Kundalini Yoga laya.

So, friends, we have today 22 June 2013. My name is Vadim Zaporozhtsev. That we have a retreat. The theme of his “Kundalini Yoga laya”. All historical data on openyoga.ru site.

We are waiting for an interesting theory and practice interesting. In fact, you’ll have to, well, in any case, be clear about what kind of yoga section and work with them. We’ll start in order to begin with that is defined in terms of what we call it. And defined in such a basic approach to the study of yoga.

Let’s start with what exactly is kundalini? According to the ancient doctrine, which has survived in yoga it is believed that at the base of the body, in the area of the sacrum, genitals is our basic or primary energy. Our only power! Or in another way, our Shakti.

Energy, the word energy is shakti and the word, it has a pronounced character of something female, that is a female hypostasis of our existence. And this energy that lies dormant at the base of the body is called kundalini. If we consider our human body with a general theory of yoga, we get the following picture. Here we are now here you are sitting pretty, we have our body. But we also have our Higher Self question, but where is our Higher Self? Who is willing to say to that? Who has any ideas?

From the audience: nowhere and everywhere at once.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes, friends. It is hard to say where is your Higher Self This is the concept of time and space is the concept. Therefore, it is, roughly speaking, kind of like, kind of like everywhere and nowhere. On the other hand, your body, which is now? Here. Here, in this our place where our seminar is held. And your body is already in space and time. And what binds our Higher Self to our body? Who can say to answer. Any thoughts?

From the audience: The association.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Absolutely right! We are bound by our Higher Self to our body, in fact, such a thing as an associative relationship. We like to take this lump of matter, stretched out before him, and then a bunch we feel his body, on the one hand, and on the other hand we manage this lump of matter. So I can move my arms legs. Well, if you talk in more detail, our higher self and our body are connected by strings of prana. That is our manifestation (our Higher Self has two abilities, or so powerful as an expression), and is a manifestation within our bodies known as a manifestation of the energy of manifestation and through consciousness.

And here is the part of Prana, which, as it comes from our higher selves, and appears in the form of energy, is considered in the ancient texts, is localized at the base of your body in the sacrum area, perineum. But the other part that is responsible for consciousness, is located in the upper part of the head, the crown, here in this top. And so the kundalini, is that part of our existence, which is closer to power.

Thus there is generally such a thing as kundalini yoga, that is, the yoga, which uses here the fact that we have the basis of this energy. You and I usually do not feel it, for the simple reason that this energy lies dormant in us, sleep is said in the texts in the ancient texts. Close to three and a half turns and sleeps. Feel its people may spontaneously only if it gets to certain conditions. As a rule, it is the extreme conditions that affect your survival. Under the influence of fear, stress, under the influence of some such strong emotions sometimes observed spontaneous, such as would be the awakening of this energy, in any case, do you feel this in itself a source of strength. Once again, this can be very different moments. For example, for women it can be a time of delivery. For a man, it may be moments when he fought in the war or in some kind of a situation gets. And then, suddenly, under the influence of circumstances, run inside, not quite clear mechanisms that enable us, as it reveals the potential inherent in each of us.

In yoga, of course, it was developed a set of exercises and practices that, sooner or later, allow yourself at will awaken this energy. That is not to wait for the stress, do not wait any coincidences, and, strictly speaking, to do some of the techniques and practices that give us the key. This built many types, sections of yoga. Too many. And all of them are, in general, to the awakening of the kundalini energy.

So, how to awaken the kundalini energy, as there are approaches? Approaches have so many friends! Firstly, through the emotions through emotional involvement in any activity, secondly, through the physical body. That is, if we are in a known manner will train your body to do certain poses or exercises, then there is also a well-known combination of exercises or postures that, you know, as a key to lock something crank within us and, suddenly, we were surprised to for yourself, we begin to discover that we are somehow made in a different way, and in some motor wound.

You can approach the awakening of the kundalini energy through the action of consciousness, as it were. If you focus on a particular thought, at one or another some kind of position, also due to the concentration of consciousness, if a certain sequence of all the right thing to do, you can also discover and awaken the kundalini energy.

Kundalini energy can be awakened, and it is perhaps one of the most, such as you would say, fast ways, through mantras. That is, there is a special mantra, which begin as if to awaken this potential.

That is, in this way we get a set of the most different ways, to understand that we have this energy, and then to start it into action.

Here, by the way, it is necessary to say such a detail to add, about which few people know, friends. The kundalini is considered that after she awakened, it gives powerful enough or powerful enough emanations prominences excess energy, which begin later somehow manifest itself in the body. And that causes a lot of the most-most contradictory feelings of spiritual ecstasy, to the feeling of depression and fear of death. And, ideally, we obtain the following thing: after these emanations, well, actually, after the kundalini energy even more recognized, it starts as the texts say, wake up and rise from our body the base up to the top of the head, dissolving at that all our fine structures.

Our body, it is, in fact, is only one part of it is physical, our body, but within or interfaced with our body more subtle and causal body, they are made of fine and causal matter, which is likely, modern scientists have not yet found in any the case of the official science does not know about anything.

So when the Kundalini energy is awakened and starts to climb it, it starts to dissolve all these delicate structures. It rises from center to center, to the navel, to the center in the chest, throat to center and so on until the top of the head, with the center of dissolving one after another. All this involves absolutely fantastic experiences of the person and in essence, the same processes similar to occur at birth and at death. That is, you can imagine how much it must have a strong feeling.

But there is, my friends, to the symmetrical yoga kundalini yoga. Where no energy rises from the base of the body to the top of the head, and the consciousness spreads from the top of the head deeper, deeper, deeper, then power on the meeting. And, actually, that’s exactly the bunch and is used in Kundalini Yoga laya. When you are to a certain extent you do not start moving in one direction from the bottom upwards, and in two directions simultaneously. That is, you awaken your basic energy known actions, exercises that we will be here with you to study in a first approximation, but you also are preparing your body for the fact that, indeed, the energy is awakened and, indeed, it will begin to rise, rise up . And this bunch of extremely well, as it were effective.

Now another yoga section – laya yoga. Let me remind you that a laya yoga. The word “laya” has many meanings, of course, yoga in Sanskrit, but one of the values that we will use is translated as “dissolve”. This dissolution. And the point here is that, as we have said, we have a higher self, which means strings of prana, or by association, in which the flow of prana, the body feels. And the result is a very interesting thing: as long as you think you are the body of any changes in the body can be perceived very negatively by you and painfully.

And when the kundalini yoga, if you are certain methods awakened kundalini energy, and start their internal structure, on the one hand as if to dissolve the kundalini, and consider the other side’s this energy with the help of that you just have a body, that you are the the structures that it dissolves, it turns quite fierce horrible effect: you start to experience a completely terrible state of pain, depression, fear of death, etc. etc. Because, on the one hand, you think you are the body, and on the other side of the body begins to destroy itself. All this is, of course, because of ignorance, because they identify themselves with their bodies.

Therefore, as long as we do not overcome this ignorance, we can not overcome as if this is an idea of himself as his body, as its fine structure is confusing, in fact, the energy of kundalini awakening is not enough. More precisely just here that’s triggered effect, as you say, stress, that is, when any external threats to your life, a lot more than the consequences of what you are in yourself awakened Kundalini, she immediately freed kakuyu- then an emanation, and this emanation begins within you to dissolve. But there is already on the brink of weights supplied, that you are afraid of something more than internal processes.

Well, when did you escape from the tiger, you least think of a way to run on. You can hurt your hand, leg, do not even notice you become insensitive.

And this evolutionary mechanism, it is, in fact, observed that if there is no external stress is to awaken the kundalini energy – is in itself give rise to a completely unpleasant.

But on the other hand, if, on the contrary, you are internally stopped cling to certain centers and no longer considered himself a body, thoughts, feelings, how to let go the situation, then the energy of Kundalini awakening, when it begins to your structure, then, dissolving, it is associated with an incredible level of enjoyment by the state, the joy, the happiness, some of the spiritual ascent.

And the difference is only one thing: not that as if to awaken the kundalini energy, and that it then do? And in laya yoga provides a method in which you start by meditation as to win back the situation as if the kundalini is already awakened and began to climb. That is, you mentally begin to dissolve the center of the center in the same sequence in the same order chronologically as if kundalini is already awakened and started to do it herself. And so if you build inside a clear sequence of how to relate to internal processes, then later, when everything is awakening the kundalini safely, everything is fine and everything is going wonderfully.

So a bunch of Kundalini Yoga laya, it is an extremely important thing. Just to teach you some techniques that you suddenly awakened energy, this is crazy. What you do with it you do then? Yes, you, soon, frightened.

I can give examples, I thought of them constantly talking about what many of my disciples followers, and I myself, too, several times encountered this so that … at the expense of those or other methods, in fact, come to the awakening of the Kundalini, when there is a small emanation. When a small emanation, there yes, indeed, effect. The hair on end. Tears from her eyes. That’s a cosmic upheaval. You know, yes. But a little bit more and it is the fear of death, fear of the animal’s death. You just feel that now some oblivion will swallow you. You know all the horror movies, friends, baby talk compared to this experience. And I would not want you to have the same sense from it a little.

But conversely, if you you have the concept of meditation and its higher self, which is nowhere and everywhere, is not prohibitive and exterminable, here on this bundle, oh, how good work. On the one hand you have established themselves in meditation, you have a higher self, which is not exterminable, and on the other hand do throw on this energy, which dissolves the internal structures that you do ignorantly believed him. And then all great things are going. So you are established in your Higher Self, but part of your consciousness continues to consider itself the body, thoughts and emotions, and here you have, with the help of kundalini energy and dissolved what you believed him. And when you do that once you have no more doubts about what you are – a higher self, not the body. And as a consequence friends this method is used as a super-fast method of spiritual evolution.

Here is an example of life. We all go to work, we all have to earn a piece of bread, we live in a society and we are afraid of something, for something aspire. And still we have to slip, how to say, bestial thoughts. We are afraid of something, considering body itself. We’re on to something attached, and so, you know, is not critical tied, by default, in the background, such as, on the one hand, we understand that our Higher Self is immortal, but on the other side of the carcass of something terrible, if someone it hurts. And this here is fear, it is very bad service with us playing. In fact, he was to us sometimes … well, to help us survive, but starting from a certain moment fear begins to dominate over us, and we cease to be a free people. And just because we feel the body or thinner structures.

But imagine if under the guidance of a teacher student learns quickly dissolve and then again to recreate the structures that he is afraid to lose, then there could he fear will disappear. Fear disappears, accordingly, it is better to be established in their Higher Self and begin to better understand what the Higher Self

That is better to try once than to read the millions-millions of books. Therefore, in this sense, kundalini yoga is the fastest method of yoga that helps us enormously. That is possible from any human bestiality quickly withdraw, showing him his true nature.

In the East is very popular this tale, a myth that a tiger or a lion came by accident in a flock of sheep, in my opinion, well, in a society of primitive animals and also considered himself the same as long until I saw myself in the mirror, well, not in the mirror, and the reflection in the water. And as soon as he saw himself, he realized that he was different. That’s just you and me – frightened animals, but it is worth to us at least once faced with his power, with the power of your Higher Self, like all of our silly ideas about themselves disappear and you cease to be a hunted beast. You begin to be omnipotent master.

And, actually, you see, no matter how well we do not lose many, many years and life, and use this method to have, leaving with the seminar, each of you, you know, leaving the center of power, which will make the whole world turn completely to something spiritual. We just do not believe in themselves friends, do not believe because they believe themselves not what they really are. And once we understand who we are and what we are as soon as we realize what great opportunities are enclosed in each of you. Here everyone who is currently here now, enough for a spiritual revolution in the world. Restore order in the sense that so much obscurantism may reign here. What can be here these wars, epidemics, all the horror, all this stuff, which is easy, in fact, be eliminated. But we need leaders. And there are no leaders. We need people who are responsible for everything. And they are not. We need people who are aware of his omnipotence, who uses his will. And they are not. Why are they not? Yes, because all consider themselves to be hunted small animals.

So, the same situation of kundalini yoga. If you want to quickly prepare a very powerful man, he’s the fastest method, it allows. Actually, why all of these techniques have been a closely guarded secret? Use or just to know such a spiritual, or, you know, wandering yoga and yogini. But, you know, it was very difficult to determine today he seems like a bum, but tomorrow it turns out that this is the Maharaja decided to walk on foot for his possessions in clothes wandering yogi. Here such here. Friends, we are waiting for the theme.

So once again, we have the basic energy at the base of the body, we have a center of consciousness in the area of our head. On the one hand, we use the center of consciousness in order to properly do meditation and mentally, mentally with the help of consciousness dissolve has the same structure that will actually be dissolved at awakening the kundalini. But in parallel with this we must also do exercises to like more and more the emanation is released and it was easier to hold his mind to meditation. That is, as it were, on both sides of the movement.

Meditate, lose yourself in the scene, doing exercises, slightly invigorates your kundalini energy from this meditation becomes better, and more deeply she, in turn, even more as it begins … next kundalini energy emanation and so on the rise, increasingly.

And sometimes it is perceived as quite trance technique. That is, you’re doing and picks you, you are doing and you still picks up. And here you are, you know, come to such a good standard – it does not power the rise of kundalini, it’s just the awareness of its presence within himself, but in his head clear, already you are full of strength, aspirations, desires to go further in this direction. And then you, on the contrary, as if these processes slow down, slow down. Come to normal. Here.

Well, there are, again, techniques, practices that use it. Once again – this exercise is to work with mantras through the voice, it is through visualization, breathing through it. But, of course, best of all, when all is going into one such mechanism, and physically you are doing something, and mantra chanting, and certain breathing – breathing and meditation image you have in your head.

Are there any questions on this section?

Question from the audience: When we dissolve the thin structure, why the physical body does not dissolve?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Well, actually, my friends, the physical body, it is inert. Even if a person dies, the corpse at once is not divided into separate atoms, and it takes some time.

By the way, it is connected with this one very interesting detail in kundalini yoga. If you ever really awaken the kundalini energy and this energy is kundalini will dissolve all your subtle body, then you will have the gross body as if it were a corpse. And if you, God forbid, do not return it back within a certain period, well, that’s called a period of 21 days, then go to irreversible processes. the physical body is already crumbling. That is why, strictly speaking, it can be used. So our body is, the physical layer, is inert to a certain point, we can it, in fact, left unattended, and it does not fall apart. It is due to the internal organization continues to live.

Although, here, for example, that in such tests respected as Anandalahari, reads as follows: that the physical body is supported in a living state, after, indeed, a yogi awakened kundalini energy, and it has dissolved all the structures, because before that he practiced yoga, practicing specific mantras and roughly speaking, it is still some time magnetized life.

Or differently, let me give this image. Just imagine, to take Russia or any other country, there is the president, ministers, etc. If you take, say, a day or two to remove them all from the country, the country will fall apart? Evil tongues say that even better heal. No, the country will not fall apart, but if they are absent from their jobs longer than a certain time, then – yes, it will be necessary to take decisions, and to do this there will be nobody.

So wonderful to more questions?

Question from the audience: Is it possible to say that all the practices in Kundalini yoga, I even extended to all yoga practice …. in fact all the same practice, anyway, the emanation of awakening the kundalini? If it is just a little awake, she rushes up, from which the effect of this euphoria? From the fact that energy is united with consciousness and prana stood out?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes, absolutely right, folks.

Question from the audience: What’s next? This prana stand out, this is a process of self-knowledge, or do we need it somewhere farther to the right, to the knowledge of the Supreme Self?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Well, actually, prana what thing? She is a very universal thing. It can also appear as the energy and the consciousness. If you are interested in this or that kind of activity in life, directing the prana, it gets to you spiritual shape. That is, you do science, and if you have an excess of Prana, then you through the discovery of natural laws open all spiritual layers, narrowly directed. If you’re out there, say, an artist, a poet, then just directing the prana to their works, they really start to shine spirituality. And so in all its diversity.

But when the kundalini energy, we are talking about is the emanation, it is an emanation, a small part of the energy is connected with consciousness, formed prana, and you start to be a very charismatic personality. Here you begin to be the person to whom others are drawn. Because you are full of energy. Here are just a pleasure to talk with you. This leader effect. Any leader, dating back to ancient times, it was the people who rallied around him all the rest. Due to what? It is due to this excess of Prana, which he drew from these sources. That’s why you can send what you want. What you want out there on some narrower activity or wider, but each time through it will open up the universe.

More questions friends, do not hesitate to ask, even if you do not understand anything, ask, because the theme is good.

Question from the audience: I’m not clear … I understand more how exercise affects the body, to kundalini; I understand – mantras act, because the body of Kundalini, is the mantra; I understand that visualization – a vibration of thought and work directly with the will, are working on the kundalini itself … directly affects the prana kundalini, I do not quite understand?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Well, actually, she prana is the mechanism that alone can awaken the kundalini energy.

Question from the audience: only prana?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Only prana! The mantra, visualization and physical, they are only for prana. And here, my friends, since I came such a speech, this is the fastest method to raise the kundalini has been through breathing exercises through Pranayama.

The bottom line is this: you start doing the cleaning exercise and began to clear the structure of his body, from the brute, that is, you had to have proper food and proper care of your body, wash it constantly, to keep clean. In addition, you do breathing exercises and mind, again, purified from all internal fears, blocks, clamps, or the purification of channels through which circulates prana. Once your body is cleansed, you do the next thing. You exercise by pumped, pumped, pumped his body with prana more, more, more and at some point, when a lot of prana is formed, do some visualization and you wake up the Kundalini energy.

You know, sometimes it is those in the ancient texts, images, just as the heat from the inner heat, so that the snake to become stuffy and she wakes up and crawls, similar to the kundalini energy, as it were, so rastormoshennaya awakened due to an excess of Prana . That is how you should do so that when inflating your Prana Prana is not spent on overcoming the inner dirt, not leaked somewhere on strange external events, and concentrated inside. Actually, for this and need cleaning practices, they seem to eliminate the part that will be spent at a loss, then you can save a lot. It is like if you want to, I do not know … to heat the apartment, you have to, first, put the stove, and secondly to seal all the holes, and only in this case will be minimal heat loss, and you will have a warm, warm, warm . That’s why, in fact, we are aware of with the help of prana and kundalini start the process, and that’s how this prana to take, through certain exercises, this is a technique-technology.

Still have questions, my friends?

Question from the audience: If we have awakened kundalini rises it starts to dissolve the channels and centers, and can it be said that the channels and centers, it is karma, positive and negative?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes, yes, you can.

Friends, that is karma? This is what is Karma? In fact, if that’s deeply philosophical answer, is the next thing you have power over and you live in that universe, which had built the will, and if you do something voleizyavili, it is so in your world becomes. So you have formed, as its outer world and the inner world, so all the intricacies of your body the device is that you have created yourself. And some things are very positive for you, and some are negative. If you dissolve what to do about it, how would you go back one step back before it all done and overcome, both positive and negative karma, in fact.

So, my friends, today we’ll get down to the physical exercise. But before we transgress, I still want to say about the topic that I like most about Kundalini yoga.

So there are many ways to recognize and awaken kundalini energy, but personally I like the other yoga, it is called the yoga of love. It is believed that if you’re in love, you are the most gentle way, automatically, realize and awaken kundalini energy use, the safest way. That is just the way that does not have all kinds of negative effects, in terms of the fact that if you are there for some physical exercise is done, there is something overheated, something stretched or there is some fear of inner death occurs. So, if you ever had, it was a miracle to you that you fell in love, remember that state. As a rule, love visits us – again, and went away, but at the moment when it happened, in fact, automatically, the most beautiful way awakened kundalini energy, and here is your state of euphoria from the love, it’s your state, that everything has changed it is in fact one of the bursts of energy emanations of the kundalini. So I would recommend you a longer balk at it, yes. On the other hand, of course, and we will explore other ways.

So wonderful, questions still remain?

Now we come to the exercises, and the first exercise by Natya Yoga. We are with you the theory of this raffle and track, so that you have a very clear idea what is happening. Once we have done this natyu. Let’s make it again.

So, I ask everyone to stand. And do we here circular pad and mats spread in a circle, do so, as a stage. So, great friends, we will do some center here, and all the rugs here and so, in the form of lotus petals in a circle, so you can watch. And now we are with you, my friends, by Natya Yoga will play one more general scheme, in general, how we are made, and how we are constructed. We will start from the moment of birth. I want someone who will play the role of the Self Who? I ask you friends, we will all be involved. [One of the students came to the center]. That’s Higher Self Higher Self decided to be born into this world. Where is the Higher-Self? Everywhere, like anywhere else, outside of time and space. Therefore, I decided to reach higher an association, from itself to his body.

Who will play the role of the Higher Self of the body? (Another student agreed to take part in Nattier). But the body. It is the body. So, here it is, the higher self, it is everywhere and nowhere, but it is the body, it is in our world, and how to connect them? And we join them by means of associative links. That is, the higher self would have to look and say, “Oh, the body!”. Well, roughly speaking, see, perceive, look at it, that is, to know what it is.

How does this happen? This body must have a physical parents. Mom and dad. Mom and Dad took from nowhere either. [The other two students take part in Nattier] .Znachit, Mom and Dad on the physical level, walked himself walked, then Dad saw my mother and fell in love, went up, fell on one knee and asked to be his wife, and my mother looked and immediately fell in love with the Pope means love at first sight. All is well with them, remarkably, they hugged each other, well, I will not tell you where babies come from, what they do. That is, in fact, part of the cells of the Pope, of the cells from the mother, and there was a body. This is the part that they are friends, given the physical layer. The egg, and accordingly, the male seed.

Now further, the physical part of it was given, but the physical part is the shell, and the child – a living creature, so you need to Higher Self Higher Self invite. And whose college I invite? It is only one who has been in a karmic connection with mom and dad. That is, roughly speaking, of all the sets of the higher self, which in the universe is, they attract only the Higher-Self, which was associated with the karma of the soul. So when they made love, draw, but very soberly, the handles, the handles … In this case, my friends, was formed, in addition to the physical component, another feed from our level to a level beyond time and space, which helped the Supreme I see them, because it is not visible. And now it is clear seen that mom and dad together, the channel gave more and lodge. [Points to the body].

There, that arise? Absolutely correct. For this association, it starts to move? Prana. We need a couple that will show us the prana. Man and woman we need. [Man and woman come to participate in Nattier, as a single prana] .u Higher Self, which is everywhere and nowhere, which is all-powerful, have the opportunity to manifest itself in this universe, it is called prana. It does not differentiate, it can manifest itself as consciousness, and as energy. That is, the higher self can be aware (aware), and higher self can act (act).

So, for this association prana single, come, move [prana, which depicts the energy moves from the Higher Self to the body], it comes, see, is a physical component of a purely physical body, here. And only after that we are talking about a person’s birth.

But! At step back [prana returning to the Higher Self]. Before entering the physical body, it is necessary to form another bunch of thin bodies. And look, this is a purely physical body, for the house I am, this is our physical body, and we need more subtle structures and principles, those that are called “chakras”.

And before to connect to the physical layer, there is the following thing: a single split prana [which depicts a pair of prana in different directions], and begins to diverge from each other. Once relegated to a certain stage, the distance, there was the very first principle, the principle of reason. I need a pair, male and female, [couple man and woman are between the pair, which symbolizes consciousness and the energy of the Higher-Self] the principle of reason. One, and you have a mind a principle that is at the point between the eyebrows. They continue to diverge in different directions, separated, – time, and there is another principle – the throat center, the space principle. Couple need another. [And another pair goes for participation in Nattier]. One, the principle of space, more disperse, even a little, and another couple, now everything is going to participate here. This heart center, respectively, the Anahata chakra, the air principle. Once dispersed, another pair. One, and there was the navel center, the principle of fire. Still further, the principle of water, another pair. And finally, once dispersed, and came last principle, the principle of land. A couple more. And only after that, this here is the whole structure gets into her [pointing to the body]. In you there is a whole universe, the whole kingdom. Now get up, Mom and Dad are watching what they sonny.

And then see what happens. That corresponds to the center between the eyebrows, then the very first chakra, the first pair. What does it mean? So, this is the finest energy of thought and consciousness is the light, so the chakra of the mind has two components, energy and consciousness, male and female, or sometimes they say that the two rulers chakra, the chakra is lord and his wife. Here then the next the throat center, this here are a couple. So, the next center of the heart center, that’s it. Next, is the navel center, the principle of fire. The next center – it Svadhisthana, is the principle of water. Finally, the last level is the principle of land. And such an intricate design turns out that he’s it prana, prana his uniform, then, that which gave birth to the seven centers. This in such friends. That is, it turns out that each chakra corresponds to its view of prana, or its color prana.

Now further, since all things were made, you’re here alone. Here it is, the darling of the parents, you’re on your own, but you have to at the same time have your single prana, which here thus distributed. Here you think you just go, wander, and inside you have the whole Office. And just within us. And when all is formed, the kundalini energy goes to sleep. Go to sleep [turns to the girl who symbolizes the energy in the pair, who plays prana]. And the light of consciousness, too, such tusklenky. Well, yet it created.

So long as the energy of kundalini is asleep, and the consciousness of anything does not react, the man lives a normal life: spirituality is not interested, or not interested in meditation or yoga, because there is no experience.

But suddenly a man came to the stress. Tiger needs, who will be a tiger? Well, let us to the Tiger. [One of the students voleizyavil depict the tiger] .About Oh, this tiger. So all the stress! Do not run away, you here the stress, and your kundalini energy, Aw, Snap, and emanation: “Oh, yes, there seems to be a tiger …”. And this here is the wave emanation passed on to all your structures, you touched [refers to couples who symbolize the chakras], you tremble. As a result, it is from such a fearful state became a hero, “Where is the tiger, I’m not afraid of the tiger, I have the energy of the kundalini is awakened, I also tiger here.” Here.

Then the tiger ran away in fear, and the energy back to sleep and everything, and he was again in the normal way of life. This is how we live. That is, if the stress – energy and awakens base here this whole clique, it is set in motion if the stress is not, then what is there at all.

Now look, kundalini yoga method in its ideal. In its ideal, sooner or later, to him [to the body] realizes that he has a higher self – eeeee body. Here, yes, then, and then I start college so interact on the body, but on him that the body starts to do some exercises, some yoga kriya, and combination of these exercises, yes, right, awakens, awakens. You are so woke up, looked around, the kundalini energy and emanation go, go, you tremble, tremble all. Even more, it has raised the consciousness grows, has become cosmic consciousness. Yes, that’s all! Awakening the kundalini energy!

And then begins the process of raising the kundalini energy from our body foundation to the top of the head in the reverse order. Here at birth, we worked on the principle of reason to the principle of land, and now the process will go straight in the opposite direction. And now you are awake, and you’re in samadhi [the body], you’re lying motionless. Yes, my friends, in fact, at awakening the kundalini energy when it rises, say at the highest levels of the body is like a corpse.

And then you start to climb the road [the girl who symbolizes the energy moves to consciousness, passing through all the pairs that represent the principles of] dissolving first the earth principle, and all the dirt, all the misconception that it was connected with the earth principle – again, and the solution that is, they merged together and he [the principle of] disappeared into the water principle. You go ahead of everyone, and they are watching you, again, merge, dissolve, merge, dissolve, merge, dissolve, as long as the kundalini energy does not appear to mind. This state is the highest love. That is, as in the yoga of love – she met with her boys. Once this happens, the energy of the consciousness united, Higher Self, as in a mirror they saw themselves and enlightened! Here! All college I perceive itself through prana, which is returned in the mirror and how it saw itself, and rejoiced with exceeding great joy.

Yes, but that the body? And it all! That is, the pulse is not palpable, the eyes too … almost, clinical death, and so he can lain 21 days. Then, of course, the body starts to fall apart, the time has gone …. That, and you therefore can in this state of samadhi, that’s the 21 day about-ho-ho timeless and timeless. But then you still decided to return everything back and then said: “Enough of samadhi, but there is now a body rastaschat ants bit by bit.” And you do the process again the same, and separates them again kundalini energy returns, creating one principle after another. In the usual manner lined [to the couple, symbolizing chakras].

Here’s how all the principles are made, all come to life. Valya, Valya breathless – came out of samadhi. Only then, if before that he led a normal life, but now he is a guru. Teacher of life, he knew his Ya Because he already saw his Ya Then the man of experience, first of all, understand that all of the structures that he considered them, they can be created and established, respectively, it is not them, and secondly it has a higher self, which is in fact in the whole covey or as independent. You understand, right? That is here so that’s kundalini yoga logic. Does anyone have any questions.

Question from the audience: [inaudible].

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: as it is written, that no matter how … to return to the human condition of the body, again, it is necessary to return the kundalini energy, so she went to sleep to a certain level, and of the consciousness is already normal. Man, even the highest yoga teacher, it can be like a normal person, no different. But this is just only the outer part, by the fact that the inner self I, which knows itself, it is no longer dependent on all this, and therefore such a man is called liberated during life or jivanmukta, teacher of life. Therefore seemingly everything is back as the previous level, but this is a different person.

Any questions?

Question from the audience: When a person is in samadhi, how is the will to create all the structures?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Because yoga is known such a position that if you went into samadhi, you can not return back. And how would you all have you in this world there is nothing. But if, as is thought to be due to the mercy of the remaining living beings, who are ignorant of the world, to bring them to the knowledge, Higher voleizyavlyaet I go back to this world for only one purpose, to help the others. Actually, what the motivation of teachers and teachers after the experience of samadhi, when accomplished all for which was created this universe to come back? Here, in fact, do something nothing. And motivation is only one, it is because of compassion for others who are in the dark, tell that’s how it is, so that other people will have reached the same.

So this is the will of the state of samadhi come, only if there is need of you people. And it is believed that, well, as soon as you need people there, a yoga teacher dies out of this world. Because, and what to do here? He already did everything in the world, the more he does not need anyone, because he had no karmic ties. Well, for example he [turns to the “body”] was a friend, someone other picture a, well, anyone, friend or girlfriend, well, anyone. Yes, friend. Here he had been there and thought, “I’ll go and do not come back.” And then he remembered: “I’ve got a friend there, how she will remain in the dark, let’s I’m back again. And I tell her how it is. Look and it will use the same “.

Question from the audience: That is, when a person is in samadhi, he becomes aware of itself?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Absolutely, my friends.

I understand what is involved in the issue. Unfortunately, we have little substitution of concepts, it seems to us that a person in samadhi as stoned some, he is well, he himself is not aware. No, my friends, the state of samadhi, is a state of freedom. You are completely free of all, you can leave this world, you can come back, but you can influence it. That is the extent of your awareness, and freedom becomes marginal.

From the audience: Infinite.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Or boundless. Here’s a logic.

Question from the audience: If our Higher Self above time and space, as then our I understand that was 21 days and not 20?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Well, again – omniscience. The Supreme I laid such sverhmoguschestvennye capacity for cognition, knowledge, information … In other words, there is no problem, it automatically is called …

Question from the audience: Why, then, 21 days?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: And this is determined by the conditions of our lives.

Question from the hall: It is because the all-powerful, it can give any number of prana in any amount of time?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev HERE difficult moments, I did not take my yoga teachers teach. I do not know, this is a difficult moment. I only know that, see here what the situation, usually when a master or teacher in India dies, everyone says “went into mahasamadhi”. Do not say “died”, that is, like, dissolved all the structures and all, and disappeared. Here, while the back has not come. And for this, as a rule, well, like this here it believed that his body is the karmic tendencies, and they must be won back, so long as they are not reimbursed, he returned to the body to play, to leave naturally beautiful friends.

Here in Tibet, even in this wizard to do the following thing: when they went into the last mahasamadhi, yes, they are not dissolved just these principles, but even they were dissolved with a powerful doomsday in the form of a rainbow, in the form of such a fabulous chego-to because each element, each chakra has a coarse and fine component of component, here allegedly by the decay of the fine component on a gross level all sorts of miracles begin, doomsday to happen that, in general, inspire those who remained. But in fact, this is the same effect dissolution of all of the chakras and the Kundalini energy by the manifestation of it is what is external.

So another one, huh?

Question from the audience: How does the process of dissolution of the process of dying?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: From a formal point of view, nothing.

Question from the audience: Why then many lives Higher Self is born and dies, why it does not realize that at any time to be born and die? I’m in higher was the experience?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes, yes, then look. It’s one thing if I Higher long meditation, self-knowledge practices yoga prepared for a meeting with death, it is, indeed, at the time of death can be observed, not putting the effort as one structure after another dissolves. All this formed the basis for the so-called yogi dying. That is, if you are prepared in the course of life, the simple your death will show you the same processes as for raising the kundalini energy. And at some point, really, Higher I see, well, in fact, itself in the reflection of the prana.

But as you and I are in the dark, so if you die … So the common man, common man decided to die, at the same time, again, awakening the kundalini energy and begins to dissolve the principle of principle. And he himself believed that this principle! He suddenly sees that he is destroyed, he also considered himself to this and it leads a person to the extreme confusion into extreme fear, in an extremely knocked down such a condition. What after he … yes, it’s very scary, my friends, is why we fear death? Yes, because the experience was! And each time it was very frustrating because we were not ready for this process. That is, we did not do laya yoga meditation on what could happen at the time of death.

Therefore, at the moment of death occurs formally all the same – awakened kundalini energy, all imploded. And at some point, the Higher Self at the time of death can see itself, but it is so embarrassed by all of this is happening, it is also considered themselves all of these structures, the body is falling apart, that the desire to only one friend – born back as soon as possible ! No matter what body. You will be grateful to any body to be born, too bad this time. But you can be born favorably only if you are a new father and mother, and they have to be alone, if you are karmically connected with them, if they themselves in due time gave birth to children. That is – again, all closed. And if you can not, you have to be born in any other body.

Question from the audience: At the moment of death, I do not have to suffer as the body, and the higher self to think that it suffers?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Absolutely right.

Question from the audience: Higher Self all the time in the dark?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes, at the moment of the death of our Higher Self in the dark, so the time of death is very terrible in this sense. While on the other hand, if you are prepared, the time of death, it is the highest chance of spiritual ascent.

Question from the Audience: if it is in the dark, how it gave impetus to the little man to engage in practices to raise the kundalini?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: That, my friends, now we come to the main question: “But what about the higher self, after all, gave an impulse?”. Well, as a conscious self that actually do good Kundalini yoga? So, the question I address to everyone who is now at the seminar. That’s what brings you here?

From the audience: Karma.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: No, well, karma is nothing to say. Karma is the law of cause and effect.

What prompted you to come to the workshop, to sit in this large, cool room, feeding mosquitoes, while in Moscow so full, they say … there is such rampant could be arranged. That’s what?

From the audience: Compassion for others.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Compassion for others, it’s a good motivation sometimes.

From the audience: his suffering.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: His suffering …

From the audience: It repeats all repeats …

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Monotonous all become.

From the audience: I’m tired of everything.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: The question friends, that even the first will was each of you own. You just come up first, so think about it in my words, you first come up with that out of the cycle of births and deaths from this cycle of suffering there is an exit. And after you voleizyavili it to be, you are faced with the knowledge that behind it left those yoga and yogini, who’s this process is carried out. That is, you first come up, and then only got in the field of yoga school activities, or teaching, and you have gained knowledge. That is, the first step was your. What he was called, it is difficult to say. But every one of you, probably, they say, has already reached the handle in his previous life, and decided that all.

More questions?

Question from the audience: maybe something happened with the physical body within 21 days? Well, have relatives buried …

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Well, you can see this, then embalmed in Egypt or there … everywhere these lamas. Lama, here it all went into samadhi, but it never touches. And look, and he does not rot. Think: “Oh, no … we do not touch.” Well, that you know how that’s holy relics were. Saints, remember, almost every religion is the fact that the saint died, and does not decompose. And we do not know how many times before finally dying, fell into such a state, and return. I mean, here he is once dead, then alive again, for the second time .. And then he really went away, left the body, left here these here imperishable, these … yes, and then the pilgrims are beginning to them to go. The whole there … and then continued as a rule of this religion of some kind then born. It is difficult to answer.

For further questions, comments, suggestions.

Question from the audience: But is tested at the time of the pain of dying at all levels, or what?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Look what a thing. There is something very terrible. There are people who say that they are in this life nothing is afraid that if absolutely kiss, they blatantly do away suicide. As a rule, this boast of all kinds of crime, such polukriminal.

But this is an interesting detail from yoga that at our level of physical, yes, that’s where we live, once, roughly speaking, the kundalini energy that’s the way all the solutions, it is possible to cut off from the body. And there is no cut-off of this! That is, it is considered that in this world – it is the highest good, when at some point association is broken. And there are worlds of friends, where the association is not torn, and there turns suffering without the possibility of suicide.

That is, before thinking to finish suicide if you ask yourself, and will not fall then in a much worse world, even where you can not do it? That is going to kill himself, and the latter association is not torn again and everything is back again. And a revived corpse, you know, like in a horror movie, a zombie, and so several times, several times. Yes, he’s trying to kill himself, but nothing happens! Yes, it is the common people called hell! But really, it’s just another level of existence. That is our universe, it is multifaceted and so here are rarely rude with impunity, who are able to.

For more questions.

Question from the audience: At the time when he is enlightened, returned and became a guru, may he fall again in ignorance, well, there nakosyachit become an ordinary person, or is it already completely enlightened?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Oh, well, it’s not hard, my friends. It’s, you know, friends, I am currently engaged in classifications guru is not rewarding occupation. I do not know, friends, I promise. Difficult to say anything.

Even some who thought the remark?

Question from the hall: The role of parents. We know from the theory that the thin body is first created in the creation of bodies, causal, subtle, rough. Consistently. And like our I create them. And then it turns out that the parents created the first cell and I use our … That’s not the most to create something …

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes, here you have a wonderful question to five friends. If you reflect on this fact, you are in a tight realize what is called a generic kind of yoga or yoga. What’s the point, my friends, is this: that we live in the bodies of people by the grace of the ancestors. Our ancestors were, roughly speaking, if you say so, samozarozhdatsya. And we can not do that. We definitely need a house. That is, we are living in the bodies of people in debt! And you will not be able to create a body, you got it perfect from the ancestors. Bran you an arm or leg, are you her grow a? No! That is, you have not created this body, you use it. And our ancestors, who have reached sverhsostoyaniya, so they could, in this sense, that the level of, you know, it is self-born. That is occurring. That’s just I took, the Creator, and they were created, including the body.

So that’s why, my friends, this implies a very important point: our yoga school is a so-called generic yoga school. It is believed that if you are looking for teachers and teachers of yoga, first look among his ancestors, and only then somewhere out there, on the side. And the very fact that we live in bodies, bodies are perfect, and the level of our ignorance is very low, following an obligation imposed upon us, my friends – it is to marry or marry and have children. That is to say that the next time, or you are able to take advantage of, or otherwise given, that is, as here, it is the main idea, friends, the Vedas. The basic idea of the Vedas – the offspring, born, the basic idea of the sacredness of marriage, marriage is that when you live with your husband or wife, it is naive to expect, know that there is only happiness, you essentially pay the debt with all its consequences. Therefore, if you tune in a working mood, living with their husband or wife, you, oh, how many will avoid problems if it is not, as it were, will not know what is happening. This generic yoga friends. So, it’s great, more questions, suggestions?

Question from the audience: Accordingly, here is our Higher Self, it was not completely omniscient and omnipotent, since it benefited from the help of the parents? That there is some degree of ignorance it was originally.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes, certainly, yes. For further questions, comments, suggestions?

Question from the audience: That is my Higher Self is ignorance?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes, friends. In Higher Self in each of us, there is the original ignorance. That is, the higher self is not aware of what it is actually. Here is the problem of every sitting here. You do not realize who you really are.

Where did the original ignorance? Well, to answer this question we have to answer, where, in fact, our higher self come from? According to the concept of yoga, our higher self Absolute was created in his image and likeness and endowed with complete freedom. Freedom from the pre-knowledge. And if you look at what is freedom from the pre-knowledge? This is in fact the original ignorance. That is absolute, when we had made, he did not even give us the knowledge that he has, to thereby enslave your freedom. Therefore, if voleizyavite that he will – discover this knowledge voleizyavite that there is no Absolute – and he is not. Voleizyavite that you have your Higher Self – and it will, voleizyavite that I do not have any higher self – well, and will remain in that initial ignorance. Any questions?

Question from the audience: We have some media karma, our body, the thinnest, thin, rough, and in fact, it is the carrier of our ignorance …

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Karma – a more subtle point. Karma, for example, it is also the circumstances, place and time. That is, this is the Higher Self, when it wanted to incarnate at the time was to coincide with the fact that mom and dad decided to have sex. Moreover, without what is called contraceptives. You see, yes, karma element – this is not just any circumstances, but also time. This is born this here is vague science of astrology, that’s, like, the time of entering into the world, it is a lot that can be determined. But I immediately tune you: fear of obscurantism that the Hindu that the Tibetan, it is better not meddle in these things, zazombiruyut in full. But on the other hand, what matters is not the birthday, and the day of conception. You see?

Question from the audience: If you dissolve all the principles, it turns out, the Higher Self dissolves all the principles it gets out of action Maya at some point?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Absolutely.

Question from the audience: If it came out from under the action of maya, then where is she is ignorance, because it sounded phrase that “it is still under the influence of ignorance.” Where is her ignorance, why is it then chooses the parents?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: No, you know, the original ignorance, it does not apply to structures. This is a deep expression of the will of the Higher Self than to consider themselves. If you take a moment of death, that all structures are dissolved and you are left alone with their prana, that is, you have your Higher Self and your prana, which is all of the solution and in front of you. So at this point can be seen in the reflection of his prana its own identity Ya This higher state of samadhi, which is described in the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. This so-called Samadhi without object. According to the fact that in the reflection of its prana you will see yourself. And our Higher Self is not an object, it is higher than the object. That is, you know, yes, it is very interesting to look at your higher self in the reflection of prana.

Question from the audience: What is the relationship of these two factors – we say that the Higher Self is beyond time and space … and already enlightened.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Well, no, as the enlightened, it has the potential.

Question from the audience: On the other hand we are saying that I am in the dark and gradually get rid of this ignorance, gradually evolving from one life. That implies time.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes. Well, here, look, I have symptoms, I’m out of time and space, and displays in time and space. And while it will not be there to flounder, then I can not even find out what’s up with him. Experience needed.

Question from the audience: We say that I am in the dark, and do not display in the dark.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: I identify with the symptoms. That is, we feel your body and all zazombirovany it. It is put in front of a TV person, including and say, “All over the world there.” He was there only will be watching.

Question from the audience: Do I understand correctly, that’s the time of death and I are a lot of associative links, right? Or they do not break?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: No, you completely leave at the time of the death of this world, all the tear. In this way and built yoga dying. If you take advantage of this moment, you immediately reach the highest state of enlightenment.

But I always give an example: just imagine, our world is like the ocean, and you as a dolphin swim in the ocean, swimming, and from time to time – once, and jump out of the water, saw, right? Salto made the sun their Higher Self again and looked into the water – Bulka.

So karma, she determined the place where you jumped, the time that you spent, then, is, well, no time, and time is relative, not from the standpoint of the Higher Self, but from the position if it is still regarded as our world, but again, well, then you went into space and time, ducked back. That this input is defined by the previous output. Next birth rigidly determined by the previous death, and that’s due to this you find yourself in the same conditions that are left behind. And accordingly, all around you begins to unfold your karma. You get into bad company. Somehow, no one gets, and you get. Why? Yes, because in a previous life left all of his associates, just born there …

I do not know, I’m told, that’s my childhood, my God! What only audience I did not communicate. But why? Indeed, there are some children poluugolovnikov. In general, rapid childhood was enough. And the question is: which is why I so unlucky? Why am I perfectly know how to swear? I wish I had as a child he studied English and is now a perfect command of English. That’s why I was not in school, where learning English, why I got to the doorway, where, so … here it is clear that the moment of entry into the world I have been a previous output. So there is something left, that was. That’s karma, you know, the place, time, circumstance, they are intertwined. There may not even be associative links, but you get all the same where something wrought. So, still have?

Question from the audience: That’s when we jump out of the “broth maya”, represent a dolphin, then the idea had some associative links remain, since he dives to get back. Why did he dives back again in this “soup”.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Of course, where else to go?

Question from the audience: That is, he does not come out from under the action of maya?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Certainly. Even without Maya and the original ignorance. He just does not see anything, did not see.

part 2

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Who questions on the theory that we have examined before this? Yes please.

Question from the audience: Do not quite understand the question, who reaches enlightenment? Higher Self or identity of the person? And what is the identity of the person? This self-image. How can the idea of himself to reach a state of enlightenment? Higher Self once attains enlightenment or one time, two or three?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Absolutely. Of course for exceptional cases, as agreed. But generally assumed once. You know, here is the tendency of all spiritual knowledge, if you have reached a certain height, then you can not have forgotten it, you can not ignore it. More questions?

Question from the audience: Are we experiencing a similar feeling during the dissolution of the channels, just when the baby is born, there is the same feeling when a new universe born?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Oh, it’s hard to say. Friends, when there is the process of entering into the world, it’s really a holiday. You show friends. And that we all do as a child is seen in the colorful flowers. Why? Because it is happiness! This happiness – to be able to be born into this world! This happiness – in this world to learn spiritual practices! Therefore, family ideals and children above all. This Veda! All yoga is based solely on the Vedas. Therefore, it is something quite grand and beyond.

Well, I do not know, can, of course, to do this meditation on the recollection of his entrance into this world. It is alleged that at some stage you experience yoga classes have the ability to focus their attention on any target and to receive full information about it. And it would be nice to actually remember how we entered into this world.

Once again I remind you in this regard, the life of the sacred. Our generic yoga school, if you go on our way, you should make every effort to avoid abortions, in every way to avoid divorce by all means to avoid jealousy, by all means to avoid betrayal, infidelity. That is, you remember, yes, if you give birth to children, you give the debt ancestors, then your spiritual evolution usually starts to go faster, because you already do not have anyone. If you just live it in some pleasures or in the pursuit of some elusive moments, remember, you live in debt!

So, friends, unfortunately with the East is now penetrate the pseudo knowledge. They say, “Give up the world, cast a wife cast her husband, did not have children, retire to some meditation there, reach the state of enlightenment, and you will have happiness, but in the rest of the world, the deluge.” Friends, do not buy into it. It’s poison, pure poison!

If we are talking about spiritual knowledge, we are talking about the Vedas. You must first give fathers debt, you need to give birth to this child. But few give birth to children, they should be more to educate, it is necessary to play with them, you have to be with them, we should not throw them in the lurch, as they say. And just in case you become Brahmins. And just in case you aristocrats, you will be the highest caste. That is, the aristocrats, the ones who care about their children. Consider the care of their children as an investment in the future. Because you will die, you will be born and it will not make any difference if you are born in a family of mum and dad, who did not swear to love each other, who will educate you to be from the earliest days to give spiritual knowledge to you in the dark, as they say, do not wander. And thus, in ancient times, formed a caste of Brahmins. I want all of you to become Brahmans! Brahmins are those who care for children. We have to bear in order to pay the debt, but not enough to give birth, we must also take care of and educate.

So my dream is to open Yoga University worked kindergarten, school and so on. In order not to give to their fate of their children. As I was brought up here in God knows what kind of environment would not wish anyone anything good about it.

So if you say, “Give up everything”, do not believe these people are themselves in hell and you are there for the drag. If you will not be able to receive after death the human body, you will be born or down, or in countries where there are no problems. But there is no yoga! Are born, where some twenty-eighth offspring in some African villages there, throw in the trash you collect your own food, and that’s your whole life. That is good, for example, for the Indian, where, there, the average birth rate of twelve children, yes, one brother can not give birth because of it already give birth. For them, it makes sense to the reduction of birth and it makes sense to go to a monastery somewhere without children and without family. But if this knowledge is now falls to Europe, we will disappear, we die out like dinosaurs. From us there is nothing left on the empty space just come very life-loving just Indians. They are now one billion two hundred and how many millions out there, and in ten years it will be four million. From us physically nothing left.

That’s why, to any geeks do not replace the concept. Because there. Who will say something like: “You should not be true, faithful – is attachment, so Tear affection. You must not cling to life, leave a monk, not to have children, or throw it out there, their children to fend for themselves, it does not matter, do not bring them up, live your life, enjoy. ” That do not believe this is the road to hell!

So, okay, I left aside. Questions still there? Yes.

Q: That’s experiences whether the college I have negative emotions at death, where they come from, when dissolved?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Very good question. Look, principles – this is the most important structure of hard, but they are caked with auxiliaries such random associative links that you get in life. That is all the fears and all the emotions that you have gained during the life, death and begin to dissolve succession before you come up, it is very unpleasant. All that fear, all will come at the time of death. You know, they say that all human sins on the Day of Judgment it is judged after death. And in fact, at the death of the principles and dissolve all the associative links, all the impressions appear before you in the form of horrific pictures or attractive pictures. And depending on whether the many horrific pictures you rush, you will be ready to be born, anywhere, in any body. Up until the animal’s body. If only it was not here this horror.

Q: That’s the feeling when principles dissolve, likely associated with karma? And is there any description of the main sensations when dissolve the specific principles, for example, the earth – the body immobilized?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes, absolutely true. There are some references. But first, widely in the West, by the way, is well-known Tibetan Book of the Dead, but in yoga is also a lot of references.

In fact, it is very unpleasant when the principle of land dissolves. This impression is here present, we are here with you sit quietly, and suddenly the ground beneath us to hell failed, and began to dissolve in water. Imagine a purely physical fear. This is the one of you who once felt the earthquake, know that this is a very unpleasant feeling, something that you rely on, leaned suddenly went shake. You all went upside down, you have all the ideas of the world and their place in the world reeled. The situation is similar when the dissolved water principle, and so on. They are. Known descriptions.

It is as though there are two extremes: the dissolution of the principles have extreme positive and extreme negative. That is, if you are in the dark and clinging, this negative extreme is characterized by a certain type of fear. And if on the contrary, consciously, that is, as the experience of some euphoria, some of omnipotence, as if you could create worlds and planets. And in fact, the one and the other depends on our Higher Self, how we perceive it.

More questions? Yes, please.

Q: And when there is a dissolution of the principle, the principle of land, and in fact, when the last principle is dissolved, the higher self attains enlightenment, self-aware yourself?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Not fact. At the moment of death, all dissolved and our I’m so confused by this picture, that’s it, the light of the Absolute, there he is the light of the Higher Self, but it is perceived as the most terrifying light of death.

Question: And if we talk about a person who has attained during the life of the ultimate goal of yoga, he consciously decides that now I will dissolve the principles, principle by principle. It dissolves them, self-aware themselves, and then something happens that he wants to return, and, say, teach someone to yoga. The question is what? To go back, you need to recreate your body the way it was?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: No, no. It is not necessary to recreate such as it was, and the best. Without pollution.

Q: It is the creation of associative links?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Friends, our Higher Self is such a supernormal ability, just as we are in a dream can create entire worlds, then so are we, and in fact can create internal structures. Moreover, perceived as fiction, but it is believed that if you reach the level of ancestors (as you may recall that in our school yoga there is no difference between your very very ancestors and teachers, and teacher of yoga, it is the same) so, you can do the body on a physical level. And connected with this one supernormal in yoga that you do there is a possibility for a lot of bodies. That is, roughly speaking, one person, and a lot of bodies. One thing I immediately manage multiple bodies. And it is to that part of the karma that is associated with living in a physical body, so to work.

Still there is something? Questions? Yes.

Question: Quite a strange question matured. About the fact that if a person is conscious approach to raising Kundalini energy. He thought he knew what was doing, and it all started, did not go as I thought and structures dissolve, can be such that it is not aware of your Higher Self, not seen, remained in the dark, and all dissolved?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: No, my friends, in fact it is so we think that everything is so simple. I assure you, it is worth to you as soon as at least come closer to the realization of the Kundalini energy, is it out there, just a little move, roughly speaking, at least emanation little to do there before the dissolution of the question, how do you get such a memorable experience, you then will not forget in any way. That is, it is not that there is something done-done, and – oh, it turns out, I imagine that’s it porastvoryal, and did not understand and had forgotten how to do all this again. No, friends, it is our understanding of this are.

Friends, do not forget to be submitted, remember that only together we are strong. You all alone your own bad karma interrupt. Together you strength. Therefore, it seems, meet, communicate, but just remember, the students of our university Yoga Yoga training. We communicate only on the highest spiritual themes.

Great, now even a small piece of the theory and practice will continue.

The other part is actually laya, dissolution. That is, before dissolving the principles of Kundalini energy, we must first dissolve their mind.

Just as the soldiers drill in the army, so that later during the battle they did not hesitate to do what is necessary, and the like that you have to meditating constantly act out the same meditation: you start to imagine as if you have already aroused energy Kundalini, and as if it had already begun to dissolve one principle after another principle. As if this all was, and here you see how you have dissolved the principle of land and everything related to the land, and so on, on to the principle of reason. At the same time there will be a very interesting phenomenon: you suddenly realize that you have inside, the so-called blind spots, you just got used to live in bodies, not really paying attention to them.

You just used, you have a conglomerate of some inner feelings and you just do not critically perceive it, and then you start this inner picture peer and visualize yourself one thing, then another, then the third. To then it came so automatic. And then, by some chance, accident or no accident, is an emanation of the energy of the Kundalini, it would have resulted in no fear of death, and in the possibility of self-discovery. That is, once the process has begun, and you have a diagram of how this process is to develop in the future. Therefore, these practices more than meditation or practice of consciousness where you envision this or that process.

But this we will deal later on, now I want you and I have done some practices that are part of procedures to detect and awakening the Kundalini energy. To do this, I want to, first of all, to use the techniques of Kriya Yoga, and as we are now promoting steam kriya yoga, the techniques of Kriya Yoga steam. So I ask you all to stand up and make the appropriate Yantra mat for the practice of kriya yoga steam.

But first a brief survey who has ever practiced a pair of Kriya Yoga? Who never practiced? (The audience raise their hands). Here are those who never practiced, do so, as it turns out. Remember, yoga is programmed into us, well it is necessary to listen to the sensations, feelings will lead to the right place. So, what do we do? We make a big circle, someone I proassistiruyte please.

In the pair of Kriya Yoga there are two options perform with a partner change and without change partner. Those who have a partner and he does not want to change it, it is located in the center of our circle. You will practice with each other. And the rest of the circle, who do not have a partner. Now, those who stand in a circle, the men are in the inner circle, on the edge of the mat facing outward. Conversely men are women, if men did not have enough, you become a girl with a girl, facing each other. Now alternate that was in the range of a couple man-woman, and a couple of girl-girl, is distributed.

Very little theory, wonderful. There is movement, if properly done, they launch such nerve impulses that from our body to the nervous system, from the nervous system to some deep areas of the brain, and they, in turn, by some unknown associative relations are going to us to realize Kundalini and that she woke up. That is, in this built many trance practices, for example, the Indians, who can jump out there and dance, introducing themselves into a state of trance.

But more beautiful and verified the situation, it is paired with the kriya yoga. The fact that the human body is the best tool for another human body, to start some internal sacral processes. We are social creatures, evolution requires us to be together. Therefore, from the super-powers of human nature hides keys in the other members of society. So if you are going to a few people and start doing practice aimed at a single person, he will awaken the Kundalini energy than he does himself. This is one of the big secrets. Remember that the keys on your super-powers in the hands of the rest of society. Including the keys to awakening the Kundalini energy.

If society tomorrow will tell the peasants: “Take the gun and come on, go to defend themselves against the enemy,” if a man sees that the girl, the girl of his needs protection, he forgets all about the fear, he forgets about death. Automatically call society includes the ability to get to the head of the Kundalini energy and stand in a sverhsostoyanie when you do not think and are not afraid at the time of the battle, no death, no consequences, you like to go on sverhsostoyanie.

Here the effect is also used, so the method of paired exercises, in particular, steam kriya yoga, they are on the one hand, use these rhythmic movements, which themselves awaken the Kundalini energy, but the interaction with another person enhances unspeakably all. Even more enhanced if you do not have a particular view of man. Therefore, when there is a change of partner, that is, one thing is better to work with one, something another, something with the third, you have even more is this one’s impulse to your abilities. Friends, that’s remember that if you do yoga together, the effect is far more than if alone do. That is, access to the Kundalini energy goes through society, remember this.

But now we start from the beginning. Thus, according to the theory, the Kundalini energy sleeps in the principle of land that is in the lowest chakra located at the base of your body, in the sacrum area, perineum. This is the principle of so-called land, on the one hand, on the other hand in your human body is ground principle of projection onto the region of the foot to the knee. If you will do this or that movement, the impact on the foot, toes and so on, even on the physical level, you will nerve impulse across the leg, and then the momentum on the nerves will go into your body’s foundation, to then walk to the top of the head. Therefore, in the practice of awakening Kundalini yoga uses effects work with the legs, particularly the work of the left foot. Here is a simple blow! Hit all. We feel even a simple nerve impulse time-time-time went. And it raises these techniques. These techniques are quite closed, trance have always been. So do not abuse them.

Now let’s do the initial exercises, kick one leg, the other leg, one another and begin to beat. At the same time attention is directed to the area of the sacrum. Getting Started, is not this thing work! Focus on foot and on the sacrum. Remarkably, this is now a different rhythm (knock him on 2 hits each leg). We knock him how to dance. And this is the first exercise. Did you see how the Indians with spears danced around the campfire? The main blow. Here it is one of the access there.

Straighten your back, neck and head. Close your eyes, go into feeling full. Accumulating, accumulating. Great now lay on his back and legs, leg to leg up against the legs. We feel the vibration in the soles of the feet. And we begin to move his legs, one leg forward and the other backward. Slow down, listen to the sensations must be vibration in the leg. Who has not, raising his hand. Who has?

Well, get up. Remarkably, the couple girl woman are reversed and the inner circle has shifted to one person in a clockwise direction. Someone with a constant pair, and remains. Sweep, wonderful, we continue to stomp their feet. We continue to do, continue. In his mind’s eye of the viewing area of the sacrum. Begin to meditate on the principle of land, we begin to feel the power of this place, as if it were a swarm of bees, shining a powerful force, buzzing. These bees, like sparks of light, this white.

Remarkably, we continue to dance, girl-girl pair are reversed, and the inner circle has shifted to one person in a clockwise direction forward. Turning their backs on each other, we join hands and start to do the collision each other area of the coccyx. Each at their own pace, this meditation. A pair of girl-girl swapped and the inner circle has shifted to one person. We continue to do the same. Thoughts in my head no feeling in the coccyx, the feeling in the feet.

A pair of girl-girl changed, circle shifted from one to continue to do the same. Girl girl changed, the range has shifted to one. We turn around to face each other, join hands again and start pounding feet. Shake hands with each other, the girl with the girl are reversed, the inner circle has shifted and we continue to do the same. Shook hands, the girl with the girl swapped.

The inner circle has shifted to one person. And now more complicated movement: the thumb of one foot beat the ground, then thumb the other leg. We join hands and begins to beat his fingers one by one. Whatever your rhythm, my rhythm is any invent. Feeling echoes, catch him in the rump area, perineum, catch it somewhere. Blow – momentum, impact – momentum. The head is empty, no thoughts, feelings alone. As it turns out, at their own pace, now it does not matter. when the joy of experiencing.

Shook hands, a pair of a girl with a girl swapped, the inner circle has shifted to one person, we continue to do the same. Shake hands as a sign of gratitude, the girl with the girl are reversed, the circle has shifted to one person.

Now those who are in the inner circle, sit down, straighten the legs forward, those who are in the outer circle, just sit down and put your feet on top of the legs of the partner in the area of the knees. Partners join hands and begin to lean forward at a time, each at their own pace. Shook hands, the girl with the girl are reversed, the inner circle has shifted to one, continue to do the same. Shook hands, the girl with the girl are reversed, the inner circle has shifted.

We joined hands and are continuing to make punches, as if we wanted to break through the floor. Meditate at the same time as jerks awake the Kundalini energy that buzzes like a swarm of bees at the base of the body. Here they begin to fill with rage. We feel this rage as she begins to rise up the spine. Slow down, shake hands, the girl with the girl are reversed, the inner circle moves, spins become to each other and begin to beat each of the other areas of the coccyx. Slow down, we stop. Mentally back listening to the sensations. At the base of the body of the sacrum, glowing swarm of bees. Shaking hands with each other, the girl with the girl are reversed, the inner circle has shifted to one, continue to do the same. Slows. Shaking hands with each other. Girl on Girl changing, the inner circle is shifted by one person and sit back to back.

Wonderful. Now we breathe in through the two nostrils and exhale alternately, then a left, then a right. Attention to the sacrum, as if we fanned the fire, there is a swarm of bees luminous, and you add a stream of air, and it even stronger start to hum. If one hand is tired, then change hands.

Great now sit in any comfortable position, presses, as much as possible densely backs to each other, and begin to do the following meditation. We realize awakened Kundalini energy at the base of the body, the sacrum. Perhaps there is a sense of buzz. Introducing such a fiery force that begins to flare up and melt the lowest land principle, visualize now the land that begins to dissolve in water. Before the eyes of the picture, as the clumps begin to fall in the ground water and the ocean begin to dissolve in it and dissolve. We feel like the earth beneath us falls, as in such films.

Then we feel the energy rising up the spine. Somewhere on the four fingers is higher than the rump, and there are aware of your second water principle. We feel how it begins to dissolve.

Then we feel like the energy rise up to the navel center, near the navel feel it. It begins to dissolve the navel center.

Now we feel like she crawled even higher. He reached the center of the chest through the spinal column. It begins to dissolve in the chest area of all. We look as if from outside all without getting involved in the process.

We feel like crawling up your spine, this energy. To get to the throat center. And it begins to dissolve this center.

Another crept higher energy imagine. Reached brow area and begins to dissolve the principle of reason.

And finally even higher creeps up to the crown of the head. As regards top of the head, we are experiencing an explosion of ecstasy, pleasure explosion. And now we feel like from the top of the head pours the nectar flow, enjoyment. The whole body is empty, and the nectar filled delight. That is, in the body there is nothing, no structures, thoughts, perceptions, it is empty, like a balloon. And from the top of the head it drip, pleasure streams flow.

Remarkably, it now seems like the Kundalini energy from the crown of the head begins to descend. Here it goes down. Here she comes to the point between the eyebrows, and begins to create the principle of reason. And you yourself are creating the perfect mind sharp.

Now the energy is below. It comes to the throat center and begins to create space principle. We realize joyful space, the space of joy. Below is omitted, reaches the breast center. And it creates air principle. And we feel joy. At the center, the joy and the love we feel. Falls even lower, in the navel area. We create the principle of fire, perfect. Joy in the navel, the joy in this area. More drops below. water principle. Well and descends into our most basic principle, the Muladhara, the principle of land. And the earth goes to sleep at all.

Wonderful. And now those who are in the inner circle, lay down on his stomach, his head inside, lie down on the mat. And those who are in the outside backs, lay down on them. We find the most pleasant position. You can move, find the most pleasant position.

Now we change places. Now, who is the top starting toe socks to pull away from you, for yourself, and start to do rhythmic movements to and fro. And now who are beginning to roll on top of the left – right hands help ourselves. Remarkably, we shake hands, thank each other and stand up.

Part 3

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Who has any questions about the practices that we have done? It makes sense to ask them and it makes sense to transfer their feelings pass. Because, of course, we did not so much as is necessary, but not so little.

Student: I have a question. My name is Anton. I am from Samara. Part-time students. Why thumb stamp?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: It is the same logic explanation. Even at the level of normal nerve impulses. toe – is the most distant part of the body and when you hit your thumb, you have momentum like through the foot, through all this long way. It is believed that this part is connected with the principle of land and, indeed, we have feet on the ground we walk, it is a more acute impact on the region of the sacrum. More acutely narrowly directed. In some texts and said that, “The energy of the Kundalini beginning to wake up to the big toe.” There is a momentum, momentum, momentum … and then – kaboom! And gone – gone already on. That’s what gives techniques such practices.

Friends, yoga is not a secret that some particularly exotic exercises, and how to make them, in what mood, in what sequence. Now known sequence, it is a set of numbers to open the safe. He pressed and pressed and pressed – Coincidentally, click, opened.

Similarly, the impact on your body through exercise. Especially when there is a factor of society is when yoga with a partner is known combination allows indeed to get that inner potential.

In fact, it’s scary art, God forbid, get some maniacs, they do not stop … More precisely, they have long since fall into the hands of maniacs, so the image of every sect. Gets a set of some practices, some theory, together develops, clap, and formed a sect! Why? All come all torknulo. They are uncritical state, the effect of the fans of the football team. Each individually, like, a normal person, gathered together, turned into a herd. Sometimes afraid to look at them.

Here is the secret. Many people think that should be very hard to do something. Well known efforts should be. You are here practiced very little, but these practices are based on the fact that then, at home or at a specialized practical retreat, you do not deal with the theory will only practice.

We are now conducting, Victoria spends the other students conduct these retreats, where at least the theory. And then practice, practice, practice …. Previously, there were nightly retreats, could go all night.

Then quantity turns into quality, well-selected sequence accelerates the process.

Larisa Falcon. Astra Group: I would like to share their own, personal impression. But we are experiencing something personal, we want to move it to the other, so I want to make a reservation at once, that this is my personal opinion.

When is the practice itself (and other practices are), I usually do not follow the practice of any points other than the coarse physical sensations that beat foot or bob. Nothing, I do not feel apart from the physical work of muscles. Although I want to feel the energy of the Kundalini, something wakes or bees or something else, as you say.

But when practice is over, and many jump, we go to eat there and then “la-la-la …”. Today I did not want to talk so I just lay there about half an hour. Talking does not like. Despite the fact that there was some kind of vanity, it was still more or less quiet. That is, at this moment, I felt like aftertaste, this is a very subtle feeling, because it is impossible to describe it somehow, as though “something there”. No bees, not the light, but the feeling is very subtle.

And I think that when we jump after practices and begin to fuss, communication, it erases all senses. We just do not notice them, but they are so thin, they are generally very difficult to catch.

Here’s a point I wanted to convey.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Look at the fact that at the time of practice you can be, do not feel anything, of course. It was the first practice in your life. And you do it 108 times, and 107 times you do forget about everything.

This is how to learn Kriya Yoga, the first few times you do, and the head can be turned and anything you want, and then begin to do, and immediately falls into this inner world and all living in his inner world. Here, too, there is, unfortunately or fortunately factor set, just like the mantra should be repeated a certain number of times, that she earned.

And these exercises. What is your experience? Experience the most common physical experiences. What do you never stamped their feet is not? Topalli! Do not ever beat the priests? Fought! This is not some new movement for you, but they are associated with the previous associative. You are not used to identify them. But I assure you that if you do these exercises with a different attitude, then a certain amount of time, even during the execution, the process will go.

Now, as to what is the effect after practice. Absolutely correct! In yoga, there is a section: quick methods of yoga. Kundalini Yoga applies to them. There is a logic to practice fast techniques in yoga, it is necessary to strictly observe the following rule: at each practice to be the beginning of practice, the practice itself and the completion of practice.

As for the “completion of practice,” then rather tough position:

– The completion of practice is necessary to leave the place where this practice was;

– With no one to talk;

Do not discuss the practice with each other or in each other’s presence. It is better for some time to be alone.

And then such an effect. At the time of practice you have, like a spring, which is compressed, squeezed, squeezed, and then ended the practice, and you just released this situation. And here it begins to decompress the spring, and you start to really feel very thin, subtle moments.

Once again, for the more experienced who have been doing this, there is a strange kind of effect … First, you start to feel all the time. Secondly, even the remembrance of the practice, you begin to cause the same effect. You simply immersed in the memory, as you did the exercises, hands, feet, once more, when the response, if you are physically made. This is an important moment.

Olga Kalinicheva. Astra Group, the city of Samara: I would like to share my impressions. In the beginning, I tried pritopnut for stronger, there is something to wake up. The body stiffened, and even became scared: I do not wake up something extra?

I thought, “Okay, I will not chase not for what the results will be for a little – a little. And she began to do so, in principle, that the feet do not hit even on the floor, but only touch, and woke up in the legs and vibration, and Kundalini somewhere felt. So the method of non-violence and harmony is important in any yoga.

And when it began to make Kriya with a partner when he went closer contact went slopes very quickly went deep feelings. Suddenly faced a wave. Still, kriya yoga and kundalini kriya yoga, they are different. Probably strengthens Kundalini practice.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Indeed, my friends, the secret of harmony, not to hit harder, harder to bend, and that was in an internal echo, internal resonance. You did something inside and it responded. Entering the path of rapid methods, the best policy, it is not expected to result.

When we let go of the situation, it is natural that we begin to feverishly to expect any result, then the result will be blocked. We should let things happen, and we are starting to implement something.

Elena. Astra Group: The first time I practiced the practice with a partner. You could say that I did the energy method. Suggested sensations and felt tremors in the area of the feet to the knees. Then there was some heat in the lumbar region, and from contact with the partner appeared warm it in the spinal column, the spinal column. Then I caught myself on the moment, that remained there alone, opened my eyes – and we are so much …. It dissolved, whether … feeling that one whole is divided into particles.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Indeed. When really done yoga of rapid methods, especially when there is a factor of society, pulls superpowers, then later at a certain stage there is a very interesting thing, a purely psychological. The more people involved in the practice, the more powerful the practice.

On the other hand, the more powerful the practice, the more blurred the perception that they are separate people. And you’re immersed in a condition called non-duality. More precisely, it is you and the surrounding universe. And you, on the one side two and on the other hand, that with the outside, this is a reflection of thee same. It seems that you, or one-on-one with the Absolute, or one-on-one with yourself. Although a lot of people around, stop, anything to take.

This effect is observed in the crush. You are driving a bus, metro, train, and that’s stuffed full salon, you will squeeze somewhere. It would seem that there are so many people, so many thought-forms, so many things – everything, but at some point suddenly everything merges into something whole and there is a sense of security, a feeling that everything is alive, and he can be trusted. And people intuitively immersed in a meditation, such meditation bus, when you suddenly immersed in some of his memories, feelings, emotions. Feeling as if you were sleeping, I did not see anyone at all. This is a very interesting effect.

Suffice it to strong effect, it mobilizes, because mankind has experienced a lot of crisis, when everyone had to get off in a heap in order to survive. Who has not lost his, he froze. It is inherent in us, friends. After all, in fact, the way of life, which we are conducting, appeared quite recently, and thousands of years before that, remember what it was.

Anna Sipaska. Freestyle listener: this yoga practice was the first time for me. Mass. Impressions, in fact, a whole bunch. Before I practiced one, everything is perceived in a different way. Today’s practice was pretty exciting feeling from the beginning. I happened to enter the trance state to begin with. But due to the fact that the constantly changing partners, I’m not really perceived, who exactly changed, but all the same, each person I felt differently. That is, there was one feeling, but it was always different. Something has changed, but something remained unchanged.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: This is also an effect of teamwork, different partners, some higher, some lower, may be particularly different. It turns out that there’s some novelty of partner change, it does not allow you to get used to. On the other hand, you feel something in common, universal, regardless of what kind of a partner.

Indeed, according to the concept that the body we have as a gift. We have a very well made our bodies. If a person is physically, mentally healthy, then the part that he brings along with her birth I, quite small. A pattern of bodies, it is the same. If you do practice, then all merges.

Mammoth Maria. Freestyle listener: When changing partners, were first thought that this is a different person, and it becomes difficult to make any movement, respectively, to enter with him into a rhythm, find harmony. Then I remembered the practice, which we did with meditation, which is the Absolute. At a time when I tried to imagine that this universe, everything went easily and thoughts are gone, and the movement went smooth and harmonious.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: This moment we have not yet touched. We have said that we have our Higher Self and it manifests itself through the energy and consciousness of our basic energy is manifested as Kundalini. But what we did not tell about this factor, which is called the Absolute. Who is the Absolute? This is a difficult question. This is the root cause of being. This is the life that has made us, all life and all the rest. To a certain extent. it can be called “our Progenitor.”

The different religions are trying to work out this theme through the concept of a deity or principle. Someone talks about a heavenly father who is talking about the mother of the world, someone says about the cosmic law of the Tao, someone talks about a luminous emptiness. All told for thousands of years, there is a question: “Which of them is lying?”. One says of his father and the other on the mother, who is mom or dad? Remember: “If my grandmother would have had a mustache, it would be my grandfather?”

If we talk about the heavenly father, then where do cosmic law of the Tao? If we talk about the great void, then there could in fact, how it relates to all of the above?

The problem is that the concept of the Absolute, the same complex as the concept of our Higher Self It is so much so grand and universal, which somehow comes up to him, and you still come near. And the notion of higher than the notion of individual religions, and even higher than materialism or idealism. This is what it is. It is that from which life originated. This is something of which made our I.

Here, words or thoughts can not be expressed, because Absolut is higher than the words and thoughts. But on the other hand, yoga techniques can enable a higher intuition or direct apprehension. And directly know, what is the Absolute.

And our thoughts or words, it just kicks or clue in which direction we have to work. Therefore, any teaching or any theory that tries to explain what is the root cause of being, it is in fact, crutches, some words that develop our minds, make us think of the subject. And in the future, or will experience this experience, that feeling or not.

And the logic of cognition of the Absolute as follows: to learn the Absolute must first voleizyavit that he is, as the Absolute has created us free in his own image and likeness, without pre-knowledge. If we knew that the Absolute is, we would no longer be free. Not pokurolesit especially, religions popridumyvaesh. It turns out that we, in our own freedom must first rise to the level of the Absolute before the Absolute manifested in our lives. But there is a difficulty, and how do we conceive of the Absolute, if it is ineffable?

Help comes another, very powerful yoga philosophy, that at the moment there is no difference between the manifestation of the essence and form of expression. Therefore, if you are before the practice begins to believe that everything around you is a single Absolute that no individual, no individual objects and phenomena, and all around you the ocean of the Absolute, in the time of practice with a partner, knowing that now manifests itself through it Absolute (after a body of another person), you are not strange start to ignore the man, but to tune in to what is really on the other side of all the objects, people or events.

This is the second extremely powerful factor in accelerating your spiritual development. The first powerful factor – is the fact that you understand that you have your Higher Self A second factor is that you understand that there is another force in the universe – is the Absolute.

If you, at the same time, at the time of the practice will be based on these two forces, you are in a pincer movement, take any control. If we are talking about the fastest method of yoga, such as kundalini yoga, and there also assumed that there is a factor of the Absolute.

And when, say, you will begin to awaken the Kundalini, as we read in the ancient texts, then the person the feeling that it is not his personal energy, and this is all cosmic energy, which only exists in the universe. It is not just his personal, individual man sitting kundalinka and universal energy of the entire universe. And his power of perception, it is so grand and space, that one can not even believe that he is, he feels that it is someone else.

And in order to better pass this way, sometimes doing meditation on Kundalini energy as the space goddess mother, gave rise to the entire universe, which greatly speeds up the process.

If we take the love of yoga, then there is a meditation similar laya yoga that you do today after exercise, but sharpened to the limit romanticism. The point of this meditation is that you meditate, that the basis of your body is not Kundalini energy, and a beautiful girl – Mother of the world, which awakens and goes on a date for the vertebral column to her lover young man who no more, no less, as the Father of all world. You become a bystander process of romantic love within your body.

Your inner woman (she Kundalini) is connected to your inner man, (and this is Shiva himself – the principle of the creation of the universe), consciousness. You begin meditation as a girl in love, anticipation, waiting for a meeting with her lover, wakes her awake, not any there potopyvaniya and pat, and bhava, the feeling of first love.

By the way, when a person grows in his youth a person has the expectation of his love. This feeling makes soft and nice to wake up this potential. And as this love begin to grow, develop into an all-consuming passion, which captures literally everything is just going to convert this energy into the flow of the awakened kundalini energy.

And each time, when this energy rises from chakra to chakra, played such an internal meditation, as if this girl was on the way from one city to another, stopping in each town on a little rest before moving on. And she goes, goes, goes to the top of the head, and in the top of the head is connected to your loved ones in an ecstatic union and it sverhsostoyanie ecstasy when in love with each other united and merged.

And this method of meditation for the softest laya yoga. Why? Yes, because if a person is in love, he forgets about everything, he is afraid of nothing. He thought not in their associative connections that grab his karmic dirt. No, he forgets about them. Therefore, if he releases them, they are easy to dissolve themselves and without violence, without that awful sense of death. Like when you are on the one hand, to make some kind of structure is dissolved, and think on the other hand, that’s what you are. And in a fit of love, you, watching this scene, as it were fall in love and forget about their structure. You will still have as you have arranged the body, you no longer cling to the idea of himself, and of the inner dirt. Therefore, in this meditation, this is the most beautiful and gentle way to prepare your body for energy awakening of the Kundalini.

There is another very important factor that can not be silent. The fact is that when the Kundalini energy awakes, this is a very powerful capability. So the structure of our body, that when you get a powerful potential force, prana, the first thing it should be spent for the continuation of life. So we’re done. It turns out that after awakening the Kundalini energy, or even a small emanation, this emanation can walk, take a walk through your body, and then converted into a terrible flash erotic, that is, the desire for sex. Strong – a strong – a strong, so strong that everything else fades.

This is a rather serious obstacle or barrier, because if you start to have sex, and you will be in such a state, the so-called sex with a loss, then you quickly podrasteryal this potential. And then it will be harder to achieve longer … For this reason, need such meditation that without canceling possible outbreaks erotic, very – very quickly will convert them to a more refined state, to a state of love, in a state where this energy goes further higher. There is nothing more powerful in this respect than the state of love. Because the state of love full control over sexual manifestations.

If there is no component of the yoga of love, you have to use the following methodology of Kundalini Yoga. It is when one begins to overshadow the basic manifestation of the other.

The basic manifestation of the Muladhara chakra is fear.

The basic manifestation of Svadhisthana Chakra is the desire to possess, lust.

The basic property of Manipur – anger.

I list some of the most negative qualities. If you are not going to such a harmonious way, through an appeal to the supreme love, appeals to the Supreme Absolute, but such mechanistic, which are all now addicted to the West, it is necessary to use just such a sequence. Fear you win lust, lust, anger. When you feel that you are stuck on the principle of land, lust you use, more on this meditate. When back up, you are using a state of anger, which overshadows … .. And so on, on, on …

But it is very difficult and very dangerous thing, because it is possible to stay on the level of anger. You remember, we have no positive or negative qualities, there is only appropriate and inappropriate. Therefore, anger, lust, and fear, it’s all very good things, but on one condition, that is we manage them, and they are not us. And there can be little and podrasteryal because anger, they are very scary.

Today was the question: Does any teacher of humanity can, which rose to a certain level, to fall? (Spiritually). The teacher, of course, can not. But practices could well.

Let’s say you have awakened Kundalini energy, and you have it started to rise, say, to the level of desire. Let’s say you have overcome the level of lust, anger. But, let’s not have coped with anger, you are distracted by the external world. And you start to turn into such personalities, such as Genghis Khan, the ruthless invaders such that on the one hand, they want to establish order. Which, indeed, have an enormous charisma. This is a very strong personality, they rally around you all, but on the other hand, you turn into such a powerful factor in the destruction of the world.

Therefore, the “fallen Yoga” (as in one text was written), they tend to be born in the next life is very powerful personalities, but of which there are many problems to all remaining creatures. And all because to a certain level and the power came on it we are stuck.

Student: Question on completion of practice, when we pull the socks on my own – for yourself. This movement caused a very powerful feeling. It is also special to something awakened?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: This kriya with a partner. Friends, look, there is a direction of yoga called – Kriya Yoga. You all it is probably familiar with the usual kriyam.

This morning you were all doing kriya yoga. This is just one very narrow part of the entire arsenal, which is contained in the kriya yoga. There kriya yoga transitional pranic where you come to the breathing exercises. There kriya yoga with a partner, it’s about what you do. Etc….

There are a variety of exercises. In particular, what we did, it’s one of the exercises of yoga kriya with a partner. A lot of them. Because as an athlete need exercise equipment, fitness equipment, yoga need only one thing – a rug, and a flat area, preferably without mosquitoes not to bite. And here is some more accelerated options, they are more demanding and need already gym trainer. And there is nothing better for a man, as a gymnastic than people. So we carved. Better yet, if there is a difference of the sexes, where men and women. Although in principle it is not particularly actually, but it gets even better. At no other simulator you do not get the same effect. The bending of the body, the other bending of the body they are key to the lock fall, and any movement echoes.

We still do, there are plenty of interesting exercises ….

Do you know why I move this topic today? Practice has shown that people now pull out of bestiality, we need sticks and carrots. That is the kind of exercises that a person begins to engage without any violence against him, but that he would have been buoyed and spurred to go further. Experience shows that Kriya Yoga with a partner, as well as hatha yoga with a partner as the pair or pairs of pranayama meditation, they are extremely challenging in this respect.

I have yoga classes began to go guys that have a general not engaged. I do not want to strain them, and here they are – again, and hit, and everything went, gone, gone …. Caught in the right track.

Remember, yoga – it’s not violence. Violence little that can be done. Yoga – is something that you, in a good sit down. You do, and I want to do.

Listener: I take the Kundalini energy is pertinent to our Higher Self?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: None. Absolutely inappropriate. It has nothing to do with our higher self, it is a manifestation of our Higher Self

I draw your attention to that at the time of display, there is no difference between what is shown and how manifested in our world. But Kundalini can not be itself without the higher self and the higher self can be without the Kundalini energy. When she’s not in the developed state, and latent, when we have not yet translated into this world.

Therefore, Kundalini energy can not be our Higher Self And second, no less important point: your mind can be your Higher Self

We are here, yet inexperienced people before us have not got the crowds of sectarians from India. And there are these sects everywhere … But soon they will already be there. More precisely the very first swallows arrived, I write letters, somehow give them to read, you will understand that our sectarians – the angels of heaven, down to the fact that there pret. Our plain, and there ….

Popret next thing would be to say that I am human and consciousness – are one and the same. This is a gross error! Your mind and your higher self are two different things. Consciousness can not be without your Higher Self, but the higher self can be no factor manifestations of consciousness.

Be careful with the philosophical concepts that are now from India to enter!

I’m a huge number of years spent on the propagation of yoga know, what I’m catching myself? For that it is necessary now, it would not by all means, very rigid censorship of everything that comes from India. Because right now, supposedly, under the brand of yoga, here such nonsense gets. And some crap rough enough, and it is easy to recognize, but some subtle that not every person who is engaged in yoga, do not immediately understand where, specifically, his cheating.

I suddenly caught myself on the fact that I’m starting to turn into such purists yoga …

Do you know what a dangerous idea? Because if you build a practice on the wrong concept, you will sooner or later begin to violate the principles of yoga. You have to make ends meet do not converge, and you will solve them for someone else, someone else’s expense. This is bad, my friends.

Listener: I wanted to ask about the risks associated with the practice. On the one hand we have the risk of getting stuck on some level, and thus to have excessive negative manifestations in the form of anger, fear. On the other hand, if you approach from the yoga of love, because love lasts for a long time is not, as you have said, and then there comes some other period. Love, in this case, can also be a grenade, bomb, starts different processes inside. The idea is that the excess can trigger a manifestation of anger and so on. How can that be then?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: No, it’s a matter of love of yoga, we have repeatedly discussed. Go to the site openyoga.ru course on yoga of love, there was not once such questions.

No, friends, love – it vnekarmichny gift. Love and the unfolding of your karma, are two big differences. How Yoga teaches us, from the highest love is never any problems. Problem is when we begin to experience a different feeling already and call it love. As a result, most gamma comes not pleasant consequences.

Student: We are practicing laya yoga, representing dissolution of principles to prepare, God forbid, the Kundalini wakes up, it will be unusual and unexpected for us. A presentation of these take us nowhere! When dissolved principles respectively, we do not match or coincide with what can be. Maybe we present a very different?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes, indeed, we can not imagine that there will be as long as we do not survive. And if we survive, then why do we represent? Here the question “chicken and egg” to begin.

The answer is here: just as little children play with blocks or sand, build small houses, castles, they have a resemblance to the real houses and real locks, but then, when a person grows up and becomes an architect and already building the present, in largely determined by the earliest aspirations.

If we all think about this topic if we all look into ourselves if we did try to feel: “What we have going on inside?” The average person is living? He lives outside, he vaguely represents what’s inside. He closes his eyes, and in some gray haze, it is not clear that there is, and how it is arranged. Therefore meditation, which, at least physically linked, firstly, to the different centers, to the sequence of these centers, it willy – nilly make yourself look back and have to understand as a first approximation, that’s going on, how are you going and what there you have going on.

And even this is a very great gift, because there are no surprises. You have something where something began to stir, and you know, “I remember, meditated, it was something like that …”, and imagine that all was not your vision and suddenly you, in one way or another part of the body began some processes. And they lead to the terrible state of uncertainty, when all of a sudden, something stirred.

It is an echo of what some yoga classes, such states are called in the slang language – sausage. You’re done, can you do some practice and then, as they say, you raskolbas. You felt that you got stir, stir it, and you can not say that it’s nice, it kak-to unusual chto-to there start to spin, spin … And if you before this, in meditation, often viewed , at least some preliminary scheme have seen, it would be much less painful.

Now the second, principled answer to this question. How do we know all this theory? Her V.V.Z. invented? No! Her cunning Indians came up, hoping to earn some money? No! Where does it come from? This is a gift for teachers and teachers of yoga, who once experienced these states and left behind, at least some description, with which we could start. It is a beacon that will show you, to sail in any direction.

In general, the knowledge that you have a center channel, knowing that you have all the energy of Kundalini, knowing that you have chakras, my friends, is called – dedication.

Simply knowing what it is. You’d never know it if you had not told about it. More specifically, you may have guessed, and after forty years of daily practice, and you got it right, as a gift.

My favorite way of comparison, imagine – you said: “Here in this forest buried treasure.” Well, buried and buried, now the whole forest break? And at what depth, but reached you the information more clearly: “The coordinates are such and such.” There are two big differences, search through the whole forest, or dig into a highly directional spot. This is like that, and laya yoga, has given a hint, where to dig and what to expect.

Of course, until we start digging, we have some one submission, from the book “Treasure Island” as there “where the treasure buried.” But it is necessary to start somewhere, this knowledge is extremely accelerates all processes, no matter how close to the sensations that you will then experience the reality.

Student: Can a few words about the practice of yoga mantra in Kundalini yoga. And what is the role for the Bija Mantra Chakra?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Let’s analyze what we have done before. We all tried one of the practices to the physical body through impulses come to the realization of the Kundalini energy and, anyway, to try to awaken her. We did kriya yoga with a partner, and then we do the breathing exercises. And then, and more can awaken the Kundalini energy, each individually, but when together, the effect is stronger.

But just as there are other methods, in particular also in the mantra yoga. It can only be a mantra yoga, without anything to awaken the Kundalini energy, but if you connect Mantra yoga has physical and breathing exercises, the effect is even stronger.

Now a few words about the method of Kundalini awakening with the help of mantras. The text says so strange and difficult to understand the phrase in relation to the Kundalini energy, “energy body Kundalini – is the mantra.” Think about it, there is virtually no difference between inner mantra, sounding to us and the energy of the Kundalini. The original vibration, which is the basis of our body, it is perceived as sounding mantra.

Now on Saturdays I read a series of lectures devoted to the book of Arthur Avalon, aka John George Woodroffe “Garland of Letters” – is one of the greatest books of the western man mantra yoga. I am sending you this book for a more detailed explanation.

And here I want to say, if you awaken mantra, then in fact, you awaken the Kundalini energy. No difference. But as different mantras are responsible for the different aspects, it is possible to awaken one aspect, another, third, fourth, that the work of the mantra because of the mantra, you have awakened Kundalini energy, in that aspect, the result of which you want to receive.

The chain itself is interesting: we have a bunch of direct access, direct wire to the Kundalini energy through our speech. We can, something distinctly speak, we make the air vibrations, but in fact, the air vibration – a reflection of a more subtle vibration, the vibration of thought. A vibration of thought more subtle vibrations of our internal structures. And those vibrations directly originate from the Kundalini energy.

Or in another way. What would you say, a single word, should occur the following process: your Higher Self voleizyavilo Pronounce, you realize it and in parallel with this, the momentum of consciousness reached your basic energy, Kundalini, and forced her to do the proper vibration, this vibration is passed all the fine structure and fell with the word of your language.

Every word that you say, is directly related to the energy of the Kundalini. We speak of the Kundalini energy. If you have a bunch between word and essence, and it comes when you stop lying, you come directly to the Grand science – Munro yoga. You have all the words turn into a mantra and your every word marks.

If you start to untie this complex scheme of spoken word, to the Kundalini energy, due to the practice of yoga mantra we have other access outside the physical body. You can even hands and feet do not swing, not even breathing, and simply repeating the mantra, mantras, mantras and, sooner or later, reach the awareness of the Kundalini energy.

As the basic exercises that are used at the same time, given the following, we will do the same today:

You begin to recite a mantra, such as a mantra “Om”, thus: “A-O-Y-M.”

At the same time you start to meditate. When you say the “A”, your basic Kundalini started and the emanation from it begins to rise from the bottom of the body of your spine above.

Once it reaches the navel, “A” letter is transformed into the “O”.

“O” above “I” and so rises, rises to the head.

Where it is transformed into the “M”, beyond all sounds.

You start over again to repeat the “A-O-U-M”, imagining how each time this energy rises from the base of the body, passes a wave to the top of the head.

Then you start adding emotion. You start to add in the “A-O-U-M” all the emotions that can only be experienced: fear, anger, envy, lust, anger … whatever you want. And it turns out that this emotion is more to the point, allowing mantra to awaken faster.

As for the more subtle mantras, such as the Bija Mantra, is a separate, more subtle science. This is when you already have experience of working with mantras and you start to different centers use different mantras. And you will be enough to say this or that mantra, and you begin to vibrate one or another facility. But this is a delicate work.

I used to compare the human body with a musical instrument, where there are three main strings stretched vertically – this is the central, left and right channels, as well as support the strings that diverge in different directions from each chakra. And how can the instrument strum and play some music, like this, with the help of different mantras, can selectively excite, then one, then another state in the different chakras, but talk about it later on.

Student: During practice, when Kundalini went dissolution reached the center of consciousness, had the phrase “now the pleasure begins to drain.” It is not clear where it begins to drain? The entire body to fill?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Once Kundalini reached the top of your head, your body is like an empty walnut, all structures of the inner you the solution, you have only pure physical body, without any cockroaches in my head, with no associative connections, and without any debris inside that makes we somehow strained.

It is believed that in this state, a person in ecstasy, he really connects consciousness and energy, and is formed prana on top of the head, and this Prana begins to drain, on the inner empty space and to support the human body at the time when you are in samadhi, that it is not dead, that was where to return.

On the one hand, it is the elixir that cures all diseases, this is the method that supports life, when you are in such extreme condition, went into samadhi without object.

There are a continuation of this theme associated with Yoga and medicine. We, praise the Absolute, a lot of students have a medical degree, that I was extremely happy. You remember, yoga is never a substitute for medicine. They work together. You always want to make a more powerful bond between medicine and yoga. In the history of mankind known such ligaments, in particular, is known Tibetan medicine, which is based on a tantra called Chzhud-shek and comments. Comments called “Vaidurya-onbo”. There are many kinds of meditation on health-restoring agent. They have the Buddha of Medicine. The Buddha in charge of medicine.

The situation is similar in the Indian Yogis, there too there are images, if they meditate, they have very positive health-improving effect.

In particular, a meditation, that you sit and meditate, like a crown of the head flows down, the so-called catfish – the elixir of life, or drains the elixir of immortality, and you just feel like it flows, washing out of you all the diseases that are out there are treated as that is not relevant. Can you imagine how this or that dirt (cause of disease) that flow, literally washed away, it comes from you and is picked up by others, those who do not.

That is something that is within you … totally inappropriate wrench in the washing machine – quite pertinent thing, but – very necessary in the workshop. Similarly, we have breakdowns and illness from the fact that did not get to his place. We give such practices by washing out, they all go back to this practice, when you raise the Kundalini energy, and you have the energy and consciousness are connected, an excess of Prana, which is the elixir of immortality dripping from top of your head, keeping your body and your body healthy it.


MARSHALL: the inner circle of men in front of a woman or girl – a girl, if you do not have enough pairs. Alternating the couple man – woman and girl couple – girl.

Now we do a little warm-up, so that you finally woke up, and then we’ll do a very accelerated meditation of yoga of love, where you will meditate on natyu inside, like a girl running in the top of the head. And then we get to Mantra Yoga, Kundalini Yoga mantras for how they are connected.

Become straight, straighten your back, neck and head.

We recall that teachers and yoga teacher gave us the highest knowledge that at the base of the body is the energy of Kundalini in the crown of our head is shown the light of our consciousness and are connected to the energy and consciousness of the center channel.

Meditate, along the spine that we have a sky blue tube, the size, the thickness of a finger, empty and illuminated inside.

Mentally we try to find where is the center channel, and remember that all of our thoughts, feelings, experiences revolve near the central channel, and it is stationary.

So now we start randomly moving your arms, legs, head, torso, and do meditate on the central channel. In the free dance moves head, arms, legs, and you meditate on the central channel.

Now, turning their backs to each other and begin to rub against each other by the central channels. How do cats rub against the leg in the same way and you are third.

As soon as one or another of the feeling that there is something in the back prevents that something is wrong, some irrelevance, begins this part rubbing against another. Only there is a subjective feeling that something was going wrong, both start to work out this place.

Forward, backward, left, right, any movement chaotic, spontaneous, can join hands, elbows hooked, as it is convenient, and we do.

Shook hands, the girl – a girl swapped, the inner circle has shifted to one and continue to do the same.

Thanked each other, shook hands, the girl – the girl changed, the inner circle at one moved, continue to do the same.

Slow down, stop, shook hands, the girl – the girl changed, the inner circle on one shifted, become back to back, hooked on his elbows and start to twist themselves.

Slow down, stop, shook hands, the girl – the girl changed, the inner circle at one moved, continue to do the same.

Slow down, stop, shook hands, the girl – the girl changed, the inner circle has shifted to one, sit back to back.

And begin meditation as laya yoga, but without meditation that abstract Kundalini awakens, and begin to act out this internal natyu.

In his mind’s eye fell at the base of his body and in the sacrum area saw a cave. Cave – a set of stone. We saw in the cave a beautiful sleeping girl. Firestarter. Ideal facial features, shapes. For myself say: “Wake up, Goddess.”

At the top of the head we see a beautiful palace. We see in it a nice young man. Courageous, strong, handsome, Bhavna, sincere, courageous, reliable, constant, delicate. This young man looks into the base of your body and asks: “Come to me, my love!”.

And then he begins to chant the name of the goddess. Lover boy with loving eyes looking at the sleeping girl. She feels that looking at her, begins to wake up. Wakes up more and more, and by her beauty the entire lower part of the body begins to glow. The joy and happiness in the bottom of the body.

Filled with energy eternal spring. Here she woke up, so she got up and, like the stairs, began to rise through the central channel above.

Feel like a beautiful light of her beauty, life begins to follow her. Rise to 4 fingers above the sacrum to the next town – svadhisthana chakra. water principle. We see the beautiful city of Venice.

A young man with a crown of the head says: “Come, my love!”.

Here it rises further. As soon as it rises above all follows it, and there is more of this city on the water, it dissolved all the light and beauty of love.

It rises up to the navel center.

She hastens to meet his young man climbs even higher and reaches the heart center. And there shines the light of beauty, love, love.

Here it rises even higher to the throat center. Hastening forward to his beloved.

Here she climbed even higher, to the center between the eyebrows. Very close to her beloved. All bathed in light and its beauty, everything else is meaningless.

And it rises from the center between the eyebrows to the top of the head and is part of the palace.

He saw there his favorite young man approaches him and they hug. As they embraced, top of the head flashed a dazzling light, joy, happiness, and a stream of the elixir of immortality, the flow of clear water begins to drain from the top of the head, washing the whole body. Washing out of the physical body all inappropriate, unnecessary. Some debris is washed out of you in all directions, some dirt out. All of this flows into the ground, and in the land of happily picked up by other creatures. Because what you trash them medicine. Some gear for your car picked up ….

We feel the flow as if a waterfall pouring down on top of her head, as if washed falls in love, and then running down your body, healing, filling force.

That your body is completely washed, clean, it begins to fill elixir. Prior to the brim filled, and excess begins to flow down the surface of your body, washing you out, making the body beautiful.

And now the girl goodbye and I kissed the boy, and after returning home lovers meeting. Starts to fall in the area between the eyebrows, re-creating the city of Mind. Perfect.

Here it is below to the throat center and begins to create concept spaces. All the space is lit with joy.

Here it is below, to the heart center and there creates a beautiful city, full of love and beauty.

She dropped to the navel center, the city has created the navel.

Here she sank even lower, has created a city of water.

She sank into the lowest center and contented, and happy after the meeting and went to sleep.

So we played a natyu. Inner layyu, but no longer with abstract concepts: energy, consciousness, and only humanity, love the script.

Now we get up, anchoring sensation in the spine again paired kriya.

Match backs to each other and begin to rub against each other again.

Slow down, stop, shook hands, the girl – the girl changed, the inner circle at one moved, continue to do the same.

Slow down, stop, shook hands, the girl – the girl changed, the inner circle on one shifted. Pivoted to face and begin to jump on one, two legs, it’s nice.

Slow down, stop, shook hands, the girl – the girl changed, the inner circle on one shifted. We continue to jump.

We slow down, stop, the girl – the girl changed, the inner circle on one shifted. Those in the inner circle lies on his stomach in the head center, and the outer circle back to them lies above. We find a nice position. Getting Started: toes themselves, by themselves. How to move forward and backward. Let the feelings go along the spinal column.

Now who’s on top begins to wiggle to the right – to the left. If nice, helping himself with his hands.

We stop, shake hands change places and do the same. Socks from himself. Pushes the longitudinal sense of the body.

Left – right, helping himself with his hands, as it rolls.

We slow down, stop, thank each other.

Part 4

We are with you, my friends, met with the soft option with mental dissolution. This does not necessarily mechanistic conception of principles that dissolve the energies. This may well be won back through imaginative scenarios. Oddly enough, and he and the other version of the work.

Option with contemplation at the base of his body of a girl who went through the cities, of course, I gave this meditation in a simplified form. Each chakra – a city where there is the governor and ruler, and they like the suite in the future go for this girl – princess. Other details may be found in various texts of various traditions. It turns phantasmagoria, when you are inside yourself you start to play a cosmic scale productions or exciting moments of life, the ideal of love, search for the ideal man of his wife, his second half.

Remember, this is quite a widespread mythological reception at AS Pushkin “… about a sleeping princess …”. You are learning the myths, and then projecting these myths on its internal state and feeling. It is extremely difficult to investigate these yogas, because you read and you can not tell if you tell a story, whether it really is, methods for working with the internal structures of the body and its devices. You see only when you begin to live it, you begin to practice, to reflect, to think, you’re always something to read, compare, you analyze. And then, during the yoga classes come to you parallel that here meant it, but here – it.

Moreover, there are things that yoga is not accepted voice, it is considered that the student must guess yourself. Just as in school the teacher gives the tasks that the student must decide for himself that they had not decided for him. And self-knowledge is transformed into a fascinating process.

So, we have examined the elements of Laya – more human and less than human. He and other work. The main thing is that you start a new take all the processes within you, you begin to highlight them, and drawn in a first approximation. Like the early sailors who were the most primitive maps of the world, look, sometimes they publish – cards 15, 16 and 17 centuries. And better and better with each passing century drawing. Likewise, you on as you practice, you will feel all of their fortunes, their body device clearer and clearer. And with understanding comes the opportunity to use it. Friends, thoughts, comments, suggestions, questions?

MOYU, Elena Wagner, artist Catur: I a month do not write poetry.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: And now it struck? And you say, the practice does not work!

MOYU, Elena Wagner, Catur group: The most amazing thing straight during practice! For those who have not read “Ananda Lahari” and does not know who is the winner of Tripura, it is Shiva. Such images come:

Your hugs are lit in the heart

Tens of millions of suns, and lightning,

Like the wonders of Nikola Tesla.

And heart to heart radiate waves

And the melting ice in the tops of mountain peaks

Feeding water Kama and Cupid.

And I see one of your faces,

Smile winner Tripura.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Bravo! Here they are, students MOYU pride! Well done! Friends, you have to be all the person I should be proud of you. You have to outdo me in everything! You have to sit in this place and conduct seminars. And I Samadhi …

Go ahead. Bunch with mantra yoga, this is what we must now come. The process of origin of articulate speech, thinking process, or naming, and the process bundles of consciousness and energy at the subtle level of prana, it is extremely difficult to understand, but the exciting moment. I will not touch the hard theory. I am no longer going to balk at the practice.

Mantra Yoga is indeed a very powerful tool. And we need to get a taste of yoga mantra, to ensure the power of the mantras. For this we need to practice, and remember that every word that you say, in fact – the emanation of the Kundalini energy. Very small, fine, she sleeps, but are small flashes, which appear as the work of our speech, as the work of our mind.

And if you go on the reverse, on the question to the mind, from the mind to the Kundalini energy, then we can find a path faster. To do this, apply the mantra of yoga in this way – first chant loudly, emotionally, until the cry, as long as this does not begin to vibrate the mantra, literally, your whole body, your whole mind. Then do not care anymore, you repeat out loud or silently, with this vibration level of mind pervades your whole body, all of your structure, and they begin to glow and work, buzzing. Including basic energy, the Kundalini begins to emerge stronger and stronger. And in the future using the power of words can make it show itself.

This is the power of speech, my friends! One of the most powerful forces. In ancient Vedic times higher art and the most power of the Brahmans possessed. They had the power of words, the power of the mantra. In fact, all the Vedas, a collection of mantras, which, anyway, are forced to wake up the Kundalini energy in one aspect or another, and to perform certain tasks.

Therefore, little by little it is necessary to start working with the voice. Working with a voice very hard. Sometimes you ask a person: “Why do you speak softly.” And he, as a rule, in reply, said: “Yes, I do not want to.” No, friends, it neither wants, he can not! This is such a fine line between “do not want” and “can not”, which is rooted in the causal structure. And that is contaminated with the causal structure does not allow you to have a loud, clear, articulate speech. We need to start working with the Kundalini energy with that to start to learn to speak loudly and clearly. For this is prescribed to repeat certain mantras.

Mantras many different mantras, yoga mantra this section, I now do not want to completely leave. Mantras know an enormous amount, in fact, the entire Rigveda consists of poetry – mantra. However, there are some mantras duplicated. For example, part of the mantras, which are in the Rig Veda, Sama Veda and repeated in the Yajur Veda. In addition, there is still the mantra of more recent origin. List all of the mantra is not possible.

Let’s practice.

So, sit down. Let’s start with the pre-exercise.

In his mind’s eye, you are immersed in the base of the body, in the region of the sacrum, perineal, and look where the Kundalini energy.

Raise the tip of the tongue up, take a deep breath, and begin to sing the mantra “M”. We feel that same buzz and the same vibration is located at the base of your body.

Now we start to sing the mantra “A”, and imagine how this energy is awakened, you know, like a tongue of flame from the fire begins to rise slowly. It is very important, my friends, try to sing the mantra of “A” in unison with everyone. So you feel that all living things around in resonance with you. Therefore, we begin to sing along quietly. Now, a little louder, and see how much the fire lit! Still louder! Still louder! Louder! Louder!

Silent. Listen to the feeling that something inside rattle, vibrate. This is a very difficult exercise. Know if there is no desire, which means you run into pollution. I’m tired, I do not want to continue, I do not want louder, I do not want do not want do not want to! This means that you’ve reached the limit, “I can not” at the level of the causal body.

And now, when we warmed up, we’ll do another exercise. You start to sing the mantra “A” meditating in the foundation of the body, the energy awakens. Further, with the mantra “O” it rises to the navel, with the mantra “The” it rises in the heart, the throat center. And when she reaches the top of the head, it becomes a mantra of “M”. It turns out “A-O-Y-M.”

We are now all stand up, make circular yantra to you, and the sound is focused on each other looked to the center. Circling sit down, look at each other.

Now we get up, join hands and go on the attack on your ignorance. Ahead of the enemy, you can not see, it is dark and scary. And inside you state of clarity, courage, righteous anger. You start to run forward and sing “A-O-Y-M.” Louder, louder!

For a start will be enough.

Lie on your back to relax and listen to the sensations. You should feel a slight vibration of the whole body. This is a tedious exercise.

Why, when a soldier going into battle, they shout “Hurrah”? Why soldiers forced to march in orderly ranks, a step in the move? Yes, to make you forget the fear that you go to battle! You have to bring yourself into an altered state, overcoming fear. The principle of land Muladhara. But it can be overcome only by withdrawing himself in such a state.

As a rule, this is a very tedious exercise. But pay attention, you will have more clarity in my head. You begin to feel the different channels and centers. And if you add the mantra that you start repeating with emotion, they indirectly also lead to access to its basic energy.

Great sipping, yawn, turn over on his side, bend your knees and sit down.

You are now waiting for the fairest Rita yoga, which Victoria will. All!

Part 5

So, friends, let me remind you once again. There are many ways to work with and work with Kundalini Layey. One of them is the fact that you are using auxiliary kakie-to rites and rituals, such as how we are with you do fire ritual, just when the Kundalini practice is a certain connection, fire is on the outside and is related to the fire at the base of your body inside.

And then, at the time of the ceremony to pour oil and when oil flares, fire extended, like this we meditate, that within us energy wakes up and rises higher and higher, to the navel center, to the heart, to the throat, and so on until the top of the head .

And it is extremely effective is because when you look at the fire, you forget all about everything you would like to automatically fall into a kind of meditative state. And you there, you know that’s ’cause-effect’: poured oil on the outside, something happened, happened outside, and you are in a meditative state, then inside there. And for this reason, a fire or Agni in the Vedas was the carrier of the sacred, or the link between the world of humans and the higher spiritual realms, ie, some such link.

And it is extremely effective, so I also recommend that those who study Kundalini yoga from time to time to take the next ritual. Get away somewhere in a beautiful place, preferably outdoors, preferably in a fireproof place. Sit facing north, dig a hole quadrangular, somewhere there may be 30 cm by 30 cm, and a depth of centimeters, maybe 10. Earth, which was formed from this hole on the square scatter, spread. In this light the fire pit and after it breaks out, for the fire is best to use the most common dry sticks that you can gather up in the woods. And as soon as it breaks out, you’ll need to add to it the melted butter in small portions, while pronouncing the mantra and visualize how the fire like that from the outside, the fire flares up, which is within you. And along with the mantras you will be more and more adjusted to the inner feelings and, sooner or later, will enter into a kind of meditative state, my friends. Very stable, it must be said, the state.

Not without reason, look to have survived the fire-worshipers. Factor fire on the nature – extremely useful factor for the concentration of the mind, it is extremely useful.

And after you’ve spend, say, an hour and a half or two to repeat the mantras that you will pour oil on the fire, sometimes you can still throw some beans, then, here, believe me, you really forget about the surrounding world, about any problems.

Therefore, if you have in your life any unsolvable problems, you do not know how to make a decision, that does not know it! It is desirable for a day or two to retire into the woods, or in some lonely place, and that’s to practice reading mantras along with the fire, including those with your meditations on the basic principle of the Kundalini energy. Because the more this basic energy to wake up, the more the light of consciousness in your head starts to shine. And it is clear, you will see the problem, multifaceted and comprehensive, and it will be easier to take this or that decision.

Are there any questions on this theory?

Question: (inaudible).

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: This is a very interesting question. It is, in fact, a question which is extremely difficult to answer. A question on the case essentially boils down: where do we all know about yoga? Where did Yoga come from? Who invented it?

Some people believe that yoga came up with the Indians. It is not true friends. More precisely, it was not invented by the Hindus, and the ancestors of the Indians that India had not lived. The ancient knowledge of the Vedas was brought in Aryan tribes of India several thousand years ago. And these arias were from the north. Moreover, already on a particular analysis, directly or indirectly, it turns out that the Vedas together with the knowledge of yoga came to India through the territory of present-day Pakistan, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, our Central Asia, Kazakhstan. And then begin already difficult topics such routes that they like somewhere walked through the Ural Mountains. And because the North is extremely sacral theme throughout the mythology of India. On the one hand, that in the north of India are Himalayas, and local Indians more with this all relate. But if we know about the origin of knowledge, and we know that these gains knowledge that is called from the other side of the Himalayas, the North even further to the north. It’s hard, friends, anything to say about it. Because now, in fact, the science of history, few people seriously engaged. Portrayed in any point of view, it is generally accepted that, for example, do not allow alternatives. At the same time, full of alternatives that smack of obscurantism. This is a very serious situation. I’ve not much studied the issue. That some general rejection of the topic, what a flight of fancy runaway, just sometimes even scary.

Anyway, my friends, the North – a very sacred place. First, if you live in the northern hemisphere, accordingly, what you do? You have pole star around which everything revolves. invariance principle, eternity, the principle of the axis around which the whole universe revolves. And it is believed that there is in the north of Mount Meru, or the main axis the entire universe and everything revolves around it, just like your central channel. The allegorical sense Mount Meru.

Secondly, all associated with the sun. Because, again, if you’re in the northern hemisphere, you have the sun, if you look, here present, you look to the north and have the sun rises and sets, it gets you and sits down in a clockwise direction. That’s why another topic quite sakralizuetsya – a movement clockwise.

And it really? Maybe someday answer scientists who study this topic and historians. Or do we, until we reach this point. Secrets, secrets.

The policy should be next, we need to understand the knowledge of yoga, the knowledge of the Vedas in full. What we do not understand, we must sooner or later rediscover themselves, because a significant portion of this knowledge was lost. What we now use, it is a pittance. On the other hand, as long as it does not reach a full understanding, it is desirable to keep the ceremonial, which reached us. And suddenly there is a reasonable grain? I bow before the ritual at all at 100% does not make sense. But can not be ignored either.

Still have questions?

Question: mantra suitable for kindling the fire of Agni Gayatri?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: In fact, you can use a variety of mantras dedicated to Agni, that is not necessarily that there is still a lot of them. Generally, if you open the Vedas, there are hymns dedicated to Agni, or mantras dedicated to Agni, a huge amount. Now, by the way played, hear is the Vedas. That’s because their reciting, memorizing, serrated in a monotone. And there’s the very beginning of a few hymns, it’s just been Agni hymns.

Yet one question? Yes, please.

Q: Is it always fire rituals are accompanied by meditations on the ancestors or you can make a fire, read the mantra of Agni, and then practice any mantra?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: The question is always whether it is necessary to devote ancestors? Look, I can say only, as I see it personally. Of course, there are practices, fire rituals as the more ancient and so later, in medieval India or modern India, where there are so particular emphasis ancestors do. Something brought there and everything, and the rest is devoted to some, there the gods, idols, more modern or some more modern concepts.

But, as I see it, friends, sooner or later, when you begin to seriously pursue spiritual explorations, spiritual practices, you begin to understand that kind of thing – because we live in the bodies of people! And some of the body are in debt! Roughly speaking, you have creditors. What if you are not completely fulfilled all their debts? So once again to appease the lender that he was not obstructed, it means to get support.

Because in this respect factor ancestors, friends, very crafty, very crafty. How many times have I encountered such a situation, when, you know, today’s young people ponachitayutsya modern literature-Hindu yogic and let go, to wander, to reflect, to philosophise about kundalini, about the third eye, about meditation. That is tops picked up a little and like parrots, not quite understanding even sometimes shoot the breeze about it. But if you long to pay off debts ancestors, in fact, they do not give a blessing. And since we are all connected, there is a rigid lock all your spiritual practices. Roughly speaking, a person does spiritual practice swings at the highest and most simple did not.

Therefore, since we have a yoga school birth, it is always advisable to start any practice on the ancestors, teachers, our cosmic mother and father, and Absolute. Thus, we seem to enlist the support of the spiritual. In any case, we appeal to them. And they never themselves will not interfere with your life as long as you are not gonna call them. In this respect, they honor your freedom.

So I would recommend to any practice to start by mentioning the ancestors, teachers, our cosmic mother and father, and the Absolute, regardless of whether it is connected or not.

In addition, the ancestral factor – a factor protected. You never know what you’ll be there, do some complex ritual. We do very little to understand the forces that are enclosed in our body, our body is given to us as a gift. We simply do not know all the forces. As if we had not clicked on the wrong button inside. You know, and like that, as a small child when he runs in the presence of a parent, he is safe, because my mom and dad are looking towards, what he’s doing. Here, too, it is highly desirable to find such kind of assistance and protection from their ancestors, who knows what we will start doing, do not go in that direction, so that they repent and stop. You know, so, in time.

Sometimes we also rushing ahead. I just remember on their own: “God, what an idiot I was young.” You just can not imagine! Rare. Bezbashenny, young, brash, self-confident. This, with disdain referring to all and to all, all cast doubt.

On the one hand it is good. Why? Because, of course, I did not catch on no obscurantism. As soon as I started some tales, there is a la-hinduistsko spiritual talk, I was looking at these people, and looked into their eyes, and understand: What are you telling me stories, huh ?! And I saved a lot of time because of this, a lot of. Because you have no idea what process charlatans … it’s not even something that quacks, I do not even know how to call them, they are even charlatans will not name. Minded people, near simple. Something there is repeated, but they do not live it, it is in themselves do not believe, do not practice it.

But, on the other hand, this arrogance, it makes sometimes miss, really true teachers really true knowledge is indeed the true situation.

And here is how to combine in his life on the one hand self-sufficiency, and on the other hand is a neatly-respect for the ancient heritage? You know, like on a racing car as one foot on the gas pressure, and the other – on the brake to fit into the regular rotation. And so the factor of their ancestors, when you remember about them when you begin to rely on them, when you realize that you are, in fact, a little child, little understanding.

This one here posture, which we did when at the end of meditation you point between the eyebrows touch pad. This is called a pose “yoga mudra” or in one of the transfers “the symbol of yoga.” With whatever you may be wise, determined, self-sufficient, but you at some point you have to feel trust in parents, teachers trust in, trust in the Absolute. Otherwise, you can somewhere brink go.

I’ve been reminded of myself. Here once became ancestral ideals of yoga reach me, yes. Once started this knowledge in me to penetrate and work, then, of course, my horn pooblomali great, that is the audacity posbivat with me. But you know, I do not regret any of arrogance, nor that posbivat. Here it is all beautifully turned out. This is a common situation, such parents and children, the next generation, it is the fact and the next generation, it should be more such here “oh, go ahead!”. And the previous generation, it should be more cautious and it is here to guide the younger generation in the right direction. And that’s when this balance is met, then we obtain the Brahmans, obtained aristocrats obtained, as you say, noble family. Where the senior watch the spiritual development of the younger where fathers watching their children.

This is the ideal of the Vedas, in fact, it is the ideal of the Vedas, you have to be decisive and powerful, and at the same time humble and so humble. And that’s how it all ustakanilos? That’s just such meditations.

Who else has questions, comments? Yes, please.

Question: I have some reason first impression that meditate on those ancestors who are no longer. And we must also be of those who are now alive, the parents, as a rule, all alive, and then only to the dead?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: You know, in fact, is not so important. Because I know, for example, people who have such a strained relationship with his parents say. Purely objectively strained. And let’s say, we sometimes difficult to meditate on the immediate ancestors. But it is easier for a … You know, usually grandparents, they always spoil the grandchildren, but mom and dad, they are more preoccupied with themselves and more so strict. Therefore, the grandchildren, of course, extend to grandparents. That’s like here, the same effect that the more ancient of our ancestors, that … in that regard, first, they are more lenient with us, they are already closer to the truth, they are closer to the teachers.

And that is why it is sometimes easier to just think of the ancestors is not detailing. That is, who appeared in a mental image, that is. While on the other hand, I know people for whom mom and dad – a holy people. A role model and in general, we can say, the spiritual support in this life. So I specifically details how it comes as …

Question: What time I wanted the second part of the question asked. The fact that there are just the same bad relationship with his parents. Well, objectively, it is clear from all this objectively. But in the soul of the child should respect their parents. And if in this contempt, dislike is, I think it interferes with practice.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Absolutely right, friends. You know, like you did not belong to their parents, the fact that you’re still alive says that you owe them. That’s what I start any horror stories to tell, it is the horror stories that my father ran after the children with an ax in his hand are drunk, and so-forth. And how can you meditate on it, at all how to treat it? And so on and so forth. Well, not dorubil same? So you can feel good about it. Another conversation, if indeed there is any danger, it is necessary, of course, to make decisions. This does not mean that you should rush to the neck every time. Well, live alone or something there. Find a way to secure co-existence for all.

Even those who have what?

Q: Is there some kind of yoga, which deals with the relationship between the generations, and grandparents.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes, it is called yoga “Generic Yoga” or “Yoga Rod.” I send to all interested openyoga.ru site, locate the appropriate section. At one time, I was read yours truly Vadim Zaporozhtseva whole course. Long enough, almost half a year, I recite it. There are set out in more detail the basic provisions. But it is fundamental, in fact yoga at her then all the rest of yoga are based.

For example, here is the same, to me very often suitable, for example, sexual yoga. In yoga, there is a way to use sexual energy for spiritual purposes. It really is, a powerful practice, where your having sex turns into a sacred action. But you can get close to these practices, not earlier than established in Generic yoga or yoga Roda.

Therefore, if you have interest, I refer you, study. There is something to ponder, meditate. I know that people who tend to learn this yoga, they say to you, many lives changed for the better. I almost do not know of exceptions, a person who has studied the generic yoga, did not change at least some moments in your life in a positive way, at least for the simple reason that people are already beginning to pay more attention to their debts with respect to the ancestors. And this mystical factor obstacles on the spiritual path by starting their ancestors go. And it is, indeed, a very strong factor. Friends, in the generic yoga is said that if you are unhappy with the ancestors – not to see you enlightenment. Just can not see. As long as you are not satisfied with the ancestors, though that do not even count.

But, unfortunately, in many newfangled such flows, philosophical, some new-fangled, even religious movements such hinduistkih, for some reason they forget about it.

As a result, people make mistakes frank. In the first place, in family life. How to treat your husband or how to treat his wife. Or how to treat their children. After all, there is a very tough position Generic yoga that you have to treat your children as to their teachers. You are obliged to treat them as if your ancient ancestors, a yoga teacher, came to you in the form of your children as you and teach in their favor. And as soon as it begins to reach parents. I see that parents begin to more adequately communicate with their children. That is a very useful yoga.

So, still have? Who has any questions, thoughts, observations, comments? Wonderful, then we go further, we Kundalini Yoga laya.

We are staying on the fact that essentially all types of yoga, when they begin to operate, one way or another lead to awareness and Kundalini emanations. Here in particular, there is a, let’s say, Yantra Yoga. It’s when you look at the yantra, some geometric figure. Behind me are displayed Sri Yantra, background reads “International Open Yoga University”, as you can see behind – yantra.

If you long to contemplate this yantra, you will have the following effect. It will start in the first place, excited your navel center, and then, again, at some stage, this practice will result in that it will begin to wake up the basic energy in the form of emanations. You will begin to feel an altered state. In fact, it is believed that in the background any exercise leads to awakening the Kundalini energy. And Kundalini yoga position can be attributed to these or other positive factors, from the exercise by the fact that you are using these exercises awaken this energy.

But here I want to emphasize the following thing, friends, forget about it, modern followers of Kundalini Yoga. They forget to say that in some ways our body symmetrically. What is the basis of our body is the energy of the Kundalini, and somewhere in the top of the head principle of our consciousness. And, in fact, that two equal forces. The strength of the energy and power of consciousness. And Kundalini makes sense as a spiritual force, if every emanation of energy immediately merges with the expansion of consciousness. Just by their connection born prana. And only on prana we can have this or that power, or this or that state.

If you simply increase the amount of energy, not offset by an increase in the amount of consciousness is usually very such, you know, the state of vanity. This is very often the students come up to me and say, “Oh, I have so much prana, as prana, do not know where to put it and it bothers me.” No, my friends, in this case confused the term prana and the term here is a liberated energy that has no exit opportunities. It is this energy that is released, and can not somehow be realized, and to merge with the consciousness, it is likely to have a big problem. When you start the vanity of one, then another to catch. You can not sit on the ground, etc., etc. And you need prana, ie you need to every part of energy compensated by opening consciousness.

And in this regard, it is a continuation of this theme. Very mysterious and difficult to understand, even for followers of Kundalini Yoga. Namely, this is a topic point Bindu. But if Kundalini way for us, it is such a source of energy. We give the image of a serpent coiled three and a half turns and that holds its tail in the mouth, and sleeps in the lowest chakra in the Muladhara Chakra at the Earth principle.

What about the principle of consciousness spoken of as something less clearly expressed. On the one hand, this is an area of Sahasrara, the thousand-petalled lotus which, say, Anandalahari said so: the area flooded with light, without light source. Those. the light of consciousness, such as the nowhere and he has no such express some way. On the other hand, in the ancient texts immediately given such a thing drops or Bindu points, in fact, this is the finest of the finest shell energy contained within themselves such as would be the channel of consciousness.

But imagine, as if taken dark sheet of paper and a needle pierced a hole in it, and looked at the sun. You would have seen that the whole leaf is dark, and in one spot hole. This is like that, and Bindu point, it is like coming from our higher self prana in the factor of consciousness, but that is very localized to the size of a point, ie, to the very, very small this geometric object.

Generally speaking, higher mathematics on the definition of the principle points to build a differential-integral calculus. And here the same is given a very interesting topic that you are calling in the middle of his head meditating on a certain point of consciousness glowing point of consciousness. And so, just as if you are in this meditation, concentrate on this point of consciousness, then the effect will grow like an avalanche, as the awakening of the Kundalini energy.

Suddenly, as stated in some texts, there is such a thing – suddenly you start to feel that in your head suddenly, out of nowhere starts explosively expanding light here from this point of Bindu, when it focused his mind, how would you looked into the source of his consciousness. And that, my friends, no more no less than samadhi. Followed by the next thing in your head suddenly brightest flash of spiritual light, so strong on the experiences that you forget about the surrounding world, about all your body, you absorbed this experience.

Those. This, as you say, the practice of Kundalini Yoga symmetrical. If Kundalini Yoga you like to concentrate more on the feeling in the bottom of the body, which leads to an explosive stream of experiences, here the reverse – you are working with consciousness, expand consciousness, and consciousness is already picks up your energy.

Generally speaking, in the most sacred texts of Tantra, in this respect, as if there are symmetric actions. So, what we talked about earlier in this seminar. Those. when you compensate for these or other practices based on your body, on the point of practice Bindu.

And now let’s all have fallen asleep, slavnenko, now I shake you. And now let’s all got up. Remarkably, get up.

We got up. Concentrate on your center channel. We see it as a sky-blue tube from the base of the body to the top of the head with a finger thick, empty and luminous inside. And secured an exercise yesterday, when we begin to stop strikes, they say, to strengthen the principle of the Earth. Go.

And stamping his randomly. And now, clapping.

We try to break the ground.

Now socks.

Great. Shook. Now we make a circular yantra, like yesterday.

And as of yesterday become male-female pairs. And those who do not want to change, in the center.

Let’s, let’s, friends, it is necessary to warm up, to make a meditation, it is very important, otherwise you fall asleep at all, and will not be confused by you.

Great. In the center are men face outward, opposite the girl. If there is no pair, then it becomes a girl-girl. Have fun, friends, fun.

And now again, as yesterday we fix this exercise. Arms, legs, torso arbitrarily. Pivoted to each other back and begin to dance the central channels. Go.

Thanked hands to each other. Girl girl changed.

The inner circle has shifted to one person moved in a clockwise direction. We continue to do the same. We feel the central channel, as soon as we feel that somewhere something is wrong, we begin to rub the place. One hand washes.

You should be joyful feeling of the spine. Remember, healthy spine – all healthy. This practice greatly enhances understanding of the spine.

Those who do not have a pair? We all have?

Thanked each other. Girl girl changed. The inner circle cranked, turn our backs, we continue to do the same.

Clear the spine.

We shook hands. Girl girl changed. The inner circle has shifted. Turns his back, join hands and begin to gently collide sacrum.

They shook hands, thanked each other. Girl girl swapped. The inner circle has shifted. We continue to do the same.

Slows. We stop. Mentally we meditate on the back of the partner as a mirror of his spine. We shake hands in gratitude to each other. Girl-girl changed, the inner circle moves.

Grab each other with their elbows, turn left and right.

Slows. We stop. We shake hands in gratitude. We shake hands. Girl-girl are reversed, the inner circle moves.

Becoming backs to each other, we join hands, and now meditate on the point in the center of the head, somewhere in front of the point between the eyebrows. We are looking for a point of thoughtlessness. There is a point in the center of the head – thoughtlessness. If you concentrate on it, thoughts will not mind.

And now we do the practice of Yoga Bindu, from Kundalini yoga uses Bindu. By concentrating on this point thoughtlessness in the center of the head and continue to do the exercises. The inner circle removes body to one side, left or right, and the other external. And begins to move. The head can be rotated. Focus on a point in the center of the head.

Slows. We stop. Meditating on the dot in the center of the head. We shake hands. Girl-girl changing. The inner circle is shifted. Becoming back. Meditation on the center of the head. Tilt your head forward, then back, striving to put on the partner’s shoulder then left, then right.

Slows. We stop. Meditate on the point. We shake hands. Girl girl changing. The inner circle is shifted. Sit spins. We cling to his elbows. The inner circle bulging chest out, back pressed against the outside. Now the other side. Eyes closed desirable. Meditation on the point between the eyebrows. Return here do.

Meditating on the dot in the center of the head, thoughtlessness. Opposite the point between the eyebrows, somewhere inside it.

Slows. We stop. Meditating on each other. Tight to each other. We find a nice position. We rely on each other. Gently swaying left and right.

Slows. We stop. We shake hands. We get up. Girl-girl changing. The inner circle is turned.

Sit back together again. Engages elbows. Make a circular motion. And here we complicate meditation. We feel that the stream of light behind us, behind us that a huge, huge lamp, shines on us from the partner as a spotlight in the back of the head.

The flow of light, a spotlight in the back, around the head of a glowing halo. The center point of the head is seen, thoughtlessness. We see this picture, meditate on it.

Slows. We stop. So, once again, a flashlight, a halo of light over his head as the icons. You have all become saints. The point in the center of the head gives a halo around his head.

Great. We sit in a comfortable pose any separately and continue to meditate on this picture.

Chudesnenko. So, look what a thing is still there. There is the exact opposite way of working with the Kundalini energy – through the mind, through the point of Bindu.

I had one friend Yogi, who in the winter and in the summer went naked shorts something on it, sandals, and walking in the cold. Unfortunately, he has left us, left in mahasamadhi. And once I’m with him on this subject talked, he says that … in fact this practice in Tibetan yogis when you generates internal heat.

I asked him about this, he said that the most important thing – it is a state of thoughtlessness, for this it was necessary to concentrate on Bindu point in the center of the head. However, he did not speak of such terms. In general, he was a man of the sixties, a nugget. I respect these people who rediscovered yoga themselves.

And the effect is as follows: if you concentrate on the point of thoughtlessness in the center of the head, this luminous point Bindu, then as a consequence you will automatically wakes up Kundalini energy at the base body, and you begin to be immune to cold, not to mention other methods of using the same the technology itself.

Therefore, you can also use this method in his meditations of Kundalini Yoga, when you thoughtlessness snatching a point of consciousness somewhere in the head. It is luminous, self-aware it yourself if you are absorbed in it, it is the thought as if not enough light. They would be happy to move, thought, but just you remember that we support the idea as his own consciousness, without us, it is lifeless. If you hold the mind in the center of the head, go into thoughtless, that this effect can be observed that in the center of the head light and a halo around his head. You know how sometimes around the moon. The moon sometimes shines in the moonlight round and around it a ring or halo of a saint. Here there is the same effect. As if you were behind a large circle, a glowing.

And if you hold such a picture, then, oddly enough, you will be more and more absorbed in it, the more you will provoke Kundalini energy to wake up. And sooner or later, as they say in some texts, it can spontaneously so powerfully revive, indeed, in my head, like an explosion of light, after which you are everything, everything else just starting to forget. Moreover, people say that the effect is when a person is only one head, in the sense that he sees that he has a head and no body. Imagine, yes, this head of Professor Dowell. Remember this was a fantastic product.

Those. so much you leave in the concentration that you forget about all your body. Therefore, as this method of reverse, to approach the energy of consciousness is extremely powerful and the mighty. But the problem lies in the fact that it is difficult to sit still for long. And so embedded dynamic meditation or elements such as you are now doing Kriya yoga with a partner. For the body is not confined to the body of something their engaged and as you were, so that it does not interfere with your focus.

Chudesnenko. Who has any questions, comments, suggestions?

Q: But in this case, when it is possible to focus on one point, as a rule, it is accompanied by a very euphoric state, very powerful. Let’s have this operating time. How to use these feelings or what to do with them?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes, indeed, these sensations state is reached when you forget about everything. All the world is no more remaining. You concentrate inside. Those. It is essentially an auxiliary factor in achieving meditation and concentration or sanyama, as stated in the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali.

Even friends who do what?

Q: And the head does not begin to spin? The faint falls people?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Here it should be gradual. Because it may be the effect of surprise, as the head may begin to spin, and can be bad. This is know as the carousel effect.

There are other practices, just do not venture to give you. They, incidentally, is also very popular in the East. Practice is that you are forced to spin on its axis as long as you do not have the feeling that it is not you say, but the whole world revolves around you. And as a result of which a person falls into exactly the same trance state of thoughtlessness, as if the observer for the rest.

But as you know, try five times turn around, everything is in your head, here and so everything. And imagine the whirligig spin. And imagine a ballerina spinning. And their head is not spinning. Then it’s not. This trance is also art, yes.

Friends, let’s start slowly. Extreme is not necessary. I do not like extreme. There are people ekstrimalschiki, that they let something like that. Here is my experience that working is not extreme. A working harmony. Got into resonance, even small efforts lead to dramatic effect. And I did not get into resonance, so at least do that, there is no effect.

Q: And can it be that by chance and take to awaken the Kundalini, and then what to do?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: This, incidentally, happen to know, is considered sometimes, you know, the so-called religious ecstasy.

Honestly, this topic is so slippery, because many of the sect in India this abuse. They are beginning to balk, there on the emotional component, start, there, some plaintive songs, dances, clapping, worship any god out there. And so, you know, may be so for several days. As a result, really, click, fires, falls into a trance, his vision opened there. It is said that at one time in India is very cool that all sorts of abuse here these cults.

And I must say that these books are the teacher as Vivekananda, Ramakrishna, Sivananda, those whom we know in the West, they all warned – you guys are more careful there. You might accidentally give you opened, and you will think that there is really something dawned. Therefore, these moments happen all the time. And in the future, too, is such an unpleasant effect. Sometimes so-breed maniacs fanatics of any religion. Here they opened, torknulo. So he let the rest of their lives all the other under this business tamp. Instead you opened, you and practice myself quietly. But no, he was itching to do it, he wants to make everyone else as well.

Therefore, it is very dangerous to come into contact with certain sects and cults. Because you will get there. You some theory will tell. You do not even apprehend critical. And then give the practice. Practice your torknet. And you start to believe in the critical rest is nonsense.

That is, you remember, that if I’m going to fly through the air, or pass through the ground, it does not mean that the right and just all my words that I said before. Those. supernormal – supernormal, and explanations – explanations. The logic – the logic. Higher knowledge they are separated.

At one time I worked supernormal, postalkivalsya with these people, honestly, would be better not engaged, ie I had such an unpleasant residue remains. You do not need this. Those. it does not prove anything, friends, absolutely does not prove anything. So here, too, such moments associated with occasional awakening of Kundalini energy, they can somehow happen, someone could even grasp the some technique, and then the bloody cult to do this. Well, we still are not enough religion with bloody cults. So let us be very very careful.

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