2007.11.03 Dream Yoga. (Vadim Zaporozhtsev).

Today, November 3, 2007, my name is Vadim Zaporozhtsev, I teach yoga.


Today our theme is “Dream Yoga.”


      Let’s start in order: the so – we are asleep; someone sleeps a lot, someone sleeps little. Someone says that he sleeps 4 hours a day, and full of energy, and someone says that sleeps 12 hours and just full of energy – and vice versa. That is, the fact that we sleep, we face every day, every certain period of time, and sometimes we hear vague, mysterious rumors that somewhere far away in the mountains, not in our area, living or that person, that does not sleep for 40 years or so. This leads us to tenderness, confusion, but somehow this all ends.

     So – this is our ability as sleep is very important for recuperation. It is worth a little nap – and a man comes in nervous excitement, but then still takes its nature and people disabled.

      We remember that there are many manifestations of human life – as there are areas of yoga.

     Very frequently asked question – how many there are areas of yoga? – That’s as much as there are manifestations of human life – so many directions!

And in the end – because there is such a thing as a dream, that is, and this yoga – yoga of dreams.


      To this day survived several branches of yoga.

      They are independent of each other. One, quite powerful branch – she remained in Tantric Buddhism, that is, Buddhism is not a classic time of Gautama Buddha, and in the Tantric (times after Nagarazhduny), ie when there were already all directions Tibetan yogi – the famous 6 Yogas of Naropa.

      One of the Yogi is just the yoga of dreams. Other branches sohnanilis purely on the basis of the Hindu, ie there are several other accents. There is a yoga dream such accents, which is closer to the teachings of Advaita Vedanta (the study is sufficiently close to Ajnana yoga). Well, actually, in other yoga schools preserved this teaching. Therefore, before analyzing something on the basis of books on the subject (books are now very much), we must remember that a few different accents.

      Therefore, to have had no confusion about the very basic core of this yoga, I’ll start from the beginning, with the axiomatics.

So – next axiomatic – our I, as you know, manifests itself through our body, through our senses, and sees everything that goes on outside, all the processes that take place outside or inside our bodies. But they are in relation to our I’m outside. So now, in modern psychology have such terms – the outside world, the inner world, the inner structure of experiences, etc. All that is external to our I yoga standpoint. Because it is and I have our true inner peace.

       Everything else – by definition, outside.

The outside world – is the one with which we face every day in the street; the outside world – is, oddly enough – we have the experience and sensations. Sometimes a person closes his eyes and sees a clear or some obscure intricacies of desire, some reflexes, etc .; begin introspection, feeling – that’s “in my heart dark” or “light in my soul,” or person says “I can not understand his inner world” or more paramount – internal or external world. Let us once again will be more and more clearly axiomatic approach to yoga – all that is our self, all outward!

      So when you close your eyes and feel in some subconscious thoughts and images that feel desire, then yoga point of view – it is also external, as well as the outside world outside of our bodies.

      It’s great to facilitate explanation of all yogas, including yoga and dreams.

So, our experience I received. Experience it receives, by interacting with the outside world. It is the outside world, the outside world outside of our bodies and the outside world inside our body, which is still external to our I. And all of this together, all this conglomerate called the universe, the feeling from our experience.

      In yoga, it argues that there is a reality. What is reality? This is what it actually is. In contrast to what we perceive through the senses, through the analysis of our mind. So here’s what we perceive – it is often an illusion, which stretched over a frame of reality. Here recall a lecture about the Maya; those. Maya – this is a kind of illusion, which does not allow us to see how everything is in the real world. But the reality is still there. Moreover, the reality is one, single reality. No 2, 3, or 5 realities.

      But the reality is, in fact its real form, we perceive only in one case – if we reach the state of Samadhi, or the superconscious, as it is called. This is the ultimate goal of yoga – to grasp the reality, to see the reality, uncomplicated Maya, ie, to our senses, our senses, our internal experiences, our previous experience do not distort this reality.

      And we remember that distortions are everywhere. They go outside – advertising, where one concept is replaced by another, and so on, is our senses (look at one thing and perceive more), it may be some experience (know – there is a saying once scalded milk – on water when the wind blows) often our response to the outside world is the result of some past experience. here we had, for example, some negative experiences, and then some new comes, new life situation, as we habitually think this is the same film)

     Ie, distorted our perception of the world. And so we do not see reality.

And we will not see until we reach the state of enlightenment. Yoga leads us to it.

State of enlightenment, we see only in the event that we are able to look through the veil of maya.

But here enters into force other fundamental law of yoga – axiomatic that says that every point of space and time, every second potential is enlightenment. Here we have gathered here today – here it is space and time, so here enlightenment! The fact that we do not fall into this state, only says that we are in illusion. Thus, it appears the next thing – that the balance of enlightenment, it is stored, but we do not see this enlightenment. We see the reality of today, but our mind, our senses perception is partially “cut.”


       The sharp imbalance. And this dramatic imbalance compensated by the fact that people turn flows into the three states: waking, dream and dreamless sleep. And here are 3 of these conditions together, they would complement each other and give us an opportunity not to break away from reality. If a person does not give to be in one of these states – this balance is disturbed and the person dies. If a person is not allowed to sleep for a long time – he dies.

Same as though his dreams without dreams. There are no dreams without dreams, nightmares are eternal or everlasting bodstvovanie with these nightmares. In one of these states – either, if it falls, the person can not live long and die. Again, there are many such cases of life – I sometimes hear people say – and I do not dream! Here I go to bed, wake up, and I do not dream. And it seems that the person is really missing this phase or stage of sleep with dreams. In fact it is not. Just a man does not remember those dreams. They are so fast sometimes slip that he did not even realize those dreams. Moreover – there are states when it seems the man that he did not sleep, but in reality he was asleep. You know, that’s the state of “sleep with your eyes open” is probably familiar to those who served in the army, or is familiar with the drill, when a soldier put near the post number 1 – he has produced the ability to sleep with your eyes open, that is, eyes open, outwardly he seems to be adequate, and in fact he was asleep. The fact that the ability to come when we find ourselves on a long time in some such terrible conditions of pressure, and sometimes sleep phases become invisible to us, we do not perceive them.

     Again, if we analyze the achievements of science in this field, in the field of dreams – there are all sorts of rhythms of the brain, the different phases of sleep, etc. But I do not consciously want to do now bind to science, because you remember – we have this unwritten rule – we, the bread of scientists, doctors and religious leaders, were not selected. That is, each activity itself is good. Yoga complements these activities, and all this activity complements yoga. Still, it is somewhat different approaches to life.

So, there are three states which alternate with each other, passing one another, and if this chain, this dance is destroyed, then the person has a tendency to die.

      Why? Because the balance is disturbed perception of reality.

Man can not perceive reality, but does not take it, he can not. There is a terrible imbalance in all its internal structures, thin structures. All there is torn as a result of this leads to the fact that begins to crumble has a physical body and nothing good is not the end, as a rule. Again, people sometimes fall into a lethargic sleep, and, as you know, a long time to be in a lethargic sleep impossible, and even if the person is artificially fed, etc., it is still that there is a limit. But we’re not talking about that even we of yoga itself.


     And in addition to these three, there is the fourth state – the state only known to the yogis who have reached the level of Samadhi. Here in the state of Samadhi people like to simultaneously collect three of these states, and it does not need to have these states individually. Because he has a fourth, which directly illuminates the reality.


      And therefore, when you hear the stories about that somewhere high in the mountains, not in our area there is a man who for 40 years have not slept, then, most likely, perhaps only two options: the first option – it is just sleeping with open eyes, or a person who is in Samadhi.

      More options Yoga theory leaves us. If a person who is in samadhi, you have to run to the man, to fall at his feet and ask to become a teacher, no matter how high in the mountains, he did not live. Well, if a person is in such border states, it could be an interesting case for psychiatrists, physicians, etc., but from the point of view of yoga, he is of no interest.

Now directly touch on Dream Yoga. In the dream state, we opened another facet of reality. Therefore, once axiomatically – what we see in a dream – of course, partly inspired by the fact that they had seen during the day, but on the other hand – we see some fundamentally new face, the one that in the waking state, we would never see. We traveled like that in the waking state our mind cut and discarded as useless.

      Reason at all in this respect a good thing – it is something that is not understood, cuts and throws. But it can not exist for a long time, because accumulated volume of certain experiences and feelings, sometimes very vague (in the psychology of all this work is called the subconscious), but from the point of view of yoga is just information, experiences, feelings, energy. This balance must be restored.

     So, in the waking state, we can do a lot of other yogas: Hatha Yoga, and many others, but that is our part of life, which falls on the state of sleep, dreaming and dreamless sleep, just falls under the application of Yoga Dreams. And then these yoga gives us a wide enough tools, ie the number of instruments. What can you do? Unfortunately, in our today’s lecture, we can not touch on all of these instruments, so I’m very fast and very casually point out the basic direction. Very superficially, because No time for that, and we usually consider the seminars.


      The very first, how to begin Yoga of Dreams – is a fundamental re-evaluation of the condition. Unit is equally serious about everything with which he is confronted in the waking state, as well as to with which he is confronted in the dream state. If something a man had a dream, you can dismiss this by hand, but can be very serious consideration, or at least make some appropriate conclusions.

Immediately warn you – because Now all there is information about the Yoga of Dreams, all fall into the paranoid fear of dreams: here is something I dreamed the horror, etc. As in the joke: “Doctor, I die” – “Of Course” question – when? Thus, any information, any response can lead us into confusion and bullying, if we set up this confusion, and at the same time helps us to solve large-scale mass karmic clues and hiccups, a lot of karmic load scatter. The fact is that sometimes we do not get rid of your karma, not because we do not want to get rid of it, but we just can not imagine what it is. Somehow, it’s natural to exist from day to day, from life to life, and that behind the heavy bag, to which just need to lend a hand, and it will fall, we do not guess.


     Similarly, with dreams. We do not guess that there are a huge number of tools that allow us to use this state in order to self-development. So, it all starts with awareness of the importance of dreams. Awareness of the importance begins with the axiom, of which I spoke – in relation to our I’m outwardly – and what you saw in a dream, and what you are waking up, met on the street – from the point of view of the self – it – two completely the same external situation. Accordingly, the attitude towards them should be the same. Then begins an interesting – and this is a more practical issues – is the awareness of dreaming, techniques that allow you to develop an approach that you realize a dream that you are asleep and do not wake up Usually when a person realizes that he is asleep – he immediately wakes up. In yoga, there is a set of tools that allow us to reach this state, without waking up. Then, as soon as this state is reached, it opens a wide range of different-different instruments that will use the fact that you are asleep and waking up to the fact that you are asleep and do not wake up at the same time. And it allows you to use all sorts of meditative practices, all kinds of practices Mantra-yoga, and other practices of other yogas -. Yantra Yoga, etc. There is possible to apply the skills of other yogas, but in a dream. Qualitatively different state. It is the other great and exciting results.

Finally, a higher stage – a clear awareness of the indivisibility of the experience of a higher reality in the state of sleep or dreams.


      Many of you read the clever sayings – refers to sleep as well as the reality and to reality, as for bed. Beautiful symmetrical phrases. You can shine in the company, but few people realize and practice it really is. It’s like slogans that sound beautiful and actually full of meaning, but not everyone understands this meaning. So this sense begins to unfold only after you have already established themselves in the Yoga of Dreams. That’s when you start to open up and cross-linking of the world.

      Cutline – ie where you maya cheating. You know, when the film is removed, the decorations do, beautiful 2 hero, and in the background the ancient city, but in reality, nothing of the ancient city, but there is just a big, big paintings, and they painted the city, but because it is far, it seems that it is a reality. In fact, no reality there. This pieces of something, and there is cross-linking between them. These cross-linking can just escape from Maya, ie, to understand where we are deceived, to understand where the weak point in this deception, to find it and use it to get out from under this deception, dissipate Maya. And remember that any yoga, in general, it comes down to overcoming Yoga Maya.




      Question: “What determines how much a person needs to sleep?”

Answer: “A heavy question. In short – something everyone is so individual … I am constantly in the nose slip some interesting papers that the Yogi must get up at 4 o’clock in the morning, etc. Perhaps this is the case in India, and sleep it must accordingly much. few. But you should represent yourself lifestyle Yoga in India. This patriarchal country where only large cities that something has changed in recent years, and in the villages for the last 300 years, nothing has changed. Life is calm and measured – that there’s no stress, no hustles to you on the subway or on the street, no hassle. Know yourself meditate and continue in a calm like this. Accordingly, it takes less nervous energy and requires less recovery time.

      Now we take our own, so to speak, a single that works, and on the other hand comes in and is engaged in yoga. This is the classic combination of normal for this time. So he sometimes spends energy for as long as there is the whole village Indian spends a week. Such a person spends as much energy per day. So let’s not be discounted that you live, in fact, in place sufficiently aggressive energy, inofrmatsionno by pressure, according to many factors. Here thoughts revolve completely different. Very harsh, we here in general, is life.

      If we consider it in the higher plane of thought, thought-forms, then what the vast majority of thinking? About how they live badly! And you bathe in dirty water these thoughts. It is clear that you are a yogi who understands what it’s all an illusion, but it is still davleet you. So sometimes you get tired very much. And sometimes you sleep very long. Therefore, whenever I come to deal with people, I say the same phrase: “You have lived a normal life? Here you sleep as you slept? So keep as much sleep! “

     Someone 6:00 asleep, someone 12 That’s how it was, so let be it. All must come naturally. And the most annoying when on TV, or even where, people are starting to boast about – that I am good, I sleep only 4 hours a day. This is reminiscent of the same soldier – the remaining 4 hours, he sleeps with his eyes open at the desk. Why deceive ourselves and others? All begin to be under it. A person, for example, pranayama yoga practice? – He has the nerves to the limit, such processes go … He would sleep and rest, and he was an example of the Himalayan yoga! And it must also conform to the image!

And many have dropped themselves in practice before. In yogic practice. It’s this mindless, clepym copying.

      So the answer to this question is simple – sleep much sleep! The time will come and he will understand the body, where it is necessary to add, subtract and where necessary. “

Question: “Last time, when I go in and start Shavasana meditate, then fall into a borderline state between consciousness and sleep.”


Answer: “In fact, there are different yoga, which are close to the dream yoga That has recently become known for Yoga Nidra, ie Yoga is a kind of borderline state between waking and sleeping Everyone every night and morning it feels This… state of falling asleep and waking up. Because This cross-linking, it built on many different practices and approaches. and Yoga is considered to be a subspecies of Dreams, and in some it is allocated a separate species in some schools Nidra. How is it really? Most likely both convenient to assume so. Therefore, I would attribute it to the Dream Yoga.

This border state of transition from the perception of reality to this new world, where we transform our desires, lust, ie, by lust, you can understand a little more aggressive desire. And it all goes from one state to another. But, in fact, sometimes dreams of being finished emotionally.

Again, if you touched Tantra Yoga: woman sleeping with her beloved young men and at the same time, she dreams of another young man or a young man sleeping with my girlfriend, and he, at the same time, another dream girl. Such scenarios may be as much as necessary. Our psychologists immediately branded it all and tried to understand. In the end, it turned out even worse. In fact, it is such a transoms. It was just on the Internet such a question about the laws of the 4 and 5. Since time it was very similar. Therefore, the set opens the work tools on these transitions. “


Question: “How to achieve lucid dreaming?”


Answer: “We usually do this anymore at seminars Just when I start to explain, it may be boring to others This is a very long time indeed More precisely it is not that long in itself, but the preparation – it is quite… long Because usually a man, when he becomes aware of itself during sleep (and sometimes nightmares, is just a dream) -. it has a tendency to wake up But as soon as it is this awareness and little by little it is necessary to. sum it to state that he has learned to circumvent this failure.

Question: “How serious is your school line refers to the arrival of the concept in the dreams of different creatures, such as the dakini?”


      Answer: “As for the Dakini and all the pantheon of such creatures – there is certainly a different face. There’s not necessarily Dakini must come in a dream. If again honor the classics, you’ll see that adpty secret sciences are constantly met dakinis in my real life, in a state of waking. Therefore, this issue extends to general practice.

      As for the other things, it is difficult to answer, because there may be some other creatures that we do not see in wakefulness, but only able to perceive them only in a state of sleep. At the same time there is a certain look during wakefulness, which eludes us during sleep. But strictly speaking, living beings are vast. The fact that we are living beings in the form in which we are and that the other does not happen – it is a delusion!

      Because … Well, that’s what we like? We – a bundle of energy, imbued with consciousness. Consciousness is the vortex of energy. And imagine, this is smerchik, but super-consciousness keeps it … The food came, digested, gone … So, these vortices do not have to be out of the rough material. They can be made of thin material. And just to show through with the wind of consciousness. Accordingly, the expanded view of the living beings. Again, for some reason always this is due to some negative. Always trying to intimidate us. What sort of have any malicious invisible beings such as vampires, etc., that can come in and cause harm. That’s what I do not like. This is an attempt to intimidate. And thus – zazombirovat.

      All that makes you weaker, says yoga, it is necessary to discard. Drop the fear, drop everything. Any thing that can catch you and, accordingly, in this story to hook you where to this thing, not you, should be discarded. Any knowledge. Here you encounter with knowledge of subtle energy beings. Usually faced with people who study this subject and there are more negatives than positives. Do not you need it! Will you long to explore the world of ghosts – he’ll be a ghost! And in terms of – what we think, and we go there!

        But generally speaking, this is an interesting topic for practice. “

Q: “Not bad if constantly in a state of happiness?”


        Answer: “First of all, our will to be happy – it is indeed the first step, but the second step – our negative karma has not been canceled. The Law of Karma is not canceled by the fact that we have decided not to make further stupidity. If we had the will to live and suffer, and then one morning we voleizyavili live and not suffer the consequences of previous acts no one has canceled. Here we lived five lives in a row and aching – and the habit of whining like a flywheel unwound. This habit has brought us to a state of extreme pessimism, which led us to some kind of spiritual quest and the steps we are faced with Raja Yoga, and Raja Yoga tells us that we must first make a decision – all! Stop whining! But the consequences of the previous whining will be a long, long time around us. We must make a decision and to work for the elimination of the previous negative karma. “


      Question: “If a person has reached the fact that he is happy to have – whether it’s bad”


      Answer: “These questions are easiest to answer from the perspective of the axioms of yoga. Axiomatics of yoga says that concepts such as pain and suffering – does not exist. Just as there is no darkness at all. Darkness – is the absence of light. According to the teachings of yoga natural state – a state of joy, happiness and delight in the most extreme manifestation of them. Because if you were at some training on yoga and you opened it for a moment this state, it is not because there was something brought, and thanks to the fact that something inside opened. Therefore recognize the pain and suffering, and say that here is not whether they will be offended – it is, in fact – pure Maya, illusion. It is as if a shadow has taken offense at the light for what it is. And the shadow is not there. We have already touched on this issue, that each of us will certainly feel the pain, is another question – why? Where does it come from? Let me remind you – our pain – this is where our pleasure potency by means of Maya is divided in half and faced their foreheads. This condition is called pain. We suffocate his own song.

      So who like to suffer – why not, but never in my life any real masochist never met. Even if one wanted to suffer in one thing – he got some secret perverse pleasure from another.

This payment. That’s all he showed that he wants to suffer, and in fact some convoluted mechanism for internal disclosure of enjoyment present. Very cunning mechanism. In the physical it is rare.

      This is mainly mental. Here is a man whining, for example, he loves. Why? Because somewhere in the background as if it creates a negative background, and with this background the looks in good condition and it gives him some joy. Maybe!

     So, the present one does not seek to suffering. Even if you meet someone who speaks – I aspire to suffering! Well … I would like to see such a person. Although there is no! But generally speaking, it’s interesting – and what is on while living?

      Prolongation of life – this is again some of the enjoyment. Without any share of pleasure produced by the body begins to disintegrate. It’s like a Raja Yoga – every cell as an employee: stop paying him, he immediately quit. And on the physical level – the body disintegrates.


      Question: “What does it mean when a dream fulfilled desires?”

Answer: “There are a complicated tangle. Karma, as we understand it, is at the level of the physical, at the level of reason, is a conglomerate of karma, when the physical produces mental and mental – physical. The dog looks at the whip and his side feels like it this whip beaten. This is when the reaction thought to give rise to the physical layer. And there are combinations. The worst combination – a combination of causal and subtle with the gross physical. This is the worst combination. This is the worst tangles karma, very negative and very hard with them to do anything. Jealousy, for example. Jealousy, it is also not realized. It occurs suddenly – and all.

      So, if we practice austerity and these desires as if executed, it suggests that we dug very deep into the fine. And this is a very good field to work – here they have shown themselves enemies. So, I imagine it is scheduled, it is just me and … well, as they say – the cat from home – click in the dance. Just for a moment, I looked at the reality of the other side, and then just dance just such things. This is a very good point for the analysis, with one hand. We may say to ourselves that we do not want that … When asceticism intentional – I currently scheduled – I will do – is one thing, but there is asceticism “for the company” – that’s when everyone thinks, and I think they are such -neosoznanny asceticism. So accepted way of life … All I have to suffer and suffer. All whine what life is bad, and I mean. It is at the level of the physical. And here is a very good time for introspection honesty. Because the background here is not lying. And if we have set ourselves … again this is a continuation of austerity, but transferred to the dream yoga. Like subdivision. There are certain there are some recommendations. And so do not be surprised.

In general, the most important in yoga accelerating principle – if you want to very quickly go by yoga, you have to learn one thing – honesty with yourself! Not with others! And do not tear his vest and say – blame, etc. World complex and sometimes their honesty, we will cause a lot of harm to living beings. But by with a very good habit – to be honest, to analyze his every deed. And sometimes we are so rooted in dishonesty with ourselves that we do not even have thoughts that we can be dishonest. And here sleep with dreams and the state of dreamless sleep sometimes shows us what to look out for. Very valuable state. Therefore, again and again the same carefully evaluate everything that happens to us in the waking state in the same way as in the dream state.

Question: “If you see the nightmares – it means bad karma”


       A: “On one hand and, on the other side is not. It is difficult to say. I had a friend of a yogi, because he told me once complained about – you know, at night I see the nightmare is the same: I see myself a soldier, literally everyone I cut throats. One and the same haunting dream that he was all killing. In life, he was not aggressive, not hurt a fly, but now the dream. It was very strange for him. And here it is very difficult to say anything. Maybe it’s the reaction of previous karma, is it unraveling some very difficult karma, so many twists and it is very difficult to say, interpreted – whether it’s bad – it kills in a dream, or is it a good thing. In each case it is necessary to analyze. And most interesting is that the external review, as a rule, does not help. Only the inside. No one can come into your karma. Nobody saw you 5 lifetimes ago. Therefore, all very ambiguous. Even in a dream the perfect good or bad deed,

it’s like everything else in this world is very complex and it is necessary to understand the pre-history, etc. then life is difficult to understand: you say the truth, and the life of man spoil, remain silent and look – he corrected himself. You know it’s psychologists have such a principle – it is not necessary to focus on his human shortcomings. He starts them cycle begins offended – I – a piece of the absolute, and I then someone says how to behave! How do I want and am! And if when he is clearly saying is caused by a very complex process of protest. And people in the protest cycle, rather than on what he indicated. And sometimes it’s true, on the one hand, there just is actually very subtle lies and harm. And sometimes, that someone asked about tantra-Ananda, there is such an allegorical text – guru ever drink, always in the company of girls, but for the student is the most holy man: Guru drinks – how well he somathi! The student begins to interpret everything in terms … that he saw in this man as a guru and he himself has not led, student care. He decided You want to be a guru – you will! It is the power of the Self begins to open. Very wise text psychologically. Therefore, even tough we analyze their actions in real life, and only when it is in the dream begins …. The only thing that sometimes when you have to get rid of some terminals, we compress the inside and just from this and often wake up.

Here we just talk now developing into a workshop. Sometimes we compress and wake up, because any reality opened, but we are not so ready to accept that the internal reaction – adrenaline and we wake up in a cold sweat. It’s a lot of nuances with which we must learn to work.

11. In the dream, dream of myself, but if I do not have in dreams. As a movie. Is it possible to somehow use it?


Use of course can and should be, but in this case I can not answer. It is difficult to me. The specifics should be dealt. Only now can the general principles set forth. But in each case should be dealt with separately. And even if I were the most prominent expert on dream yoga, in your previous karma I can not jump. It is a mystery to all. because now that we are born with no memory of such a reality, then it’s for something it was not. Still, the main emphasis – on the self.


12. How do you feel about the recollection under hypnosis?


Unfortunately, very little is familiar with the topic. Therefore, there can hardly something to comment on.


No more questions.

Then we continue to talk about the axioms of yoga. Axioms – this is something on which everything is built. It’s like a first-grader to the multiplication table. And it may at first do not understand something and you have to memorize, and then repeats, and then begins to realize. We are in the same situation. Some things we hear for the first time, some have heard before. But as we start something to practice, come to an understanding and skills. So, yoga axiomatic – this is why yoga begins. And it’s something that is repeated many times until not resist and did not subside, do not be fixed in his head. At the last workshop, we talked about the will. Let me remind you – will this part within us, which is higher than the Maya, higher than consciousness and higher than the energy. It makes a person will eventually reach higher states. Sometimes it is given such a fundamental issue – Well, I go, I to class, doing hatha yoga, do all that is necessary, yes, I get a nice strong body, yes, I train the mind, yes, I open the ability, and sometimes super powers, but it eventually plane. The plane of our world. And here we are called to something completely over, to the state somadhi that is higher, so high that nothing about it can not be said in words. Words and concepts are lower than this state. Buddha is usually silent and smiling. And all the questions about enlightenment – how is it? – He was silent and smiled. He gave methods to come to this state, but did not try to explain it. Because there are no words. This is how to explain the concept of sour, sweet or bitter for a person who did not eat anything.

So, there is a fundamental question – why do we do the physical, mental, we do, we even focus their higher power, but they lead to a state of infinitely more supreme. How does this happen? And it happens in terms of the axioms of yoga, only one reason, we voleizyavlyaem achieve this state.

Good question was – if you want to be happy – the most important thing to start make the decision to be happy, well then, for a long time to work in this direction. But the first – to take a decision. Therefore, in yoga about the way it goes. At first you heard of this transcendent state, once read the first book on yoga, or someone in a past life to practice yoga, one morning woke up and said to myself – there is something there! Words can not say, but I feel. And we are responsible voleizyavlyaem move in this direction. And we do not know what to do, do not know where to go. We do not know of any practices or techniques,

We do not know the dream yoga or hatha-yoga or any other yoga at all. But we already have the will to move in this direction. This is the first. It will lead us to the ultimate goal. Why? Again, axiomatically – will is that we inherited from the absolute. Each of us, if we consider how what we really are, it is a piece of the absolute. Will we went to him and, therefore, the will has created this whole world. Will created all variety of objects and phenomena on this planet, in the universe, in our inner space, our inner experiences. All this was once created by the contact themselves. Then, at some point, we have not really liked it and we start to rebuild all this and move on. But it was the will is established and it will bring us to a higher level. All the rest is a combination of consciousness and energy. Weak my consciousness like an ant on his nose did not see, but if I voleizyavlyayu me to have a strong mind, it is my will, sooner or later. Weak I in terms of energy, but I voleizyavlyayu increase its manifestation and everything else starts to work in this direction. Therefore, the most important thing that must be guided by one in yoga axiomatic – this is will. And a good way to apply the will – it is to be honest with myself, constantly analyze their motivation, to call a spade a spade, not a judge inside. And then, do not have time to say something, like starting to have either justify or blame – a bad habit. Unit can not be justified and does not scold, he simply makes a choice. So again, it is necessary to voleizyavit that such a scenario is born within us. In the future, we are starting to increase the consciousness and energy through the will. And sooner or later, it is through our will, to go into a state of thoughtlessness, it allows us to reach a level higher than the level of the mind.

And you remember that until we are at the level of the mind – we are limited. The mind is limited and we are limited. We need to rise above the level of the mind. How prepodnyatsya? – We do not even know for what to catch. In raja yoga it was a lead – will. Will – the rope by which we can crawl to our self, to rise above the mind and look at it from a height. Accordingly, if we come out of his actions, we are able to manage it. So if we want the body of perfection, if we want perfection of thought, if we want to perfect skills and advanced super-powers, the very first thing you should see – it will in this direction.

      Without it, even if a random combination of practice, you will achieve some breakthroughs, it will be temporary and the fact you come back again to where you return. Many people in our country who eat mushrooms, sniffing dope, etc. -. They are in principle not able to reach a state of super-consciousness, the level at which this consciousness can be controlled. Emission wave for a second – and then back into the same depths and deeper.

      It has become fashionable to carry out all sorts of experiments with an alternative perception – such as LSD, etc. It’s all a lie! Why? – You will be as if standing on a little piece of mind that none of chemistry does not take. As long as you stand on it, you can not manage it. You have to rise above it. And it is precisely this opportunity you have! This feature – will.

      Will higher than consciousness and energy. What is the reason? – It is, after all, the combination of energy and consciousness in a very subtle manifestations. We are on the rope will rise above the mind and begin to manage it, control your body, etc. That is the only way of yoga. Anything else will lead you to a complete standstill with time. At the same time, without anything at all, you will not do.

And yet … we will not have concepts such as adjectives. We can not say strong willed or weak will. We can not say that will take some space. We can not talk about free will, even from the standpoint of time. Will – a timeless thing. Therefore, the will – is something that has been with us always is with us always. This is something that does not rely on anything, including at a time. Accordingly, to go beyond the world, beyond the space-time continuum – this is what we call yoga – ie achieve a state of Samadhi, and this can only be applied will.


       Therefore, I urge you on this stage axiomatic not forget.

You are engaged in Hatha yoga. There are 2 methods: the method of energy and the method of consciousness – where you have to force yourself, but there, and there will – the joy of fulfillment and joy of overcoming himself. If any practice done under the control of the will, this practice over and over again lifts us higher and higher into the beyond. If this is done without awareness of this factor, in the practice of yoga it takes longer. This should be remembered.

Question: “How to organize your home in the style of yoga?”


       Answer: “Generally speaking, what we think of tradition and some ceremonies, or some kind of action – it is actually a very thin yoga practice. So thin, so thin they set up our mind, our attitude …

      Again, remember the axioms – consider this section as an associative connection. Maya gave birth or is the basis of associative connections and all enmeshed associative. Therefore, if we place beside her items, which we have set up this way – it significantly helps us to harmonize the place where we live, but again – we must remember that the energy is not outside, it’s inside. Therefore, the question that you need to create your own little world. After all, in fact, from the point of view of the same axiomatic, our body to our I has no more to do than writing desk with a picture on the wall. The same is true if we live. In our country a very bad karma in the sense that the housing problem is just mad that foreigners can not even imagine. Therefore, we may not always be possible to distinguish yourself cabin, a separate room. Therefore it is necessary somehow to cut yourself, compress up to the limits of what allows the negative karma of our country. But the point remains the same: we surround ourselves with things that we harmonize. And it must come from within.

      There must be a description. Read the description. And if any item for you disharmonious – throw it. Now this popular system – Feng Shui, etc. Sometimes people fall into the trap, here is the list -. Windows there, the door there, and everything! You are robot! For you have all written and step left, step right – and it is fraught with antifenshuy have God knows what … But nobody remembers that Feng Shui is just too elaborated as a system based on associative connections. Long and stable, but for the Chinese. You see? They were not home, and such as we – the average temperature in China is not like the average temperature in Siberia and, respectively, and the home are not the same, and everything else is not. Sometimes when you transfer one practice to another location is a sharp scrapped.

Therefore, any practice is always directed at you, so you can only awaken her. Because if it is harmonious, it awakens, if not harmonious – it is like a sharp needle to a balloon – and everything stops working.

     Therefore, one housing allows – is highly desirable in spite of the negative karma of our country and positive karma on a personal level, it is highly desirable to have a private room. Here you have parents who want … All of them are wonderful people. You are very fond of all of them, etc .. But anyway, will attack those moments when you need to stay a little one, so you will no longer be broken on the people’s favorite. If you overheat, then later you start failure. So, it is highly desirable, especially if you practice yoga – have a secluded room. It is clear that not everyone is such an opportunity. Then at least some secluded corner of your personal space. And try not to let anyone go. Even relatives and loved ones.

       For example, a girl and a boy in love with each other. This is nonsense because it will still be friction between them. So, these tensions can be avoided if each of them will be a place for licking wounds. This is the first. Second – surround yourself with things in this place, which you have some kind of associative positive relationship. The book, for instance, in Raja Yoga. You read it, and she has inspired you. Put it in a prominent place, even if you do not read now. Every time you see her, you will have a way to emerge and harmonize. In India, etc. Such countries, where everything is simple and in the army. Sometimes in Western countries, it does not look quite appropriate. Sometimes it’s the other way around many pushes. We have yet another mentality. Therefore we need some other things, paintings, objects, in whose presence you do not shrink, meaning you do not have them negative associative links. If there is any negative image, this thing you do not need – throw. This is the place to be for you. If you create a springboard, it will be an analogue of a bridgehead inside.

In Raja Yoga before you manage something outside, we need to have a foothold inside untouched. Raja Yoga encourages us to have a foothold in the form of our most reliable Ya. But we can to solve some other problems have highlighted a foothold in the matter. This may be your place, your desktop, your room, etc. And it will go much faster. Talking about it should be almost at every lecture. But why do you need to rub salt into the wound? Well known for the living conditions of the average person in this country. They are terrifying. This karma defined a generation of people. In our country there are all conditions for the most powerful tactics of tantra yoga, for example, the supernormal abilities and so on., For example. The whole arsenal of super-powers, the use of some fine moments in the everyday life of our people have. Here they do not apply for one reason – because of the housing. This is a very subtle and unobvious negative karmic bond that is. But for all abilities, and all components – if tomorrow everyone will have in the country to practice yoga, we will quickly find ourselves in front of the entire planet. In a positive sense, of course. The analogy is this – flying the plane with the help of, there is no place to land. Airfield no. That’s the same with your site for yoga. We are ready for yoga in the vast majority, but you do not have a personal corner where the plane will land with the support, and you turn around there.


      The answer to the question – how did it all do? Make the most harmonious! Personally, I usually advise so – if you have an associative rejection of some things – do not make them. But if there is an associative acceptance – and do not pay any attention to anybody. This is your place, your personally!

Question: “You said that it is better to do something under the auspices of the will than not will. How is it?”


      Answer: “No, we will, of course, do not do anything. We put some purpose – and we voleizyavlyaem achieve it. But if we set the very highest purpose and voleizyavlyaem achieve it, we get so much more. Well, for example – why we do yoga? – I want a beautiful figure! – all! Voleizyavil and got a good figure. But if I voleizyavil attain Samadhi and do yoga – and I get a good figure, but still Samadhi.


       Remember the aphorism – ask for more, a small follow.


       Swings – so the full program on the very highest.


       Question: “You said that in this space at all not to let anyone. What does it mean?”


      Answer: “To reach the extremes, of course, is not necessary. Just warn that this is your place. You always find some explanation for others.

      If you’re the person extravagant, excessive, irascible turn into cautious calm, but with just such a fad that is, you have a kind of “konurka” and leave you there more peaceful, as a rule, relatives and friends of this notice, and only then no longer interfere.

      Only then you will notice that kind of thing – as soon as you get there Retreat, so all you will need to. Karmic – is associative links – you will attract everyone. It will have to endure for some time.

The vast majority of tensions between men and women home, in the kitchen, just treated it. Man and woman spent energy and they need to be charged again, and for this to disperse on its premises to back together was interesting. And they have spent and continue to try to be together, and interest begins to melt, and they are still trying to be together. And all start to look around, because there seems to be more interesting. We spend at each other. This is a very delicate moment. But then also, we need time to recover. How do we draw strength? from the top only.

      A man and a woman … enlightenment channel is born in their alliance. You must recharge your mind, recharge your batteries alone. And then they spend together. And it turns out like – that have spent together and more. And already it is necessary to recover. Already the physical layer starts some problems neperevarivaniya each other. They just solved it.

      A approach – if you love me, you’re with me must always be, and is, and sleep, etc. – It is not effective. Quickly overheat. Very fast.


      As for the other practices – in the same way at work – to work and go to rest. Yoga is – the concept of transitions. From one extreme to another. When you know the one extreme and another extreme – you may know yoga.

     Why is it necessary austerity? We need to know the extreme. And we need to know the extreme pleasure. And somewhere in the middle will be born yoga, which will give a qualitatively different state. It is higher than austerity, higher than pleasure. It sverhnaslazhdenie. But for this it is necessary to “fill up” the same way you have. Here pobyli you alone, to regain strength, led to balance the mind, talk, feel everything has the potential to communicate over again accumulate. This cyclicity. Everywhere cycles, anywhere vibration everywhere mantra everywhere the logic of some, areas of logic, something should crank with some frequency. Here we are talking harmony, harmonious movements – if not, then a lot of problems can be. 

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