Yoga Yoga Roda.Rodovaya. Vadim Zaporozhtsev. Introductory Seminar 2010.05.16.

Generic Yoga. Vadim Zaporozhtsev.







Today we have 16 May 2010. My name is Vadim Zaporozhtsev. I teach yoga. That we have a seminar for the International Open University of yoga. We are with you in KC “Enlightenment” in the city of Moscow, near the metro Novoslobodskaya. All information is archived on the website www., www. happyoga. narod. ru, www.


We are now waiting for a very rare kind of yoga, so-called generic yoga. Let’s start from the beginning. We remember that the branches of yoga as much as there are manifestations of human life. And it’s time to remember that we, in our land when it was born, and our mom and dad took in this most directly involved. Were it not for our mothers and fathers, in fact, as if we were born? And then, when we were born and were small, we immediately fall into the caring hands of moms and dads, and the whole world was limited to our parents for us. The first thing what we face in this world, entering into it, it was our parents. First and foremost, of course, mom. Our whole world was limited to only a sense of affection and warmth of our mother’s body as we clung to it. If we do not like something, we immediately began to show displeasure very loudly and immediately received assistance and protection. The first time, after we were born, my mother was everything to us. She defended and fed us, played with us and warmed its warmth. When we grew up a little bit on our horizon began to appear dad. He is still invisibly present, even if the child is in his early communicated only with her mother. Here we have matured, become more independent, more conscious and choose their path of life. But we can not understand that our current state in many ways, whether we like it or not, was formed at a time when we have these little lumps, and the world is directly dependent on the people around us. Moreover, as adults, we can somehow relate to their parents and to their surroundings, but the fact remains. The impact that we have been born in our current life tremendously, it will go through the rest of our lives.


The line of succession yoga

And maybe then matured, we’ll look at yoga. This system is like us, we will read some clever books and was surprised to find that this system is very good, she helped us in the physical plane, in the mental plane. But here’s the curious thing. It turns out that the whole yoga has come to us from the East, from India and its surrounding countries. And there is such a serious disharmony. We grew up in the same environment, and get some teaching from a completely alien environment. And many people discouraged that yoga came from countries where the lifestyle, skin color, facial features are quite different. And it unwittingly causing rejection and largely blocks the understanding of yoga. In the subconscious, we treat yoga as any good system, which came up with the Indians, as something more than this intellectual, psychological. As to some set of techniques and practices that you can apply in your life and get results. Just as in the West – you can make any machine, press the button and get the right product. Those. related to yoga as something useful, but at the same time as something detached and something artificial, external, alien. It is observed in many people, even that for several years do yoga. But as soon as people kopnёt the depths of yoga and closer to the fundamentals, the original sources of yoga, sooner or later he will get acquainted with the fact that in this case we call the generic yoga. Thereafter related to yoga diametrically changed. For language does not turn called yoga some psychological psychotechniques or exercise to correct the memory, weight, height, nature, etc. A relationship becomes as absolutely something native. And, looking ahead, I opened this secret, why is it so drastically changed the relationship of man to yoga after he learns the depth of this science. In yoga, it is believed that when yoga came to us from India, from the teachers and the teachers, who in one way or another were connected with another country, and this lineage knowledge reached us, the same knowledge of yoga, each of us can achieve, if you keep track of their ancestral chain. Or in other words. In yoga approved if you start thinking about your mom and dad, and then on the mom and dad of our mothers and fathers, and further the great-great-great-great and so reach this understanding to most of our ancestors, the way you You get to the teachers and the teachers. Those. the knowledge that sometimes reach us, it seems from the outside, through the east of the country, in fact, can be obtained by referring to their ancestors. Why? For the simple reason that all this time our ancestors have reached such heights that they probably do not live in the bodies of people. They have already achieved in this system of self-unimaginable heights. And in fact, they already are our teachers and a teacher of yoga, nothing distinguishable from teachers and teachers of yoga, for example, in the countries of the east. And immediately changing the inner attitudes of yoga. And not as something that is brought from the outside, but as something that is inside. And if you study the opinion of modern scholars on the origin of the people, will meet generally accepted hypothesis that all people of all races, nationalities was a single ancestor. And all languages back to a single parent language, but it is the part of science.


origins of yoga

Yoga is based on an entirely different basis, so-called axioms of yoga and all the conclusions that can be drawn from it. And also on that experience, which got yoga or yogini in antiquity. This experience they engaged in self-knowledge, and thereby obtaining the supernormal ability to keep track of all previous their incarnation shows us that virtually all people inhabiting the planet Earth, if you keep track of their great-great-great, have common ancestors, teachers and yoga teacher. Those. those sentient beings who have already passed the way in which we are going. However, in some other cultures, yoga knowledge preserved, as in the East. In the countries of the West this knowledge was lost, but if left, it was only some echoes. In India, there is a myth that the knowledge, yoga, was brought from the north. It is unclear or omitted from the place where the Himalaya, or meant the territory of modern Russia, up to the point in the Arctic Circle. And indeed, the Greeks, we read about a very strange place, which was called Hyperborea, sverhsevernaya country where half a day, half the night. It completely falls under the description of the polar night and polar day. There were allegedly foci of this knowledge, which is then spread throughout the world, in particular, came to India.

Hypotheses spread knowledge

Quite recently, in 1987, near Chelyabinsk we found a very ancient city of Troy, peers, and culture than any not distinct from the so-called Arkaim. This kind of artifact that can not be discounted. If earlier it was believed that the whole territory of the Urals was empty, and no civilization which has not, then there is Indian myths began to somehow find the real ground with real archaeological finds. To this should be treated carefully, but nevertheless the fact remains. Not so easy. Even from the standpoint of the historical development of mankind. But once again I want to emphasize generic yoga is not based on these artifacts. Even if the day after tomorrow in the western Siberian city dug out, analogue of Atlantis. It will certainly be a nice confirmation of any hypothesis, but certainly will not be the foundation on which to build, including yoga and childbirth. You must understand this, not to fall into this myth-making. Especially because the subject is quite painful perceived so far. Just 65 years since World War II ended and the Nazi times, moments of nationalism, dividing people by race, to complete the race and subhuman. Very serious cost price eradicate humanity to some extent these moments nationalism.

The image of teachers and teachers of yoga

We’ll talk at the seminar, as yoga to treat these issues. When using the knowledge that we’ll draw the teachers and teachers at the east, which in turn took it from their teachers, and the teachers, and they in turn have their own, sometimes a question. And who were the teachers of teachers, from which it goes all the knowledge? How to find them? How they feel out? As they mentally imagine? And the most important thing you have to endure with this seminar, the following. If you want to introduce the teachers and the teachers of the knowledge that you are learning, you should submit their moms and dads, grandparents, etc. Until you get to the proyaschurov her, and now they are the teachers and the teacher of yoga. Hence, there is a concept – Generic yoga. If you trace your family, then you get to the source of yoga. And immediately change their attitude to it. Not as something external, that invented by psychologists or other dealers or abstract philosophy. It turns out the next thing that yoga of such an abstract, mechanistic system turns into something familiar, soft and warm, like a mother’s breast when you were a small child. And you were good, warm, absolutely nothing. You feel safe, feel relaxed, it feels natural. You did not have to pretend to be something of themselves to represent somehow adjust to something clamped. You feel in the lap of his mother behave naturally. Similarly, in yoga you should feel natural, as if you were a little baby, and all the teachings of yoga – it’s your mom. At least for the simple reason that the mother of your mother, then your mother, mother’s mother, etc. etc. it just was the teacher who sends you a yoga are you studying. And if you have this attitude will become to take yoga, then you do not make any silly mistakes.



Harmony in yoga.

Will you practice Hatha Yoga, Kriya Yoga, Mantra Yoga, Pranayama yoga, you will feel that it is all natural as well as natural your mom, dad, all living things. And if you start to feel some disharmony and not know how to lead yourself, you have to behave in the same way as if to communicate with their parents, naturally and safely. So, when I once again see how the exercises of Hatha Yoga, and a man so tormented, so he arched according to some newfangled book, and he was so uncomfortable, in utter discomfort, but he does so, as in the picture, and the harmony of the interior no. And no one knows the West, all belong to yoga, as some mechanistic set of instructions, and a man like a robot, comfortable uncomfortable, unpleasant nice, but you have to bend. What for?! Why? Nobody explains, must all. Attitude, as though to something inanimate. And it is clear that it causes rejection of a man who throws a yoga class. Usually people practice yoga a year or two, and then, well, yes it will still exert ourselves. And no one understands that these two years are not doing yoga. But if you understand the concept of generic school, then you will never be forced to do something unpleasant to other people or you yourself will not do what you are uncomfortable or unpleasant. Why, because you’ll be treated to a yoga teacher, as their parent. Or conversely, the teacher will treat you as their parent. For example, you talk to your dad or mom, and my mother asks you to do this or that position, and if you do not like you just say that you somehow uncomfortable, you do not hesitate. Do not you think that your parents know something more, but you do not finish, and you have to conjecture, you are doing right or wrong. When a person comes for the first time on yoga for him all the mysterious – yoga, yoga instructor, and the instructor can be simply “shabashniki” of yoga, and it is something to blurt out, doing exercises like something, and blurt out some next book and the man who came the first time he did this pose, and there are no further explanation. And people think that it is inconvenient, but if no one says anything, then I should be uncomfortable and have to force myself. And he thinks that it is necessary so that there is some secret that only after 40 years of yoga can be understood. And if the guru is silent, then God forbid, ask him, it can be an insult, and you curse and immediately expelled in disgrace from the audience. Now all 90%, so yoga is taught. People come, as in something artificial, but they must come and feel something familiar.

But back to the Generic yoga. If you understand childbirth yoga, it opens you completely on the other side, and you just instinctively stop making mistakes, you just will not be programmed for an error. But those who do not understand Generic yoga, of course, they will always think that there are any secrets in exercises and should be trusted to some clever treatise rather than your feelings. Sometimes people completely destroy the internal harmony, and without inner peace, no matter what exercise is not done, it is not yoga is tumbling. Here too there is a piquant moment.


Generic yoga school

Too many schools of yoga today, and in some schools nor sleep nor spirit did not represent that there is a notion of generic yoga. And in order not to offend anyone in the narrow circles of yoga they are divided into generic yoga school and a yoga school. When people talk Generic yoga school, meaning that the concept is that you can keep track of all teachers, not after you go to India and will bypass all of the Himalayas, and just when you sit down and begin to think and meditate on their ancestors. Other yoga school where it is not, just regular yoga school. But at the same time, for the person who knows it is always as a litmus test, it is easy to determine what kind of yoga school. I want to please all those present, that the tradition of the school of yoga Anandasvami – Tribal School. There, by the way, is very little. In some this topic is not discussed, because it is too abstract things. God forbid, with the yoga exercises to understand, few people know them. Therefore, some schools of yoga are generic, but there is no one about it does not say anything. And some of the followers of these schools and have no idea about it, that they too generic yoga. But it can only track one by one, only by feeling in harmony. If there is a sense of harmony, it is likely that goes back to school Generic yoga. If something goes mechanistic, it probably is not the yoga. After all, if a person is a very long time to do, then eventually pereotkroet everything, including the fact that yoga school can be generic or non-generic. But it is like in the narrow sense that generic yoga, this yoga, where you can keep track of teachers and teachers of the school, walking along the line of their ancestors. But it is more vulgar use. In fact, a complete yoga is the yoga that gives some advice on how to relate to the different moments in life. For example, how to relate to their parents or how to relate to their children, or how to treat her husband or his wife, but in terms of what – in the breaking of procreation. Do you remember that the attitude of the husband or wife may be more in the breaking of their occupation, say the concept of sex that falls under the Triad Yoga: Yoga Union, Tantra yoga, the yoga of love. But everything about the relationship of men and women in terms of procreation, in terms of children, it comes under this type of yoga, which is called – Kin yoga. It is an independent yoga and not just a label label. And God forbid, to at least some schools of yoga to blame, that, well, you’re not generic yoga school, you impostors, etc. Do you remember that ethics in yoga. On the other yoga schools, or good, or nothing. God forbid that someone will start to lighten up and scream, but we Generic yoga school, and you’re all charlatans … Friends, our school of yoga is the attitude. For any person who in any way helps to promote this ancient humanistic teachings of self-knowledge, it is necessary to put a monument in his lifetime. Even if he’s just like a parrot screams Yoga Yoga Yoga, he, at least, create information noise, public relations, advertising. Even if they come to it, exercise and do not like, that person goes to another place. Where there like him. He starts to look for something better. Anyone who says the word yoga, a monument in his lifetime. But let’s go further.


principle secrets

Before the start of difficult exercises, whether it is an analogue of the awakening of Kundalini, the opening of the third eye, or some sexual practices, requiring all self-control. Of course, always a good idea to enlist the support of those who are already in that at least chto-to understand, that they have chosen us, instruct us, saved us from mistakes, make us the right course of action or indicate where we are wrong. Therefore, there is a common tradition. If you start some difficult yoga section or you begin a difficult period in his life, it would be very well refer to the teachers and the teacher of yoga, that they his mental field, cloud enveloped the school and have helped you to cope. Do you remember the concept of yoga axiomatic that in mind should be energy. What if you invite someone, you unconsciously give him the opportunity and impact. And it is clear, to invite some subtle practice of random people, so that they destroyed their mind tossing your finest practice, it makes no sense. So talk about the principle of secrecy. If you are starting some serious practice of yoga is very good to know about it as few people as possible. But at the same time it would be good to invite those who have helped the accomplishment of the practice. If consciousness onlookers will be directed to your practice, and this consciousness is all confused and starts to interfere, on the contrary, if you attract the consciousness of teachers and teachers, their consciousness is inclined to the contrary, where you are swayed, to support you, where you are not understood chto-to you explain where you have lost vigilance, to remind you. And so it is recommended mental treatment to teachers and a teacher of yoga school. We recommend the following meditation on top of the head when we begin to provide teachers and school teachers of yoga, all those who donёs to have this knowledge. And it is not necessarily exactly the whole line of succession. It can be yoga and yogini, who lived 100 or 200 years ago. Clearly, you were never seen, and you do not have pictures, as they represent, but it is up to you and is not required. You just have to sit down, straighten the back, head and spontaneously, which appeared images of teachers and teachers over the top of your head, and that, thank God, they were and are. Why? Because teachers and yoga teacher in full control of your character. They have no need to stay clear of the facial features, skin color, etc., they are in full control of what we would call body. They can be changed regardless of whether you want to accept them. Whichever way did not come, even if the image was inspired by some scenes from the film, it does not matter for yogis and Yoginis ancient times, they can be converted to any image. Therefore, everything that is closer to you, you should be presented as the teachers and the teachers and mentally reach out to them, that they may help your practice. And that’s enough, of course if this more and more pronounced the mantra, it greatly enhances the message, but strictly speaking, a mental treatment is sufficient. It is just as if you would take the radio and tap out Morse code message in the space around you, and it starts to spread. Its main tap out, and teachers and a teacher of yoga, they are able to tune in to a mental wave of those who turn to him. In any case, as part of their school. And in fact nothing more is necessary. Those who need to know that you have them start up their practices, and will be heard. Themselves, without an invitation, will not be included. You remember, the freedom of every living being is above all in yoga. But the problem of human consciousness.


Defense mechanism of procreation.

Sometimes it works such underlying mechanisms that fit the classification of MPP (protection mechanism of procreation) – Rejection. For example, before your eyes there is the image of Indian and MPP again and blocks the image. In order to understand how the MPP, I refer you to another great theme is called – Yoga Triad. And a lot of people, which are drawn to yoga, but at the last moment MPP is activated and blocks all teachers and teachers of yoga. Why? Because it is still relevant to yoga as something that came from India. A MPP interprets this as intervention, intervention with uncertain consequences, and it is in many respects. Sometimes it completely stops the handshake. But some do not, some, no matter what way, works on Hurray! This, one might say, the karmic imprints of all our previous life. Someone more open to the world, some are less open. Why less open because some unpleasant precedents received. Indeed, so many people have gone through all sorts of sects. Also all started very well, is also very good things to say, and then it turned out that human freedom is reduced. How to determine any such destructive philosophical doctrine, it is very simple. It is determined in relation to freedom. If your freedom begins squeezed, it is not yoga, exactly. So, in some works, this lock. And glad to have thought about the teachers and the teacher, but I start to think, and the sight of a Hindu. I’m telling you is not from a position of some abstract things. It is actually a tragedy of modern mankind.

Race relations and childbirth Yoga

Note, USA. Negros with white live centuries side by side, and almost do not mix. Very rare marriages. Moreover, propaganda, political correctness, huge investments, so that line as if to erase, and does not work and everything. From the perspective of yoga states that we are all equal regardless of color. Since yoga is the science of the real, and, of course, yoga believes that all people are equal in their potential and I each well. But discounted bills interracial, interethnic hostility can not be, otherwise it is fraught with explosion, otherwise it is fraught with nationalism and fascism, when artificially forced to love each other. But this is not necessary yoga problems. Why? Because according to the generic concept of yoga, you do not get to represent the Hindu teachers and teachers, and what a difference, the ancestor of all the same one, that Indian that we have with you, that there is in Africa. From a single point all gone. From one of ancestors and the ancestors of the time that has already passed, so they are completely achieved in yoga greatest heights, at the simple reason that many lives have already passed. It turns out that if you want to start a serious practice, or start learning a serious technique in yoga, especially when it comes to sex, then, of course, need to enlist the support of teachers. And where to get them? Do not come to the mind of the teacher and the teacher on the eastern branch, punch it through their ancestors, ancestors, ancestors … and you reach and get the same thing.


Trust and openness of teachers and a teacher of yoga

And sometimes, it’s even more and better work, because in the end, we once more trust in their parents. If our mother nursed us, he played with us, and not thrown us to die of hunger and cold, so our mother can be trusted, it is a proven man. And our mother’s mother had the same situation, she, too, can trust. We are, as they say, no bases, no zavedut in some swamp and will not leave in the lurch. It is a proven line, at least for the simple reason that we are alive. We were born, grew up and we are alive. And, sometimes, this approach Generic yoga, in an address to the teachers and the teacher, much more powerful. Not by the fact that there is a difference, you have addressed to teachers and a teacher from the East or here, and for the simple reason that there is one source of strength. There is a single river, there are two beds. Perhaps one flow may on the other. The main source should be the same, but the way whatever. It also significantly changes the internal relation to yoga, and you open up internally, you begin to have more confidence, you are mentally more open the teachers and the teacher. And if you open up more than teachers and a teacher, you give them the opportunity to better help you, and therefore you are more secure. If you believe someone and trust you the more it opens, you better enables you to send, protect or somehow impress upon you the right thoughts and point you to is not quite right thoughts. And vice versa if you are trapped, try to get to you. All of you will take a trick. And do not deceive me again? protection line follows the path of your ancestors. No matter how you nationality, race, religion, political and religious views. Do you trust this, you open it more, if only for the simple reason that you’re alive because of this. And MPP reacts to it better, he was pleased. Why? Because this is a chain, in which life is preserved, so that the chain can be trusted, that means all the knowledge that can be trusted are on this thread.


The ratio of children and parents

Of course, there are different fate of people, there are different people, there are different kids, there are different mothers and fathers. Too often, cases of children hate their parents in varying degrees of hatred. Sometimes a fanatical hatred of their parents. Sometimes, the child was born, and he was thrown into the street. It is good that this child found, handed over to the orphanage and the man rose. The question is, how should the child relate to his mother, who gave birth to him and threw? Naturally, the first thing that comes to mind – it’s obvious displeasure that with you, in the defenseless age, someone could hypothetically do so. But in this respect, friends, Tribal Yoga is categorical. Even if you have your own mother threw in the trash, and you accidentally survived, still it is the most holy for you. Why? At least from the fact that it gave you a chance to survive. There are no terms of generic yoga bad parents. Yes, you can disagree with them on some issues, take them to cheer or to work out some kind of a neutral attitude with them, but the fact that you are still alive, making your parents, according to the Generic yoga concept for you as sacred. And this concept appeals to the teachers and the teacher even for such a line, it is, in principle, it works. Although I am now gave an example of extreme margenalizma. But it invades another question, the question of karma. Not so simple, but in any case, the emphasis Generic yoga – is the ultimate kindness. You can always in difficult situations to contact teachers and the teacher or see these teachers and teachers in the form of your great-great-great-great ancestors, as you prefer. Essentially there is no difference. If you recall another yoga concept that in one life you can be born in the body of Russian in the next life can be born in an Indian body, it can also happen that the teacher and the teacher clean the Indians, who gave you the knowledge, are they just the body Hindus, and their higher self – your higher self moms and dads, moms and dads … ie your ancestors. Why? Because you do not know even where they were born and died your praprapradedushki prapraprababushki. You just do not know. Your praprapradedushki prapraprababushki and gave you the opportunity to live in this life now. Would not it be them, and to you now would not have reached this feature. And they died, and they could be born somewhere in the family of your friend in another country, they can be born anywhere. Therefore, this knowledge of the transmission line, even if you are tracking its teachers and the teacher, clearly of Eastern origin, does not speak about. The color and our body, just like a garment that hides Ya But I’m a teacher and a teacher from India, that you teach yoga, I can be your great-grandfather or great-grandmother. Think a little about even the concept, even on this side. I mean, here’s an explanation of why generic yoga works, it may be too much. And they are all very logical and they are all consistent, but we are interested in something else – they all work. You turn and you helped.


How does Generic yoga?

How to track, yoga works or does not work – for the consequences. True or not true – do the experiment and see happened or did not happen. So friends, Generic yoga works. You can as a very serious assistants or help encourage teachers and teachers of our yoga school, regardless of whether you have seen ever they did not see, can you imagine how they lived life, or not, if hard to get to grips mentally represent his mother dad and mom and dad, etc. up. And then the track, as always in yoga, based on the results. Yoga – is a practical science, just tell some not interesting theory. You can apply it in your life, or it is impossible – this criterion.


How to keep generic yoga?

Now a few words, how to keep generic yoga. She preserved a very archaic. To a greater extent it has been preserved in the so-called tantric tradition. In Tantra, it is very well preserved, because there she somehow blends in Kaula – doctrine or kula – the doctrine. In one possible translation, the word kula – a family. And immediately, the most important teachers in this tantric tradition, respectively: Shiva and Shakti. Exactly the same mom and dad, who are directly provide all the knowledge and all the followers of the tantric teachings are like children. This is virtually the same, but said some other words. I always say that the Indians are very fond of religion, they all religiously, have any position – from the perspective of religion. They like to use the names of various gods, in order to explain this or that. But you remember that yoga is yoga, not religion. Yoga – a system of self-knowledge. You can track the example of Generic yoga on numerous tantric teachings. You can also keep track of all the echoes on the worship of ancestors. If you read the myths of ancient India, then you will often be traced in philosophical treatises relating to yoga, this leitmotif regarding ancestors. If you do not do so-and that some ancestors you will be unhappy, and you do not get the result in a particular sadhana, or in this or that exercise, yoga, ie Now the topic of ancestors who are unhappy, so gloomy hanging Damocles sword over negligent yogis and so they need to somehow cajole. And a variety of ways to appease – memorial actions, etc. But if we ignore the many nuances that can only only one thing – the most reliable method of appeasement of ancestors, is – this is when you have children themselves. If you have kids, all the ancestors happy. And we’ll talk later, why it all happened so.

formation of tradition

If we have a deeper dig, in the days of Vedic India, when probably it was the effects of a severe disaster, when everything was falling apart in many epidemics, military clashes, killed mainly men and women were, then we see clearly expressed such an emphasis on men, which should born son. As long as you do not have a son, whose ancestors are not happy with you and you can not see happiness as their “own ears.” But then again, that’s the concept birth of her son, she had been due to conditions of life. The living conditions were poor, more boys died than girls, and men had less. Hence the attitude toward marriage, when one man had a lot of women, rather than the other, and this is the reality of survival. These echoes of it in the boy, and it is preserved to this day in the same in India, where it is believed that as long as the son is born, there is no rest to you. And the poor Indian, who has five daughters and a boy there, he would have to stop, and there is no tradition, which produces quite a long time, in other circumstances, it is above it dominates, and he continues to give birth to offspring, although there and so a billion people. And it can turn into a catastrophe, compared with a famine in African countries, nothing. And it’s always that at a certain stage of evolution the way it was a blessing after a time it becomes deadly. As a result, the population begins to shift the balance in favor of boys and girls to become shortage, and it is the same dead end. So in many cults of ancestors, in many moments of the birth of offspring, you very precisely track the availability of generic ideas of yoga. Like everything else in India, everything is mixed up, no one knows for sure what where did that for what you need, but a knowledgeable person, you can always keep track of it. Some yogis, including in our school of yoga, it is more pronounced. In tantric yoga schools this idea, too, clearly expressed, with some parallels go throughout yoga. So here is a whole new perspective on yoga. Not as chto-to alien that cunning Indians came up and we are trying to “shake off” such a cultural intervention, and we have to defend the contrary, to build a perimeter defense, not to allow any foreign teachings into our midst, then suddenly it turns out that the fight there is nobody, no intervention, no. All that makes yoga so in us, or rather there is the mental field around our family. Each of us has a family, our mothers and fathers, uncles and aunts, brothers and sisters, grandmother and great-grandmother. And it is clear that there is some kind of preserving shell, complete analogy school cloud.


Cloud school

Sometimes people ask what the school cloud – this is such a shell, protecting every member of society, which it is composed. And so it turns out that if you start to contact their ancestors, you just get a yoga. And it does not get out of India, and get inside, regardless of where you live, whatever you nationality, what you have been pre-history, it does not matter.


Yoga dying

Now further. As you remember, there are yoga or yoga of overcoming death dying. This yoga is engaged in the moment when we’ll actually finish one life and experience the complex changes that accompany a person when he razozhdestvlyaetsya with their bodies, or what we call death. We remember that at the time of death passes a lot of different, interesting enough process, and the concept of our school of yoga and yoga in general, next to you as long as you can not meet this yoga of dying. A life that is given to us, period of life, is not commensurate more valuable than the time of death. Although, if you are well-lived life, you can competently meet the moment of death, and also very serious, you can use it in their spiritual purposes. And then for you to death will no longer be a curse and a punishment and becomes a kind of a chance to finish all the things that you do not have time to do during life. But again friends, not in a hurry to meet his death. Sometimes, when a long time studying yoga of dying, there is a feeling that everything is great as everything is fine turns, and then gray days, to work every day to seek for an apartment to pay, etc .. But you have to remember that this is the advantage of the monotony of everyday life for you, it gives you the opportunity to just be prepared, god forbid, of course, to the fact that it can turn around. But better that it does not expand in any case, as long as you do not decide that, yes, everything is done in my life, everything that I wanted, and now even comes old age and natural death surrounded by family and close friends . And, as I said, let death everyone will cry and you laugh, you have lived a good life.

The moment of birth.

But here comes the next logical point. Well, the man has lived a glorious life, died, and, to some extent took the yoga of dying, and to some extent, did not take advantage of this yoga, but yoga allows the dying no longer go back to a child that is born again. You can use the time of death in order to finish all the things that we had to do for many lifetimes, and there is no need to be born again. But if we did not succeed, and that we are born, we are giving all his life, the fate of our parents. And there is a very interesting “cross-linking” of dying between yoga and yoga was born. For very advanced yogis and yogis who can benefit from yoga point of dying, in order to consciously choose their future parents. Select the place and time of birth, and the place and time of birth largely determines your life. You,

all perfectly wonderful karma. You were born in a place and in this time, that sooner or later it will have led to today’s seminar, and you learned about childbirth yoga. And you are born somewhere else or at another time, you would not be able to get to the seminar and meet Generic yoga. karma Element or future life depends on the place where we come into the world, or the place where we are born or from our future mothers and fathers. And if you are on a certain level of development, you can choose the time of death the right mom and dad, and vice versa reject karmic attraction, to be born in a different environment. You will pull to be born. And you have to choose the place according to your intentions. Again, you can not be born, where anyhow. You can be born only there, or just comfort mom and dad, with whom you have a karmic predisposition, general karma. Why, because, being born in the family, you have the same effect on their lives. But if there is a choice, and there are moments in yoga dying, and so yoga can be selected. Indeed, while the yogi and yogini, dying and being able to be born US billionaire sole heir or sole scion of a dictator in Africa, or anywhere else, that is, this birth of a completely secure a comfortable life. You can do whatever you want. My mom and dad so full of money. Want to Oxford, go to Oxford want to engage in business, you will want to sit back, be. But these yoga and yogini, with such a choice, choose the place of birth in a hungry Russia (as an example – MV Lomonosov), somewhere in the bear corner, where quite harsh way of life, but as a spiritual experience, and the opportunity to make a sharp spiritual push more advantageous. When choosing a future birth, the future wealth or education, they can sometimes be an obstacle in the way, and can conversely, very much help. Everything depends on how you are going to spend the next life. Sometimes there are such cases. Yes, I born MV Lomonosov, God knows where, but gradually overcoming difficulties one, two, three …., So strongly tempered character, which then, for example, in scientific problems, he just used to winning. And that’s why people from the most remote places makes greater start than the man in the days of MV Lomonosov lived in Moscow. It would seem that all the books on hand, training opportunities, and sometimes it’s the other way around accessibility, and not want something. There are contrary drinking, partying and fireworks – life merry, somehow it goes. There are instances when people from the most remote places up. He won the first regional center, then Moscow and abroad. And then the next, there is abroad higher and higher, why, because the local people are accustomed to natural conditions, and you, having to win the school, on the contrary jump out is very high. But sometimes it is a very big obstacle. You were born in the bear corner, where the word yoga, nobody knows. Or how to write correspondence students in the letter – we are here to look askance very yogis believe that it is a sect. Why, because they have there even a word yoga nobody knows and it is clear that there is harder to practice yoga. Now imagine how much you need to fill the cones to get to this level. If you have this ability to choose the future birth is one thing, but let’s face it. When death begins, we forget all the instructions, we are no yoga and other practices were not engaged. We are not able to hold the energy of consciousness and begin to rush. Choose the first available point O birth, according to our karma. And here we were born, say, in Moscow. From us nothing depends. We, however, have transferred competence to our parents, and all will continue to depend on our moms and dads. Anyway, the first period of life. Therefore, there is the next thing you should also very clearly understood. Just as people in embryonic development goes through all the stages, even during the life of each person goes through a spiritual experience, which took place before that. Absolutely correct, we are born and throughout childhood, very quickly go through all the spiritual milestones that took place over many lifetimes before. We go, as it were, on the beaten path. And only by the age of 20, we are working out in full its trajectory. We become self-sufficient in all plans, material, intellectual. And we can do, as they say, a new chapter in the story of his spiritual development to inscribe. By the way, in the most preferred Oyu students from 20 to 30 years.


Recommendations Generic yoga

And so back, we are born with our moms and dads. In many ways, we are dependent on how our life goes, we give ourselves completely to them. Generic yoga just starts mostly from parents. And here you are a yoga teacher and to you, for example, students have come and how to relate to their children or to those for whom you are responsible? Be there in the school students, students at the university and this is how to treat them? Here Generic yoga just gives these recommendations. Do you remember that yoga is not a system of prohibitions is not a system of some prescriptions recommendations. Bans means that all must be the same in all or should only and not otherwise. Life, she did not give in to these rigid frame, so recommendations are made. So, how do we treat those who believe and we have come into our lives as children or our children. Generic Yoga is just that and is engaged, because as you will concern to them, and so you build up their attitude to their children. And in turn, when you have to own to die and be born somewhere, you will be taken again to their children or in the same general cloud child, attitude to the mentality, etc. Here is one such serious note of Generic yoga is the second in a row, you have to remember it. In yoga, it is believed that there is no greater happiness than to be born in a family yoga or yogini. Even happiness born only heir billionaire or some dictator, or to be born with possession of over capacity or more with some wonderful things in this life, it all fades, it’s all nonsense, compared with the happiness to be born in a family yoga or yogini. Those. Mom or Dad that will ensure it is a child life, and bring him to the maximum feeling of happiness and minimum moments of suffering.


Secret Yogi and Yogini

The question always arises, and what kind of a secret yogis and Yoginis can in our pedagogical universities to study it. It would seem that this should be a secret yogis take and on this basis to build a new system. But, friends, yoga is the fact, and yoga, she drips deep that it can not be formalized. The ratio of children can not be formalized. Those. all sorts of requirements or recommendations for certain children will work, and for other will be on the contrary, harm them. And there is only one criterion at least somehow describing, what is the happiness it is to be born in the family or yogini yoga. And this next test – the yogi or yogini, Mom and Dad will never claim the freedom of the child. Those. if anything they will do, they will do so in any case does not infringe the child’s freedom. And at the same time to do all their best to correct the wrong behavior on the contrary of the child, which in the future will lead to the infringement of which he himself is his own freedom. That is the key concept in yoga, in relation to children – is freedom. But freedom is not permissiveness. For instance, oh my son Vasya run, jump, hit glass, behave indecently. No, nothing like that, and you can get a slap and slap. You can get a lecture and edifying. But then again, to correct improper behavior to the extent in which it will infringe on freedom in the future. And who can tell? Only a person who himself is engaged in yoga and myself to strive for freedom. Ie mom and dad have, as it were, the role of the child and try to understand, and what would be his own, it appear they were on the spot of a small child. Or in another way, mom and dad in the family of yogis do not believe the child being Class II or stupid or less developed. Mom and Dad, a family of yogis and Yoginis, consider the child’s peers, and communicate with them as an equal, and try to make friends with their children. Neither force nor bribe, but just to make friends. And what to make friends – is to communicate on an equal footing. Of course, where one sees what the other is doing nonsense, and the first by the fact that he came as a child gave himself the authority to correct, it is necessary to adjust the position. And everything else to give full freedom. There are two extremes. The first extreme – is to treat children as weeds. Well, there is born something, running, jumping, something does, let the less interfere, the better. I have my own life, his own life. Educating, not give. It is interesting though to learn, is not interesting even if not to learn. This is a complete disregard. The second attitude, the second extreme is actually the same thing, only in the opposite direction – it is ultimately regulate every step of the child. Here you have to go to a music school, here to walk, not to go there, make friends with the boy, the boy with no friends. It is such a total surveillance, monitoring, reporting. These two extremes are not quite typical for Generic Yoga, namely here this golden mean. If you feel that your child is interested in something, the child has a talent of some open, then yes, it should really help and give appropriate education and support. But always look as if there is no violence on the psyche. And there is an example. It was such a great physicist – Lev Landau, great physicist, future Nobel laureate, and his childhood was forced to deal with the music until you’re blue and clear, it was a clear rejection to anything good does not. But sometimes you have to be strict with your child when he went not recognized rules of the game. That’s the attitude, as an equal. We see that Yoga teachers must sometimes somewhere and shout and stamp his foot, and the call to order, and strict measures to bring, and give a slap, but only within the framework of the powers that student gave the teacher. Those. teacher to treat the student as an absolutely free being. And if the student himself said a teacher, yes, within this framework, my guides, because I do not know how to behave. The student gives a first mandate as something very hard to do with him. And then, when it comes to such a moment, he enjoys it. Indeed, read many historical descriptions. When the teacher forced her student learning and student showed, then one stupid, then another, and very hard at times acted in yoga teacher with the student. But not because he is evil, or he wanted to punish someone, but simply asked him to apprentice himself. This is in relation to children is the same situation. The fact that you have come to the children, as if they have delegated authority to you of age to take care of them, and when they will do some nonsense to correct them, not to let this nonsense committed. You must grasp this idea. Freedom, but that there was some sort of friendship, trust. It is clear that if you are born in a family of yogis or yogi who do value freedom, and they will appreciate your freedom. But it is not always so poduchaetsya. Sometimes we are born from our mothers and fathers who are not inclined to appreciate our freedom. Sometimes it gets, sometimes, we do not seem fair gets sometimes gets really unfair. But however you do not got it, anyway, Mom and Dad holy to you people. Even if you are treated unfairly, even if they enslave your freedom or interfere with your life, you should on the one hand to understand that it really is there, on the other hand not for a moment lose attitude towards mother and father as the most holy people. You may not agree, but this is an internal attitude, as something native and loving, must be maintained. Maybe they are wrong, what do you hurt bad, but vsyo-taki, as if hurt or badly they will not do, still they are part of you and you are part of them. If you do this will not produce in your life, you do not go on the way Generic yoga. Those. you will lose all of the arsenal of methods and means, which makes generic yoga and then really easier to meditate on the teachers and the teachers who are out there somewhere in India, considering that they are better than our mom and dad, but this is misleading.


Entering the world

And so, whatever may be our mom and dad, they are holy for us at least for the simple reason, today we’ll touch on the process, as we were here in this world. And this is the main point. When we had died in the previous life and have passed all these tests after the death transition, when we had to be born in our present bodies, we, from the height out of time, out of space, of course, saw our mother and father, who were engaged, so to speak, sex, because in vitro can be conceived. But at the moment my mother, it was the personification of the absolute in the female principle, and the Pope in the men’s personification of absolute principle. At the time of our entry for us, there was no difference between the absolute and our parents. Those. as if the absolute manifested through our mom and dad, or absolute appeared in the form of a mum and dad at the time of our entry into this world.


Yoga is not a commodity.


So, this is our second part of the workshop “Generic yoga.” Let us repeat once again the highlight of which consists in the fact that yoga – it is something natural, living, native, and not an alien, artificial, introduced from the outside, mechanistic. Just today, Mary came to me and said that one organization with which we have worked, we refused to advertising. And now advertising for us – it is basic. No one knows what yoga is, no one knows how to subtly convey advertising. There are sites where you can advertise for money. They turned us down. We start to find out why. It turns out that do decide to teach yoga.

I felt for this, you know, a savage grin of capitalism, ie, competition. Drinking yoga as to any product or commodity that you can sbagrivat for big money. In this case, you need to fend off the competition, we have to somehow protect their markets, and, this is some kind of methodology, technology and some have exclusive rights therein. In general, some have bredyatina rushing outright.

When I was confronted with this, I have this causes a dissonance! Because for me, yoga – it is something living, native. And this can build some kind of competition from the market to squeeze out weak sharks of capitalism? For me, it is unnatural. This does not mean that we can not put the matter of yoga. With brains all right, even more than in order. But, the question suddenly, how to advertise and communicate yoga gently. In-kind, species, living in – this is the problem, not to paste over the entire Moscow posters or such methods of competition to deal with other schools. It is simply unacceptable for the people who have touched the kernel of yoga. They just … for them it is a sacrilege, know how to sell his mother or something, I do not know what to compare.

If anything, this is a real case, in the dashing 90 years. A very nice guy, how would you characterize it, Aligarh mediocre. Then they were all young and toothy. Once we spoke with him, a very good, sane, you need to tell people that there are exceptions to the general rule. He sounded a phrase: “Do you want, – he says – I’ll make all of their employees to go for you to yoga?”. But the situation there is such a decent size gorodoobrazuyuschee enterprise monopoly. Either there working or not working and have no choice, you see. Simply, they have some kind of center. “That’s all we’ll move you tomorrow.” Of course, I laughed, smiled and said: “No, it will not go.” Why?Again, these methods of competition, that this grin that let us capture this market, let us otozhrem piece of these clients on yoga, as now many people think. Now everyone in the eyes of dollars, as it were, and yoga in the form of such a mechanism, a machine for making money: pressed – and sprinkle coin, pressed – and again crumbled coin. And in anticipation of that now they had built yoga centers on every corner, gain the yoga teachers, these teachers are supposed to teach yoga, all of them will prosper, and they will prosper.

Friends, just want to say, everyone who thinks so, even from a financial point of view, profoundly mistaken – to such an approach, yoga does not build. Why? Because if there is no soul, it is not yoga, it will be somewhere between fitness, aerobics, gymnastics, anything. But these gyms and aerobics has been, is and will be in the universe … a lot, they have a very narrow segment – not become a billionaire! True Yoga, which can spread to so many, so do not moving. Talking with various people, like, spiritual people. You start talking more, you realize that they are spiritual only in words, whether this person will be engaged in this yoga school or in another school of yoga, it becomes a question of money, competition and struggle. Laughter just obscene. This does not mean, of course, you have to be slobs, yoga must themselves pay for, support. But the idea that yoga is generic, it is very different forces to look at methods of promotion and distribution.


Rod, the birth and evolution from the point of view of yoga.

Now we’ll have to consider the process that occurs when a person is born into this world. So, do you remember that our sexless soul in one life you can be a man, another – a woman. And so, when we are going to die and be born again, and there is a determination of whether or not we get into this universe in the body of a man or a woman’s body. But before you enter our universe, someone has to give us a body in order that we entered into it. This is our home mom and dad. And not just a body, and the body according to our spiritual level. Our spiritual level, my friends, is determined by the degree of self-awareness of their own Ya And the more we are very aware of your Self, the more power we have, the more we have prana, as it is called in yoga, and the more complex the body we want. Otherwise, figuratively speaking, we get bored in a more primitive bodies. From a formal point of view, people dying, can not be born a man and an animal. But the animal’s body does not provide all of the opportunities for self-realization, according to the amount of prana, or the spiritual level, which is that, say, people. Conversely, for other living creatures that live a life in the dog’s body and also died, the dog’s body is very suitable for him. Therefore, if we are born, they say, is lowered, it is clear to us the negative option. Yoga does not exclude these scenarios that you lived in the human body, can be born in the body of the animal, then the animal of the second, third, and then again in the human body. It all depends on how you live those lives. But the fact remains that you will be born somewhere, you need a body. And the better your karma, so the body is more perfect than the worst karma, so the body will be less than perfect. But your karma is determined by how you have lived a previous life. And here is the kind of thing that you have lived one life, it will determine what kind of body you will get in the next life. Accordingly, since it repeated from life to life. And you will get a perfect body, if during the previous life working on them, and went up to the degree of self-awareness to new heights. Instantly it somehow inexplicably speak our physical body, and they start to get complicated. Thus, there is what is called “evolution”. And yoga is in this sense completely agree with the modern doctrine of evolution, only one additive. The modern concept of evolution is believed that the body complicated chaotic, random, under the influence of the mutation. In yoga, do not think so. In yoga believe that all changes, including those mutations that occur are caused by the activities of the spiritual soul, which lives in the body of this creature. Thus, if a living being has lived a very active spiritual life, it created the preconditions for change or improvement of more body, which it transmits to his descendants. Accordingly, when a creature dies, it is born in a family of their children, and gets just that body, contribute to the development of which is being done in a previous life. There is a double evolution. Evolution of Excellence tel. Indeed, the human body is much more complicated than the body ciliates shoes. But, as the evolution of consciousness Ya Really, I’m self-aware ciliates shoes themselves where it is much less than, say, we are with you. Manifested a degree of self-awareness on the abilities or by the power of which we can show, or what is called in the “prana” yoga. In humans, the prana more, ciliates shoes less. It turns out that in the course of life, Paramecium caudatum live such a glorious spiritual life that little samoosaznaet themselves, prana becomes larger, this prana device rebuilds her body. And now, look, it was unicellular, multicellular creature was. Then he happened to some of the nervous system, etc., all in direct proportion to the degree of self-awareness and attract prana. Prana is taken from our Ya Source – our self! The more self-aware, we ourselves, the more we have in the hands of power, and the better we can rebuild your body. But need this intermediate option, otherwise, when we die, we dropped the body when we are born again, we must be born again in the body of ciliates shoes and just one life to develop it to the human body, ie, go all evolutionary period that is very difficult. You can do the opposite and take the help of other creatures, which survived until our death. So they gave us a small cell, a small house in their image and likeness, that we entered into it, and has already started not with ciliates shoes, and since the human body. This defines the role of parents and children. Parents and children – it’s like mountain climbers walking in a bundle. First, one climbs to the top and pulls out another, then another climbs upward and pulls out of the first. So we are going to such a host, some such as it is called, when the bees swarm … this swarm of souls. Born a soul, it forms the body, helps others to be born. Those other help to be born, pulling the other third. So we go up the evolutionary ladder. Therefore, my friends, when we reached the human body, and in the Generic yoga is believed that this is the most good body for the implementation of all spiritual attainments. While we were living in animal bodies, there were many restrictions virtually insurmountable. Since the human body, we can make a very sharp rise in the spiritual side. So, we all came to the human body are not alone, and we got it from, this swarm, host of this shower, which one was born, has helped to be born to another, a third. Therefore, it is impossible to consider each of us individually today. Yes, says yoga, will be in the future in the evolution of man is a state when you can die and materialize themselves all sorts of body, regardless of the (sort of) parents and so on, you will open this ability at the highest stage, close to absolute samadhi. But when it will be, and we are studying some yoga right now. It turns out that we are not separate from many other souls who have not even seen and not guess about them. Or more abstractly. We know you just our mom and dad. But our mom and dad are not alone in the desert, they also rely on other living beings. All this is very intricately intertwined, these different karmic connections between the different souls. It is very difficult to trace them. Sometimes it turns out, someone very dear to us, as they say, in the blood, but a number of other people with us are not native to us by the blood (called), but close to us live. Why? Because we have a common karma. Once we cross paths somewhere in their relationship. And I’m in this respect very much like a saying. In my opinion, it is in Tantric Buddhism, it is very common. “A teacher can become a teacher to someone, and the student can become an apprentice for someone if the teacher or the pupil of each other were mothers in previous lives.” One gave birth to the other and the other first. If you install such a karmic connection from previous lives, in the future there is a karmic bond and become a disciple of the Master. It happens that the teacher died, and then was born, it can be very nice change. Very beautiful and poetic comparisons – were the mothers of each other. It also echoes Generic yoga that we have, as you can see, the track in Tantric Buddhism – Tibetan Yoga.


Our birth as the creation of a new universe in the universe.

So, before we were born here, we need mom and dad, who will give us the opportunity to start with the human body, and not from some lower body. Accordingly, at the time of entry or at the time of our birth, fertilization (if I may say so), in terms of the axioms of yoga, there is no more nor less than the creation of a new universe. Each person, when he is born, a process identical to the birth of a new universe in miniature. Identical processes. Also, when the universe was born, they formed the principle of Space, Mind principle, etc., etc., just as at birth, human, respectively, there is an explosion. You know, like scientists, the universe was born from this initial explosion, and our entry into new life, it’s like an explosion. It is clear that when we enter, and is determined by our gender. Our sex is determined, we have apprehended coming into this universe as the Absolute-woman, then we are born male or Absolute-man, then we are born female. At the time of entry, our mom and dad are very interesting such avatars or they accurately represent the Absolute in the form of male and female in the form of the Absolute. Absolute or the cause that gave rise to our universe, can stick in its two extremes and manifestations – a male and female, and male or female (respectively). It turns out that when we enter into the world, Mom and Dad – it is focused beams from the entire universe of all sentient beings. For mom and dad, like in the lens focused at one point all the rays. Similarly, in the mom and dad, we have all the women in my mother and all the men in the Pope. The universe, as it were, concentrated and gave the opportunity to experience a new universe. Therefore, it is the mystery of birth, because it is a sacrament, and that mom and dad in their role to give life to another living being compared with itself in its Absolute, respectively, male or female form. We remember you that our mothers and fathers, of course, wonderful, but we all have flaws or that, or we remember that according to the axioms of yoga, there are five aspects of Energy and the four aspects of consciousness. Mom and Dad, they may, for example, my mother for the pope – is one aspect, but certainly all of 4 or all 5 aspects. How can it be that in a narrow-minded people unlimited lights? Could it be, indeed, in one case, that at some brief moment and mom and dad opened their very highest yogic (if I may say so) potential. The potential of the higher self, which is, indeed I concluded in each person. It is in this sense through them than through the focus passes the entire momentum of the universe. There is a sufficient indoor yoga section, subsection and he Generic yoga, and yoga Triad concerning this matter – conception. And the meaning is here in what, my friends, that when children are born in pairs, in fact, it does not have a pair of children are born, it is in all men and all women are born children of the universe. Therefore, the next thing that you should remember from this seminar – there are no other children. If somewhere a child is born, it is a part, and your pulse because you are the one part of the universe, which focused, respectively, through the mother and father. In fact, through the male and female body at the moment of conception, however, it is projected generally all, the whole universe. In this regard, there is a closed and very secret subject on which I do not always want to talk, because immediately start any speculation, obscurantism, it is too sacred topic. It’s just about how to help the souls descend into our world. I will outline some of the logic of yoga, consciously holding some details of the more serious, because the students have to be prepared. And since we are translating all our lectures, I would not want them to go for a walk in a distorted form.

The point is what it is. What if you’re a yogi or yogini, and you decide to have children, then you should proceed as follows. You have to understand that in fact, even though you are the conductors of a new life, but of you it is so little that depends. Therefore, the need to do everything that depends on you, in the sense that you can do this, as in everything else in the universe rely on the Absolute. In fact, if you decide to have children, it is not bad to live a healthy lifestyle. It is within your power to do, and you should do it. Observe hygiene measures, health, the doctors talk, do whatever you can, that depends on you. But, on the other hand you have to remember that this is such a small crumb, and the rest depends on the Absolute. You must also remember that the most important point, it is still a soul will come to you. Here it is necessary to voice a very serious detail. The human body is just a body. It does not represent anything, it is largely determined by what the soul come and revitalize the body. The more highly developed soul has come to you, the more is definitely better. But on the other hand, to invite to our soulless dark world highly developed soul is very difficult. The logic of this, that if in our world will be born and come highly souls, they instantly change our world for the better. Why? Because all the energy, all the strength of all consciousness, all the power comes together with the soul, which then uses the body that give mom and dad, like a garment that would manifest itself here. It was determined that life in the country, in that place, in that genus, family, anywhere, any soul came. Do come highly souls with whom you have a karmic connection, or vice versa, will be born still not clear themselves self-aware of your surroundings soul. If you are the first to be born, we can be calm for our world. But if the script goes to another branch, it can be very different things. Just imagine, if you will be born selfish soul, full of hatred and prejudice, or underdeveloped in terms of spirituality and all other facts. Of course, where they will be born, the country or the people will begin to degrade. Here note. Although it is not quite correct example. Take some developing countries in Africa. In recent decades, a huge amount of donations, medicines supplied, and seemed to take advantage of all this and of the underdeveloped countries in Africa to do an advanced European country health-, with production, with the formation. And nothing happens. On the other hand, remember to Germany after World War II. All in ruins, and virtually all have built in 20 years. Now advanced country. Why? This is a very delicate moment, and you need to understand it. If you will understand it, you will never become fascists and nationalists. If you will not understand it, there will always be a chance that the ideas of fascism and nationalism dwell in your heads. This ratio identity of body and soul, which it occupies.

Our I and I the other. The degree of self-awareness Ya

Let’s start from the beginning. Yoga does not recognize the division of people on racial or ethnic origin, genetic features. Yoga believes that every person in its basis there is the Higher Self, and Higher Selves of every person equal area to each other. Can not say that I’m someone above someone below. We can not say that I am a Negro is higher than I am a white man, or vice versa Asian. Therefore, yoga, as you know, has nothing to do with some views on fascism, that one nation more highly, subhuman other nation – this is nonsense. But this, my friends, is only half the truth. If you do not wake to know the second half of the truth, then there will always be Hitler, you know, version 2 0 point, which once again made a great slaughter on a national basis. There is another factor. Unfortunately, the degree of self-awareness I each is different. Accordingly, the degree of selfishness or the intellectual development that we are seeing for the different I, is different. And since I have a karmic tendencies groups come and go, we are seeing something from which the poor politically correct Americans do not know where to go. That Yes, indeed statistics show that in the groups of people belonging to the same race, nationality sharply dominated intellectual ability, and that of their brothers and sisters in developing countries, though, as you do not invest in education and training, you’re such an effect not get. Of course, there is an idea to explain this all highlights racial, national, or fascist. Here they are negros, subhuman, what to take, it is useless to teach them. Or how Hitler said that there these subhuman Slavs in their slavery. Always there is a temptation very easy decision to say that if indeed there is such a phenomenon, and it is observed that sometimes one or another group of people, which can be clearly identified for some racial or ethnic characteristics, you are tracking some characteristic feature. And you think that this characteristic is inherent in this race or that nationality, and therefore, you develop sympathy or antipathy in this connection, tying them to the body. A more complicated. This degree of self-awareness I that in these bodies. And since I love all these flocks during evolution to move, and there is a terrible danger of fascism. Moreover, the one who wants to believe in something, he sees proof of his innocence, even where they did not exist. Therefore, at the time, I was not lazy, bought a newsreel of the Third Reich, even before they were banned, and began to investigate this matter. Yes indeed, there is a movie for the film, look those shots that they filmed, about Gypsies, Jews and so on. So they assembled and picked up the facts that I am more than sure that many Germans believed in it, they sincerely believe that this is true. You know what’s going on under it, they began to consider themselves supermen and it went. But if so selectively choose, we can prove any theory. Especially, if there is such a thing as born soul, and you do not know what, and soul tend to be born with the same preferences, but there is always a certain percentage of always absolutely that to be born in the same group of people, but the soul is absolutely other histories and other identity – spiritual, clean, bright. You should understand that it is extremely slippery question of where America’s vaunted political correctness does not work. You can scream as much as necessary, that all are equal, the ideals of the revolution, that all nationalities marvelous and wonderful, but there comes a moment of truth, as we do, when the Soviet Union suddenly collapsed on a national basis. Although much had been spent force! Why? Because here these archaic ways to share all, without understanding what level of the soul, resulting in a very quick, superficial conclusions, and you can always drag it under what is called the facts. It is necessary to be careful, there will always be a politician who can manipulate the way, for example, look at these blacks, or Asians to see you. And always will a million facts that his point of view, these people are not fully be valid. Are you sure you’ll deal with this in my life. But he will remain silent, he chose a group of people who share not skin color and nationality, and the inner self-awareness Ya or internal degree of selfishness, so that’s such a small correction, if you realize it, you will never become a nationalist. If you are not aware of it, you will not even at the household level nationalism. This small amendment that our I equal area, but the degree of self-awareness in every I is different. Therefore, we the same time and the same and different. So do not be representative of a particular race or nationality, the degree of self-awareness is low, waiting for the same behavior, as, for example, are showing yourself. But that does not guarantee anything. Tomorrow will be a different person with the same shape of eyes, nationality, skin color, and so on, but with a different degree of self-awareness, and it will be a brother to you, it will be closer to you, that all the tribesmen relatives. Why? Because you will have the spiritual level of kinship. And he is, oddly enough, will speak about the karmic level of kinship. Once you were probably in Tibet say the mothers of each other. It must be clearly understood, otherwise nationalism household invisibly penetrate into the minds of even the most seasoned yogis. Why do I say this? Not because of some theoretical conclusions. I’m already old and senile communicate with different groups of people, including yogis and Yoginis. I have been very unpleasantly surprised by the presence of certain explicit nationalist ideas in groups very distinguished, quite sane yogis and Yoginis. I understand that the error is not because they are bad, but because there is a gap theory of how everything is done, forcing them to draw conclusions on their own lives. Yes, indeed, there was a certain friend near the market, where they were natives of the Republics of the former USSR, and he saw there only a certain section of the people or the mentality of a certain spiritual level. So he is definitely a man is sane extrapolated to all people. But it worked only within that market, which is a local crime boss held. And it is extended to all. It is very dangerous. It seems to be right, and at the same time as wrong. That’s because you must remember that there are two things – the degree of self-awareness I. And if it is low, then yes, there are indeed such effects. But this is a question that similar attracts like. But there are always exceptions. Here is a very delicate thing. Therefore annoys me when I see all these politically correct American program, which force people with some interest and mentality to associate or merge with other people, they are good people, but a different mentality, they are incompatibles. Trying to squeeze, on the contrary, is a protest, and creates an even greater bitterness, and that it is not people. Therefore, when you meet with this or that person should immediately recognize the extent of his self-awareness. It will be more than a painless test to determine what to expect from him. Accordingly, it is necessary to communicate with someone who is at the appropriate level of self-awareness, and to avoid others. No matter what race or nationality they are, and whether or not what is politically correct propaganda of the political leaders. Because all of these are fraught with propaganda then the explosion. Everything seems to make up, make up, and then again on ethnic grounds, and a great slaughter. And sane and tolerant people. Therefore, the question of nationality is extremely delicate.


Influence of the degree of self-awareness I have to attract highly spiritual Ya

And since we are engaged in the moment of birth, you should understand that a soul with a high degree of self-awareness comes in this world, it is a prerequisite that to other souls with a high degree of self-awareness came into this world, in this same country, at the same time. Therefore, there is no nation, nation of thieves, murderers or is there someone else, sometimes they are divided. And there are times when one or another part of the world come to the soul or with a high degree of self-awareness, and we are talking about spirituality. Or in this or that part, or that the shaft to bring down the soul with a low degree of self-awareness, and we are talking about the heyday of crime, corruption and so on. Therefore, there is a caveat, it is quite a closed issue in the Generic yoga. Our future depends on those souls who will come here. Yes, of course, we must ensure that this body souls, yes, indeed, the nation must be healthy and lead a healthy lifestyle, to engage in yoga, healthy foods to eat. This is important, but it is only one component. Most importantly, what will the soul here. And this is important, both within a single family, a single family, country, and humanity as a whole. And as long as we do not create spiritual conditions that were highly used here, the spiritual soul, the future of our humanity is a very big issue.

There are ways to ease this highly souls entry. First the soul enters a highly here as your baby only on one condition – whether it is to do that, according to his freedom. If she sees an opportunity for the next life to rise to a new spiritual level, then yes, it will be born. If not, why would she be born in your family or in your country? It is better to be in space, where there is a spiritual planet. It is one component. Therefore, if you are interested in spirituality, there is a tendency that the spirit children to come to you. If you are not interested in spirituality, then, of course, come to those souls, with that degree of self-awareness, which will be good here. It is one thing – they want to come or do not want. This is the first. Second – even if they want to enter into our dense dark world it is very difficult. Usually, you know, show planes, he is landing there at the height of the cloud there, the sun is shining, and the airport is tightened to the ground. It is extremely dangerous to land in fog. I do not see where to land, one landing. You – the soul, and suddenly you promazhete, are going to be born into a family of yogis and Yoginis and Maya enveloped everything, and you were born on the floor below, in the family of local alcoholics. I speak metaphorically, but you have to capture the essence. Of course, we need beacons, searchlights, pipes, free from maya, where everything is transparent and can be seen clearly, and the soul will be able, taking the maximum amount of unspent prana enter. If she will go and spend the prana, the heavier will then be realized. Accordingly, there will be less to show the soul, as we would say super-powers, or talented manifestations. She’s spent, not to be mistaken floor landing at the entrance. Clearly, if Mom and Dad do yoga, then no matter where they lived, though in any environment where the terms of crime, lack of spirituality, but Mom and Dad are together as two beams that form the channel, and have clearly seen where anyone born. Such a bright flash, bright channel on which you can fall from this level in our world. If mom and dad for a long time and seriously engaged in yoga, asceticism, and so on, keep yourself, it gives a very bright channel. But often it turns out such a thing, that sometimes we nedotyagivaet, we wish that we come to a very great soul, great souls of children. But do not hold ourselves, we are not doing yoga, or is not engaged and conduct, God knows what way of life, and now would be happy, but the time has gone. But there is a completely closed mystical practices. Talking about them is hard, but not impossible to say. This so-called assistance in birth, or help in the creation of this channel. This is when the other pair of men and women are included, thus resonate with the couple who wants children in order to work together to this column of light fully ensure the unimpeded entry of the soul in our world.

I must say that this practice is not something artificial, I want to emphasize that there are nuances and things that we can not talk, voice, more if that enhancers. In fact, everything happens, and so with each conception, roughly speaking, when there is a birth, a man through his wife saw all the beautiful women in all aspects of femininity, that they were together a complete set of perfect. But it is in this background, that is, all the women from the family, where they live the husband and wife, they act as a single woman and men, respectively. Therefore, any child who is born in your circle, the circle in which you live – your family, relatives, friends, acquaintances, those who are close to you, those with whom you have a karmic connection. They consciously or unconsciously uchuvstvuyut in the creation of this channel, in which the soul descends. Therefore, there are no other children.


All I are inseparable and are attracted by the level of spirituality.

Yes, of course, most important, the physical component of the material of the body provide mom and dad. However, all the nuances, all the components at the level of subtle bodies, all the nuances that make up the alignment of energy beams of consciousness, as it were, the joint work of all those who are sympathetic to you, who are sympathetic to the husband and wife who are likable. The concept of moms and dads more blurred the notion of the genus, and it in turn eroded the notion of the country, well, if you take on a planetary scale, the notion of humanity. For the simple reason that, as stated in the same yoga, not only the earth a place to be born. It certainly sounds like science fiction, but nevertheless, yoga, talking about it, that supposedly there are other places in the universe, other planets or something, where you can also be born. It sounds just too strange to our ears, so now we will not consider it. There is a moment that is the group of people with whom you communicate, healthy, spiritual, strong, and it attracts the souls of highly developed. If on the contrary, you are criminals, and gang of thugs around you, it is clear and you are attracting the soul, corresponding to their future lives. This in part explains the paradoxes of nationalities, racial intolerance and intransigence that somewhere locally sometimes it occurs, but it may also leave. And it’s not skin color, not in the context of the eye, not nationality. The fact of the spiritual aspirations of the group. And the body, like clothes, a man took, and gave another reproach, they say. That is, they are secondary, although also, the words can not erase songs purely physical component, or a genetic component is also very important. As you can imagine everything in the universe is very balanced, all very beautiful and harmonious, and if you understand, then you avoid bad extremes, and you will never get into any marginal national association, or any other anti yogic direction. And to avoid them can be oh how hard the mind of such a docile companion all the craziest ideas.

For this reason, of course, if you have a group of like-minded people, leading a spiritual life, it is much easier for future gifted children to be born among them, much easier! Although, of course, you have to remember, can be a variety of scenarios, sometimes in a gang of incorrigible rascals greatest soul born again in order to make a precedent to reverse this situation. In India, there is a famous legend about the Ganges. I sometimes tell her, a myth about the origin of the Ganges River. Allegedly, when they were in some highly advanced yogis ancestors, but these ancestors of the very demonic, very badly behaved in life, made a lot of bad things, and after the death of all go to hell. But one of the descendants of these evil people born with highly advanced soul. And he knew that on the one hand the ancestors were not sugar, not a gift, have screwed blood spoiled all lots. But you remember the principle of generic yoga, that the ancestors of the ancestors, no matter what they are, good, bad, komu-to like, komu-to not like villains past, but the fact that you are alive, makes holy ancestors. Then there is a script and how to help the ancestors that lived long ago, many did sin, negative karma got, and now suffer in some sort of hells. He was given this recipe, let the sky clearing celestial waters of the Ganges, the goddess of the river, will fall to the place where the dead all these evil ancestors (ancestors died a bad death to another zavarushku it in your own words), and bathe the bones of their ancestors, the sins to wash them, and they will be born people and rise to a new spiritual level. And so it happened, the water of the Ganges with celestial spheres has decided to wash the bones, but the force was so great that the blow could break apart the Earth. Then Shiva, the patron of yoga, or as in the Tantric tradition the founder of the Kaula doctrine framed her head, so that the first blow of this force, clarifying consciousness, hit him on the crown of the head, and then she flew down with him and washed the bones of the ancestors that’s unlucky. And so it happened, so sometimes in the iconography of Shiva painted on the side and a trickle of strange that there is something spilled, this suggests that each image is encrypted this myth. You understand that this has led to the fact that there was a cult in India to burn their dead on the banks of the Ganges, and no matter burned down, not burned down, fell, then, in the next world he will be well into the Ganges. As a result, of course, insanely littered the Ganga. You can imagine there is now a billion people, and they all want, what would they burned, not burned and the Ganges, it’s all decomposed, though the Ganges has the unique properties of disinfecting, said that in the 18th century cholera treated water from the Ganges, it drinking, and there were bacteriophages, which helped cured. It is clear that now you are unlikely to be cured.


Why I do not get into their midst other self-awareness I?

What does it all. Sometimes it happens that a group of people in the lowest level comes great soul. I meet with the xenophobia, nationalism rare, that negros these, indeed, to be honest, the truth must look peddling heroin, a habit they have such, and it is clear that the general impression of all, and willy nilly, you’re imbued household nationalism. Ten times I met a man, and ten times he was a scoundrel, it is clear that like dogs Pavlov conditioned reflex is developed, and it is clear that there is another Hitler, which will summarize all this, will give into the hands of the machine and send them to Africa to kill. It’s clear. But we should always remember, as used time was not you meet with blacks selling this crap, can always be some sort of a soul that can be was born, to get them to the next level, so we need the most stringent way to filter and suppress the inside all nationalist or racial aspects. No matter how many times you face, I’m sorry, in crap do not hit, you do not have to believe it, or you will get stuck in Maya, it is very thin. But this does not mean that you have to be an idiot, it does not mean that you have to shout at each corner of the politically correct slogans that all are equal, all good, all white and fluffy. You have to “filter” the people, but only on the level of their spiritual self-awareness, and always remember that if the trend break, the soul will be born highly. They will promote that those souls who are already living, will also go towards self-awareness, and attracting more highly evolved souls. It’s like this avalanche, synergistic, as scientists say the reaction that at the moment can change the whole situation. I very much hope and expect that this situation will occur in Russia. Because, to be honest, right now I analyze something which characters, even a Slavic appearance, I feel at ease, because God is with them, they survive this criminal showdowns, but they also have children, they are also invited to this world someone. And whom they invite? Former maniac killer? Former recidivist? The question in the minds that will be born. And sometimes scary, cattle cattle, and if there is a rigid framework of politics, religion, what the constraints, it’s okay, but as you can imagine, no religion, no politics, no code of honor of the builder of communism, we have it was a when- something. Nothing is there now! And this bydlyatina pret! This does not mean that they are inferior, that I am more of a negative, but it says that they can very quickly turn into a pigsty all here. This thing is not funny, because I think about my children, in kindergarten, they will go with whom they will? With these cattle? Here in the kindergarten or school is your child, with whom he will communicate? With those, whose father came out, engaged in rape of minors and alcoholic mother, you know, with whom your children will communicate. Not because some children are above or below, you need to very clearly understand that, unfortunately, from the song words can not erase – soul with varying degrees of commitment and self-awareness. Be careful who your children communicate. Of course, one side of freedom, on the other hand …


Practical tips and advice what to do.

Then go. What if this happens, yes indeed, your children interact with children of other parents, spiritual level which is very low, and accordingly, the same level, and the children they invited. What to do in this case? First you have to remember that even if it is not very high soul, but the fact that she was born in the body of the child is from the perspective of the universe, as an opportunity to start with a clean slate. Therefore, whatever the parents of this child, he has the opportunity to once again from zero to rewrite everything. Out here only one, very strict control over the spiritual, the mental climate of the school where your children are learning, in the kindergarten, in the yard. Why? Because there will be a war trends if the trend win over low-lying, then your children will be under this pressure. If, however, strongly discourage and construct such rules in order to change this trend and prevent the negative manifestations of a child from a dysfunctional family to evolve, it is possible to make a miracle. In Soviet times, was, you remember, Makarenko, who worked with street children. Then all was a nightmare, after the revolution, when the mass of children remained generally unmanaged. In this sense, it is the time between a humanistic, which was in the Soviet Union, with which I suggest you read, but you should always remember that even if your loved ones are children, they tend not to trust you, and just not tell. It may be that in his environment, his company runs the sex crime, and they are about it you do not even say. They may suffer from the floor thieves rules of the game, on the street, but you’ll take full confidence that your kids interact with some boys, the girls are not quite your circle, but it is not so scary. Friends, it can be very scary for your children! A huge number of suicides happen for the simple reason that the atmosphere in the nursery, seemingly idyllic, worse than any prison for repeat offenders. Therefore, communication to chance their children should never be let go. Of course, now this has become easier. Now you can select and schools and kindergartens, which will study your offspring, in the end, all you can not let the school. In the Soviet years, it was virtually impossible, although precedents. There has been much more complicated. But if there is any possibility that your children do not communicate with children with harmful tendencies, it should be done. But, at the same time, by all means try to help all those children who have these tendencies, and who in your field of vision. Why? If your field of view there are children, then there are the parents, it means that there is a karmic connection between you and them. If there were no karmic connection, then you have it and do not even know, that is the fact that you live, and next to you something unpleasant happens, figuratively speaking, part of the blame is and yours. Therefore, on the one hand, it is necessary to minimize the adverse effects, on the other hand extremely build such rules of the game, so here’s the low-lying criminal events strategy to stop by any means, even though the district drag, although outfit OMON call. But that does not has been put on the slide. Why? Because the fact that you know it, and there is a part of your guilt. That is, there is a part of your karma. It’s such a grim side. But, as is the case with nationalism and fascism can not indulge in such a bang-bang, all men are brothers, all wonderful, all equal to each other, let’s kiss, here, take my purse to maintain, it does not matter that you are a thief on trust … Yoga, friends, either, it is primarily adequacy.

The generic yoga focuses on the fact that the relationship between parents and children, the relationship between the generations, or the connection between the people who are common in such a swarm, it largely facilitates our spiritual formation. Huge way! That is, if you go through in a single yoga, do not reach the thousandth part of what can be done when the general atmosphere contributes to this. And there is the next important point. And whether a yogi or yogini have children, or should not they be? How to choose a husband or wife, how much do they have children? Anyway, we are addressing these issues in numerous courses, this course “Lifestyle yogis and Yoginis”, and everything about the Triad. But nevertheless, here again it is necessary to illuminate it from the position Generic yoga.


Rod is a great opportunity to self-knowledge and the mechanism of its continuation.

Lifestyle you can be anything you remember that yoga, it is the science of harmonious self-knowledge, which should lead you to freedom. So about any prescriptions and prohibitions of the question. There is a question on the recommendations. Therefore, as you live your life, how many children you will have, or will not do, whether you want them to have and whether you have them, to solve each according to his life. There are many factors that one has to decide for himself. But regardless of how you will live a life, if you go through yoga, if you study the genera yoga, then you must remember that there is a certain mechanism, which lies in a man who somehow will affect human that was procreation. This so-called protection mechanism of procreation. And the purpose of this mechanism is only one, so that the human race will not be interrupted. This mechanism is almost completely formed our body, so it has access to all the levers, control our bodies, emotions, feelings, memories, dreams, dreams, and so on and so forth. He acts, friends, in automatic mode, around the same as operating your instinct when you touch a hot stove. Here you accidentally touch the red-hot frying pan, what happens? Your hand unconsciously drawn aside itself, other times even have time to realize not that touched the hot, and has already gone a signal to nerves, muscles and the arm jerked and then just before you realized that oh how painful favorite finger burned. procreation protection mechanism also acts. You’ll not even realize that it works. Its meaning is only one, so it’s evolutionary continuity was not broken, to have children, and that, accordingly, you have the opportunity to be born after the death of another. In fact procreation protection mechanism can be reduced to the mechanism of self-preservation. We have a self-preservation mechanism. We tried to save his life, and if something threatens our lives, we tend to do so in order to avoid this danger within itself. So we all laid down. But, it is only a partial case of the more in-depth mechanism, called the defense mechanism of procreation. In some cases, when the situation does not allow to be stored separately taken individual, this mechanism works in such a way that at least the genus or species is preserved. Therefore, strictly speaking, the mechanism of protection of procreation is necessary first of all to have had children. If he does not see children with you, it will begin to strongly influence you, your behavior, your mentality, your preferences, on the performance of your analytical apparatus, sway you to the fact that children have appeared in some way. For example, developing excessive sexuality in relation to the opposite sex, and so on and so forth, a giant arsenal. But if for some reason you do not have siblings, as long as they are in your family, or for those people who surround you.

If we look at, say, India, where the birth surplus, maybe we would have somewhere to stay and they, because of their already over a billion, and the trend is not ceasing. So in countries such as India, where fertility is very good, the yogi or yogini could afford to engage in one or other yogic practices, it is easier to continue avoiding the kind of defense mechanism, because there is no danger that the human race will die out in this country. This is less evident. In other countries where the birth rate is falling, it is very urgent to be observed, particularly in Western countries, now we have come to this. Therefore, the mechanism of protection of procreation is necessary to have children you have or your loved ones, or were at least feeling that the human race is not extinct. If this feeling is not it the most sophisticated way, as we are taught yoga Triad, put an end to all your spiritual practices. In this sense, the Generic yoga with Triad agree. Why? Because Generic yoga is the path of yoga spans across several lives. We all want everything at once, for a life of enlightenment, and then the deluge, could not care less. Sometimes I meet these adepts, they sometimes think that way in their spiritual purpose. Generic Yoga says there is sometimes more efficient here and so on from generation to generation, all native to rise and reach a height of the highest achievements. Mechanism of protection procreation is necessary to see and hear the presence of children. If it stops them to see, hear, or something suspect about it, will begin a very big problem. Of course, everyone chooses for himself a way of life. If you do decide to have children, yoga is very welcomed. How you would say the language of ancient yoga treatises and the Middle Ages, having heard about this good news, and yogini yoga teacher would clapped their celestial spheres of joy.


MPP, children and practical advice Generic yoga.

The questions arise: whether to have children, and from whom, and how to prepare for it? Yoga in this respect quite realistic science, and some advice she can give us today. The fact is that now with the development of contraception a woman can control conception, and to refrain from unwanted pregnancy. Such joy we had as 50 years ago, and then, thanks to the development of means of contraception, hormone pills, and another. Question: how do they affect the female body? We are not considering it. But freedom and a free hand, we have in this respect for women only 50 years old, as well as the last word of the child is always the women, in the end, the brunt of it and go to bed, so nature gives a greater degree to do this choice of the woman. Now the situation has changed dramatically in the world, is on the one hand untied the hands of women, enable women’s exalted status, to be more independent, more involved in including them. But there is a downside. Sometimes a woman is not able to adequately whether or not it is time to have children, whether or not they have or do not have to time to evaluate. In particular, this applies not Yoginis and average women. This factor contraception leads women to the level of life and freedom is the same as it was, apparently, many centuries ago Yoginis, but who did not use contraceptive chemicals, and had other methods of contraception, that is fully pregnancy depended on their willingness or reluctance. I will not go into details, in what ways they gained this ability. In this sense, the ancient and modern women yogini came as if on the same plane capabilities. So, what has the modern woman, in terms of planning their future it was available to ancient yogis at that time, as the other women in the same age about it and could not think, because they were sometimes actually a machine for the production of offspring. It turns out that such a situation is the same, but since ancient times, have reached us very specific instructions, not even a hint and tips on how to use it. So these tips are not the ultimate truth or binding on all, this is only general recommendations. Maybe things are not so completely in your personal life. However, one such moment was that in every woman’s life there comes a time when the topic of children to become obsessive. Once caught myself thinking that the topic of children’s intrusive, you start to notice them on the street, you start to feel that you are missing, and all thought that is what, you know that procreation protection mechanism suggests. And, if you do not lay a good persuasion, will be in a bad way. If you live, rejoice life, a young girl, learn, run, jump, and feel that kind of early, it is probably too early. Violence is not. You understand the ability to control pregnancy, and contraception free hand with regard to sex. If even 50-60 years ago, any sensible girl would think five times before you go to bed with a boy, that it can lead to pregnancy, and the choice will be either an abortion, it is sufficient to extreme or childbirth, with a corresponding change in status, lifestyle. The girl will think five times before you go. So now with the presence of the tablets on the next day, it all can go with impunity, in terms of close relationships with young men. So loosen up multiple sexual mores, on the one hand it is good, and that on the one hand brings us closer to the ideals on which lived ancient yogini. Because words can not erase songs really yogini antiquity were more open, more self-sufficient. Ivan Efremov Thais in the form hetero.

He thus wanted to convey the idea. But the reverse side of the coin, you know that (I’m not talking about STDs) can be a kind of a waste. Embezzlement that tolerate the other person, if you are with him did not bind, or easily change partners sex, on the one hand there is nothing wrong with that, as you know, but on the other hand there is the possibility to stay on, and who is the father of my children, a girl asks. The same scenario as in Yoginis antiquity. Modern contraception, contraception and then with the help of yoga. Council next thing you have to share this thing, to understand exactly what these things might be different. This is having sex with a boy, and having sex with a young man to bear children. Sex itself and sex for the purpose of procreation should be very clearly separated you in the head. Indeed, for this there is a more in-depth theoretical study of yoga Triad. I’m not his voice, but nevertheless. The bed is enclosed in one package are two things, it is the pleasure of sex, and it’s a huge boost of energy, which is spent on the continuation of the species. In yoga, it is recommended to separate them and spend individually. Roughly speaking, you can have sex with different partners, enriching their lives, experiences, feelings, or whatever. But to choose the father of future children you have very, very consciously, carefully and very, very seriously. Of course, if you choose the father of their children, of course you want him to live happily, you want him to have and good sex, and that everything was fine on the highest bar in terms of our preferences. Recommendation is added as follows: in addition to the joy of life, you should be able to share with them and sorrows of life, or the reverse side of life. Or in other words, you have to with him to be able to overcome any difficulties in life or joint practice asceticism. Therefore, it is recommended that before you choose her youth, ask, and be able to if you’re this young man not only disrupt the cheerful colors, but also together to practice austerity, when you feel bad and it is bad, and you are together. If you realize that there is such a person that you love, of course, it is better to look for the person you love. In the best case, a man in whom you are in love. Life happens at all different, so sometimes a woman will squeeze continuing mechanism to protect family, she began a series on children, it is still a man, you know, she does not care, he loves it, does not like her obsession. Friends, life is very difficult, there is a variety of scenarios. Must have at least some awareness of the criteria for its future steps, it is a question, and if I can tolerate it, not only in moments of joy, but, in the minutes of suffering. Or choose themselves, respectively, in addition to husband joy together, you were willing him to joint asceticism. For the simple reason that, of course, if you’re the most highly yoga and yogini, with very angelic nature, but as soon as you begin to live a family life, there is nothing left on your angelic nature.

I’m talking to you about a very interesting thing, because it is not just a theory, it is a practice. I have many times seen these pictures, I many times saw of these scenarios, when the girl yogini and in the mountains it in solitary retreats in caves, cold water shower bath, meditate, umnichka five languages knows the very equanimity, the homeless army spoon-fed, a sample . He is a young man, a yogi, almost flying through the air, in smadhi falls through, unflappable as a boa, a sample of the icon painting. Here they found each other, everything is great, runs for a while, and went running. From scratch, as it sometimes seems, and when ordinary people just swear, God is with them. But when you know these people alone when they were by themselves, and compare how they have each other’s living it took. A man and a woman, it is the easiest and fastest way to enlightenment, and to educate, it is necessary to remove all the dirt from ourselves. A woman like no one is able to scratch out the dirt from the men, and even yoga. Therefore, no guarantee, even if you were yogis and yoginis limit to 40 years, no less, the experience. And if you decide to get married, and began to live as a family in order to have children, you still expect that there is a clue, because there would be no clues, you would already be enlightened. And once you are in the world, then there is something else hidden in you. Therefore, my friends, I urge you, do not be surprised if it will happen in your life, as long as you do yoga, and do not be surprised if it will happen among your acquaintances and Yoginis yogis. Often, the students, even though we are very tough, yet education does not end up on opposite sides, and then the people are free, there was such a nice couple and you fight. For them, it’s a shock, it’s not a shock, we have long been working on this for us. I want you to react to this very understanding. Even Shiva himself with his favorite wife Parvati had a fight, according to one of the myths. You see, the founder of yoga, samadhi was constant. Why? They are friends, so our universe is arranged. Therefore, you must remember that you are choosing a husband, and hope that will live a happy life with him to the grave, and give birth to a bunch of kids that the road paved with rose petals, and in fact will actually happen. There will be roses, but there are those moments that you stand each other can not. Then it works only joint asceticism. We must pay tribute this asceticism. Every hour of such austerity, when the husband its beak, I apologize for Slang, clamps and listens to what he says about his wife, it all bubbles, is about to explode, and he clamped to prevent escape. That such asceticism, probably two years in a cave to stand on one leg with his hand raised. The same is true with regard to women. Moreover, I am not going to jump on the yoga Triad, especially when go-go, and when the husband and wife begin to switch to other male and female individuals, this is the most terrible thing, and except for yogis and Yoginis nobody unravel. This is the yoga section of the Triad, and he is a little bit away.

Friends, you can have sex with anyone, just for fun, or for the practice of various kinds of yoga, there is a corresponding yoga, which uses sexual energy. From children to give birth, you should think five times! The husband or wife is not the one with whom you do have sex, and the one with whom you give birth to children. Why? Because if you survive this joint asceticism with each other, make a nest for the future highly advanced soul of a young child who does not understand that you have each other can not stand for you and mom and dad for him – one. For him, the terrible wound is when mom and dad do not begin to understand each other, and hurt them with his antics. Otherwise, highly developed soul will greatly suffer. It’s your bad karma. It is necessary to remember this. So, before you choose the father or mother of your children, think carefully. Now you well, and imagine that you feel bad if you can tolerate each other? You will tolerate or not tolerate awake? So this is the criterion! Therefore, the offer to choose, by asceticism.

Friends, you have to remember, yoga is said that if you have planned a child who would have been there, what would you have not said anything! All other tips disappear. How you happened and, thank God. When in doubt, or there is a choice, then we must think! If you spun life, and it happened, it is too late to think I will be with him to engage in austerity, will not all! How is it, and thank God! Why? Because you remember that you have to do your best and that you are not dependent – to trust. Sometimes there are the strangest alliances, she practices yoga, and her husband in either eye, as they say. Or vice versa, a young man of such advanced, and the girl about it does not even want to hear, but their children. Children with generic yoga position – sacred. Of course, yoga does not insist on any scenarios of life, you can converge, diverge, re-marry. As you get. But any step better suited to the realization of what is happening in the universe, what is going on in your personal life. This ensures that there will be a minimum of suffering around, including to yourself.


Scripts marriage and their differences in consequences.

Next, the following general advice. What is the most stable marriage, the union for the education of children? Yoga gives the following recommendation. The most stable union, one where people with each other on a spiritual level. If the spiritual level is one common aspirations, then, as a rule, the Union does not fall apart, respectively, the family is not falling apart, and the children do not suffer. This is the highest level combining. There is another level combining. Say mutual interest. Indeed, the young man and the girl interesting interesting, interesting to talk to each other, poumnichat, go to the movies, to discuss something newfangled, to some psychological training to go – too fun. But it is less solid foundation. Why? Because interests can change. Finally, the weakest link is the link erotic, sexy. So we are made, that a man wants a woman, a woman wants a man, and there is mutual attraction, this is nothing wrong, there is only good. Especially, if in compliance with the first and second principles of yoga. The question that will not have time to blink an eye, now you attract a girl or a boy, you were with him in bed. You and another, and another, and then suddenly cooled down involuntarily stayed with him a month. And the young man does not excite you more erotic, and she does not get turned on, and the other girl-ons, or other youth-ons. Union on the basis of what you have at that moment, at that moment attracted or that sexy charming girl, or this or that young man, it is quite flimsy script. Although, why not? The main goal – if life goes on, all the scripts are suitable. But you must understand that the ideal is when you have a common spiritual aspiration when you are interested to talk to each other, and when you do not care about sex with each other. Of course, everything is much more complicated, we talked about this in the yoga Triad. procreation protection mechanism, sooner or later will tend to force you to change the partner. This is a very serious deceit. Why? Because procreation protection mechanism is a survival instinct, but not for an individual or for a group of people. For him, life, happiness, love the individual is nothing compared to the public interest. MPP – public figure. It is sometimes very subtly manages us. Yeah, this young man with the girl stayed all enough, changed, changed. It sounds funny, but in real life is a tragedy. You gathered all his life with his wife to live, and then lost interest in her sexual and otherwise. And the other girl on the contrary, strongly excites you. And you threw his wife and children. I repeat the anecdote that I was a wife of 36 years, 2 wives at 18. Often it happens. If your personal sadhana, you feel that you will achieve enlightenment, and indeed children, it is necessary to earn a piece of bread to feed them in this life. You do from morning till night meditating, ankle-deep in the cold water sitting, one hand raised, recite mantras, in general, the full program, enlightenment in one lifetime. This is one scenario. If you’re smart yogi, then you realize that yes, indeed, you are soluble in the rainbow, but you need to ensure continuity, if not you, then at least have your brothers and sisters have to be kids. And you, in any case, do not oppose it.


Kids yoga is not a hindrance, but rather – its promotion! Do not confuse Brahmacharya procreation.

The worst thing is when the wise guy who says I – brahmacharya, I have not touched a girl in terms of sex, and you are bogged down, family, children, diapers, pots. I am a celestial being, and you? You still 50 lives to be born, to reach up to my level, and dissolve into samadhi. There are such assholes! The real assholes, what do you think the floor India such haunting, our compatriots. Clearly, if you say it, those who listen to you, thinking that I really siry and miserable, I have a wife children, the rent paid should be, and then he celestial, brahmacharya. I’ve been with my wife for the full program, and he has no girl in my life was not. There are also shots. He starts to inspire you to think that he superhuman, and none of you. I always remembered about this work of Leo Tolstoy, it is called “Father Sergius”. That’s for those of you who have not read, I recommend to read. Very good work. Very good and captures the essence of the meaning, there is just the ending of this story comes down to it, that a gentleman is very arrogant, then, at the end of life realized that was wrong. But life has passed. This negative karma, because God forbid, such a clever man does not reach final enlightenment in this life, despite the fact that he was sitting on his ankles in water, recite mantras, kundalni drove, he will die. And as you remember from the yoga of overcoming death, somewhere will take place just a few weeks, he will have to be born again. Nowhere to go, you have to be born, and he born in the most adverse conditions. That is, those who will get it. Because all inspired inferiority complex, “all had called,” I’m talking figuratively, literally do not understand. I do not prepare the future birth. And not prepared messy, yet all and cursed. If you feel that this is your last life, then at least do not abuse others who have families, children, and on the contrary, strongly supports, play with the kids, it will be to you safer, because the continuation of the mechanism of protection kind and you will have less cling. Not to mention the fact that all of a sudden your friend is ten siblings, he will become the father of the hero. You look, and you will place in the next life there for the birth. If you choose such a scenario events, not stick out. If you feel that you want to have a husband and children, or his wife and children very well. Our yoga school says that everything is very nice, it all falls under the second stage of Yoga of Being in Love, one of the fastest Yogi – go ahead! At the same time it added to the thing you have to put up with today’s seminar. In our school, yoga position states the following: Children are never an obstacle on the spiritual path. If you start to draw in his mind a scenario, oh my salary is small, ah nowhere to live, the instability of the economic crisis on the nose, which then the children, not to fat, would be live for himself. As soon as such a justification, I do yoga, I have no time, and I had a bad life, and nothing to eat, and have to go and stuff, stuff for work. And it’s trying to flavor the fact that it will interfere with your spiritual practice, you know, in our school of yoga they say next, you’re most flagrantly engaged in self-deception and mislead themselves and others, when you say that in order to have children , you need to have the environmental conditions. Friends, our grandparents lived in such bestial conditions, gave birth in dugouts, in ditches winter experienced. Our last “favorite” The Great Patriotic War, find out how people lived then. There was nothing to elementary, but our mom and dad were born, however, the human race will not be interrupted. Moreover, the fact that you are sitting here studying the most highest position in yoga, and even 150 years ago, you would have to take a trip to the foothills of the Himalayas and long pester in some ashram, to hear all that you Now you hear here. It says that you have enough good karma spiritual. And this, in turn, said that a good spiritual karma from your parents. Therefore, you should bow to them that they did all the prerequisites so that you are sitting in the warmth and comfort, and studied what used to be a great secret. Therefore, all sorts of excuses: ah no, ah career, ah house needed a new apartment, a car, as soon as it begins, you know, it means your selfishness, and it has no relation to the future life, in the sense that it is an attempt of self-deception . Especially when you start to somehow is linked to his spiritual accomplishments. Oh, children are born, when shall I meditate? You must not be meditating, you’re on your child once you look, and its consequences, it will be like for you to samadhi. It really is true, friends. Children are never an obstacle on the spiritual path. Another thing you can have your karma, dharma. Different happens. Someone’s life has developed so that there are no children. No, and do not, nothing good. As is, so let it go to help children in orphanages or just a gift to give children know or somehow participated manifest. No matter that they were your children. It is important that these were children at all. In particular, when the demographics falls. In India, on the contrary, is growing demographics, there is in this respect easier if one brother brood of twenty kids, the other brother can safely go to the monks to practice brahmacharya, women did not even look. Why? Because, in principle, in terms of where to be born, it is not much risk. But if you look at another situation there differently. But in the same India, it is now the most fertility. Why? Medications come, and when there is a great number of children were dying in infancy to ten children, there were also different even 100-200 years ago. Life changing. But you must understand that there is a continuing type of defense mechanism, there are basic provisions in yoga. To compare your life with this. But good.


Questions about the second part of the Generic yoga workshop.


– If one spouse in the family is engaged in yoga and, accordingly, has risen to a certain level of spiritual development, and the other is not engaged and absolutely indeferenten to it, whether they have a highly developed soul born?


– Yes, my friends, can be born. Regardless of who the parents, any parent, it is more subtle mechanisms of our karma. If our karma is good, and then, in whatever state we were, as children come to us highly developed soul. Therefore, the attitude here should be the – let go of all that does not depend on you, rely and trust in the universe. There are things sverhlogichnye that we are not available. Therefore, as something special to worry about what the soul is born – it makes no sense. Whatever the child is not born, it is, by definition, has to be brought up as a highly developed soul. This will be discussed further in this seminar.


– Did you give a recommendation that the father to choose for their children should be based on the fact – whether we can survive with it asceticism, but when we love or are in love, it seems to us that nothing bad from this man can not be expected?


– This recommendation – choose a husband or wife, also taking into account the fact that if we can survive with it asceticism. Indeed, when you meet a man and fall in love, you do not assume that your relationship could be something wrong. Indeed, in the first place you want to analyze is not the other person, and yourself, then there is reason to recall his eclipse, their bad mood, his depression, quite simply, their kinks. And as if by being strict with himself, ask yourself, not the other person. And there is a piquant moment – when two people begin to live together, to check and whether they can live together. And time goes by, respectively, and they live together, and waiting, and when they start a black stripe, in the hope that if they will, and if they survive it well, then it’s okay. But it is also a dangerous strategy. After all, you can wait, wait, and after kakogo-to time, regardless comes this black stripe or not come, wake up mechanism for the protection of procreation and begins to stir up trouble, because you are all ready and waiting, sometimes in life you need to rush in recklessly embrace. And for this reason, no hard and fast recommendations Yoga does not, it gives us only some moments for reflection. And in any case, as you have in your life will turn out, and, thank God. And wait for the installation of my favorite people, he only pretends to be white and fluffy, and in fact, it is an evil and insidious – it’s the same as playing a dangerous game of maya. Thus, we are only beginning to provoke him any negative that it might be, I would never have surfaced, and frayed out there somehow by itself. Therefore, I once again want to emphasize that all yoga, yoga and generic, it is natural, it is beautiful, it is not something artsy and the pulled ears. Rather, yoga is something good that helps, but does not prevent us from living.


The caste system in India and in the world, their impact on the different stages of mankind.

MPP – one of the causes of such systems.

There was still the question of castes. As castes relate to the collection of people for a certain level of self-awareness?

Indeed, in ancient India there were three castes. Then they were joined in the fourth caste, they say that there are people who live outside the caste, which is considered the worst. It is, indeed, an institution or mechanism that permeates virtually all Indian mentality, and know, at some, not good in a sense, the mystical level – zombiruyusche mystical level. That is, everyone recognizes that the relic of the caste that need to get rid of them, but as soon as it comes down to it, there is some kind of superstitious terror and fear, like a white man at times of bad will. Similarly, the Indians there in this fear or fear to violate the laws of caste. They expect the impact of the violation and probably this expectation it yourself and draw, and then say: “Yes, yes, correct were these ancient writings.” It is only very strong souls able to break out of the shackles of caste, and, regardless of caste, marry or marry. But in this there are not all unique. It is believed that if a man of a higher caste, and a woman from a lower, then it’s still all right. The worst thing is if a woman from a higher caste, and the man of the lowest caste – is not considered the most acceptable. Of course, it all echoes of all attempts to divide people into different levels on self-awareness. And I must say, it was reasonable attempts, it was one of the models of the development of civilization. And, probably, she worked in the past. But now, as you know, it ceased to work for the simple reason that a highly developed soul can be born anywhere, including in the low caste. Or on the contrary – a person of lower caste can be born into a higher caste. Moreover, from the ancient texts it indicated that it was possible to go from the caste to caste, and it was not determined by birth, and your behavior, your essence. Now it’s like a relic of the cold, and the transition is practically impossible. I sometimes think that it’s a terrible price you paid for the Indians to keep yoga. It seems to me that it was some kind of a conscious step of the ancient sages, in order to bring yoga to the moment when all mankind will be able to use it, that is, to spiritual knowledge. There is a feeling that this caste system and remained the basis of this knowledge. It was the size of, in order, nothing more, nothing accidental. And in an age of war, epidemics, when all comes to an incomprehensible move, the pillars of stability helped not to lose all the knowledge. And now, when knowledge has become more or less come to us, we need as quickly as possible and help him to take the same Indians, as soon as possible to get rid of this system. In other words, we’re somewhere, in some sense, owe them. The fact that so far there is a young man or woman can not marry for love, it seems to me that this is the price paid for maintaining the lifestyle and as a consequence to preserve the knowledge of yoga. So you can not mock the Hindus, it is necessary to find a gentle way, in order to undermine the system. But again, do not undermine the way it was done after our revolution. Remember, we had the same caste system. Before the revolution, you can not learn in high school – you remember the product Korney Chukovsky about the kids? He was hit by a decree of the “cook’s children” – he was born illegitimately. He was expelled from the university. Therefore, in Russia, too, it was the caste system. Remember serfdom. We do it, in general, is not so far off. And remember what started the revolution. When they announced the slogan “Liberty, Equality, Fraternity”, and began to indiscriminately kill all the noblest men. Indeed, different people have been and villains – bloodsuckers, as they were called. But how many destroyed scientists, poets, writers? All equaled and all mixed. If you were not one of the worker-peasant family, you were denied access to education. And this imbalance as a result threw our country back. Although, like, this was a good idea – freedom, equality and fraternity. As the caste system must be treated very carefully. As a result, who got the first positions? Well, yesterday he was working, now controls something. Well, if you really, highly working soul, and it does not matter if it is working or not working. And imagine that the soul is not so highly developed, or with criminal undertones, and the person on the hot seat. These are the horrors of revolution. And shoot all the right and left. Friends, I want you to grasp what life is very complicated thing, is not so simple that it can be said that nationalism – it is bad, or nationalism – it is good. All the more difficult. Or another question. I have heard: “The United States – is a melting pot where different nations, races mixed in something in common.” Painfully familiar slogan. Once said the same thing about the Soviet Union, it is here that the so-called Soviet man. And in the ninety, what was there? He took the Soviet people, and fled. All they remember who they are by birth. And why? Because deep action mechanism for the protection of procreation, more fundamental than any political appeal than even religious dogma, not to mention the simple human terms. The question is: “How do state that does not fall apart? Include in it, as in the Soviet Union neighboring republics, are just waiting to break away and spit in the back? “This, too, is not very simple question. The only thing in yoga there is mention of the fact that there is a balance – if there is one nation among a certain percentage of other nations, he adds, strengthens the nation. But, if this percentage is to become a little more specific, we are witnessing the collapse of the state, are national hatred. I remembered this: when they began to make semiconductors (semiconductor – is a piece of silicon), and if it added a percentage of another element – a semiconductor – a valuable material from all computers made it. But if the percentage is a little more, then all you will not have any semiconductor, you do not understand what happens. And there is some tricky balance in every society – the percentage of people with a slightly different procreation protection mechanism that is built without conflicting, both win, formed a symbiosis. But if, God forbid, this balance is disturbed, then everything – death. And now, in relation to nationalities. It can not be in the structure of MPP (procreation protection mechanism) to be a great inclusion of other foreign MPP. It must either be assimilated – dissolve or be of a compact size that would not interfere with, and complement. It is very difficult, friends, theme. This was my husband, we judged only by empires such as may be, the Great Mongols and other similar. After administration of the state, inhabited by different ethnic groups, different religions – it is a headache throughout the history of mankind, and it is not a problem appeared yesterday. That Yugoslavia, for example, lived, lived, and then suddenly collapsed. It occurs in all human history. There are certain laws that govern this ethnic group and break them, just as the breaking of caste, must be very smooth – think globally, act locally.


Yoga Attitude to abortion and means kontrotseptsii.

The next thing we have to announce at this seminar – this attitude to abortion.

The ratio of labor include yoga. If you are a person who does not practice yoga, spirituality. If the level of your self-awareness you make a huge gray mass, then no one will say anything or will not advise. In the best case, you will have some religious or moral doctrine, anyway you holding. Therefore, abortion, or not do, to decide the man himself, or rather every woman. In the end, a woman decides to have children or not to have, and then, accordingly, asked about this man. And just as a woman decides to save or not save the child. Yoga position on this issue is very clear that if you have been on the path of yoga, the more generic the path of yoga, or the yoga of the triad, that is, rapid methods of yoga, then you should by all means to avoid the abortion. Except in cases where the pregnancy threatens the health or life of the mother. If you practice yoga, then chances are that you came highly shower very large. In this sense abortion is not just bad, both in terms of the killing of life, but also from the point of view that the universe sends us help in the form of a child, and we are here so this means of straightened. Therefore, the most serious in yoga is recommended to use contraception. In ancient times, yoga and yogini as well have owned my body that this was not a problem. Man control his ejaculation, the woman knew some tricks in order to also operate intimate muscles and does not lead to conception. Many mechanical methods of contraception – modern science gave us a lot of them, so if you like the ancient yogis and ancient Yoginis not possess such skill yet, select a suitable method of contraception, except abortalnogo. There are tools such as fertilization is, and then, using a tool called abortion. So, in addition to abortalnyh funds, for God’s sake, use any. If the case falls into the field of medicine – due to pregnancy, anything threatens the lives and health of the mother, in this case, abortion is acceptable. Why? Because a mother can give birth more than once. In this sense, the life and health of the mother – a priority. It is for this reason it is recommended to study yoga triad, in particular sexual union of yoga, which are certain exercises and other practices. And while you are not familiar with these practices, but plan to do a generic yoga, then go to the appropriate medical resources on the Internet or go to the appropriate medical facilities, read a book or consult with experienced people how to protect themselves, both men and women.


Help Sort of like-minded people, and a couple who wants to have children and the will of the Absolute.

Now, if you suddenly decide to have children, then, of course, you have to do all their best in terms of personal hygiene, and other all conditions. But on the other hand, you have to understand that from you, in general, by and large, does not depend on anything. Of course, there are methods that I mentioned in passing – is to help a couple who wants to have children by other couples. It is very hard for me to talk about it, because it necessarily acquires marginalschinoy and misunderstanding, but I can not speak. The bottom line is that if yoga and yogini, practicing law four and five, respectively, then, is the practice of yoga to achieve a point with different partners or female partners. To then, later, husband or wife might have an orgasm and would accordingly do this in a more intimate setting one by one, that would be as little anyone knew about it. Gather together to achieve the point of yoga with different partners or female partners without reaching orgasm with them to line up a force field. And later, when the couple will have sex just to conceive a child, it is their business. It can be shifted in time and space in a fairly wide range. This is an intimate question. But in training, yes, there are other couples involved. Or a more simplified version of the – if not affiliates or partners, several couples practice yoga sexual union with one another to achieve a point of yoga, but with a certain mental mood for a couple who wants to have children. In this way it passed this pair of the pulse. I must say that this momentum, and so passed. Roughly speaking, each time around us someone has sex, or some spiritual practices of those whom we love, who we like, or like-minded people, ie of the society in which we live and who we nice. And here the most important factor – it’s sympathy. And in this case, involuntarily or naturally creates the same channel. But if it is done consciously and this guide, it is many times stronger. And if even with the involvement of these serious practices here of a triad involving multiple partners or partners, it is a real chance to make a very large channel through which souls enter. You should understand that there is a very strange moment – the channel is not for a specific pair, and the channel at all. And, this channel can take advantage of what you want a pair. This has a certain logic, that is, it happens that when in one place a lot of practicing yogis or Yoginis in order to help kakoy-to particular pair, and as a result of the flow through this channel come a few souls, and as a result of several pairs of children have a very highly developed. This is a very difficult time understanding the practice, even their very hard to explain, but anyway … And most importantly – sympathy. If there is sympathy, then this person can help you if there is sympathy, it means that he is indifferent and will not help. Once again I say that it is quite locked topics. But I should mention them. They are used, they are used now, God forbid, to use them and in the future. And the next moment. Do not expect anything from the practice! Because everything about the birth, entirely – the freedom of the unborn child. Therefore, there is not much you help future soul enter into the world, how much help future mom and dad take this gift – it is too huge and fiery, and can be “hands” to burn. You understand, right? It is only because we figuratively say that we are helping the soul. No, we are helping the future mom and dad. That they do not hold to meet that soul. You understand that this is a very powerful practice, and the soul can take advantage of this channel, but born in another family. Why? Because in terms of the kind of logic, we are all the same. The main thing is that there is a “swarm” of people who pull each other. And in the future is already starting karmic games. Therefore, any claims to such an unborn baby that we have done so much here, so tried, and you have not met the expectations … It can not be in principle. And in general – it is a very intimate thing, and nobody talks about it. And as far as I know, sometimes couples just know they are helping each other, but do not even give voice to it. I’ll say this only for the simple reason that you understand a theory. And how it becomes the practice? Very, very intimate.


Preparation for childbirth and childbirth.

Next time – waiting for delivery. There is a good exercise to help prepare a woman to a certain extent for childbirth. Wonderful exercise. Someone they are very helpful. There are women who already have an excellent job, for the simple reason that the female body has perfected over the centuries – to give birth. This is not something out of the ordinary, and the birth process – a natural process. Now, with the development of medicine, better and easier on the one hand was the other – excessive, at times, the attention to the woman who gives birth, a woman more annoying than helpful. The last time there was such a boom, now he’s a little bit went on the decline when women gave birth alone in the water, etc., etc. … It is good practice, very good equipment. But again, I must say that not all women suffer them equally well in the sense that someone is going to cheer. I knew women yogi who gave birth in the sea, and it was their element. And tell her that she should go to the hospital and give birth there – it will not work. There doctors running around, scurrying around – it is terrible. I knew other women who say, “What am I hospital? I myself – the universe. I want to build one, I came here to give birth, all at the front get attention. ” You know, it also depends on the nature of women. She’s in the hospital, as well as the sea bears. Someone very hard in nature. That was one time a wave that bear directly on nature. Someone very easily. I was fated to happen at one time very seriously with this encounter, as a large number of people I know, yogis and Yoginis, to do this, and I know this “kitchen” from different sides. Friends, how will take generations, there are two myths. First – it is too strongly influenced by the mother of the child. If the mother is in a good mood, then the child is better, if bad – worse. In fact, there is also a well-known face. There are processes that worked out to automaticity the universe – as the process of digestion, or the maintenance of blood pressure process. Yes, there really is some stress, which can hold one or the other fails, but in all other cases it is all going well. Therefore particularly strong emphasis – that is, I’m pregnant now and then, behold … I mean the ears is to attract, I think it’s a bit off course. Another conversation that sometimes I watched these things – the woman becomes pregnant, and here it is some kind of a whole, it is calm and peaceful. She was, as they say, one foot in these areas, where the baby came. That is, it all looks very different. And once again I want to say – without the paranoia of any one or the other side. Here is how it goes – harmonious, beautiful – that it will. Even if most new-fangled doctrine (Now someone will come up and stand on your head to give birth). You should first think about what you have is appropriate or not. If suited – hurray! Well, if you do not fit … And in general, it is a matter of respect, when a woman is preparing to leave. I remember how it was in the nature – campfires, tents – wow!

Further. The process of childbirth. Some say that a man must be present, some say, a man should not be present. There are some controversial points. I know a case where a man was, and it really helped to give birth, and she relied on him. I know a case where a man in the best of intentions to help was to give birth, and the woman said, “Go away, you stink, I have no time for you!” So it is a man. In fact, it’s not a sight for the faint of heart. Especially scary for men, when someone suffers, and you can not help. Therefore, it is necessary to be present at birth or not, each man must decide for himself. If he is able to help a woman move somehow the suffering, yes. If not, if in doing so he falls into a swoon, then why torture, why hurt a man? Better otospitsya, and tomorrow will help with diapers. The same applies to medicine, the same applies to vaccinations and so on. This topic is not unique. There is a group of people for whom work is one scenario to another group, this scenario does not fit. And most importantly, decide what you like and what bude harmony in your life.


Relationship to the child after birth with yoga point of view.

Further. How to treat the child after birth?

In India, in different traditions, there are different rituals – the father of the child should sprinkle with water, bring to the sun to show the sun and so on and so forth. But, my friends, because everything everywhere differently. In any case, it should be appropriate, beautiful, harmonious, but not unnatural. The same names policy. Some call the first available. Some simply comes to insanity. – Oh, this name can not be, it represents something something something something … I told my mother that I have yet named – renamed three times. You see, everywhere should be common sense and harmony. Finally, the next moment. That child – this mahasyuska little cheeps, and how to treat it? And here begins the highlight generic yoga. Strictly speaking, childbirth, even if they are very sophisticated, but they take place for some time. Then all life begins. And the question is – how to bring this child? And here the following recommendation. Very beautiful, very wonderful and trembling recommendation. Friends, teaches yoga generic, always treat your children as a teacher or teacher who came to this world to teach you. That is, interpret any of the antics of his son, as if it was a revelation, as if it is the Absolute born from you. Once I watched a program about Orthodox Jews who live in Israel. I will not go into the mythological and historical details, but they are (as mentioned in this program) is still waiting for a mission. You remember that in the future Christianity arose, such as the mission came. But those who follow the Jewish faith, seems to be waiting until now. Why am I all I say. Very surprising was the fact, in any case, for me, the attitude of a woman to a child – a boy, which she was born. This attitude is reflected in the fact that the mission and suddenly it! Can you imagine a child is born, and the attitude initially such that, and suddenly it is the savior of humanity. And me as it hit, I remember. I began to relate it with the ideals of generic yoga. And then they – the boy grew up, he and the music school must walk, and here and there. So much attention is paid to it. And suddenly, it’s a mission! You understand? Absolutely a win-win, at least in terms of the next generation. Of course, yoga has nothing to do with any religious doctrines. Yoga – a system of self-knowledge. Religion – a religion. Religion – things are very dear, and Judaism, and Christianity, and all the rest. A yoga – a yoga. You understand? But the attitude to those children who have born, should be as if it was born a teacher or a teacher. And you can see, there is a difference. If there is a girl is born, it is not such an attitude. And vice versa, even yoga. In some schools of yoga, particularly in our school, it is a very strong emphasis on girls. It is believed that the world is currently skewed towards the male, and should be born in this world of yoga teacher who later pereotkroyut some aspects of women’s yoga. It is a myth-bike. It was very common. I keep track of it, from time to time, in the same treatise, in another treatise. Probably some kind of message from the past in it, just such an emphasis on girls. Maybe because before that in India as there was a strong emphasis on boys? I dont know. It is very difficult to interpret these things. So, to do with your children is born – as you come to your teachers. Accordingly, the attitude towards them should be, in any case, on equal footing. Of course, the first child longer needed my mother, and then with a certain age dad. Indeed, this common yogic concept – energy principle and the principle of consciousness. Mom can give affection, my mother can give her sisyu – feed the baby, Mom can play, soothe. But then, it should form a core of consciousness, like a boy and a girl. Especially the girl. After all, the girl is very necessary to look at my father, because when she grows up, it is your relationship with her husband will be copied from parents. In this sense, our country is certainly very unhappy. After all, during the Second World War, when many men were killed, women and children were grown. And it happened that a whole generation of girls do not know how to relate to men because uh mother did not have husbands. Accordingly, a lot of problems from this, it is very much up to date. But this is no longer a topic for psychologists, they like things to consider. And further. Relationships with children should be quite natural, clear and sane, and, of course, you need to try and make friends with their children. You to be with them as equals to you and they were not afraid, and you trust them. If that happens, if they trust you – you let them into your inner world. And finally, remember that the world is made so – that you hold in your hands this small lump that does not think anything that does not use logic, and lives at the level of irrationality or sverhlogichnosti – just try to make out. And you are a mom and dad knows everything you know, everything is counted, everything is thought out. But it will be a time when you are old, you will be toothless, fall into dotage, and themselves turn into the same lumps. And then they will have to mess with you.


Questions about the seminar.

This concludes the third part of our seminar. What questions?


– How can the attitude of a child, as a teacher who has come into our lives in order to monitor his communication with those who stand below the level of self-knowledge?


– Again, from my words that did not have a misunderstanding. You should not prohibit the child to communicate, nor with those who are below its level, nor with those who are above his level of self-knowledge. A priori, assuming that the yoga teacher come to you. For the simple reason that all greenhouse conditions lead to the opposite result. I know a lot of examples where young children be protected from a bad dirty streets, did not give them to friends with the neighborhood bullies. And then, when these children grew up and received the freedom, they left in such booze … because as a child they had produced no immunity. Communication with yard punks sometimes very useful in terms of immunity. But most importantly, that this yard punks not turned your child’s life into a nightmare. Moreover, it will be a little inoculation and, if a person from early childhood to learn to understand who is who, and to answer for their deeds and for their actions, then and in the future he will not do stupid things. Again, the principle of freedom. You have to give him the freedom to communicate with anyone, but at the same time to control – whether it goes beyond certain limits. Therefore, everything is quite nice, you can beat. Here in particular, if you suddenly realized that the company of your children is not quite suitable, there are two strategies. The first strategy – a strict ban. This senseless strategy. The child will understand that you are hiding from him something interesting, and the forbidden fruit is sweet. The second strategy – in every way by all means encourage him to found another company that he found his other friends. And it’s up to you. Maybe some interest club or something like that. And it should be hidden and not intrusive, that he had a sense of his freedom. But as part of his freedom, he has delegated to you the fact that I was born with you, you can use this usurper right to direct it in the right direction, without attracting attention. You know, sometimes a child melenky seize any dangerous object – such as a knife, and let them swing. And just try to take away from him the knife – raise such a howl. And the more you will have to select it, the greater will be the cries and noise. But if you will wave to him nice new rattle, he immediately throws the knife and grabbed the rattle. And so you can substitute to meet his or her liberty (you do not force it, you do not suppress it), you just made a move – sleight of hand and no fraud. And now a dangerous thing you have, and toy with him. Of course, there are other cases. For example, your child is holding a grenade and waving it. Well, of course, you need to pull it out of the hands, as if he’s not food. This is from a different region. And if possible, to do everything, observing the first principle of yoga. And if we can not do what we want, and we are the hostages of the situation in which we are, we need to find the most elegant way out of all the possible and do greenhouse conditions. And sometimes, on the contrary, it is helpful to talk with your child frank punks, so he knew how life works, but again, that it was not detrimental. I remember my yard universities. Oh my God! I am informal vocabulary could express any idea – two or three verbal adjectives … You know, there’s one thing you how to pass and you know … you know, like Gorky “My Universities”. There are things which you load on the shoulder. And I just remember when I came across a kid with open crime – thank God, remained alive. And now, I note to myself that it was a very serious blow while on the child’s psyche. Even as I scrambled? And why? After all, parents are not always follow. Where it was necessary to follow, they certainly followed. But it would not be my vaccination with the other, I would not cope here. This is how the immune system. Either the child is not allowed into the dirt. Oh, mud, everything should be clean and sterile. And sometimes sterility – the biggest enemy. A small amount of mud produces a human immune system, and it becomes more viable. Therefore, once more, yoga is not some rigid set of systems, and it encourages you to keep abreast with the maximum freedom.



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