Mantra Yoga (based on seminar)

“Meditation” Seminar

Location: Moscow, the cultural center of the “Enlightenment”

Author and presenter: Vadim Zaporozhtsev

School: Anandasvami

Mantra Yoga. We all know how to talk. speech process is not so simple, it is directly linked to the process mysleobrazovaniya and mysleobrazovaniya process is directly related to what is called Kundalini energy, so in a certain sense the mantra yoga – is to use the Kundalini energy through the vibration of words and thoughts. There is a technique, when we begin to pronounce certain words, and begin to use inherent in us the Kundalini energy that truly works wonders. Do you pronounce this or that mantra, and the effect is quite obvious. There are mantras energy, consciousness and Names. Mantra names – these are mantras which are present in a balanced way and the energy and consciousness. This yoga is considered one of the safest, and which you can master your own.

Mantra yoga is very poorly known both here and in the West, in fact, it practically is not understood even in the east, while in the east there is one big advantage – they do not understand, know how to use it, and we is not enough that we are not able to use it, but do not understand.

Who is such a term as “mantra” has begun to spread, and people already know about what it is, understanding this to mean some recitatives. Only the mantra is more than just words, and something stronger than just focus on the words. Many of you have heard and read in the books, saw some movies that were in ancient times, some oracles, priests, magicians, wizards, sorcerers who cast spells, and something happened, and the spells they were very different, but the fact that it worked. Up to now have lived, in general, only every kind of grannies that live in the dense forests in the hut and are able to allegedly start talking, and if you take tribes in Africa or South America, and there is generally very often. It seems that the local shaman-healer is the main tool.

We moderns are somehow skeptical about this attitude, how words can have such an impact, and the effect is strong enough, and the effect as if from another plane. Those who have studied the life and customs of these people, found evidence that it works. What this bill says yoga? Yoga says it echoes of very powerful tools which are in yoga, it is the power of the mantra, but the fact is that all the spells and charms in a very mild form, as a rule, transferred or in succession or somehow intuitively understood by all members these tribes. In yoga, the same shall be approved no more, no less, that the power of the mantra is so powerful that it can literally sometimes save lives and sometimes help him to reach all sorts of goals that he wants to achieve. The objectives of these different, someone committed to spiritual growth, some for material things, someone to health, etc. Then a cruel joke on us all playing our civilization. We all, in contrast to the primitive people, a well-developed mind that as a guardian if it something does not understand, he says, that it is not, what’s the point repeating some spells, mantras, recitatives, it makes no sense . This man locks himself does not use this science, as a consequence of not getting the result and, consequently, does not believe in this science, that is, our mind plays with us a very bad joke, it makes us ignore this powerful science. The only obstacle that you will be on the way – it is your serious attitude to the mantras. If you are serious about mantras, you quickly realize that it really is a real science and that is called, on the skin, in the positive sense of the word, make sure that it works. If you are skeptical, and thus do not practice, then with great difficulty and with a lot of wasted time before you reach this science.

It should be remembered that the mantra yoga solely and purely practical, understand and realize the effect of the mantras only if you practice. If you do not have personal experience and, most importantly, if you do not have the right attitude, the mantra yoga take you more time. In mantra yoga, any positive result makes a person in a different way to look at it and, consequently, intense practice, and if he starts to practice more, more the result comes. So we remember that if we want to succeed in the mantra yoga, we need to practice.

When we work with the voice, we create sound vibrations that are transmitted to our body. If we are in the right way and the right combination of sounds repeat, we have carried out a massage on a very subtle level of our entire body. At the level of the nervous system block all pulses coming from outside. When you utter the famous vibration, you are disconnected from all nervous stimuli from the outside, in fact, there is such a way to the repetition of certain sounds, when you stop to hear sounds coming from outside.

There are a huge number of purely mental phenomena that can be explained through science. Now it began to appear some books, where it all settles, it’s all very interesting, but it is only a small tip of the iceberg mantra yoga theory. But the real, deep theory of yoga mantra is so serious and ambitious, which is considered one of the most difficult yoga. You have to remember that only the knowledge of this theory really justifies why the mantra yoga works.

There are words of power, and when a person is a long, long repeats them, they wake up and their effects disproportionately and in a completely different plane than our speech, these words are called mantras. Where did they come from? They were handed over to us from the ancient teachers of yoga. At one time they practiced the mantra, repeated them, achieved great results, and then passed on to us. It’s like some among Neanderthals found a Kalashnikov. Mantras – these are the tools of force from the east, who never dreamed of our military.

There are words, quatrains, which are called mantras, and the difference between them from the usual quatrains is that their effect is not even the fact that a disproportionately large, and generally unthinkable, from another region, but to this mantra is operated, it must be repeated , repeating a long time, as long as the mantra does not wake up. Mantra is in a sleep state, the task of each of us – this mantra to awaken. For if you understand the practice of mantra or do not understand the theory, it has an indirect value, the main practice. What is the theory? In order to knock down a peg with our mind. Our mind is a wonderful thing, but many things he does not understand, and what he does not understand, he denies and throws. And so the theory is needed in order to give the mind a worthy task, logical theory, there are no inconsistencies, let’s mind and engaged in theory, but we will take up the practice, and when you get even a small result, you take it easy. But still a few things I will add the theory.

The world we see around us, it is nothing less than a vibration, the whole world – is the mantra. Any object that we see – a piece, roughly speaking, this mantra, that is, all the vibration as a whole has created this whole world, then this initial vibration (Om) broke into pieces like a spell, and they started in different types of dock. Just as the alphabet can put any word, and similarly, each object is composed of a combination of the vibrations. If we learn to produce these vibrations, we will learn how to create or destroy things, objects and phenomena. From this point of view, when we say the mantra, we are neither more nor less than we create an object or phenomenon. Therefore, all of these spells in ancient times and worked. Another situation. I walk down the street, and some guy sent me, but for some reason I will not fly away, I do not care. Why is this happening? Because the one who sent me, not awakened these mantras, they are just vibrations in the air for him. The difference is that the word is valid or not valid, the mantra acts or does not act in only one – she is awake or awakened. There are mechanisms that protect this knowledge from people immoral, the so-called “foolproof”. However, there are mantras which do not care about your spiritual condition, they are a Kalashnikov assault rifle in the hands of a Neanderthal, which was sent back and shoot, but, thank God, these mantras are not published, they are not available.

So the whole world that you see around you – a vibration, or rather a combination of vibration lumps. If you learn to play these vibrations, you will learn how to reproduce objects and phenomena in the universe. If you are kind, if you send all of your efforts to help others, to support, to ensure that this world a better place, you have a tremendous tool in the hands, and you can help yourself and others. If you try to use it foolishly harm, remember that this will be reflected and return to you the law of karma operates in mantra yoga, just as in all the others.

So, all around the vibration well, but from the standpoint of yoga mantra we are who? To a certain extent we are also vibration, our bodies, such as vibration, and if the vibration is not false, we are in very good condition physically, but if there comes a falsehood, we have a pain disorder. The piano is old, it starts to play, and the sounds are not such as we would like, that’s just as well, and your body, if it is not maintained in good and due form, it begins to be false, it is a pain. Accordingly, just as the master comes, he takes the fork and adjusts each string, and also in our arsenal is the mantra that we treat. If we begin to pronounce them correctly, long and hard for them to wake up, roughly speaking, all tuned to resonate chord in our souls and our bodies, and we’re back in their harmony, this is a tremendous revitalizing effect of the mantra. Try some nonsense talk for three hours, you get tired, but if you start to repeat the mantra, even if you got them a little bit awake (the teacher), you are after these three hours of leave with quite a different sensation and sometimes relaxed. Why mantra fade with time? Because we have the time, if consciousness and energy of man apart, the mantra becomes invalid. In mantra yoga is such a way that if you want to quickly awaken mantra, learn to speak the truth. If your words are not at variance with the case, teaches yoga, the ability to awaken mantra have you opened automatically. It’s very hard to do, because this world of falsehood, so try not to lie as much as possible, and I stress possible, and most importantly try to be honest with ourselves. This facilitates the circumstance, but, nevertheless, do not do not have to be an idiot to fall into paranoia, do not make any sudden movements tomorrow, let it be natural and harmonious. So, if we have not the time, the power of our words is increased, if we time – decreases, and so on. From the perspective of yoga mantra we differ from all over the universe, if you will of the Absolute, if you like from the Enlightenment, one – as if we part of this consciousness, we are part of that energy. What separates me from this whole? This so-called name of the mantra, but it must be understood more profoundly than our name, meaning more profound name. In yoga, people take the spiritual name was John Doe, and became … .. Ananda, that is Ananda in the end, it belongs to the Order of sannyasi, and so the name is more of a determining factor. If you explain “on the fingers”, then – as the ship call, so it will float, and whether we like it or not, but the fact that each of us has a name, like it us, or do not like a vibration, of course dull, certainly not in a literal sense the vibration of our nature, but, in any case, some characteristics of a person’s name to places and to some extent, restricts or expands one or another of its manifestation in the universe. So our name imposes on us an imprint as properly every word that we say, makes some action in our world, it is because in yoga and is called to speak as little as possible with violence, on the other hand have a position in yoga – to what is not name that is not in the world. If you have something you can not say, then do not. And there is one such thing which we can not call it our “I”. “I” is higher than the words, definitions than any quality, so as soon as I called our in any way, then it thereby limiting its manifestation. Name, in general, we do not choose, Mom and Dad decided we call it, and with the same name, we go through life. From the point of view of justice, they have every right to call us as they want, but on the other hand, we have the full right to be called as we want. It is from here and there are the so-called spiritual names or names that people took for himself. For all the others I Vasily Petrov, but for myself inside I call myself by that name, which, as it seems to me closer to my core. Each name, when born, it was assumed that it inherits the transmission to man those qualities which it stands, and in ancient times it worked. In modern times, it works less, but still working, so in terms of yoga mantra makes sense to think, and what is the essence of our name, what aspect in us very strongly expressed, or what aspect we would like to show. And then miracles begin, depending on what you choose for yourself a name, and if the name also will name the mantra, this mantra name will have on you is very great influence and willy nilly, you’ll start to show those qualities, which is the name bears.

Strictly speaking, all the words are the mantra, but the words are different from the usual mantra? The mantras of the word and its effects are the same, but not in the usual words. Once was the myth of the common language in which all people are talking. I’ve consulted with scientists working in the field of linguistics, who is in charge of monitoring any language from which there was, in fact, they have even more interesting moments, they have learned to deduce the laws of transformation and, moreover, the transformation ago, that is, they can reproduce as the sound word, let’s say, in a language that is already dead. And now, if you have twenty years ago said that there are seven major groups of languages, as far as I know, brought it all to one source, the so-called bareyskomu or Nostratic language that was once a common language, which is then broken up and went to break up . In the future, the meaning of words and the energy contained, began to disperse it, the energy of consciousness and word began to spread. And we begin with the words, energy and consciousness which in one way, use in relation to the processes in the other way, that is called lying. As a result, the power of words to action beginning to weaken. Strength is only two kinds of words, it is in the Mantras and mate, because there are all about, what power must comply with these words (it is in the mat) and undistorted mantra came from the depth of centuries. As a result of mixing the usual words have ceased to be mantras, they have ceased to operate, their meaning was sold with the energy they provide, and mantra preserved. Therefore, we say that the mantra is the special power of the word, although technically any word – the mantra, but worn out and greasy, lost energy, lost Shakti.

Now, a few moments of pure practice. There are energies of the mantra, there are mantras Consciousness and come in the Name of the mantra. The mantras energy force energy, the power of consciousness of consciousness mantras, mantras in the Name of the power and energy and consciousness. Mantras are to achieve spiritual knowledge, to achieve the wealth (of a kind), and mantras that through material possessions produce spiritual knowledge. The mantra should be repeated loudly, barely audible, mentally. Repeat aloud has a strong effect, repetition faintly ten times more impact than a loud repetition mentally ten times stronger than the barely audible repetition. It should be kept in secret mantra to achieve a result. It is necessary to repeat the one hundred and eight times every mantra several times in one hundred and eight, or half of the eight hundred, or a quarter of the one hundred and eight. Counts down the number should be in the clear.

Mantra energy in its action produce an object or phenomenon (Ram, Ham, etc.) They are not translated, they have no meaning. The mantras of consciousness other emphasis, there is meaning, so this mantra can be translated from one language to another, the main thing – not lost value. For example, there is a science of Advaita Vedanta, their favorite techniques – this is just the mantra of consciousness, and are they in the fact that people constantly repeats, “I am Brahman”, a Brahman means the total Absolute that my “I” is no different from the Lord God. In Sanskrit, they can say Aham Brahma, Shiva Ham. So, whether you recite the Sanskrit with the knowledge of the meaning, it will work, if translate into Russian, will begin to say in Russian, will work, the most important value. And, finally, there is the Name of the mantra, they operate simultaneously and the energy and the consciousness, that is, they carry with them, and some sense, and they have an effect. For example, the Hare Krishna mantra is the main Mahamantra, you certainly have heard – Hari Krishna, Hare Krishna, Krishna, Krishna, Hari, Hari, Hari Ram, Hari Rama, Rama, Rama, Hari, Hari. They sing it at all possible harmonies. Least of all, what they are worried about is privacy. So if you analyze the mantra itself, there are the names – Krishna and Rama, is quite specific characters. According to Hindu mythology, once Absolut decided to, as they say, fall to the ground. Absolute – he is the Absolute, it can do whatever it wants. So, he picked up and turned into a young man, the beautiful Krishna, with some qualities, walked, walked, killed many demons, a lot of things well done, and then disappeared. This was not the person initially and then, as they say, to the same and left. But he did during his life showed some qualities, was a brave warrior, female half was for him not indifferent, then there are some qualities that he himself was carrying, and so from a position of yoga mantra, if you start to repeat the name or they call themselves, as if you are playing the qualities that once reproduced Krishna. And this is exactly the mantra, because Krishna, when manifested, operates and energy and consciousness, where you have a bow strelnet, and where it is necessary to clarify what is what, if anything, the Bhagavad Gita was it dictated to them. Mantra name the most simple and fast in operation. Just as you need to do something, you can do yourself, or you can designate another, how would you address to the power that has the wit and cleverness, and can do something. While Bija Mantra, the mantra of the elements, you use your own convenience and do not know what happens. Mantra consciousness tune your consciousness, but the energy connects so, what you have, and what is not, and this will not happen. Therefore, it is a mantra most preferred.

What we all want? According to Indian philosophy, we have four goals of life. The first three are tangible: eat, sleep sweetly, to be claimed, to take its place in the sun and enjoy in every possible way because we are in this place. The fourth objective of life – this is when we realize that there is something beyond and would be good in the end, it is transcendental to go. We are beginning to seek spiritual knowledge, we have to spit on the Mercedes, Canary Islands and a bank account, we realize that all that we to the grave not utaschim, and therefore a person starts sooner or later, to think, and which, strictly speaking, it waiting. These issues impel him to spiritual reflection on how things are done, and a person is more concerned that’s about it, rather than on attracting wealth. But if we want to eat, and we begin to feed any kind of philosophy you from this satiety will not. Here are solutions to these two problems of different origin were given all sorts of mantras. Some mantras are solved only your immediate problem – what to eat, where to sleep, how to achieve health, wealth, or where to find the girlfriend of his life or the other, although this theme is more transient in the spiritual, yet these are things that you are asking for more tangible nature, you represent that you are asking for, but there is a mantra that does not give you, but they give you spiritual knowledge, you begin to understand how this world. What is the passing of the mantra, for example, the spiritual and material? So, I’m an artist, I want to understand the college, I want to paint a beautiful picture, so that it inspired the entire world. This, in general, sufficient material desire fame, recognition, etc., but by painting this picture, you will understand the principle of beauty Goddess Sri, the Goddess prohibitive, and that the whole world was created only for us to understand the principle of Goddess Sri is Sri Vidya yoga claims. And he had long practiced the mantra of the Goddess Saraswati Arts, painted a picture. He earned a lot of money on this, but at the time of drawing it produced so great an impression on him that he began to open the spiritual laws. This is the case when the spirit comes through the material.

How should I chant? And loud, and almost inaudibly and silently. It is believed that himself the strongest, barely audible weaker louder still weak, but should be practiced by all three kinds, if one is not to get, others will not go.

Principle secrets. In yoga, the principle of sacred secrets, but we must remember that the mystery without paranoia, because there is a real danger that yoga will disappear. But if we do not keep secrets principle, any consciousness and energy begins to penetrate, which is nearly the same as if you were building a house of cards, or engaged in soldering the chip, and it is time to open the window. Just as dangerous to open his practice, like nothing had happened, but so much dust has caused that, as there is practice lie, so if we are serious about practicing yoga, we study carefully, that it is necessary to practice, we choose to practice, we especially do not dwell on it. If we got the result in full or at least in part, only after that we can tell others.

For different mantras and different purposes different beads used. Rosary composed of one hundred and eight beads, one hundred and ninth bead connects with a rosary and is not used. When shuffling of beads we repress the one hundred and ninth. We do not use the index finger at the shuffling of beads. For different purposes different recommended the rosary, because the vibrations begin to impregnate the material beads, then you are no longer recite the mantra, and the rosary as a magnet magnetized, and but for the different vibrations with different carrier should be different beads. They are made of glass, wood, stones, bones, etc. When you bought the rosary, do not rush to use them, you have them should demantrirovat, preferably, but not necessarily perenanizat, the second – to take honey, cool running water, spread with honey beads and go through them, using the mantra PHAT without crossing the one hundred and ninth bead measure, similar to our Sushumna (center channel). Then drop your hand into the water, repeating PHAT, fingering, and then Om, until honey is not completely washed away. We aspire to no one saw, as we sort out the rosary, and do not try to look. Rosaries turning into an amulet. The mantra should be awaken. Mantra awakens multiple repetition and additional yogis and rituals. We awaken the energy of the mantras only in the event that repeating the word, vibration, then we reach the base of the body, where we located the energy of our lives, Kundalini, and if they fall into resonance, our Kundalini energy starts too resonant work as well as the words that we say, that is necessary to reach its primary energy and make it appear, that is the mantra of yoga goes through the vibration of words through all the internal structures, the vibration is transmitted as vibration support is becoming thinner, thinner and thinner , comes to the Kundalini energy, causing it to vibrate in the same vein, and this energy is very powerful, it immediately produces any effect which only wish. Every word that you say, it is an emanation of the energy of the Kundalini, Kundalini energy itself – the essence of the mantra, the vibration, just as is the vibration energy. And once that happens, the mantra is awakened. Accordingly, there are auxiliary ways, so that when we repeat, if we are still engaged in other yogis, we indirectly contribute to ensuring that this process is accelerated. There are mantras that work regardless of whether you understand the mantra yoga or not, whether you know the value of a mantra or not, whether you consciously pronounce it, or unconsciously.

All mantras in Sanskrit, where everything is as I hear, and write, because before was oral transmission, which is then taken and recorded, so the same words there are different ways to be written. To what extent can distort the mantra? There are quite a large corridor, so we say so, as it turns out. When you are versed in Mantra Yoga, will come to you personal mantra, here everything is personal and individual, and very strong, but it should be approached. Speed reading mantras determined by the speed of his mind works, you can quickly and can be slow, it is for each individual. We can read the mantra, without worrying about breathing, but there is such a wonderful opportunity, when we combine the breathing with the repetition of mantras, and if we are still in the fresh air all doing this, we automatically get pranoyama, we measured breath and exhale, it the opportunity to combine two of yoga together. Practice during solar and lunar eclipses accelerates results. Practice yoga with additional tools and accelerates results. Learning yoga mantra the teacher, to achieve results quickly, learning on their own, get results slowly.



Mahamrityunjaya mantra – mantra, conquering death, manrta Rudra-Shiva.

It is advisable to recite it, to avoid any kind of accidents leading to loss of health and life. This mantra gives, in the end, the highest spiritual knowledge. This is exactly the mantra, which through a particular manifestation of, firstly, has an effect, and, secondly, leads to higher spiritual knowledge. It protects it cures, it gives the ability to heal and protects.





Especially prescribed recite this mantra to birthdays.

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