2009.07.25. Comments to the text “Shiva Samhita”. Chapter 1, aphorisms 1.48-1.68 (Vadim Zaporozhtsev).

2009.07.25. Comments to the text “Shiva Samhita”. Chapter 1, aphorisms 1.48-1.68 (Vadim Zaporozhtsev).

Short description:

Siva Samhita – respected traditional text devoted entirely to yoga practice and highly respected in the Tantric tradition as a direct and immediate revelation of Shiva, the Supreme Teacher of Tantra and Yoga.

In the text you can find answers to many philosophical questions about the nature of man and the meaning of his life. Shiva Samhita written in simple and clear language, so that any further comment is superfluous.

“Knowledge is eternal, it has neither beginning nor end, and really nothing else there. The differences that we see in the world – a consequence of conditionality feelings. When this conditioning is stopped, then it is knowledge (jnana) – the one and only, and nothing else is. “

In this fragment of text provides an overview of the following topics: jnana-kanda, yoga, and Mayan, the definition of Paramahansa.

1.48. Masters of suggestion suggestion appears Avidya (ignorance). This is – a source of violence, and all its essence is unreal. How can this world with all previous bases to be true?


1.49. The whole world, visible and invisible, comes from the mind. Does not recognize anything, he takes refuge in the mind.


Vadim Zaporozhtseva Comment: At the last session, we have completed the part where loomed the device our world, that is, it describes the figurative strokes. Here, interesting position – Avidya, suggestion masters of suggestion. Indeed, our entire world was created with the help of what is called Maya. And Maya is such a side effect – it is misleading. This topic is well covered in the course of yoga axiomatic. So, it turns out that the diversity of the world was created out of things Maya, which is very close to such a concept, as an illusion, or, roughly speaking, hypnosis. From this viewpoint, the earliest manifestations of creative abilities, or in which all unfolded includes hypnosis.

Perhaps you experienced this in your life, or watched on TV as volunteers to the scene output and something to inspire them. Enough interesting phenomenon. Then, after coming out of hypnosis all the subjects understand that their perception of the world had shifted. Generally, in fact, the theme of hypnosis – this is one of the most complex topics in terms of explanation. Let’s start with the fact that formally teach a person can not be hypnotized. It is a gift or ability that can be developed if there is some rudimentary, but teach a man the art of hypnosis is extremely difficult. A similar theme with the subject of hypnosis – acting. Because really, even inexperienced, ignorant canons no viewer always distinguish good or bad a person plays.

Moreover, the issue of bad actor is all. falsehood will be present, because the actor failed to create in the viewer maya, illusion. If you come to the theater to play decent actors, then you will feel that the actor creates around itself a world of its own, creates the universe, and this universe is unfolding throughout the play, and then also disappears. And at the end of the play, and no trace of it remains. But you were involved, empathized, once lived in this even somewhere. Unfortunately, if you take the current state of affairs, the easy availability of the media dramatically lowered the bar. Do not know about you, personally, I look with the deepest disgust many new serials, plays, films, because everywhere betrays the falsity which does not drive because the participants can not create the illusion of the world.

In this sense, the actor’s profession, the profession as a creator who created this whole world, they are similar, as well as the profession of the illusionist. So, the same illusion with which the Absolute has created our entire universe, our world, is no different from the same illusion that creates Actor with a capital letter. They create the image, create their own world, just as acts of Maya. Absolut by maya creates all of our diverse world with all its wonders, mysteries, suffering and disappointments. We come into this world as an actor in the game. This is something elusive. At the end of the play, when the decoration was removed, and the actors went from the world that they created, was gone. Similarly, from our universe, according to yoga, is not a trace remains after we rise to the level of knowledge of Maya, eclipsing overcome this, introducing us astray performance life. Therefore, to achieve the highest levels of yoga, all of yoga is characterized by its previous birth, as a game, as a spectacle, as a serial series.

But unlike our series, looking at that you feel in the soul emptiness, in this case, yoga and yogini say that every action, whether and suffering or pleasure in this game, if it led to the ultimate goal of knowledge of the universe – it is blessed and do not add – not subtract. As soon as a person begins to practice yoga, live the universe, to understand how it works, just born and the ability to control maya – Bishop Avidya. Therefore, once again, to learn or to do a good actor can only be from the person who is internally yogi who can not call their profession yoga, but tries to know the universe and then to be able to reproduce it. That is, once you have mastered the highest knowledge of the universe, comes to you the ability to take control and use it to help many living beings.

In “Ananda Lahari” is basically considered a negative side of Avidya because we are faced with challenges in life that sooner or later pushed us to think about its existence. In this respect, of course, sad but true. Yoga is seriously beginning to engage people, as a rule, passed through a serious depression, many unanswerable questions. And when faced with their insolubility, they are no longer involved with such pleasure in this world, which today you could spell some enjoyment and fulfillment of your desires. And tomorrow, without a declaration of war can destroy everything what you think. And it is clear that a person in the first place, makes you think of something negative spiritual experience. That is when we are faced with a negative manifestation of maya, illusion, Avidya. When the illusion of acting with its positive side, we take it for granted, and we are building plans, we hope for something. For this reason, “Shiva Samhita” primarily focus on the negative.

1.50. As space pervades a pitcher both internally and externally, so in and around this constantly changing world, there is a single universal spirit.


Comments Vadim Zaporozhtseva: Ecumenical spirit – this is Absolute. The idea is quite clear: the presence of the root causes of all that surrounds us. We see all of the objects and phenomena, they follow each other, captivate us, as a good detective. And we start because of ignorance inherent existence endow the universe. That is, we assume that our universe is real, and the root cause of that, which they say, including yoga, the Absolute, a certain principle, the rocks this world, we forget. But according to the axioms of yoga, according to the knowledge of yoga, the whole world – it’s just a manifestation of the Absolute. Absolute – it’s everywhere and nowhere, he penetrates, and at the same time, it is absolutely not affected. We are with you in this phantasmagoric world, and he grabs us, it brings us.

Sometimes it can be scary, and sometimes we can be fun, sometimes feel they have to go to work, because they want something. We tend to think of their work, their joys, their sorrows, their life as a self-existent things for granted. We are not inclined for a reality of our lives to see the root cause. Why is our life so? Why, in principle, we have to go to work? Maybe it is possible to make the universe, where it is not necessary to go to work? These fundamental issues, we treat uncritically, we accept as a given. At the same time, yoga claims that they are not given, they are a product of the Absolute. And things happen one way or another because they launched in numerous principles of universal spirit, by which is meant the Absolute. All around the world – it is just a manifestation of the Absolute.

And it turns out that on the question: “What is real or not real world,” we can not answer because it is real and unreal. Indeed, the foundation of the world is real, but the reality that we see, we see the illusion that conceals the reality. Sometimes you meet people, confident in the future, but it is not striving for spiritual values, it is the realists, in a bad sense of the word. Such a person is all very well, everything is under control, plays a violin in the society. But he does not want to hear about spiritual values. He knows how this world: money in the morning – evening chairs, because in his life he faced just this side of the universe. But this does not mean that it is the only aspect of the universe.

With age, a person begins to mudret, he realizes that there are questions to which he can not answer. But before that, he calls himself a realist and believed that all the matter around, the bank account, which is a tidy sum – it’s real. And all the words, thoughts and teachings of the Absolute – is the eastern puzzle opium of the people, so we did not think about everyday life, and went to reflect on something sophisticated. On the one hand, such a man is right, because the whole world around him – this is a manifestation of the Absolute. And according to the rules of the game, which he himself invented, in his universe is real only what he called real. For example, a bank account.

But in fact, all the power that may be acquired by a person of money, on the one hand, is a real force in the universe, because it is a manifestation of the Absolute. Absolute invented the rules of the game, where there are money because people will come up with them for yourself. And the driving force – it is real. But in relation to the point of view of a man who begins to idolize, is illusory. It’s a very strange thing. The world around us, from the standpoint of yoga, hidden illusion, there is something real, something unreal. As in the theater on the stage, each actor has his higher ‘I’, and not a robot will never replace. But the scenery on a stage made of cardboard, and removed at the end of the play. Similarly, we are in this world are faced with the manifestation of the Absolute, with the manifestation of his own kind of living beings. And the essence of the Absolute, and the essence of every living creature is real. But the way we perceive them as they appear in front of our eyes, thanks to the play of maya, ignorance, it is illusory.

So here it comes down to the interpretation of the term, how we interpret the world. To say that the whole world is illusory – Yoga with this categorically disagree. Because the foundation of the world – the Absolute, he has created it, and all the more real Absolute realities. But at the same time in its manifestations Absolute before us this play is playing, that on completion of the play of it there is nothing left, no remains of substance, and in this sense the world is illusory. Well, if we talk about us, about our personal lives, the question arises: “The whole world – a vale of sorrow or celebration of life, where you have to take as much as possible until the young” Two strategies are born out of this. If you are not faced with the reverse side of life, with its dark side, you appear to the world of holiday and you do not want to hear anything about the suffering of other living beings, or about some philosophy, explaining the meaning.

On the contrary, as soon as you bore down a series of what some setbacks, you tend to be pessimistic and assume that the whole world – a curse that everything is bad, and will be even worse. Both points of view have no relation to reality. The world in general can not be good or bad, but if you have to remember that all the events in our lives is applied the law of karma, that is, what goes around, comes around, then all confused. So, the meaning of this aphorism is that for all comers that we see around us, there is a single source, which is everywhere and nowhere. So we can not say that in this object or phenomenon is not absolute, just as we can not say that it is.

Let’s say you see a tsunami that killed hundreds of people. Usually this question arises: “Where is the Lord God watching?” And to say that the Absolute is not this phenomenon, we can not but say that the Absolute there – we, too, can not. Very strange situation, it is allowed only from the standpoint of the philosophy of yoga with a detailed and sensible attitude to the concept of maya. Maya will make the free will for each of us without a comprehensive knowledge. Therefore, any situation in which we find ourselves, we create it ourselves. We invent for themselves the rules of the game of life to another, and then get into them.

And whatever we come up with, we would still have remained in this field of the Absolute, which is immediately present, but unobtrusive. As long as we do not need it and do not direct your mind in meditation to the root cause of the universe, he is not inclined to appear as if it had never been. As soon as we begin to do that, we have a chance that we may know the root cause of all things coming. As long as the realist will not let the root cause in your life, the Absolute never enter into it, it is unobtrusive, it respects freedom of will.

1.51. As the space pervading the five illusory states of matter (earth, water, fire, air and ether), do not mix with them, and the spirit does not mix with this ever-changing world.

Vadim Zaporozhtseva Comment: This is a continuation of the same theme, but in a medieval interpretation. Of course, if this kind of treatise was written in our day, instead of fire, water, ether would be appropriate to recall the opening, which gave us modern science. For example, the Absolute – is not the strong interaction is not weak, not electromagnetic, gravitational interaction is not on such a topic would try to shift the idea of what is in our world. I remind you that according to the ancient philosophy of the whole world is made up of five elements, but again, it is only in our minds. Under the five elements necessary to understand the elements of precisely this origin, that is, water – water, earth – this earth, wind – the wind. This of course was all meant figuratively and very different strata of life, but for lack of a better name, and there were these. But they are quite informative in yoga, so will still be a long time to appear.

1.52. From the gods down to this material world, everything is permeated by one spirit. There is only one Sachchidananda (existence, consciousness, bliss), pervasive and unparalleled.


Vadim Zaporozhtseva Comment: So, is the root cause. This root cause – the Absolute. To say we can not do anything about it, but it is manifested in this world he is threefold. The manifestation of the Absolute in the world manifests itself as sat – chit – ananda in this kind of texts. Sat – it exists, then that we call material component of our world. But under the material must be understood not only matter, but also the energy of all kinds: the strong and the weak, and electromagnetic, and all combinations thereof, and all that they have created. It exists in terms of dimension, which is sometimes called the aspect of Shakti, a kind of universal energy.

Chit – another component, another manifestation of the Absolute, such as consciousness. The consciousness that we’ll have a – it is not a product of the energy is not a product of the chemical reactions in our minds, as it may be considered by many followers of psychology or science. From the point of view of yoga, our minds – is the realization of the supreme principle of the cheat, the higher principle of consciousness, which is a given, it is taken for granted is the same as the energy. What is energy? On the one hand, we understand that such energy: iron is plugged in, and he began to warm up, then energy is released. But if we come to the more abstract question: “What is energy,” we are faced with an extremely difficult thing to understand. But since we had become accustomed to communicate every day, we sort of somewhere intuitively understand what is meant.

But with consciousness harder because we can interpret the consciousness only of their own consciousness. There is no consciousness of substance, there is no media. Realized it can through the substance, through the media, through some function of our brain. This is a fairly complex topic in yoga. The so-called principle of the mind, is precisely the combination of consciousness and energy. That is, on the one hand the energy like, as well as present, but on an equal footing and there is still unconscious. Consciousness – something self-existing, and the term “lose consciousness” – it’s just a figure of speech with a yoga point of view, rather than what is not reality. Consciousness, we can not lose at all. We can make it difficult to implement this awareness through our senses, through our minds, but in principle it is impossible to lose consciousness, because it is our expression, the same as you and me – a manifestation of the Absolute.

And finally, the third component – is Ananda. It’s hard to convey that there is, or is supposed to by this term. This all forms of joy, happiness and pleasure. We live and are sometimes faced with the lighter side of life, and then we are happy, we are delighted, we enjoy. All forms of pleasure. And now get some form of universal joy and happiness of life, pleasure in all its spectra, ranging from the purely physical, intellectual, refined finishing. There are intellectuals who get pleasure from solving some intractable problems. There are people pogrubee – they get pleasure from eating. It would seem, between the pleasures of the abyss, but in fact, it’s different forms, different degrees of gradation display of a certain higher principle. This principle is called the supreme Ananda.

So, this is the natural state of the Absolute and the natural state of all of us. So here we are faced with a very interesting principle of yoga: pleasure, joy, happiness of life – self-existent things, they do not need props, especially in the doping (drugs, cigarettes, drinking). That is our natural state – the state of the highest enjoyment. Conversely, if it is not, then it is some kind of complex failure which led to the fact that the pleasure was divided into two and faced foreheads, from which there is a state, which we call pain. So, Sat – Chit – Ananda is the Absolute. Under the concept of “Shiva Samhita” it is beyond, but it manifests itself in the world as Sat – Chit – Ananda. He permeates the whole world, but we do not see it. We see some phenomena in his life, but we do not tend to see this for the Absolute because of the obscuring the action of maya, illusion.

1.53. Since it is not lit anything else, it is – self-luminous, and because of the nature of self-illumination of the spirit is light.

Vadim Zaporozhtseva Comment: Any analogy – it is only an analogy, a comparison – it’s just a comparison, and they are used because there is no other word. Same with these concepts of the Absolute. What can give a comparison or a similar example? In this case, compared with light. Indeed, when there is no light – we see nothing, when the light is – it highlights all. Similarly, the Absolute, it highlights everything in the world, and therefore has the ability to omniscience. In yoga, it is believed that the Absolute has completely omniscience.

But the knowledge he acquires not, as we are through the senses, the senses of analysis, conclusions, habits and so on, and directly, without going through a long stage. When we perceive something, somewhere we have processed some processes in the brain signals, and we have knowledge of – a long, long chain. At the same time, the Absolute has the ability to direct perception of knowledge, bypassing the senses and thoughts. What is most interesting, the same ability inherent in each of us, as we are, according to the teachings of yoga, made in the image of the Absolute. Sometimes it manifests itself in our lives as the bursts of higher spiritual intuition, when we are not meditating, know or see without eyes. But in this aphorism it refers to the Absolute, which pervades the entire universe.

1.54. Since the spirit in nature is not limited by time or space, it is infinite, all-pervading and full of himself.

Vadim Zaporozhtseva Comment: Here we begin to deal with zubodrobilny yoga theory – the concept of time. Modern science is not so long ago came to this. And to rise to such abstract things as the existence beyond time and space – this we imagine and can not imagine, if we try to do this with his usual thoughts. However, in yoga there is mention of the fact that the Absolute is beyond time and space. That is, the Absolute is not only that there is now, but he sees all that has been and all that will be.

For example, such an analogy: cinemas used to be, they showed films that were filmed frame by frame. There were rolls of film if they take and deploy, it could see the footage: what the film began, a frame was in the middle, and on which frame the movie ended. And imagine that you’re on the entire movie look, and you know how it all started and it will all end. Here the analogy with the state beyond time and space. But this is only an analogy, because with all this, there is free will. Free will – when it is in principle unknown end of the movie, because each of the participants in this thriller – a free man, a free soul, and can do all sorts of subjects. Still, despite this, the Absolute is beyond time and space. This concept is to imagine, we can not.

1.55. Since the spirit is not like this world, which is made up of five illusory states of matter and subject to destruction (in Pralaya), he is eternal and never destroyed.

Vadim Zaporozhtseva Comment: There such a logical statement on the reverse. Since our entire world is in time and space and turns in it, in this case once was a push start, more so when something will be the completion of the cycle of creation, and everything will come to destruction, then it is a logical conclusion that the root cause of being , independent of time and space. It is enough to seriously challenge the intellect to just to be able to understand that there is trying to prove, as a mathematical theorem. But in any case, the main, skvozyaschaya thought “Shiva Samhita” – a purely practical idea that we should not cling to the world.

World – a beautiful thing! And, indeed, it is worth it to live and achieve all your goals, to enjoy this life, to enjoy this world. If it leads us to the knowledge of the underlying causes of this world, then – everything! To us did not come in the form of changing conditions of life, or a change of scenery at work, at home, it will lead us to the ultimate goal. And when we complete this higher purpose, meaning in this our world will disappear, and it will melt, that is, the world will disappear.

Sometimes I met the pessimistic view that everything is bad, everything is destroyed, everything can not be relied upon, and Buda worse, and that even in the philosophy of yoga is believed that the world was created, now lives, and will be destroyed. It reminds me of the horrors that the newspapers print about the end of the world, and then all go into mourning, because life did not take place. That is, here again, the Maya. This is like looking at the world, how to interpret it. What is Maya? Maya – is, as in that joke, where a glass or half full or half empty, depending how you look. Since the positive approach – a more constructive, because it suggests a sense of the events, so yoga is known for such a principle of contentment, which obliges any person engaged in yoga every day to be happy, no matter what happens.

“Do not live sad, do not feel sorry for what happened. Do not guess what will take care that there is! “- Yoga is not just a pun or toast (usually we love so clever phrases kakih-nibud meetings to say that all admire, admire and then immediately forgotten) – yoga it is considered one of the most important exercises where you have to force yourself. I do not just think about what is bad to grieve, to lose heart and forget – no need to constantly be aware of this, constantly remind myself. And this here is the negative trend to reverse slide into pessimism, because this negative trend – just a habit, as we are taught yoga. This is not the reality of our life – it’s a habit. And like all habits, it once we have acquired and also can get rid of it. Here, in particular, if doing yoga, you are required to get rid of constantly remember this and repeat itself.

So, back to the end of the world, I had mentioned this aphorism. Its meaning is very positive – as soon as the show ended as soon as the actors left the stage and the audience left the hall, the workers come and clean the scenery, just arranged our entire world. Once it has been created for us to come and receive the highest knowledge in this world. The scenery changed according to the actions and stage performances. Once the performance is over, as soon as we understand the higher meaning of the play, then we have nothing more to do in this auditorium. Likewise, the concept of peace, maintenance and destruction, not pessimistic and very optimistic. You must be glad that the whole world was created, as yoga says. It is necessary to enjoy life, using her spiritual development, without buying in the sham scenes trivia. And with a feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment, to leave the auditorium, go to the buffet, and a good thing to note is. We enjoyed a good game of actors as the good play, we should raise it and do better.

There is one and the same idea. They like to have to shock the audience, to make films hopelessness, seamy side, and the purpose of art – is to make the world better! If the actor of his game does a better world, he is not an actor. If the script does not allow an actor to realize themselves in such a way that it did the audience better – then you have to throw a script together with the director. Unfortunately, even the best textbook works of art by some contemporary directors look like a desire to earn money for the outrageous. All the talk about it, people come, sit in the audience and leaves devastated. But neither the director himself does not deserve the name, nor the actor did not become famous because it is a small splash, all of which will soon be forgotten.

At the same time, if you have something to realize that making the world a better, oddly enough, you stay in the memory, makes a name for himself among his profession. So, all of us are lucky, according to yoga, which is the piece that turns around and called the universe is filled with tremendous positive sense. And the fact that we do not see this meaning and tried to concentrate on something else, says that we do not use this chance. Our life – a chance, the highest chance!

1.56. Besides him there are no other entities, so it is – the only one. Besides him everything else – is false, so it’s true existence.

Vadim Zaporozhtseva Note: You can not have two or three realities simultaneously. The reality is one, but it is so supreme that it is very difficult to grasp. Sometimes I hear the arguments of different schools of yoga who axiomatic right, and who is not. Argue, find out who has a philosophy of correct and no one understands that philosophy much higher, that their point of view – is a special case of something more universal. So, here is a link to something more universal. It is only the Absolute is universal. The same is true, by the way, and religions.

Yoga – is not a religion, religion has never been and will never, probably will not. Yoga is very respectful to all religions, because the higher manifested with different faces, but to argue, whose religion is better and whose worse – a useless thing. Just like to say that there are many underlying causes of existence and many Gods or principles that gave rise to the universe – it is also not the truth. The causes of the universe – it is one, it is not two, not three, not five, in yoga it is called the Absolute. The word “Absolute” did not come from Sanskrit. This is an attempt to translate into European languages this term. “Absolute” – it is something that involves all.

1.57. Since the world was created by ignorance, the destruction of sorrow means the acquisition of happiness, but through knowledge comes liberation from all kinds of grief. Therefore, the spirit – it’s bliss.

Vadim Zaporozhtseva Comment: The same idea that our thoughts are not in need of any props. You may be thinking right now that you are feeling bad: apartment is too small, work is not so good, bitch wife or husband is not present, everyone has pain can wear a pronounced personal character. We used to deify their situation, considering it is the most intractable problems of their own, his life the most unique. We can not understand that in this sense, we are not unique – we all like clones, like twins or twins, each other is absolutely similar. Only here we will, as in a kaleidoscope, where the three glass pieces can be an infinite number of combinations to do.

We believe that private life we have failed, we feel that we have just such a unique version, but in fact such an option at all. Actually, very few people who enjoy life. As a rule – it’s yoga, because they themselves have inspired the principle of contentment. And they first abandoned the habit of whining, and then see the positive things in your life. Of course, this could be seen as an anecdote, but it is not up to jokes, because, according to the theory of yoga, state of happiness does not depend on anything, neither from your current situation or on your situation. What you have today – it’s also traces of your affairs, your karma. You used to be something done and get a result is now what is called a hand you will not pulled, as you all have free will.

Sometimes people ask why not advised not to do something stupid? That is why, in addition to the freedom of the will, while you were still stupid and not listen to the wise teachers. Sometimes it tells us the universe through human beings, hints that it is better to do. But we do not listen. As a result, we get to where we find ourselves, we begin to suffer because we are voleizyavlyaem, and make such rules in its internal universe that our own happiness and joy bang their heads. This is known as the suffering, pain and dissatisfaction.

Then, as we have long pain and dissatisfaction, we begin to deify them. Moreover, constantly crying and constantly live in this negative, finally plunging into the swamp. We could have just a little to make a difference, but we believe that it is a punishment of the Lord and do not necessary that we should accept anything. But this is a difficult option, which should be accepted, and where necessary on the contrary resist.

But in any case, all your suffering and your whole situation into which you have maneuvered themselves, was generated by ignorance. Each path of ignorance have been different, so now, as in a kaleidoscope, its situation. But the fact remains that if you feel pain or dissatisfaction with life, you know that the root cause of them – ignorance. Once ignorance is eliminated, the most magical way, of course, did not immediately begin to solve all your problems in life, philosophical, but what you want. Not just because we are too long this tangle of confused, and it takes time to unravel it. But when something will have to start well. Each step in the elimination of ignorance and just leads to the unraveling of our negative state of life.

1.58. Since ignorance is the cause-world knowledge is destroyed, the spirit is knowledge, and knowledge is forever.


Vadim Zaporozhtseva Comment: It is logical that the next step – we all suffer. We all suffer tired. Yoga tells us that our natural state – the state of happiness. Tempting. Why do not we all do yoga and not find this happiness? For this purpose it is necessary to eliminate ignorance. And what is it to remove? And now here we are given the tools. Looking ahead, I will say that eliminating ignorance is not so simple, it needs a triple force. Firstly, it is necessary to eliminate the ignorance voleizyavit. Unfortunately, we were in KC “Enlightenment” often come to people who are starting to complain, as they live badly. We encourage them to try yoga exercise. They start doing yoga, come after some time and say that yoga has helped them not, that was even worse. I am very surprised, because yoga is not born yesterday, and stayed methods thousands of years of practice.

This is a man came to me-the only one (at all yoga works, and not on it). The new law of nature that I need to study. It does not work on a particular person, and he seems to be doing everything right. And so with this man fuss and that, everything seems in yoga, but no result. At first I was inexperienced things involved in unpleasant thoughts: “Maybe, indeed, something in yoga not?” But then, always resolve the same fact: a man who came to the whining and asking for help from yoga at heart I did not want to get rid of suffering. He is happy with his suit this lifestyle, it’s nagging, this attitude towards life. It turns out that the person sitting in the shell and lives as he wants, but the result is bad. Then he begins to ring the entire universe as it is bad as all the negative. When you give him a way to get rid of suffering – this method does not work.

Indeed, if a large army, a million people are sitting in the headquarters of the provocateurs, as if you did not plan an operation to capture the enemy, you will never win the war. Similarly, a person who does not voleizyavil change lives for the better, it never will not change, and no practice it will not change, because free will is sacred. If a person wants to suffer, but at least you put your five lives, you are suffering from it do not get rid of. But on the other hand, teaches yoga, we do not have to be evil, brutal. We should always help people in getting rid of suffering, but do not forget the second principle of yoga, it is important to always recognize the situation. A lot of very sophisticated people. Sometimes people do not know what they want. Mutually things lead to suffering. Sometimes a person just does not realize that he voleizyavlyaet first one thing and then another.

Therefore, to overcome ignorance of the most important – voleizyavit overcome ignorance. If you do not voleizyavite overcome it, everything else does not work. The second component to overcome ignorance – this knowledge. The word “knowledge” here means a few more sense. This is not “knowledge” in our European sense of the word. This “knowledge” in the yogic sense. This is where the knowledge is passed through himself, jnana. Just the knowledge – it is when you read a philosophical treatise on yoga, which says how and what to do. But you’re not inspired them, you just read, memorized, memorized. And the word “jnana” is meant the will to get this knowledge, proper knowledge, and e finally the knowledge passed through himself.

So, the first component – it is the will, and the second – this knowledge. We are studying the treatise “Shiva Samhita” and, indeed, any knowledge remain, some information. But the information itself – it is dry and lifeless. And finally, the third component, which is needed for this – it is let through this knowledge. That is to follow this knowledge, apply it in their lives. Until then, until you start to apply the knowledge of yoga in your life, consider that you do not know anything. I sometimes meet people pompous, know-alls, and he’ll Sanskrit phrase, and from this source, and from the fact. But this mental acrobatics, and there is in this sense that he lived for it.

Generally, there is an anecdote that all the followers of yoga are divided into three categories: clowns, acrobats and jugglers. Acrobats – that those who are engaged in a physical body, stretching his good, but in yoga philosophy, he does not understand and does not aspire to any higher aspects of yoga, it is just an acrobat. Clowns – the ones who know a lot of things, a theory, Sanskrit, their downside is that they do not like to do exercise, they love poumnichat, but in a pose on his head will never be out of principle. Well, finally, the third category of people who study yoga – it’s magicians, people obsessed superpowers, that yoga gives people, but unfortunately, not physically engaged or do not study theory.

Each individually of these three kinds of yogis – in their own way, each has strengths and weaknesses, but requires that a person in one combined all three. Similarly, the need to overcome the ignorance that we have combined the will, knowledge and action. Will – is to magicians. Indeed, it is believed that the will perform miracles and many supernormal abilities manifested by sheer force of will. It magicians. Conversely, people who are more on the physical pushing – this action. Indeed, until the hard way yoga does not feel, you do not understand it. If you do yoga every day, not doing for forty minutes, then you are unlikely to know yoga. When people start talking to me, that once the student of yoga, all gone, and now is not engaged, it is doubtful. And finally, the third category – the clowns. That all those who are studying, just as information. And we must all unite. And only when you’re in one, and a clown, and an acrobat and magician, only then you will overcome Maya. Well, or in other words, when you will-knowledge-action link, the result will be.

1.59. As well as this diverse world has a beginning in time, there is One who – true self, which does not change over time; and He is one and unknowable.

1.60. All external entities will eventually be destroyed, but the spirit which is inexpressible words (there will be) is something else.


Vadim Zaporozhtseva Note: Continuation of the unity of the same theme. Originator of all, the original source of the whole universe – is the Absolute. Two Absolutes not, then there is one Absolute. This is a very serious important concept, because a lot of that is derived from this concept.

The word spirit means the Absolute, the universe appears and disappears, and remains a source of creation. Again, if we compare with our auditorium, you can come to the show, you can watch a play, you can get away from the play, and the theater torn down, but it does not matter. The main thing that you have seen the show, and everything else – it’s little things. Like our I, it is not going away, it does not disappear and does not occur, I of each of us is identical to the Absolute and everything else coming. It all depends on the law of karma.

1.61. Neither air, nor fire, nor air, nor water, nor earth, nor their combinations are not perfect. Perfect only a single spirit.


Vadim Zaporozhtseva Comment: But this aphorism gives us, among other things, the method of how to approach the comprehension of the Absolute, as the approach to the source of all existence. The method of denial. You begin to sort objects or phenomena or components of these objects and phenomena, and to know that all this is not the primary cause, but is merely a product of the root causes. That is, casting, casting everything in the world, it may be a miracle, there will be the impulse that will guide you precisely to the attainment of the Absolute, that is a method of denial method to understand the world.

Yoga and Maya


1.62. Abandoning all false desires and leaving all the false affections of the world, the yogi sees his own spirit the Universal Spirit in its true essence.

Vadim Zaporozhtseva Comment: As Yogi says that the essence of our self and the essence of the Absolute single one and the same, given a very specific method of how to approach, but on the other hand, to the comprehension of the Absolute. This is an attempt to know the Absolute through knowledge of one’s own self. In this sense, the system of yoga – a system of self-knowledge, but by self-knowledge means that we study ourselves. It is identical to the system of knowledge of the root causes of the world, the Absolute. This aphorism emphasis on the fact that we are, now armed with the knowledge that our essence and the essence of our self is not different from the essence of the Absolute. And we can explore your self or to try to understand who we are. But to know its own I am no less difficult than to know the essence of the Absolute. And here too it is necessary, if you will, a combination of circumstances, this practice, this is our job, so we still have known who we really are.

But on the way it meets an unpleasant fact. We do not consider ourselves to be what we are, and consider ourselves their manifestations. A manifestation we are the same as that of the Absolute: sat-chit-ananda. Or the energy, consciousness and a state of joy and bliss. These are our symptoms, but it is not the essence of our self. So sometimes we start to consider themselves its manifestations. And here is a simple case, if we consider ourselves their gross manifestations, such as the physical body. From it is very easy to get rid of confusion, that I this is my body. But if we begin to consider themselves his mind, and the mind is and bright and clean, and joyful. Sat-chit-ananda. Then we involuntarily fascinated by this way and unwittingly begins to consider himself the mind. Moreover, the thought that we do not mind, can cause us discomfort.

For example, here we close our eyes and see the highest, the finest structures of our mind, clean, delicious. Just take a look at them and from themselves experiencing happiness, bliss and delight. How can you refuse it? It is very hard to give up this very easily consider themselves not by who we are. You know what they say: fire, water and copper pipes. It is easy to go through fire and water, and copper pipes from basically all suffer. So in yoga. It is very easy to pass some kind of stage where you realize that you are not the physical body, the more difficult to understand that it is not some kind of subtle emotional structure. And it is really hard when you reach the level of the causal body, which is the air – is transparent, it does not catch.

And, it would seem that there is no one here I am myself. And in fact, just as the air is not visible, unobvious and thin structure. And we begin to identify with the manifestations, although they themselves do not realize that the only manifestation. And here already starting difficulties.

1.63. Seeing his spirit – and it gives happiness, being found in himself – with his same spirit, he forgets the world and enjoys the bliss of Samadhi indestructible.


Vadim Zaporozhtseva Note: The next step on the path of yoga – this is where a yogi begins to know itself. At the yogi has his higher ‘I’, which is not a manifestation. His manifestation is the state of Ananda, happiness, and his higher ‘I’ is the state, which is inexpressible, above or Sverhanandy Ananda, why there are no words. So, as soon as the yogi or yogini learn to know himself directly through itself – this process is called samadhi without object. Or a higher state of samadhi, as opposed to another state of samadhi – samadhi with an object. That is, indeed, the yogi, yoga, very quickly overcomes the known exercise limitations of space, time, its karma, some circumstances in life, and can simply arrive at the happiness in his human body.

We always Noah that everything is bad, in fact, the fact that we are still alive, that is enough. That is if you have already started to die, or have died, there are more difficult to lean hard, there is no physical body, as long as there is a physical body, that is something with which to work. So, it is possible to achieve extremely ecstatic, ecstatic states, it is unthinkable for ordinary people, as we are taught yoga, and absolutely without any doping.

Yoga – one of the most consistent opponents of any kind of drugs. Unfortunately, the trend has gone all sorts of experiments to study the set of his mind with the help of all sorts of rubbish. So yoga is totally against it. Moreover, it states that, in principle, impossible to achieve the highest state of samadhi by means of chemistry, in principle. Because we refuse to its manifestations. Any chemistry works only on display, and there is higher and where there is no manifestation, there is already one on one our self with itself.

All yoga is to ensure that the Yogi first learn to achieve samadhi with an object, that is, reach the highest state of happiness a simple wish. Accordingly, neutralizing all my negative karma, eliminating all the prerequisites for the suffering – that’s all, the highest ecstasy, the highest happiness, the highest state. But there is even more higher state – a direct knowledge of yourself, in comparison with which even superekstaz seems faded.


1.64. The mother of the world – Maya (the illusory nature). The world has not been created from some other principles (as of Maya). When the Maya disappears, then the world will certainly cease to exist.

Vadim Zaporozhtseva Note: The concept of maya – this is one of the most difficult and slozhnoponimaemyh concepts. It is known to us through the manifestation of maya greater manifestation of the illusion. The fact that there is in the world of illusion, is a product of the principle of maya. The principle of maya – it is useless for him to say anything. This is such an elusive concept that requires many years of reflection and meditation, and most importantly, personal experience, and knowledge of what is maya. It is only then, when we know that there is Maya, it is for us to disappear as if it never existed. Here is a very interesting fact. And then he disappears our entire world of phenomena, as if it had never existed. More precisely, it disappears from one side, and on the other does not disappear. He disappears for us, because we see that it is not a world of disparate phenomena, only a manifestation of the highest root cause of the Absolute.

For other people who are still under the influence of maya, the world is still here. Buddha attained enlightenment two and a half thousand years ago, and many yoga and yogini earlier. But that did not stop in the twentieth century to create concentration camps, torture and murder of prisoners of the poor, and in the modern world has some negative things happen. It would seem that if anyone has ever reached higher states, the world disappeared, there was nothing left except the Absolute, sverhdobroty, then where does all of this dark world – the world of darkness free will. The fact that some other living beings voleizyavili live differently, they have continued to be under the influence of maya eclipsing with all the consequences, including the karmic.


1.65. Those for whom this world is only the enjoyment, does not know the basics of Maya and will not find any happiness in riches, body, and other pleasures.

Vadim Zaporozhtseva Comment: Here we are urged not to grasp at illusory nature, not to grasp at something that is not real. Imagine, you are sent to prison, and your job is to get out of it, and not take the most privileged place in the chamber. All the things that gives us this world – they make sense when they come, and we use them: wealth, power, fame. But when we use them only for the knowledge of this supreme. In this case, they are neutral, even good, because we learn something more higher on the example of money and power. Believe me, a good manager, good company knows about people more than a philosopher who never responsible for other people. Likewise, the rich man is sometimes even better knows the value of a lot of things of this world is not because money talks, but because he realized, he became rich, and have missed it through.

Another situation is when we begin to abandon what we never shines. I sometimes hear that happiness is not in money, but in some spiritual values. But any human being there is always the desire to become rich, it is the desire to become rich is not implemented, it is still really can not think of a higher spiritual principles. Yoga calmly relates to this, she says, it is good to know through higher wealth just is not worth grasping for wealth. Unfortunately, sometimes people start to go that way to wealth, getting rich, forget about yoga, and as a result left with nothing. When come to wealth, happiness, and you use them as a tool for understanding the world – you know the world is faster and more efficient than those who allegedly refused to fame, wealth, happiness, and in fact hypocritical, because there are such people.

But all the same, sooner or later, you throw it wealth, power, throws a toy small child when it bothers him. But if he has it away, then he will have more thoughts on this toy, as in this case. And if you just start to idolize power, wealth, fame, we get the opposite. All the philosophies of the world, all the trends, teachings that have been, are, available to us, tell us about the same: do not aspire to the ordinary, to strive for higher, ask for a higher, ordinary and so you will follow. With this fully agrees yoga, strive to higher and simultaneously engaged in their enrichment. And get something, and more. Only a start to plan their lives according to the principle where more pay and no spiritual principles at the same time in their subconscious have, you will remain with nothing. This universal wisdom.


1.66. This world towards the person appears in three different aspects –

friendly, hostile or indifferent. This is the basis of worldly affairs. There is a difference also in entities – they are good, bad or indifferent.


1.67. Only one spirit, through discernment, and truly is the son and father. Sacred texts describe the world to return (back) of the illusory nature of Maya. Yogi also destroys (for themselves) the phenomenal world of plurality, understanding that it – only the result of the wrong faith.


Vadim Zaporozhtseva Comment: The world in which we live, turn to us one, then another, then a third party, because we have created the preconditions for the world to us so unfolded. This is the law of karma – what goes around, comes around. Why did we do wrong things, why we have such a pretzel naplel its trajectory, as a result, we have something that now does not want to? For one reason – we sought to chemu-to we kogda-to chto-to considered valuable and did kakie-to steps and chto-to not valuable and avoided kakih-to other steps, as a result of this has led us to, to what resulted. Or in another way: we have done foolishly, and we are now paying the price for them. Or vice versa: we do good things, and so we are now well.

But the question arises: “Why do we do stupid things or good things?” And yoga is gives a very interesting answer. In fact, we seek only to the Absolute, we are committed to the highest truth. But since we are still inexperienced in this regard, we are starting to confuse many. We strive to money, because they solve a lot of problems in our lives, we think. In fact, the power of the Absolute solves all the problems in our lives rather than pieces of paper. But we forget about the fact that a piece of paper – it’s just a conventional way to join the force of the Absolute. We begin to deify them by themselves, is the Absolute. Therefore, we sometimes difficult fork in our paths begin to make mistakes. That is, on the one hand, there are times when we get the money and the Absolute, figuratively speaking, is happy, and we know it through the power of the Absolute, and thereby realize who it is or what it is. This is a very positive vector.

But here we are at a crossroads, it is tempting, it is possible to cheat your neighbor and rejoice. Rather than refuse the money because the bills have remained the same, but the content is another, we buy it. Generally, the ratio of money in a very interesting yoga – yoga in the most important thing is not the money itself, but how you earned them. That is, if you take all the money, they can be divided into two parts: one part that you have earned through trying to learn a part of the Absolute – that part of you no one will ever steal. Moreover, how would you spend it, it will give very good results, and so on. The other part – is that, as a result of some of your karmic consequences of not adequately come to you, and it is usually the same and leaves. Acquired stroke – lived ashes. That is saying money does not smell – the smell of another, but they smell indirectly, based on the results.

Money – is power, and if the power is “clean,” “pure karmic”, then it will lead to a good karmic consequences, but if not, then not. So, we are committed to anything, not because we are committed to this. We are committed to anything, because in this light, the Absolute. In many ancient texts, especially in the “Vedas” and “Upanishads”, said that neither the wealth dear man, and Atma road man. By Atma understood his higher ‘I’ or a part of the Absolute. If we see something of the Absolute, if it is somehow there shines – we are drawn to it, but if we do not see – we are not interested.

Therefore, by and large, we are always drawn to the Absolute, but do not always recognize it, sometimes it escapes. Sometimes we are drawn, are drawn to him in the hands of form and content disappears, it brings us roughly to the situation when we do not do those things that would, and as a result suffer and enjoy. This is the law of karma. But for all that, what it was not in our karma that we did not have time to do good or bad, all that permeates the Absolute. And we can always return to the Absolute, to deploy the trajectory of his career in such a way as to abandon the illusory and strive to the root cause. This is the meaning of our self is the essence, is the Absolute around.

Determination of Paramahansa

1.68. When someone is released from the countless distinctions and states of existence, such as caste, identity and so on – then he can say that he – the invisible mind and pure unity.

Vadim Zaporozhtseva Comment: A person engaged in yoga, sooner or later, get rid of all the wrong beliefs about himself, gets a correct idea of himself, and in the future is no longer doing those stupid things that we are doing. These people – the highest teachers of mankind. We are still only on the way to it. The Open University of the highest Yoga Teachers of humanity, there is only a yoga teachers. But our task, if any of you ever meet with such people with a capital letter, so you do not miss them. Sometimes our own ignorance does not allow to recognize the Master.

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