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Senior Curator and Teacher in at International Open Yoga University (IOUY), Managing Curator of Distance Learning of IOYU, Head of the Department of hatha yoga.
Specialization: hatha yoga, mantra yoga.
Head of the Regional Centre of IOYU in Syktyvkar, the Komi Republiс (Russia).
Conducts studies of extramural students of the IOYU.
Experience of yoga teaching since 2010 (hatha, kriya, mantra, pranayama, yoga with a partner and children yoga, individual classes, retreats and seminars, lectures on yoga theory and practice). Yoga instructor’s certificate of OpenYoga (2012). European OpenYoga certificate (2015).
Co-author with Vadim Openyoga of the book “Axiomatics of Yoga” in the series “Guide to Yoga.


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