Yoga and children. Vadim Zaporozhtsev. Lecture. 22.10.2011

Friends, my name is Vadim Zaporozhtsev. I taught yoga. This is our lecture for the Open Yoga University in Moscow. All information is,,

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Before we begin the lecture, I have a request to students. Write where you’re from. From what countries. From what cities. It’s not only your own business. This is a factor in the spread of yoga. You, in your behavior internalize the confidence in other people that, despite the fact that you live somewhere far away, you can learn right now if you have Internet access. I have a request in the most serious way to treat it.

And second please – spend some money, buy a headset (headphones with microphone) to have you as well heard and we have heard. So that later we can you output to TV (behind me) and everyone could see you. This is a very important factor in the spread of yoga to get you inspired confidence in others. You are a personification of the school.

Remind you that regardless of where you are, we are, so to speak is connected by invisible threads of life. So let’s start this lecture with a meditation.


Straighten your back, neck, head. Close the eyes, and the mind’s eye to represent a ray of light, which suddenly, from somewhere in the height of the space highlights the top of the head and slightly illuminates the face. You start to smile like a Tomcat in the sun. And we silently or out loud repeat the mantra: “OM hrim HRIM HRIM”. So, we repeat: “OM hrim HRIM HRIM”. All gave impetus to the mind to he concentrated, and turned on his superpowers. Many of them include very, very simple. We do not realize how easy it is. We assume that the communication with the cloud school established, no matter where we are.

We follow our regular series of lectures.

First, I want to congratulate the emerging and developing group Astra. New powerful strong replenishment, which I hope will change the world for the better. I have said that many part-time and full-time students of a new group I know for a long time. As you know, I’ve been tracking them long enough on their homework, in their training on the Internet yoga courses. So you can not say that I first saw someone. It is very very nice. And I call joined in us group Astra to behave actively, to even the old man was not myself that brought young and strong. I strongly urge you, do not hesitate to Express themselves. In fact, these lectures, which are on the graph of training and demonstration, largely intended to address the masses problems. One of them is that you could say about yourself. It will take quite some time. You will take my place and begin to lecture. And that would be very nice to already would know about you.

Here split opinion. Before the lecture I was told that one group of students had a desire to continue the theme of “Yoga and children”. Others have expressed the wish to move on. Let us do so. There are questions on the topic of “Yoga and children”? Let’s now define, discuss and move on.


A man and a woman planning to conceive. Does yoga any special training practice for conception to come a healthy child. And the second question is more subtle: how to call an advanced soul to come to a yoga teacher, how to promote it?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev:

We already kind of touched on this topic. Let me briefly once again running through her. So, my friends, depends on us very, very little, almost nothing depends in relation to the birth of life. We do not understand, do not know and do not know how to do it. We are in fact tools in the hands of a higher power that we all do. The attitude here in the first place – to do everything that depends on us and rely on the fact that does not depend on us. We are small that given. And that depends on us?

To lead a healthy lifestyle in moderation to drink, smoke, swear. Try to avoid the destructive aspects associated with nutrition, environment, lifestyle. On the other hand we remember that the birth of any child is a collective action. I.e. at the moment of the arrival of a person through mom and dad as the focus converge impulses from all life in the universe. So once again I remind you that there is such a thing: there is no other people’s children. In each, a child is born, your particle is.

So here another factor is communication. With people that you like. And avoid if possible those people and companies that you don’t like. In order to create a more powerful light power circles make it easy to find for a child of their parents. Because if so, spiritual look at the planet earth, or our world, it’s awful! Around the gloom, around the licentiousness to be some kind of a circle veil of darkness that envelops. From the higher spiritual realms where it comes from any soul of any child is simply not clear where to be born. I was constantly comparing it, as if you were on a plane and told you that you now need to land. And you can’t see anything. The fog solid. And you and your husband or wife, as a shining beacon, showing – that there have to be grounded. And if all around you are generally a huge number of like-minded people who share your way of thinking, life, knowledge, action. It is generally a meadow, flooded with light. And now it is much easier to overcome Maya, of ignorance and soul need to get to the right place. In this kind of practices are to attract the right souls. I want to remind you that this is the main theme of Vedas. Our school of yoga (yoga School tradition, Ananthaswamy) is a classical and Vedic yoga the basic idea here is Veda.

In the Vedas the main idea is to call as offspring of the ancient sages (Rishis) or very vysokoporodistyh the souls of teachers. If they will be born in your family, then you will be safe. Not even in the sense that you will have a secure old age that they will be fed. Not in that way. There are lots of dangers not obvious. If such souls will start to come to you, you will be under reliable protection of their auras. Do not see that it will be such a little-little bundles to be born. It’s just the outer part. And invisible it is much more powerful. So – the basic idea of the Vedas as to call it the desired offspring.

Friends, I want to pay attention. The yoga position unlike the position of our modern state is not any price to produce children. Now politicians what to do? Maternity capital is trying to introduce into Russia and thus attempted to encourage birth. But the result is a very sometimes a terrible thing happens. Some antisocial elements (the homeless, alcoholics), hoping to get money to start a completely irresponsible to produce a huge amount of souls, and the government is stimulated. At the same time, people are responsible for another fifty thousand times think. They very often hold that not even the material side, and the whole complex of problems, i.e. it has very little effect really.

If to speak about Russia. Russia needs not just a lot of kids, although they, too, have a lot. Need specific souls. That you need to have a lot of born killers, anti-social elements, criminals, terrorists or such that all of the police runs and catches throughout the country. You don’t need such souls who came as children. No parent need future problems. All parents want happiness for their children. So the question is not whether to give birth to as many children as possible and every such place as zamanilovka, the money to pay for it. It looks like some kind of factory chickens. You know, the pipeline, and we are in such a meat-packing plant and we are there to slaughter is grown. It is not the question. The issue is much more complex than it seems any of our policies. Any of our figure, which just screams: “Let’s solve the demographic problem”. How are we going to solve? As in India? There they have 1 billion 200 million and don’t know what to do with them, because it’s biomass. Is poor, this lower classes of society, it is nothing. No. We’re talking about how to attract vysokoporodistyh soul. Two big differences – to produce biomass and to attract vysokoporodistyh soul. And, of course, the objective is to offer as many children as possible, but not what got. Imagine. The soul of any man. It in Africa has hung up, and we have to be born here to carry on, the fact that Africa was not given. Do you need it? You need maniacs? I think not. But the question exactly is what background of the soul. Of course, if you create the right conditions to create the conditions of education, of kindness and assistance, that every soul, at least fifty thousand times the maniac can make. You can create conditions that she will abandon his errors, quickly correct his negative karma, accumulating positive and it will be a worthy member of society. And now we can afford it? Yes, well-fed Europe can afford. She can afford to babysit every inmate. Sometimes the man there in prison live better than we have in the communal. It is rich and well-fed Europe. She can afford to rehabilitate ex-convicts. A country like ours? No, we do not have these resources. We have a school not designed for this. We do nothing and are not designed for this. So, the soul is born, he will break out of control. Will stray into the shoals, to form the gang. And then you go a series of murders, rapes and everyone will wonder, “Juvenile offenders and where they get it from”? They will say that is all the series fault, raised them poorly. No, friends, there are times that in one lifetime it is hard to generate, both negative and positive sides.

So we don’t need any price a huge number of children. We need it vysokoporodistyh souls who will help us pick up the matter of civilization, of kindness, will make the database reliable. But then you can afford, who want to give birth soul with any karmic background. In the end, if she’s here will be born, so its something here attracts you, then we owe her something. So once a society can be unfairly reported. Do you remember the law of karma in this respect, the absolute – as you sow, so shall you reap.

Therefore, the basic idea of the ancient Vedas was that there were many offspring, but offspring need not first offspring. What do I need to do?

Well, first, not to live a selfish life. Because there are so many temptations, so many drop-down possibilities, and then you call on the children to bear and raise. This means, you’re once again somewhere to the party or not go to India I will not go once again from the Mahatma to learn at first glance. But this is just selfishness. First you need to overcome the selfishness within. Overcoming selfishness, you are, oddly enough, enlist the support of their own ancestors. Each of us has ancestors that also need to be born here, and we do not give them the opportunity.

Second, we must do everything to have some light on society is clear, transparent principles. In particular, at least on the principles of yoga. The first and second principles of yoga are quite serious and a strong base to build some other relationships between people. Then if like-minded people will be a lot, then the easier the task of bringing need a shower.

Therefore, such a setting for students of the Open Yoga University in Moscow – you can have what you want but I beg you, do not give in to selfishness.

Watch biographies of famous creative people – that he gave up everything in the name of art, politics, science. But sometimes then, to see it due to the fact that abandoned the family, from children begins to slip in the future in science, politics, anything. Therefore the first – this idea is not excluded. The second is really a more healthy lifestyle news, communicate with like-minded people.

With regard to special mantras, yantry, or some sort of practices, rituals they certainly have. In particular, if we read the ancient Vedas, it is there in the first place it was associated with fire rites. This is when they split the fire, began to recite certain pieces, say, of the rig Veda are specially designed for a particular purpose, and all accompanied by a plentiful libation of melted butter in fire. All fell into a trance. It really is such a powerful practice, fire rituals. Whether because the fire itself makes you concentrate your mind, you have one-pointedness of mind arises, and thus you, as if within themselves, these powers reveal. You would go to a whole new level of awareness of existence and he begins to glow after that. It is clear that you from the higher spiritual realms is seen clearly, especially when many participants are involved in this. If you take the most often mentioned in the same Vedas moments, it is usually associated, as we would say now, with a mantra meditation with supporting points in the form of fire.

Sometimes there is such a time of austerity, when a particular sage or one or the other Yogini wanting to have offspring, consciously retreated, left in some deserted place in order to lead an ascetic way of life. Here is a Yogini pours cold stream every morning, meditates, talks to nobody – austerity practices and thus, as it accumulates potential in order then, as in legends told, to seek a worthy offspring. Or let’s say, one or another ascetic or sage or just a man. Usually stories such phrase: “…and behold, there appeared to him a messenger of God responsible for the prosperity, and said, take everything you want”. And he said, “I Want a worthy progeny.” Read tales of ancient India. You will come across it at every step.

Again, the idea is this – to do everything to gain the potential of chastity. Unfortunately, the scope of this lecture do not allow me more to touch this topic. It’s more the theme of such a yogi, the yoga triad. If you have a sufficient capacity of chastity, by the way, running again to another topic, the topic of yoga triad, it is very hard to gain it back. To gain requires a lot of different kind of other practices. Then, when you begin to spend this potential of chastity, this flash of light so bright, so powerful that you will easily find your offspring. I have a comparison. Once, a few years ago scientists on earth decided to send into space the message. Took a powerful telescope, coded a message, brought a huge amount of power to give such a powerful, powerful impulse in the space. Literally any huge power the momentum achieved. And here he went walking through the universe. Maybe someone from other planets will have this impulse, what on earth is life, you can get there. Here, they say, brothers in mind there. The same analogy in relation to offspring. If you get enough powerful potential and then spend it, you would give a powerful impetus, as if breaking through the veil of ignorance, all the filth of our life. Most people here live no better than animals.

And then starts a chain reaction, when the quantity turns into quality. It has long been known in yoga. As a rule, vysokoporodistyh showers come in such a multitude. That was some country. And suddenly there born yogis and Yoginis. And that’s born, born. And suddenly in this place there is a beacon, a center of culture, civilization, spirituality. Then, however, as it may suddenly take off. As if they had lived, and then decided in another place more appropriate to be born. Of the ancient texts come down to us mention such countries. One of them, oddly enough is the country of Uddiyana. According to many modern researchers, it was located somewhere in the area of modern Afghanistan. And we track many practice, including yoga practices, which have reached us from these followers who lived there. Even called some numbers, Dating. Something like the 4th century BC to 9th century ad, But it’s hard to say. Much more interesting to read books that are somehow connected with this country. I remember reading a treatise. By the way, here in the store, he was sold. The book ended like that after some time everything in this country attained enlightenment and went into some higher sphere, for this reason, the country is empty. You know, all moved in this Assembly. And the same situation even with the darkest places in the universe – if there are starting to emerge vysokoporodistyh of the soul, the situation begins to change qualitatively. As scientists say, the so-called synergistic effect.

This depends on you only in the following way. Here you are a parent, you have born the master of mankind, or the teacher of mankind, but she may have will be the child. And then she will marry or get married. Imagine if the environment will be born of the same soul plan, then here are more willing to be more and more of these souls to come. But if such souls will not be born? Well, here you are born, and around, sorry, some crocodiles. Because it is a huge problem, as far as I know. And we’re pretty hard-faced. The problem for boys and girls who study yoga is loneliness. We have an Open Yoga University in Moscow there are Internet yoga courses. We didn’t even have to insert topics such as search associates. It seemed to us that this thing is important but not the most important. More important, we thought it was the spread of knowledge of yoga, so everyone had access to treatises, narratives. But suddenly it became clear exactly here’s the situation – a small concentration. The souls of yogis and Yogini of our time each other do not know. One was born here, the other. They can’t communicate with each other, can’t meet you. If you call a spade a spade, even sex is not someone to do, not with whom to create a family, no one to bear children. The Yogini or yogi have been ready to have a baby, and from whom? In their environment do not see. But what you can’t see in their environment, it seems that the entire universe is not. And now all of a sudden we began to acquire the quality of a communication system. Started even relevant paragraphs of the insert, so that people can share their information – who where looking for like-minded people. Not even to married or married. And to just know that people like you are. If you do not see them around, it does not mean that they are not. It is extremely easier for you attract appropriate shower. Even if you do not hold on, but you live in this bright area, you improve your chances that of all your ancestors you will be born those of your ancestors who have achieved the status of teachers and teachers of mankind. And all the practices, mantras, yantras, they contribute, they get it. Ie it seems like the secret is and secret not. The secret seems to be, when said a particular mantra or did this or that ritual, but in fact there are also indirect component. Purely material component – if you do it means you’re attracted to their own kind. And if you attract their own kind, then you increase your chances. Because, generally speaking, you are not independent. If the teacher or the teacher consciously and deliberately decide where-or to be born, they will do it without any of your rituals. Full of examples, where vysokoporodistyh souls were born, where you want. Remember how Tibet was before. The Dalai Lama could be born and born, as a rule, in the family of the poorest shepherds, who did not think that they will become involved in these spiritual heights.

Of course, also the factor of asceticism. But in religions it is believed that if you go to some Church, make a certain number of prostrations or bathe in some Holy spring or something, then all will be right with you. I must say, friends, I analyzed these Holy places. This has many speculating that they must at all costs pilgrims. And here begin all sorts of legends and now, we have a source in which I gave birth, it is worth a plunge. And do shop with the goods put. How to entice the buyer? No way. But there seems to be a place where people will come. And they need something to drink, to eat, here they and fast feet. Ie sometimes I can see the desire behind her ears to attract customers. But there are strong places. Finally, remember that the practice of yoga, our body prepares. I want, in particular, to yoga stretch went. This is the analog of you in the Church bowing to discourage, but the stretch is much steeper in this regard. It is not something that bows, there are bows with a twist, bigger than in religious traditions. It is, in General, a common ideology.


To create a field of like-minded people is it important physical stay in one place or enough of it to support both virtual?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev:

Oh! This is a question that is called, on zasypku. At the moment the biggest challenge for the Open Yoga University in Moscow. Honestly, we lecture it started with. See you here gathered quite a large number. But there is a tendency that the number of part-time students is expected to grow faster than full-time. It is now we understand very clearly. We just can’t afford full-time students. To you to collect, it is necessary to rent premises. In the city center of Moscow. And you know how toothy the rules of the game – here you got ripped off. You know, this paradox is the biggest country and the smallest amount of living space. And that’s a very serious challenge – how to find the balance to the General mental field of belonging to yoga was preserved by using modern Internet technologies. In particular, we are sitting here and someone is sitting in Omsk, and someone in Zaporozhye, Japan for 2 people. I feel this trend will go from different countries will be more and more. So, this is a very big problem – how to hold a shared mental field. This problem of how to keep, say, one state from collapse. Great Russian state, and it holds only one thing – a common mentality, a common language, a common attitude. Take the same Europe. One tiny state sitting on another and the third chases. It would seem, what not join? Moscow region, as some state. But they can not unite, because can not agree.

And here the same problem – how to learn to maintain this balance. Can tell the formula that we brought. We have derived. Because in yoga precedents like this has not happened. Well, it was not 50 years ago the Internet. Could we still communicate. Well, it would be possible to implement the radio – one speaks, all listen. But the feedback was not, and here is the feedback from everyone. And this formula like the following – of course, each time students have with some frequency to appear in person. How often? We are now groping for that figure. Because on the one hand we are well aware that too often the students are unable to come, hard. Financial and time straining. Too often, when a person is left alone with the surrounding grey. It is very easy to lose faith in himself and lost himself. The best option is 4 times a year, well, 3-2 times a year. In rare cases once. I’m just saying the statistics of successful part-time students, i.e. those who have studied, but not lost. Because were many who began to study in absentia, but never arrived. Ie need something to do events where we are all together. And if some time we’re far apart, we’re still left with this the sympathetic link. For this we have planned and conduct retreats. Retreat extremely difficult to organize – the number of idiotic questions that have to agree, you have no idea. And on the other hand is a qualitatively different level of convergence. In respect of associates the same situation. Need you to know that across the planet there are people just like you. That it does not become in an abstract way, from time to time you have to witness physically. And that’s when this community, this cloud of yoga is preserved.


When you produce a clone, and when you produce in-vitro fertilization, which the souls come to him?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev:

Friends, modern scientists do not learn, nor eggs, nor the sperm. They just are, roughly speaking, that an act which occurs within man, is done outside. In fact, this merits a little. Much harder if they climb in genetic case – one gene removed, other add, that’s another conversation. In General, this is a very dangerous experiments, often immoral. It will now be a challenge to mankind. In General, it would appear that humanity has no criteria of morality in this respect. Ie is so elusive theme. Where it is considered that it would kill someone like Raskolnikov killed with an ax grandmother. But if you fertilized egg crushed? It is murder of a future old lady prozentsatz or not? Or is it considered a clean experiment? Or do you, therefore, future Einstein wiped off the face of the earth, experience on the set? Or on the contrary started to experiment with genes. This included, is turned off.

Here we come to the very serious moral problem that modern science can’t answer. Modern science has always been proud of the fact that it naturalna. It’s all churchmen, philosophers let them dig. And we, scientists of pure reason and should not be burdened with issues of morality and ethics. We clean the experimenters. It is a dangerous imbalance.

First, because they don’t understand what life is. Secondly, they turn into some kind of monsters, monsters that do some horrific experiments. Probably the development of science, civilization does not stop. But even if it is, then it’s advisable to go a roundabout way, to the extent possible. Especially in areas where you don’t really know yet – where life, and where not. Fortunately, as far as I know, to date, science has not yet reached that in vitro pure bring people. Anyway just use the parts that produce real people.

Another question, what soul can come? Souls can come a variety. You remember, it is a question of karma. It is a matter of a confluence of different circumstances. They can come and advanced, and not. But I somehow think that in the natural process of procreation has some hidden unknown mechanisms that would cut off unnecessary effects. In human bodies not possessed of the soul of former animals. In this respect the prophetic work of M. A. Bulgakov “the Dog heart”. About the same thing. Yes, you can do a body shell of a human in any way. The question of who will live there? It is actually even more important than the question of the shell. Therefore, it is difficult to answer this question. But while the problems in this matter do not see. Perhaps a little later start.


To understand our current situation, we must perform it from the position not of one life, but from the standpoint of several. Whether to learn about their past lives. For example, under hypnosis. Whether it is necessary to use this feature or not? To learn about their trends. What we strive for. Or get rid of anything.

Sooner or later you will realize at a certain stage of his life that if you the hard way learn to subdue your mind, you will not see happiness, and see only the hike in the pharmacy for antidepressants, sedatives. Which is essentially what you are doing? They simply stultifying the mind. He’d love you something awful, yeah he was something before that, it made him sick, sleepy. And then ceased to operate tablet and again he begins to think of the horror for you.

It was understood long ago in yoga. Moreover, if you analyze the system of the Yoga sutras of Patanjali. The main method that is declared by Patanjali’s system of Ashtanga yoga, i.e. the eightfold path in yoga. It sounds like the next Citta-vṛtti-nirodha. In your own words, in fact – tell your mind to shut up. And all the other methods, such as: asanas, pranayama, dhyāna, Dharma, up to Samadhi, it is the gadgets, as he still has his mouth shut so he when you do not have never opened it.

In some texts, especially texts of the tantric theme of many mahasiddhas (84 mahasiddha great). It is intermediate between the Tibetan and Indian yoga yoga. They were just at the junction. There are terms of this type, as I just said. Want enlightenment – kill your mind. Until then, until you kill, you will never find happiness. The question arises: what am I now, a mindless idiot going now? That all the millions of years of evolution is now down the drain? I turn now to the worm? No, it is actually much more complicated. What is meant by the word mind does not mean brain. Mind the fine structure at the level of the causal and subtle bodies. And our physical brain is just a rough framework; in fact the clothing for this fine structure. A structure of the mind according to yoga theory consist mostly subtle and causal matter. This is the part of matter, which modern scientists haven’t discovered yet.

So. First, kill your mind very hard. Second, if you kill him, it instantly rises. Like a dream – you can use your imagination to create something and destroy it. Similarly, in this regard. You are killing your mind and it is not going away. As Koshchei The Deathless.

This refers to work with the essence of the mind. The ability of uncontrolled thinking, which translates in destructive manifestation, and begins to invent for us the torment, suffering all kinds of horrors. Why do some people drink too much? To shut him up with alcohol. Alcoholics facilitates from the fact that they turn off the mind. And he ceases to suck your life force. What is called prana. When the prana is many is the personification of happiness, of joy, of the first cause of being. You live and want to live, if there is prana. The mind is very greedy. To work, it is this prana eats and you have the prana remains. And then come the punishment. Alcoholics make it on time to stop eating prana, filling alcohol. Similarly, the addicts. I don’t know how the Smoking policy. This is a complex issue for analysis. But probably also something to do with the mind. Mind, breath, there are a bunch. Yoga encourages you to not act like alcoholics, addicts. To use any chemicals. The most reliable way to stop this crazy dance of a monkey mind that devours our prana. And, moreover, that devours, but still we life a misery.

Patanjali invented method first to control the physical body. That is, you hold your body, say, in the pose of the stick. Show someone please. Here it is. Here you are in the pose of the stick, and you have, let’s say anger. You wanted to fight with her husband or wife. Have all hit in the head, you scratch his face or he’ll move. Friends, I’m not a celestial. I sometimes say this beautiful phrase: “I paid for yoga good price.” You know, like really? All the crap, nonsense, which could be done in my life, I did. So I know some topics very well.

So, you took the pose of the stick, and your mind is torn. The thought is some kind of hormonal reaction. For a hormonal reaction breathing and muscle response. You want to move, to do something. Controlling the position. Therefore, at some point, the path from thought to action is aborted due to the fact that you don’t give to physically get out of control. The thought never leads to action. Was born a beautiful system of asceticism and wonderful system of Hatha yoga, where you, controlling the position (position), indirectly control the mind. Controlling the mind, you get a lot of benefits for yourself. And stronger nerves, and health. This is one of the methods.

Another method is breathing. Then, say, pratyahara. This, for example, when you go in the subway and read an interesting detective story. You don’t see around anything, you completely in the story. This state of pratyahara. When there is something happening, and you are not affected. In yoga this is achieved not by a detective, with an effort of will. You start to cut a billion thoughts, a million. Million to thousands. From thousands to hundreds. From hundreds to dozens. And from ten to one. And so, when in my head there is only one thought, this state is called Samadhi with the object. And then you clean and last the idea. This is equivalent to dissolution or murder of the mind. No last thoughts, no mind. So, very often offered such interesting practices. Once in the environment, Sufis, Zen Buddhists, Tibetan yogis Indian yogis. This is when you, using their original spontaneity as a toggle switch to turn off the lights, turned off the mind. Thus, it is possible to jump into the state of Samadhi. As Patanjali, gradually closer, and suddenly. This level of quick methods in yoga.

About this piece of text “the Story of a young Rajah”, which was here read. Imagine. You are a big boss and you have a lot of people in subjection. Army advisers, Ministers. Anyone truly loyal to you, but stupid. Someone smart, but corrupt. Someone a little bit, a little bit different. Someone outright mercenary, while you will pay will be on your side. Will not pay, I will deliver immediately. Here’s a Hodge-podge of people around you. And if you become boss at some big company then get it all in miniature. And you have all this, so to speak, a flock of comrades, to keep in subjection. Otherwise, they are a stone will not leave from your business.

This gives birth to the qualities that should demonstrate competent Manager. In those glorious days, these qualities had to show Raja. The point is that God forbid, everyone will see that you are worried. You thereby throw food for their fleeting minds. And their minds rushing to finish up all the work for your enemies. You sow a little doubt, and it begins to boil, to go with all the ensuing consequences. By the way, we are confronted with it when teaching yoga. We call it causal in schizophrenia. In spring and autumn it becomes aggravated, as a rule. Definitely one of the students, the fermentation of mind, begins around the confusion and uncertainty to sow. Then I look, already everyone is starting. Everyone already forgot about yoga, bhava went away. This is a common situation with minds. Usually people don’t control your mind. But if a man like Raja gives them a reason to this, they are doubly the mind is not in control.

Therefore, develop such guidance. First, if your mind begins song and dance, you have to deal with him harshly to himself not to panic. To put it mildly, his urge to strangle. And in fact, deal with pranayama yoga and perform kumbhaka, i.e. the breath. Breath holding, if you control the breath, the mind stops. But you can on the exhale. Oxygen is to breathe. The reason, as you know, he still relies on our physical brain. And without physical oxygen physical processes stop. So stop, and your obsessions. This, incidentally, is a very good exercise in psycho. When you can’t handle. In all other moments call of a person in the following way to do it. To control your mind. As if to kill him. If you have reached a certain degree of samosoznanii. Self-awareness permeates your mind, and you would like dissolve, kill, stifle. I emphasize again – not your physical brain, but the fine structure at the level of the causal and subtle bodies. It turns out that this way, you jump to the next state, which is called intuition. When you know, without thinking. Our mind knows, because he thinks. And there is another higher stage of existence on earth, when you know without thinking. Is intuition. If the reason you put a spoke in the wheel, it should be the most rigorous way to force the order. Externally, do not apply mind to the minds of other people also in confusion is not included. The qualities required of a leader.

Therefore, if you plan to become an outstanding figure. And such figures are now extremely necessary, and as much as possible. Because if to speak about Russia, it is now literally in ruins. You will need to somehow keep the fragile brains of those around doubting people who do not want to work, don’t want to think. Looking at the oligarchs and dream, where they would what to privatize. Very bad, by the way, setting to work and personal karma. Envy and look for a freebie is very dangerous. You still can not find, but you lose time. So, it will be necessary to keep them all together. That all worked and thereby dragged himself and the whole country and even the whole world. You should be able to demonstrate these qualities. And to be able to handle them, must have something to do first with my own mind. Hence, it is said – he who controls his mind, controls the minds of all around.

So that my words turned into abstraction. Let’s conclude the lecture with a meditation on the principles of yoga. Because only with these principles of yoga has the sense of what was said at the lecture.


Sit directly. Straighten your back, neck, head and close our eyes. Remember the first principle of yoga, which tells us that we should avoid to harm living beings without any need for it. But life is different and situations are different, too. Sometimes you have to cause harm and the principle says we have to do the dictates of our duty, no more and no less. Remember this principle. Memorize it. Are aware of it.

Remember the second principle of yoga, which tells us that the life of effort, time enough for us to achieve any goal. The goal can be in work, in creativity, in yoga. Most importantly, we do not had been wasted on trifles. Therefore beginning any work, we ask ourselves whether this will lead us to achieve our goal. And if this action does not lead us to this goal, we must ruthlessly discard this action is not needed and distracting. Also remember this principle, remember, and recognize.

Now we see or imagine in the center of our chest there is a flower. Beautiful flower. What we want to see. And remember that the best Foundation for the realization of yoga is that all beings happy. And see how the flower opens and the wave of light spreads in all directions. And we wish happiness to all those whom we love, for all those who love us. And we see the wishes reach them.

Return to the center of our chest. And we see from the flower leaves again wave spreading throughout the universe. And we wish happiness to all the living beings that we don’t know. We wish them happiness. We can see how the light comes to them.

And again we come back to the center of our chest. We see a wave of light that goes forth from the center of the flower. Spreads in all directions, filling the entire universe and comes to the worst corners of this universe, to dark. Which we even may not would like to see. And now we wish luck to all ill-wishers or those who may be we wish evil. See how the light reaches them. And let them be happy. If they are happy, they will not to us. So we untie the knots of our negative karma.

Free do 5 breaths and return to the hall.

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