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We invite you to travel across India within Open India project!


Greetings to everyone who is searching for new horizons!

This project offers to visit open and publicly closed yoga and sacred places and temples of India, Nepal and the Himalayas together with the experienced guide.

Project of “Open India” is organized with assistance of the International Open Yoga University (IOYU) and personally of Vadim Openyoga.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to write:


Project goals:


Direct introduction to India and the heritage of yoga from the very first hands.

This will not be thoughtless tourist observation of India from a window of comfortable hotel but as the practitioner, from within, to try to merge as much as possible with the country, its culture and customs. India should open up and let you in her centuries-old secrets. Otherwise you will not feel anything.

India without cultural shock. The first thing people usually face when coming to India is the Difference of what they thought or imagined about it and the reality of it. Visit should to be the safest and comfortable, whenever possible. Including food, climate, local customs, fauna, insects and so on.

The cost of trips should be available and agree with your budget.

First-time India visitors will learn to travel safely and have the following trips on their own.


Project tasks:


A visit of esoteric places of India, not as the tourist, and as the local traveller, a soul mate. India seldom opens up from the first visit to common tourists. Minimum of expenses. Maximum safety.


It is impossible to understand and feel yoga in India without visiting places of power (i.e. pilgrimage). These are sacred places of Hindus, Buddhists and followers of other doctrines.

Such pilgrimage is called YATRA. In the project we plan yatras to the most ancient city of the world – Varanasi, to Nepal, to the places related to Buddhism doctrine, to the southern India namely for Kanyakumari, Kailash and other places as well.


During these pilgrimages we will have an opportunity to practice yoga at power places. Participants will not “go sightseeing”, but also will be able to experience true India… People with good karma will have a possibility to meet yoga face to face.



We will visit places that stay hidden even for experienced tourists. Wonderful touch of mysterious India!

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