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My interest about yoga appeared very early, when I was still at school. In 2008 I found out about International Open Yoga University (IOYU).
I specialize in hatha yoga as various poses are the prime source for western people in understanding of their internal processes. I was one of the pioneers, who started the project, focusing on gender relation studies from the position of Open yoga. This is triad yoga, including tantra yoga, union yoga, and yoga of amorousness. Fr this purpose the site www.yogatriada.ru was created. I study and practice more than 20 kinds of yoga. I am also the administrator of the site www.openyogaclass.com  – online yoga courses for everyone who is willing to learn yoga and supervisor the educational program at IOYU for full-time students.
I breathe yoga…  I can’t imagine my life without doing it, at least, downward or upward facing dog poses.  My only purpose in life is to ensure that yoga teaching is available to people who are willing to learn it.
My motto
“It requires consistent, committed and hard work to obtain yoga knowledge, not giving up or allowing despondency to rule the thoughts.”
Basic areas of expertise: hatha yoga, mantra yoga, pranayama, kriya yoga, nyasa yoga, yoga with partner and kundalini yoga.
Workshops, individual and group classes offered.
My site: www.yogavector.com


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