2009.04.18. The system of axioms “macrocosm.” Part of the 3rd. (Vadim Zaporozhtsev)

2009.04.18.  The system of axioms “macrocosm.” Part of the 3rd. (Vadim Zaporozhtsev)

Brief description: The approach to the description of the macrocosm of the world. A third subgroup of the axioms of the system of axioms of the macrocosm, to consider our individual Higher “I”. What is our Higher “I”? Absolut has always manifested to man in the form in which the person is willing to see it. Yoga, which is supposed to appeal to our Absolute (Tantra Yoga, Bhakti Yoga). Our “I” in its development has passed all the laws of the universe. Justification Generic Yoga (Yoga Ancestors) Parents Yoga (Yoga Baby): children – our teachers. The theory of drive Lev Gumilyov, education, ethnic groups and countries.

 Date and place of the lecture read:

2009.04.18 Cultural Center “Enlightenment”.

Macrocosm axiom system (part of the 3rd)

Today we have April 18, 2009, my name is Vadim Zaporozhtsev, we are in the Cultural “Enlightenment” Center in Moscow, next to the m. “Novoslobodskaya”. This lecture for Yoga Open University. All information is stored on sites www.openyoga.ru, www.happyoga.narod.ru, www.yogacenter.ru.

We continue our course of lectures on introduction to axiomatics of yoga. And today, we consider the system of axioms of the macrocosm. In the last lesson we looked at a second subset of these axioms and in today’s classes begin to consider a third subset of the axioms of the macrocosm.

Before we continue to look, I want to remind you the basic idea of the macrocosm of the axioms of the system. Using the system of axioms of the macrocosm, we begin to consider the universe and ourselves in this universe on the principle of “outside in” as opposed to the system of axioms of the microcosm, where the opposite direction – from the inside out. The system of axioms macrocosm taken as a starting point the concept of the Absolute, and the whole world around us is considered only a manifestation of the Absolute. All living beings, which, one way or another, we are faced with – it is also a form of manifestation of the Absolute.


A third subgroup of the macrocosm of the system of axioms.

And now the third subgroup of the axiom: what in this system we present our “I”, or more precisely, each of us individually, when he looks through the prism of his body, mind, senses? And, as in the previous subgroups, there is a very serious situation, many of which are derived practices, and many other parts of yoga. Strictly speaking, they are starting to be more or less clear only after it announced these axioms. Therefore, we will consider these axioms and theorems that can be output from the axioms.

Speaking in his own words, the system of axioms of the macrocosm – is when we are fully engrossed in painting, unfolding before our senses, to our consciousness. That is, we do not think much about themselves, how to get involved in this exciting picture. Indeed, when one is confronted with something totally awesome, he forgets himself and is fully focused on what shocked him. And sooner or later it starts to trace the chain: because he was shocked to how he perceives it. And such a person raises the question: “Well, my symptoms, my senses like them – agree with it or disagree?” The man is like from the outside inwards.

Once again, I will compare the two systems: the system of axioms of the microcosm and the macrocosm system of axioms. The system of axioms microcosm: our “I” is expanding, expanding, expanding – and expanded to the Absolute. A system of axioms of the macrocosm, the contrary is the Absolute, but we are in it to dissolve, dissolve, dissolve and get to the point where there is no difference between us and the Absolute. That is the difference between these two systems of axioms is a vector.


Axiom №1. Our “I” is separated from the Absolute and of the “I” of all other living beings maya.

In the previous two sub-groups of axioms we are dismantled, that according to the view of the macrocosm of the axioms of the system around us – one Absolute. What we do not see, but we see some scattered objects or phenomena, it says that we are misled by maya. The second subgroup of axioms continues this theme and say that we really see any specific objects or events, such as some living beings. And with our perception of the position they are only manifestations of the Absolute. Their inner nature, they are indistinguishable from the Absolute. Furthermore, all of their manifestation (Consciousness, Energy, if you like the Will), although specific to each of them, but at the same time do not contradict the general Consciousness, Energy and the Will of the Absolute, as if they were instruments in the hands of the Absolute. While at the same time each of them is free.

We are completely free to dispose of our manifestations, that is, we have free will: as we want, and dispose. But at the same time, our existence is entirely at the disposal of the Absolute, that is, as if they were taken by us for rent.


What are our energy, consciousness, mind, enjoyment, etc.?

Well, each of us has its own consciousness, the energy your mind. And they have something that like? In this subgroup, the axiom states that this – our existence in Maya that separates us from the Absolute or the “I” of other living creatures. These same symptoms in the same time as we are owned by and Absolute.

I want you grasped the essence. Do you have your abilities, your energy, your consciousness, your pleasure. You can do something, see something, you can experience the joy and pleasure. On the one hand, they are completely yours, you belong to, and on the other hand, at the same time they are fully owned by the Absolute. What is your pleasure, according to this system of axioms – it is a piece of Absolute pleasure that you take in rent.


Your Energy – this is your energy, but at the same time, this energy of the Absolute, which again you have rented. Your Consciousness – it is purely your mind but as if a piece of the Absolute Consciousness. And you are totally free to manage your symptoms, that is, you have free will: what you like, and dispose of. But at the same time, your energy and your consciousness is entirely at the disposal of the Absolute. That is, there is no contradiction. In fact, we are with you, on the one hand, the conductors will of the Absolute, on the other hand, completely free beings. These seemingly contradictory, mutually exclusive provisions have been made possible only thanks to the action of maya. Once again, the Maya – one of the most difficult concepts to understand. Sometimes it is trying to present in the form of illusion, maya but the concept is not so simple.

From this axiom follows a huge number of very specific yogic techniques. If you start to treat its manifestations, not as to their manifestations, but as the game of the Absolute through you, through your display, then there are very specific techniques. One of the systems of such methods – is Karma Yoga. This is a serious part in yoga, which deals with the laws of cause and effect, or, in other words, the laws liable for anything done. You see, a very interesting system. On the one hand, your consciousness, your energy and your enjoyment is yours, and therefore you are responsible for what they will be spent. Accordingly, you will reap the fruits of your karma, negative if it were a negative action, or positive if they were positive steps. But at the same time any of your actions and thoughts (positive or negative) are part of the game Absolute through you.

And if you understand this principle and begin to live according to this principle, it teaches the Karma Yoga, you have a method, it does not sully themselves negative karma, and ideally even go beyond karma (the limits of the law of cause and effect) in the future.

With axiomatic yoga position it reads as follows:

Axiom №2. The manifestations of our “I” is absolutely free. And these manifestations of maya is called prana, which in turn appears as Sat Chit Ananda (or consciousness, energy and enjoyment).


Axiom №3. Manifestations of “I” totally dependent on the “I”, but at the same time are manifestations of the Absolute.

Our existence is entirely subordinated to both ourselves and the Absolute. From this axiom, as I said, in the future is born of Karma Yoga. She appears as a mathematical theorem. Another thing is that the meaning of Karma Yoga is much higher than any logical construction, but at the same time, the logic of construction is not violated.


Axiom №4. The nature of our “I” is no different from the nature of the “I” of all living creatures.


Axiom №5. The nature of our “I” is the same as the nature of the Absolute.

We are moving from outside to inside. First, we absorbed in something that we perceive, and we find this kind of a single source – the Absolute. Then we perceive many living beings and also see that through them we shine Absolute. Then we come to its own manifestations. Indeed, each one of you may regard yourself to be observant. Close your eyes and do not look around, and look at yourself in the mirror and the inner eye can see that something is happening to us. Or, say, seeing as we have something to do. We came to work and begin to do something. As the loader unloads bags. Question: who unloads? Well? – Like, we unload. Our “I” manifests its symptoms and unloads bags.


But on the other hand, we understand that the part of the energy that we manage, unloading bags, on the one hand, entirely subordinate to us, but on the other hand, it is kind of like not ours and belongs to the Absolute. And he sort of gave it to us for rent. The same with our minds, we have what is called Consciousness – a vector, or ray that highlights the events or phenomena to be addressed. We can direct our consciousness at one point to another point, we can look at one thing to another thing or go into our inner some memories. And according to these axioms, Consciousness – such as our consciousness, but at the same time, this consciousness – not our consciousness, and consciousness of the Absolute. We only use this Consciousness. Whatever the degree of passivity is increasingly growing, growing, growing, and already even look not we, and we do not work. It’s kind of like us look and work, and we will gradually recede into the background.


Who is the our “I”?

After we went over all of its manifestations, and reached the source that drives our displays, we come to what is called our “I”. And suddenly surprised to find that the Absolute concept that we saw at the beginning, when we were absorbed by the grand unfolding before us the picture, and the essence of nature, which remains after we have very, very deep, but passively absorbed in himself no different. As a result, we realize that there is no difference between our “I” and the Absolute. As soon as we are aware, we obtain a condition in which (in some texts of this writing) as if there is expansion of the small “I” to the size of a giant “I”. As a small drop of water merges with the ocean and becomes indistinguishable from it, just as we are, passing this way, we merge with the Absolute. But once again: we merge them with some such a passive way: admire and observe – as opposed to the system of axioms microcosm where we seem to stand in the form of the character.


Axiom №6. Our “I” is connected with the Absolute only love, love.


There are no other fastening ties. Kind of like the Absolute – it all around, and our “I” – such as the inside and slightly smaller. And what connects them? It did not have any relations, except for acceptance (from the word “nice”), when you feel completely nonviolent attraction. This drive is the same as that of a man in love – do not stick out from under the forced love.

From this axiom appears next position. But what about the Absolute belongs to us? Maybe he hates us? Or, as in many primitive cults of ancient people Absolute appears as a supreme being, endowed with authority that manages and thunder and lightning, and often has the bloodthirsty habits: blood lust, lust to punish someone, punish and control the craving for non-compliance. Superior This concept occurs in people who are at a primitive level of development. And, as a rule, they give it a higher being enlarged to a disgrace their own ideas. That is, they are small, spiteful and vindictive, and they think that the Absolute is the same spiteful and vindictive, but big. And they envious and jealous, no one to forgive offenses, as they think that the Absolute is the same only bigger, universal scale.

From the axioms of yoga it shows that this is not true. What if something and connects us with the Absolute, then that feeling of acceptance, the feeling of love, the feeling of love.

The next axiom is very curious. With this axiom, many anthropological phenomena called religious cults is understandable. Once again I want to remind you that yoga is distancing itself from religion. Yoga believes that religion – something absolutely wonderful, if it benefits people. But at the same time, yoga is not a religion. It is believed that a religion – it is a private matter of every living being. On the other hand, yoga never contradicts the religious beliefs and have never opposed. Very interesting statement doing yoga: it is neither a religion does not emit. Yoga with equal respect for all religions and at the same time emphasizes that she herself is not a religion. Yogi with the same respect for religious feelings and beliefs follower of some respected religion with a millennial history. And exactly the same respect it refers to the religious feeling of a shaman, who runs with a tambourine around the campfire, and then falls into a trance and out of it (again – if it is not associated with an injury).

For the yogi, there is only one criterion – whether harming living beings or not. If there is no harm, the yogi looks exactly the same on different religious faiths. Indeed, there is a very primitive religious cults, where people believe in some kind of evil living creature, that is, endow him with qualities which themselves have only a universal scale. There are more subtle religion, where more humanistic ideas presented. In some religions seriously developed metaphysical ideas that explain the emergence of the universe, man, etc. From the perspective of yoga if neither one nor the other religion is harmful, the yogi with the same respect and refers to the views of the first and second views of religion. And at the same time, the yogi can absolutely not share the views of the first and second views of religion.

Why does it happen? To answer this question, we can only consider the following axiom.


Axiom №7. When our “I” directs the prana, that is, its manifestations – energy, consciousness, delight, through the Maya to the Absolute, the Absolute appears to man in the form in which people voleizyavlyaet see.

You can give some more poetic explanation of the same. There is a very nice, frequent saying: Absolute is like an ocean. It is so huge, gigantic, unfathomable, so elusive that this concept does not always fit into our minds. But the man who voleizyavlyaet see the Absolute in one form or another and, therefore, directs this ocean of its manifestations (his prana), as it “freezes” in this ocean block of ice that form, which wants to see. Absolute always appears before a man who sincerely wants him to “reach out” in a form that is closest to, and understood by the expected person.

For this reason, yoga never laugh at religious manifestations of people, no matter how ridiculous and wild they may seem. This can be a savage, not yet departed from the animal, but inside it is a particle of the Absolute. This particle of the Absolute shines through the manifestations of man. Here it is, for example, the drum beats, a fire ignited and began to jump, and all of which he directs to the Absolute. And, of course, the Absolute answers him, and in the form that Savage would like to see. Therefore, when the savages fall into a trance and they had a vision of the ruler of the whole world the same bloodthirsty, such as in skin dressed, the same fierce, like themselves, it says that they are “frozen” from the variety of ineffable (all forms and manifestations of which are possible) Absolute precisely this form. And if their faith is sincere, if they truly believe in something, then there is no difference: it is savage or archbishop. The question of sincerity. And of course, in the sharpness of the mind, in culture, in karma. As you know, when someone refers to the Absolute and Absolute responds to these requests – it is a matter of respect.

Therefore, yoga is always with respect for the religious views. But at the same time, the images which are thus caused, even generated entirely sincere promises, may be completely alien yogi. Therefore, you know how tastes differ, and the Religions do not argue. India once this truth has got a very high price, and in fact not only India. There developed a tolerance to all religious views of others. India a hundred years ago was called a country where three hundred million gods. It turns out that everyone – my god. What it is quite at odds with the Western mentality, where we still see some inexperience in these matters, where we see intolerance, constant religious wars where blood spilled and spilled so much that sometimes you wonder. For a person engaged in yoga, it is clear that the dispute whose religion is closer to the truth does not make sense, it is – nonsense.

Religion – the private affair of human communication with the Absolute. If a large group of people lucky enough to have the same representation and the same representation Absolute approximately the same answer, we talk to you about any world religion. If another group too with roughly the same expectations from Absolute Absolute responsible somehow differently, then we are talking about another world religion. If we take some small sect, where the three-eyed fanatic, and they have completely their own ideas about the Absolute, but the Absolute they respond, we are talking about a third of religion. But to say who is right or wrong can not, it does not make sense.

This simple truth, yet, probably will not be long before people reach the mind. More probably, we will have a lot of problems from this short-sightedness. At the same time, any expression is respected. The criterion by which the yogi creates its open attitude to this or that religion, only one – it is the principles that are similar to the yogi, the first and second principles of yoga. If religion does not harm other living beings, it deserves respect. If it is harmful to living beings, not to praise it too much in one language does not turn a yogi, although blame will not. The same situation with respect to the second principle of yoga. If one or another religion calls to common sense, to a certain logic to something reasonable, it commands respect from the yogi. But if some other religion or sect is contrary to common sense, trying to “rape reason” for its some inappropriate dogma, it is not admired by the yogi, while not causing a hard judgment, because they live in their own universes . And there is hope for the Absolute, that he teach them.

This aphorism appear explanation of all religious cults, rituals, which only exist in religions. As well as a huge number of such practices in yoga, which are otherwise incomprehensible.

When one or another religion appear representations of the Absolute (sometimes referred to as God, sometimes – not God, cosmic law, sometimes a personal God, sometimes impersonal, and sometimes even some emptiness – does not matter), sooner or later will be given to specific practices, how best to deal with that, what they mean by the Absolute. And they will be given certain rites: this day you go there, do this and that, the other day, go there, do this and that, on the fifth day – something else, on the tenth – anything else. Indeed, the believer begins to follow these instructions, and if the religious views close to him, it turns out that the pilgrimage and opened higher, to fast and has benefited. If we put aside all the nuances, you only need one – requires that people sent their manifestations toward the Absolute, and in which the manifestation of the Absolute will be – it is one or another religion different prompts. But in any case, so he did – a manifestation of energy, wherever he looked – a manifestation of consciousness, etc. Clearly, this is a universal principle. It also applies to a person who does not adhere to certain religious beliefs, and, for example, adhere to yoga as a belief system. Nobody prevents you guide your display (your energy and your consciousness) on higher education, so that it will respond.


Yoga, where we direct our existence on higher education, the Absolute.

This aphorism is born a huge number of practices which rather resemble ritual. Yoga comes to us from India, but in India all obsessed with religion (there is a favorite topic), it is often the practice of yoga, many come to us are so similar to the rituals that do not even know how to tell the difference. But this is only similarity. When some thing for a long time where something is, it is impregnated with fluids to where she lay. A bouquet of flowers put on the warehouse where he kept dried fish, and very soon a bouquet of flowers will begin to smell of dried fish. That’s just as well, and yoga to us comes from India. For too long it was stored there. Something well-preserved, and in something was brought something uncharacteristic for yoga. This trend is. It should be remembered that not every Hindu – yogi, not every statement purportedly from a yoga person always belongs to yoga. There are practices that suggest that you direct your prana to the Absolute, and thus set the contact with him. There are wonderful yoga: for example, Bhakti Yoga, there is a lovely Yoga – Tantra Yoga.

In Tantra Yoga you direct your manifestation of the Absolute. Another question is how and by what? In Tantra Yoga it is assumed that if you have a wife – to communicate with the Absolute through his wife, if you have a husband – to communicate with the Absolute through a husband, and not those sexual orgies that I keep seeing on TV from time to time. Tantra Yoga – a very high doctrine, based on this, rather than any excess. A similar situation with the Bhakti Yoga. A similar situation with Yoga Love. The basic idea of Yoga Love is that if a person sees the Absolute through another person, he instantly falls in love with him. It is only this can explain love, there is no other explanation. In this and built Yoga Love. If we are sending back their manifestation in this direction, we are approaching the Absolute. Yoga Love tells us that sometimes we have shown they are very stupid and probably demolish everything, rather than closer. But that’s another conversation.


Axiom №8. Our “I” passes laws “0”, “1”, “1: 1” (also known as the Law of “2”, also known as the Law “3”) “4 – 5”.

From there the concept of birth and death. And as a result of allegations that we pass these laws, there are yoga and yoga birthday dying. That is, it turns out that we are manifest in this world. Manifested in the form of the soul of our “I”.


We have one “I” – not two or three. Then we go through the stage of “1: 1” of the Law (also known as “2” Act). Then we have a our gender (male or female). Then the “4-5” (Act four and five). There is the whole complexity of the relationship: the relationship with the surrounding universe and the relationship with other living beings who live in this universe. We seem to be woven into the picture of the world. Being born, we seem to come out of nowhere (step Act “0”) and woven into the pattern of life. Then, at the time of death, we like to go backwards, and at some point after death we reach the “0” state. This built a huge number of dying practices. If you grab the that moment when you die, you will reach the highest state of yoga. Through it pass all, being born and dying. But it requires a huge amount of practice, as long as we are alive to capture this moment in time of death. It displays all the yoga of dying. According to the law of karma, dying, we are born again, etc.

Axiom №9. Our soul is sexless.

In this life we can be men, in the next – in women. The concept of gender is secondary. “1 1” Paul occurs on the level of the law.


Theorem №1. Our “I” passes laws “0”, “1”, “1: 1” (also known as “2”), “4-5” at the same time. We incarnate in this world, as if it occurred a separate universe.

Every single person, no matter how it may seem uninteresting to us – this is a unique universe. The process of our birth is no different from the process of creation of the universe. Or, as Mikhail Lomonosov said: “Everyone agrees. All connected by a single power and coordination of nature. The voice of nature is everywhere similar. The consent of all causes is the most constant law of nature. ” In fact, the legacy of Lomonosov has not yet been evaluated on merit. Especially because his speech is quite difficult to grasp – there is still the old canons of language.

So: everyone agrees. Similar to like. Our birth is no different on the principles of Svoge flow from birth throughout the universe, where we were born. It turns out that the life of each individual is sacred. And you need to relate to the life of another living being as something sacred, it is the universe. In any case, as the first yoga teaches the principle of not causing harm unless absolutely necessary, whether it is even a bug.


Theorem №2. From the fact that our “I” passes law to “0”, are born yogis dying (providing Samadhi). The fact that our “I” takes the law “1” means that we are fully identical with the Absolute. From the fact that we are going through the Law “1: 1”, the concept of sex arises.

Sex – it’s just a theorem deduced from these axioms. Indeed, when we enter into this universe, our sexless soul. If we perceive the universe in which we enter, primarily through energy aspect (or perpetual change itself), that is, we perceive the universe as something feminine like a woman, then we are born male. Why? – Act “1: 1”: everything must be balanced (consciousness and energy must be balanced). This gives birth to yoga visualization, which we must learn to visualize themselves in a variety of forms. Because in fact the manifestation of our – it’s just a game of our consciousness and our energy.

So it is possible to rise to the “1” of the Law. Further there are some very interesting yoga. Sacred and private yoga. Our “I” is in the state “0” of the Law, that is, it is enlightened, it reached the highest level, which can only be achieved. There is a saying: “That is, it is always and everywhere. And what is not, it never was and never will. ” That is, if we strive for enlightenment (Samadhi), it is already in us. The only question is, how to open it. From the outside it is impossible to bring.

From this floor there is a simultaneity principle. Why, if we enter into the universe, and we see it in the feminine aspect, we are born men? Because at the same time it must respect the principle of the Law of “1” (balance). And then as it turns obvious extremes, on the one hand, and she immediately again – and is offset by the other extreme, etc. “- 5 4” to the Act.


Axiom №10. Mom and Dad at the time of our entry into the world – a manifestation of the Absolute in his father’s principle and manifestation of the Absolute in the maternal principle.

Based on this situation can be justified childbirth Yoga (Yoga Ancestors). Indeed, before being born, here we have “introduced” our parents. At the moment of entering our mom and dad do not differ from the Absolute. This built Generic Yoga. Actually this is one of the archaic and difficult to understand yogi. In yoga, there is a saying: “If the ancestors of thee unhappy – you can not see enlightenment”. If you like them do not appease – not to see you enlightenment. But the bottom line is this: to placate the means to give them an opportunity to be born again, that is by having children or, in any case, will never act against procreation. Sometimes I hear nonsense quite ferocious that, they say, yoga against children. Friends, when you hear like, know that it is spoken by people who are so far from the origins of yoga, sometimes even want to laugh, not to say: “I want to cry.”

Generic yoga once flowed in quite specific ways of life. In India, it was thought that the heir must be born. As long as the heir is born, you do not have a right to nothing more than to engage in the spiritual, because it was a war, and boys killed. Girls more likely to survive, so it was necessary to always compensate for this imbalance, or the next generation (grandparents) will not bodies to be born. And if there is no body to be born, then they begin to be born in the bodies that are available. And sometimes free body where the soul can enter, is born in the jungle tribe of cannibals, but not in India, for example, in the era of the Golden Age.

The main purpose of Generic Yoga: no matter how you treated their parents, by the very fact that you are alive, that they have made to the light, they are holy for you. And treat them accordingly. You can somewhat agree, somewhat disagree, but deep down, somewhere inside of you to be reverent attitude. Although it is possible to argue, quarrel and in everyday life. This refers not so, you know, blind worship and obedience, and how to pay tribute to what you were born. If not for them, you would not have lived, and yoga would not now studied. That is what comes first – your birth or the study of yoga? Some pundits say that the most important thing – this is Samadhi, spiritual development, and the birth of so-so. If they did not have mom and dad, they would not say, and in the bodies of what some monkeys hunted for coconuts. Friends, if you meet the Yogi or Yogi who against having children, you know, they are in something wrong, something is not understood, and critically.


Axiom №11. If our “I” interacts with the other “I” under the Law “1: 1”, the channel opens into the higher realms, and the universe is born (child).

And you can be a parent or have already started to turn. I agree that for many, this process occurs unexpectedly. They wanted to have fun, and the child was born. But in any case, if life went -blagogovenie and reverence should be shown. It appears as a theorem is another Yoga – Yoga Parents (Yoga Mom and Dad). Sometimes it is called Baby Yoga, however, in the West the term is used somewhat different aspect. The idea of yoga: the children – your teachers. If you retire with his girlfriend in bed, and as a result the child is born or the whole universe – it says the giant hidden abilities inherent in each of us. When the level of the Law “1: 1” the two interact beings (male and female), it opens the channel to the level “1” of the Law. And on this path, so to speak, the child’s soul descends into the body, which the parents provided at the level of the physical. Well, not for me to teach you, where babies come from. It is clear that they do not bring storks.

This does not contradict the modern concept: a little bit of a man, a little bit of a woman – get cell. This cell then divides and such a person is born. No cell will never share, if not the “I” man of the future, managing this division. Hasty experiments with cloning shows us that mankind has succeeded little in these areas. But besides yoga distancing itself from science and the fact that yoga is primarily monitors the morality of their actions, and science totally devoid of any moral and ethical principles. Science was initially deprived of them. Science, as opposed to yoga does not involve moral and ethical principles in the way of knowledge of the universe. Yoga, rather renounce knowledge than will produce them by suffering. It closed yoga. Now I will say this, but a century is all kept in the strictest confidence.

Accordingly, the need to treat children as their teachers. Who knows, maybe the soul of the highest teacher of mankind was born in the body of your son. You with him lisp, plays, it is ordinary for you. But, perhaps, it is the greatest teacher of mankind in comparison with which you are just kids.

In India, some cults present as if waiting for the Messiah. What if your child – this is the next great teacher? In any case – it is the whole universe was born. Another question is whether it will delight all mankind or just you alone. This attitude towards children – a win-win.


Axiom №12. When one “I” interacts with the other “I” in the field of the law of “4 – 5”, the ultra-wide open channel in the direction of the Law “1” and the Law “0” and are born of the country.

What is a country? These are the places where people live. There was a scientist Gumilyov ENU son of the poet. He put forward a very interesting hypothesis emergence of new ethnic groups and nationalities. This hypothesis was completely alien to the national aspect, because as a new ethnic group can come together and be born of the representatives of very different races. But there is a push that Gumilev calls “impulse of drive” – thanks to him a brand new community of people. If this community is, then there is one language and one country. If this is not common, the country and the language can not exist in principle: the country is falling apart, the language disappears.

So, what is the country? It’s kind of an idea, a certain common aspiration, a certain general karma. We have so many people died during the war. At the same time, I read about Indian teachers and their war went completely unnoticed. Well, with a few exceptions, of course, because of the Indians fought on the side of Britain – but all the same for India and the First and Second World War have passed almost unnoticed. We have more than thirty thousand people were killed every day, and someone in India in 1942 opened quiet brilliant things. Sometimes it “cuts”, you know that on the same planet heaven and hell can exist side by side with each other not to notice. Why? – Karma is different.

It has nothing to do with nationality. This is something elusive, something spiritual and cementing. If it is – the country is alive, if not – it does not exist.

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