Mantra Vidya

Mantra Vidya


Gayatri Mantra. Spiritual prosperity mantra.


OM BHUR bhuvah Svaha

Thathsavithur VARAINYAM

BHARGO devas

Dhimahi DHYO yo nah


1. The word mantra comes from the first syllables of two words and Trayate Mans. Mantra gives four kinds of fruits: Dharma, Artha, Kama, Moksha. Exempt from any contamination and any sin, it gives pleasure in this world and in all the higher worlds and grant final liberation. 2. Mantra – the safest spiritual nauka.3. Mantra purifies from all sins which are committed deliberately and bessoznatelno.4. Mantra burns up all karmas which they were not. First, it burns the bad, and then horoshie.5. The sounds of the mantra have vibration, they produce a certain shape. Each sound produces a form in the invisible world. The combination of sounds creates complexity; formu.6. Everything is vibratsiya.7 in this world. Energy – are vibratsii.8. In this world there is nothing but consciousness and energii.9. Bija (Vidzha) – a mantra or mantras elements. Just as all the words are composed of letters, and all the things in this world are made up of Bija (Vidzha) mantr.10. If we control the name, we control formu.11. Sound exists in four main states: 1) Vaikhari – audible sound.

2) The madhyama – internal or thin.

3) Pashyanti – even more delicate ethereal sound.

4) The pair – is a potential sound condition or indistinguishable. 12. To make a mantra to work, it is necessary to awaken the shakti (energy). The mantra should be razbudit.13. Mantra awakens after a certain number of its utterances, for each person according to his karme.14.Mantra pronounced loudly, barely audible (to the neighbor sitting next to us could barely discern it), umstvenno.15.Neobhodimo practice all three sposoba.16. Saying the mantra aloud very strong. Pronunciation faintly ten times stronger. Mental pronunciation is a hundred times stronger. But we can not ignore the utterance vsluh.17. The human mind is listening to their language, and only then what it conveys sluh.18. If someone makes a noise and prevents you, but can not hear what you say, practice mantra aloud as loudly as possible, and your mind will cease to hear all okruzhayuschee.19.Proiznosite mantra under his breath so that no one could take it apart slov.20. Mentally pronounce the mantra can be anywhere and ugodno.21. Just as the young man forgets about everything in the arms of a beautiful girl, like this the mind forgets everything, pronouncing the name Boga.22. Keep the secret mantra. Do everything in your power to her no one could hear. 23. The mantra works, we focused on it or not, whether we value it or not, whether we think we know about something extraneous or not. But the mantra is much stronger if we focus on it, know its value and not be distracted by extraneous mysli.24. The strength of the inexpressible sound, the idea formed in his mind by simply hearing the sound. Each name has a corresponding shape. Name and form are not razlichimy.25. beads used for counting mantras – small. Mala 108 beads, 109 beads – Mountain Meru.26. When counting mantras not ispolzue6tsya index finger, and does not cross the Meru. Meru – the center channel our tela.27. Rosary beads are made of glass, stone, amber, rudraksha, tulasi, sandalwood, bone, silver, gold, crystal, turquoise, jade, wood and so on. D.28. Mala is used for counting mantras, as well as to create a protection at all times, when we wear these with a chёtki.29. Rosary is always advisable to carry with them, then we will always be in the security field mantr.30. Before using the beads dismantled honey and water, unless the rosary, we were not gifted advanced yogom.31. We try, that no one would have seen our fingers that plucked the rosary.

Mantra Vidya (part 2)


1. The whole world – is the mantra (vibration) .2. And this mantra is, Om (AOUM) .3. All mantras came out of the mantra Om, mantra all eventually dissolve into Om.4. The primary mantra because of ignorance (Maya) was broken into many other vibratsiy.5. Each individual vibration – is the essence of the phenomenon or object of vselennoy.6. There are energy vibrations, there are phenomena and objects, manifestations of this vibratsii.7. If reproduce vibration, we reproduce an object or phenomenon corresponding to this vibration. Thus created or destroyed all the manifestations of this mira.8. We have a body, and the mantra corresponding to this body, reproducing the mantra, we can play our tela.9. If we reproduce part of this mantra, we reproduce a part or process of flowing in us (emotions, sensations, etc., etc.) 10. How does our rech.1) Our will voleizyavlyaet Pronounce (initiate vibration) .2) According to the will of our basic energy at the base of the body (Kundalini) generates oscillation energy of the spectrum, which wants volya.3) This vibration in a very thin media (the energy of a very thin range) .4) then this pulse is transmitted at a higher crude carrier in color vibration of the old and the support tougher than before etogo.5) Then, this vibration is transmitted to the more rough nositel.6) finally the coarsest medium of vibration of our body language plays an audible sound vibration (vaikhari, madhyama, pashyanti couple) .11. Our mind (mental abilities) consists of three sections. Or three parts: mind №1 (Manas), intellect №2 (buddhi), reason №3 (Chitta) .12. All the information that comes to us from the surrounding universe, comes through the rough and (or) the subtle senses. These senses transmit this information to reason №1 (Manas) .13. Mind №1 (Manas) passes or does not pass this information through itself into the mind №2 (buddhi). It depends on our attention to that directed attention, then it passes. What attention is directed not pass either late or not vosprinimaetsya.14. Mind №2 (buddhi) On the basis of information passed reproduce an exact copy of an object or phenomenon in itself. This copy of the object or phenomenon is reproduced from the finest material, energii.15. Reason №3 (Chitta) analyzes the copy created by the mind №2 (buddhi), and on the basis of this analysis creates a view of the surrounding things and yavleniyah.16. Due to the fact that the organs of sense (subtle and gross) is not cleared, the information held in a distorted form. Due to the fact that our mind №2 (Buddhi) is also not cleared, distortion is added and it urovne.17. So all our understanding of the universe around deliberately distorted, until the senses and the mind is not cleared, and we know about the universe around only by the image that is created in the mind №2 (buddhi). What is the reality of the surrounding universe, using these senses, we do not know. We see only a distorted, trimmed picture. Yoga task – to find out what the universe is in realnosti.18. There is a relationship of form and name, ie vibration of an object or phenomenon, which is that vibration (Nama-Rupa, Artha Sabda) .19. If there is a name, a form (object or phenomenon) if there is a form that is inherent in her name (vibration, the mantra). Reproducing the name, we reproduce the form. Having a name can be found formu.20. If ingested name, it reproduces the form corresponding to this name in mind №2 (buddhi). If the mind №2 (buddhi) gets the name of God, the form of God (the essence of God) is reproduced in exact kopii.21.Chem longer the copy is kept in mind №2 (buddhi), the more transformed our body, mind and quality. They are similar, the same as in bozhestva.22. Every utterance of the name of the deity, plays in the mind №2 (Buddhi) body of the deity, t. To. The name and form nerazryvny.23. The more often we repeat the name, the longer form of the deity is in ourselves, and the more we transform. (What do you think, so you become) .24. Not necessarily the presence of the deity form near us so that we are transformed, enough to have a name of the deity, to get the quality that it has bozhestvo.25. As the repetition of the name of the deity mantra, we become this deity and (or) it’s starting to be present beside us, first in the form of sensations, then in the form of visions, and finally in a real form, as if it was another person.

Mantra Yoga Exercises


(Text from the movie yoga “Kundalini Yoga Mantra”)


Before proceeding to the exercises Mantra Yoga, you should choose a suitable place for this. It is desirable that it was a quiet, secluded place where you will not hear and will not be disturbed. In the early stages of mastering Mantra Yoga is helpful to do the exercises as loudly as possible. Therefore, in order not to interfere with other people, you should consider this issue very carefully. In addition, you should observe the principle of confidentiality. In Mantra Yoga says that if you keep a secret practice, success can come much quicker. There are exercises and mantras such that if you do not keep them a secret, it is very difficult to get a result. If you do not have a suitable place to practice, practice, where there is a possibility.

Before the start of practice, it is highly desirable to have a bath, shower or simply rub yourself with a wet towel. It is also useful to keep silent for a while before practice and after practice. The practice of Mantra Yoga, you can at any time for the duration. On this point there are no restrictions. You can start with 15 minutes a day and gradually increase the time. Thus, you will find your amount of time. Perform exercises you can standing, sitting or lying down, it is desirable that your spine at the same time was right. Do not hesitate to his voice, do not try to make it beautiful and harmonious, let it be natural. Moreover, sometimes it happens that the more rough and ugly you think your voice is, the stronger the effect you get from exercise.

If you eat an opportunity to learn the exercises under the guidance of a yoga instructor, do it. If you find an instructor you can not or instructor does not inspire confidence, begin to learn and practice the exercises on their own. You can try to engage with our film, “Kundalini Yoga mantra” with the theory and practice of Mantra Yoga by using it as an instructor.

Mantra Yoga Science contains a large number of secrets and nuances that it is not possible to reflect in the film. So do not stop learning and reflect on the hidden principles of Mantra Yoga. Believe me, understand the meaning of Mantra Yoga, really hard. A man who knows principles of mantras, can be called Jnana Yogi, and this is a very high rank.

If, despite all attempts to understand the principles of Mantra Yoga, you do not succeed in this, then do not get discouraged, and persevere to practice all the exercises of yoga. And you get the results, regardless, you understand the meaning or not. In Mantra Yoga, like all yogis, the most important thing – it is honest, continuous and consistent practice.

1 exercise. Exercise “M”.


Sit up straight, close your eyes, breathe deeply. Slowly exhale through the nose, mouth, let it be closed. At the same time sing the sound “M” for so long, until you breathe out all the air. Then again breathe deeply and continue to pronounce the sound “M”. Do this exercise for 5 minutes. At runtime, you can play with this sound, changing the tone and differently straining neck muscles. Find a rate at which your body will start to resonate in different physical locations. Learn how to perform this exercise so that at runtime you are physically no longer hear outside noises. This occurs when your eardrums fall into resonance with the vibration of your voice.

2 exercise. Exercise “M” with Khechari wise.


Do everything the same as in the first exercise, only during the lift the tip of the tongue as high as possible inside the mouth. Try as would swallow my tongue. Keep your tongue as long as possible. If you feel a sharp pain or fatigue in the language. So relax it for a few seconds and then again lift up.

3 exercise. The mantra of “A”.


Sit up straight, close your eyes, take a full breath through the nose. With an exhalation start singing the sound “A” as long as the air leaves the lungs completely. Then, inhale again and repeat. Do this exercise for 10 minutes. At runtime, try to fully engage in the spoken vibration.

4 exercise. Mantra “O”.


Do everything the same as in the previous exercise, only to sing the sound “O”.

5 exercise. “I” mantra.


Over the sound of “O” say the sound “U”.

6 exercise. The mantra “OM” ( “AOUM”)


Sit up straight, close your eyes. Take a full breath in through your nose, exhale, begin to pronounce the sound “A”, presenting itself as a wave of energy vibrates at the base of the body, in the area of the sacrum and genitals. Then imagine how this wave of energy begins to rise up the spine to the navel. Once the wave energy to reach this area, modify the sound “A” sound “O”. Think of how, together with the sound of “O” area of your body vibrates in the spine in the navel area. Again, imagine a wave of energy continues to rise through the spine and reaches a region in the center of the chest. Once the wave energy to reach this area to modify the sound of “O” at the sound of “U”. Imagine the energy of the wave rises above the center of the chest, it runs along the spine in the neck, passes through the head and reaches the top of the head. Once the wave reaches the field, it modifies the sound “U” in the sound “M”. You can do this exercise on one exhalation, or for several breaths as you see fit. Repeat this exercise for 10 minutes.

7 exercise. The mantra “OM” ( “AOUM”) with closed ears.


Do the same as in the previous exercise, but only close the ears with the thumbs. This allows you to focus more on internal body vibrations.

8 exercise. Mantra “Mahamritendzhaya mantra.”




Copy the text from the screen of this mantra and Teach it. Then Retire in a suitable place and begin to repeat this mantra at least 108 times in one go.

This mantra produces kollosalnoe revitalizing effect on the person. According to the ancient yogis, it gives a person the security, health and satisfaction, as well as the final liberation. It is believed that this mantra protects against accidents of all kinds. The ancient texts say that you can acquire the ability to be treated by this mantra. It is offered to carry out this mantra while in the water, lost at the level of the navel. If you want to practice a difficult and dangerous of yoga, you will be highly desirable to learn this mantra.

9 exercise. Mantra “Gayatri Mantra” (mantra spiritual prosperity).




Thathsavithur VARAINEM


DHIO IO NAH Prachodayat


Copy the text from the screen of the Gayatri Mantra and Teach it. Retire to a suitable place and begin to repeat this mantra at least 108 times. According to yoga, this mantra bestows prosperity, wealth, health, every success, knowledge of yoga and the final release.

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