Yoga Kind. Tribal Yoga. Vadim Zaporozhtsev. Part of the 15th. Lecture. 2010.11.16

Today we continue to acquaint with this interesting Yoga. Generic Yoga. So, friends, let us summarize some basic ideas. The basic idea of Yoga is a Generic one that the physical body of people, despite the differences on the principle of race or nationality is perfect. And the potential to manifest through the body of any person, spiritually, giant. But the trouble is, historically, what shall we say, certain representatives of the peoples, races or nationalities use the opportunity of these bodies narrowly directed. Someone to a greater extent in the direction of the physical manifestations of someone to a greater extent in the direction of exacerbation of those or other feelings. Europeans, for example, has gone the way of the involvement of intelligence. Not many went the way of using human bodies for their spiritual development. So we see this, so to speak, several disparate picture. But the fact that the human body is in itself is testimony of this gift teachers of humanity very, very ancient times. Finally, the second point we talked about is the following. Despite the fact that the bodies of the people here are so different, they also differ in the factor which souls inhabit the bodies of people. Similarly, anyone living in a particular house. In the hut, say, the African can live and Professor of philosophy and the greatest spiritual master, just a person is not competent, some local criminals of the jungle, and the house is the same. That is exactly the same, in some other house, say, Europe, which looks different, can live and Professor of philosophy and spiritual teacher, and slicker, and just average people. Everything is determined by the degree of samosoznanii the soul which inhabits the body.

We touched upon the fact that the human body is a gift. And actually people living in the bodies of people, largely received this gift from the higher teachers, and they could live in the bodies of animals. And therefore in the bodies of people we can see the difference in samosoznanii shower. Someone not very far removed from the status of an animal and that we are called as Pashu, who are already making significant steps in the manifestation of his human nature and the deletion status of the animal is the state, respectively Vira, someone to have reached certain heights or absolute heights – a state of Divya.


The classification only by the three Huns

But I (Vadim Zaporozhtsev) I want to remind you, the same gradation, it is possible to hold a different factor. This factor is called in yoga the Huns or some property, which is demonstrated by man, the phenomenon, some events or objects. There are three known Hun is a Hun Tamas (Hun inertia, of Modes of stupidity, it is possible to characterize the Hun something unclear, obscure), the Modes of Rajas (it’s Gunna activity is Hun, when certain desires or aspirations are already beginning to deal with this stupidity or clumsiness Tamas). And finally, the so-called Modes of Sattva or Modes of clarity, this limit of meaning, which is higher than any action, because active steps can be leading to clarity and lead to a kind of vanity. And in yoga quite often, this classification is just, according to this three Huns. We must always remember that when we talk about the Huns is some substance or some quality of an object or person or etc. etc. This is when the observer describes what he observes, according to one or another of the Modes. Ie for example, there is no essence of stupidity, there is no essence of the activity, not the essence of Sattva, grace and spirituality. This manifests itself as a phenomenon and object, including, and subsequent effects. Thus, it is possible to characterize the food you ate. Let’s say you ate food and you got sick, brain foggy, you are in a drowsy stupid failed. And it is possible to characterize this food as a meal with Hun Tamas. But this is not some chemical or ingredient which is not a visible substance, it’s just your personal interaction with this object. For another person, or in other circumstances, the same food will not come to you in the Modes of Tamas, and say in the Modes of Rajas and sometimes in the Modes of Sattva. An example: people in southern, Eastern people, most of them they’re all vegetarians, this including is also determined by the climate. If you eat a heavy meat diet, then you immediately dream of mind comes. And if you live somewhere in Siberia, where temperatures under forty, your body requires much more nutrition and you have the same product digested for you is absolutely not noticeable, not dimming your consciousness. So these features as Tamas, Rajas or Sattva is to a certain extent also such characteristic properties that we see in people as the Pasha, in the state of Vira and Divya. E. the person in the Pasha as dominated by Hun Tamas, Vyry Hun Rajasi, Divya Hun Sattva. And it also characterizes all the actions of people. To determine, say, the person with whom you communicate, to what extent it is self-knowledge or sumanaweera, it remains only one method, one hundred percent, this is personal experience. Because all the other indirect, they can lie. People, can be, for example, in India the caste Brāhmaṇas, but his soul, so karmically it that is still very far removed from the animal. And find out you can do it only on this person. How he lives, what his interests, his preferences, what his behavior. I think this is more, this characterization is unambiguous. Because everything else can be mixed.

Whom to choose a husband or wife

And if you are dealing with the issue in a Generic yoga: “and who to choose as husband or wife”, that this factor to a certain extent, very determined. And the rule here is something like this: if your future spouse (no matter what race, nationality they belong to) have these items Divya or elements of Sattva, then your marriage will be happy. If not, then most likely you will meet with a problem. The problem, say, within one nation or within one race, with the representatives of the people on the different degree of samosoznanii, to a lesser extent, manifest itself than, say, when married, when it happens between different ethnic groups with different cultural and historical background, different lifestyle. So it turns out that when the representative, say, of one race or nationality finds a husband or wife of a different race or nationality, if they are both in a state of Sattva or with manifestation of Divya already, it’s nothing to worry about. But if this is not enough, then sooner or later problems come. Because they will have to coexist with the members of the genus on the one hand with the other hand, different customs, different concepts of what is acceptable and what is not acceptable. Even addiction to food can be different and usually starts a very big problem. Especially when it’s a foreign society, a foreign cultural environment. And therefore, there is a position fundamental position that for people in the mass in state I is optimal is a very strict regulation of life, there is someone to take his wife, whom not to take. Because if you give these people liberty, they themselves will make it worse. That is, the souls of the inexperienced, they are still in a degree of ignorance and therefore they need a more rigid framework governing their behavior, otherwise they will do harm to themselves and family. And this translates into numerous plants in a particular genus. In every nation, in every nationality there are any such rules to write or not to write, how to behave one or another member of the society. For example, if you are in India, it is still the General rule regarding marriage’s next: marriage for newlyweds, in varying degrees of participation, conclude the parents. And the average European could be indignant: “as so!”. And it is justified for a large number of men and women in India who clenched a karmic framework, economic, cultural and so on. And what’s more, give them freedom, or freemen, which we see in the West, they will cease to navigate the world, will start doing stupid things and hurting themselves and the family. That is, if for one reason or another, the karmic situation is severe, then a Pasha essential hard bounding boxes, which in some system are called commandments, all kinds of systems, taboos, all kinds of strict regulations in all aspects of life starting from birth, ending with a funeral. This is due to the fact that the human body gives a huge opportunity, and if the soul is in the body of the person yet doesn’t know how to take advantage of these opportunities, you may hurt yourself, say, to podrazdelyaetsya through numerous irregular sexual relations. I.e., to lose the potential through sexuality, or frequent change of partners, or a not caring attitude about parents, children and so on and so forth. Therefore, a person’s life in a state of Pasha in a perfect human body, it’s like riding at great speed the man, who went only on horseback. Any wrong move and he can not cope, and can cope, but this is an issue of risk. But if the karmic conditions are harsh, no one kind of this risk can not afford. And we read numerous taboos that a wife must choose only from our nationality, our religious affiliation.

In India, there are so-called system of Varnas, in fact it is a system of castes, and these castes are divided into smaller educational podcasts and in the context of other podcasts, there are very clear rules. For example, a daughter should be given for groom only the same system, otherwise there will be friction, contradictions, as well as the Patriarchal way of life, then this will undermine, in particular, and economic situation, and they can not afford. Therefore, the system governing the rules for people in the state plow is extremely necessary. If you give them the freedom to be bad for everyone. But in the same genus, nation or community can be people in a state of Vira, and that the state plow is a very good and necessary for the state of Vira is perceived as a death alive. Just become very stuffy from these traditions, customs, and prescriptions of many, because the soul feels in itself forces to resist to some economic hardship or some other karmic difficulties. In continuation of the impulse kind, respectively, for these souls, for these people, we see a completely other rules of life. And no matter what you took, how could you not have the people, race, a nationality, there is always this unspoken separation. You know, it’s like the Romans: patricians and plebeians, i.e. the majority of people who have very clearly and firmly to live according to the harsh rules and other stratum, which it seems like the lifestyle is completely different. And, say, this layer is able Vira can cope with the freedom to digest it, while the soul is in a state plow this same freedom of debauchery.

We touched already on the lectures by these examples. Comes, say, from third world countries student to study in the West. Yes, not even have to the West, somewhere in Russia, in Moscow. Here the freemen, in all senses of the word, compared to the way of life, which was his country, his family, his society. If for example, in many countries premarital sex is sexy for men and women – it is a terrible shame, but primarily for women, which puts an end to all her further life, here, in Western countries, it is normal everything runs. Now imagine the person who came from some conditions to other and this imaginary freedom. Of course, it starts to copy, and, of course, is that it corrupts, and, of course, he is not yet ready for this freedom, and with it, begins to forget some fundamental moments can not cope with this freedom and wasting. It is usually the tragedy is very large. Therefore, all these Patriarchal society, very wary of Western countries, they believe that there is a continuous debauchery and revelry.

Then arises immediately the question, what people in the West are different from people of the East? Is there a Pasha less than in Western countries? But this is a difficult question, what percentage of souls in a particular country, nation, ethnic group. This is probably a controversial issue, because there are times when the concentration of Great souls is very large, sometimes Vice versa, sometimes the waves change. As it comes a galaxy of souls, for example, race, people, raise, then just go die. You know, replaced by other Souls, which can break up, in General, all that their fathers and grandfathers built. This is a complex issue on the one hand, but whatever it was, there was a factor in the Western civilizations, which from a formal point of view, allowed the souls of the Pasha as acting like Vira with impunity. This factor came with the development of science. What kind of factor I’m talking about. First friends is a factor for sex. Here is the wrestler that we see in the West, when it is normally treat non-marital sexual relations of boys and girls, it is, in General, harmless began after the wide distribution of contraceptives in General, and in particular, after the distribution of contraceptives to prevent unplanned pregnancy then all sorts of tablets, etc., etc. Ie and it turns out that the statistical average girl (because the main factor of pregnancy, in General, always rests with women, man is different by nature made and he often does not think about, in this sense, he is careless), but usually for girls a few centuries decades ago, every sexual intercourse is the probability that there will be unplanned pregnancies with all the ensuing consequences: the birth of children and the problem is now to marry or to somehow fit into a different situation: economic, social, and suddenly there was this factor, and in fact, the girl now lives as well as many thousands of years ago lived a Yogini. But unlike modern women, Yogini practice effort, thought effort, the effort Will completely controlled the question of contracepti. Question: “will the pregnancy or not pregnant?” at certain stages of yoga in women of the same controlled, well, as I don’t even know what to compare it to, ie. there is no pregnancy, which she hadn’t planned. As you know, the woman who is at this stage of yogic consciousness, it is at least the level of Vira. And here Yoginis in ancient times could afford that is to say the ways of life, including a variety of options with the entry into sexual relations or not. But ordinary women, in those good old days, of course, did not, and each such contact was fraught. This is a big problem for the kind of family, here’s what to do with these suckers, which is not clear from where, from whom, from which men were born. And here is the Libertines that are now seeing in the West, not so much says that there are more highly advanced souls in the state of Vira, many technical and medical facilities allowed the modern woman to live, as if she was already in a state of Vira.And accordingly, it is a very different way of life. Yes, the modern woman can try a very large number of partners before you select a husband and to try them in bed. But, say, the statistical average Hindu idea it will never come even just in the head does not come. And we must understand this factor that these structures, taboos, prohibitions, they are absolutely necessary for a plow, they are absolutely not appropriate for yogis or yogin in the state of Vira. If you get to such a society, you will choke. But in the West we now see, as they say pseudowire, i.e. pseudology, located in the position of Vira, although many, of course, still do not reach the level of samosoznanii to the state of Vira. And here we see that the sexual revolution, we see the revolution in family relationships and that just leads to the horror of a Third world country and the same East. In the Eastern mentality of, say, a Hindu women to divorce is a disaster. Ie where the husband alone and for life. And even if it is diluted, i.e., allows her life somehow not economically depend on to live in the family, usually to get married again extremely hard. Again, in Europe at least five times, that is, to do it all right. This moment you should very clearly realize that this does not mean that in certain traditions of certain restrictions on premarital sexual relations, some archaic and irrelevant. No, friends, they are very appropriate, they are very necessary. But in terms of the cultural environment, the people, etc., etc. And if you have either through yoga live at the level of Vira or using the medical wonders of modern civilization, as if with impunity to do that, even in a state plow what to do in General these practices are banned, then, as they say, there is a giant, on the one hand, a chance to use it really is to your spiritual growth, like yogis and yoginam, and on the other hand worsen your karmic situation. Ie indeed, if man Pasha inclined to like this, as they say, a disorderly life, podrazdelyaetsya sex, just life burns in some appropriate and inappropriate amusements or anything else. It is clear that there is a danger, would he leave his offspring, and whether it will be able to take care of the offspring properly, i.e. a whole tangle of problems that have nothing to compensate for, and no one has an understanding of generally how to live? Now ask some of the average girl or the young man: “how should we live?”, they really do not know anything, because on the TV show one life is different, that there is obtained the third.

But we go further. Ie you must understand this one thing, that human bodies are perfect, but depending on what a soul there is the rules of the game are different. And here again, in relation to the issue of choosing a husband or wife. The West gives these experiments busting husband or wife for without such horrific consequences as the East, but the problem is not solved, friends. The logic of life is one that is a sacred duty. Gave a sacred duty, and it does not mean that return sacred duty automatically makes you happy. And it turns out very often these moments that a person is kind and beloved husband, and the wife seems to desire, and an emptiness in the soul, not realisation, sadness. Especially when the husband begins to cloying and children already, you know, sort of become self-sufficient. And such a person tries to shift the blame for their bad fortune on those who are near. And, of course, the temptation to change my husband or make some dramatic gesture, wife swap and question-that, by and large, the score is not changed. Ie you’re left alone with your spiritual path as if you went to the monastery, but only in contrast to the people who ran away from society (they still have some to give this sacred duty), you kind of gave b as a sacred duty. And here you are all left to opportunity, to go where you want. Here is a very with the sharpness there is the question of his destiny: “And for what do we live? And what you have to do? What not to do?” And there’s a very different space, and how is it to live this life which to build a relationship with your husband, with his wife, children, etc. etc. And I must say, depending on what social and economic conditions, these models may be different. Therefore, there is some, you know, hard scenario that we all should be so and not otherwise. It just does not exist. It all depends on your karma, of the place and time where you live. And then you can begin some very interesting things, which, in fact, trying to say: “what to do”. Sacred duty like given. And then what? And how to build up their relationship? Well, first, another little tidbit, because we have ancestors were very many and very different and the situation led us to our birth too, absolutely, so to say, based on all this background. It so happens that we have a sense of flare to another person besides a husband or wife, and how to be in this case? I.e., whether, that is, change partners or whether to adhere those who have been before. And here we must very clearly understand this moment that the husband or wife are only those people from whom you have children, all the others, strictly speaking, fall under the other categories. Ie is the definition of husband or wife comes from the concept of the child. And if you have a cohabitation without this factor, it is, strictly speaking, your personal freedom how you want to live in this world. And you should very clearly ask: “And whether you want children from this other man or not?”. If not, probably better to preserve the Union with those with whom you were before and who you had kids, why because you, on the one hand, a factor like cozy nest for children save. But then again, if you are at the level of Vira, you might one day become sick. You say, a good housewife, or mistress, the wife is the most wonderful husband’s love and children love and order in your house and everything, and you have the anguish. You just don’t know where this “everyday” to go. And the husband is cute, wonderful, wonderful, but boring and don’t know where to go from him he’s caring, too nice to you, and you want the holiday of a lifetime. And what then, in this case? It is clear that, we talked about it that yoga is not a system of precepts, prohibitions or permissions, and system recommendations. And so before you decide something or other look at the level at which you live. It is clear that in the Eastern countries, where girls are married off, sometimes, they meet at a wedding ceremony. They are in a very tight fall. There wouldn’t even quiver. There from husband’s family from wife’s family, they are like a Vice holding candles. Love, not love – love. The family will endure. And there is almost no option, say, divorce and remarriage, etc. etc.

But in the West as much. But then again, the West shows that the average family in the West is less than happy, while all out here on this momentum, impulse, than the average Hindu family. Why, because there from the start proper installation. This correct setting is very well described in the yoga of Love. The so-called stage of yoga of being in love. It’s when your husband or your wife, ie those people from whom you have children, be the closest to you partners, associates in life. With it everything else is your own business, including some of your relationships, including sexual already with someone else. And oddly enough, this script we find it in India, known for its Orthodoxy. Read all the texts of the schools, the Kaula (Kula), that there is the main theme. If there is an impulse, any impulse, and there is an awareness that the debt to the ancestors is given, it is possible to use the energy of the impulse for spiritual purposes or in joint practices with another partner or partner. But on one condition that they will not suffer others, including women, her husband, for her husband, according to his wife. And this was allowed.

In the West, the same situation has emerged due to those achievements of science. And now, this way of life, as the ancient yogis and Yogini, can afford an average American, not caring about his reputation etc. etc. But he can lose something else: in violation of the first principle of yoga (someone will suffer), in violation of the second principle of yoga (multiple sexual contacts, if you don’t do them as prescribed, such as yoga Alliance, podrasteryal your potential, and you will be harder to implement spiritual practices). Ie, friends, this question is very open. So, you know, where it ends with a generic yoga, here begins yoga Triad that just says, “well, now you’re a man or you are woman, you gave all your karmic debts, but you have a part of their freedom simply because you were born on this earth. Live it how you want. To lived it in the way that it was not suffering”.

The following is a very interesting proposition is the inequality in the Union. For example, if the spiritual level of her husband in the degree of samosoznanii higher or lower than wives. Of course, the most powerful partnerships is when a person with a dominant quality Divya and then he would roughly pull out and human as Pasha and a person in a state of Vira to their level. If there is interaction between the Pasha, as a rule, the more they will fall under the standards of conduct of a particular kind, a particular country or society, the better for everyone. And the couple and the people around him, family and children, then born from this Union. Harder when the option Vira and Pasu. Why, because man in a state of Vira may sometimes not have enough forces to take the man in as Pasha. There are such contentious issues. A great number of cases known in history, when for example, a boy and a girl: “here, we love each other.” And they are clearly at different levels of the degree of samosoznanii. And, as a rule, their Union rests on the gift of the Universe, which we discussed in the previous lecture, with its clear factor of sex. No matter at what level “I” of the body-that inherited from their ancestors committed, as if it was Divya. And so at the level of the sex was absolutely wonderful, but then when the sharpness from sex is very hard contradictions emerge. First, mind: one is bored with the others. One of the interests of one another other. And at the end are more subtle and less obvious – it is spiritual. Someone to aspire to self-knowledge, and someone can’t even understand what was going on, what I sincerely cannot understand. Well, because you can’t demand is not possible.


Transmission of higher knowledge of yoga.


Question: “is there a way that facilitates how would “pull out” the person from the level of the plow at least to the level of Vira?”

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “it is not strange in this issue, we come to what is called, friends, education.”

Here we have, in the Open Yoga University in Moscow (Cultural Center “Enlightenment” in the city of Moscow near metro Novoslobodskaya, Dolgorukovskaya street, house 29Ю tel (495) 251-21-08, 251-33-67), there is a Course for Yoga Teaching (Yoga Free online courses from scratch). As a rule, we do not advertise, it is complex, ambiguous, not clear. Everyone is waiting for direct instructions, they are waiting for some: do time, do two, do three, and there is a whole other side to approach this process. And many are, as they say in disbelief. Well, actually, why not so rigidly structured, to regulate and make. And you can’t make friends for the simple reason of the fundamental difficulties that arise in the learning process. Just imagine, a husband or wife, for example, the wife is at the level of Vira and her husband at the level of Pasha. Or this way: the Higher self of the husband or wife of the same, as bright as 10 million Suns thousand. But the shell covering is the Supreme “I” is different. Let’s say the wife, a thinner and narrower spirituality shines, and the husband is thicker and that is not very visible spirituality. And the wife truly loves her husband, and she genuinely wants to help him, she wants to bring it to its same level. How? To convey all that she feels, all that she knows to convey a vision of the world. And usually, everyone starts to do it with such impudence, still encouraged by this first gift of how they met, how they were doing fine in sex and in everything else. Why, because it is in the best sense of the word, Maya. Not to say that it is even an illusion. Again, anyone interested in sending to the Triad (Yoga Triad: Yoga of Alliance, Tantra yoga, the Yoga of Love). And then starts to work here for such a time that a woman, say, trying to remake man, and he in any. She first his trying to persuade – in any bad way – in any. It begins ways to apply, including arm-twisting, “are you really there do some yoga”. And he, poor man, does not know what his General so tortured that he even want to? Really is a tragedy, friends. Family, as a rule, of the tragedy. Code obvious discomfort, and each other, no one can hear. You have to understand that it is not by chance that this is not some particularly stupid husband this girl has got and it is a question, how would you say, Space. The fact that the Higher self of each of us has absolute freedom, even if they don’t know it. And reduce or thicken their degree of ignorance, every “I” is, by and large, should valishvili itself. Does not exist, fundamentally, friends, there are no methods patented, no psycho, no universities, ashrams, the Greatest Teachers of Mankind, who would be able to substitute the Agency of man and force him to reduce this degree of ignorance, to overcome their ignorance and rise from the level of the plow to the level of Vira. You basically can’t make friends. Whatever the methodology, the most ingenious teachings, recommendations, here taken books on pedagogy, more on anything, you know, children in school are taught all this, my friends, will be as dead poultices. For one simple reason: as long as the other person will not valueshave to rise from level to level Pasu Vira, you’ll do nothing. And so instead of having to force someone, to twist arms, or any other methods, you need to approach this issue from a completely different side. Ie, your beloved husband is another universe, and you yourself separate universe. The total universe allows two Universes to interact, and allows you to infringe upon the freedom of each of these Universes just as much as you, in General, willing to accept it. Here the degree of impact on yourself, for example, the husband may make only one that will valisheva make. If he at some stage will valisheva nothing more to take you don’t invade his Universe. You just do not pass through the cocoon of his Universe. And friends, this is the same problem encountered yoga teacher in the transmission of higher knowledge of yoga.

How to convey to the student, those secret knowledge, based on which he would be overcome by their degree of ignorance and caught up with the teacher? And as you remember, the history of mankind gave us with the well-known generosity of a huge number of teachers with a capital letter. Not necessarily in India, the countries of the West, in Europe, a number of great philosophers, great saints, the great teachers of mankind, but not very visible to all around one or another teacher immediately reached the status of, say equal to the teacher. I mean, you know, if such a teacher as Buddha. Decades walked and walked and taught his followers something. But not very visible, that all of a sudden reached the same state of enlightenment as the Buddha himself. What can we say about us, who are trying to teach other people, not having the height, like say Buddha, as the same Chancre as those ancient Rishis of the Vedas. Again, friends, unceremoniously, imposing a fundamentally not possible. What remains? And here the magic begins, otherwise you will not name. Magic teaching. This is the most difficult task in the world to be a teacher. We are always our students congratulations that you guys have in the profession world, many, difficult. Some believe that the profession of a scientist difficult. “No, that’s the profession of a broker, broker or businessman hard. The profession of consultant of some sort of technology heavy, etc.”. Friends, all the rest of the profession compared with the teaching profession. Just to the West is the image of the teacher, know that, as a rule, elementary school, lots of kids and a young graduate of the pedagogical University, which itself is still to learn and teach, and she has the mind to reason teaches others. Logically, the teaching profession should represent the crown of professions. Because the task of the teacher is through the double veil of Maya, but only one curtain of Maya is enough to make the microcosm of man, from one Universe to another to convey knowledge without iskazhennoe. And if someone is able to do, then it’s aerobatics. But as you know, there are completely different methods and methods it is very strange not amenable to formalization. And what we read in ancient treatises on yoga? We read that only if Bhava (there is a term in yoga, Bhava, in a very rough translation can be passed as inspiration) are you able to move from one Universe to another, that’s the only thing that can encourage the other person to valishvili to do something.In the ancient Vedas the Rishis asked for inspiration, the rest of them, and so it was. If there is inspiration, then the person could do mantras-hymns that address virtually all issues. In the field of this Rishi genus, family, society, all were protected from the worst of disasters because they were panizales the very essence of life. But as you know, friends, Bhava or inspiration, is as elusive a commodity, it cannot be formalized. And it turns out that if, say, in our example, the young man will feel this transcendent Bhava of his wife, i.e. how would receive of it, it can, as if to give him the will to achieve the same. If not, nothing else will work. Nothing at all. Therefore, the teaching profession is a profession to inspire. The rest of the people already there. You know? The higher self of any human being – the Almighty. It is a snap of a finger eliminate all the dark, if you valueshave to move in this direction. Only trouble is – not polishable. For what reason? For a variety of reasons. Because of this ignorance, of course. And the reason is ignorance from where, from the causes of liberty. Just such a man lives and believes that it should be. On the contrary, any attempt to put pressure on him is an attack on his freedom. And therefore, it remains only, you know, in other words, in teaching yoga, to put people before a choice and say: here you have your world, absolutely wonderful, you’re free, you’re in varying degrees of ignorance or awareness, and this is my world. Look and compare. You want to choose the same as me, you want me to stay at his. I’m happy, I’m not going to impose. Ie limit nenalezena. Limit nenalezena is training. And so if you will produce around themselves Bhava is the only thing that you can do in order to pull people to a new level of samosoznanii. All other aspects, such as knowledge, formal knowledge, say the same of yoga; how skills some the energy potential of the body, the psyche is a matter of secondary or even tertiary. For the simple reason that this is already in every man, only in this potential form waiting to Wake up, if it is the person you want. And that’s how you know you are faced with a situation, what to expect, that you will alter your husband, if you that kind of wife, you can’t. No guarantees. And how long have you had enough strength to support the joint life Bhava is an open question for you. Because when you are in God bhava, but encounter a wall of not understanding, it’s very hard sometimes. Very hard. Ie you like Firefly alive and around as the darkness. And so if you are in this state get really like make use of what is called the third principle of yoga (exclude time), and say: “but still, I’m loyal to my husband, he will take my way of life, will not, I will still show respect to him Bhava, because we live with him because we have children.” If we are talking about Tribal Yoga. Ie, you eliminate the concept of time. You did not count on that. You know what count you are eligible.

The other person, even if it seems to you at a low level of samosoznanii, it is free. He may use, and may not use it. And the next thing that on the one hand you can put all your life, so human. But on the other hand, if even a little of this Bhava comes, if even a little, the pupil or the husband of this girl will dissolve the degree of ignorance and as it rises spiritually, the wife who contributed to this rise incredibly high and reaches the status of Divya. Even if it was just in a state of Vira. And this is called, friends, loyalty. Ie when the wife is loyal to her husband. And that commitment can its very high lift to get her husband and in the long, term this is the fastest method of advancement in life together.

The principle is the same, you know the saying: “the teacher is not the one who teaches. A teacher is one who learn.” And if you have disciples, then you and the teacher if the students you have, then you are not a teacher. And here from time to time come to us and say: “here you here in the Open Yoga University teacher.” Yes not teachers, we are teachers. Teacher is too high. And you know, this is a phrase, I think of the French: “the King makes retinue”. Here the same logic, Friends, if you, showing their Bhava, at least one living being, all in one, even though it will be a Papuan, but awakened something light, have done this miracle without violence, told the meaning of his potential and the Papuan, though a little bit extended here it’s identity, you know, he’s up a bit, and you rose to much greater heights. And it is better first to think, and if you pull that such a relationship before you will begin, say, to live together. In fact, for this reason we have introduced these norms, regulating marriages, the rules governing the relationship of men and women.

Again, if you are in the stages of Vira or more to the stage of Divya, your relationship, of course, will go a completely different scenario. You know, if you have Bhava, and let’s say your partner at this point, the wave of the Pasha, we talked about it that doesn’t exist in pure form. Or on the other hand you are in the stage of Sammy and your partner waves of Tamas and you put it over here. Then you have some kind of karmic situation. You have leaned and you have already lost Bhava, have you lost the inspiration, but next to you, a loved one who is in a state of Bhava, a state of inspiration, he pulls out of you. This is a very fast spiritual path. And that is why, once the karmic debt is given, Yes, you live with your husband or wife, Yes, there is no acuteness of the senses, Yes, actually, well, like sometimes feeling that life has failed. But on the other hand is a very powerful time for the start of practice, joint practice pulling each other. Yes, of course, teaches the Triad, all sometimes is not as easy will flash Hobbies for individuals of the opposite sex in addition to husband or wife. And if it’s all part of practice, you can practice even sexual practices with other men or women with the approval of the husband or wife. Tells us about that Triad. Or on the contrary, to leave in utter sublimation and Vice versa to spend all your husband or wife. Everyone chooses, of course, your way. This, of course, it’s complicated, not so simple. But this meaning friends, not just humanity, and beyond humanity, he is bound to have in all of yoga.

And now goodbye once again urge you to do yoga, to practice yoga regularly.

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