Generic Yoga. Vadim Zaporozhtsev. Part of the 5th. Lecture 2010.10.09

The reverse side of “duty” – is the freedom


So, friends, today we have 9 October 2010. My name is Vadim Zaporozhtsev. That we have the International Open Yoga University lectures. The theme of today’s lecture – Generic yoga. All information is archived on our sites,, Are we at the Cultural Center “Enlightenment”, in Moscow, near the metro Novoslobodskaya.



We continue to consider childbirth yoga, it is the 5th lecture.

So, do you remember that yoga encourages us to freedom, yoga encourages us to fight for freedom, yoga encourages us to throw away everything that takes us from freedom. Yoga can not enslave you in principle. Yoga – is the set of knowledge, exercises, techniques, in which case it should lead you to freedom.


And, on the one hand, this is a very powerful message of yoga, yoga powerful promise in terms of your appeal (called) the teeth to tear, break all the barriers to their freedom. But, on the other hand, yoga is very gently urges you to the choice of methods. And some active steps to apply where it is needed. And God forbid reckless use movements that our psevdosvoboda not based on the freedom of other living beings.

Those. is a very serious situation, that freedom – is not permissiveness, not anarchy. This is the state to which we are sure will come. But the road to this state is not so simple.


And here we consider childbirth yoga that (well, as you say), on the one hand, makes a very strong emphasis on the fact that something we very much need.


For example, we all aspire to freedom, in fact, we now have a purely subjective feeling that we are in something free. So, Generic Yoga in this sense somewhere opens our eyes to our true state of affairs on our true condition. That Yes, indeed, that our freedom is based on the gift that was given to us by our ancestors, and we are in their debt.


And it turns out that the interpretation of this suddenly gives an insight into the degree of our freedom less than we think for the first time. Many different ties that unite us with the universe, with other people and, above all, to our ancestors, we can not know and are not aware of these links, we do not know and can not guess about the state, which now It is, first of all, our ancestors. But the impact it has on every step on our every action.

Just as the tree has many roots, and the tree can not just jump and run. While it may be, it leaves at the very top of the tree in a gust of wind and feel the freedom of the subjective: I want to Push, Push want here, I want to the left, I want to right. But, in fact, very limited presence of the barrel, and the barrel – the presence of roots.


And just as well here as we live, and have set ourselves this or that way of life, or that purpose. Whether it’s the goal of making money, whether it’s the goal of prosperity in business, in culture, in art, anywhere.


So, these goals somewhere begin to dictate our behavior. But our behavior is limited to the actual state in which we find ourselves. And if we consider the set of invisible (again) relations, the situation becomes better understood. And, on the one hand, you begin to better understand what you have been more joyful conception of life than life really is.


On the other hand, are: a) do not allow silly errors, i.e. do not build not sbytochnoy plans; b) it is really to develop a strategy to give all their karmic debts, untie all the most intricate tie-up relationships, relationships with people, and easily reach the Highest Yoga state or otherwise – the highest state of freedom.


Those. I want you to set up a working yoga twist. Yoga – this is a serious science. Yes, it is a lot of promises, but it encourages us to go ahead and find all things to reveal all that we have laid down, to reveal our inner freedom.


But, at the same time, this is a very sober science, which sees the real situation and not an imaginary situation. Those. not with yoga slogan fits: “Hurrah, hurray, like all great! Tomorrow samadhi leave tomorrow all enlightenment leave Tomorrow will gain superpowers, tomorrow will learn to fly through the air.”


Yes, learn, yes, will find, yes, it all comes to you. But it is necessary to analyze, as there are no clues invisible to you. If these clues are not, it may not be tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow. And tomorrow you will unleash the holds, that is – in the lotus position to the stars. You know, there is a saying: “Through the thorns – to the stars.” To the stars in a different way to get there is not.


And if we try, we think, to make a desperate leap (to break with society, to break with our parents, relatives, friends, other people, that I supposedly Now enlightens, then it could turn out nothing, if we have a karmic debt.

The relationship of all yogas



Now it is necessary here to describe one more thing, that we understand another approach yoga for an explanation of certain exercises or treatment of various different types of yoga.


I remind you that as long as there are manifestations of human life, so there is a yogi. In fact, where one yoga, yoga begins another ends. Where it ends the other yoga, yoga third begins. So, how many manifestations of man, and the same number of varieties.


And so, this time, as yoga of overcoming death is very closely related to the Generic yoga. Generic yoga is very closely related to yoga Triad (Tantra yoga, the yoga of the Union, in Love Yoga), etc.


Those. Each yoga – it’s like a little puzzle, from which you can, if you collect all the puzzles, you can build a picture of life. Small children play: of these little puzzles to collect pictures. And if at least one puzzle is lost, the overall picture is not.


But, you know, there is still a sheet on which the puzzles are going. In this regard, there are some more fundamental pieces of the picture. If these fragments will not be, yoga hangs in the air. So, Generic yoga is this fundamental puzzle.


But, at the same time, the style description of the mechanism of action of various phenomena in our life can be different. Somewhere, in some types of yoga is more mechanistic approach, where more than trying to ignore the man, as the pulse of life, but most consider it as, indeed, a complex mechanism of the bodies, which shines through our higher self

This approach closer, you know, in Western science, closer to the Western conception of man as a set of some metabolic reactions as some structures that are like each other’s gear is caused to rotate. And now we have this or that person with his patterns of behavior.


This is very loves to modern psychology, which tries to treat the person as a mechanistic entity as such, you know, a teddy bear, which was brought to the key, and which is driven by legs, according to a preset program. What part of, really, in many ways, and describes the behavior of the person, and it predicts some moments of human device.


And, for example, such a yoga, yoga Triad, particularly in regard to the part which relates to Yoga Union, Tantra Yoga, it is very close to this approach, which describes such visual mechanisms gear our thoughts, feelings, as they are with each other interact and why we see this or that course of action in humans.


At the same time, we are seeing more yoga, where the descriptive process steps are diametrically different. You’re there in less encounter something mechanistic, but more meet some of the narrative, which seem to some tales, or some things that are close to our normal lives.


And this characteristic (again want to mention) example of such a system is a generic descriptive yoga, where we are in terms of the “ancestors”, “kind”, “pulse of life”, “husband or wife”, etc, etc . Those. it is from the area so humane, blurred and clear, at first sight, seemingly Western man is not quite serious. Still Westerner accustomed to some patterns, to some scientism.

And here it is scientism (as it were) slips out of his hands. Therefore, a long time Generic yoga is not considered as something serious, was not considered seriously as an integral part of this teaching because it is somehow at home, such as ordinary.


It should be noted that the same focus you will find much in the Vedas. It must be said that the foundation of the cultural shock, which has developed and maintained yoga – is the Vedas. Read them extremely difficult. Even the experts do not understand sometimes what was meant.


And many Westerners, Western researchers the impression that it’s some nonsense, that is some surviving text of myths, proverbs, tales. Those. cultural heritage, yes, one of the oldest in the world, or rather, the most ancient tradition today, has come down to us. But, on the other hand, need to be treated as a frivolous tales, no valuable information can not be emphasized. So, this is completely untrue.


The Vedas, which for so many years handed down orally, would not be stored in the burden of non-working practices, some descriptive moments or some thought. They would simply throw away as useless because lugging the baggage is very expensive.


We are finishing school and do not remember what we learned there, even if learned something by heart. And then we had a huge amount on the text to keep in mind. Moreover, even apart from the Vedas, many other texts have to remember.

So, in the generic description language yoga it is closer to the Vedic knowledge. Therefore, it is poorly perceived by the West. At one time, when the great Vivekananda (disciple of Ramakrishna) came to the West, he talked a lot of different lectures, some of them are written, published, some of the void left because no one came into their head record.


Then the researchers Vivekananda himself observed that the West is very poorly understood some vital yoga position, they remain deaf to the words. But after Vivekananda came, and came to replace other disciple of Ramakrishna, who became state Yoga Sutra Panandzhali, where everything is very concise, very briefly, where all the overgrown comments, formed under the influence of Buddhism. But Buddhism in general, is very close to the Western mentality, where more precise some provisions causal conclusions. And this is very much a Western man.


So, the Yoga Sutra of Patanjali went “Hurrah.” A more general points that are including the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, they know, like water leaking through his fingers, and the meaning of these teachings did not reach western followers, and it was useless to them something to teach. And such examples, we can see to this day.


Why do I say all this? For what I have in my presentation Generic yoga, of course, I will try to do for your perception – a comparison with other yogis. Including yoga Triad, other yogis, where there are mechanistic position.


In the same yoga Triad has the protection mechanism of procreation.


Friends, so the word “gear” itself somehow closer to the Western mentality, spinning gears, can somehow make out, gather, examine maslenochnoy grease or modify the file. And I’m going to try to use generic to explain the language of yoga, which, strictly speaking, should have been the language of parables, myths. In fact, it is a practical, applied side of the Vedas, ie the foundation, in general, the whole of yoga, but as the air that we do not see, but breathe in and out, philosophers believed that there is nothing, empty. This idea that there is air, does not reach them.


It turns out that some of the mechanisms of action of Generic yoga I could describe to the position of the ancient treatises of yoga as ancestors are not happy, or their ancestors have to appease or something else, that it is clear for all of us, easy to understand, and sometimes causes a smile, sometimes more is on first sight for Westerners frivolity.

But we can safely put an equal sign between the concept of ancestors in the Ancestral yoga and the mechanism of protection procreation in yoga Triad. In fact, it is the same, only due to the specific action in different ways.


On the one hand, mechanically, as a kind of program built into our bodies and into our cliché behavior – this is the part of yoga Triad (the mechanism of protection procreation). But from the perspective of a Generic yoga, as a certain impulse of all living things on which we rely and which, in fact, you know, on the crest of the waves of life brought us to the top existence on the level of existence in the form of the human body.



The term “ancestors are satisfied”



And it turns out that when I say “the mechanism of protection procreation” – everything is clear for everyone. And when I say “ancestors are satisfied”, nothing anyone clear that for the ancestors, where ancestors, and where they now live? Even with the previous lecture, how much time has passed, each of the second question: “where are they now?”. You know, every idea that somewhere in some area they live, these ancestors, in General, the different mythmaking.


To clarify, it will be necessary to look from one side to the other. The question arises: “how it really is?”. Friends, and in fact it is not expressible. You remember that yoga is Verhovina science. And even that the concept of “ancestors dissatisfied” or “mechanism of protection procreation” is an attempt to Express the inexpressible pulse of life.


Do you remember what is the knowledge sverdlovini, logical and illogical, ie stupidity. Any sverdlovka is always in a wrapper of logic. But, you know, like any subject, you can look at it left and right, and in fact, it is a single object. Similarly here, in terms of “the ancestors are not pleased,” look, why are we in the life something goes awry. But you can on the other hand the same our messy look and explain to him that we woke up the mechanism of protection procreation.


And in fact, this common life does not allow us to do silly things, or (as it were) supports the entire Universe. Therefore, you, once again, needs some getting used to the language explanation of the different yogas. Despite the fact that yoga is one, the language of the explanations can be quite different.


In this regard, another little question, I’m a little touched, but in the future we, maybe more will consider it. This attitude to life.



Attitude to life



And Western man, first and foremost, to survive, inclined to change the nature around them. At that time, as in ancient times, people of the East or those times when you were brought to us including the Vedas, the man was at once inclined to change around nature and adapt to nature, or to adapt to the surrounding life.


Or in other words, look, if you will look at how changing conditions of life on planet Earth, you will find that there were moments when the atmosphere had no oxygen but was life.


Friends, it was different. We are now accustomed to sing songs about “a blue sky” – do you remember the nursery rhyme, “we are not proponents of robbery”? There was a time when the sky was not blue on Earth. Why? Because the various other gases present in the atmosphere. And at one time there was a lot of methane, another time, some other gases. And at one time the sky could be so reddish, as on other planets.


Ie all during this time has varied: temperature, atmosphere, source of energy get available on Earth. But this time was life. And this life very often adjust to changing conditions. Ie no free oxygen, and the metabolism lined up in a chain involving some other chemical reactions from which it was possible to extract the energy of life.


Appeared oxygen very well, we only live once being adjusted to the presence of a large oxygen and began to actively use it. In particular, the fact that we breathe air, it was such an adjustment.


Some our great-great-great-ancestor thought of this wonderful idea that if there is in the atmosphere, much oxygen, they can breathe it and use it. But, on the other hand, where the oxygen is, in General, come from? And it turns out that he took out of the activities numerous, including, and microorganisms that are around him the Universe had changed for themselves. Or rather, not for themselves, but as a result of its activities. And then began to use the result of its activities.


The question always arises: now Western civilization is not stopped if it is in standstill, using the exclusively mechanistic civilization. Everywhere there self-propelled carts, fly planes, etc., i.e. in the direction of iron, in the direction of some units. And it is very much affected by including on the psyche, mentality.

Yoga says: “Yes, this is a very strong bias”. In ancient times it was balanced, in ancient times, civilization has traveled a parallel path. It is primarily engaged in a, self-knowledge, potential, and, in fact, a restructuring of the body. After doing yoga, friends, you, by and large, are beginning to change their first fine structure, and then, as a consequence, coarse structure. This explains the numerous side effects from yoga that you become healthier, more confident, mentally healthy, you have the memory increases, etc., etc.


This is a consequence of self-change. Yes, you clean, you change the internal energy of the structure, doing yoga, although not shown.


So, in ancient times, people definitely were doing. But, again, the references to the Vedic times we read about some devices that obviously somehow resemble modern mechanistic. Ie we were the echoes read about some chariots that could travel through the air, we read about a miracle weapon that the description really looks like a handheld laser gun that could break through mountains, etc.


Ie clear, it’s over the years mythology somehow transformed, but the source of the quake was some real, etc., a lot of references to such achievements, as we would say, of a purely technical nature are present in this ancient knowledge. It is, of course, now poorly understood, the language has changed in many ways. We just don’t even know what means a particular word – language has changed.


Let me remind you that the Vedas were written by the so-called Vedic language from which lots and lots and lots and lots later emerged Sanskrit. Sanskrit, in General, even if you know Sanskrit, it is not a fact that you can, say, easily handle the Vedas because there can be all very different.


Yes, and so, of course, that when we… and here the ancient, apparently, was balanced civilization. Including, maybe, this explains that they has reached such heights, in particular, in self-knowledge, yoga, and came to us.


On the one hand, they have transformed themselves, on the other hand, they did not neglect that transformed the nature around. And here in this synthesis, apparently, is born every supercivilization.


We’re more, of course, as people of the West, went in the direction of the transformation of nature around me, sometimes often the most barbaric way, when numerous landfills, emissions of many inappropriate things, garbage, just poisoning the environment.


Think about it, you went to the store, bought some new cell phone. And you know what fate awaits him? That three-year or four straight he will be at the suburban landfill.


I.e. everything that is produced and sold in all these stores, can be a lot of money, you will serve several years and then straight bums will understand. Before it was possible though on color of metal to recycle, now-almost anything to pass, all mixed together.


And, indeed, modern consumer society, or our civilization, skewed towards external, it is external much crap. That think any thing you bought, you will sooner or later throw, and sooner or later it will be in a landfill. What wonder that these landfills will continue to grow, to grow and fill in.


I don’t remember, was a statistic that every day in Moscow comes to a certain number of trains, the eyeballs full of new some goods, clothing and other, other, other junk.


Friends, in the idea, if a pool is something poured, not poured, it needs to swell, to inflate, to swell and burst. It is clear that somewhere there is a drain. And how much flows, and the same is poured. And each train with new products coming to Moscow, should cause from Moscow should leave the same train with our artefacts.


And we don’t even think. So we went to the toilet, and where it all went, any of you… so you bought a jar of caviar, and ate it, and the final destination you were tracking? I.e. this bias in our perception of something external, it is, of course, can not long exist. But, really, yoga in this respect is not so pessimistic. Small children in this respect, too, for themselves, ask forgiveness, go to the toilet. But then grow up and learn to do it nicely.


Also we are now a little bit do not think about the consequences of this mechanistic approach. Now, he needed friends, he certainly needed. If you read somewhere that the Eastern civilization is the opposite of Western civilization – is wrong. True Eastern civilization is balanced civilization, and a Western skewed.


So, what am I all about? Here is the external our thoughtlessness should be compensated more this inner wisdom sensations of unity of all life or kinship with all life. And then you will dump that somewhere. It’s part of, you know, living where you woven.


And in a Generic yoga, again, permeates the basic idea, the basic humanistic idea about the connection of all living things. You can’t jump out of that alive, not pulling a lot of strings. It seems to you that you are free you are free. For each day of your life, once again, how much garbage at the dump is formed. Or early (now to a lesser extent) an accountant with a computer and a printer, continuously printing some papers necessary and unnecessary, the day can destroy acres of forest. Because this paper is made from wood, wood sawing.


And so, maybe not worth the extra time a piece of paper to print on your printer, maybe a phone call or send a computer message. Before us still don’t get it, we still do not feel the pain of a tree that is felled. And the right to cut it down, maybe a good thing, the bathhouse would you have built, you would have it soared and rejoiced. And this tree will be chopped down and turned into a series of processes in the paper on which you print one side of something stupid, and you have there straight. And out of the field you leave on this piece of paper, i.e. good quarter isn’t going anywhere. Print on only one side, the second side will remain clean, and then crumpled and thrown into the garbage.


And you have no sense of unity of all living things. And I must say that you do not succeed in yoga if you don’t feel all visible and invisible relationship to the whole surrounding Universe. It is God forbid, not saying we need to ban science, ban the production or as a one time to ban nuclear energy, supposedly we are there for reaktivny waste all bad.


Friends, radiation from nuclear power is actually how much was left, use natural uranium, it is something we are not from the moon falls. Radiation it grows. Another thing, how to use: in the mind or stupidity.


Ie we are forced to go and mechanistic way. But if we do not balance this mechanistic way with this look, which insists including Tribal yoga, of the unity of all living things – a dead end for civilization.


I’m not saying that you personally stumped as yogi or Yogini. If you will not feel the breath of life over everything, every blade of grass, every bird, insect. If you (like) will remain indifferent to the dump that is burning or Smoking debris, meaning you’ll from all over the Universe to cut out the pieces and say, “It’s not me, it’s not mine, it is to me is irrelevant”. Although it is so, because you are including and generate these dumps.


So, if you buy a new cell phone and throw out the packaging, be aware that the dump will grow with your participation. So, the karmic trace is for you. And if you cut out of your life this dump, and you had a direct relationship to the fact that she grew up, you will never understand the integrity of the world. Even if the rest of the world will be all right, around your neck will drag this dump. And at the last moment before the enlightenment, if this karmic connection, you will not go anywhere in the enlightenment, the universe will say, “Well, come back, go for a move, and then the enlightenment.”


This is the logic of Generic yoga. You see, friends, it’s all very logical, mathematical precision. But as it is described by the concepts of kinship, of all life, all think again, what sort of rubbish will start to smack, like, “hug each other, love each other, be kind, grandmothers across the road translate etc., etc.”. No, grandparents should cross the road, who are arguing. But the question is that this is such a show that the external words no kindness, the feeling to do something real.

The factor of “discontent of the ancestors”



But let us go further. So, let me remind you that in the previous lecture we touched on this topic that there is a factor of ancestors. From the yoga Triad, this factor was mostly described as a mechanism of protection procreation. In yoga Triad would be said that the main function of this mechanism is the prolongation of life on earth.


But here the emphasis is different, there appear to be ancestors to whom we owe a great debt. And the fact that we consider ourselves a free, somewhat exaggerated.


Again, let me remind you that we have reached this point, all our ancestors… so they can be figuratively divided into two groups of ancestors. By the way, is very well traced in the Vedas, the “rig Veda”, one of the most ancient Veda. That some ancestors we can expect only good and no obstructions. But from other ancestors we can expect anything. I.e. including all kinds of obstacles in our path, whatever that we do, whatever plans we have built. This factor of ancestors from this second group it is a factor, you know, restless factor.


If we handle ourselves in one way, those ancestors of the second group will try to help us, we will try to assist in every way to help, as if we could help.


If we act like something is wrong, the situation in our life will appear as if these evil ancestors, or rather, disgruntled ancestors started to obstruct and began to fix us all sorts of interference.


Moreover, noise, friends, are of such a level, causes a person to be superstitious. Let’s say you have started some new business, and know what I need to do this, this and this. And you’re all done. And the implication that three factors must somehow connect, and go-go. But they don’t connect.


Ie, you hire the designer, the designer develops a packaging, the appearance of your new product. The best engineers are developing a chip which will be the basis of your product. The best marketers sign as this item position. You will spend on the advertising budget of millions of dollars in Prime-time on “the First channel” it is your washing powder with built-in IC chip was shown, already pulling all its novelty. Or your car once again went and said there were 300 horsepower, was the 600, only the wings attach in the space.


And here repeats with a gasp, advertisement trying to push your product. And the design is good, everything seems to be, and you burned, blew up, and you do not know where. I don’t understand it all. That’s worse than a competitor product, and a chip of the old, and the appearance of some not super modern, and this advertising budget they had, and they came in the top of sales, and you came out, did not happen.


And you start to analyze where it didn’t work. Just as they have. They have worked you have not worked. And, you know, there is literally superstitious fear: who is that foreign power intervened?


Of course, more detailed and more profound considering every situation from the standpoint of logic, all kinds of folly disappears. Sometimes from superstition, nothing remains, but may remain a factor sverkhnovye. And sverdlovka can be first or second order of smallness, you have something not finish, somewhere you this screw was wrapped not as a competitor. Why? Well, on a whim, as whether you like something relaxed, or not … It is necessary to press the reset button, and then pressed. And again – did not work.


Today was the same situation. I was looking through our site, and we do advertising. I go to someone’s computer and not our advertising. Here is the banner hanging – such a small kartinochka, where you can go to our website. On our computers there, and they are not.


I’m starting to think through all the possible options, why I have, and he doesn’t. Indeed, already come into play that it is malicious hackers introduced a code of some kind, they want to crush etc. a casket, that is, just opened.


It turns out that the address where the stored picture, the word “banner”. And most browsers are, well, not most, but some browsers, when you see the word “banner” means annoying ads. They are simply supposed to protect the user and the magical way the ads do not show. You could spend a million dollars, but wrote that stupid word “banner” and himself cut (what is called) all continuation, for what you this banner made.


At first glance, a mystery, at first glance inexplicable. And then, when you already know that somewhere relaxed, where something is not cooked, somewhere there was that inspiration over and above that you would be saved from unnecessary and instilled the right strategy. Or as the ancient Greeks used to say that if the powers that be want to punish mortals, they are deprived of their mind. All logical, but only in some ways, the sleep of reason made a mistake and we see it as some failure or some mysticism in our lives invaded.


On the other hand, we read many tales about Ivan the fool: lay on the stove didn’t work, didn’t do anything. But probably it is a higher power podfortilo, once he was in, what is called, Pets. Probably, in particular, and with the ancestors he had a good relationship. On the stove it was just the place to appease the ancestors with the opposite sex. So he had gone then, remember “do not want to work, let the stove going.”


But you can interpret it all. But the fact remains, there are some moments, you know, they’re at a level where logic goes to sverdlovka. Sverdlovka and this sometimes includes our own stupidity, and sometimes disconnects. Sometimes it helps us to overcome our own stupidity and sometimes not.


Ie, friends, all fall under the law of karma. It is clear that if you had karma at least a little negative, then no would be the ancestors could not affect you in principle. Just as the mechanism of protection procreation, it is only those mechanisms karmic, if you will, formed as a result of the evolution of our bodies that we have gained.


Therefore, from the standpoint of karma will all analyze all very honest, very straight. Again, Yes, crawled out your bad karma, and at the most opportune moment, and your business didn’t work. If you didn’t have karma, any business scheme would have worked. Why? Because you’d worked it up to each step. But since we largely (do you remember another position Karma yoga) live in debt, i.e., our situation is much better than we deserve.


I.e. our karma would not have to contribute, that we have a body of people that we have more or less perfected mind. But someone at some time gave us this gift to (if anything) to freeze at the time of our negative karma so that we may gain wisdom, with redoubled force, appealed to all their shortcomings and all this karma is neutralized and did not wait for her to Wake up.


And now, it turns out that the guy who gave us a loan, or who are in debt to our negative karma, you can wait. But if you begin to be rude and insulting, or something not good towards the person who gave us money, they can think about it to keep frozen our negative karma.


And at this transition and is born at first sight, this factor can be interpreted as some kind of something in excess, as superstition, as something that defies rigid logic. No, friends, all honest. From the standpoint of logic and reason all honestly, no potustoronnij, no illogic there. There are more complex web of laws.


There are, as you know, very serious point. What if someone gave us money, we should properly behave with this one. If you have come to the banker and that the banker gave you a loan million, and you lived in a hovel, and after this took a million, bought an apartment, car, and even begin to blame the banker that he is stupid that he knows nothing about. Then the banker gave a million and gave, but if you then come and ask for an extension of its line of credit, the banker may, Oh how good to think, but to extend it to you.


So, that kind of logic, friends. The word “logic”, as superstition, will crystallize: happy ancestors, the ancestors are unhappy. But this is only at first glance. If you clearly analyse, everything is logical.


And, of course, immediately raises the following point: who are these ancestors, and where are they? Again, this question, of course, is our Western people accustomed to think in a mechanistic fashion, where everything has to be clearly comprehended, drawn. I.e. if there’s anywhere the ancestor is unhappy, and where is he now?


I must say that in the Eastern culture such trifles never interested. I.e. the very existence of an ancestor that you have – that is a problem. Where is he now, what condition is it in – is it tenth. It is, in General, has no real meaning. The real importance is how you’re going to give these debts.


However, to make a boost for your mind to this issue it was all very logical and understandable, I’m definitely in the simplified scheme will try to outline possible scenarios. Why? Because this is another section of yoga, which explains what types of existence in the Universe are.


And in order not to overburden this theory heavy, which would have taken away from this threads Generic yoga, I’ll casually mention I’m going to apply to other sources, otherwise, our lectures will grow into something obscenely large.


Now, friends, as you know, our existence in physical bodies – it still may not be the only form, first, of life in the Universe and, of course, there are other forms of existence, say, of beasts, of animals, birds, etc.

I am not going to be a factor that other planets can also be life, including intelligent and in physical bodies. Won’t pull, you know, those things that seem fantastic. I just don’t know, or rather, yoga says Yes, there is life. But I don’t want everything in a heap in the way, to avoid confusion.


So, even if you do not consider this, there are lots of places where they can exist, or the mass of bodies to show higher self including the higher self of our ancestors.


In addition, we remember that there is such a thing as a transition from life to death and the Yoga of the Overcoming of Death doing this. It is believed that for the majority of living beings, this period in the area of 49 days, someone less, someone more. This number of days must pass before dying, the living entity is not incarnate in another body.


But there are many exceptions, in fact, in the Yoga of the Overcoming of Death. But this is only for level yogis and Yogini, reached a certain height. So, I have to mention about them, but without having to go into details.


Finally, as yoga tells us, there are other planes of existence. For example, where your body stops only at the level of subtle. We remember that according to the coarse yoga, we humans are three groups of bodies: the causal body, then the subtle and then the gross physical body.


So there is a factor of the existence of life only in thin bodies with no gross bodies. i.e. being in such a body has a mass of the most remarkable abilities, somewhere in this universe parallel to our own Universe, once it is crossed. But, again, that you understand, this is the area of our dreams with dreams.


Finally, there are bodies at the level of the causal body, where the living entity remains in the shell of the causal body, no thin and no rough. I.e., such formations of the Universe, where the deceased higher self in the human body can then be born, quite a lot. Moreover, these worlds are subtle, causal, and they can also be colored by the experience that gets former man born there. Somewhere it is entirely a world of suffering, again, a product of the negative karma of the person.


Somewhere on the contrary, it is increasingly a world of enjoyment. Again, the product to some extent, the positive karma of the man, where it mixed worlds, i.e. neither there nor here is a perfect analogy of our earthly life. For someone every second of life is hell for someone every second of life and day Paradise. But for someone like the bulk of mankind – grey weekdays: go to work, etc.


So, places where we could live our ancestors, quite a lot. Ie, imagine one of the possible hypothetical situations. Here in the chain of your ancestors was the ancestor who gave you a gift and you’ve got the human body. But, for example, this ancestor was not enough good karma to be born again in the human body. And he, say, was born in an animal’s body and suffers, waits, and will have the opportunity to be born in human body from those he left in the bodies of people. And these people run, jump, fuss, but not in a hurry to provide the body.


And here’s a former man forced to be born anywhere. Well, maybe born in the dog’s body. And we then wonder why we have such a smart dog, without words we understand. That is, mongrel mongrel, do not teach much, how not to train, no one team does not perform, and this is literally a mind reader.


You know, the scary hands, if so well to think a dog should be a dog and not a person in the dog’s body. And too testirovanie animal causes such vague doubts about the history of this animal.


But, do you think you are a former people, live in the dog’s body, very smart, agile, quick-witted, but, friends, in the dog’s body to live, not sugar. Well, if there’s someone in the apartment keeps the bone to buy, but if you trash yours knackers chase, hunger. Only you have the puppies appeared, joy for you, someone killed, or something. Oh, friends, life in the body of the animal is not sugar. And here you are living in the body of the animal with a sort of vague feeling: “But I still need someone”. And your actually the ancestor at this point is riding in the Mercedes and said, “No, no, don’t want kids, I have old stamp “Mercedes”, want more new brand” or “not that, not that.”



The impulse of displeasure, when you have



You know, your ancestor is still here, he is a living being, he has Energy and Consciousness, it somehow manifests itself through this world, i.e. he makes some momentum. Ie he weaves the mosaic of this world some kind of a pulse udovolstvy or displeasure.



And if you need someone, the impulse of displeasure sooner or later come up to you because of karma-that your. And karma in this respect very strict law: only gets the one who has, and no one else. And you know, live in the human body in this backdrop the evil from your ancestors, who now live in the bodies of dogs and wait, and when you still think about procreation.


But there is a softer option. If, again, your ancestor was too good karma to one life to live man and give you the push that you live, but born, say, we have here in Moscow and elsewhere in Africa are hungry, where epidemics and terrible living conditions.


And here he is sitting under his palm tree and also thinks: “And me because someone has actually, I’m, generally speaking, someone you gave life to more good. I remember that in a past life someone gave birth, gave higher education. Moreover, my son, like, enrolled at MSU. But it is all broken. And that’s when I died, the bodies available to me was not, but still I have enough good karma to be born in the body of the animal. And the body free people were only in Africa”. Why? Well, because they have a holiday there and they don’t really think about contraception. Born, born, survive. Survived, survived, nothing, new have. There the manners are simple, but in its own way more honest.


Another point, your ancestor just as dead, and what ever intermediate world was born. By the way, in the Buddhist hierarchy in tantric Buddhism and in Buddhism in General, they are very serious such gradation, we loved the result. Honestly, they are more bring down the modern Western man, to understand. Here they had the Ada: what the hell you were born or in heaven you will be born.


In the sense that you have a body of a man coarse and some fine, and you either enjoy or suffer. And you hang at the level of the subtle body, and even if you’re enjoying that you had good karma, then you remember that to achieve a spiritual goal necessarily need to pass through the human body while the human body, is that life in a thin body is not suitable for a breakthrough in enlightenment, only through the human body up. The human body is more coarse and pleasure is smaller than in this fine world, but still he will sooner or later have to be born in the human body.


And you do not rush to give procreation. And that your ancestor, whose absolutely wonderful karma in all respects except one, that he gave, unfortunately, the offspring of this gift, and the son he does not give.


And this is your ancestor too good karma to suffer, but too bad, to be born again on earth in the human body, and you, to whom he gave a loan, do not rush him to return. Ie someone once, figuratively speaking, gave you a million dollars and then suddenly went bankrupt. And you this a million live well, and no to his old benefactor to help you even forgot about it.


Here is a weave can be. Therefore, regardless of where he lives, where now I is your ancestor (whether in the body of a dog, a person, at some subtle level), friends, anyway, these bodies operate across our common Universe, we are related to each other.


What we related? Their previous karmic relationship. And so, in the modern age, all those for whom we have, they are, if anything, even your mental field will affect your mentality. Not to mention the more some of the specific methods of impact, which in fact, as you recall the axioms of yoga are reduced to two factors – the mind factor and the factor of Energy.


Factor of Energy of any I – is an integral part, wherever he was: in hell, in Paradise, in the gross body, the subtle body, the body of an animal, in the human body. Factor of Energy, this energy, let’s say you are unhappy, and the world is one, and it is only a matter of time, those pulses will reach you at the most inopportune moment.


That’s what I mean by this simple and very simple phrase “the ancestors unhappy” if it is to begin to decipher, it becomes very honest, very logical and consistent, and very seriously it should be taken.


So I hope… Yes, I am, of course, this is all explained in extremely simple terms, simplistically, that you have at least some clue of understanding was born. Of course, layers of the Universe, the relationship of these layers is much greater, it is more difficult. But again, if I start too overloaded, you will not understand anything. Already I hear some lines and moaning that You yoga Generic read, and we do not understand.


Friends, and I do not expect that you will start to understand anything. The real issues arise through the year. You will listen to Generic yoga, think over it a year, will the ends, then you will and meaningful questions, I’m, in General, don’t expect to.


But, on the other hand, you have to be such confidence that the apparent nonsense, do not look here, obvious stupidity here. Anyway, if this is an obvious nonsense, that I personally don’t do their job, not bad until you bring the family yoga.

An example from our country



But, say, yogis and Yogini that it brought to us, all very fair.

Yeah, so here we are, let’s further analyze the situation of debt, a few from the other side view. For those who live in Russia, there is a very good point, as it were, to understand many provisions, including Generic yoga, that is, on their skin.


Look, what situation happened in the last few years, especially in relation to people a few older, who are now, say, 30-40 years. Life began during the Soviet era, where everything was free: education, training, some social programs and free housing was given.


In General what is now in modern Russia is not to be found. Ie, this ratio is of course a unique situation: all the bad things that happened in the Soviet Union, formed with all the bad that is in the West, and these two sides.


Look at the situation, the man who in the Soviet years received a free education, it specialist, lives in Russia and does not understand that something not very visible to someone here moved because in order to make lives better. All these attempts, desperate attempts, I must say, very true to the attempts of our all presidents, Prime Ministers, etc., you know, like in wool or sand go into this giant such a layer of something gray, swarming. Someone out there is fumbling, some Affairs do, i.e. to people don’t get it, this impulse does not break.


And such a specialist himself asks: “Lord, for what? I have a good education, I’m not stupid, why am I forced to live here, why I have to work here with this whole drunk environment to communicate, with all the brethren, the lads insane.


And always on his horizon there is the other pole, say, life in the United States of America. In the United States of America specialist of the same class gets there don’t know how many orders of magnitude more, well-fed, drunk, nose of tobacco, a successful businessman, confident, with head held high walking down the street, and not, as we ponurovskii. And we have a feeling that here there is life, but that there should be, there. This is one pole positive.


But before our eyes can be the negative pole, say, life in some of our republics in our Union. Take Central Asia, the Caucasus, in most cases (especially Middle Eastern) life is terrifying. Especially, you know, I am always particularly interested in countries that are closely adjacent to Afghanistan.


Why? Because earlier India was not the present modern India, and that India was part of Pakistan and Afghanistan, and some of our Central Asian republics. So, you know, it’s like a little model in India in the face of our former Central Asian republics.


And I know how life is there. There is life here just go nuts, if it is compared with respect to life in Moscow. I.e. a person who lives in this country of any Asian, look at life in Moscow as we look to America, life in new York, we are somewhere in between: i.e. we see the bottom, we see and top. In America watch more than one, there is all, there the Lord God begins.


However, evil tongues say that they live beyond their means, the last 40 years, for every dollar earned, they spent dollar is borrowed, and that sooner or later, this freebie should end with a sad collapse. But this is a question for economists, we will not understand, why the life they have there is so good and whether it is time to break off and turn into something terrifying. We are in the framework of these lectures will not do it.


Look, factor: we have the opportunity to look at the better level, we see it, and at a worse level, we see it. And here is for the professional with the education he free had in the Soviet years, there is a higher temptation that is not all, I must say pass. Many traveled to America, getting a good job as quickly as possible trying to forget that they are, say, Russian, that they grew up in Russia, they want quickly to forget everything Russian, to turn into Americans, i.e. to change all of your habits, way of life, to forget that they have some relation to Russia.


Ie, start as if from scratch. And they completely forget that the fact that they are in America at least something to represent themselves, they have that in Russia, they are, first and foremost, to get a free education. And even in this sense it is a sort of debt that you need to return to the country that raised you. And every attempt to break away from this, it is they have there naperekos is out there in life and in work, even millions “do not feed a horse” (as they say).


On the other hand, come back here don’t want to. It is clear that he doesn’t belong here, because what he came back, there was nothing he could do. In any case, should be the right attitude that, say, a country, a people who gave you a push. But they would not give you this push, would not give you this higher education, so you would be representative of these Asian republics, a laborer at a construction site. In America these Oh-Oh-Oh, and Hispanics, and anybody out there.


Another example, recently arrived, a friend from the former Eastern Republic, there is generally a bad thing. He was sent to Moscow to work son. Well, you know that now half of Moscow workers from the former republics. E. the salary of the Moscow by their standards – is the ultimate dream, at times different.


And now come here son to work a year he’s gone, the other not. The father was worried, arrived (he was a friend of mine is good). I said, “Well, how are you?” He says that everything is very bad. “Well, – speaks, – at me the son was gone. Arrived in Moscow”. I said, “what happened?”. He says: “Yes, that home doesn’t want to go back.”


And there’s some situation: he works here and sends home because there’s still 12 brothers hungry: no, nothing. And also very prosaic. It is clear that when he first arrived, then compared to these Eastern republics, here in Paris, here civilization. That he had the roof and drove off. And he started to forget about those people who gave him the jolt of life that gave him even the opportunity to Moscow to arrive. He doesn’t want to go there just to go back.


And, on the one hand, it can be understood because freedom. But, on the other hand, what about karmic debt? And very often, we buy into external freedom. It seems to us that we are free, but we forget that our freedom is not just for anyone to even are now living in any worse conditions in the hope that we conditions first pull.


Therefore, in this respect, even the life in Russia, when we lament that so bad… Friends, one thing you can delight in anyone, you, in any case, karmic debt give the country. Or those people who, say, work in the same America, but not lose touch with Russia. They are, in any case, thus helping Russia, they are at least in this sense give the same duty. Otherwise it does not happen.


If it starts to be different, then very quickly society, family, friends begin to turn away from such a person. Why? Because otherwise this elusive trust. Ie people who hapnul all to yourself, but do not want (as if) to give impetus to further similarly disinterested who lives in his selfish view, it is, of course, creates around itself a corresponding attitude and the universe, as it sometimes seems, most mysteriously favors him.


Ie, you know, this situation that we are, first and foremost, there are interested in practicing yoga and those who are put in this life with high goals. That’s not happened in the Russian folk proverb “From rags to riches”, when suddenly we opened the opportunity, and we think that this opportunity in itself for us.


Moreover, we envy you the opportunity that could be more. And we forget that sometimes for every day of our free existence, our ancestors are paying these days in the most appalling conditions, and we are not in a hurry to repay the debt, as they say. And how do you think this situation is perceived by all the ancestors? How would you take if you from you recently tore off and gave to someone in debt, and it is not enough that the debt does not give, and mocks you.


Sometimes they come from America so are amerikanischen: “here you are all filthy scoops, ie, I have you all here to live teach.” But if so good deal, because you gave birth here, you are given an education here, you all here have given.

Yes, everyone has the right to seek their freedom, but America gives you the freedom to order more than we have here in Russia. Yes, this freedom must be used. Let’s say you are a scientist, here is what you will do, although there would move the science, but never discount that if it is possible to pay off a debt to his country, to their relatives, etc., it should be done unconditionally.



Subconscious background of gratitude



Ie it should be, you know, the subconscious needs to be the background of gratitude. If you’re not grateful, no one ever teach you yoga not be. Look at you, you look and kind of… it’s yogi and Yogini are very good, but you understand that this is also the factor of the resource, the resource is not infinite after all. And if they suspect you of ingratitude, why to contact you. No one to punish you will not be there. The dissatisfaction of the ancestors is not a direct aggression of something that you cannot see. The dissatisfaction of the ancestors – this is when someone stops to keep your bad karma and you get what we were going to get. But typically, we’re accustomed to something new, and we perceive it as a punishment. Although, no punishment no, we got only what was supposed to.


That’s the same situation here this moment of gratitude for anything he’s everywhere. Very often I have to face… a very long time I yoga cooking. Comes, studying to be a yoga teacher, and then, you know, to learn, to learn and finish my studies, disappears. And then I hear that he has been teaching himself not finish my studies.


First, not finish my studies, this means that on your own risk. But it’s very good, I like brave people. Why? Because in the end, if a person feels the strength to change lives for the better, why wait? But, on the other hand, you’re not finished. You have spent energy, time, trained you, so someone else taught. Because it is not possible because the billions to teach. Out there is one.


And start talking with a man and he blatantly declares: “I don’t have to.” That’s right, you do not have to. But, like, on the other hand, if you then come to another yoga teacher and this situation will be clarified, then it may happen that the other yoga teacher not want to teach you, because you’re in one place not learned, in some other…


Ie is so much proletaet the Institute of apprenticeship of the apprentice and apprenticeship in India, and at a level that is nonverbal, that there is even a doubt no one there, not yet studied, it is necessary to behave modestly.


In the West, of course, a different attitude. Especially, say, most unpleasant, for example, for me when it comes to people, like beginning to learn. And then, you know, there is a very cunning people, you know: “yeah, a little bit of teaching I learned, now I go to fitness clubs to earn money. Ie I did not finish my studies, but know how to give this exercise, it is. Now go, I paid for it will pay”.


There is, indeed, the factor that you were taught some resources spent, no one requires you to return it, you must accurately provide for them to use someone else, anyone, no one we know. And so you time yourself happened inside there procalculator: “yeah, it’s not profitable, but it will be profitable”.


These, I apologize, cheap moments they are, of course, personally, I tend to doubt the future of humanity. Because even if in yoga there are such people, then what does that say about everything else.


And factor… I don’t want to say that word, but I will say, the factor of boorishness, it is not acceptable to the entire Universe, will you go into business, science, culture, anything, to yoga you go, if you do not have this factor of thanks, if you do not have this factor that if you have debt, give it to someone else is also in debt, so this line is not interrupted, then everything collapses, everything will be very, very bad.



And to finish I want a lecture today, again, friends like you can help the development of yoga? Attend workshops, seminars, and lectures. will you walk, everything will revolve. Want to help financially as you want: in the envelope, whatever. But best of all, we opened a Yoga shop, it is located at the address: Buy anything out there, part of the money entirely goes to yoga. Do not use the product, someone will give, all will contribute to the cause of yoga. All for today.


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