2010.01.31. Yoga Workshop Dreaming. (Vadim Zaporozhtsev)

Dream Yoga.

Introduction to Yoga Workshop Dreaming


Today, January 31, 2010. My name is Vadim Zaporozhtsev, we are in KC Enlightenment, in Moscow, near m. Novoslobodskaya. This workshop on yoga Dreams for the International Open Yoga University. 


We will look fantastic, magical and completely unobvious yoga, which will expand your understanding of the world in which you live, about ourselves, and allow you to literally turn your yoga in a continuous process that lasts 24 hours a day.


Traditionally International Open Yoga University, we are the most complicated things are trying to present a simple and understandable language, even for people who are not familiar with yoga. To the man who for the first time faced not only with Dream Yoga and yoga at all, he could for himself something to draw.

The case is extremely difficult – at a good level to present yoga as a theoretical point of view, and with the opportunity to turn this theory into practice. And, at the same time that the statement was linked to our everyday life, and sets out in plain language.

So, yoga – a system of self, sticking to the principles of kindness and common sense principles. The main method of this system is the principle of harmony, or where you need to make yourself, and where you need to afford. How to experience happiness and joy because we make ourselves and because we allow ourselves.

In fact, there are many manifestations of human life, so there is different types of yoga. And today we are with you Let us part of the human life, which is called “dream”, as well as the processes that characterize the transition of man from a state of wakefulness to sleep, some transients.

Each of us (whether or not engaged in yoga, whether developed or intellectually stupid developed physically or weak, or is interested in spiritual science is indifferent to him) is experiencing a very strange state, which we call sleep. In fact, we share his life into two parts: when we sleep and when we are awake. Based on our personal experience and the experience of all progressive mankind, a time when we are awake and when we are asleep, can vary depending on our state, mood, time of year. Typically, a condition that we spend in sleep, less than in the waking state, although there are a variety of images and periods of life.

Moreover, we are used to that in the waking state, we think, the world remains the same. That is, there is a certain continuity in the perception of the world in the waking state. And about the state of sleep is very hard to say, sleep is not characterized by the continuity of certain conditions that we experience in a dream. For example, if we fall asleep to your favorite room after practice yoga, we expect to wake up in the same room, which was filled. Although there are different nuances in life (when you fall asleep in the same room, and you wake up in the other), but it is most often an exception to the rule. This is due not to the fact that something was broken in the continuity of the flow of the world, which we perceive in the waking state, but rather with some side effects. For example, we are in a dream somewhere to move, or we can be different in a dream by various manifestations (sleepwalk or move to this state from one room to another). But it is rather special cases, does not violate the general rules. And the dream we can not say so. Today, I fell asleep and had a dream to one scenario of development, the next day it can be a dream it has nothing to do with a dream that I have seen the day before. And finally, the next could be even another thing.

Непрерывность и Фрагментарность

Illyustratsiya1. Continuity and fragmentation.

However, there are other times when we are haunted by the same dream. Sometimes with some maniacal persistence we dream the same story, the same scenario. But it is very rare that we dream the continuation of a dream that we saw the day before. Moreover, sometimes quite strange cases: we can dream of a continuation of a dream that we have seen (say) a year ago.

Inconsistencies in his sleep

Thus, sleep is characterized by a certain absolute inconsistency in the sense that we are used to in the waking state. Because of this, as a rule, people do all the natural conclusion that the waking state – the only state of the universe and the only state through which we can know the universe. A state of sleep – it is rather a by-product of our waking state. And we treat our dreams, as something not serious, as a variety of hallucinations or delusions, or the ability to relax our senses and reason after we spent time in the waking state. We begin to involuntarily treat of sleeping with his numerous dreams, as something unimportant, inessential and secondary. As if that is what it is not necessary to think about what you can quickly forget that you should not analyze. In contrast to the waking state, that we pay more attention and more interest.

We believe that our life – a state of wakefulness. If we are in the life of doing something and doing well, we are counting on the fact that he fell asleep and disconnected from this universe, leaving her in a state, we are in the same condition and find it. From sleep we did, of course, do not wait. All this leads to the fact that this part of our lives falls from our daily routines. We tend to treat it as a known need for our body, as something secondary, that is required to accept and reconcile with him. As a consequence, and man’s relation to the state of sleep, as something annoying than have to put up with, as an opportunity to relax, gain strength. In general, as to some loss of life time. People believe that the time spent in sleep is useless spent for both of their plans, and for their life in general for all. From this is born a natural desire to reduce the amount of sleep. Since it is something minor and not serious, then why waste time on it? Indeed, some people are beginning to strongly reduce sleep time.

sleep limit

Every healthy sane person reaches a certain border, below which it can not reduce the sleep time, even if it is very, very willing. Even though it would seem that he did not sleep, then a deeper study of the behavior of a man seen clear periods when it looks like it is awake (eyes open, and he gives the impression of not sleeping), but all the processes that are in it flow, show that the person has learned to sleep with your eyes open.

Moreover, there is another layer of people who claim that they do not sleep. But closer examination it turns out that they just dreaming that they do not sleep. That is, no matter how you cut the amount of sleep, there is a minimum below which your body refuses to obey you, and you unwittingly fall through in a dream. Moreover, if so do not fill up a large amount of time is sufficient, then there is a large enough range of both physical and mental disorders, which are perceived by the person as the most terrible torture. It follows from this that, despite the fact that we perceive the dream as something secondary, to give us of it is impossible, because the body protested.

Нижний Предел Времени Сна

There is a sleep Ill.2 minimum below which your body refuses to obey you, and you, unwittingly, fall through in a dream …

Varieties of dreams

We also know from our lives and the lives of the people around them that dreams are different. Sometimes we dream of gray, limp and painful dreams, sometimes very vivid and memorable dreams, after which we go out relaxed, sometimes – strange scenario: some one part of our body comes after the sleep period rested, while the other continues to be tense. Sometimes we have nightmares, leaving the horror that we have enough for the waking state, it is so unpleasant and it was terrible condition when we were sleeping and felt a particular nightmare. Sometimes there are quite interesting dreams, the common people are called “prophetic dreams”: a man is something dreams, and later in his life things happen, one way or another connected with this dream, as if the dream is something foretold or something pointed. Sometimes we have dreams, revelations, where a challenge that we for a long time could not decide in the waking state, comes to us in a sleep state from another angle and shows evidence of its solution with a different approach. And people, thus making the opening state. A well-known example from the history of the Mendeleev. Many examples of when people see solutions to problems in their dreams.

Sometimes we dream of a fantastic dream-revelation. We can not even really understand what we dreamed of, but we feel in the presence of this dream beyond, sverhduhovnogo, as if, indeed, any higher realms we dream opened up and told us to push transcendental understanding of the nature of being. And in different religious and philosophical traditions it is associated with the phenomenon of certain characters.

Species of our large number of sleep. It is very rare that we realize that we are asleep. We sleep, we dream a dream. But suddenly we’re on some kind of a second are aware that we have a dream. Usually, as soon as this happens, and we realize that we are asleep, we have a tendency to wake up. Of course, modern science and medicine are trying to understand the sleep issues. And, I must say, they succeeded in seriously using those or other physical devices, measuring blood composition or the physical manifestations in the dream state. On this occasion, it is written many scientific papers that help fight insomnia or to get rid of nightmares, or more efficient use of sleep time to rest.

Also succeeded in many respects those who are now called modern psychology, in an attempt to somehow interpret the story of a dream and try to tie him to the waking state, and try to explain certain issues, human illness from the fact what kind of dreams he sees, and what they could mean. Of course, this is a very interesting approach to dreams. But this approach is what is called “modern scientific” approach or attempt what could be called. Yoga, unlike because we are given the modern doctors, scientists, provides a somewhat different perspective on what we call a “dream”, uses this some other starting point of knowledge. As a result, getting some results that are different because we trying to teach science, medicine, psychology. Moreover, some conclusions are radically different from what modern science says.

Dream Yoga and the approach of science, psychology, medicine to dreams

Yogic knowledge, which was received on principles somewhat different from what modern man enjoys in respect of our dreams, and tries to explain what it is – a dream, how to work with it or how it is used. These yoga techniques just entered the section of yoga called Yoga of Dreams. We must clearly understand that there is a serious difference in the approaches of modern scientists, doctors and psychologists from yoga approaches. If we try to sit on the two chairs, trying to come to an explanation of what a dream from the standpoint of modern science, we will not be able to reproduce the same result, which gives us the yoga. In this connection, it is very useful to quickly remind you: what is the difference between the approach of modern science and medicine from the approach of yoga?

Figuratively speaking, it is characterized by one essential thing. In modern science, medicine, no idea of what is a man. Therefore, science and medicine, and psychology considers man as a “black box”, on which it is possible to do experiments. And, as a consequence of the reverse reaction, assume that the same is man.

At the same time, yoga tries to explain what is there is a man. And only then, as well as science and medicine, to experiment, to get results and somehow use them. That is a fundamental difference in the reporting system. For modern scientists, physicians and psychologists, people – this is a great chemical reaction. And what we call the human essence, his mind, thinking – this is a side effect of the high chemical reaction. In yoga, this categorically disagree.

In yoga say that if we are talking about such a concept as a person, we have to talk about such a concept as the higher self of man, which manifests itself or operates through what is called the human body.

First, yoga is defined – what is a man, and then tries to explain all the processes and phenomena of the human life under the paradigm of modern science, which is treated as it is not clear what the man. Those. approach of modern science, medicine and psychology – a materialist approach (in the bad sense of the word). And if we are talking about something called “sleep” with the position of the materialistic approach, it is very easy to explain the dream state as a kind of relaxation of the body and this “big chemical reaction.” This “big chemical reaction” operates in two modes. One mode – a real holiday, because this “big chemical reaction” overheat and need to let it cool down, just as the motorist must from time to time to turn off your overheated motor, so that it is not corrupted.

The difference in the reporting system. If scientists, doctors and psychologists reference system begins with chego-to external, and from the position of the external investigated “black box” (the person on whom you can do experiments and interpret what he is is), and in yoga reference system linked with what is called “I’m human,” so all the processes observed a person inside, inside this “black box”. Of course, the approach to yoga that is associated with the objective moments of observation scientists, doctors and psychologists is identical, only the interpretation is different. That is to say that the approach of modern science, medicine and psychology – is a special case approach to yoga. To explain this you have difficulty understanding a thing, let us return to our lives. Each of you live your day, gets a lot of impressions, which he analyzes. Then, he goes to bed, and sleep after waking up, and continues to analyze your sleep to wakefulness position. Man finds his dream something minor and something independent of the waking state. Indeed, there is some connection between the day that we spent and the dream that we have seen, no doubt about it. But we tend to apply to the sleep state, as something frivolous and secondary.

In yoga and yogini situation is completely different. Yogi and Yogini are equally attentive to all the processes that occur in them, as in the waking state and the dream state. Moreover, from the perspective of our deep self which governs our body (a body falls in the waking state, the dream state), the whole experience is continuous and is equally important. The fact that the people around them may seem your subjective perception, your hallucinations, your suspiciousness, or glimpses of your common sense and reason, but if you do it’ll all be viewed from the perspective of the self, then all this (absolutely any episode of life: whether a state of wakefulness or whether it is your most insane hallucination) with respect to your I equally real or equally unreal as someone more like it. Pay attention should be on that, and on the other, and try to equally explore these states. If we are to this position will equally explore how their state of wakefulness, and its state of sleep, much less the state transition from a state of wakefulness to sleep, we will begin to notice some patterns, then sooner or later we will begin to make definite conclusions. In this sense, yoga is no different from science, where the criterion of the truth of a theory – it’s practice or experience.

There was thus obtained the knowledge that, on the one hand, every man for himself can reopen, but only from a position of Y. But at the same time that you are rediscovered for themselves, will not be a proof for the other person because, that he is outside. That is, the known difficulty in transferring the evidence system is precisely the reason that the knowledge is preserved and there is yoga, it is not and will not soon be in modern science, medicine and psychology.

Yogi or Yogini very seriously what is called sleep state. And unlike the other people do not tend to reduce the amount of time they spend in a dream. From time to time show that a responsible person, then another, and they are trying to show to the stoppage, which they serious politicians, scientists, and mention the following sentence: “I have to reduce the number of their sleep because they have to do a lot of work. Yesterday slept three o’clock today – five hours and tomorrow all will sleep an hour. ” That is, a kind of attempt to enhance its reputation and show what they are glorious workers. That such a move “PR” that all people assume it will carry and to say: “These people, they reduce the amount of sleep, to work, to think, to the firm, the country has flourished.” From the point of view of yoga Dreams – it’s crazy. The fact is that if you do not gain the right amount of sleep, and then you become awake inadequate. And your job is in the waking state will lead to the assumption of fatal errors. For the simple reason that it is sometimes in a state of sleep we hear those aspects of reality which somehow escaped into the waking state.

Серьезное Отношение Ко Сну

Ill.3. Yogi or Yogini very seriously what is called sleep state

The example of Alexander the Great

I am reminded of the historical example of the life of Alexander the Great, when it was one of his major battles with King Darius. The army of Darius the Great in the army surpassed several times. The closest companions of Alexander were very surprised, because the day was to be held a general battle, Alexander the Great slept. That is, he was sleeping so peacefully, so deep that at the crucial moment he woke up, came around, and won one of the most brilliant victories in history. It is, one might say, was the first blitz-click, which is only recorded in history. He defeated several times the amount in the army, and, do not pace yourself sleepless nights over the map and thinking through the many plans. He knew that the reality you need to know with different faces.

Sometimes it takes a few people slept right decisions, to which he would not come, even if the year would not sleep, or sleep for three hours a day. The same applies to many students. Some students start on the last day before an exam to prepare feverishly. This is not the best option for the exam. Before the exam the most important thing – sleep. Trying at all costs to reduce the amount of sleep a yoga position Dreams, Madness. And if you once again open book on yoga, which is reprinted from the sample published in India, and there is written that a yogi or yogini get up at four in the morning, doing a yoga practice, then other yoga practices, then what are still many useful things . Then go to work, come back. That is, you may get the impression that they do not sleep. I know quite a number of followers of yoga in the West, who hold sacred, as they think, purely yogic rules. This is one example of what should be a very competent knowledge transfer from one culture to another. Let’s start with the fact that getting up at four o’clock in the morning, they do not go at midnight, as is the case in Western man with his electricity, radio and television. Why? Because even fifty years ago, not all Western countries were universally radio, TV and electricity. Not to mention India, there is very early went to bed. And secondly, a wonderful figure at four o’clock in the morning is chosen also because there is a very, very hot already at nine o’clock, and it is impossible to practice yoga, very hot. And not because they do not need to sleep.

If you remember the first and the second principle of yoga, if you remember about the method of harmony, then you do not do such a stupid mistake. But who remembers these principles? Few people even heard about them. Therefore, all that relates to sleeping, you should be considered with the utmost care and consistency as well as your life is awake.

Some people give birth to yourself diaries and painted every minute of the waking state. Ideal Dream Yoga (we will talk about this later) – it also paint their sleep state, if not by the minute, by certain phases required for practice. Of course, there are force majeure situation where we need to reduce the amount of sleep (work or holiday, for example, New Year’s, or certain yoga practices). Sometimes it is useful to interrupt the sleep-wake rhythm sometimes one day, sometimes two or three days. Sometimes, with the help of this we achieve certain effects, both physical and spiritual, therapeutic, to get rid of those or other illnesses, stress. Sometimes in different religions of the world, too, is put to use (vespers, etc.). Sometimes it can be useful, but should be considered as a kind of one-time events, and with a very specific purpose, and not as an attempt to infringe upon yourself everyday in a dream. Attitude to sleep after today’s workshop you should be very, very reverent, with reverence and respect. Or, at least, it is the same as what you show to the waking state.

What we said about yoga that is a dream?

The modern approach of science, medicine, psychology tells us that a dream – it is something secondary, incidental, or attempt to relax or organize information or restore physical, mental strength. But this, in fact, everything. The ratio of yoga to what is called the “dream” fundamentally different. According to the teachings of yoga, it is the universe in which we live, as well as our bodies, by which we operate in this universe, the phenomenon is very complex and multifaceted. As for the universe, there is some higher reality, which is the essence of our universe. But we are unable to perceive the ultimate reality (the universe as it really is), and we see it in a distorted way. We have ignorance generated by the action of Maya that clouds our eyes, or distort the information that we receive through the senses. And it is distorted during processing in our minds as a result of our incorrect settings or improper practices.

We are located in a certain ignorance towards the Supreme Reality, which, in general, it is our life, our universe. We know that this is our life, our universe. Sometimes we feel that we are well imagine what our life. For example, this morning I woke up, had breakfast, went to work, did work, tired, came home, my wife and I talked again fell asleep and woke up again. And so every day. And that we call real life. Moreover, if we begin to make some mistakes (stop to go to work, and the like), then immediately goes immediate reaction on the part of the universe that makes us stick and carrot incorporated into the algorithm of life that we are used to lead. And we have produced in the subconscious that we know how to work the laws of the universe that we have broken something because of our lack of understanding, and got a backlash in the form of pain. If we broke something in a positive way, for example, we built a new invention or to own, the carrot came in the form of rewards, money or any bonuses. And we are accustomed to thinking that we know the universe that we are of sound mind, good memory and that all under our control. Yoga believes that, indeed, some of the relationships of cause and effect we are to some extent learned, but another significant part of the perception of the universe we have obscured.

Gets information in a dream

Then there is the next logical thing that you need to grasp. Yes, a person does not see a higher reality through. Moreover, if he did not take it, he will make mistakes that will be fatal in its consequences. You know, this is ignorance of the law is no excuse. This is a universal principle. It turns out that to accept the universe as it really is, we can not. We see it with one warp. As a result, the universe compels us to compensate for this imbalance, causing us to fall out in another state. We begin to add that we were not able to perceive in this initial state.

Thus, in order to compensate for this ignorance, the universe and makes us move from a state of wakefulness to sleep, so that together we felt somewhere single reality and, accordingly, lined up their behavior in life in the wake of this reality. For this reason, if the sleep deprived person, that person dies. Because the universe can not be taken for a long time with only one face and at the same time continue to move. We will sooner or later make some fatal mistake and falls into the pit. Waking state and the dream state – of equal status of our perception of the Supreme Reality, which is the world. I must say that the situation is even more complicated. What we call the ordinary dream state, which is so in contrast to the waking state, in turn, is divided into two states, which we do not recognize when we sleep. This so-called state of dreaming and the state of dreamless sleep.

As a result, each of us goes through three of these facets to each side to look at the ultimate reality, and as a result create an inner picture of what is the inner reality in which we live. As compensation for what is called maya, or ignorance, which does not allow to see the reality and perceive it through the senses as it is, in fact, the universe makes us move from one state to another, and the third – the waking state, the state of dreaming and the state of dreamless sleep. Once again, the waking state, the state of dreaming and the state of dreamless sleep.

Example with details of a projection

You can give an example. Previously, in schools, institutes studied this science, like drawing. It was possible to reproduce any part of a sheet of paper in three projections (front, side and top view). And it was possible to get an idea what kind of detail on the three projections. It examined future engineers and other experts. Now, perhaps, it’s all done on a computer. But, just as our three-dimensional space, it is necessary to draw a three-dimensional object with a maximum completeness. A draw, as you know, on a two-dimensional sheet of paper. And there comes a trick that we have to draw three times (three species).

Similarly, here: it is the Supreme Reality, which is our universe. We are not in a position to accept because of his ignorance, and we begin to sort out one by one: the projection of a look (front view), the other (side view) and then third (top view), and so the circle. And then we track how does this change our part, because our whole world passes changes. We look at it from one side to the other, and the third. Of course, as we go back and forth, the world is changing. And we look on the one hand with a certain delay, on the other, with the third. Of course, as we go from one side to another, third, that the world has time to further change. And this is one of the reasons that we are not adequately perceive the universe.

Three facets of reality

Waking state, the dream state and the state of sleep without dreams – of equal status. They are essential to our existence simply in the universe, not to mention in order to function properly, our mind, our senses. If you and I do yoga, and yoga – a system of self-knowledge, then throw the state of sleep with dreams, and without dreams in our attempt to engage in self-knowledge – is to condemn oneself to failure. Therefore, sooner or later, no matter what yoga you do, you will come to the Yoga of Dreams, which works with the state of sleep with dreams and dreamless sleep state. In another way, it does not happen.

Status dreaming and the state of dreamless sleep.

So when we are asleep (claims yoga and science, medicine to some extent, agrees with this), sleep is divided into two states (within what we call the dream), but they also differ from each other as the waking state from state of sleep – a state of dreaming and the state of dreamless sleep. The word “dream” we mean the state of dreaming. We went to sleep, we dream of something pleasant, or revelation, or solve problems. A state of sleep without dreams from us even more elusive. Normally we wake up and do not even remember what we dreamed of. A phase of sleep, we do not think without dreams. But it is the same isometric state, as the state of dreaming like the waking state. It is characterized by the absence of thought, to sleep without dreams there is no thought. And so in the usual sense of dreams, we are used to represent himself (some subject, we have something to see) we do not see. But, at the same time, something happens to us. And with us there is something so exciting, it is more real in its consequences, than sleep with dreams. This is such a deep sleep state, which survived and woken up, you really had a good rest.

You can be awake, but then sleep all night you may have nightmares (let’s say you are lying in an awkward position, and the body makes itself felt pain and makes you fall), and you wake up frustrated. But at the same time, there are dreams, we again – and failed (even when something we dream). And when we wake up, we are as if newly born, as if from nowhere again came into this world. This is precisely characterizes the state of dreamless sleep – a deep dive into the level where there is no thought. But there are such things as a kind of emotional color. That is, we are in some kind of a failed state, but at the same time, there is something positive, big and strong, without specifics, and thoughts. And sometimes, on the contrary, something terrible, frightening and negative.

These conditions are very different from the dream state, which alternated one another. And if you do not dopoluchaet one of these states, then you will not take those faces missing the reality that escape from you. Accordingly, the difference will complete your behavior with the reality, which is called the world, and you die, it is a matter of time. Your path to the nonsense starts to diverge from the path of the entire higher reality, or what is called real life. This is manifested can mental or physical disorders. But it’s just as they say, the symptoms and not the cause. More precisely, the consequence of more than a good reason. Of course, these may not be compatible with the life of the investigation, but the cause that produced it – on a deeper level.

So, these three states, and from the standpoint of yogis and Yoginis, from the perspective of the higher self, from the position of the frame, which investigated the whole universe or human life needed to pay very close attention – both waking and sleep with dreams, and dreamless sleep. In any case, pay attention to it. And further, to make certain practices.

Какие Состояния С Какими Телами Соотносятся

Ill.4. What states are correlated with what Bodies

Dream Yoga with yoga positions axiomatic

Why I like yoga? Yoga is very life-affirming. The theory of it is necessary, first of all, to make real practice, not clever. Another conversation that without the correct theory you do not do the actual practice. The general approach of Yoga of Dreams (regardless of what we will further explore the nuances, exercises and approaches) is to first mark for themselves these different states. Then learn samoosoznavat yourself in these states. And finally, use the result of a state for their own purposes.

Now we will touch in yoga Dreams three components (the waking state, the dream state without dreams and the dream state) with several other hand, the part of our body device. Thus, according to yoga axioms (to which I refer everyone to find an explanation in more detail), each of us is a our higher self, which is a face of the Absolute, or a part of transcendental Absolute. This I have two our our existence (Energy and Consciousness), or in other words, our I is a single manifestation of which is called prana and it later appears in the form of Energy, Consciousness and Bliss (pleasure). And these our existence (or manifestation of prana), controlled by our body. Or, from the perspective of the axioms of yoga, a group of bodies.

There are three groups of bodies, which we simply refer to as “our body”, “my body”, “here I sit, here it is my body.” Usually we mean by this three groups of our bodies. The first group – it is our physical body. Our physical body can also be represented as a group of bodies: the nervous system, skin, some muscles. Thus, we can say that the body is composed of a group of bodies.

The second group of bodies (sometimes referred to in the literature) – “Astral group of bodies” or “astral body.” It is, in fact, more than what we are accustomed to thinking of themselves: our understanding of ourselves, our feelings, thoughts, our mental work, that is, we have our very specific image of our thoughts. This is closer to the group corresponding to the thin bodies. It can also be divided into some purely mental aspects of certain manifestations of the senses.

One of the most mysterious, most mysterious and potentially carrying the biggest problems – this is the reason a group of bodies, or causal body. Of course, the question arises: a group of bodies or body? Therefore, let us agree, for the sake of simplicity, I’m going to say “body” (the gross body, the subtle body and the causal body). In fact, a group of bodies. And to say about the rough, we can more about thin – less about the causal body can say very little: it’s too subtle body that we almost do not feel, we do not even know what it is. Therefore, to delve into the details of what subfield made the causal body – is a matter of greater than my qualifications.

You must always remember that yoga knowledge disappears, most of it is lost. What I set out, it is just a grain of knowledge. Something I do not understand. There are some things I do not understand, and do not have time to understand them. But I’m more than confident that over time we will understand or complete reopening of all this, in yoga this approach.

sleep Nature

So now I’ll just say that there is a gross body, but there is a subtle and causal body. Now the connection that very much would do well to understand (the waking state, the state of dreaming and the state of dreamless sleep).

Contact the following: the level of wakefulness is very well correlated with the gross body level. In the waking state, we operate with a rough cloth, very inert and unyielding, she is not inclined to change. Therefore, if we fall asleep and leave the coarse level in any state, during our sleep, he almost did not have time to change, and when we wake up, we think that we see the same universe. Although, strictly speaking, the universe has changed. And falling asleep in the same room, you wake up in the other. There are many processes at the micro level (movement of atoms, molecules): The universe is alive, it is not frozen. We just do not notice the difference. We believe that this series of our waking so frozen, and it is necessary to do something, to change something. A component, when waking state itself is changing, we do not notice, too, this component is small. Waking state corresponds to the state of the coarse material body.

Status dreaming correlates with the state of the subtle body. Just as our thoughts throughout the day may randomly change, and we are from one thought to another, from one representation to another about yourself can roll. Also, our state of dreaming.

What is a dream? This is a very mobile structure phantasmagoric. Remember any of your dream: all there is very fleeting and it is very strange. In any case, those laws which are observed during the flow of a dream, we are perceived as natural, and with the waking position as strange. In fact, you came into a room, and put in another. Or go up the stairs, and found themselves at the bottom. But when you dream the dream for granted, and it seems natural to you itself. And when you wake up, it seems strange and phantasmagoric, and we tend to attribute this to the delirious dream. And dreams are very different.

The third level – the level of the causal body, relates to the level of dreamless sleep. the causal body is the level of depth, it is deeper than the level of thought. It has two modes and two main facets: like – not like, pleasure – pain. Such a trigger switch. But, according to the degree of pleasure or pain, it goes very deeply into the root causes of our nature. For this reason, the pain and joy permeate facets of our everyday life and go to where there are the most basic and ancient principles.

So, dreamless sleep as the time and is characterized by work or life at the level of the causal body. Living in a state of sleep without dreams or in a state at the causal body is definitely happening, but we do not notice it. In the first place, due to the fact that we are at this level is not yet completely developed and are not aware of themselves, so it is perceived by us as a failure in the dark abyss of thoughtlessness. Although it is not a dark abyss of thoughtlessness, and our perception of this state. We are not yet developed at the level of the causal body, and there is nothing we can not handle. Just as, for example, Paramecium caudatum that has no more reason with the whole conglomeration of thoughts and ideas, can hardly imagine what it means to sleep and dream.

It turns out the next thing you need to remember, but it is difficult to understand and is rooted in the axiomatics of yoga. According to yoga axioms, our world (or ultimate reality or universe) sverhlogichen. To explain, there is no description of her words, concepts. However, as a special case of this sverhlogiki, we have what is called logic, where you can already apply ideas, concepts, or some kind of mental analysis. Strictly speaking, there is the concept of “stupidity” – a lack of knowledge, or rather illusory knowledge.

Levels of stupidity, logic and sverhlogiki yoga Dreams

Let me remind you of yoga axiomatic that there is a logic, sverhlogika and stupidity. Sometimes sverhlogika very smacks of folly and stupidity really looks like sverhlogiku. But the differences, or to work with stupid sverhlogikoy and you can use the logic: the logic is always destroy stupidity, but it will be absolutely powerless before sverhlogikoy. Logic always show you where you are wrong, if there was an obvious nonsense. With regard sverhlogiki logic will “slip”, or give two answers are mutually exclusive. I always remember the saying: “My grandmother two told whether or not rain tomorrow may be or may not be.” Approximately the same situation.

So, our Supreme Reality sverhlogichna. In the waking state we seem to perceive the Higher reality, but not perceive it in its entirety, but only in part, as part of this reality is distorted by our senses, our thinking processes, but still some part comes. The part that goes, starts to process what is called the logic of leaving abroad sverhlogiku, and trying not to allow stupidity. But still sometimes it gets stupid and sverhlogika trying to get through to us in the waking state.

Sleep with dreams

What happens in the dream state? In the dream state we perceive the world, but only a thin body position. And just as in the dream state, we perceive a single, sverhlogichnuyu reality. And also, to some extent we perceive it from the standpoint of logic, but also to break the illogicality and sverhlogichnost, but the boundaries are more blurred than in the waking state. Because awake all rough, unyielding.

more transparency in the dream state. Or, as psychologists would say, as if we increasingly abandon their perceptions of themselves and the world, on some presets and psychologists love to operate with the term “unconscious”.

Psychologist do not feed bread, give poumnichat at the expense of the subconscious. But at the same time, psychologists always make a fatal mistake: they are under subconscious in one vial combine both illogical and sverhlogichnost. Supposedly, something unconscious that is in opposition and logic, and common sense, as though hampered and “flies and cutlets” (as the saying goes). Hence, the very large gaps in some psychological dream books, tests, and similar aspects.

And yoga is very clearly understand that in the dream state, of course, there is a certain logic. You see a dream, it is present in a certain scenario. What is a script? This kind of sequence of events, which we perceive as logical, although sometimes some things get stuck into it, but somehow they are not perceived with hostility as in the waking state. Dreams dream very different. For example, a man climbs the stairs and sees that the ladder rests against the wall. Or the fact that on the one hand, similar to the entrance of the house in which he lives; but on the other hand, once there’s different, and naturally all perceived. Why is perceived by all natural? Because both are impulses and by sverhlogiki and by stupidity.

Dreamless Sleep

Finally, the third state – the state of dreamless sleep. Thoughts are not there, but in a state of sleep without dreams you again perceive Higher superreality transcendent, and also trying to get in this state superreality those aspects that could not get any in the waking state or in a state of sleep with dreams. Because it has no thoughts, and, accordingly, such a scenario logic, as in the waking state and the dream state – no longer exists, but there is a deep sense of the correctness of what you are experiencing. But also mixed into a kind of stupidity that makes us interpret the picture that we perceive, either positive or negative colors. It is the prerogative of the causal body: like – not like, admire, inspire, or, conversely, is frightening.

Thus, our universe, our bodies sverhlogichny and presented three levels: gross physical, subtle and causal. We passed a series of working with these bodies on three sides, trying to assemble a mosaic of basic understanding of the universe. It follows from this conclusion: just as in the waking state, we are misled by maya, but, at the same time, we are some moments of insight or moments of stupidity, and our task is to grasp the moments of insight, and the moments of stupidity to reject. Similarly, in the dream state and in a state of sleep without dreams the same scenario – we must also grasp something sverhlogichnoe and reject illogical, dullness caused by our ignorance. The practical implication of this is as follows: go to a bookstore or in the move will see a big dream book, “If you had a dream that something, something, something is so-and-so” – you can safely throw it in the dustbin. As a rule, it is a personal, very narrow experience of the originator of this tutorial, to develop the conditions of his life, the environment and the like. So, cut off the obscurantism, at whatever level it has not come to you: and on waking level and at the level of dreaming. Nothing good happens when you start in one vial and mix sverhlogichnoe illogical nonsense. This is what psychologists call “the subconscious.” They begin prays to it unconscious, on the contrary, deal with it. We need to understand what they mean by that subconscious. Otherwise, you may run into this, that, in fact, is already happening: the new downers, their interpretation and so on. Of course, in each individual case, it may be useful. For example, the therapist explores the patient’s behavior – he has a thorough knowledge of the conditions of life of the patient, feel the patient and help him sort out his inconsistencies, and when psychologists “stamped” at each step is obtained by “bungling burglary” (as mentioned classics).

Reasonableness in sleep mode

So, there are three facets of a single life, without which we can not live, requiring absolutely adequate and serious attitude towards yourself to one facet does not displace the other. If you sleep too much – it is bad, and if you get too little sleep – it’s too bad. If your dream is to flow into a nightmare without dipping into the causal level, you do not get enough sleep, there will be a chronic fatigue will nervosa and psychosis.

You remember, yoga – not medicine, and it is never a substitute for medical professionals. Doctors – holy men, they help to many. And if they take even adopted yoga, they complement its arsenal. But yoga is never replace physicians. Like science, religion and so on.

If we begin to infringe on at least one of the states, there is skewed. And about any knowledge of the Supreme, and can be no question. Therefore, you need to decide yourself how much you sleep every day and keep track of its state. Of course, if you slept more than was necessary for the knowledge of this side of the universe, you have gone into warp subtle and causal level. And we’ll still live most of the time at the level of the gross body. And this damage is also fatal. Man, like sleeping beauty, sleeping, going to sleep and then wakes up. Or, as in the saying: “Death – the sister of sleep.” At the same time, if you do not have the conditions for a deep disconnect from everything, will not save you either wake or sleep with dreams. Who will tell you how much you need to stay awake? No one will say. Sami for yourself you have to rediscover. There is a very good approach from the point of view of science: experiment. Your experience will vary. Moreover, if you begin to deal with these or other types of yoga, and greatly affect the level of the fine, or causal body, then suddenly you can increase the need for sleep. You can twelve hours a day to oversleep, as if it is necessary. But then, after a time, when these processes inside you run out, you can sleep for three or four hours, and you will feel refreshed and in good spirits, and all will advise: “And you sleep three or four hours’ that in the general madness. What is good for one to another can be fatal. No one will say how much sleep, and how many do not sleep.

The most important thing when we talk about yoga (self-system) – the experience gained by you in the waking state in the dream state and in a state of dreamless, it is necessary for a complete picture of the universe and of life, without which you can not get close to the mysteries of your device.

Let us once again analyze one fundamental thing. Each of us has our senior Y. Our Higher Self – is the face, or a piece of the Absolute, or some small part of what gave rise to our entire universe. Our whole world that surrounds us is a thing much more complex than we are accustomed to think of it, it is a single reality. The reality is only one, no two, three or five realities. This single reality, and we perceived in the waking state, in a state of sleep and the dream state without dreams. Roughly speaking, that does not come down to us in the waking state, using a loophole sleep with dreams, to bring the missing part of the severed information interpretation. And that does not climbed, and through sleep with dreams, trying to walk us through a dreamless sleep. And the one thing that does not come down to us either through sleep with dreams, nor by a dreamless sleep, trying to walk us through the wake. Each of these states is vital and extremely important. can not refuse from any of them, if we go through self-knowledge.

Status awake the longest, because the matter is more coarse, inert, and the processes are longer. Sleep with dreams takes less time because the substance is a thin, pliable, fast and mutates, like our thoughts and impressions. The level of the causal body even more delicate and rapidly changing. Accordingly, dreamless sleep in duration even less.

Rough level with the axioms of yoga position is nothing else, as a combination of Consciousness and Energy. Thin layer – the same combination of Consciousness and Energy, but Energy thinner in their vibrations, and consciousness is more subtle in its manifestations. Causal level – it is also a combination level of Consciousness and Energy, but also more subtle (refer you to yoga axioms).

Q: What happens if a yogi or yogini in one day or one fine morning, suffer a higher reality, ie, will perceive the Higher reality distortion imposed by maya?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: This condition, from a formal point of view, in yoga is called Samadhi. If a person has reached this state, he can at a glance see the transcendent reality that he no longer needs either awake or in the dream state or in a state of sleep without dreams. This so-called “fourth state”.

If you hear that somewhere in the mountains lived an old man who has not slept in twenty years, from the axiomatic position of this man or have already reached the state of Samadhi, and simply does not need different views on a single reality, or his state of sleep without dreams slips so unbeknownst to him and others, that the illusion that someone somewhere does not sleep. As long as we have not reached a high of yoga, we need to sleep with dreams, and without dreams. Once we reach this state, we will control and sleep and wakefulness, and sleep with dreams.

As with all of this can be done in practical terms?

Firstly, as we have already mentioned, it is very attentive to all of its conditions for analysis. You had a dream, and you should try to understand what it is, whether it is a reflection of the previous day, during which kakaya-to piece of information to have not reached, and now during sleep you realize that was cut or It cuts off your senses of perception. Or are you awake to see the whole picture, but to isolate from it a certain part, and the rest is discarded.

And being able to sleep until we start to reach the parts that we have rejected. Here we are during the day are faced with situations where we, for example, watched the film or the work done much exercise or yoga. Then during sleep, we dream of the plot is the same, but in some other perspectives and feelings. It should be very clear idea – when we dream a dream, it may be up to us sverhlogichnoe that we have rejected. How often do we give our zombie action habits and the people around us. To all dreams must be treated very carefully and cautiously (in a good way). Do not indulge in any extremes. And try to impartially analyze all. If we can do something to draw from this, the use, and if we can not, then we reject as nonsense.

The same is true if we are suddenly filled with these conditions, when we go into a dreamless sleep where the thoughts there, but there is a sense of belonging to something deeper. We should also try to remember it and kak-to analyze within yourself, consider from the perspective of their own self conclusion that in the waking state, in a state of dreaming and dreamless state we see the One Reality – turbid or distorted, but can work with her in each of these states.

Practical application of the Dream Yoga

What to do in practice? You should begin with that with which we are more likely to succeed. Of course, in the waking state we feel adequately controlled. And we must make certain wakefulness springboard to explore the state of sleep with dreams. That is, make certain preliminary practices in the waking state, to gain a foothold in the dream state, and start there to do something meaningful. In continuation of this same logic, if you are more or less mastered on this bridgehead dreaming, you will need to enter the level of sleep without dreams (there is a technique which helps).

Once you reach the status of the work of sleep without dreams, you are very close to their manifestations (remember axiomatics of yoga, it is energy and consciousness in its pure form). And if at this point you deploy them in the direction of self when the knower is to know yourself, you will go to the state of Samadhi, in sverhlogichnoe condition or highest state of yoga. And, to do that you can, as in the waking state and in a state of sleep without dreams, and in the state of dreaming. Then begins an attempt to direct the work. I remind you axiomatics of yoga: There are two systems of axioms: Microcosm and macrocosm. And there are certain rules or recommendations on how to build these or other exercises to work directly.

Awareness during sleep

The very first of which begins the work with dreams, you have to reach a certain awareness in the dream state (about the state of dreamless sleep, we’ll talk about later). How to achieve this?

You can read one million books for the different schools, directions of philosophical thought, how to work with dreams. You can read any number of psychological benefits, but they hung in the air, if you do not learn how to realize a dream that you are dreaming. It is a stumbling block. What good to talk to you about some exercises, if you do not even realize that you are dreaming. I needed a push, which would help you to realize a dream that you are dreaming. And in the future, so you do not wake up at the same time. So, you need a tool to develop the ability to recognize that you are asleep, but not awake.

Strictly speaking, all the fundamental types of yoga that you practice (Hatha Yoga, Kriya Yoga, Mantra Yoga, Pranayama Yoga) must create some kind of framework to have appeared this tool. If you are in poor physical condition, or in a bad mental state, or you are too tired, or any adverse environmental factors act on you, then, of course, very hard to find inside the reserve, which would allow you to express identity.

The analogy here in our everyday life. These three states (waking, dreaming and dreamless sleep) like so, remember how sometimes hard in our everyday life to live consciously, how often we succumb to the influence of the public, the impact of our habits and the people around them. We think, like everyone else, we go, like everyone else, we dress like everyone else, and the purpose of our lives, like everyone else.

We do not even think how one thought after another, and this mess of thoughts forces us to do something is one thing, then another, then the third, instead of having to stop for a second and ask yourself: “What am I doing?”.

The first factor: the habit of asking yourself!

The first approach, the very first exercise dates back to the waking state. This is when you occasionally stop and ask yourself: “Who am I? And where am I? And what am I doing? And where am I going? “. And thus you how to interrupt the chain of thoughts that you spontaneously appear and disappear under the influence of your life around (you are running a job, then you have some plans).

You like the habit to stop for a moment and ask yourself: “Who am I? And where am I? And in what condition I am now? “. If this habit is developed in the waking state, then sooner or later it starts to be transferred to the state of sleep with dreams. And you will be dreaming sleep, where are you going to ask, “Who am I? And where am I? And in what condition I am now? “. Thus, for a moment you pry yourself from these endless experiences that one replaces the other and makes you see the dream phantasmagoria. You like to stop, at which point you may go to: “Yeah, and sleep.” As a rule, this awareness “Yeah, I sleep” leads to a sharp shake-up for you, that instantly hormones in blood splash, and you will immediately wake up.

The second factor: refers to all calmly, without surprise!

This habit is also produced in the waking state. So goes this catch phrase: “Live in the waking state, as if you were sleeping. And the action in the dream state, as if you’re awake. ” If you treat your waking state, as if you were sleeping, that is, to perceive what is happening as a dream. Because really, the waking state in this sense not much different from a dream: and there, and there we see the reality, and there, and there we see facets of this reality. But just as real and unreal dream, just as real or unreal our lives. Now we’ll run and jump, some plans are building, and you endured say mentally to two hundred years ago, for example, in 1812, when Napoleon invaded Russia. It, too, were men and women, cost plans, some had ideas about everything. And where it all now? How to disappear in a dream, even a trace is left. Similarly, we are now: to strive for something, afraid of something, something we want, something we avoid. It will take two hundred years, and will also be surprised by our problems, as we do with what used to be a problem: how to harness a horse, at balls dress show, and the like – read the classics.

That is, more relaxed attitude to everything that comes to you and go, without clinging or pushing away, develops the habit of some suspended from happening, quietly accept it and do not make a sharp impulse that makes waking up. It helps this technique.

In fact, and the habit of asking yourself, “Who am I? Where I am? And why me? “In the same way as a habit to treat everything as a series of dreams coming, it is not a guarantee that you will begin to understand themselves in a dream. You need a powerful internal impetus unaffected, which is the same in the waking state and the dream state, and in a state of sleep without dreams. If it is, then you with his position may already work in each of these states.

You have to rely on something so inherent to you that has no relation to your bodies nor to your states. This may be your manifestations. That is, your original prana. If you have an excess of Prana, you will be able to feel it and to rely on him in any condition and in the waking state and the dream state, and in a state of sleep without dreams. It is only from this point of excess prana you will realize that you are dreaming, and in the future will learn to control your dreams.

Where do we get the excess prana?

Let me remind you, Prana pervades all three of our body, it comes from our higher self, it is not based on anything, it only controls the flow of consciousness and energies of our bodies (tougher), but she belongs only to us. It is necessary to seed a small amount of prana, which we have, but prana is very expensive commodity. I refer you to seminars and lectures on yoga axioms.

Prana – is the most versatile piece, which you can pay for everything and buy it all. If you karmic way someone something should (have negative karma), you always pay off prana. If you want to do something, do or change, you can do it with the help of prana. Prana – a universal thing.

We – the gray men, tired out, fearful, having read various tracts, the brain is already there, and prana yet. Therefore, a huge number of people who were trained in yoga dreams, it is still not succeeded in it, it does not become an integral part of their lives, because they are not caught up to the level of prana.

What characterizes a person who has a lot of prana.

This man is strong, optimistic, healthy, humble, joyful, positive, active, bright, good. A person in this condition an excess of charisma (in a good way), with him always nice to talk to, it charges a good mood, come into contact with it – and immediately vigor, clarity. But such people are few. Therefore, if we want to take the path of yoga practices dreams, we need this excess prana. The question is: where to get the excess prana? Begin branches in yoga Dreams, a lot of them. In Tibet – his, in India – its a lot of yoga schools. Some have survived, reprint, someone repeats them now. A huge amount of information does not even come down to us do not know about it.

Where can I get a little primer to the free Prana, to build on it, you can go to the realization of dreams? Because all the other recommendations do not work. It’s like, what to say, how do you spend a million dollars the most successful, but you do not have that million. They will tell you how to invest in the stock market, stocks, bonds, somewhere else, to buy property, but what’s the point – you do not have that million.

If you just do yoga, sooner or later, this excess prana you will. But, as you remember, prana – is a universal coin, and she spent all your holes (physical, mental, karmic), and rightly so. What Yoga Dreams, if you still live up to the dream state hard. In the waking state has forced to pay in full before the next life, all the practices will remain suspended.

Of course, to pull out of a total of Dreams Yoga Yoga context unthinkable. You have to practice all of the remaining yoga, if you have the opportunity. But if you, for example, in old age, and you have good karma, but Hatha Yoga does not work out, then you need to make up for those yogis that can improve the initial capital of prana. It can be a mantra yoga, it can be Pranayama Yoga. In fact, if you are using any of yoga will get a certain amount of free prana, you are able to feel awake, it will lead you to your mind clear, or what in yoga is called the “state of Sattva”.

Let me remind you that yoga classifies all our states into three groups: the state of Sattva, Rajas and Tamas. Sattva – a clear (translating to a first approximation). Rajas – this activity, but the activity can either lead to Sattva (clarity), and tamas (inertia, dullness, stupidity, of laziness, when stuffed and sleepy, a bestial state). Sometimes we are in a state of Tamas due to illness, lifestyle or bad karma. So, if we have an excess of prana after yoga, we are in a state of Sattva. And then when we went to bed, we went to sleep with dreams, that is, moved following the brink of reality, but the feeling of free prana us left and moved to another state, and then – the third (we’re talking about yoga dreamless ).

Working with prana

The different schools of yoga are different visualizations to work with this free prana. For example, in the Tibetan yogis love to represent “the crucible” – in the form of droplets, images, mantras, letters and the like, somewhere inside the heart center. In others, for example, in the Indian Yogis tend to contemplate the inner deity of a particular chakra, which sits there. For example, in a particular chakra sits a boy and girl. And in fact, forcing prana to take this or that way – it’s a clue to our mind, which is not yet accustomed to abstraction. If you are at the same time repeating a particular mantra in a dream, you will also need to repeat it, and concentrate on that area of prana, it will be the impetus for you to realize that you are dreaming.

Of course, the chosen center to work with the sensation of prana yoga according to the axioms, equidistant from the center of Consciousness and Energy Center, and it is an area of breast, our heart center. While other schools of yoga are selected as the starting point of the other (for example, the throat, or the center between the eyebrows). It depends on yoga.

You should feel the excess prana in one center or another. Or deeper centers that are colored by our emotions and make them the starting point of his consciousness in the waking state, then in a state of sleep without dreams and the dream state.

Of course, yoga always strive to reduce the long path, if possible. Therefore, still others are born of practice. This practice of working directly with the rapid methods of yoga, as soon as possible to get the excess prana. And there is a gradation in the degree of strength of different schools. Most private schools – is to work with sexual energy. In other schools, taking as a basis for working with prana, which is produced by breathing exercises (Pranayama Yoga), I DESC call. Thirdly schools employ yoga mantra. Also, there are still major practices, for example, visualization. For example, in the West is known for one of the varieties of yoga dreaming – Tibetan Yoga (one of the six yogas of Naropa). In fact, the common roots. Yoga, Indian and Tibetan were once hailed by the same Mahasiddhas (persons who have reached the higher states), so there is no sense to distinguish between them. Tibetans have a slightly different color. They love the moral aspects of Buddhism, so it is prone to call tantric Buddhism. In India, everything is easier, although there are also variations in the direction of one or another religion.

As you remember, yoga – it’s not a religion but a system of self-knowledge. Therefore, you should always make allowances. Six Yogas of Naropa is the very first Yoga Tumo. And in fact, if you dig deeply, is to work with sexual energy. However, this is very little known even among adherents of yoga, because there is a very strong symbolism, and yoga are also poorly preserved. In some Indian yogis same directions Saivism, Nath (I refer only to what is now known from open sources; in fact school very much, but they are no one knows, they do not publish books), there is the basis of a work of breathing . Check out such work as “Shiva Samhita”. And then we work with sexual energy, Mantra Yoga, etc. There is a third school, who work directly with the mantra: it all starts with the mantra, and the mantra has all the drags the rest.

Do you remember about the deep connection of sexual energy, breathing and thinking. These are three things that go from one source. And this single source is our fundamental energy (it is kundalini energy), and consciousness (higher consciousness). Therefore, it is difficult to say what will be involved. If you begin to practice Pranayama yoga, you very quickly get out of sexual yoga. Naturally you will start within yourself to feel this unusual for themselves sexual potential, you naturally will come to such abilities (like the Tibetans), to remain long in the cold without clothes (Yoga Tumo) or long without food, in general, will be a big bouquet of super-powers that demonstrate the practice of yoga and yogini.

A similar situation, if you are working with the mantra. You will also pull your breathing rhythm and your sexual energy. Liberates a small amount of prana, and more a matter of technology, as you work with it: to visualize in the form of a luminous sphere in the center of your chest or the throat, or the Tibetans love to represent a particular letter that as the hook will you catch and pull out. Tibetans like very imaginative moments, which for the uninitiated seem strange. But if you understand that prana is still, in some way predstavat because all are responsible for the associative connection (who does not know what it is, I refer you to the yoga axioms). And prana in this respect can create any tool you want.

So, you must have an excess of Prana. And if you get it with the help of sexual yogas by Mantra Yoga, with the help of Pranayama yoga or any other yogas, it will be the seed that will allow you to make a certain state of awareness in its wake, and then (when you move in sleep state) to change everything, except one thing: something subtle that you had in the waking state. And it will serve as the impetus for every sleep, which enables you to recognize that you are dreaming. But at the same time maintain his composure and did not wake up, well and further experiment with this sleep state, when you realize that sleep, but did not wake up. That is, it is such a fantastic inner world opens up, in comparison with which any thriller cinema rests. You start to cut reality. Strictly speaking, you are her kroite and awake. But here the reality presented its inertness.

You can go through the wall? Actually, yes, if you take a hammer and start to cut the wall. And the subtle body level properties of Consciousness and Energy (strictly speaking, matter) is slightly different, there you can the power of thought to pass through walls, fly through the air, increase, decrease your body the way you want. It opens a space for creativity, which allows you to understand the picture of reality. Because in the waking state and the dream state you are able to know the same reality.

But then again, “it was smooth on paper, but forgot about the ravines.” Even if you have this excess prana, but there is no practice, then you are not able to use it. Plus, add your karmic situation. Someone karmic situation is more favorable: you do not need to live and work under stress, you have more time to rest, you can afford to live close to nature and to practice dream yoga. Someone has to run every day at work and sweat and blood to earn a piece of bread. It is clear that you are a day is exhausting, and sometimes you do not to practice. You just come in and log out, because very tired.

But the state, when you driving life more preferred than when you are not doing anything. Because when you have all the conditions, and you do nothing, then you tend to slide into laziness, stupidity. In contrast to the man who runs. The man who runs, anyway, do not roll down below. And you do not know what your bad karma. Maybe it is now you have the delay, and then a burst. Of course, these factors as living conditions, the availability of money, the availability of housing, the availability of good food, the presence of like-minded people – are very important. If you live with criminals, and there is not to talk about yoga, and you involuntarily start to slide on the mental level with all the negative consequences: Who lead the, from, and rack up. “To live with dogs – rack up fleas.” Therefore, there are tools to help, but not fundamental. One of them will talk.

If you suddenly realized himself sleeping in his sleep, and woke up at the same time, you do not have to open his eyes. Here you wake up, but the eyes do not open, and lying. Can you remember the dream, but the most important thing – do not open the eyes. If you do so, and then you go to sleep, the sleep you will, as a rule, to the point where you wake up. Here’s a very clever artificial way to achieve continuity in the plot of sleep and make it similar to the state of wakefulness that facilitates us to repeat self-consciousness of themselves in the same dream.

The best time to practice

It is in the early stages, when you are just starting to do these practices, it is recommended to focus in practice, when it was early in the morning and after the sun rose. You slept-slept all night, but that morning, and the sun beginning to rise. At the moment when the sun rises, the most easy to practice yoga practice primary Dreams. Of course, per night you rested and relaxed and you are entering into a yogic practice. Indeed, the experimental fact that dreams after sunrise most vivid, memorable and active. That is, such a pronounced part of dreaming.

Friends, again, that did not happen, as in the saying: “Make a fool to pray to God, to himself and hurt his forehead.” If you live, say, in Norilsk in the Arctic Circle, where the floor, the day, and half a year the night, it does not mean that you have six months to wait, when you have the sun will rise, and will hang in the air, and you’ll be half a year to sleep . This, of course, all the recommendations have come to us from countries closer to the equator, where the concept of day and night are related (as well as here in good time of the year).

Development of memory

Finally, the next moment, is also very important that the whole may be called as the development of memory. What is memory? Where does it come from? Why do some people she’s strong, and others weak? There are serious teachings on this subject. I will not touch them. The more awareness you give to this or that object or phenomenon, the more you remember. The secret of a good memory – it is a secret concentration of consciousness. And consciousness is directly proportional to the concentration of your attention. And your attention is directly proportional involvement. And your involvement is directly proportional to your interest in the subject that you study.

For example, every day can transmit weather forecast. For a man who no matter the snow or sun, it passes this prediction on deaf ears, and any mariner or the driver, whose work is dependent on weather conditions, we will go or not go, it can be in whatever abstract condition, but his mind itself will perceive this information, remember it. Maybe it takes a few days, and he will say that such number was such a weather. The secret of memory – it is a secret consciousness. You know how to focus on what’s consciousness, then, and the memory of you is good. If for some reason you have no time or do not have enough resources you have to concentrate on one or the other, then a hole in your mind, or as they say “memory maiden.” If you develop memory, then you bring a greater percentage of awareness in everything that you do. To develop it, of course, better than in the waking state. If we talk about Dreams yoga, then rewound the habit as soon as you wake up, try to remember your dream.


Ill.5. The more awareness you give to this or that object or phenomenon, the more you remember.

Working with memory – this is one of the main entrance of Raja Yoga (Yoga for mental control everyone and everything). So, it turns out that even if you have a small amount of prana, and you realize yourself in a dream, you immediately begin to control the dream that try, that it is not interrupted. Also, you are doing a job focus in the hours of day and night, when to do it most easily. And also put emphasis on what is called memory. Because, if you have developed memory, even while in sleep state, you can remember what you were going to practice with this dream. After all, in the dream state memory is also working, as in the waking state. If you are able to sleep remember that going to wake up, grope island of prana, which is the same taste in the waking state in the dream state and in a state of sleep without dreams, and try to position this island to analyze and what you are able to (you sleep or do not sleep), it let you to the possibility of self-aware himself of sleep time.

Physiological factors in yoga Dreams

Of course, there are other factors purely physical and physiological. If you ate a lot at night and you feel bad, you are tossed from one side to the other side – well, what here Yoga Dreams? Or you ate spicy food and you have heartburn, or mentally unstable condition caused by eating or socializing (you are with somebody quarreled), can not sleep, what is there to Yoga Dreams? That is, you need to remove as much as possible all the factors that can distract. If you lie in an uncomfortable position, for example, sometimes you have to go somewhere and sleep. I want to stretch, relax, and there is no possibility. Of course, the nerve impulses of sensations will slide with a certain background, and in the dream state. And will significantly hinder you. To a certain extent you have to do certain procedures.

It is necessary to ventilate the room where you are going to sleep. I do not eat for four hours when you are going to sleep. Sometimes it’s impossible to do, because the man crawls home, and eat in full. As in the saying: “Why are the soldiers is smooth? Because I eat – and to the side. ” And we are just as well rounded, rounded. But these processes of digestion during sleep clearly decelerated. This is known in terms of physiology. But from the standpoint of yoga, prana is something for them to spend. For example, you ate the food. Prana have to spend to take these food pieces and inserted into your body.

“Temple” – a place to sleep

Therefore, the diet, lifestyle, sometimes even more important than any other practice. Therefore, in ancient times they were places called temples. Translated into modern language, this is called the “Grove”. It was the place where, as a rule, there were some trees. And if a person under such trees fell asleep, he dreamed prophetic dreams, some miracles have occurred. In history there are many such places where people come to sleep. Then, as always, there was a service, fast food, parking for horses. In general, all the benefits that civilization began there and lay track, and build the wall. First it was the patio, then do the roof, then something else. And the word “temple” we have now understood some structure of glass and concrete.

And initially it was a place where people came and went to sleep. But before he reached there, he conducted a measured way of life, according to those or other requirements, appropriate food, or he could have to fast for a while. All this leads one to the fact that the extra burden per person was shot, and he at least for a short time, was in a relatively healthy state. And the person in relatively good health there is an excess of Prana. And there is also a lot of all sorts of other factors that contribute to this. I heard somewhere that the city of Cologne in Germany, in the old days was different this feature that a lot of people there had dreams. Somewhere passed this information. And, as a rule, there are such places around town, or another formation. Or again, Athens.

There is also another factor. If we are to nature if we are deprived of distractions, we naturally prepare yourself for yoga Dreams. It naturally follows that, of course, the dream yoga practice is well away from the cities where the entire space of the physical and emotional scored mental garbage. There, surrounded by nature, more natural process comes in the dream consciousness.

Testing in a dream karma

That you have done this step, and to a certain extent become aware of yourself that you sleep without waking up. You have there an opportunity to experiment with the universe at the level of the subtle body. And you can work out a huge amount in the first place, the karmic situations that otherwise you would need to work at the level of wakefulness.

You see, what a thing to karma. Karma has not been canceled. But, on the other hand, “if your hair is destined to burn, it is not necessary that they should burn in your head.” Therefore, it sometimes happens that many nightmares or dreams difficult for us – it is like unleashing negative karma. That is, you have enough good karma that you have not received kakie-to things at the level of physical (in the waking state), but vse-taki too bad that you do nothing about it and were not aware, you have a part suffering to get.

And one thing, when you get a piece of suffering, they are not ready and do not know what’s going on with you. Another thing – to understand the nature of existence, that everything in this universe is made, so that we samopoznali himself and approached the highest ideals. Let me remind you that in our school of yoga ideal – love. You can come closer, overcoming all their negative karma, practicing it on a subtle level. I sometimes watch melenkimi children who play video war games (shoot at monsters, kill them). I think to myself: “Maybe it’s good karma. Otherwise, they would have grown up, and took the machines would have to work it in the real world. ” Imagine some killer since World War II, a sadist and torturer, the end of life has done something good, was born and would have to kill all the way in this life, and burden your karma. And they gave him all the way to work off all the “on teddy bears,” in a computer game. Another view says that on the contrary, people did not even think to kill anyone, but started to play and taste this instilled. In general, this is a complicated topic for discussion.

Anyway, from the perspective of your higher self, it is still going on whether you anything in the state of wakefulness, in the dream state and in a state of sleep without dreams – a reality, and it’s just her face. Therefore, having worked with the same face, you process all.

Therefore, a dream – it is a great tool for working with their fears. Sometimes the fear paralyzes at the wrong time in the waking state. But if we have fulfilled one or the other scenario, and in the dream state, overcame fear, then we can and in the waking state, falling in a particular situation, without even realizing fear along the way to solve it.

In any army soldiers accepted discipline. What a Frederick II loved his Holstein to drive back and forth. Because when the habit to automatism, that when a soldier goes into battle, he had no time to be afraid, it is just like a machine doing what learned during the exercise. As a result, he quickly overcomes fear and gaining the victory, in fact, still alive, and he is. So it is hard to learn – easy in battle.

Similarly, our dream, it can become an invaluable teaching, passing that you will have in the waking state is not experiencing any shadow of fear and doubt. It does not necessarily need to overcome the fear that you are on the Nazi tank with a grenade rushes. Fears can be more peaceful. Some people are afraid to speak in front of a large audience. He is a teacher, his lectures to be read, and it would be hard. And in a state of lucid dreaming is possible to work out the situation. How to work out this situation?

The answer is: the next stage – it will learn to control your dreams. That is, not only that you yourself are aware of the dream and pass it with a full sense of the experimenter, who was in a new country and explores how everything is made interesting. As if you were in space at the obscure planet with strange laws. But here arises another peculiarity of the following – a dream control.

dreams Management

On what foundation is the ability to control your dreams? For more deep explanation, I refer you to the yoga axioms. We are living with you in that universe, which was built for themselves. The world that surrounds you – is that you somehow create voleizyavili. The matter is all very slowly. You used to be in a past life (maybe) voleizyavili to Moscow was the city in which you could live. And after a few lives begin to live in it.

Why? We need several lifetimes to previous desire to work. Of course, I am more than sure that you do not voleizyavlyali live in the city breathe, where the bestial relationship between people, where about ecology, no one thinks. But you want to live in a place convenient to be warm, sated, that was a lot of people with whom one could talk. That is, you have formulated some conditions, and all other matured according to your karma. But it takes time. Now you certainly voleizyavlyaete to the city was a flourishing garden, something else. And it certainly will come. But when it comes, you may have a situation where you do something again not considered. Desire is always executed with a delay. This is the level of our rough universe.

On a subtle level it is much faster. In fact, whatever your dream – it also is the universe that you have created. You just have the ability to create the universe in which you live. And just as you see in a dream those you have called sooner or later in your own world. This is the same as that of the physical world, only faster, smoother, adjusted for some other nuances of the universe. In fact, you live there, that they themselves have created. And as you all doing? You voleizyavlyaete.

I remind yoga axioms, each of us has a unique feature that each of us has inherited from the Absolute. In this respect, we are made one by one image. At one time Absolut said, “Let there be light” (I retell exaggerated), and the light originated. Similarly, you have the opportunity voleizyavlyat. And as a matter of the subtle body supple and fast, then you are very quick time, time, time – and built the scenario that would like to see. And we have already begun to work in it. In fact, what is your all a nightmare? This is what you do as you are doing. This series of your thoughts, thought-forms, which alternate each other and caused the prints of your previous actions and your karma and leads to the fact that these actions are starting with the same speed you recover themselves. What thought, afraid of something – and then quickened. Or, on the contrary, to strive for something, and it’s quickened.

Only you do not know what you got yourself into hypnosis your thoughts. Sami tendencies of your karma is not able to create your dream, you are creating it. You are, as it were, handed himself in self-management of your thoughts. But if you stop and voleizyavite something else to do, then just as it begins to emerge. Moreover, I want to draw your attention, as in the waking state and the dream state. Only in the waking state it may be, will need several lifetimes, and during sleep, you can build the script of life, who want to work.

And here you see yourself speaker at the Grand Palace of Congresses, you have the podium, and you’re not afraid. Because it is fulfilled in his sleep, after all this ceases to be significant for you. Because you exhaust the negative karma to speak before a large audience. Or something like that, I will not describe all the points. You have an opportunity to create any scripts, objects, phenomena that you want. Of course, this does not come at once. But if you learn to do this in his sleep and feel the taste of how to apply the will to make it happen, you’re in a mild learn to apply it in real life.

Modern designer before you build a big house, first makes his sketch or three-dimensional model in the computer. Moreover, a certain model will allow you to look, and how it will look like this or that room. And you’ll immediately see what are the mistakes, shortcomings. And the house itself built, builders will build it for several years. And here you can one-touch buttons to reconstruct all your computer. Similarly, in a dream – it’s much faster.

In the dream, we are working with one reality

There is another positive feature in sleep. He’s working with one reality, so if you have laid the construction of a single reality, in a dream, she unwittingly begins to affect and to your waking state. That is, you start to rebuild their correct sleep and reality in the waking state. Of course, waking with difficulty adapts to what you are creating in a dream, because it is inert, but still everything is the way you voleizyavili. The reason for all this is only one – is that you have the will. With the will of the Absolute created the entire universe by faith we are able to do all the things that makes Absolut.

In a state of dreaming you start to experiment, to work out. There are some very interesting yogic abilities: to make travel in the dream state. You like to move on thin plan and try to look into the subtle plane, and what is happening there. Our world, as a building of three floors. At the bottom of the crudest, the middle – thin, and the highest – reasons. So, you can surf the lowermost level, going from room to room. And it is possible for the second car to drive, and then on top look from one room to another. It is also very useful, and thus you enter at the level study of the universe and those of its corners, where we are still a very long time to get their missiles or space devices. This is a very exciting and interesting.

I remember the case, it was the beginning of the nineties: banditry, corruption, darkness, all horrible, all complain to each other. An old lady in years, eighty, happy. Usually what grannies speak, when they sit around the house? Two to three themes: the show, all the more expensive as all bad. And it is so much dropped out of this “komarilni”. How it was: perestroika began, the Iron Curtain fell, and began to publish various books. I caught her book on yoga Dreams. Some general points were there that you can travel, it is possible to achieve that-this, at dawn to do everything. Around once a gray, depressed, but she is happy, because every time she waited for sleep. She lived a day, has been active work is being done, and each time waiting for sleep. Diary has got a thick and experimented with the universe. I happened to come across the same years, with theoretical physicists. They are pale gray, were thinking how to go to America, because there was not among the living, and they set the goal of life the knowledge of the universe. And they contrasted with this granny. She’s just really no education, but this man was truly a scientist. She found a new corridor of knowledge, not aching not whimpered, and use what is at hand. Although, again, it has been in years. For it has opened an entirely different layer of the universe, compared to which our ordinary life ceases to be dominant.

This theme is very intertwined with the next topic, we will still be at her workshop – Yoga Visualization. This topic is very close, it is in our hands is such a space for creativity, for implementation, for fun, for an exciting life. We habitually painted themselves into a corner and then no matter what we do not want to watch. We remind demoralized troops. This army, who have both arms and the army, and the enemy is weak. Go and conquer, and to crown himself eternal glory, and we sit yourself on, this lack of vitality.

So, we go back to work with the dream state – a whole universe, not how it is inferior to our waking state. But there is a still higher level – is to work with the level of dreamless sleep. It is generally aerobatics. There is a common position of all yogas – pleasure at the level of the physical body is ten times weaker than at the level of enjoyment of the subtle body. Enjoyment at the level of the subtle body is ten times weaker than enjoying at the level of the causal body. That is, moving from level to level, the universe becomes a thin, pliable, fast-paced. This level is close to the original state of Consciousness and Energy, or the level when the whole universe had been created, and is closer to the fundamental principle of all of it. But first it was necessary to descend to the material world, and then go back to the same, that this opportunity has opened.

The level of the causal body, or the state of dreamless sleep – it is already a level of non-verbal, as we have said. Experiences that gets people doing yoga Dreams at this level, it is with great difficulty can pass on to their language. It is very close to the state of Samadhi. This is when you get the kind of experience (you feel it, to experience), but is unable to transfer to another person, there are no words and thoughts. You may be overwhelmed with emotions and thoughts (literally bursting and tear), and you can not find adequate words to convince him that you’re talking about something interesting.

You will have to fill in cosmic sensation, the grandeur of what is happening in a very positive thing, but the words do not have to transfer. For this reason, more difficult to work in Dream Yoga with this level. Too close to the level of what is called “sverhlogika”, “glimpses of the supermind,” “sverhintuitsiya”. This is the level rising to which you are starting to feel the presence of the divine (as one would say in a religious tradition), something cosmic and mystical, light and beyond, grandiosity that captures and absorbs you. This allows you to realize that you really are. This inexpressible state. You begin to see glimpses of her higher self, or glimpses of the Absolute from this level.

But to jump to that level, you need to use a springboard sleep yoga dreaming. And, doing yoga sleep with dreams, you will begin to rise to such heights that the specifics disappears, everything begins to shine clear, and you begin to understand, in a state of thoughtlessness and happiness, there is a reality in our habitual sleep. You begin to feel the light, the enormity. You begin to dim, then all the grander guess that this light is the light of your higher self, and is the light of the Absolute. It is extremely rich spiritual experiences, having passed that no one remains unchanged. Having fulfilled a dream with dreams, you come back to wake a completely different person. Passing level of sleep without dreams you return to the spiritual. From him a half-step to Samadhi.

Example about the student-teacher

I had a couple of friends who had this ability. And, to my shame, I had a student who has surpassed the teacher on all fronts. We have such a Yoga Teaching there is given aphorism: “You’re going to teach my teacher.” This is a very strange aphorism. And I had the impression that this was not a student, a teacher who has come a bit mock. He came as an apprentice, but that the teacher kept himself in good shape.

It turns out an interesting paradox, as if I had something taught. It’s me he should be supposed to teach something. Immediately began to write poetry, life has changed. I asked him to tell – in fact interesting. The level of lucid dreaming is more or less clear, have a general conversation. And the level of the beyond … He says it all started like this: “I was a little boy, and for some reason thought I could fly. He ran across the meadow, and could not fly. I do not understand why it was impossible. ” Then he became interested in yoga, and began to dream a dream yoga, with lucid flights. He wanted all his life to flying tie, even in aircraft work: once he can not fly, so though life with propellers tie. He learned to fly. By the way, you can be written, it is somewhat minor point. With the mantra “Om” and the area between the eyebrows concentration arises ability (if we talk about Yoga of Dreams, however, in some treatises says that in real life as possible, but at the time of dreaming faster) to fly. And he told me how learned to fly. This is a very exciting topic. Here we are sailing in the water. Why water? Because we have an association in the mind, we all swam. And swim and see. Then he learned to fly legs forward. Then he learned to fly upside down. Imagine you stand here and so fly in yoga pose. And then the rest, as they please. That he had a breakthrough: “I decided to fly back to the basics of the universe.” He decided to fly into space, it was very interesting. And he began to practice this practice.

Полет Во Сне

Ill.6. With the help of the mantra Om in the area between the eyebrows, and there is concentration of the ability to fly in a dream


Khichari wise (in translation – walking across the sky) help? In the dream, if you concentrate on Khichari mudra (the area between the eyebrows), then everything goes faster. And so he began to practice and said (by the way, before he seriously studied all the other practices – Pranayama Yoga, Mantra Yoga and others, in terms of the usual yoga there everything was fine), that was the take off vertically. And he began to climb, climb, and went to the state when the mind is not present, and all bathed in the clear light. And he says that the feeling is like in a film about the elusive avengers, when students broke the screen. On the movie screen broadcast, but they started firing slingshots. The film is old, still going in the Soviet years. And the feeling that the whole world sees in bright colors. In yoga, paint Dreams are much more juicy than in real life. And it rises, rises and suddenly – as if it was a screen that shows a movie, and he head it breaks through and comes out in this perfect state, and there is a sense of divinity presence, or your higher self: all bathed in light, all deliberately . And he awoke, and two or three days no one spoke. So strong was his impression of a dream that we even podnapryaglis – but not much if he overdid it in yoga, it is because these things may you never be the limit of the practice, and he was “urine in the head” banged. But then he walked away, completely changed man. Then he went through the dream, and then concrete is not present, there is a sense of something “from above …”. And he returned. And then it was weaker. As if you feel this presence, but could not break with the dreaming in a world without dreams. Because it is the level of the causal body, he is very strong.

What is the conclusion? It confirms the purely axiomatic thing that we looked at before. Once you have gone through this experience that you have a dreamless sleep, but it’s not like we have with you, all the dark veil, we are able to Tamas, and ignorance, the line zips to order, but we do not perceive it. This is also when the cow invite to the cinema to see a blockbuster. It is, of course, will look, but hardly any impressions of this get. Similarly, we, every day we are experiencing it, but like the cow, ask what – we do not know. So, if even a little awareness on the level of sleep without dreams, sleep with dreams in general on “hurray” is.

“Live as if you’re sleeping”

The next point – the waking state. Indeed, a good phrase: “Live as if you’re sleeping.” Not for the reason that you are deceiving yourself or decelerates. And just remember the state that experienced during dreaming and in dreamless sleep, our real life seems to be a slow, gray and dull. A separate issue, though no time to study it – astral paint. We have colors, seven colors of the rainbow. We perceive them as: Camping rainbow, beautiful. And when we rise to the level of the subtle body, the juiciness and brightness of colors in the order of magnitude stronger. That is, the rich, not poisonous green, and the green. If red, it is red, very strong. It is clear that the level of dreamless sleep paint layer disappears, it is a higher level. And when you come back later in the waking state, then all the dull habit, not the same as there. It was easy to understand the granny, who experimented in his old age. Heroic granny was. She also Frontovichka, almost to Berlin did not find a striker. It is clear that it is simply not perceived physical discomfort, because it lived on another spiritual level, compared to him all the physical changes.

A few important notes. We still have a state of transition: we are in the waking state, began in the dream state, further fell to sleep without dreams. Then again we fell into a state of sleep with dreams, and then again – a state of dreamless sleep, and then waking. In the waking state, we can take a nap for a couple of minutes (for example, people at work eaten well and it immediately to sleep for half an hour at the workplace). By the way, it is very useful. Then he woke up and, as a cucumber, completed the entire work cheerfully. Therefore, when trying very hard to regulate a state of sleep and wakefulness, nothing good comes of it. This knowledge of the universe, that there can be tough to talk about? I had another friend – director of the company, he allowed his staff to take a nap, but warned that if the client comes, then everything should be cheerful.

Yoga transition states

There are some yoga dedicated to the transition state. We will only touch on them, but we will not analyze. They come close to such yogis as yoga dying. I remind you of the anecdote about yogis and yogis who have so much common sense, even from the moment of the death benefit are seeking.

Moment of death – a very strange moment. On how successfully we will go, it depends largely on the birth of our future. Virtually, all our life brings us to the moment we die. Just as we will die and be born. Just as a person can be a lifetime approach to the station to go on the train. And he came to the station when he got on the wrong train, it can go the other way. So, this is some important moments in our lives, the nodal point. Sometimes it is very difficult to correctly orient themselves in such important moments. But life gives us a lot of things – it is the moments when we fall asleep and when we wake up.

The transition state in the Tibetan yogis called state of “Bardo”: it is when we are dead, but not yet born, or when we die or when born. When one face of the Absolute, the supreme reality was gone, and there comes another facet. They are distinguished by the finest Maya. Absolute One, the Supreme Reality is one, but something makes us see it as three facets: waking, dreaming state and the state of dreamless sleep. If we learn from the perspective of its internal islands unaffected by using the prana (as prana, we have identified with the help of Pranayama yoga, mantra yoga, some other yogas), from a position of prana we can trace how the transition and learn how to use it, and not to be caught off guard in the state in death.

A similar situation is in a state of Samadhi. We also go out in the fourth state, it is called “Turia”. I always remember that in chess figure called “round.” Also some facet of Maya separates us from Samadhi now. If we have learned to capture the transient things, it is easier to realize Samadhi.

Interaction dream yoga and other yogas

Thus, yoga gives us the widest scope for work with reality. First of all, at this stage of Dream Yoga. Possibility voleizyavlyat, create any scenario of our dreams, and to regain it allows us prodelyvat all sorts of things: walk through walls, fly through the air, down to the smallest size or grow to gigantic.

Then there is another yoga, which is connected to the other section. This Yoga Visualization. A certain attempt to understand that our ego has no relation to our body. The fact that it controls our body, but it is not the cause of the self, that is, the body is not the cause of our higher self becomes possible to create a body. You can make yourself a body as you wish. But in yoga dreams and Visualization in yoga, do yourself also prescribe a variety of bodies, sometimes very strange. Not to mention the fact that you have to do yourself the body, both male and female.

In the dream state you should be able to create myself a body. If you are a man, you should be able to do a woman’s body, if you are female, the male body do with all the physiological details. The soul without sex, and work out the mechanism can only be born into a material body that men, women, and it can be alternated. But it’s a long time. Here, in a dream, all the more quickly. The concept of the self is higher than that of the floor.

Then, there is the possibility to sleep with lucid dreaming to explore the internal structure of the body, which is usually in the waking state, we do not particularly feel. It is well-known channels, chakras, nadis, which are written in the yoga treatises. This, of course, perceived a man who practices yoga is also clear how he feels his gross body, but it takes more time. In the dream state (and will not go away your body structure, it also remains) your gross body is asleep, and the subtle body with all sorts of channels, chakras, all the petals of various lotuses and relevant properties, which are inherent to a particular lobe remain.

This is a very serious issue for self-exploration. You remember, we defined yoga as the science of self-knowledge. And it’s much easier to know yourself, your device during lucid dreaming with the will.

Finally, a very strong factor – is to move all the practices that you have done in the waking state to sleep. That is, you can deal with any yogas (Hatha Yoga, Kriya Yoga, Pranayama yoga) in a state of sleep. And the most interesting – Mantra yoga. Because if the mantra that you’ve been practicing, you are used to, begins to repeat during your sleep, it is still for a long time before you come to lucid dreaming (say, your nightmare: the terrible demons chased, or more prosaic nightmare of our lives), it is possible to destroy a horrible dream by repeating the mantra.

There are terrible nightmares, of which one wants to wake up, but can not. And with the help of yoga mantra practices can destroy this nightmare, not even realizing at times, it was a dream. Sometimes you sleep, you dream a nightmare. You would realize that it is a nightmare and begin to work with it. For example, with the chief monster to say hello and say, “Hey, buddy, how life ?!”. And you did not before. In the dream state you perceive it not as a nightmare, but as a reality. If you think this is a nightmare, then, respectively, and you find yourself in their interpretations under what is called reality. But if you are in their states practiced Mantra Yoga, and you have a reflex (as soon as something is not right in your life, you begin to chant), the most elegant way, you can use this mantra to destroy nightmares. There is a section in Mantra Yoga, which is explained by a better mantra from a nightmare to get rid of. This specifics. If you’ve never practiced yoga mantra, then you these mantras generally useless. If you do not work them in the waking state, the dream state and you do not do anything.

Prophetic dreams

Next time: prophetic dreams, or when we come to the solution of certain problems, or are we dreaming about the future (prophetic dream).

Let’s start with the axioms. Each of us is absolutely free being. Even the most due to human karma there is any grain of free will. The presence of free will is logically denies the existence of a predetermined future in humans. It is impossible that both had free will, and that his whole future life was preordained evil fate. Therefore, the future itself, no, but, unfortunately, have bad karma. And there is a very serious analytical abilities of our mind to calculate the situation beforehand. Moreover, there is a very subtle capacity of our reason, such as intuition, which also receive the result, as well as in the future will receive the result of a quantum computer (without trying all possible results, and directly in response to tumbling). We have this ability is called “intuition.”

If you slip details of his life, the surrounding atmosphere, the living conditions of all-all factors, your intuition is right there can make payment.

You had a dream that you’re a billionaire, and you become them. But it does not because the future is predetermined, so that all your karma have led to this. A portion of the free will of you, of course, can direct to change the trajectory of your karma, but it is always the case, as the struggle between the two forces. If you first voleizyavili go one way, and got the result, and then voleizyavili to go in another direction, that is, made many, many actions have made karma, which leads you to a certain result, and then at the last minute decided to go to the chat the opposite side, there is the struggle begins your own wills. Of course, if there is the possibility of free will to change the path, you change it, you change the future.

If you have a “financial recidivist” (ie one billion dollars, then another, then a third earned), it is clear that your whole life is built as a machine for making money. Willy nilly, you continue to receive this money. You know how they say that money stick to your hands: what would such a person does not come from, it all turns out. Because the previous fifty lives he has worked the mechanism of making that now everything is on autopilot.

Therefore, a prophetic dream, which says to us about the future – it’s analytical calculation that can be. Moreover, this calculation came from the highest level of performance of our minds quickly, without thinking, but it is not the finger of fate that only and nothing else. Otherwise, the universe would have collapsed. Do you remember what I each of us is free, but we are conditioned by karma, which they themselves have created. Therefore, you need to refer to any kind of “potustoronschine” a bit of humor, constructive and detached. Of course, we have to analyze everything that gives us the universe in the waking state, in a state of sleep without dreams and be able to sleep with dreams. Only question is, how we use it, but that’s another conversation.

Initiation into yoga

Under the curtain of the seminar I would like to voice a topic such as dedication. Of course, all of our classes, workshops, lectures, we lay out in open access. Of course, all this you can download, view, and see and there is a very big favor, a very great deal of sense. This should be done, sometimes to revise, test yourself several times. But you have to understand that yoga – is not only a verbal knowledge that can be recorded on audio, video or printed in the book. Yoga – it is also the presence of a certain sverhlogichnogo channel, channel continuity or, as we say, Clouds School.

All that is announced, you can read, and visit the Cloud without the personal presence of the School in any way, and no one has ever been able to. One minute private stay in the Cloud School, or visit of a seminar, lecture, sometimes worth several read books, sometimes even the smartest. Provide Cloud School during a particular class, seminar, lecture, it means set the channel with teachers and teacher, have survived to the tradition of the School with all exercises.

Once this happens, the most magical invisibly begin to eliminate interference in the way of practice, which begins to learn or to practice some form of yoga. Of course, at the Open University of Yoga we try to do it. Let me tell you a little secret, make it enormously difficult. In all sorts of karmic reasons to do it too often, or to order, or on demand, we can not, although I would have liked. Therefore, I urge you to never neglect the personal receipt of various instructions about a particular practice. Even if you have ten minutes find yourself in the Cloud School during a particular class, practice, it is sometimes the most magically being completed the parts that you might miss. And then if you watch or listen to this or other seminars, they will be perceived by you on the order of magnitude stronger.

This is the part of yoga, which is non-verbal and is rooted in sverhlogichnost. Yogi and Yogini have the knowledge of antiquity, how to deal with it, of course, they gave it to us. How it works, I do not personally know. Of course, I have some arguments according axioms yoga position, some views. Some provisions seem to me beautiful, but it’s my guess, and to understand them, I do not have time. But I know exactly what personal presence at a particular seminar – a lion’s share of success in the practice of this or that yoga. And it is not because I am here celestial possessing abilities. Nothing of the sort, I average person, which we all, but like the postman who brings the message, and also the message I bring. Without the postman letters do not reach. Therefore, it is not I a saint, it is a blessing of the School and the channel which forms the atmosphere at the time of the various classes.

To has not turned so that the yoga we will be studied in books and films, is also very important to prepare the applicants. But with some frequency it is very important personal presence, just being in the general field.

It is no secret that such yoga, yoga Dreams – it’s aerobatics in comparison with such yogis from which a person begins the path (Hatha Yoga, etc.). This is why we started this workshop, you will remember, where over the top of my head, we meditated on the teacher and teachers, we have survived to this higher knowledge. I remind you that we are mentally addressed to ensure that the teachers help us to understand this knowledge, and inspired us to success.

This is something elusive. Inspiration – a guarantee of success. Whatever you may be the karmic situation, it will be solved much easier than if it does not. So those of you who today was at a seminar before you start practicing these or other elements of the dream yoga, it makes sense to you before the start of practice to carry out a mental message to all teachers and teacher of yoga, have survived to this ancient knowledge. Believe me, it is quite sane, decent, pleasant in every respect and understanding people. But, roughly speaking, to help or inspire you to a proper understanding they will be only in one case – if you voleizyavite turn to them, no one and nothing will not impose on you.

Hope at Absolute Yoga in Dreams

Also, there is some fundamental principle of all yoga or core engine of all yoga practice – it is the nature of our universe, it is the supreme Absolute, ultimate reality that surrounds us. Therefore, if you practice yoga Dreams, it makes sense from the perspective of the axioms of the macrocosm appeal to you the Absolute surrounding him to help you to realize itself as in the waking state and the dream state, and in a state of sleep without dreams.

Accordingly, you should adjust themselves to the sense of (let’s say you went to bed with the intention of practicing these practices), as if you were not in bed, but as if you were surrounded by Absolute everywhere and cushion the Absolute, and the bed, Absolut, and Mat on the floor – too absolute, and neighbors who do not give to sleep, too, the Absolute. That is, you have to tune to another wave. Before that we have considered everything from the perspective of Microcosmos, which advocated the foundation of our self, by which reproduced the island untouched, prana, different sexual practices, Pranayama yoga, mantra yoga … But do you rely on your Ya That same yoga dreams with all the highest results, which we talked about, you can start with the other pole: not with himself but with the universe.

МИКРОкосмос и МАКРОкосмос

Ill.7. The microcosm and the macrocosm

I remind you axiomatic: techniques may be different, but lead to a single result. This approach, when you trust in the Absolute, and take heed, that he brought you on the state of consciousness, as in the waking state and the dream state, and in a state of sleep without dreams – it is also the greatest method. If you save odnovkusovost all these states, if you understand that in waking you perceive the Absolute, and being able to sleep without dreams you perceive the Absolute, and in the dream state the same Absolute, that as a starting point you choose the most Absolute or their recollection of the Absolute. That is, here you remembrance of its manifestations in the form of prana, which rests in your self, and you are, therefore, rests on the Self through the prana. And here is hope for the Absolute, so he took care of you and ran through all the difficulties of self-awareness in these states, as well as help to overcome all fears, nightmares.

So you are trying to reach the Absolute through the waking state, through the state of dreaming and through the state of dreamless sleep. And, of course, this method is completely different, but it leads to the same result – you will come to a state of consciousness during sleep, to the same ability to manage sleep during dreams, create a script or sleep themselves, their bodies. And then there is another very serious going on. You try to apprehend the Absolute through the form that you would like to see which is most close to you, to somehow communicate with the Absolute through this form.

As you remember from the axioms of yoga, Absolute comes to us through the form that you want to see or that you could most easily get in touch. Here we have such branches that go off one – Visualization in yoga, the other – to yoga lovers. As for Visualization Yoga, and there you are just as inviting endless appear in final form, as in yoga Love even more grandiose.

You remember that, according to the yoga concept of love, we fall in love only when there is higher (higher self girl, or the Absolute shines through this girl). Therefore, Yoga Visualization so mated with yoga lovers that if you are expecting the highest love, invite her to come to you in a lucid dream. Invite Graduate come to this state. In fact, college, and so is trying to come to us and in the waking state. But everything here is rough, rather, we are rough, and not being able to see it. There, in a dream, it’s easier to see. Well, if you practice yoga more distinct from yoga lovers, the higher invite to come to you in the form of Teachers and teacher of yoga, have survived to this tradition and try to talk to them, ask them to teach you yoga.

After all, what I do here and our other teachers at the Open University of Yoga? In fact, we are repeaters, intermediaries between people who study yoga and those teachers and teacher who was told this yoga. Our task cease to be a mediator, that each of you can communicate directly without someone could translate into plain language. The case is very thin (to communicate directly with the Supreme without anyone’s mediation). Otherwise it is the substitution of your freedom, and freedom in the yoga sacred. It can be very difficult to just sit down and tune to the teacher and yoga teacher. To do this, and it is necessary from time to time be in the Cloud School to remember this condition in the future, before practice, inside it as a play. It is this situation, but on the part of the axioms of the macrocosm.




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