Yoga Kind. Tribal Yoga. Vadim Zaporozhtsev. Part 17-I. Lecture. 2010.11.23

Friends, today is November 23, 2010, my name is Vadim Zaporozhtsev, I taught yoga, we are in Moscow, at the cultural center “Enlightenment” next to the metro Novoslobodskaya, and this lectures of the International Open Yoga University. The topic of the lecture – Tribal Yoga. All information on the sites,, The site of our shop – where you can buy the entire archive of our lectures, all our movies, lectures, audiobooks and so on.


Introduction to the lecture. The task of parents in the upbringing of children.



In the previous lecture we touched on the factor of children and attitudes towards children. We stopped on the fact that, regardless of how the children come, everything should be very harmonious, beautiful, and when children come to us, the attitude towards them should be as the teachers of humanity, inner attitude. That is, we must respect their freedom, not to build some of his plans for the freedom of their children. And in a relationship with them, of course, we must exercise all those qualities which tend to be parents to the children, that is nurture, but from a position of respect for someone else’s freedom, and as a result, it all comes to what we start to be friends with their children as equals. And then, you know, when in a friendly atmosphere is something that unites, it is not perceived as an encroachment on freedom, and, therefore, there is a chance to convey to your child can be, any spiritual aspirations, which you think is necessary to convey to him. That is, on the one hand, you deep down have to be completely sure that this is the future teacher of mankind, on the other hand you have to understand that since the teacher of mankind was born is you, then it seems to delegated authority, in your upbringing, that is how he would advance you to trust in the methods by which you’ll bring him up. And, accordingly, if you think we need to educate him so-and-so, the default assumption is that once this child comes to you, he accepts these rules of the game. Here is a little game, a by your state as a parent or educator, on the one hand, and, on the other hand, as a friend and associate with their children. It gives absolutely wonderful results. It is clear that somewhere you have some kind of system of incentives to invent, incentives, and penalties, but most importantly, in any case, the child felt that it was not something someone else, that it represses that makes his life unfree, and something that wants the good that will ultimately benefit him. For this reason, friends, it’s impossible to teach attitude. In each case, it may be different, and sometimes have to slap a future teacher of mankind, and sometimes, on the contrary, something to forgive him, though it may not be perceived. Let’s say your sibling did something questionable, but with good reason, and if you punish, you can mix the cards, and have to explain that the idea was good, but the execution not so. I mean, I want to emphasize again that thought – there is a notion of naturalness, not artificiality, which we sometimes read in various books on pedagogy, psychology, any advice. God forbid you from those things in the beginning of the twentieth century, has spread under the name of psychoanalysis, is unsustainable even then it was, and now it’s just inappropriate, all attempts to explain some kind of latent sexuality, and other things. And not because there is no common energy, which manifests itself in different ways, but because it is taken out of context knowledge, which causes a huge amount of suffering. You know, sometimes people themselves overplayed, these pundits. A well-known example, after the spread of these psychoanalytic ideas, which explain everything solely by sexuality, some systems on this basis, say, at one time in Western countries, the parent was afraid to hug and play with your child, so that someone not suspected of a manifestation in it of any erotic feelings. Utter nonsense, but it still wanders from book to book, from one smart TV to another. And people are afraid and think that if these scientists psychologists said something – they know better. And they don’t know better. They are some of these, will a spade a spade to call advisors, with their shaped like perverts. Their advice is, at times, have no relation to real life. But this complex is generated, the parent is afraid to touch her baby, how to cuddle, play with him, and the child, feeling the lack of tactile perception on the part of parents, begins to interpret this as dislike for him, as the detachment, aloofness, such a person wrong go of the inner mental problems and the result to grow up neurotic, a result of all kinds of people with some sort of mental disorder because as a child their parents did not cuddle, not played with them, did not poonamalee, not kissed. And on the child’s psyche remains an imprint, and begin to figure out where this impression is that the parent has read some clever books on psychoanalysis. I, honestly, with echoes of this, even I had to face. My favorite subject was once, I happened to work with a lady, I will not say what country, because there is so much to this feminism, so all these aspects the psychological aspects of the subconscious, which God forbid, to touch her, she perceives it as sexual harassment. And you did, you without a second thought, it’s just a friendly Pat on the shoulder. Or else the case was. The gift on the Eighth of March is as belittling. That is, friends, that’s intellectualizing in matters of human relationships, especially with the involvement of some aspects of sexual if they are devoid of kindness, if they lack wisdom, they become a terrible poison. So, just be careful with some such provisions. And best of all trust your, say, intuition of parents, rather than all these new-fangled doctrines. Look what happened in the West for a long time already nobody should, and we have here all around us this wave has come now.

So, life is very beautiful, soft, lively, natural, if someone is trying to shock the audience with revelations of the human psyche, sometimes it’s just a desire to attract attention. You have, as a consequence of the law of Rita, the law of harmony – you must first yourself to feel this harmony. That is, you must first trust yourself, and then this smart books, this is smart advice, this clever pseudo-psychologists, pseudo-teachers and other, other… But, of course, there are, of course, really valuable advice in the true psychology and true teachers, how to help your child to overcome certain phobias, fears or to find some common ground.

But, again, it is the many details that change over time. It is clear that in medieval India and the lifestyle was different, and parents with children somehow in another time, more than modern people, and therefore, those recommendations that would be appropriate, say, several centuries ago, but now seems archaic, on the contrary, something is in the foreground. And finally, the most such moment that we should make every effort to monitor all tendencies in our children, and if we notice trends in the direction of the plow or to the side of Tamas, we must do everything to adjust, and most importantly, monitor who our children are friends, because if our offspring will fall into bad company, their negative karmic imprints will emerge, the eye will not blink of an eye will lose the status.

The same applies to sexual education. Still, many children learn all about sex, well before they learned of the gate, where some of their more down-to-earth companion, usually from more disadvantaged families, in the early stages faced some sexuality begins in some perverted form to teach everyone else. Very often it was. Now the situation has changed now with the advent of the Internet and children’s access to the Internet in other region it is all gone. That is, of course, the logic of such a trust is to explain to children where they came from into the light, to explain these issues, of course, in a mild, acceptable form, at an early age. If you do not do this, it will make the alley or street , or made online, or coyly glamorous of the transmission, or something else. That is, unwittingly, will imprint the mud that now filled all humanity. And if it is from your side, how would you make the vaccine, and attitude towards sex your children will be right. Your children will not treat it as something dirty, on the one hand, on the other hand, will understand that this is a very serious potential life and should be treated with care. This is, again, a matter of trust between you and your children. Well, in all other such moments.


The soul of the child and the future of the country.



But now I want the theoretical part is to highlight and remind you that the basic idea of a Generic yoga that the future of any country, as well as your future, because it does not depend on economic prosperity of the country in which you live, not from a political system of government, not from some other external factors. It depends entirely on one factor – what kind of souls are now being born and will be born in the country where you live. If will be born vysokoporodistyh soul, whatever the economic, political situation – you’re safe. If you know the vector will be displaced in any country in the world where you live will be born of the soul, more inclined to the Pasha, to Tamas, with all its consequences, such souls will be very unstable and tend, say, to crime, tend to some spiritual lifestyle, then you will not save anything, no political, economic system. Nothing at all will not be saved. Therefore, in any country – it is a question of what the soul will be born. You personally and in the society where you live. Why? Because you can’t, we already talked about this, to be cut off from the society. And so, actually there is such, if you will, a war of trends – turn a particular corner of the earth to hell or to heaven. On only one factor, what the soul here will start to come. If you start to come teachers of mankind – all can be calm. If, on the contrary, the soul with such karmic background, negative, criminal, etc., etc., it is just you, the police will not be enough to catch these criminals, you have guards are not enough to put them at each door. You don’t have no regulatory bodies to check who takes any bribe, judges or any officials. This factor, which in ancient times, religions or philosophies was called more General spirituality is, or not, she’s generic yoga in more detail. The concept of spirituality is not something independent, and is derived from the life that people live, and they live under, including, and his previous karma. And here, what soul, what karma will come, we will see that either the spirituality and the flourishing of civilization, or, conversely, lack of spirituality, crime, terrible crimes, and, consequently, collapse. This is such a topic, one of the most sacred in yoga, in fact, as providing an opportunity to came need souls. That is a matter of global survival. It’s not obvious, the unseen, unheard, but again, I wish to draw your attention, that you turn on the TV and look here, another serial killer caught, or, once the crime was discovered, or anything else. These same people, friends, we are not fallen from the moon, they were once young children, likewise, were born in the same kindergarten, went to school, and their background was largely similar to the background of other people. But, for some reason, they chose one path, while others, in spite of the heaviness of life, in some harsh conditions, under any circumstances, did not agree. Of course, there is an internal karmic tendencies. And the same situation with your kids. That is your life, your future happiness, your personal family happiness will depend on whether born in your family caring children, will they take care of you whether they love you. Or, on the contrary, you will have a conflict with them something irresistible. Or they will hit in alcoholism, drug abuse, criminal things, in something that will lead to a whole line of problems. And they Willy-nilly will poison your life. This is a very serious question, that is, of course, the law of karma is absolute and you only get what you deserve, but karma is not something wholly determined. In the life of every person there is a certain percentage of freedom and a certain percentage of karma. And here you can use the percentage to unnecessary karmic tendency to reduce to a minimum, and need to expand to the maximum. And only this allows for a nice long run for you to engage in as their children or children of your society is vysokoporodistyh soul. That is, if you create the right conditions for life – how? – first of all, your own life, you will attract the right souls. If you let it slide – that’s how you karma will fall. Maybe good, maybe not. And that is a factor in attracting needed shower – it was one of the most closed yogi. In fact, they are still most closed. It’s too delicate, sensitive, sacred, Cordoba topic. We find many echoes of this theme in the Tibetan yogis in India in many schools of yoga, but sooner or later everything comes from a single Vedic knowledge the Vedas are riddled with this topic, where a huge number of mantras dedicated to, in the same rig Veda, not that there was much wealth, cattle, power, though it is also brought that was born right offspring. That is, the offspring is a guarantee of your age.

Not pension reform, not the price of a barrel of oil, not of nanotechnology, namely, those souls who will be born. Here it is, your pension, if so to speak. Although, as you know, this is more of the mentality of modern man. And so, in this regard, it is necessary to remember some rather difficult moments. Now we’ll get to them. Again, more detailed yoga are still closed, and we can only use echoes. Here I will be forced to refer to the axiomatic of yoga, some of the provisions of the axioms of yoga. Those of you who are not yet entirely versed in it, will have to find this material and separate it, then work out. So, what is the soul of man, or rather what a child is born? A child is born is the Higher self of that child, which in fact is embodied. That is, the Higher self of a child is something that was always, like I Higher parents. But embodied in our material world – it comes with conception and goes with death. In this regard, these factors of conception and death, very serious. Here, pay attention – say, in the West, extended astrology, and there the most interesting date in determining the influence of the heavenly bodies on the human being, as a rule, calculated from the day of birth. They say, “born under a lucky star”. But from the perspective of Indian astrology that is very complicated and almost lost (now there’s more mysticism than true knowledge), so, there is a factor of birth, because the factor of birth is derived from another factor of conception. There is the factor of conception. So, we have this thing that – that’s the Highest I chose to incarnate into our world, and mom and dad, in fact, give him a full opportunity to have this realization. That is, of course, on the physical level, there is a cage that, as a small house, invites you to appear more subtle symptoms I unborn child, in the future, figuratively speaking, to upset (to build) this house, make it more, more… Of course, besides the physical factor, which give the mom and dad, they also give the factor at the level of subtle and causal bodies, And we have here is a mystery, when the Higher self of the child is embodied, and, after a certain number of months, a new person is born. And, in fact, what happens, when viewed from the side? If I child never disappeared and was never created, and in fact, as I do any man, was always, holds the entry of its manifestations. And this is called conception. But when these symptoms go out of our Universe, it is called death. That is, it turns out that, in the absolute sense, nobody is born and nobody dies, how would move from one state of being to another. And here it is considered that there is a cycle that after death must be a new incarnation. This new incarnation, of course, be death, for death is a new incarnation, and so on. It is also called the “cycle of life”. Any living creature is, thus, of life to life, from life to life, gaining particular experience of suffering or enjoying. This is sometimes called “wheel of samsara”. Why? Because it seems the circle spinning, nothing new. And something really big can happen only in the case I person will never be born, or a synonym of the same, not to die. And, in fact, is the ultimate goal of all spiritual teachings, particularly yoga – to reach the point that you rise above the need to constantly born and constantly dying, and come to a state where you decide: do you want to – born want – to die. Want remain immortal in that our human sense of immortality, you can prolong its existence as long as you need it. It all depends on you and you become free, this is the concept of freedom. And sometimes requires a huge number of lives before we get a complex body, and then another huge number of lives before we get the human body, and even a large number of lives before we develop the mind, then even a large number of lives before we sharpen your mind to such a state of perfection, before it begins to poison our lives and we tend to look for something spiritual, and at this point people might be interested in yoga, after the mind began to poison his life, and that just starts the opportunity to get out of this cycle of life and death, or fully control this process. And before that, you know, with such manual pre-programmed, one thing after another. And every incarnation, every life, every conception we desperately need, that we have reached, sooner or later the human body and inside human births have honed the mind, and honing the mind, finally figured out how to use it in order to never be born and not die. That kind of logic. It takes a huge amount of lives, but every life is absolutely necessary. It brings us to our goal. And this is the basic logic of patrimonial yoga that every birth and every death is absolutely necessary on the spiritual path. If you are mom and dad not give birth to a more perfect body, you will be forced to be born in the wrong body, which will be free. That is, a decrease, say, in the body of an uneducated man, or even in the body of the animal. Therefore, each birth is something absolutely unique and absolutely valuable.

So, next. The question is about to be born in this world, and the question boils down to conception, and conception is to be established channel through which the manifestation of the Higher self of the child, which is outrageous, could easily enter into our material Universe and is beginning to operate somehow. We know from the axioms of yoga that nature is the Higher self of the child is no different from the nature of the absolute is something sverhrazdutoe. We also remember that the concept of the separation of men and women on the floor – it later, so to speak, graduation, and our soul is sexless, and in one life we may be born a man, in another life we can be born a woman. Also we remember that when conception occurs, then, from a formal point of view, is born a new universe is born that is a complete microcosm. That is, in order for fertilization to take place, from a formal point of view, need the same conditions that resulted in our whole universe. That is absolutely all aspects of energy, all aspects of consciousness, all the ingredients necessary to form the channel in the upper plane of the Higher self is beyond space, beyond time, beyond the concept of gender, and that through this channel has occurred is the embodiment. And here a very interesting twist, which will allow you to comprehend this phrase and birth yoga that there are no other children. At first glance it may seem that this channel, which, in fact, embodied soul, create mom and dad. But, in order to fully create this channel, mom and dad should be the manifestation of all perfect qualities of the Universe from the energy that is feminine, and all perfect qualities from the consciousness, that is, men. And, indeed, our human bodies are donated by teachers, they are in this sense perfect in its potential, but the problem is that our usual mom and dad, even in the moment of our conception, they do not demonstrate all the qualities in perfection which must be present at the origin of the universe. That is, a man and a woman can be at very different levels of spiritual realization, even self-realization on different levels of some moments related to the manifestation of certain aspects of energy, and still born a microcosm of the macrocosm completely identical. The question arises – but something doesn’t add up. That is, it would be understandable if the man was fully realized in the consciousness aspect, and the woman would be fully implemented in the aspect of energy, i.e. they would be like two halves of the Universe, then, indeed, their Union is formed as a complete new universe, but it turns out that in some aspects neither man nor woman make it in the degree of samosoznanii to the level of this perfection. A channel is built, when there are all the components. if something, no, no. Can’t you be a microcosm, where 99 percent of everything in the macrocosm, and one percent there. Otherwise there is no identity. And here there is a very interesting thing that is more practical in these yogas, namely that the missing aspects of any couple gets from their environment. Here we thus come to this hierarchy: gender, Nation, and the larger this gap all of humanity. And if even more to see the whole universe with all its stars, with all the universe. So, I went to that new soul is born, as if the whole universe must….one part of the universe as a whole will be manifested through man, the other the female. And at this moment a Man and Woman for the future of the soul, which is omitted. It’s not just a relative mom and dad with their own strengths, for example spirituality, and its some less strengths, karmic flaws. At the time of entry for the unborn child, mom and dad are identical, as the saying goes absolute in female incarnation plus the absolute in its male incarnation. But these missing moments, it’s as if as the focus of all living beings. It turns out that in this sense, any birth is a collective act, that is, even you are involved so to say the birth of others. Of course, the degree of participation, it also lends itself to his particular laws, somewhere more somewhere less. But, anyway, first and foremost, greater participation show those living beings, which mom and dad liked that they could see those aspects, missing them. They seem attracted to these aspects. Thus, such a collective effort raises the possibility of another embodied soul to the full potential of the microcosm, the full potential of the macrocosm was available here at this level of the microcosm. Continue to the next point: despite the fact that at conception or birth is an act, no different from the act of the universe. So, in a sense, say your present birth for you as only the birth this your personal universe. That’s why many philosophical doctrines accent say in a previous life, he moves on then. Because the importance of your present birth is incommensurable more than all of those karmic imprints of all the lives that you lived before. But of course, in this regard, there is a very specific point: that the microcosm of the perfect comes, the soul is of course perfect, but the karmic background of this soul, this child, she, of course ,entirely dependent on its previous incarnations. That is, as though in perfect conditions the soul, which it is proposed to start with a clean slate, regardless of what it was the previous karma. Every birth is as a way new way to do it. Of course, if you have any such moments, connected with karma, then there is another, even after the lever for the adjustment. Here is what the karmic imprints of the soul to invite better, well, that is the soul of what karmic imprints or lack of them here to invite? Here on this built all these powerful secret practices, which provide, say, a particular nation, a country parish with a well-known regularity of certain teachers of mankind, that is, if the teachers of mankind, first, here wait a second otherwise prepare for their meeting, then indirectly it facilitates them the opportunity to be born here. These moments, with numerous practices which govern for example conception among yogis and Yogini, as they would then further transformed into extremely powerful techniques. That is, many pairs of yoga and Yogini, they are also entering into a sexual Union, but not so to say for procreation, and to work with that interaction, generate the missing part of this shared channel, which can enter the soul of a future teacher of mankind. There are a few pairs in these sexual practices, this is one of the most secretive topics helps a single pair, to build this channel, so they directly born their child, their children. But accordingly all of the conditions that contributed to this came the Supreme soul teachers. But, in the future, of course, couples has varied, for the other lined up the same channel, for the third, fourth… it was as if mom and dad have some karmic flaws, not to allow teachers of mankind, the joint efforts of these drawbacks were eliminated, and created this opportunityin order to come to the teacher of mankind. Again, this is one of the most secretive practices, until now. It is clear that to do this, as it is a single space of spirituality. In ancient times, as we study. According to the teachings of the Vedas, exactly these pairs, is the space – it was within the same genus. In fact, why he was called the GENUS, that is, a certain group of people jointly allowing you to attract the right soul. But later, when these rules of the game began to change when around larger numbers began to be born among men, 

souls are on a very small level of samosoznanii, everything began to be diluted, 

diluted and already within the same genus was not enough such pairs, men and women, here for this practice. Well, as a consequence and these were born of yoga, compensating the fact that in ancient times it was of course natural. And in the current era, or as in many tantric texts she is called Kali-Yuga, when those people become weak, the degree of samosoznanii low when slopes to a certain Eclipse of reason, we have to use additional methods of neutralizing the factor of Kali-Yuga. And so were born these practices. So as a result it turns out that if say you and your husband or wife are practicing certain sexual practices, will nilly, you are helping the other couple to facilitate entry into the world of soul master. But, if you have a shared mental connection, spiritual connection, whatever their spiritual aspirations. Like attracts like. If there are a certain number of souls that use sexual practices, the process goes much faster. And if these bright souls becomes smaller, the process goes on, but harder and harder. But if they do it becomes some sort of critical number, it has to attract the souls with good karma or lack of it. Again, this is one of the most secretive practices, until now. It is clear that to do this, as it is a single space of spirituality. In ancient times, as we study. According to the teachings of the Vedas, exactly these pairs, is the space – it was within the same genus. In fact, why he was called the GENUS, that is, a certain group of people jointly allowing you to attract the right soul. But later, when these rules of the game have become 

to change when around larger number were born among the people, the souls on the very small level of samosoznanii, everything began to diluted to diluted, and already within the same genus, was not enough such pairs, men and women, here for this practice. Well, as a consequence and these were born of yoga, compensating the fact that in ancient times it was of course natural. And in the current era, or as in many tantric texts she is called Kali – Yuga, when man has become weak, the degree of lack of karma as teachers, is almost impossible, and are those souls who are karmically conditioned. And, as a rule, it is a moment of the most terrible in the history of any country, of any Kind. This kind of darkest degradation. All think only of themselves, deceiving each other, killing. Who dare and he ate. Utter disregard of the interests. Little by little everything starts to fall apart. Lack of spirituality leads to the fact that the corruption, crime begins to ruin the world, life gets harder, harder even to the corrupt, criminals. Because today he was killed, tomorrow it is…today he stole, tomorrow stole from him…and on the rise, on the rise, then they are like spiders in the Bank begin to chew on each other – and this is the state of hell.


The Idea Of The Avatar



And in continuation of this theme, which found different responses in other narratives related to the age of Kali-Yuga, consisting in the fact that the universe Cordoba, and in moments when really the situation is critical, there is a so-called idea of the Avatar. Now it’s become a popular word, but, unfortunately, few people know its true meaning. Avatar – when directly no more, no less as the absolute incarnate in the human body. That is not just a teacher of humanity, is Surgucal of mankind. This is actually the very Creator of mankind, enters this world in order by his example to turn the situation from negativity and not let her finally die. Of course after this flash, when it comes to Avatar, It leaves behind many teachers of mankind and the situation rectified. Here’s the logic. Logic cordoroy. But to bring the situation to the extreme, when it requires nothing less than the absolute, to rectify the situation. This state of hell for all those who live in this world. If there is the slightest possibility to prevent the events to that development, it certainly should not be tolerated. Again, because to suffer will be those in the first place, those who made.


Practice for birth “needs a shower”



Of course, these practices facilitate the birth of new life for another couple, there is a corresponding large enough for such a range of different kinds of exercises, mantras, what other tools yantry, preliminary practices, tips… Weight everything from diet, ending directly defined points which are largely unaffected in the yoga of sex. That is, how to have sex and keep the part that goes to the continuation of life and in full to enjoy the other part, which comes from the natural enjoyment of sex. And transmit that part of this momentum, then in the place where you live. Then there are other couples that came to them, could come the souls of the teachers of humanity, regardless of what kind of karma these moms and dads. Such a joint effort. Echoes of these practices, they are still there. In India in countries of Nepal, Tibet. Moreover, some moments we see in other Asian countries, because it is a surge of knowledge, as a rule, in the first place who used it. It was used by the highest nobility, as in those days it was really in the true sense, the aristocrats, i.e., people are more spiritual. Therefore, these numerous, including those sexual practices that were strictly taboo for the rest of the masses of people among this aristocracy is constantly practiced, and still practiced. In any case, some indirect signs are given to understand that, Yes. How successful or not successful we can not say. Against this mainstream of civilization is also no arguing. That is, humanity must rise to a higher spiritual level.

The concentration of highly advanced souls who come into our society, the number of souls that are at a lower level of development, it is for each given time, to each era its own, or problem of the country of their own. And here it should be clearly understood, we talked about it, but few on the other side. Remember that the most advantageous configuration when in the same community there is such a symbiosis, or joint lives, at different stages of spiritual development. So if you live in a country, society, people, where there is a community, the mentality of the language, thoughts, preferences, aspirations, that is, that what makes a country a country, there is a certain percentage, if you say so, shower. And remember another thing that a lot of countries, and teachers of mankind are few. And, of course, someone is fighting for resources. Some countries fight to have oil reserves, or something else. And in ancient times the main battle with his ignorance was for the opportunity to attract these highly advanced souls. Definitely not enough at all, otherwise the sense of evolutionary development will stop. You remember that the human body is a gift. Once we are in the first time having this body that was in the bodies of animals. Actually received it as a gift, we have it to live, to take advantage of all its potential and then to reach a state of freedom, and give this place to others, In a way, a certain conveyor of souls. As from class to class we go, go, but it is expected that will sooner or later graduating class, and you will leave the school, thereby freeing up room for first-graders. Here’s some logic. I would like to attract more such teachers of mankind. On the one hand someone is waiting for them here really. The interests of the people are quite different. And here is the reverse side is very important, which also stipulates that these sexual practices that facilitate the arrival of need a shower. If they come to the soul the highest teacher and will not be required, or at least the soul of yoga or Yogini is born at a high level of self-realization, but will not be all that appropriate conditions for continuation of spiritual growth, then such souls tend to leave this world. And if to call things by their language, then just die. You know how sometimes a tiger in a cage from boredom dying. Likewise, these souls, They would not find themselves and cease to fuel the manifestations of prana, and thus facilitating his early death.

And a very important thing!!! If we have someone we invite, we must ensure all these conditions. And just so no one here will not be highly advanced here to be born, even if it’s not a highly advanced soul teacher of humanity, but simply the Supreme soul is yoga or Yogini. Otherwise, they have nothing to do here. They have very good karma to be born in more favorable conditions, but not among us. On this side all these practices show that we are open, we are ready, we are interested, we need it. Unless, of course, such a soul is born among you all, you very much benefit. Well, first, these souls are few, and secondly, just because they are not in the dark corners to be born, thirdly, – there is a law of combination that if other souls, most lower stages of self-development will be here to be born, it is as good. If only they found some kind of their thing, here in this spiritual mechanism of one Sort or another, People.

Born soul is still not completely get rid of ignorance, until recently, she lived in the human body. Such a soul may be a very kind person, very loyal, even maybe something not versed in the spiritual moment, but his whole life among the people will be directed to the service of the spiritual, thus self-development. But if it gets to the correct spiritual conditions. But if the same soul is in criminal conditions, which will be nurtured criminal prints, animal cruelty, and we see absolutely unmotivated murder or something negative.


Conclusion. The rules of the game in society.



The question is that no matter what kind of souls come, matter what the rules of the game. If there is a particular concentration of forces of spirituality, that every soul is built to live by these rules. Conversely, if the critical mass of something dark going, it’s these immature souls into, they would already be embedded in these criminal moments. Therefore, it is also extremely important to maintain these invisible connection, an invisible grid of light spirituality. This grid will guide any karmic tendencies of the soul, what would not come. It will deter quite the dark souls of some human beast. He will not be comfortable. Here we are faced with this phenomenon, which is sometimes observed in a randomly gathered groups. If there are a few people strong spiritual, in a good way charismatic, they just put the right spiritual rules of the game. The main part, usually a gray mass, the swamp. They begin to adjust and amplify the light. A percentage absolutely destructive elements, people with negative karma, negative trend. But, in General, in this field, they are also embedded, and moreover sometimes beneficial. The situation is reversed. In the same group of people are going to be some number, some criminal rules, and the gray mass under them and adjusted to each new member, whether it is at least five times a highly evolved soul, forced to live according to their law. This is how scientists say “trigger a reaction”, which says – now switch that’s either here or there. In each country this switch, this vector will be born from the souls of highly advanced or less advanced, constantly can slip off. Also many other practices, mantras support the light companies. Some strong enough. There are mantras of direct action. I start to read, very dark it gets. In the Arsenal of tools that allow you to reverse a criminal situation, there is the grim way of solving these problems. That is all that is in fairy tales about invisible forces that cause the two leaders to fight and kill each other. Yes indeed in the Arsenal of the ancient Vedic knowledge came to us and those moments. Why? Because at stake is too much. If you suddenly win in this crime, the souls of light will cease to be born here, then all is doomed.And how do you tackle this crime, if everything is under control, everything is paid for.All control levers. Ancient Tantra sometimes convey to us methods that are scary to read. As there is a distance to ensnare people like to instill in them the right things… in the flesh to eliminate the distance. I, frankly, don’t know to what extent these practices have survived, I don’t know how much is now they have someone use it. I sometimes think that the very factor of the existence of such practices is a deterrent. Once under Khrushchev in the Soviet Union detonated the Tsar bomb. Crazy number of megatons. Then in America quickly realized that a third world war using nuclear forces to unleash the impossible, no matter how they hated those of the Communists, Khrushchev, the Soviet Union. But it is a deterrent. Sometimes I feel like many tantric practices, a very dark – they are by their fact that somewhere there is that someone they can use, by itself, a deterrent. There are forces capable of resisting external dark forces that are on the material plane sometimes seem to have captured everything you can capture. As you know, of course, 1-St principle of yoga: “not being violent to any living creature harm” is the main principle. These practices never be used without extreme necessity. The analogy is this: you have a nuclear weapon, and nobody comes to put it into effect, but it should be. Otherwise, other forces may not have enough common sense to show peacefulness. Therefore, all of the many practices that are sometimes very dark sound, like Atharva-Veda is impregnated with this theme, for a very simple reason that Atharva-Veda was formed in a time when the Vedic knowledge was left under the threat of utter disappearance, under the pressure of external dark forces…and had to apply the knowledge in this way. But in any case, you need to understand the ideology that what is the strength of these dark practices…power is the same as what we talked about for the rest of this topic is the POWER of LIFE. The actual application of these dark practices against the destruction of possibilities, spiritual development, a kind of protective reaction of life on the threat of death. Like your immune system, which ruthlessly cope with all the invading factors that pose a danger to you. But the strength is the strength of your life. It makes you alive, but it is something in you destroys. So that moment you need to understand…the universe swargamenna, Yoga swargamenna, but on the other hand, this situation forces the karmic or whatever, sometimes as in the song “we are peaceful people but our armored train is on the siding. In this regard, a pressing issue is, in particular 

through our hands are ancient texts, including “Prayoga”. Some practices Prayogi – the Kalashnikov assault rifle, no more, no less. And the question always arises: to translate, to distribute them, or to hold back, not to tell anyone. It is about the question how to actually take responsibility or not take responsibility for these superior knowledge. On the one hand, when I see that, if you distribute this knowledge, it is likely that they will use some yogi dropout. From that series, which we discussed in the previous lectures. On the other hand, when you see fear, despair, in the eyes of ordinary people, who have ceased to believe the authorities, law enforcement agencies, to all. Not only in our country but somewhere abroad. Sometimes the fact that man that he has one last chance to defend their spirituality…”you won’t take without a fight”, the real factor of resistance. Even without its application the idea makes a person more wise, more relaxed, allows him to find, from a position of strength behind him, the solutions are workarounds, not using these things.

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