Yoga dreams. The knowledge of the universe in a dream.

What this yoga: What is this yoga: As much as there are manifestations of human life, the same species there is yoga. This yoga is dedicated to that part of human life, which is called “sleep.”
Each of us, regardless of whether or not engaged in yoga, whether developed or intellectually stupid developed physically or weak, or is interested in spiritual science is indifferent to them, experiencing a strange state, which we call sleep. In fact, we share his life into two parts: when we sleep and when we are awake. Based on our personal experience and that of all mankind, a time when we are awake and when we are asleep, can vary depending on our state, mood, time of year. Typically, a condition that we spend in sleep, less than in the waking state, although there are a variety of images and periods of life.
Someone is sleeping a lot, someone sleeps little, someone says that sleeps 4 hours a day, and full of energy, and someone said that sleeps 12 hours and just full of energy – and vice versa . Someone dreams and someone says that he does not ever dream about. The ability to sleep is very important for recreation and spiritual development. It is worth a little sleep and a person comes in nervous excitement, but then still takes its nature and people disabled. In yoga, sleep is used for the internal development of the person, acquiring skills and super abilities, intellectual and spiritual power, the knowledge of the universe, solving many vital problems. Because of this yoga, you will learn:
What is the difference from the state of waking dream state? What is a dream? Why do we have dreams? What we see in dreams? How to realize himself in a dream? As relates to the dreams? How much time you need to sleep yoga? What is the nature of sleep? How many faces of reality exist? What is the reality from the point of view of yoga? In how many states, alternately succeeding one another, there is a person? Can a person live without dreaming? What is the state of Samadhi? Why do all that is outside of the self? What is the inner world of man? What is the ultimate goal of yoga? In which case, we will see the state of enlightenment? Where is the balance of enlightenment? Due to this we do not deviate from reality?
Vadim Zaporozhtsev.

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