Yoga Kind. Tribal Yoga. Vadim Zaporozhtsev. Part 14-I. Lecture. 2010.11.13

Today, 13th November, 2010. My name is Vadim Zaporozhtsev, I teach yoga, it is a lecture of the International Open Yoga University we are in cultural center “Enlightenment” in Moscow, near the metro station “Novoslobodskaya”. Our sites,, all our archives, educational films, audio books you can buy in the store


The theme of today’s lecture – Tribal yoga. In the previous lecture we touched upon a very serious point – the relationship between freedom and law. We mentioned the possibility of numerous changes of political systems, economic systems on Earth, as there is very strong pressure of evolution, the evolutionary race.

Earth’s resources are limited, any resources must be used very rationally, any attempt clumsily to use the resources of the leads, sooner or later, crises, wars, etc. I would not be surprised if a few more times the Earth will shake from all sorts of disasters related to these tasks. And, God forbid, that this process was less bloody, more quick, with a minimal amount of suffering. Currently the population of Earth grows rapidly, now with ever-increasing number are born of the soul, which is at a sufficiently low degree of samosoznanii. Sooner or later the ignorance of the individual soul can lead to terrible wars, if not built such a fair system, which would give manifest to every soul (as vysokoporodistyh and making the first steps) in a mutual quest for spiritual development or freedom.

If such a system will be built, indeed, may occur more civilized times. If this mechanism is not found, then so be it, as always happens in nature to animals, which life has a chance to emerge, but at the same time requires them to take that chance. The same thing will happen in respect of people: we will see huge masses of people dissatisfied with something, and with a low degree of samosoznanii, then, it could break into global war, after which mankind will wise up. The first world war and second world war is actually an attempt of nature to make a person become more spiritual, less prone to bloodshed, less prone to meet the challenges that such a blunt way: either by way of direct aggression, any way ideological systems divorced from life. There is a danger that this could happen again, of course, is unlikely to have in Europe or in Russia, which has already got this in “vaccination”, paying for it a terrible blood. In Russia already at the genetic level there is no perception of wars – all think with horror of wars. More precisely, the generation that faced war, it somehow glamorizes it, but the older generation when I think that begin again hunger, devastation – is horrified by the idea. In Europe there is already such “vaccination”, which had cost the First world war and the Second world war. And in the third world, where now, thanks to health care that came from the West, the technology of agriculture (which in fact, nullify hunger) in a large quantity to be born in the bodies of the souls of the people with a low level of spiritual consciousness. If the level of the born shower is very low, these countries will accumulate insoluble contradictions, which will continue to spill over into local or global conflicts, terrorist acts. Because these people will manifest an inner feeling of tightness and inability to work together to make acceptable living conditions. It is actually time bomb, which leads to war.

Always create a temptation to declare another nation to blame for their troubles. To declare another country, another race, another religion, a different philosophy, a different political system are guilty in one way or another a bad life. As a rule, it is always blood. God help us if, once in the blood dip. And we don’t know how much time we allotted time for such a peaceful life.

Currently, there is a danger that they start to fall apart United States of America, the danger is that this vacuum is not filled by something even more dark and terrible. There is always the question as to whether we retain the knowledge. If, for example, begin conflicts in India, China, we will be completely cut off from the source of the ancient Vedic knowledge. And so now, at this moment of time is a matter of days, hours, years, should as soon as possible, to take knowledge from the Eastern countries. First to ensure that it was not gone. Secondly, there is the possibility of a quantum leap the masses of people from low consciousness to high consciousness, but if it’s wrong to be done, there will be war, and we will be cut off from the source of knowledge.


In India, before there came through the Vedas and all the knowledge of yoga was other civilizations we have already mentioned is civilization Mohenjo-Daro, Harappa. The nomadic tribes of the Aryans led mobile lifestyle. They did not build “many” of the cities and their way of life was associated with the preservation of the ancient Vedic knowledge, they were constantly forced to migrate for centuries or millennia. On that place in India, which invaded the tribes of the Aryans were an ancient civilization, and then they collapsed. Until now, archaeologists are not able to determine why they collapsed. Because they were on the border between India and Pakistan now there it is impossible to make excavations, because there is a war, and some layer of culture, of civilization is cut off.

Questions of interaction of various peoples together.

Peoples is in fact, such people’s education, which are characterized by common language and culture. Although there are very interesting points complement each other, but still, we can call country – country, people – people, originally, if there is something that unites is the unified field of life. If it is, it is like the soul of a person, or as the higher self of the person – brings together individual cells. By analogy with the concept of the Overself of a human has a concept of soul or higher self of the country. If it is alive – people alive, despite the fact that it may consist of many different nationalities, races, religions. To a certain extent even the language may change, but still retains the overall involvement in something is one that primarily finds expression through some common lexical items in which thinks which thinks the representative of a people, of a sort. All together it represents a certain ethnic group. The question arises in connection with a birth of yoga: “How to lead in a historical perspective ethnicity?” Tribal yoga says the following: that ethnic groups behave, generally, as well as people – a young man seeks a girl from their joint marriage children are born. As throughout history, we see certain global processes, when two ethnic groups may merge in a the third ethnic group and give impetus to something the third. And sometimes, on the contrary, just as the people in conflict, two ethnic groups can side by side to live side by side, but ain’t nothing like generating a third from their interaction. These are very difficult questions, so there is no single answer, there are strange dynamics. For example, we do not understand why one man to seek another woman or why a woman wants to this man and he has children. It matters only at first glance seem to be a manifestation of some instincts and if this subject is to dig deep, especially from the generic yoga, from the perspective of the triad, leaves something elusive, something sverdlovini.


We have a dynamic picture. Does not happen frozen ethnic groups, frozen races, nationalities, and cultures. Moreover, as soon as there is an element of the set, which is reminiscent of lethargy, and it’s usually a reaction to too poor living conditions and a desperate attempt to save something, then the dream also leads to the death of ethnicity. So there is no definite answer to the question: should a certain nation, country or people to focus on themselves or should have first opportunity to dissolve in some other country, nation or nation? These are very difficult questions, is ambiguous and simple slogans, which we have discussed in previous lectures, not solve them.


If you tell me it should be like a melting pot and all Nations need to mix – it’s not true, if you tell me that race and nationality should not be mixed – this is also true. Where is the truth? And although it is as life – as it will go and go. It all depends on the pulses of life, and the impulses of life sorhagen. And all sverhbogatye pulses in addition to instincts in addition to mind involves also the fact that in yoga is called the causal body – the most insidious layer. When the man did not understand what was happening to him, he has a clear sympathy or antipathy clear. For example, one race has apparent sympathy for the other race, or, on the contrary, the obvious antipathy; one nation explicit sympathy or antipathy to other people. And all the impulses of life, which summarize many factors, escaping from the usual analysis.


Best of all, this condition is characterized by Proverbs or sayings of some famous people. This attitude is known for this phrase, supposedly with a French origin: “Scratch Russian – find a Tartar.” This is a real saying, and were the real causes of its origin. The fact that in the 15-16 centuries the Russian autocrats surrounded himself with representatives of the different peoples and nationalities. Arriving in Russia the ambassadors of England, France could not understand what kind of country is this, where next to the king sat the Tatar, Kalmyk and other nationalities. In the UK in a nightmare no Englishman could not prividetsya that some prominent role in the political arena can be a Hindu, it was considered unacceptable.


An indicator of a strong nation, a strong country, it is a complete tolerance, but not reckless dissolution, and the ability to find laws to freedom each would gain by living together and there was a minimum degree of infringement.


Probably on the territory of the former tsarist Russia, where it found the law. It is a gigantic country and from the perspective of a generic yoga is such a strange paradox that the less, in one country or another “rabid” nationalism, the more likely this people, this ethnic group grow. Sverhdorogim the possession, the possession of a lack of nationalism, strangely enough, gives a greater chance of a particular nation to survive, to grow, to expand. Now I hear the Western voices who try to say that tsarist Russia was a prison of Nations, the Soviet Union is a prison of Nations, modern Russia is a place where suppressed and slaughtered, but if you now compare the situation in tsarist Russia with great Britain during colonial times, you will see that it is heaven and earth. In Russia, the representative of any nationality can be nominated for the key positions, while in the UK – could not. And what do we see? What is left of that of England after the forty-seventh year? – nothing left, the island is the only one left. Why? Because I couldn’t these Nations be mixed, could not on some genetic level, the causal level. The rejection they had from those of the Hindus. And in Russia, we see that the mixing of Nations was perfectly normal. These are difficult questions, is ambiguous and you can’t blame the British, but you can not blame Russian that they are. There is a trend – while life is good on the issues of nationality do not remember, as soon as the crisis and the grip of karma begin to be squeezed, there is always an attempt to solve their problems at the expense of others.

It was a good statement from Einstein. Himself albert Einstein was a Jew, and he is known primarily for having created the “theory of relativity”, “General theory of relativity” “special relativity”. He had a lot of work in other areas of physics, but that applies to “relativity” – it was a revolutionary moment. Mankind began to understand better the nature of the universe, in particular all that concerns yoga, has received interesting confirmation of ideas through what he did Einstein. Yoga constantly told that there is no difference between the world around us and the world of Shakti. Shakti is the female principle of the Universe, is a manifestation of energy. What we see is there is Shakti, there is the play of śakti, which was of a pronounced feminine accent (the Mother Goddess, devī, sometimes goddess Kali, Lakshmi all this female hypostasis). In the ancient Vedic mentality the concept of matter it also boiled down to the concept of energy. And here is albert Einstein, who not only confirmed that, but also gave a quantitative formula, now the most known and quoted: “the Energy contained in each kilogram of material is proportional to the square of the speed of light” or in other words E=MC2. (Sometimes I see young people go, and they have on the shirt this formula, I am always tempted to ask, do they understand what they have written there).

Before Hitler, albert Einstein lived in Germany, once in 1933 came to power the Nazis, he was forced to leave the country. He went to England, then moved to America. And that’s what he was saying, it very well describes the issues of “If “relativity” is confirmed, the Germans will say I’m German, and French, I’m a citizen of the world; but if my theory is refuted, the French will declare me a German, and the Germans – a Jew.”


Friends, in this statement more answers to the questions every kind of national aversion than in many treatises. Why am I bothering? Because I, unfortunately, start to face in an environment of yogis with pronounced nationalist moments.

Yoga debates on nationalism (History of life).

I’ll tell you one example from my life. One day I was in the library of a very large academic institutions. Read in a certain treatise, and felt a very clear and powerful look. I look up and see, sitting and looking at me uncle. His appearance said that years less than in fact. He had very piercing eyes, I immediately felt that this is some kind of adept in secret science. I also read something, and he saw that I was almost in “Samadhi” are from reading. Birds of a feather sees from afar. He immediately came up to me. We started to talk to him, it really was one of the few people who knew the layouts of the pre-revolutionary history of yoga, until 1917. He told me an absolutely jaw-dropping moments in the life of practicing yogis and Yogini during the civil war, and it was something amazing; one episode was about the adventures of one yoga in the territory occupied by Makhno. Runs a lot of mystical stories about how we were infiltrated yogic knowledge under the guise of certain Oriental studies to us are the cars went manuscripts. He showed me “fish” places in the Soviet Union, where sometimes in the most inconspicuous the library such that the library of Congress USA will not always find. We very long talked, and then he introduced me to people who also represented a yoga movement, but on the other hand. He invited me to the suburbs, where they had totally enclosed the Ashram.


There are many, including in Russia, closed group of yogis. They “stew in their own juice” and practically do not intersect with the outside world for various reasons. We were talking and the topic turned to the age-old topic of who is stopping the spread of yoga. From people newcomers, which introduced me to this gentleman, obviously was the issue, that there is a deliberate obstruction to the spread of knowledge of yoga. As the source of evil, they began to call the Afro-Asiatic roots. At first, I was somewhat surprised – it is terrible when you’re dealing with the very serious people used their findings to implement actions (this differs from Pasu Vira). Pasha – he’s an animal, even if he is unhappy, he will talk, talk and forget. And Vira he won’t just say so, if he says he’ll do. And we have had this dispute that representatives of one nation of people are trying to manipulate others, using unknown technologies, including and spiritual. That they are not interested in the dissemination of fundamental knowledge about the world, human and otherwise, at best, sabotage, and even directly put on the cross cut. I started in the following order: first, such groups, which keep the knowledge secret and try to influence the course of human history, has always been enough; they are and will be, another matter to what extent they succeed. As a rule, very small, because there is a certain irony that being closed you are not allowed to access certain resources, and sooner or later you may need to open to have a chance to make you know is the reverse side of all their secrecy.


I did not put under doubt that it is likely that there are forces that prevent the penetration of higher knowledge in our world. I did not doubt that there is any one group of people pursuing the same goals, and there are other groups of people pursuing directly opposite purpose. So, long was the dispute. I’m not going to tell you everything that we discussed, they thought that once some idiot came, which will begin to dissuade them, and I have them with the same weapons: “…you say this and this and let’s see and let’s reverse…”. As a result, all the questions boiled down to the question of birth and death, i.e. to all those issues of tribal yoga. Then they decided they were on horseback, but they did not know that by the time a generic yoga, I also knew very well. And then, the debate has acquired traits, as in the ancient Vedic times, where the losers had to either make your point or to commit suicide, but it’s figuratively speaking. Read the Upanishads, it was believed that if someone loses the debate and admits he is defeated, he should voluntarily go into Samadhi.


Friends, that’s all I’m telling you his words as a joke, but believe me, the situation was not funny. Rather it was funny, I enjoyed the moment that manages to sow doubt in those fanatical heads.


They will be no one to kill, indeed, yoga is yoga, yoga soaked even misguided principle of not causing harm, but if next to them will be extremists, they can either bless, or to hold or to remain silent. At this level everything in the future will be decided. Not that they will be someone to send to some illegal actions, not what they will be ideology – no, sometimes it is enough just to play along to some other person blew the “roof”, and he already felt, what he believes, and is, in fact, all terrorists are here and are born.

We have long held dispute, and then I was approached by one of the younger adepts of this organization. He had heard the previous dispute, well, some really quite stupid the question was asked, that all these powers are omnipotent, that they did not win anything, that they whole world is seized etc. I am already tired of this all, we have five hours talking, at the end I said, “That from the position of a generic yoga, you can now take advantage of the yoga of dying and to die and be born as the only son from the most influential follower of the dark forces. You will be taken to the Holy of holies of their secret organization not outside, wherever you like, and the inside – you just are one of them. If possible to be born one of them, so there is the opportunity to destroy any dark matter on the inside…” And then feel like it “snapped”, the logic is really that nowhere “do not trample”.


There is still a long continue this debate, I’ll leave you now to dedicate to all these details. Friends, the universe she sverhuspeshnaya. If you see any hatred, malice or do you meet with the real verholantseva that swept the world and trying to impose something on others, if you have no karma, i.e. if you are in some degree none of them in a previous life, you won’t even notice, for the simple reason that it was made our universe. It rests on the fundamental principles that every Microcosm is free and any relationship between people in society, under whatever, they line up to the extent of how much you accept in their inner universe of other people or do not accept and, therefore, the worst punishment is when you just don’t take anyone in the universe. When you don’t accept, triggered another fundamental principle of the Universe, it was set at the level of Maya – when can coexist in the same Universe directly opposite of the system remaining free, but having the ability well, somehow about each other to know; and can and still continue to go and break this bonding line that you just don’t know about that, don’t want to know.


I’m the kind of person that in my Universe there are no such dark forces that are trying to seize power, and if you didn’t have negative karma, you about these forces will never know. Much harder if you have had a negative karma, if you in a previous life was part of some secret community, and also tried to take over the world, in this life you probably and his accomplices will face. I want you grasped the logic. By and large, no one, no one, nothing can impose, and we are pleasure to accept something or not accept. If it seems that the world, society imposes on us some dark forces or some group trying to manipulate the world, then most likely you have negative karma, which is that you were once a part of that, and then went to different sides of the barricades.


Why do I say this, because if this negative karma in the blink of seconds you will pick up uncritically this idea that, well – all captured Jews, or, say, the capitalists took everything, or, they say – these Russians are always meddling where they do not, they can not sit still…or someone else … Or a larger topic here, they say – these third world countries, these niggers getting away from them to nowhere, or Asians threatened. etc….you will capture this idea uncritically. So, if you wish to capture is not critical, it most likely suggests that you something to this negative force was, because if you had, she wouldn’t have hooked.


There is a parable about how one day, a thief spend the night in a rich house. He was allowed on the bed, he lay down, but the thief knew that behind the wall a pile of gold, and he’s in bed, asleep…And he until morning and fell asleep. Why? Yes, because he already had these unifying thoughts: it gold, the desire to steal, all his previous destiny. And if this the bed the baby will sleep and you will tell him that there was gold there, it would still gold there nor gold. His main toy is one of his favorite or something. He doesn’t have things to catch.


So, you know, if you any maniacal thoughts in relation to race, nationality, or something else, captures, know that you have a shared karma. Because if there was a common karma, it would be in one ear flew, flew to another, not to touch you.

One of my friends girlfriend worked in one of the countries of the third world in the field of business. And it so happened that her childhood passed there, the whole youth, and it is this country felt inside, and she could not stomach the local customs. There really is very Patriarchal traditions, European very unusual. She couldn’t stand, but she had the wisdom, though man did not have any relation to yoga, she said, “I can’t understand why I have this rejection to them, I’m probably in a past life was one of them, and in this was born in Russia, and then again came back to them for some karmic law to work. Pulled”. Another race, another nationality – rejection, when, in fact, she was supposed to be anyway. And I chuckled a little bit, people they sometimes priotkryvayut fundamental laws when they are already getting. So you know, friends, if there are people whom you hate, or some other circumstances, countries, Nations, nation, know that you and them have something in common, otherwise, you, like small children, did not even have a clue, you would not cling absolutely.

Do good out of evil, because it anymore no what to do.

So, friends, don’t become easy prey in the hands of power. Again, this does not mean that you in particular should behave. Yes, act as you acted before, but just remember that our world it includes our whole history. Our background is very different. Sometimes you have a legitimate reason to dislike the representatives of certain peoples, races, nationalities – legitimately. Sometimes it is a manifestation of the fact that we are such once was and now see my reflection in the mirror. Sometimes some other karmic background, but in any case, I will repeat this phrase a winged, do good out of evil, because it anymore no what to do, i.e. a different material is no more. And so if you are faced with strong emotion: the emotion of hate, misunderstanding, rejection, national, racial or any kind of soil will do, as yoga teaches: “turn defeat into victory”.


If something causes these emotional energy to Wake up, this is the material with which to work. This is the engine to which you can tie the gear, insert it into a self-propelled carriage under the name “Mercedes” and here you are on the way. Any energy, any emotion can work. The main thing that you didn’t do anything stupid and not burden their karmic situation. This does not mean that teaches us how politically correct America that you should be in slobbery kiss to rush to the neck to the first individual who you have previously disgusted. Nothing of the sort. This suggests that there is a law that your personal freedom wins in the most unclear for you to the combination of factors even from the presence of those you dislike and maybe even hate. Here it is once everything is lined up – keep going in this direction, eliminate all this negativity.

The question of choosing a husband or wife. The return of the sacred duty.

Now, friends, let’s in a smaller scale we return to the generic yoga. In a small scale in relation to yourselves and in relation to your debt. Sacred duty sometimes he is so called, for the preservation of life. Or you must have children, or in your society where you live.


The question, of course, becomes about the choice of husband or wife, and here we must clearly understand one thing. Friends, the return of the debt is always an unpleasant thing. You know, as a classic said: “you Take strangers and for a while, and give your and forever”, which is such a characteristic. Now, if you understand this logic that the return of the debt in the first place, should not be something entertaining or pretty, or something that will automatically solve the problems of your life, then you will save a lot of stress to themselves and others. Therefore, the ratio of the canons of generic yoga to the choice of husband or wife is one factor. That factor is the children. This is a key factor, everything revolves around him and if this factor is, it can be arbitrarily long, in a large volume to put up with other factors that infringe upon your personal freedom. You can tolerate your husband, although maybe you do not feel that sexual thrill, interest or any other emotion that was in the beginning. It may happen in third world countries – you have not experienced ever, when you were in the rigid framework of a just society and you parents married or was married. But, again, friends, this is the return of the debt, therefore, to look into the implementation of its mission should not be. It’s the return of the debt, and not something you’re going to get plus. And why there are different yogas such comments on this subject: choice between husband or wife in the name of children, but at the same time, as partners in asceticism. Why? Because if the return of the debt is an unpleasant thing that on the one hand, and on the other hand, are things where you have to force yourself. And to force myself to endure the antics of her husband or wife is much easier if you originally prepared him something to tolerate, ie if you have at least some sense have something in common, you are uniting. This is a hard skeleton life, friends, is something that requires from us a life impulse, is what is described in the succinct phrase: ancestors ancestors satisfied or dissatisfied.


If you have a life if you for this life you, with clenched teeth, sometimes endure your husband or wife, the ancestors are satisfied, but you pay the debt and in fact do not yet live. You just pay for the possibility to live and therefore everything that goes on this item as your personal realization in work, in school, in yoga, in art, in business, in pleasure, in anything, it is a completely different line, completely disjoint with the line of recoil sacred duty, a joint austerity and the birth of offspring, children. If you understand this, you will cease to demand anything from their wives, from their husbands. The fact that there are people from whom you have children in itself is sufficient for your are very grateful to him and, by and large, have no right to demand of him nothing more. He gave you the opportunity to give this sacred duty. The emphasis shifted and became a separate area of your life that may intersect with the interests of your husband or wife, or may not overlap. But the situation here is complicated by the fact that we remember the basic idea of a generic yoga that nature gives more than we can wish for. We get more than we deserve karmically, so before we realize this the hard logic of return of a debt or extension of the pulse of life, we sometimes are given an advance of various kinds of sensation to face opposite sex, he becomes interesting to us. Let’s say the woman is a man interesting or sexually attractive or something…Exactly the same for men woman can be interesting and attractive, and the sex they are all wonderful, but it usually lasts for some the first time they are together, and then gradually-gradually comes to naught. Wonder, how is it, why is all gone, why had it so good in the beginning and so became grey and bleak in the coming few years? Friends, the answer is simple: the gift is over! We actually didn’t deserve it, we gave it to him and now you see what is really left, that is your karma. You are faced with what long did in a past life, and maybe in this life. Usually, all this is a big shock, usually perceived as torn years, start to thrash around, desperately trying to poison the well. With the husband did not work, or else I find myself with this wife did not work find another. Sometimes, indeed, the universe is the second time gives a gift – one sold, another got married, but the logic has not changed, you again get the advance that will end sooner or later. And at that level, where you were with the first one, you will sooner or later come to this level with the second, third, fourth and fifth. In the best case, the first experience or the second experience a few, maybe made you more wiser and less selfish, and when the third, fourth and fifth you are already starting to draw in, to think more about the interests of the other than about yourself. And often it happens that at a higher level comes out, but in common it is called to the fact that both male and female have “horns to poolmate” its because in family life, someone will hit the “horn” neither there nor here.

The logic is as follows: the fact that we experience a mutual attraction for youth to face opposite sex is like nothing characterizes the present Universe; and what we have after five, six, seven years of marriage, sometimes more, sometimes less is what we deserve karmically, and it had to be the idea from day one, and you have here what a feast was before. If you rightly understand, you will gradually come to understanding the idea that your life together for what, by and large, need? Your life together is required for children. Other factors not here. Why? Because your life together is obviously infringement of the rights of each other. Indeed, if I live with my wife, I can’t just say: “sorry, dear, I will now disappear for a couple of years, you’re here as myself. I will go to India to meditate”. No, there is a great responsibility, because she will suffer, she will suffer the same way and his wife can’t : “I don’t like your mom, your house, all your relatives..” no where to go, you have… What else can be other factors: “I don’t like what you do…” or people face sometimes on the level of other contradictions and you have to draw. Son-in-law had to endure the mother-in-law, daughter – in-law, and where to go, because when choosing one, you subscribe to the whole package at once and there is no way that I take and all the rest – sorry. No if you take, you take everything Kubla. Therefore, another point is vital: if you are unsure of their abilities and you have your potential husband or wife – meet the parents. Why? Because to a certain extent you will see what happens with your husband or wife after a certain number of years, because children tend to repeat the patterns of parents. For example some traits inherent in the mother-in-law sooner or later they will manifest themselves in her daughter’s of course not a hundred percent, but to a certain extent, but this is a moment when they thought.


But it is a gift of the Universe, totally unique, this gift deals with the so-called yoga of love, when not only you are given in advance of sexual attraction or interest in another person the opposite sex, there is the phenomenon of love. The phenomenon of love – verlogen. It has nothing to do with our world of karma, these entanglements of cause and effect. It is the highest gift that only exists on the earth. If you use them correctly, you make a huge leap in their spiritual development and jump, or rather very, very quickly slip all the frustration that can last for many, many, many lifetimes and love you all slipped.


And so when there is a factor of love, no even thoughts in my head not to meet the parents of your potential husband or potential wife, even in a head does not come, and rightly so. Friends, all right, because it’s already uncarina, your relationship came to vacationy level and so what you have there karma binds, it will then be the most important thing to maintain love. If we keep love – and there is no karma, and they wonder when the love will lose, then one might be interested in. But still, friends, it turns out that’s a thing that is the backbone of life is the continuation of life, the continuation of life is the infringement of their freedom, in particular for the return of this sacred duty and as a consequence all in the name of children.


As for the stage of your personal, always separate. Separate in a good way, never be addicted, in a good way, from the fate of his husband or wife from the fate of their children, you have to do it all as a gift. Do not take on responsibility for your personal realisation or implementation failure. If it is, then let this be another gift, such as love. If you do share your husband share interests, or your children share, let it be another gift, but no you don’t have to treat this as something proper that you should demand. Of course, even the yogis and Yoginis who know all these aspects related to the Triad, Yoga Love, Yoga, with family still do stupid things. Friends, even if you fully know the theory of those things which we now consider, you will still do stupid things; you will still demand what to demand have no right; you’ll still be offended in cases where the offense is not eligible; you will still out of habit, like regular people in the state of Pasha, but you will be different one great thing – you will know what you will come sooner or later and when you manage to do it, you’ll do it painlessly and very easily.


So, if there is such a factor as love, then, of course, how can there be a second thought about choosing a husband or wife. No. This is the highest gift from heaven, whether it belongs to your nationality, your race, your religion, your political views or something directly opposite from the position of love absolutely nothing plays. Love is sacred. And if you, from your love appeared husband or wife, and then the love is gone, and good attitude to each other goes, but there remains the factor of children, it is the factor you deserve. Can see what you stand and even at this level begin to build my personal life patiently trying to reach out to another person that maybe you were once very close, although no longer understand you. There are no universal recipes.


And finally, the most important point, friends, it must be very clearly understood, that we live in the European countries, Russia is more Europe than Asia mentality, and we have certain stereotypes: to be a wife to be the husband, must be children, relatives of the wife, the relatives of the husband, representing a clan, community, spilling into a kind, the kind in people, the people in the country. And all this is absolutely wonderful, all this was centuries, and not on an empty place, and from an intuitive attempt to find those laws to the degree of freedom of each peak. Here is the balance of law and freedom. But these rules of relationships they depend on many factors: economic, political, or speaking the language of yoga – karmic. And karma, you know, like the grip – if the grip of karma you draw in, your degree of freedom is small, then the relationship within the genus, it increases and you are very rigidly tied to the rod, you are unable to jump out of it, because your degree of freedom will dramatically smaller; but if on the contrary, karma is better, ie, the grip of karma apart, you have a lot of freedom and you can keep some other lifestyle. Indeed, throughout human history, we meet a variety of education, who functioned as the ancestral of yoga or the peace of an ancestor, or in other words, the birth of the offspring.


And we see in certain countries, people, polygamy, polyandry, sometimes very exotic rituals, some rules of the game, like the Amazons. We find, on the contrary, the other side warps some of the philosophical orders or something, which mainly consisted of men who had some time to interact with women, and then again to return to their monasteries, ashrams. We have a variety of options sometimes the relationships between men and women, which sometimes form several families simultaneously. We have it in the laws of polygamy by men and sometimes by women.

Throughout the history of European civilization ask about the manners of the Spartans, where one warrior could ask my friend’s wife, she bore him offspring, i.e. what is called a “lease”. And it was normal and it was perceived. Why? Yes, because life was such karmic conditions, economic, political. A lot of different conditions. They are the most rigorous way begin to affect the configuration. And so, God save us, someone to blame, or someone to praise, i.e., to make any rigid framework.


These rigid framework on relationship between male and female they are all justified, all of it, if it is for the benefit of the continuation of life. If life does not continue, the verified and illuminated the philosophical views of the foundations or rules of the game they will sooner or later disappear as the human race in this community will disappear.


So over thousands of years of history, in India, you can watch the different scenarios and lifestyles, very different. Now of course, in the modern India is extremely rigid canons: to the girl herself chose the future husband is unheard of, the husband must choose, and even better his relatives. To any dosvedanya kissing, and God forbid sex is generally five years of execution by hanging. Orthodox India, it is not taken, you have no idea to what extent. That in our view have created the impression that India: Kama Sutra, Tantra, Hippies, and the impression that there are Libertines. Friends, a wrestler for foreign tourists and for local residents so hard, I would even say, fierce relationship is extremely well regulated; the relationship mother-in-law, daughter-in-law and son-in-law, etc., etc.

All of this is reflected in the management of large businesses, this is a very interesting study. There once was a theme – “who controls the major Indian companies.” Very interesting structure, and so, as a rule, clan, opaque structure. East – a delicate matter. The lives they live now Indians, is irrelevant to the way of life that was, for example, in the days of epic works in India, the same Mahabharata, where one girl was given concurrently for five men, actually there this story begins. Girls, imagine that you have five husbands as you? I hear that a woman with one not controlled by, and imagine five…


And in times still earlier, again the same Mahabharata – a huge number of extramarital Affairs, which then manifested itself on the field of Kurukshetra, when in fact it turned out a civil war. It is certainly interesting to explore, but you just have to understand that to the Orthodox lifestyle of modern Indian life medieval had no relationships. And medieval life is very different from the more ancient, for example from life of the Vedic level. Throughout these millennia, the way of life inside India has changed several times, changed diametrically changed so that we do not even dreamed of. The idea was just one to freeze the system and not let the knowledge die. Here is what we have now in India is actually that of the victim, which they are in the name of preserving knowledge.


Now people come, say, from India to Russia and begin under the auspices of the same yoga to introduce the idea that India is, and we should be. Friends, this is nonsense. They have some karmic, social, economic conditions are quite different. Finally the following, we take the same glorious America, where living standards are much higher than in the same Russia. Accordingly, the freedom is much higher. Accordingly, the relationship between men and women are very different, but if they perform the function of extending the life on earth they will remain. There are mostly companies are Swingers, even some quite special relationship between men and women… and nothing, everything is fine live. Friends, why? Because the grip of karma opened and already the same freedom you can get some other ways that, say, Orthodox India, you simply will not allow one to do. That’s why it is very difficult to teach generic yoga.


If I start quoting the treatises of the era of the laws of Manu, based on the basic principles of generic yoga, it will be some one of the situation; if I start quoting the treatises of the tantric Kaula – in fact, it is a hint of the ancestral origin of these Tantras, there will be the relationship between men and women within a particular community. By the way, very reminiscent of what is now happening in America. At some stage the karmic grip opened, and greater freedom was formed, and then again tightened. You have to understand, if there is a continuation of this spark of life that, strictly speaking, life will turn a blind eye to your lifestyle, but if not, even the most verified theory, the adjusted position will not save you. Absolutely will not save you if you break that’s the line of succession.


Now a few words in relation to how they are now politically correct called sexual minorities. That’s how I read courses on yoga Triad, sooner or later the question arises about same-sex love and the question always is: “what yoga says about this?” Friends, and she says nothing, and says absolutely nothing. It’s your own, it does not fall under the category of yoga. More precisely, if you are on this lifestyle will parastatidis, i.e. violate the second principle of yoga, and if it will suffer the other people, it is in General unacceptable. If this one does not suffer and you not being wasted – it’s another part of your life that you have the right to live as anyone. This does not mean that yoga encourages you to join the ranks of sexual minorities. This is again the fact, which we have already said that you did not show the brutal intolerance, not understanding the question.


When it now begins to be pushy, when it begins to be implemented, when the rights of minorities are sometimes more than those of the General population, it certainly looks funny, but on the other hand, yoga does not do it. From the position of a generic yoga even more clear. In a generic yoga that important? – Offspring. As you know, same-sex marriages have not yet learned children to bear and with this comes a lot of questions. The criterion of responsibility or criteria of acceptability or unacceptability in the following: what if it is not born children, at least, any representative of sexual minorities should be at least some contact with a person of the opposite sex it is for the bestowal of the sacred debt – that’s only in this position. Everything else is nobody’s business, but that’s a separate issue, unfortunately, no time for her.


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