Yoga and children. Vadim Zaporozhtsev. Lecture. 08.10.2011

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A dangerous error.

Why in the West there is the opinion that the alleged yoga is not compatible with children, with family that children interfere with the attainment of some Higher ideals of yoga, and yoga is not docked with a normal family life. Friends, this is all an unfortunate misunderstanding, which do not have any relationship to reality. On the contrary, it is considered that the factor of children is extremely useful, stabilizing and moreover guarantees that you will pass some stages in yoga successfully. The opposite situation, when you have no children, most likely, will lead to the fact that you will not reach the ultimate goal of yoga. Of course, unless you’ve got exotic good karma, and you have such a good previous experience in a past life some things have made that in this life you don’t need to. And finally, if you are not Teachers and Teachers of mankind, and here, just posing as ordinary people, so as not to stand out. In this case, it is also this factor can be for you not so important. But who among you can boast of good karma and no karmic debts to the ancestors. Or one of you can boast that he was the Teacher of mankind, and came here only in order to enlighten and to guide. As a rule, all those who begin to imagine themselves as Teachers who prove to be mentally ill. So, friends, I want again and again to this theme of pressure, because it is poorly lit, it is not sufficiently understood, but it is crucial for each of you. The time will come, you will become old, toothless or with a mouth full of dentures and you begin to ask yourself: “what in this life was, what’s left?” And here it may be that the situation will be next character. It turns out that a family and children you are wound up, allegedly due to the higher ideals of yoga. Allegedly due to the fact that you believed that your path is the single path of enlightenment. You supposedly live last life in the chain of millions and millions of other lives and the children will hinder your highest spiritual achievement. So you shunned persons of the opposite sex, had not started a family. Someone’s friends believes that he can’t give children to this world because this world is not perfect, dirty, dangerous. You supposedly will be unable to pay due attention and create proper conditions for their children. And such would-be theorists of life come to this very interesting conclusion that: “I have no right to give their babies into the hands of this terrible world where everything is so bad, where is full of suffering and pain and our children will suffer.” So here is the most dangerous misconception, because at first glance it seems so logical and understandable. But you are not given a chance to be born, here to manifest the great souls.

Children is a factor of power, which will alter the future.

After all, when they are small it’s born, they peritracheal this world so that all the negative forces of the Universe will be bad, because it’s a power factor. It’s not little kids, that, friends, Teachers! Children is a factor of power, a factor that will alter your future! I think you will rebuild a life, no, you already ruined. Even if you say something and do a little bit, but you have to do more than you can do. And now, if you do not give the opportunity to be born children, allegedly due to the fact that this world is so “black”, then you are in the first place: making the world more black, because the positive factor comes. And secondly: you do not give the possibility of highly advanced souls to come and put things in order. Believe me, for them, maybe it’s a chance for little kid to play with Apple, to destroy all that is dark and frightening. That is why we flee in terror, for them it will be a toy, a growth factor, the factor of self-realization. It is always a pleasure for Ivan Tsarevich to come to some dark realm and disperse all this riffraff. It is for him, even pleasure, joy, it’s some kind of plot. Read all the ancient tales. And here we are clever: “And no, I will not give you a chance to be born in this world, because the world is bad.” And they just to want to come into this world, to turn this whole “coop backward” because it is for them to call. (“Challenge”, as the Americans say).

Children as a factor of power, which will alter future and the tricks of our Ego.

Tricks Of The Ego.

So all these pseudo-justification that I am not ready, I say, can’t provide proper conditions of life that the world is not suitable….It’s all very sophisticated self-delusion and ego. Unfortunately, a great number of yogis and Yogini enticed by this. Sometimes these yogis say, “Well, how am I going to give birth? I have no apartment, no job, no established. And, in General, I don’t know how my relationship with my husband or wife will develop, or not develop,” etc., etc. a Lot of philosophizing, and in fact it is – selfishness. In this respect, the modern world with all its advantages and disadvantages does not allow us to starve to death. Yet at least some shelter there. Even your grandparents gave birth to your mom and dad, much more in worse conditions. Much more in the worst of poverty and uncertainty they lived. Read out, during the war, the huts were born and lived. And here we are, any special conditions given. “Now I get rich, or as rich as some oligarch, and then it will spawn offspring,” says the yogi or Yogini. Friends, a very dangerous game playing with us the consumer society. It perjorative our attention from the true values to false.

Life above all!

The absolute truth is, friends, this world called life! Life above all! Life beyond your career! Life beyond the fashionable clothes in which you dress up, cars, where you ride and what some of your business or other projects. Life beyond your own selfish desires, for example: “I Want to be irresistible or compelling, you want me to have everything in life were magical!” That’s wonderful, but it’s all about you personally. Moreover, as practice shows, without the kids then it does not bring happiness. It turns out that all is, the picture is, and the content, no soul! Why? Because there is no life! Therefore, such excuses as: “I’m not rich enough, wealthy enough or not responsible enough for children” – too subtle form of selfishness, which need to recognize. Moreover, when life comes into your ordinary reality, you start to catch yourself on thought: “And really, when it was a time when this “miracle”(child) was away?” And you suddenly begin to catch myself on another thought that your children were with you always! Even the thought: “how could it be that children were not?” will seem weird, strange and unusual. For the simple reason that every life, every impulse of life is the impulse Sverdlovenergo! This is when the Higher spiritual spheres are manifested in our lives by his grace! And so we have no surprise us was more surprised: “How I lived without this happiness, just a few years ago? Such feelings, all parents feel.

Freedom or family?

For this reason, friends, if you want in the name of career, wealth, spiritual development, gaining abilities or powers to sacrifice that which is called the continuation of life or sacrifice having children in your life, then you will be very severely disappointed, over time. At first glance it will be all fine! You’re free, no responsibility! I want to go the Himalayas to meditate, you want to the Canary Islands, I want to a seminar of some tantric, want something. Nobody connects, no children, no husband, no wife. And, like you, but it is only at first glance. But then you suddenly realize that, Yes, you are traveling around the world, walked through and across the whole of India, all ashrams lived, all practices were paractically or achieved wealth, learning, recognition and other things, and other things. What, like, form your desires were sallelas, and my heart is still void. This point is critical for learning yoga! Why? Because before, when there was a traditional way of life, when it was bad to contraception, and the average life expectancy was little, there’s a man in his youth, and understand do not have time….Here he or she first had sex, and in a year and offspring are expected or not expected, who knows….Now with the advent of contraception is a very dangerous situation has arisen. We are too smart to have to learn to control the arrival of children, but too stupid to fully understand the dangers associated with it. As well as our personal selfishness requires execution of our desires, the situation is critical. We don’t leave progeny, respectively, the situation in the world, in any country starts to distort. Here come the soul with a lower degree of samosoznanii, due to this cultural-historical process. In third world countries we are seeing a surge in the birth rate and, as a rule, we see a huge number of souls that bad savesonnet itself, and we see all the problems associated with it. As in other countries because of selfishness we see a drop in the birth rate, to the extent that soon all mankind will become extinct like dinosaurs.

The tale of a naughty son.

In connection with this. I remember one such instructive, a funny story from the life of one of my student who started to practice yoga. Dad of the student – the person who is very knowledgeable and interested in spiritual things, but in the Soviet environment. He called his son and said, “I know you do yoga?” The son answered: “Yes.” But then the word “yoga” that is not only understood, yogi was associated with the not quite sane anti-social element, who, no wife, no children… Father continued the conversation with the following phrase: “I don’t know what you got there in the philosophy of yoga and understand I will not. But if you don’t bear me a grandson, I will curse you! Well, it is clear that all the children, including this student all “themselves with a mustache”, you never know who that says. Son very harshly replied, “I don’t need to learn here!” But then it turned out that this is a direct, emotional, simple message of father to son was the closest to the ancient Vedic knowledge and the very essence of yoga. If you neglect life, momentum life, you will never find any happiness or success in some abstruse your endeavors. Anyway, you’ll be disappointed and not only that, you will generate a chain of negative trends, which in the next life you will be born down. In the sense that you are born in such conditions that even possible to do yoga will not. Twenty will be born first offspring in some tribe in the jungle or in the ghetto. In third world countries they are already in the jungle do not live, they already live in the ghetto. Live on the palm was not very prestigious. But in some high-rise building – very normal. So, when you are born there, you will find yourself in an environment that you will be not before yoga. You will not get the care and affection in childhood, because you were in the previous lives they themselves were not given. Remember, we have only what we give. We arrange the rules of the game, which themselves then live. Therefore, if you want to yourself for something good, then start thinking right now about this.


So, friends, my appeal to all students of the Open Yoga University, the most careful to treat all my words. To perform your life for the presence of children and try to understand how best to reconcile his personal life with the highest teachings and instructions that have come down to us from ancient Vedic times. The fact that in India some families have 10-12 children, let one of the children not to have to turn children for themselves. Since brothers and sisters might also work for him in this direction. Therefore, it was not so acutely the question of children at all. In India this problem of disappearing like before the Europeans is not worth it. Now there is one billion two hundred million and more planned in the next twenty years the addition of two or three hundred millions of people. And for us this is a big problem. As in your personal life and globally. In addition, there is a factor about which we will talk later. This is what your children will become your teachers. There are so many things you don’t understand in yoga, reading a lot of books and ppractical a lot of practices. But you can easily understand by watching their children. If you have kids and you want them to have adopt or adopt someone. If not, then at least, help to all other who have children. Life and children is an absolute value! Talking about yoga, about enlightenment, we can only be the case if there is a person alive who will do yoga and which sooner or later will become illuminated. No living person will never reach enlightenment, because he was not alive.

Children and freedom.

Continuing the theme of mobility and children you have to understand this factor – the factor of our “dope”. We have a lot of creative energy, which is not realized, which is transformed into something that is poisoning us in our lives that causes us to seek adventure negative and irrational to live our lives. The presence of children, it is not strange, partly eliminates these problems, making us more efficiently and consistently watch your every move. It is only at first glance, it seems that children take our time, strength, and will not allow us to do what we want. In a generic yoga there is such a provision – children, in principle, not interfere with your life, children, in principle, not interfere with your yoga sessions, the children not in principle hinder the achievement of some higher States. They will not devour you, friends, if you are afraid that you have little money that you do not feed them. Little they eat, little! Some are afraid of having more mouths to feed, and prefer to have a dog or cat, instead of having a baby. Dogs and cats hard in the city, them in nature easier. This, of course, angry remark, but this is the truth. People are afraid of the responsibility of having children and prefer to have Pets. Children make us more rational approach to the management of his life. That is, Internet technologies, and you are nursing mother. Yeah not necessary for you to go, somewhere to work, if you can part of the work to be done at home via the Internet. This is from the same a long time ago in the West is practiced. If you’re an accountant. Yes, not necessarily every day to commute to work, you can sit at home and do the same job side by side with their children. This is a question only like a little bit to think and find a way of life that your degree of freedom has expanded, not decreased. So, ladies, strongly encourage you to think about it. Do not be afraid of difficulties!

Question Basim: “I would like to hear thoughts on the number of children”.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: This is indeed, friends, a matter of principle. We see the following picture. In Western countries the number of children born is decreasing and reached the minimum when it’s just one child. At the same time in third world countries, on the contrary, the tendency to increase the number of children in the family. Many scientists, psychologists and anthropologists trying to study this phenomenon, trying to find a variety of explanations to him. But some of the explanations on the surface.

Two extremes.

In third world countries way of life was such that the great mortality, you should have a large number of children, since a large percentage of children simply will not survive. And then came Western man, brought vaccines and medicine and all those who were supposed to die, survived. So we have the explosive population growth in developing countries. This causes a lot of problems, almost not allowed. The population begins to rise sharply, dramatically younger, starts to get marginal behavioral traits. And we see a series of revolutions in the third world. When go to the square, young and old toothy, well-deserved overthrow, one by one. And that’s for third world countries it would be good just to think that was a reasonable number of children. To each of them a proper education, attention and most importantly the love of parents. In one magazine I read anecdotal situation. Some uncle, in some Eastern country, went to the registry office to register their children could not remember their names, because he had as many as fifty people. As you know, this has no relationship to the ideals of yoga and Vedic knowledge. Friends, when you can’t remember their children, even by name, then you can imagine what degree of mental love and care these children receive. No! It’s on slang language is called biomass or a very irresponsible attitude to sex and prolong life. And, so, the call you also have fifty kids whose names you even will not know, it is not yoga, this is from the animal world. Animals multiply their offspring and left to fend for themselves, and we are not animals. The other extreme is when one child in the family. It is very hard to be one child in the family, because we are organized, we have to deal with siblings, with peers. Therefore, it is obvious that this is the other pole of Western civilization – the minimum limit of children in the family.

The number of children in the family.

But if you have two, you have at least one descendant for each member of the family to leave. There is a ratio of increase in population – average number of children a couple and it should be more than two, two point something average. But, of course, the decisive factor is just one – are you able to give love and care to their children. Here, on the basis of this sense, is the number of children you have should be. Two, three, four, five, ten, though how much only you would understand that this situation is manageable by you. So you know your children are not on the pictures, but because you play with them. From these General considerations it is necessary to proceed. We do not have to produce biomass at any cost.

Give them the opportunity to be born in this world of highly advanced souls!

We should give the opportunity to be born in this world of highly advanced souls of their ancestors as our teachers. In the family each of you, according to birth yoga teacher and is the teacher of mankind, your ancestors. Those who have formed a perfect human body and they came to us. Moreover, your soul, your Higher self in the shell of ignorance much more than your ancestors. You use these bodies but you not able to form. We are on many of our superpowers don’t know. There is the factor of hidden abilities. Where it came from, we don’t know. Your ancestors knew because they formed these bodies. And since we have long used your special powers, and forgot about them. Many yoga practices which seem to us miraculous, it’s just the use of that factor that is inherent in our bodies, and these bodies were formed by our ancestors. Would be very well as their children to invite teachers of mankind from your kind, no matter what race, nationality and religion you were. Yoga claims that we all came from a single pulse of humanity. Therefore, all ideas of fascism untenable. But another factor is that the degree of samosoznanii shower is different, not to throw out songs.

Question: If there is no husband or wife whether to have or adopt children?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: I remember was the movie “planet of the apes” … I think he’s called. There physically for women was not men. But we, in my opinion, is not yet on the brink of nuclear war when, in principle, there are no men or women. Such a huge number of single men and women, what to get someone for procreation or the creation of a family, perhaps.

Where to find a husband or wife.

As soon as there is desire, there arises a possibility. In our Universe, is not the case that there is a desire, but no opportunity to realize it. If such at least one second happened, the whole world would fall apart. So we learn the theoretical, axiomatic part of yoga, it is not emotions! It is not psychological techniques to soothe that type need to relax, everything will be fine! If you have the desire to find a husband or wife, this very moment, your husband or wife where he goes, wandering around looking for you. And the fact that between you, that does not give you face is called Maya or illusion, causing, including, and your negative karma. Of course, first and foremost, it was a good idea to find a husband or wife. Where to find them? It is necessary to look among their own kind. Then, respectively, to give birth or to adopt, or to adopt. To mom and dad. Option when only mom or only dad, single parent family, is not optimal. Why?

The danger of single-parent families.

I remember my mother. My mother grew up without a father for a simple reason – grandfather died in the war in 1942. Grimly died. From a blood infection in the hospital. Sort of had to survive. They were waiting for him to come already studied the poem “Wait for me, and I’ll be back” and he died…. No legs would be, but alive, but he died. And my mom grew up without a father. Well, then, many children grow up without fathers. And the problems began, as told by the mother when she grew up. She didn’t know how to communicate with men. What the hell are these men? And as a result, as she spoke, a large number of problems in the family with dad, as it turned out, was only for one reason. Mom didn’t know how to communicate with men she had not seen this in my family. We, in the first place, copied the pattern of behavior that we see in the family, and then only to invent something of their own. And then this template was not and, as a result, children suffered, that is me and my sister. Why? Because each misunderstanding, each of them from any friction it was bad. Small children do not understand them, that the Holy mother that the Pope is Holy. They fight, and the displeasure they Express, but for a child it’s like, what if he took by the legs and torn in two halves. Situation when mom and dad fight is a bad situation. But much worse situation is when there are no mom or dad. Better alcoholic, drunkard, some anti-social element insane, but dad than no dad. Although there are now many new-fangled psychological teachings say that the child in this case suffers. But, much more suffering arise when the child grows up and understands how to treat the opposite sex, because he didn’t see that template in the best case – from the neighbors. And if he didn’t see it, it starts to copy movies, TV shows, soap operas, romance novels that is irrelevant to life. Try to stay on the script some of the series that are now shown on television, you will be hard. Because someone comes up with these shows and movies about great love, cut off from life.


So here is the advice – not in a hurry. You will feel the moment when children start to you knocking. Especially if you do yoga, you very clearly intuitively feel the moment that you “are” children. And then, as “piano in the bushes”, and dad, and mom! Sometimes children bring parents together. Especially if it’s a teacher and a Teacher of humanity. They just choose a place where they choose to be born and so and you were happy. From the variety of your negative karma they form such that the minimum negative and maximum positive. So, friends, “headlong”, of course, also do nothing, but to suppress different kinds of selfish thoughts, like “I’m poor, I have no, no other, the fifth, the tenth…”

Question: if mother and son? Because they will cancel each other out?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: So it is necessary that the son saw his mother and father behaves. Mom would be around only son to run around, blow off dust particles. And this boy when he grows up and marries, will expect from his wife the same. But if he sees the mother applies to him and to the father, and to the other children if they are in the family, it will all be more balanced.

There is one such horrific rosary of skulls. Are you generally? What it is life-affirming?

Answer: This is to the mantras of goddess Kali.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: the Goddess Kali in the first place – the mother. Which will tear all who would threaten her children. Every follower of yoga to her child mother. Because Kali wife of Shiva.

Question: what yoga says about adopted children? More importantly to invite new souls or to adopt those already here? Well, for example, two of their children and there is a choice to give birth or to adopt a third?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev:

To invite a new soul or to adopt?

Well, that’s you see for yourself how your life develops. In America, for example, you are at all desire no one to adopt, there is a queue lined up for the adoption. We have now decided to blame America, what type of democracy they got divorced. And I don’t care, the main indicator is that they have no orphanages. Because they did not happen to at least one child has been adopted. We like horror show about America, like adopted American child and nearly killed himself or just died. Not the type to give burzhuina bastards, it’s better in our orphanage rot, than in America will die. And how many children we have killed and not adoptive parents, and relatives, are silent about this. It’s all PR! And as we have overcrowded orphanage, where rampant crime, the whole pedophilia revolves around this. Grow there girly 12-13 years, where does it go? And so when I start about America to say that it is so utterly soulless, I say, “And you with your homes first, understand”, and then talk about spirituality.

So in countries such as America you basically won’t be able to adopt. My former boss told me, in the 90-ies of the businessman, going to America, took with him three or four children from Russia. So here they then wrote that such a large number of toys in my life seen, so these adoptive parents were fawning over them. And if they are not taken to America, what would they be here waiting for destiny?

So, if you are someone adopt or be adopted, it requires a special kind of personal qualities. You can not just pull this baby, especially if it will some antisocial tendencies. You may not have any tact, or patience, or kindness. Therefore it should deal with those who feel the strength to do this. In your situation its better to give birth as you can, and then if you feel the strength to adopt or to adopt. In any case, it’s a shame for any country that is the orphanage. What would they not say that Russia highly moral, highly spiritual country. While in Russia there are orphanages, there is no spirituality here and does not smell! It’s all a fraud! The most important life, while life rushes on its fate, but we have the oligarchs in high esteem!

Yoga anecdote of decision-making.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: In the last lesson, I promised that I would ask you yoga anecdote of acquiring knowledge. Anyone prepared? Well, well, thank God at least someone is!

But before, we’ll hear yoga anecdote of acquiring knowledge, not to be confused with the yogic and decision-making algorithms, according to our good tradition, someone will praise.

And I offer, friends, to return to the practice of the adrenaline button. Still need you all to keep in shape. And then I look at the degree of your samosoznanii fell sharply after the button is gone. And ours, after all, the task this degree of samosoznanii to increase.

So, who will praise? What would replace the random number generator. Serge, get up here, three times spin and who will stay, he himself praises. Yeah, caught! To introduce yoga in a loud voice with obvorozhitelnaya smile.

International Open Yoga University, Svetlana, passive participant: I Want to praise myself for this afternoon wanted to sleep, but resisting sleep, I went on a tour in the city of Podolsk in the manor Golitsyn.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: this is Great, Bravo! (applause) Wonderful, miraculous, and now the joke! This way, please. Serge, I’ll have the adrenaline start button, all keep in good shape.

International Open Yoga University, Allen group 4: Next, if you can call it an anecdote. First you need to valishvili to higher knowledge. After you already get, you should ponder over it. Then discuss with others. And only after you start to teach, maybe then it will reach to you.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Accepted, but this is a more simplified version. Who in a more General way to tell? All homework, tell your friends this joke with the details. Usually when the same anecdote is often told, there are more and more details appear all the more colorful and rich it becomes.

Yuliya Tarabrina, international Open Yoga University, group 4: First, we voleizyavleniya to knowledge, then we hear it, i.e. from someone else. Then we have to learn by heart, in order to subsequently begin to think about it. As soon as we begin to reflect, we therefore want to share this knowledge with anyone. We share this knowledge, we look deeper and think over it, teach it. And subsequent it is up to us, maybe, come to that.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: this is Great, Bravo! (applause) Let’s do it again. First valueshave to knowledge, then find a place where this knowledge is given, get the knowledge. Then Jag is knowledge, it may even be something its not understanding. Then begin to meditate over it day and night. And, of course, when you are over something for a long time thinking, you will begin to support the language to scratch with your friends about what you’re interested. And you are definitely going to seek out people like ourselves to talk about it or even argue with them. Then you will feel that you understand this knowledge and have already reached a level of knowledge to even his to teach. And it comes to you when you start this knowledge to practice, to bring to life. Here you are now practicing their knowledge, and then decided to teach. You’re after practice began to teach and at some point you catch yourself thinking: “only now I begin this knowledge to truly understand.” After twenty years the lectures have already read. I can say that this anecdote is entirely confirms all my experience.

Maybe more questions?

Milla, band 3, international Open Yoga University: Question about the fact that the child may be a pattern of behaviour with the opposite sex, which he gets from his parents. We aren’t trying to get rid of patterns of behaviour and allow to manifest spontaneity in relationships with the opposite sex? Accordingly, if these templates will not, we will be able to spontaneously manifest.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev:

Whether patterns of behavior?

Now this is a very interesting point of life, as they say in science that even a negative result is also a result. If you are in your life seen the pattern that you do not like, you since childhood will be filled with the conviction not to repeat it. And in that sense, maybe your life will be the direct opposite of your parents life. But this is only at first glance. And if you look at it from a high karmic point of view, many, many, many lifetimes, you will see that one directly follows the other. If not the first, the fact that you feel negative and don’t like, then there would be the second positive of what you like. In this sense, is a very big progress. When there’s no pattern, then, of course, you have the chance to do something good, and on the other hand, if there is no behavior pattern, the probability of error can be much greater. And one more thing. Any developments that you see, are a powerful basis for your future life. Must be at least some Foundation, let the poor, but the Foundation. It is much worse when there is no Foundation. Then you will have to come up with in my life at least some Foundation on it to spend more time and effort.

The continuity in yoga.

The topic of children is an extremely important topic! Be costly to all misunderstanding of this topic. Yoga in Russia has long existed, and a splash occurred in the 60 years. Yoga of the sixties was supposed to give a boost commensurate with the mission and we have a space station flying yoga. But, nevertheless, if we analyze their privacy, then POPs up the same scenario of failure – failure in his personal life. If yogi and Yogini of the sixties have produced and left a sufficient number of children in the spirit of yoga, we would now in our country would have a very different mental, mental and physical aura. Because these children are now grown and in turn they themselves would become teachers of yoga. And we would be brought to the knowledge of yoga to a new level. That system, where there is no continuity, the transfer of something from generation to generation, has demonstrated its unsustainability. Whether it be religion, whether it is philosophy, and the funny thing is, what I am also on his “last” life encountered, it is a science. Here for math, physics, chemistry is abstract. And there are people there, someone more talented, someone more talented, someone smarter and smarter, some not. But when a more detailed analysis we see that physics is not physics, and so-called school of physicists. When around one person – the Creator of the school formed a kind of nucleus, which then from generation to generation carries the spirit of this school. Similarly, in mathematics. Everywhere there is the concept of the school is like a family in any science. And all the new people who come there – it’s the kids. And, if you have this continuity we are talking about the fact that Soviet mathematics was one of the most powerful (Andrei Nikolaevich Kolmogorov; in physics – Pyotr Leonidovich Kapitsa and Lev Davidovich Landau) just as in other Sciences, all have their own school, there is continuity. And in yoga, if there is school, if there is continuity, if there is a medium, which from generation to generation the knowledge is efficiently advance progress to a new level.

Question: international Open Yoga University, Irina Solomatina, group 4. We then spoke on the subject of procreation, and that as soon as there is desire, there arise the preconditions of its execution. Accordingly, there are several ways. For example, you choose the path of yoga, and you realize that if your partner also practices yoga, then you have one way and one side, everything will be easier. But another desire is to have children and preconditions for the execution of the desire to have a family and children may experience with another person. Applying the second principle of yoga, in this case, it turns out that this desire is pulling you away from the goal to follow the path of yoga.

Vadim Zaporozhtseva: Friends, if a question arises about the birth of children, forget about yoga! Yoga and children are identical! If you feel intuitively that your kids to “approach”, no matter share or don’t share your husband or wife views yoga. The arrival of children is the arrival of the essence of yoga, the arrival of life! Everything else is intellectualizing, which can you to this realization. Therefore, too much emphasis on the second principle of yoga and whether or not your husband or wife to share your views on yoga, is not necessary. First, everything changes when not interested in today, tomorrow maybe interested, as pretty! Secondly, of course, it makes sense to communicate with like-minded people. It’s such a huge topic, for which I do not know how to tackle! A huge number of people doing yoga, alone. We even made a special map on the website made people to leave the coordinates of where they live. So more chances of meeting your future husband or wife.

Question: my negative experience, I meet people who do yoga and not think about the children. They have selfishness is much stronger developed than in ordinary people. They think more about creating the conditions for himself.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Friends, I have already read the third lecture on this topic! Do you think I have no other topics for lectures? Yes, I have an important lecture to another sitting and the third chases, one more important than another! Such burning topics that I don’t even know when I give, I pay attention, at first glance, minor children. But it is not minor, it is paramount. You are absolutely right in saying that people begin to practice yoga, tend to be selfish at a certain stage of yoga. They are in favor, as it seems, personal enlightenment, you begin to cherish your own selfishness. In this sense, for these children is the second, third, fourth, fifth… Think about what a paradox, what is “protection against the fool”? Every powerful ancient knowledge, including Vedic, have their own “foolproof”. If to call things by their proper names – fools and fools many. Now, he or she panochitas clever little books which describe that in fact the Ashram monks and nuns practice, fly through the air and all of them wonderful, start to copy this lifestyle without hesitation. And here is manifested a rare degree of selfishness. While this selfishness is, people do not understand who they really are. There is no awareness of unity with all alive! There is the fact that in the axioms is called the identity of microcosm and macrocosm. And, if not, that is Maya, illusion, deception. And they, like, start against these same illusions and deceit to fight by other methods. And so, as in the joke: “Bees against honey”. On the one hand maintain selfishness, on the other hand claim that he went, somewhere to the Ashram to fight the same selfishness. This is a very subtle deception, which in the Vedas are strictly prescribed. Our ancestors have long been burned in this and gave us information.

Question: International Open Yoga University. Sergey, group 4.

If a couple practices yoga and is planned vocation of an advanced soul, a year and a half, what important actions they should do?

Vadim Zaporozhtseva:

How to prepare for conception and birth of children.

If you are going to have kids, what with the rituals, ceremonies, dancing naked under the moon, what to do. This is a very big topic, but most importantly, you captured the essence and spirit. Yes, indeed, there are mantras, yantras, postures, meditation, visualization practices that are associated with these sacred actions. Typically, this yoga is very closed, as a rule, they are in no hurry to divulge. But you have to remember that in the process of birth of new life, you are nothing depends. You can only remove the obstacles in the way of new life. And come the life of one sex or the other, and what time does not depend on you. Comes one highly advanced soul or another, not up to you. So, how to prepare for this all. The first is to relax, in the sense that it is not necessary to flirt with the “ecoterminal”, any “potustoronnyaya” so that you don’t understand. It is best to tune in to a memory of something very warm and dear to your childhood. Try to recall your childhood, your mom and dad, brothers and sisters, everything that you loved, all that you call home. Create a mental mood, a feeling of kinship. You prepare the channel or socket from something native. Increasingly this “raznolikosti” show to your husband or wife, more trust and open to each other. The more open you will in all things, the more you are inside unclench, the more you are inside unclench, the more will they themselves as a child. And, accordingly, the kids then it’s easier to come here because they you will also see the kids. According to the teachings of yoga, the moment you have alone with your husband or wife, in order to have sex, which involves the birth of children, nothing depends on you, except that you delegated higher powers. It is clear that it is necessary to observe hygiene, nutrition, lifestyle. In General to make everything that depends on you. If you decide to have sex for the continuation of life, of course, you have to have sex when the woman is ready for it. Are due to monthly cycles, which any self-respecting Yogini tracks. There is medical testimony: at that time you will be able to fertilize with his seed, the egg and the other not. That is something that depends on you, and try to use it. Try to fill all things with kindness, naturalness, like when you were little and played. In this the inner as you ought to be. The most important thing! And all other practice, which is really a lot different, but I can honestly say that they are redundant in many cases. These practices should be an addition to all the above. More love between mom and dad! Start living the single life when the family harmony! The more harmony, the easier it is for the child to come. But, of course, there are still exercises that are more relevant to yoga triad, but now I don’t want to touch. Most importantly – you must do everything you can and treat it naturally. There is another extreme – we begin to be pronounced “shysterism”. Having read something, and let’s jump in the Nude. There is another extreme, in a bad meaning of the word “scientific approach”. In some institutions, the medical nature is promoted. Is it related to conception, pregnancy and birth, as something rigidly mechanistic. But this is also not the whole truth! Yes, indeed, some processes we have spent generations – conception, gestation and childbirth, there is really little that depends on us. But other aspects of communication on a subtle level, your kindness, openness, etc. in this mechanistic approach is lost.


How to prepare to conceive a child.

Question: If the children already have? Are there any yogic rituals to create a favorable aura for them?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: the main aura is the creation of an enabling environment in your family. First and foremost, if you are a husband and wife, try to create a harmonious relationship with each other. This will be the most important thing that you can do! This is the basis of everything! All other rituals are meaningless and useless, if not the most important in the relationship between mom and dad. Of course, there is the practice of the ancient Vedic tradition. We in the West love them. Type, sit there, read this mantra, sprinkle all with Holy water from the Ganges, etc., and you will have happiness! As if the button pressed, got the result. It’s all there, but it’s a supporting factor. Still Higher it does not capture our!

All the job! We already had three lectures on this topic and will be the fourth lecture. I would, of course, the year would read this topic in detail. But the learning process is the learning process! All need to the next lesson to prepare their questions that I highlighted. If you by this time next week will not prepare, that I have not sounded. Later, these issues can occur in many people, and I don’t know when I’ll have time to wedge such a critical point in the educational process. So prepare questions, and one lecture will be devoted to this. And next lecture we are going to spend as my monologue, and as the answers to the questions and maybe even some discussion.


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