2008.12.06. Introduction axiomatic in yoga. “Our Ya Happiness”. (Vadim Zaporozhtsev).

All pleasure, teaches yoga, inherent in ourselves. Outside, only the key that opens it. Path failure from enjoying and focusing the way to the immediate material enjoyment, like two paths that lead to nowhere. The task of yoga – to connect the two extremes, using the principle that where it is necessary to make yourself and where you can afford. State of love as a state closest to a state of supreme happiness. Suffering as a dead water, which heals wounds, but it does not give life. Why is it important to accumulate the time spent in a legal state of joy and happiness?

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Our I, Happines

Author: Vadim Zaporozhts

Brief description: All pleasure, teaches yoga, inherent in ourselves. Outside, only the key that opens it. Path failure from enjoying and focusing the way to the immediate material enjoyment, like two paths that lead to nowhere. The task of yoga – to connect the two extremes, using the principle that where it is necessary to make yourself and where you can afford. State of love as a state closest to a state of supreme happiness. Suffering as a dead water, which heals wounds, but it does not give life. Why is it important to accumulate the time spent in a legal state of joy and happiness?

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2008.12.06 Cultural Center “Enlightenment”.

The main text of the lecture.Today, December 6, 2008, my name is Vadim Zaporozhtsev, we are at the Cultural Center of Enlightenment, m. Novoslabodskaya in Moscow. That we have lectures for the Open University of Yoga, all information is archived on our sites www.openyoga.ru www.happyoga.narod.ru www.yogacentr.ruVadim Zaporozhtsev. In the last lecture we looked at with you a topic directly opposite the topic of pain. This is the theme of joy, happiness and pleasure. And if someone has any questions on any of our previous lecture, let’s discuss them before you go on.Questions.Question: “And, if the seminar question?”Vadim Zaporozhtsev. It is possible for a seminar, but I am afraid that most of the people was not at the workshop and therefore no one will join this topic. But if the issue is not on the lectures, I am pleased to answer the question at the seminar.

Question: “Are you telling example about babulechku, who lives by these serials that she thus spends prana. I wanted to clarify, this applies to all things that we call strong emotions: books, movies? “

Vadim Zaporozhtsev. Moreover, even those things that do not cause strong emotions, but which fall within the field of our consciousness. We each have a certain amount of force. For example, a person can lift a burden, or perform any work during the day. Number forces in general, limited, unlimited. One more than another. Similarly, our consciousness. On that we can pay attention, it is also limited. In fact, what a thing is happening, for example, in the media? There is a battle for the mind in the form of advertising. Why? Because yoga principle says no separateness manifestations of consciousness and energy. If someone controls your attention, your consciousness, it monitors your energy, your wallet. How do these people make you spend money, it is another question. But be aware that some of what you spend your consciousness, attention to you and spend your energy. Therefore, in case, of course, some strong emotions, both serial and granny – at more. If you just got up in the morning and shave before you go to work and listening to the radio ear to the floor, and there is also some advertising, I assure you, part of your consciousness is spent on advertising. Otherwise, this thing would not have been at all. That is, all the same, you can not help then go down to the store and how you feel unconsciously make a choice. A yoga teaches us that our mind is very cleverly done. Our mind tries to never walk the unbeaten road. Our mind is always trying to go at least for something familiar. Though somewhere I heard the name of all, and already choose this product. This, unfortunately, the reverse side of all marketing and advertising campaigns. Sometimes it is not very friendly on the arm. You know, in advertising, too, is, as in any other activity-friendly practices (in terms of some kind of morality), there is not quite clean. Therefore discord advertising advertising. But in any case, the advertising – it is something that absorbs your mind as a result – your energy. In what sense is the energy? You will spend money. How do you take the money? You earned them, that is, you spent some forces at work, get the money, then this ad is one of you pulled the money anyway.

Q: “And you can not lecture?”

Vadim Zaporozhtsev. Let us, too, if not to the side, then try to answer.

Question: “What does yoga about self-defense, if a person keeps weapons at home?”

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Well, let stores. And what’s the point? What’s the question?

Question: “Do I need to defend itself”

Vadim Zaporozhtsev. Oh, friends, it depends on your karma. If you have karma completely pure white and fluffy, then you basically do not meet the risk, in principle, it is impossible. But, if your karma is very dirty and heavy, as defend themselves useless, because you still catch up with Karma. You will ride in an armored car, for you will be shooting with anti-tank rifles. That is, there is always a measure, countermeasure and so on. It is a matter of karma. It is much more difficult situation when the karma is so-so. That is, a person that did something bad in a past life, and this life is realized, repented, he began to lead a different lifestyle, but after some karmic debt remained. It may well be that you come armed with its own manifestation. With who you were, say, five lifetimes ago, you will encounter in this life. And remembering yourself five lives ago, you remember that you then realize only one argument – the argument of force, or, for example, a loaded pistol. It is a question in each case. Unfortunately, there is yet another sad statistic. You know, in the theaters when the gun hanging on the wall, it must sooner or later shoot. The weapon has a tendency to apply. In our country, as in no. Not necessarily a party, be sure to have got drunk, stoned necessarily face. Usually it ends mordobitiem, and imagine that you have there is automatic. You are in a rush this grasping at the machine, crumble the cabbage offender, then repent, the remaining floor life, it is a very complicated issue, it is a question not unambiguous. there are a million arguments On the one hand “behind”. On the other, as it were, even worse karma does not spawn. Difficult question.

Question: “With regard to food and prana. Why is it so happened that support life, our “I” can not clean, that is, the source of its power of prana, and from the outside, the food? “

Vadim Zaporozhtsev. Go error, blunder. Our “I” does not need support. Our “I” does not require food. What would be our “I”, it should not be fed. “I” is not a product of something, and the basis for everything else. Needs support our body. It needs to support the complex mechanisms that govern our energy and consciousness. The very same our “I” has no need for food, or in support of any energy, either in mind. It is, however, self sufficient, self-sustaining and self existent. Another issue is that the food, what is needed? We manage the flow of energy, our energy flows control other streams of energy, which we take from food. Unless these flows than we manage? No nothing. So therefore if these flows will be interrupted, the mechanism will begin to fall apart. With us, our “I” does not happen, we’re just going to die, that is, the body simply fall off from us. This is what is called death. But, as we feel his body, we think that it we die.


So, in the previous chapter, we touched enjoyment. And I once again remind you very serious facts that (not the facts, and the knowledge that enables us to yoga) state of joy, happiness and pleasure is not coming state. In the sense that they do not need any external factors, backup, and it is our natural state. But all cleverly done, that we are a natural state as if extinguish or even worse, we manage, is the natural state of pleasure, happiness, joy, bliss, call it whatever you like, in Sanskrit, is generally referred to by the word “Ananda”. We manage to knock heads together so that it turns into its exact opposite – pain. Therefore, it follows from this conclusion that we all so laid. We yoga not gain anything, and reveal all in itself. This applies to absolutely everything, and this is true, even the state of well-being, happiness, health, and all that we intuitively estimate with a plus sign. Things are inherently not acquired and disclosed. Already and so everything is there, or only use it properly or do not know what it all is inside. This is a very serious point, a very serious! It is only after understanding this principle, we are on the last lesson you discuss this topic of meaninglessness, hopelessness and danger in the pursuit of something on the outside, of doping, drug, and so on.

In fact, there is no enjoyment outside. All pleasure in ourselves, our natural pleasure, and just outside the key, which it opens. Instantly the emphasis is changing and we immediately start working in the right direction, evaluating any pleasure that we have. If we properly evaluate it, we enjoy not destroys. If we believe that the pleasure from the outside, then sooner or later, one way or another by, we become slaves of pleasure.

That is why in all sane systems teachings always constantly repeated the same idea of the impermanence of all life, of the sufferings of our lives, that should not be to anything attached, that should be reaching out to the Supreme and do not waste any -That efforts on coming. Because coming sooner or later will go on and it is coming. We must strive for something immortal, to something such, that you will never lose. Different systems, different ways it’s called. The terms are different is given, but the point remains that, in fact, the same idea that if you do not know where the source of your happiness, your pleasure – you become a slave, attributing the source of happiness in some things, in which it no. Obviously, you then get these things, all of a sudden find yourself disappointed. This applies to everything: the car you want to buy – buy a car. We thought that this is how only buy, will be at thinking happiness. Bought, like the first three days were happy, pleased, and then it somehow to no, no get away. You look after some amount of time when it start to break down, on the contrary, a person already suffering from their vehicle experiences that other new and I have old. Do you wish you money, too, have come to you money, big money, but you know what, in fact, is the same as it was before, only multiplied, that is, it does not change in quality of life, but rather quantitative. And all that we can enumerate all, for what we cling to, in fact is not the source of our pleasure, and in the best case, the key that opens the safe slyly, which houses our inner pleasure, and we are experiencing it.

That is, there exists a system of motivation in the universe that makes us somehow stirring work. This is very good because we are evolved thanks to this system of motivations. As in our previous lives, even lives in the bodies of animals, was not only a whip, but and carrots. Curious paradox, carrots and sticks out from a single source and the single source for us inside themselves. But, all cleverly done, we believe that the source of the outside. And as soon as we said a source from the outside, it actually appears whip. Sometimes we manage to achieve some targets of external objects, and for a while we experience happiness, that is, the carrot. But this happiness quickly disappears somewhere. Something we wanted, we got it, after a while you look, and people are kind of like, and not happy about it. There are new desires. This is known as running in circles. One desire is replaced by another, we run, hardly something missing, some time experiencing the joy, the pleasure, then the indifference or even contrary disgust. But there’s some next point.

Yoga concept of happiness.

Here the most important thing to correctly understand the concept of yoga. Usually it all comes down to such a trivial and not very faithful to the thesis or style that just give up. Give up the world, give up the money, give up power, give up from everything that brings joy to you and it is only somewhere guarantee that you will attain happiness. Yoga says that this statement is also dangerous, and also leads to confusion, as the converse proposition, when on the contrary we are called: guys, eat, drink, have fun, live for today, and what will be tomorrow – tomorrow and think you will, that is, not think about anything spiritual, live material. That is, there is the food – be pleased, no food – money somewhere it, buy. No money – take a loan. Give nothing – but when it comes time to give, and then you will think. How would such materialism, materialism completely, immersion in the sensual. And that is another way – a road to nowhere. In fact, such a wonderful country like India proved by example all the malignancy, as one or another way. The first way – is when we give up the pleasure, ostensibly for the sake of the spiritual, and thus are not going to work, do not go into power, do not go into business, do not do business kakie-to allegedly removed in a cave to meditate, we supposedly renounced all in order to focus on the imperishable, everlasting, and supposedly we have to win. The consequences were terrible for India for the superpower of the time.

I remind you that India was once a superpower. And when people in Europe still running in the skins, India in their heights of science, culture and so on, it was some kind of unparalleled things, in fact, is still surprising to some achievements of the Indian sages, particularly in yoga.

There were such times, when people are under it: “Give up all coming,” went to the monasteries, went into the cave. As a result, in their place come a mediocrity gray, which occupies a leading position, power, control levers. It is clear that they have managed badly because not occupy his place. As a result, India is a superpower collapsed. Because everyone who had a tendency and ability to live in society, they have gone to meditate allegedly abandoning illusory enjoyment. Someone reached some goals, some not yet reached. But when they had to be born in the next time, they were born in the same country, they gave unclear in whose hands, that is, into poverty. And it is a tragedy in India so far, but now like to get out of steel.

Just the opposite was also, incidentally, in the same India. General of India in this regard, a country where, probably, were, all religions, all teachings and currents: materialism was, and atheism was, and an extreme form of religious fanaticism, and, on the contrary, a balanced form of some philosophical doctrines. The reverse side, when on the contrary urged that the guys do not think of the Supreme, have fun today, engaged in material things, go to the power, get a position in the community, to enjoy life. ” They also led, oddly enough, to the same result, only the other way. Extremes in this same sense.

What tells us yoga? Yoga tells us the next thing and that, and the other extreme to nothing lead. The fact that yes, indeed, enjoy within us, but at a certain stage of evolution we must learn first to receive it through external Keys. That is, we get the key, open a. Next key, open. During this time we self transforming, we sharpen the mind, we tighten all that is necessary to pull in karmic terms, then it is only natural, really sets a condition when a person learns to take pleasure from the inside directly, not through external key, and directly appealing to his higher “I”, the source of all pleasure. This is precisely the yoga – join the extremes. Moreover, as we learn fast methods of yoga, it is the only possible way to quickly achieve anything.

Now in more detail, if all the pleasure in our “I”, and I say, eat a meal that is delicious, but from a formal point of view, the food, no: neither tasty or not tasty – it’s just a key that opens within us the experience food goodies. You can put yourself in a black body, to say no, I will not eat delicious, I eat dried peas, washed down with cold water. It would seem that in this and in another case, what’s the difference, enjoy Well still inside? But we are with you and we arranged more complicated it is necessary somehow to the outside and to express themselves. Otherwise, it starts a self-deception. And any self-deception results in the future to such cynicism, when not working, these spiritual truths.

There are some reasonable compromise, and it sounds like this: “Where it is necessary to make yourself, and where you can afford.” Life is very tricky. Somewhere you can afford to meet the sense of some benefits to the state of pleasure does not come directly from the inside, through the food, since we usually get. But somewhere, God forbid, can not be bought and it is necessary, on the contrary, put the wall to the outside, and the inside scoop pleasure. So, it is the wisdom of yoga lies in the fact that in the early stages of our development, alternate one method to another. We will only allow yourself to indulge and everything – get nowhere, to no yoga. We on the contrary, too yourself to keep in check, supposedly because pleasure within us and without, in general, only the keys – the same will not achieve a result. This is an interesting conclusion.

Status of happiness.

Let’s go back to the inner happiness we state. So, it is the internal state of natural happiness. The natural thing that needs no props. Once again, this is a trend that needs artificial warming up some things to feel happy, they are wrong in advance. The question arises, what is actually feeling? I for example, always asked myself, and feel that yoga, which reached a very high altitude in yoga? How do they feel? If I go to work, rumpled, I feel bad, my head hurts, the crush in the subway – I feel bad. And as if in my place, for example, I would have felt the yogi from the Himalayas, has reached the highest heights, and that he felt at all? Will he feel the same as me, or he will feel something else? Or it may even be, I do not feel anything, it even if a pin, and it will be unflappable. And in the end, even if in perfect condition, what is it? What is the state, the natural state of happiness? Here there is a certain complexity, teaches yoga, is a state of inexpressible. In pure form, this condition is higher than that of the word and is higher than the concept of thought. Higher is a delight, supreme happiness, which all other pleasures, happiness and so on, are included as a special case. Or how such a faded, faded shadow. For this reason, when a yogi actually reaches that level, he said that compared to the happiness that he has found, doing yoga, everything else – consider how suffering. From a position of newfound happiness, all the others some sense of satisfaction and so on, on the contrary, they seem to him more suffering than pleasure. But, as long as he has not overcome it, he quite believed them pleasure. For example, usually comes to us from the life of pleasure, we feel pleasure, and so it is for us. But we rise to the next level and that’s from the perspective of the next level, what we thought yesterday pleasure we today think of suffering. The point is that we really and gradually climb the ladder to himself and to his own state.

Happiness and love.

The question always arises, and what is most closely, it seems, is the state? Different describe it.

The most beautiful I think a comparison, in any event, in the yoga of love is likened, as the enlightened state of supreme happiness, a state of very close like being in love.

The question always arises, and what is most closely, it seems, is the state? Different describe it.

The most beautiful I think a comparison, in any event, in the yoga of love is likened, as the enlightened state of supreme happiness, a state of very close like being in love.

That is, it is happiness, when the soul is singing, when everything is fine, when all absolutely wonderful when all is revealed. But still, this is the highest state, it is even higher, even that we can experience, is how to love, this is beyond love. Love is a very strange condition. The man who is in love, he is happy, though not changed anything around. Comes Love, say, yesterday was not, and now came the morning. The world in general during this time is not changed, which was, and has remained so. But yesterday I was bad and depressing, and is now well and have fun. That is, as we get closer to the true source of pleasure, and this explains that when a person is in love, he sees everything in a rosy light. Why? Because in a state of love, it fits as close to its natural state. Of course, the state of pleasure in its purest form, it is even more … like space, if you will. Still, being in love is the closest.

Therefore, there is a very interesting yoga, they have called the school of exotic yogis, in particular, we have the so-called triad Yogi: Yogi Union, tantra yoga, the yoga of love. It is believed that if, God forbid, happened to fall in love with you, the longer you will stay in this state, the faster you will reach the highest state of yoga. Being able to love, roughly speaking, equivalent to a moment of hard years of meditation, the practice of some other yogas. Because in its final transformation, more precisely on the final overcoming of ignorance, every moment of love, it is comparable with the lives of the practice of yoga. It would seem that everything is fine, but as we are taught yoga of love: Love – is extremely fragile thing, it’s a gift that we tend to destroy. We are, as a rule, his bad karma destroy it, so it takes very little, and few people have time to really get up to the heights.

If you imagine that such a state of love, you are somewhere around can imagine, what fits the saint (in any case, so teaches yoga) when it has already reached this higher. But then comes an even higher state of which he can not even speak, it can only try to find some kind of analogy. Why is this? Because we are able to really see the love unabsorbed our energy and consciousness, which is not absorbed in numerous TV series, commercials. We seem to be pulled out, we have forgotten about them. We have only one object, it is the object of our love. We pulled out all his consciousness from the rest, as if it was not moved to the object of our love, for example, a girl on her youth, in which she fell in love. According to yoga, when you think about just one aspect, this state is called samadhi. That is, a unidirectional state where only one entity or phenomenon. We seem to be stuck in the world, our existence mired in the world around us, and we fell in love, as it were, again, pulled it all from the outside world and sent to the same object or phenomenon. And here it is in its pure form for us. Therefore, generally speaking, in a state of love in its effect, just as in a state of samadhi. Do you remember or do not remember that, according to the theory of yoga, if a person stays for a long time in samadhi, then roughly speaking, every second stay in samadhi, he scatters all his ignorance, close to the source of its manifestations, the source of his happiness. Thus, it becomes a free and out from under the yoke of this universe. This is due, for example, in our school of yoga is believed that love yoga is one of the fastest in the world. There are classical yoga, there fast techniques in yoga and is yoga of love. And it is generally the fastest of all. But the issue is compounded in yoga love the fact that we tend to destroy their love. Unconsciously, however, and under the influence of negative karma.


Back to the delight of us, to this state of happiness, joy, nature of being. Once again, it is somewhere close to this state of love, because the formal kind of like nothing has changed, but you’re happy. There I also spend a parallel between the different methods of yoga. It is believed that the suffering we are nothing in this universe does not reach. Yoga affirms the following thing that suffering in this universe nothing is achieved. Achieved only supreme happiness, the supreme pleasure. But suffering is also necessary for us to ensure that we come to this state. Here the analogy in Russian folk tales. Remember the analogy between the living water and dead water? Ivanushka prince Bag of Bones killed, the poor fellow, and went Vasilisa the Beautiful, scored two bottles of Coca-Cola, one of living water, the other with dead water. And pay attention to the sequence: first it sprinkled Ivan Tsarevich dead water, and healed all wounds, and then the living water, and he himself revived. It would seem as if the contrary? Right to live with water. Ivan Tsarevich would be revived, and the wound would have not gone away, and now he bloodied, with a hole in his chest, and was zhivehonek. Not logical. That is, in all fairy tales echoes of ancient wisdom that we have lost.

Also, with suffering and pleasure. However, it must be suffering, but they are nothing, no one, have never reached. It simply removes the obstacles, but does not guarantee that you will get, say, higher knowledge, or some higher level of yoga. Sometimes this is also the point of view there is that only through suffering all. Yes, indeed, suffering – something very noble and nowhere on it does not go. As long as there is our negative karma, and suffering will be. But rather, it is the healing of our wounds, we ourselves have caused a bad karma in the form of what we used to do the unnecessary actions, and they came back to us and as a result we suffer. And they make us reconsider its point of view on these things, so that more and we did not get bad karma. Thus, as it were redeemed. Suffering, by definition, it is just like a dead water, which heals wounds, but it does not give life. Culminating with a yoga point of view, only pleasure, only joy, only Ananda.

Here is a very interesting topic, is also very close to the yoga of love. The more time we spend in this state of supreme joy, supreme love, that this higher Ananda, the faster our inner transformation, the sooner we overcome its own internal ignorance and the faster we reach, in general, all of the highest results of which says yoga. By the very fact that you are experiencing the joy and happiness you this fact approach to overcome internal ignorance, to overcome some internal errors and approach to its natural state.

Man in a state of happiness.

As you know, pleasure too, are different. Sometimes it is possible to have fun today, and tomorrow is very serious suffering to pay for today’s fun. That is, it is possible today to rob a bank, and in every way to have fun and it seemed the more we have fun, so we better off with a yoga point of view, but tomorrow will come karmic retribution of our act, and we will suffer more in total than fun. Because we have to, first of all, fun to work illegally, and even the interest for the use of the universe makes as a bank loan. Therefore, from the point of view of yoga, you need only a state of happiness, for which then will not be retribution. Please note a very interesting effect, he even purely in life – effect. Man that is in a state of joy, happiness, fun, and it attracts joy, happiness, fun, and all the failures of his run. The famous Hollywood smile in the West, where there is all smiles, showing his false teeth or dentures white. It’s just somewhere intuitive awareness that if you create an image of a successful, fun, life-affirming, then, oddly enough, to you and do not stick any problems.

Now we have a crisis here, as they say, is brewing. No one knows, in fact, as it will, in any form, and so on and so forth. But remember that the most hideous experience, in this sense, America of the thirties (the Great Depression) showed that (by the way, and then developed a Hollywood smile) that was the time to cheer comedy movie with a happy end. The tragedy, melodrama and all kinds of series, where all drowned, look no longer, in principle. Because, and so life is not sugar, but when you show it still generally want to hang himself. And as it turned out that if in spite of, the fact that you feel bad, you act as if good, as if nothing had happened, to you people start to stretch. You look, and the chief, would you cut, and then think: “My God, how did I shorten it, so much joy will leave the company, I will keep to uplift the spirit. But whiner, yes, here it is a lean person came to work, all the crisis fears and without the sick, and yet he and his countenance is haunting, recalls, that it is perhaps reduced, although it is a valuable employee, “You know how panic on the ship. Such psychological factors. It works. Man that is in a state of happiness, which is in a state of confidence, joy, his immunity lifted and solve the problem quickly, effortlessly. It is as if this wave overcomes even the wave of something negative, it washes them away. On the contrary, a person who always whines, attitude towards it, so that all the problems still to hear him whining, on the contrary, his hand, and he struggled to solve even their own problems. All the problems and so, such a person all sides. And he is, oddly enough, more and more plays, a common scenario: stopped shaving, brushing teeth ceased from him and went to the crop area in general, no one talks to him. This is a common situation.

Ironically, known thing more profound that a person in a state of joy, happiness, behaves as if he is already close to his “I”, a source of joy and happiness. As you can imagine, this source does not depend on crises, nor the country, nor the circumstances, nor do not depend on anything. Even from our karma is independent. Great saint already crucified already campfire under him, and he smiles. Why? Because he surpassed suffering. Through what? He approached his “I”, it is simply no longer be suffering for it. Suffering is as long as you consider yourself be what you are not. Or how differently they say – were suffering, but the suffering there.

Legal happiness.

An important point: the longer we spend in this state of happiness, joy, elation, Ananda, the faster we go on the path of yoga. But it can be stable only if you have good karma. Once again, if you are a former felon, was privatized through the wrench on the head of any bank in its rival, got their hands on, ordered. What, in general, in our country, I remember in the nineties, so it was, as a matter of course, it is not even caused some of the shock. You are so happy today, so happy, so happy, but you gave birth to negative karma. And then come the opposite wave that you will suffer, suffer, suffer. And indeed, if you osuneshsya, people turn away from you, even your former colleagues on the gang say: well, just something he fell into decay. The bill is only the stay in happiness, then stay in the enjoyment of which is legitimate.

Once again, it is possible some dope drug eat this, incidentally, a very big problem, just mows people today. He had gone to India, get drunk fool, come – I opened it. I was in the temple, I discovered, but before that, there must be confessed, something I spiked. And he’s like in this state, as it were, you think: “oh-oh-oh, really opened, people believe in something higher.” But it is illegal to enjoy. There will come a wave of negative and that’s when he becomes ill, he will forget about it higher, because everything is built. So, what can we learn from yoga, we must gain the amount of time spent in happiness, but only by legitimate means. Not so that we have someone stole or someone pain caused. Because the wave of misery will come. Clean way. This theme is very good, by the way, covered in tantra yoga. It is slightly different because what is meant by tantra yoga in general. It is a question of terminology, that something is broken, that is not present on any other yoga. It is about the analogy, you are grilling, say cake. The longer it will stay in the fire, the faster it fry. That burns potter pitcher. It is made of clay – soft. It must burn, hold for a while in the fire, so that it became hard. Also, people that he has reached some higher state, he should fry in the heat of pleasure. And the longer he will roast in it, the faster it will reach the necessary standard to enlightenment. But the fire, enjoying the fire should be legal, honest, clean, not inconsistent with the first and second principles of yoga. Not that happiness today, and then this happiness for paying.

So it turns out you get started in hatha yoga, make an effort, work out, then you have a good condition, muscle tone, everything is clear, clear, calm. You are just in a state of happiness for a while abiding. When it is time, in the state of happiness, teaches yoga, tantra yoga, to be exact. As if the internal processes of dispersion are the inner darkness of ignorance. Even sometimes you do not realize it. Why? Because you get closer to your true nature. You get used to it. And what’s more, a saying that is always good to get used quickly. Why is this happening? It is only one reason that good – our natural state, and the poor – unnatural, so we have a poor long accustomed. It turns out that the practice amounts to a set of legitimate pleasures. What is meant by legitimate pleasures? Once again, this is not the pleasure that you have purchased, causing harm to living beings. Or those pleasures that you have received, violating the second principle of yoga, distracting on trifles, not reasonable. If you properly disclose the potential inherent in us, then you get this condition.

But all this, of course, sounds very good, but in practice, in life everything is much more complicated. Because, firstly, it is necessary to overcome the negative karma. She luggage behind us going. We must somehow balance it. We must somehow transcend it. Moreover, it is necessary to engage in such a way that one part of this that’s positive karma neutralize the negative, and the other went to the feeling of happiness, joy and so on. So, only if you have a ground of joy, happiness, fun, true of your condition, but it can only jump in the direction of “I”. I will remind the previous lecture, that’s the state of happiness, joy, joy, Ananda – it is, strictly speaking, begins with the moment when our “I” identifies itself not with what it actually is, and with its manifestations. But when “I” is absorbed by itself, it is as if the state of pleasure, happiness is so high that it does not have the words, concepts and ideas. And this experience can not be transferred with all their desire. This is the situation of a smiling Buddha. Buddha, how are you? A Buddha smiles in response. Are you enlightened? Yes, enlightened. Well, tell me how is it? And he smiles. And what can he say? It is inexpressible. Once again, I keep repeating this theme, sometimes on the contrary, the cynics say that the secret is that there is no secret. That is, he realized that he had no nirvana, and laughs at you. And you do not understand. That is, it is the game of the mind. Everyone sees himself reflected in the other.

It turns out that being in its natural state of pleasure, we overcome ignorance. And ignorance brings us closer to the source of our happiness, our “I”. We generally go to the state, which is sometimes called Samadhi without object. Let me give you an analogy for you to catch. You now after today’s lecture know how dangerous it is to watch TV shows. During the flow of your mind, rest assured, will the flow of your energy and your hard-earned denezhek. Oh, how? Friends, believe me, they will find a way. You know anecdote? Even if you will be given a packet of crisp banknotes just so you can be sure that you pay and then a pack, and for the fact that they took, and that all were there, and even for the guy, all inclusive is. You know now that if you pull your mind of what you do not like, you pull out and your energy. And what you do not like, it begins to decay, wither, wither and then die. That’s who do not like soap operas on TV right now, that is an easy way to kill them – they get people to not look. They then remove the stop. In another way. And to stop playing, you have to mind there was not sent. It should be redirected. But in the particular case of the individual, he pulls out his energy and how it would all fall off, ceases to exist for him. In the state of higher samadhi, we would like to pull out even from its manifestations. And from a formal point of view, in a state of highest Samadhi, as if we are gone from this world. The body is left, it means everything is in place like, and our “I” completely pull itself out of this shell, which it ruled. Very interesting are explained from the perspective of the way, kundalini yoga, when it is due, as pulling and pulling power of consciousness, it is just the energy of kundalini awakening, pulling it together with consciousness. And for a while the body – it is an empty nut shell. True, you can then go back and it is still alive, as opposed to death, when all the “I” is completely gone in myself and somewhere, then it is not clear where to be born.


Vadim Zaporozhtsev. Questions? All clear? Friends, believe me it’s an illusion, I’m a magician, a liar. I am very advanced topics hid and left the logical at first glance. You know, on the basis of five-five – twenty-five, six, six – thirty-six, seven, seven – forty-seven, eight, eight – fifty-eight. According to this principle, I’m hid some such difficult moments. Why? Because otherwise, our lecture would become very boring. This, of course, a joke, nothing I have not hidden from you. Just one more time, if you have the feeling that everything is so simple, it is explained only by the fact that this kind of lecture I read a long time ago. As they say, sleight of hand and no fraud. In fact, if you start thinking about these topics, you will quickly realize what a huge amount there should be logical sostykovok do. Just want to warn – they are all there. Yoga in this sense is not lying. Just like any rocket science proves their position, as they say, a strict mathematical method. Similarly, in yoga position proved any strict logic levels. Although, strictly speaking, Yoga deals with things that are higher than the concept of logic. But logic has never contradicts sverhlogike. We are now discussing with you the theme of the area sverhlogiki. But operated logic. Operated, I hope very good that you thought it was all logical. But the theme sverhlogichna. A logic compared to sverhlogikoy, stalled. Moreover, even the logic there should be carried out as in the higher mathematics, but it is not my time. In general, yoga and so disappears, and if even now in Sanskrit bump and consistently prove anything at all will not be saved. More precisely, no one at all will not understand anything, accordingly will not be interested in this, respectively, will not read it, respectively treatises on yoga will not be translated, printed, respectively, they will not be in demand, for example, in the same India and mouse there sgryzut or worms, or whatever, I do not know. Look on the Internet very often come across a treatise, but it covertly, all in Sanskrit, it’s complicated, and it is not clear in all holes. Do you think that in the hole? Click photo to enlarge. The worms eaten. I’ve seen just in libraries. We have a library too old books, sometimes holes in them, the worm ate. It turns out that too detailing, we lose people who understand.

The question: “Tell me, how to find the criterion of the legality of pleasure?”

Vadim Zaporozhtsev. In yoga all quite simple in this respect, as far as can be simply unspeakable. There are two principles of yoga. So, what you started today’s meditation. The first principle of yoga – not causing pain to any living being unless absolutely necessary. Second – it’s not wasting their time and effort for nothing. It’s like a corridor. Between them, if fit, life between these two principles, then enjoy your rightful. If you can not fit between these two principles it means not lawful. How? Either I get to the detriment of other living beings, and they are suffering. And I generates karma for that answer. Or I use their resources is not rational. And I’m out there, sort of like getting pleasure, but in fact more to lose than get pleasure. As if I had to warm up the money began to burn and warm them. When could they buy a ton of coal and a fireworks arranged. This criterion.

Question: “And if a person has reached the state of happiness, it is possible that it will take or have with them will remain?”

Vadim Zaporozhtsev. You mean the state of happiness? There is another term that I did not consume. Sometimes it is said that happiness is not coming. Not the one that has come and gone, and the true, inherent in us. How can we lose something that we can not lose? That is, in this sense, yoga irreversible. If you overcome the illusion disappear even the prerequisites for the illusion. Very good it is at our friends the Indians in the Advaita Vedanta system, favorite example of the rope and the snake. You go and you think the snake is hiding in the ground, you now bite. You come closer, you see – rope. All illusion is overcome. Next, you get, touched, really rope. Further back, it will not turn into a snake. That’s just as well, when we achieve some success up, it is irreversible. So if this is really the enduring happiness, in fact this expression is “not coming”, there is something that does not depend on some conditions, it is not going anywhere. The same applies to personal life, friends. If you do not deserve your husband or wife, you do not hold, and if they were yours, they will not go away from you, so they should not be jealous.

Question: “I have today for the first time, I want to ask specifically what to newcomers? Previously, stand up, lie down later? Here are just a few specific directions? “

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Start with a new life on Monday! Sunday reflections on Monday … What do we do with all of you Monday? We are no sudden movements do not do. We are no revolutions, coups, rearrangements, showdown, do not do explanation of the relationship. We easily recognize, we begin to look around carefully at the sides, to see in which we conceptualize the situation and just because sometimes you can live life and never even comprehend. Actually, I live now, I have this, this, the fifth, tenth. And where it came from it? I, for example, such a machine. Where does it come from? Why this and not another? I have the job, I have a wife, I have such a flat, something else, there is some capacity, or other such. First, start the inventory that is. Then the next step, you have to realize, and that is necessary. Because, however, can be the same again strange to live life this way: “What do I want? Something vague there, something is out there, I generally want to and that, and career, and a lot of money, and then, behold, and a beautiful wife. ” But once you know, it’s like in a fog all, somehow vaguely, vaguely. In general, the universe and our minds have a tendency not to execute no clear ideas. As long as we do not know precisely what we want all of our internal structures themselves can not understand, and what we want to, we do not attract. We must decide what we actually want! Do we want spiritual enlightenment, we want a beautiful figure, if we want a raise. In general, quite specifically, we need to define what we want. And then we find out what types of yoga helps in attaining this or that or third. Because if people come for, say, a good figure in the yoga classes, well, what good is it to me to meditate or make any there to study the philosophy of high, if he has a very specific purpose. He it should at least realize that is called to enjoy it, then of course, he may have the following question: “Well, it was a small thing, but what do yoga there are higher by more?” Therefore, define objectives, what we want . Choose a specific type of yoga. Getting engaged. But there are some yoga, which is almost universal.

If you are, of course … You know, there are people who are very seriously ill, they can not sit, can not stand, it is difficult to them, is a separate issue.

But as a rule, if you can yet walk, run, jump, move, and still alive, it is extremely useful to start practicing Hatha yoga, kriya yoga, mantra yoga and a little breathing pranayama yoga – a gentlemen’s set, which makes the area in general -So, for all other purposes. And even if you aspire to spiritual enlightenment, and to your physical body or a beautiful figure you do not care, believe me, it will be necessary to meditate for a long time, it needs a strong, strong body and if it is not, then you could hardly reach. This is a universal kit. It is for this reason in the world by the word yogi, first understand what? The man who sits in a pose of any color or so or so or so. Why? Because this is the first where to start. Good health, good health, a sane mind. Therefore, on Monday we are engaged in reassessment, revision, reconstruction, and on Tuesday begin to deal with some yoga, say, hatha yoga. If you can not deal with hatha yoga at home, and we do not know how to do, we arrive somewhere in the class. In Moscow, thank God, so full of centers where yoga is taught. Somewhere better, somewhere worse. In principle, these too frank scoundrels of yoga virtually none. Everyone has some kind of his style, someone something one likes someone something else like that. Choose for yourself exactly the style that suits us, and we begin to walk and engage. How often and for how long? If you come to class, it is clear that there is a class hour, hour and a half, depending on the center, in different ways. And again, how often? Long experience shows that if less than two times a week – not effective. That is, not less than twice a week. Over time, though there is a tendency that people are starting to deal with every day. They were just nice, they just pull. Here is a vital plan for the next week. The crisis is canceled, there is no crisis. All in our hands. Getting over a work here in this way.

Question: “When a person achieves enlightenment, a higher” I “, why he remains in the body?”

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Friends, you know, I have not yet attained enlightenment, so I can answer such questions, only with reference to the senior comrades. What I bought for and sold. So you really do not blame me that when you reach enlightenment by God to share, but I’m afraid that I will also be silent as the Buddha. Do not articulate something of yourself is squeezed. Therefore, the state of enlightenment, we are talking more about him than understand it. If we understood it, we would have long since begun to engage, to reach it, it would have been for a long time there. And if we’re not there yet, somewhere, we still difficult to grasp. This is a large, bright, rainbow, which should come as classes. Sometimes I hear this phrase, it leads me to tenderness. Introduced me to the person and say, “But Vassily Ivanovich Ivanov, he is also, as you are doing yoga, he has already passed yoga, he is now engaged in a struggle Nanai boys somewhere, because yoga has already passed.” I do not know how to behave, or to fall at his feet and said: “Master you have passed yoga, teach”, or did not pay attention. Because sometimes we substitute the concept. We had read a book about yoga, and somehow we currently generated inside, and it would have felt a yogi while he is in samadhi. And decide for yourself, oh, yeah, I already know. I kind of came up with himself, he, as it were, not doing, like it has worked, and it seems to me that I was already all yoga. Friends, gray-haired yoga, which in forty years, fifty years, engaged, never themselves are not so blatantly. They even reached the really state, which from our point of view is also characterized as a state of the ant from the universe, they are still in anticipation of what was to discover something more, more, more light, more joyful, more exciting, fantastic. Therefore, in a phrase, and I was all yoga, yoga in certain circles, it’s just an anecdote is told. Here, in principle, can not be answered. That’s what’s a person experiences in the body? This was the question, or I went to the side?

Question: “I meant, why he left? When he realized that he did not display. “

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Oh, it’s on the other side of the answer. That friends, I am here before you today to turn out inside out, trying in every way to advertise yoga. What a cool thing and so on and so forth. Whatever you dragged your consciousness from soap operas on TV, well, at least partially. And before you know, looked through the book smart or work for yourself, the health gained. Question: “And I know where it is?” I’m just like you. You think I’m an angel with wings, I halo, hiding somewhere. There is no wings, no halo, no nothing. I am the same as you do. Only a little bit early began to study yoga. All the knowledge that we are now discussing, it is a gift. It is a gift of those yogis who really went out and then came back only for one purpose, to convey this knowledge that we are now listened to here. Where does it come from? The man realized, left, returned, transferred knowledge, then I say: “Guys, well, then, everything, all understand? Well, I went, it means hello. ” It is only in this way. The knowledge of yoga in itself is a gift from those who have returned. Otherwise, how do we know what it’s like there? I do not know, I was not there. I say this, why? Because I have what is called in yoga authoritative testimony. That is, the authority of the people who taught me. What if they lie too? And they come from? Only through the experience. A person who has everything is implemented, it shall return to return all or dissolved. Reads the information from the Universe, as many suggest, like everything. Yes, it is, only we do not understand, need an interpreter. Universe so talk to us every second, but we do not understand. Wanted to us someone said in the language that we understand. And for that this man should go back and find us our language.

Q: “And what a feeling, why you want to tell us about it?”

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “I work so I have money so paid.”

Question: “I know it’s not the only reason. And here you can pass this is such feelings? “

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Friends, you know, I am a patriot of Russia. But this, you know, not leavened and silly, which is now a lot of these – hurray, hurray. I believe that our country has paid the most terrible price for the entire twentieth century. Poperebili people in our community! Yes, we criticize our leaders, indeed, not all of them were white and fluffy, but Russia has stabilized the whole of humanity. You know, when fighting in a fight, a healthy guy separates, and this guy has one side and another side. We were in this role. Now we have poverty, we do not have housing, we do not have work. The word we shake crisis. Americans laugh. Why? Since the days of the thirties they had not experienced. You know, the country is not frightened idiots. And we all know what it is. I believe that if the spiritual revival to begin, it should start from here. Not because America is not from India and China, even from well-fed burgher Europe, namely from Russia. Because if someone is paid and very bloody price for this knowledge, it is paid for you and me. More precisely, we are not with you, and our ancestors. Once again, it seems to you that we do not have it, this is not present, there are no roads, we do not have housing. Friends, are we paying you for the victory in World War II and then for an arms race. She drained us completely, but the world was balanced and it does not disappear, because a karmic point of view began to nuclear war, the cockroaches would survive. And I would again evolution began. Another generation of some kind of a peace-loving creatures. But once again, my friends, I am a realist, I see, I live here and therefore sometimes even ashamed to say that you are a patriot. Because the background of these other patriots, still think that you’re with them. According to another can not be. Another such moment. Since I was born here, it is necessary to train something to do. And what you want. Since you were born here, well, change the world for the better, tree sticks! What? You will moan, cry, everything is as bad? Can the same energy, instead of moaning and plakaniya using yoga techniques, they say, to turn defeat into victory. Begin to dominate, achieve success at work, in education, in finance, in everything, in love, in your personal life, in art, in the works, each one his own. That is, do not go into the cave, live so that light from you spread. You see, the opposite has always and always will. Therefore, why not? Of course, there are still a million any reason, but because we have this public lecture, and my task – to PR. Such brazen, blatant PR yoga. I therefore focus is on these two topics.

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