2009.01.17. Introduction to axiomatic yoga. “Will”. Part 1-I. (Vadim Zaporozhtsev)

Will. Part 1-I.

What is the “Will”? Rarely do we think about this question, and if you ask him yourself, there will be a presentation of the efforts of a recall, or any mystical action produced a man with the help of so-called “willpower.” But it turns out that the manifestation of the will does not require effort. While using the will, you can really fulfill all our earthly desires. And if you try to go deeper into the meaning of the term, or to determine the source of our faith … There is something to think about! What is a will and how to use it? This was given a lecture.

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Will. Part 1-I.

Author: Vadim Zaporozhtsev

Short Description: What is the “Will”? Rarely do we think about this question, and if you ask him yourself, there will be a presentation of the efforts of a recall, or any mystical action produced a man with the help of so-called “willpower.” But it turns out that the manifestation of the will does not require effort. While using the will, you can really fulfill all our earthly desires. And if you try to go deeper into the meaning of the term, or to determine the source of our faith … There is something to think about! What is a will and how to use it? This was given a lecture.

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2008.01.17 Cultural Center “Enlightenment”.

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Today, January 17, 2009, my name is Vadim Zaporozhtsev, we are at the Cultural Center of Enlightenment, m. Novoslabodskaya in Moscow. That we have lectures for the Open University of Yoga, all information is archived on our sites www.openyoga.ru www.happyoga.narod.ru www.yogacentr.ru


Today’s topic is called “will.” We are with you look at what yoga is meant by this term, the place of the will in the harmonious teachings of the yoga system and how to use what is called the will. Remember, this theme is very close to intersect with the section of yoga, as “Raja Yoga”. Each of us, teaches yoga, there is a will. Each of us is about, can intuitively what it is. Usually, when we say the word “will”, there are some associations of efforts to overcome a certain closest to what we associate with the word “will”. In fact, in this yoga focus slightly different. As a special case can occur idea of free will, as a manifestation of certain of such efforts. What is the will? According to the teachings of yoga will of one of the most fantastic properties or abilities that each of us has inherited from the Absolute or of the root causes that created the world. We remember that according to the teachings of yoga, our “I” is a piece of the Absolute. Many things which we have not yet discovered in yourself, not realized in itself and hardly know how to use them. Remember that Absolute has omniscience, we are not yet come to that, to get information about any object or phenomenon. We remember that the natural state of the manifested Absolute feeling of joy, happiness – “Ananda.” It is also the natural state of our “I”, but in the future is hidden using Maya.

These wonderful qualities that we have inherited from the Absolute, manifested gradually from life to life. Although they are embedded in each of us, but do not appear in such an obvious measure. Absolut has a feeling or essence of the basics of life. Absolut is the basis for everything, and everything else is based on the Absolute as any building rests on the foundation. This same property also have our “I”. All events and phenomena, all the circumstances of our lives based on our “I”, and our “I”, in turn, does not rely on them. We do not remember it, we have not fully realized the possibilities. We think that we are dependent on external factors, I have eaten – I feel good, I did not eat for a long time – it seems to me that I was bad. Like the essence of my “I” can add or cuttable depending on that food that I eat. There are always factors that come to us from the outside and we sometimes unconsciously believe that depends on them. If tomorrow I will give, “Mercedes’ new, I think I’ll be happy, and if not given, it will be unhappy. We focus very essential being mistakenly carry over something else, what we do not have this foundation. Absolute manifested all the time is to understand that everything depends on him, and he does not depend on anything, and we are with you, yet do not fully possess such a state. All this together is called in Sanskrit “sat”, “cheat”, “ananda” – the absolute existence, knowledge, sometimes translated as “bliss”. Another conversation that not all translations from the Sanskrit is not quite correct, and we have not touched this time with you. Any translation from Sanskrit to some extent tensioned and does not transmit all of the implications. However, and “sat” and “cheat” and “Anand” out there somewhere hiding and in full, we learn to use them until after many lifetimes of yoga training, we reveal the potential which we have laid down. In this sense, the opposite thing is that we always used it, use now, and we will use it, this thing is the will. That ability, which is at the Absolute, it is present in our country. This ability manifests itself always and everywhere, in the past, present and future. This “will”. In the English language there is a word that indicates the future tense – «will», one of the meanings of the word “volit”. This ability volit or they say – will express. It is the most mysterious and most elusive thing, because it is for nothing rests.

The teaching of yoga teaches us that the Absolute created our universe, through certain stages of creation, when the Absolute Zero of the law, ie, not shown Absolute, suddenly emerged. Since the manifestations we can speak of the manifested Absolute, or of a single source of power laws, everything. Before the states as it appeared, it was the so-called zero state or a zero according to the law it is a very strange state, for it is impossible to say anything. When we say “single”, it is an adjective, it already implies some sort of description. When we say “not manifested Absolute”, say nothing at all, not even to think about what in fact. This is really something so transcendent, subtle, not to grasp, as if it did not exist.

Everything began with the creation of the Absolute voleizyavil occur. It is the first instrument or the very first ability or quality which we observe according to the teachings of yoga in the creation of the universe. The most fundamental quality of the will, or is quality – volit. This impetus that begets. Even though from a formal point of view to approach this question, it turns out that the Absolute was able to zero – nothing at all was in the usual and unusual for us to understand. There was the very notion that “neither of which did not.” The concept that “nothing”, it itself exists, and there was not even a clue that something may be, but something can be. Very strange, extreme degree of abstraction. The usual reason is not to grasp. Since even with this level, we are seeing action will, in general when there was nothing, even the notion that something can be something can not be. But the will is manifested. The very essence of the will is so prohibitive, so logical, so subtle, so do not give in to any formalization, no definitions, descriptions. The very possibility of something to define and describe arose later, after this very quality will manifest and voleizyavilo to be able to describe anything or of anything to say or give any concept. This is one of the toughest challenges in yoga is to try to explain to a person who began studying yoga, what is the will.

The human mind immediately begins to compare it with something familiar to him and to do some parallels. In particular, we will associate with some effort, although the very concept of faith arose long before there was the concept of force. Ability volit or voleizyavlyat not continuous thread passed through all the stages of creation and goes through all the stages of creation, when the Absolute created the world, when the Absolute appeared in the form of us with you, or as a set of individual “I”. Throughout the creation of or the whole of the picture space, we maintain and use this otherworldly ability – will. We continue to use it always, and will always use it. I draw your attention to the fact that it is impossible to put an equal sign between the will and the availability of knowledge. At the last session, we saw such an interesting topic, as the knowledge of the Maya, maya overcome. A man may have some knowledge, but may not have the knowledge, but, nevertheless, there already have this ability – volit.

More brutal display of the deployment of the laws of the universe leads us to the law of karma, or the law of cause and effect or the law of logic or the laws of time, when there is a first cause and only after the investigation. You and I can be due to karma, the results of all those actions that we have done in the past, good, bad, neutral, but not the presence of bad karma, not the presence of positive karma does not negate the fact that the will is called. Will there always, even if a person is exposed to the action of karma, even if it is entirely due, in every step his karma, it is this ability volit he remains. This suggests that even a person who has never heard the word “yoga” has this ability volit. The animal has the ability volit, insects have the ability volit, everything has the ability volit.

Karma can be what you want. Plus, it is very serious, good karma, that you live in the bodies of people. Can you still live in the bodies of animals, ie, your karma is not quite live up to in order to live in the human body, in any case, you have the will. Red thread through all the passes will.

Now, on the other hand, I will try to outline the concept of will. How to make sketches from different angles I am bringing you to one and the same. You and I do yoga, I hope very seriously, every day of hatha yoga, the other types of yoga, we keep ourselves in good shape, we perceive the world, we are happy, joyful, and all around us joyful and happy in good shape. We are getting closer to that degree of conditionality, we eliminate our negative karma, replaces it positive karma and closer to some spiritual heights. We do some exercises, someone on the head is someone Kriya Yoga, a huge number of different exercises we are doing what should help us to reach the most highest spiritual sphere. If you take and analyze what is the driving force of any yogic exercises, solids will remain. Recall from the previous chapter, that all our problems are rooted in ignorance. All kinds of yoga, one way or another, eliminate ignorance. Different types of yoga eliminate different manifestations of ignorance. What is the driving force that compels us to do yoga, and eventually getting rid of ignorance, go to the highest spiritual levels. The answer is – the will.

It will allows a person to first change the negative to positive karma. It will then, allows a person to discard also positive karma, and that will allow a person to rise above the level of karma, above the plane of cause and effect. We live in an extremely logical world. That’s the way the universe is, that person must first pass through a stage of logic, before you get into a state sverhlogiki. Status sverhlogiki sometimes seems committed not logical, as if there was no logic. The logic of the plane clear. There’s a reason, there is a consequence. Here you had a negative karma – in a previous life, and only did that all the killing and stealing, or privatized. In this life, he caught himself, understood the law of karma, that the price paid is not minuemo and began to neutralize the negative karma of positive karma. In a past life killed in this life people are saving. In a past life he stole, in this you show generosity and help mankind. In a past life I was selfish, living for yourself, and now you begin to live for others. Sooner or later, you gain positive karma. Logic did something bad – got bad, did something good – got good. Of course, we all do it voleizyavlyaem. But here everything is within the standards, there is a reason there is a consequence, there is bad karma – the reason we know that is a result – poor living conditions and compensate it. We do good deeds, to have good consequences, and that these two trends, negative and positive, fought with each other, and won positive. Everything is logical, everything is clear.

And how to make a leap in sverhlogiku? Conventional logic there is stalled. Conventional logic in sverhlogiki as in the saying – in two grandmother said. Maybe so, maybe not. It may be or may not be. You can answer these questions with an equal degree of probability. Examples of questions of life and death go to sverhlogiki. The most trivial question, there is a God in heaven? You can write a lot of work and prove that he was there with the help of logic. You can immediately sit down and write the same work and to prove that it is not there. The mind can not definitively say neither “yes” nor “no” because it does not describe the logic plane sverhlogichnoe. Under God can understand the Absolute, Buddhists talk about “emptiness of the Great”, Taoists of the “Law of the Tao”, in general, a certain root cause prohibitive. In the plane of logic, everything is clear, but how to break out of the plane of logic, leaving up to. Only the will, the will. With faith you can get out of the plane of karma.

All truly yogic techniques that elevate us somewhere up towards sverhlogiki and some spiritual laws, discoveries abut solely on the will. You can do as you like, what you like exercise: Hatha yoga, Kriya yoga, stand on your head, something else to do with your body, mind, mind, as much as necessary. You can teach a monkey to do Hatha yoga and make every day to engage in forty minutes or teach a parrot, to say the mantra, ie, reduce the practice of yoga to something mechanical, such that it is possible to program a robot and even teach anyone. If these actions will not rise to the will of the spiritual heights, yoga turns to charging gymnastics. Repeating mantras turns into something what the parrot. Any yoga practice, if there is no expression of the will of the individual, which makes this practice, go out with the help of its outside conditionality beyond the cause and effect is sometimes said, beyond the cycle of birth and death, is transformed into obezyannichestvo and Yoga turns into a kind of acrobatics, aerobics, belly dancing. That will is the driving force that brings the human into the beyond – in sverhlogiku.

Sverhlogika never illogical. The logic acts as a special case sverhlogiki, therefore, all the provisions in yoga should be logical, although sometimes they describe sverhlogichnye things. In particular, with regard to the will of logic, common logic is strictly observed. Yes, indeed the will has created this world, yes indeed we will, with the help and go out of this world. It is logical? It is. While will sverhlogichna by itself, but when it acts in the plane of the logic, it is logical. So, we have this wonderful thing called the will. Will we have inherited from the Absolute, and we have it always at hand. He knows people the word yoga or does not know, he knows how to do the exercises, or can not, in any case, he already has what is called “will.”

Will this kind of power is the driving factor, a certain ability that does something. What makes a will? Will doing. What creates the will? It will create it! From previous lectures you remember that every individual lives in the Universe, in a cocoon. Each of us is taken separately Universe with their own personal laws. Where did these laws in our country, every individual, personal universe? We voleizyavili that they were voleizyavili we make it so. It’s like in the scripture: “Let there be light,” and light up again. It is a strange thing. She even somewhere a little seems logical and not some magical – mystical. Suffice voleizyavit, so just what we voleizyavlyaem arises.

Usually always counterarguments students beginning to study yoga ‘Voleizyavlyayu that tomorrow was “Mercedes” at my door, I voleizyavlyayu be rich and happy. ” In the morning wake up and it is not clear “Mercedes” No, wealth and happiness are not. I voleizyavil according to the teachings of yoga and everything should come in motion and in my personal universe should still be as voleizyavlyayu. But you are only a split second voleizyavili that one thing, and before that a million lives voleizyavlyali opposite. What you voleizyavlyali before it tends to inertia. Our own cocoon, the cocoon of Maya, which creates our personal universe, if you spend a certain analogy with physics, inertia. If you are a heavy truck roll, barely, barely pushed off and rolled away, we roll, rejoice, resorts and someone says it’s not there we roll in the opposite direction is necessary. Before the other side of the roll, it is necessary to first stop and then just redirect and roll the other way. The trolley has the inertia property. Similarly, all those laws which we voleizyavlyali earlier in his personal universe, have inertia. It is not enough just five minutes voleizyavlyat everything to be different, if before we have over many years of life voleizyavlyali something. It is part of the conflict, in contradiction.

Are we now hostages of our previous wills? Yoga says there is. If you long voleizyavlyal to your personal world rolled to one side, but did so weak, then deploy to the other side easily. As we usually people live? For the company, all somewhere to run, and I ran, all bought something, and I bought all watching this show, and I see all the praise something, and I praise. Not that everyone is actively lived, as well as for the company. So we did a long time, but little, not really paid attention to this. We have learned that roll into the abyss that build a personal universe that is more like a personal hell, they built themselves, do not blame anyone that voleizyavlyali, then got. Now we begin to move the system in the opposite direction. Even with knowledge and with full use of the will. Thus, we can reverse the trend quickly enough.

Yoga teaches us voleizyavlyat in the right direction, adjust their universe. Teaches to do, in particular, section Raja yoga, it fits almost to the matter, teaches you how to use the mind. Our will is a very interesting ability to voleizyavlyali we do not, our personal universe under it adapts, and we have the will of the product, but not immediately. This occurs as the previous expression of the will ceases to contradict our present. This is a great chance, but as the reverse side of the great curse to man that all his wishes come true. If he has the desire and he voleizyavil so it came to pass, then it will come true. Another conversation when. As a rule, when it comes to pass, suddenly a man realizes that he wanted a completely different, but it turns into a self-fulfilling desire rather as a punishment.

Will – this is a quality that we have inherited from the Absolute, which makes be the way we voleizyavim. The next question, mate, but what about knowledge? Who knows what I can voleizyavit. Let’s say I’m a big fly. I arrived and I want a piece of sugar more. It is clear that, as in the body of the flies I voleizyavlyayu that had a lot of sugar. Of course, I have not yet understood what I want, there is no such a fly-depth principle, the mind. The principle reason is, and the implementation of it is not. I am glad to think there is nothing but. However, I have all my personal universe begins to slide to make it that way, and not otherwise. So from life to life, not even having a reason, we still manifest some will. Protozoa swimming in an aquarium, it is not that reason, he has no nerve endings, no signals are no good comes to him to the extent in which they reach us. No vision, no hearing, no, but that’s the way it already can feel. If any aggressive environment, it is trying to avoid death triggered the law of self-preservation and somehow respond. This is inherent in the algorithm of the body device, just as if we touch something hot, hand odёrgivaetsya. When did this algorithm, the program itself, to hand odёrgivalas?

Sometime due to negative experiences, we started voleizyavlyat, and all rearranged in accordance with this consent, and so virtually all forms. Yoga Teachings of several complementary view of modern scholars on how evolution goes. Scientists believe that there are blind chance and that before one or the other factor that allows living beings to survive, adapt, it is too much of some possible combinations, and survive only only those animals or those beings who have this combination by accident suddenly allows survive. In this sense, yoga is not quite agree with the blind selection. Yoga says that yes indeed, these mechanisms of trial and error are present in nature, but on the other side of these numerous attempts is what is called “will.” The will of the living entity, which is not what the mind is no more, nothing at all, no sense organs, etc. Availability will dramatically narrows the number of random strumming to some reasonable number, which allows for a reasonable amount of time living being to adapt, grow fangs, color change, merge with nature and survive. The driving force behind the evolution of living beings, according to the teachings of yoga, is not a natural blind selection trying all possible options, and a vector of expression of every living creature that is with the help of very fine mechanisms, turns of a thin state to our gross matter of our gross body, which in turn adjusts already. Yoga is never a substitute for science, science itself, yoga itself, but at the same time, yoga never contradicts science, and give some explanation, which includes all the explanations, including the explanations of scientists.

Returning to the will. It will make us get different body, it will make us sooner or later to create such a body, which we here on earth call the human body. How Yoga teaches us, with the acquisition of the human body there is a quick and straightforward way to use what is called the will. In this sense, the human body – a versatile tool.

I will try yet on the other hand will outline the concept. In mathematics there is a concept that is now quite seriously practically used in the sciences related to computer technology, computers, programming, is the so-called random number generator. What it is? Example. Each of you has a mailbox in an e-mail, you come up with a password for it. Whereas before, a few years ago, you could at least whatever password to enter, in the modern mailboxes before the password can imagine, the site itself, where you get a password five times cursed at you and say the password is not appropriate, this is too simple etc. Why did they quarrel? The answer is very simple – you come up with not very strong password and an attacker can use your mailbox, open it, read what you’ve written. Very few people will be interested in your personality, it just seems to us that we have someone interested, in fact, are more ego. Boxes reveal for another purpose, to distribute advertising through them, which is called “spam”, is commerce. You hardly anyone wondering if you are not a US president, or our intimate secrets. So that no one has opened your box, you are required to choose a password. Password This should be random, because if it is not casual, it is always possible to guess what kind of a password. Sometimes some drive in your date of birth, what could be easier, knowing the person and date of birth to fill that password. Someone is using their phone numbers. This is quite a serious part of modern science, which deals with kriptobezopasnostyu, serious mathematical tools they use. Some of the things that they can do at the level that would make Sherlock Holmes. They take the average person and tell him to come up with a password. Man thinks that he came up with a random password, and they are their own methods for three days it opened. How? Firstly, the search of all words that, one way or another, could be a person’s mind. We think that we have something unique come up really in our mind a phrase from advertising, etc. In this sense, we are like robots. There’s even a list of the most popular worldwide passwords. It turns out that we are at a first approximation, if you look at us, do not differ much from the robots. We even can not think of a password. In this sense, we are like robots – programmed. In order to come up with a good password, which is really one of us will not open search of all our phone numbers, flats, etc. or the name of a favorite dog, was coined by a mechanism called a random number generator. More precisely, this is not a random number generator, a pseudorandom number generator. Disclaimer “pseudo” plays a key role in conjunction with yoga. The fact that there is no possibility to make a random number generator. Any random number generator, that is the one that gives really random numbers, too, uses the algorithm. True, this algorithm is very complicated and ornate, ambiguous, but it is the pseudorandom number generator. You can not get a car, which we have programmed a real issue something random. This is a very serious problem. Moreover, if someone of you will be able to make a true random number generator, you will receive the Nobel Prize. I guarantee you. Yoga tells us that in principle it is not possible to do. However, the random number generator, to use the term exists. Oddly enough, the mechanism of manifestation of our will entirely fit the formal definition of a random number generator.

Our will is not based on anything. We will create no matter what kind of been pre-conditions. It is a factor that can not be programmed and she is the mechanism that can give a truly random result. How to verify that the random result? Get a random number generator to give you these random numbers, it will give out one day, two, three years, five years, and then at some point it will be repeated. Or you can bring a complex pattern as it comes up with them. Of course, I say this because all the fingers, everything is much more complicated, but by and large all the infinite loop. You determine that this is not a random number, as programmed. Our will can indeed issue such actions or movements such that if assign each of our movement or each direction a certain number, then our will is entirely gets as if it was a true random number generator. Perhaps this evolution and is in its natural selection, there is a truly random numbers.

Another more clear example. Maybe he’ll sign for life. Now many mobile operators that produce mobile phones, there is a paid service – a conversation with someone. You think you are talking to someone, but do not actually talk to the person, and the program, which is so programmed as if you answered the man. It is clear that if the program is too stupid, then you will quickly recognize that the other end of the soulless robot, a piece of iron. Usually people think that a beautiful blonde talking to you on the phone, there is more focus light flirtation, and then it turns out that it is a machine and not a computer technician runs a clean-shaven, and there is something repairs. Similarly, in these programs, which give the impression that you communicate a living person. In fact, this program and make it more interesting, there is also the factor used a random number generator to the conversation was not limited to a certain pattern, and was very interesting to the left to the right, as if you were talking to a real person. If a very long talk with this program, sooner or later, the person starts to intuitively feel vaguely that there is on the other side is not a living person, but just a soulless machine. It is impossible to come up with a random number in absolute terms. Just talking to a live person for a long time it ceases to surprise us. If it is programmed machine, we are disappointed. Here it is necessary podbavit spoon of tar in this barrel of honey. Unfortunately, we are not much different from the pre-programmed robots. Indeed, we have free will, we each have the ability to voleizyavlyat and create any sort of universe, but we are communicating with each other, using the stereotyped phrases that we read in the books, seen in films. We did not expound his ideas, and those who read well even without hidden advertising, as if advertising, it generally becomes sad. Still, despite all this we have to something random or free. “It’s really random,” from the standpoint of formal logic can be reduced to the position of “truly free”. As soon as a man becomes more free, when describing his behavior, his way of life from the outside, as if we have analyzed are not human, and a computer program, similar to the human, we are beginning to realize that his steps, his direction to the left and right are becoming more unpredictable, nepopadayuschie under any pseudorandom algorithms directions. Sooner or later, it all leads to the fact that we cease to understand and it is the only criterion to determine, in front of you is a person or a robot. I assure you, tomorrow, to make a robot similar to people one to one, but to determine that person is a man or a robot can only by one criterion – whether it is free or whether it is in this sense truly random.


Will, as the embodiment of freedom.

What I am saying it is an attempt from the point of view of formal logic sverhlogiku outline, which is our “I”. Each of us have our “I”. This “I” – a piece of the Absolute. It is inherited, that is called “will” and will neither of which is independent and can voleizyavit anything, and it is “anything” will start to incarnate. Embodies at once, gradually. It neither depends on nothing. It is truly random, in the sense that the will of our motivation was true freedom, encased inside our “I”. In the external manifestations, it looks like an accident. Buddha was the sole heir of his father, was to inherit the throne, and the like could all be programmed. Here he will be king, ruler, monarch, honor, respect, fame. A Buddha threw everything and left. Because he realized that all this is due to. What have any laws and you only think you’re such an important wealthy “mole”, and this is just an illusion that steals from you personal freedom. It is very often the case in yoga, a person is making progress in certain directions, suddenly throwing everything and goes to the cave to meditate. Then as suddenly throws meditation, after the internal results, returns to the world and continues to live as if he lived all his life in the ordinary world. We can not understand how this is so? Obviously, disappointed in the world, he was gone. And what about the back? Because we are trying to understand from the perspective of the templates, not from a position of inner freedom. Will rooted in the true freedom that lies within each of you. This is the meaning of why the will is such a power factor, a factor of creation. Because it will rely on a strong foundation in the form of inner freedom that nothing can resist it. So there is an interesting paradox, take a person, as a system. The man himself is no ear no snout, he does not understand that he is free inside. Take the average resident of the city of Moscow. He does not understand that his Atman or Higher “I” is absolutely free, it is not how it is caused, that truly grand. This individual has a positive or negative karma, say gray. Are rare individuals with a very negative karma, more rarely with very positive. We are all gray, the average. Gathered here at about the same histories, I mean our planet Earth. This karma it drives as if it was not free, but inside he is free. Because of maya and ignorance, he does not realize that he is free from this lack of understanding, he animates and Maya Maya acts on it as if it were a real force. The circle is closed. It would seem that all disappeared people. He will be forever ignorant of its nature and how he, poor fellow, guessed that the greatest potential and the forces of prisoners in its “I”. Nothing. Karma. Today did something good, get good results, then did something bad, got a bad result, and so the circle. But this individual has one quality guesses about it or not. It is called “will.” If this subject voleizyavit know your Higher “I”, he perceives his “I” and overcome the maya. Because the will rests on what is already there, in the inner freedom of the “I” of the individual. It will be obtained as an internal tool. With faith we can come out of ignorance, of conditionality, the law of karma, action, and vice versa can get into deeper ignorance in conditionality, in stupidity. If a person voleizyavlyaet yoga and eliminate your ignorance, it is every day closer to it. If on the contrary voleizyavlyaet deeper wallow in ignorance of it, begins to invent all sorts of philosophical currents of the system, starting from such a vulgar atheism ending with the fact than it is now all engaged in various wizards and more. They come up with the world, they voleizyavlyayut that their world was black magic, and they also create voleizyavlyaya her in his world, and live by the laws that have come up. More deeply ourself factory in ignorance, from which it then did not pull out.

We will rely on our freedom, but we can voleizyavlyaya deeper step conditionality and likewise voleizyavlyaya can get out of this bondage. Freedom on it and the freedom that it freedom in everything, even the freedom to be ignorant. Voleizyavlyayu be ignorant – I see nothing, I hear nothing, or who do not say anything. Good. So he lived, then I’m so tired of living or even for some reason voleizyavlyayu to the other side and the other side is realized, but not earlier than the previous trends are balanced. A very interesting system is obtained.

Do you remember that yoga – the science practical. And how to use it? How to use a reminder that there is more narrowly sharpened tools in yoga, it is called “Raja Yoga”. Now we can not cover everything at once, but a few moments to remember. First. It will not need training. The next myth, which sometimes comes to a man: Will we associate with clenched teeth, with a determination that must be made to himself, overcome some element of struggle, overcoming the element. This is not entirely true. Another myth that will be developed. We say that here is a man with a developed mind, but weak-willed, absolutely nothing on fit. Strictly speaking, when viewed from the perspective of the theory of yoga, as a person with a developed mind, and weak-willed people have equal-potential will. Just as they all have the potential isometric “I”, “I” in this sense, all the same. Everyone has his own, made in the image and likeness. Since this momentum will emerged long before it was even invented, that something can be multiple or single, we have this ability and bear volit. It turns out that there is no question of the will itself, nothing to develop. Develop necessary something that was not enough, and then it was a lot. Since the will is not the situation. Will not need to develop, the will have to disclose. She already developed above nowhere. From the Absolute itself got in the best shape. It is with the help of will created everything, including our world. You get up tomorrow morning and voleizyavite do yoga for fifteen minutes and practice yoga. Implement. Something happened while you voleizyavili, and you have carried out. The same thing happened when the Absolute voleizyavil: “Let there be all this world of ours!” In fact, nothing happened, the nature of the manifestations of one and the same, other scales. When he created the world scale giant, when we forced ourselves yoga workout modest scale. Otherwise, they are equal area – will. Will is not a thing, which is measured in liters, cubic meters, kilograms, or in any other terms. The concept of measurement values of the will does not make sense. Either there or not. So will there. If you are not a robot, you have it too. And no different from the will of the Buddha, the will of the great yogi, even zamahnёmsya, the will of the Absolute, nothing. The question is only one – the Buddha, the great yogi, as the Absolute enjoy this, and you do not use. That is the difference. There are in all, but only some uses, while others do not enjoy. Thus, the development of the will, it is not quite correct expression is reduced to realize this potential in us. How to realize the will? It is necessary to use it. The more we use, the more aware. The more aware, especially at a higher level can enjoy. This is a serious debate, a serious story about some steps in this direction do. They are already quite practical, wave amenable to some exercises in the formalization in the form of various exercises that constitutes the science of “Raja Yoga”. The more will no longer use it, the more it will be given to us, to manifest it, the more powerful will be a manifestation. what distinguishes people who have achieved something in their lives than those who did not achieve anything? There are people who turn history back. Everything was going in one direction, a person is born and says, and I think in a different way. Indeed, such activities stormy unfolded that went the other way. Great politicians, military leaders, scientists, artists, poets. All those whom we remember at least a little, because it left no trace. How are they different from the millions of others who also served great expectations and even more than that in some ways ahead of these people may be more talented or more budding. The difference, as we are taught yoga, just one thing. The first and were able to exhibit the will, and the latter did not know how and did not show the will. The difference in the will. The first use, and the latter did not use. The first unidirectional used will to achieve the goal, and the second such step forward, two steps back. So nothing was ever done. Will such a thing – it does everything you want, but if you take a step forward, two steps back, then turns even more back than forward. Next as forward, backward so ago. Throwing back, here, in what good does not result.

Unfortunately, what we see with you? We see that around the sleeping gods, each of which has the will of the Absolute, able to create the universe. These sleeping gods languish insignificant existence. Sometimes I look at him and, as they say, a knife to the heart – pity engulfing. And the tears continued to pour, if he did not know what kind of potential in each. Why is this potential is not used? Because in their vibrations, stupidity, etc. people just take a step forward, two steps back. As a result, neither of which is not sought, nor in his career, no money is not earned, nor scientific discoveries do not open, nor in politics, did nothing. Because step forward, two steps back. Yoga encourages us to wake up, realize the tool that exists in the full use of it. Transform the world, to remake the world for the better. In this regard, there is a serious warning that the will does not imply the existence of human knowledge, intelligence. Moreover, it will not even suggests a moral and ethical qualities. Can a person be born with a very terrible inclinations, but having absolutely fantastic will do a tremendous amount of harm to mankind.

That, unfortunately, we see you: First World War, the Second World War, is now very often the blood flows like water, in the past, how many of these individuals, who had tremendous will and thousands and millions of people were forced to die in the name of their some very strange ideas. Sometimes this strange phobia, sometimes it’s strange complexes. This is a very serious danger – the awakening will of such a being. Let us remember the same Hitler. Man fantastic will, but with the moral and ethical attitude to life is closer to the monkey. No wonder it is said that all good things for the good apes and humans. Started voleizyavlyat. What does it lead to? For a huge number of dead. This, unfortunately, the reverse side of the coin. It is clear that the law of cause and effect has not been canceled. If you have at least three well-developed will, but if you do something negative to someone, it is the negative mirror enough for you. Strongly made negative heavily get him back. Before you use your mind, especially if you are learning yoga, especially if you are studying this section as “Raja Yoga”, first of all learn the basic principles of yoga. Let me remind you, this is where you start today’s lecture: the first principle of not harming any living being unless absolutely necessary, the second principle of not wasting strength and energy consciousness on the case is not necessary, petty, trivial. If you voleizyavlyaete benefit humanity, and this currently amassed a gang of politicians – a political party, the moral issues should be in the foreground. From your political activities or programs should suffer as little as possible of living creatures. Only then will apply. This ensures that you do not mistake it in his head and start using will animate things are not viable, that will result in for you a strong negative karma. Around the sleeping gods, but to wake them dangerous. Wake of this, and he will take, and the war will go, with everyone around him twirl, and try to stop him. As was the case with Hitler. If it were not Russian and he would have won England, and America. From what we can conclude that our country has a very good karma, and very bright, great spiritual future. There is no personal reason. The enemy was, indeed, very serious. Sometimes trying to present Hitler as a misunderstanding. No, my friends. Just beyond the most typical representative of the will, over ability, but has a moral and ethical principles that do not jibe.





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