Nyasa yoga. Lecture by Vadim Zaporojtsev. 07.11.2005

Author Vadim Zaporozhtsev
Anandaswami Tradition Yoga School
Place of lecture delivering Cultural Center “Enlightenment”.
Date July 11, 2005
Yoga school address International Open Yoga University, Yoga School of Anadasvami tradition. Cultural Center “Enlightenment” Dolgorukovskaya str. # 29, Novoslobodskaya metro station, Moscow, Russia. Tel.: 8(495)251-2108, 8(495)251-3367. E-mail: HappYoga@mail.ru. Sites: www.openyoga.ru, www.yogacenter.ru, www.happyoga.narod.ru.
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1. Nyasa accelerates yoga processes.

2. Nyasa relieves pain and discomfort after other yogas.

3. Nyasa helps to concentrate your consciousness on inner feelings.

4. A person who is getting Nyasa is immersed in his inner world of sensations. Thanks to this efficiency of yoga increases tenfold.

5. When a person concentrates on Nyasa he forgets all external stimuli and the degree of perception of inner world increases several times. Consciousness reaches high degree of stability (no longer rushing about).

6. A person who makes Nyasa builds associative chain between his body and the body of the person to whom he makes Nyasa.

7. The man at the same time feels his body in the body of another person as in a mirror.

8. Nyasa should be made in those parts of the body where the tension is felt in the one who makes the Nyasa.

Positive effects from Nyasa for those who make Nyasa:

1. The working with own energy channels through the mirror reflection in the other person.

2. The increasing of sensitivity of the person.

3. The removing of karmic blocks through the opportunity to help another person.

4. The extending the range of sensitivity. The appearing of the ability to feel the body of another person as your own.

5. The appearing of the ability to read the mindset of everyone who enters the area of your sensitivity.

6. The appearing of the ability to read the thoughts of other people.

7. The opening of the ability to heal.

Positive effects for those who are getting Nyasa:

1. The increasing of the degree of concentration on the exercise.

2. The removing of the nervous blocks.

3. The possibility to access to own subconsciousness.

4. The possibility of cleansing the karmic dirt on the subtle level.

5. Nyasa Yoga is the science that can be learned but you can’t teach.

6. Nyasa can have three degrees of activity:

  • usual/ rough (we touch hard enough);
  • subtle (we barely touch);
  • supersubtle (we don’t touch).

7. The surface of the human body is divided into 2 groups:

  • supersensitive;
  • insensitive.

Depending on if we are working with the first group of surfaces or with the second one, we use different approaches in Nyasa. If you are working with insensitive area Nyasa runs from rough to subtle. If you are working with the supersensitive region you are working from supersubtle to rough. Nyasa is apprehended only through practice. The more attempts you do to make Nyasa, the more sensitive you become and the more results you will get. That’s why it’s necessary to have a regular practice.

The sensitivity is developed with the practice. An ability to feel the different energy spectra and multiple channels flowing through the fingers and palms appears. When the knowledge comes with the practice the fingers themselves will begin to take shape in the energetic gestures – Mudras. They close and redistribute the flows of the energy in the palms and inside the body as well in the bodies of other living beings, who enter into the area of your sensitivity.

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