2009.04.11. Introduction to Yoga axiomatics. Macrocosm. Part 2. (Vadim Zaporozhtsev)

2009.04.11. Introduction to Yoga axiomatics. Macrocosm. Part 2. (Vadim Zaporozhtsev)

Author: Vadim Zaporozhtsev,

Date: 2009.04.11.

Where: International Open Yoga University

Brief description: The role of logic in yoga. The need for logic in the knowledge of the Supreme. Difficulties that may arise in humans, applying logic. The second subgroup of the macrocosm of the system of axioms about the origin of many living beings in the universe. The appearance of space and time.


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Plan of the lecture:

1. Logic as a tool of knowledge in yoga

2. Distortions in the application logic

3. The second subgroup of the axioms of the system of the macrocosm: creatures

4. Concepts of Space and Time

5. The axioms of the second subgroup of the macrocosm system

7. The Law of Karma

8. Why yoga is distancing itself from religion?

9. Conclusions of the second subset of the axioms of the macrocosm: Yoga birth and death, the concept of gender and others.

Today, April 11, 2009. My name is Vadim Zaporozhtsev, we are in KC “Awakening”, in Moscow, near the metro station “Novoslobodskaya”. This lecture for the International Open Yoga University. All information is stored on sites www.openyoga.ru, www.happyoga.narod.ru, www.yogacenter.ru.

We continue our series of lectures “Introduction to the axioms of Yoga.” And today we will look at the macrocosm axiom system.


Logic as a tool of common sense in yoga.

We come to the second subset of the macrocosm of the system of axioms. But before we start to dismantle this subject, let me remind you the main points that must be remembered. So yoga says that in addition to logic, there is also sverhlogika that within the logic, in the ordinary course of our words and thoughts inexpressible. And yoga position sverhlogichny. But these provisions sverhlogichnye never contradict logic. That is, we can safely apply the logical apparatus, common sense to analyze and try to understand and apply the provisions that have come to us from yoga. And so over time, when a person has honed mind and place all the necessary internal changes, it opens supernormal – the highest intuitive ability to perceive information. With these higher sverhlogichnyh positions become clear, those starting points, with which it all began.

Once again I want to stress that any provision in yoga sverhlogichny, they do not contradict the logic, and they can apply it. At the same time, the logic is a good tool to identify whether any provision or statement in yoga sverhlogichnym or whether it is veiled stupidity. After all, how stupid and sverhlogika in the plane of logic equally elude the understanding of the mind. And therein lies the beauty of logic. Logic – a razor blade that cuts all nonsense, sverhlogika same with the left. So feel free to use your common sense, logic safely apply to any claims in yoga. And if you can manage with the help of logical reasoning to reduce the provisions that you got from somewhere, to uniforms foolishness or irrationality uniforms, or absurd, then, most likely, the original provisions were not sverhlogichnymi or you somewhere made a mistake. If you make a mistake in their logical reasoning, you can also precisely from one position to withdraw completely the wrong position. So feel free to use logic. The output logic can not rediscover the heights, which gives us sverhlogika, but logic – this is a step that will help us get closer to these heights.

Be careful using logic.

At the same time, I would like to remind you, be careful in the application of logic. Very often, it seems to us that we are able to think and reason sensibly. It seems that all we have sane people with sharpened intelligence. In fact, very often made mistakes when really taken sverhlogichnoe yogic statement later used to it logic, but where there were mistakes and the result is not quite what they wanted.

There was a historic figure in his time, he was called Zeno. It was in ancient Greece in 490-420 years. BC. Yet sometimes his name is Zenon Illeysky. There are paradoxes of Zeno, when a one-sided application logic gives a paradoxical and wrong conclusion. One such example – this statement is that in principle it is impossible to cross the room from one corner to the other, that the alleged person basically can not cross the room. And as the arguments are quite logical thinking:


First, the person needs to go through half the distance from one corner to another, then half of the half. For example, we have here a hundred meters. First you need to go through fifty meters, then half the half – twenty-five meters, then half the half – twelve and a half meters, and so on. It is necessary to put these distances, but these pieces are infinitely many distances and if you add up all of them, it turns out that from one corner to the other corner of the room – an infinite distance. It is clear that from the point of view of logic, you will never reach the opposite end of the room. And like all right, nothing is broken. But this is only one part of the logic, the other part escapes logic. We must remember that the intersection of room to overcome the first half of the path is spent, say, ten seconds to overcome the half of the half, respectively – five, and so on.

Thus, the distance grows formally and formally time decreases to zero. The distance grows to infinity, and every bit of time is getting smaller and smaller. And when you consider these two factors, it is no paradox of Zeno is not. He collapses. Or in the language of mathematics, when one sequence tends to infinity, and the other sequence tends to zero, then the combination of these sequences can sometimes give very specific number. In our case it is the time it takes to cross the room from one corner to another.

Of course, you can wrestle with the help of logical reasoning, involving mathematical apparatus, but you can just stand in a corner of the room, and to demonstrate to all opponents that you get up and come to a different angle.

The same situation is with yoga. Sometimes given as to one-sided logic of construction, which leads to a completely stupid conclusions, illogical and absurd, therefore, always use common sense. Whatever treatise on yoga, you have not studied what would be saying you are not caught, it should apply common sense.

But at the same time, using common sense, do not make mistakes. A lot of critics in yoga that are not understood in the depths and intricacies of the science, but begin to supposedly receive one from another position and then the third, which eventually reduced to absurdity. Unfortunately, I have from time to time with this encounter. Home www.openyoga.ru we often write: “Guys, what are you doing here? You have all that bad. Here in our school enlightenment in three days or samadhi for fifteen minutes, so you spend a lot of time, “It is clear that you do not want logically check their system – we do not have the time nor the desire. But on the other hand, we must be very careful and cautious when faced with a similar approach categorically in yoga when they say: “Nothing interesting there is not, we have long held it.”

By the way, Zenon very peculiar ended his life. At the time of his rule the tyrant Nearchus, Zeno and was a member of an underground group in his overthrow. But the attempt failed and Zeno executed.


The second subgroup of the axioms of the system considering the macrocosm of living beings.

At the last session, we have examined the first subgroup of the macrocosm of axioms, which actually gave us a picture of the world was created: all arose and developed from the point of view of yoga. And the main theme of this subgroup of axioms was, I recall, the theme of the Absolute. This topic is something infinitely attractive, interesting and mysterious, of reflecting on what, unwittingly come into an ecstatic state. Who can feel this endless for transient, who can see something one of numerous fragments, that is going through some kind of transcendental ecstasy. In yoga it is called samadhi. This is something quite transcendent, ineffable and fantastic. And if a person at least once this achieved, it becomes a kind of dominating factor in his life. He understands that everything else was just a pathetic shadow. And the most interesting and rich life – is nothing compared to the breathtaking experience that unfolded even at a weak attempt to understand and embrace the Infinite.

Now we move on to the second group of axioms. It is a continuation, if anything, an explanation of how our world was created. It examines how were created all living beings as there were all the individual “I” that represent the individual “I” of people or just any living beings.


It is considered a yoga position: everything is a manifestation of life. Another thing is that the bodies of these living beings, we are sometimes understandable and familiar. They are like our bodies with you. But there are also quite unusual creatures somewhere in the depths of space. Finally, all that we believe non-living matter, with yoga positions, strictly speaking, is not inanimate, but is a living, but life in this manifestation comes through very slowly and very quietly for us. This is the approach.

So what tells us about this yoga? Before we examine this subgroup of axioms, I made a small remark. In the last lecture we considered points concerning the Absolute, its manifestation as the energy and consciousness, and we stopped on what was then the Absolute is one alone.


The concepts of space and time.

Now we will examine how were created all living beings. And then there is a question of time. In the previous system of axioms, we have not raised the issue. Why? The concepts of time and there was no concept of space was not there. It is only with this second axiom subgroups arise space and time concepts. And before we go any further, there is a point that we must remember.

In fact, what is space? Speaking in his own words, very roughly, the space – it’s a kind of receptacle in which something is. That is, a certain amount of something, and that something is there. Strictly speaking, if nothing had happened, we could not determine whether the space is, as such, or it is not. Between two fingers clasped together there is no space and no facilities, we determine because there are two endpoints: one finger and another. Now imagine a situation that was at a time when the Absolute manifested. As they say in those positions: it was one without the other, was one Absolute. And in fact, there are no preconditions to talk about space. Because apart from the Absolute and one was not. And we can not define these borders, they say, there is something begins, and it ends here, or there is a certain amount of something to eat. Strictly speaking, then, and having the very principles that all can be something to consider, that is, there was the concept of number.

What is time? The same situation is with the concept of time, when viewed superficially rough. What is time? In fact we do not know what time. We know that in space there are some particles, the particles relative to each other change position. And it turns out that we can talk about the time only if we compare the change of some of the particles relative to each other with a change in the other particles relative to each other. And, in fact, this is the concept of time. Now imagine that there are no particles, there is nothing to change. It disappears even the very concept of time.


Why do I say all this? In order for you to understand the next thing. Sometimes people ask: “Absolute first emerged, turned through the Law” 0 “, the Law” 1 “, the Law” 2 “(aka 3), the law” 4-5 “, and then created other creatures, that is, you and me, alone or how? Or I thought a little, and then created? Or, at the same time it is made? Or some other way? “But these questions do not make sense, since there was no concept of time. It follows that the second group of axioms create individual “I” from the standpoint of logic, these steps seem to coincide. But in a logical explanation always want to arrange them in sequence: first Absolute allegedly manifested itself, and then all created. These moments sverhlogichny, using their logic does not catch. Therefore, given all these explanations in a way similar to how, but you must always remember that any analogy in yoga – it’s just an analogy, and nothing else.

The moment of creation, “I” of other living beings.

We will now consider the moment of creation, “I” of other living beings. Each of you have your “I do” to each of you a different number of years. It is clear that we live life after life, and the “I” as it were, living first in one body, the body dies and then “I” is born in another body, etc.

But it is possible in a different approach. In fact, when all the “I” emerged? Billions of lifetimes ago or how much? How many of our “I” exists, and whether it can be linked to the number of lives? Can you say: “Here is a man. He has an inner Higher “I”. It lives, say, twenty billion first lives in the bodies of animals, plants, etc. and then, now in the human body. And this man is less alive, and he is more. ” Can you talk about old age or youth of our Higher “I”? Or is it meaningless? The answer is: it does not make sense. In this sense, strictly speaking, all the infinite number of “I” of living beings as would arise with the manifestations of the Absolute. But once again this is the case only from the standpoint of logic and time plane, because the essence of these processes sverhlogichna and escapes our mind.


The axioms of the second subgroup of the macrocosm.

Let’s start with the first axiom, sometimes by analogy with the law of “0”, the Law “1”, “2”, “4 and 5” this law is called the law of infinity. And the essence of it is this: Axiom №1. infinity Act (Act cartoon Absolute): Absolute voleizyavil: May I be many!


And there was an infinite number of individual “I”. From this time it is counting. Although the count – this concept elusive. The concept of time there was a moment when the Absolute voleizyavil: “May I be many.” From a formal point of view, after the occurrence of many “I” (or in another way – many tochechek) we can already talk about space and time. That is, until he had one, we could not even logical to talk about space and time. There is nothing not what was changed. Since the inception of the multiplicity already have at least the preconditions to talk about space and time. Therefore, in the ancient texts of yoga you will encounter a phrase or an explanation: “I” person exists from time without beginning. What do you want, then is meant by this phrase.

In fact, the processes of the Universe occurred simultaneously: the process of manifestation of the Absolute, then it is more pronounced manifestation through Prana – consciousness and energy, then the interaction of Consciousness and Energy, and the process by which the Absolute voleizyavil: “May I be many!” And then turned in an infinite number of individual “I” …

What are these “I” and how they were created? An interesting answer to this question is, in more practical positions Mantra Yoga. We introduce such a thing as the name of the mantra. The so-called name of the mantra – is one of the most powerful sections of the yoga mantra. There are enough interesting explanation. And we also now try to speculate on this topic. And before we start to talk, the following axiom.


Axiom №2. Absolute shared on an infinite number of “I” and at the same time there was one, as if each individual “I” would be just beyond the Absolute, or as if each individual “I” itself was Absolute.

That is, here keywords “as if.” Because this phrase shows that our mental analogy – just an analogy, but it was in fact, we know not before reach the state of samadhi, or in the process of approximation to this stage, which is the highest stage of yoga.

The answer to this question is very difficult from the standpoint of our mind and logic. Each of us have our “I”. And logic tells us: “Well, what is the nature of our” I “? Our “I” – a piece of the Absolute? But if we are somewhere took part, then, from a slightly departed. ” But the second axiom refutes this idea. It sverhlogichnaya axiom. That is taken from a part but not the whole was thus lower.

Now, on the other hand. Well, each of us have our “I”, a piece of the Absolute. But the potential of this “I” what? Are there any restrictions? And then he says: “No, there are no restrictions. As if our “I” would be completely identical to the Absolute. “

In meditation, it is very difficult to concentrate and grasp the meaning of this axiom, he escapes in a different way and can not be. But this is a very specific starting point for many meditations and exercises. Or the language of mathematics of this axiom are derived specific lemma and theorem, the provisions that have to do yoga to do and how. Thus at the time I was born Mantra Yoga – one of the most difficult to explain yogi, as well as other sections, and yoga.

On the third hand of this axiom, which we have considered, it turns out that each of our individual “I” in its potential – the Absolute, but reveals itself as one of its faces. If you remember, in discos before hanging balls (discus thrower), pasted a small mirror. This ball is spinning, and all the walls are the reflections of light. Absolute is infinite, and each is a mirror – it’s face. And all this together as a unit. Imagine, if you are certainly in a position to imagine that there is a ball, and there is an infinite number of these zerkalets or infinite number of faces. And it turns out that our individual “I” – is a completely unique facet of the Absolute, that other “I” is not. That is our “I” – is our “I” and “I” neighbor – it is the “I” neighbor. It should be understood, too, because sometimes it is not quite sane commentators yoga philosophers are beginning to smack nonsense, there is no difference between one person and another. Yes, it’s not because we all come out of the Absolute, we are bound by Absolut, Absolut our source, who gave birth to us. Moreover, we are inseparable from it. At the same time, the logic of the position, if between things there is no difference, we can not say that they are unique. But with a third party, when a person reaches the state of Samadhi and then returns from this state, he said that this is true and not true. He says that he was in such a state that there was no difference between himself and other living things, he was very keenly felt, as if it was manifested through all living beings. Or another analogy is given: “I” merges with the Absolute, as the droplet merged with the sea or ocean.


On the one hand, it is given a very specific way: I was so small and had an ocean. I plop back and my personality disappeared, and it seemed to me was. You can not imagine how many mental protests and terror was generated by one-sided understanding of this analogy, but it’s just an analogy. From this highest Eastern wisdom followed in the future, a conspiratorial materialism that man as such is not. Or, the same applies to poorly understood Buddhist ideas about the Void. It is believed that since human nature is voidness, it means that it does not exist, and if not, then how does this differ from atheism? Friends, it is narrow-minded attempts to intellectually aim a blow at some sverhlogichnye things, in fact, the language is not expressed.

Again, if you read in various sources for yoga description of what is experienced yogi, attaining the state of Samadhi, and it starts to scare you ( “Like, right now Samadhi reach, and will I be dissolved and will not be me!”), Then you should know that it’s just your mind is frightened because there were bad analogy. A mind is a concrete thing. He starts to project all on its previous experience, tend to be very bad. For example, if I start to tear into pieces if I dissolve in the ocean of hydrochloric or sulfuric acid, nothing good can not be expected from it. It is always a purely emotional aspects when we try to imagine something that we do not have enough imagination. But you must remember, that in fact the position in yoga is that if you feel a kind of bewilderment, fear and shudder and think, “Well it, this philosophy of yoga, something I Scary offer” – you know, you understand, or imagine that -What is wrong.

In fact it is quite a serious problem. It is said that the greatest teacher of Advaita Vedanta charya Shankara had a similar case. As a young man he left home. He had a mother who loved him very much. And he promised her mother that before its demise will come back to see you. The time has come, and the Shankara Charya returned. My mother was a little old, and the Shankara Charya reached great heights. And he tried to explain to his mother, to convey the teachings of knowledge, so that it also achieved Samadhi state and out of the cycle of birth and death. It was the basic idea that time in India. And he began to explain this concept. On his own mother she shuddered and said, “Son, that’s enough, please, and then you tell me, and I start to shake with fear. All that you say to me, I was rather frightened than attracted. ” Shankar little thought and said: “Mom, forget what you said before.” And instead I took a very beautiful spiritual song, and sang it very beautifully, capturing all the feelings and emotions. And he did it so emotionally unintelligent, that my mother knew what the highest idea of yoga. Mom calmed down, let go of the situation, and this-wordly yogic sense before it came by itself, and it has reached the state of enlightenment at the time of death. Likewise, I want you to remember: axiomatic – a good thing. But when you are under this skeleton axiomatic starting to draw pictures, they will not have to pack my head. Be aware, if something starts to scare you or intimidate, then you have something misunderstood.

Why do I say all this? On this subject there is always a lot of controversy and will. Everyone wants to understand what will happen to me if enlightenment? With the death and birth like all is clear. Died – born again – again died – he was born again. Money in the morning – evening chairs, and so the circle. What happens to the yogi when he overcomes the cycle of birth and death? And begin to paint the picture itself. But due to lack of experience on nedoumiyu, unwittingly, because of bad karma or unpointed reason, these pictures are horrible. The man himself painted a horrible face, looked at her, horrified and ran away. Approximately the same situation happens with us when we try to understand what will happen to us in a state of Samadhi. Little can be said based on logic. You can only transfer the state. This is the most remarkable of what can be with you. Furthermore, all your difficulties, frustration, unhappiness, failures and setbacks that have been in your life – blessed, because they have brought you to this state. Each of us had a bad experience. And we ask ourselves: “Why was” And it was because sometimes without this experience, we would not have reached some big goals. Especially if we have negative karma. Karma has not been canceled. In the logic of karma was a plane, there will be as long as you are on this plane does not climb. Here is more emotional aspect: having reached this goal, you know: “It’s different and have something could not, I got off light, even for a much darker can be punished.” I was just talking figuratively. It is not in the texts, just man is blessed, that led him to this ultimate goal. And it blesses not from a position of stupid and fanatical self-hypnosis, samouveschevaniya. This – the highest position, it is – sverhlogiki position supermind it – the highest spiritual position from which only become clear questions: “What is this world come into being?”, “Why is he there?”, “What does it lead to?”

Axiom №3. The essence of the nature of every higher “I” indistinguishable from the essence of the Absolute.

Or in another way: each “I” has been created in the image of the Absolute. This topic has many currents, exercise goes, if these teachings are adequate. It is clear that somewhere in Papua New Guinea (which is not well developed intellect), there are more primitive theory of how it all happened. So, friends, we are all made in the image of the Absolute. This is a very serious statement. This is an important axiom. From this axiom appears a huge amount of exercise, very specific, both in mathematics displays lemma and Theorem or other evidence, to enumerate them can not. Moreover, the conclusion is different laws about how to make our world. According to the image – which means exactly the same as that of the Absolute.


Axiom №4. Each “I”, created in the image and likeness of the Absolute, is surrounded by maya. And Maya fully in all aspects of acting on this “I”.

And we remember, friends, that the Maya have some very strange aspects of manifestation. For example, the aspect of illusion, which makes one thing to consider something else. And now it turns out that our “I”, although made in the image and likeness, but “hanging out” in this ocean of maya, and completely exposed to its effects – illusions and ignorance.

Well, each of us – it is a part of the Absolute. Absolut has omniscience, and why did it we can not prove the omnipotence? If the Absolute created all that he created, why can not I create all this?


Yes, each of us has the potential equal to the potential of the Absolute. And yoga says, over time we will reveal the potential inherent in us, “Let there be light!” We – individual Absolyutiki. In Sanskrit it is called the Self (atma – indivisible). So, each of us – a small Absolyutik, which will grow into a large Absolute. But what is the logical linking? By the very fact that we are, we have to pay, we do not remember who we are. It is very hard and it is logical. Again, logic says that nothing is broken, do not come to idiocy. But still no better, the logic – is dead water. She did not kill, but life does not.


The following axiom, perhaps even lemma. Well, let it be an axiom. I still hope that the time will come when a woman will be born – yogini, and wake-born, and yoga prilizhut axiomatic to a very good standard. In our school of yoga it is believed that teach yoga axioms – the lot of most women – Yoginis. Sometimes this position is given as a lemma, sometimes as an axiom.

Axiom №5. The manifestation of our “I” in the form of Prana, or the state of manifestation of our “I” – is Sat Chit Ananda – absolute knowledge, absolute being, absolute consciousness, absolute bliss.

This is what we saw already at the last session. Essentially all of our displays can be reduced to the fact that we can change something, highlight, monitor their consciousness. And it is our natural state – a state of joy, happiness, bliss and delight.

Very good position displayed. Suppose someone would say that to be happy he still needs something. For example, will meet people who will say that they need to be happy, say, Mercedes or a good salary, or husband, or cosmic love, etc. The question is, for what? “Well, if I do it will be, I will have a state of happiness” – they think. From the point of view of the axioms of such statements – bullshit. According to this axiom, all of supreme happiness and well in you laid. And all those things that you are endless – a certain key, which reveal what is in you is already mortgaged. Therefore, if someone is very much whining and bothering you that his happiness lies not in himself but in something external – not really believe these people. As a rule, all of them moaning ends with all their happiness depends on you and you are guilty in his absence. In this sense, yoga – the science is very serious, which says that in all the circumstances of life is guilty or not guilty of the man himself. And the others are not to blame for his misfortunes, and moreover, they can not be guarantors of his happiness. If you someone says that you are the basis of someone’s happiness – you know, it’s confusing. This does not mean that we should be angry with other people. Remember, there are two basic principles of yoga – they are above all.


Axiom №6. Each individual has its manifestation – Prana or Sat Chit Anand (consciousness, energy and enjoyment).

On the one hand, Prana (Sat Chit Ananda or consciousness, energy and enjoyment) – manifestation of the Absolute, on the other hand, it is – part of the manifestation of the Absolute. Also very strange and elusive situation. That is, we are given our existence in the form of our prana, in the form of our consciousness and energy. Whose are they? They belong to our “I”. They do not belong to the neighbor or to someone else, they are ours, we do have complete control. Otherwise, what is our existence, if we do not control them. But at the same time, they are as it were part of the manifestation of the Absolute. That is our consciousness – it is like a part of the Absolute consciousness. Our energy – it is like a part of the Absolute Energy. Our pleasure – is part of the Absolute pleasure. The analogy is that just an analogy: we take what would have to rent. Who owns all the energy, all consciousness? It belongs to the Absolute. He seemed to be rent gives us: “Ha, take it and manage it.” Or both empires: some prince give a fiefdom, it’s kind of like must obey the emperor, but in this particular place very specific rules official. And the key word again:. “As if” This axiom shows a lot of different positions.

In respect of our higher I just laws “0”, the Law “1”, the Law “2, it is 3” and the Law “4 – 5”. Let’s start from the reverse. We have at the disposal of consciousness and energy. They can manifest the four faces of Consciousness and Energy to five faces, which are reduced to a single Energy and Unity Consciousness. That is, no two living beings of energy and no two consciousnesses. One Higher “I” – one energy and one consciousness. And not so that one higher “I” and the five and ten-Energy consciousness. In the future, this leads to interesting conclusions about what a man is not dirty or clean energy. Any energy used is appropriate or inappropriate. But the concepts of dirty and clean energy in the universe does not exist in principle. There are no dual nature of energy. There is one energy. Our energy is one, there is only a face.

Each “I” freely, free from all, free from even the Absolute, who created the “I”. If “I” voleizyavlyaet deny the Absolute, it exists as if the Absolute did not exist. If the “I” voleiyavlyaet take the Absolute, it lives and it is as if the Absolute was. In fact, everything comes from the axiom that we are all made in the image and likeness. And since we are all made in the image and likeness, is free. And once we are free, free to all. A free time around, the free expression of will and. That is, in his own words: everyone lives according to the rules in that faith. Or on the other hand, an argument with a man religious or atheist basically meaningless. One – a free “I”, and another – a free “I”. And this freedom no one intervenes. Even the Absolute is not forcing us to their presence. That is absolute in this sense to us behaves as a very smart parent who does not impose anything to children, but waits until the children themselves asked to do so. Usually, parents say: “That you grow up, become a tycoon, you will earn a lot of money.” A child: “No, I want to be an artist or a poet.” And parents to him, “Yes, look at these artists, you will die of hunger. So you want to be? “And here is the imposition of the will of the parents children. Absolute in this plan the perfect parent. He waits, that we ourselves voleizyavim. If we have something voleizyavili, it helps us in this. And if not voleizyavili, no. Moreover, even with regard to himself. If we say that there is no Absolute not, Absolut says: “Yes, I will not for you, then live under their own laws.” In fact, their own laws and then transformed into what is called the Law of Karma.


What is the Law of Karma?

It is when we are fully do whatever we want and then satisfied or dissatisfied with the result. And no one in front of this council did not ask. That’s when it turns the classic law of karma: what goes around, comes around. At the same time, if the other person is saying, “Yes, I’ll answer for himself. Anyway, it is good that the Absolute was. ” Voleizyavlyaet and opens the possibility of the Absolute manifest. As in the joke: Give God a chance – buy a lottery ticket.


Absolute unobtrusive. It will not interfere in your life, yet you do not ask him about it. All in our hands. Asking will not – he will not come.

Each I am free in this sense. Even the Absolute does not apply for the freedom of our “I”. The same applies to inter-religious disputes. Sometimes faced two representatives of different religions, and began foaming at the mouth to argue about the Supreme, the truth. But the end, as always: Who is not with us – that is our enemy. And if the enemy does not surrender, he must be destroyed. And start the Crusades, etc. jahati Yoga is very tough distancing itself from religion. Religions and Yoga – two different things. Somewhere some moments like and we can say the same. But, from a certain point, yoga has no relation to any of the existing religions. Because yoga – a system of self-knowledge.

Why yoga is distancing itself from religion?

Because you can always offend someone. If you said that you stick to some views, you can hurt the other and vice versa. But in fact, life is so complex that in fact all wrong at the same time. Any kind of religion and justice, as like as not. So it turns out that religion – a private matter. If you have personally opened higher by some religion, that’s fine, stick to the religion. Moreover, yoga can help you delve deeper into the mysteries of the religion in which you are immersed. But if one of you said that he was an atheist, yoga says, “For God’s sake, go ahead.” It is non-intrusive situation. I often hear accusations that yoga – a religion. Yes, God forbid you! Or better yet, that yoga – against religion. This is a great folly. Yoga – the Yoga. It is not against religion. As we have written in the constitution: religion – it is a private matter. It opens to you – very well, but do not try to force others to believe in what you discover. He can get wrong.

In India, there are many different religions and sects, where every person has his own religion. Imagine if everyone starts to defend his case and to belittle the faith of another – is there such a massacre begins. They have developed immunity tolerance. Because it is useless to argue. But at the same time, it is respect for religion, which is also very important. Sometimes I met yogis who are beginning to stigmatize any religion. This is the same nonsense. We have no right to insult and offend religion. But they stick out too unreasonable.

Once Mark Twain was asked if he would like that there was one single universal religion. To which he replied that he would prefer that instead of one universal religion was forty conflicting sects, because the best they will spend on the people, and the worst – on top of each other in their relentless struggle: who is right and who is wrong. Well, it’s probably also a reflection of a higher law. And more precisely, a fundamental law that God made us in His image and likeness, that is, has given complete freedom, freedom from everything, even the freedom to believe in him or not (for the Lord God, I mean the Absolute, because this concept more wide).

Axiom №7. Higher “I” a living being does not depend on the higher “I” of another living being.

One “I” can not enslave another “I”. It is impossible in principle. Here is the question: how can the slave system, where the overseer with a whip whipped their slaves? There could be answered from the standpoint of karma: what goes around, comes around. Friends, just do not become slaves. So in the long run if I man in his own ignorance once voleizyavilo such laws as a result of which it is suffering, such a situation is possible. Well, imagine that today was a slave owner in a previous life. That is, he voleizyavil that the laws of slavery may be in its little universe. And then in this life, he on the horse, and the next – the role may change. Friends, everything that happens in the life of a living being, it has been generated or expressed will of this living creature, sometimes foolishly.

“I” living beings are not dependent on each other, and if the “I” of a living being voleizyavit not deal with the “I” of another living being, it is a matter of time and Karma when it happens.


Axiom №8. For each individual the higher ‘I’ the Absolute is seen through the higher “I” of other living creatures, regardless of whether voleizyavili whether the presence of living beings or the Absolute they signify something else.

In other words, the higher ‘I’ living creature perceives the Absolute, which surrounds it, and the Absolute manifests itself through the “I” of other beings, regardless of whether these entities are aware of the presence of the Absolute or not.


To explain this axiom can be as follows. Suppose you perceive the surrounding universe as the Absolute. That is, you know, what a succession of individual objects or phenomena lies a single source, and this source of Absolute. Or in another way: Absolute reality – a reality hidden veil of maya. But when we look at the universe, we do not see the Absolute. We see individual items or individual people. When we perceive the Absolute, that is voleizyavlyaem that he is, the Absolute begins to open up to us. And he revealed to us through the manifestation of all living beings that surround us. But these creatures are not even realize that through them communicate with us Absolute.

There is a section in the Yoga – Tantra Yoga. Now under Tantra Yoga is meant a group of some marginals, is not quite adequate. But Tantra Yoga – a superior, pure and profound branch of yoga. And the basic position of Tantra Yoga: If you are looking for the Absolute, look for it in the first place in man. All the techniques and exercises of yoga are built on these principles, and these principles we are considering axioms. If you communicate with the person as a person, then you get the appropriate karmic imprint of a person. And if you hang out with a man as with the Absolute, you are not only that never get negative karma, but you gain more positive and generally extends beyond karma. If not, then of Tantra Yoga is nothing left.

Sometimes I hear that Tantra Yoga – this is some kind of sexual practice. But to be honest, when I now keep track of who and as it does, the West (to us it does not make it), I have the impression that it was not adequately understand it. This science is based on a very specific positions. And it turns out in the statement: in the Absolute no other hands than the hands, which are the universe, in the Absolute no other eyes than the eyes that are in the universe, in the Absolute no other feelings than those which exist in the universe. And so you can transfer indefinitely.

This follows from the earlier axioms that we have consciousness and energy, and on the one hand, they are ours, on the other hand, we seem to have their rent Absolute. And it turns out that whatever the situation, the Absolute, without disturbing the individual’s will, as manifested through the existence of the individual as if no individual was not, as was the Absolute in its purest form. On this and based Tantra Yoga. If the Absolute wants to appear, he can make it through anything. Though through the Papuans in Papua New Guinea, though through a collection of Marxist-Leninist ideological. They thus do not abandon their beliefs, because that is what freedom of will. Still, the situation for the individual to be such, as if he had spoken with the Absolute, but in fact it can be quite distant from the people of this theme. Here is a mystic. However, in the axioms of Tantra Yoga is an axiom not only the macrocosm but microcosm.

There are a condition when a person perceives the world not in pieces, but as a whole. Sometimes I read this, for example: “There was on the road, a man said piece of phrase, go on, where else the phrase and it lined up with the first in a single phrase. And it seems that the universe is talking to me. ” One on one with the universe. Millions of mouths to feed millions of people, but for all that there is, as it were a single source, with whom you are communicating.


Axiom №9. Higher “I” communicates with the Absolute through the higher “I” of other people who voleizyavili to Absolut was, and then those through whom they communicate, are transformed into direct channels of communication with the Absolute.

This situation of the prophets, the great teachers of mankind antiquity. When a living thing communicates with the Absolute through another living being, and that a living being is not so, as in the first case, it may have something on your mind, and fully as if it receives the same, the Absolute begins to shine directly. This yoga theme of love.


Axiom №10. “I” of all other beings, overcoming Maya threefold method expands to the size of the Absolute and becomes indistinguishable from the Absolute (merges with). The living being who has attained the Absolute, is no different from the Absolute.

Once again, what is the threefold method. The very first thing – it is necessary voleizyavit. As the saying goes “If you want to live in the best conditions – first came up with these conditions.” Or more general: “If you want to live in a wonderful world, first came up with this world.” From the standpoint of the axioms of yoga are all free and the world can be anything. First, you need to “invent” this dream. That is to transcend ordinariness, transcend ignorance surpass illusion, maya, voleizyavit – and only this will guarantee that all then begin, as it were, to grow into specifics. In Raja Yoga is such a moment: if you want something – first Narrow your desire, clearly invented it. The clearer sformuliruesh, the faster turns. And if the same voleizyavish to you also in the Absolute help, then all is fine. Absolute manifests itself to us as the highest mom and dad.


It was the second subgroup of the macrocosm of the system of axioms. conclusions of many conclusions from them:

ü Availability of time and space is derived from the axioms.

ü Initially we have ignorance, which we then overcome.

ü How many of us living beings? We have an infinite amount.

ü Are you looking for the manifestation of the Absolute, seek in the first place it in person.

ü It arise yoga birth and death. This is a separate branch of yoga. Yoga birth and death originate from the axioms that are Act “0”, the Law “1”, the Law “2 (aka 3)” for us, the law “4 – 5”. The concepts that is life and that is death. The analogy is this: our birth and our death are similar to the birth of the universe and the time when the universe reaches its target, respectively. There are very specific practices that need to perform to the next life to be born in favorable conditions. Or conversely, what if you’re going to die, what kind of yoga practice at the time of death.

ü appears the concept of gender. We are all with you, men and women. The truth is, living beings, from which it is difficult to determine the sex, there are those who change sex at all, in the sense that they begin to clearly demonstrate the features of the first male and then female. Axiomatic here it says that the soul is sexless. In one life, you can be a man can be a woman in another life. This may change constantly. It does not have to talk about some particular male or female. It occurs in all living beings at some stage of development more manifest for some – less. There is such a species, which if there is an excess of the male, a portion of which is converted into females, and vice versa. The bottom line is that the sexual division laid much deeper than it seems.

Again, what is birth and death? For our higher self has no concept of birth and death, but for our manifestations is.


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