Nyasa Yoga. Vadim Zaporojtsev. Seminar. 12.27.2009

Author Vadim Zaporozhtsev
Anandaswami Tradition Yoga School
Place of lecture delivering Cultural Center “Enlightenment”.
Date December 27, 2009
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Typed and edited by Vita Yarotskaya
Translated by Lena Vorobjova

Consecration in Yoga

I remind you that in yoga there is the concept of “consecration”. And physical presence of a person is required to get this jolt. This thing is non-obvious and understood only after the lapse of years. Therefore, such events are like a jolt. Of course, all materials will be posted, printed in the internet, and will bring their favor. But you also need a direct presence at such events. Yoga isn’t studied from the books and theoretically. It is necessary the presence of high transmission line, especially, when it comes about Nyasa yoga.

The tactual sensibility

We all have the tactual sensibility. When someone touches us, we feel those touches. They sometimes accompany us throughout life (touch of our clothes). But they disappear and turn into the background.

But there are more bright moments of tactile sensations when someone suddenly touches us. If we analyze own life, despite the fact that we don’t pay attention to the tactile sensations, they will be extremely important in our lives. Strictly speaking, this is one of the most powerful channels of interaction with the outside world.

If we watch on behavior of people in everyday life, we can see how people and animals caress each other. If you watch on a natural reaction of the men and the women who see a child, you will see that they want him to stroke, hug, and play. It is uncontrolled impulses. The arm reaches itself for the cat to pat him, or the dog, which ran up to us and buried her nose, or the child who plays with us. We cuddle a man whom we didn’t see for a long time. We do this unconsciously, without being aware of this.

Sometimes we need a caress, especially, when we feel bad. We want to cry and feel better. Moreover, it doesn’t matter, it can be very strong and self-sufficient person, who controls himself. But still nice, when beside you there are a person who loves and embrace you, the person whom you trust.

Connection of touch and trust

Touch and trust are the things which are related very closely. If there is no trust, there is no touch. If there is no trust, these touches can cause more inner restraint and suspicion than a sense of relaxation. Conversely, if we trust and feel the touches, they have healing power for us.

Tactile aspect of interaction is very strong. Suppose you were riding on the subway in a pensive mood and suddenly you were pushed. You felt the push and immediately uncontrollable urge to anger and resentment woke up in you, urge to answer the abuser. The gusts of rage originate from our very deep structures. Maybe man stepped on our foot accidentally, but we told him everything what we were thinking about it (sometimes in foul form).

There is a part of our life which penetrates everything around, and has strong access to our inner world, to our frame of mind, as that can change the modus of our mood. For example, a man had argued with his wife. But his wife came up, hugged, and stroked him. And men’s principle anger retreated into the background, and philosophical ideas retreated into the background. Such person finds a consensus or a common space for the resolution of certain disputes.

The channel of tactile interaction presents 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. But we also have another strong factor. It is our mind. He pulls off on himself our attention and overshadows the channel of sensations. We are leaving in our thoughts, memories, and expectations. Thereby, tactile sensations go into the background, we don’t see them. We are living in our thoughts and experiences. Indeed, evolution has shown that if we develop the mind, we are dominating. More intelligent creature wins over more stupid. Human wins over all animals. Evolution forces us to develop the mind. Anyone who has developed own mind is the winner. Someone who didn’t do it is in a subordinate condition. We somewhere cling to the mind and concentrate on it. All our attention is moved from our tactile sensations to the level of intelligence. The same applies to other senses. If you are worried, you forget about what you see, hear, feel. Mind pulls off large part of our consciousness, our sensations. As a result, we pay less attention to our tactile sensations. As a result the imbalance is arisen, and a lot of restraints, dysfunctions, and stresses are fallen down on the man. Because the mind doesn’t give us such a sense of trust as our tactile sensations.

The problem of our time is the lack of tactile sensations

From book to book goes a legend that in ancient Rome was the emperor who gave the order, don’t caress small children of the slaves. They were dressed and looked after, but without affection. I don’t know how much this is true but legend says that a significant portion of kids died. Another part that has grown was individuals, who were inclined to sadism and were prone to torment others. They got a pleasure from suffering of other people, and were insensitive to the miseries of others. This legend is conveys the meaning very well. If there is no tactile perception or channel of tactile sensations, it is a very serious strain of the psyche. The mind breaks away from the harmonious perception of the world and get compensation in some manifestations that ordinary people seem as manic and brutal. We can’t normally live and develop if there is no tactile sensations. As soon as there is a lack of tactile sensation, appears the psychical imbalance.

Street children it’s a big problem today. They are dressed, but they don’t have moms and dads, who can embrace, caress, and cuddle them. As a result, these children grow up unhappy. They are prone to run away from orphanages and become homeless. As a result, it’s grown up people, who are joining the ranks of criminals. Same thing is happening in dysfunctional families, where mom and dad alcoholics.

The lack of tactile sensations in childhood is lead to a child’s inner restraint. They compensate it with some external manifestations and manifestations in the form of pain to others. Children, who didn’t get the tactile sensation, try to compensate the absence in the world of tactile sensations. But they don’t understand the boundaries and are prone to violence. Sometimes it can be disgusting and unpleasant.

If a man isn’t fed with vitamin C, he will be sick with scurvy. All his hair and teeth will drop out. The person is sick and can die. Likewise, if the man doesn’t get enough tactile sensations in his childhood, he starts to sicken a huge number of psychical diseases, which are transitioning into somatic. As a result, we have a multitude of unbalanced people who are prone to sadism.

This is a very big imbalance, which breeds a lot of problems for all humanity. There is the one source. This is a lack of tactile channel of perception. In other words, this is a lack of trust to the Universe. Appears a desire to destroy the Universe to which there is no trust. Such people are prone to suicide and psychical imbalance, because the lack of these feelings affects on our deepest levels of nervous organization very strong. As a consequence, we can see an attempt to stop somehow the availability of tactile hunger.

Tactile sensation from the point of view of psychoanalysis

In the early of twentieth century the science of psychoanalysis had been developed. In this science was given some sketchy information about human nature. But they didn’t reveal the full scope of human organization. There were attempts to explain all with the hidden latent sexuality. As consequence, our natural tendency to play with someone also was due to a hidden sexuality. Thus, we have received horrific results over time. Unfortunately, there are little-known psychical imbalances that have arisen as a result of one-sided presentation of the topic. Our mind pulls of our tactile sensations and is prone to ignore them. And also noxious idea penetrated, that any touching, shaking hands, kissing, or when we play with the children are manifestation of eroticism. There is no more monstrous and impossible idea.

As a result, people (who read all these clever books) begin to restrain themselves from the natural manifestations of tactile sensations. We so seldom show the feelings, and now, there is a theory that if I want to touch someone, to hug or kiss, it’s mean that erotic desire is awaking in me (according to the fathers of psychoanalysis). It is clear that a person begins to restrain himself and completely shuts of the channel of senses.

As a result, mother afraid to touch her child once again, father afraid to speak with his daughter, brother afraid to play with his sister. All at a distance, and everyone is wearing rubber gloves, everyone surrounded themselves with walls of “untouchability”. It’s monstrous imbalance. Instantly the Universe reflects on a flash of unhealthy sensuality. Virtually all of the pages on the Internet are scored with deviations in sexuality. Because man protects itself against imaginary manifestations but then begins to be hooked on.

In some Western countries if a man touched a woman, she could sue him in a court, and a man won’t be able to approach a woman for a few tens of meters. Action of false attitudes begins to corrode the brains. This attitude to the manifestation of our tactile sensations breeds maniacs and fanatics. Because we can’t survive without channels of tactile sensations for a long time. That’s why there is an obsession to fill it. As a result, we get bursts of violence. It’s scary, because any half-truth worse then the lack of any information.

Everything that connected with the tactile sensations and our interaction with the Universe doesn’t go through the filter of reason, but goes directly into our subconscious. It begins to zombify and to program us uncritically.

Nyasa yoga

As many manifestations of a man, as many there are different kinds of yoga. Of course, our tactile interaction with the Universe is a separate kind of yoga. And this yoga is called Nyasa yoga.

The word “Nyasa” in one of variations of the translation means touch. Although, this concept is more profound than just a touch. This yoga is one of the most closed. As far as I know, it’s not taught anywhere else. You won’t find courses on Nyasa yoga. Maybe you will find small fragments of this yoga. It’s required training for a long time (about ten years) to understand the principle of action and to master the principles of Nyasa yoga.

We have not many people who know something about usual yoga, so about Nyasa yoga it never sets. This doesn’t mean that there is no such yoga, there are just not many people who has mastered in it. You’ll find numerous references to the Nyasa yoga in the sections of Tantra yoga. There will be an appeal to do nyasa during some exercise. But there is no theory, no explanation, just said: do so, so and so. In the worst case it’s not clear what is being said.

This is a very rare yoga which no one describes. Once again, I remind you that yoga is disappearing. The fact that now at every step there are trainers and teachers of life, doesn’t mean that they teach the true yoga. It is the crumbs. Moreover, there are yogas which can’t be taught, but you can learn them. You should get into the field of people who mastered this yoga. And you can adopt this yoga by the very fact that you are close to those people. Nyasa yoga isn’t studied by movies, books, and audio lectures (even its theoretical part). Especially, it isn’t studied without practice. As for all other yogas it’s necessary to make some practice. If there is no practice, we can’t talk about something else. There involved the deeper structures than our mind.

Nyasa yoga is very rare and its theory is very deep. It takes many years to master Nyasa yoga and apply it. Also you mustn’t be a yogi-loner, and you need to have a circle of associates. You can use Nyasa yoga in full if someone makes nyasa to someone else. It’s required two persons as minimum. If you are selfish, you make yoga for yourself and aren’t prone to communicate, you simply won’t be able to find the person who is interested in yoga, and much less a person who will be ready to make nyasa to you and you to him.

But there are also other factors that cause an interest in Nyasa yoga, because it’s a magic wand in the way of our yogic development. Nyasa yoga increases the rate of flow of yogic processes in seven to ten times in the body of human, who is making nyasa and to whom nyasa is being made. Ten years of our lives is a crazy term. And cut it up to a year it’s the same as to make your life longer by ten times. And you will be able to do during one life everything that could be done during ten lives consecutively. That’s mean that you don’t need to be born these ten lives. To accelerate the yogic processes is a very tempting aim. Therefore, Teachers who possess the ability to accelerate the yogic processes use Nyasa yoga for other students to make transmission of yoga faster (7-10 times).

Nyasa yoga is an accelerator of yogic processes

Nyasa yoga is the catalyst which increases the speed of processes. Nyasa yoga is the highest yoga. You need to practice yoga more than one life to reach it by your own power. But when you come to this level many processes in your spiritual progress are going faster. Nyasa yoga is a gift to us. We would have to spend a lot of time to understand Nyasa yoga. This is knowledge that will enable us to accelerate our yoga processes.

The fact that Nyasa yoga intensifies yogic processes is not a magic. The mechanisms that operate in the implementation of Nyasa yoga are so much more profound and fundamental that they can speed up all processes that we are unable to realize. This section of Nyasa yoga is applied to other different kinds of yoga. Most often you will meet the methods of Nyasa yoga in yoga of Triad (Yoga of Sexual Relations, Tantra yoga and Yoga of Being in Love). Moreover, it’s unthinkable to implement some practices without a component of Nyasa yoga. But Nyasa yoga may be present in all kinds of yoga ranging from rough physical (Hatha Yoga and Kriya Yoga) to more abstract yogas (meditation, visualization, Raja Yoga, Karma Yoga). Everywhere there is the opportunity to apply Nyasa yoga and to get a result.

Tactile sensation and sexuality aren’t related

Tactile sensation and sexuality aren’t related in any way. These are different manifestations of organization of our bodies. Indeed, there are many types of massage which called an erotic massage. A result of such massage is a lifting of sexual mood and then people can have sex. But this connection is illusory. In fact, the process is going in other way. Even the phrase “erotic massage” from a position of organization of our body doesn’t make sense. Rather, by the tactile sensations you can convert or sublimate the sexual energy and thereby help the person to don’t manifest his sexuality.

Therefore, all the tactile sensations and touch don’t stimulate sexual feelings. They remove some blocks or clamps within you. When these blocks or clamps are being unclasped inside you, Energy and Consciousness begin to circulate by these unclasped channels and you come into a state of health. This natural state of health allows you to manifest your sexuality. And if you are on the verge of the nervous breakdown or stress, you are forgetting about your sexuality.

If you are using Nyasa to remove internal stress or clamp (ranging from physical structures and finishing with subtle channels and centers), you begin to unfold, to trust the Universe. As a result, the mechanism of protection of the procreation starts to wake up. He sees that you feel wonderful and it’s time to think about procreation. This explains the further expression of your sexuality. But sexuality and tactile sensations aren’t related.

If you squeezed someone and made a maniac, then the Universe would revenge upon you. You will be the first whom this maniac will come to. Nothing happens incidentally in the Universe. You should understand clearly that if you played with a child, it didn’t mean that you are a pedophile. If you hugged a woman and danced with her, it didn’t mean that you harassed her sexually. If you taped someone on the shoulder, it didn’t mean that you were showing your homo-erotic tendencies. The binding of these two different things creates terrible problems.

Forget everything that concerns our false attitudes on the tactile sensations. Trust the Universe, be very careful to your feelings that come through the touch of different orientation (touch of clothing, tapping each other on the shoulder, or hit of the twig). You should treat to everything with equal attention as to your own thoughts.

Mind is the sixth sense organ

According to the teachings of yoga of Shri Vidya, our mind is reduced to a sensory organ. We have a sense: we can see and hear, we can feel smell, taste, tactile touches. We have five senses. We also have intelligence. Western man selects the mind like something separate. But in the highest yogas mind is used as the sixth sense. You have a sixth sense organ (mind) through which you “sniff”, feel, and understand the Universe.

We only know what we can know through our five senses. But our mind is the sixth sense organ. There is the expression in the yoga of Shri Vidya: “Let me immerse in you like a six-legged bee, which is immersing in a flower, just as if its six legs are as my six senses”.

Everything that we see around us is as delicious nectar. And bee is hurrying up to eat this delicious nectar. Likewise, we absorb the outside world like the bee. We see, hear, smell, and feel it, think about it. There is no fundamental difference about how to obtain information about the world around us than the information that we receive through sight, hearing, smell, touch.

Tactile sensations, which are engaged in Nyasa yoga, are the same channel of information (adequate perception of the Universe) as well as our mind. When a person hasn’t developed the mind, we can say “brainless idiot”. And our attitude is the same to him.

The same applies to our tactile sensations. If we don’t get them in full, we don’t have complete picture about the Universe which we live in. And if we don’t have a complete picture of the Universe which we live in, we can’t make the right decisions in our lives. We can’t properly build steps toward the right way. We don’t know where we need to move in life and what to avoid.

All of our manifestations are also important to comprehend the Universe as the fattest philosophical book on the theory of yoga. Therefore, if we go to the domain of intellect too much and ignore the other channels of information, we obviously condemn ourselves to lose.

This is a question of principles on which the senses are built. Our eyes can see badly (due to old age, injury, etc.). But our physical eyes are just a shell that envelops our subtle eyes or the principle of vision. Therefore, the sharpness of any sense is not an indication of our equal attention to one or another sensory organ. But tactile sensations are the item which is critical to “homo sapiens”.

According to the theory of yoga, we all born and die in different bodies as long as we will be born in the human body. The human body is endowed with the mind. If there is an element of the mind we can significantly accelerate our spiritual self-knowledge. When the creature has reached the human body, the tactile sensations are the most critical moment. Ironically, even the mind in this regard goes to second place. For some reason it is believed that the area of touch is the most vulnerable place in the man. Moreover, if the creature has reached the human body, but hasn’t developed the tactile centers, this creature is prone to destruct itself. It looks like the nature has given us the mind in advance. But if we will use it in the wrong way and won’t pull all the senses to that level (won’t eliminate the imbalance), the mind won’t save us. And we’ll have to born again and again.

The advantages of the mind

What does the mind give to a man? He gives the modern civilization but also a means for self-destruction. For example, if you’ll blow up nuclear or thermonuclear bomb, there will be nothing left of civilization. The very advanced civilization isn’t a guarantee of success. Once again I want to emphasize, this idea permeates through the eastern mentality and it isn’t understood by the West. West prays in the mind, the new technology. They are certainly very important and should be developed. But they don’t make people happier. Moreover, they aren’t a guarantee that the person didn’t apply his mind to destroy himself.

In Nyasa yoga is considered that a critical period in human development is the development of tactile sensations. And if the creature doesn’t develop tactile sensations this civilization will perish. Possibly, the collapse of ancient civilizations occurred for this reason.

Heart and Nyasa yoga

Sometimes we don’t know what to do in some situations. The mind tells us one thing, but feeling tells another. Each person in its life encounters with this balance. The mind is ruthless and the feelings are very tearful, pitiful. And there is a conflict when you need to make a decision. How can we find the verge between mind and feelings?

Of course, to be pious is very easy. But after such kindness everything is fall apart. Once everything was falling apart and suffering came to us. In comparison with this suffering our kindness looks like a great harm. At the same time, tough and even cruel directives of the mind look extremely bloody at the first glance. But after years it becomes clear that this was the best option. But sometimes we don’t obey the feelings and listen to our mind. We already have chopped the heads but we could avoid it. Or conversely, we regret everybody too much but everything was fall apart.

Mind by itself isn’t an assistant. There are feelings also. How to find a balance between the mind and feelings? Once you become somebody in your life, you’ll immediately encounter with this situation.

As for yoga, you remember that there are the first and the second principle of yoga. The first principle of yoga (the principle of kindness) says that you should be pitiful. The second principle of Yoga (the principle of common sense) says that everything has to be optimized. But the first and second principles of yoga encounter in your life. Such conflicts are an indirect indicator of your karma. If they don’t encounter, it’s very well. Saying: “Hope for the best but prepare for the worst.” We don’t know what tomorrow will bring. Maybe tomorrow the first and second principles will clash with foreheads. And here is the answer! You must to make decision using your heart, trusting to the heart. This advice is passed from one nation to another nation, from generation to generation.

When was talking about heart, it didn’t mean the physical heart. It was talking about a certain area in the middle of our chest, in the field of physical hearts. It was appealed to make decisions precisely from this field.

Every time when you encounter with intractable problems, when your senses and the mind come into conflict, you encounter with such sayings: “Sleep on it”, “Take heart decision”, “The problem should go to bed” and so forth. All these sayings appeal to make a distance from the mind and to take time out, pause. Or conversely, if you have erupted feelings, and you are ready to throw fists at the enemy, you are also called to stop and concentrate on this area in the center of our chest. As shown by long experience of ordinary people, in such way you can make balanced decisions, for which you don’t feel shame.

When we concentrate on the heart, the best of possible solution comes to us. It has very good confirmation in the Nyasa yoga. According to the structure of our body, the heart chakra (center) is just responsible for a certain balance. This center is equidistant from the center of our consciousness (in the crown of the head) and from the center of our energy (at the bottom of the body).

The principle of the mind and our intellect are the structures that use the clarity of our consciousness most heavily. On the contrary, the emotions and feelings use manifestation of our energy in greater degree.

The human body is made so that there is some point that equidistant from the center of consciousness and from the center of energy. This center is called Anahata chakra or heart center. And it is located in the center of our chest. Usually in all languages is called the heart. This is something in the middle, the core.

At the same time, the axiomatics of yoga says that the heart center is responsible for the principle of tactile perception. This very center generates the deep principles that are clothed in concrete organization of our body in the form of nerve endings on the surface of the body that are responsible for tactile sensations. Your physical nerve components play an important role in the perception of tactile sensations. But this is only a wrapper for the manifestation of a deeper principle which is called tactile perception. The possibility to perceive something in the Universe is realized in our body. Because the nerve endings are took out on the surface of our body. To a certain extent, tactile sensation can be explained through the surface of our body. But it becomes meaningless at some point. Because the impulse moves from the rough physical body to the subtle structures and excites this heart center.

Heart centre in Nyasa Yoga

Heart center is responsible for our tactile sensations. Figuratively speaking, what is the tactile sensation? There is a vulgar saying: “To feel the whole world with own skin”. This means that the person found out something not from somebody’s tales, but understood everything with its “own skin”, missed through itself. This is the deepest level of knowing the subject.
The heart center is responsible for our tactile sensations. We can feel everything that is happening around us on the “own skin” and try to balance everything that comes from the mind and emotions area. From other sections of yoga you remember that when you work on the rough level, you can get a result on the subtle level. Or conversely, when you act on a subtle level, you can get a result on the rough level.

For a man the moment of tactile sensations is very important. The mind has evolved, but it can be cold, cruel, evil mind-killer who doesn’t feel the pain of people. And his mind can give rise to such reactions which can destroy themselves. The mind can get lost very easily and create such a bomb which will explode its own inventor. If we perceive our world balanced, we begin to understand that when there is something good for the mind, it shouldn’t go against peace, against the senses.

The critical point is that we would be able to develop our tactile senses. And as a consequence, would be able to develop a heart center, a sense of balance, and would take decisions that satisfy both the first and the second principles of yoga. That is mean that we would find a path, how to get out of our negative karma, without burdening our karma. For this reason, a person must develop the heart center. And he must develop it from “rough to subtle” through tactile sensations that we get from outside world.

We begin to live more harmoniously. If the heart center won’t be developed, it is only a matter of time when men will create the bomb and kill themselves.

There are many myths about the ancient civilizations that lived on our land and then suddenly disappeared. Sometimes it looks like a fantasy, but there is a common idea that these civilizations have achieved a great level of intellectual development, but they didn’t survive. More severe penalty is waiting for our civilization: if we won’t develop a heart center we will perish.

All locking mechanisms are dangerous in a cosmic scale. They can set back the whole civilization. Our whole world is extremely kind. The whole Universe will help us to balance our imbalances. Modern humanity has undeveloped heart center. Indeed, the whole world is divided into super-rich and super-poor people. Moreover, the superrich man can’t imagine life of a poor man. One country can’t imagine life in another country. One ideology can’t imagine another ideology. It turns everything into a joke. People came to the strike of the fact that they didn’t have bread, and one of the dignitaries said that if they didn’t have bread, they could eat cakes. Sometimes we see in our lives the same thing. Often people don’t feel “with their own skin” advises which they give.

Moreover, the world separates. The rich don’t want to deal with the poor people. These people aren’t in contact with the people with whom they live. Alternatively, the politician and his family live abroad. Can he be thinking about the interests of the country which he represents? No, he will think about interests of the country in which his family and friends are living. These imbalances are at every step.

I must to say that the Universe is trying to correct these imbalances. We get the tactile sensations in an incomplete measure. Moreover, we strive to build a fence around itself to don’t receive these feelings. There are all sorts of social floors with no lift. The poor man can’t come into a rich status and from the rich status can’t come into the super-rich, etc. The world begins to separate. The Universe reacts at this instantly. Sometimes the situation is ridiculous, but not obvious.

The reason of public traffics and crowding

Traffic congestion or crowding this is one of such reactions that humanity faces today. And a rich man and a poor can get in the traffic. Suddenly in organization of our civilization begins to appear failures, when these or other circumstances give rise to compression of the people. The Universe itself forces us to compress, to rub side by side and fill the lack of tactile sensations.

What is the traffic congestion? We can talk a lot about reasons of traffic. One may say that it became more cars, the roads are bad or people not good. But if you look deeper into the problem, you’ll reach the level of imbalance, where one thing starts to grow faster than others. Somewhere, at some level it was decided incorrectly decision. As a result, something is a lot, but something else isn’t enough. And this will be continued on and on. Because a person, who is responsible for crowding in public transport doesn’t use it. He has a simple math how to run smaller buses and shove into them a lot of people, or how to build a smaller roads and pass through them more cars. As a result, this impulse returns to him from the Universe, and he begins to suffer. We don’t feel other creatures with whom we exist together in the world. This imbalance can’t be tolerated during long time. Of course, the most terrible manifestation is a revolution, when the ruling class or elite are fully unavailable to other classes of people.

Any revolution, any outburst of discontent is an imbalance between the mind (logic) and sensations (feelings, as it is in fact). This applies both to the entire globe as well as us personally. Sometimes you seek to isolate your own little world, especially if you practice yoga. You will feel that there are you and there is a progressive spiritless humanity. And in some moment you decide don’t communicate with him. Such a man builds up around himself his little, cozy, comfortable world. But he doesn’t feel how all other people live. And the fact that he lives in the same place as other people says about the presence of a common karma. This man called these people in his own world, but now separated himself from them. You can’t live without feeling of other people. As a result there are processes that contribute to cracking its shell. It forces even the lofty yogi to face with everyday life. The Universe is trying to develop your heart center and reach out to you.

If your heart center is developed and you are ahead of the average humanity, you begin to avoid the negative manifestations of the Universe which affect the rest of humanity, because you feel the direction of the Universe. If the Universe punish for something, might you don’t need to fit the hand, you bypass the critical moments. You start to feel cleanings that the Universe makes to people. Thus, you can avoid many problems if you begin to understand, if you start to feel.

Development of sensitivity

From a formal point of view if your tactile sensations and your heart center will be developed, you will start to develop abilities which are called supernormal. You will begin to feel the other people by yourself with all the consequences. The ability to feel and sense of others, ability to manage others, ability to understand others will come to you. Gradually, these abilities go over to that section which seems weird right now. To the extent that by touching a person you will feel all of his emotional state as clearly as if they are your own. The line between you and the entire Universe will begin to blur.

What do the tactile sensations mean? This is some kind of boundary between your inner and outer worlds. You consider yourself as a body. Accordingly that is inside you is internal. And all that from the outside is outside. But the Universe is indivisible. In relation to your higher “I”, your inner and outer worlds are the same. You just fenced off from the ocean of the Universe a small peace. You said that it was “mine” and everything else became “someone else’s”. But as soon as you uttered “mine” and “someone else’s” the boundary appeared. And it’s necessary to keep your little “mine” in compliance with common “someone else’s”. You have to reflect to changes of the Universe. You should go in the harmonic file that the Universe is leading.

If you are locked in yourselves and blocked these feelings, you would eventually lose touch with reality. And then the Universe is pulling your hair, because everybody is going, but you are standing. Or vice versa, everybody is standing, but you are going.

Methods of Nyasa yoga allow opening hidden talents that are sleeping and waiting in the wings. Nyasa yoga allows us to approach to harmonious co-existence with the Universe. It allows revealing balanced methods of making decisions.

Why Nyasa yoga accelerate the processes of other yogas in 7-10 times?

It’s very simple. If there is a lack of balanced solutions in our whole world (Consciousness and Energy must complement each other), the whole Universe is trying to balance this imbalance with ordinary people (people are faced with discomfort to realize that they are skewed). Yoga accelerates human evolution. Catching up on some yoga, you begin to understand indirectly what the Universe wants from you. First of all the Universe wants to make balance between your feelings and mind. If you do Nyasa yoga (you know the direction of what the Universe wants you to do) the rest of yogas and all your other work goes faster.

Nyasa yoga makes all those activities that you had to do. But you didn’t want to wait for “slap” and went in that direction, which the Universe required. That is, Nyasa yoga helps to avoid the “slaps”, to go into the mysteries of our own organization and organization of the outward world. And if we know how we are organized and we know what the Universe requires from us (not to be selfish, to feel the Universe) we don’t get a hit. And Nyasa Yoga accelerates these processes. In fact Nyasa yoga becomes a catalyst for our evolution and accelerates all of other yogas. The logic is quite simple. We already do what the Universe wants from us. The Universe wants us to have developed heart center. Through the tactile sensation we develop the heart center. If we do Nyasa yoga, we help the Universe to rid us of our own self-suffering.

To bring yoga to the student

The highest profession is the profession of teacher. It’s necessary to bring the highest knowledge of yoga from one Universe to another. In fact those who come to learn aren’t angels with wings, but real people with their negative karma. Someone mistakes in something, someone is too arrogant, someone isn’t restrained, but someone is too timid. Everyone has their own karmic dirt.

In any case this dirt leads to result that the student doesn’t feel the balance and harmony between the mind and feelings, between the first and the second principle of yoga. Student doesn’t feel the main method (where you have to allow yourself and where you need to force yourself). Sometimes we spend a tremendous effort to hold this or that seminar. And most interestingly that people for whom it was made didn’t come. Why don’t they come? Because of their stupidity.

There is nothing you can do. This is imbalance. How to withdraw the person from this imbalance? The person who broke the balance makes stupid things. Very often he doesn’t understand where exactly. And he will do stupid things as long as his negative karma will bring him to reason. But there is a way to speed up this process. It called Nyasa yoga. Therefore, Nyasa yoga can accelerate the progress of a man who stands in the way of yoga, the inner harmony of awareness, inner balance (between the mind and feelings).

A sight from the axiomatics of yoga

According to the axiomatics of yoga each of us has its higher “I”. Higher “I” has the highest manifestation, it’s called Prana. It’s divided into two manifestations: Consciousness and Energy. Prana comes out of “nowhere”, but comes in a very concrete space and time, where our bodies are formed. The entry point of this manifestation is Hindu point. Our bodies have a specific structure. The manifestation of Consciousness is a point in the crown of the head and Energy is in the bottom of our body. At the moment when we are born or enter into our world we have already formed. In our world there is a principle of Space, the principle of the Mind and up to the principle of the Earth. With each of our entry into the world our Energy and Consciousness begin to re-create these principles for our small internal local Universe. We formed these principles as in the Universe in exact likeness. Our little principle begins to interact with cosmic principles.

The process of creation of the principles or the drifting apart of Consciousness and Energy leads to the creation of Central channel of the body (Sushumna). It separates the Consciousness and Energy. Due to the same factor there is a disproportion which we discussed in Nyasa yoga. The mind says one thing and feelings say another. With drifting apart of the mind and emotions different principles are created: the principle of the Mind (the point between the eyebrows), Spaces (throat area), the principle of Air (near the heart), umbilical Center, Water center, and at the bottom of our body is principle of the Earth. Our physical body is an organization of the Universe in miniature. Principles gave rise to one or another phenomenon. The essence of these principles is a combination of Consciousness and Energy.

Consciousness and Energy were drifting apart. Consciousness remained in the crown and Energy was in the bottom of our body. But on the way of drifting apart were created combination of Consciousness and Energy that were permeated by Central channel. Any principle is a combination of Consciousness and Energy that are different in the degree of roughness. All the principles that are created closer to the crown of the head are more permeated with the Consciousness and closer to intelligence. All that is closer to the bottom of our body is closer to the principle of Energy and more responsible for our emotional state and feelings.

In fact all the principles made possible an occurrence of certain sense organs and the sixth sense organ is the mind. Physical mind is a reflection of the principle of the Mind. If there weren’t the heart center (where the Energy and Consciousness are in their combinations) there wouldn’t be the concept of feeling. Tactile sensations aren’t something that we have developed during evolution. This is base of organization of our Universe. Our common sense is the embodiment of that principle.

All living things are created by a single image and likeness

Further evolution of man, when he was born and died, was realized in the reverse order. At first was principle of the Earth and then everything else. We have reached the principle of the Mind. That’s why we are endowed with intelligence, but one-celled ciliates aren’t endowed. Potentially even ciliate has a principle of the Mind, but it doesn’t built devices to use it. We don’t have difference. All living things are created by a single image and likeness. It turns out that we have seven principles. There is one principle equidistant from the principle of Consciousness and the principles of Energy. It is our heart center (the principle of Air). Further each of these principles made structure (plexus of different channels). Each center is described as lotuses with a different number of petals in the Tantric literature. Each petal is understood as a branch of channels emanating from these principles. In the Tantric literature on a particular petal was wrote a particular letter of the Sanskrit (a kind of mantra of the channel). It’s not just the letters taken from “nowhere”. It’s a kind of vibration. When a particular channel or petal begins to work yogi subjectively perceive this like a sound of one or another letter inside him. But he doesn’t feel it at the level of our physical sensations. He feels it as a sound, like some kind of vibration. It is perceived as one or another letter, but not as a word.

When this or that vibration is present begins to vibrate one or another center. Then we (yogi who have caught up yoga for a long time and cleansed their perception), begin to feel the vibration of a letter-mantra. Accordingly it starts to be projected on those devices that were built using one or another center. When someone says that chakra is opened it’s used as a beautiful comparison. Chakra like a flower at the dawn begins to unfold. In fact the center inside of you begins to vibrate. It’s like a nervous vibration, but not physical. It’s subtly elusive.

As soon as one or another center begins to vibrate within you all the manifestation, which has made this center, begins to be subtilized. But there is also the opposite effect. If you are working on those devices that were built based on this principle you will get to the center sooner or later. Your subtle center will start to wake up, to open, to vibrate if you will effect on the rough. Accordingly you begin to aware it better. Unwittingly focus of your consciousness moves from the level of your mind to a level in a particular place in your body. This is the level of the heart center if we are talking about Nyasa yoga.

Concentration on the heart center

You pull back your attention from the mind and concentrate it in the heart center. Thus you will provoke him to work even harder. Previously your mind was dominated. But now you have a way to slow it down. And the mind isn’t a master, he becomes a counselor. You’ll need to choose where you should listen to him and where you shouldn’t do it. Thus, you shifted to the heart. A similar situation is with the emotions. When one or another center begins to vibrate you feel a particular emotion. One or another emotion (fear, anger, joy) isn’t by itself. In this case, lower center than the heart centre begins to vibrate. But working on rough, you are getting a result on more subtle level. And your focus moves to the heart center, and your emotions go away by the wayside. It’s equidistant point. All impulses of the mind and the senses come into the heart center. And you sit and weigh like a pair of scales. In this state you tend to take a more balanced solution.

Meditation for making the right decisions

When you should take a concrete decision, but you don’t know what to decide (when the mind and feelings collided head-on) the following meditation is offered. You must sit in a comfortable position and straighten your back. You should concentrate your attention and your feelings at the middle of your chest, somewhere inside yourselves. Once you start to do it, you’ll notice that your mind is like a hemisphere in which your thoughts are running and emotions are splashing. And you are out of these extremes, in the middle. This will throw speed of your mind and your emotions to some extent. When your attention is in the heart center, your breathing rhythm is changed. In other yogis we said that the breathing rhythm, sexual energy, and thoughts were connected. You have built up your breath and it will be easier to manage your emotions.

You need to stay in this state for some time. You don’t need to solve the problem intellectually or try to kill your feelings. You just should sit on a small island in the middle and watch. As longer you spend time in this meditation as greater the likelihood that your mind and emotions will calm down. And you will find the border between the feelings and intellect.

Many things depend on various factors. If you made a lot of bad things in a past life, it didn’t come shortly. But if the situation is simpler, it will come more quickly. Meditation on the heart center will help us to make the right decisions. If a person makes us exercise as prescribed Nyasa yoga, it becomes easier for us to concentrate on the heart center. Accordingly, a variant of the successful solution to the question is higher. Sometimes even a simple hug helps to resolve the problem. Everything else goes away by the wayside. This is the hidden mechanisms of Nyasa yoga that we use subconsciously. The result will be also very good if we will use them consciously.

Many of you have heard about the Chinese system of acupuncture. No one knows how it works. There are other systems that are associated with tactile sensations. But in fact these are variations of Nyasa yoga. If you know how to tactually agitate one or another part of our body, it will affect the internal structure. As a rule you will immediately receive a response. This system isn’t as obvious as it seems. It base on the deeper structure of our physical body. Nyasa yoga works and acts consciously on these or other areas of our body provoking our different tactile sensations.

Associative links and Nyasa yoga

I refer you to the axiomatics of yoga. We all have an organization of our bodies. There are also the associative links. It’s a very strange thing. It’s not clear how are they built. Then Consciousness and Energy flows through them. The organization of our body is formed by a web of associative links.

Moreover, they form our inner world of the causal body. Later they can be traced and extended through our rough body to another object in the Universe. So we are related to other objects or phenomena in the Universe through associative links. Our concrete manifestation, our prana (Consciousness and Energy) flows through them.

Even our Center channel is an associative link which connects the Consciousness and Energy. Everything is woven from a web of associative links. There are some areas where we can create our own web of associative links. All habits (good and bad) are a product of associative links. Associative links are responsible for the connection of our tactile sensations with a deep heart center. This associative link permeates rough, subtle and supersubtle. Nyasa yoga is an active work with associative links. Using the tactile sensations you can install and make weaker the associative links. We can strengthen necessary links and eliminate unnecessary. This is done by a simple touch. We work with associative links through the touch from the rough to the subtle.

Mechanism of Nyasa yoga is extremely deep. We can’t say that this is just some part of the reactions of our receptors on skin irritation. We can’t say that this is just some kind of conditioned reflexes, which are developed during our evolution. Action of Nyasa yoga is very deep and goes to the very foundations of our organization. It’s necessary to learn for a long time to fully understand how it works and to feel and display certain exercises and techniques. In general it takes about ten years to learn Nyasa yoga.

Similarity of Nyasa yoga and massage

Which is the theory of massage? These are some moments of pure logic. If you work on certain areas of the body, it promotes blood flow and various other effects. But there is even more profound level. If you don’t understand it, you will never go deeper. There are very experienced and sensitive massage therapists, but the lack of understanding of this massage often blocks themselves mechanisms. Although, there are also massage therapists who intuitively come to Nyasa yoga. But the lack of fundamental understanding of the processes and the fact that we work with associative connections often causes nonsense and gibberish. Somebody talk about the energy that we give and then we get it back, about some sort of energetic vampires. Because no one can understand that the concept of the Universe is that giving and getting of energy is merged. People are afraid of losing energy. But we are made to lose by giving and vice versa. For example, we eat and then (sorry) we should go to the toilet. So the energy should come to you and go away. What happens if you eat but don’t go to the toilet?

We often don’t understand the Universe. And sleeping mind blocks many of the moments. Finally, what is distinguishes the technique of massage and Nyasa very much? The difference is that the massage therapist works on a client. There is a man who is a recipient of the effect. In Nyasa both are working: the person who gives (makes Nyasa) and the one who receives it. Moreover, they equally transform themselves. We don’t see this in massage. In general, there are a lot of differences. It’s better to say about common things, about tactile sensations. That’s why it’s difficult to combine them and explain. It’s easier to initially expound Nyasa yoga and then explain where Nyasa yoga intersects with other procedures.

Nyasa and sexuality, and bodily interaction are different things. Nyasa yoga cleans some blocks and natural sexual arousal awakes up in us. The same thing happens with visual images. Not visual images excite people, but elusive effect of a courageous young man torso or feminine forms of the girlfriend. They thus affect on the structure of some of our centers of perception that unlock some of the clamps that we have. And sexuality is manifested in the usual way. All the people who prefer nudism know about it. The naked human body is far less exciting than the body is clad in some kind of erotic clothing. And the people even stop paying attention on it. Our sense organs do the same.

There is no concept of “erotic massage”. There is a process of removing of internal blocks and clamps. And inside the circulation of internal processes goes naturally. But the erotic and massage aren’t related. There are facilitating factors for the excitation of sexuality.

Sometimes Nyasa can shoot sharp flash of sexuality and convert it to other forms of manifestation for the recovery of the body. Nyasa Yoga in this sense gives us a very serious method how to remove sexual tension without having sex. Tactile sensations change the trajectory of your consciousness. You redirect the emerging sexual excitement to a more profound sense of structure and divert it to something else. That is why in Tantra Yoga and in Yoga of Union there are majority of sexual practices that involve nyasas. But it isn’t to enhance sexuality. Rather, it’s in order to facilitate its expression. And if it manifested itself you can send it in the right direction. And if we practice the moments where we have to sublimate the part that goes to procreate we can use Nyasa yoga to make it much easier.

Everything is very deep tied to the organization of our channels and centers, which are inherently associative. And from this way all practices are born, what we have to do in Nyasa yoga and how to do it.

The meaning of Nyasa yoga exercises

This is a working with associative links through tactile sensations. Do you remember that the very first associative link connects our “I” with our manifestations, with our Central channel. In fact, our Central, left and right channel are also associative links. Numerous centers of the chakras are also a kind of channels. At first associative link appears. And if it is successful it overgrows with the structures of Energy and Consciousness and molded into something more manifest. Using visualization you begin to form a new stream of associative links and then you start to strengthen it with tactile sensations. Then this stream begins to overgrow with very real flow of sensations, emotions, and energies.

The presence of associative link means that we get involved in the world. The task of yoga is to discover our essence, the self-knowledge. If we want to do something real and long-term, on the one hand this practice should solve our very specific problem (how to speed up this or that yoga) and on the other hand it should follow the general course of the Universe (to make us more kind, clever, sane, and happy). If you will make this or that nyasa confusing way and will get an effect, it will be a temporary effect. You need so that to go in one direction with evolution. Nyasa yoga has a rule that we work from a basic to a secondary.

You should begin from the most fundamental and then approach to the private. Any work with associative links through tactile sensations goes from the main channels of associative links to the smaller ones. Therefore Nyasa yoga always starts with the Central channel. It lies along our spine, somewhere inside (from the bottom of our body to the crown). The realization that it is in us it’s a gift of Teachers of yoga. We would be opened it by ourselves after studding of organization of all our body. It could take more than one life. But they gave us this gift, the knowledge that within our body there is the main associative channel (Center channel). The aerobatics is to focus on working with your higher “I”. For this nyasa is made by touching the top of the head or the point on the spine. But this is a nuance. Believe me! You need to learn about 10 years to understand anything.

Working with the central channel

We can speak quite concretely about next stage (Central channel). Every job begins with tactile impact on the fields running along the Central channel. You touch along the lines of our spine, or a similar line from the front (from the navel, abdomen). Typically, everything starts from the back, seldom from the front. This is the first impact of Nyasa yoga which should be provided. The second step is cleaning of the second most important channels (left and right channels). As a rule they are right and left of our spine. The start is a place in our sacrum. We pass along the left or right and finish the point on top of your head. Thus, we denote (clean) the left and right channel by working with tactile sensations.

You remember that there are some formations (chakras). There are seven points: the crown of the head, the area between the eyes, the point in the base of neck, the region of the heart center, the navel center, the lower abdomen, and the bottom of our body. The impact is going at the front and at the back.

Then there are numerous other channels. In fact they cover all of our body, we can act at all. There are no exclusion zones. Nyasa yoga is antierotic. Doing correct Nyasa yoga you will most help a person to reallocate sexual sensations throughout the body. All of our body is covered with numerous paths by which we carry a tactile sensation. As a rule we do it by hands, but also there are other items (sticks, feathers, etc.). But the hands are still important. Nyasas can be long (when you run from one place to another) and can be point (acupuncture). Outwardly you touch another person. Moreover, there are different areas of the body in terms of susceptibility. The face is more sensitive area and the back is less sensitive. There are different zones for nyasa and different zones for touching.

Thus, Nyasa can be rough, subtle and supersubtle. Rough nyasa is closest to the massage. But this isn’t the strongest way of doing Nyasa. The most powerful way is when you touch lightly. And the most powerful is when you don’t touch at all. Nyasa yoga is not a massage. If you will do nyasa in the right way even without touching another person, he will finish your touch properly and the effect of them will be stronger than if you just touched him strongly. But you need to learn it.

In Nyasa yoga two persons are working

In Nyasa yoga, unlike massage, two persons are working, the one who does it and the one whom it is done. There are elaborations and explanations which are passed by word of mouth. All Nyasa yoga manifests itself in the field of sensations. It makes no sense to write them down.

The concept of Nyasa yoga: When you make Nyasa yoga to another person you make it to yourself. When you come to another person and make him Nyasa, you begin to feel where and how to touch him.

The man feels on himself that he need to touch (for example) between the shoulder blades. And in fact, the man in the mirror plane is repeating what he feels. That’s why Nyasa yoga differs from different types of massage.

Principle of Nyasa yoga is a principle of law of 1:1. We have the Universe. It is full of objects and people. According to the concept of our perception, there are I and the surrounding Universe. I’m starting to interact with the surrounding me Universe knowing that there are a microcosm and the macrocosm. If I act on something outside of me, it starts to be reflected inside me like in the mirror image. If I feel something it’s a projection that is beyond me, in the Universe. Surrounding world of each person is a copy of his inner world. And feeling that something inside and making changes in himself he receives the impact in the world like in the mirror image. This is concept of microcosm and macrocosm. Nyasa yoga is built on this. Manifestation of the Universe can be reduced to the interaction with the entire Universe. The entire Universe is a projection on the body of another person. When you interact with a specific person, you interact with the entire Universe.

When you make nyasa to another person you make it to yourself and you keep track of what and why you need to do, you track it through yourself. This can’t be taught through the books and treatises. Formally, this science is not passed. It’s impossible to formalize. Nyasa yoga practice you must rediscover by yourselves. For this reason you need to study Nyasa yoga for a long time under the guidance of someone who has mastered it, to converse in live.

Depersonification in Nyasa yoga

You need to adjust to the concept of the Infinite. You and the Universe it’s the same thing. At that moment when you start to do nyasa, teacher doesn’t look at the student, but he looks at the entire Universe. For starters he listens to his signals, signs and sensations and then he begins to fulfill what he felt within himself on the tactile sensations of another person. In this case, touching another person he should fall into such a resonance with the Universe as if he touches himself. It’s very hard to learn it from the books. You need a very long practice under supervision. When you make nyasa to someone, from the one hand you open the outer Universe and at the same time reveal your inner Universe.

From a formal point of view if someone has done nyasa to somebody and then you will ask him whom has he done nyasa, his answer should be: I’ve done nyasa to Absolute or to myself. Therefore sometimes the person who makes nyasa gets a very powerful tool to adjust itself to harmony. And the other person was as a tool or as a mirror. Another man helps to eliminate the problems that exist in person who did nyasa but at the same time nyasa was done to him.

On the side of the person whom you do nyasa the situation is similar. The hands of the person you’ll perceive as a touch of the Universe. The Universe has chosen the human hand to interact with you. There is the interaction of the microcosm and the macrocosm, the total depersonification. The answer to a question “Who were doing nyasa?” is: “the Universe itself.”

In Nyasa yoga there is a saying: “When you make nyasa to another person you make it to yourself. When you get nyasa you get it from the Universe.”

Each year you will perceive Nyasa yoga in new ways. You need to learn ten years. If a person is evil and doesn’t apply the first and second principle of yoga, it’s impossible to master this science. You need to be in circle of people who own Nyasa yoga for a long time and do the first steps under their leadership. You need to adjust to inner harmony, to take up yoga for yourself for enough time. You need to stand on the path of yoga, to communicate “in live” with carrier of practices. And then you will rediscover the science by yourself and understand the subtleties. You will check it on yourself.

Dry residue in Nyasa yoga is that you are helping someone else, just because you went to “the general plan” of the Universe and thereby made your path easier.

Outwardly it looks like a child’s play but the result is disproportionately large. Just because you came from rough to subtle, came to subtle and it was reflected on the rough. Just as the musicians have the ability to play the harp or piano the own approach, style, handwriting is produced in Nyasa yoga. Because it’s a creativity in a pure form. Acting on the human body you remake yourself. It is very difficult to formalize Nyasa yoga. So we have just particles of the knowledge.

The practice of Nyasa yoga

You need 2 people. This practice will help you to come a little closer from theory to practice. One partner falls. Close your eyes, relax. The entire Universe is gone, there’s no one around. Feel the clothes on yourself. Concentrate on that. This is the boundary of your tactile sensations. The head is empty, there are no thoughts. You’ve gone into your tactile sensations.

Those who are sitting side by side look at your body with inner sight. We take any hand (left, right), any fingers. We transfer our attention to the area of the Central channel from the back (from the bottom of the body to the crown of the head). We are trying to feel our spine as he passes, as it turns out, without effort.

We look at a man who lies before us and pass from the crown of the head to the bottom of the body gently barely touching, feeling as if you are touching yourself. You touch a partner and feel this same hand on yourself. From bottom to crown, up-down, down-up. Touching another person you are touching yourself. Try to not touch any other parts of the body. Touching it we touch ourselves. If you feel that you need to stop you must stop. If you feel that you need to rush quickly you must rush. Another person is like a mirror for us. If you feel that this or that place needs more effort you must add it, or if you feel that you need to reduce it you must to do it. You should work with any speed you like as if nyasa is made to you.

Now are those to whom nyasa is being done. You aren’t touched by a man but the Absolute in human form. You can safely and confidentially sink into the world of your inner feelings and intuitively feel for the way into the world of your subconscious. A variety of thoughts and memories may emerge. Allow yourself to sink into your inner world. We give a rest to whom we were doing nyasa. We finish touching slowly to return a man from his inner beautiful world. And we change each other neatly.

Now who is sitting next is adjusting to own body and inner feelings. Who is lying is concentrating at the boundaries of your body and transferring there your attention. We start to do nyasa from the top of the head along the spine to the bottom of the body. Touching of another, we touch ourselves. We perceive our own touches on ourselves. We are doing nyasa with the speed at which it would be nice to us, up-down, down-up as it turns out in harmony. And those to whom nyasa is being done are sinking into their inner world. A variety of experiences and feelings begin to emerge. So you can fall into your subconscious. Give some rest those to whom we were doing njassa.

It isn’t even exercise but some kind of “seed” for you to catch the essence a little. The difficulty here is that we invade the region of the unconscious, our feelings which pull out a chain of associations (often from our childhood). The flows of these ideas are extremely important since the mind often “pulls off” on itself the power and bares our other channels of perception of the world. But we must perceive the world using all the feelings like the six-legged bee (aphorism from “Anandalahari”). This is the only way to be harmoniously developed personality but not a skewed and narrow specialist. It is impossible to know all the diversity of the world if we just try to be clever, but don’t feel the world using our feelings (through poetry, touch, etc.). Just as if we neglect the mind we will achieve nothing. We need a balanced approach. And all the channels of information will work and give us a picture of the Universe. According to the axiomatics of yoga as many principles of building in the Universe as much sense organs we have. That’s why it’s impossible to learn the Universe if you exclude from your life some channels of information (smell, touch, sight, hearing, etc.).

We start working with the Central channel. There is a method that you just carry a hand over a man and the heat which is coming from the fingers is much stronger than the physical impact of the fingers. We also have the different sensitivity areas. Face and the nipples are more sensitive areas, back and feet are less sensitive. There aren’t exclusion zones in Nyasa yoga. But with different areas we must work in different ways. With the rough areas is better to work from the rough to the subtle (at first to knead well and then to touch barely). With thin zones it’s better to work more delicate (sometimes you can just don’t touch the eyebrow area and then act more roughly and come to direct facial massage). The keyword in yoga is harmony. How to track the harmony? It’s very simple. Making nyasa to another you make it to yourself.

The working with tactile sensations is the tip of the iceberg. In the future you will also work with your thought-forms. Doing nyasa you will visualize these or other channels. Thus you will increase the effects of nyasa. You visualize in yourself and thereby you arouse nyasa zones. And thus making nyasa to the other person you automatically give impulse and one or another center of this man begins to work better. This is a mirror interaction.

Mantra in Nyasa yoga

Pronouncing of mantras allows us to visualize clearly our consciousness within our body. And thus when we do nyasa we do it to ourselves. That’s why the effect is much stronger. Thus we excite in ourselves what we want to get in projection of another person and as result we get the effect on ourselves. But we don’t do it to ourselves but to another person.

As you understand your sensitivity will make you hypersensitive. You will get to the point that someone would bang his head and the bump will grow on your head. For the power which gives you Nyasa yoga you become hypersensitive. This way you’ll be able to help other living beings. But at the same time when you will encounter strange sufferings you will encounter them as with your own. If you don’t accept third principle of yoga it would be a difficult situation for you. Moreover the more sensitive and powerful you become the more you will start to feel the imbalance of this world. And your wish to remake this world will be very big.

I always repeat that for me there is a test whether there was a real spiritual experience for yogi. If he begins to help really other living beings he had it. I don’t believe that a man who pass through the real experience of Kundalini awakening remain deaf to the suffering of others. I don’t believe that even if he feels the suffering he can sit and do nothing. Such a person will do everything to make this life better. And if you don’t see the desire in people to make this world better, but they are telling some tales it’s likely that this is hallucination. The real confirmation of your experience is when you under the influence of something Higher embodied it in our world, you really helped somebody. That is a clear criterion, it’s axiomatic. As in Nyasa yoga you will be hypersensitive to the imperfections of this world. Like if you run a splinter into your finger and you would make all efforts to extract it but don’t talk what a pretty splinter you have. This will be another test for you to progress in Nyasa yoga. The first jolt is also very important. If it exists everything else will come. But if you don’t feel it, it’s useless to read books and watch movies.

Russian bath and Nyasa yoga

This is really the continuation of the theme of Nyasa yoga. And perhaps that is what helps us in Russia to stay in good spiritual level. Even during the war in the run-down yard was a bath. Bath with a broom is kind of compensation for tactile sensations. It helped us not to be covered with a crust of selfishness.

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