Vitamins from Yoga

Sometimes people think of yoga-supporters as wanderers, beggars, or people who have mastered the ability to sleep on nails. But what does yoga really give us? How can it be useful? Let’s look at some of its aspects that have a positive effect on our daily lives.

Yoga as an opportunity to relax

The modern life is very dynamic. We want to be successful as spouses and parents, and excel in our career and creativity. Many people want to fulfill their potential in diverse facets. We are constantly exposed to excessive stress, which gradually increases, and we feel like a hamster in a wheel. The lack of relaxation in such a rhythm of life inevitably leads to fatigue and ailments. At the same time the feeling of happiness and joy of life weakens. We need a way to relax effectively, but not everyone knows how to do it, and even if they know, not everyone can relax fully. Yoga offers us some methods that can replenish our strength and even accumulate it.

Yoga has a magical method of relaxation — shavasana (rest pose). The Treatise of Hatha Yoga says: “Mastery in yoga is determined by the posture of Shavasana.” Relaxing in shavasana, we release muscular tension throughout the body, and the feeling of anxiety leaves our mind. It is advisable to practice shavasana after physical exercises. In this case we achieve  deeper immersion in the state of relaxation.

Yoga gives us vital energy

Yoga doesn’t take power — yoga gives it. Daily practice increases human strength and provides a supply of energy. Despite the fact that classes require some energy from us, due to the harmonization of internal processes, strength is added. It works in the same way as if we cleaned adusty mechanism, which became quieter and works faster. Having this valuable resource in reserve, we live from a position of strength. We have enough strength to solve various life problems, to maintain harmonious relations in the family and in society. Our life becomes brighter, richer and more interesting.

Yoga and creativity

We all want to manifest ourselves in this life to the maximum. Yoga helps us discover our possibilities. Being creative is not only very pleasant, but also is very important. The desire to create brings us closer to the Supreme. Creativity is directly related to our true nature, freedom and omnipotence.

There is a concept of “prana” in yoga, that means “vital power”. This is the source of creativity. Someone who has a lot of prana is consciously or unconsciously able to change the world around them. If we have the potential to change the universe, but we don’t use it, then this brings us suffering. Not using our creativity means starting the mechanisms of pain.

It is believed in yoga, that we should find our calling, no matter who we are or what are our living conditions. We can find the scope of our creative potential everywhere. Yoga gives us methods and recommendations for building up prana and revealing creative abilities in ourselves. At first, it is necessary to realize that we can create and realize ourselves in various fields of activity. We can find an opportunity to be realized, even if we don’t like our job, changing the approach to it and looking from a different point of view. We can do anything in our free time, even collect garbage on the beach. It doesn’t matter that nobody sees it and nobody needs it. We need it, if we realize at the same time our creative potential. Maybe at this moment we will be struck by a great  idea to create something from natural materials.

There is a healthy mind in a healthy body!

Yoga is not  medicine, but as a “side effect” of the practice of various exercises, we develop a healthy physical body. And there is a healthy mind in a healthy body. This effect comes from regular practice of yoga, so the habit of practicing is considered success in yoga. If we do a lot of mental work, yoga practice  trains the body, helps to compensate for weak physical activity. If we do a lot of physical work, yoga practice helps, firstly, to compensate for the load on the idle parts of the body and relax our whole body, and secondly, it has a beneficial effect on our mental health. The brain begins to work more productively, and we easily solve many issues.

Communication with like-minded people

There are no competitors in yoga. There are only like-minded friends and mentors. Yoga provides us not only practical skills, but also fills our lives with deep philosophical and moral concepts. At you can learn the theory of yoga for yourself and at your own rhythm for free. Training is also available for those who want to deeply study and teach Open Yoga in English and Russian. Studying at the International Open Yoga University means a new circle of communication with like-minded people, sharing experiences and meeting online or offline. Loneliness is bad karma!

So, yoga not only fits perfectly in our daily lives, but it also has a beneficial effect on it. Yoga helps us to be in great shape. Yoga practices miraculously affect both our body and our mind. Our creative potential is increasing. Everyone can make yoga a part of their life, and yoga will help make it beautiful!

Benefit from yoga and be happy!

Article author: Julia Namrata

Editorial: Saido, Volyevskaya Julia, Evgenia Agni, Eva Rati, Olga Belous, Anna Frolova

Project curator: Kerigona

Translator: Ekaterina Spiridonova, Tatiana Sugrue, Nat Satcitananda

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