it is. Then it begins to identify with their symptoms, and these symptoms begin to show through our gross, subtle and causal body. And the result is a situation, when you ask a person: “Who are you?” And he’ll respond, “Ivan Ivanov”, and some characteristics of itself gives. Because he begins to identify himself with his body and thus limit myself. Moreover, he begins to identify itself with some intellectual abilities, with sex: male or female, although our I asexually. He begins to identify with some other qualities and manifestations. A huge list of what we are starting to consider himself, but what we are not.

And it turns out that as long as we do not recognize what we are really actually not razotozhdestvimsya with its manifestations, we will be in the plane of karma. Our every action will generate a chain of other activities. And as we cling to their ideas about himself, the hard, cruel necessity drives us in life and we are all doing the following acts under the influence of the previous actions. This situation is very sad, but if a person came out of this state, in the future all these karmic impulses fade, fade, fade away. And the man, in general, does not have karma anymore. At the same time, aware of himself, teaches yoga, he realizes that he is the face of the Absolute. And then he begins to realize that he is the Absolute, which is all set up.

Here is a very interesting thing happens when suddenly, as after sleep, we wake up and realize that we are the Absolute. And not as Absolute, relative, and a single. They are not two, not five. Immediately there is always a logical question: “Well, well, once a man has realized the Absolute itself, and now it has become a powerful, as the Absolute, why he did not revise his entire previous life and does not make it better? Well, let’s say we were in life kakie-to suffering kakie-to disappointment, we had kakie-to loss kto-to hurt us, though, and we kogo-to hurt, but we did not remember. That is why now becoming the Absolute, not all change? Because the Absolute is subject to space and time? “

The texts of yoga we find a very interesting answer: “Not a soul, which has reached the status of the Absolute, while having the opportunity to all to reshape and alter, both in the past and in the present, not to mention the future, never does, for the simple reason that there is non-resistance to the will. ” That is, all of a sudden everyone understands that and so it was done the most remarkable way, since it’s led to this state of the Absolute. Do not add not subtract. And the man in this state blesses all your sorrows, all your losses and everything, everything, everything. On the other hand, he understands that no changes are necessary.

And then ask the question: “Well, well, if any yogi has reached the status of the Absolute, why he did not return to the past and, frankly, not kill Hitler, that was not the Second World War? Or Napoleon? In general, it would be possible to radically change the course of history? “But then again, according to the ancient texts, no yogi or yogini who have reached this state, this is not resorted. Why? Because everything is very good. Only when we have experienced, we felt that it was not great. But it is not necessary to change anything to achieve this level of absolute terms.

Therefore, until we reach that state, we should and must change the world for the better, we need to work on themselves in a state of rajas and other help. And only reached this highest goal, and only then we can say that to do nothing, and all so wonderfully done. If you meet a man who claims that to do nothing, everything is perfectly fine, but you something in his life will not seem quite adequate, you should know that now divorced huge number of people, which is a well-read smart books and begin to imagine yourself already people who have reached the Absolute, and all look down from the position of the Absolute. And in fact, engaged in self-deception, and yet at the same faces in the surrounding Tamas. Students gathered around, and he tells them what to do nothing, “that will that will not – all the same.” A poor students no longer legs jerk fall into Tamas, and Tamas is for the pain!

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