Nidra yoga

We all spend some time sleeping. Yoga says there is a state of sleep without dreams and sleep with dreams. Dreams – it is an entire world, a huge layer. Yoga appeals us to use the state of sleep for self-realization and self-comprehension
Dream yoga is a wide, interesting and exciting division of yoga. Here, for example, you need to take your dreams under control, to reach conscious awareness in a sleep and many other skills with definite practices given for this goal. The emphasis in this division of yoga is made on the fact that the dream state can be turned into yoga as well.
This yoga is safe. It is difficult to study it as we usually don’t experience self-awareness in dreams. Nevertheless, good practice of basic yoga, such as hatha, kriya and pranayama, creates the necessary energetic base to avoid waking up in case have reached conscious self-awareness in a dream. That is why it is difficult to be practice this yoga right away.
Yoga Nidra has become widely known not long ago. It belongs to Sivananda Saraswati Tradition. Unlike Dream Yoga, Yoga Nidra works with boundary state between sleep and staying awake during falling asleep and waking up. It is considered quite safe. Sometimes it is included in Dream Yoga.
There exist plenty of yogas. We haven’t told about all of them within overview course as we have mentioned already quite a big quantity. Also there exist some so-called «lost» yogas. These are analogues of consciousness transference, which are described in Tibet Tradition very well; Yogas of Death, practice of conscious dying, Yogas of body relocation at the moment of death; Yogas of the transference of one’s consciousness from one alive body to another and others. As we remember, it is not possible to be taught yoga it’s only possible to learn it yourself. Everyone’s aim is to reopen any yoga. As this can last many lives we recommend using guides in studying this or that division of yoga if possible. If you don’t have such possibility, you will reopen it.


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