Generic Yoga.Vadim Zaporozhtsev. Part 4-I.

Intuitively catch formation which we have in common



So, friends, today we have 5 October 2010. My name is Vadim Zaporozhtsev. That we have the International Open Yoga University lectures. The theme of today’s lecture – Generic yoga. All information is archived on our sites,, Are we at the Cultural Center “Enlightenment”, in Moscow, near the metro Novoslobodskaya.



So, friends, we are with you today should continue to consider the topic Generic yoga. Once again, I want to draw your attention that this is the base or the attitude, which is the default.


So Generic yoga – is actually the canvas of life, on which is written the way to achieve something over. But let us go further. So, it turns out that the presence of the ancestors – is a very serious factor in our spiritual life.


It is clear that the presence of ancestors – is a determining factor in our physical life. If we did not have ancestors, we would not have been born in these bodies and were born if born, probably in some other bodies. And not necessarily that these bodies would be better than the ones we currently have.


But it turns out that there is the eternal problem of fathers and children. Remember the classics, where the problem is constantly depicts a conflict between the generations. Those. each generation to a certain extent does not begin to perceive what has been achieved or done the previous generation. Those. some such contradictions sometimes very acute, sometimes in a less acute form, they are observed, appear. In connection with what Western civilization shows us sometimes an entire generation gap.


That is, say, lifestyle of people who were children at war and people’s lifestyles, lifestyles that came after the war, for the most part, this way of life is extremely different.


Again, the same situation with the next generation to the next and the next. Sometimes, though, it is that these differences are not so much conspicuous, sometimes we see something revolutionary. And because recently life in the West under the influence of the development of science, technology, makes a huge breakthrough, breakthrough, in fact, even in changing conditions of life, it sometimes seems that the gulf between parents and children is irresistible.


Indeed, if it is to take a modern elderly person, many older people are difficult to use, for example, the Internet. At that time, the young generation does not see my life without the Internet. Changing the language is changing slang, and a feeling that each new generation can live without the previous generation. Why should this burden in the form of parents, in the form of some of their plants? Moreover, if these units were formed under pressure, influenced by the difficult living conditions.


Well, actually, remember childhood our parents passed anyway at a time when the impact of the Second World War was very strong, and many have experienced hunger, in fact, poverty. And this, of course, in the early childhood caused very serious mark. And they look at some life issues somewhat differently than you and I, who have not seen all the horrors of war. We simply do not have this subconscious fear. Fear, for example, by the famine.


Do older people have a fear of hunger, because a child feeling undernourished deeply penetrates. We begin to be afraid of something else. Those. changing values, priorities change. Once again, sometimes there is a feeling that we are moving away from the previous generation. But, in fact, is only an illusion, we are bound by much more than divides, we are bound by kinship. And even if that does not like something in the behavior of some of our parents or our grandparents, say older, we have to remember that, for example, because they have paid a terrible price. They are, in spite of all the wars, all the misery, all the hardships, have preserved some piece of kindness that are transmitted to us.


I assure you that people in the 40-ies and 20-ies of the last century, just as we are with you, dreaming about love, some career development, the success of any plans of the Napoleonic , variety all had dreams. But looking at the world through rose-colored glasses. And one, two, three cataclysm, in fact, brought to nothing all. Those. whole generations have paid for happiness in order to give us a birth that did not live the life that they would like to live.


And so that’s no surprise that the views of our parents, our grandparents differ from ours with you. Live they are in our environment with our income, these views may not be so very different.


And, therefore, that it can not be discounted. Those. sense of kinship, a feeling of gratitude to the previous generation, once again, no matter what you have developed a relationship with the parents. They can sometimes be completely sugar at fault on both sides. You can not say that only the younger generation the right or only the older generation right. All on his own wrong.


So, anyway, if you want to understand childbirth yoga, you must learn to grasp intuitively the layer that you have in common, regardless of your differences some other order, or other causes.


Very often I was asked questions like that. The boy or girl decided to do yoga and go along this path. Knowledge is very small, some superficial books, poorly translated. And it is clear that the part of their parents and relatives, as a rule, the attempt to do yoga, is perceived with hostility.


Indeed, all of a sudden for no reason, no reason at all, the person begins to perform some exercises, such as to adjust their behavior. At this all look with apprehension and suspicion. Indeed, if these young people were in some kind of sect or under some kind of influence is not very good.


And, of course, that sometimes young men and women who have just started to practice yoga, understand that this is a huge potential for self-knowledge, self-development, prosperity, honing abilities inherent in us. In the end, it means to fully optimize their lives and succeed in life. In yoga, you can see with this view.


And they are starting to complain about their parents, parents do not understand in yoga, do not understand, do not take, and sometimes even with hostility perceived. And such a gap is formed between generations.



kinship Factor

So, according to the Generic yoga concept, you should very clearly understand that you have to be, once again, to be grateful to their parents that living in the years of hardship and, perhaps, the collapse of his hopes or some plans, they would still firstly, we gave you life, and secondly, at the very least once you have raised, fed, gave you the opportunity to take an interest in yoga.


Therefore, at least for this reason, you should very politely and graciously turn a deaf ear to all the opposition parties, no matter what was your parent, if you choose to do yoga. You should look for such ways of coexistence, so as not for a moment question the more fundamental things you have in common, that is, relationship.


Once again, there would be no life, neither of which would be yoga, we would not be talking here. And all the moments of conflict with your parents try to resolve them more wisely. It is clear that you are a free people, and you have the right to live your life as you see fit. The ideal of freedom is sacred in yoga.


And so, if you feel that some issues have a collision, then try to get these things just were not. I understand that sometimes it’s just very hard to do, sometimes we live under the same roof.


For example, in the former Soviet Union, where the problem of housing – it is, you know, curse. Now, if you have negative karma in our country, the lack of every square meter of housing – is a quantity proportional to our negative karma. You know, karma – it is not something abstract that no one sees, hears that somewhere hovering or something pops up. Sometimes it’s quite a specific lack of something: lack of food, lack of a living space.


So, sometimes it is hard, we have life as a vice, squeezing together. But if there is the slightest chance not to bother each other by the presence and thus avoid any conflict situations, including with our parents. Those. It makes sense, of course, to do that than in an open fight or not to carry one another.


Another such moment, which, oddly enough, I began to face. The fact that after the collapse of the USSR left large numbers of people, you know, not an inheritance. Imagine was a specialist lived in any country. After the collapse of the Soviet Union out of work in some mental field, where the war any another is, or in the East or the Caucasus, no matter where.


And, of course, that everything is under the influence of this negativity to go to Russia, where else to go, then? And when such a person comes to Russia, Russia is not particularly with open arms (at least) until recently all been waiting for. It is very hard institute any registrations propisok, law enforcement agencies, which do not give to live, etc., etc. Quite a number of followers of yoga I was including with the regions of the former Soviet Union.


It is clear that they are faced with the negative side of life. Maybe the one that we have not seen. We have, in any case, the nationality, we have a residence permit, we have a place where to live. And they have nothing of this.


And they both fall in the same conditions, where the homeless live. A very large number of openly anti-social elements. That is, as it were, Bitter said. “At the bottom” And these people quite a different karmic histories. They just pushed fate.


And very occasionally they say is scary to perceive how these societies “at the bottom” live. Those. when the son is, he is not having anything, can drive his mother out of the house or a shack, which they at some landfill built to nowhere.


Friends, these are things that we are with you (people living on the other seam) they us, maybe not even a slave, we simply do not encounter this. But there is in any society such stratum of people who do not respect old age, people who do not respect the children. We do not see them, but they are. This, friends, is very scary, it’s very scary when the son throws his mother out of the house and one has to literally beg.


This is often due to the fact that the son of an alcoholic or anything else. Exactly the same treatment of children. Friends, this is a terrible thing, which says that if there is such a disease in the society, the society will not survive, simply do not survive. Those. violated the most basic principles, which we discussed in the previous lectures, continuity. If continuity is not, in fact, this collapse, that’s all.


And very scary happens, when this same line of conduct suitable people are very intelligent, educated, educated. But on the other hand, the part asocial and from somewhere satiety life. Those. when similarly dismissive attitude toward their parents, ancestors or children.


Those. Yoga categorically rejects. Therefore, if you from some of the treatise may give the impression that a person engaged in yoga, it is anti-social element that can say, “So expensive, nothing anyone should not, live as you please, I went to India, in the Himalayas, is enlightened . And you, my elderly parents, I tell you once before that helped to feed, because your pension is not enough to live as you want, and live, you are a burden to me at all, you do the obstacle in the way of my enlightenment, it’s your bad karma. I am a free person, I went to India enlightens. “


Friends, this is a monstrous stupidity. But, oddly enough, in one way or another with this scale, I meet all the time, when people are trying to, like, jump out of the society. They decide, “Yes, my society” – as they say – “tightened. Yes, I have a million connections, I can not be here either meditate, I can not deal with here nor any special practice yoga. I have to break with everything. I have to throw his young wife and children because it (for example) does not share my views in yoga. And the children a burden to me, “- and sometimes necessary to hear such nonsense. – “Yes, and all parents are never interested in my yoga and never understand. I have just made a dramatic gesture, tear all the bonds and supposedly free will, and I will have the resource to do yogic practice and achieve some heights. “


Friends, this is a monstrous error. The point is to make a breakthrough in yoga, do a little practice, we must also feel life. And if you do not feel that’s life, that the very fact that you are living, you were born in this family, you have a connection. And if you want to be free, you have to very gently and smoothly to extricate himself from the situation in which you live, with very strict observance of (primarily) of the first principle of yoga – without causing harm. If you are so twitches and cause harm, then later no matter what you are the most wonderful yoga is not engaged, karma will make a loop, and you will once again lead to the same state as you nicely not untie.



We “are woven into a single carpet”



This applies to all. It concerns the relationship with the parents, with children, with your wives or husbands, with a large environment in which we are woven. And once again I want to remind you that it is a purely tantric expression that all of the carpet. The fate of each person, as a thread, and you can not pick up and pull it without all this fell apart.


Therefore, this pseudologic break with society, ostensibly to achieve something higher, sometimes very bad service plays. Moreover, yoga states the following, if you really burdens of his position, which now occupy (in fact, the hardships you), and if you intend to kak-to change its trajectory in life, to go to India, to the Himalayas to climb to the caves and there attain enlightenment, then get out of the previous situation, you should very well, again, with the assistance of the first principle of yoga.


A generic yoga us add that there are people, even before we are indebted – are our parents. On the one hand. On the other hand, pay the debt we can how our parents? And only when we have children. All, when our parents die, it is possible to be born.


Those. unless these issues have been resolved, it is possible to make any sharp movements, otherwise the trail, tail, which will attract you, is like a rubber band. The closer you are to climb to enlightenment, you know, stretching the rubber band, the stronger, you just gape, you will drop back. It should be very well remembered.



The importance of the physical body



Now, let’s, we have a very important thing in understanding back Generic yoga – is the value of our physical body. So friends, if there was no need for the physical body of man in order to achieve higher states of yoga, is the highest state of samadhi can be achieved without going through the human body.


In the teachings of yoga states that there can be, you know, on different planes of existence. And there’s, like, 3 groups of plans, or the plan 3, 3 units, or 3 levels of the universe. This so-called causal level, this so-called, a thin layer, and a so-called coarse level. And they, like nesting dolls, nested within each other. And the universe is represented by such layers, and these layers interact with each other. Rough is based on a thin, thin at the thinnest.


Now, if it would be possible to achieve the highest state of yoga without going through a rough level, and, say, staying, if you live on a subtle level, there would need to be produced in the human body, and then easily could be absolutely all practices implement at the level of the subtle body.


But to give you at least some push you to imagine what I’m talking about, say, the level of the subtle body is very good, you can relate to your dreams with dreams. Those. Here you can dream a dream in which you place the event, you can do something about it. Moreover, the yoga of dreams in this regard is very consistent this system, including it involves doing exercises and yoga during sleep.


But the question arises: is it possible to do yoga in a dream, and absolutely nothing to do in the waking state because in the waking state we are no longer tied to a physical body, to the physical world?


And then a very interesting statement given to yoga, that party can not be essentially bypass the physical body. Those. the physical body is absolutely essential for progress on the path of spiritual self-development.


Those. us our physical body can like it or not, it requires food, it requires self-care, it is, after all, is getting older, our teeth are falling out, time to see a doctor, we do not go from time to time. And a lot of other shortcomings that we could watch at home.

And, on the one hand, the question arises: “I have thought so highly of meditation? Why do I need this junk in the form of a pull body? Perhaps it would be possible without the body? “. So, yoga claims such a thing: it is impossible in principle. Those. the human body – is the crown of opportunities. Each plan of the universe provides a set of features. Causal level provides a set of features, a thin layer provides a set of features, the physical layer provides a rough range of options. And human life and in the human body at the same time gives the body all the potentially possible opportunities for the most rapid achievement of the highest state of yoga. Those. this level is not circumvented.


For this reason, the physical body is very necessary. But, as we have said, among the masses of physical bodies, if unlikely to build all the physical bodies of living beings, we can only watch in the world, say, the Earth, the human body stands out.


Moreover, I want to draw your attention, not only in the teachings of yoga, but oddly enough, in a fairly large number of different philosophical or religious systems. Somehow, there is a gradation, which has been preserved in these different systems that have a (sort of) man, and there is every living creature. Those. something unique is in the human body, which is not in the bodies of animals.


And, indeed, the human body, according to Tribal Yoga, in this respect, extremely powerful tool that gives you, once again, among all the possible physical bodies, giving way to the fastest speed up their spiritual development.


yoga concept of living beings in all the call sufficiently. Yoga claims that I every living creature of equal. But the degree of self-awareness of every living being, whether a man or a worm, of course, different.


Moreover, the degree of self-awareness in people is completely different. Some, indeed, people with a capital letter, and some rather beasts in human bodies, though, for all that I have all the same, fine, the identity of the Absolute principle.


And, like as, all in flat row set. And, on the other hand, he immediately added: vse-taki but with all this matter, on the extent to which self-awareness is your Self, if you have a physical body of man, before you open quite unspeakable prospects compared to life in the body of an animal .


Those. there is something in our physical bodies of people something that (once again) radically distinguishes them from animals. Moreover, from ancient treatises are not fully understood. It matters whether only in the physical body, which is (we know from modern biology) is largely determined by the device, and in particular DNA, RNA, influence, everything is quite difficult in the formation of the bodies? Either there was a view in the ancient treatises that when you and I get a physical human body, in addition to the gross physical body, we still get a shell at the level of subtle and causal level including from our parents?


It is an open question, and I hope that in the future, when it’s a renaissance of yoga that many thinkers, scientists, just yoga and yogini will study this question somewhere reopen it, we will know the answer. Do you remember that yoga is very poorly preserved. Many of the findings, which operated yoga in ancient times, we simply can not repeat, we do not know how it was. They gave us a solution with intermediate calculations.


It turns out that there is something in the bodies of people we have something else. And as long as we are born in the human body, we will not have this absolutely wonderful opportunity to carry out very quickly yogic path. And childbirth Yoga adds to this a very interesting detail. From treatises, one way or another connected with yoga, we get the following picture of our ancestors in a very heroic struggle of being born and dying, went all the way evolution from primitive creatures to the highly developed creatures, and then also some extremely large feats of self-transformation, self-knowledge, self-transformation at a certain stage of evolution we formed what is called “human body”.


Although it is very similar to some other species, for example, mammals, but, you know, this is something completely new. And our forefathers as they in ancient times formed a fundamentally new human body, took advantage of this body, quickly passed along the path of self-knowledge, we rediscovered the grandeur of his higher self, reached samadhi state, and as we have just said, become free, and they do not need It was this body.


Those. they have done it all, that only can be done, and apparently left the planet Earth, providing an opportunity (the opportunity karmichekuyu succession) to be born in the bodies of people already living beings, who were at a lower level of development.


Roughly speaking, they have provided a perfect human body for the soul, which is itself still could not create the human body in his personal evolution. And these our ancestors, who (apparently) departed, leaving us to planet Earth, leaving us well-made body, they are (as it were) unleashed his personal karmic knot, and they have a surplus in the form of opportunities to be born in his lineage other living beings, who are karmically not up before the human body. And then, in fact, takes our human civilization is a report concerning all the known races, nationalities, etc., etc.


Those. it was a human body, they took advantage of the ancient yoga and yogini, we reached a higher state, gone, it is no longer needed, you know, and they gave it. Alternatively, you went to rest somewhere in the wilderness, to some fabulous island in the ocean, where the local friendly natives live. You arrived there in beautiful Panama City, in the beautiful shorts, maichke, with an umbrella, nicely spend your vacation, and when he left, decided not to take this stuff back, and give friendly natives.


These natives are encased in your sunglasses, your hat, your shorts and your shoes, Steel pace. They themselves (the natives), by definition, they do not even have the technology to make conventional tires, these flip-flops to make, not to mention some more complex things, they still digital camera given. In principle, they could not do it. They have neither the level of technology, science is not allowed to do this. But they are something you have and began to use it.

And I must say that you like something more cleverly gave, you gave an opportunity to somehow duplicate it. Approximately the same analogy turned out that we are the splash of our what we call “humanity”, it is not clear whether the second wave, or God knows what wave, which enjoys the present, the previous operating time (if you like) civilization.


Those. what I want to say, our body is much more complicated and more powerful, with a much larger number of hidden reserves than our self, which uses this body. We do not fully understand that we have laid down, we did not create this technology, we have presented it, and gave to self-renew.


And so it turns out this is a very interesting logic is that, firstly, we would not be bad to familiarize themselves with this gift, that it is incorporated. And secondly, since we read, that it is incorporated to direct all this potential (inherent in our bodies physical) to ensure that I have to touch her, that lives in the body, but which is covered by a shell of ignorance.


Those. they gave us a good set of tools. And for this reason, friends, knowledge continuity logic, about which we spoke in the previous chapter, it is absolutely not complain about in terms of validity.


Indeed, Teachers and Teachers of humanity, which in fact gave it a higher knowledge of yoga at some stage gave us, including the body, these bodies start to use their offspring, inhabiting the body I’m in a different degree of self-awareness.


Moreover, in many ways we have used this opportunity: one of the living creatures with very honored to have this opportunity, rediscovered this ancient knowledge that had previously been recognized or knew his Ya Someone there, gave it up, and do not became engaged in this self-inquiry, and continued to live simply, he, too, was the offspring, it has offspring offspring, etc.


And now this whole motley mosaic of the human race on earth. After all, if you take, say, or a representative Papuan tribe quite wild in some kind of jungle, and take a philosophy professor at some university, in fact, they are genetically identical. In the sense that children can be born from their interaction.


Those. this is not something the representatives do not mix. But some went one way, someone – a different path. Those. This was a gift for everyone, but someone, say, because of the difficult living conditions in any one region of the world to pay less attention to the issue of self-discovery and study of the mortgaged building, someone more. And here we see a completely different culture. Moreover, even within the same culture, within the same race or ethnicity we can meet as people who have moved very deeply in the consciousness of the self, and can meet people who are not much different from the animals, but they have a body of people, too, my friends.


And then miracles begin. Arrive any white man in a tribe of people really wild, there are almost engaged in cannibalism. But inadvertently left there among the offspring of the tribe. You know, there was nothing to make a dark moonlit night, and there are aboriginal beautiful or somehow differently it. But very often, friends.


And a very interesting thing is that as the offspring can come as a soul at the same level with a completely civilized man, ie, by the degree of self-awareness is very high (although the body aboriginal half), and vice versa: it is half looks like a European, and, say, the priorities of the soul, which is included, they are closer to the tribesmen, who are not averse to eat and another tribesman.


Those. this is a very complex mosaic, very complex and tricky question on which all stumble, you know, politicians. Some shout that all are equal, others shout that there is no, there are subhuman, and is (as they say) supermen.


Do you remember what brought fascism. But, in fact, is not right nor those not others. All declare, as the slogan: “Everyone is equal.” Well, what is equal to, if not equal. At the same time, it says unequal impossible. Why? Because I each equal area. And so about any issues of racial, ethnic strife, in theory, and speech can not be, I have all the same. But the degree of self-consciousness I am different. And then it begins this deck of cards, shuffled when it begins: a soul in a body go down.



We disconnects own “cocoon of ignorance”



Therefore, it is, once again, my friends, all the questions of conflicts on ethnic, racial grounds is extremely delicate. Blunt slogans they do not decide to be a sea of blood. When forced to, say, two tribes antagonistiruyuschih live in one place, it’s a matter of time, as soon as they begin to cut each other.


Why? We do not know, this is some karmic predisposition. And we need a limit humanism, need utmost patience to the idea common to all mankind, that we are all made (what is called) on a single image. Our higher self at all the same great no matter how you race, nationality stick to. Moreover, friends, even our physical bodies, no matter how they look at different races, nationalities, they are also very close. And we share more than divides us.


But what really separates us, and, we sever the critical – it’s an inner shell or cocoon of ignorance, which is (in general) has no relation to the higher self, or even to the body. And this is something that has got to, when another soul took advantage of this gift. Those. Yesterday he lived in the body of the animal, and today – in the human body.


Subject daunting friends. You can not imagine how many rivers of blood. Now we speak, but because of misunderstanding of this simple truth now someone someone cuts. If you are curious, here is go to the Internet and ask all conflicts related to these issues.


So friends, if you, again, prefer anthropology, forget about yoga, never heard about childbirth yoga, go for the tribes, according to various nationalities, preferably a wild start to learn, you know, their folklore. Remember how in the “Caucasian captive” Shura collected toast?

But it is advisable to go somewhere, you know, in South America, in Africa, where people live on a completely level, little Unlike in recent years. You almost everywhere across the so-called cult of ancestors. Different it will look differently it will somehow be provided. Somewhere even quite lofty and abstract. That’s down from heaven, our ancestors arrived, they’re people stars, for some time we pobyli again and flew away.


Sometimes, more prosaically, that some kind of superhuman, celestial beings, the gods have visited this earth, we took our daughters and from this some impetus to go of a people. Or it may rise some totem animal. That’s where, say, the sacred boar – the progenitor of the tribe or anything else. And you will come across practically everywhere on this subject or the deification of the sacred relationship to the ancestors.


To this day it is preserved. Emperor of Japan, as you may recall, too, their pedigree in quite some divine force does.

Moreover, it is a very important factor, friends. In 1945, when we decided to bring to justice all the countries went to war in America very seriously discussed the question: what to do with the Emperor?


In fact, the hotheads offered to hang it. Why? Because he is formally in charge of the country. Of course, it was straightforward silly-military solution because the smart advisers once said: “You guys want to get Japanese guerrilla war?”. Mark said: “No”. Well, then do not touch the emperor. Because the Emperor is sacred. Everyone was ready to sacrifice their lives for the name of the emperor. It was more than any political movement, as we see in Nazi Germany.


Those. factor of the presence of a shock, gave birth to a particular people, a particular society – it seems that it is not visible, but he still lives, he is. He resists. It resists all influences: the influence of cultural, religious influences, the effects of any other philosophical ideas. Anyway, this layer is very deep, which is, in fact, a serious force. At one time, when the same Hitler came to power, he was very seriously speculated on this theme – the theme of the ancestors.


You remember that they have a completely misanthropic slogans, emphasizing the alleged sverhproiskhozhdenii of the Nordic race. And it worked. Friends, it worked. It is millions and millions of people who were the legions of the SS combat-ready units where all these men really were going to deliberate death and dying. After all, they were still very combat-ready units.


Now try to imagine them all as idiots. Friends idiots would not captured half of Europe.

Those. This factor myths formation factor relationship, he is, he is in the civilized man. And this is a very serious factor. This factor can, on the one hand, can be a tremendous help to our spiritual our development, or vice versa, some rascal, as was the case with fascism, very tricky start to manipulate your feelings. And you mind turning towards the relationship, certainly you feel that something is (sort of) strong. Those. can not afford to have someone took this very sacred thing for these terrible actions, we see during the Second World War.


I must say that the idea of fascism was clearly expressed during the Second World War. But remember, Italy and other countries, there actually have been the same.


So, my friends, in fact, this is the thing, if we do not consider that, then, on the one hand, we do not understand many of the provisions in yoga. Well, God be with him, half of humanity does not understand, and live with them. But the other side – there is a danger of such a permanent fascist doctrines-currents. And then try to disprove. Especially when the masses the stadiums are unanimous shout, and you pick up this wave of universal rejoicing over what we are cool, but the rest should be wet.


And, you know, you feel that you become a little toy in the hands of this element, the element of the emotions, and the elements that veiled eyes. It’s scary, friends, absolutely terrible.


It’s, you know, everything that is connected with the ancestors, everything that is connected with the family – it’s like there’s molten magma under the earth. God forbid wrong vospolzueshsya, so blow some Vesuvius that a stone around will not leave.


And all because of a simple misunderstanding. Someone begins to idolize physical body clean and say that it is the body of the white man more advanced than, say, a representative of other races or nationalities.


Someone poizvraschennee will add some other additions that, well, my family comes from this, this, therefore, I am a white man. And all of you, even though that, too white, it is still second-class citizens. Why? Because for some other criteria you do not like me.


And we must always be clear that there is a difference, it can not be discounted. But this difference in the degree of unconsciousness I am every man to himself. And then here this cocoon of half-animal instincts really stuck to it and it is not clear that the human body at all. The soul of man, by constricting notions must be of equal Absolute. A look at such a representative, so sometimes shudder. How does this perfectly obvious fact to explain.


Once again, my friends, if you think that yoga – the science that goes from severe problems, you are mistaken. Yoga is just looking for serious questions and trying to answer them. Apparently, very successfully, since this science has reached our days.



The human body – is a gift



Come on, we continue. So, friends, that before the body of people we have reached in advance. Sometimes I hear a point of view, but it is not devoid of logic, and is that, say, I have a man’s body, so that means I have the good karma. I got what I deserved. Those. I’m the last of his life somehow miraculously kept himself, and this life was the human body, according to its positive karma. Therefore, the parents … the parents, I do not have to. Parents of such minor matters, they are only guides my positive karma. There would be those parents have had other parents, I have the same karma is good for a person.


Those. the same stupid attitude to the children: “I do not have anything to anyone,” – said a man not understand for children. – “I have good karma man. And regardless, they will have kids or not, if I die, I have the same human karma that I’m always going to be born a man. ” Those. it is also such moments, in which people do not understand.


No, my friends, as if it figuratively express thoughts? The universe always gives more than we can wish. The universe gives us a front body. The human body that we have is, you know, a series of gifts from generation to generation.


Those. once yoga and yogini, or ancient teachers of mankind, or our ancestors, who actually formed the human body, and to reach a higher state, gave the body to other living beings. Those, in turn, gave them to others. Those, in turn, presented another.


And this series of gifts, it is something on which (as it were) the human race survived. Therefore, strictly speaking, it turns out that the human body – it is a gift, can be greater than that allowed by our karma, so we were able to seize the moment and make a breakthrough.


Now in our country, for example, begins to develop a real business. And I too often hear from people saying, “Well these wealthy. His mother billionaire billionaire dad. He otstegnet him a million. ” And that, you know, with that kind of money even though you start watching and even store most unprofitable Build – law of large numbers – a large shop, at the very least will rotate. Now, if you do something a little doing, it is very difficult to survive. But the more you grow, the more easily you live in this world. This business laws. Laws of business, who say that you need at all costs to expand. Anyone who does not expand, it is a matter of time, he dies.


Therefore, I sometimes hear: “That would have such a chance – Mom and Dad billionaire, I would certainly went into business, I would have certainly turned. I clever and capable, and hardworking. But because Mom and Dad with me, say, retired, water themselves with bread interrupted, and I can not make such a push start. “


To a certain extent there is a logic. We will not consider any karmic points. But, in fact, the general impetus of life – it is always a surplus. Those. The universe is very good to us. And, again, it always gives us more than allow our karma. We have, as a rule, karma is worse than we have a situation from these considerations, that the universe is like mom and dad’s billionaires, give a nice boost to his son, that he not struggled, starting from zero, and immediately went to a good level .


Therefore, it may happen that a lot of people to give the human body, obtained by the advance that in one lifetime, while he was still in the body, take advantage of this fast things work out, turn out, to get already a better karma, and have , for example, is guaranteed to be born a man, but maybe in worse conditions than anyone else. Someone else…

The universe always gives more than we deserve



You understand that such a step way up, but the universe is always giving more than we deserve. Therefore, the attitude to parents should be as those who gave us this gift. And the impact on children, as there is no one gift of freedom. If you want children, you must not build them plans. You just have to give exactly the same opportunity to come into this world, what would then this free baby shower you did not deign to do.


This is the second this is a very serious moment in the Generic yoga. Therefore, when we say that we owe to parents Generic Yoga completely agree with this because it is fully consistent with the theoretical positions virtually everything that happened in the past.


Once again, Generic Yoga makes calls on how to treat children, and we will further touch on this issue, then, again, it’s very honest, my friends, everything is built, if anything, to logical conclusions.


Do you remember that yoga – a sverhlogichnaya science, it is not expressible in words or thoughts. But there sverhlogiki any vessel, where it is poured sverhlogika. And this vessel, where it is poured sverhlogika called “logic”. Therefore, any position in yoga, strictly speaking, is displayed. Sooner or later, you are using logic to approach him. But then in the future will no longer clear because sverhlogika logic can not be solved.


But I’m sorry for such a crude expression, with the brains of the ancient yogis and Yoginis was all right. Therefore, if you come across some regular yogic treatise where you think an obvious nonsense, it must be a very good signal for you, either that you have something not understood, or a treatise mistranslated, something else something, or some may be intermediate steps have not been preserved, but not obvious nonsense in yoga.


Yes, so we get this, my friends, a picture of all the things that we have already considered. Our ancestors gave us the opportunity to live in the bodies here on this relay: did good and gave it, without thinking about how to demand something from someone. As a result, some of our ancestors, which at that time not yet reached the absolute level, took advantage of this.


And so it all came down to us, so you have to understand that when we say “our ancestors”, there is (as it were) two groups of people. They are connected with each other absolute kinship, but one part of our ancestors – the ones who are identical Teachers of humanity. Or the position Generic yoga – it’s just yoga and yogini of antiquity, which gave us the knowledge that we are (among others) and consider.


And, on the other hand, our ancestors – the ones who (as it were) took advantage of this gift. Use it, I must say, very well. Why do very well taken advantage of? The answer is simple – you are alive and sitting here, if bad took, you would not be sitting here, and would have been somewhere in the bodies of animals.


And the second our ancestors, who still used the good, but at different heights are spiritual practices, it is such a special category of our internal relations. If the first category we belong, as teachers, we can meditate on them as a teacher and a teacher, who gave us the knowledge of yoga. The second, as the saying goes, a highly advanced living beings, too, but here we are in front of them in debt.


Those. if first we do not owe anything, because they gave us that and more in no need, they themselves once reached the heights of freedom and we basically anything they can do, and they do not need anything from us.


So for the second group of ancestors (closer to our grandparents, mothers and fathers), we already occurs karmic debt. Those gave us a karmic debt, and we must now enable them to be born, that they were born again. It turns out this, you know, a child’s game, when all over each other and jump further so moving. Or, you know, rock climbers, one climbed up on some height, scored there carnations, rope hung – another stretched. Then he pushed up. Anyone who has climbed higher, the previous tightened. And so little by little, these climbers to the summit of the Himalayas or enlightenment promoted.


So, with respect to this second group of ancestors, we have more tangible (if you like) debt. And (again) if you start to analyze all the ancient prehistory of yoga, if you start all the philosophies and trends, including childbirth yoga, sometimes you can in various treatises on yoga quite sane such sharpened, to meet such a statement that if you did not do this, this, that your ancestors you will be unhappy, and you can not see enlightenment as their own ears.


But there is more poetic and intricately. Those. there is a very serious factor – dissatisfaction with this second group of ancestors, if we do something wrong in your life.


Moreover, this discontent – not a thing kind of ephemeral, abstract, you never know, I have my ancestor is not satisfied. Where is he, and where I am.

In yoga, everything is serious. What if ancestor is not satisfied with my behavior so not very good, so to speak, social, then I can not see his blessing on the promotion, including yoga. And since he became this way, probably many, many before, yet its weight in these tangles of Consciousness and Energy throughout the universe, in which including wallowing, we are much more important than ours with you.


And, so, you know, is above the standing chief annoying, it can end badly. Why? Because we need him. Those. it is not necessary to become impudent. And it is somehow present in many locations, it is a common position of all Vedic knowledge. In certain other branches, in various other systems, you will find the same thing.


Again, if you go with an anthropological expedition somewhere, go to us to Siberia. There’s poor, indigenous peoples, in fact, a storehouse. There are layers of culture disappear, drink too much, friends. They just have a very hard splits methanol. Slightly different metabolism.


And there, all that, say, concerns the shamanistic culture in our Siberia. Friends, you are reading it in all sorts of adventures of the Amazon jungle, but it’s resting. Ask how these shamans in Siberia sick shamanic disease, go to the marshes live there. This is quite an exciting spiritual layer of culture, which is now largely disappeared.


So, there you’ll find the same thing. You will find the most powerful factor of ancestors. Moreover, this factor will be the ancestors in a more tangible form to manifest in everyday affairs. Those. will not be anything ancestors, hunting will not be able or not to harvest, or something else goes wrong, as we have. We usually perceive that? Well, career did not take place. I wanted to make two million, earned one, too, kind of like, you know …


Those. have some of his representation, they close to nature and therefore more sensitive. We think that there is an economic crisis is to blame, or blame something, behold, fifth, tenth.


But you can never rule out that for every phenomenon that occurs in the universe affects every single person, but plus the accumulated affects the whole backstory. Was Academician Vernadsky, on the other hand, he tried to come to the same through the idea of the noosphere. Was Academician Gumilyov. It is, again, to the same idea of trying to come from a certain passionate thrust, the nature of which he honestly did not describe. And so he said: “I do not know the nature of passionate energy.” Those. honestly. Here the effect is, and the reason for it is unknown.


Those. there is always some lessons … behind you there is a huge reservoir of accumulated. And this layer will be your highest or help in life, self-knowledge, in yoga, in business class, art, etc., etc. Or vice versa, you will start to become impudent and violate the rules of the game. The ancestors lived and from generation to generation in the dugouts, ankle-deep in cold water gave birth to the women children, somehow they were fed, hunger, cold. And you say you do not want to have children, that “I have no flats and and zarplatka little, and then, behold.” That would be you in the dugout for a year or two, that would be different, you sang.


And, you know, this moment, sometimes we begin to break away from this formation. And this is fraught with the most terrible consequences for us. If anything, the ancestors of us unhappy, and we all go wrong in life. I had one friend dissident. In 1960, something they had an argument, was a young, highly respected philosopher. I will not mention his name. No, not Solzhenitsyn. In fact, I just do not want to put it in parallel, as it were. It is quite unique layer of pre-revolutionary Russian culture. Those. He somehow it examines, and I think he just has a great vision. Moreover, the man who in 1960 left. What he’s just not working, and gabidzhmenom, and who just did not work. But then still got to professor.


And it is necessary, with the collapse of the Soviet Union back here. And also on this subject we talked to him. He frankly admitted that, “I was in America (his wife, of course, left), saved me only one thing – I have a son. If it was not the son I would have drunk, I would have dropped out, I would have fallen. “


And here, oddly enough, factor in the continuation of life gave meaning, gave some patience, once it became easier to look at anything else. And it is I, frankly, shocked. And it is on the other side. And that is very nice, by the intelligentsia, which is now extinct. Now the entire intelligentsia dies, children something no one else has.


So, we go back. This layer, which for us is our ancestors, it is invisible. You know, all that we see is the tip of the iceberg. Underwater much (if anything) the spiritual kilometers go what keeps us afloat, that allows us to live in the human body.


And imagine that you start to cut the branch on which sit quietly, or from that of the underwater part piece by piece chipping. What happens to you? You immerse yourself in its this iceberg under water. Those. can not see you in the next life in the human body.

Why? As they would say in generic yoga – your ancestors are not happy.

How to placate the ancestors



And then another question arises: what about the ancestors to placate, since they are swift to violence. Just what is wrong to believe that you are ill-branch type and that you maintain all the power of sorts, if you’re so reckless attitude to the whole series of lives of your grandparents, sometimes in a terrible famine, wars and epidemics, so no less, told a spark of life . And you’re here podnachitalsya philosophical treatises and start to kink.


And since all intertwined in this universe, then, of course, the universe does not give you the opportunity to turn around, you will not have to prove their worth. You gave birth to the human duty, and you squandered it. Well, who else do you give a loan, and if you give it.


Therefore, it is a very important factor. And it must be something to do with the ancestors. Yes, friends, it is necessary to do something. And we are of them do not even remember, we do not know about them, we do not even think. And by and large, all these activities can be divided into several groups. Again, in those or other philosophical or religious doctrines they have come in the form of certain ceremonies, where a memorial somewhere pedigree remember God knows to what tribe.


But in fact, as you know. Ancestors, do you remember their ancestry or do not remember, to the lantern, if you can not be born. Well, you remember that there was such no longer give him the opportunity to be born.


Therefore, the most reliable way to enlist the support of the ancestors, the next – it contribute to the birth of children. How? Either you personally or have your brothers and sisters, or in your family or in the society where you live. In fact, it does not matter, then, oddly enough, there is a gap or corridor, which will allow you to live your life the way you want.


Indeed, if in India in a family of 10 brothers and everyone else by 10 children, then you are the 11th child in general can do yoga. You understand, right? That is, like as they have to take the rap for you. But only on one condition, that you love your nephews, you play with them, support both morally and physically, and mentally. Those. you know, do not turn into a misanthrope: “A spawn.” You know, I sometimes come across such bad yogis “A spawn children themselves are fools themselves never reach samadhi, the same …”. It’s crazy, friends, ancestors are not happy.


Therefore, if you feel that you do want to have children (and in the future we will consider it), Generic Yoga claims that the presence of children in no way impedes your spiritual development, but on the contrary, it accelerates.


Therefore, from the perspective of Generic yoga, when I hear that someone says: “I can not have children, otherwise it would have got something to take away (time, effort),” – the man delirious with generic position yoga.


But, on the other hand, are different, my friends, karma, different periods of life, different destinies. Here you sent to war, you do not have any more of his wife, and, respectively, where w children. But most importantly, if you go to war, for what, for what fight? If you go for something that is not killed your family and friends – is one thing. If you just like that, you are a soldier of fortune, a gentleman of fortune, it is quite another.


The surest way to get support on the spiritual path, and to appease the ancestors … you know, and ancestors, indeed, as an underground magma: a bit that is not what an earthquake starts, then hold on that.


So, if you then want to appease the ancestors, strongly supports life on earth. Have the children themselves. If you think that this is not your way, help the brothers and sisters to their relatives. No family – cousin. No cousins – second cousins. No second cousins – all the children of friends. Those. children of the society in which you live.


And here arises following a very deep position. The Generic yoga is considered that there are no other children in principle. If you have children, you need them to somehow maintain. You follow the rules of the game Generic yoga, then you are happy with the ancestors, then, awaken your Kundalini energy, the third eye open, or what you’ve gathered to do yoga. In any case, you spoke in the wheel are the invisible force to insert.

If not, then analyze their situation.


Of course, this is the most reliable way. But, of course, all the philosophical currents, teaching would not be philosophical currents, doctrines, wherever it is still not flavored appropriate ceremonies, what some of obedience, etc., etc., that, strictly speaking, a secondary matter .


Ancestors need to be able to be born, to continue their spiritual evolution to the point where they left off with his previous death. And it is for them more important than you’ll know their pedigrees. You know, today make up the pedigrees of some tribe, proud that someone out there counts, princes.


Indeed, where the NKVD at the time, or Cheka, who have worked on this. It is a strange situation, are all now counts, princes.


No, it’s very nice, but, you know, if we’re talking about something real, if we want something real to get what we are kings and earls, ie must somehow due respect to their ancestors counts and princes have. How? Give them a chance to be born.

Therefore, it is such a fundamental idea that all other practices are secondary.


And here to the Patrimonial yoga, oddly enough, is adjacent another yoga, the so-called Triad Yoga (Yoga Union, Tantra Yoga, the yoga of love). Those. it turns out to appease the ancestors, it is necessary to have children. And in order to have children, as you know, we have not yet learned to multiply by budding, you need somewhere to look for a person of the opposite sex.


Even if you are going in a test tube that is all it is now uncle is now won the Nobel Prize, it still has to be the counterparty of the opposite sex, though there somewhere, even if you did not see him.


And seriously question your relationship with the opposite sex. Those. where to find a husband or wife to have had children? How to search? Who can be that person, and who can not be that person?


Those. These issues are considered, on the one hand, considered in yoga Triad, but from a position of greater interaction between men and women, rather than with the position of the ancestors. And by the Generic yoga, this issue is primarily interesting for procreation.


And also a factor that if you do not communicate with a person of the opposite sex, then, roughly speaking, there is a possibility that you will not have offspring. Again, the ancestors are not happy, you know, right? This is perfectly normal question. The ancestors are not happy with it.



Generic yoga as soil life



Friends (We have now completed the lecture), that you understand what I’m saying, the West (again) enters yoga in a shortened state. You know, taken the tree is cut. And that the soil in which the tree grew there somewhere in India, here are trying to stick to some local soil. And the local soil, you know, maybe bare rocks.


Generic Yoga – this is just the soil. If you move the soil, and then you … even yoga stick votknetsya yoga, you have it bloom and will bloom and smell. Those. this factor is invisible, this factor is the background. But I know so many broken lives and yogis Yoginis such, you know, Western. In this respect even marginal sect, came to India, they manage to haul garbage, but still and for a ratio (the ratio of kinship, etc.).

But the western interpretation of yoga in this respect is very lifeless.


Yoga store



And I want to finish our today’s lecture advertising. Friends, if you want to somehow promote yoga, I encourage you to attend classes, seminars, lectures. If there is interest, all this is happening, printed books, published some new data. Yogi lot, but so far no demand, there will be supply. While there was no interest in the generic yoga, we will not expounded. We had to start somewhere.


If you want to somehow participate financially in spreading yoga, there are, of course, many different ways: finances in an envelope, etc.


But there is more versatile. We specifically do this yoga shop. It is located on the Internet at:, where we spread our for sale all sorts of movies, books Now go. In general, all that from our point of view, proven yoga. Because sometimes you buy a book on yoga, and God knows who wrote it.


And some of the money from that goes to yoga development. And the result is even better. Those. the money goes, moreover, that the development of yoga, so all of these books, movies you then see for yourself, friends, donate, they will play a role. Those. will go a chain. This is a chance.

We conclude this lecture today.

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