Yoga Triada. Lecture by Vadim Zaporojtsev. 12.04.2011

Today is the 12th of April – The cosmonautics Day! 50 years ago Yuriy Alekseevich Gagarin flied into space. For me this date is very symbolic. From my personal point of view this is one of the few holidays, celebrated by the whole humanity, as the rest of holidays are very relative – one celebrates the New Year at one day, while the other one does it at another date; the holidays such as the 8th of March, the 23th of February can really be the holidays for someone, for someone can be not (for example these holidays are not celebrated in USA). All sorts of religious holidays vary a lot as the people’s beliefs are different, someone can be even atheistic. And the world needs a special date that could unite all the nations without an exception, and be significant for everyone. I consider the 12th of April to be such a date. The 12th of April showed people that the humanity has grown up “from its nappies” and has made its small steps “on all fours” into the near space. So, if we take a look at all this from the point of view of yoga which consider Earth to be just our cradle and the human life to be in all inconceivable outer space, sooner or later we discover for ourselves the whole space.

The fact of that we’ve made this step (flied into space) is somehow a key moment; it is the proof that that we established ourselves as the humanity.

Or, in other words, that we achieved a certain technical and scientific progress or the spiritual progress. And with all that we haven’t killed each other -actually this balance helped us to do this step. As I remember all my childhood undoubtedly I dreamt to become a cosmonaut as believed the space was something mysterious, enigmatic, vast, somewhat maybe it was the opposite to the ordinary, worldly, routine and constant things. You know,in childhood you feel such an expectation of something grandiose, that you cannot put distinctly into words, but that is what you feel and what you aspire to. And later when I began to study yoga, suddenly, this childish feeling straightly moved to the feeling of studying yoga, which is in a point of fact, the same analog when by means of yoga we firstly come to our inner space and then this inner space fuse with the universal space. I.e. anyway, at the moment I, with the feeling of euphoria, realized some statement, some law of yoga or the possibility to implement the next step for example in pranayama or mantra yoga, etc. I always had this childish sense of cosmic, that later was confirmed. That is a certain analogy that was literally in everything. And later when I familiarized myself with the yogas, that study the interaction of a man and a woman (the Triad is among them), this analogy became more and more close.

Like that space rocket (in which Yuriy Gagarin flied and which was constructed by Sergei Korolyov and other nor less famous and outstanding scientists)which construction based on the principle of combustion or the reaction between the oxidant and the fuel, like that I always had an analogy of something like male and female. That sometimes in our usual life our interaction sharply increases the amount of vital energy – if we love then we really love, hate – then hate, argue – then argue, after that if we throw ourselves in the arms of our lovers – then we really do. It is like whirlwind of fire. And all other moments concerning space provoke such a row of analogies, which I always perceive as a good sign on my way. Even the fact that we started our course in lectures on the 12th of April (though I learned Tuesday was on the 12th of April last week) emboldened me like from above. You know, it is such a state when you begin to catch the essence of something more Supreme through these analogies. And in the same way about the construction of the rocket R-7 on which Gagarin has flied. Because there were very many attempts of different sorts of constructions before they invented such an arranging so-called “the package”. Once I visited the museum and came close to the rocket, looked at it upwards (saw how the rocket looks like from below) and then a discovered the Triad yantra for myself, the law of “4 and 5”.

That is because accordingly the “package” consists of 5 constituent parts, with 4 engines in each. Then I began to think of the question “how long does it take to take off and get in the near space?”. A don’t know it about the rocket R-7 (it needs the introducing of clarity), but in my mind, it takes 9,5 minutes for the rocket “Energy”. It is the time, which tells us the Yoga of being in love that can be enough to attain the evolution realization through the euphoric flight. I.e. staying 9,5 minutes in the state of the pure Supreme Love you can attain the highest Samadhi, that leads to the absolute freedom. Then you may decide whether to dissolve or continue living, you may do anything you want – it is the highest peak in yoga.

The next factor – is the famous 108 minutes that Gagarin spent on flying around Earth. They could just voice “1 hour and 48 minutes” but they did say “108 minutes”. And this is significant for those who study yoga, especially the yoga of tantric tradition (which is the part of Triad yoga) as the number 108 is sacred (the rosaries for reciting mantras consist of 108 beads, for doing some difficult practice you have to make it 108 times or the multiple of 108 – for example 2 times with 108 repeatings in each,3 times and so on). Moreover, before launching the spaceship with Gagarin (as I know) the first animal to fly in space was a dog, and I get the following analogy with Bhakti yoga, where the devotion consider to be the highest nature of a man, who goes his way of yoga. So, there is no problem if you possess devotion but your intellect is not developed enough to understand the supreme laws of enlightenment, you can achieve anything because if you have devotion the intellect would be added. You would develop your intellect very quickly. Sometimes it is possible to do in the fractions of a second before the enlightenment. Undoubtedly without missing the steps of a spiritual ladder you will gain the extra conscious state of Samadhi.

Thus the first creature that blazed the trail into space was a dog. And we remember, that there is one distinctive feature of character of every dog – devotion. A dog can often sacrifice its life in a name of its master. Remember the folktales, legends and proverbs: the cat that walked by himself, the horses and so on. The dog’s devotion went down in history for good. And it is also the analogy that makes us think: even if you are far from a developed intellect but possess an open heart and you won’t betray anyone (your Teachers, opinions, your way in life) then, even if you don’t know something, don’t know how to do something, do not understand some statements of yoga, this becomes secondary or even unimportant, because you will get into your spiritual space, you will realize what you have to and maybe, you will do it even faster than wiser people could do. Of course,further it may be given more analogies. I want to underline it once again – for me it is a Holiday! I regard it as a good sign on the way.

How will our lectures be held?

Now let us go deeper in the subject. It needs rather large amount of prana to read these lectures; it needs to be fresh air here. All yoga canons say that if there are people in quantity in a lecture hall and they are literally sitting on the heads of each other – it is normal, sometimes it is even desirable (but only with one condition – availability of fresh air). That’s because “the shell” of selfishness of sitting by people cracks. Their aspiration for something high multiplies. We are to have a number of these lectures, and I have a dilemma – how to give them?in what vein? What to talk about in the first place, what-in the second? The problem is more burdened because of the paradoxical situation – up-to-date way of life, level of civilization, relations between people are for the first sight perfect to practice without any impediments, but we see quite opposite- instead of some everyday, financial and material problems we have more invisible and subtle sufferings, which are much more intense than the sufferings of hunger and thirst. Moreover, we see how many there are tragic fates of unfortunate love and non succeeding in life. How many people became a drunkard, got a drug addiction, how many people just turned into spiritless cynics have becoming an “acid” unpleasant personage, who have begun to spread their poison and poison his own life and life of other people because they hadn’t had realized something high in their life. And we just guess what does a person need more? As he is not starving, he has a place to live at, he lives not in a solitude but among people. He can practice.

But it turns out that in spite of this background he is lonely, he can’t find nor friends, nor relatives, nor dear people, future husband or wife. He suffers of some fears, dissatisfactions. Later, when he finally finds someone life becomes a nightmare due to misunderstanding. Divorces follow… so, it is the illusion that life becomes better. Quite the contrary, it becomes more complicated. In the nearest future we are to undergo the ordeals of good life – it is the most severe ordeal. As it is said in the proverb -to go through fire and water, go through thick and thin. They are already coming. The first problem they make – are the problems of relations between a man and a woman. At my spare time I analyzed the amount of sufferings, problems, and accordingly energy, time that a typical, for example, student of our IOYU spend.

Of course, it is imprecisely. I thought in particular why is a person interested in one or another thing, why does he ask one or another questions, why does he have exactly such a daily routine but not the other. And then I came to this awful conclusion – people spend a good part of energy, time and fortitude on interpersonal misunderstandings, incomprehension of a problem.

Imagine that every day each person gets a certain amount of prana or his vital energy, that is plenty enough to solve all problems during one day, to go for a work, to work effectively, communicate with friends. I.e. both to work and to have a rest and everything on earth. But it turns out that there is such a law of vital energy consumption, and it is the unsettled complicated problems between a man and a woman. They begin to engross a person from inside (for instance, a person is working and at the same time some part of his brain is continuing to digest – he said me that, she said me that, we’ve quarreled, he is cheating on me, he or she doesn’t care for the children, and so on.) Everything directly or indirectly is connected with interrelations of man and woman. All the rest is aside. Due to all this I have a dilemma – with what to begin reading the lectures. With the complicated axiom-system of yoga, complicated theory of yoga, laws that explain what is what and why. Or in the contrary, with the concrete life situations of each of you, from the moment when each of you could speak and later altogether as by our collective mind or consciousness we could discuss this situations from different points of view, come to a certain conclusion, decision, and only after that we could compare it with what ancient Triad yoga says about one or another question. I had a thought to start reading these lectures from the reverse – not from the theory up to a man, but from a man to the theory. Maybe it will help people who don’t know about yoga to understand quickly the heart of a problem, and learn to solve many of their life problems by themselves. But unfortunately, this approach commits each of you to study the theory of this yoga simultaneously. So, at the lectures mainly we will discuss one or another life situations and questions, and at the same time you are to study systematically the theory of yoga by yourself at home in the opportune rate (opportune workload). Thanks God, we have got such an opportunity.

Only few years before in the Universe there wasn’t such an opportunity, anyway, if it did then it was not open for the majority. Today we have this opportunity (to study the theory of yoga systematically at home) – it is the internet yoga courses, which were created with the help of me also. So, it is possible to study the theory by yourself step by step, and then you can come to the course of the system of axioms of yoga and also study it by yourself in the convenient rate. And at the same time you can look upon Triad theory from the point of view of our lectures. Therefore I see our lectures as some kind of the creative participation of each present. I don’t want myself to be like guru for you who teaches how to live. I don’t have a desire and I am not empowered to teach you live. I cannot do this – it is impossible. Each of you is a unique self-sufficient and free Universe. My role is just to help you to rediscover that ancient Knowledge, that hardly came till our days. How you will use it and in general will you do it or not – is solely your own decision. That’s why let’s make it clear – I am not a Guru of life, I am just a teacher of yoga.

It happened that in due time my specialization was Triad yoga. I studied it rather deeply and practiced some methods of this yoga, that’s how I knew the theory and practice. But it doesn’t mean that I am Guru of these kinds of yoga. But anyway you don’t need Guru of Triad to solve your everyday problems.

Many of your life problems which you consider to be unsolvable can be easily solved if you possess the knowledge of Triad.

There are certain methods. Some can be acceptable for you, some can be not. You can choose them for yourself. Once again, to memorize the multiplication table you don’t need to ask Albert Einstein for help. The same goes with these lectures – you do not need Guru of these kinds of yoga to do the first steps of self-cognition within Triad. By reason that it is uneffective. On the other hand, when you come sooner or later to your Guru of Triad yoga, all the same he will demand you to learn thinking by yourself, learn to analyze, comprehend, practise, be open-hearted and do certain steps by yourself. Nobody will think instead of you, nobody will pass your way of yoga! It is also necessary to understand. So, Triad yoga is extremely optimistic but at the same time it claims that nobody will live your life but you.

Now we are going to go in succession. Let us make some structure within the course of these lectures. We will see how it will work in what follows, we’ll correct it. I have an idea – with the beginning of each lecture we could sort out 2 or 3 questions concerning Triad with some moments of interrelations of man and woman, maybe, we could jointly discuss 1 or 2 cases from life to come to a certain conclusion and later compare it with what Triad yoga says on this subject. My mission is to make us learn to rediscover Triad yoga that each of us later at home could continue to do this work of comprehension. Only in this way we will create our joint mental field of Triad.

In this connection I will give you a remark of academician Vernadskiy, who expressed the hypothesis of noosphere – that every thought sensed by a man doesn’t disappear, but many of these thoughts begin to reinforce each other, they unite into something inspiring and tangible. Like invisible lines of force rays they protect and guard a man who thinks rightly. To the point that is why one of the many translations of the word “Tantra” is “thinking, that protects”, although there are many other variants of translation. And Tantra yoga is a part of Triad. It will be very good if we’ll reduce it to a common denominator and we’ll tune in and think in this vein. Then every newcomer that will attend our lectures accidentally or purposeful will immediately get himself into the vibrating resonance of thoughts of participants and thereby could make up for studied material literally in several hours or minutes (like you can write down a text in your computer during a half a day, but you may come with your USB flash drive to somebody who has already done it for you and make a copy of a text in a minute). Our task is to create a common mental field, in another words to think on the same language. And the studiing of each language begins with the alphabet , and only then go some words, constructions, sentences, grammatical rules and so on, and so forth.

Who is a man?

Now let us think. Begin with the most simple, with a man. Who is he? Who wants to say anything in this respect? I must have hypnotized you with my long insinuating fundamental speech. It is good for toasts but bad for work. So, I want you to feel at ease. And please speak loud, clear, and as far as possible on the substance. So, who is a man?

1. IOYU, Basim,gr. Eka: A man – is a being that shows itself in a certain form, in a certain developed structure.

2. IOYU, Mark, gr. Eka: a man is one of the possible ideas that comes to mind of our Supreme Self.

Vadim Zaporojzev: some speech you made! Let us make it simpler, ordinary, forget about the definitions of yoga. Let’s imagine that we don’t know any theory, but every day we go to work, go to sleep and so on; we have friends, all the close are humans. Imagine that you got to the aliens or you established a contact with them and you send them a message in morse code. You try to explain them who you are they talk to.

3. IOYU; Tatyana, gr. 4: Human – is a body plus soul.

4. IOYU; Andrey Kulikov, gr. 4: A man -is an intellectual life form in our Solar System, living on Earth in these conditions, ambient (certain environment).

Vadim zaporojzev: Scientifically. Let’s do it easily, like everyday talk. Old women are sitting near the front door; you approach them and ask – who is a man?

5. Lena Sedova, free listener: I have this image of all I’ve heard: that a man is a dot of the infinity symbol, where one part flows into the spiritual, turning in the material. We feel in the body both spiritual and material, and we can express it, while many lower creatures aren’t capable of it.

Vadim Zaporojzev: Friends, let me simplify a problem more. To say who is a man let’s define what is he capable of, what characteristics does he possess.

6. IOYU; Mikhail, gr.3: A man – is a being that possesses a physical body and that has developed his intellect that has a group of bodies: physical, mental&emotional, causal bodies.

7. A man – is a being that possesses the maximum of potential for development.

Vadim Zaporojzev: Also too complicated. Friends, imagine that you come to an old woman, how would she answer about who is a man? Well, once he was born, he lived and died.

8. IOYU; Yulia, gr.3: To take a look at it most simply, a man is a being that has some habits, ambitions, abilities, talents, which he can show in different ways in different spheres of life – family, work. Each man is the individual inflorescence of these talents, abilities.

Vadim Zaporojzev: Good. But do it more primitive.

9. IOYU;Natalya,gr. 3: A man is 2 arms, 2 legs, a head.

Vadim Zaporojzev: Ok, lets’ speak on this level. That is, possession of body. And what is body made of? Of organs, organs of cells, cells of proteins (nucleic acids), and they – of molecules, and molecules of atoms. But how we can prove it? The scientists have proved it, looking through the microscope. We can take a man, for instance, cut a tuft of him and burn it, then research it and find out what in fact were earlier the constituents of a man -they were some combinations of atoms. Nobody said about a man it respect of time. How long does he live? Where he comes from? Who will answer this question?

10. Basim, gr. Eka: 108 years.

Vadim Zaporojzev: It’s ideally. The sacred tantric age is 108 years. Where he comes from? Just don’t tell me about storks and cabbage.

10. Basim (continuation): It comes from mam and dad.

Vadim Zaporojzev: Thus, a man is a conglomeration of protein molecules and in addition many other things. And as it was said he possesses 2 arms and 2 legs, a head. Further we can say that once he was born on Earth and some day he will die. What does remain after he dies?

11. Nothing

Vadim Zaporojzev: How nothing? There are even no places remaining at the cemeteries. Indeed I’ve been to one cemetery, and it is horrible and gloomy; like densely people were living their lives, as it comes after death – graves are one on top of each other and they are enclosed by three-metre fences. That is the egoism even after death – “here is a plot of land and it is mine”. Then some criminal details follow that the deadmen are three-storey buried there as the plots are very expensive. Some scientists claim that phosphorus is gets bounded in this way and quits the biological cycle, in the issue the balance is broken. So many negative things, but you take a look – as a man was living, thus he has been buried. How much better, for instance, in India – there at the best it is burnt, and what is not burnt out is thrown into Ganges, where it will rot completely. Or, by the way, in Rus at the ancient times they didn’t bury yet but burnt; then for some reason they began to bury. But it doesn’t matter.

So, a dead body is left after death, if we take some pieces of it and start to explore – we’ll see that after death the chemical composition remained the same as it was during lifetime. Thus it follows that, on one hand, a man is not just some big physical structure of protein molecules, on the other hand – where has he been before his birth? Here all of you are sitting, and I suspect that the greater part of you are people. Another part, clearly, are enlightened yogins and yoginis, came here to praise me (it’s said in our school of yoga that you will teach your Teachers). Friends, where have you been before your birth? Where have you come from? How old are you, and where have you been before this life. Each of you, own up quickly, Basim, where have you been?

12. Basim: till which moment?

Vadim Zaporojzev: Before birth. When were you born?

Basim: on the 18th of October.

Vadim Zaporojzev: Where have you been before the 18th of October? What were you doing?

Basim: I was differentiated between mam and dad.

Vadim Zaporojzev: No, as I understand, that during 9 months is had been being with your mother. You had been developing within your mother for a long period of time before you were born. And, probably your father (as every man) took some part of it within his powers before you began to grow in your mam. But before the moment when your mam and dad got together, you’ve been where?

Basim: I don’t remember.

Vadim Zaporojzev: And where was your body?

Basim: There wasn’t a body.

Vadim Zaporojzev: How wasn’t?. Basim: A body was still in dad and mam, it couldn’t be made yet in that moment.

Vadim Zaporojzev: No, you can’t fool me that way. You’ve got now arms and legs and so on. (they are proteins, consist from atoms, chemical elements). You meen, that you’ve created all these elements at the moment of your conception or birth?

Basim: Yes.

Vadim Zaporojzev: friends, that reminds me the Miggle Ages. No, Basim. You’ve got it from the food you’ve ate.

Basim: Yes, in this scenario.

Vadim Zaporojzev: And in what else? We are talking about the physical body.

Basim: All the organs develop from the impregnated ovule.

Vadim Zaporojzev: What is it you are all so clever! We start from the easiest. Came outside in the yard to the grandmothers (they’ve just watched a serial and are discussing it with each other, don’t tell them about ovules and DNA). In a simple language. Friends, what do we have? Who will sum up?

1. Svetlana, gr. 4: It comes out that a man, our body – are the molecules of the environment that have been transformed, combined, so that our body appeared.

Vadim Zaporojzev: In chronological order, who is ready? Learn to think. Don’t worry- if you say something incorrectly it would be excusable for you, if I say something wrong – that would be bad.

2. Anna, gr.4: The cells of mam and dad combined, some one little cell appeared. Then mam began to eat, add some necessary elements, the cell began to grow, divide, divide, divide; it grew inside her into a little man. He got out, inhaled air, cried out and started to eat himself. And his cells began to grow, divide by themselves.

Vadim Zaporojzev: Yes. And then he lived his life of 108 sacred tantric years as Basim said, the life full of exploits, accomplishments and everything. And what then? He died. And what does it mean – died? It means that some qualitative change will be observed, if there were the states of a man till that moment that he falls asleep and he slept so deep so that it was incomprehensible if he was breathing or he’s died. So now it is clear that he is not sleeping because he will never awake. The effect of decomposition is occurs after that, but not always. Not long ago Lama was dug out in Buryatia and it was impossible to understand what has happened to him – he sat in meditation and he is a mummy till now. We see that after death our physical body begins to disintegrate, that a man doesn’t revive and people around him that saw him before that, by now can’t talk to him. In any event, ask the old women that sit near the front door (of course if they aren’t mediums and extrasensory individuals). So we see such a well-defined moment that everyone who is born is going to die sooner or past. And how do we know this? We observe it. Does anyone of you have an immortal acquaintance? Share a secret. And if not immortal but is 2-3 thousand years old, do you have such an acquaintance? Whisper an address in ear. We see some what is given in this world. Suddenly under some circumstances some process starts that leads to the appearance of a man in this world and after a period of time this man also goes away.

The very first thing with what the recognition of Triad yoga begins is that concerns everyone – once we were born and it will be a long time before we die.

Triad is an extremely optimistic doctrine and at the same time it’s realistic.

What is the difference between a man and a robot?

Let’s go to the bottom: after all, the same sequence can be found with a mug. Once a man (potter) had gathered the clay and made a mug. There came out some object, though without arms and legs, but there were a handle or something. And as well time will pass and this mug will break, disappear, fall into pieces. It would be more appropriately to bring an aluminic can of some drink, because it’s more interesting to observe. Here is an aluminic can. Where did it come from? Aluminium was extracted from alumina. You have drained of this can your drink and have thrown it away. Aluminium is a very ecological product, in several years it will turn again into alumina – from earth, ashes it came – it goes away to ashes, but the fragment of this mug will “foul” the environment for a long time. In this respect our human body resembles more an aluminic can than a piece of china, or your mobile phone that was also made by someone, lived its life and will also be at a dump (don’t worry, it will be sooner than you think- when an accumulator breaks). So, it turns out that there is no difference between you and all these objects?

1. Answer: aluminic can doesn’t possess a possibility of evolution. Vadim Zaporojzev: Let’s dream up. Once lived the writer Stanislav Lem who wrote a fantasy short story “Invincible”. The main point of this story is that a semiconducting processor fell on some planet (don’t remember exactly) which had a rather complicated circuit that could reproduce itself like one crystal has an ability to reproduce a similar crystal, like ice appears on the glass. So there developed a civilization of such self-reprogramming mobile phones and they spread on the whole planet. I mean that it is a complicated system but is it comparable with a human? Or in the other words, a computer will be invented tomorrow that learned how to reproduce itself. Imagine, your notebook has suddenly grown wiser and learned to propagate itself by gemmation or sexually and has filled the whole planet Earth. But can we equate a notebook and a human?

2. Answer: it doesn’t consume…

Vadim Zaporojzev: a computer also consumes – electricity.

3. Answer: it doesn’t possess a creative origin.

4. Answer: it doesn’t have freedom.

Vadim Zaporojzev: Friends, we are coming to a key moment – were is a borderline between a human and a robot resembling a human. How to detect were is a robot and were – a man? What if someone of you present here is not a human at all but recently created in USA in the Silicon Valley robot, whowas taught to move his arms and legs, who was dressed and sent here as a spy. What is the difference? Please, who wants to reflect upon it?

5. Answer: a machine isn’t capable of feelings.

Vadim Zaporojzev: how can we distinguish if a computer is capable of that? Maybe it has such program – one situation makes him shed a tear, another will make him shout: “It hurts, don’t turn off my manipulator”.

6. Answer: a computer has a program whether a man lives free. Vadim Zaporojzev: Friends, now we are beginning.

7. Answer: Existence of the soul.

Vadim Zaporojzev: we are not going to talk about the soul yet, we are the old women, sitting near the front door, thinking of the next episode of a serial, a soul will wait. We don’t know anything about it. We can define – this piece of, for example, meat is a man and that – is a biorobot but a programmed piece of iron.

8. Answer: a computer has a program but a man has a will.

Vadim Zaporojzev: Friends, we all have so many programs inside. I know by myself, I always thought that I don’t come under the influence of advertisement – once at a presentation there were given the aluminium cans of a drink for free, I drank it and forgot. Two years passed, one day I was thirsty, I popped to a shop, look at the shelf – everything is unknown for me except this can that was given to me for a try two years ago. What do you think I bought? Who winded up my

“key mechanism” two years ago? Those who gave me that can. Thus we can track the other our deeds as well. Where is a criteria? Suppose what if I am not a man also but a robot?

9. Answer: A man needs communication, appreciation, he needs to be loved. Vadim Zaporojzev: A robot can be programmed to cry and say: “Play with me, talk to me”.

10. Answer: I think that in potential the man can control himself, when he sets the programs and not someone from outside.

Vadim Zaporojzev: Closer by now. It means that a man can reprogram himself.

11. Answer: Mayby a memory.

Vadim Zaporojzev: No, a computer has a perfect memory that I don’t have.

12. Answer: a man is his own master.

13. Answer: availability of freedom, whether to yield to programming or not.

Vadim Zaporojzev: It’s getting really hot here. What we have been discussing now is not even a leisure yogic talk. It is one of the most vital branches of the modern science, dealing with cybernetics, all that is connected with programming. It has a very serious continuation, moreover, probably each of you face with it when computing – it is so called humaneness test of Turing. It is used in the most primitive way when you try to register for one or another forum – you are suggested to solve some simple problem or put down some intricatingly written numbers and so on. It is a very simplified methodology to define if a new person is registering or a soulless machine is trying to enter the site and then send spam to everyone. So, a problem of identification of a man and a robot is a very financial problem. Each of you has received spam and doesn’t want to receive it. From the other hand, there are people who would like to send you spam very much, while you consider it not to be spam but a personal address of another man to you, whom you, undoubtedly don’t see from your PC. Generally it is a rather complicated branch of mathematics. We are not going to go into details of that. In this respect let us speed up our discussion as there was given a very serious definition.

The thing is that any robot, machine, computer program doesn’t have what is called CHANCE.

There is no algorithm for a program or computer that could give random chains of numbers. All that goes there as supposedly random, is created by generator of pseudo-random numbers indeed. It is a very complicated system that anyway repeats itself, it can’t devise anything new. It can get a chance from nothing. A program is a program – it is programmed.

The radical difference of a living man is that each of us has this opportunity, if to speak a mathematic language, to create random numbers. We are really able to perform unpredictable deeds, so we can’t be forecasted.

A complex machine is always calculated by a more complex and high-performance machine. It is impossible to predict fully a man in principle. It is such a moment , that if a man can’t be predicted in principle, then firstly, how do we know that, and secondly, what does it give to us, and a more vital question with a more close respect towards our today’s theme- are each of you sitting here (look inside of you and imagine, aren’t you just a programmed program) really just a computer program that only goes over emotions, senses? Have you really emerged in this world by a conception and birth? People in the west like to celebrate their birthdays, but in the east few people is interested in that, the day of conception is more significant there. The day of conception is really more important for us then a day of a birth. Have your inner universe (that consists of your experiences, senses, memories, hopes, expectancies) appeared only when a conception happened? Will you really die at the age of the sacred tantric 108, your dead body will grow cold, become immovable, and you will be buried on the fifth floor at some cemetery? What each of you think and feel about such a prospect? Who likes it – that all starts with birth and it all ends with death? Dullish, too regular. Here we are to take a next step, which says that we really need our physical body thus we could speak that a man is a man; but indeed, our physical body is just a container (receptacle), it is within it where lives all that we consciously or unconsciously call ourselves. And in fact such a thing happens that we enter some little physical house when we are born, then we use it (disorder it, rebuild), then sooner or past by some reason we get bored with this house and we leave it and we die naturally in an old age. Sometimes other situations can take place, when something or someone invades our house and causes so much damage to it, the damage that is not compatible with life and in that case everything also ends. Pay an attention on the moment that to get into this world as humans we had to be born, and to be born we are to have mother and farther. As we are studying triad yoga, let’s do not take such complicated cases which happen in gemmation or when a microorganism splits into two parts (who is mam there, dad and son), let’s be close to our everyday problems. For that happiness that we are humans and are now sitting here we are owing to our parents – mam and dad somehow let us enter this world. When we enter and live in this world we have some period of time after which want you or not something happens to us and all alive go somewhere and leave their bodies (the bodies are left dead); and those gone do not tell us where have they gone and moreover, they never return from that place. Here emerge two questions: where have we come from and where do we go, why we live in our bodies for some period of time?

And here if to take in consideration yoga we come to three big groups of yoga: the Yoga of Birth, Triad Yoga and Yoga of Dying. All these types of yoga are closely connected with each other. In Yoga of Birth it’s said about where we have come from and why our mam and dad are exactly ours. Triad yoga explains us why we have to be mam and dad ourselves and how we can use that state when we are parents. Yoga of dying in its sense tells us “That’s it, life ended, now you have to go, find the next mam and dad”. So, the accent firstly is extremely optimistic – that

nothing gets its start with a birth and nothing ends with death. Our ordinary life is just a link or a route leg of this way.

And the logic is following here: after you die – you are born again, live life and die again, than are born again and die again (all is cycled). To explain your today’s problems (why don’t you get on with your husband or wife, with your children or parents; why do you strive for love but only dull weekdays come; why the state of being in love sometimes turns into these dull weekdays; why do you want one woman, then second, the third or you want one man then another; or in the contrary, you want to find somebody and there is nobody around) it is necessary to analyze your past and future lives. You will never find the answers to these questions if you take it in respect of a single life. There is a lack of information to make both ends meet just like the scientists have a lack of information to work an equation (too many unknown quantities). That’s why there is

such an ideology in Triad yoga – you will never sort out your today’s life and today’s problems until you take into consideration your past lives and your future lives as well.

Only within this continuous sequence of lives where your today’s life is just a fragment or a stage on your way, you may comprehend how these problems are solved. All the other methods, attempts to solve these very difficult contradictions are doomed to a failure. That is why there is such a difficulty in Triad yoga, some of the life problems that you already have now and which we are going to examine – they are easily solved if fully comprehended by you. It becomes very obvious for you where you made a mistake and you correct it quite naturally. But if you examine it only in the respect of your life (or more narrowly – in the respect of your youth) both ends diverge, and you in principle won’t solve these problems. In this is the serious difficulty of the yogas of Triad. We must think globally but act locally.

With what to begin the solving of your personal problems?

Here arises such a moment – an attempt to reconsider with what a solution of your personal problems begins. Try to draw on a sheet of paper a long straight line, divide it into three parts: the first notch is your birth and the section before birth; the second is your death; in the interval between birth and death – your current life; and the third section after death – your future life.

    Try to comprehend and define for yourselves:

  1. Where have you come from, what have you been doing before in your past life?
  2. Decide what you want now.
  3. What you want after death?

Friends, the further analysis of your concrete life situation will be pointless until you clarify for yourselves these three groups of questions. And as a home task of our lectures I suggest you to draw in a spare time this scheme and think upon it.

Question (Basim, gr. Eka): Concerning where I’ve come from, the memories of the past life. I understand a question like this: what I wanted – then we can see it by what I have now.

Vadim Zaporojzev: A very good remark. It is more or less clear what I want in this life at least now. We can even conjecture want I want after death. But what did I want in the previous life? What am I supposed to do with that? The knowledge of yoga will help us, it gives us a law of karma – by the highest standards you possess now what you wanted in your previous life. When we hold such discussions I am sometimes asked: “How is that? Did I ask for myself to have in this life a clerk job in a small company? And so on.” But maybe it was in a different way – in a previous life you have been getting wet under a tree, you were starving, there wasn’t an only soul around, you were bored, you felt hunger and fear and you thought: “if only in the next life I had my fill, it was warm around and I had what to do”. I mean you formulated some conditions and these conditions came true from the end: yes, you are the clerk sitting at the worktable, nothing is dripping down on your head (you aren’t under a tree), and your clothes are decorous with a tie and not some kind of a fell, and you ate a tasty lunch today. Undoubtedly, some wishes came true from the possible initial options, so you can find out what you were wishing for. Of course you will formulate the additional conditions in this life what do you want and maybe they will be fulfilled in the next life, but that will be later. Anyway we can distinguish indirectly what we had in the past life in the following way: by the conditions of our current life and by the tendency of our character. If a little boy has an inclination for a piano to play it, undoubtedly, somewhere these tendencies have been in his previous life (or how did they appear then?). the same is about the features of character. Thus, there are three parts of this eternal time – our previous life, our present life and our future life.

Why were you born humans? And generally who was born (if a body is a body, it is on its own)?

Another thing that we have to realize very clearly – why were we born humans? And generally who was born (if a body is a body, it is on its own)? Who are we? This is the other very serious key moment in yoga. As we are mostly studying here not a theory but more realizing the conclusions from it, yoga says that each of us possesses the Supreme Self that roughly speaking manifests itself in this world and it manifests through this or that bodies. So, our bodies are like clothes that our Supreme Self tries on.

And why exactly the human bodies? Imagine that you have big problems with your wife, for example, she doesn’t share your interest of collecting the stamps, she considers it to be an idle pastime; imagine you and your wife were foxes (such with furry muzzles with whiskers). How do you think would you have conflicts and disagreements considering this question (which stamps to collect and which not)? No. Moreover, in this life you are lonely, you cannot find a husband or wife, again imagine that you are foxes – such a fox is walking and looking for that who is going to be his wife – the first she-fox that comes across. And you walk around Moscow with 15 million people around, so to say, a million matches you by the age, gender, maybe even by intellect. And you, I beg your pardon, “turn your nonfox’s nose” – that doesn’t do for me, that – as well. So pay your attention, a great amount of your problems become formed because of your body. If you were foxes (or hares, etc.) you wouldn’t’t have those problems. Think over this very serious logic. It is a human body that forms so many of your everyday problems of choice, relationships. The third variant: imagine that you are a jealous he-fox or she-fox. It is very hard to imagine, it’s quite easy to imagine a jealous man or woman. I can hardly imagine, for example, a jealous cat. How would she find out where is her tomcat – he has done his work and disappeared.

1. Andrey Kulikov, gr.4: Probably collective animals possess it already. For instance, a pride of lions.

2. Pavel Saprykin, gr.3: and monkeys probably too. Vadim Zaporojzev: Yes, friends. But pay an attention, it doesn’t take place so sharp when for example it happens with more primitive animals. And indeed baboons and others not always have these problems. Of course there are many gradations. But the point is that our interpersonal relationships are defined by the body that we carry. Look upon the logic: your soul is immortal, sexless, roughly speaking, it can move in any kind of body and live life. The yoga doctrine says that we lived millions and millions of lives in more primitive bodies before we were born humans. And we didn’t have any problems connected with the interpersonal relationships (jealousy or something else) when we lived in more primitive bodies. But they appeared as fast as we became humans. What a conclusion can we draw from that?

1. Answer: the more complicated body we possess, the more difficult to operate it.

Vadim Zaporojzev: you know, there was such an anecdote, that all the diseases come from nerves. Here is the same things coming from brains – we became too smart. If we had to earn from morning light till night for a piece of bread or escape from a danger, all the problems of greed, foolishness, etc., the search of female or male would go on the second place, if not on third, fifth, twentieth. But pay your attention on the opposite side, if they (these questions of the opposite sex) were fully ignored then the humans would die out. I mean how only it could be hard for you, cats, dogs, wolves, foxes, how only they lived half-starving, they try to leave a breed with a regular periodicity. Despite that fact that our soul is sexless, it is born, lives life, dies, the problems during life are strongly connected with the form of a body; but nevertheless there is a certain mechanism that forces to copulate for this thread of life didn’t tear. And the same situation we have with humans. So to say, you are lonely (turn your nose) – that you won’t choose as a husband, and that as a wife, that is not good at this, and that as well – roughly speaking, you can behave in such way rather long. And then in some moment something pops within you and you will find a husband or a wife without demur even if they turn to be the first that comes across. In fact, it will be the first that comes across. And you understand that problems are guaranteed if it would be the first that is found (you two want different things). You carried yourself on such level that something awakened in your bodies and clicked, you’ve lost criticality (you could turn the nose for twenty years before that, and now it compels, there is nowhere to go). But if you still manifest persistence, go against, won’t get into sexual relationships with the opposite sex (whatever idiot he would be or whatever uncontrolled bitch she would be), accordingly you won’t have a posterity. That means when you live your sacred 108 years and die it will be very hard for you to be born in a human bodyAnd the fact of the matter isn’t that personally you didn’t leave posterity after yourself, everything is more complicated. All together we, humans, go in such a swarm, even if someone hasn’t got children at all, another has ten of them, it is possible to redistribute it anyhow. But the question is in another – in carmic (if you asa a matter of principle ignore these rules, you will get yours by the residual principle). Firstly those will get who gave birth to children. The Second World War ended, everybody got “killed in battle” notice; once I was at a cemetery at one little village, I was terrified, there have been so many children – everyone perished. They perished while defending the society, they will be easily pulled up to get born the society which they were lost from, than those who didn’t manage, who “turned his nose”. So, that would be by the residual principle, it means that one has to be born with lowering Ah, you were too smart, well, live in Africa, people there are simpler. Live a life, another in Africa, hop, to think less – here is hunger, epidemics, here a local president Mumba-Yumba organized slaughter for blood not to congest in veins;(for there wasn’t when this does go in husbands, that – does not); if he is alive – then he does for this. Friends, I want you to catch this logic, to change your way of thinking on this resonance, and then many of your problems suddenly will appear from quite another view. It doesn’t mean that they will not be problems any more, but the further studying will help to ease these problems or eliminate them completely. Thus, we’ve already identified the first problem, and it is the very first problem of the whole Triad even if it sometimes seems for you that it’s no coincidence you met your husband or wife, it can be just a cunning development of your profound program that shoved you the first that came across. So, the moment of such sacred lies, for you were not born in Africa in the next life or even worse – somewhere between Papuans, who headhunt. We simply romanticize that Indians are children of nature, but it’s hard to say whether they are humans or beasts. White men who entered their dwellings were especially shocked by very “good” customs – anyone out from their tribe who came to them was to be caught, they cut his head and dried it up. And when the first travelers entered there, they saw 40-50 dried heads. You begin to see all these adventures of Indians in another way.

The summary of a lecture

Let’s remind what we’ve stopped today, till what we came. Your Higher Self is immortal, we are born and die, we’ve done it many times. Once everyone of us was born, we live our life, probably, some day everyone of us will die. And it will be very good to understand what you want from life you live now; for example, to suppose what life you had before your birth and dream what kind of life you want in future. It is extremely necessary for just one reason, that your future life will tell you if some essential and powerful practices of triad yoga are acceptable in your present life or not. How you, in the name of this future goal are ready to change your life or you consider this aim to be more obtainable – then the means in this life will be softerThis question is of principle just by one reason: the thing is that there is one spicy detail in Triad yoga – for the resolution of some problems in your present life that are unsolvable on the face of it some rather complicated practices dealing with the sexual energy are prescribed; and how you are ready to accept methods of the usage of sexual energy or this is the thing that is rather closed for you and that you avoid. The second question: several practices consider the availability of partners besides a husband or a wife. At once I want to say, that Triad yoga is very conservative in this respect: it appeals each of you to have a husband (if you are a woman), or a wife (if you are a man), to have a family, children; to have a very profound and tender relationships (such a cell); to have much more than simply sex, the continuation of the generation, mutual interests or common intellectual preferences (we’ll talk about it further). From one hand, Triad yoga is very conservative in this respect. All that trends saying that family is useless that are spreading now, are the obsolete forms, they give birth to children and send them to the boarding school, somewhere for their upbringing, long marriages are useless at all – Triad yoga doesn’t approve that at all (we will speak about the reason of it. From another hand, with all its conservatism in some cases some practices are admitted when, so to say, besides our beloved husband you have to have partners for practices in yoga, where you will work out the moments connected with sexuality. This is necessary to understand clearly whether these aspects of yoga are acceptable for you or not. If they will not -then use those that are acceptable. You can define which practices are acceptable for you to practice and which are not yet you can with the help of one way – dream of your future life. Without the answer what I want after my death neither you can answer for yourself nor playing with powerful practices in present life guaranty the success. You remember that powerful means demand the competent usage.

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