Yoga Kind. Tribal Yoga. Vadim Zaporozhtsev. Part 16-I. Lecture. 2010.11.20

Imparting knowledge to other people 

The last lecture, we discussed what to do if your fate, your karma, your life leads you to situations when you are entering into a marriage or a long-term relationship with the aim of having children with another person, and this person is clearly not on your level of self-awareness or intellectual ability, or “not up” to you by some other factors. We considered the situation of the Union of person in the condition of the Pasha, with a person in a state of Vira. The question of assistance in the transition to the new level of development in a given situation is a matter of conveying knowledge from one person to another or to the question of teaching. We stopped on the fundamental principle of teaching, namely, the principle of non-violence. Ie the only thing you can do is to awaken inspiration or faith in themselves, or desire to do the same as you, but every imposition of even a very valuable knowledge in the long term it leads to collapse. As the other person regardless of what degree of samosoznanii it is, is I am free, and he will put up with the imposition of what, until that moment, until I feel able to get rid of what in his opinion, deprives him of freedom. The student is under pressure to go to school, but as soon as he finished school, become an adult and no longer of this stick, it is in some sense degraded or rolled back , and in principle does not want to study anything. Of course, if one depends on you, then you can impose certain line of conduct stands out and you feel like you succeed at this, but it is only until such time as the person will not be able to exercise their freedom and then he will instantly forget everything that you said, and sometimes will even remember you a bad word as such a rapist intellectually. The principle of freedom is one of the most serious. If you do not lay down the principle of freedom in the rules of interaction with another living being, then everything you do will collapse sooner or later, whether it is spiritual or social norms, or rules of interaction within your family. As long as you do not use the principle of freedom in all your attempts to build, including their happiness is doomed to failure. This is the flip side of wealth, medicine and modern technologies, which allow to people actually being able to live the Pasha, as Vira. A typical example, a boy and a girl began to live together and what sort of factors cause them to live together: the lack of housing, lack of independent income or another person’s, and these factors, like a vise, forcing them to live together. Moreover, they even can be happy about their life together in the joint overcoming of difficulties. And while there are these external difficulties, sometimes between them and there is no conflict. But, over time, people become more independent, begin to get more money or solve their housing problem, i.e. is freedom such people in abundance, of being able largely to be free from another and it would seem that the happiness of these people should just grow up and usually after that comes the test of copper pipes. Like the saying goes “Fire, water and copper pipes”. So, copper pipes the most severe test. The good life the most severe test. Your partner could put up with the imposition, including some of the spiritual views until you were forced to live in an apartment, or was straitened material circumstances, but the external pressure is removed, and the second man, who was forced to accept the rules of the game, straightens and says, I had torn years of life, I live, I followed someone’s recommendations. When I was a more powerful external factor, he seemed not to see her freedom, and she desperately begins to dawn, and that we see numerous divorces, numerous the showdown, just at the moment when the husband or wife all. New apartment, new car, new job or something. Therefore, the transition from plow to Vira as safe only if it is harmonious. If the person is already inside ready for something higher and takes it higher, it will remain with him when the grip of his freedom will be a little decompress. In this lies the difficulty of teaching and learning. Imagine that the person you convey this knowledge completely independent from you. You can be his husband or wife, and maybe someone else to be. He can live with you and can not live with you. Ie look at him as if he was already free, as if he was already on the highest degree of self-realization when he can lead whatever way of life. And with that in mind, to build its policy of delivering this knowledge. Despite the fact that now your partner is in some moments a little compressed, shy, clogged, and you may be tempted in such a didactic tone down to indicate that the spiritual, not spiritual, what to do, what to do. You unwittingly will generate in him the inferiority complex that some kind of celestial, in the form of husband or wife is starting to impose. Further, when there is the slightest opportunity to defend their freedom, a man will do it, sometimes it might take revenge on you for what you trampled on his freedom. Because you have to mentally put it on the plane less than themselves. Yoga teaching is very difficult to understand the aphorism – “You’re gonna teach your teachers.” You should already see in your partner, which is located at a greater level of unawareness, of a man who fully awakened their potential. Or you need to visualize your partner already perfect being. Your husband is not just your husband, your husband is the absolute. And the fact that he sometimes shows some qualities similar to Pasha, so he is just having fun playing him like that – “Leela”. But deep down you never have to stop to treat it as absolute, even if his actions well cannot be called spiritual, you still need to treat it like that. Here we would find the continuation of this principle of imposing the highest spiritual knowledge. You have to see the person you something trying to make his future fortune. In fact, by analogy with the yoga of love, it creates love, when you see a person’s future potential, and it’s beautiful. And here it becomes a method. Treating the man as if he were already many above, you follow the principle of not imposing the highest spiritual knowledge. And this man will not be further exclusion to this knowledge. And as a result, what you do, is the timeless factor on which you will build your personal and happy life. And here a small addition, we are now talking about the relationship between men and women, but the same principles are transferred to your relationship with your children. Of course, children, as no one will require that you conveyed to them the highest knowledge. And similarly, you will find this line below with one hand, without imposing that the child was not of protest, but on the other hand, you have to assume that your child is the teacher of mankind, the fact that he is small, with cars playing or engaged in something, soldiers builds – he’s just so fun, the teacher of mankind, has the right. But your attitude should be, regardless of what stage of development of soul of the child that you have born the master of mankind. If you have this attitude, everything you do will be perceived on equal terms. And in the best case – this will be the progress for you and for all mankind. In any case, will not the suppression of the will of the child.

In Nepal there is a very interesting custom, it is extremely strange to a European, when little girls choose, no more, no less – the Goddess and treat her like the Goddess until reaching a certain age. And everyone, from ordinary citizens, ending the monarchs, her honor as a goddess in the flesh. Then, at the end of a certain age, I appoint the other girl. This has a number of practical aspects of the country. Around it revolved all the lines of force holding the country. This attitude towards the other person as God, who is just playing around, it’s the win-win from the point of view of yoga. So, who would you meet, whether it is the beggar or the Prime Minister must be in the background with the same respect. Of course, no need to become paranoid and behave inappropriately in dealing with her husband or children. But you must understand that this kind of game. You play by the rules, which accept both sides, but if you have something you want to convey, to bring bhava to convey the sense of something spiritual or to awaken the person to their own growth and the removal of ignorance, it is necessary to observe the principle of freedom, which is sacred, without it nothing will work.

If you’re trying to teach something, you first have this question know. One God bhava you are also not West. Therefore, other points, purely domestic, you should also consider. Teaches modern psychology, psychologists have very good experience how to solve certain conflicts. Not to say that all psychologists from God, but some of them are very spiritual people. That’s the trouble with psychology is that it ends and making some ad hoc decisions, not seeing the situation as a whole , what is man. If you put together the inspiration and wisdom that make the most of it. All of what is now taught in modern psychology, was known before, the truth was called a little differently and implemented differently. So when sometimes I want a particular psychological training or time to give for something all new, it raises a smile. Humanity is dealing with the same problems for several millennia,

and so what you faced today was true 100 years ago and 2000 years ago.


The environment in the spiritual development of man.

Factor is not the imposition of and inspiration are fundamental, but there are additional factors that will facilitate your interaction. It is a factor of the environment. If you are on a higher degree of samosoznanii, but fate brought you three together with the husband or wife located on the lower level of spiritual interest and you began to live together, and no matter whether it was in India that the your parents you all decided, or in Europe, you are at the disco picked up somewhere, and you started a whirlwind romance. Irrespective of this, in the future, responsibility for all your further joint life lies with the one who has more self-awareness. How would you have a situation if the extent of your ignorance is less, you during the response. To whom much is given, more demand. It also should be very clear, regardless of how you together life together. If you stand on a higher level of samosoznanii to the karmic plan, you are responsible for more. Therefore, before entering into such a relationship, you need to ask yourself, and if I pull or not pull, if you stand on a higher stage of consciousness. If it really happened, then continue to drag this burden to the end, pracsis in this yoke. (The yoke in one of the translations from the ancient Vedic yoga means). Often we are faced with the fact, and is easy to untie the situation that is. Immediately we must mention that there is some definite life scenarios. When, as in India, if the husband died, the widow is stripped of all regalia, and her whole life, social, whatever it is, ends. Of course, it’s an archaic relic in India, and the price paid for the preservation of spiritual knowledge, and once knowledge is transferred to countries of the West, this will not be the same as in Europe. Life can take shape in many different ways. You can live your whole life together, can break up and marry other people, nobody knows. Another question while you are in a common harness with the person with whom fate brought you, you have to understand that if you have a better understanding of the situation, you are responsible. By default, know better. Of course, this factor of bhava, and attempt to pull at your level is a very costly thing, but on the other hand, is your inner asceticism. This is why it says, choose yourself a husband or wife with the factor of your future together asceticism. Pulling of a person to another level without imposing and maintaining the freedom of will the purest asceticism. In the canons of India was offered all kinds of options of asceticism, who was sitting between five fires, four fires were lit on top of the sun on it hell, someone on the one hand stood, someone on one leg, someone else somehow torturing yourself, it was considered asceticism. It’s all sophomoric in comparison with when you are trying to pull to another level of another person, with whom you will be tied very much. And the husband and wife are tied very much. They come in sexual contact, so the extent of their common field of feeling, mentality, she is one. You may have good mood, and your wife is bad, and unwittingly you have become bad, because you live in the same house, same family. For example, you have the sun is shining, you warmed in the sun and suddenly you cold water bucket, time to relax. It’s just your wife in a bad mood or, conversely, the husband. Therefore, it is equivalent to asceticism. It’s very hard. That is, without declaring war, your closest people will start to poison your life in full so that not one enemy of such sophisticated torture can not think of. This is the reality of life. You have to be ready for it. This is what is called asceticism, this austerity is very highly regarded in the spiritual sense. A teacher and a teacher of yoga immediately see people instantly see. Comes some adepts to India and begins to walk, to wander. And, once seen, girlfriend broke up with socially irresponsible, weed Smoking is immediately evident. Well, who will teach no one to teach him not to be. The money it will take to whom it is necessary for the training, but to truly teach, no one will. Sometimes is seen a pair of comes, with a pair of knives. Wife allows himself in the presence of other disrespect to the husband, the husband allows the wife sharp. Is not yoga a couple at first glance, and for teachers of yoga this is the most cute guys, nice people. Why? They see that they have more ability on all the contradictions, inherent nature, to tolerate each other, to exercise asceticism. In contrast to these other wise men, who as soon as something did not like – dispersed, fled. But once again, friends, to endure always will be very hard. Therefore, if it is possible to reduce the time of suffering, they should be reduced.  And here’s another factor to make your life. It try to get the person who is at the level of Pashu Pashu environment. And you will greatly facilitate your life. Ie if your husband or your wife need you to help them unlock the potential they already have, try to keep the environment around your husband or wife was the same as you, not historically before. Otherwise, you will have to convince those or other issues, not only your wife but all her friends, and when the girlfriend is over, you will have to convince her mom. And if the mother you convince, anyone else there from this society, in which man lived before. But if you take your wife and print immediately on your level, on the level of like-minded people, people who already think in other categories, people who have other values and other views of the world, Willy nilly, the people’s energy, like the energy kind, will lead to a more rapid change of the person. Put in the right environment and he will voleizyavleniya to change.Who lead the, from, and rack up. If it is possible without imposing invite a person to some yoga workshop with immersion. Here lived a man quietly, in a swamp croaked and you times, and put it in other terms, where it “croaking” nobody is taken. And sometimes it’s a shock that people live in a different way, they have other interests, and the fact that I had, and what I felt this unshakable, may be doubtful. Again I want to make here a parallel, the situation is the same with children. If you yank a person from adverse conditions and placed in an environment where higher level, either explicitly or implicitly the person refuses from his past, from his crime. And that’s the way is re-education, no more. Punishment is not valid, you put him in jail, and he after 10 years, came out an even bigger criminal. Factor is to control the environment of the person for whom you are responsible. Once again the logic is, if your degree of samosoznanii above, you and more responsible, but you still treat another person as if he were horsing around, not questioning his freedom, but also about yourself don’t forget that if you attach it to the layer in which it lived, grew, grew up, then you have to spend on them, their bhava, and you may just not be enough. From this the following such a recommendation, which sounds in the former Soviet Union, a mockery, to live separately. The husband and wife should cook in its own juice. Moms, dads, grandparents are very nice people, but they have to enjoy your grandchildren, not you. If a man and a woman live together, nature itself is designed so that all the same, they will be friction, without them anywhere, nature is so made. While the two of you, you start to get used with each other to wash the dirt, but God forbid you dedicate to your conflict of the husband’s or wife’s parents or many relatives, the situation is incredibly complicated. And even a small trifle, which you painless ill, can grow into a giant problem. But as in the Soviet Union is very bad karma, the lack of square meters of floor space, here people can live cramped in one apartment can live for several generations. But if it is possible to live separate, it is better to live separately. But how to live separately, not to break away from the ancestors, this error is also happening now. Everything is good in its place and in its time. Here went you have children and your parents grandchildren, that lock them to each other. And everyone will be happy: you, because your life will not climb, there is someone to do the parents, so they had a child, gone somewhere, to do nothing, that all the grandchildren appeared, i.e., was the replacement you bought off. You know the saying, “the ancestors happy.” You instead of himself, training to give your parents their children. And they each other loved. Why? Nature so conceived. Were it not for you. And you continue to swear there, dishes to beat. The main thing that nobody saw. And if someone is, say you have a hobby on Saturdays to beat the dishes. But swear, swear, swear in public, husband and wife, but that you also fulfill a role play, but never admit that you do have some problems. If we really have problems, report them the next day after the divorce. There are different kinds of fate. All true, they say, that you lived peacefully, so you have all been great, maybe all you need to return. That’s when it will really brings you strength. But if you, at least someone dedicate, here and so all will go awry. This category of opportunities. However I know of other cases where all live together, but karma is so good that the parents have the sense not to meddle in the Affairs of children, and the children have the sense to conceal his problems parents. But not all are smart. So the idea is that all your bhava and efforts focused on that person, in which you must awaken, not squandered unclear to whom, who will perceive it rather negatively, than positively.

So, still such a lot of advice here, you should clearly understand the concept.

And that’s absolutely wonderful words. You see, in the revolution, in order to prevail upon centuries-old foundations of the life your ancestors Birth yoga is not intended. It is actually a greater chance you realize what was happening before now. Where will go the scenario. And you in the future is for yourself personally will be to develop concrete steps in order not to make nonsense. Sometimes I ask, why is it called yoga?! Usually in the West people means a set of specific physical and mental exercises. What really it is. But the concept of yoga is too big the concept. And here you have to remember that the concept of yoga comes from the Vedic knowledge as the incarnation of the principle of Rita. Our world is a kind of harmony, the law of justice, the law of meaning, happiness and freedom. This is something that falls under the name of Rita. And if you, as a man is the microcosm live in unison or resonance with this law, Rita, you are on the path of Dharma. And the way Rita, this method: to walk the path of Dharma in accordance with the law Rita, and is called Yoga. And what is yoga?! This word, as we have said, there are values – team, Union, unity. And very nicely it goes together with the concept of Rita. If your life is in resonance with the law of Rita, in Alliance with Rita, it is yoga. If you, as a microcosm, do some action (physical, psychological, mental) in resonance with this principle, Rita, then such action is called yoga. Whether it’s a posture that you adopt in Hatha yoga, or Kriya that you are doing in Kriya yoga, or the resonance of the breath in pranayama yoga. The same action can as be yoga, never to be yoga. If we do some action, say, in the sphere of our relationship with the family, our children or parents if they are in resonance with Rita, your every action is yoga. That is, you go in a shared boat with the macrocosm. In this sense, knowledge protects us from suffering. If you at least roughly understand what was happening, then the next step you will not make a critical stupidity. And if you go according to Rita, by Dharma, then your every action will bring a consequence of this action. In yoga it is called Karma. If you are those actions to be done in accordance with Rita and Dharma, then you will get good karma, which will force you to enjoy life and through that pleasure sooner or later, will generally out of the plane of karma. But if you will not go into resonance, as it were contrary to the law of Rita, then you will do the action, and as a result of the action, you’ll get a situation where you will suffer. Another way that negative karma yoga. Everything is very logical. Sometimes it is very difficult to keep track of what to do in any given situation. Therefore introduced the concept of 1 and 2 PR of yoga. Or the interaction of microcosm and macrocosm, so as to approach the Dharma in accordance with the law Rita. The concept of yoga is not just a set of exercises, physical, mental, mental. It is still a worldview, a worldview.


Attitude towards pregnancy, motherhood and fatherhood, to children.

There is another question we should consider. This attitude towards the children. I will not reveal a secret to you if I say that the ideal of yoga is the expected children. That is not a product of casual relationships, but a meaningful conscious desire and embodiment. But this is the ideal. And in the life of any situation, which somehow allowed a new born, life on Earth is blessed. Moreover, random connections, or planned it doesn’t matter. There is a serious rule concerning yoga. Especially those yogas that use sexual energy for spiritual development. Being an ordinary human and, of course, being free, you can live as you wish. To have children or not have. Or, for a girl to have an abortion or not to. This is her every right and no one has the right to impose on the woman outside of that, she believes, because she is a free creature. But if we become a yogi on the path who use sexual energy (such yoga, as the Triad), or, if we begin though something to understand in a Generic yoga, we should make every effort to avoid situations when a girl had an abortion. At least for the reason that if you are on a spiritual path, you tend to be born very vysokoporodistyh the souls of Teachers. And to do so with Teachers is incredibly to burden their karma.

And again: for ordinary women who like something in your plan my life is an open question. His yoga is not concerned. Does not act neither on one nor on the other side. Of course, it is bad when someone dies, but on the other hand, no force will be forced to be more wise. But if we pretend that we are on the path of spiritual development, for us the rules of the game begin to change. Why? Because to whom much is given, and in great demand. So, if you have in your previous life was all sorts of scenarios, such as: did you have abortion or not, or, young man, if he forced their girlfriends to have an abortion or not (sometimes the initiators are men), it doesn’t matter, it was what it was. Too late to worry about that. The issue largely is about what will happen! And if you are on this spiritual path, we should make every effort to avoid such time as the abortion. Of course, except when urgent guidance to doctors. Karmic situations are difficult. Therefore, the life of the mother is always the priority, though, because the mother can re-deliver the soul of the same child. But if a mother something happens, it is more negative in terms of a Generic yoga situation. Therefore, the issue of medicine is absolutely not affected, it is the prerogative of physicians. Discussed here is only a matter of your personal expression.

You should try all means to prevent such a situation. It is necessary to study all the questions naborting of contraception. And most thorough way to watch it as long as you have not developed control over it. In many sexual practices is a milestone, and when a man and woman in full control of the process of conception. Do not use even the means of modern medicine. But a certain level of disclosure of internal capacity and work with its structures, physical, mental, mental. So, it is highly desirable that your offspring was expected. If it just occurred. Already. Do as if it were awaited. Regardless of how it came out. Consider your offspring is such a teacher and a Teacher of yoga who from a position outside of time saw your life before you became interested in yoga, but already knew exactly what you involved, and were born to you in advance. Children is sacred! And maybe yoga didn’t and that’s the odd glass of drunk, dizzy, and now someone’s mom and someone became a father. Consider that your child is the Supreme Teacher of mankind, knowing about the party and about the extra glass, and the fact that you are interested in yoga, advance came.

The next moment. Towards mother expecting a child. Which makes recommendations to the Tribal yoga. In fact, the processes of conception, birth expectations, births, survived an incredible amount. An extraordinary number of mantras that are so imperceptibly flowed in, say, India to the ritual. Here’s a wedding ritual: a boy and a girl, who for the first time they saw each other, maybe at this wedding, and everything is painted. Already all that God has given, around the fire lit by the Brahmins, even some of the action, and in full all this heavy Arsenal of Vedic mantras, which is perceived as folklore. And even the Indians are not all fully understand what these mantras. And if these mantras are translated in this Orthodox Hindu society, no one would from the present language would not have turned to pronounce them. And the couple would be ashamed he died to hear this. There in the most naturalistic images and actions were explained what’s going to happen and how it will be. In a very strong how much was allowed by the Sanskrit terms used here such mantras. It was very naturalistic and not allegorical, as we are here with you on this subject reflect. All things were called by their names. And what should a man like to do. For the full program… This is all part of it, but as you know, it’s all too beautiful it requires integration into your life. But if you still don’t understand something, then don’t. Mother nature about you for a long time taken care of. All the processes that are required, are automatically, as the processes of your metabolism. All mental processes, that is, the relationship to the child are automatically, as if you knew all this wisdom.

Here in the greater need to trust the mother nature. Sometimes there are girls, of course Western, not Eastern, which turned particularly upon the question of the conception of communication with the child, the first days after birth. And they just do not do, what tricks do not go… Sometimes it’s all unnecessary and inappropriate, particularly if not the main thing, what we talked about throughout the course of patrimonial yoga: if there is no feeling of involvement in life that a woman is not a woman, she Shakti, the Goddess mother Kali, gave birth to the whole world, as if said Indians. And the woman not so much understand how he feels, he lives in it. If it is, then everything is fine. If not, then these pathetic attempts to compensate for this by omnicane, with the same mantras, rituals, etc. it still will not replace this feeling of life, of motherhood, of love, of what nature naturally gives us. If all the same you know such moments, which is a large number, and to feel the involvement to life – very well complement one another. If for some reason you don’t know that, well, God bless him, it’s nothing, then you have the karmic situation is such that the most favorable way to contribute, and without this knowledge everything else. Everything comes in due place and in due time, in harmony, in accordance with the law Rita, including these practices. So if you feel that you want, as something very special to give birth to their child – birth. If you feel that now you are satisfied, give birth to so as satisfy. At one time we in the West were very popular a water birth. Blockbuster. Now it’s transformed into such a softer delivery options, where, say, the father is present, or in a particular supportive environment, where no one bothers. A variety of options are available. They are wonderful. Only this is a private matter women to choose their option. I’m a little attached to these issues. I am aware of. And I can say the following: there are women who are extremely helpful when they are literally surrounded by nature give birth to their children. On the shore of a sea, lake, river, somewhere else. She, her husband, associates any to help. And it’s such a spiritual work, sadhana, i.e. these people consciously were, embodied and realized. I know other options when women were so spiritual that they didn’t care where to give birth, at the seaside or in the hospital, next with the husband or alone. Why? Yes, because so strong was their potential that they don’t have heard or seen. There, she and her child, and everything else is scenery, what bet, and that is. The main thing here is internal, and that is the sea or the maternity ward is not important. Again, I know people who are more suitable options for some intermediate, say, a secluded birthing place, where the father is present, mother present, a midwife, and somehow it all behind the scenes, without medical staff and the medical paraphernalia. Anyway, somehow it is hidden and decorated as a natural. There are people who give birth at home, in the bathroom, a huge number of people. And I know the type. Well they all work. Someone at your own risk invites midwives, someone else sometime. All right, what is natural and what is appropriate for You personally! The problem starts when sometimes misplaced, as for example, the future Pope comes and says: “So, give birth only in the sea,” and the girl and the sea never, maybe never seen, and she is there to give birth. Well, the husband said, and her husband – God. She would feel more comfortable in some nursing home backstage.

This minor issues, there shouldn’t be a fetish. For the reason that the process of birth is the basis of humanity. And for the previous Millennium, he licked by mother nature to perfection. And therefore to follow the nature is the first thing that you should have. Well, if you really feel a rush like something special this process to do well, and why not…if only he was a natural. The same in the presence of men at childbirth. I know a lot of examples. When do husband together with his wife gave birth. Especially if women have a tilted uterus, and it’s all long stretches. While one stage will be held, while the other, the poor woman needs support. I know people who were doing voice exercises. This is the analogue of the yoga for childbirth, which relieve this pain syndrome as much as possible, because childbirth is childbirth without pain there is no way. Unless you use medical measures. So here they were together, and had a wonderful birth. But I know other examples where the form of a tormented woman brought the poor husband in the state of oborotnei, he fell literally in there. A woman gives birth, and a man faints. It becomes more a burden than a help. If this situation, and it is possible not to injure the psyche of the future father, then why mock a living creature? Therefore, in some cases it is better to avoid men to this action. Again, this wife must feel the husband needs to Express such things. Because the process of childbirth it is not for the faint of heart. For a very long time can be very different reactions, depending on the situation, for example, a man, then sex can not do, because left too strong a mark. The woman gave birth and she’s almost on the third day it is possible to engage in sex. And it seems like it is on the contrary promotes healing of all. And the man besides that I have seen all things, so it is also in the dragged bed, and he in a deranged state. The principle of harmony Rita it needs to be everywhere. How many people, how many cases are different, how many relationships, how many scenarios. To impose anything in any case impossible. Nothing! No water births or something else. There must be harmony. Nature makes so that the minimum parent participation required. Because this mechanism was worked out even before you, forgive me, my brain appeared. When you were still living in the bodies of animals all of these mechanisms are already worked out and they did not require your attendance, abilities, knowledge of mantras, spiritual heights. It should be remembered and taken into account. In addition, you remember that the bodies of men, inherited from the Teachers of mankind in this respect is perfect. Sometimes in dysfunctional families the mother sipping vodka, already pregnant, and so she is thinking about is the baby. And nothing! A child is born, it is sometimes a genius at it. Because it is difficult karmic plexus, where a soul is born. The fact that the human body can live a different soul, which can to a certain extent, I emphasize, to a certain extent, to have payment options. Of course, if you used drugs or excessively filled with vodka, a very large can be problems for the mother and the child. And here it is a question of responsibility. But again, within your powers. Without paranoia: “what if I do something wrong, and suddenly it’s wrong?!”, but without connivance, like vodka. All the extremes should be discarded. The same situation applies to the moments after birth. Of course the attitude of the mother-child one of the strongest. Of course where there is opportunity to do all harmoniously, it should be done. It is clear that in previous years, when everybody was praying for medicine, science, some of the excesses were. Medicine thing extremely important. And neglected by doctors, in any case impossible. Because the medicine is a factor that somehow compensate for your negative karma. It is clear that if you don’t have negative karma, then the medicine you do not need. But how many of you can boast that you have no negative karma?! Therefore physicians – monument and bow. It is people rake you over your negative karma. But on the other hand their task is only to clean up your negative karma, and to understand the processes in your spirituality. Of course, there were excesses when the maternity unit was working, that is, on the flow. Babies literally there according to the scheme birth-obileni-put, birth-obileni-put…so roll them immediately in 10 people in Protvino. This distortion and all the imbalances are not needed. But it is clear that under such a terrible karmic critical situation you can not blame the medics. I constantly hear from environment yogis some revelations that humanity is on the new heal without doctors. It’ll heal, but only if humanity karma will be good. And since karma is a bitch, for a very long time to heal.

The same situation with the chosen name. In India it’s a ritual. Painted all the small things. When trying to the West to move, copy, that is so inappropriate and unnatural looks…

The highest spiritual and it is on the higher, you must have a connection with the absolute, if you want to use these practices of naming, to show the child the sun, for example. In India there is a ritual where the father takes the baby, raises it, showing him the first sunrise…

All good when it is harmonious and appropriate. And when taken out of context, when nobody really knows what he’s doing, it obezyannichestvo everything turns and looks quite funny. And if you do yoga and your inner intuition, your personal relationship one with the universe will tell you what to do, not verbal. The names the same situation. Just some nonsense I in connection with mantra yoga, I have not heard now about naming. Yes, there is a factor that the name has an effect on the person who wears it. Certainly has! But not to the same paranoid extent that we in the media are now seeing in the West. Moreover, the name is a very delicate issue. Because the name is not just a name, a name that is written in your passport and which you use in official life, as if karma goes his line. But the name by which you call your mom and dad at the household level (and husband and wife come up with affectionate names, by the way) that is even more significant mantric function than a formal name in the passport. It should be understood. Western man is bad in some respect, not understanding the essence of the phenomenon, he begins to shy away, frightened and starts the robot to behave. So if you like a name – well, call them. At least the child has the right upon reaching adulthood to change the name. And by the way, it’s a good idea to give names to adulthood. Then man grows up and already chooses his own name. Some like it, some don’t. Again, don’t be paranoid!

The same situation with a breastfeeding mother. There are also a variety of life situations, what is the volume, how long… a lot of nuances. Mass. Again, the meaning is the same – it must be beautiful, harmonious and appropriate.

Again another factor: some parents begin to prepare their children prodigies. The baby, still tiny, still doll not played enough, and he needs to learn English, to play chess, something else, fifth, tenth. And with one hand sort of admire the parents that they saw the future potential of the Teacher of humanity and facilitate his work, and on the other hand is an attempt to make the child of your dreams realized. You had a dream to play chess, but that did not happen, and you begin to lose your life in a child’s life. In fact this violence. Do you remember the attitude in yoga is the ultimate freedom.

Friends, remember you waiting and waiting for the universe. The main thing in yoga is to live chat, tons of books will not be replaced. Start learning, sign up for courses Begin systematically to study yoga.

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