2009.01.10. Introduction to axiomatic yoga. “Mayan”. Part 2-I. (Vadim Zaporozhtsev)

Mayan. Part 2-I.

When there was confusion principle? Is there a division between the forces of light and the forces of darkness? Why sometimes the world before us is dark and intimidating? Where did all the darkness of the world? What was the source of all evil, negative, dark? What is the basis for the emergence of ignorance? Consciousness and Energy as two manifestations of the Absolute. For whom Maya real? How to overcome the Maya? What knowledge unlike the “selfish” knowledge? What are the three forces are needed to overcome the Maya? When Maya disappears completely? Why are there so many different types of yoga? At what stage of spiritual development we can say that nothing should be done to enlightenment? How do you know that Maya overcome? Why Yoga and religion firmly distance themselves? Can I make or persuade a person to practice yoga? Whence came to us the supreme knowledge? What initially: the knowledge, the will or action?

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Mayan. Part 2-I.

Author: Vadim Zaporozhtsev

Brief description: When the error originated principle? Is there a division between the forces of light and the forces of darkness? Why sometimes the world before us is dark and intimidating? Where did all the darkness of the world? What was the source of all evil, negative, dark? What is the basis for the emergence of ignorance? Consciousness and Energy as two manifestations of the Absolute. For whom Maya real? How to overcome the Maya? What knowledge unlike the “selfish” knowledge? What are the three forces are needed to overcome the Maya? When Maya disappears completely? Why are there so many different types of yoga? At what stage of spiritual development we can say that nothing should be done to enlightenment? How do you know that Maya overcome? Why Yoga and religion firmly distance themselves? Can I make or persuade a person to practice yoga? Whence came to us the supreme knowledge? What initially: the knowledge, the will or action?

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2009.01.10 Cultural Center “Enlightenment”.

The main text of the lecture.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev. Today, January 10, 2009. My name is Vadim Zaporozhtsev. We are with you in KC “Enlightenment” in Moscow near metro Novoslobodskaya. And that we have lectures for the Open University of Yoga. All historical data on our site www. openyoga.ru, www. happyoga. narod. ru, www. yogacenter.ru.

Before we proceed to consider the previous topic, I would like to know if there are questions. I remind you that we have considered such a thing as Maya. No questions. Then we continue to consider the same subject.

The main conclusions of the lecture “Maya. Part 1”.

Briefly recall that in the previous lesson, we looked at one of the most difficult topics in yoga philosophy, the theme of Maya. Maya – this is one of the most difficult to understand, and, at the same time, the most basic concepts in order to at least something to tie together. The simplest explanation of the term Maya if it translated into European languages, it is the term illusion. But, as with all the terms that came to us from the philosophy of yoga, the term is extremely difficult to be adequately translated. Because the term illusion does not transmit the essence of the whole and the whole meaning of the term Maya. Therefore, it is only part of the value of Maya.

In fact, Maya was the brick, or the basic building blocks by which was created by the diversity of the world. We both had time to consider the fact that the Maya, by its nature, is neither positive nor negative. It serves above all else, and a very interesting feature: provides complete freedom of will. Full freedom of the will, even in the absence of knowledge. Those. this is a basic principle of the corner of our universe to the fundamental primordial inner freedom. Freedom and liberty from all around. Even the freedom to be ignorant. I want to, I had ignorance – will enjoy. What I want, I will.

From here we made a very interesting conclusion that the Maya allows every living being or every person, if we consider it from the human point of view, create and live in their own universe. Everyone creates his own universe in a way that, on the one hand, this can be taken separately universe coexist or somehow interact with the universe of another person, but at the same time be completely independent of this other universe. If we voleizyavlyaem take something from this other universe, or from another person or from other belief systems, worldviews, and then we get. If we suddenly voleizyavlyaem not receive or, moreover, deny voleizyavlyaem system of views, the views of another person, or another, this little universe, nothing and no one can force us to accept it. In principle, it is impossible to impose anything.

As a consequence, a very interesting thing that we are the creators of their own universe and in fact live according to the rules, which are themselves used to be developed. We came up for themselves laws and then they started to live by them. In one life inventing laws, then we started living on them in the next life, and so on. And this sequence, when we come up with laws and then for them themselves and live as a result leads to the concept of karma, or the law of cause and effect. All that we have, according to the law of karma we have created ourselves. That we had a very brief review. As you know, the principle of Maya and it is a fundamental cornerstone of the entire philosophical system. Once again, the brick, which gave birth to the universe in which we are now living. Once again, Maya theme is inexhaustible, it is infinitely complex.

error principle.

This is a principle which allows for everything that we just do not want to. But at the same time, for this opportunity, we are paying that, we can be sure, and misled. This is a double-edged sword. The very principle of error that might mislead, this is precisely the property that arose Maya. Indeed, if the origin principle, which gave rise to the entire universe had an absolute omniscience, omnipotence, absolute clarity, transparency, intelligibility, and as we know, all that has been created in the universe, is the offspring of the original principle, which is sometimes called the Absolute, the question, at what stage there was all this illusory, obscure, confusing, and so on?

The forces of light and the forces of darkness.

Or, in other words, in many teachings of duality, usually give such a classification, that is, light intensity, and there are forces of darkness. A certain such dualism. There are forces of light, to which man strives, but there are dark forces. In many philosophical systems of our world is attempting to explain this, at first glance, trivial game between the forces of light and the forces of darkness. If the light forces win, then all is well. If the forces of darkness win, then all bad. And there is a constant struggle. And like the intensity is stronger, but something not very visible, so they won.

From the perspective of yoga, dividing the forces of light and the forces of darkness, on some things clean, good, wonderful things, and vile, repulsive, meaningless. In fact it is not, but, nevertheless, we are facing, we think, with something dark, terrible, terrible, with what might be called the forces of darkness. Question: Where, then, all this come from? Here we come back to the term Maya. It’s just taken out of reckoning for the freedom that each of us possesses. The original Absolut was clean, clear and bright; He created our world. And the world, at times, before us is somehow dirty, intimidating and quite as it seems to us, dark and scary. The question arises: “Absolute worked badly?” Or is it part of his ideas to create the horrors? Sometimes it comes down to a trivial formulation of the question, if the Lord God created our world, why he created Satan, who does all that bad?

From the perspective of yoga, wrong to blame the Lord God, but again, I remind you that yoga very rigidly distanced from religion. Yoga and religion – two different things. And here I give this example only to you caught on, but not to praise or criticize their religion. Religions themselves are, yoga itself.

The hypothesis of the origin of the world of duality.

It turns a logical contradiction: if the original was light, if the world came from some light source, the positive, then I took from the darkness? Where did the negative side? As in the saying: like the best, but it turned out as always. What you can put forward a hypothesis? The forces of light and the forces of darkness have always been, ie, world came not only from some light and the Absolute good, but also with this light and the Absolute was still good and the evil and insidious Absolute. Here they were two. One created all good, created all the other bad. Those. original duality.

A look at the origin of the world of yoga.

Yoga says no. The whole world came from a single source. The reason for the creation of the universe is a single principle. And this principle has the qualities or properties, if at all possible to talk about the properties and qualities of the transcendental principle that in the approximate description we refer to as something positive, good, great, wonderful, bright. The question then, once again, and where did the darkness? Where did all the darkness of the world? Tma- is the flip side of that principle, which was laid in the very structure of the universe. Each of us can build and live in such a universe in which he voleizyavit. And, in fact, all that we can see the dark and not very priglyadnogo is someone’s will. But it will, from a small mind or little experience, then this is shown here in black negative. Therefore, to accuse the Absolute, he has created a negative universe, it makes no sense.

Many people, sooner or later, by analyzing his life or the life of humanity, ask, well how all these wars, epidemics, disease? It could not have been easier to create our world, where there was not anything negative? Is it so difficult to be done? Make it was very easy, easier than that whatsoever. But it would be a programmed world institutions on key, which originally would have been firmly agreed that the only way, and not otherwise.

But the Absolute, creating the world, created the preconditions of freedom. And one begins to use this freedom in their own way. But you remember our last lecture, that is freedom, even without possessing knowledge about nature. We began each to his own to pull the blanket and as a result all the negative, what we are facing, it is in fact a product of someone else’s will. But not because this will genetically negative, not because of this someone else will stand some dark forces that have existed since the creation of the universe. There is such a force. Will that leads to something dark, generated an illusion generated by the Maya, is generated by ignorance.

Ignorance – the cause of all problems.

Once again, I want to reiterate the basic principle. When you begin to dismantle all the problems of their own personal problems to cosmic scale, you’ll go through the chain of cause and effect, if something occurred, so there was some assumption, etc. And, sooner or later you get to the source. So, the source of all evil, negative, dark, what we fear and hate, whether life or abstractly in his, he will rest on ignorance. And ignorance is when Maya principle is applied in the negative direction. Those. Maya is the principle of cost ignorance.

We have to clearly understand for themselves. With yoga point of view, no fundamental forces of evil do not exist in nature, it is not easy. As there is no darkness, and there is only the absence of light. No evil substance, there is no evil. They are not, is simply wrong, delusional, stupid use of those forces (if you like, the forces of light and the forces of good), a positive forces that have created and entire world. And in fact, it is not necessary to fight with the enemy, it is necessary to fight against ignorance.


Maya, as the basis for the emergence of ignorance.

Let’s go back to the term Maya. So Maya thing is very strange. This is the very basis for the appearance of ignorance. As long as the Absolute did not create our world, and the very concept of delusion, illusion, hallucination, or when we accept one another for the mistake, would not be in principle. Not least because that was not the principle that at least somewhere perhaps misleading.

But Absolute has created Maya. And, from that moment on, there was the principle itself, the very foundation, the possibility that chto-to can be misunderstood, and there was the very possibility that we can consider chem-to chto-to one another, this confusion.

Two manifestations of the Absolute.

Let me remind you that Maya is a very strange thing. By and large, the whole world that we see, reduced to two manifestations of the Absolute. One manifestation is called Energy, another manifestation called Consciousness. When we talk about energy, all very clear, clear and understandable. In fact, all – power. Those material things – it’s the same condensed, compressed, “frozen” energy. When a gust of wind – we see this energy, we can somehow attached.

Consciousness is a thing more abstract, more elusive. In Consciousness no substance. Consciousness – is the ability to highlight or that the original capacity of omniscience, which had the Absolute. She was confined to such a small narrow ray of which was called Consciousness.

The great and mighty Russian language can give these basic tips to understand the basic meaning, how does this or that principle. Consciousness goes something like knowledge. And, indeed, according to the knowledge of yoga, from Consciousness is one very wonderful property. Any object or phenomenon, which is directed consciousness and held long enough to provide all the information completely. Or, in other words, all knowledge of the viewer itself.


Action Maya.

Thus, energy and consciousness. Well, Maya? And Maya all very strange thing. It’s like honey in the cartoon about Winnie the Pooh. “Honey – it’s a very strange thing, here it is, and it just is not.” Let me remind you the example that we saw last lecture. We go and see a snake, come closer, and it turns out the rope. Or we see a lurking thief, come closer and see that it is a bush. A very strange thing. Here he is a robber, and it is not right. And it seems nothing has changed, but everything has changed.

And you can not weigh in the balance the system. I see a robber, weighed system, all recorded, all the indicators. Expressed in terms of their energy, to add on to the terms of consciousness, ie, fully defined system. Then he saw that it was not the thief, and the bush. Again, all of the energy performance, to add on all the indicators of consciousness. And I see that on one and on the other the scales equally. Those. Maya does not contribute anything in this world. On the other hand, it is two different things, whether there is a robber hiding or is it just a bush. It is two big differences to a person walking.

Dlya Maya real?

And here we come to the next time that Maya is real only for those who are exposed to the Maya. And it disappears, it does not exist for those who know what the Maya. Maya brand really starts to affect us, and we fall under this action. You turn on the TV: it killed, it killed an earthquake here, there is a flood, etc. and it is necessary to take some action. And try not to do this. Immediately you get a negative result on the law of karma. But once you overcome the Maya, all the same phenomenon seen you completely on the other side.

And only from this position when a person overcomes Maya completely, he begins to realize that in fact actually everywhere Absolute. What’s all well that one from another follows in a natural way. This topic is very serious, but we will come back to the term Maya.

With all my love is not special to psychologists, they have some interesting conclusions. Somewhere I read that the situation is perceived by the man behind the real, real to him on the consequences. Roughly speaking, what we believe, how we live. In fact, if I go on the road and see that it is a snake – I do not know, it’s a rope, or a snake. I’m not going to check if she tsapnet my leg and all my experiments on this end. I walk around it for 3 km. I for their actions, avoiding her for 3 km, acting as if it were a reality. And the reality of it or not, I do not know.

The same situation is with Maya. Maya is real and is valid for those who are under it gets and it is unrealistic and does not apply to those who overcome. If I 250,000 lives do yoga and attained the state that Maya has no effect on me, I know what its essence, and it is no longer valid. Moreover, it disappears as if it never existed.

Therein lies one of those interesting things related to the transfer of spiritual experience. Man does yoga and walks in this bright world in which Maya thinner and thinner, rough illusion gives way to a more subtle. It is to some extent ceases to understand ordinary people who are subject to Maya. He’s so much in another world, that he is very hard to imagine how a person perceives the world, subject to Maya. Therefore, the text says that many of the great teachers in the yoga consciously born in the next life, and, figuratively speaking, to themselves is letting a known amount of Maya to better understand those whom they teach. But again, once you overcome the Maya, once you overcome the illusion, she suddenly dissolves, as if it had never existed.

How to overcome the Maya?

And how to overcome it, the Maya? Maya is overcome by knowledge. We have already touched on this issue. But there is serious confusion. The fact that knowledge is knowledge of discord. And the knowledge that is necessary to overcome the Maya, or illusion, sometimes called higher knowledge. Only it gives an insight into what is illusion. Once again, I did in a speech put an equal sign between Maya and illusion. Maya – a Maya and illusion – an illusion. Illusion is one of the possible manifestations of what is called Maya. Maya is not bad and not good. So put under the control of Maya can be knowledge.

When we say the word knowledge immediately what associations arise? A thick textbook, which should be read to learn by heart. To pass the exam, get a “5” and then on the third day after the exam to forget everything that has been learned, and never come back to this no. This is such a common association with knowledge.

When we talk about the knowledge that transcends Maya, it has a “selfish” hue. In the sense that this knowledge, combined with the experience of the application of this knowledge.

What distinguishes a graduate student, say, an engineer, chief engineer of any enterprise (uncle, who at the plant 40 years worked)? At first glance, one has some kind of apparatus of mathematics, physics, mechanics, something he learned. And the second has the same knowledge. And, let’s say, nothing has changed in 40 years. As there was some electrical engineering, and has remained. But the difference between these two experts – an experience. One, it’s just a set of facts which he took for granted – passed some exams, something memorized, something he knows. Moreover, a young professional may even be smart about it. And show the gray-haired expert, how to do it. But the second, not only has knowledge, but he that is called, the hard way this knowledge implemented. When he generator has broken and he had his own wind, he realized that there is a theory that he had been taught, and have it translated into the material in the metal, he took it. At the junction of the theory and practice comes something completely elusive, mystical. The fact that everyone feels, but no one can not express. This gray-haired engineer produced a very strange property. Just start any device to act up, should he throw an angry look on this device, as that begins to work well. Remember, a well-known in Soviet times, the effect is a TV technician. Bad TV shows, appears on the verge of video technician – the TV shows well. Only video technician left – again bad shows.

Only that knowledge is the highest that you not only know, but also to feel, because you are many times it was performed. It would seem, what’s the difference? And yoga says something vaguely mystical added.

Stepping to the side, in circles where I studied yoga, a cool smart guy are in yoga. There are people, they usually say: “I have already passed yoga, tantra, I passed. I already know. ” And in Sanskrit begins to tweet something, but nothing came of it practiced. His attempt to be clever – a chirping, for which there are no bases. Of course, yoga theory is very necessary. But now listen to such a man will begin only after he did something, as they say, the hard way.

When a person acquires the knowledge, on the one hand we can say that this knowledge is formal (he read the book), on the other hand, if you will, this knowledge nonverbal. He really tried his hands something to do. When he did, he was born some associations, it all turned into something living. Indeed, at times, these gray-haired engineer, they refer to the unit that they are 40 years old and mend as a specific living being with its own character. It’s like X-rays shine through this device. He is told: “Vasily Ivanovich, the mill has broken.” And he was already enlightened mental eye and understands the need to tighten up a gear. Indeed, twirled, it earned. How did he know? And he did not what he knows, he feels it all. A kind of the analogy and the need for knowledge, which is overcome by the Maya. Without practice all attempt to be clever, and nobody wants it even more Maya, the illusion can unleash greater than help dissipate the Maya, with which we are fighting.

Three forces necessary to overcome the Maya.

In order to overcome the Maya, we need three forces inherent in us. This is the power of knowledge, willpower and strength. When these three components are mixed together, is born an elixir that can overcome the Maya. You really need to have such a dry knowledge theory. This is the power of knowledge. You have the hard way it’s done. It is said that Hatha yoga to engage, needs to be addressed, and not to consider themselves highly advanced. I usually hear: “I already highly advanced yogi, I have grown to Raja Yoga. I’ve just meditate, and do not twist pose, because I have a guru. ” A dangerous misconception. Monstrous list of losers who are here in the same way walking. As a result, these people become either cynics or, excuse me, in the floor dibilno wise men, who themselves sometimes do not know what to say. They appear then, oddly enough, a purely logical inconsistencies.

So, the power of knowledge. We must know. An example of this: read the book – have become a set of knowledge. Then skip this knowledge through their experience. At this juncture to add something elusive, absolutely imperceptible. Once again, a graduate of any educational institution, brilliant finish it, but not a day not worked in the production – “zero” in terms of the possession of what is especially appreciated and that the money is paid. Do not we, in the West, is very good money to pay professionals with experience. And when you get a job, no one will not disturb your education. Are interested in the last two – three years. Education, which can be anything, are important the last two – three years. So, the first knowledge, then this knowledge through itself missing.

But, oddly enough this is not enough. The third component is necessary, fundamental, as you know, it is necessary to voleizyavit to the way it was. Voleizyavit, if you will, to overcome the Maya. Maya is a very strange thing. It provides a free will in all things, including to overcome Maya itself. Without these three ingredients: Ichhi, Kriya and Jnana (if it is in Sanskrit), or, in Russian, Willpower, Action Force and the power of knowledge, will not you have the knowledge, able to overcome the Maya. Once again I want to stress this, unfortunately, I went to this trend – will go some wise guy in India, find some guru. Guru it really will set out, for example, the concept of non-duality of the world. One of its jagged cheeks puff of importance. Come here and let’s all learn that he has Jnana Yogi, that he or Hatha yoga is not necessary, and everything is gone, everything is low, and he was the greatest of the great.

Unfortunately, this trend is very often observed. Once again, it’s always an excuse to have fun for people who know. Women in this respect, rarely are such self-confident. Simply, they largely compensate for women’s intuition. They understand that knowledge is good, but there is real life. And men are very much to go to a theory in the empirical. It hovers in its theories and believes that life has to adjust to the fact that he sees fit. And then really wonders why his wife left him, or something else did not happen the way he wanted it.

Maya is overcome by knowledge. But once again, the knowledge of knowledge different. Strictly speaking, only the “selfish” knowledge, combined with the strong-willed knowledge and formal knowledge, only these three components give us knowledge that can overcome the Maya. And in the future, if we possess it, we can always dissolve Maya. Once again, I look – the robber. But I have this triple force, and Maya disappeared. In an instant, the world changed. Time – and everything changed. Truth comes in and another ability, on the contrary, to create an illusion where necessary. Also sometimes a very useful ability.

We are on the last session dealt with the topic that like cures like. And, sometimes, Yoga teachers to help students get rid of the ignorance in which he persists workaround enabled him to get rid indirectly, not directly. But never ever under any circumstances, no yogi or yogini never used this ability to manage Maya, illusion harm to at least one of the living beings. Whether it is a man or a cockroach Paramecium caudatum. Just for the benefit of only the spiritual development. There is an anecdote. It is believed that one of the oldest professions – it is a profession of women of easy virtue. It is not right. The oldest profession – a profession magician.

We can say that the whole world was created as a giant illusion. Indeed, we do not see the root causes of the world, we see the consequence. Because you and I are under the influence of Maya. Once Maya we will overcome, we will not see any around the walls, no ceiling, no sitting around. Around we see the Absolute. You will read clever books on yoga, which says that the yogi sat meditating for a long time, and then it dissolved and he saw some kind of doomsday. Usually, in the books very enticing all described. You read this book, and immediately engaged in the most desirable. Because it is interesting to see how it all there will be. So, from a formal point of view, everything is fair. Maya overcome all – Absolute. But just talking about it.

When Maya disappears completely?

Is Maya, must possess this knowledge, or rather bottle of 3 components. And we are so famously dealt with Maya, they poured knowledge, and it vanished. If it were so simple. Maya and she is Maya, a fundamental principle of the world, it is also tricky. In the sense that it happens that at some level, Maya crude dispersed, but remained on the thin. Scattered by a thin, he remained at the thinnest. Maya can be very subtle. And gets its hooks on it, if you will, “negative” side, can be very long. And unbeknownst to himself.

Very often, especially in yoga, when practiced, I have got a lot of ability and followers. The followers, in India, you discourage bows. You’re such a guru, you smile, the whole of such blessed. And like that’s it, the living personification of the Absolute. And somewhere on a subtle level remained Maya even the greatest saint. Maya does not remain only in one case, when we dissolve into the Absolute. Then there is no difference. Until then, until something or someone there, there is a risk that the left and Maya. Although there are exceptions.

A variety of types of yoga.

Next we go. We at the School of Yoga known two dozen yogi. In oium we can not release our student teaching yoga as long as it is, at least to a first approximation, is not acquainted with a dozen yogi. Otherwise it will be nedodelkin. Unfortunately, sometimes for yoga it means that people come to the gym, to recruit people. He became one leg, raised his stick and said. “Do as I do” All too handle raised. And they say that here it is, a yoga instructor. No, my friends, is not a yoga instructor, is the most primitive level. Yoga instructor is very proud sounds. This is a man who may hold sessions in the gym, and then read a lecture for the Queen of Great Britain on the philosophy of yoga. Yogi much, very different. Hatha yoga is more through static postures works. Kriya Yoga – through the dynamic. Yantra Yoga – rendering something. But, in fact, is “selfish” the embodiment of knowledge. Moreover, there is a yoga of knowledge, so we are also through all the senses, through all its manifestations carry this knowledge.

Once the body is and can be, well, why not put in an intricate pose – stand on his head in the lotus position. If it is spinning, spin can, then let’s give him Kriya yoga. Sex we are engaged in, well, there are sexual yoga. We are able to speak, Mantra Yoga is. Etc.

Moreover, there is yoga of dying. That has not heard about the birth of yoga. I do yoga, that when you had died, it would be possible to use it to be born. Individual yoga I do not know, but there is mention in some types of Tibetan yogi. They have somehow parallel so gone, so some species better preserved. They have, but it is included in the section of yoga of dying, it is the choice of the future section birth. You’re already dead, and instructions are given: “Well you see, you pull back. You’re not to fly, there is bad. ” Remember, “The old woman, do not go there. Snow falls chump – will be hurt. ” Apparently, this yoga was born. It turns out that yoga is all encompassing. And we have to live through all this knowledge that we could make. Not only through Hatha yoga, and through all. Therefore, there is such a variety of yogas. In fact, there are more than two dozen, but we keep them in school so much. You also have to remember that yoga disappears. Another good thing is at least preserved.

It turns out that by passing itself through the yoga, we are different aspects of the same Maya overcome. Until at least one dimension is not overcome, all … I comrade one retired to the mountains, as he called: “Brahmacharya complied with.” And he knew her quite so primitive and vulgar. He understood it, as abstinence from sex. He really has reached great heights in meditation, almost flew through the air already. And his peremknulo that it is time to teach people. Well, actually, it’s time. Because it is self-interest, when you sit and work only on themselves. People are asked to bread, and you think, how would they give black caviar. He returned to the world and thinks that once he had everything so well in practice, it means that he has all the good will in all respects. Here he has a girlfriend, has been a family. It starts life together, and he realizes that all of his holiness somewhere flew in everyday life. Maya has not worked.

In the same way the rest. As soon as at least one aspect of unspent leave, you know, there may lurk Maya. At 99% eliminated the illusion, not eliminated by 1%. You go and see that there is a robber. And, instead of a straight to go, give the hook to 300 km, as if you do not know yoga. So do not underestimate the enemy. More precisely it is impossible to say the enemy, because the enemy – it is something negative. Do not underestimate the Absolute genius who created the Maya. Believe me, if he created it, in this sense, it turns out that learning the Maya, we are approaching the Absolute. And, if the Absolute looks at us as his children, I am more than confident that he was pleased with their offspring. I think it commendable.

I, unfortunately, do not have time for a long time and carefully with the assistance of Sanskrit, logic, to express the theme of Maya. I lay out more with household items, usually. All tracts will read later. Once you understand the meaning, you will gather additionally details. Because if there is a common sense, you can not understand the details. Do you get bored, and you throw it all. A yoga treatises very interesting, if you understand what they write. Detectives rest. One problem, if you do not know what – boring.

Risk of half-truths.

Maya – term serious. Extremely interesting is extremely versatile and, at the same time simple. When we begin to possess that knowledge and when Maya disappears, it disappears as if it never existed. Probably, you will often meet such statements: “Guys, not to aspire to is not necessary. Your are already enlightened. Nothing else to do. And all religions, philosophical movements, yoga, they deceive you, fool. ” This West, this trend is now gone. It should be fun, realize that you are already enlightened, and you immediately become enlightened, and all the rest is nonsense. In fact, very dangerous speech. It has neither the full extent true. This is a half-truth. And there is nothing more terrible than a half-truth. And some master come to America (go to America, because there are people richer and posytnee), teaches his followers that nothing should be done. It is necessary to relax, to let go of the situation, and even better to smoke weed. And all will appear in a state of enlightenment.

Indeed, there are people who are trapped in this race and the awareness that they remove the chains, gives some positive results, push. They all look like already enlightened, and some people say it helped. But then the teacher leaves remain followers who have formal knowledge, but did not survive it. And it turns into a terrible poison, when they say: “He should not do anything, you are already enlightened. What is Hatha Yoga in the morning for 40 minutes? Here I will still persist in, and I was so enlightened. ” This is a very dangerous thing. It slows human way. And inhibits the most sane. He previously practiced 10 years, and then he planted a little idea. On the one hand – the truth, on the other hand – not true.

Friends, remember that to say that I have nothing to do, you can only from the moment you fully overcome Maya. If you do not overcome it, you have no right to say this, and, moreover, to encourage others to do nothing. Because the karma for doing nothing is yours. You called him to do nothing, he did not do and should.

Why am I saying this? Once again, as long as we act on Maya, it acts on us as if it were a reality. Indeed, to achieve, including some spiritual heights, and a pilgrimage to some mountain temple have to make, and Kriya Yoga “to blue in the face” to engage and meditate. And keep yourself in a very tight rein and, at the same time (we remember that yoga – the science of where it is necessary to make myself and where you can afford), after such ascetic, very serious exploits, leave in a completely opposite extreme. Go into the joy, pleasure, joy. These multiple transitions, numerous methods, then what exactly is yoga kernel needs to be done “until you’re blue.”

what they write. iki, to express the theme of Maya. zhaemsya to the Absolute. Wearing. to that flowing through the yoga itself, we are different aspects of the same Maya overcome. . ing. And only in this case there is a chance that you will gain the knowledge that will eliminate the Maya. But when it is removed, only from this point you can say, “Yes, indeed, for the enlightenment do not need anything, it’s already inside. Indeed it is necessary to realize that I was enlightened. ” But before you say such a thing, you have to practice as much. Therefore, it is very dangerous half-truth. Be very careful, careful. So full of people who do not quite understand this topic. Questions.

Question: “How do you know that the Maya went into the everyday sense?”

Vadim Zaporozhtsev. Yes, you are asking a serious question. Unfortunately, you can not give a formal criterion, because there may be a situation where a person believes that he has already overcome the Maya, but it can only be thinner Maya, who instilled in him the idea that he has already overcome Maya. This is a very serious moment. From a formal point of view, such a guide and do not give. The exact criteria are always from within, not from outside. You can not collect a consultation, which would have thought that this person has already overcome Maya, this is so-so, but this has not worked. Because from the outside it did not identify. There is a very indecent statement on this matter, but I will allow myself to say it. In this sense, it is like an orgasm. Do not be confused. However, this expression refers to the state of Samadhi. Can I meditate, and to miss the moment of Samadhi? Yesterday was meditating and suddenly I had Samadhi, and I did not even notice? Around here it is from the same series. More questions.

Question: “Why Absolut created a Maya?”

Vadim Zaporozhtsev. From a formal point of view, when I say the word Absolute, each of you can get angry and throw me in the face: “Man, what kind of Absolute? I did not see any of the Absolute, and do not want to see. ” And you know that our world is made so cleverly that from the perspective of your personal universe, if you do not want to have been absolute, the entire universe will rise as if it had never been. Answer the questions, what was the purpose of the Absolute, if you still have to come to the fact that it is there, but this is not so easy to come up, it’s really quite hard.

Why Yoga and religion are very hard to distance themselves? Friends, this is a very difficult topic. Just start a religion, all are unhappy. One thinks that there is in heaven so-and-so, and the other that the commercials, the third in some other way. And I, frankly, do not know what to tell them. Because I see that the person truly believes it helps him, he became a better, kinder. And, thank God, let it continues. I have a friend hit the same religion. So I’m glad because it otherwise would be the case, I took to drink. And so he stopped drinking, became the wife with the children gifts to give.

This is a very delicate topic. You start about religion, atheists are unhappy. Begin to about atheism, one of the believers happy. It is better not to touch. When I say the Absolute, a Buddhist comes and says: “You what? What is Absolute? Emptiness! Shining emptiness! Here it is. ” Taoist would come, say, “Yes, what emptiness? Tao! The cosmic law of the Tao! What is emptiness? What is Absolute? Are you delusional? “And try to answer him to these things. Torment. And all will remain, still unhappy, and you will remain extreme. Therefore, these issues are very sensitive.

Some philosophical and religious teachings say that it makes no sense. Others say that it is a game. That’s our boss decided to make fun of us Absolute, gave the world and laughing, looking at how we in this Maya floundering. Sometimes, trying to imagine what the world was created as a game. This is one of the concepts. It is sometimes very good explaining something. But it is not complete. We do not know why the Absolute created this world. If he wanted to play, it was a bad joke. All these issues go to the category sverhlogiki. We are with you, my friends, are now in the logic plane. We have a reason, a consequence, we have something to understand this. But such a question as to why the universe was created, it has more to treat sverhlogike. And, while we do not rise above the field of logic, we just do not pick up any words or thoughts, to answer this question. More questions.

Question: “Why should the common man to practice yoga?”

Vadim Zaporozhtsev. Why do I need to do yoga? You see, there is a very serious thing. This is more of an issue of Karma Yoga. Of course, I can give right now trivial, advertising response – will be watching and cellulite disappear, lose weight, become beautiful. But, strictly speaking, to yoga all come from within. Outside there are no factors, if not from the inside will. If there is no desire or will of the inside to change their world for the better, no other arguments do not work, even the best-laid.

Today we talked about the Absolute, about philosophy, so now imagine, the person has lived many lives and created their personal universe. He is an atheist, no not believe in anything. Believes that because of the dust came out, there is and leave. And he has the right to live according to the laws which he himself invented. If he wishes to all, and so it was, it still will. But if he suddenly voleizyavit move in the other direction (why or what is the cause, that’s another conversation), he begins to move in the other direction. I want to say that the last word for each one of us. Each of us should wish, if he would go to this area of self or will not do.

Then the question, but why all these lectures? I will now read a lecture to give those ancient knowledge that he has received from the Masters, only one purpose. You compare all that there is within you, then you will hear how it is. And you decide that you are closer to the world that you have created for ourselves and tormented him? But you could create a world in which there would be torture for me personally. And seeing how it is, you do for yourself voleizyavlyaete that is closer to you. Therefore, we can not impose anything, we can not convince. We can show that here it happens. But if you live like that or not, it depends entirely on your personal freedom of will. Will you go to self-knowledge, or do not go. I would answer this question. We have to show all the arguments “for”, is it possible to come up with a million arguments, which will deny it. It requires something higher that comes from within each of us – will. More questions.

Question: “How does the world for a man who has overcome Maya?”

Vadim Zaporozhtsev. How to say. Someone will say that the stone – is Absolute, and it feels like a stone. This is allegorically, you understand. Sometimes it is said that the whole world is an illusion. No, my friends, the whole world is not an illusion. The whole world – is the Absolute. But we do not see in it the Absolute, because the illusion effect on us. Just as the snake and the rope. Did you see a snake, but suddenly it turned into a rope. What happened to your eye at this point? Have you seen it and see. So, to say what one sees when Maya is overcome …

I refer you again to the example, when you go and see what the thief was hiding, and come a little closer and see – bush. Around the same vein, you can answer this question. But not in the sense that sometimes people think that now some doomsday begins. The veil of Maya falls and the fireworks begin. Or, on the contrary, it would be a gray mist, all the boring, monotonous, no. More questions.

Question. “Is it possible to defeat Maya to end at 100%?”

Vadim Zaporozhtsev. The teaching of yoga gives a definitive answer – yes. Moreover, not only possible but also necessary. As is the case with the Absolute, can you tell me, “Man, for the words you answer? How did you all get that? “Friends, but where we do have all knowledge? This knowledge we inherited it from those who overcame the Maya completely. If I was not under the influence of Maya and possessed this knowledge … Friends, you should understand, because here I am not a yoga teacher, I – speaker. In one ear I whispered, and I voiced. It’s like “do not shoot the pianist, he plays as best he can.” If I had this level of Maya, now would be after this lecture, I am more than sure everyone would be enlightened.

You are in their lives voleizyavili create those universes that are created with his Maya. Maya can be very different. It is associative. I brought today, for example, some banal example, someone liked, until someone came. And someone shudder. “You what? What is an orgasm? What you stop college with something dirty? “Everyone has their own associative connections. And what is it? Mayan.

Buddha Maya certainly overcome, attained enlightenment. And that is not to say that all 100% after the Buddha, enlightened. All the same, even some Mayan remains. It is everywhere. But the question that all knowledge comes to us as a gift. It comes from those who overcame the Maya. Friends, all spiritual knowledge – it is a gift. Karmic we deserve them only in the sense that there is something higher paid attention to us. My Teacher turned his attention on me, although I was a dunce rare. I do not know why, but it is clear that something good done once. They said: “Well, yes, a fool, but it is treated.” But I can not say that I deserved it. Because if I deserve, I would myself have overcome Maya and myself would have been at that level.

Very complex issues, philosophical. From this transcendental knowledge? And is there a guarantee that I get it, but it is not distorted by the way? What I want you to such examples can result. I already told you that I had a favorite text. I’m going to translate this text. The translation was from Sanskrit to English, English to Russian. I had a completely different 5 options. The impression is that these are texts about different subjects. I stopped to collect the library, when I got to the next instance – a computer translation. Bosh was rare. What is it like no Maya? Here you go up to the store right now, there’s a million books on yoga. Source probably same. But every book in his overgrown Maya. Therefore, it is a very complex topic.

Question: “Can we say that a person who has attained enlightenment, completely overcome Maya?”

Vadim Zaporozhtsev. A person who has reached enlightenment and learned how things are done. It is clear that if he found out how things are done, I repeat, everything, then he overcame and Maya. You remember that, once a person has a higher knowledge, Maya no longer act on him.A small summary.And one moment.illusion; freedom; ignorance; knowledge; an experience; higher knowledge; logics;




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