Generic Yoga.Vadim Zaporozhtsev. Part 2-I.

Today we have the second lecture of the series Generic yoga. And let us continue to consider this absolutely necessary for all yoga seriously interested in yoga. Those. if you ever decide to drop yoga seriously, not in the fashion level, not at the level of flirting with esoteric, not on the level of extremes. One extreme – is a marginalism, or sectarianism, or something else. At the other extreme – it is absolutely frivolous, superficial attitude. So, if you seriously decide to study yoga, this theme you can not escape. There is no other way, my friends.

Once again, I touched on this last lesson. There are things basic, fundamental, is the basis of everything. Any building you can build only on the foundation. The foundation is not, everything collapses. Foundations can not see it, but it does not mean that it is not. Generic yoga is just such a foundation for all other yog.Itak, continue. We stayed with you on the subject, there was a time when we did not know the word “yoga”. There was a time when we all could not take meaningful for a decision for themselves, something to do, something to strive for, we did not set myself any goals, including the highest goals – to achieve higher states of yoga, enlightenment, samadhi, and etc., etc. But we were. And here is the notion that “we were” is this kind of background or just this foundation. And why, my friends, we were with you? Because we are the personification of life.

Those. If there is life, if there is our expression, if there is our being, then we can talk about yoga, then we can talk about the goals, then we can talk about the ways to achieve these goals, it is possible still very much to say something to agree or somewhat disagree, but the main thing – the canvas on which you will write all my life, existence, or in other words – life. If there is no life, and nothing here govorit.A matter in what you state, ie how old you are, you are in infancy or in adulthood, there is one thing that is inherent – it’s your bytie.T.e. there is something that remains exactly the same and the status of your infancy, and in the state of your mature age. It will remain in a state of your age, it will be present with you when you die, it will be when you die, it is then re-appear in the moment when you will be reborn. Those. basis, the foundation, something ineffable. And if it is, it is yoga. If it is not, about any yoga, it makes no sense to speak.

Now once again try to make a thought experiment, is now once again try to remember your earliest childhood right now. Think of some of the experiences of childhood, remember, in the end, toys that you played. It may happen that at this moment, when you play in these toys, you have not thought about any yoga, you do nothing thought. But you had something. And now you have come to the present day, your condition has disappeared, you already do not remember those toys. But something happened to you then is now. This is a very difficult concept, a concept of life is the concept of what you really are. Without it, can not go on without it all hangs, everything turns into a psycho to psycho, without it all becomes bezdushnym.Itak, according to the teachings of yoga in general, and Generic yoga sharpens our focus on this, there are some things that sooner or later without even knowing the word “yoga”, we rediscover ourselves. One of these things, my friends, is the knowledge that you have had many lives before. Those. before living in your body today, you, most likely, there was a huge amount of other tel.T.e. a concept for regeneration. Please note that this concept is not entirely peculiar to the Western mentality. Anyway, for the countries of the West the last one and a half thousand years. It was once the concept prevalent in the West, we are told about it in particular, such doctrine as the Pythagorean doctrine, which also recognize these moments of birth, life, death, the next incarnation.

On the other hand, my friends, in the East literally everything is permeated by the idea that there is birth, there is life, there is death and that death is birth. In general, the Westerner more wary perceives the idea. On the one hand, the Western man generally afraid to think about a category like death, he is trying to do better once again not to touch this temu.S the other hand, a completely natural effect of some existing worldview largely cause including our understanding of the life, about himself. Anyway, when a Westerner hears the doctrine of reincarnation and the possibility to be born after the death of another, it makes him wonder.

Recall, the famous song by Vladimir Vysotsky. And indeed quite common to hear how Western people are even more surprised by this idea, many of them consider this fact very positive in spite of our science, our breakthroughs in technology for our power (humans into space has run). The idea that people live several lives, very great difficulty making its way to the western mentality.

On the other hand, if we consider the countries of the East, where they come from yoga, is there even the most uneducated peasant fully adheres to this idea. Those. this idea there is literally permeates all levels of society, regardless of education, the status of some other, perhaps, differences of opinion. There’s this idea seems quite natural and obvious. For us in the West, it seems to be something interesting and privlekatelnym.Delo that this situation is under the influence, under the influence of centuries-old’s this higher knowledge of yoga. There it is considered self-evident, there is no need to prove.

The analogy with the earliest representations of the Earth

To help you understand more emotionally what I say here, I give the following example. More recently, it was believed that the earth was flat. And the idea that our Earth is a ball, caused great surprise a lot of people. After all, in fact, where we do not see more or less equal, what is the ball?

And so, to explain the motion of celestial bodies in the sky was extremely difficult, why they move in this way, and sometimes go beyond the horizon on the one hand, and on the other there’s storony.No passed kakoe-to time, and the idea that our The Earth is a ball, gradually penetrated into the minds. As you remember, the first practical consequence of the penetration of the idea in the minds of western people, was the discovery of America. Prior to that, no one would never have occurred to swim in the opposite direction from India in order to get to India. Let me remind you that America was discovered by accident – looking for India.

We were born many times

But once this idea came to awareness of people, it has now become self-evident, and any child, even very small, he will tell you that as if it was. This is the same situation occurs with the opportunity to be born and to die for us. Now while this idea seems fantastic for us. In the East, it has long been natural. And, as a consequence of the realization of this idea, there are many other things flowing and regulations of various kinds, including the position, and how you need to live life. If one is not limited to personal life, if there is a succession of lives, then (as it were) the horizon, or the scope of our vision begin to expand dramatically.

But, as you remember, yoga religiously adheres to the principle of common sense. Or a very beautiful statement: “the economy of thought”. You never know what ideas there must be confirmation of these ideas, or at least those or other methods to verify the correctness of a teorii.I here, in relation to what we are living with you, die, are born again, live again , die, and so on, in yoga are different (if anything) the auxiliary exercises, so that you touch up on the idea, if you (still) is not self-evident to you.

Those. as long as this idea will not be for you as clear as day, your progress in yoga will be somewhat inhibited. And here, in yoga there are several methods that allow us to get closer to some understanding of the fact that we lived before and will live, even if we die. And everything is based, friends, on the fundamental idea or main idea of yoga – at samopoznanii.Delo that all knowledge is in us ourselves. Those. the knowledge that we have lived other lives, I is in each of us. And it’s only a matter of time when we cast off the veil from this knowledge, and it is brought before us in its self-evidence.

Some exercises of yoga allows you to quickly reset this veil of ignorance. In particular, meditation techniques, methods vichara, techniques of meditation, methods of analysis. All you will be lead to the unequivocal conclusion that you were born many times. You can with a variety of parties approach this problem. For example, you can, as we did at today’s lecture, try to remember your childhood and go thus farther and farther. And sooner or later, you (as it were) to mentally reach certain limits when the people around you have not yet, you were not born, and there you have inside of a sharp (like) a jump in your existence. Those. there is no moment when suddenly something that is the background of your life, would disappear. Those. your concepts over the life of me, your body changes, your feelings have changed, your preferences have changed. Moreover, your memory is changed. As a child, we think less about what a memory, for example, in its infancy, it is something abstract to us. In later years, we pay more attention to this. But at the same time, in the investigation, you find that even the memory is based on a fundamental layer, or a fundamental background, or some kind of fundamental basis. And this basis – your being.

And when you try to start a self-aware, self-conscious that you, you absolutely unequivocally come to this discovery – that thought and feeling, and the logical conclusion, and everything in one package. It’s like a kind of intuitive insight that is even deeper than thought, deeper than emotion deeper than memory, more deeply than anything else. Or in other words, it is precisely the kind of power that you have.

Reopen a knowledge of rebirth

And you can go the other way for you to become completely ochevidno.Vy it all – you can explore the surrounding your life, explore the various phenomena that occur to you. And sooner or later, taking advantage of its ability to intelligence, you, as scientists once pereotkroete second yoga principle, or a principle of logic that every effect has its cause. You will learn details by understanding why you are in a particular state, or for some reason you happen to do some things, and not any other, based on the analysis of the prerequisites. And you’re on your life will begin to understand the fundamental laws of cause and effect, he is still in another way – the law of karma – what goes around, comes around.

And at the same time, you will begin suddenly a detecting any point that you basically can not explain the experiences, actions, or actions that you have done in this life that you remember or remember your relatives, when you were an infant. You suddenly find yourself in a certain formation, as if he was brought from somewhere. As a rule, it appears in some unconscious movements or some unconscious sympathies or antipathies, attraction or repulsion. Something you’re wondering what a sickening for something you pull, and to something indifferent.

And now, having quite perfected mind, as prescribed by yoga, you suddenly begin to analyze these facts. And making a similar retrospective of the reasons that could serve as a consequence of these unexplained your emotions, preferences, you clearly, your mind will come to this hypothesis or conjecture about the previous zhiznyah.Vy can approach the analysis entirely on the other hand – a purely emotional. For example, receiving a blow from life, you begin to ask yourself, “Why?”. Or vice versa, you can see how in the world around you, some people say, do indiscretions, but die in honor and respect. Other people, in spite of all attempts to do something good, it is still not recognized by contemporaries. And sooner or later, you will ask yourself: “Is there any justice in this world? Do kakoy-to law here is a justice for all, or it may be not, or should be like all criminal crime or other members of the human race, who live day to day without worrying about someone not, cause a lot of suffering around them? “.

It will be very painful for you questions. You work from morning till night, get your pay as you think small. You turn on the TV, and you show people imposing, sometimes even arrogant, unleashed, which are bathed in luxury and do not know what work is.

Of course, you are beginning to have the most natural emotions. You can not understand why someone (sorry for the slang) hapnul and rejoices, and you can not afford to make money on the bare necessities. This question, like a hot nail will have you hanging around in your brain and give you the rest because everything is meaningless. Someone does nothing and gets everyone who is working and nothing poluchaet.I you, even if you do not want to do it, feverishly to understand why this state of affairs, why diverge here such moments. And to answer this question, you can not in any way, except for one, if you do not come to the idea that you need to consider more than one life, but many lives, a series of lives. What law of justice is absolutely satisfied. Only occasionally for its implementation should be for a longer time. And so I can transfer these methods for a long time, as many as you want, they literally permeate the entire yoga, what would you have not started to engage in (Hatha yoga, meditation, Pranyamoy), you will sooner or later you will encounter kakimi-to moments, with what -That questions that you have to answer. You simply are not satisfied, just your whole life will be meaningless. And it will make your mind to think about it, and sooner or later you will come to this conclusion.

Moreover, as soon as you come to this conclusion, everything will fall into place. But as soon as everything will fall into place, you change your outlook on life and his personal behavior strategy, for example. We are now looking at the oligarchs who (we think) fabulously enriched in a few years. We understand that to earn billions of dollars over several years is not possible if a person is not some superman, nor a genius, nor the greatest visionary or, you know, the greatest mind of the first magnitude in the financial or management.

No, we can see that these people are different, but nothing else in theory, but in practice, they are not of themselves. “How?” – You begin to ask yourself – “they have all this money?”. “Why do they drive around the city of Moscow on expensive cars? Why are they in power? Why do they sometimes look as frank crime, while the law enforcement agencies weighed bow to them? “.

And, of course, you have a feeling of envy with one hand. On the other hand – and to join this feeding trough. And, as a consequence, you have completely eliminated the desire to work honestly. Why would I want to work honestly in a country where everybody steals, and where honest people do not earn mozhet.A here we begin to live under the scheme, to chase these bad examples and, as a result, our lives are getting worse and worse. Why? Because we have not yet reached the idea that all will have to pay for everything. We are under the influence of wrong ideas begin to wrong steps in life to do. We are fired from work, we tuneyadstvuem, we think, as we would anything vyhitrit or someone obmanut.Ya remember I had a student in the glorious 90s, when all the courses for accountants went to learn, and he went. He, remember, I am amazed that the basic ideas were all at the future accountants not to study accounting, but to find a loophole, as if there is some kind of scheme to crank (as it is called beautiful word in the West). Those. they all have brains were sharpened in a completely different direction at all, almost without isklyucheniya.T.e. These people have seen their lives in advance, as an attempt to join this freebie. But karmic situation is very different from them, not allowing them to fate to steal something. And here they are, instead of honest work and anything to make yourself by looking at the bad example, are no longer anything to do, and as a result even worse worsen their situation.

So, friends, let us continue, today is the day of open doors. Any analysis, one way or another, you will lead to the fact that you start at first vaguely, then more and more conscious approach to the idea that you have previously lived many times, and probably will live many times and posle.T.e. it’s very first implicitly, then more and more clearly, but this knowledge is inherent in us. Therefore, the question of reincarnation or question that we live many lives, he in a sense, even divorced from the cultures of the East, from the teachings of yoga. He is such a thing, which in general is neutral, and you can reopen, ie This knowledge is built into vas.Teper the question arises: why have such an assumption that is not common is the general situation that we live several lives in the West?

Well, the answer, of course, is made up of many components. This, of course, too much of the transience of life, life expectancy is small, Europe – it was the eternal war. Until a few centuries ago the age of 40 years was the age of the old man. Age 16 years – is the age of the prime of life, 20 years – this is already an experienced man, and it was recently. As a fast life in these harsh conditions did not allow to realize what is happening.

But, of course, in addition, some of these provisions religions. Although yoga is completely distancing itself from religion, and any person regardless of whether he adheres to some religion or completely free from them, say, an atheist can do yoga, and yoga, for example, very respectful of other religions, yoga still trying to distance himself from nih.Vse still, religion – it is a private matter of each cheloveka.No since we’re talking about this, here are a few words to say about it as possible. So, at the moment the dominant religion, and sometimes they are called the Abrahamic (Judaism, Christianity, Islam), in which you will not find an explicit position of rebirth.

There are times in the scriptures of any of these religions, which implicitly gives the impression that it is trying to say that thought. But, once again, friends, religion – it is always a delicate matter, and interpret these places can definitely representatives of these religions themselves, but no one from the outside. And so God forbid, yoga will never act in such a role, open the eyes of true believers. Yoga is extremely respectful to people of faith.

Yoga believes that the biggest, if anything, the stupidity – is to question the faith of others, regardless, whether she likes you or not like it, do you think it is not best or optimal. But this is another story.

So, in these religions we do not meet the explicit mention of the existence of reincarnation, although, once again, to the fundamentals of religion (relatively speaking) is not relevant, it is not for these religions somehow causing the cornerstone. These religions are built on more fundamental, more universal humanistic principles that work and without this knowledge. This is a key position, druzya.Delo that any religion claimed to be the man to give the highest state in one lifetime. Therefore, there was no sense in these religions go into these philosophizing in respect of births and deaths. Those. it was thought that if you stick to the methods within each religion, in principle, a single life to reach a very large sostoyaniya.No, and then, probably, the way it was at the time when the religion of ancient spread. But, as you know, the situation has always been very difficult. And maybe, if in the early century, all achieved a higher state, then in later times lived, probably not all. But this setting is, of course, it indirectly began to spread and became (so to speak) the dominant by default. Those. says nothing, then do not.

Although, once again I want to stress there is no contradiction with the religions have no yoga. Yoga is not a religion at all. Those. It is the science of self-knowledge is very respectful of religion and distancing himself from her. But still very common for people of different faiths are asked: “Well, how can I be? Here I like yoga, some things give. But I hold such and such a religious principle. How do I clear my conscience to connect with some actions that allegedly do not fit this definition? “.

Friends, if you begin to more deeply understand the basis of religion, that’s not the part of any religion, which naturally causes sometimes protest. Well, you remember what were the protests in the history of almost all religions? And if you take the foundation of any religion, ie, its driving force, there is no contradiction with the fundamental principles of the higher self is not yoga.

But if you meet kakogo-nibud fanatic with burning eyes who does not want to listen to, which are two opinions – and it is wrong, that is … you know, those people that they chto-to opened higher, but sometimes their character or intelligence which -That tolerance, tolerance or open horizons more. And they start to fight with all what they say. “Who is against them” Those. all costs tend to draw their religion or their teaching others.

Of course, such people do not have to speak not only of other religions that it more higher or lower, but sometimes very difficult to discuss anything, because if a person has some kind of rigid preset, tyazhelo.No again It can not be here. I know the other extreme, which went today in the wake of such prosperity, say, religions, in such a large stratum, including the intelligentsia – the absolute rejection. However, now it is a little bit with the imposition. If you take more of our country in the Soviet period, there were no religion, it is now generally begins navyazyvatsya.I behold, I now see a total rejection of the rejection of the very large number of people. And this, too, friends, extreme. Especially if you are doing yoga. Distortions are different, you should be free from extremes. If you like a religion, find the source of this power. If you do not like something, you have a right to someone to blame? Leave these people in pokoe.K Unfortunately, the influence of the traditional religions of the West, which says nothing about transformation, it has laid a certain foundation, which by default turns, and afraid to touch her.

A similar situation, by the way, if we consider the history of Western civilization, was once with the teachings of Aristotle. The fact that, say, at the dawn of Aristotle perceived by many religious circles, as heretical. And then, on the contrary, it has been woven here in this world view of certain religious thinkers.

The views on the ancient rebirth

And at any given period of time, it was a very progressive view of the world. Indeed, Aristotle – a legacy of ancient Greece. You remember what Aristotle was the teacher of Alexander the Great. But then Aristotle played a very bad joke, again, with the representatives of religions. You will recall that when the views of Aristotle, came into conflict with His Majesty experience, ie theory can be what you want, but you do not experience and confirm. Aristotle said that the trajectory of the flight of stone should be such. You can not go into the theory of stone, you take a stone throw and see what it was she drugaya.No, however, canonized. And it turned out that it is very bad service played for many religions. Do you remember that the mass of the people were killed, destroyed. Now this sounds like a savage, but at one time was burned Giordano Bruno alive. Greatest founder of Western civilization, Galileo was forced to recant his views. It is also very philosophical this painful dilemma. Those. Whether a person is a scientist to the last to defend their views or not to fight with windmills, and (as it were) to pretend that it is the same as everybody else.

On this occasion were very interesting debates, in which Einstein attended, Bohr. Einstein’s point of view was that enough just to give people the knowledge, it is all the same, sooner or later become apparent. And these people who are trying to resist this knowledge, they are doomed. Others say, “No, you should by all means at any cost, even risking their lives to defend their knowledge, so that it is as soon as possible to penetrate the masses of people.” And this dispute as himself should lead a scientist or even a yogi or yogini, it is still open. It is very difficult tema.Tak here, at different stages of the canonization of certain attitudes sometimes accidentally taken and any such conservation and rigidity, it certainly enters into the public consciousness and to a certain extent forms the mentality with all positive, friends, moments and with all the negative momentami.Polozhitelny point that western man, indeed, more than counting on their current life. Not for nothing is a saying among Western people that live once, you need to imagine just reach the maximum, ie, it is a call to an active position in life. And it has played a very positive role in the development of science, business, all in all. At that time, as in this concept, many lives are slightly negative aspect that we see on Vostoke.Skazhem, the concept of many lives sometimes leads people not to understand, to a certain passivity. Those. if my present life is determined by past, current and future, then what’s the hurry? As a result, this makes a person more passive play. Where the need to actively move, he too goodness.

But we shall return again to the main branch of our thinking. So this knowledge that we live many, many lives, in fact, inherent in us. And sooner or later, each of us can rediscover it, even if not engaged in yoga and is not interested in yoga. Incidentally, in the East – it is the common position sometimes for the most controversial religious or philosophical beliefs. In India, for instance, the teaching of the Buddhism has Nagaradzhuny, he can not stand some moments of Brahmanism. An orthodox Brahmin simply can not see a Buddhist, he simply becomes bad in terms of ideological differences. Not in terms of, you know, human hatred – just in this regard in India everything is in order. But in terms of making ideas.

Some there are representatives of other movements in opposition to itself and the first and the others. In general, India is also called – is a country of 300 million gods, or in other words, 300 million of religion and the teachings of the most different. Sometimes completely marginalized in their some extremes and controversial one in comparison with the other. But here’s the interesting thing: the time that we live many lives dying and being born, equally present in Buddhism and Brahmanism, and even a huge number of other Orthodox, poluortodoksalnyh teachings. It is only for the simple reason that this kind of reality, which still comes to everyone, just as the idea that the earth is round Incidentally, I’ve read, who first measured the diameter of the Earth. Information has reached us that the first time did the Greeks. One Greek philosopher noticed that at noon on the same time in different cities of the sunlight, which is observed over a deep well, differently behaves. If one city is strictly over the well, then in another city – at an angle of 15 degrees. And, it would seem, well, what of it such? It’s very simple. If you know the distance between these cities (and it could have been done in ancient Greece), and you (the most important) is the idea that the Earth – this ball, then, respectively, 15 degrees of divergence in the sun, which go in parallel, talk about degrees of difference in relation to the globe. This is a two-range, between which 15 degrees.

And thus it was prokalkulirovan radius and diameter Zemli.Tak here, it coincides with an accuracy up to the quality of measurements by means of modern satellite navigation. But the difference is certainly there. Do you know that our Earth is not the ball, and several flattened ball. Therefore, there have some error. But this measurement with an accuracy of pogreshnosti.Druzya Once inside, the Greeks using primitive tools have reached the highest knowledge, the diameter of the Earth. Accordingly, the length of the equator, or the circumference of the earth, if they have the right znaniem.Ta same analogy here. If you have the right knowledge, that being born and then dying, and dying, you are born again, then even the best (maybe) improvised things or improvised moments allow you to develop the right strategy in life, to get the correct result, and as a result, dominate, those. all very fair.

Approaching the higher self concept

Well, we go further. So, we are born and die. And sooner or later the question arises: and, in fact, is born and it dies? And then we come to our conception of the self, or in Sanskrit, it sounds like “atma” .What is the Atma is born and dies. But the concept of Atma – it’s too big a concept is too abstract. And before him to come, philosophical thought yoga and yogini, even if he lives alone and tries to rediscover yoga takes some such intermediate stage and so from one life to one is just what is called yoga “manifestation” or “prana”. Those. It is something that, on the one hand, allows us to see, on the other hand, allows us to influence what we vosprinimali.T.e. it turns a kind of such a universal thing that is present in the child and the adult, and the old man, and at the time of death, the moment of birth. Or in other words, a person comes to the fact that it has (what is called) “manifestations”, and what it glides from one body to another, that it makes the baby’s body to develop in the body of a mature man. It is (as it were) is the embodiment of what we call “life.” Or in another way, as it is written in the ancient texts – the breath of life. In Sanskrit it is called “prana”.

And now, in his self-knowledge yogi or yogini she discovers that this is something that goes through life, or life, is a kind of source of prana. And if prana, this source has a very good, we are strong, we are cheerful, we exercise, we begin to manifest itself somehow. If something is a source of prana suddenly, for whatever reason, is not it, then come sickness, old age, smert.No’s a very interesting feature in this prana. It appears that as the consciousness, how energy. Or in other words, in the infancy of our prana longer able energies, we are no longer absorbed by the sensations, we are no longer obsessed with the fact that our senses perceive. But there is still present and the observer – Soznanie.Zatem same, as we get older, the same prana itself, with which we were born, begins to shift towards greater consciousness and we no longer forget about the energies, we forget about oschuscheniyah.Po fact, in this is the difference between the perception of life for you, when you were young children during infancy and the perception of life that you see now, sitting in this room. You have gone more into consciousness. Those. Prana has a single, unified display of your or a single manifestation of life, which in childhood was more towards a sense of energy, in adulthood – more consciousness, and then, when you start to age, again beginning to return of consciousness into energy, ie, feeling in some emotsii.I that’s what we told you in the previous lecture. Those. there is a certain cyclical flow of our common manifestations or single root cause of this, or of a single canvas of the fundamental basis on which everything else est.I if (roughly speaking) you manifest through prana, or you live, you live, but in this case it makes sense talking about yoga. And if not, then nothing to talk about.

As we come to yoga

Now on, the main topic of today’s lecture, or the basic completion, the focus of today’s lecture. But sooner or later we grow up, and suddenly someone of us starts to pull to yoga. Some – from the earliest childhood, someone comes later in life, someone comes to old age. Very surprisingly, when people feel this craving in the early childhood. It was not, perhaps, no reason for this. Those. This is perhaps proof that in previous lives people something similar interest. Therefore, it is faster in this life.

Someone, on the contrary, may be living a long and hard life, it comes to the importance of the science of self-knowledge. This happens in different ways, but one way or another, sooner or later the man, takes an interest in yoga as a system of self-knowledge. And then he starts to be interested by the operating time or the knowledge that went or came to us from ancient times, and sooner or later comes to the teachings of yoga, to self-knowledge system where yoga and yogini of antiquity say that in fact, the purpose of yoga – is to reveal the potential that lies within each of us, with the help of self-knowledge to know your higher self, to find the highest freedom, to achieve a higher state of ecstasy, and sverhmoguschestva power, which is called “samadhi”.

And it’s ancient heritage. We are, in fact, do not know how they have achieved this and they tell us is true or not. But they pointed out to us a goal to be attained. Why? Because they themselves have reached this path, we reached this highest goal, and has (apparently) have moved into some other being. In the sense that they have not disappeared … Well, in general, very difficult to say what happened to them, but they left behind the way in which we propose and pass.

And yoga and yogini of antiquity say that this goal (in fact) ineffable. It’s just a word, “samadhi”, it is only the word “ultimate freedom” is just the word “achievement supreme happiness”, “achieving the highest ecstasy,” it’s just a word. In fact, when you experience it, you will understand that word to describe it is not, it is higher than the words. And all the words – it’s just a faded shadow of those states. But, again, you need some kind of beacon. And you this lighthouse is given in the form of words in the form of sermons, in the form of a pulse of thought. And in the future you are called to go this route. And then you start to go down that road and you notice that going along this path is not as fast as we would like, go slowly as you sometimes kazhetsya.I as people interested in yoga, ie very critically related to everything going on, you know, you do not know how many lives you were straight, maybe in the opposite direction. Therefore, you do not know how fast you get to the desired tseli.Eto can happen in one lifetime, but it can happen within a few lives. And here sooner or later, every yoga or yogi comes to mind that the path can take several lifetimes. In fact, with this and start one of the cornerstones of the time of delivery yogi.Esli you realize that you do not have time for this life that is the road that may be necessary to go a lot of lives in a row, so you his movement as a strategy to build that is not enough to make the most out of their best in this life, but also to ensure a decent birth in the next life.

Those. You can practice yoga and do not think about the next birth. But then, when you die, where is the guarantee that you will be born in the right place, in a suitable family, and in general in the human body? Therefore, it is wiser to take care of it today.

Then you (sort of) see the way a lot more, and it becomes safer. If you do not think about it, it’s a risk, ie breach of the second principle of yoga – you ignore common sense, obvious. Do not attained enlightenment in one life, forced to be born again.

Find like-minded people

And here the following very important point – is the search for like-minded people, who would help you when you die. Those. if this mechanism or a chain will be lined up, and you know exactly what to die surrounded by people involved in yoga, and when you are born, then, of course, you will have to wait with open arms. Those. will give you the body that you were born, and you will be immediately in a friendly environment, this path is accelerated. And you do not need billions and billions of lives, but rather fewer. You will not waste time in vain. You cut to a minimum all the vicissitudes of his future birth as far as you can. Once again, this is the ultimate logic of friends.

And, of course, you have to think about yourself to someone to give birth. Here once formed a society of people who have spiritual knowledge, where some people can always give birth to others, and others – they just appear here these (as it were, if you like) bursts of enlightenment.

Antiquity preserved to us scant evidence of such places. But they were in the history of mankind. And all that knowledge, including childbirth yoga that you lay out, is the legacy of those groups of people who are here so formed, they were together, perhaps several lives changing in that way.


Those. Teachers came to the disciples as their children. Students – teachers to their parents. And here they are (as it were) changed with each other. Then the company accumulated a certain critical mass of members of this society, standing on a very high level. And then suddenly there is an opportunity to dramatically speed up the spiritual development of each member of society, regardless of his previous karma, from the rest. The main thing is that he supported this team.

And suddenly such a mass of people instantaneously, you know, like a wave of enlightenment, and they go out of this world. Someone left a small part of their associates still remains, some of their relatives, friends and relatives, who were not so close to them, and they continue to carry this knowledge dalshe.I But those who remain, as a rule are the founders of the new ethnic groups. Those. the ones who have created narody.Esli you start to be interested in this topic, you will learn that every nation has been a push before it was formed. But the most interesting are those ancient tremors, which we do not even know. And among these peoples, first, it left the knowledge from those who have used this method and left. Secondly, this is a very spiritual education, and they retained the tradition.

And most interesting is that such outbreaks have occurred in the history of mankind (I say) quite often. The latest, as far as we can tell, in chronological order, is well described in Tantric Buddhism in the form Odya country.

In fact, all too … such controversial topics, but they say that geographically it was, oddly enough, in the region of Afghanistan, Tajikistan and Pakistan, the so-called country of Dakinis. Why do I say this? There’s more recent texts, preserved in Tibet, and some not so much the effect of subsequent events, they were rendered in the last 700 years, therefore, we can judge about it even from Tibet. And, say, in the same treatise it stated that there was a people, and they all died, and then one day all vanished in a rainbow. And then there is a push.

In fact, the tradition of Tantric Buddhism, and in fact, is the yoga of Tibet, it somehow goes back to guru Padmasambhava, who just came out of this place. Those. there was a surge, had plenty of yogis and Yoginis, they have reached a certain critical mass, all instantly attained enlightenment and gone, leaving us with the planet. Moreover, leaving pockets of knowledge.

But, my friends, it was one of many flares we are seeing before in the history of mankind. The oldest, which should tell us this was probably connected with the very first splash, in which were born the so-called Vedic knowledge or the Vedas.

But this is another series of lectures.


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