Yoga and children. Vadim Zaporozhtsev. Lecture. 01.10.2011

So, friends, today, October 1, 2011. My name is Vadim Zaporozhtsev, I teach yoga. This lecture of the International Open Yoga University. All the information is on the website,, We also have free online courses for self-study at:

The Supreme Truth of yoga.

We continue to consider great knowledge of yoga in new refractions. We can many beautiful words to say about yoga, about the highest or about the Vedic knowledge, I can speculate and say that the purpose of yoga is the attainment of the first cause of everything. And the root cause of this is life. It may have some idle thoughts and reflections that will occupy your intellect a juggling of concepts, logical terms. It may well be something dry and lifeless, at that time, as the ultimate goal of yoga is the highest, but not dry and lifeless, but alive and joyful. And so the children are the greatest personification of the Supreme truth enshrined in the ancient Vedic knowledge. Yoga is just a system of advice and exercises that allow you to realize the highest knowledge of the Vedas in their personal particular life.

Typical error of the followers of yoga.

To avoid from the start a wrong emphasis in the attainment of yoga, of course, you want to help people avoid the most common mistakes. The most common mistake for Western follower of yoga is an attempt to counter the personal enlightenment, personal liberation, personal Samadhi, personal superpowers with the rest of the universe. The result is a rigid group of people who do a lot of what you are doing with your body, with your intellect, do a lot of practices, but they have a few of these mistakes in the future put on “no” to certain steps in achieving the ultimate goal. About this I want to tell you. This is constantly we find the mention in ancient Vedas. It is believed that each of us is free to live life as he pleases.

Yoga advises us to live life so that your freedom only increased.

But at the same time, remember that in addition to our freedom today is another karmic debt to the ancestors.

And as long as you don’t allow their ancestors to be born in this world, how would you do not play by the rules. They gave you the opportunity, what would you become more free, and you can be self-centered to think that children are a burden and hindrance that children interfere with the yoga classes. Supposedly only the ascetic who has no family, no kids can reach a higher state. But children are not a hindrance to yoga, and even if we will study and discuss the most difficult to understand the philosophical and intellectual aspects, the children are never distracting, but rather allow us to more holistically understand the doctrine.. In this regard I want to give a biography of Euler. This is a great Russian mathematician. However, at one time he lived in Prussia, after that, Mikhail Vasilievich Lomonosov his rescues after another war in Russia. According to contemporaries, Euler was one of the most prolific mathematicians in the world. He has many works that even many decades after his death, was printed and published. And few know that Euler was a huge number of children. In some of the memoirs we read that Euler could catch, when he single handed wrote higher mathematical revelation, and the other hand in the arms kept another son, who played. Even such authoritative testimony on the part of mathematics shows that even in this case, the children do not interfere and help.

Sooner or later you will want to not only learn intellectually, but to feel what is the meaning of ultimate goal of intuitive understanding, called yoga. When you read that you will find a universal void or when your “I” will dissolve in the ocean of the absolute, that sometimes it’s chill and not really want to dissolve, and the concept of emptiness too, some strannika. Many are put off from the higher philosophy. And many of these concept of ultimate emptiness, the dissolution in the Absolute, and so only the embodiment and the deeper meaning, what emerged from further study of the Vedas. Very good to understand what is the ultimate goal. And that’s just the awareness of children leads us to this. It is something alive, joyful, gives hope, opening new horizons.


Children open new horizons

Usually when we are young, we don’t understand. But the older people get, the more they begin to appreciate children. And without exception, the politician who heads went to the authorities, a businessman – a shark of capitalism. In his old age, if they have kept a bit higher, they begin to understand that children are a factor higher than the factor that they considered more important in their lives. Many older people who see young children, was moved. And the subconscious is the proof that their higher “I” finally at the end of life understands that one life determines and is determined by all the series of lives. And in fact, when you see small children, you guarantee that after death you too will give birth, what would you spend the next life.

It is very painful factor for me when I start to analyze the known and sane people for me. And a few months ago I was talking to one adherent of secret Sciences, a very decent man. A lot of what he can do. He is working on methods of treatment. He has a lot of years, he is older than me. We spoke very openly. He says that he has some practices absolutely do not go to yoga that he can’t catch, can’t catch. Well, I usually privacy is not a climb. People have the right to live life as he wants. But then I could not stand too long time know him. A wife, girlfriend, lover? No. And do you have children? No. The question again came to the ancient Vedic knowledge of yoga. And say, “You know you’re somewhere stuck, It is your selfishness, your fear. Are you afraid to take this step because life with a woman is a very hard life for the men.” He has been practicing a lot and says that all attempts unsuccessfully stemmed in life. He says: “for example, I go to bed, and the woman demands that I slept with her, and I can’t physically, my whole body is burning from the practices and I need solitude.” Says one tried. And women in this respect is very demanding. And each time it ended in nothing. He has a contradiction in that way of life he wants to lead with those requirements, which the woman proposes is not because they are bad, but because they (women) do not think. Here you can understand the tragedy of the situation? This requirement to constantly be with her (with a woman), she frightens the man, and as a result they have not born children. Everything else is naperekos.

Practice TRIADS.

I grabbed his head and remembered that there is a corresponding yoga which reglamentary or help to harmonize the lives of men and women in the family and, moreover, even use it as a factor in spiritual growth. So in these yogas, in particular, in the yogas of the Triad says that if you get caught in your life time when you should see absolute in his wife to the time when you should see absolute in the world, if you catch this ratio, most of all your possible squabbles, misunderstandings, scandals in life will be solved. A small thing, but it’s a start practice Triad. What you have in your life is to find. What if you and your wife in bed, but some time you need to be with his wife, but perceiving it through the world, the universe, birds singing, etc. Exactly the same for women. But really, with the advent of children, women as would release his grip from men and more switch to kids. But in order for children to be born, it is necessary for some time to come together. Here is one of the minor moments that remind you when go in the boot of the stone, and he rubs you the corn. Like and you can go, just very painful. That’s exactly the same way accumulate a large number of controversial moments that close our eyes to the meaning of existence of life. And still aggravated by the anti-human or life-negative interpretations of the same yoga. A lot of them, these sects. Where all the drive to the monastery, men in men’s, women’s lingerie. They have nothing there to produce children. Let enlightened. This rigid hierarchy of suppression of these people. But of course, if a teacher and a teacher of humanity and they have no karmic debt, they alone are well in the monastery. But most of the people there are driving for the reason that they tell you how cool it is. What a great sannyasin has renounced everything, and all think he is a great yogi or a great Yogini. And then begin to explore their lives and see that they stalled, and stalled on his personal selfishness. They want to personally take enlightenment, they wanted to spit on children, on parents and ancestors. And it kind of protection “from the fool” in the Vedic knowledge. No wonder, if you start to analyze Vedic knowledge, there are mostly hymns and mantras of invocation of offspring. You think they’re idiots, or what was? The Vedas were stored for several millennia, every word memorize. That they have all this stuff dragged thousands of years? No. The answer is in the other. What is absolutely essential. If I have no children, then, in any case, never act against life.

Four of the Ashram.

And best of all to adhere to the philosophy that we discussed in the previous lecture. Human life is divided into four parts, the four asramas: the period of apprenticeship, the period of the marriage, then after the children grew up and stopped you need, then at least some monastery go or stay in family practice and any practice exotic.

Hammer a nail hat in the wall with your head. There are many different practices to open the third eye. Take a nail, take the wall, the tip of the nail is inserted between the brows and beat to full enlightenment. God forbid that there is some jerk that decides that this is not an anecdote, but a real practice. Therefore, I say that it is not necessary to do so. This will lead you faster to the Sklifosovsky than to enlightenment.

This is especially true of women. The woman, when they come to yoga and harder, and easier. In General, women are such people, they are easily undermined by something new, but also safely forget this is a new and change it to something new. They are addicted to new trends, movements, philosophies, religions, systems of self-discovery. But often it is not serious as a rule. They are just as easy with that part.

Men have it a little bit differently. Male a very long time incredulous at everything looks, because there is such a position that as there is someone smarter than me. The type of philosophy wrote a book. As it is, I’m going to read it? I taught myself life! Therefore, men are more skeptical and harder to enter into the understanding of higher knowledge of yoga, Supreme knowledge of the Vedas. But then, when they are already some steps make, it easier easier easier. Because adjusted intelligence. Adjusted some logic. And men love to be smart. And in that same moment comes a problem for women, they miss what this yoga is. To balance this you can only proclaiming this knowledge. Sometimes for a woman to comprehend the ultimate meaning of the teachings of yoga is much easier looking at my baby who sleeps in the stroller. And it is more intuitive and sverhdohodno absorbed by the realization of the true meaning of the yoga, than any reasonings, than some abstract calls for the opening of the third eye and awakening the Kundalini energy, or when the object, subject and process merge. It is for women hard. And correctly. Why? Because the woman feels like a different part of the continuity of all living things. Born entire the direction, for example in bhakti-yoga, Triad yoga, when your children – nothing more and nothing less than the absolute, who came to teach you.


The analysis of many failures in the life of yogis and Yogini, and we still are here to learn and not to disappear the ancient knowledge of yoga. So this analysis shows that we stumble on selfishness.

Overcoming selfishness.

Selfishness is born of fear. And fear born from misunderstanding, and the misunderstanding of Maya. All times, and looped back and turns begins to make. No wonder in a time when children are born, it is primarily the decision of the father. In a sense, a woman is to accept or not accept the birth, and there are yoga methods of contraception that do not aortalny where nobody kills anybody, but who simply do not allow physical fertilization and as a consequence of an unexpected pregnancy.

So a man must overcome his egoism. It’s very scary for him sometimes.

In what sense is terrible? That all, if you have children, you cease to be free. Moreover, there are other factors related to physiology. Here I about it also needs mentioning. Yoga prescribes the possible energy of procreation does not squander, but the energy of pleasure from sex at full choose. And many yogis achieve good results in this division, with the result that they grow very fast spiritually. And when it is necessary to impregnate his wife, then that part which goes to the continuation of life is spent. And if you are very sophisticated practices, you will feel a terrible discomfort, as if you were dead. It is rightly said in some yogic texts: “O yogi, holding the woman in his arms, holding you in his arms his own death.” It is believed that this thing is very responsible. Moreover, in many yogic treatises it is said that if you practice sex without a loss for 12 years, then you automatically have a lot of super-powers, and, as a rule, there is a large list. Type (flying through the air, read other people’s thoughts, to the point that to move into other bodies). Now imagine you are a yogi, you have scored 6-7 years, there would be another half to go by air you can fly. And then you have it to spend. This is the highest sacrifice.


And can be understood only by a father who practices yoga long enough.

And the opposite of this scenario. What can be called biomass, then there are plenty of people that irresponsible about sex, birth, abortion, pregnancy, everything. They don’t feel anything, no matter how much they didn’t have sex with loss, especially for youth. On the contrary, it seems that the more the better. This is also hidden on the one hand a very serious course for personal practice. But on the other hand, I think sometimes in these texts specifically cited these recommendations, sorry for the slang: “to Check the men for lice.” That is, how much they are really sincere in attaining higher knowledge.

When at least you have something and lose it and clearly feel that loss in the Vedas, it is equivalent to the sacrifice. Based on the foregoing, I am even more confirmed in the idea that everything is connected with yoga and children, all connected to generic yoga, with yoga, how to harmonize the lives of men and women (this is the yoga of Love, Tantra yoga and yoga of Union). In this sense, is a matter of survival, a successful practice, your actual raise to the level of samosoznanii, and often, this rise is only due to the fact that you refuse from selfishness. Nothing more to do.

Sometimes, oddly enough only intent is enough to have a man like boys and girls hosted cardinal breakthrough in spiritual development. And it is an experimental fact. Another story how to do it very nicely. Here we will deal with these yogis.

The emphasis in teaching yoga to YOUM.

Now a few more words. When we had the lecture before the break, we briefly consider some areas of work. During this time nothing has changed, only that the emphasis will shift even more in yoga for children. I remind you that I would like to see each of you a yoga teacher who is professionally and beautifully knows how to teach yoga and to lecture. Moreover, what would you be able to teach yoga in any foreign languages, particularly English. So expecting us total switching all of my classes for practicing English for yoga. That is, friends. Who would not like it, I apologize, but I have no choice. You may initially distract the dubbing in English. You’ll have to memorize. But in the future you will become impregnated with meaning English, likewise, will cease to pay attention to it, as in Russian, which was used to. I also already touched on the subject that we are on the verge of some economic events that no one understands. Nothing understood from this time, but in the highest economic circles, discussing something that is trying to do. But the fact is that both did not understand what was happening, did not understand how to find the funds. And that is a dangerous uncertainty, and in three days the world can change. For this reason, all projects are related to the fact that each of you were like space Marines. You threw you dug, constructed an analogue of the open University, began to teach, and did so yoga has not disappeared, forging links with like-minded people.

You requires constant creative thinking, a very global view of the world, constant generation of new ideas, but of course, a very serious work on yourself. In this sense, the training we have in the Open Yoga University hard. And if you do not have time for any items, do the practice, you will be ruthlessly expelled. I prefer not leaving anyone in yoga than to produce irresponsible people. And therefore, discipline in this respect should be constantly in the spotlight.

Question: Tell us more about the fourth stage of life.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Sannyasa.

When you arrive somewhere to the East. And there will wander the crowds sometimes explicitly anti-social elements and be very respectful to call sannyasins. This is a very gentle treatment. It is assumed that these people, renounced the world, from property, from his name, from his ideas about himself. Very often it is an illusion or a tribute to tradition. It is so accepted. A good tradition. Moreover, even true sannyasins sometimes it is convenient because they can easily get lost among the scoundrels, and the degree of freedom expands. This is the last Ashram, the last stage of life. When you’ve had your fun on the full program, give birth to kids, realized as a creative person, enough of everything, all the toys. All your desires were fulfilled. Moreover, the process of formulating a desire in you suddenly starts to match the process of its execution. Also have such a wonderful ability with the yogis. And after that, it is believed in this tradition, that is possible, leaving everything, forgetting your name, just go to wander unimpeded. This is the fourth stage.

Question: a girl student after the last lecture, and asked that these classical descriptions of the canons of life, 4 of the Ashram. They are more suitable for men. She can’t figure out how to move on with the modern way of life.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: I do Not understand that this is fundamentally not compatible with the modern lifestyle of women.

The first Ashram.

She, as well as a man in this world is not deprived of higher education. She also spent a few years in universities, schools, and so on. Here’s the first period of life which is called Brahmacharya. In some countries, still women are deprived of education. There are real problems. But not the modern woman. In this respect, the life of a modern woman approaching the ideals of life of the Vedas. In Vedicheskiye times the rights and opportunities of men and women were equal. In any case, it was not that severe degradation that we see in the East at the moment. In many religions it is considered to reach the final enlightenment, you must be born a man. But if you were born a woman, there is nothing… nothing.. next time. Or as Plato. It has a classification, where there were women. Find. It’s very interesting. This is evolutionary theory, which even can not voice. Did not expect this from Plato. This is the first period.

The second Ashram.

When the modern woman, educated, average, higher, or even some, of course, her interest in boys. She can get married and have kids. Here’s the second period or the second stage. Can she along with her husband to live this period of life in the care of the children. But you remember that over time, children grow up less and less they need parents. Similarly, the girl, when children grow up, and she reaches a certain age, she realizes that she is free. By the way, this is a very difficult psychological thing for women, they begin to take care of their petty blockheads, which is already twenty years old. As it is, was so small, pretty, it had to follow, and now he has become self-sufficient. The elements of affection and misunderstanding.

The third Ashram.

Children grow up, the sons marry, daughters are married and the focus of their interest shifts. And suddenly a woman in this period of life realizes that she has become more independent economically. Before I had more children to spend money. And then they themselves earn. At the time, if it was necessary to take care of and losers upside the head to give that he haven’t done your homework, now no one to patronize. During this period the woman begins sometimes very actively doing yoga. In the early nineties, when the yoga started to penetrate, is the backbone of any yoga group was women over 50 years. What you do not have the third stage of life when you have the right to do whatever pleases you?

The fourth Ashram.

Finally, the fourth stage, when the grandchildren are grown up and don’t need you, and you got what you wanted in life. Comes in life the happiest time, according to the Chinese. It’s old age. Yes, they believed that old age is a happy time of life, because if you lived to old age, then you are very lucky. A lot more losers who can’t eat it. But I, of course, some evil joke, but nonetheless. Such a concept is. When you come to the finish line in life, you realize that with the previous third period of life have you sold or got what you wanted. And people spend this time. Foreigners are traveling, our traveling is also steel. Of course, this combination of quiet departure out of this world when you did in this life, all that could be done. In India left a bad habit to get out of the house. Reached a certain age, go out of sight. Indeed, the Supreme master, sannyasins now been received. Known cases. Many of you know Vivekananda. This is the man who really brought yoga to the West. Now it is known that his grandfather thus, reaching 4 of the Ashram said that he’s going to enlightenment. And the person he was in old age. And no one has seen or heard. And the person he was powerful, not a bum, which relatives kicked out from the apartment.

So what is the contradiction regarding women, I don’t understand the question.

Now you are learning yoga in our Open Yoga University. You are starting to learn it gradually from the simple to the complex. Each of you must pass what is called the axiomatic of yoga. This section is very hard intellectually. And if you have not had training in school, University, then you are unlikely there is anything to understand. The same was the situation in ancient times. That meant studying the spiritual. And you open a list of what they studied. In addition to the arts was, to put it mildly, objects that are aware of the modern secondary school. When I begin to say that here was a little boy in Tibet, at 3 years old he was sent to a convent, and he, poor fellow, up to a certain age supposedly studied the secret doctrine. Friends, the first few years it was like a parochial school where taught just elementary to read, write, learn grammar, given the basics of mathematics, and so on. Therefore, we in the West, some reverent, as he’s been there since childhood in the Ashram! As you read the program? I had one a Yogini friend, though from the branch of tantric Buddhism. Got it recently on a course of classical training, she was disappointed. Literally: two and two make four, five times five is twenty-five… a Big part of this was spent not on the comprehension of classical fast methods and to give some basics understanding. Friends, what you get in school, in University, you would self-respecting yoga school received during the training. As well our modern civilization took off with the poor yogis this task to the mind to teach you. But, only after this you can go further, both in the classical yogas, and fast. Of course, everyone exhibits different levels of intelligence, samosoznanii. But you remember that in this respect yoga says that if in this life you have everything out, it is only because in a past life you tried. So there is no contradiction.

The fourth Ashram in modern times.

Question: How do you realize the fourth stage of life in relation to the Russian reality? Charity never delivers…Cold… Disrespect.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: I think the Akademik Lavrentiev, if I’m not mistaken, he did in Novosibirsk Akademgorodok. Supposedly on his door was the inscription. I don’t remember verbatim, but that monkeys in Siberia do not survive. Friends, you must understand that the issue is not in the form that you will be homeless, and the question is what you give up, you reach the point that you don’t need anything. You know? What you do as a homeless person with a begging go, and that the reach of this way of life, which can only dream of. That’s why were always stories in the West about the wonders of the East, that every beggar can be rich as a Maharajah suddenly. Or any ordinary man to give the height of philosophy. Again, I mentioned Vivekananda. After he became famous, many people suddenly remembered this man in the picture that they saw in the newspaper that he came to them with a bowl for alms, but for a falsely provocative questions he answered so seriously that was just shocked. Although lived that wandering way of life. How will you live, friends?

You remember that yoga is not a system of requirements and prohibitions, a system of recommendations. The goal of yoga to your liberty has expanded. If you achieve the 4 stages of life decide that your freedom will expand, if you take a train going to the suburbs, you will find there’s big dump and live there with the homeless, fight with them for a rotten tomato or some scraps. If for you personally it increase your freedom, for God’s sake – go! But if you don’t want to the dump, Yes continue to live as you lived.

It’s not a question of appearance, that is a matter of relationship to your Universe when you have no desires. The situation when you have no desires – the ultimate goal in yoga is when all the desires they had been executed with accelerated pace. Here we now want something. Each of you has the desire, and I also have. And some desires I can implement quickly, and some very long to wait. But imagine if I reached the level when I haven’t had time to think “tea”, and then suddenly the door opened and tea to bring. Or even earlier, I don’t even have time to draw, as we have all come. So, friends, do not grasp the form and comprehend the essence. For women sometimes, through the children, faster to reach the path and the higher meaning of yoga than through abstract discussion about what we need to abandon all harmful. You can in stage 4 in the Russian version I would suggest as 3 , and stage 4 to spend. My grandkids, friends. Grandchildren are beloved children. Here we have now the whole life is painted, and seemingly more freedom. And in fact it was the opposite, all thought, all loud, all the time, and on schedule. Try not to let him eat and sleep. We adults can forget a little bit about 2 the principle of yoga, and the child is not, it is closer to nature. Chhat he wanted your insinuations. And oddly enough, the excess of dope, which each have a man and a woman, a very magical way transformirovalsya in happiness when they have kids. Otherwise this energy would not go to your personal pleasure, otherwise, you would once again argued argued. And here all. It is a factor of the Universe.

Question: Here is the fourth stage of life when we become grandparents and we should devote his life to the realization of their plans…

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: No, This is the third.

Friends, what would you understand. I’m a little bit strained, you these stages. These stages are conditional. They just put priorities in life. It is the best way of life for most people. There are of course minorities who live by their own rules, due to karma. But any spiritual teaching in the first place besides, that would be more living people have achieved happiness in this sense. So lick a separate script of your life, no one will. All so convinced that you are great uncles and aunts, you understand everything. And you realize that it’s all allegorical. That no one will ever encroach on your freedom. What if you suddenly decide that your freedom is suddenly reduced from these four ashrams, as you should do? Remind me of yoga in the decision-making mechanism. First I want to say that in several months will be a list of failure issues. It will be questions, not answers, automatically leads to the exclusion of a student, it matters: the First, the Second principle of yoga, the Yoga of the decision algorithm. Not about how to enter into anatacau prana through pranayama, standing on one leg. It won’t be from you, no one to demand. Or some pilotages fast methods of yoga.

Yoga decision algorithm.

We are faced with a problem, friends. You are reading an ancient text on yoga, we read that there were four goals of life, the four asramas, which we just talked about. You sit and start to think that I kind of like doing yoga I like, too, as per Vedic knowledge. And then I look at these four asramas and I something something scary. And suddenly it’s wrong? I remind you that in such situations when you need to make a decision to follow something or not to follow in yoga yoga is given decision-making algorithm. Michael now his recall.

First, We recall that we are free.

Second, We remember our duty.

Third, We filter on the first principle of yoga, then on the second principle of yoga. If we adopt a third, and the third principle of yoga.

Then, if we had the answer, we turn to the authoritative testimony or to the people.

Then again remember that we are free and make a decision.

Each of you is free. Yoga should make you freer in all areas of life. Nor in some abstract freedom. Supposedly I have spiritual freedom, but, generally speaking, I forced the clerk and run to work from 8 to 17. And as if to compensate for the lack of freedom here, increase there. This can be to a certain extent. But if you have the opportunity and as a clerk to increase freedom, to become rich, healthy, happy and successful, you must and there to increase your freedom, of course, unless she is in infringement of spiritual freedom. So, you will first remember that you are free. Yoga is a system of recommendations, which allows you to use today freedom, tomorrow is your freedom increased. If something stands above freedom – it is not yoga. Because it is against your basic quality of what is called your life. And life is in the first place – freedom against all odds.

You can take these four asramas, and can not accept. But, yoga is a system of recommendations. You remember that in ancient times you got the knowledge that if you are doing some things with the first principle of yoga, that is not cause harm to any living being unless absolutely necessary. It would be the least reasonable. How do we apply this first principle of yoga? We all have different destiny, different duty. And not causing harm varies from the state in which you now are. If you the terrible head, and your debt is subordinate and “in the tail and mane” drive that your firm is not bankrupt and is not bankrupt, and you allegedly will be thinking about the first principle, and will be so, you know, nonsense rant, your company “will be discarded”. It has nothing to do with yoga. You have to say, what is your personal duty, not a neighbor, not a guru from the Himalayas, and YOUR PERSONAL. And then, realizing that you can do and what can’t, what you can increase the mass of good in this world. There’s always do. This is called the first principle of yoga. When you stand before the choice, you can do good or you can not, then you have to do it. This is the essence of the first principle. If you can’t do, I always give the example, as your Dharma – head to cut, try to cut a more effective way. That would be the least harm from this activity. So, it turns out that we are free, then remember his duty, his place in history, its place in the universe and then based on this, begin to apply the first principle of yoga is to reduce suffering. This is the first sieve. Then comes the second sieve – the second principle of yoga. Of the masses of the various actions to take or not take, is more narrow choice-namely, intellectual understanding or the maximum consistency in each step, the marginal consistency. You remember that according to the teachings of yoga, the Supreme transcendent never contrary to the normal earth. Higher – the more General case, and your earthly death. Therefore, in your private life you have what is called intellect or mind. And you have to perform these four stages of life from a position of intelligence. Whether they make sense or not. Then, if you go quick methods, you should certainly apply the third principle of yoga. But it can also give you a lot of answers. The third principle of yoga can tell you that it makes no sense immediately these stages to divide. And using the time factor, when there is no difference between first, second, third and fourth stages. But, it’s on the fast methods. If you follow them, you should pass through a sieve of the third principle. If the third principle said, “No.” And it is not necessary. If you said “Yes”. So go ahead! But again! If after the third principle, you can also not be determined. Or omitted to adhere to in his life these four stages, or omitted to cancel, to forget, to throw away. You start to consult with authoritative testimony. With someone who’s more in life understand how you personally think. You find one you trust and get advice from him. If you are undecided, it makes sense to learn how people, in General, lives. Also is very useful. Sometimes the tracking, as all progressive humanity lives, and you can do a mass survey, you will better understand and your decision. But what is most interesting, after all this, again, yoga insists that you remembered again that you are free. Even if those previous principles led you to something else, it is not a sentence, because you are the embodiment of life, you are the embodiment of the highest freedom. You are, in fact, the absolute, who created this world. Absolute made you in his image and likeness free. So again, remember the principle of freedom and accept these four stages or do not accept. This is called yoga decision algorithm. It saves a lot of energy and nerves people.

Question: We go through this decision-making algorithm. Everything is fine, we come to the last paragraph. We Of Freedom. And forget about anything prior to that is absolutely logical thought and take a decision running counter.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: this is how he lives all progressive mankind. It is long, not sleeping at night, computes so to do or otherwise to do this or that, and then in a moment of decision for some inexplicable Eclipse of reason, takes the first solution that does not fit with anything. In this case, not matchmaking with the second principle of yoga that we are called memory train. That is, if we are for something came, then the next time not to step on the same rake.

Question: can you intuitively make the decision, despite logic and everything else?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Intuition is a tricky thing. On intuition in our country died (figuratively) such number of beginner yogis and turned into a gloomy obscurantism of every persuasion. This psychics, witches, and God knows what. People who have a very interesting ability. Indeed, sometimes and in some cases their intuition gives them the right decision. Following it, they get a good result, predict, do something, treat someone who maim. But in the next moment, the highest intuition and the superconscious mind, they have replaced the illogic and stupidity. And already the next step, they do fail. They begin to create obscurantism. It’s unreasonable and similar to when you are up to speed on the machine, and you have the wheel of obey control, don’t listen to management. It is very dangerous. Less dangerous, or if your intuition is always lying or always telling the truth. And the worst, when the truth is, it’s lying. How to separate one from the other? How to separate intuition from stupidity? Here we are given yoga a decision algorithm that will not be worse. If it’s true intuition, then through a sieve of decision-making yoga, this decision will slip. If somewhere fit the stupid awkward things will get stuck. It is a question of efficiency.

Question Vadim Zaporozhtseva: Who wants to praise?

Elena Wagner, gr. 4, international Open Yoga University: I Want to praise myself that after a year of work, and this is still several years other works, I came up with here is a book of poems. “108 petals of the calendar.”

Review of Vadim Zaporozhtseva: the main book of yoga is not one that you read, and the ones that write themselves.

Question: How does the decision-making algorithm to be? To the purpose designated in this algorithm.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: the decision algorithm does not say anything about the target. If you have it, according to 2 principle of yoga, it is necessary to achieve. The algorithm does not say, what should be the goal. The attainment of Samadhi, flying through the air, buying a car, or even some other. He says only one thing: thought, decided that I what to achieve. And in this regard strongly monitored so that any extraneous thoughts and distractions didn’t distract me from the goal. That has not turned out as today, we said that at the last moment we have long, long thought, how to make a decision, and then we have something different flew, when we change one goal to another. So it’s not a question of yoga decision algorithm. It is rather a question to the second principle of yoga.

From the audience: To the question about goals: I think the purpose of it can be formulated so that all living beings be well. It is as if inherent in this algorithm.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: there is little nuance. Who will determine what is good and what is bad? We can’t encroach on someone else’s freedom. All the shared moments, the type that would make everybody happy. But there is no concept of happiness is universal. Moreover, it may be proposed the concept that everything was free. Because yoga leads to ultimate freedom. So albeit my aim and this is. For a person who personally chose for himself such a goal is a goal. And the other person may Express the lack of freedom for themselves. And he has the right. Absolute says: “I have made you in his image and likeness free, free from everything, even from being able to be free. Want to be free, be. As Kozma prutkov: “you Want to be happy, be”

Question: Priority of what point in the decision should be given, first or second?.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: First. Friends, check this question for testing.

Question Vadim Zaporozhtseva: What does the word algorithm?

Students answer: the Sequence.

Question: what is the origin of this word? Who knows?

This sequence of actions. And if you are at least in one place will confuse actions, then you will have something else. Therefore, everything in this algorithm is in place. And change anything. I have this joke saying that if you swap the first, second and third yoga principles, you will end up with a system compared with which fascism is white and fluffy. That is, you know. First hail then think and then those who remain alive, keep them alive. If you change the application of these principles, you from yoga to turn into a monster. You can not swap, there is nothing to throw away. Many practices make the mistake. First say that I am free, I want happiness, and all the other don’t care. Why would I want children? I don’t want children! Why do I need to do something? I will not do, go, weed will be smoked, I meditation. Do you know how many of these thugs I’ve ever met? A huge number of. Another thing is that they are such intervals occur, then they with the same periodicity buried. Usually, there is a big dose, and high dose and they do not live.


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