Yoga Kind. Tribal Yoga. Vadim Zaporozhtsev. Part 8-I. Lecture 2010.10.19.

So, friends, today, October 19, 2010, my name is Vadim Zaporozhtsev, I teach yoga. This is a lecture of the International open Yoga University. We are in Moscow, near Novoslobodskaya metro station in the cultural center of the Enlightenment. The subject of today’s lecture – a generic yoga, another part of it, and all archived information on the websites,,


Here’s the thing. When something for a long time engaged in studying a subject and then teaching it, doing some kind of work, carry out a project that completely absorbed and sooner or later comes the feeling of messianism, as if you’re doing something on a cosmic scale. You top looking, the universe and every time you step on the fate of humanity, and each one of your mistake can lead to tragic consequences.


That is, whatever you do, you may experience a feeling. Moreover, this type of yoga as karma yoga, which teaches us the attitude to work, about this says the following: if you come to this state during operation – it does not matter what you do – really some of the greatest accomplishment, the greatest project that will change our life, realize, you humble servant, who every day goes to work. Either you are a janitor who sweeps the streets.


So, if you are working correctly – as taught by karma yoga, so that your every action or movement the amount of your negative karma decreased, and positive increased, in addition to you even if it was on the path of spiritual development, and so this state is most welcome, moreover, sometimes it is such a landmark. That your work carries no more and no less – from across the Universe. That is, as the focus may be on your action gathered many threads, if the right way to connect them, then the Universe will be harmony, progress, joy and happiness. If you treat it carelessly, on the contrary, it could end not so well, regardless of what you do. Then there is a sense of messianism is allowed and very welcome, but of course if the situation does not turn into obsessive paranoia, and the person begins to look insane in the eyes of others. If he keeps mum, but in its internal sense, in connection with the life of the world admits that other people can be other missions on a cosmic scale in something else, it will allow you to completely disengage from the surrounding reality, as a consequence, do very good work, and as a result, to get to the level that allows you to really see the opportunity in your local the smallest step to change yourself and the lives of all these beings to the best.


So here is a sense of messianism is certainly present when you teach yoga. And so, as I taught yoga for long enough, then from time to time such thoughts come to me. But then again, yoga teaches us at the same time with common sense and a good dose of irony to relate to their place under the sun, and what you can do, even if you think you are doing a great job, So from time to time such thoughts came to me that here, so my role in history, but again, was always to me an occasion to laugh at yourself, because actually I’m not stating anything you are found in the ancient knowledge of yoga, in the ancient Vedic knowledge. I may use other words, other expressions, other examples are not typical for the countries of the East, but nothing new I add. You know, for me sometimes the best compliment is when they say that you discover yoga. Friends, if I could open yoga, I wouldn’t be here. I only bring. My role is more than modest, but at the same time like a postman Pechkin, who always carries good news, I am pleased to do it.


So, when I once met with a generic yoga is actually for some other points that is the feeling of the grandeur of the lost knowledge, in General, covered my head. And so, in what manner. If at least part of that knowledge has penetrated into humanity 300-400 years ago, humanity probably would have avoided a huge amount of blood spilled, all the wars, political upheavals, followed by economic shocks, and so on and so forth. This becomes quite obvious when you think about it in the generic meaning of yoga. When I was very young, was a film called “the taming of the fire”. It was removed as pseudobiography Viktor Korolev, and by the way there is in the main role filmed a good actor not Queen played there, and was polyvinylene character. The main role was played by Kirill Lavrov, a very good movie it from time to time on TV, I recommend to watch. And I remember one very strong phrase. When they have a lot of something do, do, spent a lot of money and effort, the main character comes to the boss and says that we have to start all over. Time – after the war, every penny counts, people are starving. In fact, space exploration has evolved even to the detriment of valuable people, and now it turns out that all the money spent, like, nothing. And he said a phrase that sounds something like the following. What if we don’t stop, the error constructor will pass the error along the chain of the designer, any engineer, and up to the finished product. And this rocket may not fly, or become obsolete. So sometimes it’s very hard to abandon the concepts, even if a lot of time spent, it is very hard psychologically, and need a wisdom and determination to start over, to Builder error not passed then the error of this event. And in this respect the same, in fact, the analogy that, unfortunately, that’s all these wars and revolutions and upheavals, which resulted in the deaths of large numbers of people were generated by wrong views. That is was wrong in the first place, the philosophical theories of how the world was made, what connections there are in this world, who man is, where he comes from, where it goes, how lives. So, because of these wrong philosophies were born of the wrong of revolutionary, political and philosophical currents and movements, be more accurate to say not that is not correct, but correct only half or some other percentage. In the result, all the half-truths run in the series reached the rank and file members of the party, philosophical and other movements, that is, on the level of ordinary performers who are, in principle, could not recognize the error, and we have rivers of blood. Because it’s the ideology, at first glance, very beautiful and humanistic. Remember the French revolution – liberty, equality and fraternity. Well, so much could be nicer obdachlosen and humanistyczne? And what it led to? This has led to rivers of blood, which, in General, is undermined to some extent a superpower like France.

But humanity did not stop there. Again, changed a few exercises led to the emergence of materialism, of Marxism, and then Leninism in our country. And also the horrible river of blood, just under the beautiful slogans. I’m not talking about Nazi Germany, God bless her, there also was a ordinary man in the street is very attractive, clear, and beautiful, but again, rivers of blood. Remember what started the first world war. Started with nothing, well, not quite nothing – began with a terrorist attack, murder – Yes, dirty, not beautiful. Yes, terrible, extremist. But after it killed so many people that are just not comparable. For the simple reason that the authority adhered to the incorrect view of life, the world and the wrong decisions. They pledged future tragedies at the policy level, at the level of their worldview.


That is, any terrible things, friends, from whom we fear, often, if not always, starts as something positive in the minds of those who kind of like trying to change lives for the better, as it turns out, as always. And here we are today at the lecture was just getting to that, on the one hand, important, on the other-the slippery question of what is a man, but not in terms of the abstract and theoretical, but in terms of practical reality. That is, at the level below you, knowing what to expect, were founded by political movements, parties, philosophies, doctrines, and that you then do not curse, as now and from time to time curse of the fathers of Marxism – Leninism in all actions, for all the dead people in the Gulag, for example. This is a very important factor – who are we, people? Whether we are equal or we are not equal? What makes us different what makes us similar and identical to each other? This is a very simple question, friends.


We hardly can imagine life in pre-revolutionary France to 16, 17,18 century, where the default was is to understanding people: that all people in France, roughly speaking, divided into three classes – the commoners, the nobility and the clergy. Yes, to a certain extent was possible, the relative transitions of the common people to the clergy, but to the commoners to the nobility – not so much. Why? Because the default was considered that there was representatives of the upper classes, and there is, I apologize for the slang, the usual rednecks who need to be pushed around, which should work to provide these classes. And, friends, it is not even discussed, it was by default. Any commoner, and in a head did not come to claim the role of an aristocrat. Aristocrat with condescension and sometimes with disdain looked at the commoner. The implication was that all people are different, despite the fact that, in General, and nationality, and skin color and commonality of the culture they belong to the same race. Of the same nationality. It is considered that among the nobles born of noble souls, and are born among the common people, as is sometimes said, mean people. And the friends, interesting that this situation is not suddenly, for a short time, and for many and many centuries before that, in France. It didn’t cause any particular protest, what is more, it has allowed France to be a more prosperous country.


Again, friends, if we looked at the political map of those times, that the balance of power would have been quite different than now. That is, it was considered a fact that if you’re an aristocrat, and the children you have the aristocrats. If a commoner, the children you commoners. Difficult sometimes with so-called illegally born. The aristocrat allowed himself to, say, liberties with the peasant, and the light was the offspring. Difficult question, very difficult question, we further talk about this subject. That is, where to bring him? And as you remember, there was a lot of very interesting customs, the attitude of the feudal lords to their subordinates, and to the peasants. In fact, not only in France, England but also in other countries that there is only one, let me remind you, right of first wedding night. Ask what it is. Mixed marriages were not uncommon. Not by formal status but by the actual – that is, those children who were born. And is it any wonder that by the time of the French revolution was a revolutionary situation in the sense that all of a sudden the soul, which historically have been born in families of the aristocracy, and indeed different culture, education, and other strong qualities of character, faith, integrity, honesty, – read Alexander Dumas, all his works of those times. After all, there are mainly described the aristocracy, “the Three Musketeers”, for example.


So, these souls which have been born among the aristocracy, began to be born among the commoners. And getting into those conditions which may be, for the average among the common people in France, which are little interested and a lot satisfied. Now, these souls became cramped in this environment commoners. The reverse situation went. Many souls who historically would have had to be born in the families of commoners began to emerge among the aristocracy. The aristocracy ceased to care about the country and began to show terrible quality. These kings and their courtiers, at times, knew no bounds in the revelry, debauchery, totally obscene antics, and spent basically the resources on the entertainment and not to make the country stronger.


And here we see a group of people in one mass, which pretends to be something more, and a group of people to another layer, which in principle have the opportunity to do something, but can’t, wants and desires. And so this maturing revolutionary situation as it is described in all classical textbooks of Marxism – Leninism, the tops cannot, and bottoms do not want. What do we have? We have an explosion that blows the whole monarchy, all mixes. Somehow it’s calming down then, and, again, to the fore the slogans of liberty, equality and fraternity. Why? Because then, before the revolution, was pronounced inequality. And it has shown to be ineffective. After the revolution was clearly expressed equality. Well, what we see in the future? And further this equation also discredited. Why? Because it began to appoint to certain positions at different times, completely incompetent people went absolutely bloody fierce bickering and the destruction of the unhappy, a terror of that era was the guillotine. Friends, it is impossible to quickly kill a large number of people. It is simply impossible to do physically. The executioner cannot from morning till night, chopping heads. This is due to the moral and physical costs, expenses, and it is just too people. Guillotine, a machine did it with alarming rapidity.


So, it turned out that proclaimed the equality of, and sometimes the most responsible posts were appointed according to this principle, people do not differ neither by training nor by some human qualities, and got a horrendous system, which started to drown in their own blood and there was a dictator in Napoleon. And actually the monarchy was restored, at least according to this structure, there is someone at the top and there is someone downstairs. Failed this experiment. Failed nothing was not a viable base nor society, nor the idea of equality.


Our favorite October socialist revolution, you remember, the same situation. Tops cannot, bottoms do not want. And causes about the same. Suddenly the souls that have historically had a tendency to be born among the aristocracy, to rule the country and care, including the peasants, were born among peasants. And souls that, in General, are not sophisticated, not developed in the sense consciousness were born in families of the aristocracy. All, again, conflict, conflict again, again all went. That is, if in the same tsarist Russia was quite able to enact such laws, as, for example, the law on the cook, – I, why is it I always remember Korney Ivanovich Chukovsky, such a good children’s writer, many people know his poems, not even thinking, because in childhood they learned by heart. So, he was expelled from higher educational institutions as the cook’s son, was an illegitimate child.


That is, the notion that people are not equal, which again is the commoners, and there is a white bone, blue blood – it was a default in Russia. Were counts, princes, nobles, and then the stairs down – burghers, and to peasants, and a little earlier – recall that only in the second half of the 19th century serfdom was abolished – were serfs, almost slaves. THAT is, the idea that all are not equal, someone is the representative of the highest class, and someone in a lower class, didn’t work. Why? Come October socialist revolution, all mixed up, all brought to such a state that there is then the civil war began. Rivers of blood, no one could not understand. Again came the slogans are similar to slogans of the French revolution, which States that everyone is equal. Any wrong quoting in the intonation key statement of Lenin that any cook can run the state. Lenin said more eloquently, in different ways this phrase can be understood, but it became a slogan.

What do we see? We see the following thing. On the main positions began to claim people are quite competent. And the country has significantly deteriorated, and only the intervention of such a strong personality, like Stalin, in fact, to a certain extent, repeat the scenario of the French revolution. If in France such person was Napoleon, it can be a certain parallel conduct, in our country, it was Stalin. Who understood that a bad business, and started a hard, completely animal methods to restore order. Yes everyone is equal, but if you were appointed Director of the plant, and you have shown its failure, you at best jailed, at worst – do the shot. This greatly clarify the mind of many, and many began to shun those posts, they would not be pulled. But it was actually the resuscitation of the same original system, which is the leader – gods, and there are mere mortals.


Friends, a similar system occurred in Germany. We certainly do not know the story that preceded Hitler’s rise to power. And there’s the same story was. The same Austria-Hungary, the Habsburg dynasty, and the lower classes. The situation is similar in Germany. Again, tops and bottoms. And now, friends, even when Hitler came to power, and took its policy on the principle of equality, very cunning equality, only for his nation, against the inferiority of other Nations. So, in spite of this, a lot of people, including from the environment of Hitler, despised him for not being of aristocratic origin. Very often you can read in the memoirs of German generals – what can you expect from this son of a minor civil servant? We, the descendants of the counts and princes, of course, did not lose the war. I’ve seen a large number of memoirs, and there it shines. They despised Hitler for his relatively low birth.


That is, friends, this factor is very strange. On the one hand, everyone is different, on the other hand, all people are equal, but neither one nor the other extreme doesn’t work. And in the history of mankind we see the desperate attempts to stick to one extreme people are divided into aristocrats and commoners, as we see in monarchies, and the system falls apart sooner or later. Different situation with complete egalitarianism, and we see that she is falling apart, and rivers of blood, seas of blood. And here’s how to answer this question, who are we really equal or not equal? After the horrors of the second world war, when such unheard victims was defeated by fascism in the first place, of course, the bloody price paid by the Soviet Union, against the horror was somehow improper to discuss this topic. So one way twisted the situation to Hitler, so killing people, divided people along racial, ethnic lines, and so a large number of victims has been spent, fascism did not win, it was drowned in blood. Won, this is when equal and when one is dead German killed ten of our – it’s scary.


That here, amid these horrors no one about this issue, even did not want to think, neither in our country nor in the UK nor here in the U.S., too, were terrible memories. And as a result all came to the conclusion that this vacuum began to fill out some such strange fuzzy ideas that are clearly expressed in the slogans of political correctness that we are now seeing in the US, which imposed a very interesting approach, does not answer the question – or equal to not equal to men? To introduce, again, a substitute for ideology, but it does not work. Germany, which is really responsible for the enormous number of victims and atrocities, for all the concentration camps, it is generally taboo. That is, in this sense, the mentality of the Germans is still licking his wounds. You know, I am in Russia, and it seems that the Second World war ended. You see, here bomb craters, there are the ruins of the factory. You know, as in Hitler. And it is obvious – so many millions of people to lose, it’s unthinkable. Here, for example, in Germany it’s different, they have a life all right. They have a nice, clean, the impression as though wars were not.


But no less horrible scars and craters are observed in the hearts of the people. It is a complex of the defeated nation. And, as all with your head elevated began! We are a superior race, they are less than human. And here is the complex starts by the Germans as the bad service, they opened the border, a huge number of immigrants, often from third world countries began to inhabit Germany. And suddenly again the smell of these contradictions. Many immigrants do not tend to work as well, how does the average German. They tend to receive benefits, to simulate some kind of activity, and to engage in active labor they don’t want. Moreover, they do not even want the German language to learn and that annoys the Germans. And what if they pay?


Know this is a terrible thing. On the one hand, indeed, fascism – it’s scary. The remorse of the Germans for fascism awfully. But on the other hand, is a clear example of that many is starting to cause a wave of vague suspicions, maybe Hitler had something right? This is scary stuff, friends. But it will take twenty years, and that, again, the Third world?


All the issues associated with nationalism, racial intolerance, xenophobia, a division into aristocrats and commoners, white bone, blue blood and in the trash it is, on the one hand, is fraught with a terrible explosion, on the other hand, to say that something no, also impossible. This is a terrible question, friends. It is only a matter of time when some part of the world will Mature the situation will worsen to the limit of the emotions of the people living there, and we may face again with God knows what.


It is necessary to answer this question, but as it actually is? Otherwise all these fortune, spent on the war, like we learned nothing. Here, of course, when you touch the ancient Vedic knowledge which reveals the mystery, but as it actually is, or it at least gives at least some stirrings of understanding of what is happening. May be, in the first approximation this is far worse than we can glean from the crumbs of knowledge of the Vedas, which have reached us, maybe, everything is much grander and humanistyczne – we don’t know. What came is a very serious vaccination against any fascism, and at the same time, the vaccine of any egalitarianism. This knowledge, which avoids these extremes. Those extremes, which was shed, the shed and will probably shed a lot of blood.


So, who are we, people? Now I turn to the generic section of yoga, which we passed through, and will try to paint a picture as best as I understand it. I want to say again – the main ancient knowledge of the Vedas is lost, extant grains. Of course there is a possibility that somewhere waiting for us storehouse, literally answering the many questions that we don’t know the answer. Of course, I to a certain extent taking a risk in presenting it as I understand it. Although this knowledge is transmitted by teachers, but the nature of this knowledge is very sacred. I’d like to mention. All the nonsense that you hear belongs to me personally. If something forced you to think and accept the reality of life, it entirely belongs to the teachers of mankind and ancient knowledge, which has not survived.


So, we have the following, friends, picture.

First, every living being has a higher self Not only cultured people, but also representatives of other forms of existence. This higher self, or Atma, every living being equal and no different from the root causes that gave rise to the Universe, or as it is called in yoga, from absolute. That is, in the ideal, friends, each of us, complex animal or easy, in each of its capacities is the source of power. This source is the higher self of the living creature. And these higher I isometric, we can’t say that I am one of the living creatures above or below I other living creature, can not say that the Overself philosophy Professor I illiterate peasant. Or that I man something I dog. And here we have confirmation of all those humanitarian slogans for humanity inspired thinkers, but, unfortunately, also contributed to the large amount of bloodshed. Therefore, the slogan – freedom! Equality and Fraternity! – we have during the French revolution, true, time I each of us is equal. And with this fully agrees yoga. But that, friends, is only one facet.


Another facet of reality that the higher – self of every living being free, even if you do not realize this freedom. Or in another way. The higher self of every living entity like the nature of the absolute, which is free, and so the higher self of every living being in fact free from everything, even from the knowledge that it is free. That is absolute freedom. Freedom from even a predefined knowledge about what is the highest Ya Lack of knowledge is called ignorance. I but these individual beings, though spare, so made our universe can communicate with each other, without prejudice to the freedom of each other.


This situation is possible only when there is a special thing that is called yoga Maya. As a consequence Maya is an illusion. One of the side effects of māyā is called illusion. You can use Maya for good, but it can also be something negative, that’s the negative side is an illusion. And look, what the situation turns out. The degree of ignorance, in General, the nature of itself, each higher self at the creation of the I at the time of creation of the Universe are the same. That is, it is dark, like a thin veil envelops this bright part of the higher self. And it is the higher self of every living being is free, so it’s free all over, including to eliminate his ignorance, or to gain knowledge of oneself. And no one can make it a living being to follow the path of eliminating ignorance, that is the way the awareness of what it really is. Here if itself is a living creature will want so will not want to – this veil of ignorance will remain.


And so it continues from life to life, as in animal bodies and in the bodies of people. As different living beings, using their freedom, voleizyavleniya in all of its previous evolutionary path different intentions and desires, as a result, we have different degrees of ignorance every living being. That is, a living creature, the shell of this ignorance so much twist around or envelops this luminous spark of the higher self that it is not visible, not audible, and in fact any effort you make it higher I very to throw off this shell.


There are other living beings, who for their births and deaths still valishvili to a certain extent reduce, figuratively speaking, the thickness of the shell, and some living beings this shell has podoconiosis, and the already weak light from the higher self breaks through this dark cocoon of ignorance. Finally, there is a third group of living beings who have eliminated all ignorance, and the cocoon is nothing left, and the light of their higher self shines very maximally. Here we, again, received what was built all of the aristocracy, on which was built all the division of people that I all the same, but the degree of ignorance is different. Therefore, if the degree of ignorance is enormous, this creature should not wait for some actions, and must wait for other actions, opposite actions of beings, whose degree of ignorance is thinner and higher self shines stronger.


Finally, the actions of the higher self, who simply don’t have that cocoon of ignorance, their lives, their decisions and actions can be quite different. So, friends, that those who said that after all it is not necessary to expect from a man uneducated, stupid, downtrodden, that he would become a great spiritual leader or a great teacher of humanity, was also right. And this is another face of reality. That is what we have? We have, at first glance, enterprises neobhodimogo. On the one hand, everyone is equal, and on the other hand, no one is equal to each other and the difference in the thickness of ignorance, which is around different people.


And that is the reason why in that part of the Vedic knowledge, which concerns characteristics of people, we find the division of people into three large groups. Those who completely overcome ignorance, those who are in the intermediate stage of overcoming of ignorance and those who either just made the first steps and are unsure and insecure, in this direction, and the main part is still left under the cover of darkness. This gradation can be extended to all living beings, but if we will consider only creatures living in the bodies of people, then the fact that you have a human body, even if you were given it as a gift, as we have said in previous lectures, it still suggests that at least some steps to overcoming ignorance, the living entity did. Yes, maybe it is little different in its development from a cat or from mouse, dog, but there’s at least seen some glimpses of life. Life, as the expression of emotions, manifestation of intelligence, the manifestation of any intention. In later tantric treatises this graduation began to be called in the following words. The soul in a state of Divya, the soul in the state of Vira and soul as Pasha.


As the Divya, which is also called the Divine state, is the state teachers of mankind, all those who have completely overcome the ignorance surrounding for the evolution of life.


The state of Vira is sometimes translated as the state of the hero. It is a living entity understands that there is in him something higher, striving for it is highest, or at least is able to show the light of this higher self through the shell of ignorance, but this shell of ignorance is still quite thick. Why is the status of Vira? Because ideally, a man struggling with his ignorance. So if you are somewhere in the philosophical doctrines will meet the call for Holy wars, you know that the teacher, who stood at the origins of these religious teachings, too, were sane people talked about the same thing. About the sacred war against its own ignorance, but not with others, that then, of course, was to be subverted, and we got a lot of rivers of blood, and this applies to all philosophical systems, all of them sooner or later, there is extremism.

Well, finally, the third condition called as Pasha, and in translation it would be called as beast, animal, creature. That is what has been created. And so from that standpoint we are absolutely not equal. And we should not expect from Pasha the same attitude and actions as a person in a state of Viru, and Divya – the same state as at Pasha. That is, this is the inequality of awareness of one’s ignorance in regard to who the person is in fact, is the dividing line, which in ancient times was allowed to divide people into commoners and aristocracy, or any of the savages and of civilized people. That degree of ignorance. This is a very difficult philosophical task is to understand that it is ignorance, on the one hand, the price paid for our freedom, because we have no pre knowledge about what your true nature is indistinguishable from the Supreme nature of the absolute. That is, it is in fact slavery, you cause this knowledge. So, it’s not absolute freedom,


And now we come to the part of generic yoga, which discusses the relationship to the ancestors and the attitude of the children. And here from this position, when you have at least the relative scheme of what is happening in this world, We have been able to comprehend their specific actions in relation to ancestors, to posterity, and, consequently, their actions in choosing their future life partner wife or husband that we absolutely need for the return of sacred duty to the ancestors. Here’s how it turned out. This is not an idle and abstract thinking, is the cornerstone that will allow you to choose the future husband or wife. And what could be more important for man than this a good choice? How many broken lives, scandals and shouting, every kind of negativity we see from an unhappy marriage. And it’s a very big question – to choose a life partner. In any case, to understand what is happening.


So, returning to our previous lectures where we talked about the fact that all of the ancestors that we had, we can divide into two categories. On ancestors, which are identical to the teachers and teachers of yoga. These are the ancestors that gave rise to this impetus of life, which we do not need, in addition to we were happy. If you want to. As we mentioned to you about the ancestors of other category that may be unhappy with us if we behave in this life with certain violations of the rules of the game. The game even includes other souls. After all, we ourselves were in the bodies of animals, we had to live in the bodies of animals. Accordingly, in the bodies of animals we had ancestors. That is, there is a third group of ancestors, about which there is very little to say, rather, that at this stage of our understanding about what will have a lot to say when we will be talking about our offspring.


So it turns out that, by and large, we have three groups of ancestors, and these three groups of ancestors in the first approximation, just fall under these three groups, Divya, Vira and Pasu. That is, in our family, whatever we belong to a race, nationality, whatever class we belong – we are the aristocracy or the commoners – we have the pedigree line is required to have a teacher and a teacher of yoga. At this very rigidly insisted generic yoga. These are the teachers of mankind. But we also have ancestors with varying degrees of samosoznanii, and as a result, with a different biography. Some of them can not be called teachers of humanity, it was decent, heroic people, who have the rights to be born again. And some of our ancestors, it may happen, not even distinguished by decency, and maybe a special behavior that we can call human. And did not behave very well. They lived in the bodies of people, and perhaps in prehistory, and since life in the bodies of animals.


But these three groups of ancestors, again, can be divided into two classes, two groups. Teachers and teacher, they do not this, they have helped us to make this push. But with the second we have a relationship. Some ancestors we can be proud of, and some ancestors behaved not very good.


I remember once I became a casual witness the ridiculous, in my opinion, the dispute of two people of two of our Central Asian republics. One of them boasted of his high descent, God knows what lines, and the second said what you boast of his great-grandfather, who was a leader, he may be your grandmother was raped, it would be seen that you are a descendant. And you see, friends, these spicy layouts can be a lot. Well, of course, I laughed, because it is our ancestors, the concept of ancestral yoga, even if it is your grandma raped you was born, I lived to see this day, so should be grateful and one who was raped. In this respect, tribal yoga is very humanistic, or bad living, or good but dead. That is, it depends still, given the karmic situation. Well, I tried this all a joke of it, turned, and there was a serious dispute. Or had a similar situation, one said that my family was more remarkable than yours, and the other said, no, my, and so the examples given. From the position of a generic yoga, all of us was of the highest teachers of mankind, but you should not exclude that there were also ordinary people who are not well behaved. But even if this were the last villains, you should be grateful because you are alive, they are, even in spite of its unsightly activity, has made important – helped this impulse of life to continue.


Yoga vysokoekonomichnogo doctrine, where there is no place for fascism, xenophobia, where there is no space warfare, who is subhuman and who is the man. This just makes no sense, reality is much more complicated than any provisions, which how many curves shed, shed, and , God forbid, it will be shed.


But we are interested in the up side of this question. From the perspective of children. So, we remember that as his descendants, birth yoga teaches us to call, of course, the ancestors of the first category, teachers of the people. This is the aim of all practice exercises in this yoga. But, regardless of what the soul born in the body of the child, it belongs to the first, second or third group, you need to make the most as if it belonged to the first group of ancestors. On the one hand, friends. On the other hand, this dialectic, there are no simple solutions. You have to tailor its forces. And here’s why. If you are in status, the same as the ancestors of the second group, in the state of Vira, but to you as your children or pupils coming soul belonging to the third category, and if you have made the conditions of life, education for life has helped this soul at least to reduce its dark, you do have the right to withdraw from the second group to the first. So, in other words, it is very quickly realized in yoga to achieve the state I teachers, as our ancestors of the first group. The cost of assistance, on education – I always give the example, our humanists after the October revolution, Makarenko and others, who were engaged in street. After all, there, friends, the audience were different. Yes, there were children of former shot the officers, but there were depositvalue elements, random kids from parents, no different, no spirituality, no other moments. But was arranged for this situation is that even the soul with a very thick layer of ignorance, once in these conditions, began to reduce this ignorance. This is what we call education. But, so if you come soul with a very large layer of ignorance, and you are able to make appropriate conditions, to give a proper education to properly control the behavior of their offspring, and so on and so forth. And give him carte Blanche, the ability to do as he pleases, you, on the contrary, worsen his situation and my situation. Foolishly, he will lead a filthy lifestyle, as well as behaved aristocracy before the French revolution, and to be honest, as well as our aristocracy behaved before the October socialist revolution. Also there are not all angels were, God knows what it was doing, the complete irresponsibility.

And here it is necessary to adjust power. If you are strong enough to digest any situation, then in principle you still, a soul is born as your son. You with yoga techniques help her in one lifetime to overcome to jump from one level to many of the more subtle level of his own ignorance, and in the ideal case, to achieve the state of Divya, the highest state in yoga.


In ancient treatises we read a lot from the disciplic succession. Went, found it a bastard in a pile of manure, picked up, made a disciple, gave him an education, methods of yoga, gave it such a practice that student of his in the future even surpassed the teacher. Although in the initial stage he was in a much worse situation. And it is clear that the very fact that the student stood up, in whatever state, neither was the teacher, the teacher immediately rises. And we meet in yoga treatises such situations when the student has surpassed the teacher and when the teacher stumbled, the student brought him out of this state. Or other stories where the different karmic background, with very different thickness of this ignorance the student got to the teacher, and there relationship was equated to the relationship of the child with father and mother. The teacher is in the East Holy. It’s a big culture shock for all the Eastern people is relevant to yoga. Or attitude to philosophical systems. We’ve got a democratic atmosphere, the West, and it grates on the ear. They do not accept it. Well, that’s another story, of course.


So, it turns out such here situation. If you’re able to take any soul as offspring, if you Vira, strongly determined, then you can communicate with anyone, and to marry and to marry anyone. It doesn’t matter. What is the status of your husband or your wife. You pull. If you doubt their abilities, living conditions are harsh and there is actually a question of survival you as people, nation, society, is, of course, it five times to decide who to choose as a spouse. This is what we have in India, where marriages are made in most parents of the children. Unfortunately, our Indian brothers and sisters can’t afford such a luxury as to choose their own pair. Why? They – the carriers of knowledge and traditions. That’s when knowledge and tradition to be passed to all humanity, I assure you, this system will not be over, and the first one will be to dismantle it, are themselves Hindus, but they pay a very severe price to pay for saving. And at the same time, the most popular of their films, plays, short stories, narratives about love, love that is similar to the West. The young man saw her and fell in love, regardless of caste, social belonging, he just fell in love with everything. It is the most popular movies, the works. But the reality suggests otherwise. Rather, it is a dream to which they aspire. What’s the dream? So they have been living this scenario. But they are dragging their duty, their Dharma, they need to convey their knowledge. So. If you are faced with a situation that your friend married or married in India, and it is the parents arranged everything, and sometimes there is generally a priest of the Brahman astrologer will invite, and here he begins to twist, twirl, figures to manipulate, no one really knows what this one or that one. This is reminiscent of some wildness at first glance.


Let’s look at this thing from a different angle. If you are not strong yogi or Yogini, it is certainly better to factor in to your husband or wife was your degree of samosoznanii. Then more prerequisites that as your children come to you souls with your same level. If you are a very strong soul and feel the power, you still. I’m not going to talk about the state of Divya. If you are in the state Divya, that is, at the level of the teachers of mankind, this question does not appear. Simply no, because the very fact that you were born in a family yoga or Yogini – all, all your problems are solved. It is therefore considered that the birth family yoga or Yogini is the highest birth in the world, the highest positive karma, even if in a past life you were an animal. Was born – all won what is called the luckiest ticket.


So, it turns out such a thing. If you feel that you, it’s a conversation, if you feel that you can not afford, the era of epidemics, wars, economic crises, disasters – of course, have to balance their forces. And will you be able to provide this soul all of the terms, so she quickly caught up. But if you are able to ensure the promotion of your children, it is, in fact, your progress up. And, in fact, this is a real chance to approach as teachers, at least for the simple reason that sooner or later, if you valueshave to move in this direction, as taught by yoga, in yoga you reach the highest heights. And there’s such a thing that you will have the opportunity to get out of the plane of karma. Negative karma you will neutralize positive karma, and positive karma as a mountain, will accumulate. And what can you do? Either use karma or to go out at all for a plane of karma. That is, differently, to give up all karma, ill give it. Who? Just that soul, which is in the third state plow. The same did our ancestors, who are in the status of teachers and teachers of mankind.


That is, all scenarios are win-win, if you know what you are doing. Regardless of what you like, Yogini, and your husband does not share this. And God is with him. Or Vice versa, you are an advanced yogi, and your wife, the bitch makes money, again, you’re going to yoga – is not important. You pull.


But, though here also it is necessary to specify the factor that in such cases was, oddly enough, some recommendations. In the same way as in Western countries, it was considered a priority paternity. That is representative of the most vysokoporodistyh caste or aristocracy could take their wives to almost anybody. It was thought that he will pull, wife. In fact, for the same reason the Indians lost their original appearance. According to ancient texts it appears that they are more like the Europeans, the whites. As a result of mixing with the local population, at a time when they invaded India, they took wives of all local people with more dark skin color. And Indian, of which we now see, it’s not the Indian, who was a thousand years ago. This is a normal nation, a strong, vibrant, beautiful. That is, there prevailed a factor of consciousness.


For example, in the same way as in European Nations, the king or the king could take his wife and commoner, no one said anything. And as determined belonging to the genus, nationality – father. In Russia, the name usually goes on the father. But, friends, I must tell you that this is not a universal rule. Throughout the history of mankind there were other peoples, where almost the decisive role played motherhood. Remember Julius Caesar? Julia is so his mother’s name was. Or take Israel. There is a more important branch of maternal than paternal. What membership is more maternal than paternal. Well, evil tongues say that the mother always knows who is the child, and the father never knows, but this is a minor matter, but the fact remains. In many other we see people, not going to mention. Again, this is not a fact. The fact that there is always the strong locomotive, which will pull all the others, and this will rise even higher. That is a very noble occupation, to give the opportunity to be born just as a gift.

But again, you have to tailor its forces. We have two such faces. Some say that the husband or the wife must choose only parents, members of the genus. A variety of arguments under this brings. But still. Sooner or later, the newlyweds, even if it was a fiery love, begin the gray days and mutual rejection. And the West is a divorce, sometimes very destructive. And in the East you’re not going anywhere, that is this kind of doom play a good stabilizing factor. That is, it is not always a bad thing, friends. But again, someone will say that it is unthinkable, for example, the representative of Western civilization. How is it that without me me married. At the same time and they are right. All of these questions, associated with death, birth, descendants not obvious friends. So, in one fell swoop the slogan as of the October socialist revolution – so, so, so, you remember that after the revolution was the slogan of the materialists that being determines consciousness. Take a felon, a thief, make them decent conditions, as the Bolsheviks, and they will change, become conscious. And after the revolution opened the prison, released all this brother to freedom and got a wave just for a horror. Then it means once adjusted.


But what comes out, not right were the Bolsheviks? No right, indeed, if you take action the right methods, you will help the soul to overcome ignorance, but it’s a long, time-consuming job, it is necessary to adjust power.


The reverse situation – idealism. He still is in Western countries, which are not particularly affected after the war. There, some counts, princes, lords, peers – that they believe that only the origin determines everything. And still the offspring of high status can not afford to marry a commoner. Because it is believed that there is something ineffable, mystical, does not. Out, and they are right to some extent. It turns out all right, friends. And at the same time, no one is right. And only understanding this picture, you can measure his every next step. To perform who you are, where you are, what situation you are in who these people are, what level they are, what resources you have, if you have the time, energy, desire, in the end. And only after that to do some steps. In terms of having to act one way or another. Otherwise, this is a guaranteed blood. A sea of blood, rivers of blood.


Well, in the end, I want to encourage that if you want to help yoga can help anyone, financially, I urge you to attend classes, seminars, lectures on yoga, contribute to the development of yoga. The website we did, buy something, some of that money will go entirely to the development of yoga, if you do these movies, discs do not like it, give someone. Someone else see if he can help in life, maybe. Will not make a revolution with guillotines and understand that everything is a lot more complicated. All, friends, for today.





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