Yoga and children. Vadim Zaporozhtsev. Lecture. 15.10.2011

Friends we have today 15 October 2011. My name is Vadim Zaporozhtsev. I taught yoga. We are in Moscow. This is our lecture for the International Open Yoga University. All information is on our sites,, We have distance learning courses yoga on the site where it is possible to study independently the ancient knowledge of yoga.

Before we start lecture, we learn who we are from external students. The correspondent, please write where you’re from. This is very important.

Kemerovo, Kaliningrad, Bishkek, Samara (2 pers.), Syktyvkar, Omsk, Saint-Petersburg, Novorossiysk.

I want to full-time students and correspondence students as much as possible interacted with each other. this trend – more and more we are going to introduce the Internet. Will gradually blur the difference between intramural and extramural teaching. Some classes will focus on the time of arrival of the part-time students, and all current sessions will be carried out with the Internet.

You have to understand that there is no difference – you’re physically in this place, or you are in Omsk, Syktyvkar, or even anywhere else. It matters not where you are. Your introduction to what is called Cloud to school. So you intuitively felt a small channel, like a ray of light from above comes and shines light on the crown of your head. So you feel its unity with the diversity of yoga and Yogini that was, is and will be. With all the followers of yoga. Whether they are in the same room or in different cities of our country, other countries around the world – it doesn’t matter.

Let’s get this practice. If I forget, will remind. And everyone else will also be recalled. We will begin our lecture with the assumption that we will join the Cloud school.


Straighten your back, neck, head. Close the eyes, and the eye represent a ray of light. Just as in cloudy weather suddenly slightly ajar the sky and breaks out a ray of light. A ray of light touches the crown of your head, illuminates your face and you see the light. Say aloud or to yourself the mantra of the connection is “OM hrim HRIM HRIM”. So, we repeat: “OM hrim HRIM HRIM”.

In fact, electronic communication will only be recalled to your mind the correspondence that you were one of the more subtle bond that is beyond space and time. This is a very big mystery in every school of yoga. Thus the transmitted and received knowledge. Thus, there is a training contact. This thing is very difficult to teach but which you can learn if you practice. The Internet just helps our rushing mind to remember the unity of all life, of a connection, which ties right now each of you with all the yogis and loginame past and present. But, as in the Internet, as long as you do not refer to a particular site, you will not receive a response from this site. Just before getting any response from Cloud schools or teachers, it is necessary to refer to these teachers. They are not Intrusive. They will never call you “to send out spam”. Again, the General recommendation for all practices rapid methods. And it’s a fast practice, because it ignores the time factor. Every practice should have a beginning, the actual practice and the completion of practice. The practice begins with the practice of mantra “OM hrim HRIM HRIM”. Just like you go online and clog the site address These two mantras are very popular. The mantra “OM” in General is universal, boundless as the universe. The mantra “HRIM” more uscanadian. Together is a way to use those powers that exist in each of us. We have inherited, including the waste form through the body that we inherited from our glorious ancestors. Our prapraprababka and prapradedushki who were teachers. So, each of us sleep this feature, it must be easy to awaken. And then, again, it doesn’t matter whether you sit in this hall, in the Himalayas, in America, in Africa, in Papua New Guinea or somewhere else. The unity of all life, of freedom, of sympathy, of fellowship with like is provided. You open and the world open. Typically this meditation is the default, one does not speak about it, so in lectures we are not voiced. But now I realize that it is not always to external students realize that no matter where you are. The important thing is that you are in total mental field. Are we going to do this accent. So any class using web technologies let starts with this mantra: “OM hrim HRIM HRIM”.

Today in our lecture, we will continue to consider the theme “Yoga and children”. The last lecture, I asked you all to prepare appropriate questions.

Friends, again I say to you that the cult of the family and human moments literally impregnated with the Vedas. And the Vedas are the main source of certain spiritual knowledge. It is believed that it is self-evident, what about it don’t even have to speak. If not, no children. No children, no life. If there is no life, what kind of yoga can be said? Yoga is only for the living.

Question: When children are born, still young, they depend on the parents. And their circle is narrow. Then they grow up seeing the example of parents. How they react to different situations and so on. And then the child goes to school. There is another society, and perhaps the forces are not equal. On the one hand the child will see a lot of good in the family, but on the other hand he will see a lot of forbidden, what not in forces will resist.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes, this is a serious problem. As it is written: “Little children are not allowed to sleep and big children are not allowed to live.” We must prepare for it. I can say that it can start before school, in kindergarten. After all, you don’t know who karma will bring in the closest circle of friends with your kids, you can’t control it. This is good in Western countries, where the already established classes. Or is there some layer. Live, for example, in a College town, it is clear that there and children, respectively one mentality, spiritual and moral stock. And you live in the area, say city. District may be a criminal. The kids in the area of the corresponding environment. It’s a big shock for the child. Especially in the 12-13 years old, he begins breaking when inside the wonderful world of good moms and dads, and the outside is such a cruel outside world. A lot of unpleasant feelings in the child. As if the alienation occurs. To talk about it a lot.

The General line – a society of like-minded people. Mark TWAIN has a story. Its essence was that the gathered congregation his priest to drive. And one of the characters says: “Imagine you’re about to expel your priest. Moral categories disappear. Everything will start to sell apartments in the area. And to buy it will be people with lower levels. As a result, the price of property will fall and you will lose.” Strictly speaking, there are such factors which we have no control, but which control us. And they all fall under the concept of karma. Well you can not now change my place of residence from one district to another if you are not an oligarch. And if you are a tycoon, you won’t be able to live a fairly open life, you have security with guns, each step is associated, will not be able to communicate. What are the main points to overcome? Look for these and to keep in touch with them, communicate.

Secondly, to be friends with their children. Not to educate, not to protect and be friends. If they trust you, you’ll find a way to show you what to do and what not to. At least the fact that they will copy your behaviour. And copy they will only in one case – if they see that you are transparent to them. Do not depict the teacher, father or mother, family and friends. They see how you behave in those or other dangers or with those or other representatives of society. You start this behavior to copy. That’s the power of parenting – just to be there and this is largely already safe.

At the same time you have to trust your children. I remember, at the age of 16 left home. I was not in control. Could on what way to go. Around a billion of temptations and opportunities. But there are some completely natural mental field that I realize there is to do. And the parents understand that I know it’s big. Although, who of us at 16 years big? I don’t remember my parents had any control. I have them once a month called home for the holidays. But it was complete freedom, complete trust. Because equal, in a single mental space, on a friendship level. It was not necessary to invent anything. Therefore, these two directions can keep. Of course, I remind you that you, as parents, have to protect and you as parents must keep track of where your child communicates in some circles, to some the school. To do this he gets into an environment where he would be defenseless.

Question: a question for my friend, who doesn’t do yoga, but he knows the algorithm for making yoga decision. She has children who will soon go to school. This question – whether or not to send child to school or to foster parents? Because it raises doubts on the first principles of yoga. Not to mention physical health. Peers, laying behaviors. The child comes out of school not prepared for life. Under the system of the state. Not implemented. Don’t know where to go. And if you educate the child at home, need to communicate with their peers.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: the Question came down to, to educate children parents themselves or give them to school. Each of these approaches has pros and cons. Let’s start with the fact that raising children by yourself is extremely hard. You can’t be one person a teacher of mathematics, physics, chemistry, foreign language, and of everything. And if you can, it is likely that the mother has only this to do. Don’t forget that this needs to be addressed every day. And parents in the modern world, modern society to realize it’s extremely hard. On the other hand such hothouse conditions can lead to greater isolation of the child. When he grows up, you may experience problems with finding friends. Or the most fundamental problem – the search for husband or wife.

The General direction, which demonstrates the humanity when your children married someone else. Another conversation that I, friends, I fully agree that our civilization is going to pieces, because who goes to the teachers of Junior classes? It’s not even the graduates of the Institute and school. Are mainly girls, which was hard to do in a more serious institution. Not the most worthy are the most important. Because the first years in primary school a child, like clay, the influence on him is enormous. Of course, there is great danger in this. The only reasonable way is possible for most people to offer. If you take society as a whole, we are not able to provide the kind of lifestyle that the woman was not working, and engaged exclusively in children. For economic reasons.

Remains to go to school, but to pick a school, which is not always possible. Yes, you have to change one school to another, and in a village the nearest school in the district center. And in this school retirees. 2-3 people who are engaged in teaching, because the pay is so little, young people do not no is even first. Choice in fact. So here we need a reasonable compromise between the vicinity of regular schools and the effort that you will have to give her. In any case, it is impossible to answer your question without knowing your financial, housing, etc.

I had a very wealthy student. He has a daughter 12-13 years old. He said: “I want my daughter to England to send”. He had the financial ability to do so. I asked him why. He said, “This knowledge of an entirely different world, a different mentality.” Man returns to us here, I’m sorry, “scoop”. And when someone tries to build, the person looks with wondering eyes and says, “It is not I have to build, and you should build before me.” And it is very hard to dissuade. His world expanded dramatically. He knows that you can be different and we’re not aware of. Again, this circle is on a completely different level. But he could afford it, and we can do it all. The level of welfare does not hold.

Therefore, a reasonable compromise. When children attend school, but under strict control of parents. Doda and parents that the school can not give in principle. Another point – communicate directly with teachers. My grandmother was an elementary school teacher. In the 20 years she was sent to work in a totally remote village. Moreover, first in one village and then another village. It was after the revolution. The fight against illiteracy. She said: “I’m in a village, and there all to the lantern, as the children learn. And the village is so poor – some alcoholics, asocial elements”. But after a time came to another village, very wealthy. She said: “With me there the dust blew”. These people appreciate that someone is engaged in their children. And she says: “in this respect I want to work, want to give”. So you too, do not hesitate to find out who their teacher, the teacher will support them. Let them know that their work is in demand. Then you do, maybe a miracle. Yes, little master. Unfairly enough for the responsibility. But the state is still very long get to them. So even if you do compensate. Find those teachers who you believe, a good influence on your child. Talk, support, at least financially. Someone will say a bribe. Yes, let the bribe.

One teacher told me. It is still in the Soviet years was. Completely anecdotal. Boarding was very children, as they say, minorities. Many of them are in Russian do not speak. And they have a program. So hardship. After some time comes the father of one child, brings RAM. And then generally there was nothing. I ask, “Do I take the bribe”? And she said, “It’s not a bribe, it’s payment”. It was really worth it. Why the West paid education occurs? For this reason. Locate a teacher that will support it. In any school there is a man who burns. I remember my school, there all burned in this business. Support, well, not money, well, at least, do something, help.

Question: From several days to several weeks, the gaze of the child seems to be learning. It’s like he’s studying the people around him, the situation. Isn’t it telling that he has some experience, which he tries on his surroundings?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Maybe so. But in General, the question of birth is the magic questions. We are born and do not remember their previous lives. Or someone remembers? Hold up who remembers. No. I do not remember. Do not think that this is how it is written in books.” I remember in great detail what it was”! The very structure of our world. The fact that we are undergoing repetition of birth and death. Death we need, as for the computer “reset” button. To reset all the experience of hovering in a previous life, start with a new sheet. If we are too many to remember what our real life will be different from the previous one? Nothing. On the same rake come. Therefore, the universe according to his mercy kinda takes all of our memories, leaving the trend of our aspirations. And it’s very good. In General, the universe is very merciful to us. Therefore, if a child tries on his experience on what he sees or really happy eyes looking at the unfolding fantasy universe, it’s very hard to say. I think he’s just happy he has the opportunity to reflect, to speculate, to play.

Question: Girl 4 years ago divorced with the husband. She has 8-year-old son. Husband with very negative karma (alcoholism, aggression, stupidity and so on). What is the priority – son to communicate periodically with the father or Vice versa, to protect the child from the negativity of the father?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Let’s start with the fact that he’s not really a reptile. In the end, the girl herself chose him. This Pope, whatever it was. You will remember that for a child at the time of entering into this world he was no more nor less than the absolute. Remember that every sinner has a future, every Saint has a past. So it doesn’t get completely hopelessly lost people. And here obviously we have the following algorithm. Find the moments when daddy is in a state of relative sanity and not of aggression. And at this point, it makes sense that dad spent as much time as possible with children. Children desperately need parents. To mom and dad. The very fact that they were born to these parents, they delegated authority in their education. In a sense, the child knows who will be the parent. Maybe needed that kind of experience, how do we know? Maybe the child did in a past life it was an alcoholic. And in this life, look at dad, and drink in this life will be gone. We don’t know the most extravagant entanglements of karma. In any case, the worst strategy for women is to try to limit the communication of the Pope with children. Dad is still long with a child does not stay. He is not imprisoned. I can also play with children and all. Then I have some other things to do. I sharpened the other functions of life. But the mother can longer. And we need to find this moment. I almost stayed, would have given his mentality. But still, I found it all the time with my mom, it’s physiology, it can not escape. So it makes sense to look for such a reasonable compromise. But to deny completely the ability to communicate with parents, whatever it was – is to go against the Universe. He is a parent. At birth he represented the universe itself, the absolute.

Friends these are very difficult questions. After all, the responsibility on the woman. She’s his husband chose. We choose those with whom you then have some problems to solve. In this sense, oddly enough, it all fits the description of karma yoga. If you even know about the presence of suffering, you are partly involved in it. If you didn’t have negative karma, you wouldn’t even know about the existence of suffering. A husband or wife from whom you have given birth, is an indicator of karma, including your negative. And you better think how to unravel the most beautiful, appropriate. And then of course you have to strain to seek out some moments that were even a possibility. And nowhere to go anyway. We are all connected to each other. The girl got married. The husband was an alcoholic, she divorced him. Where is the probability that the second man, whom she again marries, again will not be an alcoholic? If it is in the first case, have not figured out how she got it in the second? And she has such a karmic tendency. See myself in a past life vodka from under the counter traded. Solder the men. Do not think literally, it is the imagination. If someone somewhere was deaf, so someone somewhere hoarse. Need to track this causal relationship.

Question: If a woman has made every effort to communicate with the father that will in such a case? Do I need to fix it?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Well, of course you need! You need to do it. Then the most magical situation to be. She wants to then bring the other half and the other half does not want to communicate. Of course, in each specific case should be solved. Because people can, indeed, be insane and dangerous condition, runs with a shotgun in the yard, blazing. But on the other hand should be “untied”. If you are in some situation, that means you are to blame in this situation, otherwise I would not have known you. And we must unleash good, good, not forgetting 2 the principle of yoga, I agree. If anything good at the moment does not work, so it is not necessary at this point, we have to wait.

Question: What if the father wants to communicate with the child?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: do Not want – that’s another story. Yes, it is necessary to ask the child. If a child wants to show dad. It’s complicated. You know, does not happen just like this situation that you are so white and fluffy, and all around you alcoholics, parasites, antisocial elements, thieves, crooks and criminal crime. The entire universe in which you live, you have created yourself. So should be good to go and in every situation to look for such an algorithm, which would have left a lot of untied knots. Otherwise, these knots lead to a repetition of the situation. Again, sometimes it’s better not to touch. Begin to stick with trying to fix it, and it would not have turned out worse. In absentia is hard to say, it is necessary to know the situation

Question: Bringing parents somehow compensates for the negative karma of the child or the child himself fulfills it?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Friends, karma cannot be transferred or obtained. Even if you very much want, there’s nothing you can do about your child. He is absolutely independent, free universe. Is he in his mercy has chosen you as parents, and could choose someone else. But at the same time, part of the General your situation which you were bound, is also there. In this situation, you can only do all that depends on you. You can’t live your child’s life. You will not be able to take on his karma. But you will be able to help him to avoid the consequences of his negative karma. If you feel some negative tendencies, you can strongly reinforce positive. In the end, the fact that the child was born to you, he has delegated to you the authority to help him. In any case, before the age of majority, when he can take care of himself and say: “Father, mother good-bye, I’m leaving in free swimming”. And before that, like as not.

Again. Karma is not transmitted and does not work, it’s impossible. We can’t take on the karma of the child. Or this bredyatina rare – allegedly, the children take on the karma of the parents. Give it as a revelation from the East, the ancient Vedic knowledge. It is not Vedic knowledge. This is nonsense. People who are just scratching their language, not understanding what they were saying. The law of cause and effect. Nothing more. Everyone is responsible for themselves. If there is an illusion that there is a transfer of karma, it’s just subtle karma. Karma is not transmitted, nor from parents to children or from children to parents, nor from that guy. It’s impossible!

Question: When the child is small, this is understandable. We take care of him, spend more time with him. But how, when the child grows up, to follow this line, not to impose their will and the child at the same time was able to find my way to you didn’t affect his decision.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes, friends, this is a very difficult time when young children begin to grow up. How to suppress his freedom? The birth of yoga we remember in a nutshell: “Friends with kids”. When you are friends with someone, you have no thoughts to replace yourself with someone. Try to communicate on equal terms. Then it will be easier to understand from what point does all of that. Ie he has delegated authority up to a certain point, and starting from some moment on all.

Question: When the child grows up feeling that he is more and more is not needs parents, at first glance. How to avoid feelings of loneliness parents?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: There is a topic called attachment, which then is born of jealousy. This is extremely destructive shackles on his feet. This is when we one begin to believe something else and as a result of that comes a lot of pain. You and whoever you’re trying to protect. When the wife jealous of her husband, suffer both. Wife is suffering from jealousy and a husband who do not give to live. That is exactly the same here. When someone is bound to us, he becomes a kind of burden, here we have hung. It is very very destructive. And here we must remember the nature of things that each of us, by and large, free.

We have no right to encroach on the freedom of another, even if it’s our child. Absolute has made us all in his image and likeness. And so gracefully with us received, many of us don’t even know about its existence, so it is not Intrusive. But the absolute never stops to care about us because if he did, you would second have not lived.

Understand what the ideal relationships of parents to children? The same as the relationship between you and the absolute – the root cause of everything, cause of you. In this case, we must learn non-attachment, patience and lack of jealousy as absolute. And that in itself is the greatest yoga. If, on the contrary, to cling and will not start, nothing good will come of it, the suffering will begin to grow. The child’s suffering is increasing. It closes, you will be making that call. He wants to live his life, you are going to suppress freedom. Sooner or later the situation will come to a standstill, it will explode and may even break relations with you.

And where does the affection? It is our ignorance. From our illusion – we think that we had a baby and we just improvised this giant mystery. So conceited is not necessary: “Behold, I give birth to kids, I raise them, what they have me good”! No, it’s fine. But there’s always some sort of line of respect for the freedom in another person. If we move on, never turns out good. The violation of freedom is how to take money in debt. Strangers did not take long, and you give your and forever. Ie then you pull up a piece of meat for what you someone’s freedom is suppressed, no matter whether it your child or some stranger.

Question: I’ve learned that the greater the difference in age of children and parents, the less understanding, trust. Is there a recommended age for having children?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Honestly, I didn’t track anything this correlation between age of parents, age of children and the understanding. I know of many cases where on the contrary, parents with age already gone mad, they are less whimsical, they have all their horns chipped. And when they have babies, they are more responsible, more understanding, respect treat children. Why? Because all the mistakes that could be done, they have already made. On the contrary, a young mother of 18 years gives birth to, without thinking. You know, sex education is not. Protected forgot. And it went. And now, I see on the Playground the mother, whose age difference with a child 18 years of age, you can actually be friends. She was nervous, frustrated, begins: “come to the hill? Do not take it! Spit it out! Why are you screaming?!”. Immediately one ear on a cell phone your girlfriend tells us how awful her life as her husband does not like gossip. Now I see this picture on the Playground and see what the younger generation is more dope. They are still children themselves. So I would not say that there is a correlation. Although it can be the other way around, nobody argues. If children consciously expect a completely different layout. If you wanted to have some fun at the party and then found out that you are pregnant, it is quite another.

Question: are There any recommendations on how to raise children? I’ve personally heard that up to 7 years can not even touch the child. The child is studying the universe, it is impossible to deny to do something. After 7 years more strictly to educate, what skills to give. After 14 to prepare for life. Then when he mastered, he goes in life.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: you Know, it’s good to read such recommendations. They command respect, but I sometimes think that these recommendations refer to the foolishness. They sound so good. Them well the urgent voice, finger wagging, to sound, but life is diverse.

Here I didn’t want to touch this topic, but you have to touch. In relation to the education of children. Slang term children “pseudointima”. In slang language it is the children whose parents allow you to do everything. As a result, these children absolutely rude behavior poison the lives of anyone who comes to hand. And the parents: “my child, he’s so unique! He is now in uncle have thrown a stone, so it’s a revelation! Uncle bad karma”. Or starts a child somewhere in the train, the cinema, good mate to shout, and the parents and are touched by: “What is Caruso! Oh, how wonderful”! Stupid attitude of parents to their children, as in addition to their children, no universe, i.e. absolutely not engaged in education. Just a curse when you get into that atmosphere, because you can’t make a comment to the child. Like there parents, they also need him to order to call. And these parents, instead of to bring up and say, “You go ahead, the freedom of others.” On the contrary, they begin to rejoice: “Let my child appears, even with the fist part of this life, will punch, will dominate, let them since the childhood learn to build all their desires to fulfill. Our world is so terrible, the faster you learn, the better.” This is a monstrous misconception. This slang came about after there was such a period of “Indigo children”. Honestly, still don’t know what it is. Sane explanation I never got. As far as I understand, there is a glow spouses Kirlian high-frequency and if, supposedly, we touch some children, the Indigo.

It reminds me of the movie “kin-DZA-DZA”. On one planet there were two groups of people, they differed only by one – if you point the flashlight, then one will light the green light, the other red. Here this reminds me of the effect of Kirliana. Who are the Indigo children and who the children of the cattle. Clear explanation what these kids are different, I have not received.

All children are a gift from above. Regardless of the extent to which samosoznanii came to the child. His particular life is the chance to quickly, including the methods of yoga to reach unprecedented heights, even if in a past life he was completely wild, uncivilized. By the way, in relation to adoption and adoption from orphanages. Very dangerous idea, that you just will not drag. Because you’re not able to quickly raise the level of samosoznanii child from one to the other. You have a very difficult karmic relationship. You are not even his parents. You don’t even know what sort of pitfalls.

Therefore, children should be brought up of course. How? Suggesting to them the simple idea. The idea of freedom. That his freedom is sacred, but the sacred liberty and all the people around him. And here it is necessary to develop such a strategy to his freedom and the freedom of others while interacting minimally infringed. Do not encourage indecent behavior “geeks”. Unfortunately, the behavior of geeks can be very unpleasant. They grow up with the idea that they have something special. They are sometimes very anti-social, blatantly behaving provocatively. They are in life is often unhappy. Therefore, this idea of respect for the freedom of all around with full assertion that the freedom of the child are also sacred is the only thing that will allow you to find a parenting strategy. If he is alone in the meadow sports, let the screaming, can, indeed, be Caruso. But if in the cinema? The problem really is.

I grabbed his head. We project a moved that yoga can come to parents with children if they are responsible for their children and maintain peace and order. Well, what do you think, what it led to? Chernomyrdin said the following phrase: “Wanted as better, and it turned out as always”. Often the children went “pseudointima”. They suns twist in the hall and parents are touched, as everything is wonderful – we at yoga. The offspring of sports, and the fact that the rest of us suffer, do not care. What it led to? Some people are starting to get up and go to yoga classes. Help one, and the other kicked out. Need to balance to prescribe. The real problem is those involved in the project “Children’s yoga”. It doesn’t mean that you can run, jump, crazy, hair pulling involved, to withdraw from Samadhi. A balance is needed.

In General, this is a kind of General cultural level. Every parent always feels, well, there’s a little baby face moved, well, little, he still does not understand, it is necessary to explain why here it is necessary, and there is no need. But not from the position of the finger didactically, but from a position of friendship. A friend to explain why he is stopping here better than to behave. To completely withdraw from parenting you can’t, they delegated authority to raise them. On the other hand to suppress the freedom of whatever system of education is crazy. Freedom above all else.

Question: to Paraphrase a bit the previous question. There is a saying: “child of a certain age brought up like a king, then as a soldier, then as a friend.” Is this relevant?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: God knows! These are the sayings says, you have to ask him. What do you mean, soldiers? The push-UPS? Or in a figurative sense? Here I child to say, “let us sit down in the corner, play your toys.” But he will understand before you learn to understand the words. Again, this is foolishness. The question of age is really important, but to a different end. While the child is very small, he needs a mother. And to a lesser extent, dad. But from a certain age, he begins more and more to need dad. Mom always softer. From the standpoint of energy. She is more feeling, more emotion. And my dad brings in the element of discipline, awareness. The factor of consciousness that it should be so, so, so. What is harder to do mom. Here can thus bind this saying? Then Yes, it makes sense. How would the emphasis that the interaction with the child in different ages.

Q: so, it follows that at some point the child more attention should be paid to the mother, and then daddy?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Naturally. Little baby in mother’s needs more than the Pope, for him to feed. Dad has no Breasts. Nature is the embodiment of more fundamental principles of energy and consciousness. Probably there is some sort of pattern.

Question: a question about bans in matters of education. What is the age limit to prohibit something and how to do it, to the freedom of the child not to limit it. Especially in the transition to adulthood. How to do this most tactfully? Some things need an effort? That’s not all!

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes, absolutely right! Sometimes a slap is necessary to give. You know friends, the ideology is the same. Child the fact that came to you, has delegated you the authority to educate him as well as you personally you need to do. Not the uncle from the TV screen that reads psychological guidance, neither owner, nor somebody from next door, and it is you! He came to you. He didn’t choose them. Then he would come to them. So the fact that it has delegated authority to you to do what exactly you consider appropriate, no matter what other people said. I think it should so do that.

But on the other hand, if you are smart parents, you remember, if you start to play, I beg your pardon, hypocrites, to encourage their offspring to do things that do not follow, then it is hypocrisy. Children are very sensitive, they do not give us to understand, but they understand where they cheated. If you do, you will lose their trust. Lose their trust, you do not make friends. If you do not make friends, then they will not listen to your advice. And you will have a lot of problems. Of course, you can impose draconian repressive methods – not to let the key close to smack on Saturdays, looking through the diary, etc., etc. But these methods are not effective, because we remember that yoga says: “Violence is not effective”. As soon as the child is able to bypass your violence on the sly, he will do it, and you do not even know. You will lose all control. Then the street, drugs, anything, sex at a young age, unplanned pregnancy, abortion. Do you need it? No! Therefore, we should try to make friends. No need to build itself from the celestial, do not wishful thinking. This is the best strategy. If you know somewhere really need to shout, with his fist to knock on the table, come on.

Question: You said that if people refuse to have children, parents are dissatisfied with them. On the other hand, people who have babies and give them to orphanages. If a child, for example, unhealthy physically or mentally. Or if the child is unwanted. Rid of that way. Can we say that they still propitiate their ancestors only because they produced a child into the world and thrown out of your life?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes, friends. Get pregnant, give birth and give it to the orphanage. You will have less negative karma than having an abortion. But I say this only for those who engaged in sexual practices. For ordinary people I’m afraid to say anything. There they have their own rules, concepts, religion, etc. I don’t want to interfere.

But we’re talking about ancient Vedic knowledge. A huge number of couples wants to get offspring, but can’t. Take such a noble step. If it really happened, it is better to give birth and give it to the orphanage, than do an abortion. Here the child is crawling. Let’s strangle him now. And you think, where abortion is doing is something different? The difference is only one. In one case you see it and you have a shock, and in the other case you do not see. You came, you did something and you do not understand. And in fact, that here and there killed life. Therefore, the issues of sexual education, contraception is this thing called culture of mankind. If we showed incivility, then minimize the consequences. Oddly enough, the ancestors in this respect happy – you give at least some chance. But when you do an abortion, no chance do not give. Many actors, businessmen, many of them adopted from the orphanage. They do not know their parents.

Question: a question concerning the health of children. Now, early diagnosis of pregnancy can detect any diseases at an early stage of pregnancy

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: this is a question of medicine. The ideology that if you embarked on the path of sexual yoga, you have no right to have an abortion on their own initiative, but if this is the insistence of the doctors, it is quite on the other line goes. In the end, you can give birth to the same child again. But this should not be your decision, this should be a physician. Because in this sense the life of the mother more. The mother may give birth to ten more.

The question is not about that. If the mother’s life is not in danger, but she says that the baby will be born defective and offered to have an abortion.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Complex version. I don’t know what to say.

Remark: my friend had this situation. She said that the baby will be born defective and offered to have an abortion. A healthy normal child. And doctors also can make mistakes.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: this is Why I say. There are such moments. The world is very diverse. Very very difficult. In any case, all that is connected with children, let it be consciously. When it is consciously, then it will be a minimum of problems

Question: You said that the impact of society, the streets is stronger. In connection with this question, are there any recommendations on when and how to address issues of sexuality.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: the sooner the better. It is clear that when very young, on your toes, primitive. When a little older, so more detail. Again. On what rests the most. Where babies come from, believe me, children will quickly begin to understand. It is better to make an emphasis on the moments of contraception. So even if you have started to secretly have sex, minimize the risks associated with it. And according to the statistics, almost from the cradle, children begin to engage in sex. With all the ensuing consequences. Therefore, the sooner the better. This topic should be natural and beautiful, without hypocrisy, without strawberries, without excessive scientism. And it can be only in one case if you could be friends with their children. If you become friends, you won’t experience the awkwardness. And they will not be uncomfortable to experience from these conversations. All goes well, of course. But if the barriers between you…usually mom or dad can find a book on sexual education: “son, read.” This idiot girls have so much, and here to read. Sometimes it is too late.

Another question follows from this. What age to start sex life? In yoga it is recommended not to hurry. While you are young and strong sensations, but we don’t get subtlety. Like a good wine should be able to drink and have sex should be able to do. At the right age and in a certain way. My friend was. Your business opened. Decided to wash. They drank a bottle of vodka at his brother. And then, it was necessary to train them to order a bottle of Bordeaux, what is unique year after a bottle of vodka. Clearly, all this then went into the toilet. And Bordeaux, and vodka, and snack. That’s just as well the sex. This kind of thing.

Question: do I Need to install between the parents “game rules” in the upbringing of children. For example, the father should have to answer for it, and the mother because of this?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: I can only say for myself. The only rule of the game, which should be, in that whatever was done is the following: do the children not to swear. Although this is very hard to execute, but in any case, while you will have brakes. Once you start to fight with your husband or wife, you have to stop. And if you really want to quarrel, wait until you child to see and hear not, and then find out the relationship. But never do it in front of the kids. It is a terrible shock for any child.

With regard to the duties. Remember that after the birth of baby daddy have a lot of attention to mom. Mom’s hormonal system is bursting at the seams – rebuilt. Especially if this is your first child. Mom becomes for a while is absolutely insane. Has her whims, a bad mood, life has changed dramatically. And she was horrified to see that the Pope, like nothing has changed. For her the birth of a child was like the end of the world and the rebirth of light. But for dad, all is well. I say to myself, friends. I myself in this fishing. Here the men need to adapt better, to be better prepared.

There were all kinds of school preparing for childbirth. My dream is someday to make a school to prepare for the birth, taking as the Foundation of the ideology of the knowledge of yoga. Add a bunch of advice of medicine, of the practice. Will work out perfectly. Because, unfortunately, modern maternity school sin the next – they are for the Foundation, based on a variety of platforms and is always very bad result.

Some choose some religion and all religious views. A complete impasse. The second said, “No! We will do everything from a psychological point of view.” Take a bunch of books, read, create-based platform, and preparing women for childbirth based on the psychological teachings. Too bad. Third take all the science and there are not only drag. Too lifeless.

The Foundation of any course in preparation for childbirth should not be a religion. Religion arises later, when someone was born. If there are no people, no religion, too. In monkeys, dogs and cats religion there. To do this, at least, to be born a man. So when they say that primary, what is secondary. Religion or man, there are a lot of questions with all due respect to any religion. The basis of life.

I think if someone took all the humanistic life-affirming ancient knowledge of yoga, and then based on that would have made a recommendation system, ranging from the simple tips. Here I talked about the fact that after birth the first 2-3 months the woman in shock, her hormonal changes. Her life is turned upside down and it requires special treatment. And the man just doesn’t get it. He’s not a woman. And no one said. And the woman is unable to say anything because she is sick and she just gets angry. But a man can’t understand why she’s in a bad mood. And if a man thus prepared, it would be very great. I think the humanity of this method of preparation for childbirth would be a lot of use.

Question: Some people think that is necessary to give birth in the water.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: it Was at the time, such mass flow. I must say, very good, ekologocheskie. In our country it originated and blossomed, when was the Renaissance.. it was all mixed up. And yoga, and esotericism, and water births, and spirituality, and the absolute. In General, all the cases. At the time, it so happened, I was introduced to this subject. Took part in all these parties. Birth in water, postpartum the dancing in the moonlight. The whole kitchen is known to me. I can say only one thing friends. Personally, my experience says that a woman needs for itself to determine. Not to read modern books, do not listen to persuasion-dissuasion. Also not to listen to these stories avidly apologists childbirth in water. Every woman needs to ask yourself, how will most feel comfortable, and therefore, her baby will feel and choose the way that suits her personally.

There are women-Yogini. For them the drive to go somewhere pregnant on the beach, pitch a tent. And then somewhere in the waves of the sea give birth to a child. To crawl to the tent and his nurse, and then another, and placenta to eat. I know jogini, which simply radiates from this. Tell them in the hospital to go, it will be bad.

I know other Yogini who don’t care where to give birth. It’s their holiday. What hospital? I’m here! Everybody around – I’m having it. Because hospitals are another legacy of the Soviet system, where you begin to build. And very good to prepare for this moment and to build, who to build. This is a separate issue. Here in the course of preparation for childbirth very well would prescribe it, because there too there are nuances. How to behave correctly and how to remove rudeness.

There is a third type of Yogini who say, “Yes, we basically all the same, most importantly, maximum comfort”. And have, say, at home. But, as I’m one Iovine called and she told me that the delivery started at home, ended up in hospital. Maybe this extreme is not necessary? If you do not feel their strength may be in the hospital.

Finally, there is the best option, which is now, unfortunately, very inaccessible. It is specially equipped hospitals, where virtually all conditions, as if you gave birth at home, but qualified personnel. All at the highest medical level, sane doctors, nurses understand. Now, if you managed to find a way shipping, that would be the perfect option. The reverse side of all this – it is expensive. There’s nothing will remind you that this is a hospital. Want to the pool, dive into the pool. Will be in sea water in the pool to give birth. Not necessarily in tents. I remember there was childbirth, which I was. Opposite was a tanker which is sunk, felts there crack was. As the oil flowed. On the shores of such pieces and then have to give birth. Extreme. Someone is the moment to believe in themselves, for whom it is unnecessary strained, he was horrified to think about that. Therefore, there must be ultimate harmony. You have to make a decision for themselves.

In the end, you can do yourself to take delivery. This is something that lasted for millennia. Nature worked well enough. this mechanism. The point is actually quite simple. Main thing is to avoid extreme. It would not be the extremes. For each extreme – something. Someone on the coast the ultimate extreme, for someone visiting the hospital, where evil nurses, a legacy of the Soviet era. But for someone evil nurses is nothing. They – the staff and the location of their twenty-fifth. It all depends on the mother.

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