Tantra Yoga. Vadim Zaporojtsev. Seminar. 2009.09.27

Author Vadim Zaporozhtsev
Anandaswami Tradition Yoga School
Place of lecture delivering Cultural Center “Enlightenment”.
Date September 27, 2009
Yoga school address International Open Yoga University, Yoga School of Anadasvami tradition. Cultural Center “Enlightenment” Dolgorukovskaya str. # 29, Novoslobodskaya metro station, Moscow, Russia. Tel.: 8(495)251-2108, 8(495)251-3367. E-mail: HappYoga@mail.ru. Sites: www.openyoga.ru, www.yogacenter.ru, www.happyoga.narod.ru.
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Typed and edited by Vita Yarotskaya
Translated by Mila Kasumova
Overview Tantra yoga – is the one of the most grandiose and difficultly understood themes in yoga. It is one of kinds of yoga, which deals with such life aspects as pleasure, joy, and happiness. What is the suffering? What is the source of suffering, pain and misery? What is the source of pleasure, happiness and joy? Why do not we have them in abundance? What is the primary pleasure? What is the difference between primary pleasure and our usual pleasure? How did egoism come about? How overcome sufferings, misfortunes and a pain? How such concepts as a birth, death and sex are connected among themselves? Immortality: is it possible? Who created death and what for? Why do we need asceticism? How is defined the evolutionary maturity of the person? What is the practical chastity? Sex – is an eternal, superkind theme. The theme of how to born after our death. Tantra yoga position is: a life above all! If the life there is not, there is no philosophy, there is no enlightenment, no Samadhi … Vira state – is a necessary state for practice Tantra yoga. How acquire the Higher knowledge in Tantra yoga? What is the role of the Teacher? MPP – the mechanism, which does not allow to stop a life. Why it is necessary to learn to co-exist with MPP? How should treat to MPP? Why is it recommended yogins and yoginis to live by the «4 and 5» law if they are not enamored.

Today is September 27, 2009. I’m Vadim Zaporozhtsev. We are in Cultural Center “Enlightenment”, near Novoslobodskaya metro station in Moscow city. This is a seminar under the auspices of Open Yoga University. All the information for chancery is found on our sites: www.openyoga.ru, www.happyoga.narod.ru, www.yogacenter.ru. Today we will consider one of the most grandiose and difficultly understood themes in yoga. Without exaggeration, I can say that if you have never concerned this theme or concerned it superficially then, in some ways, today could be your turning point.

Subject Tantra Yoga is really grandiose and difficultly understood, sometimes understood incorrectly and vulgar. But at the same time, Tantra Yoga provides a wonderful result for a very short time. For speed, you have to pay training. The jet plane can cover huge distance, which the person walks many long years. But before stand at the steering wheel plane it is necessary to study many long years. As well in Tantra yoga: Without understanding the fundamental principles of this science, you not only achieve the result, but also can be rejected further away from result achievement.


Yoga is the system of self-knowledge. Tantra yoga is the one of directions of this system. Strictly speaking, as much manifestations of a man so much kinds of yoga. Tantra yoga is the one of kinds of yoga, which deals with such life aspects as pleasure, joy, and happiness

A few formal words. In Tradition of our Yoga School (Anandaswami) there is a yoga’s of Triad (three yogas are closely interwoven in a single node) – so-called Yoga of Sexual relations, Tantra yoga and Yoga of Being in Love. It is impossible to isolate one of yogas, having rejected others two.

Today we will consider that part of this Triad, which is called Tantra yoga, but we will refer to two other yogas (Yoga of Sexual relations and Yoga of Being in Love). All these three yogas are concerned with joy, happiness and pleasure. All following seminars in this cycle will be devoted Yoga of Sexual relations and Yoga of Being in Love. But today is Tantra yoga.

Before we will start to consider the basic methods of this yoga, I want, that you catch the meaning, the heart, the essence of this doctrine.

From time to time, each of you is wondered: why there are sufferings in the Universe, a pain, and misfortune, why from time to time happen some things that I would like to avoid? Has someone invented them, or is it integral part of the Universe, or is our life impossible without a pain, suffering and disappointments?

These are questions of a philosophical nature. But when you get from fate one after another a blows, you start to think about such questions, and to compare the different periods of a life. Some period of life, you are living rejoicing to the new prospects, favorable lifetime, travel etc. We feel a huge spectrum of the various pleasures, which tinge our life with different colors of happiness. Moreover, sometimes even the anticipation of future pleasure makes us feel happy. For example, you have won one million and tomorrow you will get it. Actually, a million you have not yet, but the anticipation of that you will have it dramatically change your attitude to life and your whole life. You see everything through rose-colored glasses. But this positive wave suddenly can be replaced by absolutely negative emotions. For example, you were fired from jobs, the economic crisis, wife abandoned you, and you live in a place unfit for human habitation and so on.

There is a tangle of circumstances: sometimes a positive wave, sometimes a negative, sometimes they are mixed. But the saddest thing is when something comes positive, but then it gradually turns into the negative. You did not have a car and long collected money, at last, have bought a latest model. You rejoice in the first, second, third, fourth year. Then was released the new car model, and you would like it, but the old car you don’t like any more. The one that brought pleasure brings now suffering. Similarly happens, in our relationships with family and friends. You had a girlfriend but after time you lost interest to her. Moreover, you see that many negative streaks of her character begin to poison your life. That person who made you happy and gave paradise prospect on the earth, on the contrary makes your life unbearable, leads you into despair, pessimism and apathy. Our world is very complex and incomprehensible. You never know what out of what can happen. But, if there is very long train of misfortunes, sooner or later the person begins to wonder: why in general there are misfortunes why is it impossible to make the world where there are no illnesses, no sufferings, misfortunes and death?

Death – one of the most serious factors, which throw us off the track and we start to reflect: if I were the Lord God, I would have made the universe with quite different rules. In this Universe, there would be no pain, sufferings, death and disappointments.

It leads us to the analysis of suffering and pleasure in the Universe. We are becoming receptive to a science, which is called Tantra yoga.

This is a paradoxical thing. Tantra yoga focuses mainly on how to use pleasure in the life in order to sharply accelerate the spiritual and physical evolution. But to approach to these methods is possible not earlier, than you “tasted” a reverse of coin (a pain, suffering, disappointment)


Let us start in succession from the beginning. We will try to understand: what is the source of suffering, pain and misery, which (perhaps) haunted us. What is the source of pleasure, happiness and joy? Why do not we have them in the quantities, which would be like?

I want that you began study Tantra yoga this these fundamental steps, not this many practices, subtle methods of managing their thoughts, body, but namely this the fundamental bases, whence all began. If you understand these fundamental steps, you will understand any practice in Tantra yoga. If you do not understand it, you (in fact) will understand nothing in Tantra yoga. In a modern life what is not meant by Tantra yoga, what people do not come to this doctrine, what they are not trying to pass off as Tantra yoga!

Tantra yoga is a science of pleasure. All begins with the Universe creation. According to the yoga doctrine, we, as well as our entire Universe, were created in a Creator image and likeness (or Original causes). This Original cause has created all our world and ourselves. At the moment when this Original cause (Absolute) has created our world, in this world were no sufferings, pains, disappointments and death.

Absolute has created each of us in His image and likeness and endowed us with the primary natural state of joy, happiness, pleasure. Many of you are experiencing these states. In our life, they are caused by external factors. But Tantra Yoga teaches us that the state of higher happiness – is naturally for us

Now for a moment recollect the life, recollect episodes when you were really happy. It can be connected with some of your accomplishments or victories, findings. Now recollect the moments when you felt pleasure. What plan? Any: pleasure from delicious food, from sex, from intelligent things. Recollect this pleasure now. Finally, recollect the moments of happiness. Usually they are very strongly shown in our childhood. Recollect your childhood and the most wonderful time of the opening Universe.

As a rule, in our memory, these states are surrounded by certain attributes and things that caused them. For example, happiness and the joy from victory, the pleasure from sex and pleasure from what you felt carefree in nature. But always there was a factor which indirectly caused in you this state. Moreover, these factors are not present now and you not feel these sensations. In our mind, there is a picture, that our happiness, joy and delight are caused by external factors. Tantra Yoga asserts the opposite, everything is completely different. That happiness, joy and pleasure that you have experienced – are our natural state, to excite it does not need external factors

At the moment when the Universe and we are in it were created, we stayed permanently in this state. Moreover, we did not need any “props”. In many philosophical systems, there are tales that once was a paradise on earth. Tantra Yoga supports this assertion.

Absolute has created us natural, in Primordial state of happiness, moreover, in a state of absolute freedom from everything. The most interesting is that even in the freedom from knowledge of who we really are. Here appeared the “scissors”, which later led to the pain, suffering, misfortune and death.

Once again, I want to emphasize that initially the universe was created without black spots. But these black spots of life have arisen. What reason? The reason is that we had freedom. Freedom is not limited by anything, but at the same time, we did not have the knowledge, we were in the dark. Therefore, we began wrong use primordially inherent in us joy, happiness and pleasure. By the nonsense, we began to show ourselves, so that the primary joy, happiness and pleasure as if divide it in two and divided into a part and then collide these halves at loggerheads. Why did it happen? We wanted so, so we did. Why did we do so? By the nonsense. I.e., we were in a natural state of happiness, joy and pleasure, but by the nonsense, have collided our joy, happiness and pleasure, and as a result, we have received pain, suffering and misfortune. It turns out that there is in the world no pain, suffering and unhappiness. There is a misuse of happiness, pleasure and joy. Remember this position.

There is other question. Yes, the Absolute has created us, endowed us with Primordial joy, happiness, pleasure. Why did he do it? Why did he not do our state neutral? If we are in a neutral state, then in us how much joy, so much sadness, how much happiness, so much misery and how much pleasure, so much suffering. But since in the Universe there are no sorrow, no misery and no sufferings it is impossible in principle to balance the Scales and make us the neutral.


In Tantra Yoga, it is considered that through the primary joy, happiness and pleasure (by means of the free will), we would very quickly acquire the higher knowledge, which would raise each of us to the level equal to Absolute level.We, like young children, and we should grow to Absolute level. If we correctly use primary happiness, joy and pleasure we very quickly master the higher knowledge, we quickly develop spiritually and reach a state of omniscience, the same like Absolute.

Primordial pleasure, joy and happiness can very quickly teach us and rise up. For this purpose, they were invented. But we began to use them incorrectly. We divided single flow of pleasure into part and collided these halves at loggerheads, as a result we have suffering, pain and disappointment.

We claim the Lord God, Absolute, and the Universe (why is it so negative). But to accuse the Original Cause of creation you mustn’t. Absolute did not create this negative. Roughly speaking, all these were created by ourselves.


What is the difference?

We have mentioned that the Absolute endowed us with, the primary joy and pleasure. And what is the difference between primary happiness, joy, pleasure and our ordinary joy, happiness and pleasure?

There is not the principal difference. To taste the primary pleasure and pleasure, which we feel in usual life, are identical. Pleasure, which we have experienced in a primary state, and the pleasure, which experiences the young man, passionate embracing his girlfriend, are the same. There is no difference in the form and taste. The difference is in the other. The difference is that now we have some pleasure, some happiness, some joy, as a rule because of very artful combination of different factors, the basis of which is the ignorance, but further we pay off for it with misfortune and suffering

Cite as an example the elbow-bender. A man drinks vodka and some time he was well, but the next day he pays off for it with a headache and some moral costs. Our primary state of happiness is absolutely devoid of consequences. This is a life holiday, after which there is no disappointment. While in our usual life we feel pleasure, and then we repay with interest for it. There is another important thing in Tantra Yoga that also should be clearly understood, especially when you touch practices. In order to be in primary state of pleasure, you do not need an external doping. All kinds of drugs, all kinds of external chemicals or some surrounding factors are not necessary for acquisition of the highest happiness.

Because of the ignorance, we divided this gift into a part and then collided these halves at loggerheads. We were born in paradise, but contrived to spoil all in this paradise, and periodically this place is transformed sometimes into a paradise, sometimes into hell. Our everyday life just runs in this place.


So, pain, suffering and misery are misapplied joy, happiness and pleasure. All this is happening for the reason that on the one hand, we have freedom, but on the other hand, we are ignorant, and we do not know, what we do. Tantra Yoga gives a detailed explanation how it was showed in a case of us, human beings. First of all in what our ignorance was showed, which further became the reason of all other factors, it was that we began to consider ourselves not whom we are indeed, but began to consider ourselves ours manifestations.

Absolute gave us two powerful tools: energy (we can do anything) and consciousness (we can see that we do in this world). We began by mistake to consider ourselves energy and consciousness, i.e., not who we are indeed. It was the first step, the first error, all other errors were already imposed on it

There is a question: how could avoid this error? If the Absolute has created us free, without a pain and suffering why he not whispered us on an ear this truth?: « Children, I give you pleasure and joy, but take care that to do not consider yourself who you are not, and consider yourself who you are indeed». There will be no primary ignorance – there will be no subsequent problems. Why he has not whispered to us about it on an ear? The answer is obvious and logical. If he would whispered, directly or indirectly would affect freedom of our will. But we can will that in our life there is no Absolute that he does not interfere in our affairs that he waited until we ask him ourselves about it. We would live and did not guess that the Absolute exists. At first we would enjoy, and then suffer.

On the other hand, how in another way it would be possible to avoid this sad situation? if we appeal to the Higher “I’, who is also created in Absolute image and likeness and have all the higher knowledge, our Higher “I” would have given us to know that all is good, but you need not consider yourself your manifestations. But, our Higher “I” not whispered us about it. The reason is the same, a free will. Someone can will the following thought: «I have no Higher “I”». Has the right. Until the person not wills himself that he have the Higher “I”, and does not appeal himself to this higher knowledge, no one can help him

At last, the third variant to get rid of such sad situation. We were created by the Absolute. Around paradise, all is wonderful and lovely. We still do not really know, whom to consider ourselves whether the manifestation, whether something else. There is around pleasure and happiness. And, it would seem dive into this joy, happiness and pleasure (they were invented to give us the greatest happiness). We are living in this paradise, eventually would understand, what for we are living in this Universe: to rise up spiritually and to evolve to a highest level. But it has not worked too for that simple reason that we not so much enjoyed the Universe, how many considered ourselves whom we are not.


As a result, arose very interesting effect – egoism. We consider ourselves not whom we are and start to sculpt and protect something external instead of enjoy life. This is the third situation was also deadlock. Anyway, we got into whirl of events and created for ourselves a circulation of sufferings, disappointments and misfortunes. It is possible to analyze and formulate this situation from a position of mathematical logic (a science of cause and effect: each reason has its effect), and why everything is so? And the formulation appears. This formulation is not logical, but superlogical. The logic ceases to work here. Or the logic starts to give simultaneously two mutually exclusive variants of events.

We get superlogical, paradoxical sequence of events, which our mind does not grasp but in which the logic is present. However, this logic is strange. Namely, initially we stayed in joy, pleasure and it should lead us to the higher knowledge. But because of primary ignorance, as if we lost this primary pleasure. More precisely, have transformed it into pain, suffering and misfortune.


First, we must overcome ignorance to overcome this pain, suffering and misfortune. If we overcome ignorance, then pain, suffering and misfortune will disappear by itself. Indeed, because of ignorance there was a division, which has led to collision of the divided flows of pleasure. I.e. we need to overcome this ignorance. How overcome it? The ignorance is overcome by knowledge.

On the other hand, when we overcome ignorance and by that, we overcome suffering then primary happiness, joy and delight return to us. And this primary happiness, joy and pleasure gives the knowledge from which all should begin. This process is similar to a «hen and egg» question: what is primary and what is secondary. In order to overcome suffering, pain or misfortune, we need knowledge, which overcomes ignorance. Where find it? Tantra yoga teaches us that this knowledge would come to us naturally if we would live in happiness, joy and pleasure. The vicious circle turns out. To escape from there, it is necessary with effort to generate within itself a small seed of joy, happiness and pleasure, which would provide joy, happiness and pleasure, which would finish off ignorance and liberate primary happiness, joy and delight. Again, it all came back to where it had started and came down to ourselves. These are very strange moments in yoga, which are beyond our ken. ken.

The point is that, all the same we should do first step by ourselves. (I’m getting ahead of myself), one of the most powerful methods in yoga is that we will to live in joy, happiness and pleasure. We use the best efforts to test joy, happiness and pleasure some period. If we feel it, at least a small period, we acquire the higher knowledge, which finally eliminates our ignorance and as a consequence, our suffering.

One of Kuzma Prutkov’s aphorisms: «you wish to be happy, just be it “. The fact that you are staying in a state of happiness, as we are taught by Tantra Yoga, leads us to the fact that you are starting to acquire the higher knowledge. Acquiring the higher knowledge, you destroy all preconditions for your possible misfortunes.


Absolute has created all life conditions for us. We have transformed paradise into a hell and contrived any primary pleasure to divide into parts and to collide, and then strongly got confused from it and with every stride more and more suffered, with every stride tried to avoid them, but, instead, made silly acts. These silly acts sucked us down in the quagmire more strongly and more strongly. This led to such point that our entire existence has become suffering. And it could last a long time. But here there is a new factor: death that occurred when we finally got confused and completely divided the pleasure into a part and collided with each other.

Moreover, deepening this suffering, we as though by own hands have created for ourselves a hell. And we created the way out of this situation: death or the possibility to start from scratch. We were created by the Absolute, but we have not taken an advantage of its gift therefore have sufferings. I pay your attention, we were immortal when Absolute has created us. But we so sunk in sufferings and contradictory trends that have believe for the best for ourselves once again to be brought into the world (as though Absolute has created us once again), to start the next round of this game from scratch. And we ourselves will that this possibility has appeared. Once again, we so sunk in pain and suffering that for the blessing for ourselves decided: to start from scratch. I.e. we will for ourselves that in our life there is a death. The death is not Absolute idea. The death is ours great invention.


The factor of death is also very important in understanding of Tantra Yoga methods. We created death ourselves. I.e. in the future we can make so that it will not. From the theoretical point of view (I emphasize), you can become immortal.

Tantra Yoga gives us theoretical idea that immortality is possible – this is very expensive conclusion. It is possible to work in this direction. I know many people who intuitively long for immortality. Someone afraid of death, someone does not accept it. The theme of death and Tantra yoga theme are very strongly intertwined. What are the other conclusions can follow from the fact that the death was created by ourselves? The first conclusion-saying is: «do not ask a long life, but ask easy death», because the long life in sufferings and tortures will turn into a hell very quickly.

Also very interesting conclusion: the death is necessary for us as the rescuer until we will acquire the higher knowledge and dispel primary ignorance. Here the accent (regarding death) is changed as something negative to something positive. This is very unusually for the West, this approach is more comprehensible in the East.

Before acquiring of the higher knowledge, death – is our deliverer from the sufferings caused by ignorance. After acquiring of the higher knowledge, the death becomes something that we do not need. Death was invented to stop a suffering nightmare. But if we have acquired the higher knowledge and by that have eliminated primary ignorance and preconditions which have led to emergence of a pain, disappointments and misfortunes, we have a life where there is no suffering. Accordingly, death is not necessary.

We are acquiring happiness, joy and pleasure thereby we are overcoming death. Through happiness, joy and pleasure we acquire the higher knowledge. The higher knowledge eliminates our ignorance and preconditions to a pain, ignorance and suffering. They disappear and necessity for death disappears. We follow the road of immortality.

In yoga, there is assertion that immortality is a free supplement to self-knowledge process. This is what is given us as a gift since we have it initially. On the contrary, we have invented death ourselves.

Through happiness, joy and pleasure we understand the nature of our Higher ‘I”, Absolute who has created everything, we understand the Universe nature in which we live. Through knowledge comes the higher knowledge. Through the higher knowledge comes the victory over a pain and suffering. And as the consequence, death is not necessary for us any more. Just as we have invented death, like this we can reject it. Being engaged in Tantra yoga, you should have a correct understanding of death. Because deaths reverse side – is a birth. Once again I want to emphasize, the more the person is in a state of primary happiness, the closer to immortality. The more the person is in a state of primary happiness, joy and pleasure, the closer to the Higher. This a fundamental logic grain of Tantra yoga


It is no secret that in West Tantra yoga is known first from the fact that it uses in practice sexual pleasure. Yogins and Yoginis practise sexual yogas. The purpose of these yogas – is to release as much as possible pleasure through sex. It turns out that the more they engage in sexual practices, the closer they are to immortality.

It would seem, all our life indicate the opposite: we enjoy, but then quickly comes withering and loss of strength. Moreover, our body begins to disintegrate, and we die. But there is the opposite situation. The more you enjoy, the more you spiritually develop, the closer to immortality. And it’s true, but with a nuance: pleasure needs to use correctly. This little “but” very sharply distinguishes people who are engaged in usual sex from Yogins and Yoginis who are engaged in tantric sex (more detail, this topic is considered in Yoga of Sexual relations).

Usual people, having sex, more likely, lose, than get. And by that they accelerate ageing processes, withering and approach the death. If we have sex in the correct way, the situation is changing in the opposite direction. We become younger, we become more spiritual, we begin to understand more and we come closer to immortality.


Certainly, we have invented death ourselves and here we have died, start over from scratch. But the Universe thus remained the same. I.e. the death is a conditional action. It turns out that we are born in the same Universe, which was before. Being born, we remember nothing that was before, we are determined and full of strength. But the Universe, a place where we were born remains the same. Actually, we get into that place which have prepared for itself. It is one situation. Other situation: yes, we were born again, we are not burdened by memory of the previous life since this memory is those confusing factors which force our pleasure to divide into parts and collide, that leads to suffering. But we still had preferences. In antecedents, we have acted in some way. But we are born again and we tend to repeat the previous acts. For example, if I in antecedents turned all time to the right and in the next life I will tend to turn to the right.

After death in a new life our preferences, tendencies, directions are passed with us. Plus, we get into that Universe which you have created before to die. These all are called cause and effect law, karma law (cause and effect: what goes around, comes around/// one must reap as one has sown).

Conclusions are very interesting. As soon as we acquire the higher knowledge, we dispel ignorance and as in a case of death, we do not need karma any more. Or in another way, acquiring the higher knowledge, dispelling preconditions of sufferings and misfortunes, we come to the state when we can eliminate for ourselves negative tendencies and life circumstances and to get the positive. The most interesting is that sooner or later we can overstep the limits of «cause and effect”, to overstep the Karma law (the Karma law will not influence on us any more). Tantra yoga says that the more time we spend in a state of primary joy, happiness and pleasure after which will not follow negative payment, the more we acquire higher knowledge. The more we acquire higher knowledge, the better we dispel ignorance, and the better we dispel ignorance, the faster we destroy all preconditions of a pain, which we feel, and our pleasure increases.


Misuse of happiness, joy and pleasure leads us from a life in a life to the fact that each time we confuse and create suffering ourselves. In addition, karmic imprints of previous life are superimposed. I.e. from a life in a life, the situation can be more and more burdened. But the continuous chain of lives which led us to suffering, to misfortune and death, develops in us a habit already not so blindly rush towards joy, pleasure and happiness. We from a life in a life reach for pleasure and happiness but thus we consider ourselves not what we are indeed, and we are trapped. And sooner or later we have produced an instinctive attitude. We start to be afraid of joy, happiness and pleasure. Because we remember that after this necessarily, there are misfortunes, sufferings and disappointments. And such person even for itself starts to avoid happiness, joy and pleasure, prefers grey existence by a principle «would not have been worse”.

But the person longing for natural pleasure, and he remembers: last time I was tempted, and how it ended? My pleasure divided into a part, and began to collide and I’ve got sufferings. The second time, the third time, and the person begin to develop a behaviour policy against delight, joy and happiness: to avoid them being consciously.

He sees tasty meal. On the one hand – he can eat plenty, and on the other hand – he recollects how bad it was last time, when overeaten.

The pain, suffering and disappointment makes us different attitude to the possibility of joy, happiness and pleasure, in some extent carefully, without being involved. The young man sees the beautiful girl, anticipates what sexual nights they will spend, and is ready to throw himself into her arms. But he recollects how has ended the same situation with the previous girl – all has ended not good since suffering, the disappointment were much stronger, than transient enjoyments which he has received in the beginning. A live being every life, constantly causing the same backflash, develops a policy of refusal of joy, pleasure and happiness, what In terms of Absolute idea – is nonsense because Absolute invented joy, pleasure and happiness for us to use it. But we could not correctly take advantage of joy, happiness and pleasure. As a result, we consider for the blessing for ourselves not to use it in general.

Many schools and philosophical doctrines have this philosophical position. They even cultivate this attitude: do not do it, it and it since all the same you will receive negative result. People do not listen to manual, do nonsense, then recollect that they were warned etc. On the one hand, all these principles, precepts are fair until the person is at a certain stage of development. Doctrines call for a state of internal asceticism, to the fact that you can say “Stop”

Yes, I understand that it is more bait or a trap, since it gives not so much pleasure, how much suffering later. Not because pleasure is something bad. The Universe has created pleasure and happiness to lift us quicker. A question is other. For example, when the mouse sees cheese in a mousetrap, it gets to a trap. But cheese is not guilty, the mousetrap design is guilty. Cheese is yum-yum and if in other conditions to give this cheese to a mouse, the mouse will eat it with pleasure and for the blessing to health. The trap, a mousetrap is guilty. If you break a mousetrap, can eat cheese how many will get. But if you have not broken, keep away from mousetrap. All doctrines tell about it, that pleasure it is not bad. The question is how to correct use it.

The person starts to develop in itself inner asceticism. And if he sees pleasure he some times will think: Is it not a mousetrap? Inner asceticism leads to that from a life in a life a live being starts to grow wiser and bypass primary ignorance through experience. The more experience has a live being, the more it tends to asceticism. In general, in Tantra Yoga there is such position that we are living life. First, we have the primitive body, then more and more complicated. The human body we can get only at a certain set of conditions and factors, one of which is that we have the asceticism rudiments. Even being born in the human body, people are divided into those who can manage themselves and those who cannot.

As a rule, people who can manage themselves are inclined to asceticism, to self-control, they not fall into first available pleasure since it can be a complex combination of a trap. Anyhow, there is an asceticism factor which is an exact opposite of that we in general should do. The Lord or our Universe have created the world, have made in it happiness, joy and pleasure, and we should use it. The more we would use them, the more would acquire higher knowledge and more rapidly approaching the Absolute. But there was a failure which has generated Karma, a pain and death, forced us to act in a life in some other way than it was conceived in «the Absolute general layout». And we notice, the more we control ourselves, the more we apply asceticism, the faster we go up a social ladder, the more we earn money, achieve our goals. It seems to be we run counter to Absolute’s idea, but we get more any benefits. It is very complicated mechanism. Therefore, the person relation to pleasure and asceticism is a touchstone for the person. If the person silly he does not know what asceticism is. If the person is cleverer, he is inclined to asceticism and somewhere stifle itself (in pleasure, happiness, joy). This is second level. At last, the third level when the person understands that asceticism – is just an emergency. There comes such moment when it is possible to get rid of asceticism. It comes when you get the higher knowledge and destroy misfortune preconditions. Asceticism is a reaction to the primary ignorance, which has led to pain. Therefore, the maturity of any person is defined by his attitude to pleasure, suffering, and asceticism.


In Tantra Yoga another “criterion” is given: a touchstone of any philosophical system – its attitude to sex. There are those who excitedly shout: «Long live sex! Procreate! ». There is another extreme measure: all to forbid, no sex, the woman shouldn’t make up not in order not to lead neighbor into temptation. Both extremes are stupid. Certainly, the person who has tasted asceticism stands at higher level, than the person who falls to the first pleasure that comes across. But from Tantra yoga position, both positions are in infancy. The evolutionary maturity comes, when the person have steady and temperate attitude towards sex and pleasure. All methods of Tantra yoga are oriented on mature people, who have steady temperate attitude towards sex (without permissiveness and without sanctimonious Puritanism).

So, we are born, we live a life, we get confused, we ask death to free us. We are born once again, we get to the same conditions in which have finished previous life, and start from scratch. From a life in a life, we learn that should not to fall on the first available pleasure. I.e. from a life in a life, there is evolution. It is also one serious point, which is necessary for understanding Tantra Yoga.

We remember the meaning of evolution. Charles Darwin advanced the hypothesis that all live beings evolve that more simple beings become more complex the strongest survive.

From Tantra Yoga position, this is s only halved concept, only a visible part of evolution. There is an invisible part – spiritual evolution or that degree of self-control, self-awareness that has every soul, which is embodied in a new body. I.e. unlike the accepted evolution concept in a modern science, in yoga adhere to such concept that evolution goes two parallel ways: physical evolution and spiritual evolution (awareness of themselves). Good body makes it possible to “pull up” a spiritual body. Spiritual evolution gives the chance to change our body. It is considered in yoga that physical evolution is only a half. It is a necessary part, but it is necessary also another, connected with our subtle structures which form our soul entering into our physical body. Evolution implies that we are compelled to apply asceticism and to alter ourselves. There is a key point in our evolution – – the acquisition of the human body. Since the moment when we acquire the human body, from this point we can sharply accelerate our evolution


As we live in human body, at first we hardly differ from animal (by habits). We rush on any bait and pleasure. Our state is an animal in human body. It is happening long enough. In Tantra yoga, this evolutionary period is called Pashu or «the bestial period». This continues until the person does not develop a taste for asceticism. Then he begins to control himself, learning not to be amenable to any bait. Over time, this person becomes a whole-hearted, with a high degree of self-control. This is Vira state. The state of Vira is necessary to be engaged in Tantra yoga. Until the person is in Pashu state, it is better not to concern Tantra yoga, or work with pleasure. Because this doctrine can misdirect it aside and bring more harm, than advantage. A Vira state (in translation – the hero) is level for practice Tantra yoga. The person in a Vira state knows taste of asceticism, possesses will, intelligence, is able to control himself, but in something he does not have spiritual knowledge. The person can very quickly bring up in the spiritual evolution – – in Divja state (in translation – the divine level). This is the level of yogins and yoginis which reached the highest steps. Yoga asserts, that already there is a little that it is possible to make from the point of view of the device of our internal structures, certainly, in the future people will be more developed, beautiful and healthy. Therefore, although external factor there will be, but already in a lesser degree, and in a greater degree there will be a spiritual level of consciousness. This is what awaits us, waiting all humankind. While only some yogins and the yoginis reaches this state. All humanity slowly goes to this. As the yoga confirms, sooner or later all will come to this.


We remember that death was invented by ourselves, as an attempt to start from scratch. But behind each death there is a birth. Besides, birth is caused by our previous acts (our Karma). But on the other hand, primary laws of the Universe say that our world is full of happiness, joy and pleasures. We incorrectly use the Universe laws. We have built round ourselves many traps, in which we get. But initially the creation impulse was positive.

To express humanity of the Universe, in Tantras it said that, no matter how many negative Karma we have, the Universe is all the same humane and gives to us more than we deserve. Moreover, sometimes it gives to us more than we can wish.

In Tantra Yoga one of the famous images – is an image of the goddess Kali. Furious enough image, she is portrayed, as a rule, the black woman with a flowing hair. Here it is necessary to know historical background. In India, the woman with a flowing hair personified a certain image. As in our tradition, women should be with the covered head. If you come into church with a flowing hair, it characterizes you as something uncontrollable, being on the point of a psychotic meltdown, when you do not care. Goddess Kali is portrayed naked, covered with the chopped off heads instead of a garland, and on a belt (instead of a skirt) the chopped off hands. Depending on yoga tradition, there is a lot of details that makes your flesh creep. Strangely enough, it is a goddess, mother of the world. She gives birth, and she gives death. But the birth is impossible without death. In the hands of this goddess often depicted device for killing, everything has its own symbols. This Image is strong enough and as an embodiment of something negative. First historians and the anthropologists, who arrived in India and for the first time have faced image the goddess Kali, were in a shock thinking that there worship to a devil. It is clear that all this comes from ignorance, from misunderstanding of culture and deep sense. The deep sense consists that the woman as mother, on the one hand gives a birth, on the other hand gives death. It’s should to treat this not as different things, but as things closely related to each other. There is no birth without death; there is no death without a birth.

Usually the goddess Kali is called Mother of Life – the Black Goddess of Death. It would seem, the opposite positions. In Tantric calligraphy, Goddess Kali is portrayed as mother of humanism, transcendent humanism. At our small level, we understand what is good and what is bad. But if to consider a situation within a few lives, our representation about what is good and what is bad can be corrected. For us death of the person is bad. But from a position of out of time where you see as on palm a chain of births and deaths it is very important in time to leave this life in order to the next birth was favorable. This image of the goddess Kali, the image of the Mother of the World is very important in understanding what is birth, what is the function of motherhood and fatherhood. And these functions are very interesting. Yes, we will to start all from scratch and we left for some time the Universe and invented death (attempt for a moment to leave that is not pleasant to us, but then we come back). If we would come back from nowhere, we would have to start from scratch. You have developed the body to some degree of complexity by means of double road of evolution. Then we decided to leave and threw off the body. There is no place to come back, there is no body (a physical body). Therefore, next time, when after death we will want to be born and not to start from scratch, from a shoe infusorian, mum and dad give us a little body corresponding to that body which we have left in the previous life. If in the previous life we have developed our body to a certain level of complexity, have given the chance to someone to be born, then when we are dying, those to whom we have given the chance to be born (in turn) give the chance to us to be born. Otherwise, after our death we should be born repeatedly in primitive bodies.

In this sense, at our birth Mom and Dad are as representatives of the Absolute who created all world and ourselves. Moreover, when we enter into this world, function of Mom and Dad for us is sacred. They are for us no more, no less, as god and goddess who created this world. They connect the gap and give a life again as though we were created again. Mom and Dad give us the body, into which we can enter. Since all the Universe was created from happiness and pleasure then mom and dad need to join and to create joy, happiness and pleasure. At least for a split second that we can enter into them (is another story how we will spoil all).


There is a serious continuation. The moment of sex and the moment of pleasure: a) are very strongly connected to each other, b) pleasure from sex is the closest pleasure to that primary pleasure which was given to us at occurrence of the Universe and which then we transformed into sufferings. I.e. Sexual pleasure (in fact) is that primary pleasure which was given to us by the Absolute that we, experiencing it, acquire the higher knowledge and with each second rising, higher and higher until we become like Absolute.

On the other hand, carrying out a pleasure flash, we give the chance to the higher soul to be born at approximately in the same conditions in which the entire Universe was created (in primary pleasure). In correct use of sexual pleasure, the great chance of acquiring of the higher knowledge is put. And the more we experience it properly, the closer we come to Absolute. Absolute has created sexual pleasure that we have grown until its sizes, taking advantage of this pleasure.

There is also reverse side. We have transformed primary pleasure into a pain. Here is the same situation. If wrong to use sexual pleasure, you very soon get the pain, disappointment, devastation. You should understand it very clear.

The overwhelming majority of currents, doctrines, sects etc. relate to sex more likely negatively, than positively. I.e. there is everywhere a taboo, prohibition, the atmosphere of rejection. What is the reason of happening? In any religion or philosophical system experience shows that as soon as the unprepared person or the person in a Pashu state (on Tantra yoga classification) comes and have a sex, he very quickly divide energy of pleasure of sex into halves, collide and feels even worse, completely loses the potential (mental, physical), and he degrades. Therefore, it was said: « Do not touch these otherwise, will be worse ». On the other hand, if religious doctrines-currents very rigidly start to stop sex, these doctrines-currents collapse. Till today remained only those religions, doctrines-currents, sects, which have found the known compromise meanwhile to dissuade followers thoughtlessly to use sex, but all the same leave a loophole. Remember a saying: Being afraid of Sin, do not give birth to children. If any religion-current absolutely tighten the screws on sex, the situation is trivial: old followers leave, and new are not born (whence it to be born, if sex under a ban?). It is the important thing, which you should understand: thoughtless waste of sexual energy leads to degradation and to the sad end, but also suppression of sexual energy leads to the same end. There is a certain middle way, a certain path how to use sexual energy giving the chance to be born souls in our world and thus not to be a subject of degradation (mental, physical, psychological) and how to use sexual energy to rise as much as possible on higher level of spiritual development. This is what the Tantra Yoga is. It is very difficult, but fast way.

Tantra yoga use all pleasures which the person is able to feel, whether it is pleasure from sex, from delicious food or something else. Primary pleasure is very close to pleasure from sex. Sex stands out quantitatively and qualitatively against a background of other pleasures. In Tantra yoga affirms that the spectrum of pleasures, which is put in our sexual pleasures, is enormous. But our organs of sense, actions are not developed, our body is polluted, we have a lot of karmic imprints which do not allow us to enjoy pleasure, and It pass unheeded. There is such analogy: you come in an expensive French restaurant and, instead of enjoying a dish, you mixed all and quickly swallowed not experiencing. Until we (as said in Tantra yoga) not so long ago live in humane bodies, all is confused. For the beast it is natural process like to yawn, sneeze or to scratch behind an ear. As the person develops, evolves, develops his mind, refines the senses, already for him sex becomes not only a physical action, but more many other factors appear. Following way of evolutionary development, the person learns to take from sex more and more pleasure. If not, all is passing unheeded.

There is in a sexual impulse something transcendental. First, in result of sex children are born, this theme is sacred in itself. Secondly, the sex theme stands out through all our evolution, sometimes is called “an eternal theme». No matter how many the person would not burn his fingers on sex, no matter how much he would not have in his life disappointments related to sex, but time passes and all negative memoirs leave, and the desire to experience pleasure revives (if the person healthy).

Because of having sex, the posterity should be produced. If the posterity there is not, but the energy of pleasure is spent, then after a pleasure wave there is, as a rule, a devastation wave. This there is in a people, it was in animals.

It is impossible to interfere in a sex theme, without having affected all structures of our organism, beginning from hormonal system and finishing development of our brain. In Tantra yoga attempt to eradicate sex is considered the most « terrible crime». As a rule, sex does not disappear, but exterminator is eradicated.

Sex is an eternal theme, a super kind theme, theme of how to carry out our birth after our death. The death comes like deliverance, and a birth – as chance not to repeat old mistakes. Sex gives the possibility to start from the point where you have finished. Therefore, the sex theme and theme of life on the earth are two identical themes. Those who opposes sex themes, automatically opposes life on the earth. And to oppose life on the earth is to oppose «the primary plan» according to which all Universe and we were created. It means to go against those grandiose and transcendental for which the entire Universe was created.

In Tantra Yoga, there is such position: life above all. Here I want to make serious emphasis if you decide to go on the way of Tantra Yoga. All philosophical systems, currents-doctrines are possible only if you live in this world in a human body if you have a mind, the possibility though somehow to be shown in this world. If there is no life, there is no philosophy, enlightenments, Samadhi etc.

In India has developed not good situation which starts to remove to the West countries, when people start to oppose life behind a mask of this or that philosophy, this or that philosophical current or the doctrine. And nobody can understand that the possibility to profess all these currents-doctrines there is, in case of if there are people who share these views, If there are No people, there is not anything.

Disbalances in attitude towards sex

Original mistakes have been made during the development of yoga. The Buddhism also has affected yoga when the balance has been broken and as the corner stone was put the abstract doctrine of nirvana, enlightenment achievement. As a result, the usual life has been presented as something unworthy, unattractive, minor that it is necessary to suppress in every possible way. As a rule in this situations suppressed suppressors. Enormous blow has been struck to tradition. At one time have been widespread such philosophical views which said that our whole life is vanity that all is a train of any vain affairs, it is necessary to devote all time for achievement Samadhi, any revelations. As a result, the wisest, able-bodied people were misled. Their huge quantity left to work on itself. But the road to enlightenment can take many lives successively. It is clear that they passed some stage of the life, when nobody disturbed, there were neither children nor wives. They were in their spiritual researches. Then they all died. Since they have not provided for themselves suitable conditions in the next life, they were compelled to be born in the countries where the economy was in decline where there were wars, epidemic. Moreover, they have not left after themselves posterity and they were compelled to be born in families of lower spiritual level, than they are. Therefore, in India there was a mixture of castes. It was terrible accident when advanced souls of Brahmins began to be born in families of lower level (people who lived recently in animals bodies). The disbalances began. It is said that fault of these stratification in India became such false doctrines. But adjustments was made, the situation was rescued, though all the same it there was a serious failure in yoga. Since they opposed lives, sex, for the sake Samadhi, enlightenments etc. I.e., opposed fundamental principles: sawed a bough on which sat. What wonder that they fell? In 5-7 centuries, our era managed to remedy warp situation. Now it becomes ripe again. Now to the West get «the pulled out pages of the doctrine».

Often I meet young man and girls who practice yoga. I am interesting what about children, a family. They do square eyes and say – what are you talking about? What families, what children, our goal – is enlightenment. And I understand that these pathogenic bacilli made the way here. It is very dangerous, since our population dies out. Imagine what if to pull out from our country the strongest, the most devoted unidirectional people, who now go to yoga, and to send them in any monastery with any false doctrines of renunciation of sex, pleasure, a life. It would be a collapse, a catastrophe.

I do not say that we all need to have children or get married, get married. It defines everyone for itself personally, according to Karma, according to your Dharma and considering many other factors. But should not be such zombiing factor for all, or position «you want or do not want, but it is necessary to do so». In this sense, Tantra Yoga excellent copes with this danger. There is a “spiritual plague misunderstood ideas, which also exterminate the whole generations, whole generation future of yogins and yoginis. It is necessary to say that Tantra Yoga is a universal medicine, it perfectly works. People who are engaged in Tantra Yoga achieve results much faster, than those who went to monasteries, they are more powerful, gentle and more strongly

A life is a sacred theme: We remember that life was given to us as happiness, joy and pleasure. There is no pain, sufferings and disappointments. Therefore, everyone who is born, is initially dipped into a life and is ready to rush into fight again. Usually people, who were not engaged in spiritual researches, by the end of the life, remain with nothing. Only the one, who did something unselfish for other people, dies easy: difficultly lived, has easily died. All others who emphasized an the ego, at the end of the life they feel emptiness. All escapes from hands: children have grown, friends not clearly where. Often the person dies forgotten, abandoned. Through any time full of optimism child is born, since between death and a birth there was a possibility to dump the pessimism cover of the previous life and to plunge into this primary happiness, joy and pleasure,


Now in brief I outline the scheme of method in Tantra Yoga regardless of what it is exercises, practice. The best known now practices with use of sex. Therefore, this theme is so actively spread in the West because sex love there. But it does not mean that in Tantra only sexual practices, there is a lot of practice. But the basic tantric idea is use of pleasure.

I remind once again, the basis of all is the Absolute. Absolute has created the entire Universe, and small part of Absolute is our I. Whatever practice in Tantra yoga would be, it works only in one case if in practice Absolute (Higher) is implied. If there is not the Higher in Tantra yoga, then any practice turns into a good pastime.

Absolute gave us at our disposal of justly pleasure. Sometimes I hear that pleasure is something vicious of what it is necessary to get rid. Certainly, it is necessary to get rid of vicious pleasures. But primary pleasure is just what helps us to overcome vicious pleasures and to bring us to greater spiritual heights.

We remember that we began to use incorrectly pleasure and began to consider ourselves not what we are indeed, and began to consider ourselves our manifestations. The accent was shifted. And we have shifted a point of pleasure reception to our manifestations. If something threatens our manifestations– we feel bad, our manifestations feel good – we feel good. It turned out that a stream of pleasure that pour from our higher I, we began to consider, as stream of pleasure which source is not our higher I, but our manifestations. We decided that the source of this pleasure somewhere outside. Then, owing to the further ignorance, we have managed to break a pleasure stream in halves, to collide with each other, and to get suffering. The suffering has forced us to invent death, karma, evolution and by means of evolution to develop the body to the human body. Each step on this way was defined by degree of asceticism which soul could demonstrate. Thus, we reach a state of humane when there are sufferings, pleasures, the habit to asceticism and determination to follow the path of spiritual development. This state is called Vira.

By means of justly primary pleasure, the higher knowledge is acquired, and by means of suffering, nothing is gained. Sufferings is like dead water, it heals wounds, but does not give a life. Our goal: is to use knowledge.

In any Tantra yoga, practice there is the following scheme. First, do not waste that rest of potential pleasure, which we have since the last birth. I.e., we were born, we have any potential of pleasure which we can lose. Tantra Yoga calls us not wasting on trifles and not loses this pleasure. In another way in philosophy or religion, it is called “chastity”.

Tantra Yoga calls us to apply at first asceticism and to practice chastity, not to waste our pleasure, potential on momentary an idle whims and desires. Tantra is a practical chastity to use the accumulated potential of pleasure in the spiritual development. The first step is: asceticism and chastity, the known abstention in all spheres of a life. If it does not overstep the limits of rationality, it leads to the fact that we accumulate a certain potential (spiritual, intellectual). We are like the charged battery. Accordingly, after practice of asceticism we have a great potential of pleasure since we have not lost it on many traps. The second step is very important: how to use this potential to achieve success in spiritual or material evolution, to acquire knowledge, how to use this pleasure. Where and how to acquire this knowledge? This knowledge is acquired, as you do it here and now. Now you acquire the higher knowledge in order to use further that potential that you have accumulated by practicing chastity. You should understand the nature of things that whence occurs. You should clearly understand what is the source of all this – the pain, suffering, pleasure, joy, a birth, death, why pleasure, sex, a birth and death are the thing interdependent. You should know and feel it. If you in every detail will understand and feel it, the greater guarantee that you’ll get the result from Tantra Yoga. So, you have a potential accumulated by practical chastity, you have the knowledge of how to use it.

The knowledge consists of two parts: theoretical (what we are now doing), and practical when concrete exercises will be given to you, a lot of them have sexual, physical character, many are similar on Hatha yoga, Kriya yoga. They work with pleasure and explain, how and what to do. I.e. at first the theory is given then how practically to apply this theory.

The third Step: you have accumulated potential, knowledge of what to do with it and here the stage of Vira (hero) begins. This stage is very strong because the person should overcome obstacles of the mind. He too long did not afford, burnt, and now is required to be the hero and to have the courage for knowledge of the Higher. I.e. Vira decides to reach the Higher knowledge by means of use of the accumulated potential through pleasure

There is a saying: You can’t make an omelet without breaking eggs. Can be a disbalance when the person too long practiced asceticism, and is very difficult him to go into pleasure. It is also difficult like to dare to plunge into other world for the sake of self-knowledge, the Absolute. The third step: is expression of the will to reach the Higher target.

Vira is the one who decides to use all life on achievement of the Higher, on comprehension of itself, using the potential which was accumulated by chastity as it is instructed in Tantra manual, in manuals of Teachers.. If to speak more generalized, this person starts to enjoy the accumulated potential.

There should be justly pleasures, and No drugs. Justly pleasures are a sex, meal, communication, something that comes naturally. Thus, any practice done in such way, such meditation is practicing, such mantras are reciting, that the vector of released pleasure was directed towards Higher (Absolute). In order to enjoying and keeping the Higher in consciousness, you start to come closer to this Higher very quickly. But once you forget about the Higher as with the same force you will go in the opposite direction.

You accumulated potential through the practice of chastity, you start to understand that to what, why and how, and to do practical exercises. But if you direct this potential in the wrong way (not to the Higher) it will bad.

Some young men and girls come in Tantra yoga in search of husband or wife. If you do not intend to go in the direction of the Higher then all energy, which was accumulated through practice chastity, rather can hurt you than help. But the idea remains the same: it is necessary to have primary potential, it is necessary to know, how to use it and it is necessary to attract the Higher (to think about it or to aspire to it). If at least one of components is absent, it is better in practice of Tantra yoga not to be engaged in general.

Many come in Tantra Yoga because want to try something new (in sexual plan all have tried already). However, they are devastated, they do not know what asceticism is. They get nothing from the Tantra. Because they are already squandered on numerous parties, seminars, trainings. The potential is necessary. But this is not enough. It is necessary to know what to do with it, to know the nature of things. Although, this is not enough too. You can know the theory, can repeat today’s lecture word for word, but that does not mean at all that you’re guaranteed to get a good result. The third is necessary, the most important –is to connect to this all the Absolute. If you did not connect the Absolute, then the first two are conditions necessary, but insufficient. If all three factors are available, you’re like a rocket, instantly start and flies away to the stars.


During practice, you begin « burned by pleasure fire». Pleasure is as very powerful fire. The more you stay in it, the greater state of preparedness you get. We should be matured on pleasure fire, but this pleasure should last long. There are Practical methods of Tantra yoga of how to make longer this pleasure. It’s no secret that many people having sex, experiencing pleasure. It would seem, they are burned by pleasure fire too, but they have sex very short time interval, but here hours are necessary. In order to be hours, it is necessary that organism work in another way. In order to it in another way work, it is necessary to practice yoga that it was able digest all. The more you are burned by pleasure fire, the faster your physical and spiritual evolution.

First, you acquire the Higher knowledge, gradually it starts to open to you. Secondly, your body starts to be transformed, literally there is an evolution at physical body level. Certainly, evolution is not only at physical level, but also at subtle and the most subtle. If to have sex, it is like physical gymnastics, it is clear that the body can change. But where is the Higher knowledge coming from?


It is necessary to have sex without loss. This is practical chastity. That is called the big and capacious word “sex”, consists of two halves. One half – is natural pleasure. And the second half is an action in which result children ///pleasure are born. The problem of Tantra Yoga: to divide these two parts. That part which leads to pleasure, it is necessary to use as much as possible. And that part which goes on procreation // continuation of the family, should be under a ban and you should not waste it. Therefore, it also is practical chastity. Here it is necessary to know, how it is all to do.

Why we spiritually evolve? When the person is in sexual contact and makes everything as it is offered in Tantra yoga (sex without a loss //// lost-free) his organism produces a certain kind of energy, which starts to feed our brain and latent reserves of our brain suddenly wake up. As soon as surplus of lawful pleasure is formed, gradually start to join other section of our brain and is better come home to us the sense of Tantra yoga. A serious obstacle on Tantra yoga way: to know Tantra yoga, it should be practiced. There is enough Theorists of Tantra yoga, but they as though hung in mid-air, do not feel the earths underfoot. They give any explanations about charkas, about energy Kundalini but they do not practice, and feel nothing.

Therefore, question of method and practice is a key question. Some sections of Tantra Yoga about our base centres, charkas, the central channel, the left and right channel, energy Kundalini, you will not understand until you not waken some vibration in your body. And waken them you can only being engaged in sexual Tantra yoga practices. To be engaged, it is necessary to know when and what to do. The vicious circle leads to the fact that, despite the popularity of Tantra Yoga in the West, not so many people are engaged in real Tantra yoga.

Tantra yoga can be described, as a certain skilful method to rely on the Higher. The Higher (Absolute) has created our entire universe. If we rely on this Higher and we experience the higher lawful pleasure, we faster come closer to comprehension of the Higher. It is necessary to know steps, how to realize it in your own shoes. That run it through itself, it is necessary more and more to be involved in pleasure on the one hand, and on the other hand, by means of asceticism to avoid traps.

It turns out that at these stages of Tantra yoga there are two mutually exclusive moments but which can excellent explain by the basic yoga method: there, where it is necessary to force itself and there where it is possible afford. This method excellent works in Tantra yoga. For example, the boy and the girl decided to practice Tantra yoga. They rushed to each other without observance of any conditions, mantras, the visualizations, known ritual. These trifles have not observed and as a result have got to a trap. If boy and girl are clever, they by means of asceticism bypass all traps, and then merge in ecstasy. This is the kind of wisdom in the use of Tantra yoga. Therefore, a component of technique in Tantras is very important.

For that reason an overwhelming part of treatises on Tantra Yoga have been extremely Secret. Some are secret until now, some treatises are distorted, withdrawn. But the most important thing, no matter what was a wonderful treatise with numerous details if there is no Higher behind your actions if there is no Absolute breath in each action made by you, you will get nothing. It will be just another textbook of Indian love, but there will be no result. The Absolute is necessary. The Absolute concept is entered, that Bhava of the Absolute is necessary. This term is difficult to translate into Russian. Meaning: sensation of presence, thought, states.. If emphasis will not on comprehension of the Higher I, then all practices will work for nothing.

As a man needs a soul and body as well in practice Bhava is necessary. The idea of the Absolute, the idea about the Higher “I” is necessary. There is should be intention to learn it. On the other hand, the body is necessary to draw Jantras, to voice mantras etc.


The role of the Teacher in Tantra yoga is sacred of the fact that the Teacher is the one who easily and effortlessly will push aside all obstacles in our way in Tantra. The Teacher for the pupil is saint -it is very strange position for the Western ear. Moreover, the Teacher for the pupil is Absolute itself in the flesh. In Tantra yoga, there are such teachings: your Teacher never says lies, even if tells a lie; your Teacher never is mistaken, even if makes nonsense. This theme is very difficult also has generated set of misunderstanding in the West when the yoga doctrine began to penetrate on the West and under the brand name the Teacher, people began do different tricks. For the East the theme of the Teacher is indisputable and, strangely enough, it is purely practical method. If you are in a state that «the Teacher is always right» thereby you facilitating a way to Absolute is showed through the Teacher, with all his (teacher) shortcomings obvious or imaginary. It often happens that pupils sometimes see in the teacher those shortcomings, which he does not have. Since everyone judges other people by itself. In tradition of Tantra Yoga, it is considered, that if you have a Teacher, you are the happiest person that has no problems, and you always get the result from the practice (if you obey the Teacher). Here there is an unwritten rule, which hardly is understood in the West, but it is very natural in the east: about the Teacher as about the dead man, either well or in no way. And the matter is not that he has some shortcomings. If you think about the Teacher bad, you actually destroy your own Bhava, and it is much worse.

If you have a Teacher, you make an icon out of him. There is a saying that the retinue makes the king. Likewise here: pupils make the Teacher. This is not in absolute sense, bit in the sense of personal pupils practice. In the east, this theme is sacred. And, God forbid, if you start to speak something to the Teacher of this or that adherent of secret sciences. At the best, you will look rude, at worst get discontent in your address. All those who undermines others belief in something sacred, very burdened their karma. There is nothing worse, than to deprive people belief whose belief is just beginning to wake up. May be the pupil of Teacher does not understand yet, he just has escaped from a bog, and here someone calls into question his hope. It is very dangerous in karma plan. If the pupil (I will not be afraid this word) has fanatical devotion to the Teacher, such pupil avoids a large quantity of troubles from their negative karma, regardless of Teacher. It is not a question of the Teacher, sacred he or not, it is a question of the pupil, it is necessary for the pupil. Many followers of the West, who have rushed to the East to study Tantra, came back and left with nothing. The Environment did not perceive them and reject. In America it is possible to come almost on awarding of the Nobel Laureate, chewing gum, it is possible to throw carelessly feet on a table, disrespectfully to behave. In the western society, it “is eating up”. In the east society, the situation is different: the system even will not argue with you, it just ejects you without explanation. You will get nothing, no access anywhere. Therefore the rage, bad manners, arrogance is considered karmic pollution, and it is necessary to get rid of it. But since we have something not clear: Whether it is a part of our culture, whether karmic pollution, the western person does not enter into Tantra, it rejects him. The theme of the Teacher in the Tantra is very serious theme. Subject teachers in Tantra – Tantra is all. If you have, a Teacher and he say, “OK” then you are all well! Let’s go! If not, you can spend years for studying of treatises, meditations, but there is no guarantee of result.


In our yoga tradition there is a concept of “the mechanism of protection procreation” (MPP). At first I will try to explain figuratively, by the own words, about what we will talk. We talked about the image of the goddess Kali. If you plunge into Tantric tradition these aspects of nonverbal knowledge, which come in the form of images, dreams, the phenomena, in the form of sculptures in temples, so will fill your world that you will be as in fairyland. Or, as if you under water plunges, where there is a beautiful octopuses, fish swim, all is magic. Likewise, the person who plunges into Tantra teachings falls into the wonderful world. In spite of the fact that set of images have Hindu style (a serious imprint of India culture), but some archetypes of forms, images, possibly, are universal for all mankind.

On the one hand Goddess Kali – is frightening image (chopped off heads, hands), and on the other hand – Goddess Mother of the World. One of word meanings “Kali” is time or a part. Who is she? She is Goddess-mother. The most important thing for her is a life of the child. She is the young mother whose child was born. For her, the child – the center of the universe, even the husband on the second place. And it is correct, anyway, at least until the child is small. Everything, what she do, done for a life and the blessing of her child that in his life was a minimum of sufferings. Certainly, it is an image of superkind Universe. Surprisingly, on the one hand – this is a chilling and frightening image, and on the other hand – an image of superkindness.

We all know what kindness is, but what super kindness is we do not know. Sometimes can be that everything that seems to us kindness within the limits of one life, can be absolute harm within the limits of another. Or on the contrary. The basic idea of Tantra Yoga is the most important thing is a life. If there will be a life, there will be a yoga, an enlightenment and samadhi. If the life is not, will be nothing, all will be in embryo. This entire world was created that we have passed evolution and have achieved the supergrandiose object. But here someone stopped our evolution, and we suffer. When sufferings arise for no reason then comes the furious image of the goddess Kali and destroys our sufferings. And, sometimes in the most bloodthirsty way. Remember the saying about time: time give a life, time destroys it.

Goddess Kali has a servant – MPP. The mechanism, which does not allow to stop a life. And its problem: a life at any cost. What does it mean? Evolution goes two ways: our physical body and spiritual self-consciousness. The fact that we are here in human bodies, says that our ancestors won evolutionary race and this race was due to presence of a pain, suffering and death. It is a reverse of the medal. The fact that we have the opportunity to live in human bodies and to study yoga, we owe our mothers and fathers, and they to their mothers and fathers, etc.

In our school, there is the concept of «patrimonial yoga». It is considered that you can always contact with Teachers through a chain of the ancestors. Your primogenitors already reached for a long time such spiritual level in evolution that now they in the Teachers status are looking at us from the higher plans and help to be realized. This is a very important point. The Universe always gives more than we deserve. In this sense mum and the dad give us more than we deserve. The favor of the Universe is boundless.

We got our bodies as a result of evolution. Because of evolution were formed all structures of our body, all emotional structures, cultural. Appeared an imprint in our evolution. It’s our structures: a rough body, subtle and causal. From the point of tantric traditions view all, this is MPP. This structure ensures our survival as a species.

Throughout many lives, there was a basic evolutionary idea: to survive. Unlike Darwin concept. not only physically to survive, but also to rise spiritually. With each step, rising spiritually, you are physically self-improving. All our structure is subordinated one purpose: procreation.

All your hormones, structure of your body, all your behaviour patterns, how you react to an opposite sex or that causes in you, liking and disliking, this all are MPP. This is kind of robot of the Goddess Kali. And its purpose unique: let there be life always. On the rest MPP to “sneeze”. You can profess any philosophy or religion, put any purposes in your life, but all structures of your body operate in such way that, you want or do not want, you are inclined to that the life proceeded. They Cause erotic desires, affect your senses etc. All for only one purpose: let there be life always. Since the young man is a potential father, the girl – potential mother. Everything, that concerns yours samadhi concept if it will not interfere MPP, MPP will close eyes on it. But if even one of your concept or idea goes against MPP, as taught Tantra Yoga, you’ll be crushed.Not a trace remains from your concept. Moreover, the organism itself will do everything subtly: when it is necessary, itself will throw a hormone in blood. As if it was artful enemy, that prevents your spiritual way.

In Tantra yoga MPP is sacred, it’s a servant of the goddess Kali. The one, who attempts on MPP, attempts on goddess Kali, attempts on the life of the unborn baby. The Universe for it monstrously punishes. If you are still going to persist and to oppose MPP (sharply to suppress sexuality), unpleasant things start to be shown – perversion, and for it punishes a society. If sexual energy does not find a direct exit, it starts to be perverted. If you have suppressed sexual energy and having the way of life of the maniac instantly, the society pressing you. And, pressing ruthlessly.

MPP is extremely important factor of a spiritual way. When threatens nothing to a life and a procreation, this mechanism is disappeared, as if it was not. As soon as appears though something against, from nowhere problems are materialized and bring all your practice to an end. Therefore, in circles of Tantra Yoga it is said that God forbid you will oppose MPP, you will be crushed and then any spiritual practice is out of the question.

On the other hand, MPP have its own goals, and you can have your own. The robot can helps, but it does not understand in higher affairs. And you, maybe, wish to reach Samadhi. You need to learn to bypass this mechanism of protection procreation that it does not damage. I.e. to find the coexistence path that it close the eyes on your practice. In this case, you will reach Samadhi. If it is dissatisfied, it bring all your practice to an end.

Once again, in Tantra yoga it is considered that attempt on MPP is the greatest burdened karma. On the other hand, if we wish to do something it is necessary to do it so that MPP was satisfied. Moreover, it will even help us. The main thing – is not to oppose a life. It is necessary to co-exist with MPP, even it is better to be afraid. It is not that thing, with which you can be on familiar terms.

It is necessary to be respectful to MPP and does not irritate it. The trouble is that that MPP does not sleep twenty-four hours a day, it knows everything that you know and sees everything that you see. All of your emotional reaction is what it is. As soon, it will suspect that you try to deceive it, it immediately will change its policy and its attitude.. But if it trusts you, you can use this pause to make real spiritual breakthrough. But only until such time as it trusts you. If even for a moment will cease to trust you it immediately will change it’s attitude.

The relation to MPP should be, as to something stronger. It can trust us, and cannot trust. Our problem is to deserve its confidence. If it would trust us, then we will have the opportunity to practice serious yoga practice. If not, it will put an end to all of our meditations and other practices.

Tantra Yoga provides techniques to learn co-exist with MPP. It is a difficult theme. We have inherited from animals the following factor: for us having sex is procreation and the way to get pleasure. The problem of Tantra Yoga – is to divide these two parts: on a maximum to use pleasure from sex and to a reasonable minimum to reduce the waste of that part which is for procreation.

At first, MPP does not feel a dirty trick and closes eyes on it. MPP is some kind of bureaucrat, the most important for it is to tick off. It sees the man and the woman in bed naked, – aha, the tick can be put, everything is all right. But he does not note that not every having sex ends with conceiving a child. But if at least at any stage he suspects that Something is wrong (for example, you don’t like the fact that someone has children), suspects that you are doing something wrong, it will reconstruct codes, you have to start all over again.

If in family yogin and yogini the child is born, the indulgence for seven years is given. After seven years MPP activate such components that the wife starts to lose interest to the husband at level of a physical attraction , and the husband to the wife.

MPP morality is the most higher: procreation. And all the rest: how many you will have husbands, wives etc., MPP on it to spit. For it the main thing is that the life proceeded. And we need to take this into account.

Underside: MPP destroys love. Here again somehow it is necessary to leave from under its blow.

For people of different cultures MPP action is a little different. MPP constantly evolves, using for this purpose our own potential. Our own mind helps it to work against us. MPP very mobile structure, but the purpose is stable: procreation; to influence human manifestations so to bring it to the main goal. The main thing is that the posterity was produced. Moreover, the posterity can be produced from one, two, three partners, it does not matter. Sometimes MPP begins with our eyes critically estimate our previous partner even if we have from it children. The large quantity of family tragedies is caused by cycles of this mechanism. Some cycles are completed, and it begins to change human behavior. But only for one purpose: that the life is not stopped.

It is hard to seize it, it is necessary to be arranged under it, God forbid to go against it. All practice should be co-ordinated with MPP.

One indicator of success in yoga, it if you practice yoga, and in the sexual plan, your desire is intensified. It means that you really succeed in any aspects.

First one woman can attract us, then another, third. If it is not falling in love, then this is MPP action. Amorousness is above MPP. When love visits us, the highest laws start to operate. Since Amorousness come to us from the higher spheres, which are responsible for serviceability MPP, love can switch on and off it in the right way. Therefore, all provisions of Tantra Yoga and Yoga of Sexual relations are strong until the person has not fallen in love. When the person falls in love, there come other game rules. If love is gone, then the mechanism of protection of procreation operates in full force and effect. This is an interesting and difficult subject for analysis.


Male’s behaviour concerning the woman is quite naturally: he should impregnate as much as possible females. This is naturally and we have it since a lifetime in animal’s bodies. If the person dies, he has a good chance to be born in that family where he can be welcome as the baby, as a rule, in a family of own children.

The woman has the opposite reaction in relation to polygamous men. She does not tolerate polygamy and believes that there should be one male, who impregnates her. And if he starts to be unfaithful then who will feed, protect posterity? Therefore, woman has another strategy of behaviour: to keep the man at any price. Do not forget that we are in easy circumstances not so long ago. Before there were centuries of hunger and was absolutely usual the situation when the woman could not feed her child, and he died.

For male the situation, that he has many women at the same time is more acceptable, than for the woman that she has at the same time many men.

The matter is not even in education, it is programmed by our reactions. Then after a while, there is an interesting, opposite thing. Passes time, the child has a little grown up, the previous male not satisfy the woman any more (she has posterity, a stable life). And the male on the contrary. He was Don Zhuan, a skirt-chaser, and now began to reach for a family. Here again works the mechanism: the woman has brought posterity, means with her it is possible to be. At first sight the animal moments.

It turns out that on the one hand, we are all programmed MPP, and on the other hand the part of us is free. And you have to so take advantage of this free part not to oppose the mechanism and to move towards our goal of (reaching the highest). Yogi and yogini is well aware of this. You should be honest with yourself in all thoughts, affairs, and preferences.

A practical example. There is a young man, he saw a girl with a beautiful figure. The man’s head began to continue a trajectory of the movement of the girl involuntarily. He should very clearly say to himself, that yes, he likes her (even if he goes with his wife). The same, concerning the wife, she should perfectly realize, that if her husband, walking arm in arm, staring at a beautiful girl, the man is not guilty. There is the opposite situation – if you are too much flirting with a girl in the presence of your wife, and she did not like it, you should very clearly understand that worked MPP. Neither she, nor you, are not guilty. The mechanism is guilty. It is necessary to learn to co-exist with it, and for this purpose to understand, how it works. To understand, how it works, it is necessary to be honest with yourself and to realize that I am – victim MPP. This is fair confession.

It is necessary to analyze carefully your expressions: in a dream, in reality, in your fantasies, affairs, imaginations, without a paranoia, fear, without attempt to justify yourself. The most terrible, begin when man and woman lived with together and start to lose interest to each other. It is especially insulting, if before there was a love.

Yoga works with everything. If you are working with MPP and do not adhere to the first, to the second and to the third yoga principles, you are extremely risk. Without observing the first yoga principle, you will not have time to blink an eye, as will start to harm the closest people. Without observing the second yoga principle, you will very quickly wasting on trifles. If you do not adhere to the third principle, you will be defenseless against a huge number of complexes.

Any practice of Tantra yoga works with MPP. It is impossible to practice if MPP will be dissatisfied. Thus, it is necessary to know: what it is; how to work with it, the security measures: strict observance of the first, second and third yoga principles.

The «4 and 5» LAW

Among yogins and yoginis, who took the path of Tantra Yoga, was recommended, to live by the «4 and 5» law if yogin and yogini are not enamored. MPP searches for you the partner. The man in the woman is seeking an energy manifestation, and the woman in the man is seeking a consciousness manifestation. Both the Consciousness and the Energy are the One. But so artfully is made our Universe that a single energy is represented to us as five different aspects, and single consciousness as four aspects.

If the man is not enamored in the woman, and just loves her, there are four hypothetical types of women to whom he has an inclination. Moreover, MPP will insist to pass from one partner to another (natural switching). In some Tantras there is some cycle of such switching. It is very unpleasant thing. You can live with one woman, but the focus of your interest has shifted to another woman. It is useless to struggle with itself. All admonitions of psychologists and trainings of relations do not bring any result. The same situation is with the women. Very often, the woman loses interest to the man. There are four aspects of consciousness man, her interest is cyclically shifted from one to another.

Cycles of this device has its roots in creation of our Universe when it split under the influence of Maya into 5 facets of energy, and 4 facets of consciousness. You should understand that forces that behind this are extremely powerful. If yogins and yoginis lived some years together, and after a while, they show interest in other partners, certainly, they should something to do with it.

Do nothing, it means to oppose MPP. As a rule, cycle begins with the woman and on her ends.

There is an aphorism: everything that is happening in your kitchen is going on in all Universes. Love your everyday life. Be attentive to all your domestic friction, they point out you to all of your shortcomings

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