Yoga Kind. Tribal Yoga. Vadim Zaporozhtsev. Part 6-I. Lecture 2010.10.12.

Birth yoga and the axiomatic approach of yoga


Today is October 12, 2010. My name is Vadim Zaporozhtsev, I teach yoga. That we have the lectures of the International Open Yoga University the theme of today’s lecture is typical of yoga, another part of it. All archived information on our websites:,,


Today we will continue with you to consider this great subject. And in the good tradition of the Open Yoga University we are trying the most difficult things to explain in a simple way, but at the same time, preserving some degree of regularity. Preserving a certain regularity, so that some moments in yoga were monitored, can be of any practical recommendations to the highest heights of the theory, i.e. a vertical in the first place, in relation to logic.

But we also try to do some kind of horizontal or link different types of yoga these transitions or, perhaps explaining explanations when from the point of view of one yoga, one can look at the other yoga. When from the point of view of one of the provisions, definitions or theoretical a view you could look at the same thing, but with different eyes from the point of view of the other yoga.

And that’s why in today’s lecture I want to go down the same path and make this parallel. It is expected that all who study Tribal yoga, met or in the future will become familiar with the topic of yoga, called “yoga axioms”.

The axioms of yoga are, in fact, squeeze that logical knowledge, which osnovets the building yoga. Sometimes it is believed that this is the essence of Vedic knowledge. Ie if we take the Vedas, if you take all those doctrines of the ancient sages, have survived to us including and yoga and, like, squeeze them, we get the axioms of yoga.

Today I want to draw a parallel small explanation of one of the most difficult to understand aspects of the axiomatics of yoga, namely, the moment quick methods in yoga.

According to the axiomatic of yoga, all of yoga can be divided into two parts: this is a classic yoga and this so-called quick methods in yoga. Classical yoga assumes a gradual step-by-step approach to goal – the attainment of freedom, achieving heights of self-knowledge or in terms of yoga attaining the state of Samadhi.

But at the same time, yoga provides a very different approach, which significantly accelerates the achievement of the same heights. If in classical yoga everything is designed for life the gradual approach for years and personal training for one life, quick methods sometimes operate on deadlines, sometimes less than a year. And it is almost all expect that it will be for a single life. I.e. the achievement of results in one lifetime, for a period of sometimes less than a year. Sometimes, though, a few years, sometimes even decades. But tell me, friends, because there is a difference: several years to implement a particular practice, or a few lives.

So, it is very difficult to justify rapid methods – it’s aerobatics in yoga. Classic hard to justify, and fast. Nevertheless, it is an integral part of yoga, and throw it does not.

And Birth yoga somewhere gives us the opportunity to understand, to grasp including quick logic methods. More precisely, to give the logical position, which should push our mind to the understanding of overlayclose those mechanisms that are triggered in quick methods. And is all, again, the analysis of the concept of duty to our parents who gave us life, to our ancestors.

The idea behind it is that as you remember from the previous lecture, our existence is present in the human body is a gift. Ie is more than just the result of our karma.

We all have our karma (positive or negative). And we, indeed, according to their karma, have a good opportunity to be born after the previous death in some new bodies and some new conditions in these bodies.

But the fact, friends, that we are born in the bodies of people, according to Tribal yoga is much more than our karma. Or the fact that we are born in the bodies of people and live in certain conditions – is also our karma. Our karma may be, also allowed us to be born in the bodies of men, but in dire circumstances, or in a different atmosphere or have a different experience.

Ie it turns out such a thing. Our ancestors, who gave us the bodies of people who paid for the possession of people’s bodies in full. Ie our higher ancestors, as you will recall, the highest category, gave impetus to the spread of humanity. In particular, they honestly went from life to life, honing the body, developing the mind, and paid a good price for it.

Moreover, we have accumulated a large enough positive karma here this long journey the development of our physical bodies. then they have reached the state of enlightenment, and so, figuratively speaking, did not bring this positive karma, and gave it to other living beings.

Ie, our bodies are a gift in the form of positive karma that is passed from parents to children, etc., i.e., we have more than we deserve. And, in fact, we personally took a greater status than the one to which we would not have had the right to claim. Or in other words, someone we delegated authority to live in this world, have some power, ability to do something in this world greater than we deserve.


Example with Raja

Or quite such a clear, shaped case. Imagine you were an ordinary man, but in the course of a long life has acquired the position of a king or a great Raja. You have the power, the wealth, elephants, wives, web you know, like the pictures, obmakivayut, servants running around you. And you in your seat, you rule, you control, you do everything right, your country prospers, the people you love, you are a wise and fair ruler, you foresee all the problems of the country in which you operate.

And at the same time, this wise ruler is self-knowledge and reaches such heights of self-knowledge that reaches the state of freedom. But there was this positive karma in the form of his status that he is the king, around him the servants, they all run.

And this Raja takes off her clothes ruler, dressed in a simple inconspicuous dress of a wandering sadhu and sent to wander in anywhere, and their place is inferior to the worthy their Minister. The one who really, so next was who is credible, i.e., someone he trusts.

But, at the same time, it can be the Minister who at some time does not reach the level to be this ruler. In what way? In karmic terms, in terms of what he has not passed that long, long road elevation to power, he just took it, took over.

And, imagine this, his former Minister Raja sat on the throne was himself to rule the country, and faced with many difficulties, which he did not understand, decided many tasks which had to be solved to maintain the Kingdom in order.

And that his tenure of Raja faster led him to the understanding of all the nuances that need to fix, how to fix a character, how to develop habits, etc., etc.

That is the life time on the throne of Raja, it is as if I have accelerated my spiritual evolution and also reached the state of profound self-discovery, and has, in particular, and the karmic merit to be 100% ruler of the throne. But like the Raja at a certain time, likewise took off the dress of a king, clothed in clothes sanyasin, and also went on trails to wander.

And it was, frankly, the ideal of the Vedic ruler. When you’re at a certain stage of life, having accumulated a huge positive karma of their personal, for which you paid. Here’s her in person gave to those who have not yet reached this state. But, once in these conditions, it accelerates your spiritual journey.

Ie, once again, it turns a delegation of authority. And it turns out that we when-that our ancestors delegated a body of people, although we deserved the bodies of animals. And we, in turn, giving body to other people acted similarly. But this life is at this position, which we may be held not on merit, but based on the positive karma of the one who gave us, dramatically accelerates our spiritual progress.

And so, my friends, on the same principle operate quick methods in yoga. But only this principle is confined to more narrowly focused, say, the achievement of certain powers, or the attainment of certain yogas, etc., etc.

Delegation of authority


It turns out that the student comes to the Teacher, and the Teacher gives him, as it were, in advance, to live life and enjoy the abilities which it still does not worked out, but he got to borrow. If such a person is very serious about this chance, he quickly converts his negative karma, accumulates more positive karma, and passes this opportunity, as it were, on the relay.

And that, friends, is called “dedication”, it is called a “push transmission practice” or all that dramatically accelerates the spiritual path – delegation of authority, that you (in General) do not deserve. But if you correctly entered the position, and correctly carry out these powers, you do dramatically accelerate your spiritual evolution, you dramatically accelerate the raising of the spiritual ladder and quickly reach the state of Samadhi.

And once you quickly reach the state of Samadhi, just as you do with the other person. You, however, give him the power to use her powers. This, friends, is constructed fast methods of yoga. As you can see, everything is very clear, even if you look from that position.

So what is the fast methods of yoga, we know, friends, every one of us know. In fact, we now use quick methods of yoga is the fact that we are now sitting here, we have a body of people we know about yoga, we have the opportunity to go stronger in the spiritual sense, we take this chance.

And if we lived a life that took a chance, and if used wrong, which just retained its position or at a neutral level left your karma, and used so as to reduce their negative karma, save as much as possible positive karma, to do the prerequisites to then come out of karma, positive and negative, about a man say that he (like) Holy.

If on the other hand you have the status of a person, and instead to take advantage of this and quickly his negative karma to process, still earn positive, and you instead are living it up, think “well, the person I and okay, to not do anything, aspire to anything it is not necessary”, on the contrary, many are bored and don’t know what to do with my life. You squander this capital and are in a worse position than even was in the beginning. And say that man is a sinner and a bad life lived. But again, all are given an advance, and this is the fastest methods.

Just as in yoga there are methods that you take in advance, use it, multiply them. And just as you got them for free, no strings attached, just you handing them over themselves, i.e. uncarina. Not because giving, you are trying to get something from someone give, no, this is the time of cause and effect, the moment of karma. And just like that, you give like a flower beautiful girl, just like that. Not because you want to win her affection, but simply because she’s beautiful.

Here is the idea of vakarieti pulse of life, vakarieti pulse of the transmission of life from generation to generation. On this topic you should contemplate, when you will study axioms of yoga and a section on quick methods.

Our mom and dad physical in this life, in fact, act as a teacher and a Teacher of yoga at the moment when they give a particular knowledge to the student. In fact, the process is the same. It is a gift or why: no because you are so good, or you something to try to get and uncarina. Because it is, because the essence of our world uncarina.

Karma is a pathetic shadow of reality. It is very necessary shade, it helps to hone and develop the mind. And at some point must go through with it. But actually, strictly speaking, it’s just the transition point.

Therefore, rapid techniques in yoga can open up to you completely on the other side. Not like some nonsense Indian or Oriental, not as something insane, but as something near and dear that you can understand if you are just starting to analyze my relationship to my parents or ancestors or to their children.

Up to you oddly enough, will start to reach this non-verbal sense of the Universe. And, realizing it, you begin to understand quick methods. But if you start to understand them, you will need to use them, but if you are going to use them, the quicker you will reach your goal in yoga.

Look at yourself from the position of several lives


Now on the next point that we should consider. So Tribal yoga encourages us to consider our place in the Universe within one lifetime, and in the future many lives we’ve lived and the lives that are ahead. If we see its place on the map of the spiritual path, which extends from life to life, of course, we are less likely to make critical mistakes or getting lost, or walking in a circle, you know, in some of their spiritual aspirations.

And now, realizing the Ancestral knowledge of the yoga, you must come to the peace and quiet, some kind of vanity should disappear, should disappear envy. Envy, for example, to people who live in other countries and have a better lifestyle. Or conversely, an aversion to other people who live in other countries and they have a lower standard of living. You know, everything comes into harmony, and it is not necessary, you know, so desperately to fight for a place under the sun, pushing the elbows of others, to snatch some material benefits in this life, in this place.

You begin a calm attitude towards it, you will begin to understand what’s the use if I get millions, but I will not give karmic debt. I use them 20-30 years, then I die, and these millions may not get to go to my next life, anyway I can not go in the human body.

I.e. it is to some extent comforting. And so, you know, understanding of what is happening sometimes treats the most neglected of the neuroses and psychoses better than any medication, doctors and other artificial methods.

This, of course, does not mean you have to be passive, not to try to change lives for the better for themselves and their loved ones. No, friends, it is necessary, but not at any price. And sometimes it turns out that even the modest life of a person who has a husband, wife, children, who may be average state of well-being, in a karmic respect more advantageous than the bright life of some Hollywood stars that broke out, burned out and disappeared after a drug overdose, which is also the offspring did not leave, and even then it is not known what body will be born.

Ie a few alignment the way permeates the entire Eastern mentality, where nobody is in a hurry, where, you know, an eternity behind and an eternity where there is no envy, why envy if all you want to, and will be. And if you have something not to like, so and so got more than I should.

This sets a very good working mood. But again, a working harmony, not complacency. Complacency has played a negative role in the middle East countries where it is Supreme knowledge turned into demagoguery. And try to change lives for the better in certain parts of India, the same is almost impossible. Because they are not receptive to anything new.


How much to have children

to appease the ancestors?


Go ahead. The question arises: how much do you need to have children, so the ancestors were happy? Come on, friends, let’s start in order. Yoga, even Tribal yoga is not a system of regulations, prohibitions, a system of recommendations. How you live your personal life is an issue concerning you personally, and yoga does not interfere in it.

All the Generic knowledge of yoga is needed in order that if you have to choose and you won’t know what to do, this Generic yoga will allow you to make a mistake. You have to clearly understand. Yoga not to produce zombie machines, programmed robots, where do as I do, etc.

Therefore, you will have to develop a real life situation, according to, again, your karma as you see fit to live your life, what are the circumstances around you – all the circumstances of the making your specific decision.

But we can now add the factor of knowledge of the debt to the ancestors that we are. This is just one of the factors significant, but one of the many that you must analyze before you make a step in life next.

So, there may be so you have a destiny that you can have a lot of children, it may happen that you will have few children. A young man can send to some war and he will die defending the homeland, and he did not have children.

Ie all this, of course, the game including our karma. But here’s something to keep in mind a very important point that every person in every time period has its own best course of action or what is called “Dharma”.

And it may happen that in one life or in some circumstances Dharma from one person – to have as many children as possible. In other circumstances, no – the number of children should not be too large. In other circumstances, if you suddenly feel that you are in your life… your Dharma to support other people’s children.

For example, there are many people who adopt children or adopt homeless, neglected, it can be quite different. There could be another scenario that you simply engaging in some very vigorous activities, including for the benefit of all living beings. You some outstanding Professor of medicine, and I cook a serum that will save millions and millions, including children. Ie will you have children, do not be your children for the world that surrounds you, you’re still a valuable member of the genus, and they always give birth to you, even if you have no children.

The same situation if you went to war to protect their loved ones and you are killed, regardless of whether you have children or not you have children, you go to war in the name of the people around you. Therefore, you are always entitled to what they you give birth. I.e. there is no single answer in principle, as it may not be the approach in yoga. Yoga is not a system of indoctrination and programming. Yoga is a system of recommendations that you noted.

The same applies to the number of children. Following a global trend, and this is a thing that came not from yoga, but from the analysis of the events that exist on the globe. There is a very strict correlation between the standard of living, level of culture, level of education and number of children.

Roughly speaking, if in the old days took the number, as humanity is potential of bodies of the person, including the mind of man, it is possible to take not quantity but quality.

Ie if a few centuries ago the average family had maybe 5 children in a European country. A family with 10 and 12 children was not uncommon, we see a very clear trend. As soon as one or the other nation makes progress in culture, in science, in education, in medicine (first and foremost), there is such a tendency that children were less, but the more they spend online, or roughly speaking – more petting them, more attention, more worries.

If in ancient times this was due to including high mortality, i.e. the mortality rate was terrifying, friends. We now criticize our medicine, that is what they are all bad, like healed. Yes it is to any comparison does not go with that, how many people simply did not survive, not to be healed, just some basic things died.

So doctors bow. I sometimes hear that now yoga will come, she will replace medicine. Not replace, complement, but not replace. Now, the trend is so pronounced that if the level of culture, prosperity, education is growing (sort of) included some mechanisms how to tell you that make a better way to approach the life of every child. And obscuresque point of view, this factor is balanced. And we, indeed, observed in European countries a decline in fertility.

At the same time, in third world countries, where the situation is paradoxical and, in fact, a horrible situation where the level of culture, medical education, some technical innovations coming from the West, and people live according to the canons of the past. And we are seeing explosive population growth in the so-called third world. What is this country? Well, today, rather, soon, maybe, we talk about Nigeria as one of the growing countries.

The same situation is observed in India, where now over one billion and continues to grow. Ie China has historically been considered a driving force in the population growth, in fact, as a result of this consistent policy of transfer of quantity into quality, reduces to some extent the number of people born.

Well, there are other countries where it is not clear how. There’s the obvious factor is the presence of linking the standard of living in the country and number of children, which tends to birth parents.

Apparently, as soon as life will come to a certain level in third world countries, they are, in idea, should abandon the policy to take the number. Well, really, what are the factors that constrain the population? I did not tell you the truth, there is a very good deterrent is hunger. More than a certain number of people simply can not be born, regardless of that, happy with you ancestors or not satisfied, hunger.

It is a fact of epidemics and all sorts of diseases. Ie, know the limit of the living material. Was a very interesting idea of academician Vernadsky, is to measure the quantity of live biomass. Absolutely not a trivial task, because, in fact, it turns out that over the billions of years we would not have to remain any one piece is not the material used for the bodies of microorganisms. All corroded, and the coal seams would have eaten, and the oil pereboleli. Would all the land became so alive for a mess of primitive, more organized creatures. But we don’t observe. We see that the biomass grows whether irregular, or some limiting factor.

That is, roughly speaking, the presence of physical bodies, it is not something that can grow indefinitely, she bumped into something and everything. But we are interested in this question from a purely practical point of view.

And here is the next point, which is absolutely not obvious is the number of souls, worthy to be born in the human body. Yes, we have ancestors, to whom we owe a debt. Yes, if the war and the population of one nation, ethnic group, fell sharply, then the number of souls who perished in this war, you begin to influence all the rest, that they gave birth to the new. And this factor makes little to grow the number of people who make up the demographic picture to its former level.

But it starts the moment that we live in such conditions that all the ancestors to whom we owe most acute, that is, secured. But if we provide the body, then they begin to enter the next stage.


The wealth of any country is

highly advanced souls


And that’s such a strange and a very weird moment. I want you to notice him. After all, the question for us to as kids for us came highly advanced souls. Ideally, for us the best option if we have to be born a teacher and a Teacher of humanity who is already out of karma.

If we are born, it is their presence that they are born, they change lives tremendously for the better. Or in other words, the wealth of any country is not the number of gas, oil, dollars, any currency savings, even technologies that are developed. The wealth of any country is the number of highly advanced souls that live in this country. The more highly advanced the soul, the more she is able to bring down the prana.

Prana, in fact, it’s the equivalent of wealth, the equivalent of development, the equivalent of the good life, is the equivalent of money to a certain extent, which can generate one or the other country.

Therefore, in a Generic yoga is another very serious point. We moreover, (one of our) give a sacred duty, as it is also called – “give the ancestors to be born”, but we still call in our world of highly advanced souls. If our team of people will come these highly advanced souls, we can handle any problem. The question of the revival of any kind: after the disasters or after war to solve the problem is in many question what the soul will be born in the environment of this nation.

Again, if you study Vedas, what he wanted to achieve these practices in those days Vedic. Ie desire, as you know, quite close to us: it wanted prosperity, everyone wanted happiness, but almost everything was asked highly advanced souls in the form of offspring to come.

For the character of the Vedas there was an emphasis on men. Why? Because they are often killed. But as a request in the form of a ritual to a higher power, it may in some cases be interpreted as an appeal to the ancestors for the reason that, you know, there is such a hierarchy. I.e. absolute, which has made everything and all living beings is like our, you know, mom and dad on a cosmic scale.

And our ancestors who have reached the highest state in yoga and became Teachers of humanity, those who have caught up with this level. Now, they begged, they cajoled, not quantity of offspring and quality of offspring. More specifically, both the quantity and quality, to be exact. That is, strong, courageous, wealthy men went to us. This will be the completion in the form of rituals or mantras (there in the form of rituals all).

Ie called in its kind it is a strong soul. If a strong soul to be born in one way or another, and if this soul is born a Teacher, or a Teacher, all can be calm. This is the greatest happiness. Ie, the wealth of any country is the people. Or rather, those highly advanced people. If they will be born, you can be absolutely quiet for this country. If they will not be born, no oil, no gas, no technology, nothing to save, nothing absolutely will not save, and we’ll forget about this country.

Therefore, such a thing is very important. The number of people that we call. This is the number of ancestors that we had to give the opportunity to be born. And at the same time, we always urge those of our ancestors who have reached the heights of space and gave us these bodies.

From time to time, they like to be born among us to sustain us. Here a very important point: the attitude towards children, friends. Relationship to each child, friends, must be as the Supreme Teacher or the Teacher of mankind, who were born to you personally in the family to help you, to help my country and around the globe. A very clear attitude.

No plans for children


I.e. waiting for the birth, you don’t have, on the one hand, there are no plans to bear. Ie, my baby will be so-so. No, it’s a free soul, a free spirit originally a teacher and a Teacher. They will tell you what they will do, maybe even you yourself teach. Not you his meager umishkom any plans to build, absolutely stupid, maybe even from the point of view of survival.

This is attitude is very important. And, again, on the other hand, that the number of your children, of course, it corresponds to the time and conditions in which you live. To prevent sometimes the situation that you give to be born in the bodies of men the souls, in General, yesterday’s animals, as it happens in some moments where, you know, uncontrolled multiplication. Uncontrolled proliferation, again, in some developing countries. Built the school, had running water, humanitarian aid supplies food to a huge number of people, say, a million, in the hope that they will seize this opportunity and begin to qualitatively change their lives.

And these people qualitatively do not change anything, they do nothing at all. But, their population is growing. They are no longer one million and two million. The United Nations grabs his head, so I need two million count.

You know, it is very slippery moment. Evolution itself requires of us to take not quantity but quality. And if the number at a certain stage of development does not mean quality, we (as it were), you know, we scare all the highly developed soul.

Well, imagine why you need a highly developed soul to be born in a family where apart from you for another 20 offspring, all starving, no one wants to do, with contraception not fundamentally, it is a challenge. The United Nations, I don’t remember who suggested that there is almost no drop condoms over Africa. But who uses them, friends?

And then the population grows. Comes the reporter photographed, indeed, the horrifying footage exhausted, hungry people. Of course, you… we’ll see then in the dining room not to go hunting, a piece of bread stuck in my throat, you’re here getting fat and the other half dying. But it’s only half the truth, half the truth is more complicated. In General, friends, the world is very complicated, slogans do not solve it.

Ie, apparently, such a tendency that the amount should not go into the quality. Ie, first and foremost, we need to make a good life for our offspring. In India, the same parents can not afford eight children to feed, after some time they are twelve. They did not give them education, i.e. life, on the one hand, it’s a chance. But on the other hand, it is a dead end, or rather, the same erosion.

The analogy with a roller coaster ride

I once… my friend was, he invited me to a roller coaster, by the way, in America, they say, they are called “coaster”. I’ve never ridden on them, it was a long time ago, they just started to appear. And he’s the co-owner was just this attraction.

Well, I am sat thinking, “let’s See what it is.” I honestly didn’t expect really because you in one direction pressed, and I am thinking: “Now fall out and I will be there to collect.” Then after a fraction of a second left you quite in the opposite direction, and you think: “no, No, we had there, there.”

When you start to learn complex yoga, such as Birth yoga, sometimes throws out heat in the cold. The absence of children – very bad when this uncontrolled birth rate is also very bad. Friends, both extremes are bad. Up this track, if it is to grasp, if you understand, then Yes, we are on the evolutionary path. If she did not understand, we in one extreme throws, backwards throws.

Therefore, from the mathematical point of view, the population must be maintained at some level. They say that there is a multiplication factor. Or, at least, the population should grow gradually, in order to provide appropriate conditions for those highly advanced souls that we expected.

We expect that the born Teacher of mankind. Ie we must do all we can to adequately meet. If we have 15 kids all hungry,: to perform the run, and we want the sixteenth, seventeenth rasp, it’s not a Generic yoga, this is irresponsible.

Therefore, the factor which souls enter, not less important factor than the factor of provision of the body. Remember that if you go really highly advanced souls, no matter what stage of your yoga development you are, they’ll get you out.


To justify life having children


But you should never build any of the plans or of such schemes: that in yoga I have never done anything let me due to this molodnyaka lifting will.

Ie sometimes there is such a thing, it is also very sad, is when they start to justify their lives by having children. This is more common in women than in men, when women have a certain number of children, and she (as it were) as she seems entirely focused on them, but in fact, hiding behind this is their lack of implementation in life.

Ie, is this some kind of attempt to find meaning in their existence at the expense of children. And thus it is some kind of karmic expectation. What I have offspring my entire life spent a career did not do what wanted to do, children to educate, educate, educate.

And here is the background, you know, presentation accounts for the children. Do you remember the attitude of Tribal yoga that if you do something, you have to give, you should give maximum freedom to the children and not to shift his realizovavshaja life on the shoulders of their children as a guilt complex. Imagine the child as he will feel that “that’s because my parents themselves have not lived.”

So, this is also a very important point. Of course, there is the mother, which by nature says, “she is raising children.” You remember that before the revolution many families were, if you can call it, the professional educators of children, especially if there were many children.

Remember Lenin’s mother and other members of the. That is one thing. And she felt as at ease, she does not reproach children, it’s great and wonderful.

But too often, other situations are also visible. When the mother begins to hide behind the children, and inside it the lack of implementation. And this lack of implementation, she begins to pluck at the children. Even if smiling and the external affection is felt that it is sandwiched inside. This is also a very serious factor – not to succumb to self-deception. But we still talk about it.

So there are a certain number of children, which must be present in the family. It is after some serious shocks can drastically increase the number. If on the contrary the number to become smooth, normal and good, let this jump is not sharp and smooth, so that this resource can spend on the children in the future, in good conditions they lived.

Ie in fact, it is now observed in all developed countries. And when they say that a demographic catastrophe occurs, I don’t think it’s that bad. The only thing that could be awful, this next thing is also not to be discounted.

This is when the old way of life, plus is the abundance of Western technology, medicine, creates a dangerous dissonance, when you suddenly start a lot, a lot, a lot in a third world country to be born, born, born kids, they are not in demand. They are trying to do something and come across a barrier. This is a very good environment for all kinds of wars.

Ie is, as a rule, then the lack of meaning in his every step leads to the fact that the two countries begin to quarrel on an empty place, sometimes, some horrible war. And once one country has destroyed a lot of people, begins to quietly walk erosmachine. But these are transient and very dangerous moments. Here, of course, this is not the topic of Ancestral yoga to analyze them.


Attract highly advanced souls

And we will discuss that question, i.e., another circuit will draw to better understand, at least in the first rough approximation of which processes are observed with these births.

So, of course, we want to bring into this world as their children or the children of their relatives, friends, souls are highly advanced. Of course, very sad, if in your society, your neighbors will be born children who barely reach the karma to even in the bodies of people to be born. It is, in fact, souls with a baggage animal that they carry in people’s bodies. And we often see a degradation, very often we see a crime, very often we see some of the dark side of life, although, in General, new children are born.

Although the body is a gift that we pass from generation to generation. And here’s the little baby suddenly turns into a criminal or some anti-social element, we just scary, how is it among us was born a monster, a killer, some bloody.

And this factor is so sad, because we can’t control what the soul consists, we can only provide the body. And the question is which soul will come, with what background – it is an open question.

Again, if it starts to come the souls of highly advanced, everything will change for the better instantly. But if not a very good soul or a soul with a sad backstory, then that would be very bad.

And you need to understand such a thing, and we are very often talking about this. What if you know the Generic yoga, you will have a vaccination against any form of fascism, against any form of nationalism and xenophobia. All the vaunted Hollywood this political correctness, all of these programs that are trying to somehow eliminate national, racial strife, they are absolutely toothless, and they almost do not work, the Declaration did not achieve.

And so there is always a danger to interpret those or other failures of particular policies, including the United Nations, and other programs, as a fact that these animal laws of fascism that there are supermen, is subhuman.

And already the tenth case, on what basis to distribute them: racial, ethnic or some other. It will be a question only the situation where the flash once again a conflict.

And we must understand that without conflict there is never. Yes, indeed, as a rule, the conflict between the souls, which are at various stages of their samosoznanii. And it has nothing to do with race, nationality, etc.

But still there is such an effect, which can be interpreted that the representative of a certain race or nationality that they are all bad. Why? Here it is for this reason that there is a factor that to a certain extent determines what and where the soul will be born.

How? If you make their living conditions very spiritual, light, on the principles of humanism, equality, self-discovery, it is a bright, airy atmosphere in itself will scare away all those souls who are trying to enter our world in the form of children who, say, due to his previous life committed to crime, to something dark, to some, you know, nasty things. Why? Im just not comfortable here.

Just if you prefer to sit somewhere in the alley and drink another bottle of vodka in the dark, you can feel very uncomfortable at the Conservatory, you got there. Conversely, a person who feels very comfortable in a Museum, may once again avoid all the rest.

The same situation can occur when the soul or that can go in that particular place. If you your life, as well as conditions that you have, spread the joy, light, freedom, then you are the same soul and are drawn.

If you tend to chat with crime, i.e. if you are inclined to rave all over this topic… I sometimes see, Oh, my God, criminal chanson at them from morning till night, spinning, what you will attract souls? Those who love it, too. Because when that soul died and is born in the next, it will be born according to their karma. And what is karma? By and large, karma is a preference. Ie this lived-I lived in the previous conditions, and she wants to carry on from the point where finished.

That killed the soul of this loser in any criminal disassembly and, of course, it is also better to be born in some den, where the same as he is, he will feel more comfortable there. This is the only such prophylactic remedy in order to attract the right souls and the souls unnecessary to show that there’s another crowd gathered.

Sometimes in certain places locally is, you know, kuchkovanie that one soul with a criminal record attracts second, third, and all around it kublo.

And, of course, if he is born in one place, then somehow separating them. Some belonging to a race, to nationality, to the village. You know, in Russia they say, was the whole village, the whole village pickpockets, according to the specialization they settled. They were, from generation to generation passed. Or a whole village of professional beggars. Their whole strategy was, how to dress, how to squeeze a tear from a passer-by.

And, you know, you can always say, “Oh, he’s from this village Gadyukino, well, a skunk.” The same way there is an illusion to ascribe a quality of the soul of a nation or race. But, friends, do you remember the position of a Generic yoga: of the body-that we came from a single source. As long as there 46 chromosomes? Okay, let’s leave this question. Do not think that I don’t know how many we have of chromosomes. I about her, I will choose examples.

So, genetically we are virtually identical. In any case, may be the offspring of members of different races and nationalities. Ie it says a single pulse. I.e. from the point of view of races or nationalities to explain kuchkovanie dark souls, if we so may call — or the soul is all light, but the shell mud, shell of ignorance each soul may be different.

And that’s when they begin to crowd together, creating the illusion that this nation, this race, or representatives of the village Gadyukino, you bastards by definition. This fascism is born, friends, all kinds. In this way, friends, is born everyday nationalism, the most indestructible, this all comes all the negative that tries in the Roman Empire tried to fight, and in modern religions trying to fight and modern political correctness encourages. But that is not very clear that over the millennia, something changed. Why? Because this factor is present. But factor bodies is not even the factor the higher self, the higher self all the same. And factor extent as would, samosoznanii.

Or else, I still will give an example. Every person, like a house. The house can live a good host, conscious or less conscious. Some kind, or some people who surround him – this quarter. All the people are the city, the houses are the same everywhere.

But in any, say, metropolis, in the West especially, there are so-called areas. The area where the workers live, the area where the bankers live, the area where I live lawyers, scientists, etc. are All divided.

And, of course, that the house is the same, but people a handful of different areas. It is clear that there are areas with a dark reputation, there are areas with fair reputation. But you can in three days all move this there, that here. And all will cease to operate any nationalism.

This situation, say, happened to us after the revolution, when we were counts, princes, aristocracy, peasants, common people, all in a row, lumpen elements, as they were called. Once the revolution got them all mixed up. And here we have the city of Moscow. How is it different from, say, cities in the West? But here, everything is mixed. Here in the center of Moscow in a communal apartment can live soul and Frank the homeless and the academician.

Again, in some new building may be an integer in the ghetto with all these, and then highly advanced souls. All mixed up. In our country all mixed up. And poet to define where, in what place, in what family a soul is born with some level of self-awareness, we can’t all mixed up.

And in such societies as India, where at a certain stage, the period of time this got resolved, there was a definite correlation that in a brahmana family a person is born, inclined to science, to the study of something. The family of a Kshatriya is born a politician, military figure. In the family of the Vaisya a merchant or something.

Ie was convenient to be born, you feel at ease. Thus was born the caste. At that time it was quite a good idea, but then there were mixed marriages. And here when there is a mixed marriage, the question “what is the soul?” is an open question.

Ie here we have a second very important factor, friends. Well, the first factor, which we call the soul. I.e. the first factor is you should be in the mental hygiene to support the place where you live. The second factor is those with whom you enter into a sexual relationship in order to give the human body.

Why? You have some ancestors in her other. You have one of karmic background, he has another. What is born from this mixing factor, is an open question. If, especially, at different levels there are people. If, say, you Europeans and your husband or wife with a wild tribe of the jungle. You see, what the social thread is the soul of these tribesmen or European – is an open question.

Sooner or later, everything comes into the mix. And so following such a stringent position Generic yoga, even if your experience every day you will say that representatives from this village necessarily bad, and representatives of other villages are necessarily good, that last word should always be for you when communicating with a particular person.Ie you should become, according to Generic yoga themselves in the analyzer, the degree of the soul or of the person with whom you are communicating. Ie, neither race nor nationality, nor reputation should not be 100% the determining factor. They definitely will influence if you get the same result, the small probability that 21 time it will be different. But if you want to stick to Generic yoga, this is the moment that 21 times is a very different result, must always remain.

Ie about any nationalism, fascism, division of people according national, racial, smaller, as you would say in India – Varna or podcasts – a large group of people there all share. There are four principal groups, and podcast there is a great variety, they don’t know. Podcast of doctors that deal with this art, or artisans who do exactly this subject.

So, you don’t have to fall for that, but discounted you shouldn’t either. Understand what really a moment.

And finally, this factor “who will come to us” certainly plays a role, and my mom and dad. And so, friends, there is still this trend, which we in the following lessons, we will talk more, several in the other key is the choice of the future husband or future wife.

Ie, you need to understand that the fact that in the East and in other countries, sometimes for the children this choice was made by parents, and in India, they say, is almost in 100% of cases at first glance seem so inhuman and so all over the place.

For their living conditions, for the purpose, well, sometimes just the survival of a nation, ethnic group, clan, sometimes it is the only way to dissolve or cause the inflow needs a shower. But, friends, God forbid you start this all to export, say, the Western countries, where we are, in this respect, the incomparable freedom to choose their future husband or wife.

So, no to abuse this system, when marriages are made by parents for children, not praise, from the perspective of a Generic yoga, we can’t. We must understand that life is much more complicated. And what at first glance things for us is not acceptable in some other circumstances – only ability to survive.

I finished the lecture today. Again, if you want to help promote the cause of yoga can help financially, you can go to classes, lectures, seminars, this will be even better.

Did we shop sell there movies, drives our lectures. Buy something, the money will go to the development of yoga, it will be your contribution. All for today.

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