Yoga Kind. Tribal Yoga. Vadim Zaporozhtsev. Part 13-I. Lecture. 2010.11.09

Tribal Yoga.Vadim Zaporozhtsev. Part 13-I.


Today 9 Nov 2010. My name is Vadim Zaporozhtsev. We are in KC “Enlightenment” in Moscow, near the metro station Novoslobodskaya. This is our lecture for the Open Yoga University. The topic of the lecture “Birth of Yoga”All information on our websites:,, All our movies and files you can find in our store at :

The last lecture, we considered one of the greatest dangers on the path of humanity, as well as yoga is actually Express the life of humanity at risk, people doing yoga, tend to experience even faster and more often. Those. All that an ordinary man goes for a long long life, and the country for many long centuries in the life of a single person who decided to have self-knowledge of all the processes and the mental,the physical ,mental, and spiritual greatly accelerated, and he has to face with any such epochal moments sometimes in for one of his life. And will remind you of the conclusion of the previous lecture is that, if you are seriously engaged in yoga practices, if you have had a taste of energy, if you feel changes within yourself if something higher you really start to be revealed through the different moments of meditation, pranayama, Hatha yoga, through the interpretation of belonging for all living things and as a consequence to his heart, the people, the country, the world. So, if after such successful moments of your life suddenly comes to a band that could fully knock out of the usual spiritual rhythm strip any shocks, strip some anger or strip of some emotional response to the surrounding events, then you should be extremely careful. Especially if you are taking the first steps in the direction of yoga. Especially if you have only recently started to pass large volumes: in the form of subtle energies through itself or only recently touched these heights of meditation or disclosure of consciousness after practice. If there was no such long-term experiences of this condition. Here there is a very dangerous moment to turn into a fanatic maniac. What we can say with the best of wishes. Not out of selfishness, not out of selfishness, not out of a desire to become famous, to get rich, but just because of that feeling of deep moments and the inability to reconcile their intellectual awareness. In that state, if you feel the urge to make any sudden movements that stop a little and ponder whether this kind of be a trap for you. If you have someone to put you guys on suicide bombers,terrorists, etc., and you suddenly decide that for the Motherland, for the great ideas any to sacrifice his life and so on.,then stop and think if this is true. This question is definitely no clear answer. In different time periods, in different ages there are different situations. Yes, indeed, there are moments of your personal karma and your Dharma, what you need what is called go with the gun in his hand and to defend their homeland. But again as a rule more often it will be some substitution of concepts. When you do not understand the more complex processes occurring in life, with his mind in the first place, by using the position of kindness, of analyzing situations from all sides will resolve it for some only emotions . You know , there’s a children’s game where you throw the dice and gradually move the chip from one position to another. And there are certain positions, standing on which you descend a few levels ago. And that’s the same thing , which is called in this volume the word fanaticism and extremism it as this is now the place where God forbid gets a seeker of truth or self-knowledge and the eye does not have time to blink as it picks up certain ideas, and he begins to establish political parties, to organize a sit-in protest, to conduct any religious wars or racial, or foaming at the mouth to prove that only their sect is the only thing that their philosophical or religious movement has the right to life, and all others are wrong. All other people should be directed. What if people do not obey they must be made. Ie will be a feeling of violence, it is necessary to push, these are your feelings and sensations arise. You know – everything goes according to plan! Not pass this is impossible, and be very dangerous. This question is linked in particular with the device of our body, more delicate structures. I’m deliberately avoiding the subject . There are certain channels, centers , chakras, are responsible for certain manifestations of emotions and that’s when we start to dig deeper, we will not begin to touch them, they begin to resonate and some slightest injustice, which we were indifferent suddenly begins to turn into obsession and we maniacal for such a sequence we begin to translate it into anger. Friends, this applies to all aspects in life, it’s about your relationship with society, it will touch your relationship with your loved ones for you people:husband , wife, children, parents, friends, neighbors, superiors or subordinates. It is certain such a stage that all must pass, it is a very dangerous period in life. So if a person is certainly a teacher, a spiritual teacher, know a teacher with a capital letter, teacher in yoga, the teacher certainly protects the student in that condition from stupid.But, friends, because our karma was as follows that we do not have access to teachers who know that on the first request, the first click, to suddenly the great descended to us from their of the Himalayas and began to protect us. Karma probably we have enough bad in this respect, probably when in previous lives to us, the teachers came, we ignored them. So in this life we are not so often unable to protect the teachers, in this respect, the yogi alone or the yogi who goes by this method re open yoga yoga outside of school, outside the environment of like-minded people, here it is at your own risk, it is extremely at risk. And, in fact, my personal point of view, I don’t know whether it is just or unjust, but all those strong personalities that have left in the history of the bloody trail and activities which we still cannot estimate. Whether their actions were positive, or negative, so here is my personal view that it is to some extent not finish my studies in one way or another system of self-knowledge people. Let’s say in one life a person under this or that system of self-knowledge, know that’s not really yoga if it was you or some other system, and so, such a man has reached great heights, to began to feel first the unity of kinship with all living, as a consequence he had that’s strange ability to control the masses. On the other hand again, this long practice, the elegance of mind and as a consequence strong intellectual abilities in the next life. Ie a lot of positive that gets people involved in self-knowledge. But some item were not fulfilled in the next life man is born with a higher ability level , but remains deaf and blind in respect of some of the more fundamental laws of the universe, the first law of kindness. And we see the horrifying actually traces after these individuals. The same Napoleon. So you should be ready that sooner or later, by practicing the system of self-knowledge you will be on the same level. And now, God forbid if you go down this bloody path:terrorists,extremists. Again I want to stress one thing that in this state of mind is very helpful servant. It can be any factors to interpret in their favor. An example of such well – Mahat, Magande who actually made a spiritual feat in the history of mankind,namely, the almost bloodless India gained independence from great Britain. All predicted a sea of blood. So Mahat, Mahandi his actions were inspired bhava Baqueta, is a small fragment of Mahat Charity describing here is very difficult as people in the choice of actions. We usually Bhava Bagwith known mainly in connection with the activities of certain Hindu sects, but actually the text itself. Very interesting,very instructive. So, Bhava Bagwith inspired Mahat, Magandi that would make almost these transformations are immodest, but not enough in the same Bhava Bagwith allegedly contributed to the fact that the young fanatic-maniac killed Mahat, Magandi. I know that he was assassinated and killed him. The same text ,the same thoughts, but in one case it is a feat, the other is a monstrous crime. The mind can take any philosophical treatise , any teachings and in this state remove them completely bizarre way in the direction of here these are the emotions that you yourself would seem right. Friends, it’s very scary it’s very scary. So, of course we say in OIU clearly understand the danger. So we are learning yoga, learning self-knowledge begins with the rote learning of the first and second principle of yoga. In particular, the first principle of yoga. And as a result, this is the first how to begin this meditation “may all beings be happy”. Where we call mentally to lose this story. When you’re faced with people say for example you family, loved ones ,strangers, strangers and at the same time the evil and disgusting your enemies. Ie we with such consistency introduced this meditation “may all beings be happy!” for students, starting from the first there minutes. However as the implementation of the first principle of yoga and to the release and even after release say every day thinking of it! It is for this reason. Before you give many kind of contradictory information. Moreover, the student must be convinced that the most important thing we told him . This information will not go to the detriment of the student and will not be a detriment to mankind. And the usual intellectual understanding of the first principle of yoga is not enough! Need to practice his experiences, in particular through this meditation, in particular, we offer students a variety of activities implementing the first principle of yoga. And this continues until the subconscious mind, known as a reflex in humans is not produced here it is not the desire to cause harm. Not at the level of mind, friends, not at the level of some of the philosophical justifications and the subconscious on a very deep subconscious level. Because sooner or later when you come to the awakening of these fundamental energies and really have rococoa clarity, rage, sense of injustice, feeling the suffering of all living beings and a desire to deal with any tyrant, despots, then at this moment the mind becomes your enemy rather spiritually than the other. And this here deep meditation that one cannot, without extreme necessity, being exposed to these outbursts of emotion to do evil. Moreover , the habit of thinking even about the enemies, it will give you at least some pause between the flash of anger and the moment you throw a Kalashnikov rifle and begins to shoot his enemy. And this here is pause , maybe a split second will save you.I know there are a variety of situations. Here in this pause you can remember that, and maybe would like something different. Sometimes that small pause, it will save your life and your karma and everything. Of course, a huge number we receive and will receive feedback on our courses where people are so selfish that in India they visited, and everywhere they visited . They constantly write to us “why are you doldonyat us about the first and the second principle?”, “why don’t you cherish our time?” “we’ve heard this before. We already know it” “you may need to trim one or the other course?” “maybe it should be thrown out, we’re smart people, we one word is enough for us.” Because we are smart friends, so we repeat many times. Because it is not the mind, and intellectualizing. And there are some things that need you to impregnate. The principle of good, you must impregnate. To make you feel evil and felt the reluctance in him to get involved. It really is sooner or later comes when people get tired of evil. He just can’t be mad because there are no forces. But it usually comes when he completely used up all of your vital capacity and make a lot of stupid things. This usually occurs in family life : the husband and wife are great at first, then growing some contradictions, then pritenzii, then swearing, swearing incrementally, incrementally, incrementally ,how to influence years. And sooner or later, just a husband and a wife tired of swearing. Ie lost a lot of prana, time, respect each other etc etc. same way in life. Friends is more serious than it seems! It’s all kind of trivial, of course, many times you have heard and will hear many more times, but to get the true meaning to you will be very soon.

Now we go further, we have reduced all their arguments to the delema: individualism or collectivism. It is clear that, if you live alone , do not intersect with a community of other people , in fact you have no friction points and you can absolutely not get involved in any of these extreme activities in the name of others, because these others are not in your life. On the other hand if you live in the team , then certainly there is the feeling kind and there is a danger that the wave will catch you and either you start to do any nonsense or here under this influence , the effect of the crowd will start doing stupid things. And it seems like the danger is there, but the paradox is that the one you can live for some time in one incarnation, but in order to be born next time, you at least need to be parents, and the parents that someone from the society. We are therefore unable to be alone. We on the one hand forced to be social. And the most severe, the question will arise sooner or later is how to combine individualism and collectivism. Or how to combine your personal life with your desire to live as you want no one to have no effect. But on the other hand, to integrate your life as you want harmoniously with the life around you. And in the foreground the concept of LAW. The rules of the game that you communicate with the people around you. And in addition to these purely legal, nor would woven into the laws of emotional. They are generally not prescribed in certain codes, as they have a more emotional nature, but nevertheless they are no less important. So I will explain what I’m talking about. So, let’s say you can live among society. Without breaking the laws of this society. The most perfect laws, when your freedom to the minimum extent prejudiced freedom of the society in which you live. And, in fact, that’s the kind of harmony on some level maybe your material relationship with society, but still have the emotional aspect. You can say with contempt to treat the people around you, as cattle or something. Or let’s say suddenly you’re a rich man , you start to flaunt your wealth. Again, we come to a very interesting side emotionally as well to interact with society. And born again with specific recommendations. If you’re a rich man, then do not boast of your wealth, because it is other members of society that is on a different level, including the degree of samosoznanii can generate a huge amount of emotional reactions does not want you: envy, anger, jealousy or frustration or something else. So, if you still felt this path as you live in society and be as free as possible from society, and at the same time to feel their involvement in society. These are things that sound completely contradictory. And it seems that they cannot dock. But this is friends the phenomenon of life. The reconciliation at first glance irreconcilable. More precisely in the plane of logic and reason, collectivism and individualism cannot be reconciled in principle. But from the position of sverlova do not happen one without the other. And it’s not only possible, but necessary to do. If you find this path to reconciling, you step onto your personal path of Dharma. And your life will be to obey the Vedic law of Rita, actually leading you all to a higher level of self-knowledge. But history shows the following pattern. We read about it in ancient treatises, evidenced by including the lives of modern yogis and Yogini embarked on the path of self-discovery. Now, this pattern is what we in their spiritual development absolutely all go through three stages of existence, which we have discussed in previous lectures. So,is the level of Pashu, Vira level and the level of Divi. So these terms: Pashu, Vira, Divya they are in General formed in later branches of Vedic thought, in the numerous tantras, but they are all very gracefully explain a simple language, therefore, we adhere to them. So, friends, every one of us in some moments even a little different from animals and thus the state of the Pasha. Some moments in our lives to be more consistent with the state of Vira. Some glimpses have already been observed Divi. Not there are three different, fully separated from other conditions that person is going through , as a rule, we are all conglomerates of States with a predominantly one or another quality. For example, a wild man in a greater degree the Pasha, but sometimes inclined to show themselves and as Vira, and sometimes, in his wisdom, is compared and with my Diva. Similarly, we normal civilized people, Yes, we have a bestial nature smaller, at least for the simple reason that we all got bad poor schooling, higher education . Very brutes to call us anymore. But there are times that we are in General not much different from them and in that sense not much different from the wild men. Once we get into certain circumstances of life, in certain conditions, emerge as our karmic Samskaras, our unconscious impressions from previous lives and we at some point begin to live according to the pattern that characterized us when we were with you almost animals. But still again, at a higher level, we demonstrate a quality called veer: determination, intelligence, desire to change something in your life. The man in the plow as it is inert. He was scared of everything, wants nothing. Wouldn’t or couldn’t. In General, it is difficult to make face don’t or can’t. But the people in the state of Vira is already increasingly lives by the principle “willing and able”. And starts to achieve something in career, in life, in anything. Again, we are not alien to the state of Divya. The first glimmers of that level of existence on which there are a teacher and a teacher of yoga. Again, why can we make such a conclusion? Very simply, all of us now sitting here listening to a lecture on yoga. Or listen to the replay. And I could spend that time very differently. In any sort of sensual pleasures, or just in a dumb stupor, or in some feverish work. Here instead of sitting and listening to a lecture , may better be at work an hour extra work and a few dollars forever green earn. You have all the same priorities have shifted because you know what is called as said Ostap Bender “Not in money happiness, and in their number.” You understand that use your head, not your hands. The fact that it is necessary sometimes to take a break, and even better to think about eternity. Here are the first glimmerings of the idea that if you win the rat race-you have not ceased to be a rat, actually make us a little diva boys (even the awareness).But then again, it is long. Tomorrow you will run out of money and you’re as pretty will run again in harness in another rat race. About people who live in the state of Divya we can say little, it is in General as teachers of mankind, but as elsewhere too, there are different degrees of manifestation of certain qualities. About this we read in many ancient yogic treatises. I always cite the example of say win Gorodko where is played the story of the teacher who of course was in a state of Divya, but some combination of circumstances led to the emergence of prints of the unconscious, his karma from a previous life. And he as a consequence of slipping from the state of Divya in the state of Vira, and then as Pasha. And only his disciple saves from here’s untimely death. On this basis we can say that both teachers and teachers of mankind a certain level are also sometimes characteristic of different stages of life. I’m not talking about the absolute teachers of humanity, called already liberated in life. These are the people who have in principle no karma and, accordingly, no greater prints. And they in principle can not be sliding down. But you know, as among ordinary people very rarely meet people who are interested in self-knowledge and yoga , as rare among yogis and Yogini meet teachers who have no internal karma. So, all in such a mixed moment. And the General direction of evolution: “every Saint had a past and every sinner has a future”. Any Saint, even the same yogi or Yogini with no remaining traces of karma, just as we passed the times in life level of Vira. And all those thoughts that we live in now he was no stranger. So once there was a time when he lived on the level of the Pasha,not unlike that of an animal. I remind you that graduation is not in fact I am human. I have the sage, I and the worm are equally important. I have sage, I’m a normal human , I have human wild — isometric. But the degree of ignorance is different. So, all the teachers held all the way, which we now pass. And someday, sooner or later you will reach levels of teachers. But this trend is clear to us now, at the level when we have mastered the mind. The mind is certainly a good thing. However, it does not define, is not decisive in the spiritual sense, but in any case, accelerating the process. So, as long as man is dominated by the quality of Pashu or animal man to a greater extent is such a gregarious creature. A man can’t live alone. This person is constantly looking for his flock. And living in strict accordance with those installations in which a particular herd dominate. A man, as we say, thinks like everyone, dress like everyone, he like all the fears he has as at all, fashion he has the same as everyone else, and he strongly afraid to stand out. Anything stand out: appearance, behavior, vocabulary, way of thinking, way of the action. This person will primarily look at other people before you build your house, than to think of how it will look in its own house, so as not to stand out. So a person with predominant status Pasha peculiar herd, but life after life, and actually if a man lives his life in the direction of your Dharma, even Dharma is not perceived sex of the animal, sooner or later it develops the mind. And here is how only develops the mind come the first glimpses of the state of Vira. And suddenly, this person begins to increasing the scale discrepancy between the people around him. He becomes not interesting to them, they seem stupid. Such person is more and more starting to show individualism. Here it will be to dress like everyone else. He has his own point of view. It is somewhat different than everyone else. Sometimes it will look like such a complete disregard for even the interests of others. I.e. we’re seeing a pattern that while the Pasha collectivism peculiar to him, but as soon as it starts to go into a state of Vira, he begins to be characterized by individualism. And as a result, such people with every incarnation, every life feels more and more isolation from the people among whom he was born, among whom he spent his childhood, youth, life. This individualism ,of course, begins to emerge as a rabid selfishness. Such a person thinks more about themselves than about others. The plow may be good to think about yourself than others, but the trouble is, the brain has not yet developed such, that some evil plans to build yourself fatter piece to grab to the detriment of his neighbor. It turns out that people at Pashu in our understanding, more kind, more sociable, uncomplicated, simple, to some extent, reliable. He will not have second thoughts, he will not have any evil plans and he lives in the General herd. In the first place he will look around doing everything before to making a decision. And the person who goes to the first glimpses of Vira they first are manifested as selfishness. Yeah, I have honed the mind, and that’s all for field work, and I’m going to be with them on the field to work, no, I’m a special role you can imagine. On the one hand as it can manifest itself in a desire to exploit the remaining narrow-minded members of your community on tribe , race, people. But really, this one here is individualism, which, together with the mind arises and gives back thing. By intelligence, this man can some things to come up with imaginative, unconventional. That’s all there villagers harnessed to a plow and plow, and he sat and thought about it and decided, and if the horse needs to be faster, better. The mind of man individualist, he at the same time sometimes allows to solve qualitatively the problems that people cannot solve this as Pasha. And, as a rule, such a person is able to Viru with a keen mind, he begins to succeed. It is not enough that will not engage in the evil work, he will come up with a status, but it will also invent and come up with all sorts of mechanisms to facilitate the lives of others. And, as a rule, will be more full, more secure, but one problem usually suffering begin to grow. If the person is wild,he is still not understand a lot and is happy in his that primitive condition back there, feeling the energy of happiness, the joy of living life. But the man from the sharpened mind begins to philosophize, he receives a kind of all thoughts. In addition to the creative thoughts of introspection. And these thoughts begin to oppress. We meet with all sorts of manifestations of suffering , which itself is roughly the man himself comes up with. Envy, you know this more sophisticated, jealousy and some other things. It is in General more evident when the mind is already greatly perfected. Animal if it is not confronted with something it does not think not about envy, not about jealousy, not anger it does not have. It’s hungry , it’ll kill someone and eat. But if it is full, then for the sake of fun won’t kill. But the man of understanding he has other emotions, forcing him to do certain things. So, as a rule, people in a position with increasing Vira, the mind becomes more and more unhappy in life. And sooner or later it makes you wonder about the meaning of life. Or about the nature of their neschastiy. And here we have the first step on the road to an intellectual understanding of spiritual development. A man with a keen mind to set goals and quickly implement them , but having a particular goal, the result (money, power, respect, the best seat at the fire, the best piece of meat) . Here he is eating this piece of meat around the campfire and realizes he wants something else, and that he can not understand himself.What all is coming, what still some sad. Especially when he starts to push the more obvious negative aspects of life, such as death, illness. Wild man – well, killed someone – experienced, experienced and forgotten. A man with a sharp mind he is already starting it’s all to abstract. All mortal – all will die, all subject to illness, etc., etc. the First impetus in the direction to look for answers to these decisions, but I want to stress again this man, as a rule, an absolute individualist. Well, now I’m moving a fairly large amount of time , usually of human evolution in the state of Vira, sooner or later it comes to the desire of self-knowledge and he begins to seek unity, begins to look for a comfortable environment. Begins to oppose itself, that I have , but the society around me – good, nice people, but rednecks if I understand. And, a man begins strongly to seek some spiritual systems, began to lead a solitary life. Then it’s all over begins to rise. Get it in the hands of certain treatises on yoga, for some other philosophical and religious systems. And here, look, he has secluded himself in a cave , like medicinal already like any exercise does. Moreover, more and more begins to grow and hone the mind, to acquire sometimes even beyond capacity. But here, again, two factors distinguish it: first-the reluctance to communicate with others, especially with people in his view who are at a lower level of development than he, and second of all – sadness. Something elusive disappears. Here is written in the book that you will open the Samadhi, what will happen, but something does not open. And really, will never open, until one wins selfishness. And gradually, gradually, it the shell of individualism starts to be considered as an auxiliary tool. Yes, she really helped to develop his mind. Yes, it was a necessary measure when he was a creature of the collective , but had to spend some time alone, so there was some quality self transformation like a caterpillar in a cocoon turns into a butterfly. Until it becomes a butterfly it is better that no one was around. And so, sooner or later, everyone yoga, which is really successful in the direction of in the direction of Samadhi, the higher goals comes the next stage – a man begins to appreciate the communication, but this communication it comes to a qualitatively new level. And again he becomes in a certain sense, as they say,man social. In the sense that, for such a person of the highest much easier to track via another such as he. Other person as a mirror, showing what he really is. Therefore, a person reaches this level he understands that the greatest happiness is to interact with them. Generally dealing with life, is happiness. And to communicate with their own kind is the highest luxury that you can afford in this world. And such a person returns to society to seek their own kind. And as a result, we have numerous ashrams. You begin to appreciate their own kind. And here’s the kicker, when a person finds their own kind, suddenly his spiritual evolution is accelerated compared than when he was alone. And that’s only taking this path of loneliness and again looking for like-minded people becomes a direct path to reach the third stage — Divya. If the first stage of the Pasha is more than a collectivism phase Vira is individualism. Then again comes a state, which cannot be called not individualism, not collectivism. It begins to combine both. The last man alone, on the one hand self-sufficient, in contrast to the human plow (has their views, intentions, point of view), but on the other hand, the same as Pasha, he is inclined to communicate with their own kind. Just observed connection is not connected. Therefore I say that the first person retires from society, is undergoing a period of solitude to a qualitatively new level to return to society. And already with their own kind of spiritual process is many times faster and outputs it to such heights where there is no difference in solitude or are you in the society. You don’t feel uncomfortable not left alone, not being around other people, and Vice versa, you greatly rejoice when all around you are like-minded. Take the person of the Pasha and leave him alone, for him the most terrible punishment. Saying that, imprisonment in solitary confinement is considered the worst punishment. At the same time we read about the ancient yogis or Yogini who took a particular practice and asked to bury them for many years in the cave. It turns out that for one terrible punishment, the other deliberately chooses such is the way of spiritual ascent. A Maverick he is horrified thinking about the people around him. He fears that they will interfere in his life, to disturb , to annoy , to infringe on it in any forms. The man who went through this stage of individualism and arrived at a higher level he is not afraid, and he knows how to find a harmonious coexistence with anyone, anywhere, anytime ie he’s approaching freedom. The Maverick looks like he’s approaching freedom, pulling away from society. In fact, it is impossible to be in that state independent of society ,may be time to retire. This is the picture I have described. And this, friends, life. Quite specific conclusions you can do. Well, first: the fact that you do sometimes want to be alone and enjoy the universe, it is a very positive factor. And from time to time it is necessary to implement it, in order to return the society to a qualitatively new level. The second point: once you start loving your spiritual practice begins to accelerate many times. In yoga about this for a long time knew about it, I said that any practice that is undertaken in the place where a lot of people is usually several times faster for each participant than if he had one. Just imagine, you have a perfect cave in the Himalayas and no one will interfere, no problem not eating, not no problem – sit, meditate, intelligent treatises read different types of yoga practice. Not to work you need to run, not about the parents, not the children you do not have to worry. No social upheaval you don’t care about anything in the world you don’t care. It would seem very remarkable conditions. You start to practice and move very successfully. But the most interesting, if you find yourself among like-minded people, even if you don’t have the time, you have problems, you have to take care about parents and children. The world shakes constantly, the revolution, the crisis. Then you still have a small opportunity, a small amount of time to practice with like-minded people. So, not only do you achieve the same, you achieve more. This is the highest thing that man understands only rising above his egoism. Even though it tends to be individual way of life, but he already has an understanding of the prospects. And numerous joint practice of yoga and Yogini not allow a comparable number of times to accelerate achievement. Now from the position of tribal yoga. So we all remember that there is a concept of Life. There are many living beings, at different stages of self awareness. And, as a consequence, someone Pasha, someone Vira, someone Divya. And that every living being is striving for freedom. Freedom is unconditional. And at the same time, the universe gives more than we can wish for. The universe gives us to advance human life, the opportunity to live in different conditions. And there is a kind of another law, which is beneficial to interact with souls on different levels of samosoznanii. Their freedom together more than freedom separately. Therefore, there is something called society, clan, nation, world. Ie more beneficial in terms of your personal freedom to interact with various souls, with animals and with people more narrow-minded, and equal to you in level, and those who are higher level and if this is all brought to harmony – to the benefit of all . The freedom of each animal from your home finishing Professor of philosophy increases. And individually there. But it is, indeed, a factor as simple as the division of labor. You don’t need to do all things at once, everyone will do something is very effective.The released resource to do whatever you like. This Dasha economic to a greater extent model. But as you know, we have a set of living beings at different levels the development of intellectual, moral, mental, whatever. This is a most motley crowd. And that requires strength to this very diverse audience joined together, after which each of them could take advantage of his increased freedom. Ie some unifying force, which is equally intelligible as a man of the wild, which has no intelligence, but the same force affects intellectuals, professors of philosophy, this same force operates on the great sage yogi ie at all. And that this force is precisely what we talked about in previous lectures. This life force. The power of life in General. And its obvious these power units as your specific kind, which is intertwined with the power of the other and all intertwined in a harmonious picture. And all that unites every living thing in yoga is called prana. The very strange thing, which can change from energy to consciousness. But it is intelligible to all. And to the stupid to the clever, and to the spiritual but to the unspiritual. That’s life. All notions of spirituality, lack of spirituality, cleverness, stupidity, etc. they have meaning if there is a factor of life. Here we have a common thread, the rays connecting us all. Therefore, when the Pasha, he begins to perceive these impulses don’t mind, no, but rather by instinct rather spine like a dog. There is a genus, a genus that is something big that you can donate life, that he’ll always bear that if there is this force that you give birth ,you life to sacrifice , although the brain. But there is such power that gives such an incredible, non-verbal, overglorify signal to Do so-and-so . For humans intelligent the same power, but has more color through the mind. Yeah, my family is in danger-so, I feel a surge of patriotism, which means I really have to sacrifice their lives for the name of this or that country from the ruins to raise the industry to do etc .etc what revives and sustains life. The same force is applied to teachers of yoga who also live in this community, but perceive this force at a higher level. This is not instinct, it is not from the mind, this is a more closer version to the first cause of life, as one would say in yoga at the level of the causal body. But the nature of this prana, this life force is the same everywhere. Therefore, crowds in stadiums which sometimes in a fit of unifying something start to do,it’s not just instinct, Yes, it sometimes is provoked by instinct, Yes, it sometimes manifests as instinct, but there’s something elusive. The same in the formation of various States of mind. Finally, it is clearly understood by yogis and Yoginis and teachers of mankind who do not separate themselves from that kind of where they came from. It is believed if a certain race is born teacher of mankind, he saves for seven generations in one side of the family ,for seven generations in the other direction. I don’t know how these numbers are called, i.e. If your family is born a teacher or teacher, as we call it, as it is told in the generic yoga. All all your ancestors even if there was a romance, but retained a spark of life so you don’t have to worry. And also you can not worry for generations to come, that there too everything will be fine. What are not your offspring some you know are destructive, some shady characters. So if it is a force that operates equally clever and the fool and the philosopher, and duhovnogo person. This is what operates the generic yoga. And how this power is manifested. This power is manifested when the individual gets in contact with other individuals, constituting with it a single pranic space. Ie, when the young man approaches the girl, you know A. S. Pushkin “I remember a wonderful instant, before me you appeared” a young man may like the current hit, the whole universe it will change suddenly-he fell in love. What happened? The girl, as representative of the pulse of life. She awakened in him the hidden power. I refer anyone interested to the yoga of love as well as other yogic processes is the Royal path of Kundalini awakening. Not rude, when they start rough practices to force spontaneous reactions in the body occur, and beautiful . The same situation – you came to work you were frustrated and tired, you wanted nothing, you were bad. But you came in the team, the team may be different, but you share a common cause. You came into my firm and suddenly this invisible energy again, and you forgot about your dream of reason, at you as if society has affected so that you have time and began to see more light, good light. While you were single, you were left alone with their problems, with his dream of reason, from soy stupidity to a certain extent. You started to rot alive in their fermentations thoughts. That isn’t what to do don’t want to, it’s bad, don’t want anything. You cease to physically move and level maybe even physical metabolic processes stop or poison your body. Suddenly you were in demand by the society and time it vanished. Many people are able to work all my life at work as soon as they retire and become useless, alone. A good pension there, giving, honor and respect, but not a necessity of society. Look year the other elderly people retired and died. Why? The feeling of uselessness, the same as a sense of detachment from this force. If there are any other people, they in the you this power and awaken the energy. She’s a Kundalini energy and you feel that you need that there is some spiritual momentum. What is the meaning of your existence. This is one of the most closed topics, themes of immortality. Ie there is a reaction, so I don’t know at what level of human perception of other people and that ability to enable or disable system self-destruct. Well , really, if I don’t need anyone in his yogic sadhana to go up in the development I have, if it were men they would like me threw them. And then my life would be worth something and my life is worth nothing, what am I doing here? I die. This, of course, it is likely some mechanisms. Probably once they are thin with a rough , physical how it all interacts. So, friends, the presence of other people around you, with you components some group that unites you in one way or another , even something minor. It’s the way yoga activates your inner, your spiritual these depths of power. And while you need to the society, is your spiritual path. Even if you the word I don’t know even about yoga , not about the lesson, anything, just say you feel that the country needs. You are doing something for the country, not for himself, not to get rich, although yoga is not against enrichment. No power there, a career, a name for themselves and earn you just feel the engagement of their to something big, living. Yet I feel you live, but you need confirmation of this. A movie is good before I forgot what it was called, about a Stalinist Director who was fired from one job, but not appointed to another position. Mikhail Ulyanov is still there starred in the title role. Look, I forgot what it’s called. Now, friends, it is a law of the universe. Sooner or later all the world society from the state plow will go into a state of Vira, from Vira as, having individualism will again unite. But on a qualitatively new level. Not as unite as it was in the Soviet Union or Nazi Germany,a totalitarian. Go here now we have these our friends in Asia. This Association with the suppression of personal freedom. And as a result, it is a ticking time bomb. When every member of this society will rise to the next level of individualism and destroyed this idyll. Just like it ruined the Soviet Union. In the Soviet Union that, while there were wars, yet there were some things mobilizing, giving the person a feeling that he needed the Soviet Union existed. When it started to fall apart? When life more-or-less good become. This is called stagnation. Like there is no war, everything seems fine, but have new jeans to buy, a tape recorder. I remember back in those days there was no such technology, all jealous as there is the West. All went-went. I want my own apartment, I want to own a car, the sho, the fifth to the tenth.This individualism has virtually destroyed the Soviet system. And there he is was the external enemy. While an external enemy is, you feel valued. And you represent the society as a whole. There is no external enemy and you all fall apart. This way the only recipe in relation to the behavior of the state . Now there is a state totalitarian. Possible sanctions against them to enter, can be bombed, can they declare war, but they are stronger still are. And you can leave them alone. And then their full life, they themselves will decompose. This is the most interesting property of this system. Any totalitarian system only grows stronger when she is under pressure. Any more fanatic in their faith makes sure , the more you try to dissuade him. Leave him alone or make him see different sides of the situation, and suddenly all that’s the energy of life that supported his fanaticism know as water in the sand is gone and he is already bored, something to do, to rush under tanks, houses blow up, well not hunting. Let was a rush, because there was a demand from other members of society, because there was a General danger to society and there is nothing, no kind of energy, no energy kind – fanaticism has nothing to feed off, therefore, only kindness, in fact, a good life is not enough, it contributes to this phase of extension , but the trouble is that, as a rule, during this period are fanatical personality, or fanatical States that have mangled a lot of firewood. Time war something to announce or something. To burden their karma. And so just stayed-stayed, tired of the bigotry they themselves would have left him. So if you meet a fanatic maniac, know this fanatical, religious, philosophical, whatever. You know, the more you will argue with foam at the mouth that he is wrong, the more you yourself will give him his own prana. Go ahead, really, friends, is universal law. And you can make a forecast for the future. What awaits us. In terms of humanity. So, based on all considerations that we are apart. The scenario of development of mankind will be like this: survive, and the government will dominate successful that learns to combine the respect for personal freedom of every member of society, but at the same time, every member of society will be connected to a common sense kind of people. Work is a harmonious blend where we take all the best that was, including in the Soviet Union, if we take the Soviet Union. When we say it was necessary to do something new. Here’s an example: I had a science to move, said let’s build in Siberia Akadem Gorodok. Ibid. no climate, nothing at all, absolutely nothing. There is also Lawrence is an academician who organizes all of its associates. And now, young scientists from Moscow go God knows where, to live in tents. Now someone make, let’s cry’ll throw in silicon valley, anyone going? No one will go. Now, it is a factor, the factor of unity. The power factor, and indeed, in many areas of science, which was there made it ahead of what had been done around the globe. This is a very serious factor of belonging to something unified, whole. Individualism is losing. So here we are waiting for the next attempt to make the state, not necessarily it will be Russia, actually all the rest,will cotribute to combine. To combine here it is at first glance incompatible. Now we see some States that is dominated by systems very similar to the former Soviet Union. In fact, friends, sooner or later they will have to solve the problem of individualism. And that, as a rule, explosive force, which the USSR at the time destroyed. So, for example, in the East we see two countries: China is explicitly expressed collectivism, and India – pronounced individualism. If earlier it was the contradiction of the East-West closer to the North, now such a contradiction, apparently to be closer to the South. One of them will be more effective. These attempts can be repeated, and may again be a failure in postroite of this state. There will be take two, take three, take four, but still nothing to do. The kind of energy we can use, we decompose. To use there’s always a bias that is abuse. To find a narrow face, hard. And here to illustrate this idea, make it better until you realized what I say in the long term for the future. This is an illustration from science, it is certainly nothing to generic yoga has not, and simply illustrates the idea of which I speak. So the modern study of life show that was first single-celled organisms, and then sooner or later life has forced them to join together in multicellular organisms. And, friends, that the most interesting thing was apparently, but it’s true controversial hypothesis is that throughout the evolutionary history of several attempts to do this such a leap from unicellular to multicellular, there was a period ideatory .It was preceded by another period, which flared up and just as suddenly disappeared. Period ideatory is also unclear, he seems to have given impetus to multicellular,but to a greater extent on sediment deposition, recorded later the surge, which apparently can not relate to this previous one. Ie evolution in a first approach to implement this idea failed, second time failed, third…I really do not know how many. In political science the Museum go . Then that we are witnessing a Cambrian explosion. Still found this combination, when the personal freedom of a single cell in multicellular organism somehow gracefully combined with the freedom of the whole organism as a whole, there is a sense of something common. So maybe it will happen that we are waiting for some political issues of some other nature and not a trace will remain of the stupid socialist segonyana one size fits all. May be trace will be left on American individualism, there will be something new. And that’s the most important thing, friends, to grasp the right direction of evolution, to one side we knew where everything was going, so we built his personal life. In the end, your business if it comes to that. Their personal freedom in the jet, not inconsistent with evolutionary vector. And almost tribal yoga, which gives us on the one hand a sense of belonging to family, something higher helps, and warning of humanity, that it is impossible to be a bigot and so forth save us from the excesses. And of course, knowledge is power, knowledge makes you stronger. If you know the approximate trend where it will move , then you have more chances to live happy. I sometimes say, “well, what are you talking about? Individualism is now so firmly entered the lives of” Friends, I even in my little life seen the collapse of the immutable things. Well, let’s start with the fact that the Soviet Union collapsed. Didn’t even feel, it seemed so nandigama machine. When I Soviet science collapsed. All economic crises, when these States gained and lost too much. And that even now, if you start at the seams to crack America. I wonder, have the habit of eating. See if suddenly their model doesn’t work, she already bursting at the seams. Now everyone is starting to think about what to do, and, friends, this is not an abstract some reflections this reflection is quite specific. Let’s say you have savings money for a rainy day you put off some n number of tug, what’s to keep them? This is not abstract philosophy. This is a real life. But let’s not about sad. Now, friends, apparently, this combination of your personal freedom, what we like in America and the potential of the feeling of unity that we see in the same Soviet Union – the two extremes from which something viable and just as from a single-celled, sooner or later you still get multicellular organisms. Which has led to the fact that we have great business people, because you have a huge number of cells. In fact, if the analogy with people on varying degrees of self-awareness. Take your nerve cell and take your cell of the hair or skin. If this is an attempt to consider each cell as something special, so it’s trying to connect I’m on varying degrees of self-consciousness that is born with something viable, coherent whole. From now on, there is a powerful factor that inside each of you to awaken those yogic powers which you do not even suspect. Which you would do in a sole practice rediscovers can be many, many lives. And this factor affects you and like-minded people. Like-minded individuals just by their presence , not to mention the special practices ,which says including tribal yoga will awaken in you the strength which you are not even aware. Here is one of the most interesting manifestations of say in yoga – yoga Nyasa. Where a simple touch of one person to another, but from the perspective of all these canons of Niassa yoga as if that is appealing to a single stream of life, he is the flow kind of people, country, universe, all living things. And quite miraculously accelerate all yogic processes. Another form of yoga — Rita Yoga, which later became a pair of dancing men and women. It’s beautiful. But the point is not that it is beautiful, but the fact that there is a mutual awakening of potential. You will never be left alone, not having spent n number of lives. And the triad. The triad in General is a separate line , even touching it will not, it is clear that everything is built on the relationship between male and female. This is a more narrowly honed feeling all around the issues associated with gender. And I can enumerate a huge quantity of the most different yogic practices, including joint pranayama yoga, Kriya yoga or Hatha yoga in one place with like-minded people. By the presence of other people, you will receive a totally unique effect. You are aware, but only hearing, seeing, when some senses are somehow to convey, regardless of your spiritual level, intellectual level, degree of elegance of mind is generally not important. Why?Because that’s the power that is regenerated, it is universal. It operates on clever and silly, and spiritual. And of course, in yoga it very seriously, use of the teacher. It is in this sense of the big ashrams. Probably in the same sense, some other associations of people who like going. The difference of yoga from these entities is the ultimate openness. But all this mysterious secret order, the secret of initiation. They probably also tried to use this power, but unlike yoga, secretly , with the introduction of a few. Yoga speaks about it openly. Because if we know these mechanisms. How Adolf Hitler was able to unite a huge number of people absolutely not resorting to any such factors traditional. Didn’t know why Napoleon always had victory, etc. etc. We know the strength of these individuals. As an individual able to do something. If we were to gloss over these forces is not going anywhere, there are simply people who intuitively priotkroyut or use the ancient knowledge for their own purposes. And begin as puppeteers to lead. But if we know the nature of this power, if they know it all, so we can use for the benefit of all these forces, and to resist if someone starts to abuse it , as many sects, destructive currents because they also use that power. This is what modern psychology hasn’t touched, at least officially. But once again, friends, we are still here with you study yoga, so I am personally more concerned about the teacher training yoga. And of course all the moments that will make you more kind, open and will save you from stupid. And at the same time will dramatically speed up your spiritual transformation. Should be used for the good of mankind. For the benefit of all sentient beings, but should not be used secretly and openly. Surely, too, there is some gradation ie there are some details which should be given only to trusted people. But the General principles you must know many. And this is the only guarantee that these forces will not use in any criminal purposes. And before we wrap up, friends, I urge you – to attend classes, lectures, seminars on yoga, sign up for courses Don’t wait for anything. You wait – the universe is waiting. Look for like-minded, engaged, engaged themselves. A lot of people I’ve met, you begin to ask them what you do? So I need some kind of sign, almost over to see here when I feel that something will go harmoniously, then I’ll start to do it, but if not , then I will not do anything. I believe in something higher that is the highest will take care of me. Friends, do not believe such people in the Supreme, do NOT BELIEVE. You know how they say “God helps those who help themselves” Why not believe, because to believe in a higher that giant we must first at least to believe in ourselves. If the person does not believe in himself, he is not absolute, not God, not a cosmic law ,or what he believes. He is deceiving himself. So once again I urge you forward,FORWARD,FORWARD,

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