Generic Yoga. Vadim Zaporozhtsev. Part of the 3rd. Lecture 2010.10.02.

So, friends, today, October 2, 2010. So, friends, we have today 25 September 2010. My name is Vadim Zaporozhtsev, I teach yoga. Are we at the Cultural Center “Enlightenment”, in Moscow, near the metro Novoslobodskaya. That we have the International Open Yoga University lectures. This is our lecture on yoga Generic – 3rd Lecture. All historical data on our sites,,


Today we will continue to look at this amazing yoga. Let us briefly recall the main points on which we have already managed to sharpen its focus. Thus, the goal of yoga – the highest state of samadhi, the highest degree of self-knowledge, liberation, ecstasy (differently sometimes referred to this state) is achievable by any living creature, both animals and man.

But only question is that this opens the opportunity to achieve the highest target, sooner or later the animal must first receive the human body, and with only the human body position. Therefore, the human body in yoga is considered one of the greatest gifts in the world, a very good (if you like) karma, or merit. Those. this priceless opportunity.

The human body is fundamentally different from the bodies of animals that have two arms, two legs, a head, and the fact that we have developed the intellect, in fact, reason. In animals, the intelligence is also present, but in a kind of embryonic such as off the manifest. But even if we’ll have the human body, in order to achieve the highest state of yoga can take many, many lives, many, many lifetimes.

Of course, each Yogi hopes that it will reach a higher state in the current life. But yoga – is, first of all, very rational (in a good way), learning and suggests including that to achieve this goal we can for many, many lives.

Those. to achieve the ultimate goal, we need a lot of time to be born and die. Accordingly, it would be good to err. So, we have to be born many times, and it is obviously the question arises: where we are born?

It may be that, despite the fact that we have enough positive karma and we practice yoga, on the one hand, but some other part of our karma quite negative. And even if we die, having lived in the human body, it is not a fact that we are in the first place, are born in the human body in the next life.

These patterns of karma are very sophisticated. We simply do not know all the baggage of all the actions that we have taken in their previous incarnations. And it karma, you know, in a sense, acts as such opposing tendencies. And what will win the trend, and events will unfold. And all the other trends (sort of) sleep, just like in the land of weed seeds can doze off for several years, and then at the wrong time to germinate.

So, yoga encourages us to take into account the concerns about the future birth and, in fact, not to throw him off. As you remember, yoga is not a science of some strict requirements and regulations. Yoga is more of a science advisory.


How to take care of his future birth?

And there are quite obvious recommendations – is to take care of his future birth.

How? Well, if you say so in general – to do all their best to the human race is not extinct. It is, however, a minimum program. Indeed, if all reasonable humanity will perish, for whatever reasons, then in principle there will be no possibility of you at the next birth will be embodied in the human body, and have to be embodied in the bodies of animals that have remained.

So, the minimum program – it is your behavior in the course of your life, which strongly contributed to and helped the human race to survive. Those. it’s very humanistic, sharpened towards some actions and yogis yogis who on the one hand, of course, based on the first principle of yoga (remember: the principle of kindness and the principle of not causing harm).

But also here a very tough role, and the second principle of yoga, ie we are interested to have people. And, friends, I want to draw your attention that these people are our relatives and friends, or strangers are people, outsiders. Moreover, friends, it does not matter, it is the representatives of the people of our nation or people of other nationalities. Why? Because the soul is not, or higher self of every living being has no distinction as to race, nationality, etc., etc.

And if it happens, imagine that all reasonable people suddenly die, for example, due to the outbreak of World War III with the use of nuclear, thermonuclear bombs, and half-wild tribe of people remain in the jungle. So, it can be a half-savage tribe of people the only chance for all the others who were killed by a foolishly.

Those. we are interested in the first place to the human race to survive, otherwise you’ll have to be born an animal – a minimum program. The saddest program, ie it is not even the minimum program, and in fact at least some chance – even though it is some life left on the planet Earth. For example, if we talk about the planet Earth, but have to be born in the bodies of animals, but all the same, let’s say, not in the bodies of some primitive transitional forms.

In some treatises such an idea tossed that one of the transitional forms between the animal and non-animal world are (as we would call) crystals. Therefore, certain minerals that are dug out of the ground, allegedly possess some properties that you can find in many different cultures for the simple reason that they also have a kind of such a fact, which we would call “life.”

But this, my friends, is very controversial issues, and not to interfere in the matter of yoga science to determine the boundary between living and nonliving. The question is deemed that all living yoga and even minerals. But it’s just life appears so very poorly through them, very sight. And the life that we in the West are accustomed to thinking of life, it is more suitable for the manifestation of our higher self

So, the saddest option – is to do at least any life is preserved. But I have to be born again in the bodies of these primitive creatures, and again repeat the evolutionary race, and to create a body of intelligent people again, perhaps on the basis of some other living beings.

Finally, the best option – it is not only when we contribute to the preservation of life, the preservation of the human race, but also we are doing that in the next life to be born in people prepared to see our mom and dad as well, for example, practiced yoga, also engaged in spiritual development. Then we, when we are born, we reach a very favorable environment education, some cultural, kindness, and we do not have to spend a huge amount of resources, as in the case if you were born in a family where your mom and dad can be, good, but do not share your views on spirituality.

Those. In this sense we must take care in the whole of the human race on the lives of their loved ones, friends, acquaintances, about the lives of those people with whom we have an affinity. Here’s a priority.

And so the question of the relationship to our parents or our children out to the very cutting edge. For them the issue of preservation of the human race in general, and for them the issue of preservation of life. That’s the kind of logic is obtained. This is a distinctive feature, friends, any true teachings of yoga, but as in other matters, and all the other true, philosophical, religious or any desired exercise.

Those. if you meet any zhiznenenavistnicheskie views in this or that doctrine, you know that it’s not yoga at least for the simple reason that these views are contrary to the most elementary logic state of things, these views are contrary to the most elementary logic state of affairs.

So, yoga is by all means for the preservation of life, in every way for its rise and continuation. Therefore, if you meet the yogis and Yoginis such mezontropov, misanthrope who claim that all of life care is not necessary that it should itself somehow keep that attitude to children is cold and dismissive because supposedly they prevent wind practice, and other nonsense, if you hear, you know that these pseudo yoga yogini or something not understood very critical.

Sometimes we see in human history, the emergence of these, you know, philosophical currents, which starts every way to belittle the importance of this life. In those or other philosophical currents, which are preserved to us, sometimes we read that all the polls should go to a monastery or to adhere to celibacy, do not have children. Only in this sense, a person has a chance to achieve the high goals of a philosophical trend or a particular religion. And in fact, it is disguised, chelovekonenavisnicheskaya system, which is always a very sad ending. And ends in the first place for the followers of this system, they simply cease to be born in the bodies of people. And if some of them may be, and reaches some altitude, then later at the next birth you can throw back the other way around. And if we consider the prospect of several lives, so in general is becoming very bad.


All the forces of supporting life

On the other hand, you understand that your personal preferences, your personal life is supposed to and did not suggest the presence of children you personally. That’s how you want or your karma personally affects you in this regard, because it let it be. But the main thing that you have correctly understood the motion vector. If you do not have children themselves, then God forbid you to speak out against children generally. And, sometimes with the position that, as I live, so all must live.

Those. these are, my friends, at first glance, common moments in the practice of the people. And, on the other hand, a lot of mistakes made in this way. Moreover, you may have different periods of life. Once you want to be alone when on the contrary in the society. But, anyway, you should always be in the background the idea of saving (what is called) of the human race.

In the East, this idea is so permeated the whole of society, that there is a natural way there are no conflicts, even in a spiritual sense. In fact, if you analyze now the number of people born in India, it is fair to say, they can only envy. Already, they have a billion, and this number will grow.

Therefore, in the East, if, say, 10 children and one of them has dedicated his life, having gone to the monastery, and having no children, no problem. The rest of society (as it were) always give him the opportunity to be born. Why? Well, the foundation of this whole thing of the archaic layers. And first of all, the so-called Vedic knowledge, where it was assumed that must necessarily be a boy in the family. However, this later led to some distortions.

Now, the East this is not an indicator, but Western countries are beginning to copy the image of the behavior of the East in those matters where just need to stick to the opposite strategy. After all, the number of people in the civilized countries of the West sharply reduced. Moreover, it reduced, oddly enough, among the most educated people, well-off materially.

It would seem that they do not interfere extend the human race. But here’s creep variety of factors. And the saddest factor when podnachitavshis those or other philosophical treatises, who came from the East, these people are trying to copy, and can not understand that the society there and society here – two different society.

But we go further. So, if you are aiming to do yoga seriously, you have to see the unvarnished state of affairs that is. And it is a guarantee that you will not make any critical mistakes on the way.

And here I want another kind of thing to emphasize. Please note, that we are sitting here with you and I have so much time I spend on the explanation of things that the children – it is good that life – it is good that it is necessary to fully support the life that in every way necessary to take care of the offspring. And sometimes it’s perceived quite trivial thoughts: “Lord, but just as well because live some Papuans, people are completely ignorant. Living in their jungle interrupted there with what some dry roots into the water, and so no less, all he okay with the kids, with the comprehension of life, and that life must go on. “

Or on the contrary, to take what some animal, they do everything great. Take what some cats or dogs – known offspring periodicity appears. Those. a guarantee that the souls of these cats or dogs are born again in favorable bodies of cats and dogs of their descendants.

Why this issue has become … why are we discussing it, when the whole previous history of human development, in general, was to contribute to the consolidation of a behavioral strategy. Friends, this is a very important question indeed. What has changed, what distinguishes us from you people who are interested in yoga, from the primitive people or animals?

The difference is that we have the intelligence, developed and honed intellect. If we did not have developed and sharpened intelligence, yoga would be we are not interested, we would simply not understand what it is.


Excessive control of the sexual life of the intellectual

So, the human body with a sharpened intellect – it is, on the one hand, the greatest chance is the greatest opportunity to accelerate their progress on the spiritual road. But, on the other hand, there is very fierce temptation or danger of very fierce. We are increasingly beginning to control the sex question. Animals and primitive people this question have little control. And since these mechanisms to continue the kind of honed over many years and many billions of evolution, at least for the reason that this evolution has been to us and lived only those animals and those kinds of people who take care of their offspring. Those who poorly cared for their offspring, do not have the happiness to extend the line, and still remain at the level of primitive existence.

So, inside us while we live in the bodies of animals or in the bodies of primitive people, there is a mechanism that greatly influences our behavioral model, and forces us to look for the opposite sex for procreation society.

And it is, if anything, at the level of the hard instinct. No dog or cat can not disable these desires can not disable these impulses and primitive man. And we have already learned to a certain extent control the matters stand, we are learned to have some control over their sexual lives.

Of course, just as well, and we live the same mechanism, which is in the bodies of animals and defines our attraction to the opposite sex at a very deep level. But there was another factor – the factor of our intellect. And it is to a certain extent already know how to manage. And in the future, if we put this task tougher, can completely control our sexual behavior.

And now it turns out that the person possessing this mind can turn off this mechanism, causing the offspring emerge.

In the tradition of our yoga school, a mechanism that makes offspring appearing, called “continuing defense mechanism kind.” It’s a more advanced version of the self-preservation instinct. Those. It is the instinct of self-preservation within species. And his intelligence can enable or disable on a personal level.

And here is the very terrible scissors or a very scary moment. If suddenly your intelligence to throw some chelovekonenavisnicheskuyu philosophy, the idea (and you already know how to turn off or somehow affect the procreation protection mechanism), then you start to have any impact on their sexual behavior, to postpone the birth of your offspring, and thus to act against this natural trend in the preservation of life on earth.

If you were (once again) the primitive animal or primitive man, you would simply have not been able sovladet your sexual urges. And then you have the opportunity came.

And, on the one hand, if you have such a possibility does not appear, as the later Yoga teaches us, then we would not be able to make this a major breakthrough in the direction of enlightenment. But on the other hand, if it might appear, we can use it properly.

And so, my friends, it is so ordinary truths have to bring to the mind the big uncle and aunt, who got there a million entities who know all philosophies, trends, teachings, can philosophize on the subject of life and death, reincarnation, once they They consider themselves cultured, intelligent, educated. But look at them, and they are dying, you know?

And who is closer to the ultimate goal, uneducated person who moderately intelligent, moderately educated, moderately stupid, but it takes care of their children, and thus care about their next life in the human body? Or an intellectual, who himself has no children, but God is with them, you may have a very different life, and so can be, it can be the best option? But when he begins to speak out against life in general, it becomes strange, and where are you going to be born, my dear, in the next life?

So, you know, yoga – it’s like a kind of marathon running over long distances. And you have to calculate the forces on the many, many lives forward. And today, if you are wasting your efforts, your time, your attention, let’s say, on your children, then again, your children, or the children of your friends, acquaintances, relatives, country, of society, where you live, then, on the one hand it looks like a lost time in order to achieve the ultimate goal of yoga (samadhi achievement). But this is only at first glance. And if you are a great look for several lives, so it is the most reasonable strategy behavior of that part of your life do you spend actually to yoga, to achieve samadhi and the other part of – the fact to be able to do it in the next life.


The idea of continuity

Those. we will come close to you, my friends, to this idea of continuity. It is very large, broad idea of continuity.

And leaving a little to the side, where you can carry out such a parallel. Here there are different states, have different civilization, and survive only only that country, a civilization that system, which was adjusted continuity of power when the power goes for some laws, and that this general idea is not lost on the road.

That’s just as well here in yoga, only if those thoughts you close succession, only in this case you will be able to calculate all these forces. Above this should also seriously reflect.

So what do we have? We have the next thing. Teaches yoga, there are three factors that are related to a rigid unit. It is our thinking, our intellect, our mind. This is our sexuality, our sexual energy, our sex drive. And it is our breath, or in the broader sense of the word, is the prana that we demonstrate to control prana or somehow find it easier to just its presence in these factors associated with breathing.

The threefold ligament: mind, sex, breathing

Therefore, yoga is known here that the triple law, that if you affect the one thing, the two other factors as you obey or also vary. So, once again: mind, sex, breathing. Here’s a threefold thing.

If you are in some way attract more prana, in particular, through the breath, the excess begins to manifest itself through the sharpening of your intelligence, as well as through certain sexual urges. In the sense that the very body of our unit, which was formed in the bodies of animals, it requires that yeah, survived, live well, feel more whether mene ok, take care of his next birth, put it in his next birth. Or in another way – the fruit of children.

Another situation is if you start from the sexual energy to approach this, if you have an excess of sexuality, if all you fine with this issue, you can convert your sexuality in the development of their intelligence or increase prana, which then will have an effect in a charisma, such as your charm, strength, ie, in the form of ability to cope with all the difficulties of life or problems. Such people tend to succeed in politics, in business and in the arts.

Finally, the third time – the mind. By controlling the mind, say, through meditation, you can control so that the influx of their Prana, again, through the breath. On the other hand, you can control their sexuality. And this factor when you are using the mind learned to control sexuality, on the one hand, the greatest chance to convert sexuality charisma, to the achievement of some great goals, and on the other hand, the highest danger that your mind take hold of the wrong, misanthropic ideas . And not only did he stumble upon them, so it will be more around you sow the wrong teachings.

Those. Now the triple law in its entirety just pops up in the human body. In the human body there is no speed limit of our approach to the state of samadhi. But in the human body there is a danger that we are wrong to use the understanding of the situation and discard himself in evolutionary terms ago, if we show such a lack of foresight or folly.

And since yourself to some stupidity hard to guess, we tend to draw this nonsense of some philosophical currents, properly understood us. And thus, as you know, in your computer, you can install the program with the virus, as well as a possible ponabrali such facilities that we will not succeed, but on the contrary will make mistake after mistake on his life’s journey.

That, my friends, even the most perfect from the point of logic, the question of the relationship to the people among whom we are born, the people from whom we are children, our children, this issue is very important and very serious looming on our life’s journey . If this issue you have everything in order, you have a solid foundation for all yoga practices, even for a very, very dangerous.

Even if you do something stupid, then again, that is not properly understood in another treatise, then you will in any case be born again in the human body and in the environment of the Yogi Yogi who this time will not let you do stupid. And if you do not have that beachhead, then each of your experiment may end up that you will die and be reborn in the body of God knows whom.

Once again, my friends, it is quite obvious at first glance that life must go on. But you just can not imagine how many yogis or Yoginis I met, met and probably will still meet for which it does not matter, they are about it, my friends, do not even think. They live in some myths, fairy tales, there high in the Himalayas some kind of enlightened master, guru, that he or she is there now coming to it, will fall at his feet, whispers a mantra, and all this happiness, this enlightenment and fairy tale ending.

If only it were so simple, that one’s presence this high masters man immediately reached this ultimate goal, the presence of one master would lead to total enlightenment around the globe, because all would have lined up for him, and he would have to each ear, whispering . But we do not see, my friends, is not that the West, and even in India itself, few people interested in yoga.

Friends, this is also a fact. But if you and enlightens, then who, if not by the Indians. All at hand, here cave, there is a guru sitting space. And we do not see that India has suddenly enlightened in an instant. Moreover, we see that? We see quite a sad situation out there in terms of demographics, in terms of living standards. This is a very horrible condition in most people, they are simply not up to the yoga.


confidence Factor

But we go further. So, what we have examined by a rigid logic. Now with such softer standpoint. We have already dealt with it. So, there are times in our lives when we are small and defenseless, we are like children, we trust their parents. There are periods in old age, when we are just helpless, and we are already beginning to trust their children.

You know, we trust parents, and now we trust children. And only when there is the trust factor is the continuation of life. You know that you do not kill, do not throw in the trash, and take care of you. More precisely, you are still in infancy do not know, it all comes naturally and you perceive it as a given.

A similar situation and in his old age, when so made our bodies, when we begin to lose our intellectual force. But, again, there is a smooth background of trust, confidence in our children, and trust to the society in which we live, and the confidence of the government.

So if there is this line of continuous trust … Yes, as in his youth, when we are strong and full of energy, we will again behave in such a way that you can rely on us, we can trust. Again, we can rely on our children, we can rely on our elderly parents or just older people of our society and the children of our society.

And if you have this continuity of trust, we are talking about life, if it does not, then there is no life. Yoga is essentially the same life, only to express many, many times. That unhurried humanity passes over the millennia, taken separately yogi or yogini can realize a few years of his life.

This, as I said, is the beauty of life in the human body, there is no limitation of speed. But a large unhurried mankind especially not in a hurry to the higher goals of life because it is diverse, different people with varying degrees of self-awareness, with varying degrees of desires, and finally mankind free as they want to live your life the way it live.

We, if we are a little bit to understand this law, that all that we have around us, we have made ourselves. And if something we do not like, then we have an opportunity to change all this and to do so, as we would like, instead of whining, like all bad. Those. really true yoga begins from the first glimpse of the thought that it all depends on me.

Those. and just this idea in the future will lead to another thought, that there are periods of life where nothing from me will not be affected. And finally, once again I remind you of the thought, feeling of harmony comes when you have to rely only on themselves, but when you have to rely on the outside world.

So, if there is trust, if there is continuity of this trust, we can talk about the state, we can talk about some other entity, be it a company or some other interest education. Those. just as in the whole of life, if there is trust, there is life, if this confidence is not present, and there is no life.

Any teaching yoga in this respect as the basis of this factor of confidence or continuity. And so it turns a very interesting turn. And it is our own attitude to the teacher and the teacher of mankind. What should be the attitude to teachers and teacher of mankind?

So the next answer – that trust. Those. if what you’re doing real yoga, and if the people who taught you this, do you teach yoga, it is quite naturally arises the trust factor. If on the contrary, you meet the Master The teacher or yoga, they will tell us something, clever, about any chakra, karma, and you do not feel them personal trust, so it’s probably not your yoga school. So, perhaps, or something you do not properly understand, or maybe they do not properly convey.

But if there is at least a small internal protest or internal such seclusion or restraint, you turned a deaf ear to the perception of yoga, even if in front of you a great mahasiddhas seated himself.

Those. if there is no trust, you unwittingly expose themselves inside screen the mental, physical. You may be interested in the same yoga as good physical self-regulation system of self-control or some logical mechanisms of the universe, and you can a lot of things to emphasize intellectually or in terms of some kind of psycho, but this, my friends, there will be yoga if you do not trust.

Only in the event for you this or that school of yoga is yours, if you have confidence in, respectively, to the people who taught you that yoga. Trust is, as is the baby to his mother in the hope that my mother will feed him, play with him, take care of him, but did not throw in the trash.

Now, if there is trust, then again, it is your yoga school, and you will start to reach a non-verbal, ineffable impulse of life continuity, momentum, continuity of knowledge, continuity of the momentum of something higher, is inexpressible. If this is no trust, then you podnaberetes clever phrases, clever exercises, smart regulations, but the core of yoga will never understand. It will have you uskalzyvat through Sanskrit phrases, through the mantra that you do something wrong to repeat, through the concept. It seems that everything is clear and inside is still restraint.

Those. only in the event that you’ll be exactly the openness and even somewhere such uncritical given this stream of the Supreme, only this is for you figure that you really are in the school of yoga or even what you are doing is yoga and not some other teaching.

Those. If there is life, then it’s yoga. And if there is life, then, must be present trust factor. And if trust is not a factor, then there is no life, so it is not yoga.

This is a difficult time, which is in sharp contrast, for example, the study of yoga from the study of some other sciences. Here you want to study law, but you do not care who you have to be your teacher. Moreover, you can not trust it, maybe it’s slicker some, but he’s smart. He will teach all this casuistry. But yoga from someone you do not trust, you will never learn nothing.

Another such factor is very interesting. This pulse is non-verbal initiation into some such, you know, breakthroughs, it is possible only if there is trust.

Why? Because that any philosophy or any knowledge that you are getting a brand of yoga, not turned in one life, ie, the system that operates only during one of your life. And not to say only during that period of time, as long as you clearly honed brains while you are young, strong, clueless and such a person enterprising and independent.

Those. a lot of systems that work precisely in this narrow period. Not during childhood, when you could understand nothing else, do not age in the period when you are again clueless anything, but only in the period of your intellectual powers.

And that’s why all these terrible ideas, friends, by whom the world trembled in the last century, such ideas, let’s say, some political parties and philosophies, they work only in a narrow period of time, while the person is still in his right mind. But because there is no trust, they are cut off on this. And what will happen in the next life, it is difficult to say. Of course, karmic imprint will be transferred, but at what level? Those. this is not something continuous.

The teaching of yoga – this is something that is absolutely continuous, regardless of the degree of how you use or do not use their intellect to what stage you are in. It is, however, starts continuously from life to life, from the state to move.

Those. If in this life now nice boys and girls, enterprising, strong-willed, determined, your life depends on you all, you live for yourself and give the other to live, rejoice, rejoice, to enrich themselves, to enrich his country in which you live.

So, if in this period of life you just grab the ineffable push yoga, something inside you will change and will be born the trust that will be and when you are old, and when you die (if you do not have time to reach the ultimate goal of yoga in this life) and in the next life, when you are born.

Here you can buy something that in the future and will be, and will be, regardless, in which you state. And this is something elusive just called “initiation into yoga.” This is something nonverbal, after which there is trust, and that trust is a springboard through birth, death, youth, old age, etc., etc.

And accordingly, my friends, is the acceptance and trust is the touchstone on your path of yoga. What I’m talking about? The following points. Imagine, that you have purchased some new yoga book, which allegedly transferred, deciphered the ancient treatise. You begin to read it, and you cringe starts.

And you can not understand why. Like, cleverly written, everything seems logical, like everything is clear, but you do not trust him, you do not like a baby, you know, uncritically accepts mom and dad. You both shell – just peeps: “Yeah, so-and-so is written.” So, if this happens, it is a sure sign that there is a mistranslation, whether you do something wrong you know, if any, it is something accidental and not worthy of attention.

Internal impulse confidence -lakmusovaya bumazhechki

Those. internal impulse of confidence, he will be your litmus test to this garbage billion, which is now brood on planet Earth called the word “yoga”, choose a grain that really is true yoga.

Therefore, in this sense, the Generic yoga invaluable yet until you have received initiation into yoga, or yoga when you actually opened as yoga, not as a newfangled doctrine, not as a set of some trainings on raising the kundalini or something or another anything, but now a lot of things. That is the true, living self-system, rooted in God knows what millennium.

So, it may come not soon, but it is already inside you have that will allow you to understand what is at stake. That is your attitude toward the people you love and trust. First of all, your mom and dad.

The term “twice-born”

And there is the next position in yoga. The real teacher or teacher in yoga can be people you trust so. And if you met such people, then consider that they are your spiritual mother and father. And if you are thus still passed the knowledge of yoga, it is, accordingly, called for a tradition with the Vedic times – the second birth.

And the man who thus received the highest knowledge is called “twice-born”. Typically, this epithet applied to Brahmins. Brahmins – a caste in India, the holders of the highest Vedic knowledge. Strictly speaking, they are the basis of all oriental civilization and actually speaking, yoga emerged from this knowledge. And these Brahmins and called “twice-born”.

There were mom and dad, who gave them a physical birth, but also found a teacher and a teacher, who gave birth to them spiritually in terms of what they have come to trust yoga, trust this knowledge.

And, of course, in every human life the greatest knowledge, if your physical mother and father are the same with your spiritual mother and father. Those. those who gave birth to you physically, you have dedicated the same to all the secrets of yoga. Once again, and for this reason there is a saying that there is a higher happiness than to be born in a family yoga or yogini. Those. they’ll give you a physical body, and they will give you an understanding of the essence of yoga. The essence of yoga – this is the essence of life.

It is clear that different folds have karma, and sometimes they are different people: those who gave us the physical birth and those who have given us (if anything) the spiritual birth or initiation. Once upon a time in ancient times, they say, it was combined, but for various reasons it has become a karmic something separate. And it should be remembered.

Finally, there is one more thing is also very important. We are all with you, my friends, have a great body of people. We are all united by a common impulse of life. All we got out, my friends, teaches yoga philosophy, from a single source. And so all the people in this regard, if you will, relatives.

In this respect, modern science provides a very good support in the realization of this fact. Indeed, if you are curious by the latest achievements of biology, it is a very interesting thing. Between all people, no matter what race, nationality they belong to, there is something so proving their relationship, that there is no doubt that this is so, it is their genetic code.

Those. at this level, all the leaves of a certain single push of a single center, single progenitor, or of our common ancestors. Moreover, if to dig deeper, it turns out that the genetic code monkeys to some paltry interest differs from the human code. Moreover, even the most primitive living creatures the same genetic code. Those. we all came from a single impulse of life.

And for this reason, if you begin to trace their ancestors, their mom and dad, mom mom and dad, etc., etc., then one way or another, sooner or later you walk out, as taught Generic yoga on Teachers and teacher of yoga, which gave us this knowledge. Or again in a different way, all the knowledge of yoga is to your family, no matter what nationality, race you belong.

And so to get all the knowledge of yoga you can, among other things, through the line of their ancestors. But because for entirely different coincidences happened that was once the ancient separation between our mother and father, giving us physical life, and Mom and Dad, giving us spiritual life, it turned out that the continuity of the bodies we have retained, but the knowledge we race on some of our proyaschure for some reason, are lost.

Those. Our great-great-grandparents and our great-great-great-grandmother probably faced with a completely appalling living conditions, which are not allowed to keep the knowledge of yoga. Indeed, 2-3 generations of wars, epidemics, destruction – and humanity literally rolled to the level of animals. Those. how fragile this substance preservation of the cultural pulse. And in this sense, yoga – it’s cultural heritage.

And, probably, our great-great-great (I do not know), grandparents, great-grandparents, going back to God knows where, who had this supreme knowledge, but because of the complexity of life spent this resource even if only out to give a boost to life, something more important than the knowledge of yoga.

We talked about this in previous lectures that any yoga makes sense only if there are living people. And if there is a choice of how to spend the resource of his life, it is necessary to wisely spend this resource. Need to do a push of life, ie, to provide the next generation, so that they were born, and as far as possible to give them the knowledge of yoga. But probably too severe were once conditions in ancient times, we’ve lost them. They (the knowledge) directly preserved only in the East.

Therefore, in a sense, yoga – it’s not something new that comes from India, that comes from the East, as well forgotten old, that and so we did, but it lose. And this is a very serious focus allows you to get closer to this feeling the essence of yoga that if you have a mom and dad that you trust, that you have given birth, who took care of you when you were little, and now you have this attitude toward it … and, for example, if the knowledge of yoga comes to you from India, and the representatives of India are very different skin color, eye shape. Well, it is, in fact, is not so evident. Stronger rush, let’s say, some patterns of behavior, thought patterns. There is something very much we have in common with them, something totally unacceptable for Western man.

Rejection, blocking the transfer of knowledge from India

And so one might some rejection. And this rejection very badly begins to block the transfer of knowledge of yoga from India. The reason for this rejection, friends, very depth, and is not as simple as it might seem at first glance. This is a very serious issue in yoga, related to the protection mechanism of procreation.

Those. any people (as it), any society is very suspicious looks at the intervention. When one cultural environment to penetrate the other elements of the cultural environment, sometimes it is perceived as intervention as an attempt to capture, enslavement, or even aggression.

This, my friends, all built horrific ethnic conflicts because of which blood was spilled is inconceivable. Write off this factor can not be, otherwise we will create more rivers of blood. You have to understand where it occurs. And there he is (once again) of the protection mechanism of procreation. It is produced, including the fear of other people’s ideas, which can penetrate into another society and implement viable ideas any chelovekonenavisnicheskie not viable ideas. And one way or another, will cast doubt on the survival of their kind.

This is a very subtle mechanisms, friends, is not so simple. Everything that relates to the issues of nationalism, xenophobia, rejection between different races and nationalities, simple slogan that all are equal, not solve it. Moreover, these simple slogans can be made even worse. But at the same time for a second one should not forget that yoga does not recognize the division of people according to race, nationality or some other distinctive features of the bodies because I have all equal size.

So, if all of a sudden it happens that you learn yoga and yoga you like, but you experience rejection to everything, say, East, everything Hindu, I do not like you say, how they dress or their chants sung or something -So do not like. Friends, in this case the generic yoga greatly help you. Do not like it, and God is with them, leave them alone.

And (as to) try to adjust to their parents, grandparents, parents, parents, etc., etc. Because the lineage that goes from, say, India and the same lineage, which you can get by analyzing their ancestors, sooner or later will merge into a single entity and there is no difference.

And if you will, on the one hand, a sense of kinship of all his ancestors, on the other hand, you will understand the humanistic foundations of yoga just to be outwardly intellectually, then you inside connect what probably was disconnected, and you will greatly accelerate its yogic revolution and succeed in this way.

Moreover, friends, I’ll tell you the next thing. There are yoga position regarding some very closed techniques and practice, practice very fast. Echoes of these practices, you will find numerous references to the Kundalini energy, chakras, etc., etc.

So, you will never understand how these practices work. Moreover, you will never take advantage of these practices, if you will not have the right feeling to yoga as something native. Not as something that the crafty Indians come up here and try to infiltrate and seize our brains, imposing their culture inappropriate. No, friends, it’s nothing to do with yoga is not. It is to that and so we laid in, and so in us dormant, and so we did, but we somehow forgot, lost, or for some reason do not seek disclosure.

Now, if you will have such an attitude to yoga as something native, yes, for you will be safe, many practices, including the awakening of the Kundalini energy. If not, then you’ll just, you know, be smart, that you understand how things work there. And in fact, you will be within such a small creature clamped in the shell, you know, such an observer and experimenter.

In some practices, it is unacceptable and leads to a negative result.

Exit to the heights of their ancestors through yoga

So, my friends, so that’s the thing turns out that according to the generic concepts of yoga for you there is no difference whether you get the knowledge of yoga through the external Teachers from the spot in the East, where it has been preserved or you plunge into their ancestors. And there, and there you will find the highest Yogi Masters and yogis who had first proclaimed and all the teachings and all practices, including those that we are studying here.

Those. you know, around there is a hierarchy. And the highest level, this is the highest level you can go through their ancestors. And if you are so you can exit through your ancestors, you (as many are calling techniques and the practice of yoga) can be connected (they say) the heavy artillery (I use such military terms) in the fight with his ignorance.

Indeed, if you want to accelerate your practice, it is desirable to enlist the support of those who would be able to protect this practice, who could help you. And, as if, in this sense, yoga states that for teachers and teacher, to which we have confidence, that is … No factors such as distance. Wherever they may be or where they would not have proclaimed his teaching, and then they reach a higher state, for you every minute the door is open to them, but only on one condition, that you are to contact him.

The universe is very unobtrusive, even the Absolute does not bother us with his presence, if we do not ask. This principle of freedom is the highest principle of yoga. Therefore, if we want to attract into your life some energy components, some inspiration ancient yogis and Yoginis, that they may make us the right course of action in order to help us cope with our uncontrolled aggression, stupidity, stupidity, that they suggested the following the correct course, we can, in principle, turn to him directly. How? Mentally.

And, of course, the question arises: how to represent yourself these teachers or teachers, or Yogis Yoginis ancient times, they look like? Well, friends, strictly speaking, to yogis and Yoginis factor appearance for them is much less important than for you to change the jacket over a sweater and sweater on any gown. They can use any shape which will facilitate their work.

Therefore, the specific shape of a want, then they will come to you. But the question is, when we look at an image of the same Hindu Masters and then pops up: it’s an ambush or rejection of another’s. And we sometimes difficult to meditate on the Master and a teacher of yoga, both the Hindus. Generic Yoga says: “There is also no need to meditate, as their ancestors, meditate, as his great-great-great. And at some level they merge, there is no difference. “

This is a life-affirming, humanistic principle of the unity of all life, that we, as they say, all the brothers and sisters, that we all have common ancestors.

On the other hand, it is quite practical point of yoga. Despite its humanistic, it is one of the most important things working in yoga. As long as you do not have trust, there will be continuity. If there is no continuity, there is no initiation into yoga, there is no transmission of higher knowledge in yoga. And not because someone does not want to give you this yoga does not want to give you this dedication, but because you are locked.

You know, it’s the same thing as asking for the dedication and trust, the same thing that invites friends to call all, and then bolted shut door, wall up, score window, door and suffer, “Why did not you come ? Why did not you come? “.

This is, in fact, a typical situation. Likewise, in the training. If you do not trust to the person from whom you take this or that practice, so it is better not take this practice. Why? Because you will always remain in the subconscious, this association between the person to whom you do not trust and practice, which you supposedly trust. And at the most inopportune moment where you should be – thoughtless, odnomyslie or one-pointedness, you will have it torn.

Your emotions, on the one hand, would not be trusted, and on the other hand, the stretch. And you will begin to tear in half. It should not be, you will not achieve anything. These are two forces in opposite directions.

Therefore, a personal accent quite understandable. And how to develop it? Simple enough. To develop through those people who are tested. Friends, the fact that you are alive on this earth until now, sitting in this room and listen to a lecture, we can assume that this fact proves that you can trust their parents.

You know, they could have not born, they could have an abortion, and you would not be. And finally, could you throw in its infancy in the trash. And no, they have proven that they can be trusted. And you, of course … what would you have any relationship with the parents … it is clear no sugar may be sometimes that relationship.

But they do not have sugar on other items. It chto-to already comes from the area of the thoughts from the realm of the intellect, again, from the field of parasitic kakih-to sometimes ideas that sometimes capture the minds of the children, the parents, sometimes all together, and they begin to divide, or there chto-to somehow in conflict.

But, my friends, you know, it all points of disputes, strife, while parents and children in hard memory and sanity. And children when they were small, no controversy was not. And parents, when there begin to age, too, no controversy, you know. Those. it is a question, you know, in a bad sense of the word punditry. Those. you and your parents unites more than divides us.

Yes, you think you are smart people, yes, maybe your parents also consider themselves experienced people. But it’s all, you know, the film surface, the film tonyusenkaya at those depths, you are united. And you have in common kinship. It would not be alone, there would be no other. Would not it be your parents, you would not be with all of your academic degrees and with all your philosophical ideas, and with everything else.

On the other hand, if you will not, then, accordingly, there is no chance that you will have children. Accordingly, your parents start to play. We are all united in this invisible weave, which is called life, my friends.

And so it is impossible for you to pull out of this world, without taking into account these multiple connections. And if you want to achieve a state of enlightenment, and it formally provides you with complete freedom, after which you can get out of these weave, then before you go, you have to realize all the visible and invisible ties that unite you with all life.


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