Yoga Kind. Tribal Yoga. Vadim Zaporozhtsev. Part 7-I. Lecture 2010.10.16.

Tribal Yoga.Vadim Zaporozhtsev. Part 7-I.

So, friends. today we have 16 Oct 2010, my name is Vadim Zaporozhtsev, I taught yoga, we are in the cultural center of Enlightenment in the city of Moscow near metro Novoslobodskaya, we have lectures of the International Open University lecture – tribal yoga. All archival information on sites,,


Complex topic – a generic yoga, in General, a lot of questions, as a rule, people have not when they first heard about this yoga, and much later, when it begins to come to some understanding. The fact that some of the points that you outline here how you feel and clear as day, actually not so simple. And over time, necessarily raises questions, many questions, very different – theoretical and practical. In this regard, I want to focus on the lectures.


First, all the stupidity in the lectures belongs to me personally, and everything of value that they have is a heritage of the ancient teachings of yoga, so do not confuse the lecturer with the subject that he sets out. I often have to weave into the narrative references to art and poetry, jokes, rhymes, and common examples that are frequently used, in any case, we have now. More than confident that it will take some number of years, and they will sound awkward or unclear. It is my job to understand the family yoga right now. At least a minimal amount of knowledge it contains in order to generate a push in the future, many yogis and Yoginis more carefully studied the issue, more seriously explained this yoga, rediscovered some things that now came to us under references, but specific practices have not survived, or the theory is not entirely clear. First and foremost, I see the aim of this course is to make the initial push, and of course I hope that in the future there will be people who will carry this knowledge further.

We in the Open Yoga University we are trying to get students to the issue was specialization, despite the fact that the whole teaching common types of yoga – Hatha yoga, Kriya yoga and so on. That is to say that every student chose the direction in which he’d been professionally raised relevant texts, to raise practice focused. Here we would like to in the future are experts in the area of generic yoga. And of course it is possible that over time this same yoga these specialists will be in a different key to be illuminated.

I say this because I often have to give examples, and that they are not baffled, but rather allowed to grasp a thread of understanding. And now I will start too with such history. Like all stories, it falls under the expression “Tale lie, so it hint – good fellows a lesson”. This is the story of a yogi who decided to be initiated in a fairly rare yoga triad. A good friend for a long time stuck to one Yogini, which was already in the status of yoga teachers. This gentleman wanted to get enough serious practice of Tantra yoga, and concerning the interaction of male and female, and this kind of aerobatics, this is, and time, as a rule, no. And Yogini this long had you sent it – no time, no place, then, wait, people don’t have a regular yogi, you’re asking for you to expound this sublime practice.

And here are a few characteristics of this Yogini. This is a lady who knew the axioms of yoga, a woman with the same mathematical mind. It is usually said that women bring a sensitivity and some kind of irrationality in the behavior and actions. Now as for ordinary women, she showed herself as the embodiment of femininity, and all that is related to yoga axiomatics of yoga or back exercises, it was a kind of Professor of mathematics in the skirt, so to speak. This is the ultimate logic, the ultimate clarity. Have you ever seen how cats hiss when they don’t like something? That is exactly the same she hissed into all sorts of esoteric mold that now proliferated across the planet, you know, kind of illogic mixed with obscurantism, and is issued for the revelation of the higher realms, and so when she faced it only hissed. This is the person with ultimate logic, the ultimate of common sense and clarity in the presentation and comprehensibility. Including she knew and yoga triad, in which she asked this young man to dedicate. The quota for a long time he molested her, finally, when one case was successfully completed, a pause – this Yogini decided to dedicate the youth in these practices. On an interesting style of her behavior, for which I this bike and tell. And suddenly this very logical lady with a keen mind, who strongly destroyed obscurantism, suddenly started to behave somewhat strange, unusual style of behavior she had. She called this young man and said yeah here take leave from work, and, according to old tradition, as we have in the school of yoga accepted, pack your bag and go on the trails. But you’re not wandering, I’ll write you a note. One note to you and another friend of his civil wife. Suddenly there was the halo of mystery, innuendo, areolas magic. Wrote two notes. One gave this young man, another was asked to tell his wife. What was in the note from the girlfriend is another story, and here’s the note the young man was very concise. It was an indication of where to come. Roughly speaking, the map of the places he knew how to get to certain places, secluded from human settlements on a sufficient distance.

Honestly, the young man long ago in yoga, stressed out at work and no questions asked he did not ask, because I just was exhausted. Maybe if there was some other atmosphere, he would have ventured to ask clarifying questions, but so – so. He went this route, came to this place and began to wait. Put up a tent. On the same day there was a Yogini, and – no unnecessary emotions, no superfluous words. And, under the General provisions of the triad of yoga – each practice must have a beginning, the actual practice and end of practice is in fact supposed to happen the beginning of the practice. And for this we need the theory of the triad to give a place time to cut it off from the rest of the world. For this purpose all kinds of mantras, mudras. She began to cut this place of the common space. Of course, outwardly it looks like a children’s game, but it’s a ritual here. Asked him for water. And he is within it came, and the water ran out completely. She then asks – what you got liquid? He rummaged in the medicine Cabinet and found a small amount of alcohol.

Then began a strange thing – suddenly the Yogini takes alcohol, a small amount pours into palm of hand and starts to spray it right, left, forward, backward, on eight sides in the Ground plane, and also up and down. At first glance it looks like some kind of sacred act, something tainted with obscurantism. Made some movement in some emotional state, which are contrary to logic, common sense, rational behavior. Especially this young man was amazing to see it from this girl who was exceptionally rational attitude. After the practice was declared, and really they spent seven days, during which she sent to him certain exercises, certain States is a subject somewhat different. Moreover, at the end there was not a doomsday – here is an interesting phenomenon, I want to know – five rays suddenly appeared on the horizon, looking up. Whether it is some characteristic of the phenomenon for those places, whether something big mysterious suddenly opened. Again, it is an open question.

Well, then this young man went back again into the world, this girl is back in our regular society, and the line of conduct continued as if nothing happened. She left. Again, no goodbye, no parting words, Pat on the shoulder – you know, all the practice is over, the field is removed, all the points made – all without another word she left. And then, when we met, no questions like “well there”, “how do you feel” or anything like that, as if nothing had happened. That is, at first glance, it is not clear behavior of the Yogini, is extremely mysterious, with a claim to something magical, ineffable. And sort of contradicts the core arguments of iron yoga, which is that everything should be clear, logical, meaningful way. The mind needs to hone, no flirting with potustoronnij should not be. Everything that weakens the mind, makes it beaten, superstitious, all afraid, must be ruthlessly discarded if it makes you weaker. Here is such a dissonance, a contradiction. But there seems to be some superstition, alcohol in different directions to spray, still some actions to do.

As you know, there is no contradiction. There are just practice more we understand, roughly, tangible, but there are subtle practices that we capture our labor, can hardly understand. So when this practice is done, it looks like some action, a manifestation of superstition, will. But this is only at first glance. This was just to tough logic that enters the area Sverdlovenergo. It sverdlovini for a reason – either stupidity or as a revelation from heaven. This whole story I told you, in conjunction with a generic yoga, because stand, of course, the question is even more acute form about why the principle could be the impact on our lives by all those who gave us the spark of life. I recall a catch phrase tribal yoga that if ancestors are not happy with something in our lives, they can expand the event as if they were relaying to us the obstacles in one thing and on the contrary helped us in something else.


And that’s usually everyone who is studying yoga birth, the question arises – how is it, again, yoga is all calling for freedom, freedom from everything, freedom in yoga is elevated to the rank of the first magnitude. And here the ancestors, the good, the bad, but the fact that we can influence, this is kind of like the lack of freedom. And anyway, how can this be, why is this happening? And not whether it contradicts a very different theory of yoga, dealing with karma yoga, in the sense that all are responsible only for their actions. What if there is no karma, then you are in principle impossible to act. Neither the ancestors, nor to anyone. And this is one of those very subtle points which at first glance seems wonderful, and interact with on such a wonderful level.


Echoes of this interaction, including with the ancestors, we see in various cults, ethnic groups, in a variety of philosophical, religious movements. We know that in certain religions there is a mention of day of the dead. And it is, in different religions of various peoples. As a rule, all these festivals of remembrance are equal to the awakening of nature. We in Europe, in the spring, when everything awakens, when everything starts to bloom and smell, kind of like when life begins. At this point we observe the holidays-remembering those who have died. That’s a bunch of very interesting. And so on. And now it’s more like a tradition, rather a cultural moment. And I assure you that in ancient times all the actions that have created these impulses, had a more real contribution to the daily life of the people. And again there is the factor that if ancestors correctly remember, you will take pleasure in If you do forget about them, don’t expect anything good. And it’s all on the level of superstition. Again, yoga is strictly against anything that weakens the mind, makes it less self-sufficient, clear, clear. And at the same time, to generic yoga we are faced with practices that are somewhat similar to these cults. The purely theoretical nature of these phenomena extremely interesting. These phenomena are not only in a generic yoga and they are connected not only with the appeasement of the ancestors, and sometimes in our daily lives we are faced with what is called superstition. Sometimes they take the character of such domestic superstitions – the cat ran across the road – wait for one, but even a well-established superstition among the people suddenly break to pieces, there are groups of people for whom if a black cat ran across the road, it will be bad, and for others, on the contrary, it is a harbinger of good luck. That is, these people are contrary to society, I believe that they are different, and maybe this set-up works. In fact, no such definite correlation there. For example, in Europe the number 13 always was a little ominous aura, and in medieval England at one time was not even on the streets of houses under the number 13. Was 12, and then 14. How the seemingly strong influence of the irrational in a completely rational Englishmen. So who is more rational and succeeding in all things related to business, common sense, tax system, system of law. In the end, the famous Charter of liberties in a sense, spawned the whole modern democracy on earth. But, nevertheless, even such a rational Englishmen, the number 13 was forced to shudder. A lot of other superstitions concerning especially shipping. The ships liked to give women’s names, but at the same time was afraid to take on Board women. In the English language is still, in spite of the fact that the names do not have separation of male and female gender, the ships they have still feminine, correct me if I’m wrong.


So, at the same time in the East shadow slavemaster not surrounded by the number 13 the number 13 they have everything in order, and the number 4. Moreover, spend some sociological research, and make the discovery that the number 4 negative effects for the countries of the East more than in other days. Somebody explain this by the fact that the sound of the words 4 consonant with the word “death,” and therefore such associations.


If we take with you our favorite India – there’s a superstition on superstition. It nearly killed yoga. It is now exported along with yoga to the West and to Russia, that is, 1 kg of yoga have 200 grams of superstition for sure. Literally pervades everything. But the most paradoxical and interesting to study, friends, was the Soviet Union, the country of victorious socialism, where, as you remember, with obscurantism struggled fast, clear and uncomplicated. One time all, then, a comb on the Gulag, and who completely resisted – could even be put to the wall, and in the future could, and in a psychiatric hospital to send. It was clearly, firmly, without excess sentimentality. Partly, of course, all of this plowed field, and people of the Soviet Union, the idea would not need to carry no superstitions, no moments associated with potustoronnij because the dominant ideology was Marxism-Leninism, the basis of materialism, there is simply no such force that would be responsible for the superstition. And phenomena that can not be, in principle, can never be, because this is the same as the invention of perpetual motion. It was the official ideology, but this ideology went to mass, picked up, swept on, and what do we see? Anyway, when it came to something new, unusual, superstitions, these appeared. I was particularly interested to learn some of the superstitions associated with our space program. Some of them are quite spicy and unique, I’m not going to voice them. You really do ask. The same situation applies to pilots, sailors, that is, those occupations that involve risk. Here, as soon as the time of a certain risk, appear superstitions. Moreover, despite the rationality of these people, they allow irrational actions. What can be smarter than a rocket launch into space? It may be the crown of human logic in a mathematical balance every step, excellence. And there he is, POPs up.


What unites all of these points, in particular, I want to stress that in the Soviet Union, where the idea is that superstitions should not be in principle? And as it explains yoga in General and yoga generic in particular?

Friends, everything is determined simply enough. There are transitional moments. There are times when everything is solved. Imagine a mountain. If you are on the top of the mountain put the ball, then, in principle, you can achieve a situation when the ball will balance on the top. But little effect on the ball will cause the ball to roll down. With little impact from any direction will completely determine the development of the whole system together, “ball mountain”. That is, there is some uncertainty. In a generic yoga, when we are ancestors, and the fact that we go through, from generation to generation, being born in the bodies of people, there is a time debt. The universe gives us more than we deserve karmically. According to the regulation of karma, what we deserve is what you get. And there is no place for superstitions. What superstitions? As you sow, so shall you reap. But when there is a factor of the debt, that is, roughly speaking, with us and it had a lot of things unpleasant to happen. But, thanks to the gift of our ancestors, who, to a certain extent, frosted events, it starts to be in a limbo. Our negative karma hanging over our just because someone vouched for us, stopped the development of our karma. From the point of view of karma yoga all honestly, you remember that everyone gets their karma, that karma is not transmitted, it is impossible – it is impossible in principle. But here are some effects that could be described as if someone took and froze your karma, this effect allowed. Why? Because nothing is broken. Your karma has been, and is. No it is not canceled, just suspended in development. Clear, common me example from everyday life if you need someone and it’s time to pay, you can go to the Bank and under any interest to take some money, and to pay a debt, but you automatically this debt will not go away. He was restrukturirovaniya and just waiting for the moment when you will repay. And if you are a smart person, you use this break while someone is waiting for it’s time, you very quickly get a job, start an amazing job, earn enough money to pay the debts, interest, and even yourself to life, to a new Mercedes. This is the ideal of karma yoga. In a generic yoga all the way, only with one caveat – you interest no one takes. You gave, and not even expect you to give. But I hope that you just will borrow. And when there is this factor looming debt, there is such a strange moment that any little thing can cause a situation that you’re facing this debt you to pay the bills. And then you have to be very careful. If you owe someone a debt and you have no money, you went to your banker or some other guy, take his duty, then, in principle, you paid a debt, but above you hangs a debt to this man. And of course you have to reconcile your relationship with that person. Behave with him, not blatantly, no call, don’t scold him, not to give him concern, there and so on and so forth. You are in this situation, when you are hovering, and you still do, is called tempting fate. There are other ways, which in that sense will strengthen your position. You took someone’s money in the debt on their own initiative. But you on their own initiative every month come and report here spent on it and it, here today laid the Foundation of his candle factory, in a month come and say that you other people’s money do not spend, not spend on drink, that the equipment delivered. And the person who gave you a loan, sees that, Yes, you are a reasonable, sane person that you can deal that you are not some irresponsible spender. And, in fact, you thereby strengthen its position. You make it predictable in a positive sense of the word. And now imagine a similar situation with our births. After all, we had a series of births and deaths before we got the bodies of people. We have a series of births and deaths in the bodies of people already thanks to our ancestors, but by and large, the line of succession of ancestors for us continuous, friends. Our ancestors though, and go through the Teachers of mankind, but those, in turn, passed through the many forms of other creatures, including those that are more primitive, which is not a developed mind, which are even more primitive state.


Strictly speaking, the chain of our ancestors stretches straight to the most primitive of living beings. And there too, there is some effect of the gift of life. That is the kind of relationship we have not just with our ancestors, say, in the bodies of humans but with our ancestors in the bodies of animals. I won’t overload theory devices in the world. Again, some intermediate forms of existence that permeate all the living, but their bodies are quite unusual from the point of view of our modern man. They may not have a physical body in our sense, it may be the subtle body. Living beings in the universe very much and with all we are connected somehow with the unity of life, the kinship of all living things that had happened. And our senior parents, if you will, the absolute in female form, and the absolute in the masculine form. This gives birth to numerous divine couple in India, you will find any deity in the pair. Shiva – Shakti (Parvati). The highest manifestation there is always something gay, but as something quite abstract, what do not apply the concept of gender, and if at least a little something specific, it is necessarily the female person and male person. Simply put, the universal mother and father. In this sense we are related even with the unknown forms of existence, and although we are not aware of all these forms of existence, we are woven into the overall game world, and the balance of power is a balance between our relationship even with those beings and energies that no one sees.


And now I return to this story when the Yogini was urgently asked at least some liquid in order to make the appropriate action. And they are known in different ways, including as offerings to the creatures where you are going to do practice. And what sort of creatures in these desolate woods? The Forester? Wolves, rabbits? Who and why so and not otherwise? And in fact, it may be more subtle. Sometimes, therefore, zadubrivtsi those to whom we are in karmic debt, but these energy beings in a completely unfamiliar form. And here’s a little of the water you brought them, or rather, mental of prana that you sent them as a message that they remember you, respect you, do you remember the unity of all kinship, kinship of all living things. It sometimes does wonders in the sense that any practice of yoga Triad is balancing on the brink. It’s like flying the first space rockets, such as test new aircraft, such as a certain area in which you invade, and don’t know what surprises are waiting you here. And your own bad karma, which for some reason from time to time Napping, but you can in any careless step trigger to Wake up, and, accordingly, when this karma, therefore, wakes up, she puts an end to all your practices, especially yoga Triad, where the male and female – the highest manifestation of the interaction, but in fact almost to the Foundation of your structure begins to clean. And here is, at first glance, irrational behavior Yogini extremely efficient, if you understand the structure of the universe as a whole. Sometimes our karmic creditors want to placate, even if you don’t see or know. And if you do it competently, then you do the practices, if you’re like a parrot copying it sooner or later turns into a superstition.

In fact, all the superstitions that have come down to us from ancient times and which now, like an octopus braided and India begin to strangle her, the echoes of those finest practices that yogis and Yoginis know and use them. At some period there were people who were, but who did not understand, but knew that if there is to sprinkle a little here and there, left and right, then it flows normally. Then it was on account of the 33rd generation of people who know nothing, they saw when someone did that and they begin to repeat it. And the question is why are these people intellectually minded, you start all sorts of stories, to weave, which weaken the mind, common sense, which begin to hinder the intellectual development of the people. Well, indeed, if there are things you don’t understand, who need bows to beat, as something to placate them, it’s a serious challenge to the senses. That is, it turns out that our mind is active obscurantism.


TIllogical or stupid superstition, their minds will erase in a powder, and overlaytest will break his teeth. Mind in this respect is a good thing. So, friends, when we are in debt, when we owe somebody, it’s actually even a topic that goes beyond the generic yoga. It can spread to the other episodes of our lives. Me now very interesting to analyse what my attention is drawn to countries with high external debt. Crazy foreign debt. America, for example. Life is very good, but the debt giant. It is clear that, according to the law of karma, if you ever borrowed, sooner or later you will have to pay. Just no other way to exist. It is a law of logic, built on this world. Is the attempt to restructure these debts, sleight of hand and no fraud on something they cheat, devalue the currency, something else to do. Many of the methods proposed. In fact to pay anyway, one way or other. Built on this world and karma yoga, or a yoga would not exist in the universe, and all the age-old wisdom of the Eastern sages would have eggs eaten away is not worth it. And the same time there is now. System that living in debt. And in addition to the rational explanation of the future strategy, how to behave, when this debt has to start to creep irrational aspects of behavior. It is very interesting to observe now for the economic situation. Well, Yes God with it, with this economic situation. This theory of mathematics, has been engaged. In particular, there is a branch of mathematics that deals with the theory of catastrophes. Deals with such situations where a small change in one factor leads to fundamentally change the system to some kind of abrupt change of the system state.


A very interesting branch of science, which deals with nonequilibrium systems. The system is suspended, as the ball on top of the mountain, it is unclear where he will fall. In our country this summer died academician Arnold, who was seriously engaged in this branch of mathematics, even the book he has long been published. Many engaged in this line of thought, including mathematics and a mathematician like Poincare.


I this is what. It would be great to tie a rigorous mathematical apparatus to the regulations of yoga, for example, a generic yoga that it has become not just a descriptive model but to be able to clearly predict events. In the future, humanity will.


So, these moments, when there is something definite, they are fully characterized, as we said in previous lectures, quick methods in yoga. And there are then concepts such as Bhava, faith as an intuitive sense of the future path. What man cannot Express in words, because it all is in such unstable equilibrium that even a word or explanation for his behavior could cause the situation to fall into unnecessary for your scenario. There are moments where you have to keep your mouth shut. You remember that in yoga this is reflected, in particular, through the principle of secrecy and the principle of openness. Until something is decided, your course of conduct can sometimes appear to others is very strange, but then, when it will be resolved when you paid off your karmic debt and you have creditors who would have frozen to some degree the unfolding of your karma, then turns on the principle of openness. You have what we got with the help of his including karma. That is, you have good karma that helped you to get the result. And as you receive it, you know, this history may be silent.


Especially sharply with that faced by people who are at the forefront of science, business, politics, at the forefront of the yoga system of self-knowledge at the cutting edge of art. While you are in the rear echelons and nothing depends on you, and you yourself do not decide this one. And when you come to something new, unknown, sometimes to the fore some moments from the category of the miraculous, which may seem to the uninitiated to some superstition.


Again, no superstition in yoga is not, was not, and could not be in principle – the system is built. And even an anecdote goes about a man who was at the forefront of science. There was a scientist Niels Bohr, founder of quantum mechanics. In fact, it was such a breakthrough in science, and as a result, in all areas of application of science. And that’s about it, the anecdote tells that he on the door funny horseshoe. Did you know that in many countries there is a belief that a horseshoe brings good luck. And, accordingly, many scientists mockingly asked Niels Bohr – like, well, how is it that you, the founder of quantum physics, where everything is logical, very clearly and firmly, do you believe in horseshoes and other signs? To which he said a very good phrase: I certainly do not believe, but people say it helps regardless of whether you believe or not believe. Pundits who have been on the front line of knowledge, do not exclude the most incredible relationships in our universe. Of course, in this respect, the ideal of yoga – that we figured out sooner or later. What now passes as a ritual, I am more than confident that the future will become a strict science, where it will be taken into account including what tripped quantum physics and mechanics, that the observer including introduces distortions in the observed process. And then a secret event will be open, and just as we are studying in school first, second, third Newton’s law. As they studied the laws of self-knowledge and the laws of our interaction with the world, not only confined to our gross material bodies, but also all of our immaterial bodies, plus given the history, the waves of evolution that brought us to the ridge, and gave us a human body, leaving under a lot of living beings in different forms. We even forgot to think, and they were the springboard that enabled us to live in the bodies of people. We must not forget that we are in some aspects of the creatures that have debt that we, as mathematics would have said here, you are some kind of equilibrium process, and sometimes this equilibrium process can lead to unnecessary side even the smallest impact. Remember, this book was sold, was called “experiments without explosions” for kids. Good book. Think about the name. There was a very revealing experience, which was characterized by equilibrium processes. Is some kind of brew, the result is in the form of a transparent water. A glass of plain water, anything from plain water is no different.


And then very interesting. She could stand long enough, if it the dust out, it was covered with a piece of paper, lid closed. Water can stand for very long. Take a glass of water and a piece of grit. And throw it. And suddenly – a miracle! – witnessing the effect, if the water took time and cold eyes. And in fact it is a very supersaturated solution, don’t remember what chemical. And he waited for any impetus to move from one state to another like water during freezing, cooling temperature below zero goes into the ice. Here likewise was such a non-equilibrium state. The smallest grain of sand could cut to adjust the quality. If you’re interested, get the book, experiment. No explosions! I remember I was so amused… how obvious. Also we are with you. We think we are free that we have no karmic debt. And sometimes even the fact that we live in the human body, this is a big karmic debt. And live us in the bodies of animals…right? Especially very frustrating to watch, when clearly the soul of animals, with this karmic gift received body of people begin to commit lewdness. It’s vandals, they break everything, ruin everything, all of them itching. That’s obviously a wild beast, that somehow they deserve this chance. And it is clear that this life in the body of a human, you can push the junk further development of all the subsequent events. And once again I want to emphasize that in the Generic yoga is called such succinct word “Ancestors are satisfied”.

Now some on the other hand here on this topic non-equilibrium state. Karmically nonequilibrium state in which we are. And which, if we understand its nature, saves us from many mistakes. Well, of course, in many books I read that you need to respect your elders. Don’t be rude to them, do not be rude. Older people preferably called by name and patronymic, do not go that far. And no matter what person occupies the status. Whether it’s some celebrity, or whether it’s the homeless, whether it is your boss or subordinate. There are such distinctive features of human behavior which we call succinct word culture. Not good to gossip, you shouldn’t stick your nose into other people’s business unless absolutely necessary. =) And so on…


Usually any society that has proved its ability, in certain expressions, these are the points that usually everyone then dismiss because I think it’s the next lecture. And in fact, you need to analyze the situation from a rational side, the side that you represent yourself karmically nonequilibrium system that you don’t know all the complicated passing moves, why your negative karma is now unfolding, and sleep. But it may happen that you are a bum on the street was sent to hell, and showed him the apparent disregard for when he can get in the grandpa suit, and as a result, got such a karmic reflection that you have this complex of superstition.

. You then begin to say: “tramp, come in, please.” And really neither one nor the other extreme don’t need you if you are cultured and well educated man. You can just not to think about it, if you have developed good habits of communication and behavior, which in essence is a set of instructions as you this frozen karma suddenly don’t provoke randomly. You let the cat threw the stone, and the chain of events leads to the fact that someone who does not give your karma to unfold, say, “won’t he do more to help”. In this sense, they as a protégé of some invisible forces. And those invisible forces can remain dissatisfied with our behavior. Why? They gave us a loan, we do this for a long time don’t hurry your life to change. So we still abuse it. Of course, they have not punished. Nobody punishes. We no longer support. Sometimes the worst punishment when we cease to support. And we sometimes untenable without outside support. And here we are such things as universal rules of conduct forgotten. Try it, open the children’s book something, read it with a new vision. Tales read to children, with a new vision. I assure you. You all with a whole other side to open. If you your children will read fairy tales, riddles, I’m more than sure it will be more fun than for kids to listen to you. This is similar to how adults grow up and start buying kids toys, in fact they buy for themselves.


So. If there is karma nonequilibrium system, like superheated liquid or supercooled liquid, or similar to saturated solution, about which I told you. This system requires special delicacy in manner. Well, if she already fell in that or another state, say in the positive. You took advantage of this period of time and pay off all of your debts, or have done differently – you have debt. For example, you have children were born. It turns out that you are now a respected person like ancestors. This explains that after moments like after a person has children, it is believed that the ancestors they become happy. And if you don’t pay off the debt, you dunce he was and remained, but, you, don’t be rude, not show disrespect of the ancestors, you were spun by our team. The word yoga, one of the values – team. And it is clear that nobody will be your duty to require, because you yourself give in debt. And all your brazen antics begin to look through his fingers. I remember that in Soviet times, usually for order called. Could expel from the company. Or from the party to exclude. It was mainly 2 reasons: for drunkenness and immoral behavior. Two main categories of trouble. And, as a rule, before you get the transaction took place at meetings, and so on. And as a softening hand, like, well, a womanizer, but look he has a family, children. Or, well, alcoholic, but then again, it is the number of children. And as the rules agreed. But if he’s so arrogant, the eagle. No wife, no children. A master of himself. Then, as a rule, so always got the so in full. For someone not to come off as neither of these parasites in every sense, and karmic including.

You have to understand, this is the origin of this effect. And the founders of Astronautics, Aeronautics and other Sciences meet some strange or superstitions, or rituals. But it is necessary to relate easier to it, not impudent, of course, but especially not to support, because you do not know, it comes with experience.

And how to deal with this situation, with this karmically nonequilibrium situation? What is the radical remedy in addition to superstition? Here we answer offers Yoga Sutras Patanjali in his definition of yoga. Yoga is a condition when you stop an involuntary thought. And then the whole Yoga Sutra Patanjali is the development of this theme. Or in other words, the example that I gave, when clean water gets in her grit immediately freezes. Need some priming, a boost. And it is clear that in the case of Yogini, who decided to teach the ordinances of Triad young man, she has built protection against involuntary fact to disturb some of the powers that lie dormant through all kinds of rituals. This principle of construction field the principle of starting to practice, actually practice, completion of practice. That’s such an artificial way. But it is necessary to know what forces you can, in principle, to disturb and to know how to please them.

That is whether on the Himalayas, the Everest, the climbers are some of our useful. And Sherpas from them, as usual. Carry the baggage. Went to some Russell, stopped, and the Sherpas say to them: “we’ll go no Further smoke need to”. Before a stone stuck the stick in a stick of cigarette, a cigarette has pokurili. Is cigarette smoke. Climbers look at them and think “well, assholes are assholes”. And they say that while cigarette Smoking, don’t go any further. Spirit of the valley cajoled. Probably some experienced fact found that cigarettes are in the course.

There is a reverse situation, for example, if you enter into some sacred forest, or some place of strength with a bull in his teeth, sorry. And will be there to smoke. You are so angered by all their possible karmic creditors that you nor the fact that the practice there is no work to do. The place itself is merely a will to survive. You will start to worry some forces are not obvious. And another example. Decided to go to the forest to meditate, found the edge of the forest. Beauty. The Bank of the river, all right. Suddenly a jeep tumble drunken company, dynamics yelling, literally shakes everything. Clearly, drunk, started a fight, face each other broke into the blood. Former friends. Came, incorrectly behaved, and the place is strong.

There are people who feel the ridge where how to be led. And sooner or later all of you, if you practice yoga, this property should be developed. How it develops?! You feel the commonality of all living things. You understand that if you darknite inappropriate word, although people around you may disturb the forces that you do not even know. But you have a feeling of delicacy, danger, or on the contrary just a factor of strength. On the contrary there are other places where you enjoy yourself, have fun, vodka drink from the bottle on my head and wait… and need to recognize them and feel.

Yogis and Yoginis in ancient times, just knew, felt.


In the Yogas Sutras Patanjali given a universal way. Given a defining moment to develop a strategy to annoy their karmic creditors. In fact it is thoughtless. If you have no clue, you can’t think of any one stupid thing. That’s why you make it can’t. And every thought is like a grain of sand that starts the reaction falling in a mess from equilibrium. every thought is a chain of associative thoughts that leads you into a deluded state of mind and you begin to create improper conduct where they do not need. It all starts with first thoughts, and since thoughts are things uncontrolled. They are caused by our previous karmic experiences and they go through our minds. And we, as a small ball in the wind, a thought in one way and we go the idea to another, and we it. The thought is the first factor that provokes. Therefore, there is a practical recommendation. It deals with yoga in General, and in particular all aspects of Tribal yoga. If you don’t know something, don’t understand something, have no idea what it is, try to be thoughtless. As much as possible. Better to be silent, try not to think. Sometimes it is very hard to do, so you have to help yourself to stop the flow of thoughts.

Yoga gives us a very good way to stay to a certain extent uncontrollable thoughts. Controlling the position of the body, we to some degree control all of our energy. And sometimes taking a particular position you can hold the thought. She jumps, your mind, and you fold, the pose, and the method of consciousness, overcoming himself, and strained all body. And you have more attention to the feeling of the posture goes.


When the girl with the boy went, it is very hard with him so asked, this time joint practices. Everything that is not collaborative practice is a personal practice, and in the mind. He, poor fellow, there in these few days yoga nazanimalas as he did. He was waiting for come now sleep, the yoga of dreams. Because any idea could affect the next day of practice.

Way to grasp the idea, an unnecessary idea, bad idea, which POPs up when you do not have to emerge. The entire Arsenal of yoga from different sides to this. Including collaborative practices, through the purification of the joint interactions. You just go to another level, and you have this point of yoga, where you have no thoughts. You have in mind.

So in Yogas Sutras Patanjali given the transcript of this correct behavior. If you do not know how to behave at the reception of the Queen of great Britain, – meditate, but in the mind. By the way, this saying happened, then that is bad service played: “Shut up, for thou shalt be wise”. And in the West on the contrary it is believed that if a person is silent, so impenetrable fool that two words can not say.

And here is another point, which is also observed in the Generic yoga. Waiting. The expectation of something that defines. In this respect the same guidelines that we see in other philosophical currents, exercises. Given the different strategies of behavior. The good – easy to expect. Neutral to expect. Without feelings, without thoughts. Sometimes explicitly, given practice, as if already positive decision happened. You advance a wave of emotional crumble of the situation in the right side for you, but it is specifically stated. Because such movements where you can run into a completely unnecessary and the situation to expand. This approach falls under the criterion of yoga visualization where we imagine positive events. Again, this, friends, is separately specified. If you neither ear nor snout not understand in yoga visualization you had read the numerous treatises of the type “think of the dollars and they will come to you”, such a network marketing, you know. One of those “buy 5 tons of our shit, and 6 you will receive a gift.” It works sometimes, when it’s really a good product and if the product is bad, or questionable dealers, you can do this once in network marketing to be involved, then all your family will shy away, as from a man who can not be trusted.


Our lecture came to an end. I urge you to. Want to help the cause of yoga – yoga is rapidly disappearing – help, how? Financial, whatever, do something. Your biggest help is if you begin attending classes, seminars and lectures. You will begin to miss yoga, will be a financial flow, attract interest, and it will go on. If this fails, buy something associated with yoga. Specially opened a yoga shop, our seminars, books, anything like that, listen, look, read. Not like you give someone. Will be triple benefits. Will the financial flow, people will be involved, knowledge will spread, and maybe someone will give a treatise on yoga, and his life for the better change, karmic merit will do. Friends, for today.

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