Raja yoga


Raja yoga
Raja yoga is the one of the advanced kinds of yoga, often called president’s yoga or leader’s yoga. Are you a good boss and how to be a boss? Raja yoga will tell us how to be a real leader.
Raja yoga is the one of the advanced kinds of yoga, often called president’s yoga or leader’s yoga. Raja is a leader of the states in India. The main topic of raja yoga is the power.

Power and Hierarchy

There is such term as power (over oneself, other people, circumstances, etc.). Sometimes we are in control and sometimes we obey. Keeping of the power and appropriate usage of the power is the most difficult thing. There is a certain hierarchy in the world, and there are hierarchy in the company, there is hierarchy in the state. The meaning of the hierarchy in the Universe is very complicated and unobvious. If there is no power, the collapse starts. There is some kind of subordination structure, as if every cell of the body would refuse to subordinate, we would die. Every cell of our body is a living creature, generally not depending on us. It can stay alive in test tube as well, but it works on us and accepts our power. Why does it accept it, why it agrees to be under our control? It accepts this because there is the hierarchy in the world. The cell gets a possibility of a quick spiritual growth in return of functioning for our body; this means that in its next life the soul of this cell would become something more important. 
Remember from the topic of karma yoga, some people work due the fear, others due the motivation, bonus, the thirds work for enjoyment, they do things just because they like it, they are not afraid to be punished or not looking for any reward, they do what they have to do. So, the cells agree to be under control. They work together because they feel better in the whole system and they get the benefit: protection, better food. That’s why the nations form: it’s easier to be in the group, to be together. 


The question arise, how to be a good ruler? You have to be aware of how your subordinates are feeling, so you can find the best solution for the whole group or community. It is not so difficult to get the power, but it is difficult to hold the power and to be ensure that people are getting the maximum. Power and the ability to get to the power is a way of freedom. If we start misuse the power, we’ve been given, then, according to the law of karma, it comes back.
Real power is possible only if you would grant somebody the spiritual possibility, in return for its subordination. This undoubtedly is more precious than to be a free one-cell being. We can observe such pyramid not only among the living organisms, but on the state level as well. What is the aim of the president? The president’s aim is not to double GDP, but to provide unobstructed development for each person. And the person, in his/her turn, would handle all nominated objectives himself or herself. This is the highest sense of power.
Raja yoga, management yoga or president’s yoga is a capability to rule other people as well as yourself. You can learn to be the boss only through being a subordinate. A person is able to control people only if they is able to control themselves. It is very easy to get access to the power, but it’s very difficult to keep it. Raja yoga teaches us to use charisma in proper way, to gain people’s support psychologically, to influence them.
Usually, strong politicians and managers have these skills from birth. Yoga believes that if a person has something in this life, this means he/she spent much time gaining this in the previous life. A person could get the same skills within this life practicing certain psychological exercises. You can master raja yoga yourself, but in case you don’t have stable spiritual ground, there is a danger that you will get in a wrong direction bringing other people with you.


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