2009.07.18. Comments to the text “Shiva Samhita”. Chapter 1, aphorisms 1.20-1.47 (Vadim Zaporozhtsev).

2009.07.18. Comments to the text “Shiva Samhita”. Chapter 1, aphorisms 1.20-1.47 (Vadim Zaporozhtsev).

Short description:

Siva Samhita – respected traditional text devoted entirely to yoga practice and highly respected in the Tantric tradition as a direct and immediate revelation of Shiva, the Supreme Teacher of Tantra and Yoga.

In the text you can find answers to many philosophical questions about the nature of man and the meaning of his life. Shiva Samhita written in simple and clear language, so that any further comment is superfluous.

“Knowledge is eternal, it has neither beginning nor end, and really nothing else there. The differences that we see in the world – a consequence of conditionality feelings. When this conditioning is stopped, then it is knowledge (jnana) – the one and only, and nothing else is. “

In this fragment of text provides an overview of the following topics: karma-kanda, jnana-kanda.


1.20. There are two ways, following the Vedas – Karma-kanda (rituals) and Jnana Kanda (knowledge). Each of them is in turn divided into two parts.


1.21. Karma-kanda consists of regulations and prohibitions.


1.22. Prohibited behavior after accomplishment undoubtedly lead to a subsequent sin; execution of those acts that are not prohibited, no doubt leads to good.


1.23. The provisions of the Tripartite: nitya (regular), naimittika (temporary) and Kama (desirable). By default nitya or daily rites derives sin. On the other hand, temporary or desired duties, being made or left did not, produce merit or fault.


1.24. Fruits of action are two-fold, Heaven or Hell. The heavens are of various types, as well as the hells also varied.


1.25. Good actions lead to heaven, sinful deeds lead to hell. The commission – the natural result of Karma, and nothing more.


1.26. Living beings delight in the many pleasures in heaven and experiencing a lot of unbearable suffering in hell.


1.27. The result of sinful affairs – suffering, good deeds – happiness. For the happiness of the people is constantly perform good deeds.

Vadim Zaporozhtseva Comment: What do we see here? All methods of cultivation are divided into two classes. The first class is derived from the action of the second class – from knowledge. To each of us to follow the path of cultivation, we need two components: knowledge and action. Remembering yoga axioms: only when the knowledge, will and action come together, in this case, we go up to the next stage of self-realization.

There are certain rites and actions that should make. As we remember, in India, there is also a serious point of everyday life – it’s rites. all up to now it has been built on the rites, built today and will be built for a long time. Literally every major episode of human life in India surrounded by ceremonies (weddings, births, funerals, eating). These are some actions that are ordered to do. And many people do. Never asking himself: “Why should they do?” And so on from generation to generation, these rites are transmitted. And they have a serious power over people. This power is more negative than positive. Again, for many different groups of the population, these rituals are different. Sometimes they seem to us ridiculous.


Here for example, the ritual meal. If a person from another caste looked at your food, then your food is considered unclean, and you have no right to eat it. In this respect every kind of fast food such as “McDonald’s” is beside the point in our understanding. It is clear that you eat at the sight of strangers. That is, this kind of formalism makes us smile or laugh, but we have no right to condemn, not to understand this.

Once once every rite was designed for certain people with certain character warehouse, intellectual ability, quality of life and aspirations. When this ceremony was formed, he would bring more benefit than harm. But over time, the living conditions have changed. And some of the rituals turned into something absurd, some – in a strange, some people still have a certain load. In any case, it is believed that we are becoming the path of yoga, a lot of things we do not understand. And not to make mistakes as long as we understand what in fact made the world in yoga we are called to follow certain rules of conduct. And if we begin to follow them, we understand them or do not understand, we gain benefit for themselves. And if we violate them, then go for it the following negative consequences.

It is important to emphasize that the ceremonies can be very different. Even our actions that we commit every day (brushing teeth, for example), many yogic texts and treatises are sometimes prescribed as a rite. Of course, at that time there were no toothbrushes and toothpastes have been a variety of alternatives, but it is instructed, as a rite. For example, before you commit to a certain practice, you have to clean your mouth. This was given some vague explanation of why it should be done that ostensibly your bad breath is not scared something light. The explanation may be different. But this ritual can be quite specific meaning. Will you follow this ritual, it is clear that the teeth you will be healthy. If you do not follow, then the probability of caries increases, and you will reap negative consequences.


The same applies to washing. If Western man twice a day to take a shower – it is natural and normal, then go as prescriptions in the ancient literature of ablutions. And, sometimes, without explanation, just do it. And it works. The trouble is that the years go by, and certain rites themselves becoming obsolete. Indeed, it makes no sense to brush teeth stick some plants, if you have a great toothbrush.


Therefore, to dismiss such things as ceremonies, can not blindly copy but also stupid. Now we have a tendency that all the Indian style. Now all the followers of yoga believe that it is necessary to dress, eat, talk, like the Indians. Firstly, certain rites could be relatively recent. And yoga has passed a period in which more than a dozen ceremonies changed. But on the other hand, if you know a certain meaning and purpose of yoga, then you can figure out what is meant, and continue to use this invaluable experience in his life. But until then, until we all realize we need teachers who will guide us as parents. This is the path of action, and it does not depend on whether you understand it or do not understand. If you do, then you will get the result. This is meant in this passage of text.


Then here a little hint of karma yoga. It is quite natural thought for anyone oriental mentality that if you do something bad, you are the fruit of bad karma and get a negative result. If you do something good, you’ll get a positive result. In the eastern mentality antagonism between rich and poor is virtually non-existent, because the thought of a certain predetermination of life permeates the mentality. If you are in this life, rich or poor, it means that you have such karma. Therefore, some sort of class struggle in the East is difficult to imagine. This has played a cruel joke in society. And there, where they could fight for their rights, people did not fight, and more trusted in a certain predetermination. That is, a certain bias. But logic can be traced very clearly: do something good – and you get good, do something bad – you will receive bad.


And oddly enough, in this situation there is a positive side. Take our country. We have no one wants to work. Why? Because it undermined the most important thing – the stimulus. Indeed, why should a person to work, if before him oligarch who lift a finger does not hit, and grabbed a giant state. And moreover, also teaches others how to live. How do we react to this? For us, it is rather demoralizing factor. As if you did not work, no matter how to build your business, and as it has not been studied, it is still the power will control the random people, and to what extent crooks. This fact demoralizing for us, but it is not affecting the people of the East.

Because if this or that oligarch took what lay not so, there would have explained that he had a positive karma, then he worked in a past life, and it had fallen happiness in this life. This is an example of what any concept in yoga should not dominate itself. It may be skewed, and here and there, but that is the law of cause and effect (what goes around, comes around), it exists without doubt. And indeed, the oligarch in a previous life was a pickpocket and steal wallets, but in this life he is also a virtuoso whole plant or company pocketed, it speaks of his good karma. The fact that he worked a pickpocket and finalized. Another question: “Does he deserve this money?” You know the saying “acquired by stroke, lived ashes”? If not enough that he was a good pickpocket and did something else, it will keep this wealth. If not – he would lose it. In this sense, the law of karma is elusive. The law of karma – it is the law of cause and effect.


So in this text, “strokes they say,” the result of evil deeds – suffering and kind – happy. For the happiness of people do good deeds.


1.28. When the pain of bad things have been left behind, then surely there is a rebirth. But when the fruits of good deeds are exhausted, then the result will be the same.


1.29. Even in heaven suffer envy to the higher pleasures of others. Truly there is no doubt that the whole world is full of sorrow.


1.30. Those who seek to classify Karma, shared in two parts: the good and bad deeds. Both, in their own way, are a real slavery for embodied souls.


1.31. Those who do not seek the fruits of their actions in this world or in the next world, can give up all actions that have been made to see them off. Similarly despise attachment to daily life, they can use themselves in practice.

Vadim Zaporozhtseva Comment: Very flowery position. First, it is said that if you do good deeds, you get good results. If you do bad things – you get a bad result. A further basic idea of karma yoga that both positive and negative karma – and of equal ravnonepriemlema for yogi. Because any karma – is conditionality. That is, did something good – you get good, do something bad – you get bad. But as soon as your stock of good things comes to an end, there comes a series that you have in your luggage lying wrong.

Again, if on the contrary, there is a series of bad karma, then sooner or later it will also expire, and there comes a series of something positive. In terms of cycling activities for the yogi or yogini both – slavery. Slavery as bad karma, and good karma. Therefore, the basic meaning of Karma Yoga does not consist in the acquisition of positive karma, and to surpass both positive and negative karma. But to transcend karma, you must first positive karma suppress the negative and positive karma freed from time, to go beyond the so-called law of cause and effect.

In “Shiva Samhita” in your own words quickly outlined the main section of karma yoga. As we remember, it was called “karma-kanda” (path of action). In fact, he embodies the idea that we must strive to do good deeds. If we still do not understand what is good and what is evil, there is, of course, urge to compare their actions with some generally accepted norms of behavior. If we look at medieval India, there is a system of certain rites. In any case, performing any rituals we create preconditions so that we formed our positive karma. And so it was formed, we have taken advantage of the lull of positive karma, and with the help of yoga practices would have gone beyond the level of karma.

Based on real-life example. We live our glorious country. Some people like it, some people do not like it. Friends, believe me, the fact that you have the opportunity to learn yoga, says that you have enough positive karma. If you were born somewhere in Southeast Asia and eighteen hours a day planted and grown rice, and the time you had only great feasts three times a year, neither of which the study of yoga and speech could not be, because you would be hard due to the necessity of survival.

On the other hand, many people live and think, what their life is poor: not a millionaire dad, mom is not a billionaire, and begin to ache. But we strive for more positive karma. But why do we need it if she, too, will pass? If, on the other hand, we have a favorable background to use it, so you generally go beyond karma – it is the most reasonable, and talk about it in “Shiva Samhita”.


1.32. Wise Yogi, to understand the true Karma-kanda (acts) can give them, and abandoning all the virtues and vices, indulge in Jnana-kanda (the knowledge).

Vadim Zaporozhtseva Comment: That is, there are two methods. As man has two legs: the right and left. It is very difficult to jump on one leg, if you have to walk ten kilometers. Similarly, yoga is an action-knowledge. Clean refined knowledge does not make sense, if you do nothing. The theory of yoga jigger is not necessary if you do not apply it in life. Again, your actions should be guided by certain knowledge. If you do not have the knowledge yet, then do the actions prescribed. Anyway, you do not aggravate their condition even worse. In any country, in any religion, philosophy is the universally recognized concepts that stealing is bad, kill the bad, bad to indulge in excesses too bad. This is some of the unspoken rules. Because of a philosophical system they are recorded from time to time, but they seem to live in a kind of mentality in the human subconscious, when he does this or that. Still he remains a residue: not done a good action, and then think that would be better not to do.

The first step is no knowledge: it is necessary to use the situation for the next step of knowledge acquisition to the next step to do more meaningful. Another small detail about the method of karma yoga: to get rid of evil, and of positive karma, the rejection of the results of labor. We are working with you and get paid for it. Someone working for the money, some because of the fame, recognition and so on. However, as claimed by karma yoga, there are people who work out of fear. This is considered the lowest mental level. Then there are people who work for reward. This is a higher level. The third group of people who are working and not out of fear, and not because of the reward, they work, because they work, because they like to work.

Like a small child who builds castles in the sandbox. He does not think that will happen tomorrow with its castle. At the same time, side by side on a construction site workers work. And a worker is afraid that if he does not work well, he would be fired, another worker running to receive the award. Finally, the third type of working: it does not work because he is afraid that he would be fired, or that he did not receive a prize, but because he likes to build a building. This third type of work is the highest, and some staging area to get out of the above positive and negative karma.

1.33. Vedic aphorisms that spirit should be visible, and in addition, it should be heard – the real saviors and givers of true knowledge. They must be studied with great care.


Vadim Zaporozhtseva Note: You have to understand that yoga – it’s not dreamers who think that all around us is an illusion. There is not an illusion around us, around us, the reality hidden behind the illusion. Around us, the Absolute, but we do not see because of the coming of some actions (people, objects, phenomena). Yoga claims that everything is connected, everything is Absolut. In fact, we all see the Absolute. But we do not see him as deluded. Delusions can be in two ways. It can be even further astray inputs, and can disabuse. The essence of the world – is the Absolute, the Absolute knowledge or self (in the framework of the yoga system – this is one and the same). Note: the world is still here. The world as being real to your enlightenment, and remained real. He did not disappear by itself. Once you start to see it totally different. You already understand the deep meaning behind every action and deed. And through this, you know the world. Very interesting concept.


Why do I have referred to the aphorism (1.33)? Because it was the concept of the Vedas. In the Vedic literature there is a point on how to understand the Absolute. Sometimes it is given quite a strange practice. Let’s sit down on a bed of kusa grass. Direct your mind on Brahman, and all that you will not see – is Brahman, all that you can not hear – is Brahman, all that you will not feel – is Brahman. All our senses – and is Brahman.

For a long time we could not understand what you mean. And we have in mind the fact that, yes, indeed, when you sit down to meditate, try to see everything with a single, rather than scattered in pieces (individual, separate river, bird). And try all perceive as a whole, a single Absolute. And sooner or later, with the help of such practices you begin to perceive the world in its natural state. That is, you overcome Maya, stop seeing the world in a state of illusion, maya overcome, which makes seeing the world scattered. And to know the only source that is our higher ‘I’.

1.34. One reason, which leads to following the path of virtue or vice, – it is I. Everything in this world, moving and nonmoving – from Me; It saved me all the things, all immersed in me (during Pralaya), because there is nothing but spirit, and I have this spirit. There is no longer anything.

Vadim Zaporozhtseva Comment: Here the depiction of a different section of yoga – jnana-yoga. All that we see around us, the whole phantasmagoria of objects or phenomena into each other – as if they are generated by a higher entity (the Absolute), and not by themselves. For all comers, teaches yoga, there is profound meaning. We may not always realize it, but he is.


Here, a reference to the axioms of the origin of the universe. That all came from the Absolute, the Absolute are all supported, and everything in it is dissolved. This is a very important concept in relation to the world. We must understand that all the objects or phenomena are created, so we played a game of “own experience”. All invented for a higher purpose. All invented, that every living being has reached its implementation. That is not in itself important space, stars and our life in it, and all you need to ensure that we are aware of these higher principles. Immediately I can refer to other yogic text “Ananda Lahari”. There are several different focus sharpened. It is believed that the higher meaning of the whole universe – is the comprehension of supreme love, supreme happiness. That is, if you grasped the concept of the goddess Sri, the whole world for you to disappear, fall off of you like dried mud.

By themselves, none of the objects or phenomena are not valuable. Is valuable only that to which they lead us. And they lead us to be, teaches yoga to a single source, from which the entire universe has arisen. And this same source gave birth to our “I”. In this sense, the nature of our Higher “I” and the nature of the Absolute one.

1.35. As in innumerable cups full of water, the reflection of the Sun can be seen, but one essence, and individuals like cups are innumerable, but the animating their spirit is one, like the sun.


Vadim Zaporozhtseva Note: A certain attempt to explain the nature of the Supreme “I” living being. Someone like her, someone she did not like it. It is believed that the Absolute, gave birth to the whole world. And we are all with you as many facets of the Absolute. Or, as it says here, “the cup.” If you have a lot of cups or other dishes with liquid, place under the sun, in each of them the sun will begin to play. And it seems that the light is reflected from each cup. But in fact, the one sun is reflected. This analogy in “Shiva Samhita” we are led to the unity of all life.

It turns out that we all have with you, through a single source – the Absolute. We are all connected through the Absolute, we are all manifestations of the Absolute. At the same time, we are the Absolute and the same faces. This is one of the most difficult concepts to understand. Why? Because here the words and images only partly convey a higher meaning. It is difficult to understand how we, the remaining individual, can be a single entity? Do not worry if you can not immediately understand this concept. It is believed that if you over several lives will meditate on the subject, then sooner or later you will realize this and previous lives are not spent in vain.

1.36. Just as in a dream the soul of a simple desire to create many objects, but on waking everything disappears and there is only one soul, so is this world.


Vadim Zaporozhtseva Note: Previously considered the concept that everything in this world need to acquire our experience to ensure that we have implemented and have opened themselves. Here, a comparison that is widely used in yoga dreams. Here you are asleep and dreaming. It can be so real the sensations that you accept as reality. But upon awakening all that disappeared. What is called “all, but not all.” You like to have gone through the experience of sleep, and came out of this experience to others. Dream Yoga for this and calls for the right to gain experience during sleep. Because this experience is just as important as the experience that we have during the waking state.

The opposite situation. Just as the world was struck by a dream, it disappears and dissolves. So our entire visible world is also completely disappear, as soon as it fulfills its function. In our world there is no other purpose (as taught by “Shiva Samhita”), as the highest knowledge. If you want to become an oligarch and earn a lot of money – this is, of course, commendable. This could be a “help” on your way: you first build a small factory, then great. By the way, not all the oligarchs are bad people with negative karma. There are very rich people with a positive Karma.

There is an example. Two plants. One oligarch allegedly stole. It supposedly works, and the people there get paid today. A second plant given to the labor collective. And employees of the sawed it on the metal passed, two weeks they drank, and were left without work. And I think after someone who was right and who is wrong. In one case, social injustice, stealing plant. But on the other hand, all progressive humanity won. And in another case, supposedly, social justice has won, and all progressive humanity lost. Here, of course, the yogic concept of karma is closer to the truth. Indeed, everyone has what he deserves in terms of what deserves. The second idea is that even if you are so stole the plant, but did not let him in the world, and set up production, he earned positive karma, even if the stolen plant. Once again, all the philosophical questions of morality in kindergarten only simple: black and white. But in real life everything is so unclear that it is necessary to think over the years to make this or that step.

To loop in your head things that you want to obtain. Clearly, all for something we aspire. But in fact (as taught by yoga), you will get it. The question is “when”. But if you do not use it all for spiritual development, it disappears like a dream. Here you have a dream, a nightmare in a dream, and you are doing yoga lucid dreaming. You practice some of his karmic negative factors in his sleep. Clearly, if you had a positive karma, the dreams you have never dreamed of. Thus, you overcome the negative consequences of any negative actions. Or vice versa, you see yourself as an oligarch, and whatever you want – is executed. And it can to push you into something that you want to get something more (spiritual). But in any case, as soon as you wake up, everything will disappear.

Likewise, everything to which we aspire in real life. If we receive and use for working off some of our ignorance, all good. If on the contrary, we grabbed spasmodically and think that there is a value in itself, we are deeply mistaken in these millions or power. All melts and no trace remains. Anyway, Yoga tells us exactly that.

Please note that there is a misunderstanding. Sometimes yogis believe and Yoginis as representatives of the eastern mentality, these idealists, who sit and do nothing. Why do something if sleep around? Friends, this is not related to yoga. Yogis and yogini – this is not the idealists, who say that you do not – it’s still an illusion, a dream. Yogis say that we should do. Moreover, life gives us a chance for us to overcome, gained knowledge, and reached a new level. Therefore, it should not be considered yogis inactive people. Where necessary – they are extremely active, and where necessary, in fact, passive if their activity is not required. Talks about using all that is possible. Came poverty, poverty to use their spiritual development. It is wealth – the wealth of use. But do not cling or for poverty, not for wealth. Grab only one – will remain with nothing.

1.37. Just as due to the illusions the rope like a snake or a sink for silver, and the whole world is embedded in the Paramatma (the Universal Spirit).


Vadim Zaporozhtseva Comment: The same idea, but with the involvement of multiple comparisons in the Eastern culture. Let me remind you an example. You go on the road and you see a snake. Come closer, and it is only a rope, you can just step over. Or another example. You stroll by the ocean and see on the shore of a silver coin. Come closer, and this is a sink that glitters. And in the blink of an eye everything disappears. It was a snake, and turned into a rope, was silver, turned into shards. Also, our entire world is no value in itself, it can disappear instantly. The world itself (using yoga philosophy) does not disappear.

1.38. Just like after learning the ropes erroneous knowledge of decision-rope for a snake – is discarded, and on waking knowledge is discarded and the multiplicity of forms of this world based on illusion.


Vadim Zaporozhtseva Comment: We think the world of something existing apart from everything. But in reality – it is a manifestation of a single root cause of the Absolute, just so hidden that it seems to us, that all by itself. Global thought about the connection of all being said that everything in our world is interconnected.

1.39. Just as after the erroneous recognition shell knowledge – making the shell of silver – is discarded, and through the knowledge of the spirit world is an illusion.


1.40. As a man who smeared his eyelids with ointment prepared from the fat of frogs, a bamboo appears like a snake, and the world arising from the Paramatman only seems real.

Vadim Zaporozhtseva Comment: The same situation. But the really interesting is that if you make an ointment from the fat of frogs, you can see a snake instead of bamboo. I do not know, have not tried. Probably, this was the recipe. By the way, in such observations can be dated texts, when this topic was very popular.

1.41. Just as the recognition of a snake makes apparent just in the rope, and spiritual knowledge reveals the illusory nature of the world. As a jaundiced eye everything appears yellow, and with the disappearance of error (Avidya), the world becomes the Spirit. The illusion is hard to see it, to remove the most difficult.

Vadim Zaporozhtseva Comment: Often the question arises, when you read books about yogis and Yoginis: And what they experienced at the moment of enlightenment? I am often asked questions such as if I was a guru in the last instance. Friends, once again, that I humble teacher of yoga. My goal is more than modest. And the Master’s life (surviving samadhi) I do not pretend. Of these treatises comes the understanding that the world is what it was, and remained so. If before people saw it illusory, but now he sees it real. Gone factor illusion. Sometimes I hear that the world has disappeared, vanished. On this side of the world the concept of emptiness reveals some common basis for existence. There are no words to express it.

1.42. When jaundice goes away and the patient sees the light as it is, in fact, as and when ignorance is destroyed, the true nature of the spirit can be detected.


Vadim Zaporozhtseva Note: We do not analyze translation. Frequently in this text the word “spirit.” Spirit – this is the ultimate reality of the Absolute, the cause that gave rise to all. Many interpreters have a reference “false friend translation.” This is when the term sounds roughly like a different language, but has a completely different focus. The word “intellectual” in Russian and English have different accents. The term “intellectual” in the Russian language, we understand a person decent, cultural, you can rely on. While in the English language is more characteristic of intellectual abilities.

The same situation is, unfortunately, happens to yogic terminology translation. In addition, translation is a double. “First Cause” was translated into English as “spirit”, and in Russian – “spirit”. At the same time lose a significant part of the text. All texts are waiting for their transfer. Translation of people who are themselves on the “hard way” to practice yoga, not just people who know English or Sanskrit.


Go back to the aphorism. As soon as ignorance disappears, we see that the root cause of all generated. The root cause that gave rise to the entire universe, is also our nature. And in another way it can be said that each of us – it is God sleep, unaware of itself, or that the potential of every human being is enormous, and we do not use it. We are increasingly Noah, as we live badly, and are looking for someone to blame for their troubles.

1.43. As the rope now never seems like a snake, and a spirit that is freed from all gunas (qualities) and clean, never will (manifested illusory) world.

Vadim Zaporozhtseva Comment: Interesting point about the “irreversibility of consciousness.” People often ask, “If I practiced yoga for a long time and has acquired higher knowledge, if I lose it?”

No, my friends, lose higher knowledge you can not, even if strongly want. Since overcoming ignorance, illusion, the illusion disappears itself, as if it had never existed. In fact, if you saw a long snake, and then it turned out that this rope, this rope is a snake no longer turn. Why? Because you know it’s a rope. Likewise, our spiritual path is irreversible. Spiritual knowledge is not lost but takes from life to life.

Another interesting finding of yoga can be traced. Now it held a lot of activities in the field of yoga, beckoning to them as fair. And, indeed, we do not know whether it’s truth or advertising for something else. I recall the proverb: apple on apples determined. If you attend an event in the hope that it will take you to a higher spiritual level, and the passage of time what happens is that not only forgotten this level, but the event itself was forgotten. It is worth considering whether this event raises you spiritually. Because if you do not leave any “dry” residue after attending the event (you do not become kinder, more intelligent, decent, collect, commitment), it says that you slide back.

The confluence of circumstances bore down on us, and we are unsettling. But then very quickly come to their senses, we will return the same condition that we have achieved. If you have lost this state, it was not. Sometimes people come and say: “I have experienced the ecstasy, yogic samadhi.” And, as a rule, such a person starts and other “learning”. And by the time the incident and he forgets, it is samadhi with him or not. Therefore, in the circles of yoga is not accepted to share the experience. Because that you can see how a person inadequate.

If you reach the real experience of knowing the meaning of the universe, it is up to you is not going anywhere. Once again, I often meet people who say, “Oh, yes, yoga. I have five years as it passed. And now keen struggle Nanai boys. ” Once he went yoga, I mean that it has reached the status of “overcoming the illusory nature of our world,” the ultimate reality of the Absolute was revealed to him, and this man knew the meaning of life. I have to drop to his knees and said, “Teacher! Once you have passed all the yoga, I teach, sanctify! “And he does not seem that the Master and devote. Therefore, I am saying that the man was yoga, tantra, or other philosophical system. If you’ve been through, the effect of this is to be with you always. If there is no effect, then you kidding myself that you already passed.

1.44. Some wise men, well versed in scripture and received spiritual knowledge, argued that even the gods, such as Indra and others, are not eternal, subject to birth, death and disappearance.


1.45. Like bubbles in sea water, arising from a gust of wind, the changing world of the spirit arises.


1.46. Always, there is only one, plural same does not always exist. There comes a time when it is stopped; all just an illusion caused by multiplicity.


1.47. All the former, present and future, shaped and has no form – the whole world – all of it was invested in the Supreme Spirit.

Vadim Zaporozhtseva Comment: In fact, we have already discussed this subject, which was caused by numerous rayami and hells. The geographical concept of heaven and hell, probably, karmic. This does not mean that somewhere in the universe there is a heaven, where all dressed in white walk. Or deep underground is hell, where hell is fried on a griddle sinners. Friends, the concept of heaven and hell can be realized anywhere, anytime. In the house next door may be a person who is in a perfect hell of its existence, of course, in which he drove himself (according to the law of cause and effect). It is at this moment feels very bad and hell for him. Or in another apartment the girl fell in love with the young man and the happiness of heaven for her. All supernormal abilities with yoga position – it’s just the same ordinary abilities, how to see us, hear, speak. Probably, for wood, our ability to walk – it is also hit. And it roots cling to the ground where he was put there, and it dies. You know, take the tree and transplanted to another location. Probably, too, go to tales and legends that some tree learned through the air to move through the trees.

The analogy can be carried out here. Those living beings whom we might call the gods, indeed, they do not have some negative qualities with which we are faced. But there are some others. Moreover, the fact that they have a positive – positive it is not absolute, it is a relatively positive. As stated in the yoga: born or will be born in heaven in hell – is equally bad. Although Mark Twain said about this (when he was asked where he would prefer to be born): “On the one hand climate, and on the other side of society.”

There is no difference where born: in heaven or hell. In yoga, it is believed that the most worthy of the birth – the birth of the human body. In the human body, we will be able to more quickly make a breakthrough. By the way, when you’re too bad, you do not tend to think about spiritual development, just as when you’re too good. Therefore, life in the human body is very balanced. Attempted suicide is considered extremely stupid, of course, if it is not caused by a factor “to protect the homeland” (although it was never considered as a suicide, but only as the fulfillment of the debt). And just took it and jumped out of the window – this is nonsense. After all, what state has jumped out of the window, in the same state will be born in the next life. From transition, little has changed: the level at which finished last life, at the same level will be born in the next.

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