2010_10_25 Yoga overcoming death. Vadim Zaporozhtsev.

First part.


Today we have April 25, 2010. My name is Vadim Zaporozhtsev. That we have a workshop of the International Open University of Yoga. We are located in Moscow, close to the m. Novoslobodskaya in KC “Enlightenment”. All information is stored on the archive sites www.openyoga.ru, www.happyoga.narod.ru, www.yogacenter.ru.


The theme of today’s seminar yoga overcoming death.

Traditionally, rooted in a century, I have to call upon the blessing of teachers and teachers of yoga, we have survived to this knowledge. Also mentally I have to address the root causes of existence, so that the root cause to reason and explained complicated issues related to this topic.

And also to think about all the ancestors, the ancestors of the ancestors, and so on, that everything was successful in the understanding of this complex topic.

This knowledge is a gift of all the teachers and teachers who are thousands and thousands of times were born and died, and brought us this knowledge associated with death.



Thus, the theme of the seminar Yoga Overcoming Dying sometimes simply called Yoga dying. But the phrase yoga dying sounds a bit ominous, but yoga is primarily optimistic teaching a practical doctrine to overcome all suffering. Therefore, a more adequate and reflects the essence of this yoga may sound like the name of yoga to overcome dying. In the sense that the word has overcome several shades: izbavlenie- the one hand, on the other hand- the most rapid and efficient flow, that is, an explicit constructive start. Once again I want to say, in Western literature is sometimes called simply the direction of yoga dying.


We will start by the good tradition of the International Open Yoga University from the very beginning, and we will try to present the most complex things simple, understandable language, even people who first encounter with yoga science. Of course, it would be highly desirable if all before it learned axioms of yoga, as many of the provisions will refer to these principles and axioms. If you are not familiar with the axiomatics of yoga, it makes sense to explore this section to the extent that, as you will encounter strange words or phrases, or any concept.

Let’s start from the beginning. What is yoga?

As we remember, yoga is a good, logical system that reflects the potential that lies within each of us. Or more formally, it is a kind of self-discovery system, adhering to some of the principles in the promotion of the self-knowledge, in particular, the so-called first and second principles of yoga.

The first principle of yoga in fact, in his own words, is the principle of kindness, is the principle of second- logic, common sense, adequacy, sanity, that is a positive use of reason. Also, we remember that the types and sections of yoga as much as the manifestations of human life, so there are different sections of yoga. But, as you know, in the same way that human life is one of its manifestation in harmony with others, and therefore a yoga very smoothly and harmoniously with the other or with the others.

Death is positive or negative?


From the very title of our seminar we are clear that we are faced today with the manifestation of life, which is called death.

Usually, all that is called the word death, we perceived negatively. Indeed, it is very hard to lose family, relatives, friends and acquaintances. Sometimes just hard to contemplate death, even strangers. That is all it is a tangle of associations, the entire plexus associative links that are, at best, lead us to a sad philosophical understanding of life, and at worst – in a state of depression, anxiety, and general reluctance to even think about these issues. For the simple reason that everything connected with the word death is likely to have a negative rather than the positive side of being. But, nevertheless, we know from the statistics that the vast majority of people are born, live for a number of years and then dies. It does not matter whether it is ordinary people, people intellectually very advanced, or people very developed physically or mentally highly developed, and die of the great saints and sinners, die and philosophers and commoners. Moreover, die and yoga and yogini. Anyway, we know that from ancient texts. That is, death is the one thing that is common to anyone who has ever been born.

And there is a question here, and whether anything positive to grasp at the moment of death? Or is it completely negative? Yoga does not answer the question of whether the death of a positive or negative for the simple reason that death, as such, is a continuation of certain other laws, and belong to the death makes sense in the same way as to other laws. For example, there is a law of universal gravitation. What is it? Good or bad? We do not know. When we fall to the ground and hit his head badly us that the land we drew and we stuffed bump. But on the other hand, when we do not fly away from the ground and helpless like balloons, and can not fail to be hooked, this kind of as well. Like any law it is neither good nor bad, it just is. This is exactly the same in the global sense, the concept of death, it just is. But, as you remember, yoga yoga would not be if it is not used all that occurs in a person’s life in order to eliminate all negativity, sadness, fear, and do not turn it into a positive. Or, in other words, do not turn defeat into victory. And yoga is the overcoming of death is precisely this yoga.

The tradition of our yoga school

Before proceeding to the presentation details of this yoga, I want to say a few words about our yoga tradition itself. Since I am the bearer of it and somehow characterized, respectively, in a number of other yoga yogi overcoming death. And here you have a very clear right to represent yourself, that in our school is the emphasis on yoga dying. In our school of yoga urge you to live as long as possible, avoiding all the dangers associated with death, disease, leading to death and reach the venerable age of 108 years, after which you’ll have to decide to stay you live on or select the script dying.

The emphasis in our school is done primarily on the life, and the fact that for the life of you use other aspects of practice in order to reach a state in which you could have: first – to prolong life as long, as much as you need and secondly – that this practice so change the internal structure of their bodies, so that even if you are faced with what is called death, then you automatically, painlessly overcome this factor of death with the largest gain for themselves. But if, for whatever reason, in the course of his life you do not reach such heights, when to you already thinking about life and death, and thus your internal ability to prolong life or to remove any or disease has not yet been purchased, but you face death, then, of course, in this regard, it makes sense to use yoga to overcome the dying, as an independent yoga.

Or this way: in our school of yoga urge all to learn to fly and soar above the world of birth and death. But if for some reason you have not learned to do it, or your flight because of your negative karma is suddenly interrupted, you are given a reserve parachute, so painless, like a pilot, landed with the help of a parachute to the ground.

In other words, to master the practice of higher yogi who win, including death, you can take a long time. Depending on your perseverance, depending on your commitment, depending on your karma, positive or negative, you may like to have time to do it in one lifetime, and did not have time.

And if you do not have time to do it all in one lifetime, but your negative karma comes to you in the form of the need once again to die, yoga Overcoming Dying uses even this negative scenario is to accelerate your spiritual formation, and that at the moment of death, you completed the all the things that did not manage to finish in their lifetime. That is very constructive attitude, very constructive attitude. On this occasion there anecdote that yoga is so crafty that they are all used for the benefit of themselves, even his own death.

And yoga Dying Overcoming it is precisely that yoga, which allows either to finish all the things that you did not manage to finish in the course of life, provided that you are within an active life practicing the preliminary practice of this yoga. But again and again, the emphasis still is on your life.

And I remind you that in our school of yoga Higher considered yoga so-called Triad, or rather is the highest – is the yoga of love, a member of the Triad, and a desire of teachers and teachers, have survived to our yoga in general, that first of all strive to learn by these yogis. At the same time, of course, learn yoga overcome dying, but still hope in your head that you do not have to use these yogis, that by the time might come your natural death, you would be completely reached the highest level through here these yogas life instead yogi death. But, as the saying goes, hope for the best but prepare for the worst, it makes sense to understand these great yoga dying.


Now we go back, actually, to the presentation of a yogi.

So the question arises, what is, in fact, occurs when we are dying? Why does one person lives long and reaches a ripe old age, then it is his natural death. Others live fairly short life and die a violent death, or as a result of the disease. Moreover, there is a large group of people who decided to bring to life scores themselves leave this life, committing suicide.

What determines these different path in life?

What lies behind this feature that separates life from death?

To answer this question, it is necessary to nothing less than to know the answer to another question. Who we are, what we are, what is our nature? What is the structure of our bodies? What was our pre-history, and so on and so forth. That is, in the yoga of overcoming dying as the focus is going to virtually all knowledge of yoga, about ourselves, about the universe around us, those relationships that are observed in the universe, about the laws that exist in the universe.


There are at least two ways to bring you to overcome the yoga of dying.

The first way – it consistently tell this long story about how you and any that preceded it, why for one comes the other, and thus, our story would have brought us to the human body and, consequently, to the point that we’ll die.

There is another type of explanation – it is not really delving into the background and in the description of the universe, to give you a ready-made conclusions. That is, tell me what have now and, consequently, how it can be used. The first way is longer, but more profound. The second – faster, but on the one hand, this speed allows you to use the methods, but on the other hand does not provide the depth of understanding.

We will stick to our presentation and one strategy and the other where it is necessary. And so I’ll start from the very beginning, my friends.

Death of a yoga position

Most remember the first is a conclusion, or that would give us a second strategy of narrative yoga dying. Each of you have your Higher Self, and it is immortal. This is the very first thing you need to understand – what we call death a thing quite conventional, in absolute sense, there is no death, and there is a certain series of conditions, which is going through the soul of each of us, or the higher self of each of us. What we call death, a thing quite illusory.

So, the very first output or the very first knowledge that you need to learn – is that you are immortal.

Immortal all. In fact, all that we call death is only a change of the image, which runs in front of the eyes. As a consequence, if there is not, in principle, the concept of death, then it another conclusion, that after what we call death, is re-born. In fact, our I is undergoing a series of births and deaths. And all those who die, must be born again.


And this here is a concept quite clear, at first sight, but at the same time we do not it quite clearly aware of in my life, and so that you may better understand the idea that there is a new birth for death and the birth is death, It can be illustrated in this example from the history of mankind:

Once upon a time people believed that the earth was flat and that the sun, which rises in the East, or born in the East, and then disappears in the West. And the next day as it appears again in the East. The question arises: is the same sun, or the sun is different? And as long as we have the concept of a flat earth, it is very difficult to answer this question. In the same way: born a little child, the question arises: he had just appeared in the universe, or is he somewhere has come to us? Again, someone dies, we ask, and the one who died – he was gone for good, or he was out? And the question remains open.

But imagine that over time people guessed that the Earth is round, and that in fact the sun is not born, does not die, but simply on all sides by earth shines the same sun. First, it comes in the form of speculation, brilliant, can be guesswork. Similarly, the idea that all those who were born – they were the ones who once died, were first in the form of speculation.

In reality, it is in some way to prove there is no possibility until, say, until a man invents a rocket, not to sit on the missile does not rise in space and does not see that the earth is round, the sun is not born and does not die, and that the it is only an illusion of appearance and disappearance. And, if you take this same analogy, doing self-knowledge, sooner or later, every one of you will come to a level of self-knowledge and the universe that you have an idea of what the death is birth and the birth comes death will become as obvious as for astronaut, who rose into space and see from all this.

For this reason, the idea of this cycle of birth and death, it can we, the people of the West, it seems a little bit country, while in the East it is more or less ingrained. Here the question of habit and our inner spiritual practice that we have reached such a degree of sharpness of the mind, and then the personal experience that this concept has become natural for us as day. Again: How the ancient scientists have proved that the Earth is round? First, due to what is indirect evidence, which attract the mathematics, but then directly when a rocket made and seen. This is exactly the same and in yoga.

First we will intuitively come up against the idea that the birth is death, but the death of the birth of that man’s soul is born a numerous amount of times. In our mind can combat two tendencies, and whether this is true, maybe it is not. But as we gain experience and knowledge, we will begin to realize that a lot of that is due to this concept, there are many things such as puzzles are added in a single picture.

First person intellectually comes to the idea that the death is birth. Otherwise it is impossible to explain the diversity of the world. It is impossible to explain that a little child is born, and in such a short time begins to reach the knowledge and matures for literally 10-15 -20 years actually becomes a great experience and develops enormous inner universe. And it would be strange that the child only appeared so quickly scored to this height.

The other side, that’s dying of some the greatest philosopher, a poet, an artist, that’s Leo Tolstoy died, there was a whole universe. Read his works, read books of this man and how to plunge into another world. And what did he suddenly died and gone? Where did this universe gone? What is left after Leo Tolstoy in the physical plane? Pitiful handful of dust. That is, you will begin internal reflection that is not so simple. What is the physical body is not explained by the factor of whether a person is alive, human creation and destruction.

Further more. All your experiences will confirm the fact that every child before birth, where lived and brings from his previous life what is knowledge, aspirations, preferences. Watch your children. It would seem that they should copy your behavior, but not in the behavior of each of them has its own groped some, only their inherent, path of life, interest and knowledge.

So, the first thing is that before his death, there was something after death that something is likely to be, or to make ends meet do not converge, friends. And, as you know, this is a purely logical deduction. This is no metaphysics, no not potustoronschina, it’s just like a bookkeeper debits does not converge with the credit, respectively a signal for reflection, what will be more to ponder, the more you come to the concept that, most likely, were right ancient yogis who It said that the soul dies and is born.

But, as you know, smart for you to prove the existence of life after death or the previous life of the child is dry and poor. Who knows what the mind can come up with, especially when we live encounter with the death of our acquaintances, and so on and so forth, that are fighting two tendencies, the mind seems to explain everything, but still a man badly from the loss of a loved one. And purely intellectual understanding of the law of birth and death it is good in philosophical debates, but it is bad in your life, it’s easier on you this will not be. And that is why yoga has always focuses on the next step that not only intellectual understanding, it is necessary that you have reached this level of self-knowledge in the system so that it has become obvious to you and can not be doubted that all doubts are gone completely. What if suddenly someone dies, you will not on this occasion especially suffer, as if you knew for sure that the transition from life to death, like the transition from one room to another. After all, we do not cry, when our relatives and friends came out from the kitchen to the bath. But this comes only if you have a complete picture of your apartment. Imagine, you would be living in a strange apartment, which would be the room where you never came.

In this regard, I recall the anecdote, was still alive, Yuri Nikulin and on television anecdote told about two twins who are waiting for the birth in the womb. One other twin said: “Why do not you go first born” and the other says, “No you go.” “Not – not” – says the first – “You go ahead, who went there – no one came back.”

Same situation here is quite real things – a person was alive, he was breathing, he suddenly stops breathing, looks like he is sleeping, but he does not wake up. And we do not know of cases that used the person has died, and then back again, then died again. Therefore, saying that death is of no return. And in our understanding of it is something terrible, and from the standpoint of logic this is something natural, just like the dialogue of two twins who are about to be born. What is the natural next step, and just as unnatural baby to climb back into the mother’s womb, just as unnatural to come to life again after you have died. Moreover, if you have died according to this concept, then you’re somewhere again to appear again somewhere born.

So yoga insists that you in your self-knowledge reached such heights that it became of intellectual knowledge in your natural knowledge. So you not only understand the head, but that would feel like. And this can happen only in one case, if you have reached a certain level of understanding of life, as well as all of the processes that lead to death. And then you have a picture will begin to emerge, and you begin to understand it is not so much as to understand and feel. Or just the astronaut will see that the earth revolves around the sun or that the sun does not disappear. And this is achieved only practice. As long as you do not survive these practices, you will still awake to suffer the loss of loved ones will still be bad. Until then, until we reach in his self-knowledge to the highest level, all the same, we will somehow not on itself.

Why is our school and urging that the first thing to balk at the yoga life, that would have been in their lifetime to see the whole picture. And then, if you suddenly decide to die at the ripe old age of 108 years, then you will meet death as something interesting, something exciting, or as a continuation of life. Just as you were in the same country and fully investigated it, but you drove up to the border, the customs officer looks your passport, and now you will drive from one country to another, which would also examine her.

Moreover, having reached this ripe old age, leaving numerous offspring, making his life’s work, you can be awake even experience some interest. You know that’s the attitude that everything must be logically. One period completed to the beginning of another period.

Therefore, again and again! Yoga is primarily sets you on what you have lived life happily, as long as possible, fulfill all our plans in life, achieved all that you wanted in this life, and, if so you decide to leave this life, you’ll already prepared, and met his death as a friend, as an exciting journey as something exciting.

But then again! Only when you have done everything here, and if we talk about yoga, the first thing when you made those outlined plans for self-realization in their lifetime. If we talk about the tradition of our school of yoga, the first thing is the Triad, yoga lovers.

Experiencing Higher Love!

But the friends, interesting that these interrelated yoga! In the sense that if you reach in yoga Triad highest level, you will automatically reach the highest level and to overcome the yogis dying. Here, again, I want to say why our traditions are focused on life, and then only on the yoga of dying. At the same time, as you know, the other yoga schools, where on the contrary, yoga is focusing on dying. But they, too, can be understood. Sometimes one or another group of people, in certain circumstances, the death of more than the actual thing than the opportunity to practice yoga Triad. Imagine you are living in some medieval principality where constant war, epidemics, not constantly thank God. There’s just to survive a decent human life, not to occupy the top yogis. So again and again, my friends, we must cherish the time that we have in life, in order to fully use it for yoga practice, and not wait for that that, my friends!

So, the first thing, again, that each of you have your “I” is immortal! It does not die! What we call death is only a change of scenery, and, if desired, a change of bodies.


The cycle of birth and death


That would have a body, it is worn out, it was old, like your clothes, you wear for yourself what the clothes, but it decays with time, tears, and sooner or later it is useless darn. Old shirt is easier to throw away and buy a new one than to constantly sew on buttons and sew up the hole. And, in fact, the death of the process is when you are one body with himself removed, and another body to put itself. We removed the old and sick, is not pleasing to have for your practice, powerful practices, say, yoga. It is no secret that the practice of yoga, the same triad, hardy enough to require the body, and it already you got old. It is quite natural that you discard the old with himself, but a new dress. How?

Dying and being born. In order to continue to the point where you have completed the practice in previous lives. This is also a method of promotion in yoga, though not as fast as we would like.

This explains a certain divergence, which we sometimes see in different cultures. Let’s say in the West, in the framework of certain religious doctrines, it is argued, more precisely, says nothing about the cycle of birth and death.

For example, in one or another religion is considered by default that people once lived. And such famous sayings you hear on the radio, on television, in books, that life is given only once, live it must be so, that would not be excruciatingly painful for the wasted years.

Where did these statements, we only live once?

Well, firstly, we have not yet reached the level of self-knowledge, to see this series of births and deaths. Secondly, it is promoted by many religious doctrines, which say nothing about the numerous births and deaths. And, at first glance, it appears that these religious doctrines lie? No friends, no lying. The world is much more complicated than it seems.

Just any religious doctrine, in which nothing is said about the multiple birth and death, it is assumed that a person engaged in accordance with the requirements of this doctrine in one lifetime attain the supreme goal, which in yoga is equivalent to how to overcome a succession of births and deaths. If you are in one lifetime attain the supreme goal, why did you say that there will be more again and again birth and death. It will only distract you. As a rule, for this reason, some religious doctrines did not mention the numerous births and deaths. Because for people smart is excessive knowledge, and so they all achieved in one lifetime. And as for the people stupid, the procedure simply to explain. And conversely, the more you’ll explain to them, the more you their sobesh confused. And so historically just formed.


But, as we see, unfortunately, to some religious doctrine at the time of its inception, it has a very great power among his followers. And then, as it were, over time, this power is lost, the changing conditions, everything is no longer understand what they were taught the prophets, teachers, and begins something of their own. Start coming up with more than the later commentators. That is, this here is lack of understanding, as a result, and then goes into the general consciousness. So do not lie to these different points of view. Generally speaking, the position of the mind can be the two most irreconcilable religions dock or two most irreconcilable philosophical dock system. This is the only question is only the intellectual development of a person. Another thing that are, like any religion, as well as system, it sverhlogichna. And, after all, the original force that moved, they are higher than the mind. So, you know, when because of such fabrications reasonable start to some religious clashes, some of the war between the philosophical currents it is only talking about the intellectual weakness of followers. But does not that in itself religions or philosophies laid some flaw. I say this, that there were no issues. Why is this concept so well in the other commercials. The world is much more complicated.

Go ahead.


Death – the moment of truth


So, we’ll live life, and then suddenly we are with you decided to die. What if this happens?

There, my friends, a number of processes, rather peculiar that one way or another affect the time and place where we’ll be born in the next life. Therefore, the time of death, time of death and the time when we are dead, but not yet embodied in the next birth, is important enough for that to be born in the right and the right place.


The analogy here is: you can go for a long time on the vocals, but that you have come to the station. At the station, a lot of trains that travel in all directions, and the main thing you do not make a mistake and take the right train and go in the right direction. And this is the moment when death occurs in this sense, the moment of truth and the moment of choice. That is, all your previous life brings you to this choice. What would you do for a radical solution. Over a lifetime, we, too, can change its trajectory, we can do something with one or something else. But no matter how hard it is done, we are still somewhere limited by some part of our lives. But the moment of death, just as on the railway switchman road there, which translates the way to go here or go.

And only a small change, where he turned the lever, like all your further path from life to life starts to go a completely different way. And we must seize this moment wisely.

Therefore, all Yoga to overcome dying just theoretically and practically prepared to the moment of death you’re not confused, realized that happens to you, and made the right choice.

Thus, you have a chance in the first place, enough to dramatically increase the speed of your spiritual path, to the maximum to avoid the consequences of his karma – it is on the one hand. But there is another, very strange thing – that, no matter in which you are the physical and spiritual state come to the point of death, for a brief moment it becomes possible to achieve what has been called the ultimate goal of yoga. And when a person reaches this ultimate goal of yoga, it is not necessary to re-birth and death.

Or in other words, we live, we die, are born, live and die again and again are born, we live and die again. And the goal of this cycle of birth and death only for what we have achieved some qualitatively new spiritual state, then there is no longer any need to be born and die.

And that’s how it is interconnected. Once a person reaches the highest state of yoga, this leads to the fact that he has reached this ability to go as it were out of this whirl of births and deaths. So, at the moment of death, and there is just the possibility to reach the final, as they say in yoga, liberation, and not just choose a nice next life.


Or, again, in your own words. Here you are, for example, born in cannibalistic tribe, where the word yoga is not known. So much you had negative karma. You have tried all my life in this cannibalistic tribe tribesmen urge that they did not eat each other, in fact, engaged in self-development, yoga, meditating, developed, perfected mind. And your own people and so like to live, that is, they do not want to live differently. Why? – They have a right. And you in their company is very bad. Well, too bad! You begin to engage in yoga, as they will interfere with, throw stones at you. You have decided to povegetarianstvovat, they will give a piece of human legs most delicious to think that on the contrary it helps you. And, of course, that, according to his karma, you are there live and karma you have a good enough that to learn vserhsposobnostyam, fly through the air and fly out of this tribe in a more civilized place. And your death occurs. And at the time of your death begin to fight the different trends and prints your mind.

And the question arises: where you will be born in the next time?

Or again, in the same tribe, or in the neighboring, where someone has more spiritually developed, or even in any other place where you have even more chances to engage in spiritual self-development. And since everything is not very stable after death, all very fluid and we’ll talk about this later in our workshop.

Preparation for the time of death


If you are prepared for life by this moment of death, you will not make a mistake. Just as a man who goes to the station with the precise intention to go to India, comes, pays your money and says, “Ticket to India.” What he gets out there and. And if he came to the station, and to him and say, and here’s another round on the cannibal island, would you like to eat chelovechenkoy? There’s just the season opens. And you in thought at the checkout stand and think, where do you still go.


The choice of the future birth.


This is the time of death, if you come to doubt, even in the moment of death you have doubt and if you have doubts, and at the time of death, there is no guarantee where you are due to fly or where you embody, no. It’s one kind of thing, if you know firmly where you want to be born in the future, then you are more likely to be born there after death than a person who does that leave for later. But this is just one type of practitioner. 56-31 Large type practices.

This is, firstly, the future choice of birth or birth control to prevent unnecessary in the future. Once again, after you die, there comes a gap between the past life and the future life and at this time there is a war tendencies, which you embody.

One of the practices – to choose where to be born, and the second part of the practice – in order to close the road, where it is not necessary to be born.


Because in this state, when you have lost the physical body, sometimes there are very unpleasant and at some point the person is ready to be born anywhere, if you have a good body, again depending on your karma. And here, there are special practices that are taught, that if there is such a temptation, do not give yourself the temptation to take advantage of it.

Or special visualization, mantra practice so as not to give yourself the opportunity to be born where it is not necessary. This is another large group practices, which goes under the name of yoga to overcome dying. But they seem secondary.

Achieving the ultimate goal

And aerobatics, this is when you use the time of death in order to achieve the ultimate goal of yoga. Who would have ever died in a very short moment offers the opportunity to achieve the ultimate goal. And, if you do throughout your life preparing for this MIGU, you take advantage of this moment. If not, then you run away in fear of this possibility, when you are going to die. For the simple reason that this possibility arises when collapsing all our structures after death, stands an enormous flow of energy and consciousness, and if it the right way forward, it will greatly enhance your practice, even if you have already died. And it is a separate kind of yogi to overcome the dying.

The analogy is this: here you come to the box office and bought a ticket to the next birth, and there can land on the plane, and, in fact, born.

There is a possibility the following: sit on the plane, the plane will fly, fly, fly, fly, and then generally released into space. That is, you will achieve the ultimate goal, you do not have somewhere to land, which would then take off again, it would have somewhere to land. Provided that the meaning of a string of your lives it will sooner or later go into space.

And, accordingly, there is some such grading methods used in yoga to overcome death. If you are a highly trained yogi or yogini, you take advantage of the death for the final release, so more never born and never dies. You like to climb above the level necessary to be born, to suffer, to die, that is, you just go to a level with which you no longer need to be born and die.

More precisely, some in another way: if you want to be born – you are born. You do not want to be born – you’ll be born. A man goes to a qualitatively different mode of existence, of which we now speak, or rather, and can not say anything, this is the ultimate goal of yoga. But in order to use this method, you have to work hard for a living.

If you practice a little weaker, or, say, your karma has led to your death, and you were not able to take advantage of the process of dying. Why? Because sometimes die suddenly it finds. And all those our emotional impulses, desires that were before his death, to some extent already been transferred at the time of the death, and we should take advantage of these gates, but we can not concentrate, to recover. Because life is not practiced either meditation or hatha yoga or kriya yoga, did not practice anything, and if practiced, it was forgotten.

Then there is a second way, if you do not achieve the ultimate goal, to secure the future of the birth of a more suitable. Then to be born in more suitable conditions, among the right people that we were suitable mom and dad. And yoga says there is no greater good than to be born in a family yoga or yogini. In order to continue its practice to the point where you finished in a previous life, and you will not distract, have all been satisfied.

Finally, there is, in addition to these two, the third option, but it is very, very rare, rarely even mentioned in the texts of yoga, and, apparently, they do not enjoy. It is very strange sounds to us, but at a very advanced practice at the time of death, when his body was destroyed, he has the opportunity to find another person’s body, who died, but who this destruction is not so great, or, roughly speaking, to move from his corpse to another corpse and revive him.

Imagine, in ancient times one or another yogi lived up to the gray-bearded strosti body fell into disrepair, but somewhere someone has died younger. And, supposedly it was the practice in ancient times, it is described that in this way it was possible to move from your old body to body younger. But under the condition that the man also died. Nobody kill anybody, and does not think. This is, firstly, contrary to the first and second yoga principles. Secondly, there is a reverse its effects are protecting. But this is rare practice, there is mention of them, but not so what would they have survived to the present day. And from the perspective of the global sense, they are not particularly attractive. If you are already an advanced practitioner, in a sense, it’s easier to be born as a child, and then quickly reach a goal, rather than use these intermediate stops here. But since they are mentioned in the ancient texts, it is necessary for them here and say a few words.

But the analogy is this: you have worn clothes, and you see, Oh! someone’s jacket lies. Let me wear it over. As you can imagine, so homeless people live in the garbage. To a certain extent also an option. But it is not always reasonable and not always the most wonderful.


Death to the logic of the position

Now let us try to track the position of logic, and what is it that is death? From the standpoint of logical comprehension of the knowledge that we had reported to yoga.

So, yoga teaches us that we all have our higher self, and it is immortal, just the concept of destruction, destruction applicable to our Y. It can neither destroy nor cut, nothing to do with it. The nature of the self is the same as that of the universe and the nature of the underlying causes, which in yoga is called the Absolute. And so sometimes it can be found in yoga texts that our self is, as it were, a piece of the Absolute, or the brink of the Absolute. But the nature of the self is the same as the nature of the Absolute. Our I’m indestructible, has the potential to omnipotence, omniscience, and most importantly, our I’m free. And the concept of freedom is precisely the consequence of the concept of omnipotence and omniscience. And when thus originated the whole universe, but then appeared and our I. And there was no concept of death, friends. Here is our I, it is immortal, even such a thing as death was not.

But our self, teaches yoga, there are manifestations of the self, and is called prana. With the help of our prana I might have something to do or comprehend. Therefore prana manifests as either consciousness or the energy. And our I began to consider themselves its manifestations. That is, our I began to consider themselves different from what it actually is, and their abilities.

I always give the example, it is like a man who casts a shadow suddenly began to consider himself his shadow. Our I originally endowed with the joy and happiness of life, that is, the state of supreme bliss, supreme happiness, the highest joy, the default, or, of course, present in our I. It is the state that is natural.

Well, or else.

Here remember the case in life, when you were happy. There were also such coins, when something you could. You, for example, passed the exam, got a job, money earned, or fall in love with someone, it does not matter. You are experienced with joy. So this joy is not caused by what you did or circumstances, and that is your natural state, the natural state of your Ya And all the other things that have led to this state – a key that opened the safe deposit box, which stores this state.

So, when we are having, we arrived in the natural state of joy of happiness, but regarded themselves as his manifestation. These manifestations are formed then that is called our body, and we began to see themselves with their bodies, and later it turned out that if the body good, and we were like okay, if the body is bad, then we kind of like bad, why? Because we like our bodies naturally impregnated with happiness and began to consider themselves their bodies. The slightest threat to our bodies led to the fact that we, as it were divided in half this inner happiness, bang their heads, and hence was born what is called misery, suffering, and the like.

Thus, as soon as we began to consider themselves not what they really are, and their manifestations arose mechanism that divides our original happiness into two halves and pits foreheads. Hence arose suffering. And when we have thus emerged for the first time, and we had the first time this body, then, as you know, these bodies were immortal. The concept was not death. Why? Because your body – it’s actually your symptoms, your manifestations come from your Self, your immortal I, respectively, you can not be destroyed. Therefore, you can always play their manifestations. Or, slang words, even if someone has destroyed your body, you could immediately play it back.

Another thing is that in the original state, when there were the original body. The bodies of these were, of course, no body of people, and some of the body most primitive elementary structures of the universe, that we are perceived as well as now perceive our physical body.

Therefore, when a person first appeared, the concept of death was not, but, as he considered himself to its manifestations, or their bodies, came fear for their safety. The man did not realize that at any moment can play the body, and he began to shake him. Or just as a person, considering himself his shadow, he begins to worry about, and that will be my shadow, and suddenly it disappears, and suddenly it someone will come, and all of a sudden something else. Does not reflecting that this is just a shadow of its continuation, it is these shadows may discard any number.

And this misconception when we began to consider themselves or their manifestations, we began to consider themselves their bodies, led to the fact that the original pleasure to all the larger scale, it was split up, to share, to face their foreheads and turn into suffering. And suddenly the suffering began to grow stronger and stronger. And there is no death. Do you consider yourself his body, this body is immortal, the body more and more entangled in contradictions, respectively, is the division of your delight, pushing lyubami and the emergence of suffering, suffering more and more, and more and more, and there is no death. And it was this, if anything, an evolutionary solution to come up with death.

That is, friends, death – this is the mechanism that we have come up with you.

Not Absolute invented death. Some say, why Absolute invented death. Absolute nothing to invent! He gave us freedom. And we in this freedom themselves entangled, began to suffer, and when these sufferings have reached some absolutely incredible stage, we have set for ourselves invented the mechanism of death. Or, in his own words, the opportunity to start with a clean slate. Or even for a split second razotozhdestvitsya with its manifestations, and then re-enable these manifestations occur.

In order that this concept would be better to have reached, I will try to draw a picture.

Like any other figure, he only partly will transmit all the logic of the narrative, and is intended to give a boost to at least some understanding. You must remember that this is a topic for hours of meditation and reflection with a leaf of paper and pencil in hand, try to draw, to sound and to remember this or that concept, and they better start to reach you.


So, I try to draw a …

Each of us has our Higher Self, which is immortal, indestructible, and no concept of death for our Ya

Our I’m out of time and space, our I kind of time and space. And to still give a sort of parallel image, imagine that I like our sun shines. Indestructible sun shines just over space and time. I’ll draw our space and time, like the ocean under the sun.

That is our Self out of space and time, and the whole world, the whole universe, where our body, all the other people, it is like the ocean, or this essence of space and time. Just as the sun rays of light penetrate the surface of the water and reach the depths of the ocean, like the manifestation of the self from the area outside of space and time penetrate the space and time, and in fact in the universe where we are now. And this ray of light from the sun this in terms of yoga is called the flow of prana.

So, prana from our I’m out of space and time is included inside the space and time and in space and time form our bodies.

During evolution, these bodies are very different, as long as the human body has appeared. Therefore, the intermediate body, I will not draw, and draw the human body, which resulted in the evolution.

So, it turns out that we represent our higher self, which is above space and time, from this higher self is prana flow inside the space and time, where we have our body, and this flow of prana just animates our bodies. And, so to speak, when we first created the body in space and time, it is no such thing as death was not. Why?

Our I’m indestructible, the flow of prana to flow constantly, constantly supports our body. If in the bodies of some breaking the flow of prana at once it heals. If a failure, then the flow of prana corrects all. In general, there is no concept of death, friends. But, as I said, our self this body, if some conditions are threatened by this body, our I believed that threaten the very nature of existence that I have.

For example, here it is, an evil shark swam that would bite his leg hurt pribolno. Or a dinosaur. And he bit the leg. It turns out the next thing on the one hand, our ego feels his body, and if the body is brought harm, I think that it brought harm. On the other hand it is the body is supported by the self, and that there are mutually exclusive.

Our I consider myself something, and from what they themselves believe it is the same and infringed. There is a fork, when our prana is divided into 2 parts and confronted foreheads. And it’s called pain. So, for example, one such shrimp dug up, the other swam and also bitten on the other hand. This I figuratively draw monsters, in fact it can be two different things. And third, on the contrary, something nice to do, beautiful fish swam up and licked. Calm down.

And here begins a huge number of these trends, when the flow of prana begins to divide into many branches. These manifestations, on the one hand support our existence, on the other hand some non-obvious levels begin to divide, collide and interfere with each other, and, more and more of these konflitkov. And untie these conflicts, we can not. Why? Because I do not understand the reasons, because we consider ourselves not what they really are. And from this initial joy of happiness and enjoyment in the immortality of the state, there is still no concept of death, the flow of prana is, he is still here, our I, too, is still there, the body is so, from it a piece bitten off, but in principle it can grow new and he was again someone will bite. This is some kind of eternal hell. This is the moment when the suffering is not limited by anything. And it turns out that sooner or later the degree of suffering was growing, growing, growing, has reached to such that all of our enjoyment turned into suffering, and as we have ignorance of the original in our self and it can not overcome this suffering, in principle, because that considers itself by what it is not. And it was found such know-how, and that if you take on a second and pull out of the space and time of this flow of prana.

It is clear that all these many razvilochki, which was split this single stream, they will disappear. And, as a consequence, the ability to disappear to face their foreheads, and the pain will disappear. And so, each of us, sooner or later, in the course of evolution, reaching the most horrible state of suffering, came up with the death of every man for himself, or the ability to pull out the flow of prana in the space and time.

As soon as you pull out, it is clear everything is a self disappears, and then again omit this prana flow inside the space and time and again to form the body. But it would be easy if we were simple body. For example, you would have the body of elementary particles, and all your energy would be the energy of the particle. But it is too primitive body, but for us it somewhat complicated during our previous life, and that if we come back again, we very quickly go through the path that during the previous life were spent in the transformation of his body, that is, were the most elementary particle but a little bit complicated.

Similarly, here, the concept of death on the one hand, allows you to get rid of suffering, but on the other hand, when we re-enter the inside space and time, we need to start from the very first, the zero level again.

And then we came up with the following evolutionary model that is more efficient. What if at that period of time, when we came out of that space and time, but has not yet entered into this space and time, someone would have preserved for us the opportunity to quickly get the body that we left when coming out. Not again from zero up to a certain level to go, already with a certain level. However while we were out, the body to be stored somewhere. And then there was the next evolution model, and that if an agreement with the other I do that when we come out of space and time, and he did exactly the same body, and at the moment when we plunge into this space and time, to take a copy of his body that he shared the body, the body of the device, rather than creating everything from scratch.

It is very simplistic, I am bringing you to the parent concept. When we go out of this world, our body is falling apart physically, but those who remain in this world, we can take an exact copy of their bodies to have to develop the copy. Or, to be more clear in the case of men the future mom and dad give the unborn baby to be born only one cell, which is formed, respectively, from the mother’s egg and sperm father.

That is, while we were not in this world, the physical component of our bodies kept mom and dad, and when we incarnate, mother and father, respectively, we are given a single cell, or our body is a microcosm, a small house, which in the future will be quickly grow to that level, as a body in our previous life. It is clear that if one life to us who had given such an opportunity, then, respectively, for someone else, we have to give this opportunity. To one side, as soon as we are entangled in this world of pain and suffering, and do not know how to get out of it, we could at the time to jump out of this world, and then when we come back, not to start from scratch, and start from the point where we finished. Anyway, at the level of the physical body.

You must grasp the clear correlation that the theme of death, it is to a certain extent, our notion, but as compensation the theme of death theme birthday occurs, that is when we enter the next time, as the theme of the parents and the topic of sex. That is, the concept of the themes of sex, death, birth, faces are the same. And it’s this mechanism for how our I appears within space and time, confused, out to, figuratively speaking, rest, re-enter in this space and time and start from the point where finished the previous step.

And now, we get the following picture, that in our lifetime we are in space and time have a way to live life to all to prepare for the moment of death, when we come out of it. That is, we have to prepare ourselves little offspring that then they have grown to the point where we will have to die. We die for it, our offspring are growing up, and we have already born. This is precisely the idea of evolution, friends. What we have to live your life so that in any case, prepare yourself next birth on the level at which we stopped. And, the more carefully we prepare this level, the easier and less painful it will be in the next birth. Therefore the nature, primarily, requires reproduction of all living beings.

What would happen if you did not prepare conditions for the next birth. There will be the following: yes, you are out, you have died, dragged the flow of prana from space and time, yes, you need to load it again. Why do you need to load it again? Because you yourself are not aware, you think you are his manifestation, that is prana, but at the time of pulling out just interfaced with the subjective feeling is very unpleasant procedure.

That is why we are afraid of death. Because from the perspective of self, which feels its manifestations, and then this prana is separated from the body, I am beginning to believe as if it disappeared. I, which can not disappear, in principle, all of a sudden he has the illusion that it disappears. And it is very unpleasant, there is no talk at all about the natural enjoyment, if it is a natural pleasure thus faced foreheads. Therefore, here in this intermediate state, between the moment when we are dead, and the moment when we must be born again, according to the teachings of yoga takes very little time, which is more we can do. We are not able to withstand the horror of the transition state. And we are ready to be born again though in whatever body.

And so you have to catch the next thing that death, we figured out how to get rid of suffering, which have reached the extreme, we like to reset all the suffering, but then dropping suffering, we realize that we again want to get the body in space and time . That is, after death, is a very powerful impulse, the natural tendency of the self to be born again.

For this reason, in yoga it called a term that, as a rule, all this happens within 7 to 7 days. Seven for seven days is the maximum time between death and the next incarnation. If someone somewhere has died, according to these concepts of yoga, then the question is, how fast it would translate into another body. But he can not remain in this intermediate state is more than seven times seven days, if you count it, as they say, in human action.

As you can imagine, there is a certain complexity. The concept of time rather abstract thing, so this is just the time that we can probably track down from the position of the deceased relatives. But to link it with the internal time of the person who died, it is very problematic. Therefore, in different texts have disagreement, with regard to the time frame. Different days is called, a different time, but all the teachings of yoga are unanimous that no more than 7 times in 7 days, the soul, or I must incarnate again and again the flow of prana should enter in space and time and embodied in what either body.

Here comes the next big challenge friends. Well, when there is a body in which to be born. And if there is no such bodies? Let’s say you were the last of the Neanderthals in the world, and more of your fellow there. To have to be born in any other free body. Moreover, the variant may be either lower, or higher. That is, you can thus get more primitive body and a perfect body. It all depends on other factors, and this factor is called karma. Or, as you have lived a previous life.

If you have lived it, respectively, well, then you will have the opportunity to be born in a decent body for you, but if not, that would be very good, it’ll be created where necessary. Whether it’s at least the body of the worm. And we have already spoken to you, that dying yoga, or the yoga of overcoming death can be divided into several subgroups. Some of these yogas just engaged in order to stop this natural tendency to be born into the first body, and still find a suitable body for the birth.

What happens at death

Of course, I’ll explain to you in the first approximation, it is more complicated, but these details do not make sense to add before you grab the very concept of what is happening at the moment of death.

So, what is death. Death is a disidentification with what you are not. And, accordingly, there is disidentification different characters. Sometimes violent disidentification, or when somewhere, someone killed someone, or swam terrible fish, grabbed and ate a man. Or, as doctors prepare, inflicted injuries incompatible with life. A yoga language, so much violated body structure, the maximum flow of prana resulting thus divided into two parts and ran their heads so much that there is no way to fix this whole thing. If you are on a bit off a piece of, well, I think, heal, heal, or whatever prana return to single channel and all is well, but if you have nibbled so nipped, it turns out that you simply makes no sense to grasp at this body. And you, as already invented this mechanism of death, if the pain or suffering is reaching a critical level, you will automatically pull the flow of prana from their bodies, or die.

This, incidentally, explains the phenomenon of death from shock. When there is physical damage, and the person dies of shock. Why? Yes, because in its internal human suffering has reached some critical point and there is a safety valve worked, which, figuratively speaking, divided soul and body, as one would say in ancient times, or would start the process of self-destruction, or pulling the prana of those structures that it is impregnated. It is clear that all the different pain threshold, and if in ancient times it was reasonable due to the life, if you are injured in such a way that you experience pain, and medicine is not, you are still a blood expire, die, either from infection will die, so sometimes shock death is the best option. Let’s say you are in the jaws of a tiger, most victims do not die from what they rasterzyvaet tiger, and shock. In the same way we do.

But now, modern medicine has reached such heights that from that wound that was 200 years ago, you would have 100% died as AS Pushkin died of wounds, which in our time is not considered fatal. Physicians in the first place and struggling with the shock effect of the death of that patient would not die prematurely, it pumped out is still possible, therefore, for wounds, severe damage immediately administered pain medication, would that man did not die from the shock, he then patched, and on their feet .

But yoga does not climb into medicine, yoga respects medicine, and the example I gave, what would you understand, not God forbid, that yoga is something savvy in medicine. So, there is a certain shock limit, after which automatically starts disidentification under the influence of violent actions from the outside. This is one scenario. There is another scenario where no you did not bite so much as the fish, but you just lived to a ripe old age of 108 years, and did everything in this world.



The second part.

Summary of the previous section:


Each of us has our higher self, it is prohibitive, it is beyond time and space. From our I’m going prana flow inside time and space, where time and space within the flow of prana shapes our body, which, respectively, live in time and space. From time to time our bodies entangled in this universe and begin to suffer greatly, and so had the opportunity to start with a clean slate, the Higher Self was coined by the mechanism of death. When at the time of pulling free flow of prana from time and space, then to plunge again and thereby enliven the next body.


And so the process when the flow of prana coming out of time and space is called death, when he comes back, respectively – followed by the birth of conception.


The process of evolution with yoga positions

According to the concept of yoga, for as long as our body is within time and space, or, in fact, we call it life, that is trying to create a more complex body of material components. It’s like a material component of evolution. But during the same time, we must realize what is called a spiritual evolution, or a greater degree of understanding than we really are.

And, accordingly, the evolution has two parallel lines, it is a physical evolution and spiritual evolution. If we are born or incarnated in time and space, and in the course of our lives spiritually evolved that is increasingly understood, what we really are, then we have a chance to create more complex, more perfect body. And we leave a copy of such a body for our children and ourselves in the moment of death coming out of space and time, so that the next incarnation to get our children, or the children of our children is actually the copy that we once formed, then passed the baton to our children . And if our children have improved this copy, then we get a better copy to once again convey our next child, and so is the evolutionary relay.

And if a man lived his life so that he provided and the physical component of the evolution and spiritual component of evolution, that person is in the direction of the Supreme. Such a person we can call the righteous, but if he got stuck somewhere, then we can call such a person slobs, or, to use religious terminology – a sinner.

If we are living in our material life, do not help other living beings also to survive, to have offspring, or do not have offspring, then in the next life we will not be able to have a perfect body. We will be content with those already bodies, which will remain as a residual from some other creatures, can be developed. Similarly, even if we have inherited a perfect body, if we stayed in the spiritual path of self-realization, then we disappear prerequisites for moving towards more and more power, and as a consequence, disappear prerequisites for creating a more complex body.

Thus there was an evolution, it passed through all stages of life as long as we are with you do not have a unique opportunity to be born in the bodies of people. That is, first we have some animals and helped each other, and then we were getting to a higher level, helping each other, and then, someone first came to the bar man and pulled out all the others and we have the people.

Karmic relationship


Therefore, we are all interconnected with each other by the laws of cause and effect. Or in another way the law of karma. We are born only in the families of those with whom we had contact. We are entering into sexual contact only with those with whom we have the appropriate background. That is, in this sense, we are interrelated and can not be considered one person in isolation from society. If we talk about yoga, then as long as the person aspiring to spiritual heights is not aware that it is associated with numerous invisible threads with all life in the universe, that every living creature could once be his mother, father or child, just as well as he did, that such a person does not achieve the ultimate goal of yoga. We must understand that we are all connected with each other and this relationship is called the law of karma. But you must remember that the law of karma operates only in the ocean of cause and effect, our I is the law of karma. Strictly speaking, our flow of prana, it is as if one foot is karma, and the other foot in our world where there is karma.

And the result is the following thing: if you ever had, has been omitted in this space and time flow of prana that supports the body, then the body during life made some actions are good or bad, and then when it’s time to razotozhdestvlyatsya or die, there are traces. But next time, when the flow of prana descends after death, he falls, figuratively speaking, in the same place where he was before. And the word place, I mean are the logical preconditions for the formation of the body, for the conditions of existence of the body, life, environment. Or in other words, if you are born somewhere, and get in some conditions, good or bad, at first glance it seems to you that you accidentally born in a particular family, or in a particular place, but it is only only at first glance. Your place of birth was destined to your previous life. Just because you are not born. If you were born oligarch billionaire sole heir, and are ready to inherit all the blessings of civilization, it was karmic conditions. Similarly, if you were born with the sole heir of the homeless, the owner of the landfill, it was karmic predisposition that you created in a previous life. If you want to change something, you have to start with yourself, and do not curse their parents, friends, country, sometimes cursing, social system, mode, time of the year.

human structure. Three groups of bodies

Now let’s talk in more detail about what happens when a person dies. To do this, we need to remember the human unit. As we remember, the device of our Higher Self beyond space and time, and the flow of prana descends inside space and time, which forms a group of bodies. Thin Causal body is made of a thin material, then it is like matryoshka from all sides surrounded by a gross body – the so-called thin body made of a thin material, finally, a body of fine matter plastered body of coarse matter, or our physical body. That is, we have three groups of bodies belonging to one another, interconnected with each other. The gross physical body is made of gross matter, subtle matter of the fine, the cause of the reasons, the thinnest material.

With regard to gross matter, modern medical scientists studying our body device with regard to point and causal matter – modern scientists, apparently, have not yet discovered this kind of matter. This is what we read in the ancient treatises on that built the ancient yoga, modern science is useless to ask about it. Maybe the time has not come yet, can eat more fundamental limitations to approach this new formation device of man. Either way, yoga is not a substitute for science, but science is a thing quite young. Modern science is just 200 years old, while yoga has for thousands of years. Therefore, do not have to wonder, not to the entire science has come at once. And perhaps, thank God. Because as soon as learned to split the atom, which is primarily made? Atomic Bomb. That reach the subtle matter and do something terrible. In this respect, science without moral and ethical principles of thing quite dangerous, so special to worry about that science has not discovered the knowledge available to the yoga, I personally, for example, will not. Mankind has matured enough in humanistic terms.



But, anyway, it turns out that the flow of prana brings these three groups of bodies, and we are demonstrating life. If a more detailed point of view, to consider the same picture, it is somewhat complicated scheme.

The flow of prana, which comes out of nowhere like as divided into what is called the energy, and that is called consciousness. Center the localization of consciousness is the crown of the head, the energy centers of localization is the foundation of our body, as taught by the ancient yoga treatises. Connect two of the center channel, which is called Sushumna. And along this channel are intermediate centers, or so-called chakras. In total there should be a picture of our seven. They seem to be strung on a central canal. Thus, we have a geometric image tied to our physical body. Localization center of consciousness in the crown of the head, but it should be remembered that this binding is conditional, and that must be present more layers of fine and causal matter. Once again, our body is like a matryoshka – gross, subtle, causal.


So, the center of consciousness is tied to the top of the head, the energy center – the base of the body.

I will try to portray the perfect yoga.

At the base of the body – the energy center, including Kundalini, or the basic energy of each living creature.

At the top of the head – the center of consciousness. As a rule, this place is called the thousand-petalled chakra.

Connect the two centers of the Central channel – sky blue tube from the bottom to the top of the head.

The center channel pierces the chakras. In all, a total of seven major centers are obtained.

To the left of the center channel and the right of the central channels are left and right channels. The points of intersection with the left and right channels must comply with a particular chakra.

Higher Self of man is beyond time and space, so I can draw a point anywhere inside the body and outside the body, even at the Red Square today to draw, and to say that there is.

Prana, which comes in the way of man is distributed – the basis of the energy at the base body, the consciousness in the crown of the head, and all the intermediate centers present in varying degrees of energy aspect, or that the intensity of consciousness, but in the intermediate versions. It is a living man.

The process of dying. Stages of dying.

What occurs when a person dies? There is a next time, energy begins to merge with the consciousness that would again turn into one prana. Prana came and divided into two centers, and now they have to merge together again at the time of death.

And now, the energy and the consciousness at the moment of death should merge into a conglomerate closest to what is called prana, which would then this prana been pulled out from the space and time where the bodies are. This process is very peculiar, and in the ancient texts we read the story, it is difficult to grasp with our minds.

The idea is that the energy is awakened and begins to dissolve the first lower center, then the next center, then the next, the next, and the next, to eventually merge with the center of consciousness – with consciousness, become one with prana and leave our space and time to then again went into it, to revive some other body.


There are stages of dying.

The first stage of dying.

(All the structures are intact, and prana neat to pull out of them)


The very first stage is when the person has just died, and prana for a very short time, completely pulled out of the structure in the direction of the higher self, and the structure has not disappeared, not decayed, not melted, do not become the primary elements. And then there is the state after death, when all the structures through which the prana flowed not yet melted, but prana at some point in their pure form.

And that’s just that our man (in the scheme) has died. And there is a sharp disidentification with those structures in which the prana flowed and soaked all of our body, such flash, splash, and going beyond space and time, is very short. In a fraction of a second, if possible at all to speak in such a state of the time, the consciousness I have the energy I have, as it were, outside of space and time, as it were, over the surface of the space and time of the ocean and on the other hand feel the power of themselves, then We have our Ya

The Tibetan Book of Dying by the yogis, or another name for yogis of overcoming death, there it is compared to the clear light. Suddenly, the man who died, begins to perceive the brightest color, very strong and very powerful, but, at the same time frightening.

So, if a person was prepared during the previous life of the relevant practices, he recognizes that his consciousness has seen all of the self, so to speak, saw the essence of his or I. And if this instant use and focus on this experience, it is equivalent to the fact that our ego draws prana into itself and begins to see himself.

Or in other words, looking to see himself or knows himself. This is precisely the highest stage of yoga. When our prana kakoy-to time to pull out all the structures in which it absorbed in our bodies, and given to itself in its pure form, opens the vision directly our own higher self, or that is identical in other approaches, we are beginning to see I am the Absolute. In yoga, it is believed that our higher self and I Absolute identical in the sense that their nature is the same, so what to call what he sees people just died. Whether he sees the light of his own self, or the essence of the self and attains himself or he sees the light of the Absolute, or the entity which reproduced the entire universe – is a matter of human preferences.

For instance, religious people believe that at this moment they see God, unless of course, these people took advantage of this moment. If you use it, then all they achieve, if we speak of yoga terms, the highest goal of life, and they no longer need to be born on Earth. This explains why in many religions of the world do not talk about the next life. If within this or that religion did everything right, then at the moment of death properly directed consciousness and, as part of a religion culminating state. What kind of future births may be involved? It makes no sense to talk about it. But it is for those who like the concept of an external God, the Absolute.

There are other people who just do not like the concept, and they are inclined to explain the same effect as the light of his Ya This is a very difficult thing to explain, why? Because our I and the Absolute are in those places where there is no space and time, so our usual comparison does not reflect the state of affairs. But yoga says: what’s the difference, how to call, it is the main goal. If this goal is achieved, this goal is still above that words and images.

So, the first large group of yogi Overcoming Dying is just based on the moment when you have just died, just pull the prana from all structures, but the structures still have not decomposed. The body is dead, the pulse is not palpable, the pupils do not react to light – clinical death, but this is more serious clinical death. Is the death from which you can return. The terms medical of clinical death can come back, there are cases when people were returning. But it says that only the central channel prana to a certain level has risen, and then returned. Perhaps with this and connected all the experiences a person who has had a near-death of tubes filled with light, and the other, other, other. It was perception inner central channel.

But, in fact, a huge number of people who have had near-death, does not remember anything. Why? In fact, it perceives something a person or not, a number of factors. We’re talking about the moment when the prana completely left the body, and this thread linking exploded body. If it is torn, the back roads that would revive a corpse anymore. The corpse as it falls off. All that I’m telling you, it sounds confusing, for the reason that I explain simplistically, that you understand the meaning of certain practices, and could use them almost, but not for that would detail how to do something similar. It would take an inordinate amount of time.

So, if you have already died of the present, of the death in which doctors you can no longer return to life. So, no matter what was your karma, how you been man, good, evil, sinner, saint, you have the opportunity to fully razotozhdestvitsya with what you think you are. And you consider yourself not what you really are. And there’s a brief moment to see what you are. And if you take hold of this moment, you will realize all the yoga, which did not manage to do in life, you will know your own self, and you no longer need to go back in time and space, and to be born again.

That is, people can take advantage of his death to make the final push in the final stage of yoga.

Many yoga and yogini enjoyed it. If during the life they practiced, and this is how their deaths found by accident or old age, but they were warned, they knew what to expect, and do not miss this moment, we were ready to accept death calmly, concentrated his mind and energy on the vision of his own self, merged with his own self, and carried all the yoga.

The same process is called Samadhi without the object that each of us can do even before he died. In this sense, if we are within reach of life samadhi without the object, then it is like a dress rehearsal of our death. Usually, when a person dies and then he does not return, unless for the purpose of helping other sentient beings, and to transfer knowledge. Therefore, in the Indian tradition, when dying or that saint say about him – he went into samadhi. It is such a polite way to indicate that a particular teacher died. To say he died – prirovnyat it to ordinary mortals. And to say that went into samadhi, there is indeed such a possibility, but as it actually was, only he knows the teacher and the Absolute. Therefore, in India, if you visit a particular Ashram, and you will say that this or that teacher went into samadhi, it may be that the teacher let our words, has died.

What would you have time to understand what happens in the future, and other yoga work, I will give this way: you’ve probably seen on TV these pictures, where from the sea jumping fish, beautiful, beautiful, the air, and then again in ocean dive depth, or, say, if you go to the Dolphinarium, where dolphins, so pretty, jump into the water, in the air can make acrobatic figures, and then dive again. That’s just as happens with a person at the time of death. It is a split-second jumps out of his own karma. From this point of time and space, a split second he sees the light of his own Self or Absolute light on this sea of karma, or that the ocean of birth and death, as it is also called. And then again immersed in the same ocean, to go again to the depths.

Here we are with you as soon as we die, our prana, just as the dolphin jumps out of the depths of the ocean, a split second to be above the ocean surface to flop back into it, to get away to the depths, or in other words, to be born again.

So, if you take advantage of this fraction of a second until you are above the surface of the karma of this ocean of birth and death, and rush towards the sun higher self, which at this point appears in front of you in its pure form, that is, the language of yoga is no maya, I’m hiding from your tool of manifestation of your ego or your prana, that is, we have something to see with your mind. Consciousness is taken out of the world and now it displays its own self this, we can use that to know his own self is the greatest chance. But, as you know, this chance must prepare for a lifetime, because if people are not prepared passes this state, and it is in all living beings, that it begins to light I scare scary as something totally uncomfortable.

And in yoga are explained, like some religious narrative. The more a person was a sinner, the more he clung to his ignorance, the more actions unpleasant he created his people around, the more fear he sees the light, and for the benefit of deemed again to flop into the ocean of space and time, and dive into the darkest of water to even a hint of this was not the Supreme. But not only are “hardened” sinners afraid of the light. His afraid or do not recognize the ordinary people, even engaged in spiritual practice, but does not sharpen your mind in line with the practice of meditation and so-forth.

Contact Dying yoga and yoga Triad.

The question arises, how do you prepare yourself for the fact that I may know the light of the Higher Self, or the clear light, as it is called in Tibetan yogis. But, strictly speaking, all yoga. As long as we are alive, and is designed to prepare us for the perception of light. But the most interesting thing is that the light of this I can perceive even before you died. What is only a conditional call, the light of the self above the ocean surface. It actually permeates everything, the whole ocean. But we do not tend to see it there in the ocean. And not for nothing that I mentioned to you that our school of yoga practitioners use the offer of life, primarily the Triad. And do not wait until you die to take advantage of the yogis of overcoming death. And, in particular, there are those in the Triad yoga, yoga lover, yoga sexual union, Tantra Yoga, where’s the interaction of the highest peaks in the time of practice, people are also beginning to comprehend the light. Say in sexual practices boy holding the girl naked, and all his energy resonates, and the girl’s energy resonates, their mind goes to a completely different level, they are like a mirror are beginning to feel the reflection of his own self and come intuitive sense of presence, some clarity, power, or that light. But in ordinary life, our mind is torn, and we do not notice it any yogas Triad, in any other yogas.

Therefore, if we do not see, we do not focus, if we do not focus, then later even in the moment of death, we do not recognize, but if, for example, to use yoga Triad and learn to grasp this-wordly light taste it, then then at the time of death, you can not miss it. And why as an illustration I gave the Triad, with pronounced sexual practices. And for the simple reason that all the yoga of dying, anyway, have a place of death. And the concept of sex is a continuation of the theme of death. And unravel associated with death you will never be able to, if before that you do not unravel, associated with sex. These are things one tough sledding. If you go around the side of these issues as a result of irrelevance, or some where cultural restrictions. Well, in certain countries, not to talk about it, and so on and so forth, that on the one hand it helps you to keep this topic clean, so that no dirty jokes in this regard have not caused you rejection of sex, which is also justified. But perhaps the opposite situation, you simply cease to pay attention to this. Therefore, the question of sex, the question of death and birth, is rigidly linked questions.

Many yogis practice in Dying, which require to perform is, in fact, sexual practices, but where the element of sexuality is completely eliminated, and are given as to bypass the exercise, which would lead to the same, but without the sex. It is for this reason, to take advantage of the clear light of the death of or a direct jumping out of birth and death, as a rule, can only those yoga and yogini, who were familiar with sexual practices. This unspoken thread can be traced in all the treatises and all teachings, connected with yogis of overcoming death, in other words, there are no friends. Whether Tibetan yoga, whether Hindu yoga, whether a single source, a single logic – birth, sex and death.

Therefore, if you are for life to use them while you are still alive, young, full of energy, full of desire, full of common sense and prepare yourself for the meeting with the unforeseen, it does not matter whether you would catch the death of surprise because of your bad karma, so bad that comes before dying time, but good enough that you had something to practice, learn and prepare yourself, you can take advantage of this opportunity. And we really read that most yogis and Yoginis enjoy this moment, it is the moment of death to reach final enlightenment, the final samdhi, the final victory.

But again, only those who have practiced, practiced and practiced again. Such a unit, not everyone can benefit from these practices. Therefore, after the clear light, I really like the name of the Tibetan yogi, or the spectacle of our no hidden Higher Self or the Absolute catcher immediately field of death appears to us, and if we did not lose, if we took advantage of this opportunity, we can carry out a lot, to the point that then you can consciously come back to materialize anything to do in the world.


If you have not taken advantage of, say, because the circumstances that immediately after death or before death your life shook her, you start to be distracted by some domestic problems, were not ready to die, missed this time, the ancient yogis describe this variant as one of the most frequently encountered enough, then there is another possibility to use the yoga of dying, already associated with the process of the collapse of the structures of your body.

The second stage of dying.

(The physical body died, subtle and causal still in its structure)

And I re-draw our picture.

Here it is, the ocean of birth and death, here it is, our higher self, our absolute, prana flow, leaving the inside, so he’s a good yogi, that he died.

His physical body died, but as you know, subtle and causal body has remained in its structure undecomposed. The first thing that happens after the vision of the higher self or the Absolute, the physical body falls off from the subtle and causal. The yogi sees himself beside his physical body, which is dead, and sees himself as if he were alive. You see yourself in the same way as see yourself in a dream. Moreover, you think you are alive. Relatives, friends, that you mourn, you try to talk to them, but they can not hear you. They are around, people think that you have died, and you’re next to them talking, but they do not hear.

Moreover, there is one interesting detail, it is not obvious that we are usually taken if someone dies, so it is necessary to cry, to tear his hair. And yoga says: Imagine a man, and so he died, so did not understand what had happened, felts is good, Tolley is a bad thing, but there were people who loved him, beginning to cry, to suffer, and thus further introduced into confusion of the man who died.

Therefore, in many traditions passed on the contrary, does not suffer when a person is dead, and rejoice. All is well. Good life is lived, everything is fine, it’s more a man who died helping to realize that he:

a) really died

b) it is a natural process

Do not allow your mind to rush, but if people will not allow your mind to rush, he has more chances to be born in the next life in the right place. We remember that people like to come to the station, and now chooses the place where he should go, and when he knocked cries, he starts to do the wrong things. Moreover, at this moment it offers the following yoga thing, that if the person died, crying worry, pulling your hair does not mean that you will confuse the person, even if he was a yogi or yogini.

Death is a fairly strong shock, it can be a lifetime to prepare for it, but turn out to be not ready. And if the vision of the weeping relatives, it is quite confusing. Yoga says the following, that those people who have been close to people who were with him, as if in a telepathic contact. Man understands what others think, what others say, even trying to answer them, but it is not audible, because there is no physical body. To hear such a person can only other yoga meditation method that are configured on the thin telepathic wave, they can hear it, but it is extremely rare ability, and rely on it is not necessary.

Therefore, when a person is in such a state, it is prescribed to read the teachings of the yoga of dying. What he knew was happening to him, and how they should behave. The most well preserved to the present day Tibetan version of Yoga to Overcome dying. Good in the sense that it is more commonly known option – Bardo Thödol, or otherwise the Tibetan Book of the Dead. In the Tibetan tradition were instructed to read the corresponding instructions to the person who has just died, because he has heard for some time, but then again hear, as a rule, on who was close in his lifetime, and who respected during his lifetime. The less people know when another person’s life, the less after his death, he pays attention to it.

Therefore, the correct instructions for a person who died in the first place – to help him collect his thoughts, and, secondly – to avoid all the dangers of the intermediate state, after the person has died and before he was born again.

Now let’s talk about what the instructions are.

As you know, in the Indian Yogis in the same way there are instructions. As a rule, they are mythological form, in essence, the same as in Tibet. Sometimes this or that mantra, which prescribe to say friends, relatives of the deceased, next to the dead body. Sometimes it’s just a meditation, which aims to help the person who died did not rush. For example, with the concept of meditation on what is happening. Or in other words. Here we had a seminar today, and you get the idea of what happens after death, and then if you start out loud to the person who died this concept to sound clear, concise, comprehensible to the human language, as if you were talking to him in person, then, oddly enough, a man after the death of listening to your words, if you have had an emotional connection with him, and allows him to some extent, to avoid the terrible consequences of this intermediate state. Here is what we can do for the family, who died suddenly.

Finally, there is another option if you know more detailed practices in those states, which is going through a person who has died. You like to start by being around someone who has died to play them all. Are you with him, as it were, for the company die, and show that this should be done. How does it feel to feel where the consciousness directed to the person who died, repeating all of your state, all your thoughts, all your aspirations, and thus follow the exercises, which in theory, he should be himself do if possessed these practices or seized by them during his lifetime. And if he has mastered during his lifetime, and forgot the time of death, you would like to be reminded. This is an active aid to the deceased person. But, as you remember, any active assistance may only be only until such time as the person is not re-incarnated as a term called yoga is seven times seven days. That is, after 49 days already too heavy to do something, people are incarnated. Although also there are nuances, but we’ll talk about them.

So, you have not taken advantage of the first yogis when opened your Higher Self, and your mind is jumping like a fish, went back to your old body, subtle and causal, which has already been separated from the physical body, and which is now beginning to disintegrate.

How is the collapse?

At the base of our body is the energy of Kundalini in the crown of our head, our consciousness, and that this energy and this consciousness is slowly starting to connect with each other. And here some not entirely clear in ancient treatises on yoga. I remind you that a significant part of yoga is lost, there is only the part that explains the practical exercises and the ability to make them almost, but not quite convincingly explains a theory.

So there is such a thing that you realize once again that you have died, or rather, that you are in the subtle body, and can not really understand whether or not you are dead, your body in front of you, if any. And you start to notice that if you go on the sand, you should not, you can walk through walls, that is, begin to have strange powers, to move freely. In the future, you are in the small state and your energy kundal ready to dart off, start up the central channel to connect with the center of consciousness in the crown of the head, this process is a process of dissolution, a very long, very painful and very painful. But if you practice during the life of these or other practices that one way or another worked with visualization images of your energy and your consciousness, it is prescribed to make to a visualization practice and force the dart off the Kundalini energy and consciousness and to direct them in the right line for you.

The practice, as a rule, is as follows, if you realize that you are dead, you should use the visualization of yoga, and see themselves, respectively, in one form or another, according to the visualization of yoga you practice before, but most importantly, you You should visualize the central channel of the body. If you are, you make it much easier after death in life have learned to visualize the central channel of the body. Why? The physical body has fallen off and no longer interferes with their feelings. Clarity of consciousness has increased, and all the processes for which you require an enormous effort, whether you are in the physical body, take place very quickly, and only a small expression.

I really like the references to yogis – it’s just how to get the fruit edible plants. If, say, apple green, it takes great effort to tear apple from the branch, but when ripe apple, just enough to touch it, it falls itself. That’s just as well and in this intermediate state, when the sight of you I’m gone, you realize himself dead, the natural process of dissolution of the structures is not yet gone, and you have practiced visualization yoga and visualize the central channel, and now you are known visualization raising Kundalini connect the energy and consciousness and forcing the conglomerate to leave their fine structures before they become a natural way to decay after death.

You meditate, as, respectively, the energy of your feelings, your awareness of the lump of consciousness accordingly formed along the central channel in the chest area, and further rises through the central channel to the top of the head and goes in your inner space.


Conglomerate energy and consciousness after death tends to clot in its manifestations in your grudie center


Because the center of your chest – the heart chakra is equidistant. You have lost your physical body, they were subtle and causal. Energy and consciousness is left, they tend to leave all these structures and their ruin. Equidistant area to manage energy and consciousness balanced at the center of your chest.

We have the subjective feeling of the self, we have experiences of a lump – we consider ourselves even when we are alive. At a time when we died, as they say yoga dying, he very strongly activated. Of course, this kind of lump our ignorance, we still consider ourselves not what we are, we feel the energy, consciousness, a tangle of feelings and experiences. Most clearly felt in the center of our chest, and represents the epitome of our energy base – in the base body and the base of our consciousness – to the top of the head. And, if we do this conglomerate of feelings or what oneself think we let the central channel through yoga visualization and appropriate mantras to the top of the head, and we will do the visualization, as we are coming out of their bodies, through the parietal hole, or, in Sanskrit Brahmarandhra then we avoid a long and painful feeling fine structures collapse, when the physical body has fallen off, and the subtle and causal has not yet begun to fall apart. We thus take, collect a lump of sensations and emotions than we thought ourselves, and take out his free only correct path, the center channel to the top of the head, and leave these structures until they began to fall apart.


If we stay within these structures when razvalivanie, we are waiting for the third, the most terrible stage of death is said to have stage occurs after death. About these other practices, which we’ll talk later.

So this practice when we feel in the center of the chest after the death and the central channel exit in Brahmarandhra, or in fact is the crown – the crown of the head, then there is the next thing that we like to take out the prana through the crown of the head, she provided herself in currently.

And in the future if, figuratively speaking, it can be transferred to the more favorable, but temporary conditions of existence in space and time.

Do you have an ocean of cause and effect, is the depth of the ocean where we live, where you see neither of the self or the Absolute, or spirituality, try it now someone yoga workout outpost. Here is some money to earn extra money – yes, yes or bleeders. But to think about the eternal, death, birth, or, in the end of love – wanting a little.


Too great a depth. Too tough a mechanism of cause and effect is. But the structure of our universe and our world is very strange. There are, figuratively speaking, the boundary separating the ocean of birth and death on an area outside of birth and death. And there is a certain area on the surface. She has one foot outside of time and space, the other in time and space. In this intermediate zone, according to the ancient texts, it is possible just as well there as we exist in our physical world, on this earth, with the same opportunity to very quickly samotransformirovatsya.

This is one of the biggest mysteries in yoga. Because if you like this jerk pull their prana through the crown of the head and it then forms your body in this border zone, you can stay there indefinitely, until such time as the be possible for a suitable birthday in the human body the next time, in order to the next time through yoga Love attain Samadhi or so at worst at once take advantage of this contemplation of death.

There are some, quite a secret teaching, the presence of a strange world, where it is possible not to sit, but in any case, to a certain extent to freeze its negative karma, so then unprepared to meet with her.

And it is believed that if such practices yogis or Yoginis after the death was able to bring his prana – energy and consciousness through the crown of the head and get into this area, it is possible to take advantage of this temporary pause, in order to better understand the manifestations of his prana, and to prepare for his next birth.

Another thing – there may be more than 49 days – is such a pleasure. In another case, 49 days have passed, want it or not, even where born, and there’s some time zone is given to prepare and wait for the right conditions for the birth. This large group practices – particularly in the Tibetan yogis is the yoga of consciousness or post-mortem transfer Phowa – one of the six yogi Naropa. Naropa is yoga, but unlike ordinary yogi who grew up in an environment of Hinduism in India, where the Vedas were, Tibetan increased by what is called Lamaism. And in fact it is the same yoga, but for some reason they are called Buddhism. Always surprising, meet people, they say they are Buddhists. You begin to say, essentially from Buddhism there remains only the ethics and practice of all yoga. Yoga posthumous transfer of consciousness, yoga visualization, dream yoga, this is, in fact, good old yoga, which in India has always been, is, and hopefully will.

There was a kind of separation, and that the most interesting, the boundary of the Tibetan and Indian yogas that in Tibetan little to be explained, but the practice is put on the conveyor, and a lot of that is explained in the Indian yogis, but rare practice. Analogues of this, imagine a scientific research center, where they make prototypes of the device – it is India. Imagine a factory where assembly line churning out the same device, and the engineer is not particularly delve into the essence of the issue – it’s Tibet, the ancient Tibet.

And sometimes it turns out that some of the things they work very well, but it is very difficult to find a sane Tibetan yogi, who will explain the theory of why it works. And in the Indian Yogis on the contrary, too much clever that you explain anything, but with worse practices. In the future, perhaps we will see something more constructive.

So, these practices post-mortem transfer of consciousness, or the Tibetan Phowa it is just when you died, did not use the sight of the Self or the Absolute, the physical body is already disconnected and the body is subtle and causal has not yet begun to fall apart. And if you during the life of practicing yoga Visualization, you use these very yogis prana transfer. And you find yourself in a region where this prana quickly shapes your body. But I do not want to deliberately touch this topic. It sounds like science fiction is now so completely different mechanisms of birth, so you do not confuse, I do miss this topic. But the fact is that if you have used this meditation, visualization of the central channel and the corresponding image if you have used this representation of Kundalini energy about consciousness, the chakras, and properly brought prana through the hole in the top, you are extremely lucky:

a) you will immediately fall in the place where you can develop spiritually from time to time, as you do not incarnate in a physical body and can not do yoga Triad that would surely and finally.

b) you avoid the terrible consequences of the destruction of the subtle and causal bodies.


The third stage of dying

(The collapse of the subtle and causal bodies)

And now we start with the subtle and causal bodies. Do not engaged, you say Yoga Visualization in life, not heard at all that there is in the world. Karma you have such. And here you were inside the subtle and causal bodies. And you begin to realize that you have died, and more are quite strange experiences chronologically I will not list them, but that you caught. You from time to time will fall into a faint, then again to return to the clear state. You will wander through the places where you are in life, try to talk with the people who you’ve had in life. Or, on the contrary, to avoid all this. That is, you can move back and forth, and then again fall into a faint. And they say, what goes on 3-4 days. And then begins the decomposition of subtle and causal bodies, and it’s really scary.

At first terrified by fear of surprise, and then by a terrible fear of the animal experiences accumulated within us. To you not intrigue, I say, what is the essence of these phenomena.

So, you still have the causal and subtle body, your energy Kundalini gradually dissolve the principle of principle, starting from the base of your body, moving to the top of the head to meet with consciousness and finally dissolve all of your structure. With the dissolution of all the experiences that you have for life, are beginning to emerge again. If it was something pleasant, the memories start to float in front of you as something pleasant and attractive. If there was something terrible impressions begin to emerge as something terrifying and from which you want to hide. Begins to break all karmic imprints of your memory, your past life. This was behind it all, however, the light source of your mind ya there

But you are not willing to recognize it, for all of these is still present your I, the Absolute, but you’re not ready for it all gives way to images recognized.

It begins with the dissolution of the earth principle at the base of your body. And on the third or fourth day of the deceased person’s soul begins to experience a completely terrible visions associated with the dissolution of the earth principle, as if it occurred a terrible earthquake, all flies to hell, no place to stay and as a person feels that the earth goes from under his feet, he feels natural anxiety. But then are the respective impressions and images associated with the principle of the land, and later died is given another chance when he recognizes that this is not the real world is collapsing, and it is only his memories dissolve, it can for those memories to see hiding behind picture of the root causes of being, or the Absolute, or again your own Ya thereby giving their minds to know the root cause of being, and reach the state of samadhi, the Supreme. But all this is too scary, big, good, but scary.

Always there is an alternative, the desire to escape a little mouse, hide, with the corresponding consequences. We like to do close by the nature of the elements of which we are composed, at the time of the collapse of our subtle and causal bodies show us how we are constructed, we would watch and understand, and we hide and run away.

It’s quite a long list, breaks the principle of land, then water, fire, air, space, mind, with all the impressions. First impressions are positive, then negative. First, the image that we have been expensive if we recognize them the essence of life, we can make a breakthrough high, if we do not recognize, are moving away from it, then we await the many pitfalls and dangers, in the sense that we begin to toss and catch at the places of birth, which is not appropriate for us. After the positive impressions, negative impressions, all that we feared in life, all the prints in us before us with terrifying clarity, ferocity, as if someone wanted to kill us, or any other harm we do. This is an extremely difficult experience.

And here, it is if the person did not use the other methods, it is now recommended to read aloud what he is going through, so he’s throwing the state resisted the temptation to wind up, and realized that this is just breaks subtle and causal body, with all the experiences positive, with all negative impressions, and this process can take several weeks.

But at any time from this period will always be given the opportunity to be born, and sometimes necessary, sometimes unnecessary. If a person will use the necessary situation, it is born, where necessary, if frightened and starts to rush, and seize the opportunity to be born where it is not necessary, the further his life will be bad in that sense. Therefore, if there is someone from the dead, who is mentally, telepathically instructed soul of the deceased, so that she is not frightened, he kept quiet, aloof and behaved as prescribed yoga as a good scholar: he died, very good, now have a look, it all falls apart, well …. Yeah, what is attracting very interesting …. What is frightening …. But I’m already dead, with my bribes smooth …. If there is an awareness of this, or if there is awareness of the Self, which is not affected and if there is awareness of prana, which is the product of the higher self, which is also independent of the surrounding things, then you use the vision to understand the nature of existence and thus rise at a very high level. If you start to toss and foolishly assume that you start and after the death of someone can do harm, you’ll grasp at any opportunity to get away from these visions, and, according to your karma will be given the opportunity to put in certain corners of the universe.

It may be, as they say, the worlds of the gods, or the worlds of hells in the ancient symbolism is very colorful explanation, but you understand the symbolism was primarily for people wild, not culture, so them about energy and consciousness did not say anything. And he said this: poorly done – you will get to hell, well done – in heaven will enter. What the hell – this is where the bad, and the Paradise – which is good. This was behind it all is the essence of the whole universe is made. I will not go into these details. It turns out that if you have experienced decay completely subtle and causal bodies. It then structures no longer remains, and you pull like a magnet to be born again. It is the next step after death.


The third part.

The concept of gradual dissolution of the structures of the body.


To reconsider the concept of gradual dissolution of the structures of our subtle and causal bodies. So, if we have not taken advantage of all the previous practices of yoga and should contemplate how our structure subtle and causal bodies gradually dissolve level by level, then we are forced to witness and endure all those emotions and feelings associated with the operation of these structures in our lifetime.

And the difference is serious, as the difference between two such cases: Imagine that an old house decided to take down, but forgot to evict the tenant, and that the tenant only manages to dodge, one beam falls, then another, then a wall fell, then the other, and So he rushes from one end of the house to another. As you can imagine, this is not conducive to adequate perception of the posthumous condition and forces us to make sharp, not deliberate movements, priorities and thus be born in poor conditions.

Another thing, if before the building collapses, the tenant gets out. And in particular, if you stick to our analogy, we have a building of seven floors. In the center of the building elevator – central channel. And if the man realized that the building was torn down now, he quickly jumped into the elevator, and on the last floor of the seventh level. It rises to the roof, where flies rescue helicopter evacuates and tenant to safer levels, while the building is demolished and there is no identification of acute with the experience that got people building when it was built. No fear of the building collapsing, when you’re in it. So prescribed visualization yoga meditation on the central channel of the body, and go to our consciousness and energy through the top of the head, the hole of Brahma.

But you have not taken advantage of this elevator, the central channel and remained inside the building, and that’s starting to demolish the building. Unlike conventional buildings, which are demolished from the top floors to the ground floor, in the process of death, everything goes vice versa. First, the lower floors are demolished, then higher.

Or in other words, is first dissolved or that the element structure that is closest to the base of the body, or the location of the Kundalini energy, then the next and the next and so on until the top of the head.

And now imagine that the tenant remains in the house, and it is clear, is sitting on the ground floor and the first floor of a sudden began to demolish. The tenant starts to rush. At the same time those memories that bound this tenant to the first floor, pop or whatever was stored on the first floor, comes to the surface. The movement of energy that blows everything goes through the central channel, on the one hand, this force is attractive and frightening all destroyed, and from which I want to run away. But on the other hand, it goes through the central channel and is our core energy, it is the energy of the Kundalini.

If we recognize that it is our own energy if we recognize the direction of this energy as the direction of the center channel, which is the closest we have leads to the realization of reality, and if we go to meet this grand damaging supply, then we, as the tenant, have time to jump into a center channel or the elevator shaft, which on the one hand from the bottom has already been destroyed, but on the other hand gives back the output up to the level of the top of the head. If the destruction of the lower center of the person realizes the nature of what is happening, and again recognizes the central channel in the form of certain images or manifestations (usually in the yogas are manifested in the form of personalized characters: God or Goddess of the chakras, or the Buddha and his girlfriend in sexual union) that is the possibility at this stage to slip out of the house collapsing. If not, there is always a desire to escape in the first-floor window.

Or in other words, to enable the conglomerate of consciousness and energy, or our view of ourselves to leave the crumbling structure through the lower region of the body. which is always associated with the birth of the most terrifying places in our universe, according to our karma. If we have not given a fright, they did not run and jumped out the window and at the same time not used the chance at the first floor of violations, we will gradually move to the second floor. And, as a rule, the next day people are already experiencing the phenomena associated with the dissolution of the following principle – the principle of water. Before that there were some coincidences as the earthquake – with the principle of land, now it is a vision related to the principle of water. And again, you can take advantage of this opportunity, and it is possible to escape the fear and be born in the wrong area.

Take advantage of one or another chance at dissolution of a center, chakras – this is equivalent to the yogic practice, enter the prana into the central channel in a particular place in our body. That is to go into samadhi with a particular chakra.

But if a man, on the one hand, well-kept himself in hand so as not to succumb to the temptation to leave, not leave the body through an intermediate natural orifice of a human body, but at the same time not good enough to use again the center channel, then eventually all structures disintegrate and then he again completely given himself a very amazing abilities. His idea of himself, which was in the previous birth, begins to dissolve and the case is difficult to say about his field, the characteristics of itself. Gradually she begins to fade from his perception of the image of what he himself believed before. It appears the ability to travel throughout the universe. Some treatises on yoga provides various interesting details. And sooner or later it may be close to the place where his future mom and dad having sex. Provided that it is born in the human body, it will be people, and if not enough good karma, then there are options.

The relationship sensuality sex birth death


We consider the case of people, and it is quite exciting erotic spectacle that attracts very much the soul after death. So once again I want to emphasize this rigid relationship: erotic, sex, birth, death. If you know how to manage the experience of sensuality and climb in this sense to some degree of self-control, just in the moment of choice moms and dads have the opportunity arises to overcome the erotic attraction to unnecessary, and choose the right. It is very closed threads. Generally, all that comes to sex, birth, it’s a very sacred, beautiful, clean. I want to emphasize the word “pure” in every sense. In the 20 years of the 20th century, when only began to penetrate the teaching primarily Tibetan yogi dying immediately it has acquired all imaginable and not imaginable fashion analysts, who began to tear itself vest and shouting: “We are told that all brewed on sex, incest moments, desire “and so on and so forth. Friends, this is all the dirt has no relation to the true occurrence of the soul at the next birth, why? Because not very successfully completed these psychoanalysts this topic related to sexuality, too, they went too far, causing a lot of problems for people who have been reading the treatises, and ourselves. Therefore, careful attitude to some newfangled trends that try to link certain psychoanalytic doctrine, which uses sexuality or desire for the opposite sex. In particular, with regard to things smacks of incest. Careful!

In yoga, especially yoga dying there erotic moments, but they are very clean, and if you start reading these authors, there is nothing except a sense of disgust in my heart you will not have. Be Careful with modern interpretations of ancient knowledge. For this reason and their always kept secret. It is extremely clean, chaste topic.

But, anyway, the soul sees an opportunity to get to the place where Mom and Dad are making love, and can provide an opportunity to exact copies of their bodies, so that the soul does not create the body of the lower level, and get them at a high level .

In particular, if you were a man, you got to the human body. And if all the conditions are the same, that is, the physical prerequisites for your future body, and your flow of prana enters, before penetrate is very hard to understand and explainable process, how would you first become overgrown causal structure of this causal structure acquires a fine structure, and then all this conglomerate is part of the physical structure of its potential as a fine, and if all went well, then fertilization occurs. More precisely it is very difficult to say it is this or that at this point, or after the moment of fertilization. It is very difficult to say.

But anyway, after the egg is made one division, we can say that prana conglomerate entered, or someone I established relationship with this new body. That is, I am a person who died before this, re-entered into a new physical body in a miniature form. Also in this tiny body there are subtle and causal bodies. This I will now explain everything very quickly and on the fingers. Of course, everything is much more complicated. This is so that you have at least an approximate picture of how and what is happening.

And here it is again the incarnation, or the flow of prana, which is included, causes that the prana begins to manifest itself in the form of energy and consciousness is disconnected. Energy and consciousness begin to diverge, creating one after the other principles: the mind, space, air, all the way down to the ground of the principle. And these principles are beginning to engage with the principles of the universe, and in fact we are born into a new place, it’s like an explosion for us. And from a formal point of view it as the birth of a new universe. Therefore every birth, every person who is on one side like a dead man’s soul, and with the other hand as the birth of a completely new, unique universe. Therefore, every human life is sacred, even within a single lifetime. Yes, we are talking about a lot of lives, but in one human life is sacred life, it’s like life throughout the universe.

And, accordingly, if you enter into this universe and begin to perceive it in the male aspects, you are born as a girl, if women – that as a young man. Entering into this world, the universe is perceived as one pole, then compensate it with another pole, and over time you are born as a small child, if your parents did not have an abortion. And if abortion is done, then all over again. All that song we sing today. In fact, abortion is a violent death. And there is no difference whether you kill a living person or had an abortion. So my friend, if you have had abortions before, how was it, so let and remains. In the future, if you at least a little brains with their work and to protect themselves, it is best to do it. If you stand in the way of serious yogi, such as Triad Yoga, yoga of overcoming death, then, of course, it is highly desirable to eliminate the possibility of abortion, except in cases where the doctor’s advice, a threat to the life of the mother. the mother’s life is in this sense sacred. Mother again may have the same child, it can again provide another opportunity to enter the man’s prana. But if the mother is not able to provide such an opportunity, you have to be born in the bodies down. If there is no alternative.

It’s all very complicated interlacing of karmic, so here is a thoughtless attitude toward sex is inappropriate. Either this is taboo, no one knows immediately the girl pregnant and had an abortion … .podi. Better to spend a huge amount of time and explain to children that children do not bring storks cabbage, and really explain what it is, so do not rule out a planned pregnancy, than that’s the way to get rid of it. As for ordinary people, they live the way they want to do or do not do abortions, not for us to judge them. There are a million reasons for, there are a million reasons against, but if you become a spiritual path of development ….

All the same medicine we give a sufficiently large number of contraceptive neabortalnogo such as when there is no fusion of sperm and egg, here and use it, have sex as you please, but that does not suffer any other living creature. Therefore, strictly speaking, from the point of abortion, they are best avoided, but if they were, somehow neutralize them. How can I neutralize? Do you remember that most good coin accepted in all life situations it prana. Prana you can dial if’ll do yoga. This is to focus on yoga classes.

Come on, we are with you in the first approximation, it is considered rude processes arising at death. There are other scenarios that explain the processes occurring at birth and death. As part of a yoga of various concepts can reduce it to the mind or to the prana, to the kundalini or consciousness of energy, or something else, depending on who it is easier that to understand, to explain the action of a a practice, choosing one or another explanation.

Now let’s sum up the dry residue or the meaning of what has been said.

Friends, while you are alive, not in a hurry to die. Take advantage of this joy. If you’ll practice all sorts of methods of yoga: Hatha Yoga, Kriya Yoga, Mantra Yoga, Pranayama yoga, then you will create the preconditions for a successful passage to you dying, regardless of whether you know about it, or at least that is not known. If you learn to control your thoughts, and you have no throwing in certain situations, it is clear that even after his death, when the elements begin to fall apart, and frightening visions are in front of you predstavat, then you are more likely to wake to keep yourself in the hands and avoid the temptation to hide, to be born in the atmosphere, it is not suitable for you.

Again, if you practice yoga the most powerful in the first place Love Yoga, Tantra Yoga, the yoga of the Union, then on the one hand you begin to control the range of sensations, that arises from the vibration of your energy centers, and do not be afraid of them. The same thing will happen at a time when you’ll die, but since you already passed it in the exercise, while you were still alive, you will suffer a lot easier when you begin to vibrate or that center upon dissolution. You both would have been ready for it. The same situation, if you know the transcendence of happiness, love, which in fact can be compared with the blinding light or vision, which opens to the moment you die, and you can easily concentrate on it and do not wake resist the desire to step aside to usual sensations of your body the dying, even using the most powerful way to immediately dissolve the first impetus in its self or in the Absolute. The situation is similar if you know how your body, your erotic desire, you, too, can not give spontaneously that barely sustainable conglomerate of consciousness and energy to go down the wrong path, and figuratively to go through another hole in your body rather than to go through the crown head. It is believed that only comes out when the conglomerate is acceptable through Brahmarandhra, and when through the eyes nose ears navel genitals, which leads to reincarnation in worse conditions.

So, if you are engaging in sexual practices learn to reach the point of yoga, and some feel that any uneven motion and you can slip into an orgasm. Similarly, if you are able to control your orgasm, you are able to control the conglomerate consciousness and energy that after the death of a ball unstable, one way you touch – roll, the other – roll to the other side. And you have to send it in the top of the head. That is, all of the fastest methods of yoga, when you practice them, directly or indirectly, you are led to this art that you will pass with minimal loss of this state, or even avoid all these horrors. If for some reason you death catches by surprise, but you have relatives, friends, relatives and associates. They are in this sense, can you help those that will be some time after your death to think about you. Accordingly, mentally remind you of what’s going on with you, that ye remember these teachings, or vice versa, they are themselves practicing these feelings within themselves, as if they were dead, and you could tune in on them and do the same. That is the focus of yoga Overcoming Dying is first and foremost a very clear positive friends. No no intimidation, no hope that if you do something not done in life, you do in the moment of death. No, if you’re in his lifetime did not work, the more likely that death will not help you. In Mark Twain’s work was about a poor boy who all dreamed that when he is lying on his deathbed, that he will deliver a speech sincere, sentimental, that all will be ashamed, and everyone will respect him in every way. No, my friends, when life sucks (sorry for the slang) lived, and then to die hard. If on the contrary, during the life of glorious bother, then die easily. This is such a basic idea that I wanted to convey. As for the practice time, as you can see, we have absolutely not, we will be visiting next seminar, where we will be plenty of time, and we did something about it practically.

This completes the third part.

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