Yoga and children. Vadim Zaporozhtsev. Lecture. 24.09.2011

Friends, today, September 24, 2011, my name is Vadim Zaporozhtsev. I taught yoga. We are in Moscow, at the Cultural center “Enlightenment”. This is our lecture for the International Open Yoga University. We will resume the consideration of matters of yoga.

Children are not a hindrance in our lives

I’ve been in yoga, and for me, the criterion that all goes “according to plan” – is no different from the basic idea of the ancient Vedas. And so when I hear a new born a teacher and a teacher of mankind in our world, I realize that there is a chance to survive this ancient knowledge. If I hear some positive things happen with people doing yoga, even seemingly not related to yoga, such as:

people went to work,

he was promoted,

added salary

or he built a good relationship with your parents or children

or with husbands, wives, friends,

 is, oddly enough, for me, this is the best proof that people are some real yogic processes. In contrast to the all together books about how someone out there Kundalini awakened, the third eye opened, or is there something else like that.

You have to remember that children never interfere, but always only help. Therefore, the arrival of your children, it is in some sense the coming of your teachers. Never the child will not be a hindrance for even the most complex practices.

The most difficult practice that was carried out, had a lot of problems, a lot of all kinds of difficulties, but never was the difficulty of children, never. Sometimes I encounter such a point of view that children are a hindrance on the spiritual path that we need to withdraw, and then something you reach. This is, strictly speaking, the idea is directly opposed to the idea of the ancient Vedas.

Children are not a hindrance for any practitioner, even for the most difficult, but rather the factor that somewhere you even more help, whatever the degree of complexity of the practice you do.

And all the rest is selfishness, when a person is trying to engage in deception of themselves and others, says here I am, supposedly a celestial being, already in the air flying, I have absolutely nothing, all it interferes with spirituality. Friends, from the point of view of the Vedas, that these ideas are nonsense. Again – if you do yoga, you should remember that Yoga is just a way to bring in his real life knowledge of the Vedas.

The four asramas in human life

The knowledge of the Vedas rests on the generic yoga. So I’d really like to get the theme of Ancestral yoga, Children’s yoga, in a sense, became the dominant cornerstone. Without this, no other sections of yoga just do not go.

First, according to generic yoga, you should work with your ancestors, you must pay karmic debts. Karmic debts to pay you can only in one case against your ancestors is to have children or support children to adopt and nurture. Until you are untied with the ancestors, you will not be able to achieve the ultimate goal in yoga is impossible. Therefore, in more recent times was formed in such a yoga Institute, or a moment where it was called “four asramas”, or the four stages of human life.


The first Ashram

The first is called “Brahmacharya”. You will not overload the Sanskrit ideology. Let me just say that first you should reach a sexual maturity and actually prepare for my life. It is supposed that you study the different kinds of yoga, including sexual yoga to the birth of children was a conscious, meaningful occupation. But sex during this time, you can do. That is, sometimes, for some reason the concept of “Brahmacharya” is clearly interpreted as a lack of sexual relations. This is incorrect. In the broader sense of “Brahmacharya” can be translated as pretrazivanje in detail, or conservation of momentum, which is the continuation of life, or otherwise- is the accumulation of knowledge and skills. That is, the period of life when you are actively learning. After passing this period, were instructed to create a stable couples to have children, to live in happiness, understanding and practicing yogis, which are already more explicitly include sexuality.

The second Ashram

Or in other words “householder”. In our case that fits the yoga of Love, Tantra yoga, yoga of Sexual Union. In fact, it is considered to be one of the happiest in human understanding of the periods of life when you have such harmony here – you have created a bridgehead airfield so the Supreme soul of the teachers were born in your family, because the main purpose of Vedic knowledge is very peculiar.

You do not have to produce biomass, as we see in third world countries where mom and dad just did not care about the children and they have 20 children who are dirty, hungry and dying. No, friends, it has no relation to the Vedic knowledge.

You can have any number of children, but you should be able to give a good education, attention, to give each child a piece of heartfelt warmth, care. It is clear that our task is not to spawn as many children as possible. Why? Because if you start to produce as many children as possible, the right of the soul as children will be coming. And your task is primarily to provide all the spiritual prerequisites, in order to be born teachers, teachers of mankind. Let you there will be two or three children, not thirty or forty. Let’s say there’s five or six, depending on the country, the nuances, including your personal life. But you have to give a decent life, education, warmth, attention. This is the second Ashram, the second stage of understanding and approach to higher ideals of yoga.

The third Ashram

Finally, the third time starts when your children are grown up and in fact you went to the grandchildren. From now on you are free, you gave a karmic debt. And then you can practice all sorts of practices. Why? Because you then loose you came into this world “in debt,” your mom and dad taught you and you have to pay the debt, to born your grandfather, grandmother, great grandmother, great grandfather. They grow up and cease you need. And it is a well known fact that while the kids are small, they really need parents, and when they are bit older, they are even a little bit in the burden parents become, they want to have fun themselves. And so we were at the time.

At the moment we don’t really need someone coming for you is really an opportunity as anyone to lead their life – practice different and even extreme, extremist practices in their spiritual journey. But don’t forget that yoga strongly encourages you to a balanced way. And even if you lose and nothing to achieve, then you will secure immortality to the point that you started this third Ashram, or third stage of his life. Because your children always you give birth, even if you are there stupid things some have done in the spiritual life, physical life – in whatever. Finally, as stated in the lore, there comes a kind of fourth stage after the third. That is, when during the third stage you have done everything you wanted in this life.

The fourth Ashram

Yoga in this period encourages you to complete the program to open up, to get maximum the performance of its any secret hopes or desires and, according to lore, sooner or later,

the flow of desires is exhausted by the fact that they are all true.

And you come to this state that you simply wouldn’t want anything else to wish for, for one simple reason – because you know that everything will come true. In addition, in all these previous stages, doing yoga, do you reach all those abilities, which are called miraculous, or supernatural powers, when, in fact, you have everything you want. When the intention begins to coincide with the implementation intentions, and when there are no desires. The desire to eat when there is a difference in what you want. After the third stage (or Ashrama) of life, comes the fourth, when you, as taught by the ancient knowledge, become “free in life”. If we are talking about India, at this stage of life people sometimes left the family and started to lead a wandering lifestyle. And when we read about the many ascetics, about the many yogis who can perform miracles, but who do not stay in one place for more than three days, and go on and on and on, are there some abilities, etc. It just did and there are people who have renounced the world, as they are called, or sanyasini.

This is the fourth asrama, or stage four of the world when people learned everything they need to study in the first stage, gave a sacred duty, to give birth to children and had lived with her husband or his wife finally realized all that he’d wanted to realize for myself. Then, realizing that all his desires in this life was fulfilled, everything points that he is there not even dreamed would be executed, he suddenly begins to realize that there’s something higher than the concept of desire. This concept of our world is precisely the breakthrough in the ultimate goal of yoga is transcendent state of liberation or the state of swarnamali, or the ultimate goal of yoga. Or when a man realizes the whole plan, which would be created by this world. After that, yogi and Yogini can no longer return to this world, because they have nothing to do here, or in his mercy to return to this world again, born children only for one purpose – to help others. And when you think about your future children, of course, in the first place, it makes sense to encourage all those teachers and teachers of yoga to come to you in the form of your children. If this happens, consider that a good part of your personal negative karma just disappeared.


Where did this knowledge

All I’m saying is not some notion, it is the essence and meaning of the ancient Vedic knowledge, i.e. the knowledge which contains the Vedas such as Rigveda, Yajurveda, Samaveda. But, unfortunately, these Vedas with difficulty preserved to us, require a considerable effort to understand the basic meaning. Over the millennia that we have this knowledge, language was changed, the images changed, some figures of speech have become available to us. In addition, there was some allegorical explanation of all these ancient texts of yogic knowledge. Directly to read the Vedas is difficult, so throughout history, began to appear some such comments to the Vedas, some explanation, known as the Upanishads, the brahmanas, the aranyakas. But they are also hard to read in the modern world for the modern man and began to appear later interpretation thus began to take shape, as scientists say, Brahmanism. Then all became ill understood, and placed greater emphasis on intellectual things, and so we have systems like Buddhism, Jainism and so on, which do not say anything about Vedas, but in fact trying to explain some other aspects of the Vedas. Then, when the decline came, and Buddhism, the other attempts to Express the same idea, but other languages – we come to you with such areas as Advaita Vedanta. Well, actually, as they are now interpreted in modern science, this is the six Orthodox systems of Indian philosophy, including Samkhya, yoga, Nyaya, and so on, but essentially nothing new in them, it’s just the same idea that was in the Vedas, but contained different language.

It is believed that at a later time, this same idea has carried over into many of Tantra and thus got through to us. So I want to emphasize that, for someone not really experienced the same in India seems to be a set of contrasting movements, doctrines, thoughts, and influences. But in fact it is the same idea that for different groups of people described in different ways. For Buddhists, with emphasis on intelligence, for the followers of Hinduism with great involvement of ceremonialism, or some action. For Jainism, more emphasis on a sort of explicit ethical idea of the unity of all living things.

Tribal yoga is the miracle of miracles!

In this respect, all of India is United even the most different points of view.

And common aim, common sense is the first cause of existence, or in other words what is called life, and in your particular case life is children.

This is the greatest mystery, the greatest miracle. It is more mystically unknowable mystery than to fly through the air, awaken the Kundalini, auras highlight, predict, or see. I often meet people who slightly abused. So – it’s all bullshit compared to what is called life.

We in the International Open Yoga University you will learn a lot of practical practices – meditation, pranayama, awakening of the Kundalini energy that only we have. But I want to emphasize that compared to the miracle that is called life – it’s the husk, or in the best case, these are the crutches that will lead you to realize it.

So we are so intimate in relation to “sex”. Because sex is the gateway to enter life, this is a huge potential. It is a potential for your personal enjoyment and your own practice, but this is a magic channel that the material, conventional, connects with something transcendent.

For the sake of the children, not the biomass

Just imagine, you’re sitting pretty in the Lotus position on the rug. A certain number of decades you were little and crawling, mommy and daddy take care of you. There was a time when you were born, there was a time when mom and dad are in bed to have sex and in his mercy gave you opportunity to incarnate and come to this world. This was the moment when you arrived in a very spiritually high places and fell from the heights of those areas in the house that created mom and dad having sex. Moreover, you were born to specific moms and dads. Why? Because you felt a certain channel, light that rises from the place where mom and dad have sex to the level where you were before birth.

The more spiritual and strong mental field was surrounded by mom and dad, the easier higher levels of teachers and teachers to see and to be born.

I always cite this example here – when you are traveling at night by plane. If you look outside the window, anything below is not visible, darkness. But the slightest flash of light you have shows where there is an airfield where it can land.

Yoga and children, yoga for children, yoga for children

That’s exactly the same for your children if you do yoga, if you practice appropriate practice if you are in the circle of friends who share your point of view, you begin to create a huge glowing box in our material world where it is easy enough to incarnate the teacher or the teacher. And so here in the dark dive in and be born anyhow who, of course, to such teacher and the teacher will rarely be able to go. But normal, not quite samosoznanie souls do so often. And so if you just have sex without spirituality and to produce, to procreate, to produce offspring, as we see in third world countries, you appropriate soul will attract those who will still, where to be born but would be born.

Our immortality

Well, if you want then to be born in the appropriate place, you must now take care of it. And in the future you should monitor that before his birth his parents you see that something attracted you to these parents. Certainly, it is in the first place, karmic debts, how to teach generic yoga. That is, once way or another you contributed to the fact that they were born to do, and now they help you get in this world. But if you then begin to meditate, you will see how was a series of births and deaths, where you alternated. Born and logic of everything we go through many of birth and death, and for every life we rise to a higher level of self-awareness, and sooner or later leads to the fact that we begin to understand the nature of our own higher self, which is clearly above the concept of birth and death. Many difficult issues in our lives, oddly enough, become clear as day.

Such difficult and even axiomatic in the yoga questions that seem obvious to us appear, if you consider the whole picture. It’s when you go above the level of birth and death. Yes, indeed, this level is, but before we get to that, you need to live a series of lives and to those lives you are not distracted from the goals, and led in a straight line, there is such a mechanism of “pseudo-immortality”. That is, immortality through their children, because your children will allow you to continue your path from where you left off in a previous life as long as you do not go to the level beyond birth and death. So I would like it will rise over the need to you had parents and so on. But until then, friends, can be very long. And since yoga is the path that the ultimate goal sees no more, no less, as your ultimate liberation or immortality, of course, this way of contemplating and to count each step until, until you have the degree of your ignorance doesn’t allow you to realize it all. And that’s when you need birth, need children.

Taken together, this further strengthens my belief that it is necessary to focus on the family yoga, children’s yogis, the fact that the most favorable conditions were for children. The more I look at adults, the more I realize it is too late with the adults something to do. It is easier on the new born sometimes. So if you remember that yoga is the path to the final implementation, and the desired emphasis, respectively, on children. So I suggest you all to think again, what can we do to ensure that the priority is to set children. In the first place in yoga. All practices, primarily yoga Triad, are held for both men and women, yogis and Yogini, which form stable pairs, then there are mom and dad for children.

Then we can give more hidden, sacred knowledge. And very good to each of you again and again to reflect on this topic. I understand that it may happen that you have a life situation is heavy or you don’t get along with your husband or wife and so on. Or do you, in General, there is no suitable partner to have children, this, too, in our age of individualism is found. But it’s all temporary, you can build a relationship with any person, what would you have had any wife or husband. In the end, they’re just your negative karma, if you are dissatisfied with them. If you are in a state of loneliness, then maybe it really is a pause before you’ll meet your husband or wife, because a large number of problems usually starts from the fact that we often are not ready for it. But in any case it’s all solved.

Question: Question related to homework on Hatha yoga. If our higher self is outside time and space, does this mean that we can be reborn in any time?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: this is a Difficult question really, you know, that concept of time and space it is artful enough from modern scholars on this subject. They are, oddly enough, also came here to this very concept. Why? Because when they started… Even modern scientists, when they analyzed the concept of the big Bang, mathematically came to the conclusion that there was a time when time was not. That is, the concept of time is a very strange concept, and to solve the contradictions, that is associated with this time was born the concept of parallel universes. Well, imagine – the universe can arbitrarily be similar to the one in which you were at one time, but roughly speaking, going back in time ago, you returned to the wrong universe, which was the forerunner of this return, and similar.

Well, the question of the parallelism of current causal relationships in yoga, worked out through the law of karma. That is, it is believed that the concept of our universe is much more complicated than the concept of the same time that there are forms of existence in the Universe, as if madremanya. But at the same time, as long as you because of their ignorance identify with something you are not, you can’t break the law of karma. In this sense, be reborn in the past for the man who was at least a small part of ignorance, it is impossible, otherwise there would be a causal law would be disrupted.


But if you go out, rise above this level, identification is not what you are, and know yourself, you become identical with the absolute, who created all this Universe. And there is in General a matter of time not even worth it, because you can create any sort of Universe like the absolute, that is you equal in all its manifestations. That is, the question disappears by itself. A number of questions, which contains a logical contradiction and has no answer, it was Cervantes in “don Quixote”. When there is one place you couldn’t get, if the person is not telling the truth. If it turns out that he told a lie, he was executed. So a man came, who said, “I want to be executed”. And here he told the truth, then it cannot execute, but he wants to be executed.

That is, you know, there are such things on themselves are tied and they become meaningless. Or suppose the expression is a mystery, which no one knows but we know that this secret is you have someone who knows about this secret. The second part of the sentence says that no one knows about it, and overturns the first part. So, here is the position of our higher self beyond space and time – in a sense, overturns all possible such logical construction, which is already within space and time and within the concept of karma.

And to banish it, should be some sort of layering, but this layering will never take you to the state when you realize your higher self outside space and time, that is, you actually closed this ability to jump back. It is, generally speaking, very good themes for meditation. I was especially happy to see that people engaged in Hatha yoga, sometimes ask such questions. Just I remember in my childhood, when I started Hatha yoga, I suddenly became terribly interested in mathematics. That is, sometimes regular exercise boost our some abstract thinking and sometimes put before dealing with a problem is obviously unsolvable. And, oddly enough, Hatha yoga contributes to intellectual development.

Practice in Chan Buddhism, or Zen Buddhism – this is when the question is asked without an answer, and its practitioners required long time to think and meditate. And in that moment, when he gets the answer to that question, he goes to the degree of intuition and, as it were, breaks through the level of their conceptual thinking ordinary mind.

As an example, widely known task for meditation in Chan Buddhism (Zen-Buddhism). If cotton is the action of two hands, what is the action of one hand? That is how to tie it in some kind of this intellectual understanding? And a lot of such problems, very strange, acting like this – our mind is full of parasitic thoughts, like a wheel spinning wildly and eats up all our energy, prana. This kind of question – as a stick, which you in these spokes again and the wheel snapped. For a split second, you fall into the thoughtless, cease to rotate a series of interpretation, and you tend to fall in an intuitive enlightened state. What was built really large number of practices.

Question: In which language is written the treatise of the story on Hatha yoga, who is the author and where the original?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: let’s Start with this – I start every lecture in the following way: “Hello, my name is Vadim Zaporozhtsev, I teach yoga”. This is my PR for people to relate the knowledge to its source. You must be very clear, I’m only human, which brings to you what has been known for many thousands of years, so everything of value that I bring to you, belongs to teachers of mankind. All stupidity belongs to me, Vadim Zaporojtsev. But it’s the tactical in our time, otherwise people will wander and look for the source of that knowledge. When I bothered to read the commentary on the yoga sutras of Patanjali a few years ago, and then began to receive letters that have heard and recognized my same voice, but in some other lectures and already brought communications. And if I then when I read the yoga Sutra of Patanjali every time I say my name is Vadim Zaporozhtsev, people would quickly get access to the remainder of the knowledge.

Even a certain number of centuries ago no man in the head would not come to stick out your ego and how to tie the knowledge of yoga to yourself. The vast amount of knowledge since Vedic times have reached us here as Sruti or Smriti – heard or remembered. That is, no author was not signed, so to say exactly who, what kind of yogi or Yogini is responsible for this or that text, we can’t. It was simply not made to stick out his identity. Even globally recognized treatise the Yoga sutras of Patanjali tells us that Patanjali only systematized the many known in the treatises and different teachings of yoga and put them into a coherent system. Hence Patanjali is sometimes called systems Darshan. Well, or in other words the vision of Patanjali yoga.

That is, it does not mean that Patanjali invented all these sutras, no. He simply numbered the language of a stamp licked and stuck… signed. So to tell someone where we can’t. We can’t say about the narrative of Hatha yoga as about the source of Patanjali. Or, say, medieval treatises such as Siva Samhita, Cheranda Samhita begins with the fact that the sage Heranda said, but it is not expected that sage Heranda came up, and he’s only heard and voiced. Therefore, there are questions that are very hard to answer, because it was simply not accepted, we do not know. Some of the texts come down to us recorded. What part of the texts before us still got oral.

By the way, this is the difficulty in yoga – Western man can translate, adapt and how to work only with what is written and what is transmitted orally to him as it does not exist, not in nature. So here, too, the peculiar difficulties of Dating, recognition and other things. Here in a nutshell, here’s the methodology. But in any case, you have to remember that whatever the text, the treatise whether it is at least five times “Yoga-Sutra” of Patanjali, which is up to you or I realized this is just the first push which encourages you to rediscover yoga. Not in vain we say –

yoga cannot be taught but can be learned.

For example, if you find protext Shiva-Samhita. Starts is there any linguistic analysis of the Siva-Samhita and suddenly it turns out that different pieces are written in a different style, if they were compiled from different texts. But it might not mean anything. This can mean only one thing _ that the same scholar has heard and copied.. So in the Vedas you will not find anything except Sruti. You will find in the later already. In General it was not customary to inflate his identity. The same goes for all the texts of our school, to keep track of them – some General texts – the same “Ananda Lahari”, hard to say what someone else’s text.

In India 50 conflicting sects cry out that they have a monopoly on “Ananda Lahari” and all the rest wrong interpretiruya”, etc., Someone begins to scream about “Yoga-Sutra” of Patanjali, someone else about something. I recently read an article where (it’s probably a duck was a newspaper) that the Indian government decided to put a copyright on all the yoga poses, to have a license assignment from every pose. They say that there in the West, with fat rage Rich Pinocchio, and we’re a third world country, starving. Therefore, in General, all covered with darkness, friends. The more I start to study, the less I begin to understand anything about the continuity of the teachings and their influences. Yes, indeed, the impact is, what the texts are in chronological order to determine (influence of Buddhism). But the text might have been created before, and then under the influence of other thoughts he periphials to answer the question. Everything is covered with darkness. That’s why, strictly speaking, academic science very few treatises recognize? Here yoga sutras – Yes, found palm leaves written on them in the treatise. And there are more old that she does not recognize. Why? Whether orally passed down, or something else.

Question: When is the sexual interaction of men and women, when physical interaction is formed a channel, in which the soul enters into this world. How channel is created when fertilization occurs without involvement of the father?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Good question. There was a scientist, Vernadsky. He had the idea of the noosphere. That every thought, desire, emotion, it does not disappear, but like geological sediment is deposited. That is exactly the same happens with thoughts, emotions. When you think in this place is deposited the layer as a mold, or as something lifeless. As something to protect, but at the same time destroys. That is, the waste products, only at the level of subtle and causal bodies. the situation is Similar with what we talked about with the channels.

Mom and dad’s not taken out of universe point – for them there is a trail that is referred to as the society, clan, nation, ethnicity. Therefore, it is considered that if a zone is lit, then it is enough for the given soul came at the moment of fertilization. But really, if you just study physiology, you will learn that mom and dad are, roughly speaking, today had sex and the sperm to reach the egg and fertilize it requires a certain number of hours. That is pregnant is not in itself the moment of orgasm (it is believed that up to 6 days even).

This is a long time and here we meet the concept of space and time. With our notions of the sequence of events, living in the material world is subject to cause and effect. It is as if the destination of the soul, and the soul, before you incarnated there, is at a level beyond space and time, so there is an interesting effect, though we had already encountered in other practices – like synchronization is divided into regular time scale processes, that is, roughly speaking – one did practice at one time, another at another. And here they seem to rise above the ordinary scale of time, reach a point when something has to connect and it happens – the mind reading, the message (the information can come with a huge delay, or conversely, of what is yet to come). Engage in the practice without expectation.

Therefore, even in the case of artificial insemination, actually, nothing because new is happening. What should have happened in a more benign and secure environment in the classical manner, occurs in more aggressive and hostile environment for external fertilization. But in fact because the concept is such that a timeless connection, flash light, long enough can be stretched in time. In some texts you can read this concept that the soul is already outside and waiting for the moment. The channel is open, but is waiting on a physical level is the final stage of this channel. And these are these multiple sexual practices. So fundamentally here now, nothing changes.

Question: what is the soul, in the sense of higher self.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes, will be considered the highest I, I just colloquially said soul. It is a question of Process, how long to answer it… Really, a conglomerate. As you move through this channel, mom and dad “wearing” her in a more subtle structure. And not only mom and dad but all the people around them. That is why in yoga the concept – that there are no other children. If your society the child was born, he and your baby. Therefore, from this level “higher self” outside space and time – there are no fine structures. But the channel involves the transition from the transcendent to the material with all its stages. This is very a lot of serious practices built extremely necessary in this era for people. If people do not understand, then to be a surge of uncontrolled biomass – thousands and thousands of beings in human form, but its status would be little different from animals.

Countries of the 3rd world is biomass, which can escape out of control, to sweep away everything in their path and then disappear. Why is this happening now? Very simple. If before there was some wild man in the jungle – he is himself a piece of bread will work – he’s supposed to jump, run through that jungle just to stop. Huge mortality was, a huge natural selection in a good way. Now Western people gave them medicines and every year sends humanitarian aid. And it turns out, Western man here today that kindness breeds tomorrow, the day after suffering. Because there were 10 thousand people in the entire forest, the natural balance was and soul, respectively – noble Indians. And now what is it? In a giant city, ghetto, food is easier to get than in the jungle, the mortality rate is not because there are vaccines, they do it for nothing. And here we read about mafia groups. This is a problem of large cities and crime. If they would in the wild forest – half would never have been born in the bodies of people – there is no such resource, this resource is presented.

Yoga says that there is no separation of people by race, national or what there basis. But yoga has never denied that the soul is divided according to the degree of self-awareness. Someone aware of himself in a greater degree, someone in smaller and here, depending on the degree of self-awareness you can, as if to count on a body. And if you’re suddenly here, for free get the body of a man, and you’re essentially a tiger or a lion from the Kingdom of animals, then how you used it?

Not the food need in Africa to carry, and condoms. Because today you are saved from starvation one person, and he has produced a biomass of ten. And after some amount of time you need not a ton to carry, and twenty tons of cargo. Nothing happens just like that. Remember that yoga is first and foremost a humanism. Each is good in its place. In General, friends, no nationalism, no racism, no separation can not be, but the idiots have not.

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