Yoga of amorousness. Vadim Zaporojtsev. Seminar. 11.29.2009

Author Vadim Zaporozhtsev
Anandaswami Tradition Yoga School
Place of lecture delivering Cultural Center “Enlightenment”.
Date November 29, 2009
Yoga school address International Open Yoga University, Yoga School of Anadasvami tradition. Cultural Center “Enlightenment” Dolgorukovskaya str. # 29, Novoslobodskaya metro station, Moscow, Russia. Tel.: 8(495)251-2108, 8(495)251-3367. E-mail: Sites:,,
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Yoga of Being in Love – is one of the most sublime, difficultly understood and amazing yoga which only exists in the world. It is difficult to overestimate the importance of Yoga of being in Love for life on the Earth, for the development of the individual, for the spiritual practices of the individual (both male and female).

As you remember, yoga can be divided into classical and fast methods. In the very title of the fast methods laid down that these methods faster help to achieve certain results than classical. Among the fast methods is an ultrafast technique – this is Yoga of being in love. For this reason, this yoga is much valued and sacred. Moreover, from the standpoint of studying the whole yoga, if we study the Yoga of being in love, all the rest of yoga are merely auxiliary yogas, to lead us to this yoga.

In Anandaswami Tradition Yoga School it is considered that all the rest – it is as a preparatory step before a person realizes that there exist this yoga , and this is an extremely important issue for him that before getting involved. Indeed, not many people know about the existence of this yoga. From these positions, hatha yoga, kundalini yoga, pranayama yoga, all yogas which are associated with self-improvement of our bodies, with the acquisition of super-powers and abilities (clairvoyance, clairaudience, passing through walls, etc.) – are just steps on the road (intermediate stage) before come to Yoga of being in love. If you can realize Yoga of being in Love, you do not need any more yoga: neither rough physical, nor subtle mental or transcendent mysterious. This is the position of Anandasvami School.

Yoga of being in love – it’s advanced aerobatics in yoga. It is considered that if you are able spend in amorousness state a very small quantity of time (nine and a half minutes), during which time you realize all yogas that has ever been, are or will be in the history of mankind. You do not need hatha yoga, nor any other yoga. Moreover, you do not need all sufferings which are in this world. Because you completely will carry out a problem for the sake of which this whole world was created and go out beyond it or if you wish you can stay.

Indeed, this is a very sublime yoga, but it uses very little “demand”. Everything related to hatha yoga have a great interest. Yoga of being in Love is almost unknown. That is because mankind has not reached the awareness of the importance of this yoga, or for some other reason.

We have to get acquainted with this topic. It is boundless as the ocean, sublime, like a dream, practical, as mechanic’s tools. And this is all in one – Yoga of being in love. From the position of Anandaswami Tradition Yoga School, this yoga is included into a Yoga Triad (Tantra Yoga, Yoga of Being in Love and Yoga of Sexual relations). It is impossible to divide these three yogas from each other, they are intertwined. When you plait a hair three threads intertwine. Also it is impossible to pull out one that thus there was a whole plait. Similarly are these three yogas.

We remember that there are as many kinds of yoga as human’s manifestations. Yoga Triad deals with the sublime manifestation of human life, which is connected with attraction, amorousness, love. And as the strongest manifestation of this amorousness – is the amorousness between the young men and the girl. Although in the ideology of Yoga of Being in Love, they are not the young men and the girl any more, but the Absolute in the form of men and women. It is impossible to separate Yoga of Being in Love from Tantra Yoga and Yoga of Sexual relations. Because we’re by our own structure complicated enough live beings. We have Rough, Subtle and Causal body. They are interconnected. It is impossible neglecting one of the bodies, to achieve perfection in others.

To characterize these yogas, we give an analogy. Like that we have rough, Subtle and Causal body, there are also these three yoga. Yoga of Sexual relations is engaged in Rough physical body (everything that concerns the interaction between men and women). Tantra Yoga is engaged in interaction between the subtle bodies. And Yoga of Being in Love directly works with the causal body. Influencing one body, we get a response to the remaining two. Each of these yogas are closely connected with each other. Yoga of Sexual relations helps to come to Yoga of Being in Love and Tantra yoga. Tantra Yoga helps to get closer to the Yoga of Sexual relations and to Yoga of Being in Love. All is intertwined.

That Yoga is ceased to be something abstract we make a linkage with our usual life. Any yoga is given to ordinary people. Not for the perfect yogins and yoginis, not for the angels with the wings, not for the great saints. All the saints Yoga Teachers do not need these yogas any more, they have passed them. Therefore, all Yoga provides for us with all our weaknesses and strengths. You should not think that all these yogas only for some special people. They are not for a particular race or nationality, they are for all humankind. Because we were created in a single image and likeness.

In our real life happen interesting moments – we fall in love. This state experiencing is not all people. To some people this state comes suddenly. Some people may feel the need in this state, but did not get it. Some people do not even feel the need in this state, but guess it happens. Some just do not believe that such things happen. If you analyze all the creative works of music, painting, art, etc., that truly great works revolved around the theme of love.

We’re ordinary people, but nevertheless, with us it happens too. When the person is falls in love, everything in his life changes (perception, reaction, priorities, thoughts and external behavior). And such things can happen with each of us. With some have already happened, with some, perhaps, is happening, with some, perhaps, will happen. According to the degree of force of the experienced factors in human life, amorousness can be the strongest factor. Of course, all vital factors (wealth, education, career, etc.) have an impact on people. But at least a little time spent in amorousness state, has incommensurably greater impact on human life.

From ordinary life, we know that those who experienced amorousness know that this state tends to disappear. Again, there are different degrees of amorousness beginnings. Someone spends in this state, days, months, years. Someone confined himself to day. There are different grading and duration of this feeling. But after some period of time amorousness disappears. Sometimes amorousness turns into another phase, leaving a “scar”. Following the amorousness state there is suffering. We can observe in everyday life: an unhappy, unshared love, etc. Those who experienced this state in its most profound form, remember its whole life. Those who are not worried can feel the desire to experience it once again. Or sometimes we meet people who are afraid of experience it.

What is meant by the term «amorousness» and «love»?

State of amorousness- is a state when you think only about the object of your amorousness. It is possible to be enamored only in one person// Being in love can only with one person. But to love it is possible many. If to consider from a position of Yoga of Being in Love, vector of your consciousness, which follow your emotions, feelings is narrowly directed to one person and there is no even a thought shade that there is someone else except the object of amorousness. If you are experiencing the sublime feeling to one person, but on the horizon, there is someone else, then this state is called love. And the degree concentration on one may be more, but on others is less.

True amorousness (but not illusion or delusion) can not bring sufferings, it is impossible. Therefore, the expression of an unhappy amorousness has no sense. It’s like saying white blackness or a black whiteness. State of amorousness in principle can not bring sufferings.

How to determine the state of the higher amorousness?

When one thought that the object of your amorousness is on the earth, causes waves of mad euphoria, pleasure, happiness, regardless of with you an object of amorousness or far away, share your feelings or not. The highest state of amorousness is when from one awareness of that such a miracle is in the Universe, you instantly fall into the state of ecstatic happiness, without words “if” without conditions. That is, this happiness without any factors which in the future, without being observed could bring to you misfortune.

This is the highest level of amorousness. Because this state appears as a flash, and then gradually fades away and there are such words as “if” there are claims and conditions. The phrase “I’m falling in love with you/ I am in you enamored, but if after this phrase there is an addition “if you were a quieter, better, worse, etc. “, there is no amorousness. There is a love, there is an attachment. Yes, it might just be the echo of experienced in a short time the state of amorousness, but the highest amorousness is gone. Higher amorousness excludes any preconditions for sufferings. Higher amorousness cannot bring sufferings in principle. If there are sufferings, it is not amorousness any more but our karma.

Let me remind you that yoga – is the highest science based on superlogical laws of the Universe where our logic and common sense is only a special case of superlogic laws. The superlogic never contradicts logic. The logic simply gives in to superlogic or does not answer. I recall that also there is concept “illogicality” (nonsense). The logic can perfectly break any nonsense and illogicality.

Any yoga (including Yoga of Being in Love) in its presentation is extremely logical. Another thing that only crumbs of knowledge reached us, all the rest is lost. There is rigid enough structure of Yoga of Being in Love which completely satisfies our intelligence and answers all questions which can be set by means of intelligence. But at the same time, the intelligence cannot seize amorousness state.

Amorousness cannot be generated

Amorousness state is a transcendental superlogical state. It cannot be generated neither with the help of logic, nor by mean of thought, feelings, hypnosis, autogenic training, admonition or a metabolism. This state cannot be generated by anything, it comes to us from the higher spheres. Therefore, basically it is impossible by the will to make somebody feel amorousness влюбить in itself, or most to fall in love with someone. If you hear a phrase that someone voluntarily ///by the will can fall in love with everybody, know that it only substitution of concepts. The person can substitute the term “to become attached” and “fall in love”. Amorousness does not depend on our forces or from action of someone else. Amorousness comes to us, as though from nowhere and leaves if we have negative karma to lose amorousness. It cannot be seized, measured, reduced to brain activity.

Our doctors and science have deeply enough penetrated into the structure of our body. It, certainly, causes admiration. But as taught yoga our body is much more complicated, than is represented to any scientist. Because besides a rough body, there is a subtle and causal body, to which modern science has not yet find an approach. It is impossible to catch amorousness state, from whence it has appeared.

There are certain laws of the nature. And no matter what tricks you do, you cannot jump over a certain laws. Amorousness comes from so high spiritual spheres in comparison with which our rough, subtle and causal bodies are something very ordinary.

From time to time Amorousness visits us and then leaves. A usual story of mutual relations in the countries where level of prosperity, mutual relations is high enough (in the rich countries), the young man and the girl have desire to be together. During this time, they have a family and children. Then amorousness disappears. In place comes a very stable feeling of love. And if everything is correct, this feeling can last all lifetime. If there are features of human karma, after amorousness comes the feeling of love, affection (when we do not love the person, but we understand that he is favorable to us). Sometimes these feelings are turn to a direct opposite – hate.

Amorousness Splash forces the man and the woman to be together. If karma is relatively good, it turns into love, if karma is worse, this love can turn into hate.

In the countries which are exhausted by struggle for culture preservation, the scenario when the young man and the girl have fallen in love with each other is extremely rare. I will remind that in India marriage on love is an extreme rarity. Ninety nine percent of marriages consist for other reasons. Frequently the groom and the bride can see each other for the first time on wedding. It is statement of the tragic country situation. India has staked everything, including material welfare, and as consequence, there is no freedom which has the average person in the West. But so was not always. In the ancient time, when Yoga of Being in Love has arisen and practiced, the scenario of mutual relations between men and women was one that we observe in the West (free). There was a possibility to fall in love and to be with the object of amorousness.

Amorousness we destroy themselves

There is our usual scenario. Amorousness comes, but comes not to all. It tends to disappear. It transform lives of the enamored. But nevertheless, it disappears. Amorousness in itself does not disappear, we destroy it themselves. It is a gift from the highest spheres of the Universe which for any reasons comes to us. But we are wild in many respects, have the negative Karma. We destroy this gift with the own hands because unskillfully use it.

Does not mean that we should trust blindly to everything that the Yoga of Being in Love says, but on the other hand it makes sense to listen. Amorousness is not a product of our instincts. This is a gift from the higher spheres. And just like something came out of this world, we cannot destroy it. Because, if we could destroy it, we could reproduce it back. Expression that “we destroy amorousness with our own hands », it is a quite conditional sentence. We are doing their best not to use this gift and to throw out from our life. Sometimes we even want that amorousness be with us. But doing unskillfully actions we force Amorousness to disappear. We are guilty in it ourselves.

Yoga of Being in Love is not engaged in amorousness generation. If you hear that Yoga of Being in Love generates amorousness, know that someone understood something wrong. Nobody can generate amorousness. Even Yoga of Being in Love cannot generate amorousness.

What for Yoga of Being in Love in general is necessary?

It is necessary for the purpose, that if this state suddenly come to you, then you would not do that nonsense that person tend to do. This is the science of how to protect amorousness and not to lose it as much as possible time. Pay attention, not how not to lose it at all, but how not to lose it as much as possible time. Because, despite this gift from the highest spheres where there is no concept of time and space where there is no karma concept, this gift gets there where there is a concept of cause and effect. And our karma nobody cancelled. Therefore, our bad karma forces us to do some things in which result amorousness is lost.

We can come closer to a state of amorousness and not lose it, if we have already reached the brink of exit from cause and effect law (from a karma plane). Make a stab at eternal Amorousness is making a stab at too many. We are talking about more modest, how not to lose this state as long as possible. Yoga of Being in Love asserts that the more we are in this state, the faster we pass there all our spiritual processes, and the closer we approach a line when we can go beyond the bound level of cause and effect.

Yoga of Being in Love makes recommendations how not to lose amorousness, when it came or how to prepare yourself for this state if it not came yet.

What for to give a gift to the person if he is unable to use it? Likewise it makes no sense to give your child a Mercedes, because it is still a child and play in the sandbox . Likewise sometimes the Universe waits, that we grow up. All the same, sooner or later it will happen. And it would be very good, that we were prepared for this gift.

Who can study Yoga of Being in Love?

These are those people at whom amorousness has already passed, or they expect that it will be. People who are already in amorousness state, for them this yoga is useless. The only thing that it is possible to do for people who are already in amorousness state, it is in every possible way to help them.

If the person already is in amorousness state, there is no sense to explain, what for Yoga of Being in Love is necessary, it is inappropriate. It is better to help this person or a loving couple in every possible way. Therefore, in Anandaswami Tradition Yoga School it is considered, that if the person is already enamored and has enough good karma (no karma) then amorousness will not leave. If he has negative karma it is necessary to wait while this love will disappear, and then to analyze where he made a fatal mistake.

Amorousness is the highest gift which comes to us, but we by the nonsense lose it or destroy. Let’s consider the situation from the other side: the person before, during time and after amorousness state. There are three pictures of the same person in three different states. We can analyze what has changed. Before the amorousness states the world as it was such is remained, the person as he was such is remained. And here amorousness is happened, it can come unexpectedly. The external world has not changed. Nothing was removed, nothing was added. And in the person nothing has changed (as he was moderately silly or clever, and such is remained), but something subtle has happened.

Then amorousness state has passed. Formally nothing has changed, the Universe is stay the same. What is the difference between these stages, pictures? The difference is in a vision and consciousness of the person. In amorousness state you see the true nature of the Universe. On any fraction of a second you see, how the Universe is really made. Before you were under the influence of any hallucinations, preferences etc. And after losing amorousness state, you again roll down in other state and see the Universe not such what it really is, but distort. At the moment of amorousness the veil of our ignorance is slightly opened, and we on a fraction of a second see all as it really is.

Amorousness state which sometimes looks as madness, it is not madness, but superlogical vision of what is happening that there is I, that there is a Universe. Therefore, between three states of the person formally there is no difference, but actually, a difference is enormous.

The person in Amorousness state is at higher level, than people who are not in this state. The state of the higher Amorousness is identical to that in yoga is called Samadhi (Samadhi with the object). There is a following stage of Yoga of Being in Love about which we can say nothing (Samadhi without the object). Because there are no words, no thoughts that though somehow to bring our reason to what it is.

People in the Amorousness state are not madmen, most likely all those who not in the Amorousness state – are madmen. If we are not in Amorousness state from a position of Yoga of Being in Love, we are delirious, see the world distort. If we are in this state, we have a clear vision of the world. While for others, we become fools, madmen.

At the moment of Amorousness you reach the highest state of vision and comprehension of the universe out the veil of illusion. At the moment of Amorousness you all see like it really is. But when we lose Amorousness, the ignorance veil again starts to obscure our mind. I wish to underline, even if we have lost Amorousness, the inner spiritual state of the person (before and after falling in love) differs. During Amorousness the person has very highly risen, even if he has lost it.

Hence the position that if you will stay some critical time in Amorousness state, you can see the Universe beyond the delusion veil, like it really is. Including you can see those reasons which in the future make you lose Amorousness. And in the future you will not be exposed to such mistakes and will reach state when Amorousness will not leave you, you will cannot lose it basically. This would be equivalent to the higher state of Yoga after which, neither Ha-tha yoga nor other yogas are not so necessary.

Stages of Yoga of Being in Love

Formally, Yoga of Being in Love is divided into three parts. The first stage is when you’re falling in love, when for a moment the veil of illusion is parted and you see all what it really is. But we tend to lose it, because our negative karma outweighs, and love was a gift. We lose this state and begin the second phase of Yoga of Being in Love. This is when we have experienced this state either in this life or the previous one. And so we know for sure (even if we have never experienced it in this life) that this state is there, that it comes from time to time. And we fervently wish that it came to us. But at the same time, we guess that we can lose it. This is called the second stage of Yoga of Being in Love when Man are hoping and waiting for coming Amorousness state again. In this period he very active tries to improve himself to remove all obstacles or factors that may in the future to destroy Amorousness that comes. The second stage of Yoga of Being in Love implies that you are doing three yogis of Yoga Triad (Tantra Yoga, Yoga of Being in Love and Yoga of Sexual relations).

As soon as you do all that was in your power, you start to be ready for that this gift came to you again. And if gift comes to you again, and you’re ready, then you have a tendency to be in this state longer than a certain time and during this time you 1) can see all of the remaining shortcomings of your negative karma, and 2) remove all the prerequisites to lose the Amorousness state.

In the third stage of Yoga of Being in Love to lose Amorousness is impossible in principle. Amorousness, we lose because of negative karma, ignorance and stupidity. And when the highest spheres gave us once again the Amorousness state, we come out at this level, at which in principle can not lose it.

All enamored people are referred to the first stage of Yoga of Being in Love this is. If you see people in Amorousness state, then in every way help them, learn from them, and communicate with them. This is the same, how to communicate with the Absolute. In terms of yoga, this is a real bhava. Communicating with a person who is in Amorousness state, even the last penny-pincher or a cynic becomes romantic. Amorousness is blessed. If you see someone who is in this state, be with them, learn from them.

Typically, the first stage of Yoga of Being in Love disappears, comes the second. Most of the listeners now just stay in the second stage of Yoga of Being in Love. If you would not have the previous experience, this topic would be not interesting for you. In Hatha, Kundalini, Kriya Yoga there is that which can be evaluated. Amorousness is beyond this world. The man who never felt in love, has no interest in it, because nothing to compare.

Who is stay in the third stage of Yoga of Being in Love?

In the third stage of Yoga of Being in Love stay Yogins and Yoginis who gave us yoga knowledge. As soon as yogins and yoginis reach the third stage of Yoga of Being in Love, they may at will to get out of this world. This world is like a kindergarten. If you have already grown up, what do you do in this kindergarten? You go out of it. Of course, from time to time you can go back there, but you do nothing there. The universe is multifaceted and fantastic, it is beyond our logic.

People who have reached the third stage of Yoga of Being in Love, they are already beyond our world, they are not here. More precisely, if they come, then to teach us, they are the highest Teachers (Guru). But this does not mean that they are forced to live here or somehow tied to our planet.

If you reach Amorousness state and stayed in it longer than the critical time, you have nothing more to do here. This world was created (strictly speaking), that you experience it.

In Amorousness state the veil of ignorance opens, and we’re on a moment in advance experience what we will experience when we will reach the heights state of yoga. Regardless of which side you come to the highest level, is always much easier to go on the way, if you have some idea what is waiting for you at the end. Amorousness – is a gift and support on the road. Amorousness is out of karma. By means of Positive karma Amorousness cannot be finding but perhaps help us not to lose it if it will happen to us. This is kind of advance of the universe. She is very kind and always gives us more than we can even ask for. The fact that in this part of the world where we live, the hard part is played by the laws of cause and effect, everything has its price. But this does not mean that they are in all universes. Why then do they need? Why do I need the money, the law of cause and effect?

If there is no money otherwise we cannot force a parasite to work. If it is not working, it will not evolve and thus remain the animals. It’s other side. As teaches karma yoga, there are people who work at all just like this (the ideal of karma yoga). But not all yet reached that height. This is an attempt of the universe to help us get rid of bad karma. But the universe is kind by itself.

Amorousness- is impulse, which visits us from time to time that we do not forget about the spiritual among our monotony of everyday life. This is a reminder that you are now something work off, you must do the work for yourself, for others. But one must remember that there is a higher sphere from where Amorousness comes. Sometimes Amorousness is confusing all the cards and as if something destroys. But this is only from the standpoint of our mundane sight.

Amorousness- – is one factor that does not allow our universe to collapse. If there was no Amorousness in our civilization, this civilization would gradually turn into hell, and is inclined to self-destruct. Amorousness –is impulse of life that saves man from the brink. If there will be no Amorousness then will no sense. If would be no sense, what for then all the rest.

Yoga of Being in Love and Axioms

The ideal of yoga – is freedom. The word “freedom” is very abstract and incomprehensible. Nobody has the right you something imposed. Any yoga – it’s just a set of recommendations that you can will apply in their universe, or reject it. You can will for yourself follow Yoga Triad way (Tantra Yoga, Yoga of Being in Love and Yoga of Sexual relations). You can will only hatha yoga, Kundalini, or any other. Or will that in your life will no Amorousness. Of course, this will of you did not reject Amorousness, but violence against you will not.

All methods of yoga Triad (especially Yoga of Being in Love) apply to all yogins and yoginis, who set a goal of life to reach the Higher and follow Triad way (Tantra Yoga, Yoga of Being in Love and Yoga of Sexual relations). These three yogas are inseparable. If this way does not suit to you, you simply can take note keep in mind and to go another way of yoga.

We will not consider the lives of ordinary people who are not interested in spiritual development. Because they are free beings, they live as they will to live. Each of us lives in that universe in which will to live. If you choose not to live in the universe Yoga Triad, you will live as if there is not for you Triad Yoga.

There is a similar analogy with the Absolute. Absolute comes in life each of us only when a person will that in his inner universe is a place for Absolute. If there is no place, then the Absolute does not impose itself. But at the same time does not disappear.

In subtle spiritual areas people either accept or not accept a certain belief system. And to prove – it is the effect of imposing, suppressing the will of others. The fact that not all people take Yoga of Being in Love, this does not mean that it does not exist. The fact that they do not see it, it means that in their inner universe these people will that this yoga not cometh. And it is clear that analyze their lives (for which reason Amorousness does not come) no one will. Amorousness is beyond.

The system of yoga is based on axiomatic principles. There are two systems of axioms: the system of macro-and microcosm, which from different perspectives explain the one reality, ourselves. Our minds need a logical explanation. If we are talking about the Yoga of Being in Love, our minds are required the explanation why this yoga has to be. And we should give it a set of axioms, theorems, and proofs, to keep it quiet, because too active mind most quickly destroys Amorousness when it happens.

Nothing should contradict logic. Logic – is a special case of superlogic. Mind – is our big helper. But from a certain level of development, it is our worst enemy. Therefore, we must be able to disable the mind. This does not mean that from the standpoint of logic Amorousness cannot be explained. Amorousness cannot be explained even from the standpoint of axioms. But it is possible to some extent explain the exercises, which are in Yoga of Being in Love and directly or indirectly lead us to the superlogic level (Amorousness).

The process of creation of the Universe

Each of us -is free Self (I) a piece of the Absolute. The process of creation of the universe happened by a certain steps. Everything started with the law 0 (not manifested Absolute). There was no one and nothing, including the future boys and girls who are fall in love. Again, the word “was” is not quite correct, because there was no time. This is a very abstract and very elusive state: not manifested Absolute. Then Absolute will manifest itself and manifest itself as teaches axiomatic yoga in the form of Prana.

At this point we can talk about single Absolute, which manifest itself as Prana. Then its manifestation divided into the Consciousness and Energy. Absolute is “divided” by a factor of perpetual modification itself (energy) and by a factor of eternal immutable (Consciousness). Since then we have a law 2, but at the same time the law 0 and the law 1 are satisfied. Absolute is manifested, and not manifested, in the face of a male or female (Shiva and Shakti) in one person.

We can talk about Amorousness already at level of law 2. Because in our usual sense, if we are fall in love with someone, then there is someone with whom we are fall in love. And the opportunity to fall in love there is from the moment when Absolute has divided itself into two parts. Thus Amorousness state refers to the level of law 2. Then Amorousness from two makes an entity, or again returns to an earlier time (the law 1). This is something that very quickly brings us to the Yoga of Being in Love. The level of law 1 is so-called “samadhi with the object.” And then we’ll rise above the level of law 0 (samadhi without an object). But this does not mean that someone has disappeared. This means that the degree of elevation of the state exceeded the scope, words and thoughts.

From the level of law 2 begins Amorousness, falling in love. After law 2 is the level of the law 4:5 – when single consciousness presented itself as four 4 sides, and single energy – in five. Level of law 4 and 5 – is the level of love. Because there is a choice. And for enamored person there is no choice, there is only one object of Amorousness.

Stages of Yoga of Being in Love

If to analyze from this position Triad yoga the following turns out. The first stage of Yoga of Being in Love is when suddenly with the most powerful splash we raise to the level of law 1:1, but after the lapse of time we fall to the law 4:5. It is the second stage of Yoga of Being in Love. At last, when the third stage of Yoga of Being in Love comes, we as though have risen again to a stage 1:1, then to level 1, then to level 0, or we leave this Universe.

When we are at level 4:5 we have longing for to several partners simultaneously. For example, we understand that some girls to whom the young man has the inclination, actually not some girls, but different sides of that single girl, having met which he instantly fallen in love (that there is a level 1:1). Since we live basically at level of law 4:5 the Universe starts to compensate for the law 1:1 by the mess of our attachments and inclinations to different partners at level of law 4:5.

In a course of Tantra yoga, Yoga of Sexual relations we in detail discussed it. A mess of our liking and attachments to the one, to the second to the third, is compensation of absence of level 1:1. Accordingly, from this also are born all practices of Tantra yoga and Yoga of Sexual relations where yogin for practice besides one partner (the husband or the wife), has additional partners to collect missing sides and to do all necessary, to go on level of law 1:1. All numerous practices of Tantra yoga and Yoga of Sexual relations are not whim, not revelry of erotic imagination, but vital necessity.

All practices which are at level of law 4:5, become useless and senseless as soon as the person rises to the level of law 1:1 (falls in love). Therefore, all practices with numerous partners besides your husband/wife simply are not necessary, if you are in Amorousness state with your husband/wife.

But here it is necessary to be honest with yourself. It is possible to call everything by Amorousness. But it is possible to check yourself from time to time: are you really in Amorousness state or you simple misleading yourself.

You remember that in Amorousness state there is no word “if”. If someone in someone is enamored, any requirements, claims, discomfort cannot be basically. Because the very concept of Amorousness you rise to level 1:1, and there is no one except the object of Amorousness. You see nobody, also to compare with nobody. In this one there is all. If you say: « there is something wanting ». Means it’s not level 1:1 and is not Amorousness. It is love. When you can love in one – one quality, in another – others etc. In Amorousness state the young man can think only about one girl, instead of about several partners. Precisely as well the girl. But it is necessary to be fair with itself.

If you go by the way of yoga Triad, lies will lead to no good, and leads to sufferings and disappointments. The fast method of yoga assumes a habit to be fair with yourself and to analyze all motivations and acts. If you cannot yet to be fair with yourselves then you are advised ordinary yogas (non-fast methods). Yoga Triad is not for everyone.

It turns out that in Amorousness state we go into a state when there is only a subject, object and process of falling in love. All your thoughts, emotions are directed to the one with whom you are falling in love. Out of habit, you still have a feeling of yourself. But if you rise to level when one thought about the object of your Amorousness causes in your super strong euphoria, you forget about yourselves in favor of objects in which you are enamored. Indeed, in the higher Amorousness state the young man does not remember himself, he thinks about the girl, he is ready to do anything, to move mountains, to lose his life. The young man even in the presence of his karma starts to pay less attention to his manifestations, qualities of character and starts to forget about them, since all his aspiration directed to the girl. And if he starts to forget about them all layers of ignorance start to lessen gradually. And forgetting about himself, he starts to reject all karma and even that which in the future would make him lose Amorousness. Because thinking about girl, he merges with her and of Act 1. Since thinking about his girl, it merges with her and rise to the level of the law 1. This is the highest yoga and meditation.

What processes are happening by falling in love?

We remember that there are as many kinds of yoga as human’s manifestations. With the person who is in the state of higher Amorousness all yogas are fulfilled simultaneously, without efforts, by itself. Because all other “gears” start to adjust to impulse of the Higher. A person breath changes and naturally he comes to the canons of pranayama yoga. When he thinks about his girlfriend, he involuntarily straightens the spine (and this is especially important in practicing, for example, hatha yoga).

All yogas, which you can call to mind, will be put into effect. Yantra yoga uses our ability to see. It is clear that for such a young man girl’s picture or portrait – is the most powerful yantra. There is mantra yoga, you should recites the mantra in rapture. For the young man mantra – is the name of the girl. He is ready to sing it. Karma Yoga teaches us to work without expecting reward and without being afraid of punishment, to work just like that. Enamored person works automatically like machine: he doesn’t care whether him praise or scold: Because mentally he is not in work, mentally he is with the object of his Amorousness. Virtually each yoga in a state of Amorousness begins to operate implicitly.

From that you can guess that some of yogas have been “written off” from a state of Amorousness. Suppose you know that in a state of Amorousness you have specified breath or specified reaction of an organism, then for the other people who have not experienced a state of Amorousness, is given a set of rules and exercises, where by artificial methods is recommended to people do the same, and turn out yoga practice. Then they forget. Teachers and Teachers are “dissolved” in the air. Then the practice is passed down from generation to generation. Further, some practices after the lapse of time begin to distort. Therefore, it is considered that yoga disappears. Yes, a method is good, but the few understand from where practices come and what principles were involved that they are appeared.

From a formal point of view, being in a state of Amorousness you willy nilly doing all imaginable and unimaginable yoga. Even for this reason leaves all the karmic pollution, which hindered the highest state of yoga. You can go a direct way, but you can bypass.

While you’re in a physical body, you have to take care of your physical body. But on the other hand, there is another way to keep your body under control. Knowingly Yoga Triad includes Yoga of Sexual relations Tantra Yoga and Yoga of Being in Love. Because if you fall in love with a girl and think about her, sooner or later you will have sex with her. And what’s wrong with that? All very well. There are some sex techniques that compensate for Hatha yoga. Yoga of Sexual relations also is constructed on it. But first we need a very long time practice Hatha yoga to withstand this rate in a bed with the girlfriend (boyfriend). All other yoga as crutches they are needed as long as we still are not able to walk.

The very idea of the presence of an object of Amorousness causes euphoria, that’s enough. All other energy, “gears” start to be scrolled by itself. You only need this state.

But there are people who have never experienced Amorousness. Perhaps, for them an exit -is to practice other yogas (hatha yoga, kriya, mantra, pranayama yoga).

You need to understand a priority. In the tradition of yoga schools Anandasvami the priority is Yoga of Being in Love. But it is inseparably linked with Tantra Yoga and Yoga of Sexual relations

Tantra Yoga, Yoga of Being in Love and Yoga of Sexual relations

Each of us is made in Absolute image and likeness, and has some internal structure. We have our superio/// higher Self and our manifestation (Prana). Our manifestation is divided into its two extremes: the principle of energy and consciousness. These principles in their working together again begin to interact among themselves and form the body. Consciousness and Energy undergo removal from each other. In process of removal from each other appear intermediate centers where there is consciousness and energy. With the one end there are more rough forms of consciousness and more subtle forms of energy. All this is changed to the more rough forms of energy and subtle forms of consciousness.

There is that is called as the Central channel and system of charkas along the Central channel. Further the Central channel together with the chakra system (with Consciousness from one pole and Energy from another), start to be covered with the shell.

The first shell which the Consciousness and Energy acquires is a causal body. The causal body is a Consciousness and Energy in extremely subtle form. They form a certain analogue of a material. Then the shell of a subtle body is formed. It also Consciousness and Energy, but more rough, than a causal body. Then the shell of our material body is formed. Our material body is a Consciousness and in more rough forms.

Everything that you see around, and everything that represents your physical body is the Energy filled with the rays of consciousness which forms a certain form of this material. We are a kind of nested doll: we have causal, subtle and rough levels. They are strung on the Central channel with the chakra system.

Central canal -is the basic and deep structure. On one side of the Central Canal –there is Energy, on the other side – there is Consciousness. It enveloped a layer of a causal matter, then the subtle matter, and then rough matter. And it represents ours body.

We have clear connection of our bodies with Energy (in the basis of our body), with Consciousness (in top of our head), with our charkas which are distributed along the Central channel and our bodies which submit to subtle structures.

The soul or our superior Self //higher I is out of it and operates our body, it is a source of all this. The soul is sexless. Because level of ours superior Self is above level of the law 2. In one life you can be born the man, and in another – the woman.

– How does appear the shift when we are born as a male or female? Why appears Amorousness? What is about unisex love?

Any love is all the same reduced to different aspects of Consciousness and Energy. The fact that you have the body of one sex is meaning that your internal systems have a shift toward consciousness or energy. Still all boils down to the interaction and Amorousness between a man and a woman. It is a tribute to the principle of the structure of our Universe.

We are born male or female. When we are once again embodied in this Universe, then we go through all stages of creation of the Universe (through the law 0, the law 1:1, the law 2, and the law 4:5). How is it manifested in our case? At some point after the previous death, but before our next birth we go out a state «0″, but still in the sexless state. And then, if we begin to perceive this Universe as a woman we are born male and if as a man we are born a woman. This transition from level 1 defines the sex of our future birth.

It turns out that when we acquire sex, we get some kind of shift. If we are fascinated by the principle of eternal modification, then we get male sex. If we are on the contrary fascinated by a principle of an eternal constancy, then we get a female sex. And in the future are born boy or girl. But when we are entering this world, we are interacting with the entire Universe at once, or with the Absolute in the female and male form. We have an inclination for the opposite pole which will be responsible for the appearance of Amorousness in the further our usual life.

When you are falling in love, you are falling in love not with the person, but with the Universe which for some reasons is manifested itself through the concrete person. Or the person became that window, which as the lens has focused all in the Universe.

When we have got bodies of the man or the woman, it is very difficult to us to perceive the Universe in whole. Our soul is embedded in structures of our bodies. Ours Higher Self are covered with the shells and to a certain extent these shells under the influence of karma. Our mind is working sometimes well, sometimes bad. We were narrowed till the sizes of our body and it is difficult to us to perceive the Universe entirely. But we reach for this Universe. And in response to it the Universe gives a superlogical thing which is called as Amorousness.

The infinity on their favor manifest itself in the finite form (in the form of the girl or the young man). We better react on similar. Certainly, the girl of our dream could manifest itself in the form of Magellanic Clouds, but it would be more difficult for our knowledge and interaction with it. Because to interact it is necessary not only mentally, but also physically – using all our organs sense and actions (including sexual).

The universe compresses itself to the finite. So when you are fall in love with a girl or boy, you’re fall in love with the Absolute in the form of a girl or boy. And until you see Absolute, you are in Amorousness state. But if you suddenly cease seeing the Absolute, then this Amorousness will fade. And you will start feel that there is a little something wanting.. From that moment, there are the words “if”: “Ah, if you were slightly quieter, kinder, more sexual etc” It turns out that as though not whole Universe is there, but only a part. And here comes 4:5 laws with attempts to get the missing parts. This explains the mess – that at first was one husband, then the second, fifth, tenth, etc. But there is no satisfaction. This level of 4:5, and there is no Amorousness. All the same you receive nothing with attempt of exhaustive search.

From an axiomatic point of view, when someone falls in love with someone, he sees in a partner the Universe and nobody else. To interact with this Universe at the level of the mind: it is necessary that one thought that the object of Amorousness exists in the Universe, brings us into euphoria. We remember that besides our mind, we have the sense organs. And we certainly wish to merge with that Universe (a girl): We want to look her, we want to hug her, kiss, talk, to have sex with her. Because we interact at all levels, but interact not simple with the person, but with the entire Universe. And there is no wish to have sex with some other girl because through this one we cognize all. The universe is the one.

But it till a time while you see the entire Universe through this girl. If this channel into the Higher disappeared, your feeling of Amorousness slowly turn into a feeling of love. And we have the level of 4:5 law. The question is how quickly all will disappear.

The key question of Yoga of Being in Love: is how to extend the period of Amorousness as long as possible? How to make that Amorousness will not disappear, that we cannot lose it?

We can lose it only by the nonsense, if our structures are polluted: at mental, physical level, we make mistakes. We provoke our negative karma again manifest itself and overshadow our eyes. We cease to feel Amorousness and we are blame themselves.

Our structures are too difficult enough. We have MPP. When Amorousness comes, it switches MPP how it is necessary: Amorousness – is a master of MPP. But if our karma though even for a moment overshadowed the Amorousness, the MPP there it is will begin to implement its program.

The second stage of Yoga of Being in Love is necessary to help us work off all the necessary practices, how to have sex, how to behave with the women / men, what to do, what to avoid, etc. Clearly, all that leads us to the loss of Prana, threaten our Amorousness. We are doomed to enter into sexual union with those with whom we are falling in love. But on the other hand, there is nothing that destroys Amorousness than sex with losses.

Since the human body, sex should be divided into energy of pleasure and energy of a procreation //continuation of the family. Energy of a continuation of the family //procreation does not need to be spent (especially in Amorousness state) if we do not want give birth to children.

But we did not know that it is necessary to divide. We fell in love and start to do nonsense (sex with losses). And gradually, Amorousness disappears. We cease to see in another person the window into the Absolute. And no persuasion, psychotherapy can not help to return it. You are not able to force yourselves fall in love.

The most reasonable is not to do nonsense and to wait, when Amorousness will come again, keep and protect it.

When you are enamored in someone, you see no less than the Absolute. Roughly speaking, the Absolute is always with you. The fact that it manifested itself through the concrete girl is just mercy. He just condescended to that level. But strictly speaking, it can manifest itself through everything. The Level of 1:1 law formally does not disappear.

The higher Amorousness is when you “catch Absolute” when you cannot lose Amorousness (Absolute). While you are enamored in the girl, nothing threatens her also as nothing threatens the entire Universe (since there is no difference between her and the whole Universe). She cannot leave you if she is really yours. If not, you did not see the Absolute in her, keep her or do not keep, you did not see the Absolute. Interaction is not between man and man, but between the Absolute. There is no fear to lose, there is no suffering that the person far away from you. Certainly, it is very high forms and it is required the perfected mind. We remember that when we are in Amorousness state, all processes go very quickly and our intellectual level rise.

What happens, when someone is falling in love with me?

But what if someone has fallen in love with me. And what do I do now? Is it good or bad for me? Will I be happy or sad? And why I am but not a neighbor? Why is the window to the Higher opened through myself and not through a neighbor, and what I will get for this?

First, it is necessary to remember that Amorousness do not lie. If you were stuck on ///in love with/// have been enamored in someone, and then Amorousness has disappeared, then on the one hand (the Macrocosms position), whole Universe compressed to the size of the person. And on the other hand, from a position of axioms of the Microcosm there was a following. Higher Self /I of this person surrounded by Maya representations about itself. By and large, there is a difference between the manifestation of the person and his Higher Self/I. According yoga axiomatic , his Higher Self is identical to the Absolute. But that what was generated by the Maya are all different.

From position of Yoga of Being in Love, at the moment when we are falling in love with someone, we have an ability to see the real Self of the person through its shell of Maya. Amorousness never lies. Often I hear stories that the young man fell in love with a girl, after the lapse of time it turned out she has the negative side. The very first reaction of the person to say «Was mistaken! » At the time of Amorousness other-wordly laws temporarily excluded our usual laws. Yes, this girl was ordinary. But it is only a shell of the girl which is mistaken. Her higher self (though she’s stupid and bitchy) is identical to the Absolute. She just will this way to be mistaken. But at the moment you fell in love with her, you like x-rays, saw her essence.

When the person is enamored, sometimes even deifies shortcomings of the beloved. The man at the time of Amorousness sees no difference between the higher self of the person, person and its manifestations. On the one hand, it is a trap into which we fall. On the other hand, this is the greatest chance for practice.

There are no positive or negative sides. There is appropriate and inappropriate using of sides. So when you’re fall in love with someone, you see the true essence of the object of your Amorousness. You can see through him an essence of the entire Universe.

For example, you were enamored in wife and lived with her for many years. But then Amorousness is gone and you have fall down to the level of the 4:5 law. You should not leave her and immediately search for a new love. You have to do the maximum that Amorousness with your woman happen again. I.e. to reach with her the third stage of Yoga of Being in Love, to do the utmost to open in her goddess. Tantra Yoga says: whether «will be she with you, or the Absolute will come to you in another form “. There is similar situation in respect of men.

Yoga Triad calls to maximum patience and help to the half. If you not worked off with «the previous” partner, every the subsequent will be worse than the previous.

If Amorousness is gone, the Universe would require compensation. As soon as Amorousness is gone immediately wakes MPP and it will bring to you troubles. He will look for new partners to you, since the most important thing is life (as we remember from Tantra Yoga).

Therefore, it is required to practice with other female partners. Other partner – are allies of wife, because that you ceased to see in your wife, you’re will be able to see again by means other partners. If you want to return the lost Amorousness you have to do everything so that not destroy it if it come back to you again. You should do their best that Amorousness come back to you through the same channel in other conditions. If not your karma that Amorousness once again came through the same channel then “gears” of the Universe without your efforts by itself to crank and with you there will be the one who is necessary. But before it is necessary to work off all the aspects on which you have lost your previous Amorousness. Plus neutralize all the prerequisites MPP.

Yoga of Being in Love says that if someone have fallen in love with me , then i am only a shell of my own representations. But that who has fallen in love possesses a divine gift to see Higher through me and the entire Universe. Thus I turn into a window. The more through me will someone see the Higher, the better will be to me. Without breaking my free will, the more someone is enamored in me, the more I begin evolve spiritually. Practices of Tantra Yoga, Yoga of Being in Love and Yoga of Sexual relations are constructed on the same principles.

If this happens, I am inclined in further (without violating my free will) fall in love with the one who is fall in love with me. Because I am and that person who is falls in love with me, clean themselves. Thus the channel becomes more stable. These practices are based on that.

To force someone fall in love with itself we cannot. But we can provide all preconditions that other person who has fallen in love with us, «has passed without a hitch».

The Third Part of the Seminar.

There is a certain model of what happens although Amorousness is superlogic. Based on this model is possible to deduce some recommendations or behaviour strategy in a life. Reflecting over this picture, we can correlate to what we already have in a life. Thus can find the recipe of the decision of certain situations, to what to aspire etc.

The model which we have described attempts to explain the Amorousness from a position of our logic. Amorousness is higher than logic. But from position of logic, we can comprehend our behaviour in a life.

Regardless of what yoga you would not practice, it is necessary to take up the first and second yoga principle. The first yoga principle – superlogicality or a kindness principle: Non-injuring any live being without an emergency of that. It should define your line of conduct when you fall in love with someone, or someone fall in love with you. If someone has fallen in love with you, but you are not experiencing the same feeling, it is not necessary to give advance to that person you should all the same to be kind with him, but also not to give advance that he counts on you. This situation should be verified from a Non-injuring position. Since Amorousness does not depend on you, you will not have time to blink an eye, as you fall in love with those for whom you were object of Amorousness.

The second yoga principle is also important: wise use of time and effort. You should build the strategy of behaviour if you though a little bit understand the Amorousness nature. If you had Amorousness and you are preparing to meet new Amorousness, you should ask yourselves, whether you have done their best to prepare yourselves to the next Amorousness to not destroy it.

If you took the path of the Triads, the most reasonable preparation for Amorousness is practice Yoga of Sexual relations and Tantra Yoga. There is a paradox, people who practice different kinds of yoga some years, they are like a little children in matters of sexual practice. It was normal when there was not enough information on this topic. Now everything is open and people instead of prepare itself for this, they do nothing and wait for that Amorousness once again will come and everything will be fine. As the saying goes, when it comes war, then it’s too late learns.

The third yoga principle.

Also a third principle of renunciation of sufferings is required:. Otherwise, how can you recognize a higher Amorousness? If you will not have the principle of renunciation of sufferings, you are very easy to confuse attachment and love with amorousness. Since the principle of renunciation of sufferings states that we refuse all suffering and all causes which have generated it. We also undertake a mission not only to refuse suffering, but also help others to renounce the suffering. If Amorousness comes to you, but you thus suffer, it is a good signal for you. is this really Amorousness or a small gleam on which was imposed my own karma? Maybe I want something specific, but call it something huge as the Universe, or Amorousness.

If you do not accept a vow of renunciation of sufferings you will constantly get into a situation where you have fallen in love or with you have fallen in love, but pleasure and happiness will not, and will be more sufferings. Also you should help all other people with renunciation of suffering. In this regard, all practices are used as a service to other live beings.

Without first three yoga principles you do not get result in Triad yoga. There are typical scenarios for that place and time, where you live. Any scenario is ours karma. That fact that we live in one place, at one time and we divide approximately the same views says that we had approximately the same prehistory (karma). Therefore in our environment there are typical situations.

The young man and the girl have met, Amorousness has flashed, they began to live together, and Amorousness has disappeared. And so on a circle. If others get to this situation why you think that you will not get to the same situation. Accordingly, you should understand for yourselves that this scenario is possible in your life and to reflect about how it would be more reasonable to act in this case. Perhaps, at first it is necessary to test the feelings each other before enter into love relations with each other. But you can prepare yourselves while the feeling of Amorousness has not come yet or when it is already gone.

We aspire to learn about the beloved as much as possible, but thereby we do not come closer to it, but estrange yourself from it. You shouldn’t ask friends, fortunetellers or someone else about your beloved. It destroys Amorousness. The less we are interested about those, in whom we are enamored, the longer we are in Amorousness state.

Clearly, the sooner we have sex with the object of Amorousness, the sooner we destroy Amorousness (especially if before we were not engaged in yoga Triad). Should be a certain rhythm: not too quickly nor too slow. . It is necessary to be adjusted on a certain harmony dialogue with the Higher. No one can give Universal rules, situations are different. But there should be an understanding that Amorousness is a gift from above. Improper use of earthly things is something that destroys Amorousness. This is a basic principle of construction of practices in Yoga of Being in Love.

There should be an internal wisdom. Yoga of Being in Love gives concrete advice without risk of loss. When you are enamored, do not forget for a moment that you are enamored in Absolute. Even if the object of your Amorousness is not physically there, it with you through the entire Universe. You act as if communicate with the Absolute. If you will develop a such course of conduct with your partner when you’re trying to look fit and neat in communion with him then the more you’ll be in this state is, the longer you can not let your karma to destroy Amorousness. This is called “good manners

In some cases (if you’re already married and live in one-room apartment and also with the relatives) you will start to overheat. «To snap to attention» 24 hours a day you cannot, since it though does not kill Amorousness, but overheats all structures of your organism.

Therefore you should choose time when you will communicate not with a body of the person, but directly with the Absolute. With known periodicity you are retreated in wood and communicate with the Absolute or with the own wife, but only not through the body (her and your body has a rest). Physically you not nearby but your thought about her. You allow to physical structures relax and have a rest.

A little separation can strengthen Amorousness; at least not let it collapse. But there should be a reasonable approach. All happy people who were in Amorousness state very long, as a rule found activity changes in interesting work.

There is the following practical advice. You must understand that there is probability that Amorousness will go away from you again. It does not depend on you. And you should build a life with the person so that the life segues into steady love. If you have a steady love, you can live with this person in marriage. And if you still trust each other, then you can practice yoga Triad. And thus you will not be jealous of each other in the practices with other sexual partners. Accordingly, you will give each other a chance once again get rid of all negative karma, and if again returns those insane sense, then you will not lose it.

If your Amorousness segued into coldness and disrespectful relations, then you will part with this person and in your life will be someone else. And perhaps this other comes without Amorousness. But the priority has the one with whom you fall in love. This is a great guarantee that you will be able to pass the second stage of Yoga of Being in Love

The second stage of Yoga of Being in Love

The second stage of Yoga of Being in Love is a serious stage. These are practice with a body. This is the most suitable time to practice all other yogas, which are exist,. And you need safety factor to sustain a long way of the second stage. And you sustain it, if at least mentally come back to that stage that once you not simply loved the person, but have been enamored. It will become your internal core and will help to cope with all the difficulties.

If to measure happiness not by superlogical standards, but our usual, the second stage of Yoga of Being in Love is considered the happiest. . Our representation about happiness (if we do not consider a state of Amorousness) is most strongly realized in the second stage of Yoga of Being in Love.

Everything is Karmic if we have representation about happiness without Amorousness. But before Amorousness will come, we should exhaust all Karma both negative, and positive. Therefore, the second stage of Yoga of Being in Love is a performance of our desires which we ourselves have thought up earlier.

When we represent the happiness, we represent it from a position of that we can understand. And since we still cannot fully understand Amorousness sometimes we leave this factor on then. At first we should get rid of positive Karma which has created for itself, and then will open the way towards the outside of karma. Therefore, by human measures the second stage of Yoga of Being in Love is the happiest. This is a stage of good work, creativity, and discovery. Amorousness is something not from this world, it something insane, superlogical.

Look for a company of enamored people. Their Amorousness will sanctify you. Communicate better with enamored madmen, than with reasonable pragmatists. If you communicate with them, involuntarily glimpses of superlogicality will touch you. Sometimes the life so exhaust us, we are so in a bad physical, mental state that even the memory that we once experienced a state of Amorousness turned off. It like that there was a little boy and dreamt to become the cosmonaut but when he has grown his dream became ordinary. As a matter of fact, the usual life does not allow him to look into space, he looks under feet. The slightest reminder about a primary impulse helps to rouse yourself, not to wallow in ignorance and fast get rid of negative karma.

Look for a company of enamored people, read the works, watch movies, listen to music, which are devoted love. If you are interested in it, you will not wither. Constantly meditate on these topics. Communicate with those who are enamored. Help them in every possible way. When Amorousness comes into this world – this is advent of superlogicality.

Active methods of Yoga of Being in Love

That fact that you are at least partially understand what is happening at the moment of Amorousness, lets you to do practices. Is better these practices are issued in Tantra yoga and Yoga of Sexual relations. All practical exercises as though from level of Yoga of Being in Love go down on level of Yoga of Sexual relations. The essence of the practice consists that there are practice where you can consciously be one on one with the Universe and try to feel, that one in whom you are enamored (even in the absence of Amorousness) at the moment of loneliness.

If there is an Absolute and it will incarnate in the girl for you you’re fall in love with her. The same Absolute before being incarnated in the girl, every second near to you, you just do not pay attention to it. Because there are many distracting factors, the ordinary way of thinking withdraws you aside. And if you are able in loneliness try to feel that there is object of your Amorousness one thought about which causes in you mad splash pleasure, euphoria thereby you will take the first step to a meet the Absolute. As you remember, if you take the first step to the Absolute it will make incomparably more steps to you. I.e. it is some kind of a message to the Absolute that the person is ready and starts to wait it.

These practices, which you practice alone, you will alternate with other practices when you will interact with your partners or those who also divides your point of view and also to aspire to the higher Amorousness in joint practice. These practices as a rule can imply sexual contact. You start to visualize the Absolute with a support on your partner. Your partner becomes a point of concentration of all your efforts and visualization, a vector directed inside. Your vector will be amplified and direct at the Absolute.

Ideally, it should be a union, which involves as much as possible your organs of senses and actions. This happens only when you are in sexual union with young man or girl. But if we’re talking about Tantra Yoga, then compensate certain artificiality in visualization you can only if you consistently do the same practice with other partners. Otherwise MPP will spoil everything. To a certain extent it is possible to compensate absence of aspects 4:5 within the limits of small practice. But hunger for missing aspects will sooner or later reduce intensity of practice, or in general will reduce it to zero

You will aspire to communicate with the Absolute through partners, besides the wife. Certainly, it will be not the first comer, but like-minded people who share way of your life, opinions etc. This is more active form of expectation of arrival of the Absolute in the form of the person.

In each practice you will try to open and establish connection with the Absolute through your partner, and it through you. For the woman should be in an ideal 4 partners and for the man in an ideal – 5 partners. Because this is the 4:5 law: four aspects of Consciousness and five aspects of Energy. You completely will work off on each aspect of your negative karma and will be prepared for that the Absolute has come through quite concrete person, and Amorousness will appear.

There is a tendency that Amorousness arises, to whom it already was. Because the channel was already opened, but the negative karma destroyed it. And here you are with the help of Yoga of Being in Love eliminated preconditions of negative karma. Of course, it is easier to be manifested where the channel is already dug. But nobody gives a guarantee. Moreover, state of affairs can be very different. Therefore this way is not for everyone, but only to those whose aim is the knowledge of the Higher.

Suppose you have a wife in this life, with which you are fall in love. But in a past life does not exclude the possibility that you were enamoured in other person, and perhaps even stronger. In this sense, can happen is that as soon as you have eliminated the veil of negative karma and for your Amorousness there are no barriers, then when that gift will come to you again, you will pass on the third stage of Yoga of Being in Love. You will quickly complete all affairs and, before go to travel further, I hope you leave behind at least some guidance for future generations. This is something on that live yoga.

The active position is if you wish to know Absolute through Amorousness (yoga Triad). If you consider that for any reasons these methods are unacceptable for you, there are other yogas which will lead you besides to the same, but other ways (perhaps, not so quickly).

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