2009.07.11. Comments to the text “Shiva Samhita”. Chapter 1, aphorisms 1.1-1.19. (Vadim Zaporozhtsev).

2009.07.11. Comments to the text “Shiva Samhita”. Chapter 1, aphorisms 1.1-1.19. (Vadim Zaporozhtsev).

Short description:

Siva Samhita – respected traditional text devoted entirely to yoga practice and highly respected in the Tantric tradition as a direct and immediate revelation of Shiva, the Supreme Teacher of Tantra and Yoga.

In the text you can find answers to many philosophical questions about the nature of man and the meaning of his life. Shiva Samhita written in simple and clear language, so that any further comment is superfluous.

“Knowledge is eternal, it has neither beginning nor end, and really nothing else there. The differences that we see in the world – a consequence of conditionality feelings. When this conditioning is stopped, then it is knowledge (jnana) – the one and only, and nothing else is. “

In this fragment of text provides an overview of the following topics: the only existence, differences of opinion, yoga – the only correct method.



Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Friends! We are waiting for a series of lectures on ancient yogic texts “Shiva Samhita”. We try to give comments on this ancient and respected tradition of the text in the keys Anandasvami yoga school. You understand that it is impossible to comment at all. Likewise, it is impossible to translate texts in general. You can translate or give comments from the perspective of a yoga school. We need the so-called conceptual translation keys or the meaning that lies behind the text. As the key to the lock: as long as you do not transfer the majority of the ancient texts of concepts begins to elude your consciousness, and you do not understand what is at stake, or in the worst case – domyslivat something different.


Text “Shiva Samhita” – an ancient text. Currently, it is one of the well-known texts. Just a few of these texts known to the public: “Shiva Samhita”, “Hatha Yoga Pradipika” and some more texts and schools gorothov Nath, etc. They are in fact in common and explain the same thing. Moreover, even language is stylistically similar.


As for “Shiva Samhita”, the background of the text is as follows. Like all true texts, he came up out of nowhere. He was known in the territory of the current states of India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, in part. A sufficiently large habitat areas, a lot goes beyond the boundaries of what is now India. Because modern India – it’s just a small piece of the large cultural heritage of the island, where the text is stored. Libraries Raja, in monasteries, ashrams stored in these ancient texts.


“Shiva Samhita” appeared, as well as any other text, not the author. In medieval India it is generally considered not very decent on its own behalf to write anything. Since it was believed that people – it’s just a guide of what he heard in high places, he simply stated understandable language for other people. And the source of this knowledge – it (no more, no less) the Absolute.

The same applies to the text “Shiva Samhita”, where the author is not formally. Ascend the text to the public began only in the nineteenth century, when it was translated from Sanskrit. Thereafter it for some time still remained insufficiently popular. That is, the text was sufficiently secret in the Middle Ages. Then it was published and translated, and then a relatively long period, there was little interest in the subject. Next Yoga began to penetrate the West. It is connected with names such as John Woodroffe and other mystics, seekers, who visited India. They probably faced with these texts, but it was not widely known. Everything really changed after yoga have been widely interested and engaged in the West.

One of the first people who gave a major boost was Swami Vivekananda. In the future, interest began to gain momentum, and as a consequence, stimulate domestic interest in India, but not only in the narrow circle of initiates, but the broad mass. Once this interest began to awaken, the Hindu teachers themselves, referring to the text, began to popularize the idea to write them more understandable language. We see how in the 30’s, 40’s, 50’s knowledge began to spread widely. Another push was in the days after the war, in the days of the hippies, when a huge number of diverse public has gone to the holy places. Of course, they are not looking for spirituality and exciting break away. But it also played a role.

The broad mass of demand for ancient texts began to increase the penetration of yoga. Everyone wanted to know the original sources of yoga. And that is why these texts were translated, published. As for our country, the process went in parallel. In fact, it is an illusion that all was “Iron Curtain”, and we had nothing. All we had. Clearly, this was not advertised, and aroused interest only among dedicated to the public. In any case, in our country, all the texts that were available to people of the West in relation to translations of ancient texts, were available. Suffice it you had to go to the catalog some reputable library, and you would find a list of books, works (in English). These texts are long enough in this country and are available to those practitioners who are interested in them.

Then began the second coming of these texts (the period of the collapse of the USSR). Then there was rampant democracy, and began to publish a large amount of literature in Russian. Basically our audience in their colossal weight acquainted with ancient texts at a time. Unfortunately, the collapse of the “Iron Curtain” played a bad service. It began to penetrate a large number of unworthy texts. The result is a hodgepodge. And now, twenty years on the incident is all beginning to take place. Indeed, the major texts and treatises have not gone away.

As for the translation of ancient texts, in most cases, they began to move people far from yoga. The so-called random people: they had translated fiction, detective stories, novels, and then took up the translation of ancient texts. And to be not very pleasant thing.

Firstly, if we take the text of the “Shiva Samhita” it was translated from Sanskrit into English and then from English into Russian, received a double translation. Moreover, in earlier texts “Shiva Samhita” when translated from Sanskrit into English, certain items, in particular regarding sexual practices have been omitted. Despite the courage of the nineteenth century, studying not ventured to translate some yoga exercises with the use of sexual energy for spiritual purposes. Then, this defect has been opened, and the text translated again (the whole).

But by itself posing the question somewhat alarming. What if someone had once taken the liberty to take and not to publish any part of the treatise, there is always a suspicion, what if they do something wrong, and not translated from Sanskrit into English. Or in other words, if people with such mentality feared the consequences of the transfer of such texts, it says that there was an incomprehensible situation. After all, the same time there is a powerful wave of blessings teachers open teaching yoga to the opening all the secrets that had previously been available only to the initiated. In fact, not a very pleasant residue remains when someone takes on the role of censor in determining certain “that can be given and what is not.” Indeed, such a function can take on the teachers, who know that it is possible to make public and what is not. Such a function can take on only the highest teachers of mankind who truly understand that some practices and early to give, and some just right.

With regard to the translation of Sanskrit into English, much depends on the competence of the translator. A lot of people are well aware of Sanskrit, but that does not mean that they can translate the text of this nature. It should be what is called “translation keys,” and it needs to “stew” in this system and practice. Either way, was translated from Sanskrit into English. Then, in the twentieth century, it was made a few attempts at translation, including these missing practitioners and technicians. Later, the second wave of the spread of ancient texts in our territory. And here in the alleged errors of translation from Sanskrit into English, began to overlap the alleged errors of translation from English into Russian. A huge number of different translations. By the way, we have remained broadly translation, where some of the exercises have been omitted.

That is the text “Shiva Samhita” which reached us, I deliberately did not analyze it or to translate from English into Russian of the subject, the more the translation from Sanskrit into English. I firmly believe that with time the number of people studying and practicing yoga, studying Sanskrit, sooner or later, this text still return to translate. I deliberately did not analyze the text, and will give comments with only one purpose – to generate interest in the ancient text, so that later it was the starting point for further work.

We are with you – representatives of Western civilization, and it is (oddly enough) helps us to better understand yoga. Myths and stories that yoga only understand the representatives of the East – is no more than myths and stories. Why? Because in the circles of yoga man he had to undergo severe training and testing, including intellectual, before he was given the opportunity to learn more elevated sections of yoga, and it takes years of life. In our country and in the Western countries, we spend years of his life to study in school, college, and so on. Yes, indeed, the knowledge that we did get a little touch of yoga.

But this is a very serious develops and trains our mental abilities, and brings us to the same level that is required in medieval India to comprehend these treatises. That is, in this sense, Western man is closer to yoga than the east. In fact, if you look at the third world countries, there a large number of illiterate people, there is misery and poverty. Therefore, to say that they are mentally as a closer. Well, if it is closer, it is because a significant part of the cultural heritage of yoga infused their entire way of life. There is formed a common yogic Wednesday. On the law of karma, birth and death. There it entered the consciousness of the people, as a cultural formation. While the West for the people – it is a kind of revelation. But at the same time, the economic situation in which East people live – it is disastrous.

Many teachers of humanity said that the East does not need a philosophy and technology, education, medicine, that is, everything that we have, and they do not. Philosophy does not work when you have the rest of life can not take advantage of this philosophy. And it turns sly exchange between East and West. We get them from the ancient knowledge, which we did not. Even the most daring philosophical breakthroughs of the West – is the laughter of children compared to the legacy of the East, which has always been in those countries. At the same time, the East in dire need of our civilization in the Western sense, ie health, education, manufacturing and so on. Oddly enough, a very interesting situation. Keep in the East, knowledge penetrate to the West. Causing interest in the West, they also stimulate interest in the East. Therefore, a large number of texts and books on yoga for the people of India, became available through translations into English – and this is a paradox.

When and by whom the ancient texts were written, we do not know. We do not know the background of yoga. Yes, there are schools of thought where from teacher to student transferred knowledge, dedication. But if you are more detailed and critical start to be interested in the phenomenon, then sooner or later you find a tattered thread that goes nowhere. That is, any teacher of a teacher suddenly emerged from the jungle and passed the practice, and then in the jungle left. How come, where is gone – no one knows anything. Therefore, you need to understand that yoga is surrounded by powerful opaque habitat secrecy. But that did not arise because of paranoid secrecy, but because of the image of the life of yoga practitioners.

First, they never focused on his person: was knowledge – passed on. Secondly, they were not inclined to create a “powerful public relations” around sovey personality. The ancient tradition was considered unthinkable to engage in self-promotion. It was believed that students should you find yourself, for you to come in, sit down at his feet, and you begin to teach them. And he should not, and do not lift a finger to hit to bring someone to the knowledge of yoga. In ancient times, it was justified. Of course, it is absolutely unjustified in our era. We do not know the background of the text “Shiva Samhita”, where it came from and through which schools passed. Sometimes there are certain sects who cry that is native of the text, the desire to “trample down” the ancient knowledge and shout, “I, I, I!” But such groups tend not to survive for long.


Teachers of mankind gave us the text themselves incognito disappeared. But at the same time, taking advantage of what we Westerners, we can analyze the text for the presence of certain stylistic turns, phrases or references to those or other subjects. That is, we can indirectly date. Already it is seen in the style of that “Shiva Samhita” mixed text. As if it was assembled from pieces of different texts. It is as if you have found a piece of a book, a piece of the other, from the third – and have collected. Therefore, many believe that “Shiva Samhita” – it made the text (in practice, the texts). Some say: ‘No! No matter what the style. It is given in one piece, and therefore must be taken in one piece. ” Fortunately for yoga practitioners and us it makes no difference. Why? Because a great number of texts has not been preserved, and we are “not to fat.” And even if we have a text (it is assembled from various parts or not), it still refers to the earlier text, and we have at least some binding or thread: what is there under the cover of Yoga.



1.1. Knowing forever, it has neither beginning nor end, and really nothing else there. The differences that we see in the world – a consequence of conditionality feelings. When this conditioning is stopped, then this knowledge (Jnana) – the one and only, and nothing else to do.


1.2. I, Ishvara, the beloved of my fans and giving all creation

(Ability) spiritual development, I proclaim the science of Yoga.


1.3. In it are discarded all those doctrines of disputants, which lead to false knowledge. It is designed for the spiritual liberation of those that the mind is not distracted (by outsiders) and that completely turned me.


Vadim Zaporozhtseva Comment: We see here immediately, “signed by the author”: The text is presented on behalf of the Ishwara. By Iswara in this case means the Absolute in such a personal manifestation. In particular, in the form of manifestation of Shiva. Shiva yoga is considered one of the keepers. The word “Ishvara” roughly translated can be interpreted as a “control.” Once again, no narration, which would be appropriate in the Western tradition, for example: “Hello, I’m Vasily Pupkin, secret adept of the seventh ray of Sciences, the eighth initiation. So be it, will reveal to you the secret of yoga, learn, bowed their heads and pray to me (as often we found). ” Nothing of the sort in the Indian tradition. All that sets out, be heard and recorded. Or it was instilled in the higher realms, and made public, no personality. This, of course, confusing maps, Since you do not know: who wrote, when he wrote.

The very first thing that begins with the text – is a kind of being the root cause: all came from a single source, but then passed the stage of transformation. Here we can recall the axioms of our tradition Anandasvami yoga. Phase transformation led to the emergence of Maya and Maya, in turn, led to the emergence of what is called illusion. And in fact everything we see around us – is the Absolute hidden illusion. That is the fact that we have around you see people, objects and so on, but do not see the Absolute (the root cause or basis from which emerged the entire universe) – is a consequence of our ignorance, which was generated by an illusion, but an illusion – a side effect of the action of maya .

Text “Shiva Samhita” does not address in detail the philosophical concepts, position, it is considered as the philosophical schools. Because the text is necessary to practice so he grabbed the momentum and began to intuitively understand the knowledge of yoga. Serious transcripts is not here, but at the same time, do not contradict the axioms of higher and higher knowledge of yoga.

The following statement about where it came from yoga, and who invented it. According to the tradition of yoga all the knowledge we have been presented with a higher realms (Absolute). no one came up with Yoga. Sometimes there is a misunderstanding that seems to be sitting someone thought and thought and came up with yoga like yoga – a figment of the imagination or the discovery of the author. Yoga disagrees. All the wise men, who were connected with yoga, never said that they have come up with yoga, or that exercise.

Western countries are quite disciplined. We have one or two concepts, two or three religions more or less popular, and all. You can not say about the Orient. They have a huge number of philosophies, teachings and so on. In ancient India, known as “the country of three million gods.” Because there lived three million people. Now India can be safely called the country a billion of the gods, as the country’s population of more than a billion people.

In India, a huge number of points of view, systemic approaches that are sometimes very difficult to organize. For the first time faced with this problem, scientists who have tried to describe all religious teaching, the flow in the territory of India. They could not figure out whether it’s branches of the doctrine, whether a diametrically opposite view. But at all though, it’s all very harmoniously coexist, which is absolutely impossible for the West. We have here two or three religions, and still the Crusades, Jihad, etc. And they have a huge number of religions. But the hard contradictions have arisen. It is a relatively new, relatively late, in the Middle Ages, when religion began to invade powerful. First of all, Islam and Christianity and have this intolerance. But, generally speaking, India – one of the most unique countries with philosophical tolerance, and as a result of religious tolerance.


Is it any wonder that a large number of people claim to knowledge of the truth. And everyone is looking at this truth with his bell. Everyone makes their school, sect, teaching, for, the concept. Moreover, philosophical discussions they are not accompanied by the destruction of dissenters. However, evil tongues say that in ancient times the blood they have shed so much that they have developed immunity. A huge number of movements, exercises, purely Hindu schools of thought – they are implacable war. And in fact, they are all right, and wrong. You can draw a parallel with the present day. India exports a huge amount we exercise, some of them are called yoga. But in fact, sometimes – it is a religion, and sometimes – a sect, sometimes – really very serious followers of the teachings. But Western man is immune. For us, a Hindu – Yogi means. Yogi – so whatever he will deceive not hang – it is the ultimate truth. While they can not decide it, who is right and who is wrong.

Text “Shiva Samhita” is given for seeking people who are beginning to be confused in many Hindu rituals, traditions, names of the gods, and so on. There’s a knot that the Indians themselves in it can not figure out, not to mention the Western people. At the same time, in this respect, yoga claim that she supposedly stands above the fray. Religious beliefs can be very much and you can get lost in them and did not reach. Even not because someone is right or wrong, this approach can not be achieved nothing.

The divergence of opinions

1.4. Some praise truthfulness, others purification and asceticism; some

praise forgiveness, others – equality and sincerity.


1.5. Some praise to give alms, and other sacrifices in honor of any of the ancestors. Some praise action (karma), others think that the detachment (Vairagya) is preferable.


1.6. Others praise the duties of a householder, others stick to burn, as the highest.


1.7. Some praise the mantra-yoga, others frequent visits to places of pilgrimage. So the various ways in which people declare dismissive.


1.8. Being differently connected in the world, even those who are free from sin, without words know what actions are good and which are bad and lead to contradictions.


1.9. Those who follow these teachings, making good and bad actions, constantly wander in the worlds, and> the cycle of birth and death related to the harsh necessity.


1.10. Some, among many wise and ardently devoted secret Research, argue that plural soul, eternal and omnipresent.


1.11. Others say: Such is their firm belief.


1.12. Still others believe that the world is a stream of consciousness and non-material nature; some call the void – the greatest. Others believe in two essences: matter (Prakriti) and spirit (Purusha).


1.13. So alone, believing in a variety of teaching, turning away from a higher source, think in accordance with his understanding and education that this world – without God.


1.14. Others believe that there is a God, basing their assertions on various irrefutable arguments, based on texts that proclaim the difference between the soul and God, and taking care of establishing that there is a God.


1.15. These and many other sages with an infinite variety of names announced

Shastras in leading the human mind to error.

1.16. It is impossible to describe here their teachings, full of recrimination and self-satisfaction – so

people wander through this world, being far from the path of liberation.


Vadim Zaporozhtseva Comment: Once again, my friends. We were a huge number of practices are now penetrating. Someone says that you need to clean your karma, someone says to meditate, someone says that it is necessary to perform sacred rituals. Others say that the need to dress up in Indian clothes and sing their songs. Someone else says something. But very often people who speak it and propagate, as if they are trying to inflate his ego. Birds-talkers from the philosophical doctrines, they often say, to speak, that is self-fulfilling. Poor followers confusing, they are told some horror: if it is to do so-and-so, you will gain bad karma. Some enticing to do so-and-so, and then you’ll get the greatest liberation. But very often it is just a word for which there is no point.

What can we say about this yoga? There are things logical, illogical and sverhlogichnye. To achieve the ultimate goal of yoga or another philosophical system, we have to find sverhlogichnye things strings. They inexpressible, they can not be put into words, it indescribable. But at the same time, to use the current, doctrine, philosophical conclusions, it is possible to push the person toward sverhlogichnosti. That is, there is a huge number of philosophies and teachings. If you’re grasping at external form, then you are left with nothing. If this outer form gives a boost to your mind, and you refer to the source, then you go out on sverhlogiki level and achieve results. But in their own words, teachings, flow, position, intimidation, praise – all of this shell. And can either be content, and so it is not be in the shell.

If this logic is not sverhlogiki, this empty shell. Even worse, when the shell is not logic, irrationality and obscurantism (interpretation of things towards easing your mind and common sense). Sometimes there are very strange things: the shape illogical situation in this or that philosophical system, but to a specific person at a given time, in this place they give impetus to sverhlogiku (despite its lack of logic), and the person gets a result. Certain actions can both lead to the ultimate goal, and not lead. The only difference is that if they are used as mental gymnastics – is one thing. If it’s just kind of surroundings around the mysterious process of self-knowledge – is something else.

Yoga – the only sure method

1.17. Having studied all the Shastras (teachings) and their well-pondered again and again, this yoga-sastra will be detected as the only true and steadfast doctrine.

1.18. Once through all true Yoga is recognized as valid, all efforts should be directed to buy this. What is the use then of the other teachings?


Vadim Zaporozhtseva Comment: Generally speaking, without false modesty, yoga texts do not differ. The question: what is this or that system, it is understood that the response should be two: either to the ultimate goal (and then this text is worth considering) or to the intermediate goal (it is not interested in). Once through all true yoga is recognized as valid, all efforts should be made to acquire it. What is the use then of the other teachings.


Friends, very rough translation. Once again, we do not analyze this translation, but what he clumsy, can be seen with the naked eye. But the meaning is the same. If you see the higher grain in any doctrine, any doctrine will lead to higher comprehension. If you’re grasping at the form, it does not guarantee that you will achieve the ultimate goal. Through yoga-sastra you will know the real, that is able to separate the reality of this world of delusion. And all of our problems, which would not have been in my life, they are reduced to our error and ignorance. The chain of these errors can be quite long and take several lifetimes, but it still all depends on the ignorance. Again, if you know the ultimate, then what is the use of other teachings ?!

This is an important position: what a bunch of yoga and religion, yoga and science? We have to hear the different points of view. For example, yoga – it is a religion. No, yoga is not a religion. Some say that yoga – a science. Yoga is like a science. But yoga is also far from a science (in our understanding of science), as well as religion. That is, yoga – a unique system of self-knowledge, knowledge of the world system. In the future, we will touch upon what sort of important principles. Yoga is distancing itself from science, religion, and at the same time recognizes that all religions are equally deserving of respect and careful attention. Our world is much more complicated than the private view of the doctrine or religion. Yoga is generally said that the world is so complex that everyone has a place in it.

In India, a representative from yoga resembled human-conformist. He goes to a temple and a very good feeling within the same religion. I move to another temple, diametrically opposed on the methods of religion, and there is also good feeling. In the third, the fourth. That is, it is always their own, and at the same time, one can say that he belongs to one or another system. Because yoga is stated that the system of yoga leads us to the fundamental basis of the highest, higher meaning, which is inexpressible. And is expressed in various currents, doctrines, religions, it can in many ways. And if for them means a higher meaning – well, then, this religion or doctrine can lift people (in this teaching) to a high level. But if there is no higher, the shell does not help. Even if the shell remains, but no higher, the yogi will not oppose.

All philosophers, scientists, and people flow confer higher qualities of their own, swollen to the size of the universe. Savage with the club sees God in the form of a large wild man with a big stick. We begin to project on their own higher quality. Sometimes it helps and leads people to the level of comprehension of more subtle things in the spiritual sense, and sometimes not. But laugh and mock the beliefs of primitive people – this is madness. That is, yoga is always above the fray. She uchuvstvuet in any religious or philosophical debates.

1.19. This Yoga Shastra, which is presented to you, there is a highly secret teaching that in all the three worlds can be opened only spiritual people.


Vadim Zaporozhtseva Comment: This is a continuation of the theme “Where did yoga.” Up to a certain point in time all the texts have been kept secret. You can join them only after a long time “hanging out” in the medium and yogis Yoginis and rubbed them in confidence. But something changed in the world, and once-secret teachings set forth and replicated.

Why the doctrine was secret before? Why was it open now? This is one of the unsolved mysteries of yoga. Why, since a certain point, scientists began to be made public. The only thing we can assume is that the blessing of yogis and Yoginis the fact that these teachings made public. Whether the situation has become absolutely critical bad that there’s nowhere. The world is falling apart, the energy of humanity will be enough to self-destruct. It is clear that the missile button is pressed very specific person, and whether he clicks a button or presses, will be affected by the conditions in which he lives. And the conditions in which he lives, determined by the level of morale and spirituality, in which mankind lives.

The experience of the First and Second World War showed us a terrible picture: the mankind in its madness itself can very quickly destroy themselves. Imagine that tomorrow some wise guy invents a bacterium or the plague, that all the people perish. There is some impetus to development is retarded spiritual development. That is, the intellectual development of mankind with the spiritual development of late and there is a huge danger of bias, we will destroy ourselves. In some circles of yoga is believed that due to the fact that the mass was promulgated techniques and practices, we were given to understand that if you do not balance our spiritual practices is now very developed brain, we will destroy ourselves. But again, this is just a guess. All the ancient texts were terrible secret.

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