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I am a teacher of the International Open Yoga University. I am curator of the online yoga courses ( in Russian. I have been practicing and learning yoga for 7 years.

Yoga has become the main driving force in my life, the source of power, health and inspiration. I have chosen yoga because the knowledge and practice of yoga cover all the aspects and spheres of a human being’s life. It is an affordable and wise system which suits everyone and allows us to achieve any objectives starting from beauty, health and slenderness of a person’s body up to reaching tranquility and the harmony of internal integrity. The desire to share this knowledge has driven me to study yoga professionally.
I joined International Open Yoga University in 2009 and graduated 4-year program in 2014. And now I continue to study more advanced areas of yoga.

My web site is, I am the author of various articles in the magazine “I LOVE YOGA”. 

I offer yoga trainings including: individual classes, group classes, lectures on yoga, workshops. They are conducted according to the best classical traditions of Open Yoga. Besides the 4 main basic kinds of yoga (hatha, kriya, mantra, pranayama) I provide meditation practice, Nyasa yoga as well as others.


Areas of yoga I am interested in: hatha, kriya, mantra, pranayama, yantra, rajah yoga and yoga of visualization, etc. I study the primary sources of yoga under the leadership of the rector of IOYU Vadim OpenYoga.  
I am looking forward to seeing you in my classes.

Contact information:
Skype: MargaritaChim

P.S. Anything good – not a miracle, anything beautiful – not a dream


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