Yoga Kind. Tribal Yoga. Vadim Zaporozhtsev. Part 18-I. Lecture. 2010.11.27

Today 27 November 2010. My name is Vadim Zaporozhtsev, I teach yoga. That we have the lectures of the International Open Yoga University. The topic of the lecture “Patrimonial yoga”. We are located in the city of Moscow near metro Novoslobodskaya in Cultural Center “Enlightenment”. All archived information on our sites,, All the files you can buy in our online store, which is located at


The motto of today’s lecture will be the Latin phrase “Si vis pacem, para bellum” meaning “if you Want peace, prepare for war”. We have today starts a difficult subject in the Ancestral yoga, is very ambiguous. It is largely associated with I mentioned in the last segment of Prayogo in the aspect of specific practices that allow us to protect our spiritual life in the light of the knowledge of Tribal yoga.


So, let’s remember some starting point.

Body people are perfect, differences of racial, national, religious or some more lines, in fact, nonsense. But on the other hand, souls who live in these perfect bodies, inherited from our ancestors, from yoga teachers are at various stages of spiritual development. And it so happens that in the human body the soul is born with such a thick layer of ignorance, that by their actions this person is a little different from an animal, but that’s not a bad option. The worst option that a person in their ability to cause evil to spread around them strife, death, every negativity is disproportionately superior to any animal. Let me remind you that in the degree of samosoznanii people are divided into Pasu, Vira and Divya. Or, according to the concepts of the modes, people with predominant Tamas with predominant rajas and sattva predominant. People who are in a state plow with the mode of tamos, not very far intellectually, and so often he shows very good, good quality. And even if it shows some moments of negativity in your life, then they are entirely similar to the moments of negativity, which manifests animal. He may in anger to kill someone, without thinking, to say something, something for someone to steal, to gossip, etc., etc., But to bear the long and treacherous plans of a man can not. At the same time, people with predominant rajas is the person whose mind is developed and strengthened activity. And their activity as such person may direct in two opposite vectors. Or use the initiative to change your life for the better, life around for the better, for the desire for spirituality, or Vice versa, for the manifestation of the darkest traits of selfishness, to enslave others, to harm others. That is, in its positive direction is the highest yogi and Yogini, aspiring to spirituality. But if the same vector, which we observed in yogis and Yogini directed in the negative direction, we have the worst crime, we have a father in the mafia, the corrupt politicians. That is, people who do evil already not instinctively like people who are in a state plow, and thoughtfully. That is, this man has a very well developed intelligence, initiative, but sent it all to the detriment of others. Negative traits of the human as they plow like a beast. It would be good to come up with a scheme to something difficult to steal or privatize, but that’s not enough brains. That is, he can not be in the right place at the right time. But the person in a state of Vira is just all mixed up, and he knows how to manipulate other people located in the state of Pashu and Vira as tending to display their abilities. It sets the negative rules of the game, amassing around himself a gang and keeps everyone under his heel. That is the think tanks of the entire crime, sometimes they look very respectable, does not descend so far as to personally to kill someone or Rob. However, under their early numerous artists, as a rule, from among Pasha, reprogrammed into a creature of evil combat brigade, who killed him, Rob and keep all in fear and obedience. Finally, remember that there are people in the state of Divya, which even the thought of violence, murder, theft, causing harm to the contrary, they even think about it I can not, not to apply in business, especially to put together around some criminal organization. That is, people can be at different levels of samosoznanii, with different qualities, and all this allows to make a pretty good structure, called the state, where each complements each other. But, this favourable picture is possible only in one case, when the Pasha directed towards Vira, and Vira are not corrupt criminals Pasha and aspire to as Divya. Moreover respect the Divya or the people in the state of sattva, and all together creates what we can call the family, ethnic group, country. All souls need to all have a place in the overall picture of the joint pursuit of freedom. But if in connection with these or other shocks there is a moment that active people are able Vira stop to listen to something spiritual and begin to fully rely on the mind, forgetting that the mind is just a tool, they become very clever, but soulless. They do not believe in any higher ideals, tend to rely only on his strength and on the wrong concept of power through the enslavement of others. And here we have a different kind of criminal structures. It still may be complicated by the following factor, which we discussed in the previous lecture. If a country or people weakened by war, epidemic, crop failure, some other climatic or natural disasters, the best minds, and these pure streams of consciousness Divya aims to save as many members of the kind community. But here there is a power vacuum that people with immature spiritual condition Vira begin to use the plan to seize power for themselves. And, as a consequence, we have the local thugs, the local groups who oppose the whole society, the state as a whole, but the state is so weak that is unable to do anything, even these bandits. There is a certain trigger the reaction, the process of romanticizing criminals, when the criminals begin to vastavatest as Robin hoods, heroes. They begin to appear more stupid people, and all this creates a karmic predisposition in the society began to be born corresponding to the soul, at a very low level and with a deliberate thrust to the crimes. And we usually see bursts of rapists, killers, murderers, reckless youth who just kills everybody. Of course, if it is considered in the long term, endlessly it can’t last and eventually the whole country will collapse, and everyone will get what they deserve. But it will be a bad option, it should not be allowed in any case. Therefore, in the environment of yoga in case of disasters there is a serious Arsenal of measures to prevent slide of the situation in the negative scenario of development when a country would become a springboard to reproduce the immature soul in the state of Pasha under the guidance of a shower with the dominant guṇa of rajas, prone to crime and chaos. In the Vedas such a state of society, the country was already known and has been characterized as the absence of a law Rita, when some forces are trying to ruin this slim beautiful scheme of living souls with the purpose of little personal power, not thinking about the long-term prospects. For example, consider the collapse of the Soviet Union. During the existence of this state was some kind of order. Suddenly it falls apart, that is, the authorities did not, immediately began local conflicts, it is lost, do not know what’s going on. What we have seen, instantly from all the cracks spread crime and began to seize power. Moreover, there is not just crime, but a criminal culture when at every step you hear a criminal chanson. The impression is that all that you were, whether guarded, that is all this topic is familiar, native and close. Why, because at that time it was the most viable force leaders, of course, had the state of rajas, and under him they began to distribute the controls, at first timid, then bolder and bolder. First, the shadow came out in a legitimate business, but still with an eye, then I realized that not looking back at anyone, and you can buy law enforcement. Then this was not enough, they went into politics, as under the law the policy is the immune system. I still marvel at the miracle that Russia is still alive. Still, the margin of safety of some spiritual powers it was big enough, because now wherever you dig, all tied to each other. That is, there is not some crime boss is stupid to shoot, as it’s a pattern – all tied from top to bottom. Is that the upper classes have remained unaffected, and the average and below average all know what arrows, kickbacks, even this criminal slang on everyone’s lips. You take the average businessman from Europe or from America he this knows nothing, he’s just not facing it, and secondly, if it lights up in connection with any criminal scheme, he will put an end to your business. We on the contrary, it is even a certain style that you have a “roof” that you have real power. And most interesting is that most people involved in these criminal schemes, in any other case, they would have strangled all this crime, but the trouble is, sometimes there is a situation at the turn of the century, when in the open to resist you can’t, you just kill, and in closed you have no money – you’re not going to turn into the elusive Avengers, person invisible, to catch the criminals and shoot.


Such a situation in the history of mankind took place with a known frequency and most interesting is that these situations have one thing is not the fact that the century and Millennium. The earliest mention we find in the Atharvaveda. Mention of any terrible shocks that caused the birth of a very harsh response. When you directly couldn’t resist openly by some dark forces seized power, but still you remained hidden invisible levers to some extent to control the situation with the involvement of all those techniques and practices which arose as a result of self-discovery. Knowledge is power, and on the basis of the same knowledge about how the world works, how people can largely strengthen man’s spiritual development, but also opens a wide scope for the manufacture of weapons for all occasions. Just as the development of chemistry has made possible the invention of powerful explosives, the development of physics led to the creation of a nuclear bomb, similarly here, the practice of self-knowledge gives, as a side effect, superpowers, and those superpowers allow you to apply them in a variety of occasions.


So, in the moments when it is critical in the spiritual, where all of the most spiritual forces of nation, race, ethnicity, the country aims to have at least survived, naturally creating a power vacuum that the dark negative forces instantly using and creating a subculture that attracts negative for the birth of the soul. The negative souls who in previous lives were maniacs, murderers, thugs or already smarter Mafioso. And it is extremely dangerous, and will all suffer. At first, it occurs at the level of people that were built into the system, that is partially fulfilled a positive function for the system, and then, when the power disappeared, began to do something negative, it’s that the field of the negative begin to be born souls who do nothing positive did not. Sometimes you can see the most terrible crime almost from children, from the adolescent years from 12 to 18 is the most terrible of tyrants, it is the most terrible killer. Sometimes even an adult crime fears them, because it is precisely those souls who were born in these favorable adverse conditions, and they have from early childhood been programmed to the negative. There are absolutely heinous cases, things that do not fit in the understanding, and begin to ask yourself why such a thing could be. And the answer is only one, at some point the system failed and gave birth to these maniacs. As a rule, for the most part they don’t live long, grow up to 20-25 years and in its joint shootings destroying each other. But when is still a child and the attitude of society, government, other people, like a child, and in fact, is not the child, is a werewolf, a monster under the mask of the child, to such an ordinary person is not ready. This is a terrible phenomenon, it was observed during the Soviet era, it is clear that with the collapse of the Soviet authorities went splash, and if we do not reverse this spiritual atmosphere, then these souls will be born more and more. Don’t know how to deal with them. But looking ahead, the ancient Vedic knowledge left for us, and in this case some very specific methods of struggle.


If you analyze the whole situation, it’s like in medicine, to not have such horrific diseases, the best prevention, it is better to prevent the disease than to treat it. If disease happens, it is given a soft treatment, if mild methods of treatment do not work, are very rigid methods of treatment, up to surgery – that’s the analogy. That is the best thing to do in the family, the people, the situation is intolerable for the souls of criminals, they simply won’t be born, they will not be interested. But if they have begun to be born, then surely we must try to identify them, to create conditions so they developed this potential for the benefit of society. But, if the situation has been completely neglected, and the system is almost doomed to collapse, then apply the most stringent measures, including physical elimination. The perception is one of the darker sides of some ancient knowledge, but you have to understand that they were born with all these recommendations this Toolkit is not a good life, and what is called in yoga an emergency. You remember that all yoga is ultimately humanistic, if you something until today could teach the course Generic of yoga, so it is only one that is not just good, but Cordoba that no yoga or Yogini even in a nightmare not dream that he/she kill someone or cause someone harm. That is, the yogi or Yogini will be the last to use the methods of non-maleficence and strongly shunned any kind of violence. But once again, life is very complicated thing, very complicated karmic background may be including these yogis and Yogini, and it may be such a thing that you have to resort to extreme measures.

On the one hand, yoga is the ultimate emphasis on humanism, and rightly so – wild people, impatient people, people are ready for nothing to each other to break through the skull, although unable to agree and avoid conflict. Yoga strongly insists that if you on TV show this crime, these murders, you will create a mental field in order for a crime here, feel comfortable, at ease, so this need is to control, but control is very good humanistic hand, without imposing, without excesses, without outright bans. Such as was the case in the Soviet Union, there was this Orgy, as was censorship. Yoga is even more gentle than censorship. But trust me, yoga is extremely sane people, and there are situations where saves only rude sometimes physical, sometimes mental, sometimes mental strength. And all this is happening for the simple reason that the souls inhabiting the bodies of people are different stages of samosoznanii. And, for example, people with dominant status of tamos, Pasha, if gets in a good atmosphere, not even going to ask why he should behave well and have to avoid the bad. Thoughtless by the General commandments, according to the General rules, whether religious, political, social or otherwise, he seems to be built and starts to obey them. But if he tries to turn away from this path, he understands in the first place only brute force. If you come to this enraged half-man-half-animal and begin to admonish him that the commandments so to say, and now know that yoga is the principle of not causing harm to any living creature, he, to put it mildly, you won’t listen. But in a more serious moment, you can still to get under the hand. So there are people who understand only brute force, for good, these people don’t understand. And as long as your back will not be in contrast to them stand brute force, then the arguments of your intellectual, spiritual, just to reach them will not be useless to speak. Finally, people with a dominant guṇa of rajas, are the ones we were talking about the founders of other gangs, such an intellectual crime. It people are smart, with an extremely sharp mind, but, as a rule, did not believe in the subtle power. That is, they recognize the brute force, but with a small addition, they understand that there are still some ways of arm-twisting more than intellectual blackmail, forgery, tampering, that is, more sophisticated schemes of action. And, accordingly, they recognize only these two combinations of forces, that is, when and against them may be directed blackmail, forgery, etc., and in the background is the physical force that will strengthen resilience at a more subtle level. That is, such people do not believe in cosmic justice or in the law of karma – they believe in brute force plus in his perverted intellect, denying the subtle state of being. It is not yet available understanding that if you there is no truth, all your power is ephemeral, it will collapse.Again, if you start with such people is to communicate, then all your spiritual calls will start to reach them or they start serious about it, if you will be real, from their point of view power. That is, if you are going to be able to compete with power in their understanding, plus the spiritual, what they don’t understand, only in this case they maybe think that Yes, there is something higher, it’s not as easy as they think. But if you just come in as nothing to represent and begin their wits to learn they are not taken seriously. You can quote pieces from different religious teachings, then they won’t be taken seriously until you feel that you have a real power to be equal with them.


We approach such a strange human phenomenon in the history of the war. War is more a conflict between different countries. Here is a factor of war in the field of spiritual consciousness, and therefore all teachers and teacher of yoga, I want to stress again, extremely sane people, knew the factor of war. But only in contrast to the rude soldiery, they understood what the true meaning of any war. The true meaning of any war is the overcoming of ignorance. Not an enemy, not for the sake of obeying anyone, not for the sake of violence over someone, and the true meaning of the war is victory over ignorance. So if you see it, if you are struggling with the ignorance within himself, within the framework of the world, that in fact, you can become a professional soldier. Because a very long time mankind will be forced to need the services of a professional military, for the simple reason that the structure of humanity is not uniform – there are souls of the Pasha, there are souls in the state of rajas of crime and a small percentage in the state of sattva. And if suddenly the system out of control, you will quickly be returned in good condition, and that would require law enforcement agencies. In any country, for internal Affairs that the police and the police, for external it is external to the regular army. Napoleon said: “If people do not want to feed his army, he will soon have to feed someone else” in the same way here. If we do not work, it is a very big temptation is inexperienced in the spiritual sense-in shower, grab power, to seize everything in the world. In higher they don’t believe they valishvili that do not; they believe they know how the world works, moreover, they will be considered only at the moment, when faced with a factor that they don’t understand.


The time that if you want to listen to you, be strong, it permeates yoga from top to bottom. But unlike all other States, people in the state of sattva never boast of his strength, never show, never used it so he’s confused immature soul. They will always appeal to something spiritual, but in the background invisible will is a real force sometimes physically real force, sometimes mentally real strength, sometimes mental real power. Only in this case, you can at least do something to help this situation. Finally, there is the more complex theoretical question of the extent or legality of the use of certain forces, is the theme of the axioms of yoga. In principle, the most extreme measure that you can use is the expulsion of your personal universe of souls who do not accept the rules of the game. And that can be already different. But this is the most extreme measure, and physically it can be implemented in many different forms including physical destruction. But once again, no yoga or Yogini in a nightmare not dream to use this power unless really necessary.


What is it, what is the power factor.

Once again, the most ancient mention of the power factor came to us in the Vedas, in the later moments of those aspects are reflected in the Upanishads, finally, even the later philosophical systems, so-called Darshana, very eloquently and with many details this factor, we also see in the Tantras. Probably, at the time of formation of the Tantras and their use was also very critical situation. And there we find the practices which used supernatural powers to the soul in a state of spiritual impoverishment not to destroy the entire culture, not bring harm to others, and ultimately not have aggravated their own karma. Now the next point that you should understand. Imagine that even these practices are implemented. These practices are also applied with the position of the limits of humanism. And to illustrate, I will give the example in a rather free paraphrase of the next legend of India.

The myth of how the goddess Durga, characterized in that it is constantly at war with all the dark forces, fought with many demons, the rakshasas. Rakshasas is a very strange creature, it has some absolutely soulless entity, sometimes people, sometimes animals, sometimes a half human-half. Moreover, they sometimes even possess any superhuman abilities, sometimes physical abilities or some kind of trickery or deception. The most beautiful analogy with the modern time to hold the next, the rakshasas are changelings, werewolves pagon. That is, when you don’t know which side to expect an impact. So goddess Durga fought with these dark forces, and fought quite a long time. Then in the decisive battle won. And other celestials began to ask Durga to tell me, goddess, you’re the mother of the Universe in the incarnation of the struggle with all the dark. You could have just valishvili to all the dark forces immediately dropped dead, but a very long time you fought with them, for what? The answer was highly nontrivial. She said, Yes, it’s dark forces, but it lost souls is the Supreme I, which fall under the illusion and mired in ignorance and began to show their negative qualities. But, nevertheless, the Higher self of any living entity is completely spiritual, light, high. The fact that I am a long time they fought, and I resisted, I gave them a chance in this life to atone for all his negative karma to the next life, these Higher I were born as saints, yogis or Yoginis, bright personality.


So, even the worst practice is Cordonata. You could just kill, but the negative karma would make a huge untold number of lives to be born these beings in the bodies of some primitive animals, and in fact suffer even countless times. This is the factor that continues to elude us, as we look at all in one life, and we think, well, killed and killed, what could be worse. No, my friends, may be even worse than death in one’s life can be a series of lives where you kill, and you can’t even understand what was happening. Again humanism, sorgulanan, these are all very good methods that should be applied, they will be accepted only if you represent a real physical force, mental, mental. Otherwise you turn into talkers who repeat like parrots words about spirituality, but in this life nothing. Should be aware of this and take every opportunity to become stronger. At least to your words about spirituality, indeed, was perceived as something serious. And therefore it is necessary to practice yoga, one should have self-knowledge, should reopen, to open many secrets, many abilities that are inherent in each of you. So the personal practice of each of you that nobody knows, nobody sees, nobody can control this thing in your personal spiritual sense are absolutely necessary.


Now, consider a situation when you are faced with a clear violation of the law Rita, with obvious crime. You go to the police station so that law enforcement agencies did their duty, their Dharma. As a result, it turns out that this police Department works the brother, the godfather, the matchmaker those criminal forces that you swung. Moreover, you are strongly advised to keep a low profile. You courageous enough people and go to other Supervisory authorities, say local authorities. And it turns out that there are members of the same company. You go to the top, and there is not up to you, there are other global problems, economic crisis, food problems. You start to write complaints to the European court of human rights, the international organization for human rights, and as a result, it turns into anti-Russian rhetoric that Russia really is a terrible state, it should be the bomb, because there is a crime, people complain, and the authorities do nothing. First, you so no one helps, in the best case comes to some journalist from a foreign media interviews you, and then all this post, about how in Russia, the horror and nightmare. In the end did not help you, you have become a toy in some cunning plans you may not know it, but to go outside is terrible. The factor there, if you know in the face of your enemy, you can, of course, for him to declare vendetta by-Corsican, or, as Russia was, challenged him in a fair fight. But the trouble is, that power you don’t feel you don’t know where the source of that power, she’s in the fog, in the dark. You are in a clearly losing situation – no one protects you one-on-one with the dark forces. It is the collapse of civilization. And what do you have left? There is only one method that we can learn from the ancient Vedas and use this case an integer with a serious Arsenal of practices.These practices assume certain yoga techniques, honed to advance you have opened some superpowers that you have and so opened would be if you were doing yoga. But the trouble is that you are faced with the negative before it’s even intuitive to master these forces. You don’t have to invent the mechanic, you are able to do the drawing and assemble a Kalashnikov rifle, but fortunately this machine before you smart people come up with, drew, stamped and he is in the right place, ready to use. When there is a factor of the apparent disparity between the forces, then of course, there is the factor of the use of these practices. If there is the slightest possibility to defeat these forces in their own field, their own weapons, you should use it. For example, you are faced with a crime, but the police have done their work, applied the law on witness protection, well protect you. You can only wait for the court to give evidence and mafia will receive a life sentence. It is best to fight it in ways, because this is the most straightforward method for evil forces, that is, beat them in their field. Since the state does not intend to coddle them, and the police as state representatives. Ideally, ideally, it is better not to resort to these methods, never. If the situation about which we just spoke, no where to go, but maybe it is your Dharma to prevent crime. After all, what you face in this world is a reflection of you as yourself, can you ever condone crime at the highest level, and is now reaping the benefits. Always need to ask yourself, is my Dharma to bring to bear those forces. If this is not your Dharma, and do not meddle. Again, it was an emergency. So, if you are faced with a dark invisible force that is clearly in a better position than you, and everything is bursting at the seams, you have the right to use these practices. The use of these methods is justified when something threatens your offspring, when crime took over all the levers of control, because tomorrow you the shot and your children traffickers to plant some stuff. That is, in times of wars and epidemics, when threatened by some natural disaster, is required to apply these practices in the Tantras, they are called the Shatkarma. Following the analogy, imagine the enemy stands near Moscow. All ran away and walk the streets looting, robbing, killing, drinking. In this case the ordinary laws were repealed, and begin to act the laws of war. That is, there are moments when the connivance, even in the little will create mental freedom for the whole crime, if they jump out, and there is no power, they just overturned the state. And here in these moments are justified, even the most terrible methods that are not even dreamed would be in civilian life. That is emergency – emergency measures and they are written in ancient knowledge. Because if you disappear race, the people, the country, this is the most appalling tragedy. And if your Dharma, as the President, Prime Minister, chief of criminal investigation Department, the security guard at the store to avoid it, and you condoned because maybe most humane reasons, you will generate negative karma, that it would be better never know about this first principle of yoga, as you still understood it not correctly. That is, you have to ask, what is my Dharma and your Dharma to protect the world from dark forces, protect.


The practice of the Atharvaveda and the later Tantras


So, for the first time in the Atharvaveda we are faced with a huge number of quite specific methods of struggle with the dark forces. Although there then went variety of conflicts, including domestic showdown with the involvement of magic. It is for this reason still in many Orthodox circles it is believed that the Atharvaveda is the Veda, and is the so-called Upaveda or subordinate, secondary, tertiary Veda. And since Atharvaveda stems including Ayurveda, it certainly is Upaveda. But on the other hand, it is too extreme, as I believe that the Atharvaveda is a serious echo of the cataclysm, when it was necessary to apply the most decisive action. How to apply it? Ancient Vedic knowledge is not engaged, there is more considered a situation of a victory over enemies in an honest (or relatively honest) battle or some echoes of higher knowledge, or wealth creation, or the main theme was to draw needed showers in the quality of the offspring. But the Atharvaveda starts with the everyday lives of ordinary people of that era. Therefore, for anthropologists now is very interesting to analyze from a psychological point of view Atharvaveda, because all of the practices outlined there to show the particular problems faced by people then, so indirectly you can learn how they lived. By the way, where for the first time in a large quantity, you receive the idea of snakes in certain rituals. But in the earlier Vedas, you almost can’t find it, because they were formed long before the Aryans invaded India, which is full of snakes. There are a variety of methods, but when they begin to read, they are more like some tales or collections of magical spells. But actually it was much more serious, and the momentum was made to trigger these practices, it is very deep.

There we read,

The atharvaveda, mandala 4, 106 mantra: “Against enemies to tie them.”

The atharvaveda, mandala 6, 52 mantra: “Against invisible enemies”.

The atharvaveda, mandala 4, 20 mantra: “discovery of witches”, read a hidden crime and offenders.


That is, the language of the Atharvaveda is more primitive than the language of the Vedas, and all the more primitive. The atharvaveda is when took active principle forces and made them a tool for solving specific tasks. For example, if you have a home plug, you can connect a variety of devices TV, washing machine, vacuum cleaner. But we need a source of power, so the mantras of the Atharvaveda are some devices that, if you connect to the right source of energy, will work in narrowly sharpened direction. That is, if you method of self-discovery of yoga has reached the source of this power, you can sharpen the source of this force along a narrow purpose.

Finally, in the later Tantras, or even a little earlier, we meet with numerous references to siddhi or perfections acquired by yoga, including. For example, such a superpower like Pockets – to enter into someone else’s body. An analogy might be the following, sometimes in the rain is a couple in love and they have one jacket for two people, one on each sleeve, but in a positive sense. How would you start your principle of prana to move into another body, and you have the ability to function through another body. In Tantric sexual practices is unlimited opportunity for every kind of lovemaking, this interaction on a subtle level, much stronger. But the flip side of that, you can similarly enter other people’s bodies and completely switch over. Or a superpower like Manahparyaya – mind reading, you know the mental field, you know what to expect. This nerd just planning something, and you’re already on the surface of your mind the fingerprint or glare this thought ran, and you know who is thinking what. These superpowers are also described in the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, in the other texts. In still later Tantric texts we are confronted with Shatkarmas, and other practices, such as Vajikarana – mind control the other. What is consciousness – the Higher self looks at the other surface of the mind, he knows that happens only on the print of the mind. If you slip him another picture, he sees what you gave. The analogy with the camera if it put that person behind the monitor nothing suspicious found. There is a practice of Stambhan – immobilization. That is, sometimes, instead of physical elimination of a man that is an extreme case, it is enough to immobilize the man, he’s not breaking anything, he will not harm others and their karma, not heavier. Ustoday – destruction in the distance. Okatana the exile, when you got near you the dark forces. You live in the village and enjoy, and then some crime moved close. You can, of course, come and ask them to leave, so they don’t want. And can be done so that they themselves will escape you, even words will not say. The most widely circulated and of the entire Arsenal of the most commonly used practice of Santikarn, it is closest to the first principle of yoga and therefore, as we said in treatment use the most easy methods. This is the practice of calming. If you suddenly start some mental situation to destabilize the situation even a little and blood will flow, that is a practice that inspires confidence. Suddenly a dark force decided to Odebolt and she got sick. Mahan is charming, in terms of hypnotic effect. Finally, the most extreme measure is Moran – murder at a distance. Friends, you have people who study yoga, now has something to start. And my mention of killing someone at a distance you should have a condition similar to how if someone with cold water poured. If you have it, know that you are ready to accept what I say here. Those who say, Yes, Yes, the murder – fine, tomorrow I will try, I got a maniac on the take or corrupt in politics, or a werewolf in uniform, I’ll be Moran on it in full practice. You know, it means you still don’t know what is in question here. It is clear that there is a certain hierarchy and the extreme measures used only in extreme cases.


Now following the logic of it all. In life almost none of you will encounter situations when you will need these practices to extreme measures. If you simply practice yoga, you will generate those power structures that will do everything I listed above without you, for you. Actually, everything I listed – it’s not special powers acquired through yoga, that by default everyone possesses. When the society together, it all merges into a single acceptance/rejection, it is like the immune system of country and society. And all I said now and it happens at an unconscious level within a particular country. And if no force majeure, the society itself destroys unwanted elements. But the trouble is, sometimes the company is extremely depleted, as we have in the country after the collapse of the Soviet Union. Now God forbid, America will fall apart, and very unpleasant symptoms of this are already tracked. And just imagine, America will collapse, America is a bad country in some of its manifestations, to be honest, but at least some order was. What will remain when they leave. And I’m afraid that some people will have to get acquainted with these practices, but I hope not in our country. So you are going to use them, as you will not have points for them, I sincerely want to believe. But if the situation will develop so that they will have to apply, then at least you will know where to look, what to look for, and another part of our lectures, how this works. It is not the task OIU to train specialists in this many practices, our task in another, not to allow the knowledge to die, and to train teachers of yoga. Everything else is other people somehow involved in yoga, in other places. Therefore, you should not give the impression that we know more than others. We know nothing, we know nothing and can do nothing else. The thing is that as soon as you started this topic, immediately go thousands of letters – my neighbor is trying to kill me, the last hope for you, write what mantra to use, etc. We would be happy to help in the fight with the neighbor-ghoul, but that’s not our specialty. That is, we can’t just bandits to catch those engaged in law enforcement. That’s just as well within yoga, different people or communities of people engaged in different problems, so if you have a problem and you need a specific solution, then you are going to look for yoga teachers that you will train specifically that is will give you into the hands of a Kalashnikov. We can only explain the principles of operation and a first approximation to draw sketches how it works. But the manufacturing that we do not, in principle, it is not our task. The most mysterious thing is that if you have these practices, or at least know where to get them, sometimes this alone is enough to keep dark forces are not applying them. It’s the same issue (see last lecture), both with nuclear weapons. Nuclear weapons were made, supported, protected for one purpose, to never apply. Similarly, these dark practices in yoga, they are made for one purpose, to never apply. But there is still a small feature in yoga, you need to understand. Some believe that this is a bluff, because they don’t believe in the subtle power. So these practices may not apply and they will have a real effect only in one case if they are not bluffing. Again, as long as you are not the real power is, all your words are nonsense and chatter. You do not believe in what you say, when I urge people to observe the first principle of yoga, etc. Your job is to be strong, to not apply. You will not have to bite anyone, you will be enough to show teeth, as the great Ramakrishna. Therefore, all these practices have been developed and implemented on a very real one-digit level, in order, in particular, to factor is not to apply these steps. When behind you stands a formidable army, even if you do not apply, heed to your words.

Another important note. Sometimes, when you will meet, including these practices, passed down from India, pseudomatrices of the many schools we have here a lot of people, flirting with these topics, they supposedly understand something, you have to very clearly separate, in yoga these things are not nonsense, and the ultimate reality. You have to understand that these things are irrelevant to pseudocolumn, pseudoestrogens, pseudoaneurysm, psychic, curse, pseudoplasmodium, which is now filled with all the information space.

Be aware that sometimes seemingly methods of yoga, especially the Atharvaveda, starts to look like pseudomugil those obscurantist personalities who are always available. So you know, you’ll be the whole audience from what we were told at the lecture, essentially. Yoga is a real force, such as the atomic bomb as a Kalashnikov, is something that has to be considered. In most cases, all of these pseudoestrogens, pseudocandona, it’s all a bluff, or, at best, these are some of the only ones who opened millions of pieces of knowledge associated with abilities and trying to sell them. That is, they take money for it or even if they don’t take money, they want popularity, that is a factor of consciousness, which is also easily converted into money. Yoga never any dark practices unless absolutely necessary do not use this category to even this to earn money, or popularity, or fame, or glory. That is, you might not even know about the people in the field of yoga who possess this knowledge. Moreover, if there’s a situation to apply this knowledge, and it will be applied, you do not even know whence came this impulse. In connection with this another point, sometimes you have very intelligently used in these practices. I once rode the train with me was driving one gentleman who read the yellow esoteric, the tabloid press, about the superpowers, the Mahatmas, which everyone on the planet lead. Described this activity Mahatmas, like a big mafia clan, who keeps everything. And we must pay tribute to this young man, he was inexperienced, not biased, but distinguished by common sense. He began in anger to expose, well, since these Mahatmas are Almighty, all-knowing, all-powerful, intelligent, well they are Hitler during the war did not destroy. And that’s a reasonable argument for why something happens sometimes, something happens. Here’s another point – is the principle of non-interference in the situation when it is not your duty to intervene. For example, two Somali pirates are now fighting for loot, what could be easier than to kill all in the distance. But this cannot be done, you will disrupt the natural course of evolution of this country. If it magically drops the power factor, people are not wiser, not aware of the fact that you need to deal with the problem. That is a factor of extreme use, in a very narrow task, when there is a factor that only as the spiritual means to solve it. And it happens very, very, very rarely. Well now against Hitler. Do you know a piquant fact that I. V. Stalin with the entire scale of the NKVD organized a campaign to eliminate Hitler. Moreover, even call that a famous actress Olga Chekhova, Hitler’s close friend, was supposed to participate. And was ready to literally everything, but at the last moment, Stalin himself canceled his order, Hitler did not what to kill, but to ensure that he no hairs fell. Because in the course of the war if I killed Hitler, the German people have once again created the impression that they are lost accidentally. They immediately arranged to guerrilla warriors, they would have worshiped Hitler, they would have arranged for separate talks with the Americans, the British – as a result, fascism would not have been crushed. That is, everything needed to bring to the end, that is, that all actions for the German people was played out – the moment when the Germans thought that now will be applied to the weapon, about which Hitler often said he shot himself. And then everyone realized that actually, it was a big bubble called fascism, and after the capture of Berlin neither guerrilla warfare nor the opposition was not. Therefore, sometimes even having the opportunity and having the full moral, spiritual right to interfere, taking into account the whole picture, you need to wait until the history will turn the page.


Thus, the principles of this science, which is often called in yoga as Prayoga. This word has many different translations, sometimes known simply as a practice, sometimes as a detailed description of certain actions to produce a result. And in order to have no doubt that all these Shatkarmas, all these mantras Atharvaveda, are the real power, not just some myths, we will try even axiomatically to dismantle the principles upon which they are built. It’s the same situation as with the hydrogen bomb. To make a hydrogen bomb, you need a lot of things, but the principles of how they made the bomb, you can read in any textbook of physics. This does not mean that having listened to this course, you will be able to produce yourself some practice Prayogi, but if you are still a life force, you will priotkroyte what I tell you, and I hope to God no one was forced. And then the other will be treated to this ancient heritage.


All for today. I urge you not to harm any living creature unless absolutely necessary. Do not waste your time of life, strength on trifles. To have self-knowledge, to be happy, independent of any circumstances. To spread around them joy, confidence, fulfillment. To study yoga regularly and not from time to time. To sign up for the website and gradually pass all the courses. Yoga to help in any way, if you think something is valuable to you it is, then share this valuable with others. Yoga can help financially or go to our store specifically for this made buy something, see for yourself, read, others give. All the knowledge of yoga belongs to humanity, so feel free to spread, at least in the first approximation, everything that you have learned.

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