2010.09.25.Rodovaya Yoga.Vadim Zaporozhtsev.Chast 1st.

So, friends, we have today 25 September 2010. My name is Vadim Zaporozhtsev, I teach yoga. Are we at the Cultural Center “Enlightenment”, in Moscow, near the metro Novoslobodskaya. That we have the International Open Yoga University lectures. All the information on our websites: www.openyoga.ru, www.happyoga.narod.ru, www.yogacenter.ru.


Today we will begin a series of lectures devoted to generic yoga. Yoga This is a rare, it is difficult to understand and very, very archaic. Those. Generic in yoga there are some of the most (maybe, say) make up the ancient teachings of yoga, which are actually the basis of all the other sections of yoga. But, as it happens very often, that ancient foundation whatsoever, as a rule, can not see behind the new structure, which was built on this basis.

Similarly, Generic yoga – is the basis of outlook of the yogis and Yoginis antiquity, which (strictly speaking) practiced, developed numerous techniques, the practice of yoga, who now came to us in the West for the most part as an exercise, to a lesser part as meditation exercises . Even in the minority of how some exercises that involve subtle, obscure the structure of our body.

Therefore, it turns out this duality. On the one hand, it is the oldest yoga formation. On the other hand, it is so badly perceived in the West for the simple reason that in the East it is a thing by default. And all the things that the default of them, as a rule, do not tell. A Western man is not always penetrated deeply enough into the oriental culture, in the culture that has preserved and brought to us the ancient knowledge of yoga.

And now we start from the beginning. What is Yoga? Yoga – a system of self-knowledge, it is very kind and very logical, which gives people freedom, it leads to freedom, reveals its inner potential, internal capacity, some moments that (maybe) seem to us wonderful.

This system is very old and, unfortunately, not been preserved in its entirety. Part of the knowledge being lost, a part of the knowledge came to us in such a way that we are not able to take advantage of them. How do these practices, no one knows. It is still complicated by the fact that the way of life in the East is rapidly changing, disappearing is the basis, primarily, economic, first of all, is the social base where yoga and yogini lived.

You know, just as if now in the Amazon began to rapidly cut down the trees, then, of course, begin to die all the animals that live in these forests. Although these animals directly like no one kills. But they die, if they have no place to live. That’s the situation today with yoga. In recent years, life is changing rapidly in the East, and fewer and fewer people who know yoga.

We also remember that as long as there are human manifestations in this world, there is so much variety and trends in Yoga. Just as much as these various factors that affect the life, the same techniques, the same and approaches.

Also born many types of yoga. In the West, a well-known areas such as Hatha yoga, which uses the ability of our physical body to be in some poses. A little known Pranayama, which uses our ability to breathe, and, in fact, a profound ability to attract prana, providing our lives. In recent years, they began to penetrate to the west such sections as Mantra Yoga, Kriya Yoga. Finally, more exotic yogas, such as Tantra Yoga, Kundalini Yoga.

But, once again, from a formal point of view, a tremendous amount of types of yoga. Come down to us only that the Western man in the first place considered most important to them, on the one hand. On the other hand, those kinds of yoga that have been preserved for a wide range of practitioners in the very same countries of the East.

At the same time, there are quite rare and unique yoga, preserved in very small groups or among a small number of people devoted. And, in fact, in this regard, the East of the country – is still largely unexplored side which really saved the centers and oases of knowledge, kept intact naprotjazhenii history.


What are the manifestations of yoga deals with generic?

In a series of lectures of today we will start with you giving birth to consider yoga. And the question arises: how a person deals with manifestations of Tribal Yoga?

And the answer is the following: Generic yoga if it characterized thus deals with all issues related to the relationship of parents and children. Indirectly connected with all the issues of our entry into this world, that is, our birth, the period of our growing up, finding your life partner to, and we children were themselves. Well, and, finally, issues related to the way we will leave this world.

The basic idea of generic yoga is as follows. Every yoga is meaningful and valuable only in the event that there are living people. If there are no living people, yoga is absolutely useless. Any most powerful practice of Hatha Yoga, Kriya Yoga, Mantra Yoga, Pranayama yoga only in the breaking of the fact that there is a live person who will take advantage of these yogis. All the variety of the fundamental axioms of knowledge of yoga, theoretical propositions makes sense only in the event that they will use.

If there are no living people, all yoga becomes, friends, is useless. It must be very clearly understood. Therefore, the factor of birth, factor when we ourselves give birth to someone, the continuity of the human race factor is that invisible foundation upon which alone can arise all the most elegant buildings and yoga. Whatever they are mysterious and mystical were not for how they would most wonderful or sverhchudesnym abilities they do not lead.

Those. Yoga is valuable if there are people. If people do not have, yoga is useless. And so, that’s the thought thinking that we humans, as a species, must first survive, and only then worry about how to change their lives, led to a very strong emphasis in the presentation of all types of yoga.

A little history of occurrence

Now, several years history. As far as we can tell in modern times among the people and nations, among which preserved this knowledge of yoga, was so (as it were) a legend that very difficult times were at that time to survive, so the emphasis was on all the Yogis and practices that allow primarily, such as the people survive. And only then they used all the wealth of yoga. A whole arsenal of yoga used primarily those methods that help to survive in very difficult conditions, wars, epidemics, some disasters (environmental, climate – we do not know).

And, in fact, the most ancient knowledge, form the basis of the entire culture in which yoga is preserved, ie, These Vedic knowledge, they are best kept in the Vedas. But if you begin to study the Vedas, you notice how the focus shifted to the first, the survival of very specific moments of survival. Some practices, or some mantra, in order to ensure continuation of the species, any practice or mantra, in order to win some hostile forces of nature, the people surrounding what something again, practice mantra, urging people to increase the state. And all the rest (as it were) remained as a residual.

And it was also in part a very serious factor that fully until we have the knowledge of yoga is not reached. So, a very interesting picture. Questions the relationship of each person with their parents, with their children, so a native, in which he lives, or social circle, in which he lives, these issues are very important for the preservation of the concept of life or a living person. And only then, if there is a live person, we can talk about some more subtle practices.

And now we will start with you with a completely different side – with all of us that you understand the spirit of the Generic yoga. Now think of themselves in early childhood as much as you are able to do yourself remember most his earliest memories, when you were very, very small, go by the wayside, but they are living somewhere inside of us.

And now I urge you to mentally refer to some point in your childhood that you remember. Try to remember the event, try to recall the feeling, try to remember the loved ones of people.

And, first of all, if the memories of my mother survived, pope, close siblings, relatives, etc., etc. And if you start today to analyze these feelings, there will be another factor that will unite these memories. Factor bias you towards emotions, feelings toward some deep discoveries, when everything was new when it was all on one side so bright and juicy through the senses, through emotions that are close to us people (mom, dad, brothers, sisters) were (as it were) a factor that would attract our attention.

Those. we increasingly see the world around us through the very people close to us. Moreover, we perceive them uncritically, and as a given, as if this is as it should be, but in a different way can not be. We did not have any concept as to how to build relationships with their parents or with their families, loved ones. They were natural to the extent in which they work out for everyone.

And now begin to recall, say, the years of his youth, when you have already started to grow little by little. Suddenly you notice that the emphasis in your perception of the world began to shift from the sensual, uncritical sense of the natural environment in the direction of the mind.

Those. there were some new people, there were some new horizons, desires, aspirations, hopes. And to a lesser extent are present feeling and more intelligence. And beginning to emerge some concepts, some miroosmyslenie.

Finally, if you are an adult, compare all these sensations with feelings that you have as an adult. All the more abstract became increasingly became a mind position from the position of logic, from the perspective of some concepts, reflection and no longer thinking of as a child.

Finally, if you are already in a more advanced age, you begin to see that after a burst of clarity, the logic of the world during the period of your maturity, when you become a man older, again increasing this kind of approach to the world of emotions, sensations. Elderly people tend to be more sentimental than a person in adulthood. He still thinks enough concepts, notions such, you know, logical. But then it became him to return something that unites him with the state of childhood.

Well, and finally, a person who achieves the state of old age, it goes further in the direction of emotion goes further toward sensations. Ironically, people in more advanced age with particular clarity suddenly begins to remember some episodes from his childhood in the same colors as if he were a small child.

Moreover, the same person in adulthood, barely able to remember some events from his childhood, he was busy with something else, and indeed his mind in that direction did not look.

But when the old man once again (as it were) back … is beginning to return to the state, which is close to the childhood. Those. we have with you a pronounced shift in emphasis in what is called “our life.” Some part of our lives we no longer live in the emotions, feelings, uncritical perception of others.

Then (towards maturity) shifts toward all logic concept, sense (as we believe), towards intelligence. Then again, this wave is winding down, and we get back closer to the state, which was characterized as a child.

Attitude towards life of Western and Eastern man

And here is the first difficulty, which greatly hinders understanding of the Western people of yoga, and what is more harmonious and Yogi Yogis inherent in those countries where yoga is preserved. Western man lives considers only the period of time when he sharpened the mind, when it is a business and collected when he does something, he leads an active lifestyle when away something depends on when it is something befalls , learns, changes when he feels that his life is largely in his hands.

But these childhood conditions and the state of aging Western man has the tendency is to cut off and disposed of as lost time or a retribution (first, we had a long time to learn to live your life, and then, as a matter of old age after a life lived, quiet wilt) that the western people are not particularly fond of appreciate.

At the same time in the East, the perception of life in the country continuously. And your condition as a child in value is not inferior to the state of maturity and old age. Moreover, sometimes the focus shifted towards age. And old age is considered to be the happiest time of life.

Those. Western man takes the life of life only when it is active, and that something depends on it. Eastern same person perceives life life when he is passive (eg in old age), and when it is active (eg, at maturity).

Those. Oriental man in this respect, harmonious, he sees life from different angles, and he begins to feel it, and it protects him from many mistakes. At the same time, as a Westerner is very rapid, very assertive, but the reverse side – he is unable at times to relax and let go of the situation.

Easterner ideal – it is actually the ideal of yoga, or the basic principle by which to live – namely, to distinguish between periods of life on where to get yourself, with those periods of life where you can afford. Or in other words, those periods of life where from you something depends and you should make every effort in order to do what you want.

But, at the same time, there are periods where you have to accept the changes accomplished outside passively, ie (As it were) by passing them through yourself and realizing that in this case, you can not do anything.

And the most reasonable – is to go into the other side, to try to know life on the other hand, when you GRANT the universe take care of all the problems. This is a very serious distortions in world views. Western man because of these distortions suffered numerous depressions, numerous diseases, sometimes very severe psychosomatic, fears, phobias, neurotic, mental exhaustion. Western people think that everything should be in his hands. If any one thing or subject to its direct control, this thing is potentially dangerous and should be eliminated.

Oriental man who’s adopted the ideology of yoga, different opinion – he realizes that yes, indeed, there is the problem that if you did not do it, no one will. But, at the same time, that there are times in life where you have to rely on the laws of the universe, to the Absolute, to some internal logic, some inner meaning to the global momentum of harmony, which rolled through the universe, It supports the universe.

The Vedic knowledge has a concept of “Rita”, you know, is consonant with the word “rhythm”. What is some regularity, which make themselves and change something, and where on the contrary, be eliminated to the Universe finish what you can not finish. And most importantly – to get into this rhythm.

Western man does not understand, he believes that everything must be under control. A period of life when, in principle, he did not keep under control (the period between childhood and old age) it is deducted from the account as if it was not, or unfortunate misunderstanding, or wasted time.


Western mechanistic approach

Now the next position, you must understand that now exists in relation to the conservation of yoga. The fact is that because in our tradition, our culture of Western yoga has not lived up to the present day, and so we did not live … but as taught by ancient treatises, yoga has been with us. Those. echoes of this knowledge is still somehow can be traced in some public myths, narratives, rituals, etc., but we will not know yoga, we take it from the East, where she somehow survived.

I want to make here also once again emphasized – remained very bad. If you think that in India some yoga universities, teachers at each corner, all versed in yoga, it is put on a large base, you will find a terrible disappointment when you are in India. Even more terrifying, when you wander from one ashram to another and see the real situation.

But I would still like islands of knowledge there remain, and these islands of knowledge, best preserved among the people who passed it down from generation to generation. And many are now those who have this tradition, this knowledge gained from early childhood, ie, at the time uncritical perception of the universe.

We are with you in the West (as a rule), we obtain knowledge at the time of its maturity. Those. when we believe that everything should depend on us, that everything must be under control and that everything should be clear, logical distributed, as we want to understand.

As a result, Western man begins to treat yoga as some mechanistic lesson, as some instructions, isolated from life, as some psychotechnics or psycho, where everything has to be spelled out, regulated, clear and desirable the maximum amount of detail.

And here is the desire of Western man so intelligent in the first place at all to get to play with him bad service because yoga – it’s not only the intellect, but it is also a feeling. If you reset the feeling off, you will have only half-understanding of yoga.

Learn yoga with the half-hearted approach extremely difficult. It is just as theoretically learn to ride a bicycle. Those. if you take the instructions, which will be written: “Sit on the bike, push, say, the left foot on the pedal, lift the right leg, the right push, make a circular motion of the left after leaving the pedal”, this instruction will span multiple pages. And the result is the following: You immediately nose and fly into the asphalt.

At the same time, if you are not yourself unnecessarily burden such a theory, but see how a bike ride other people sit themselves and begin to trust your feelings, and in some cases even to experiment, or rediscover, how it is necessary to move your feet to while somewhere else to go.

And now there is a similar situation in the West. In ancient treatises description of yogic exercises, say, a particular asana yoga takes 1-2 offers all. In modern Western books on yoga sometimes the description of one exercise can be 10 pages.

As a result, the West more people out in their brains more goes into his some concepts, and begins to block all the sensations that come from doing this or that posture. As a result, he builds it tough, the mental representation of the position, and with a sense of sheer discomfort sometimes tries to play a particular position, without receiving any results, rather the contrary.

At the same time, in the East, if you get into a serious ashram, where you will be given, for example, the same exercises of Hatha Yoga, there is sometimes not at all inclined to Yoga teachers mouth to open. He was there himself something under his breath muttered: “Well, there become somehow, some do.” Something you thought you like something reproduced. He said, “Good, let’s go on,” and he engaged in their own affairs.

Why? Because there is another component of yoga, inextricable from our perception of yoga, on the perception of life, which we had as a child, or of perception of life that sometimes occurs in old age, when a person has too much get smart and wants are, sense grasp, understand the feeling.

So, this is one of the most serious of these methodological reasons why yoga is so bad to the West. Too do not like Western man of attitude, feelings, sensations of childhood, a sense of belonging for all living things around. It is more prone to such a rational, thinking hard. As a result, he loses enormously. If we talk about yoga, the yoga eludes him.


The gradual “expansion of the Universe” at the time of birth

Now we go back to the main theme of the series of lectures – a generic yoga. So, my friends, when there was a time in your childhood when you do not know the word “yoga”. By the way speaking, you and the other’s words did not know, could imagine something to babble a tune under his breath in infancy, sing.

But here you have a little grown up and have become, in general, to a greater extent to comprehend the world around us. Are you starting to clutch at her hands, for his legs, to treat them. Here are small children sometimes grab, begin to look, what it is.

Those. your world begins to expand. And, of course, before he began to expand in such a way, it was a period of time in your life, in this your life, which you almost did not survive the memories. And if those memories are preserved and they have a bright color and sensation in the first place – bodily sensations.

The fact is that a very long time for you to the entire universe was your mom, you do not know another universe, in principle, except my mother. You feel it, you were with her. Then there was some process suddenly something changed dramatically, all of a sudden you hit an audio stream, light some unusual sensations. It is also somewhere impressed. It was your birth.

But again, you immediately fall into the caring, loving hands, which were immediately warmed you with its warmth, which were to protect you. You are immediately faced with the problem of hunger. But the most magically suddenly that the universe around you (your mom), provided an opportunity to eat, you began to eat jelly, and it has caused you the most pleasant sensations.

Then, as time goes on you, as if to say, You have elapsed and it was annoying condition that it is so, you gryaznenky such ass wet. And you started to show discontent and cheep. First, weak, and then began to squeal so that …

But the most magical way and this problem somewhere has got to. Friends, in this state of love you are absolutely helpless. Entirely you can only rely on your surrounding universe. About any concepts of yoga, attaining samadhi, awakening the kundalini, the third eye, the vision of the aura, flying by air speech did not go, just did not have even such concepts.

But there was something very important was your life was the basis for which possession in the future we can talk about all these marvels me. And before that, no, you may not think about anything, my mother was my mother circle. From you we do not depend.

By and large, your life, your state of mind to you can not depend. And you are perfectly normal tolerated this state, you trust in the universe, you had the feeling of naturalness of all that is happening, and the credibility of this is happening, so that later, when they started to grow, gradually lost. And now, let’s say, in your adulthood, your life, you think, maybe, for some has turned into a nightmare. Very often people say, “My life has become a nightmare to me nothing depends. Neither from the one nor from this or from the fifth or tenth of. And I have some of my desires, aspirations are not met, and so on, the conditions I do not like I wanted to. ” And your life you feel the embodiment of hell. Why? Because it went this monstrous distortion, you have forgotten how to trust the universe.

We forgot how to trust the universe

Why did this happen? Because it has come, indeed, the second stage of your life when everything depends on you, and at this stage you are on the skin (called) became convinced that if something concerns, receive something, if something is to put just like that, then nothing will.

And you once something is done, not received, second, third. Receiving negative impacts, you have developed a set of internal, it is necessary to keep yourself in check in a particular plan. I certainly am talking about the people of average. As a result, you went to the other imbalance, you have hit the extreme, you have to be all depend on, and you have completely forgotten that period of life, when anything from you does not depend.

Friends and reality in that time has not changed, the universe has not changed during this time, your I in that time has changed. Changed your perception, change your attitude.

But let us return back again, and that in this state, when you sat on his knees, was in his mother’s arms, you do not have to think about how you look, what impression which you image what about you think others . You do not have to think about where you go to work, where you live, what you eat. You behave naturally, and you are in the nature around you begin to comprehend the universe. As a small child exploring the surrounding universe. “Here I have the legs,” – he thinks. Specifically, it can be thought as a joyful opening. “Let’s get them as I have something to bend. I have a head, I have a pen, a lot of rattles. Rattles can throw. ” If a cat comes near, it is possible to grasp the tail sometimes.

Those. It begins comprehension of the universe, understanding yourself, understanding your internal sensations conglomerate. Natural, beautiful, harmonious, without regard to the new-fangled theory, you do not have pre-defined knowledge of how that should be. When we are born, we do not remember anything. And so we are beautiful in their natural horizons are expanding their universe.

Then we begin to comprehend what we are, and then we start to do some meaningful conclusions. It helps us in this toy. If the cubes to lay down so it will be good, and if different, everything will fall apart. Or, say, the bagel here is put on any part of the toy, but this is not so Circuits and start something to experiment. Then more and more begins to develop our capacity for meaningful conclusions, action. But all the same foundation – the world of your feelings, emotions.

Now you have learned how to play some toys with other children or with his mother. But then you lose. And you know, we lost quite objectively (cubes have fallen unnecessary), but you are so bitter on your defeat, you immediately begin to cry. Those. you accept only one way to get it was like in its infancy – harmonious, beautiful.

But little by little in your life begins to penetrate the moments of loss, or of a judgment, or the fact that there are some other factors. And here is the following provision, which we in the future even better look at in the course of our lectures.


The highest happiness – to be born in the human body

In the tradition of yoga it is believed that the most supreme happiness of living beings – is born in the human body. But much more happiness gets the kind of person who is not enough that is born in the human body, but which is still born into a family of yogis and Yoginis.

Why? Because involuntarily spending time or communicating one way or another, with mom or dad, they are in this mental yoga field, and they are from early childhood start to unconsciously adopt some aspects related to the way of life, way of conduct or end ends with some exercises that could make mom and dad, do yoga, or general attitude of mom and dad.

And it is at the level where you perceive the world harmoniously and naturally, and you (as it were) from the start get the correct installation on the perception of the world. And in the future, if you, say, voleizyavili also practice yoga, then you know it is not easy, you feel it.

I have always born the analogy: if you want to learn a foreign language, it is best to learn it in the media environment of the foreign language. Say anything you do not understand the English language well, do not buy a ticket to any country where a good level of English. God forbid to India, where he kind. Somewhere in England, in America. And you know anything will not communicate on the fingers there. But you very quickly learn this language. Second, you will learn it with a minimal amount of emphasis.

If on the contrary, you will learn a foreign language is not among the media, you would be wrong to play some phonetic units, and you will have the wrong associations between these or in other words, the emotional background in which these words have to say.

Those. language – is a living thing. And such a man at first for a long time so learning a language, and then even longer to relearn how to really have to say, or what turns of speech is still more alive to the modern language, not those archaic of some ancient books textbooks.

So, the highest happiness in the first place, all born in the human body. This tells us Generic yoga. And later we will examine in more detail why this is so. What is the difference between the human body, for example, from other bodies? Well, let’s start with the fact that our soul or our higher self can be born in any bodies, including the bodies of animals. Yoga claims that before the reach of the human body, we are a numerous amount of times were born in other bodies (animal bodies) that as long as the result of a long series in the bodies of animals, we do not deserve happiness born in the human body.

The question is: what do we deserve this happiness? The answer is very simple: life in the bodies of animals – is suffering, it is basically suffering. But this suffering leads to the fact that there is intelligence, or the disclosure of certain hidden principle, which is called “mind” or “intellect”.

And the animals, of course, having to a certain extent (different animals) intelligence, but are not sufficiently developed. There are some absolutely crucial, a turning point, after which it is believed that everything from this point, you can avoid the suffering of life in general. Imagine that you roll up a huge, heavy stone up the hill. Rolls, rolled, almost stumbled and flew to this mountain, and even stone you. And so from life to life, from life to life.

But you rolled a stone to the top of the mountain, and in the future you can simply push and it will roll in a different slope itself. Similarly, in this comparison, before getting a human body with a sharpened mind to explain the principle of reason, I had to pay a terrible price in the form of billions of lives in misery.

Friends, you may now be living any situation, it is, you may not like it, you can assume that life is a failure you have, the collapse of the tragedy. You may think your life very miserable fate that was in people.

Friends, in this regard, animals suffering disproportionately, at least by the fact that once you have perfected the level of the mind, you will be able to exclude pain from your life, no matter what character they were not.

Animals can not do this in principle, because they have not yet developed the mind. Or in other words, to solve a mathematical problem, you can only in one case, if you have understanding. If you do not mind, it do not you ever decide, although it may be the most elementary task.

So, my friends, the possession of the human body – the highest value, that is. Because it is starting with life in the human body, before you unfold a truly fantastic growth prospects up to the side of happiness, pleasure and joy, and no less exciting prospects for the destruction of all that is your suffering. Or to change your life in such a way that, in principle, to avoid suffering.

The human body – is a gift to mom and dad

In this sense, there is also another definition of yoga in general. Yoga – a set of actions and a set of recommendations, which are doing you will receive pleasure, for which then will not have to pay the price of suffering.

There are a variety of path in life, and a variety of ways to live your life, sometimes performing the most intricate life scenarios. But all these scenarios differ from the yogic scenarios one annoying feature, usually a piece of happiness that we snatched from life. Then comes the reckoning so that when we give the reckoning, we no longer need this happiness.

And all this is due to the factor – the ability or inability to use the principle of mind or the principle of intelligence. If you live in the bodies of animals, and he have not perfected until the end, all you’re doomed. If you have a human body, the situation can be anything, ie, no limiting factors for you.

Now the following is very important. Friends, and where we have come from the body of people? “Well, how come from?” – Can answer you. – “We were born from the bodies of people.” But what it means to be born with human bodies? This means only one thing, that our mom and dad gave us our bodies.

Yes, your soul, your higher self is indestructible, according to yoga, is omnipotent. In fact, if we use this power, your I could have (roughly) to materialize any body, including the human body. Your higher self is really great. The principle of your higher self in no way distinguishable from the principle that gave rise to our entire universe or the principle of the Absolute.

But, my friends, the trouble is what, bad luck – the higher it is the mighty I you have, but you are not really aware of this higher self and as a consequence, not really something you can use the hidden power that is inherent within each of us, and that would allow you to materialize any body, including the human body.

And therefore we need a very serious help. And this assistance just come from those whom we call “Mom and Dad.” They have formed our bodies or the little house where we lived, and which began to rebuild over time. It was our mom and dad gave us the opportunity to come back into this universe is already in ready conditions to these conditions, we have developed in our bodies that we now possess.

Those. not only that our mom and dad gave us the opportunity to incarnate in the universe, they have provided us with quite a perfect body, more precisely, the body is the key, the body-line, not the body of the animal and the human body. And if we have a human body, my friends, because Mom and Dad, we gave it, here and there is the possibility of including and take advantage of the potential, which, firstly, is enclosed in the human body, and secondly, to use the human body as a springboard to still understand, what is our higher self, which is included in the body, which we gave mom and dad.

Those. here (as it were) a dual function bodies. If we did not have the body, then how are we going to consider in the future, we would have to do to be born in the bodies that would be provided. Strictly speaking, we would have to look for mom and dad no longer in the bodies of people, and in the bodies of animals or even more primitive forms of birth.


Where to be born in the next life?

Now we move on. But having received this body and began doing yoga, sooner or later you will get old sooner or later you will have to die himself. Yes, indeed, Yoga says that if you will reach higher heights in yoga, in principle, you will be able to have this wonderful ability not to die and not be born.

In this respect, as it did not sound fantastic, yoga claims that you: a) can prolong its life indefinitely long period of time; b) you do not die. Or, finally, you reach the point that even if you die or throw off the body as unnecessary clothing, you can immediately materialize its power of his Ya

Moreover, you can make a series of bodies to move from one body to another, to do them. It sounds like science fiction, but it is the yoga section, which does not contradict the logic of the universe, as it was told to us the ancient knowledge of yoga. It seems we just fantastic. Yoga is simply saying that it is more subtle laws that we are now even you do not understand, but the time will come and we will understand.

So, come, my friends, the time in your life when you have to die. And if, say, up to this point you have not reached the above mentioned capabilities, it immediately becomes a question: where will you be born?

You lived life, realized that in the course of their ordinary life, you have not achieved the ultimate goal of yoga, and you will have to die, the body is aging. The body is sometimes very tricky thing does: it can be young, full of strength, energy, happiness, you know, there are people who till the hour of death … he was over 100 years old, and he is willing, cheerful, but kakoy-to Click cunning mechanism that -What included – wham, and death came.

We also talk with you in the future of our series of lectures on such factors as the death, and that this factor is hard-coded. That, my friends, we bear within themselves the program of death, and this is the biggest benefit of which have in the world (but more on that later).

So, death may come suddenly. The question arises: where you are born? Well, a person inexperienced in yoga might ask: Well, yes, in the highest state of yoga, I do not hit, but he died. And suddenly I was then and I will not be born. Those. you know, so close to vulgar materialism approach that of the dust in the dust: dust was dust and disappeared. There is no higher self, and were either electromagnetic waves in my mind, I believed himself the higher self, the soul, and in fact, it was such a blatant chemical reaction that imagines himself a living being. And now, this will break the chemical reaction, and nothing of her be left.

Incidentally, this is a materialistic approach, and someone he can be shocking, but it is still the basic approach, this paradigm of modern scientists. Modern scientists are at the heart of human cognition angle still explicitly, implicitly, but they believe it is a scenario of events. You know, this is an obvious thing, that there is something perhodyaschee from life to life for some reason does not extend to modern scientists.

But, in fact, I have been in the history of example, for a long time at the time of modern scientists did not reach a simple thing in our opinion, that the earth is round or that the earth revolves around the sun. This was considered aerobatics.

That’s why, now, this point of view in the West is still perceived strange. While in the East, there are all these impregnated. So, if the script that in yoga you have not reached any heights, your body has grown old, and here you can die. And after that went, you know, into oblivion, you simply can not, you’re stuck somewhere, you know, that that the more you were not born.

According to yoga, or the fundamental axioms of the theory, which is quite logical, it is believed that if this ever happens, our entire universe with a terrible creaking break into pieces. Moreover, even a failure in one place, will lead to the collapse of the entire universe. According to the teachings of yoga, you can not not be, you know? And if you can not be, it will be a question, as you begin to manifest after death.

Those. Now you have died, but because I am your left? Left. It your I have even the slightest degree of self-consciousness itself? There is. Is directly proportional to this there is a manifestation of ability? There is. The question is how these are your symptoms to your higher self and then again woven into the carpet life.

You know, one of the meanings of the word “tantra” in Sanskrit – a loom, or anything related to science, when one of the threads can weave any material with a pattern. And very interesting to get a picture, the thread must, first, pass on the outside, for example, a carpet or blanket, then somehow intricately dive to come up in another place. And so they all strings somehow intertwined: here they come, here they disappear.

And just as each person’s symptoms. Here he lived, lived, lived and manifested in some body. But the body has grown old, and these manifestations are no longer able to have somehow to function through the body, the body was dumped, the manifestations were pulled out of this world in some intermediate state, then to emerge somewhere else, in particular, in the form of a small child birth in some other place.

And it turns out that there is absolute continuity of all our lives. And at the same time, the fact, where we will appear in the next birth, is completely determined by where we have gone with our previous death.

And, you know, how long it takes to thread from one side of the canvas jumped to the other side of the canvas (this transition itself small)? That’s just as well, and in yoga states that these transients from our death until the next birth may not last more than a certain fixed time. Although the concept of “time” minor difficulties occur. But as long as I will not have to overload it.

So, this is a fixed time in different traditions is called differently, but that you have estimated period is 7 to 7 days, 49 days. Like it or not, but after the death of your displays should again emerge on the other side of the canvas. And time is given to it 49 days.

So, it is impossible that you have died and been born again, you are sure to be born. And now for our Western man, which we discussed today, that this delirious condition when all depends on him, when he in power, at the helm and in control, the idea is perceived as a positive chto-to. Oh, how nice, I have this life is a failure, I die, do not worry, I will again born again will live.

We Western people perceive it positively. Oriental people perceive it as neutral, as a given, and sometimes pessimistic as a state of “Well, in this life did not work out, so also look in the next.” You know, like running in circles.

But anyway, my friends, if you die, you will be born. And there is another very fundamental question Generic yoga – which will be born? Where? Among the people? Among the fauna of primitive or more developed? If among the people, what kind of people? These people are evil or good people, or is it a yogi or yogini who have reached God knows what heights? Or we are born the only scion of the billionaire and inherit his billions? Or, as I like to say: “The only descendant of the heir to any landfill, some homeless person who owns some dump.” Those. million options.

Those. question: “Where will be born after death?” – a very sensitive issue. And the following is a very logical position Generic yoga. So, my friends, this time for life is for us determines how we die and, accordingly, where we are born.

Or on the other hand, if during this period of time we will prepare a foothold for the next birthday, then we can be safe. If we do not prepare the base for the birth, and there is already know, the card will fall. Will free the human body, that you were born in it, then, you are born a man. If not taken care of in preparation for itself the same friends, the human body in the next birth, then, sorry, you will be born where work.


Take care of your future birth

This is the second very important point in the Generic yoga that here this period of time, which we discussed today, which is so admired Western man in the first place is given to us so that we are oh how take care of his future birth.

There is a question: “Well, how can we take care of his future birth?”. And the answer is quite obvious: if in this period of time when childhood is gone, and old age has not come yet, we have themselves have children, and then there will be children in our children, when we’ll die, we will have other people, we are karmically connected, and who always provide us with the body in order that we were born in these bodies.

Those. that’s kind of logic that you want you to be safe, so you mom wore on his hands and you naturally perceive the universe and trust her, then lived a different period of life when everything depends on you, so that someone else could count on you . And in fact, give the opportunity to other people to be born, say, your children, then to this situation repeat, repeat and repeat.

Once again, why it is important that the repeatability of the situation? Friends, let’s get on this I have to focus. The fact that the task of having the happiness for which you then you will not pay a misfortune or a life, living where you do not suffer, you can get only if doing self-knowledge. This problem extends to a large number of lives.

And the ancient yoga and yogini well aware of that, yes, they have set a goal – to reach the highest state of yoga. But they are absolutely sober assessment of their strength, they are absolutely soberly assess what they can do in this life, but what they can not do. Yogi and Yogini certainly hope that they will reach the final goal in this life. But, you know, hope for the best but prepare for the worst.

And even if a yogi or yogini completely, as they say, expect to do my utmost to achieve the ultimate goal in this life, when eliminating the need for birth and death … In fact, if you can materialize your body. So, even if you are aiming to achieve all this in this life, you realize that it is your desire, but as it happens, you do not know. And you with full, clear knowledge of what can happen, God knows how, prepare for the fact that you will still be born many, many lives.

But, again, it is logical that these lives are not leaked into the bodies of animals – once to the life flowed in the bodies of people – two in the bodies of the Yogi and Yoginis – three. Then the reduced period of achieving your highest goals.

So, to achieve higher states of yoga means that you will be born and die many times. You should be ready to be born and to die a billion times. And so no less, with clenched teeth, from one life to go to his purpose.

Yes, there really is quite a wonderful practice and techniques of yoga, when this whole process is compressed to one life. But this is more like a gift, like a miracle or is it rather, it can only count the people who so gladly be willing to spend billions and billions of lives, step by step closer to the ultimate goal of yoga.

From this it follows that we must take care of his future birth, that you were born (again), at least in the bodies of people, and even better – in the family of yogis and Yoginis. Hence, it is necessary therefore to ensure the birth of children at home or in a broader embodiment, as the generic yoga, do whatever it takes to have your other like-minded people, friends, relatives, ie, that society is with you, were kids. Well, if you have something they did not go the way you want or you have decided to live life once, not having children, these children have been around that has always been an opportunity for you to be born in the next life.

The protection mechanism of procreation

And here we come to the next very important point that you must understand. Of course, you are all educated people. Very big plus Western countries compared with the countries of the East that we all have a high school education, then there is, in general, is not observed.

You know that there is such a self-preservation instinct. You know that people unconsciously seek life, try to avoid the dangers, try to avoid death. This built his entire nervous system. If you are hurt, then, of course, you have something there to make movements in order to completely prevent damage to your body and do not die. And so it is, as it were, such a mechanism of self-preservation in one lifetime. And it is programmed into us very harshly.

But there is another more serious mechanism that programs the behavior to life not in one life, but as part of a succession of lives. We have a yoga school, he is called “the continuation of the mechanism of protection kind.” And in fact it follows that here we are now with yoga positions have realized that today we should already start thinking about life in the next life and thus build their private affairs in such a way. But this we say today to hear this lecture. And nature, which drove us from one life from one body to another body, in fact, has taken care of it as much before.

Those. this (as if, if you like to call it) instinct or mechanism is very hard-coded into the device every living being, whether it is a living being a man, insects, bacteria, etc., etc.

Those. a mechanism to ensure that the next life. And sometimes there is quite a paradoxical scenario where a living being (animal) can sacrifice their lives in order to save some of their relatives. While on the other hand, what it is the use? And the benefit is very big. If preserved relatives, with whom you had some kind of karmic contacts, they’ll always give birth, ie, give the body in which you died. But if all kind of dies, you’re going to fall, you will be born in the bodies of those who will be free to remain. And it may be a more primitive level of development.

And this mechanism is actually allowed to form a human body. Those. Only those living beings of the human body have reached in their evolution, ie, we are with you, who survived the protection mechanism of procreation.

But since the human body, there was a reason. And, on the one hand, as we have said, there is a very serious good – we become more free and we can get rid of suffering. On the other hand, there is the ability to control this defense mechanism of procreation, and sometimes it’s just off. And with the third party, it is a terrible danger that we thus reaching the human body, becoming a yogi or yogini, already knowing some higher spiritual truths, begin to act against procreation, and cease to care for the offspring, or about his future birth because, that the brain has enough to disable the protection mechanism of procreation. But it is not enough to realize that if life is lived and attained enlightenment, you will be born again. And if you did not prepare his birth, fly away in the tar-Tarara, and will be produced in the body that turned up under the arm. And this is a very serious setback.

And this monstrous danger that awaits yogis or Yoginis on the path to enlightenment, monstrous.

Therefore, in the East it is literally permeated, but that no one says, it is implied. And Western countries in this regard do not understand, can commit follies.


How to help preserve knowledge of yoga?

Friends, we end today’s lecture on today. So ad. Sometimes people ask how you can help to preserve the yoga that you can do? Of course, there are different ways to support the yoga. But it is important, if you attend classes, seminars, lectures. Accordingly, this issue will begin to rotate.

In addition, you can indirectly help in the following way. For example, we discovered yoga shop, it is located on www.shop.openyoga.ru online, buy what you want there. Part of the money goes to maintenance of the entire yoga.

Those. we prefer not money in envelopes, we prefer something rotated, you know? If it starts to rotate, it will start to grow meat (well, figuratively speaking), it starts to create interest. Buy it what some movies, CDs, give to their relatives, friends, who are interested in yoga, and you make a triple benefit.

Your money will be spent on the development of yoga, you will see for yourself, get to know, maybe with some other things, which do not already know. In the end, it all can give and it is still someone else will benefit. That would be a more competent way to promote yoga.

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